The Wedding Veil (2022) Movie Script

- Earth to Avery.
- Are you ready to go?
Who doesn't love a wedding?
And, that one was so sweet.
But we are in San Francisco
to antique,
not to catch bouquets.
Which I never catch, anyway.
Okay, I know your mom
was a wedding planner,
so you come by this naturally,
but your affinity for weddings
is just a little bit
over the top.
Well, "over the top"
isn't such a bad place to be
when it comes to romance.
Not very practical,
but very likable.
I'll second that.
I miss you guys so much.
I know. One weekend a year
is definitely not enough.
Not nearly enough.
There is so much to say.
Care to elaborate?
Do you want to talk
about your break-up, or...?
I'd rather shop.
Okay, then we will go
straight from "concerned"
to dessert.
So does anybody have any ideas
of where we should
meet up next year?
I was thinking about Savannah.
The South is so beautiful
and it is a goldmine
for incredible antiques.
Actually, I might be
in Italy next year,
if the university approves
my art history program.
Which, of course, they will.
Yeah. Of course they will.
Excuse me.
I'm not sure, but I think
that looks like a phone.
Okay, okay, I'm so sorry!
But I have
that auction coming up,
so I told my office
they could text me.
It'll be quick!
All right, fine.
She's gonna be
running that place soon.
Of course she will.
You know what?
I love that we're all
coming up the ladder together.
You're gonna be
head of your department.
I'm hopefully gonna be
a full curator at the museum.
How's that going?
Well, the competition's
pretty serious.
Jason's a real go-getter.
Well, then you get there first.
I wish I had your confidence.
We're available
for cheerleading,
if you ever need us.
You guys are the best.
What would I do without you?
To being together.
You know what?
To rooting for each other.
Here's to us.
- Right?
- I know!
Well, do you think we should
find out what Hilda is hiding?
Let's see.
Good afternoon.
Let me know
if I can help you with anything.
Yeah, your store is beautiful.
Thank you.
Are you ladies local?
Or are you visiting
from out of town?
I'm from Boston
and Emma's from Chicago
and Tracy lives in New York.
Are you looking
for anything in particular?
I just love antique jewelry...
as you can probably tell.
Is that a wedding veil?
Would you like to see it?
Well, I'm not in the market,
but I...
I'd love to see it.
Well, this isn't
an ordinary veil.
It's quite enchanting.
This is unlike anything
I have ever seen before.
You'll probably never
see anything like it again.
It's Italian,
from the late-19th century,
and entirely handmade.
It really is stunning.
The craftsmanship
is so detailed...
it's almost like a work of art.
Look at the little heart.
Look at that.
It's so sweet.
Are any of you ladies engaged?
Perhaps one of you would be
interested in purchasing it?
Well, you're the one
with a boyfriend.
What do you think?
Finn and I are happy as we are.
I feel that would send
the wrong message.
You should know
there's a legend
that surrounds the veil.
Really? I'll bite.
Whoever's in possession
of the veil
will find true love.
True love?
Okay. That's my kinda legend.
Tell me more.
Romance is her middle name.
Well, my mother had the veil,
and it came to me
and my sisters,
and we're all happily married.
I don't believe this.
Emma, look at this.
There's a little "A" on it.
What? Where?
Look, on the underside...
there's an embroidered "A".
"A" for "Avery".
It was meant for you.
You have to buy it.
It's yours.
It's for you.
Okay, I know
this seems completely crazy.
I don't have a boyfriend,
I definitely
don't have a fianc, but...
I'd like to buy it.
Do you take credit cards?
Wait, wait, wait. Wait.
Let us...
let us buy it for you.
- No!
- Like a premature wedding gift.
No. Wait, guys.
You know what we should do?
We should buy it together,
and we should pass it
to one another,
in keeping with the legend.
That's beautiful.
"Something old,
something new..."
Something borrowed
that's gonna bring
someone or something new
into our lives.
Does this thing
come with a guarantee?
Well, only time will tell.
All right.
Well, this is it.
What time
does your flight leave?
Not until tonight.
I figured I'd go check out some
of the sights that we missed.
Wait, wait.
You guys,
the light is really good here.
Can we take one last picture
before we...
- She's ready.
- You know me so well.
I should by now.
- All right.
- All right.
Wait. Can you see the veil?
I can see it.
There we go. One...
two, three!
We look so happy.
Just like in college.
Except with better hair.
Are you talking about my bangs?
Your "mall bangs," you mean?
Those bangs?
Do you guys remember
the very first selfie we took,
in front of
that old house that we rented?
That house was falling down.
Yes! But we had so much fun.
It's still standing...
just like we are.
I love you.
I love you, too.
All right, this is
the part of the weekend I hate...
saying goodbye.
Calling and Zooming
can't compare to a real hug.
These goodbyes last longer
than the weekend.
We have to get to the airport.
- Okay.
- All right.
I miss you guys already.
Well, maybe we'll see you
at your wedding, huh?
Your two maids of honor.
- I heard that!
- Bye!
Hi. I just checked out,
but I was hoping I could leave
my things here for the day?
Of course.
What a beautiful veil.
- Thank you.
- I'll take good care of it.
Thank you so much.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I think this is my cab.
Pretty sure it's mine.
- Based on what?
- The fact that
I held my arm out
and the cab coming to a stop?
How do you know
he didn't stop for me?
I have really long arms.
You know what?
Why don't you take it?
Unless, of course,
you think chivalry is dead.
Very gallant of you.
Nobody's ever called me
"gallant" before.
Well, how many cabs
have you given up?
Clearly not enough.
Thank you.
No problem.
Guess we didn't need
two cabs after all.
I guess not.
So, is this fate or coincidence?
I don't know.
I guess we'll find out.
I thought I was the only one
who read the entire description.
Yeah, no, I know.
Some people find it annoying.
Yeah, which is why I usually
go to museums alone.
I go alone. All the time.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, it's not
that I don't have friends
to go with, I just...
You just want to keep 'em.
Yeah, exactly.
Hey. You...
do you have any plans after...
after this?
What'd you have in mind?
Well, I was planning
on smelling the roses.
Wait. I thought
you were being philosophical,
but you literally just
wanted to smell the roses?
Yeah. I'm a literal kinda guy.
- Good to know.
- Why don't you try?
you wanna call this "fate" yet?
I say we go with,
you know, "coincidence"
and see how it goes.
Well, we have cabs, museums...
- Yes.
- Roses.
What else do we have in common?
Walks in the rain?
If I have an umbrella, yes.
Cats or dogs?
No, I can't choose.
I like 'em both.
Extra points for that answer.
All right. Favorite movie.
When Harry Met Sally.
And this is a deal-breaker,
if you don't like it.
I watch that movie every day.
So, what brings you
to San Francisco?
A reunion with two friends
from college.
We meet once a year
and go antiquing
in a different city.
What about you?
Why are you in San Francisco?
A wedding.
The wedding at the hotel?
Yeah. Yeah, I thought
I'd stick around
and do a bit sightseeing.
I'm glad that I did.
So you don't have to be back
at work early in the morning?
No. I kind of
make my own hours.
Lucky you.
So you're self-employed?
Yeah. Well,
it's something like that.
Are you gonna make me
guess what you do?
No, why don't I guess
what you do?
Oh, so secretive.
Are you a spy?
No, I'm not a spy.
Yep. I knew it. A spy.
A spy who likes
to smell the roses.
Are you hungry?
Me, I'm starving.
I could eat.
Okay, this is so good.
Yeah. You can really taste,
like, the nutmeg and the cumin
and that Gruyere cheese.
I think
you just tipped your hand.
You're a chef.
You're a food critic?
Only when it comes
to mac and cheese.
There's a place in Boston
I go to...
it's got, like,
21 different flavors.
I've tried 'em all.
You live in Boston?
Born and raised.
I live in Boston.
I think that it's time
that we called this fate now.
Maybe so.
There's no "maybe" about it.
Maybe not.
All right.
It's fate.
I had a really nice time today.
Yeah. Me too.
I'm so glad you stole my cab.
So am I.
So we...
we'll pick this up in Boston?
All the mac and cheese
you can eat.
I would love that.
I gotta... Sor...
I gotta take this.
Just when I think I'm out,
they pull me back in!
Hey, sorry to keep you waiting.
Perfect timing.
Thank you so much.
I'd love to have a veil
just like this
when I get married.
Thank you.
It's one of a kind.
And I feel so lucky
to have found it.
Do you have a dress picked out?
No, the veil
is all I can handle right now.
Well, you're going
to make a beautiful bride.
I'm actually
not getting married,
I just... I saw it,
it was so beautiful,
I couldn't resist.
- Well, it is beautiful.
- Thank you.
Can you take that for us?
Thank you.
Hey, so, do you...
do you want to share a cab
back to the airport, or...?
No. I don't think
that would be appropriate.
Why not?
I gotta pack.
Have a nice flight.
Nice meeting you.
I thought
that was your boyfriend.
No. I don't have a boyfriend
...if I did,
it wouldn't be him.
Hey, Emma.
I got your message.
Everything okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. You know.
I just wanted to call
and touch base.
Well, I'm in between classes,
so I've got time
for a couple of bases.
San Francisco was so much fun,
but you know what?
It really got me thinking.
I know what you mean.
Every time we get together,
I start taking stock of my life.
You know,
where I was when we met,
where I'm going.
My thoughts
were a little less profound.
So, after you guys left,
I met a guy.
Do you think it was the veil?
No. It was a bust.
How could I get it
so wrong?
He seemed so nice at first...
he was so funny
and witty and charming.
Very attractive.
You know, that's exactly
what you said
about your last two boyfriends,
I guess I've gotta get rid of
these rose-colored glasses.
No. Just...
you know...
learn from your mistakes.
Every relationship that fails
is just an opportunity for us
to know more about ourselves
and what we want and...
who am I kidding?
Even my overly-protected heart
is just gonna do its own thing.
All right, we can cover
the other bases later.
Go teach your class.
Okay. Bye.
Morning, Jason.
Hey! Mornin'.
Sorry to dump this on you
your first day back.
What is all this?
Well, since you're heading up
the gala this year,
Sonya thought
it would be "helpful"
if you looked through the files
from previous years.
This is quite a stack.
They were pretty big galas.
And if you pull this off,
you're gonna get the promotion.
This is how
you prove yourself to Sonya.
And what extraordinary feats
do you think
Jason will have to perform?
I'm sure he's got
a few feats up his sleeve.
That didn't come out right...
...but you know how he is.
I forgot to ask.
How was your trip?
It was best of times,
it was the most confusing
of times,
but it was pretty great.
How was your weekend?
What did you do?
Jeff proposed to me
in the middle of a Celtics game.
Ah! Oh, my goodness.
I'm so happy for you!
Look at this.
This is beautiful.
Okay, we have to celebrate.
Do you wanna do
drinks after work?
Yes! Perfect.
What's the status
of your children's program?
Several elementary school
classes have already signed up.
And I was able
to book Charles Palmer
from N.Y.U.
for the first talk.
He's aware all the students
are all under 12?
I chose Professor Palmer
because he created a successful
interactive art program
specifically tailored
to pre-teens.
Sounds perfect.
I also wanted to announce
that the president of
the Hastings Family Foundation
will be joining our board.
The foundation
has primarily supported
science and research
but Mr. Hastings
wants to become more involved
in the art community
and the museum.
Mr. Hastings has hosted several
galas for his foundation.
He's offered us his services
and I'd like you
to work with him.
I look forward to it.
Unless someone
has anything else...
I think we're good.
I would like to email you
some ideas I have
for new projects.
Great. I'll take a look.
That guy is relentless.
Well, it seems to be working.
So have you and Jeff set a date?
Next month.
Wh... I'm sorry.
It's really loud out here.
Did you just say next month?
Yes, I know,
I know what you're thinking.
It seems like
we're rushing into things,
but I don't want
to wait another minute.
The sooner, the better.
I love it.
Because there's so much to do.
Okay, my brother said
he would pitch in,
and my mom's not gonna be here
until the day of the wedding,
so I really need your help.
Well, this is
the easiest ask ever...
weddings are in my genes.
I figured
you would know what to do
and I don't even know
where to begin.
Are you sure you don't mind?
I'm running out of ways
to say yes!
Thank you.
Yes! Cheers!
Cheers. Now I can relax.
Thank you.
Yeah, this is gonna be great.
Okay, maybe just
a few more inches to the left?
All right, you guys,
I have to get to a meeting,
so I'll have
to finish this later,
but this is looking great.
The Stanbridge is so grateful
to have your participation.
I'd like you
to meet Peter Hastings.
Peter will be working with you
on the gala.
Hi, I'm in a meeting.
I'll be right there.
The Henri Rousseau
that's on loan from the Met
just arrived.
I'm the only one
who can sign for it.
Yeah, you can't
keep the Met waiting.
No. Certainly not.
I'll be right back.
In the meantime,
you two can get acquainted.
What are the odds?
Don't you dare
bring fate into this.
Why didn't you tell me
who you were when we first met?
It tends to color
people's impression of me.
Oh, no, my impression of you is
that you were very secretive,
and that hasn't changed.
I never lied to you.
I just...
left a few things out.
Yeah, like
what you do for a living?
Sounds a bit stuffy, doesn't it?
Besides, it's not who I am.
Oh, yeah, no, 'cause you're
the guy who smells the roses
and enjoys 20 kinds
of mac and cheese.
21... kinds of mac and cheese.
I'm sorry. My mistake.
I hope I didn't miss anything.
No. We were just...
we were just getting
to know one another.
If one can
truly know anybody
in a short amount of time.
Apparently not as well
as you'd think.
I'm afraid you've lost me.
We were just saying
"how do you know
if you really know someone?"
You know?
At least you're on
the same wavelength...
...whatever that might be.
Let's go over
some of the preliminaries.
So there are some things
that need to be finalized
in the next few weeks...
like, a theme,
and catering and...
Can I assume that the gala
is going to take place
at the museum?
Well, unless
you have a better idea?
I just find museums can be...
a bit confusing for some people.
Even one
you might want to forget.
Where do you want
to have the gala?
I think we should have it here.
Me too.
Okay, great.
We agree. We agree.
We agree.
Totally agree.
I'm glad we've...
got that worked out.
Me too.
You know that girl I met
in San Francisco?
Yeah, the one you really liked?
Yeah, the one
that forgot to mention
that she was getting married.
What about her?
Well, I just had
a meeting at Stanbridge.
It turns out
that she's the curator
I'm be working with on the gala.
That must've been uncomfortable.
Yeah, and she seemed to imply
that I was the one
that was in the wrong.
So, is it gonna be a problem
working with her?
No. No, I've been wanting
to do something outside of
the foundation for a while.
You know,
get more involved in art,
so I'm just... I'm not
gonna let it bother me.
You mean let her bother you.
We're two strangers who spent
a little bit of time together.
We hardly know each other.
Besides, she's getting married.
End of discussion.
Hey, you're the one
that keeps bringing her up.
So the guy you'll be
working with is the same guy
you met in San Francisco?
That's hilarious.
Yeah, well, neither one of us
thought so.
I was hoping the veil
had better judgment than me.
That is putting a lot of faith
in some bedazzled lace.
I think you guys were right.
Hilda oversold it.
So who's the guy?
Peter Hastings.
He runs his family's foundation
here in Boston.
He's one of those Hastings?
The university
has a research lab
with his family's name on it.
Didn't you Google this guy?
His father started one of
the first biotech companies
in the country.
Well, his father should've
taught his son better manners.
I mean, you don't
run into a woman
and call it "fate,"
and then just hop on an elevator
with a lame, "Nice meeting you."
It's too bad you can't
Google a guy's sincerity.
That's what I like about Finn.
He is a good guy,
he's dependable,
and he never
throws me a curveballs.
Who're you trying to convince?
No convincing.
A little compromising...
gotta lean in to meet each other
halfway, right?
Okay. Fair point.
I should go.
Tomorrow's gonna be
a really complicated day.
Focus on the prize...
and the promotion.
Yeah. No, I'll be fine.
I just have to get over
the embarrassment
of seeing him again.
Okay, talk to you guys soon.
Maybe true love doesn't exist.
Yeah, I like the length.
What do you think?
Look at you.
That dress is perfection.
Do you really think so?
Yes. It's bad luck
to lie to a bride.
That is very you.
You think?
Kind of thought it would match
the antique veil I got.
Which is...
Which is hard to match.
Maybe I'm hard to match.
You are not.
I've been to more weddings
than I can count
and I have never
caught the bouquet.
Well, maybe your luck
is about to change.
I have very good aim.
All right, what's our next stop
after this?
Okay, we have a few
cake-tastings to do,
I'm not sure
we're gonna have enough time.
I don't want to take up
your whole lunch break.
What's better
than wedding cake for lunch?
And I don't have
to be back until 2:00.
I have a meeting
with Peter Hastings.
What's he like?
I mean, besides being
handsome, rich, and single?
Let's just say
he runs hot and cold.
This is so good.
I'll have what she's having.
Is it 2:00 already?
No, the board meeting
got out early.
Well, we're tasting
wedding cakes.
Join us.
Have a piece?
Or six.
Actually, we could really
use a man's opinion.
What about the groom?
He's out of town.
- Try that one.
- This one?
It's too lemony.
Well, it's lemon cake.
Try the coconut.
- Maybe.
- All right.
Try the chocolate mocha.
I can't decide.
That's the winner.
Right there.
Guys always go for
the chocolate.
We're interchangeable to you?
When it comes to cake, you are.
I gotta check out
the installation.
I'll be right back.
So, when is the wedding?
Four weeks.
Can you believe it?
that's soon.
You're telling me!
Can you do me a favor
and just let Avery know
just to meet me inside?
But you're not done your cake.
I lost my appetite.
Thank you.
You are so right...
he does run hot and cold.
Okay, so you're gonna get me
your foundation's list of donors
and then I will
cross-reference it with ours.
Attendance tends to increase
when the gala has a theme.
The more fun people are having,
the bigger the donations.
Yeah, we could do Mardi Gras?
Everybody loves a masquerade.
Yeah, it's fun to dress up
and pretend to be someone else,
but we have done that before.
Well, you have.
What about a...
What about a magic theme?
You know, we could have
magicians around,
performing tricks,
and you could
volunteer to disappear...
...since you're good at that.
Only when I feel like
I don't have a choice.
I'm... gonna have
to wrap this up.
you've got a busy day
of planning a wedding
and planning a gala.
Well, I'm a good multitasker.
Don't forget
to get me your list, okay?
This looks great.
But something about this bench
is kind of generic,
it kind of ruins the mood.
What did you have in mind?
I just want the visitors
to sit on something
that reflects the exhibit,
you know?
There's some benches
in the basement.
We can get it tomorrow?
We're about to clock out.
I'll go down there
and take a look.
Have a good evening, guys.
What's the hurry?
Have you seen Sonya?
The security guard
said she just left.
I just saw her drive off, yeah.
What are you doing here?
I left my phone
in the conference room.
I think I just stumbled across
a very important painting.
Come look.
This better be a masterpiece.
It's hard to be certain,
it's in such poor condition,
I think it's by Claudio Amici.
The 19th-century painter?
I've seen some of
his paintings at the Louvre.
Yeah, I saw one at the Getty.
It's not unheard of
for museums to find
long-forgotten pieces of art.
This would... This would
actually bring a lot of press
to the museum.
Yeah, if it's authentic.
So I'm gonna do some research
and see if I can figure out
where it came from.
Two heads are better than one.
Board member.
Vested interest.
I'm just as curious as you are.
All right.
You must really like Van Gogh!
I saw this painting
when I was 12.
It was my first real...
"wow" moment over art.
I remember my first "wow".
Was, well, it was
the Western artists.
My father was a collector,
so he introduced me
to Thomas Moran and Remington.
Those paintings made me want
to be a cowboy when I was a kid.
Well, it's never too late.
All you need is the horse.
I think I found something.
There's a painting
that's listed here...
by Amici,
the Ritratto di una Sposa.
"Portrait of a Bride."
What, you speak Italian?
I speak Italian art.
Let's see.
"Portait of a Bride..."
Okay, so it's showing up
in our database,
but it's not listed as missing.
It says
it was gifted to the museum
by a private collector in 1963,
but there's
no other information.
I mean, every piece of art
is supposed to be tagged
and catalogued.
You know what?
I have a hunch.
The museum underwent
some renovations in 1963,
and they built
a new off-site storage vault
for the artwork.
So, what?
You think that they left
the Amici behind?
Well, if it came to the museum
during the renovation,
I mean, there were
no computers back then.
Everything was entered manually.
It could've slipped
through the cracks.
This would be...
This would be a huge discovery.
I'm so glad you let me in on it.
So am I.
We just got the report.
Our experts have
authenticated the Amici.
Thank you for letting me know.
Everyone seems to agree
with your theory
about how it was misplaced.
Great work, Avery.
Thank you.
This is amazing.
So exciting.
Con... Congratulations.
Thank you.
Yeah, it looks like
the competition is heating up.
It's really
not a competition, Jason.
We're just doing our jobs.
Yeah, well, pretty soon
one of us...
will have a better job.
And I'm not giving up.
Neither am I.
Don't let him step
on your moment.
I'm not.
I mean, look at this.
I gotta call Peter.
You see a picture of a bride
and you wanna call Peter?
Peter? It's Avery.
Let's meet up.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Thanks so much for coming.
- Yeah.
- Of course. Thanks.
- Of course.
It's Sonya.
I told her
that we were getting coffee.
I think she's trying
to figure us out.
Yeah, well... so am I.
Okay. So, my idea.
I have an idea for the gala,
and I know it's gonna
sound a little ambitious,
I was thinking...
what if we unveil the Amici
at the gala?
I don't know, that painting's
in pretty bad shape.
Yeah, but what if
it was restored in time?
I think it's a great idea.
But you're gonna have to present
a proposal to the board.
No, no, no, no.
Not... Not... Not me. Sonya.
I'm not a full curator yet,
and associates don't usually
go before the board.
Are you hoping
on becoming a full curator?
Yeah, it's always been my goal.
You know,
my father had a saying...
that you can wait
for things to happen,
or you can
make thing happen yourself.
And what if they turn me down?
I never thought of that.
There is one vote
that you can probably count on.
If we unveil the Amici
at the gala,
it could bring a lot of
attention to the museum.
It could boost
our fundraising efforts
and people would get to see
a work of art
that's long been forgotten.
Can you guarantee
that the painting
will be restored in time?
If we announce the unveiling
and the restoration isn't done,
it would damage
the museum's reputation.
I understand,
and I've consulted
with Frederick Neumann,
who's worked with the museum
for 17 years,
and he feels confident
that he could have the work
done by our deadline.
I know it's a risk,
it's a risk worth taking.
"Portrait of a Bride"
is an incredible work
by an artist
who deserves to be recognized.
It's been in the basement
long enough.
the board voted.
In favor.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Sorry. I... I...
- No.
- I just got so excited.
That's all because you...
you pushed me to go for it.
Thank you for that.
Well, I...
I'll let you get back to work.
Hey, who do you think's
gonna read that, anyways?
I know two people who would.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Well, Peter's in a good mood.
He's so wonderful,
and then he's just...
like, all of a sudden,
a different person.
Maybe you can date half of him.
There's an idea.
Okay, listen.
My brother wants to get
the DJ for the wedding,
but we have
very different taste in music.
Mine being good,
his, not so much.
I didn't want
to hurt his feelings,
so I told him
to consult with you.
Well, I lean more,
you know, romantic.
Well, he leans more, like, loud.
Don't worry.
We'll work it out.
The good news...
is the layers of grime
seem to have protected it.
And the bad news?
The layers of grime.
Yeah, each one needs to be
painstakingly cleaned
before I even
address the varnish.
But it can be done
in time for the gala, right?
I set aside my other projects
to make this a priority.
It's interesting
how Amici painted her.
What do you mean?
She seems awfully sad
to be a bride.
Well, even though
she looks sad...
she is a beautiful bride.
All brides are beautiful.
Thank you so much.
I was just thinking...
since this is gonna be
the centerpiece of the gala,
what if we made it
a wedding theme?
What, is one wedding
not enough for you?
Well, we're almost done
planning it.
Are you sure you're not
taking on too much?
The more weddings, the merrier!
Plus, all the mocha cake
you can eat.
I started without you.
I just love planning weddings...
even though
this isn't a real wedding.
Well, I've never
been married before,
so I don't have any experience.
I'm surprised.
That I don't have any experience
with wedding invitations?
That you've never been married.
Well, I...
I was engaged once.
Yeah, we had a party
and everything,
but we didn't end up
going the distance.
What... What happened?
the "Hastings" name
and everything that's associated
with it sometimes...
it just makes me
a bit suspicious
of what somebody sees in me.
That's why I left out
a few details
when we met in San Francisco.
I just...
I kinda liked just being
the "gallant" stranger.
But my fiance, I realized,
was in love with the details,
...we never made it
to the wedding invitations.
But, this one's nice...
and that one, too.
No, it needs to look
like an invitation
to a 19th-century
Italian wedding.
It's... it's
a bit ornate, don't you think?
How about this one?
Look at this. Look at that.
Traditional. Subtle.
Yeah. No, that looks
like the invitation
to a 19th-century board meeting.
It has to be romantic!
This is our wedding...
The museum's.
It just needs to, you know,
it needs to feel very romantic.
You... You disagree?
No, it's just...
think you seem a bit flustered.
No, I'm not flustered.
I'm just... this is me
making a decision.
Okay, now... no.
No, no.
No, no, no.
This is pretty.
Yeah. This is really pretty.
Yeah, it's very pretty.
Very warm.
For the gala...
it looks...
that looks good.
It's a beautiful invitation
for the gala.
It's a nice... invitation.
I'm glad you like it.
So you think this is the one?
Yeah, I do.
Yeah, I guess you could say
I've always loved anything
that looks vintage.
How long have you
and your friends been doing
these antiquing weekends?
Since grad school.
That's where we met.
So, what, you're like...
you're, like, kindred spirits
or something?
Yeah. I mean, yes and no,
We're actually...
we're all very different.
We all see art differently.
Tracy sells it
at an auction house...
defining its value...
and then Emma...
well, she analyzes art...
its history, how it's evolved.
How about you?
I just...
I just like to look at it,
so I work in a museum.
And we see, yeah,
we see art differently,
but not friendship.
Those girls are...
they're my ride-or-dies,
and that's... that's forever.
So which one's gonna be
your maid of honor?
Well, trios are tricky,
so we made a pact
and promised each other
to each have
two maids of honors.
I was my friend Drew's best man.
But he didn't have a choice,
you know, I'm his boss,
and he doesn't have
any other friends.
Hey, wait a second...
isn't that the place you were
talking about in San Francisco?
What? You... You want to go?
Okay, the Mexican Mac
is my favorite.
Yeah? Try the Mac and Bacon.
Okay, that is so good.
- Right? So good.
- That's unbelievable.
You know,
I used to come here a lot,
then I ran out of time,
because it turns out
that giving away money
is a full-time job, so.
You're not what I thought
a "Hastings" would be.
I mean, we're not exactly
blue bloods.
My father was a biotech engineer
and when his company
became successful,
that's when he and my mother
started the foundation.
Yeah, he always believed in
giving back to the community,
funding research.
And then it was my mother
who had
this strong family commitment
and the importance of legacy.
It sounds like
they were a great team.
Yeah, they were.
And then, well,
two years ago, my father died.
That's when I took over
the foundation.
It must be really gratifying
to carry on the good work
that he started.
That's the best part of the job.
In fact,
on Friday,
we are breaking ground
on a new hospital for children.
That's amazing.
I don't know.
It's like...
this whole suit-and-tie thing,
it's just...
it's not who I am.
I guess I just... I'm afraid
of letting people down.
What does the real you
want to do?
Well, when I figure that out,
you'll be the first person
I tell.
I feel like
finding that painting
was a turning point.
You know?
Like a sign, or something.
I know that sounds silly.
No, I think that sounds great.
Hey! I'll be right there.
We have to go pick out a DJ.
Yeah. Yeah.
This is so exciting!
Lucy has no idea
I'm booking the DJ she likes
for the wedding.
Yeah, I told her
you picked out some indie guy
and I was gonna
talk you out of it.
You gotta keep it a secret.
It's her wedding present
and I want it to be a surprise.
Oh, you know what?
Every bride deserves
to have a brother like you.
I'm sorry, that took longer
than I expected.
- But we got a great DJ.
- That's great.
You know, I was thinking,
we should probably start
talking about the music
for the gala.
You know what? Why don't...
Why don't you handle that?
The unveiling
and the wedding theme...
those are your ideas,
I think you should
see 'em through.
I'll just focus on the donors.
Is... Is it just me,
or are you always this moody?
What do you mean?
You're just...
you're so warm and charming,
and then, all of a sudden,
you just... you freeze over.
I don't get it.
Well, I don't know
what to tell ya.
I'm not exactly
Yeah. It doesn't matter.
Never mind. Forget it.
Look, I have a meeting
at the foundation.
- Can we pick this up later?
- Yeah. 'Course.
Yeah, just...
Good morning.
Hey. How was your night?
You know what,
it was very productive.
I've rearranged my priorities,
and the gala and my promotion
are front and center.
I don't have time
for a crush or some romance
on an unpredictable man.
Are you talking about Peter?
Yeah. Things have...
things have gotten
very awkward between us
and we have to work together.
Oh, no.
Did something happen?
Let's just say
he ran cold for the last time.
I'm just over it.
You don't seem over it.
Well, it's okay.
You know what?
Maybe he's not comfortable
getting close,
or maybe he's not
that attracted to me.
I don't know.
Or he's very attracted to you
and he's pulling back
because he's afraid.
Okay, but either way,
that still leaves us
in the same place,
which is... is nowhere.
Can Sonya give me a few minutes
to discuss the kids' program?
Yeah. I'll see what
I can do about that.
How are you?
I'm great. Never better.
Me too.
Well, good.
That's great.
Peter! Peter?
Have you had a chance
to review the annual report?
I'll do it later.
I've got a meeting
at the museum.
I don't actually have a meeting
at the museum.
I just wanted to stop by
and apologize to Avery.
Drew, I can't help
how I feel about her.
But I gotta get over it,
because I like the museum and...
and I really like
working on the gala.
Feels like I'm being
more honest with myself,
like I'm stepping out of
my father's shadow.
Guess what?
I just got a text
from the business office...
the gala is sold out!
It never sells out this early!
I know.
I just want everything
to be perfect, you know?
From the lighting to the food...
I still have a few things
to check off my list,
so I'll be running around
all day. Bye.
Does Sonya have any time?
No, she's jam-packed today,
but maybe try tomorrow.
I was just coming to see you.
Did we have a meeting?
I wanted to apologize
for being out of line.
You know, you...
you really threw me.
Listen, Avery, I...
I... I'd really like it
if we could just be friends.
Me too.
Did you hear the gala's
already sold out?
Well, what do you say
we go show those donors
a night they'll never forget?
Let's do it.
I was just on my way
to the concert
if you want to join.
Lead the way.
Jason Cartwright.
Hi. Frederick Neumann
calling for Avery Morrison.
She's not here.
Can I take a message?
I need to speak with her
as soon as possible.
It's about the Amici painting.
All right.
I'll let her know.
Thank you.
We should hire them
for the wedding.
And by "wedding," you mean gala?
You heading back to the museum?
No. I left for the day.
What about you,
you have somewhere to be?
I've got a business report
to look at,
but it's not really
my strong suit,
just part of the job.
Now, that is something
that I've always
wanted to do, though.
Take an art class?
No. Teaching art to kids.
Well, why haven't you
ever taught?
I guess I was just expected
to go in the family business,
you know?
The foundation.
Yeah, but couldn't
your foundation
fund art programs?
Well, I mean,
we've always veered towards
scientific and medical research.
My father was such a giant
in that field.
But you can make a difference
with art, too, right?
Yeah, but, you know,
my mother just believes
it's important to honor
my father's legacy,
so I don't think
she'd be comfortable
with expanding the mandate.
Well, you said you were
funding a children's hospital.
Couldn't you start
an art program there?
I mean, we gotta build it first.
We just started.
Okay, so maybe you can
speed up the timeline,
you know,
and just do what you love.
You know, you said that your dad
always used to say
you can wait
for things to happen,
or you can make them
happen yourself.
Well, sometimes,
you wait too long.
Good morning, Frederick,
it's Avery.
Yeah, I hope
you had a nice weekend.
I just wanted to check in.
Didn't you get
my message I left?
What message?
I called to tell you
there's a problem
with the painting.
Wait. What kind of problem?
A big one.
When I finally got
below the varnish,
I found that the canvas
had buckled in two areas.
There's some cracking
in the pigment.
I didn't want to proceed
until we spoke...
it involves much more work
than what
we had originally discussed.
but can it still be finished
in time for the gala?
I'm afraid not.
The gala is all about
the unveiling.
What can we do?
Well, it needs to be
treated in a vapor tent
and then a vacuum hot table,
and all that
takes a lot of time.
But it could be done?
Even if I worked
around the clock,
it's not possible.
What if two of you
worked around the clock?
Very few people
have the experience
to work on
a painting of this caliber.
"You can't wait around
for things to happen,
you have to make them happen."
I do?
Sorry, no.
I didn't mean you.
I have to make this happen.
What if I find another
conservator that you approve?
- Perhaps...
- Okay! "Perhaps"!
That's better
than dead in the water,
Let's... let's go with that.
Right, okay, well, then,
when will he be available?
No, I'm afraid that's too late.
All right.
Thank you
for getting back to me.
Any luck?
I called the two names
that Frederick recommended,
but no one has time.
If you can't find someone
by tomorrow,
we have to let the patrons
know the Amici won't
be unveiled at the gala.
You know what,
Tracy works at
an auction house in New York,
I mean,
maybe she knows somebody.
Did you ever find out
who took Frederick's message?
No, I asked everyone.
No one took the call.
Aren't you going home?
Not until I fix this.
You know, this isn't your fault.
Sonya's not blaming you.
I blame me.
I mean, I went before the board,
I promised them that the Amici
would be restored in time.
Okay, listen.
Worst-case scenario...
we unveil the painting
at a later date.
And I remain
"Associate Curator".
Call me if you need anything.
Sounds like I woke you up.
Yeah, I fell asleep at my desk.
I'm in my clothes.
It's not going well.
Well, this is gonna wake you up,
'cause guess what?
Emma and I
have been making some calls,
and we got some names for you.
You guys are amazing!
Yep. I won't argue with that.
Really, I don't know
what I'd do without you.
Go get 'em, Madam Curator.
I found a conservator
to work with Frederick
that he's approved.
He thinks they can restore
the painting in time
for the gala, but he's not
making any promises.
When can they start?
You're a big disappointment.
This is the best cake
I ever ate.
You look so beautiful.
Thank you.
So, I invited Peter.
So I see.
Well, he was so nice,
and, you know,
he helped with the cake.
And you were
trying to set us up.
Well, you two seem
so good together.
Yeah, except when we're not.
I had no idea
he was gonna bring a plus-one.
I'm so sorry.
I guess he just assumed.
It's okay.
And she's so pretty.
They seem really... close.
So, it's fine.
Peter and I, we're just friends.
Honestly, it's fine.
Sorry. Excuse me.
Of course.
Thank you.
You having fun?
I am.
Yeah, I'm surprised
Lucy invited me.
Yeah, so was I.
Well, you weren't kidding
when you said,
"the more weddings,
the merrier."
Lucy's, the gala...
You know,
where is the lucky man?
I would like to meet him.
I'd like to congratulate him.
What... What lucky man?
- Your fianc.
- What fianc?
That guy, right there.
That's Ryan...
that's Lucy's brother.
You and Lucy
are gonna be family?
No, we're not.
Pretty sure
that's how that works.
- How what works?
- In-laws.
We're not engaged.
Did you just break up?
No, no, no...
we were never together.
you're not getting married?
No. Not that I know of.
Do you always travel
with a wedding veil?
You saw the veil
in San Francisco
and you thought
I was getting married?
And I saw you talking
to the concierge about the dress
and what a beautiful bride
you would be.
No! Tracy and Emma and I,
we bought it
at an antique store because
it has the most romantic history
and we just couldn't say no.
I mean, I actually
couldn't say no,
and they... they chipped in.
Wait, this whole time...
this whole time, you thought
I was getting married?
Yeah! I...
I gotta tell ya,
I've never been so happy
to be so wrong.
Now that it seems
that we are both single...
...would you care to dance?
I would love to.
But what about your date?
Well, I thought you were
gonna be here with your fianc
and I didn't
want to arrive alone,
so I asked my cousin...
- Right.
- She loves weddings.
I mean, who doesn't?
Now, how about that dance?
All right.
Hey, looks like
your fianc and my date
are actually hitting it off.
All right, everyone,
it's time to throw the bouquet!
Come on, get in here.
Come on, guys.
Come on, get together!
Thanks for bringing me home.
Yeah, of course, well...
I mean, your fianc
took my date home,
so it's only fair.
Look at this.
I can't... I can't believe
I finally got the bouquet.
Hey, just so you know, that...
that doesn't scare me away.
I have to work
early in the morning,
so I should probably...
Yeah. Well, I'll...
I'll see you tomorrow?
Yes, you will.
Maybe the legend is real.
That should do it...
barring any last-minute changes.
We did leave a few seats
open here,
- at table six.
- Good.
What's the status
of the painting?
I spoke with Frederick
this morning and he says
that they're making
good progress.
And the caterer?
Peter and I
are going there tonight
to sample the menu.
You two seem to be...
collaborating quite well.
Well, there was some confusion
with the veil...
But I think we're fine now.
A veil for the unveiling?
We decided
to cover the painting
with a black velvet cloth.
Well, I should head back
to the foundation.
I mean,
I do have a day job, after all.
Before you go...
there is one last thing.
Ever since you joined the board,
you've gone way above
and beyond.
Well, it's my pleasure.
We need someone to unveil
the painting at the gala.
I wonder
if you would do us the honor?
...the honor would be mine.
We have a problem.
The food is so good,
no one's gonna
pay attention to the art.
Yeah, the Rigatoni Carciofi...
Parli italiano?
What's that?
Do you speak Italian?
Well, yeah,
I speak Italian food.
I'm not kidding,
I've been to a hundred weddings,
and I have... I've never
tasted food this good.
I don't think I even know
a hundred couples.
Well, I was counting
the weddings
that I went to as a kid.
My mom was a wedding planner
and whenever she couldn't...
she couldn't find a babysitter,
she would just
bring me along with her.
I even pinched-hit
for the flower girl a few times.
Yeah, so I grew up
thinking that, you know,
flowers and hearts
and "I do's"
were just the norm.
I mean, they were,
for my mom and dad.
She must be very proud of you.
Yeah, she passed when I was 18.
Sorry. I didn't know.
No, it's okay.
I mean, weddings are...
they're full of
really happy memories for me.
So, do you think Sonya knows
we're dating?
I didn't know we were dating.
What do you mean,
you didn't know?
The first date
was in San Francisco.
- Yeah...
- We went to smell the roses.
...and then you ran away!
Okay, well,
our second date
was at the Mac Shack.
And that was romantic.
- You know what was romantic?
- Romantic mac and cheese.
You know, what was romantic
was Lucy's wedding.
Yeah, but we didn't
go there together.
You were with your cousin.
Who is dating your fianc now,
by the way.
Is that weird?
I mean, they do make
a really nice couple.
I guess.
So do we.
Yeah. I...
I just don't...
I don't want to rush things
or... complicate things.
I mean, I'm nervous enough,
and I think we should
just keep "collaborating"
until after the gala.
And at least now I know
you don't run cold.
unless you have any other
fiancs lying around.
Do you?
- Hey!
- I'm back!
How was the honeymoon?
Well, other than
being too short,
it was great.
I'm so glad.
How's everything going here?
Hectic. It's five days
until the gala,
but things
are going really well.
All right. Good.
Morning, Jason.
His art program starts today.
You all right?
Everything okay?
Not really.
My art program
is getting derailed
- before it even started.
- What do you mean?
Well, my big get...
the esteemed Professor Palmer...
won't be here in time.
Well, I mean, that's...
that's not your fault.
Kind of is.
I was floating so many projects
trying to get the promotion,
I accidentally booked him
on the wrong flight.
Now it's too late.
I'm so sorry.
Is there anything
I can do to help?
Well, there's nothing
anyone can do.
I've got a group of school kids
coming here in a few hours,
and I have to cancel on them.
I really don't want
to make this call.
I have an idea
that might solve your problem.
Okay, okay. You know what,
I said I was gonna step up...
so I'm gonna step up.
But am I the most
qualified person for this?
Because I don't...
I don't feel like it.
Well, you have
a passion for art, okay?
You have a generous desire
to share it with kids,
and how much more of
a qualification do you need?
Hey, just think about
that little boy
who was so inspired
by those Western paintings
that he wanted to be a cowboy.
How long is this, though?
Is it a lon...
Is it a long thing?
It's an hour.
And this is something
you've always wanted to do,
now you get to see
if it's a good fit.
Wh... What happens if there's,
like, the next Picasso out there
and I send him to dentistry?
You got this.
You got this! Go.
I got this.
I got this. I got this.
I got this. I got this.
I got this. I got this.
I don't know about you guys,
but when I look
at this sculpture
and I tilt my head... kinda looks like
"My Little Pony"
made out of LEGOs.
You guys don't see it?
What do you guys see?
It looks like the time
when my little brother
left his crayons
outside in the sun
and they melted together.
It melted together?
You know what?
I can see that.
And, actually, that is why
we call this "abstract art".
Because everybody sees
something different,
and it gives us something
to talk about and think about.
Do you guys wanna see
some more art?
- Yeah!
- Yeah? All right!
Having Peter fill in
was a wonderful idea.
I had no idea he'd be
so engaging with the kids.
It was Avery's idea.
She deserves
the credit for this.
I appreciate your honesty.
It's still your program, Jason.
I think
you should see it through.
You should enlist Peter's help.
Thank you.
Of course.
I'm just glad it worked out.
There's something
I need to tell you.
I'm the one who took the message
from Frederick Neumann.
I know.
Frederick told me.
Okay, I don't get it.
Why did you bail me out today?
Because I care about the museum,
and you do, too.
It's a win-win...
especially for him.
You think competitors
can be friends?
Apparently so.
You did a remarkable job.
It's a remarkable painting.
Okay if we crate it up now?
Yeah, the courier's
just outside.
If... If I forget
to tell you later,
you look stunning.
Thank you. Might I add
how dashing you look?
the suit's Italian.
I have to keep up
with our theme.
Congratulations, Peter.
I think this is
the most exciting event
that the Stanbridge
has ever had.
Thanks, Mom.
Well, you know, I can't
take full credit, though.
This is my collaborator...
Avery Morrison.
It's so nice to meet you,
Mrs. Hastings.
Please, call me Grace.
You two have made this
an extraordinary evening.
Everybody's talking about
how beautiful it is.
And of course,
we're all very excited
about the unveiling.
Yeah. Well, I don't think
anyone's gonna be disappointed.
Most importantly,
this beautiful painting
will finally be seen,
you know, after all these years.
That's my cue.
If you'll excuse me, ladies.
Ladies and gentlemen...
can I have your attention?
Thank you all
for being here tonight.
My name is Peter Hastings.
I'm a member of the board.
Tonight, we are here
to support the museum,
have a good time,
and to unveil a painting
which has not been
publicly viewed
in 56 years.
Some of you may be aware
of the 19th-century
artist Claudio Amici,
but for those of you who aren't,
I think
you'll find this painting
to be a revelation.
It is my privilege
to present to you...
"Portrait of a Bride".
It's magnificent.
You and Peter must be so proud.
We both worked really hard.
Peter was
just incredibly helpful,
especially when it came
to researching the painting.
Well, he's always been
very taken with art,
ever since he was a young boy.
He told me about
the Remington paintings
and how they made him
want to be a cowboy.
And did he tell you
that he convinced us
to get him a cowboy outfit
that he wore everywhere?
He left that part out.
That's one of the things
I admire about him,
how he wants to share
his passion for art.
Well, I know that he finds
his work at the museum
very gratifying.
It's not just that, though.
He actually
jumped in last-minute
and rescued the children's
art program the other day,
and the way he was explaining
abstract art to the kids,
it was just...
it was amazing.
I don't know if Peter
or the kids had more fun.
He never mentioned it.
He said that teaching art
to young people
is something
he had always wanted to do.
I thought
he'd given up that notion.
Did... Did I...
Did I say something
I shouldn't have?
- Oh, no, dear.
- I'm sorry, I just assumed...
I think it's I
who has been making assumptions.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
There's a person
from The Globe here
that wants to do an interview.
Excuse me a minute.
Of course.
I have to take a look at it.
Yeah. Of course.
Hey. Should we grab
some champagne and celebrate?
Not right now.
Can I...
can I talk to you outside?
Is something wrong?
Yeah, I just had
a conversation with my mother.
I really like her.
Yeah, she really likes you too,
but all of a sudden,
she's concerned
about some unfulfilled dream
I have about teaching art.
Asking if I'm even happy
at the foundation.
Are you happy?
That's not the point.
I'm sorry, I think I'm lost.
What is the point?
My mother puts on
a brave face in public, okay?
But she's still mourning
the loss of my father.
This foundation is how
she keeps him alive.
It's not about what I want,
it's about my responsibility
to my family.
I meant no harm.
I'm so sorry I upset her.
Is this just an excuse
to pull away again?
Because, Peter,
there's no phantom fianc
you can blame this time.
I'm sorry. I just...
I can't do this.
I'm sure you guys
have better things to do
on a Sunday
than listen to me
whine about last night.
It's not whining
when you're in the right.
Maybe I shouldn't have
said anything to his mother.
You were just telling the truth.
It's not your fault
if he doesn't
want to acknowledge it.
All right, let's talk
about something
more reliable than love.
Like what?
Your career.
Have you heard anything
about the promotion?
Well, I mean, the gala
went really well, so...
hopefully... maybe?
I don't know.
Can you try saying that again
with a little more belief
in yourself?
I gonna need a couple days
to refill that tank.
In the meantime,
we'll believe in you.
You guys, go enjoy your Sunday.
Love you.
- You too.
- Talk soon.
Peter's not the one either.
It's time to move on.
There you are.
A perk of the job.
Did you need something?
I wanted to let you know
the museum administration
has decided
to promote you to full curator.
Congratulations, Avery.
You have no idea
how much this means to me.
The last few weeks
have only proven
what an invaluable asset
you are to the Stanbridge,
so I'd say you earned it.
And I will continue to earn it.
Thank you.
Congratulations again.
Hi, Mom.
Hello, darling.
What was so important
that you wanted
to have lunch today?
Well, I just thought
there were some things
that we needed to clear up.
Like what?
I've been doing a lot
of thinking since the gala.
If running the foundation
is not something
you want to be doing,
then you shouldn't.
I never said that.
Which is why I did.
All I care about
is your happiness,
and that's
where my happiness lies.
The foundation
is well-established
and your father's legacy
is secure.
I heard you were quite a hit
with the kids at the Stanbridge.
Avery said you were "amazing".
Well, you know, she always sees
the best in people.
Well, it took a lot of courage
for her to speak up
and tell me, ever so sweetly,
what I might have
missed about my son.
And, you know...
I... I pushed her away again...
...and that's the last thing
that I want to do.
Then don't.
You know,
when I first met Avery,
I didn't tell her who I was...
...or what I did and...
and she still seemed to like me.
All the more reason
to trust her.
trust how you feel.
Peter, life is so short,
and Avery strikes me
as a kind of woman worth loving.
Don't postpone your happiness
another day.
Thanks, Mom.
Avery, you're needed
in the main gallery.
Something about
the Amici painting?
Really? What's it about?
I don't know.
Are you the reason
I was called here?
Yeah, being a board member
has its perks.
I didn't mean to ambush you.
I just...
I couldn't take the chance
that you wouldn't see me.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, I blew things
out of proportion.
it was my fault.
I won't argue with that.
Well, that's good,
because there's more.
I know who I am now,
because of you.
And I know what I want to do
with my life.
none of that seems to matter
if you're not in it with me.
I got you these because...
they reminded me
of the first day that we met.
That was a good day.
Look, you know
the feeling you get
when you find your soulmate?
Soulmates are hard to miss.
Well, I didn't miss mine.
Look, I'm sorry
if I'm over the top, but...'s just
that I'm in love with you.
Over the top
isn't such a bad place to be
when it comes to love.
I'm so in love with you.
You make a beautiful bride.
You're absolutely glowing.
I always knew
you'd be the first one of us
to get married.
This is officially
the best weekend reunion ever.
Don't make me cry.
My dad already made me cry
and I had to fix my makeup.
You guys, I know,
I know have your doubts,
I truly believe
the veil brought
me and Peter together.
Just because you truly believe
in true love.
Yes, I do.
You're supposed
to break the tie.
I'm on the fence.
- What?
- Still?
I think I might be
leaning toward
"anything is possible".
I knew it. See?
You win.
All right.
Let's put the veil on
so you can get married.
All right.
Is that good?
And then some.
This is it.
Your happily-ever-after awaits.
Are you ready?
Yes, Dad.
We are gathered here today
to join this man and this woman
in matrimony.
Do you take this man
to be your husband?
I do.
Do you take this woman
to be your wife?
I do.
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
So... where's Finn?
He's on tour with the orchestra.
What is that look?
What? No look.
This is just my face.
No. It is a look.
You are giving me a look.
Here comes the bride.
Hi, beautiful!
There's something
I really want to show you guys.
I'll be right back.
- Yeah?
- Okay.
You can see the influence
of the Italian masters.
This painting would
set records at an auction.
Look at the veil, though.
The little heart...
it looks just like...
Our veil.
I never noticed it
because the painting
was in such bad shape,
but I think someone just
added the beaded headband.
But I thought they were a set.
I think it's the same veil.
What are the odds?
Very low.
Hilda said the veil
was 19th-century Italian lace.
This a 19th-century
Italian portrait of a bride
wearing the same veil as me.
I just don't think
that it could be the same veil.
- I'm telling you, it is!
- Avery...-
You know...
I'm going to Italy next month
to teach.
I could take the veil
and research its provenance.
That's a good idea.
And then we don't have to worry
about who gets the veil next.
Well, only if you won't
be needing it.
Finn and I are fine as we are...
no rings, no rice.
You should take the veil.
Okay. Only because I'm curious
about its history.
Yeah. Definitely.
For research.
"It's just research."
Well, when I first met Avery,
I fell in love with her
right away,
but I thought she was taken
because of the veil.
We got to follow along
in real time.
Yeah, but the veil
didn't break us up, though,
it actually brought us together.
I don't follow.
You told him
about the legend, right?
What legend?
The legend is, whoever's
in possession of the veil
will find true love.
Well, I'll drink to that.
To the veil...
To the veil.
And to true love.