The Wedding Veil Unveiled (2022) Movie Script

You do realize
you're going to be in Italy
for two months,
and this is all you're packing?
Well, I'm only teaching
a couple days a week,
and I want to make sure
I leave room
in case I find some fabulous
antiques or something.
Of course.
You mean like the veil
that we found in San Francisco?
Which if you think
you'll be needing,
you're welcome
to take home with you.
What? Oh, no.
Nice try.
Finn and I are not in any hurry,
and besides,
you need have it with you
so you can find out
its story, right?
I know.
Are you hungry?
I still have some food left
in my fridge,
I have a couple slices
of my homemade apple pie.
That sounds amazing, actually,
but I'm not hungry.
I'm not expecting anyone.
Well, you can just keep packing,
and I'll get rid of
whoever it is.
You knew about this.
Of course.
When I heard Tracy was going
to be here on business,
I didn't want to miss out
saying goodbye to you, too.
You guys, this does not count
as our annual reunion weekend
because I'm only here
for one night.
No, definitely not.
We're doing it
in the spring, right?
Yes, Rhode Island or Maine,
but we have plenty of time
to decide.
We should decide now, right?
While we eat,
'cause I'm starving.
But you just said that...
I was stalling!
I envy you, Emma.
Oh, your trip's
going to be amazing.
Says the woman
who just got back
from a storybook honeymoon
a few months ago.
But that's Avery,
the eternal romantic.
But she's right.
You are gonna have
a wonderful time.
I'm excited,
even if it's not the trip
I originally had in mind.
What do you mean,
because of your ex?
Sometimes, I still wonder
what would have happened
if I'd just agreed
to move to Michigan with him.
Even if you had,
that doesn't guarantee
that he wasn't going to
still find someone else.
Which really would have been
a whole lot worse.
I mean, I really believe
everything happens for a reason.
I do.
Like your program
being moved from summer to fall?
The weather's
going to be cooler.
And there's
a lot less tourists in fall.
Whatever the season,
your program's gonna be amazing.
Well, it kind of has to be,
because it took me forever
to convince the department
that it was even a good idea
to teach American Art
to Italians.
I think it's a great idea...
- Yeah.
- ...And it's gonna bring you
that much closer to being chair
of your department.
Well, that's still
two years away,
if everything goes
according to my plan.
Okay, you're making me feel
a lot better about all of this.
Thank you.
Remember, we are always
a video chat away,
day or night.
- Cheers.
- I love you.
Thank you.
So, how's your Italian
coming along?
It's getting there.
I've just never been
one of those people
who picks up
a foreign language easily.
You guys, there's
something we haven't discussed.
The veil.
Okay, but don't worry,
- I have it packed safely.
- Okay.
Well, make sure
that some handsome stranger
doesn't see you with it,
and get the wrong impression
like Peter did.
Romance is the last thing
on my mind.
Well, you're going to
have the veil with you,
- so anything is possible.
- Here we go.
You can't deny the fact
that I was the first one
to have the veil,
and that's when I met Peter.
No, it was fate.
You have to go to Italy
with an open heart.
So I can get it broken again?
No thank you.
No! No, no, you can't
give up romance forever.
I can postpone it for a bit.
No, I'm sorry,
I don't think you can,
in a place like Italy.
Yeah, no.
The beautiful villas,
the singing gondoliers,
and the wine,
and Romeo and Juliet...
Yes, look how they ended up.
Okay, okay, okay,
I get your point,
but that is just not
what this trip is about.
Look, you have Peter,
and you have Finn,
and I have my powerpoint, so...
Wait, wait.
Okay, the light
is really good here.
Let's take our selfie.
Yeah, yeah, okay.
Say "gelato!"
Buongiorno, signorina.
My name is Emma.
I am Francesca.
Welcome to Italy.
Thank you.
I was here once on a tour
years ago.
Finally made it back.
Once you fall in love
with Italy,
you always come back.
Please follow me.
"I'd like
a table for two, please."
"Un tavolo per due,
per favore."
Un tavolo per uno, per favore.
The weather is nice today...
Come in!
I thought you'd like
some prosecco
and our homemade biscotti.
Thank you.
You know, I could really
get used to all this.
Are you getting married?
No. No, no, no.
This is not my veil.
Well, I suppose
a third of it is.
My friends and I
bought it together.
It's beautiful.
But out of curiosity,
if you are not getting married,
why bring it to Italy?
To find out where it came from,
where it was made.
We think it's the same veil
worn in a 19th-century painting
by Claudio Amici.
So you are going
to play detective?
I'm gonna try.
Okay, this sounds silly,
but the shopkeeper
we bought it from
said that whoever
is in possession of the veil
will find true love.
And do you believe that?
I'm on the fence.
But either way,
I still want to know its story.
Good luck.
Emma, welcome!
It is so nice to finally
see you in person.
It's so great to meet you,
and it only took, what,
two years?
Two years.
That's academia.
So now, all we must do
is to make sure
that this program is a success.
Yes, for both our sakes.
But I have confidence.
I know that your class
will be a big success.
It will be a hit.
It is already full.
That's a good sign.
And since we have some time
before the classes begin,
so I hope you are going
to take your time,
enjoy yourself,
see the sights.
That's exactly
what I intend to do.
How was your day?
Very good.
I checked in at the university,
I walked around Padua.
Tomorrow, I plan to go to Burano
to check out the lace shops.
So your detective work begins.
I was going to start in Venice,
but from the reading
I was doing,
it seems I should just go
straight to Burano.
The island of painted houses,
it's true.
Its lace shops
are the oldest in Italy,
so it is a good place to start.
Why? Why isn't this working?
Scusi, signorina...
- Ciao.
- May I be of assistance?
No, thank you,
I will get this figured out
sooner or later.
Sooner would be preferable,
because you are
holding up the line.
So sorry.
Tra un minuto a farmi un bagno.
I'm just trying to buy a pass.
Yes, but you told them
that in one minute
you're going to take a bath.
That is not what I meant to say.
I'm quite certain of that.
I would never say that.
Anyway, I prefer showers.
Me too,
and for future reference,
in Italy, we say,
"farsi una doccia"
for "taking a shower."
Thank you.
That's very helpful right now.
You'd better
purchase your ticket.
Yes, I know, I know!
The vaporetto
will be here any minute.
I am working on it.
You haven't been in Italy
very long, have you?
No, why?
Because nothing in Italy
runs on time,
not even the vaporetto.
I give up.
Why isn't this working?
You entered
the dates incorrectly.
In Italy,
the day precedes the month,
so today is the 3rd of October,
not October 3rd.
Yes. S.
- I'll show you.
- Thank you.
So sorry.
Vi aspettiamo.
We'll wait.
Thank you.
- Grazie mille.
- Non c' dice.
Okay, go, go, it's okay.
It's my turn.
It's your...
Yes. Okay.
Thank you.
You dropped this...
...and you will need it
to get back to Venice.
Thank you, again.
Are you following me?
No, but we are going obviously
in the same direction.
Okay, well,
I'll let you go first.
But you don't know
where I'm going.
Well, according to my GPS,
this is the only road
that leads anywhere.
"Anywhere" can be
a lot of places.
I'm heading to the main piazza,
if you'd like me
to show you the way.
No, thank you, no.
I'm going to stay here
and shoot some pictures.
Yes, why?
Because you seem
a little guarded.
Yes, I'm from Chicago.
Chicago, Illinois.
The American Midwest.
I've been there.
People... are very friendly.
Well, enjoy your stay in Italy.
Did I drop something else?
I promise I'm not following you,
but you're getting
too close to the canal.
acqua fredda.
Very cold, the water.
Thank you, yes,
I've got it, thank you.
- Ciao.
- Appreciate it.
Parli inglese?
Most people in the shops here
speak English.
This is a relief.
So I'm trying to go
to the lace museum,
and according to their hours,
they should be open,
but for some reason,
they're not.
Today is Anna's day to open,
but she just had a baby,
so you might try later.
I guess everything
really does run
on its own timetable here.
Maybe you can help me.
I... here.
- Posso?
- Yes.
Very beautiful.
I'm trying to find out
where this veil is from.
I know it's very old.
Would you have any idea
if it could have been made
here in Burano?
I don't recognize this pattern,
but try Stefano Mertello d'Arte.
It's the oldest shop
on the island,
and you will find it
on the main square, there.
- Grazie.
- Prego.
Buona giornata.
Buongiorno, signorina.
I have a...
I have a question.
I'm trying to find out
where this wedding veil is from.
Oh, mio Dio.
Come l'hai avuto?
Non capisco.
Sophia! Elena?
Venite, venite.
Parli inglese?
This veil...
I'm so sorry,
I don't understand...
Non capisco.
Seems you could
use my help again.
Okay, now you really are
following me.
No, but I did say
this is a very small island.
And you just happened
to walk into a lace shop?
It happens all the time.
Why this lace shop,
and not one of the dozen
other ones on the island?
14, to be exact,
but I'm partial to this one.
And what were you
planning to buy here?
So you are following me.
Actually, I would say
you were following me.
This is my family's shop.
And what my grandmother
was trying to tell you
is that your veil
was made in this shop.
Ciao, belle.
- Ciao, Paolo.
- Ciao.
My family.
It just occurred to me
that we haven't been introduced.
I'm Paolo di Stefano.
I want to apologize
if I was rude to you earlier.
I'd just...
I'd hate to give
midwesterners a bad name.
You haven't.
I'm still very confused
about the veil.
My family and I are as well.
Up until today,
we believed it had been
destroyed in a fire,
yet there it is.
And you're sure
it's the same veil?
My grandmother
instantly recognized
the pattern,
and when she saw
the embroidered "a"
and the heart,
she knew the veil
had been custom made
by House of di Stefano
for Arianna.
- Arianna?
- The bride...
On Amici's painting.
She was my great-great-
great-grandfather's sister.
Di Stefano...
Are you taking notes?
It's sort of what I do.
I'm a professor.
A professor of wedding veils?
No, I teach art history.
I would have guessed
you were a lawyer.
Why, because of
my guarded nature?
I was going to say
because you are very outspoken.
Okay, so at the risk
of sounding like a lawyer,
why does your family believe
the veil was destroyed?
The story
that's been handed down...
Just before Arianna's wedding,
it was accidentally burned
by a candle.
In fact,
in her wedding pictures,
she's wearing a different one.
So the portrait was painted
before her wedding day.
Esatto. Brava.
It was the custom at the time
for wealthy families
to have portraits painted
by prominent artists,
like Amici.
The di Stefano family
was not wealthy,
but Arianna was engaged
to Count de Marco,
and he commissioned
her portrait.
This veil just keeps getting
more and more interesting.
But one little question, Emma.
How did you acquire it?
Some friends and I bought it
at an antique shop
in San Francisco,
and we were curious
to learn its provenance.
At least you know some of it,
and, if you'd allow me,
I would like to buy
the veil from you.
Buy it?
My family never expected
to see Arianna's veil,
so it was quite a surprise
to all of us.
It was a surprise to me, too.
Do you need an answer
right away?
I would have to discuss it
with my friends first
since we own it together.
Of course.
Take your time.
I am really sorry
if I put you on the spot,
but you saw the look
on my grandmother's face
when she saw the veil.
Arianna was still alive
when my grandmother
married my grandfather,
and they became close,
so it would mean a lot to her
to have it back in the family.
I understand.
And I'm not expecting
something for nothing.
What do you mean?
Isn't that
an American expression?
What I'm trying to say
is that you should name
your price.
No, we could never
accept money for the veil.
Not even for a generous offer?
Okay, here's
an American expression
you might not have heard...
"Not everything is for sale."
You can't put a price
on sentiment.
Is that your way of negotiating?
Clearly, we're not
understanding each other.
So, in a roundabout way,
the veil does belong
to the di Stefano family.
It's okay with me
if you give it back.
Me too.
I mean, at least I can say
I wore a veil
that belonged
to an Italian Contessa,
but I just wanted you two
to have a chance
to wear it some day.
I'm not going to be
needing a veil
anytime too soon.
Then it's settled.
I feel like we're repatriating
a work of art or something.
Yes, that's exactly
what we're doing,
even if Paolo doesn't believe
we would give it back
without asking for any money.
What's he like?
Is he handsome?
What difference does it make?
Well, I only bring it up,
because you were
carrying the veil
when you met him.
But I also met his grandmother,
his mother,
a sister,
two cousins.
So, once we give it back,
that will be the end of it.
But my only regret
is we'll never know
if the legend holds true.
My only regret
is we'll never know
the rest of the veil's story.
Molto gentile da parte tua.
You're kind,
you and your friends.
We're just happy
it's back where it belongs,
and it only took 133 years.
Ma grazie a te, casa.
She says
"because of you, it's home."
Ciao, nonna.
As you can see,
you've made her very happy.
And you can't
put a price on that.
But we are all
still curious to know
why Arianna
didn't wear the veil.
Well, maybe she just
changed her mind.
After all the time and work
that went into making it,
it's not likely.
Okay, maybe
the veil was stolen,
and she was too ashamed
to tell her family.
I suppose it's possible...
...but unfortunately,
we will never know.
No, I suppose not.
Thanks again
for bringing the veil
back to my grandmother.
It was my pleasure.
And anyway,
it gives me another chance
to try to see the lace museum.
I hope it's open this time.
You are interested in lace?
After my friends and I
bought the veil,
I developed
a new appreciation for it.
- May I speak with you?
- Yes.
I'm an art history professor,
I'm teaching a class in Padua,
and I was interested
in an artist from Verona.
Claudio Amici?
Since your museum
houses his papers,
I was wondering if I could
speak with the curator,
just for a few minutes.
Okay, please let me check.
This is a coincidence.
Actually, I think we're both
here for the same reason.
The veil?
I'm not the sort of person
who can let things go.
Once I get curious
about something,
I kinda have to see it through.
But you already know
its provenance.
There's still more I wanna know.
My grandmother as well.
Just your grandmother?
I have to admit
our conversation yesterday
sparked my curiosity.
the curator
will be happy to see you.
Well, since you're here,
you might as well come along.
Va bene.
Our collection is rather small,
because Amici died
at a young age.
Is there anything
that specifically mentions
the portrait of a bride
but we have two studies.
Early sketches.
They're also referred to
as the artist's visual notes.
I tend to get a little
carried away with details.
That's not necessarily
a bad thing.
Try telling that
to a roomful of students.
This is interesting.
Arianna is smiling
in these sketches,
but not
in the finished painting.
I wouldn't have noticed that.
Is this everything
from the archives?
I believe so,
but there was a biography
published some years ago
on Amici
by a local historian.
It was a small printing,
most likely out of print by now.
Looks like
Arianna's story ends here.
I don't know,
those studies made me think
there might be more to it.
Maybe you're right.
I'm heading back to Padua.
Can I offer you a ride?
I thought you lived in Burano.
No, no, we have a shop in Burano
and one in Rome,
but our factory and my home
are in Padua.
Thank you,
no, I'm going to stay in Verona
and see the sights.
Be sure not to miss
the famous
Romeo and Juliet balcony.
No, I plan to miss it.
I don't want to be reminded
of Shakespeare's sad love story.
A recent heartbreak?
Not too recent,
but not distant enough.
Juliet's balcony
is just the place
to restore one's faith in love.
You sound like
you're speaking from experience.
It's where I proposed
to my wife.
Obviously, she said yes.
Yes, she did,
but, unfortunately,
she passed away a few years ago.
I'm sorry.
Thank you,
but the point I'm trying to make
is that, after avoiding it,
I finally
went back to the balcony,
and when I saw there
all the couples in love,
it made me realize
that life and... and love go on.
I guess I'm just not ready
to move on yet.
I think I will go see
the Basilica of San Zeno.
Why is that funny?
The Basilica of San Zeno
is where Romeo and Juliet
exchanged their vows.
Is there anything in Verona
not related to romance?
It is called "the city of love"
for a reason.
Yeah, I'm beginning
to realize that.
We have a saying in Italy,
"non soffermarti sul passato
ma vivi per il momento..."
Which means,
"don't dwell on the past
but live for the moment."
Sounds great,
in theory,
but it's not very realistic.
I prefer to make plans
and know where I'm going.
And where is that?
Well, right now,
I think I'll go see...
The Castelvecchio.
It was built as a fortress,
and is probably
the least romantic place
in all of Verona.
What am I waiting for?
Castelvecchio that way.
Welcome to American Art History.
My name is Emma Loughery,
and over the next eight weeks,
we will be exploring
the works of artists
from John Singer Sargent
to Andy Warhol.
So let me just
get my deck started...
That's not good.
Why did it do that?
Thank you.
Grazie. Grazie.
Why? Why did that happen?
It looks like
you were using a converter
and an adapter.
Yes, I thought
I need both for Italy.
- No?
- I'll go tell maintenance.
Thank you.
- Thank you...
- Luca.
From the looks on their faces,
I'd be surprised
if any of the students
show up again.
Emma, it just sounds like
an unfortunate accident.
Yeah, and it's not likely
to ever happen again.
Natalia was sympathetic,
but I could tell
she was disappointed in me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
Did I mention
I caused a blackout
in the building?
Okay, so that's not good,
but you need to just
put it behind you,
and look, you're gonna be fine.
At least I was
successful at one thing.
I tracked down
the Amici biography.
Way to go!
Don't get too excited.
It's in Italian.
- This is exciting.
- Why?
Because it gives Emma
the perfect excuse
to call Paolo.
Why do I need to call him?
Because you need him
to translate the book for you,
and after all,
he has a stake in this.
I mean,
I don't want him thinking
I'm using this as an excuse
to see him again.
You're not.
I mean, you totally are,
but you're not.
We all want to find out
about Arianna.
I don't know.
Come on, who else do you know
that speaks Italian
and has a vested interest
in the veil?
It is exactly the type of player
this team needs.
He's a foreigner,
he's a foreigner.
Va bene. Ciao. Bye.
Who was that?
the American woman
with the veil.
She doesn't want it back,
does she?
No, no, she just asked me
for a favor.
Papa, when you
and uncle Vittorio
are finished arguing
about football,
can we talk business?
Who's arguing?
We're just talking.
What do you want to discuss?
My ideas to expand the business.
This again?
Listen, the U.S. market
for high-end Italian lace
is what they call booming.
Demand is up
for our bridal wear,
not to mention that orders
for our tableware,
linens and bedding
have all gone up 25%.
I am well aware of the numbers.
What buyers tell me,
it's the perfect time
to open a new store.
So why not open one?
And also, we could call it
House of di Stefano.
- Bello.
- Paolo...
Expanding too fast,
into a foreign market,
is too risky.
Too fast?
The last time we expanded
was when we opened
the store in Rome
over 40 years ago!
Yes, and it's done very well,
especially since I took over
after uncle Giuseppe retired.
So why not expand again?
Well, who is going to run it?
It has to be
someone in the family.
Io, me. I would.
I've been to the states
dozens of times for business.
I know the market.
Nico could
take over for me here.
ci dovresti fare e pensarino.
- But...
- Grazie, nonna.
For you, mamma,
I think about it again.
Now, does anyone else
have any business to discuss?
We need to talk about
nonna's birthday party.
Non voglio niente.
No, no.
Maria, we're going
to make a fuss anyway.
It's your 85th birthday!
Come on, nonna.
Thank you for taking me
to Venice today.
I was surprised
you found the Amici book.
I'm curious to see
if we'll find anything in it.
I wouldn't mind
grabbing a coffee on the way.
Is there a place nearby
that we could pick one up?
I'm afraid not.
Italians take their coffee
very seriously,
and never grab it to go.
Even just a short espresso
is a time to take a breath
and enjoy the moment.
Something Americans
don't do very often,
but maybe we should.
Is this yours?
I would have guessed
you drove a sports car.
Because I'm Italian?
Well, maybe because
I watched a lot
of Marcello Mastroianni movies
before I came here.
I like that you're comparing me
to Marcello Mastroianni.
I'm flattered.
Not the actor, just the car.
What about now?
It's so beautiful.
It is.
Tutto molto interessante.
There seems to be
several references to Arianna.
Vuoi un caff?
- "Let's go grab a coffee."
- S.
I was so close.
According to the author,
Arianna and Amici fell in love
while he was painting
her portrait.
Well, then why did she marry
Count de Marco?
This might explain.
It's a letter
she wrote to Amici.
"My dearest Claudio,
I'm writing to you
through tears of sorrow,
because I cannot marry you.
Even though
I am promised to another,
my love for you
is beyond anything
I have ever known.
If we were to run away together
as we intended,
it would inflict shame
upon my family,
who I could never dishonor.
I take no comfort
of knowing that I have hurt you.
Forgive me, Arianna."
That's the saddest letter
I've ever heard.
It gets worse.
Amici died the following year
of a broken heart.
Okay, that's not really
a thing, is it?
You don't believe
someone could die
from a broken heart?
I survived mine.
If shutting yourself off
from love and romance
is surviving it,
then I suppose you did.
I'm glad to see that most of you
were brave enough
to venture back.
Okay, I'm sure
most of you have seen
this iconic image before.
Today, we are going to talk
about its history.
I hope you did
the assigned reading
about the revolutionary war.
The American revolution was
our war of independence, and...
I was wondering
when we are going to cover
Warhol and Lichtenstein?
Not for a few more weeks.
I was hope it would be sooner.
It's important, though,
that you have a perspective
on American History,
and its early artists,
then you can see
what led to pop art
and the post-modern movement,
You mentioned you were teaching,
but I didn't realize
it was here.
What are you doing here?
Are you taking a class?
No, no,
I mentor some students
in the design program.
So you're an artist?
Not really.
I used to sketch
some of the designs
for our lace patterns,
but I transitioned
to the business side
a while ago,
and now I'm in charge
of sales and marketing.
I'm glad to see
you're taking a moment
to enjoy an espresso...
...but working kind of defeats
the purpose, doesn't it?
Bad American habit.
I'm sitting here
trying to figure out
how not to be a disaster
in the classroom.
Are you the one
who almost started a fire
the other day?
You heard about that?
I haven't even been here a week,
and I'm already infamous.
Now I understand
why you're on your...
Uno, due, third espresso.
It's not just that.
I'm having trouble
connecting with my students,
and that's never
happened before.
You've never taught
in Italy before either.
Yes, but it shouldn't be
that different.
So what's making it different?
Well, I think the students here
only want to hear
about the modern artists,
and not about all the history
that came before them.
Probably because in Italy
we are surrounded
by nothing but history.
But it's important
to understand the past
to appreciate
what comes after it.
Is chronological time
so important?
It is, to me.
I just think there needs to be
an order to things.
I don't know,
maybe I'm over-thinking it.
Maybe I just need to chill.
Although after three espressos,
I don't even know
if that's possible.
I could show you something
my grandmother taught me
to relax.
Please tell me
it's not crossword puzzles.
I've been there, tried it,
doesn't work.
Not crossword puzzles.
I guarantee you
you've never done this before,
and now...
I have to meet with my students
in a few minutes.
Should I meet you at your hotel
around... 5:00?
As long as we're not
cliff diving,
or bungee jumping,
or anything that's
gonna result in stitches.
On the contrary,
I hope it does.
Ciao, bella.
Your grandmother was right.
This is very relaxing.
I've been at this for an hour,
and I have not thought once
about my class,
nor have I made
that much progress on my lace.
It's not about how fast you are,
it's about slowing things down
and being in the moment.
The Italian way.
A small square like this
can take an experienced
up to two weeks to finish.
Well, at this rate,
it's going to take me
until next fall.
Am I doing this stitch
Yes, you are.
I'm impressed,
but let me show you
a little trick.
It's easier...
If you hold your hand this way.
The pattern is... is beautiful.
Is it your...
Your grandmother's?
No, it's an old design of mine.
I love it.
I... love that I'm literally
making lace by hand.
My family's been doing it
for over two centuries.
I'm sure
you already know the story
about how lacemaking
first came to Burano.
Actually, no.
No, I don't.
Well, according
to local folklore,
a fisherman set sail
just before his wedding day.
While at sea,
he was tempted by a siren...
...who tried to seduce him
with her song,
but the fisherman stayed true
to his fiance.
The siren was so impressed
that she decided to reward him,
and she flicked her tail
against his boat,
which formed
an intricate web of sea foam
on the hull.
When he returned home,
the sea foam had dried,
and he gave it to his fiance
so she could make it
into a wedding veil.
I love that story.
I'm surprised you'd think so.
Well, I might not believe
in fairy tales,
but I still love the stories.
In Italy,
everything has a story,
but now
I want to know yours.
Mine's more or less a clich.
A couple is together
for four years,
he decides
to take a job far away.
They do the long-distance thing
for a while,
he meets someone else,
she gets her heart broken.
they weren't really meant
to be together.
That's what
I keep telling myself.
Does that work?
It did teach me
one thing, though.
Long-distance relationships
don't work.
We have another saying in Italy.
Of course, you do.
Puoi far funzionare
qualsiasi cosa
se lo vuoi da vero.
"You can make anything work
if you really want to."
Good morning.
Okay, please take your seats.
Can anyone tell me
who the first American
superstar artist was?
Still too old for you?
You know what,
we are going to put aside
the 19th century
and jump ahead
to the 20th century.
Let's talk about
one of my favorite
American realist painters,
Edward Hopper.
Do any of you know his work?
He did the famous painting
of the diner.
American diners are so cool.
They are cool.
What else about
American culture do you like?
Comic books.
This explains
why you're so interested
in Lichtenstein.
For those of you not familiar,
his paintings are parodies
of comic-book art.
What else do we like?
I just got off the phone
with papa.
He didn't sound very pleased
about the deal you made
with the U.S. buyers
for our new evening bags.
But I think it's worth the risk.
Paolo, it's a big order.
If we have to take back
the merchandise,
we'll lose money.
Sophia, trust me.
These evening bags
are totally different
than anything else
on the market,
and I'm pretty confident
they'll do well.
Maybe then papa will have
a little more faith
in my judgment.
The mermaid tail.
I haven't seen that design
in quite some time.
I was sharing the story
of Burano lace the other day,
it must have been a woman
you told the story to.
What makes you say that?
Because it's very romantic.
I hope she's someone special.
Ciao, bella.
Luca, hi!
- Hi.
- Do you work here?
S, part-time.
It's my uncle's shop.
This is my uncle Alberto.
Piacere, professoressa.
Luca has told me
how much he enjoys your class.
You have
some lovely pieces here.
I particularly love
these perfume bottles.
Those are Luca's.
He made them.
They're stunning.
Thank you.
He has already been accepted
to the Accademia Riaci.
It's a famous art school
in Florence.
I was accepted
into their program
to become a master glass artist.
That's incredible
Thank you, but it's conditional
on finishing
my undergraduate degree.
I only need one more class,
which is why I'm taking yours.
Well, now I really
have to take one home.
The only struggle
is going to be which one.
That is a good one.
You look lovely.
Where are you off to?
It's the first night
of luminaria.
Why don't you come along?
Thank you.
I have to finish
grading these papers.
You cannot work every night.
Come on, you should enjoy
more of our Italian traditions.
I'll keep that in mind.
Buona serata.
Have fun!
Thank you.
Emma! Good evening.
Buona sera.
So, how are you
enjoying the festival?
I don't know yet.
I just got here.
It was a spontaneous decision.
What were you doing
when you made that decision?
Grading papers?
I'm that much of a stereotype?
No, no,
I just ran into Francesca,
and she told me.
But come,
you must walk
the street of luminaria.
This is absolutely gorgeous.
It's like a fairy tale.
St. Anthony,
Santo Antonio,
is the patron Saint of Padua,
so we honor him at our festival
with the street of luminaria.
He's also the patron Saint
of lost things,
and lights are to commemorate
what has been lost.
Like lost wedding veils?
except Arianna's veil
wasn't actually lost.
Although, I have a theory
as to why she didn't
wear the veil at her wedding.
Go on.
Because she wasn't marrying
the man she loved.
I had the same thought.
Well, I guess
we're finally understanding
each other then.
But how did it end up
in San Francisco?
Any theories?
That one has me stumped.
But now that my class
is finally going well,
maybe I can do
a little more digging.
Yes, I took your advice.
I veered off syllabus
and changed up a few things.
Maybe Italy is beginning
to have an effect on you.
I think maybe it is.
So you've decided to live
for the moment
and see where things take you?
As long as they still
fit into my five-year plan.
I know it's an American thing,
but have you always been
so driven?
I guess I have.
And your personal life,
did you plan that out as well?
I learned the hard way
that romance is something
you can't control.
No more than you can control
the moon and the stars.
That's a beautiful Italian moon.
and it came out
just in time for us
to dance under it.
Lucia! Franco!
Emma, my cousin and her husband.
Nice to meet you.
S, s! Buona serata.
You weren't kidding
about having a big family.
I bet even the mayor
is your cousin.
No, but her daughter
is married to my cousin.
I think that was the last dance.
Well, I see Francesca,
so I can walk
back to the hotel with her.
Thank you for a lovely evening,
For arranging that moon.
Grazie a te.
- Ciao.
- Ciao.
I see you and Paolo
danced well together...
No, it's not like that.
Luca... ciao.
Ciao, professoressa.
You missed the last two classes.
I just wanted to make sure
everything's okay.
That's very kind of you,
but I had to withdraw
from the class.
Please don't think it was you,
or the class, I loved it,
but signora Lucchesse
informed me
I was no longer
allowed to take it.
I missed the deadline
to pay the rest of my tuition.
There's only three weeks left.
You won't be able to graduate.
I don't have the money, so...
Luca, I'm so sorry.
Well, maybe there's
something we can do.
Unfortunately, my family
can't help me financially.
Things are hard
for them right now,
and business here is going down
for my uncle,
so he can't help either.
I'll tell you what,
I will speak with
signora Lucchesse,
and see if there's something
we can do.
In the meantime,
I want you to keep
coming to class.
It's okay?
Yes, absolutely.
I just don't want you
to fall behind,
and there's an Italian saying
I recently learned.
"You can make anything work
if you really want to."
So I'll see you in class.
- Paolo.
- Hey.
I'm calling to tell you
that my grandmother thinks
there might be
an old trunk of Arianna's
in one of our store rooms.
Well, that sounds intriguing.
Can we meet in Burano tomorrow?
I'll be there,
and just so you know,
I'm now an expert
at buying tickets
for the vaporetto.
Luca told me
he hasn't paid
his full tuition yet,
but he needs my class
to complete his degree.
I understand the dilemma,
but there is nothing more
we can do.
It's just that he already
works part-time
to support himself,
so isn't there something
like a grant
or financial aid?
Luca is already
on a partial scholarship.
I told him to continue
coming to class.
That would mean he is auditing,
which this university
does not permit.
If you could just give me
a few days...
I could do that, Emma,
but if you permit Luca
to continue
to attend your class,
there could be consequences.
I think the consequences
might be worse for Luca
if I don't.
The veil looks beautiful
next to the portrait.
I show you something else.
When I fix one of the pearls
on the veil,
I found una piccolo tasca,
a tiny pocket.
And this was inside?
What is it?
A very old piece of lace.
I take it
to the Museo del Merletto,
and they say it is
an original Burano lace.
That's incredible!
Porta fortuna.
- For luck.
- Yes.
When we bought the veil,
the shopkeeper told us
there was a legend
attached to it. Una...
Leggenda, s.
whoever is in possession
of the veil
will find true love.
Molto interessante.
Sounds very Italian to me.
Or maybe it's just a story
to sell a veil.
It seems to have worked out
for your friend, Avery.
You're beginning to sound
a lot like her.
And I thought my parents
kept a lot of stuff.
The shop has been around
since 1871,
so things have a way
of piling up.
I love all these old hats!
A lace top hat...
I doubt this was a big seller.
Not exactly something
Fred Astaire would have worn.
But I can see ginger Rogers
wearing yours.
So you know American musicals?
I love them,
especially the old ones.
So do I.
On summer nights here,
they used to show them
in Galuppi square.
I think that's the trunk.
It has to be.
It's possible,
but several generations
could have worn it.
Open it.
She kept a picture of Amici.
And this looks like her will.
Don't look at me.
If you want me to read it,
we're gonna be here all day.
It seems she left
a quarter of her estate
to my grandmother
for taking care of her
in her final years.
"I bequeath
one half of my estate
to my chambermaid,
Carmella Diconcini,
che mi ha aiutato...
Who helped me
during my darkest hours,
and for her loyalty and service
over the last 40 years,
I am forever grateful,"
and then she left the rest
to the church.
Do you think when she says
her "darkest hours,"
she's referring to losing Amici?
Or something else.
Well, the chambermaid
probably knew,
and she probably knew
about the veil, too.
It's possible
Carmella has some heirs.
And they
might have some answers.
You want to keep going
with this?
We've already uncovered
one great love story,
I kind of want to see
how this ends.
Are you the same woman
who didn't want to go
to Romeo and Juliet's balcony?
Can I do an about-face on that?
"About face"?
A... change of heart.
I think I'd really
like to see it
before I leave.
And I would really like
to show it to you.
Lunch is ready.
Emma, vieni con me.
Meet the family.
I wasn't planned on staying.
I don't want to intrude.
Paolo... fai qualcosa.
No, mamma, certo niente.
No. Vai.
She... she won't take a no
for an answer.
Thank you so much for lunch.
But there's more.
My grandmother made
her famous crostata di mele.
It looks like our apple pie.
I always wanted to try
American apple pie.
stato inventato in Italia.
She says
"apple pie is Italian."
Italians think
that anything that's good
started here.
Well, it is the birthplace
of the renaissance,
not to mention
Italy gave us pasta,
Federico Fellini.
I can tell
you are a professoressa.
How much longer
will you be in Italy?
I have about two more weeks
of classes,
and then I'm going to go
to Rome for a few days
before I go back to Chicago.
You must come
to my festa di compleanno.
To your birthday party?
- Yes.
- I would love that.
So this is where your family
has their weekly meetings?
Yes, the family
has been gathering here
for about the last 65 years.
My father begin the tradition.
I love that your whole family
works together.
And eat together!
Six generations so far.
Do you come from
a big family, Emma?
Actually, I'm an only child.
Well, you never know
what the future will bring.
I'm sorry if my family
came on a little strong.
My parents have a tendency
to do that as well.
Ever since Gabriella,
they just want me
to be happy again.
When my boyfriend and I
split up,
my parents set me up
on several blind dates.
My sister and mother
did the same,
but after 10 disappointments,
that was enough.
You lasted longer than I did.
I think I stopped
at number three.
I guess we both prefer
leaving things to chance.
I never leave anything to chance
if I can help it.
Fate doesn't need help,
it just happens.
Is this another Italian saying?
No, actually
it's an American one.
I heard it once in a movie,
and it just stuck with me.
I suppose it does make sense,
in a fatalistic sort of way.
Kind of like
the legend of the veil.
It's one thing
to see Burano on foot,
but it's a completely
different experience
to tour the lagoon and canals
by boat.
In that?
I promise you won't fall out.
Not only did I survive,
I actually enjoyed that.
And I noticed
you only gripped the boat
once or twice.
Yeah, only
in the first few minutes.
This is my favorite part
of the island.
It's quiet.
Do you want a gelato?
I want gelato.
- No.
- Why?
After such a big lunch?
For most Italians,
lunch is the biggest meal
of the day.
We eat and then nap
or take a walk,
which is why our lunch breaks
are two or even three hours.
At home, we usually
rush through lunch,
and then rush
to get back to work.
Here, we work to live,
not live to work.
I love
all these colorful houses.
Do you know why
they're all painted that way?
No, but this is Italy,
so I'm guessing there's a story.
Actually, yes.
It's a very logical one.
The earliest fishermen
painted all their houses
in bright colors,
so they could
find their way home
when the canal
was covered in fog.
I love that they haven't
changed them.
It must have been so fun
growing up in a place like this.
Yes, it was,
and I also worked
on one of those fishing boats
when I was young.
You didn't always work
in the family business?
No, I didn't want to back then.
I thought lace
was old-fashioned.
Well, what changed your mind?
They didn't want
to go out with a boy
whose hands smell like fish.
No, the truth is,
I eventually grew up
and I realized that
I loved the lace business,
but lately,
I've been a little
frustrated with it.
I noticed some tension earlier
between you and your father.
I've been trying
to expand the business.
My dream
is to open a store in the U.S.,
but my father doesn't agree
with my ideas.
He doesn't like
your business plan?
I cannot get him to read it.
As you saw today,
my family...
Is not doing business
the traditional way.
Have you tried
taking a different approach?
Like what?
Why not make it visual
and illustrate it for them?
You could do a slide deck,
like a powerpoint...
Obviously without
causing a black-out.
But you never know,
it might be just the thing
to get their attention.
If they're not busy
passing the ravioli
and the calzone,
they might stay focused.
Maybe thinking like an American
could work for you.
Ciao, Anita!
- Come stai?
- Bene. Grazie.
Emma, I'd like you
to meet Anita.
- Piacere.
- Ciao.
- Bello di vederti.
- E per me. Ciao.
Another cousin?
No, Anita,
it's an old girlfriend.
She doesn't look that old.
Thank you again
for such a wonderful day.
You're welcome.
I'm sorry
we didn't have enough time
to find gifts for your friends.
Maybe next time.
I know Avery and Tracy
would love to have
something from Burano.
So, what's next for us?
No, I meant about
researching Arianna's maid.
Well, I can go to the library
when I'm on campus tomorrow,
see if I can find out
anything else about her.
Call me if you find something,
or even if you don't.
I will.
I'd better get on the vaporetto.
I didn't drop my pass this time.
- Ciao!
- Ciao.
A will and a chambermaid!
It's better than
a romance novel.
When have you ever read one?
Never, but you know what I mean.
But my heart
just breaks for Arianna.
What do you think she meant
by her "darkest hours"?
Paolo and I think it has to be
losing the love of her life.
So, what is the story
with you and Paolo
on a small boat?
I'm just trying to embrace
the Italian lifestyle.
You did not answer the question.
Is there something going on
with you and Paolo?
Please tell us.
I think I'm starting
to have feelings for him.
That's great!
No, it's not!
You both know how I feel
about long distance.
This would be
very long distance.
Not to mention
we come from two
completely different worlds.
Anyway, I don't want
to talk about it.
What's going on with you guys?
- She's never gonna tell us.
- Never.
I want to hear more
about your program.
Is your class going better?
I think I may have overstepped
and gone a little too far
out on a limb.
Oh, no.
So, it took me
most of the afternoon,
I not only found
the maid's obituary...
Carmella Diconcini died
in 1958...
I also found she has a grandson
living in Verona.
And you found all that
in just one day?
You're amazing.
No, just
really good at research.
But not very good
at taking compliments.
You noticed that, huh?
I've noticed
a lot of things about you.
I noticed a thing or two
about you, too.
Shall we go to Verona tomorrow?
Sure, I'd love that,
and while we're there...
We'll go see
la casa di Giulietta.
What's all this?
For you and your two friends.
You said you wanted
to bring them something back
from Burano,
so I thought
they might like our umbrellas.
I managed to find a few.
That is so thoughtful,
thank you.
And for you,
I brought this.
For your hair.
This is perfect.
I need this,
thank you.
How do I look?
Mamma mia.
Very Sophia Loren.
Thank you very much
for seeing us.
I was intrigued to meet you
when you said you wanted
to talk about my grandmother.
Your grandmother, Carmella,
worked for
my great-great-great aunt,
La Contessa de Marco.
She often talked
about the contessa.
Please, sit.
They were very close.
After you called,
I pulled out some photos.
And this is my grandmother.
Your grandmother
is wearing the veil.
That's the veil
you were asking me about
on the phone?
Do you have any idea
what happened to it
after the wedding?
I assume she gave it to Claudia,
her daughter.
E Claudia ha per caso
avuto figli?
Did Claudia have any children?
Just my cousin, Angela,
but she moved to the U.S.,
and after the war,
we lost touch.
Well, that's probably
how the veil got to the U.S.
It is a beautiful veil.
Are you going to wear it
when you two get married?
Do you have some water?
You want water, too?
It's so cute.
I had no idea it was so little.
I doubt Romeo thought so.
This is the wall
where everyone leaves
their letters to Juliet.
S, esatto.
I read that last year alone,
there were over 50,000.
See? Details.
I happen to like details.
Do you want to leave a letter?
No, I'm good.
You don't have to be
in love to write one.
I wouldn't know what to say.
Well, you can write
about heartbreak...
Unrequited love,
or even ask Giulietta
for advice.
There's an entire staff,
they're called
secretaries of Giulietta,
who answer
as many of them as they can.
Have you ever written one?
S, I have.
When Gabriella died...
And it helped.
She was your true love.
But what I wrote
was that I wanted
to heal my heart.
I don't believe
we only have one true love.
Do you?
I don't know...
And anyway,
like you once said,
I'm not sure
I ever really was in love.
Vuoi continuare a passeggiare?
Keep going.
Vuoi continuare a passeggiare?
More. More Italian.
And that's it for today.
See you Wednesday.
Please remember to study
for the final next week.
Luca, can I talk to you
for a second?
Yeah, sure.
I have a friend in the states
who runs a foundation
that endows
scholarships for the arts.
I took the liberty
of telling him about you,
and while I can't pull
any strings,
I can download the application.
The only catch is
this has to be in today,
but since we're six hours
ahead of Boston,
you should have time
to complete it,
if you're interested.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you so much.
You're so welcome.
How's it going, Luca?
I'm nearly finished.
I uploaded photos
of my glass art,
but I just realized
I need to send my transcripts
with the application.
The registrar's office
closes soon,
so I'd better get going.
I'll walk over with you.
It's supposed to be open.
You're gonna miss the deadline.
Siamo chiusi.
Mi dispiace.
You can't be closed.
There's still 15 minutes.
I'm closing early today.
It's urgent. Per favore.
He needs to get his transcripts.
It's very important.
Bene. Come in.
Hi, it's Emma Loughery.
I just got your text.
I went back
and dug a little further,
and I hadn't noticed
those sketches before.
Do you know
who the subjects are?
The first two
are Amici's mother,
and they are all dated 1890.
And what about the child?
Sorry, but no.
Sorry I dragged you
in here again.
I'm not complaining.
It's just...
My conversation
with the curator got me thinking
that maybe we missed something.
It is strange
that this christening gown
is the only piece of clothing
in the trunk,
especially considering
that Arianna never had children.
But we don't know
whose christening gown it was.
But Amici and Arianna met
and fell in love
in 1889.
Amici made a sketch of an infant
about a year later
that he kept
in his personal collection.
Your family kept
this christening gown
with Arianna's things...
So you think they had a child?
I think, if they did,
they certainly
would have kept it a secret.
What are you looking for?
Something the lacemakers
used to do years ago,
and there it is.
"Claudia," isn't that the name
of the chambermaid's daughter?
But why would it be
in Arianna's trunk?
Because Claudia
is probably
Arianna and Amici's daughter.
Arianna probably
gave the baby to Carmella
to raise as her own.
But we don't know that for sure.
I'll look through
her papers again,
you look at the photos.
Maybe we did overlook something.
I didn't notice this before.
Doesn't this
look like the infant
from Amici's sketch?
Could be,
but it still
doesn't prove anything.
Well, I don't know about
your family,
but my mother always writes
on the back of her photos,
who it is,
what date it was taken...
"Il mio segreto..."
"...pi prezioso."
"My most precious secret."
So she was their daughter.
Well, now we know why
Amici died of a broken heart.
Poor Arianna.
I can't imagine
giving up a child.
She sacrificed
more than most people
to protect her family.
She must have been
quite a woman.
Nonna, you are
the only one here who knew her.
What do you think?
I always felt
she was hiding something.
Now we know why
she didn't wear the veil.
Or even keep it in the family.
So, Paolo,
is this why
you called us all here?
No, no, I asked you here
because I want
to discuss business.
Why not wait till
our regular lunch meeting?
I keep trying,
but this way maybe
I won't have to compete
with mamma's ravioli.
So, if you'll all take a seat,
I'll get started.
But what about lunch?
- Oh, Vittorio!
- Don't worry,
lunch will be here
after my presentation.
Peter's going to call you,
but I couldn't wait
to tell you the news.
The foundation committee
overwhelmingly agreed
to award Luca a grant.
That's fantastic!
Thank you!
His essays and his artwork
really impressed the board,
but please act surprised
when Peter tells you.
We never had this conversation.
I don't know if you've heard
of the Hastings Foundation,
but they're a philanthropic
based out of Boston.
Luca applied for
an emergency grant.
They evaluated his GPA
and his work.
They agreed to cover
his tuition,
and, in fact, they were
so impressed with him,
that they even awarded him
a grant
for his graduate work
at the Accademia Riaci.
You did well, Emma.
I know I took a risk
letting Luca audit my class,
so I just wanted to apologize,
especially for putting you
in such a difficult position.
I appreciate that,
and I admire you.
I admire your commitment
to your students.
Emma, look.
These just came for you.
"Thank you for the help
with my presentation.
I think it went over well.
See you tomorrow night
for nonna's birthday.
can I borrow
your kitchen tomorrow?
Paolo sends flowers,
and you bake a pie?
This is promising.
No, it's not like that.
It's just... pie.
But made with love.
I'm going to get dressed.
Sei bellissima.
E sei molto carino.
Cosa hai portato?
What's this?
American apple pie
for your grandmother.
Where in Padua
did you ever find this?
I made it.
Your nonna might be famous
for her crostata di mele,
but in Chicago,
I am known for my apple pie.
You wanted to speak with me?
I had a call today
from the New York distributor.
We shouldn't talk business
at nonna's party.
Now is the perfect time.
Tonight is for celebrating.
The deal on the evening bags
that I was so opposed to,
it's over and done with.
What I'm trying to tell you is
the bags are selling well,
and we're getting orders
for more.
Maybe we could be
selling them ourselves
if we had our own store
in New York.
Change is difficult
when you've been doing things
the same way for so long,
but, Paolo,
I'm sorry
that I was so hard on you.
Buona sera.
I've just been meeting
more of your cousins.
There are two Sylvias?
Actually three.
It was a popular name
at the time,
and I know it's getting late,
but I was wondering
if you've ever seen
San Marco Square at night?
I've only been to Venice
in the daytime.
Well, one more thing
you shouldn't miss.
This really is lovely at night.
I knew you would appreciate it.
Did you enjoy the party tonight?
I did!
I really loved meeting
your whole family.
And it was just one side of it.
Nonna told me that your gift,
the apple pie?
Her favorite.
She's so sweet.
Yes, she is.
I'm really going to miss her.
Emma, I know your class
ends next week,
but I was wondering
if you could stay
a little longer,
so we could spend
more time together.
I don't know that
that's a good idea.
Why not?
Because as much as I've embraced
living in the moment,
I don't think
we should start something
we can't finish.
I think it started six weeks ago
when you couldn't figure out
how to buy a pass
for the vaporetto.
You're never gonna let me
forget that, are you?
No, no, I can't.
Well, you have to admit,
I've come a long way since then.
We both have...
So why stop now?
Because I live in Chicago.
Chicago is far.
There's a very big ocean
between us.
Very big.
I go to the states
a few times a year,
and you will probably
be back here next fall,
so I think it's worth
giving it a try.
I don't know.
We come from
such different worlds.
Not so different.
I believe you feel
the same way I do...
And that is not something
that happens very often.
I don't want to risk
having my heart broken again.
So we just say goodbye?
We say arrivederci.
Two "r" s.
Say it again?
Ben fatto.
Let me see.
That's for you.
It was left at the front desk.
Thank you.
Would you...
Would you please post this
for me?
A letter to Juliet?
I wrote it last night.
" Arianna never
intended to keep this.
I believe
it found its way to you
for a reason.
Con amore, Maria."
Thank you for everything.
You have been
such a good friend to me.
It was my pleasure.
Have you got all your bags?
Even an extra one.
I wanted to take home
as much of Italy as I could.
Yes, I'm on my way
to the train station now.
That's wonderful.
Thank you so much
for telling me, Natalia.
Sounds like good news.
The university
picked up my program
for next year.
I told you!
Once you fall in love
with Italy,
you always come back.
A presto allora.
A presto.
Now, does anyone else
have any business to discuss?
- No.
- No...
Today, I do.
Since the business
is doing so well,
both in manufacturing
and in the shops,
I think that Paolo's proposal
to open a store in New York
is something we should pursue.
It is time to make a change.
Bravo, Armando!
- Bravo!
- Bravo, Paolo!
What's going on with you?
Why don't you look happy?
You just got papa to say yes.
Paolo, I know when
something's bothering you.
Emma's leaving today.
I knew it!
You're in love with her.
Well, it doesn't matter anymore.
Of course, it does.
Didn't you learn anything
from Arianna's story?
What are you doing?
Hopefully not making
a fool of myself,
because I don't believe
our story is over.
I just jumped
into a slow-moving train
to tell a woman
I am falling in love with
that I don't want to lose her,
so this could have gone
very badly.
I'm just glad
you're in one piece.
That was quite an entrance.
I had to tell you
that my family is going
to open a new store
in New York,
so at least we won't have
an ocean between us.
It's only
1,271 kilometers to Chicago.
I know details, too.
Well, that's a detail
I happen to love.
We can make anything work
if we really want to,
and I promise
I will never break your heart.
A man who jumps
onto a moving train
to tell me that...
I have to take a chance on.
And since we both
believe in chance...
You know this train
is going to Rome, right?
I don't care where it's going,
as long as I'm with you.
Tre, due, uno...
Sorry to pull you away
from the party,
but it's time
to take off the veil.
There's a little snag.
Tracy, can you have it fixed
when you go back to New York?
Yes, of course...
Give it to me.
Don't be ridiculous.
You know,
your parents were so cute.
They had tears in their eyes.
They were crying the whole time.
It was the sweetest thing.
And they love Paolo's family.
They even invited them all
to stay with them
when they come out for
the opening of the new store.
All of them?
All of them.
Wait, why did he decide
to open the store in Chicago
instead of New York?
He thought New York
was still too far away from me.
Okay, that is amore!
Plus, Chicago is a bigger
distribution hub, so...
No, no, it's definitely
the first thing.
Paolo knows
how lucky he is to have you.
Yes, he does.
Okay, here's the thing,
I don't think it was all luck.
I was literally
carrying the veil
when I met him.
- See?
- Not you, too.
Yes, I know.
I didn't want to believe it
when I took the veil to Italy,
but then it was the veil
that kept throwing
me and Paolo together,
and then we found out
Arianna's story, and...
It really does
seem like it's magical.
It really is enchanted,
Hilda was right.
I'm telling you,
the little piece of lace
that Paolo's grandmother found.
I think
that's part of the magic.
The two of you are hopeless.
Or hopelessly in love.
It was so sweet.
Guys, we have to do
our toast to the veil.
Where's Peter?
He's with my uncle,
talking about soccer
for the last 40 minutes.
Which is why I left them alone.
All right, that's two down,
and one to go.
Tracy, it's your turn
to take the veil.
I still don't believe in it,
but Finn and I are talking
about getting engaged.
Then, here's to the veil.
And to true love.