The Werewolf and the Yeti (1975) Movie Script

- Allow me, sir.
- Thank you.
Well, the Sylvia I remember was a girl
with plaits and braces.
That was when I was in school.
Come, Dad is waiting for you
in his studio.
Dad, look who is here!
- Professor Lacombe.
- Welcome, Waldemar.
I've been looking forward to seeing you.
I owe everything I am to you.
I had to come.
But you should have warned me.
One is not ready for such surprises.
What do you expect? Time flies.
Sylvia is my best collaborator now.
I'm very glad, Professor. Congratulations.
Well, I'll leave you alone.
I suppose you want to see the evidence
I told you about in my letters.
Yes, of course.
I read in the papers that Neumann,
the anthropologist,
died a few months ago in Kathmandu.
Officially, his expedition
was annihilated by a storm.
Near Dudh Pokhari.
He had worked with me
on some scientific projects.
We were very good friends.
Yes, I know.
The aim of the expedition
was to find the yeti, but he failed.
I'm not so sure.
He died before he could talk to anyone.
The British consul in Kathmandu
sent me this bag and this folder
after finding my address
among Silas' papers.
The scalp of a yeti.
According to his notes,
he found it in a monastery in Karakorum,
a completely unexplored region.
There is no doubt it's authentic.
It's incredible. These beings...
I've never seen anything like it.
As you can observe,
it goes against all descriptions
made of the yeti.
It cannot be a bear or a monkey
or any other known animal.
Those creatures that appear
in the pictures can only be yetis.
There is no doubt it belongs
to an unknown species.
Silas Neumann took
the first picture of the yeti.
I will continue with his work,
and I will capture it.
It will be the most important
anthropological discovery of the century.
I would like you
to be part of the expedition.
You are an eminent
anthropologist and psychologist.
Besides, you know the Tibetans
and speak Nepalese.
You know you can count on me, Professor.
Splendid. I hope our group will be
in Kathmandu in 15 days time.
- What are you having, Professor?
- I'm fine, thank you.
Well, there is no need to be upset.
It's not our fault that bad weather
came earlier than usual.
The ports of Karakorum
are over 5,000 meters high.
It's impossible to use them now.
There must be a solution.
We can't just sit here.
Well, it's not that bad.
We have alcohol and good company.
I wish all of us could say the same.
Excuse me, there is a man in Kathmandu
that knows a passable way all year round.
- Do you know where to find him?
- I think so.
I think we're already taking
too many risks.
Neumann lost his head and his life
in his attempt.
Nobody knows what happened
to the other members of the expedition.
Norman, you joined us of your own will.
You can choose to wait for good weather
with the same freedom.
Let's go, Passan.
Joel, wake up. I have a job for you.
Leave me alone.
Listen... you can make a lot of money.
More than you have ever dreamed of.
You have to go to Karakorum.
The pass of the demons of the red moon.
Good. I knew
I would hear its howling again.
I knew it.
Aren't you afraid of those demons?
Demons... They are already inside me.
I'll be at the hotel. When you are ready,
come and see me.
Sayyid, I doubt my men
will be willing to go with you.
That region is cursed.
Joel and I will explore the pass first.
The rest of the expedition
will wait for us at the base camp.
I don't like it.
Waldemar should have come back
two days ago.
He'll be with Talbot and Norman
in camp two.
His mission was to explore
the barrier of Rongbuk,
find the pass that Joel mentioned,
and inform us.
Perhaps he found the pass
and went into Karakorum.
Coming from Waldemar,
it wouldn't surprise me.
If he has done that, he is insane.
He didn't have enough provisions
or appropriate materials.
Then he must be lost.
We should look for him.
I warned him not to go to Karakorum.
There are more terrible things there
than the yetis.
Powerful demons dwell
in that cursed region.
Joel and Sayyid won't came back.
And if they do,
they won't be men any more, but demons.
Demons, cursed regions?
What nonsense are you talking about?
You surprise me, Tiger Passan.
You've lead expeditions for many years,
living among mountaineers and scientists.
I thought you were less superstitious.
In any case, we'll go to Karakorum.
We've always wanted to go there.
But now more than ever.
We cannot abandon our team members.
The red and round moon
soon will shine in the sky.
Demons will come out from their hideouts,
and their howling will announce death.
My men are scared.
They won't go to Karakorum.
I've seen those peaks before.
We're going in circles.
I... I should have never come with you.
We are going to die!
The demons of the red moon.
Like the other time.
I know they're here. We are going to die!
Wait! What's the matter?
Joel! Where are you?
Answer me!
We found some footprints.
But they weren't from the yeti.
In my opinion, they are from bears.
You'll see the pictures later.
I think we should go to the area
of Namche Bazaar now.
No, we'll go to Karakorum.
We agreed to leave Karakorum for last.
It's the most dangerous area.
This changes our plans completely.
What's the reason for this change?
Waldemar and Joel only have provisions
for five days.
I don't know what might have happened,
but we must find them.
It's a vast and unknown region.
They are likely to be buried
under two meters of ice and snow.
I warned you in Kathmandu that it was
crazy to look for the Karakorum passes.
We're not asking you to come.
We will go those who still remember the
meaning of "friendship" and "comradeship."
Well, I don't think Norman meant
what he said. He'll come with us.
We need to set out as soon as possible.
By the way, where are Ralph and Melody?
They went down to Sola Khumbu
to get material.
And, if they find them and manage
to convince them, Sherpas.
Sherpas? But the Tiger and his men...
The refuse to go to Karakorum.
They are scared.
We'll set off at sunrise.
I never thought you could convince
Tiger Passan and his men to come with us.
In a few days,
they'll earn a year's salary.
No demon can compare
to the power of money.
What a strange and beautiful dance.
It has existed for many centuries.
They are scared, and they ask their gods
for protection against demons.
What do you think?
Suddenly, those ignorants change
their minds and decide to come with us.
I don't trust them.
Who knows if they're planning on robbing
us and leaving us stranded in the snow.
That Pollock has put us
in a difficult situation.
What are you looking for
in this place, foreigner?
I got lost. I thought this light
would be my salvation.
I need help.
I don't know where I am...
or how long I've been walking around.
This is a sacred place.
Only the ones chosen by the God Moloch,
the favorites of Kali the Dark, can enter.
My sister Yanika and me are
the guardians of the sanctuary.
She will decide
if we can offer you shelter.
He is very strong.
He'll be a good companion
and a passionate lover.
When the full moon shines in the sky,
our loneliness will end forever.
What happened? I must have fainted.
Calm down. You've been very ill.
You were about to die from exhaustion.
But we have saved you.
Take this. It will do you good.
Taking the Falun route
means losing three days.
We will follow the route we planned.
The reports I received are true.
The bandits have attacked some settlements
near the barrier of Rongbuk.
If they discover us, they'll kill us.
It's a risk we have to take, Tiger Passan.
Sometimes, it's not a good idea
to demand too much from our men.
Let's go.
No, this nightmare can't be true.
Oh, my God.
I will wake up any minute.
Yes, that ravine must be
the entrance of Karakorum.
It seems accessible.
Saayd Talbot,
I tried to convince the Professor
to wait for four moons
before entering Karakorum.
Look, Tiger, we don't care about those
old wives' tales that scare you so much.
I'm telling you,
I won't believe that the yeti exists
until I can see it with my own eyes.
This morning, when we passed
the monastery of Pamboche,
some monks told me that Temujin
and his bandits are near the ravine.
If they capture us, they'll take us to the
palace of Sekkar Khan and torture us.
Regarding the two women,
I hope they won't capture them alive.
Enough. You won't get anywhere
with your tall tales.
We'll cross Rongbuk and explore Karakorum.
I don't know who named you "Tiger."
I've never seen so much fear in a man.
At sunrise, we'll meet Temujin in Lakhura.
Then we'll attack the expedition.
It'll be easy.
Two beautiful and young white women.
A good haul for which Sekkar Khan
will reward us generously.
We've been very lucky.
What is that?
- Sylvia, why don't you try to sleep?
- I can't, Melody.
What will become of Waldemar?
After so many days,
I can only imagine he is dead.
Come on. He might have found a shelter.
Don't give up hope.
I'm going for a walk.
Maybe that will calm me down.
Sylvia, be careful.
Don't go far from the camp.
I couldn't sleep either.
What a beautiful night.
And look how bright the moon is.
- What's on your mind?
- Nothing.
You have something on your mind.
I don't understand.
You are not a normal woman.
You have personality. But he...
But you...
Norman, you have class, don't you?
Naturally, beautiful,
and you know it better than anyone.
Besides, it's ridiculous
to suffer for someone
who is more dead than my grandfather.
Let me help you forget about him.
Comforting sad and lonely women
is my mission.
You disgust me! Let go of me!
What do you think, Ralph?
Could that torn throat
have been caused by the yeti?
I don't know.
I don't know what to think either.
But if it wasn't the yeti,
what strange creature did it?
I would say it was a strong biped
anthropoid with human characteristics.
But at the same time, the thumb
doesn't close with the other fingers,
like those of the apes.
Besides, it has big nails,
so it could be a big canine.
Poor Norman. What a horrible way to die.
Well, there is nothing we can do now.
Talbot, bring some shovels and my Bible
from the camp.
We have a difficult situation, Ralph.
Norman has been killed
by a mysterious creature
that could attack again any time.
Waldemar is gone. He might be dead.
And the Sherpas are scared and capable
of reacting unexpectedly.
And the bandits, Professor.
According to Passan,
they are prowling around here.
I warned you, Sayyid Talbot.
We shouldn't have come.
The demons will destroy you.
My men rebelled
and fear made them crazy.
I couldn't stop them.
Well. Obviously, we can't continue
to Karakorum.
Without guides and provisions,
it would be a suicide.
There is no other option.
We have to try to get back
to the base camp.
That won't be easy either.
Don't shoot! Do not resist!
You are surrounded!
The only option is the woods.
Try to cross it with the girls.
We'll cover you.
No, I won't abandon you!
Sylvia, if those bandits captured you,
I would never forgive myself.
Try to save yourself, I'm begging you!
Come on, Sylvia!
One here!
Well, Larry. It's over.
We surrender! Don't shoot!
Drop your weapons
and come out with your hands up!
Old man, I know you are very wise,
and that will save your life.
Sekkar Khan would like to meet you.
You're not wise. You'll entertain us.
You and you, find the woman that escaped
and take her to the palace.
Find her or I'll cut your throats.
Bring the injured woman. See what's got.
If she can survive,
we'll take her to the Khan.
Come on, take her. Yes.
Hold her still.
Take advantage of her!
Let go of me!
- No!
- Come on!
She's a wild cat!
Careful with your face!
Sylvia. Oh, my God.
My God.
They injured Melody and killed Ralph.
Lawrence and Dad were still shooting
when I escaped. Then...
the bandits caught me
and that horrible being turned up.
Then I understood
that Tiger Passan was right.
It was horrible, Waldemar.
And then, I don't know... I fainted.
What will happen now?
The bandits must have killed my father.
We have to go back
to the place of the ambush.
Only then will we know what happened.
I don't want my father's body...
Stay here.
Larry. Oh, my God.
Is that you?
Please, I'm begging you.
Kill me.
Kill me!
Larry, listen. I don't see
Melody's or the Professor's bodies.
What did they do to them?
They didn't kill them.
They took them with them.
Larry, please. Where did they take them?
Tell me. Tell me!
To the palace of Sekkar Khan.
I don't want to suffer any longer.
No... I'm begging you.
When will I be totally cured?
I've followed your treatment
for many months now.
The healing process is slow,
but it won't fail.
Part of the skin has regenerated,
and the evolution is positive.
What's the matter, Temujin?
You know I don't like being disturbed.
Great Khan,
we've attacked a new expedition.
I have captured a beautiful woman
and a very wise doctor.
- A very wise doctor?
- That's what the Sherpas told me.
That doctor must die.
As per the woman, take her to the dungeons
until we need her.
Wandesa, I'm the only one
that gives orders here.
For the moment, spare the wise man's life.
If you fail, I might go to him.
At last. A place with people.
Let's go.
Wait here.
Anybody here?
Don't touch her!
Enough! Stop! Don't hit him!
It's Thar the Dumb. He lives with me.
He is harmless.
She was badly hit, but it's not serious.
We'll take her to the monastery,
and she'll recover quickly.
Nobody has ever come out
from the palace of Sekkar Khan alive.
If they took your friend's father
and the other woman there,
you won't see them again.
But who is Sekkar Khan?
A tyrant, a descendant from an old lineage
who has had the control
of this remote region for centuries.
Everybody hates and fears him. His hired
assassin, Temujin, attacks the villages,
and his bandits are thieves and killers.
They kidnap young women
who disappear forever behind those walls.
Sekkar Khan is a villain,
but he's not so evil as a foreign woman
who has lived in the palace
for some time now.
Since then, everything has gotten worse.
And that woman?
Nobody knows where she came from,
but everybody whispers
about her power and evilness.
Since I came to this land,
it's been like a nightmare.
Here in Tibet are hidden
the biggest mysteries.
The most profound
and undecipherable enigmas.
You were in Karakorum when the moon
was shining in the dark.
I only know one remedy
for your affliction.
A remedy? What is it?
There is a magic plant with red flowers.
Its petals,
mixed with a young woman's blood,
can cure those who, like you,
have been contaminated
by the demons of Karakorum.
Where can I get those flowers?
Up in the mountain, near the eternal snow.
I'll go find them.
Only Thar and I take care
of this old monastery.
Monks left a long time ago.
I don't think this sanctuary
should disappear.
It's a bastion of good
inside the kingdom of evil.
Your friend will be cured soon.
Will you take her with you
in your search for the magic plant?
No, I want her to stay here.
I'll go on my own.
I don't want to risk her life.
She doesn't know
about your problem, does she?
No... She doesn't. It would be terrible.
Why? She truly loves you
and would help you to your death.
You must tell her.
Silvia, for the next three nights
I can't be near you.
I don't understand.
Why can't you be with me?
Silvia, I'm begging you.
It's the best for both of us.
Don't ask me anything more.
After those three days,
will we leave?
Yes, we will.
I won't abandon my father.
I don't know if he is dead or alive,
but I'll look for him in that place
that Larry spoke about,
and nobody will stop me.
Come on, hurry up.
It's not easy to find that plant which,
together with you blood,
can free Waldemar from his curse.
If you fail,
you'll have to carry out a painful duty.
Open it.
It's blade is made of silver.
You'll have to go through his heart
on the night of a full moon.
Suffering exists. Happiness doesn't.
And when the divine one explained
how good what didn't exist was
and how bad what did exist was,
it was then when he exhorted the first one
defeating suffering and death.
I'm sorry, Great Khan. It's checkmate.
Wandesa, you're a true demon.
I can never beat you.
The Professor will die. That was the bet.
All right. I admit I've lost,
but the old Professor would have saved me.
Only I can cure you.
You mustn't trust anyone else.
I've been informed of the presence
of a man and a young woman.
Two foreigners in a monastery near Dakun.
They might be survivors
from the expedition attacked by Temujin.
I'll tell my men to capture them.
What's the matter now?
Sir, the emissary you sent to the borders
has been found dead near Dakun.
He was half devoured. Wolves attacked him.
In the beginning, they treated me fine.
I even had some freedom of movement.
Sekkar Khan told me about his disease.
But later,
Wandesa decided to take me down.
She'll kill me any moment.
Wandesa... I've heard about her.
That woman is a monster.
A sick and cruel woman
who enjoys torturing and killing others.
Many young women wait for their turn
locked up in dungeons.
Among them,
if they still haven't sacrificed her,
poor Melody.
Fortunately, Sylvia managed to escape.
I hope she is safe now.
Professor, you are going to die.
Sooner or later, Sekkar Khan
will find out about your deception.
He'll know that you will never cure him
and that you're only using him
to satisfy your base instincts
and your thirst for power.
Take him away! Come on! Kill him!
I saw the messenger's body.
He wasn't killed by a wolf.
It was you.
From now on, all your destructive power
and all your strength will be mine.
I want you to obey me.
Like a man... and like a beast.
Nobody will oppose me. Nobody.
Never. I will never obey you.
I know how to destroy you,
and I can do it whenever I decide to.
But this is what you wish
to free yourself from your curse.
I will not do that.
I have many other means to subjugate you.
As a man, don't forget that
the woman you love is in my power.
As a beast, my science
will turn you into my slave.
Those two and this one will be fine.
Come on!
Who are you?
I am Ulka. Princess of Sekhri.
Aren't you afraid?
Your henchmen kidnapped me
and brought me here.
You can take my life, but I will never
humiliate myself or beg you.
You'll crawl at my feet like the others.
Let's go!
Be careful. Your luck might change.
Nobody has offended Princess Ulka
of Sekhri and gone unpunished.
I want you to pay attention
to what you are about to witness.
Later, you should think it over.
Because if you don't join me,
the woman you love
will have the same fate.
Start now!
Damn you!
I always fear and hate it
when the full moon rises.
But know I really wish it would
because I would destroy you.
I will destroy you!
- What are you hiding?
- Nothing.
Give it to me. Let go of it!
This could be our salvation.
Let go! Scream!
Come! Come now!
What's the matter? What's going on?
- Ulka is ill.
- What's the matter?
She is there.
Come on, tell me. What's the problem?
Hurry, we need to get out of here.
Where is the prisoners' cell?
In the basement. In the torture chamber.
Let's go!
Now proceed on your own.
I know this place. In the torture chamber
there is a passage that leads outside.
Then we'll meet again, if it's possible.
Where are you going?
I have some unfinished business to settle.
Follow me!
Waldemar, I don't see my father.
Where is he?
Sylvia, be strong.
I couldn't stop it. Believe me.
He is dead.
Come on!
Where are you going? Damn you!
Be careful!
I hope you'll have thought it over.
As you can see, it's impossible
to resist Wandesa's desires.
Nobody can disobey her!
Hurry! You need to escape
and there is no time!
We need to find the red flowers
Norbu told us about.
Don't worry about that now. Come on!
Let's go!
I warned you, Wandesa.
Your luck has changed.
Leave me alone! Let go!
Stand still!
Let's go.
Watch out!
We must separate now. You know the way.
No! I will not abandon you!
Go. It's getting dark.
The full moon will rise soon.
Leave me!
God help me!
Sylvia, what happened?
It's a full moon and I'm not...
Waldemar, we've won.
We defeated the curse.
It's true! I'm free!
Let's get out of here!