The Whistleblower (2010) Movie Script

Hey, Kathy.
You're in a hurry.
Where's the fire?
- Hey, Mare.
- Hey.
Transfer come through?
You'll find something, hon.
- Hey boys.
- Hey
Hey, why don't you guys go inside,
and your mom, Okey?
All right?
Marie asked me to bring this.
Erin around?
It's nice to see you too, Kath.
Yes, right.
You can't hold this against me.
I gave you plenty of warning on this.
It's not my fault you're married
to that job of yours.
You just sprung this on me, what...
look, I'm not going
to do this in front of Erin, okay.
Where is she? Erin?
And actually I'm not married
to my job.
I happen to like it.
I don't see why that
has to make me a bad mother.
Well, it's not my fault the judge
didn't see it that way, Kath.
Thanks, Kyle,
thank you for bringing that up.
Look, I told you,
you're welcome
to come down to Dalton
It's really simple for me,
you know, I've just got to
clear my mortgage,
find a transfer,
you know, really a piece of cake.
Hey, sweetie.
How's it going?
Come here. Oh.
- Come here.
- No, Kyle, it's fragile.
- How am I supposed to know?
- Hi, Marie. How's it going?
I brought the camping gear.
Thank you.
- Why don't you label them...
- Marie scares me.
I'll tell you a secret.
She scares me too.
Don't tell anyone.
You okay?
Uh huh.
Tell me.
When are you coming?
Sweetie, I'm having a really hard time
finding a transfer.
It might take awhile.
But I'm trying really hard.
Okay, I'm going to make it happen,
I don't understand.
There's got to be something.
I mean, I have the experience,
- Kathy!
- I took extra forensic courses.
You've done everything right.
This is just how the cards fell.
Yeah, story of my fucking life.
Look, there's something
I heard about.
This is just how the cards fell.
What with you trying
to get closer to your kid.
It's incredible money.
A hundred grand
tax-free for six months' work.
Come on. Is it legal?
What is this?
It's the contractor
that the government
uses to provide peacekeepers
in Bosnia.
You see the bullet marks?
Eye level!
You come here today
as a beacon of hope.
As representatives
of our highest aspirations.
You've been hired
by Democra Security
to represent the US
as monitors for the United Nations.
In the next few months you
will protect the rule of law where
lawlessness is run rampant.
The 1995 Dayton Peace Accords
ended this war
dictating that an international
police task force..., would smooth the transition
from war to peace.
During your training
you will see that peace
is harder won than war.
That every morning's hope is haunted
by yesterday's nightmare.
As representatives
of the United Nations,
we stake our highest values,
even our lives...
...on the belief that we can rebuild.
We must renew
and we will witness the rebirth
of this country.
It'll settle down.
- You been here before?
- This is my second mission.
You came straight
from the Academy?
No, I'm not a cop.
I work in administration.
You only need a...
...high school diploma
and to be over 21 to get in.
What about you?
What brought you here?
Oh, I heard the food
was really great.
I thought the war was over.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I'm great.
I'm serious, I'm serious.
He couldn't move off the mine
for eight days and eight nights.
So he's demanding time
and a half for nights.
Best part is that now sue me!
How about that?
You still seeing the...
the little guy?
Kathy, meet Fred Murray.
- Hi.
- Pleasure.
Hey, guys. We got a match.
High stakes tournament situation.
US versus Holland.
Come on, let's go.
- Yes!
- Come on,
Come on, yes!
You suck at pinball
and you suck at football.
Who do you think invented pinball?
- Can you play?
- Can I play Hold this.
Okay... okay. Alright.
She's having the last one.
The last one.
You know what?
You got to pull it. Alright.
Yeah, she knows,
okay, she knows.
Okay, come on, come on.
Damn it!
Here we go!
Here we go! Here we go!
Here we go! Here we go!
Sorry, guys.
- I Don't know what happened.
- Who's not going to buy the drinks?
I don't know what happened there.
I would love some whisky and...
Don't use...
Oh shit!
Sorry, you can't
you can't use both flippers
at the same time, otherwise
Yeah, these are called flippers.
Well, this is the way I was taught.
- With a man behind you?
- Girls.
Bam, bam,
because it has to bounce off.
This move still get you laid?
Well, in Holland it does.
I'm really out of practice.
So where do we sign
to say we came?
You sign...
Well... well, I think you have to sign
at the end of the session.
No. Why? No, no, no, no.
Yep, yep, it says right here,
"UN mandate requires
you to sign at the end"
Yes, but this paper is no good.
- The new policy is...
- Leave her alone.
They try it out with everyone.
You sign them in,
they bugger off.
- I'm McVeigh. You're Kathy? Yeah?
- Yeah.
Welcome to paradise.
Follow me.
Okay, gentlemen.
If you've nothing
better to do today
I would like you to start investigating
two new stabbings.
Four new shootings...
and a wee man with a broken leg
who can barely remember his name.
First one.
In here.
Gather around.
why don't you take this, please?
Facial contusions from repeated
beatings with fist.
Lacerations on the eye
caused by the edge of an iron.
Left arm was the first entry point
of a large kitchen knife.
Okay Mama,
I'm just going to lift this up.
It's all right, it's okay.
Who did this?
Looks like the husband.
Okay, that's the case.
Who's taking it
and what's their first step?
I will take it.
Very good.
All right. All right.
All right. Calm down. Calm down.
What did he say?
Say woman is Muslim
and she deserved it.
That's enough.
Stop it!
Hands off.
Moving on.
Next case.
Everyone outside.
Kathy, you too.
Excuse me, Excuse me.
What do you mean moving on?
Who's going to investigate
and make an arrest?
- This is a felony assault.
- Okay, let me ask you something.
Can you tell a Serb from a Croat
or a Bosniak?
Because I can.
Racial hatred started a war
in this country.
And as much as I'd like to be,
we aren't here as investigators,
we monitor. That's it.
Sometimes stepping back
is part of the job.
Zlata has been in the hospital
eight times
because of her husband.
Each time she tried
to make complaint,
my bosses send her home.
They laugh at her.
They laugh at women in Bosnia.
They laughed at my mother even.
And they do not prosecute
domestic violence.
Yesterday you wanted to help.
Now you can show me
how to do this.
So this is the hospital report.
You have no police reports.
Well, what you need to do
is you need to investigate this
as if it were a felony assault.
So if you go back to the hospital
and then you get every single
doctor who treated her to testify...
well, then you might have a chance.
- Oh hello.
- Hello.
Don't mind him.
He's a complete wimp.
Well, you've been stirring things up.
Ms. Rees, if I over-stepped protocol
with the Zlata Sehick case I'm...
Would you call me Madeleine?
You've just done in two months
what we failed to do in four years.
Sit down.
- Want some tea?
- Yes, please.
Viko Mezovic did a great job,
but you've just facilitated
the first conviction
for domestic violence
since the end of the war in Bosnia.
Well, it was very basic... Thank you.
Thank you... basic police work.
It's just my job.
You can't imagine how that makes
you stand out around here.
The IPTF have a Gender Affairs
Office here. And the current head
left and I think you're the right person
to take over.
Are you up for it?
Hi, Sweetie.
Did you get the stuff I sent?
- Did Dad say you're not coming back?
- No.
Of course I'm coming back.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
- For Labour Day?
- Well, I...
'Cause my friends are renting
a boat and
But I have to stay longer
because they've asked me
to be the head of a department.
Oh, well
You know what?
I'm making a lot of money,
so I can move nearer Dad
...and I can see you all the time.
- That's cool.
Hold on!
Sorry, I got to go, Mom.
- I have a game.
- Okay.
- I love you. Bye.
- Bye.
- Kathy?
- Yes.
Nick. Kaufman.
Contingent Commander.
- Good to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
- How are you?
- Can I give you a hand?
- I'm fine. I'm fine. This way?
- Yeah.
Good having another
American in the mix.
Some people get pissed off,
saying we're taking over.
Makes my life easier.
Especially when it's a good-looking
woman reporting to me.
Oh, I don't mean to burst your bubble
but I report to Madeleine Rees.
It's a joint appointment.
And she's Human Rights.
But you're Democra. So
ultimately you're all mine
at the end of the day.
No you can't.
Don't. Please don't.
No. Just don't touch.
Just step away
from the table, please.
I've had my eyes on this table
for a long time.
This one is mine, lady.
- Oh, this is your table?
- This is mine table... my table.
I'm sorry to tell you
but this is my table.
I have a new job over at HQ
with a lot of fancy diplomats and...
for someone in my position
...would have this table?
- This... Yes.
Yes. I feel very strongly about it.
You don't care about my feelings?
I don't care about your feelings.
So you're just going to take it?
I'll tell you what.
If you buy me dinner
you can have the damn table.
- Come on!
- Okay, let's go.
I was married twice.
- Like, two times?
- Two times.
That's twice.
Yes, once and then...
and then again
and I messed it up both times.
What about you?
Well, technically I'm still married.
But it is... it's
complicated right now
because we are in the middle of
what I would call an ending
But you're married.
- Right. But we are in the process of
- Kids?
Yeah, we have two
It isn't that complicated but it is.
If I slept with you,
I'm going straight to hell.
You are.
Let's get drunk first.
Goat fuck! Musical apartments!
- Just hold the people back!
- What do you need me to do?
The Muslim women are supposed
to get their old apartments back.
Serbs took them during the war.
Serbs don't want to leave.
And a lot of places
got sold to third-party
Croats or God knows what!
And everyone's pissed.
And I figured it's a bunch of widows,
so your Gender Office
can handle it, huh?
- Okay, okay, okay.
- Bolkovac?
- Bolkovac?
- Yes.
They need you. Come on.
- Murray, can you deal with it?
- I'll take this then.
She was talking
but I couldn't understand.
She's not local.
All right. All right. All right.
I'm not going to touch you.
I won't touch you.
What is it? Are you in pain?
This girl is seriously ill.
Could you call a medic?
Somebody call an ambulance!
They make raid!
- They abuse the girls.
- Okay. Calm down.
Take a breath. Take a breath.
Nine girls there.
Nine girls there.
- Help them!
- Where? Where?
- Florida Bar.
- Florida Bar.
- What is that? What is Florida Bar?
- It's one of the bars in the hills.
Look, I can take them
to the Zenica Shelter.
That's where we usually
take these girls.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Where is the bar?
How do I get there?
What's happening here?
What's going on here?
IPTF told us to come.
Oh really? That's interesting.
Since when do you listen to us?
Well, where are they?
I don't see any monitors.
Lady, what do you want?
I got called to come here
to take the girls to Zenica so I'm here.
What's Zenica? What is it?
I don't pay you
fucking Smurfs no more.
Pay? Pay?
What's he talking about?
What does he mean, pay?
What did he say?
What did he say?
I don't know.
I am Bosniak and he is Croat
and I don't understand Croat!
Bullshit! I know you understand him.
Smart lady.
What's in Zenica?
It's a woman's shelter.
You know, the whores get a good meal.
They can talk about problems.
It's like a vacation for them.
Very funny.
Oh my God.
Over here.
- Is this the Zenica Shelter?
- Yes.
We have to be careful.
- Sometimes they watch.
- Who watch?
- Traffickers.
- Traffickers?
Yes. Human trafficking.
These girls were abducted and sold.
They are told they must
work off their debt.
And then they'll be let go.
But they never are.
Since the end of the war,
sex trafficking has spread like cancer.
Why since the end of the war?
Half our men are dead.
So... who are these girls
brought in for?
This is our volunteer nurse.
She says Raya has bad infection.
The nurse found objects inside her.
Excuse me?
Like you saw,
they're not prostitutes.
They are slaves,
treated like dogs.
Do you have a doctor here?
We don't have doctor.
Try the Global Displacement Agency.
If they keep them or not,
I don't know.
Wait, please.
There were other girls?
The ones who were
from the Florida Bar.
The police brought them here
about an hour ago.
Here? No. No police came.
Are you sure?
These girls never arrived.
I'm looking for Laura Levi, Annie.
Okay. We'll see you later.
Hi. I'm Kathy Bolkovac.
I'm the new Head of Gender Affairs.
I heard. Congratulations.
I'm Laura Levi.
What nationalities
are we dealing with here?
I presume these two women
want to be repatriated?
I don't know. Them here
because they need medical attention.
We'll get them to the medical centre.
As soon as we get clearance,
we'll know where we stand.
Clearance? What does that mean?
Look, I'll do whatever I can to help,
but I have to determine
if they'll cooperate
with their repatriation program.
That's the only way
I can let them stay here.
It's not me, it's policy.
I see, policy. Oh, one more thing
I just wanted to ask you.
The other girls from the raid were
supposed to go to the Zenica Shelter,
but they never arrived.
Why don't you check
the IPTF message boards?
Listen, half the time
these raids are for show.
I'm sure the owner has paid
off whoever he had to by now.
Your missing girls
are probably back at the bar.
Excuse me now.
Hey, Murray, mind if I join you?
Yeah, have a seat.
- Not eating?
- No, I just have a quick question.
You know the raid
you ordered last night?
Local police said they were taking
the girls to Zenica
but they never showed up.
Fucking mess!
It's the locals dragging us
into their turf war.
Some cop from another
canton calls in a fake tip
about a prostitution bust.
But the bar is legit and the girls
just waitresses. So...
Hey, doesn't hurt
to be thorough though, right?
Yeah, right.
Thing is I found padlocked rooms,
young women's passports
...and there was a lot of US currency
- Where are we going, Columbo?
I don't know, but
something fucked up's going on.
Honey, it's like I say,
this is Bosnia. These people
specialize in fucked up.
And speaking of,
we've got another re-housing
goatfuck in Gorazde so
...catch you later, Kath.
- See you later, guys.
Should have seen this place.
There were pictures all over
the walls of guys with those girls.
And almost every single guy
in there is ours.
I saw one of your guys there.
- You saw one of my guys there?
- Yeah. He was wearing your flag.
You want to ask me something?
I guess I do.
Okay listen...
I've heard about these places.
I know they exist.
I know my guys
go up there once in awhile.
I figured for strippers or sex.
I don't know,
I haven't been there.
I know nothing about any girls
being locked up. What the fuck?
I'm sorry.
At home...
...I worked in a precinct
where there were
25 guys.
And I knew them really well,
I knew every one of them.
I know their families.
I know everything about them
and I trust them completely.
I was dumb enough to think
I'd be joining some
elite police officers here.
But I don't know who these people are.
Three, two, one...
- Kaufman!
- Is it okay for me to be here?
- Sure.
Just wait there.
What's up?
You finally come
and see me in action.
I live to see you in action.
This is for you.
I think Fred Murray's
taking payoffs from brothels.
And it's not prostitution.
The girls were trafficked.
The problem is,
who investigates,
how to charge him?
All the international personnel
have immunity.
They can't be prosecuted.
But this is good work, Bolkavac.
I think it might even deserve
a dinner out with yours truly.
Don't think I've earned that.
Hey girls, how are you doing?
Did you get some rest?
I went to the Florida Bar...
...and I saw the room in the back
and I know
what's been happening to you.
Good for you.
Can we go now?
What happened to the girls?
Did you see my friend Luba?
Is she safe?
The police took the girls
back to the bar.
But we can still help your friend.
I believe the bar
was raided because...
Tanjo, the owner was refusing
to pay this man money.
Is that true?
I know you're scared to talk but...
...if you can tell me
that this is the man
- Then what?
You put him in jail?
No, he has diplomatic immunity.
That means he's protected
by the UN.
But Tanjo can go to jail.
He can go to jail.
And if you both say in a court...
...that Tanjo has been taking payoffs
from this man...
...then his name will go on record...
...and the UN has to do something.
They can't knowingly
have one of their men
involved in rape,
kidnapping and torture.
How do you do this
if you work for the UN?
I'm an American police officer.
It doesn't matter who I work for,
I wouldn't let anybody
get away with this.
So if we go to court
you promise
you can stop these men?
I can't promise
I can stop all these men.
- I promise
- If you cannot promise
then why do we agree?
There is too much danger
to go speak in a court,
even this, to say anything to you.
How do I know this is safe?
You're a smart girl.
I have a daughter.
She was taken away from me
and I can't change that.
But maybe I can change
what happens to you.
Will we be safe?
Do you promise?
I promise.
You need an armoured security
vehicle for two teenage girls?
What the hell did they do?
None of your business.
Okay, well, it's tough today.
They sent most of our convoy up to Tesla.
- Found some war criminal.
- Shit!
I can push for end of the week.
Never mind. Don't worry about it.
But I'll put it through.
You never know, right?
Is Viko around?
Viko, your girlfriend is here.
Come on, let's go.
The van just sits here.
It's no problem.
It is not armoured like you want
but it's heavy like tank.
So it's okay.
They don't build them like this.
So we go straight to the safe house.
Here's the address.
After they make statement
in court, yes?
I made the call, so it's okay.
Where is Irka?
I need to have a word with you.
Okay. Hey, Raya.
There was a problem.
During repatriation procedures
we realized Irka had no passport.
Okay, so we get her one.
- Where is she?
- You don't understand.
She was trafficked from Grozny.
Her parents were killed in Chechnya
and she has no documentation.
No embassy will recognize her.
She's a girl without a country.
Okay, you're not answering
my question. Where is Irka?
We handed her over to the police
a few hours ago.
How could you do that?
Viko, take Raya.
- So you meet us when you're done?
- Yes, Yes
- Raya, I'll see you soon, okay?
- Let's go. It's okay.
How could you do that?
I couldn't keep her.
She didn't have the paperwork.
This is bullshit!
Every case needs to be justified.
I know what you think
but it's an uninformed opinion.
We have a system that works here.
Really, for who?
Sorry, I look for Laura Levinia?
That's me.
You know where they took her?
The police take them to the border.
Once they've crossed,
there is one less trafficking
victim in Bosnia.
Take the 761 to Visegrad.
I'm looking for a girl.
The police dropped her
here a few hours ago.
Could you check the border logs?
She's 15 years old, no passport.
Okay, Okay. Lady,
I know what you look for.
Those girls do not go through border.
They go through there.
To Serbia, if they survive.
Leave me alone!
Go home!
Irka, please wait.
You promised.
Stop doing that!
Just let me die.
I'm sorry. Irka,
Irka, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It will be over soon then you go home
with your mother, okay?
What happened?
The car must have been
following us.
Do you know who they were?
Nobody at my station
knew where I was going.
Did you tell anybody at IPTF?
Madeleine, I need to see you.
This is Peter Ward.
Peter's an old friend,
Internal Affairs.
So, Kathy,
have you had any report on Raya?
Kathy, from now on I want you to run
your investigation alongside Peter.
The best way to find Raya is to continue
your investigation into Fred Murray.
You handed in a vehicle request to IPTF.
Well, the traffickers
obviously knew where you'd be,
so there's a leak.
I know that cops don't like to work
with Internal Affairs...
...but considering
what just happened,
it's our only way.
Well, I don't know
how to move forward.
I've lost two witnesses, Raya...
and Irka won't testify now,
she's too terrified.
Do you think Fred Murray
is only getting payoffs from one bar?
So there could be other girls
willing to testify against Fred Murray.
It's possible.
Well, if you can get any of these girls
to testify in court then...
...well, there'd be something quite
substantial to work with.
Thank you.
I don't want to put any of you
in a dangerous...
positionand ask you to speak
out against your traffickers.
I just want to know
if you recognize this man.
Maybe give them some time.
I'll let you know
if anyone says anything.
would you show them
this photograph, too?
Just maybe someone
has heard something about her.
You look for this girl?
She is okay?
No. No, she's not.
Do you know her?
But I know him.
He comes in the same group
every month
to take money from Ivan.
- He came in a group?
- Yes.
I want to show you some photographs,
some other photographs.
If you could tell me if any
of these people were in the group.
That is Paolo.
He liked pain.
He liked weird things.
He wanted me to like too
This made my price go down.
I know then,
it will take me two more years
to pay my debt.
He buys girls for other men
and puts them in apartments.
Soldiers pay money
to own girls for themselves.
Check it out,
three grand and she's all mine.
Luc got one for 25 hundred.
Turn around,
let me see your ass.
Take off your bra.
When we come through checkpoint
he drives the van.
- What?
- Him.
He was the driver.
This man drove you
in a van across the border...
...into Bosnia?
We stop at border.
See man in blue like you.
I thank God.
I think we have our saviour.
Then he jumps in
and drives the van.
Madeleine, they're bringing them in.
IPTF are actually trafficking girls
and bringing them across the border.
And it's not just IPTF.
This involves all kinds of internationals
from military officers to diplomats.
I thought
I was only going after one guy.
I had no idea
what I'd be handing over.
Get this off to Peter
as quickly as you can.
Are you sure you want to go ahead
with this because...
you know there'll be
no going back after?
Yes, ma'am.
Kathryn Bolkovac?
- You're wanted in Human Resources.
- Now?
Yes, now.
Sorry to keep you waiting there.
No problem.
- John Blakely.
- Kathy Bolkovac.
Nice to meet you.
Have a seat.
- So you keeping busy?
- Yeah.
Your superiors, they tell me
that you're working hard.
I enjoy my work.
You're dedicated, thorough.
Thank you.
Tough stuff, though,
your area.
Do you ever worry about burnout?
No. Never.
You must miss your daughter.
It's unusual, isn't it,
that a judge would award
custody to the father?
Id imagine there's almost
some kind of a stigma around
What did you want to talk to me about?
I'm sorry. I just wondered.
Because we award special paid leave
to folks who work
in stressful departments.
You know, parents especially,
we really encourage it.
And you'd have some time
to hang out with your daughter.
Nice little jaunt around Europe,
see the sights.
I'm going to have to think about it.
You're not the maternal type?
Who the fuck do you think you are?
Go home before you get...
We're watching you...
You'd do better to shut your mouth,
you fucking...
Kathy, we need to meet.
It's important.
And be careful.
Make sure you're not followed.
Kathy, we need to meet.
It's important.
And be careful.
Make sure you're not followed.
The world and its mother
knows about my investigation.
I know.
- Would you like something to drink?
- No.
- Do you mind if
- Go ahead.
Kathy, Internal Affairs
is shutting down all your cases.
All of your files look like this.
I've been completely steam-rolled.
They've sent Fred Murray home
on some kind of leave.
And top level military commanders
are walking into my office
and pulling your files.
I've never seen I.A.
Over-ridden like this before.
Over-ridden by who?
I don't know.
I mean, I can't be sure.
It's the State Department.
Or Democra.
You do know
what they stand to lose if this
I guess not.
Their contract in Bosnia
is worth millions.
Globally, just this year alone,
billions of dollars
in US government contracts.
And now you come along
with this scandal
I don't want a scandal.
I'm just doing my job.
I know, but it doesn't matter.
Nobody cares about you.
I'll get you the rest
of your files back from I.A.
You get them out of here,
take them public.
Or this will never see
the light of day.
I can't leave these girls.
You're not helping them here.
And, frankly,
you're not safe to walk around.
It's completely exposed you.
Kathy, accidents do happen.
A car blows a tire,
a mine explodes.
We don't have to report
civilian deaths.
I'll get you the rest of these...
...and you get yourself the hell out
of here as soon as you can.
Trust me.
This is the right thing to do.
I was so stupid.
I mean, I thought
I could work inside the system.
Like I knew what I was doing.
Like I knew
how to play ball
with all these fancy diplomats.
I don't know.
What would you do?
I have to go home.
My wife got a lawyer.
I have to go home for the kids.
I'm so sorry.
But I'm worried about you.
Don't be.
I don't want...
I don't want to leave you
in the middle of all this.
I don't want this to be the end.
Please be careful.
I want to take you home.
Come. How much
do you want me to pay
for these girls,
to take home?
- You want to take them home?
- Yes!
It's ten times normal.
It's three thousand each.
Sorry, not this one, she's trouble.
Thank you. I'm sorry, sir.
So just this one?
You bring the girl back,
I give you the deposit back,
- Okay.
Come on, I get to drink.
Sign at the bottom, please.
- Yes?
- It's Viko.
- I can't talk right now, Viko.
- I think I know where Raya is.
We have a bit of a problem.
What kind of problem?
Where's the girl?
All right. All right. All right.
What did she say?
Names of girls. Raya.
Raya!? Raya!
All right. All right. All right.
Calm down, you're okay.
- We go to Oasis?
- Yes!
Fuck protocol.
We just raid the bar.
- You trust these guys?
- Yes, I do.
They're going to listen to you?
You sure?
I do trust them. Let's go.
We need to bring the owner out here.
We arrest him outside.
I don't want him
threatening the girls.
Go! Go! Go! Go!
Okay, go! Go!
We have a warrant
to search these premises.
Ivan Bladzic has been arrested
for human trafficking.
Get out of here.
You don't have to be afraid
of Ivan. He can't hurt you.
We're going to get
you somewhere safe
and help get you home.
Raya. Raya. Come on.
These girls work here.
They have all documents...
And you can fuck off!
- Bad ones.
- And you, too, fuck off.
- Okay, Viko,
- And you, too,
...fuck you!
- Get the blankets out of the van
and get these girls out of here.
Okay, girls, come on.
You're safe. Just come.
All right, come.
Let's go, Let's go.
Don't be afraid, we can all go now.
Raya, come on.
It's going to be okay.
All right?
Come on, Raya. Let's just...
Come on, what's the matter?
What's the matter?
What the fuck are you doing here?
We got a call about this raid.
Oh, yeah. From who?
Get out.
Get out. Come on, get out.
Get out. Out!
- Get out right now! Get out.
- Get your hands off me.
Don't look at these guys.
Don't be afraid of these guys.
Just say you want to go
and I can walk you... Raya,
I can walk you out of here,
right now.
You just have to say
you want to go, that's all.
Don't look at him.
Look at me.
I want you to look at me.
You safe.
You are safe.
Listen to me,
don't look at him.
Out of here!
Just get out! Fuck!
Okay, Raya, just look at me,
just look at me. Please.
Okay just say yes.
Just say yes.
It's all you have to do.
Raya, please.
Just say you want to go.
Just say you want to go.
Fuck! What the fuck
is the matter with you?
Don't you know anything!
We are supposed
to protect these people.
- You're a crazy bitch! protect these people.
I know this girl.
I know this girl.
I can't leave her here.
Let's go. Come on,
Raya. Let's go.
I can't leave her here.
- I can't leave her here.
- Look at me! Kathy!
We cannot force them.
Nothing will hold up in court.
Please understand.
They will be brought
down here, punished.
You want blood on your hands?
You fuck!
You piece of shit. You fuck!
What the fuck is the matter
with you people?
What is the matter with you.
My husband arranged for me a job.
But his friend bought me for $2,000.
With renewed funding from USAID
the Global Displacement Agency...
...continues to be a pioneer at
international counter-trafficking.
My sister arranged for my papers.
Her boyfriend
did this for 12 other girls.
Mostly traffickers prey
on those they know,
banking on the fact
that the girl will trust them.
Traffickers can be fathers,
brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles...
Are you sure you want to see?
Excuse me.
Would you please cover her up?
Could you find a blanket, please?
Could you cover her up?
I am a police officer
obligated to report crimes.
I have taken statements from women
describing their physical...
...and emotional torture.
On arriving in Bosnia,
these women are sold...
...and forced to provide
sexual services.
Their clientele consists of SPOR...
...local police...
...and international employees.
they have become involved
in the trade itself.
It is time each
and every one of you realize
this is a serious organized crime...
...with enormous profits.
We are peacekeepers
who came to protect the innocent...
...but now prey upon them
in the worst ways possible.
We maybe accused
of thinking with our heart
instead of our heads...
...but we will have our humanity.
Good morning.
I have to ask you
to surrender your ID.
What's going on?
You've been ordered
out of this mission.
You can't be serious.
I'll need the ID.
Thank you. Guys...
Come on.
Why do you want to get rid of her?
Madeleine, I have to protect this
organization and so should you.
The UN is too fragile, too important.
That's what immunity is for.
Immunity not impunity.
The United Nations was formed
from the ashes of Auschwitz.
The United States led the way
and it's a point of honour with me...
...that the UN is not remembered
for raping the very people
we must protect.
Those girls are whores of war.
It happens.
I will not dictate for morality.
So what are we dictating for?
I'll go to Washington. I'll go to
the State Department if I must.
Democra isn't even
based out of the States,
it's based out of England.
It's a private corporation.
We work in the real world.
Thank you so much.
Really helpful.
I had to send that e-mail.
They killed Raya.
- They shot her in the head.
- I know.
She wanted to testify
and they made an example of her.
I'm responsible for this.
No, dear, you're not.
I promised her I would protect her.
Oh God, I can't stop
thinking about her mother.
How do we tell people
what's happening here?
Democra is registered
in the UK, in Britain.
So you are entitled
to appeal your dismissal.
We've got to get those files out
of the mission right away.
Because you're a whistleblower,
so the press will want to know.
I handed in my ID and my keys.
I don't know how to get in there.
We'll have to find a way.
Zoe, Zoe.
What are you doing here?
I need to get something out
of my office.
I was wondering
if you could get me a set of keys.
Kathy, I can't.
It's too risky.
I would lose my job.
I wish I could help, I really do.
I'm sorry. I'm just not like you.
You scared me.
Sorry, I didn't recognize the coat.
We don't have much time.
Kathy I can't go up there with you.
- You understand, right?
- Yes.
Alright, now make certain
you get everything.
And that includes any files
you didn't send to I.A. Or to me.
If anybody's going to believe this,
the press needs to see it all.
Okay, I'll meet you in the atrium,
- Okay.