The White Girl (2017) Movie Script

No pearls?
Show me.
On the way!
Anytime now.
Stop fooling around oyster boy!
How can you let your queen wait?
Tell me when?
Tomorrow, promise. You'll get one tomorrow.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring,
this is the last fishing village of Hong Kong.
Pearl of the East,
Pearl Village.
Papa, breakfast's ready.
No mosquitos in the morning,
no mosquitos at night,
Ho Zai's Mosquito Coils
protect from every bite!
No mosquitos in the morning,
no mosquitos at night,
Ho Zai's Mosquito Coils
protect from every bite!
No mosquitos in the morning,
no mosquitos at night,
Ho Zai's Mosquito Coils
protect from every bite!
You know what the sun can do to you...
...UV rays are dangerous...
...sunblock and sunglasses...
umbrella and raincoat just in case...
walk on the shady side of the street...
blah blah blah
Look what the sun did to your mother...
so pale, so weak...
By the time the doctors got it right...
...It was too late!
(Vote for #1 once more for your Village Chief)
One, one, one...
Number ONE that's me.
If they raise typhoon signal 1,
take an umbrella,
wear a raincoat.
When it is typhoon signal 3,
be safe,
tape up your windows.
And if it's typhoon 8...
all the boats must come back
and we all should stay at home.
No. 8 typhoon will blow trees down
so stay at home till the storm is over.
Okay, it's time to leave.
- Bye bye Miss Wong.
- Bye bye.
White Girl,
White Girl!
White Girl, White Girl!
Typhoon, typhoon. So what?
My Uncle's VIPs are in town,
That means there's business to do.
Uncle's got cool jobs for me.
No more beer.
Did you hear what I said?
No beer in the fridge.
Get me the beer on the boat.
It's by the engine.
Hey! She can't go on the boat!
You know she's bad luck.
Ling Ling?
Fish no fish till the beer comes in!
We're on strike!
Fish no fish till the beer comes in!
Where's the beer?
Wake up...
Wake up...
No mosquitos in the morning,
no mosquitos at night,
Ho Zai's Mosquito Coils
protect from every bite!
Ready, boss?
This side looks better.
Hot as hell...
Hurry up.
Open the door.
(Village Council)
Tourists in the Village Council?
Hurry up, move along...
(Moon Festival: The Story of Chang-E)
To promote Chinese tradition,
the Village Council
is sponsoring a Cantonese Opera Troupe
performance at the Moon Festival Banquet.
Who knows about the Moon Festival?
Why do we celebrate it?
Because it's the ONE night a year
when Niu Lang and Zhi Nu get to DO it.
Which of you smart asses can tell me why?
What's all about?
Ho Nam, take it away!
Even back then, the globe was warming,
Ten suns came out without any warning,
The ice caps all melted, the sea levels rose,
The fish and people were hot & overexposed
Ten suns?
So the super archer arrives,
shoots down nine suns & hits the jackpot!
Gold coins everywhere.
He cashes them in
for the best chick in town.
What more does he need?
Little blue "immorality pills"
Go figure,
then the chick wants to get high
so she swallows it all herself.
Kun, I've had enough!
Get some sleep!
Hello everybody. My name is Ling Ling.
lam 19 years old.
My dream is to become Miss Hong Kong.
Today I will sing "The Moon Back Then" for you.
Hope you like it.
"When will the moon be full?"
"I ask with wine to the sky."
"Don't know about heaven."
"Don't know what year it is."
"I flew with the Wind."
"Fearing that place."
"Up so high and cold."
"I dance so fast I cast no shadow."
"How can I be of this earth."
"Round the red pavilion, under..."
"Round the red pavilion, under the mansion."
What's going on?
People can see you!
Who's going to see me? I'm invisible.
Stop it...
the neighbours can't see you like this.
Like what? Like I am?
Like I shouldn't walk on the street...
I shouldn't go on the boat...
I shouldn't even walk to school...
I shouldn't go anywhere !
Don't be like that...
This is our home.
You call this a home?
If mother was still alive,
she'd take care of us.
We wouldn't live in this smelly shack.
How could mother take care of us?
She couldn't even take care of herself.
Open the door!
Who are you?
Waaa...mosquito heaven!
Let me help.
No mosquitos in the morning,
no mosquitos at night,
Ho Zai's Mosquito Coils
protect from every bite!
It's so empty here, you need stuff...
I have an idea!
My bike, you push!
MY bike, you push?
Your bike is so hard to push.
No mosquitos in the morning,
no mosquitos at night,
Ho Zai's Mosquito Coils
protect from every bite!
Pearl Village, my home.
It's full of good stuff!
- How much?
- Five dollars.
- Seven.
- Seven?
So expensive.
Wait here.
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?
Aren't you cold?
A little...
You're not cold?
You're not cold?
Check 1, 2...
Can you hear me?
Sing me something special.
I want to try "The Moon Back Then"
in this key.
"I flew with the Wind."
What do you think?
What do I think ? What do YOU think ?
What do you think we're here for?
I'm here to sing...
That's all?
Look at you.
You're stuck in this shitty village...
Do what I tell you and I'll make you a star.
Ok. I want to be a star.
Now we know what we want.
What will you do for me?
Hey...Why aren't you at school?
What's wrong? Are you sick?
What's up with you lately?
The whole village is talking about you.
Of course, I went out last night.
When there is no sun,
there is nothing to hurt me.
I'm your father.
Don't you care what people say?
Of course, at least they talk about me
now at least I'll exist.
They are who they are...
We are who we are...
We can't change our fate.
Mother did!
Here, you need to eat.
"I flew with the Wind."
"Fearing that place."
"Up so high and cold."
"I dance so fast I cast no shadow."
"How can I be of this earth."
"Round the red pavilion, under the mansion."
"The moon shines without sleep on me,
without regret."
"People come and go in happiness and sorrow."
Are you OK?
It's dangerous here.
Let's go. I'll take you home.
No, I don't want to go home.
Let's go.
- Go where?
- To your home.
No, I don't want to go back.
It's not a home, it's just...
- It's a box.
- A box?
It's just some wood, some box...
I want to go to your home.
It's not my home.
It's a Ruin.
Ruin? What's "Ruin"?
Like me.
I want to see Ruin.
Everyone says this place is haunted.
So that makes me a ghost?
No! You're not a ghost.
I am.
I'm a ghost to the villagers.
They say you can't see ghosts in the mirror.
It's alright...
I see you.
What's this?
I don't know yet
Help me!
- To the house!
- What's this?
To the house! Home!
Try again.
Try again.
Uncle, he must be here...
Pirates at three o'clock!
Here they come!
The ruin is that way,
check it out.
Fucking kid is stealing my power!
I told you they were here!
Fucking thieves.
What did you find?
The kid was up here.
What's this?
What did you find?
Some kind of trunk!
So, open it!
(Pearl Village)
Burn it.
- OK
- OK
- Coming!
Clean it up.
Got it.
What's going on?
Today we make pinhole cameras.
You know what they are?
- You've used a camera right?
- Yes.
Pinhole cameras are the same,
it's a box with a hole,
the box can't be transparent
or else it won't work.
Light comes in,
makes an image in the box.
Keep it dark inside,
too much light and the pinhole won't work.
Let me show you.
Light comes in and makes an image.
- But it's upside down?
- Yes.
See what I mean ?
Check it with your classmates.
A box with a hole
it's just like a lens.
Check it out!
Like this?
No, you have to seal it first.
Like this? Will this work?
OK, any questions?
Go for it!
Teacher, I can't see a thing.
Open it.
Make the hole small so the image won't blur.
- Works now?
- OK
Today is a very special day. You know why?
Today we will see an eclipse.
You know what that means?
An eclipse is when the moon gets
between the sun and the earth
That's when Chang-e and
her girlfriends get to do it...
...Do what? You tell me.
Kun, since you know so much
Put your bullshit on paper!
Ok class...the eclipse is coming!
Aiya, I missed it!
Whether you got it or not,
write it up when you get home tonight.
Ling Ling was never my mother.
She is a fairytale.
A princess without a palace.
Typhoon's coming, stay inside.
Stay close to the radio for my classic songs.
Call in anytime, call Mr. Love
tell me your story!
Call 3384-777
Call now!
Can't fish in this weather...
No beer?
Hey, we're out of beer...
Papa...there's so much stuff
I can't get my head around.
There's so much stuff
I can't get my head around either.
- Nobody knows
- Papa...
Where's Mama?
Mama's dead. What more can I say ?
Where did she go?
Go get some beer. Then I'll explain.
The corner store is closed!
- Wong Kee is still open
- It's too far!
Go get some beer and then we'll talk.
Mr. Love is my name,
music is my game!
- Hello?
- Hello?
Can you play "The Moon Back Then"?
What does a young girl like you
want with an old song like
"The Moon Back Then"?
Which "Moon" do you want?
Mama's "Moon."
Want to tell someone "sorry" or "miss you"?
Mr. Love will send it on,
if your heart is broken
or you are feeling down,
call me, we'll find your song.
Love's my name, music's my game.
Play Mama's "The Moon Back Then"
What? You again?
What's Mama's "The Moon Back Then"?
This one!
"When will the moon be full?"
Oh...Ling Ling's "Moon Back Then"?
You should have said so.
And don't miss
her concert next month
at the Hong Kong Coliseum.
Starting next week,
we'll give free tickets
to Ling Ling's concert to fans who call in.
Let me give you some.
It's time to tell me the truth!
Cut the engine!
What really happened to Mama?
Where did our Miss Hong Kong go?
What Miss Hong Kong? She was just a runner-up!
How can you say that?
I want to know, she's my Mama!
And I'm your Papa!
Why are you treating me this way?
You're a liar, you lied to me!
The sun won't kill me.
I'm not allergic.
You just want to cover me up,
so no one can see me.
You'll do as I say!
No, I'm not going to hide anymore.
No more secrets.
We were so young...
I wasn't careful...she got pregnant.
Where is she?
She ran off just after you were born.
I don't know where...
Don't you think I have a right to know?
I didn't want you unhappy...
Why did you lie to me?
She lied to me!
Sol had to lie to you.
I lived a lie all these years...
how can you live with that?
I don't want to be alone...
We're all born alone.
Don't be like your mother.
It was more fragile than I thought.
You're all wet.
You can change there.
I don't want to be invisible anymore.
This is not the way.
What way is the way?
What can I do?
The whole village thinks I'm a ghost.
If I look at their nets,
the fishermen say they'll catch no fish.
If I touch my schoolmates'
stuff they throw it away...
I feel like this world is so small
this village a tiny planet
the Sun and the Moon fighting over this land
pulling us apart
in and out with the tide
And then I saw you.
You were...You were watching me.
I was...
It just happened.
I can feel
you were looking for me.
I couldn't help myself.
When you look at me,
what do you see?
Do you see a ghost?
Tell me what you see.
I see me.
No meaning
No answer
White Girl...
Where is she?
Do you know The White Girl?
Sure, my friend.
Moon party.
Come together.
"A woman by the flower."
"The scent takes me in."
"Her flower closes when she sleeps."
"It's fate we meet."
"Miss, please."
"A woman by the flower."
"The scent takes me in."
"Her flower closes when she sleeps."
"It's fate we meet."
"Miss...we've met already,
what's there to hide?"
"Why turn, why hide ?"
"Speak up. "
watch your step.
Welcome !
Great place, isn't it?
Stop playing, clean up your mess!
This is my strategic plan for Pearl Village.
First, the Mangrove Forest:
We'll bulldoze it,
and build a luxury mall.
we go to the sea,
fill it with concrete,
build the world's first
Chinese white dolphin theme park.
we'll build a highway,
bringing in lots of tourists and their money.
And finally...
We'll sit back in our luxury apartments
and cash in.
Cheers boss!
What about this spot?
That's a bit more complicated...
It's a famous Ruin.
The former owner
got a British judge to declare it
a historical monument,
so now it's protected by law.
not much we can do.
Not much we can do?
Do something now and we have a deal.
What are you waiting for?
What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?
Ling Ling was never my mother.
She is a fairytale.
A princess without a palace.
I found my own palace.
It's up on a hill.
It's not luxurious...
but from there,
I can see the world.
"Historical site" my ass.
I'm gonna make you "history"!
It's simple:
five years from now,
the world will be ours.
- Hey Princess!
- What?
What are you doing here?
What are YOU doing here?
This place doesn't need you and your "work!"
Don't you dare!
Hey! Come out.
What's so special about this dump anyway?
You'll never know!
I hired her just for you.
- "Teresa Teng"
- Yes!
Same dress like hers!
What's going on?
Check the speaker.
Don't worry...
Drink up.
Skies were blue, fields were green.
Big fish, small fish all aquamarine.
Back then we were happy as can be.
Look close at this pirates' "development",
they'll take it all without our consent,
Ho Zai is here to save the day,
to denounce corrupt and make them pay!
They're not here to sight see,
they're here for our land!
No such thing!
The Village Chief sold us out!
- Grab the kid!
- OK
Bye bye!
Ho Zai,
Let's get out of here.
You go, I stay.
The waves break white.
White and strong
like The White Girl...
Thieves everywhere.
Can't hold his liquor...
What a little shit
can't even do a simple task
You see the bridge? The pirates built it!
It's so long...
where can it go?
Look how it pollutes our sea
kills our fish and kills our dolphins.
Look here! Our mangrove forest.
So full of life,
little birds, little crabs...
little fish...
Swimming fish...
and little shrimp...
and little oysters...
That's me!
I'm an oyster!
I saved my palace
from their fire that day.
In the end, they still tore it down.
Over the years the fishermen moved onshore,
or went abroad if they could.
Their homes, their boats, even the oyster farms
are gone.
Did you think this was your dream? was me
who dreamed of you,
looking at me,
looking at you.
That day you left without a word,
but the space between us
is who we are.
A hot wind,
a white sea,
a film.