The White Horse Inn (1960) Movie Script

In the White Russian / b (1960)
dTV - The First - April 16, 2012
(Josepha Vogelhuber)
(Brigitte Giesecke)
(Dr. Siedler)
(Klaesschen Hinzelmann)
(Sigismund Slzheimer)
(Professor Hinzelmann)
(Giesecke) (Piccolo Franzl)
(Song:) "That's the
magic of the season."
"She fills us with our coffers."
"And because we all live on it, -"
"- let's let her live."
"Such a summer brings
us money like hay."
"Unskilled, unkempt.
TOI Toi Toi!"
"Everyone takes his style."
"That's the magic of the season."
"That's the magic of the season."
"Not every girl is so pure."
"Clean must be the magic."
"We say 'Please!' and 'pardon!'"
"As long as the foreign
donated to the domestic, -"
"- the head likes to say: Garcon!"
"That's the magic of the season."
"A good apple strudel."
"It tastes the guest
in every way."
"Even the Yankee Doodle."
"Porter, servus, such a joy!"
"Even lazier today, it is not possible."
"When he pays.
That's the magic of the season."
The "Emperor Franz Josef" is coming!
St. Wolfgang! Please hurry up!
3O minutes rest!
Pace, pace! Vite, vite!
Avanti, avanti!
The famous "Weisses Rssl"!
There is the balcony of the
historic imperial room.
Emperor Franz Josef
lived there then.
Because of "rest"!
Where did you order rooms?
I think you ordered rooms.
Do we have to take care of it?
I ask in the "White Rssl"!
There is nothing left.
Then... we are looking elsewhere!
We have to. There!
Now an attraction
of our modern age.
Leopold, the singing head
waiter of the "Weisses Rssl".
The singing is included in the
package price. You're welcome!
"In the 'Weisses Rssl'
at the Wolfgangsee."
"There is luck in
front of the door."
"And calls to you: 'Good morning!'"
"Come in and forget
your worries!"
"And then you have to
get away from here, -."
"Does the farewell hurt you so much?"
"Your heart, you have -"
"- lost, in the 'Weisses
Rssl' at the lake."
Please distribute yourself
informally at the tables!
"Pisa has the Leaning Tower as its
attraction, and Paris the Eiffel Tower."
"Washington the White House.
What is that?"
"Without a white horse it is bland."
"In the 'White Horse' Guesthouse
at Wolfgang Lake stands -"
"- happiness at the door.
Bonjour, madame!"
"Ciao, Bambina!"
"And good morning,
you Berliner!"
"Do you have to leave this place?
Does the farewell hurt you so much?"
"Your heart, you have lost,
in the 'Weisses Rssl' -"
"am... well?"... lake."
Hurry! In 21 minutes departure.
Both speak Berlin dialect.
Where are you staying? I hurry.
We have pork knuckle with sour cabbage.
Two portions!
Sure, of course! And for you
we have wonderful steaks.
The United Steaks of America.
Madame! I serve you
a bouillabaisse.
Do not be angry with me!
A bouillabaisse a
la Brigitte Bardot.
Have the honor! Have the honor!
Spaghetti, Signore!
Salato, tomato!
Bravissimo! Pianissimo!
Come on! Travel is no
pleasure for them. Quickly!
Only 1O minutes left! Tempo!
It gets dizzy when you
watch them eating.
Tempo! Another word does not
know this time anymore.
It's a verb.
It is best to saddle.
Why did not you do it yet?
For a reason.
He is female, Rssl-landlady and
is called Josepha Vogelhuber.
Uh... How do you know that?
A man like me knows everything.
What are you jerking?
You can not get out!
Give it to me! You also have to pull.
This is very nice...
My dear friend!
You could already
have learned it.
You take the cloth in your hand.
Then always...
He laughs.
Do not be so blatant! Pull!
A man like you knows everything.
What do you know?
You send red roses to your wife
every day since you arrived.
Anonymous! Very old fashioned! I do
not do it for a long time with women.
Silence please! Moment! Equal!
What do you know about women?
A lot of! I am an
enlightened teenager.
You have to tell a woman with
brutal frankness, "I love you!"
Are you crazy?
It would scare her.
The woman is simple and soft.
Her voice melodic and tender.
Kruzitrken sapperlot!
They talk comfortably in the rush mode.
Get to work!
How do you talk to me?
In the staff shortage!
There are enough apprentices!
The bus takes 2 minutes!
Cash in! But fast!
Waiter! Numbers! Leopold! Leopold!
But but! My dominions!
(Singing:) "Pretty nice!"
"With the peace one comes
once again so far."
"But but! My dominions!"
"Just always peaceful."
"Why go for it?"
"Please, we have time."
"Look at the sunshine!"
"It shines into the heart."
"Like the love everyone
cherishes so much."
"For to be happy and content, -"
"- you can only with love alone."
"Only then it says, my lords."
"What is it about now?"
"Once coffee."
The Bill please! "A soft egg."
"Please, it makes twelve shillings
two with date." Unerhrt!
"Two rolls! Crispy, spicy!
A sweet look!"
"Twenty shillings forty!"
Waiter! Numbers!
"Once tea complete!"
Alltogether! "A face so nice!"
"A small beer.
Ten shillings four."
"A Kaiserschmarren
for the Herr Baron."
"Please, please! I am coming!"
"What's up, I'm already here!"
"But but! My dominions!"
"What is it again?"
"My soul!" You already have
your cross with you!"
Numbers! "But, but, my lords!"
"Sit down!"
"So you see: I can not
disintegrate myself!"
"Look at the sunshine!"
Waiter! Numbers!
Moment! Colleague is coming soon!
I am in a hurry!
"He looks into his heart!"
"Like love." Waiter!
All sorts of!
"Why always these hassles?"
The men are confused. Put!
Whistle boarding! Tempo!
"But, but, my lords!
Where are you running?"
"Look at the sunshine!"
"It shines into the heart!"
"Like the tip!
Everybody likes that."
"Unfortunately, only 10% of the people
get their hands on it." Sackerment!"
What, what? My dominions!"
"But, ladies!
Gentlemen! Love me!"
Moment! Moment! Moment! Numbers!
Tempo! Tempo! Let's go!
Avanti! Avanti! My dominions!
Hello! The gentleman
with the blond hat!
You forgot something.
They had four roast
sausages with onions.
Four cuts!
Twice Salzburger Nockerln!
Do it together... Stand still!
That makes 12O shillings.
You have twice charged 10%.
Hazard pay! Oh!
Can not change. Goodbye! But...
Horrible! I have counted
again three times.
At your disadvantage?
To my advantage!
Or I would be ashamed
of the trade.
You should come immediately to the boss!
I have to catch my breath first.
Not today. She is nervous.
Whimsy women! What is?
Dr. Settler is coming soon.
Uh-oh! Who is Dr. Settlers?
Do not you know that?
Your favorite regular guest!
And the reason why
nobody else cares.
What does she want with a doctor?
I agree! That would be a mixed marriage!
The things on the balcony!
Nothing green!
Dr. Siedler loves red!
Me too! Red is the love! Hurry!
He'll be here by noon tomorrow.
Woman boss called me.
Moment! Take new curtains! I
can not expect the old ones.
Dr. Settler likes friendly.
So! "Friendly"!
Think of flowers! Which "flowers"?
That's not your thing!
Come closer!
Wife boss! If you knew how I
would like to approach you!
What shoud that?
"Heart on the Spit." Heart on the Grill."
"Heart, heart, heart!" Painted!
What is missing here is "heart"!
There is no brain here!
Especially you!
Bring the blue lamp!
Dr. has Settlers like.
And what do you do with dessert?
Oh that!
From appetizer to dessert:
I always have to think about you.
Mr. Leopold! Yes?
I fired 5 headwaiter.
Do you know why? No. Why?
They made love calves
eyes like you.
You want the nice hotel!
Not me! "Calf-eyes"!
5 head waiter wanted to nest.
Do not fill half the dozen!
But do you hear...
Can I now hang the curtains?
First the armchair!
Dr. Settler likes him!
Yes. He should feel at home.
How do I feel?
What is a "hot Josepha
with vanilla ice cream"?
Dr. also has Settlers like.
Impudence! Painted! But...
The flowers!
Which roses are that?
From the boss's desk.
Get a vase!
Not the! I do not allow that!
Can I determine that? Or you?
Now me! These are my roses!
What? Your roses?
Yes, wife boss.
Or did you think Dr. Settler
does you like so much?
I gave you roses
because I love you...
Cheferl! I only see you. I can
not live with longing anymore.
But you can still talk. Yes.
Can you give me a sign
of your affection?
There you have one! What was that?
"Heie Josepha with vanilla ice cream".
Again something like that and you go!
In your room! Change the menu!
My Hansi!
You have it much easier
than me in life.
"Less heart, more brain."
Such a blase!
Change menu!
"Meringue with punch".
(He sings:) "One time only!"
"Oh, please!"
"One day I dare to tell you."
You dumb wife! If you were not so
stubborn, everything could be beautiful!
What does kisses me? Josepha!
No. It's just the muse.
Better than nothing!
Kiss me!
Oh, Josepha!
(He sings:) "It must be
something wonderful, -"
"- to be loved by you."
"For my love is yours."
"As long as I live on earth."
"I can not think
anything better."
"To give you my heart."
"If you give me yours for it."
"And you tell me that
you too love me."
"It must be something wonderful
to be loved by you."
"For my love is yours, as
long as I live on earth."
"I can not think
anything better, -"
"- to give you my heart."
"If you give me yours for
that and tell me..."
Leopold! Hush!
Leopold! Where are you staying?
Are you still not done? Equal!
Come in 5 minutes with map!
Last edited!
The yes. But my feelings never!
Loud door pops.
Unfortunately, not a single room available.
I can not do anything for you.
But I am for you!
I recommend my hair restorer.
Wilhelm Giesecke's "Glatzentrost"!
Very good!
"Glatzfreund" did not help me.
"'Bald consolation!'"!
"Glatzenfreund" is the agent
of Dirt Competition! Listen!
I have been processing for a long
time so he calls his stuff different.
It is mistaken for mine.
You have to take "Glatzentrost"!
I give you a sampler.
God, God!
God, God! Are you the landlady?
Do you have a room for us?
I'm sorry! Everything is busy.
I would have liked to stay here.
Go to the "Wild Man"!
No! We come here. Also full.
I notice you for next year.
I can not wait so long.
Goodbye! Too pale!
I would have driven to the Lneburg Heath!
I'm thirsty, dad!
Me too. Is in the family.
On the lake terrace!
Franzl! Is the noon
steamer already there?
Long time! Good! Dr.
Settler did not arrive.
Waiter! Numbers!
Travel is cheese!
Berlin remains Berlin!
You also got bitching there.
How do you talk to your dad?
I was looking forward to my holidays.
You spoil them.
Yes. As long as the trial
runs against the Slzheimer.
You will win him.
Yes! Do you think!
This lawyer of this
old Slzheimer!
Dr. Settlers! A wrong guy!
I kill him when I meet him.
You do not know him!
His writing suits me.
I'm angry when I think
of the damned bastard!
They had three "damned bastard"...
roast pork!
We need a room.
I'll come right away, sir.
I hear you are looking for a room.
I can offer you our
best apartment.
Room No. 4! The "Imperial Room"
was surprisingly free! Good!
The rooms are thrown to us.
Do you see! You pessimist!
Stefan! The gentlemen
on number 4, please!
Thank you, young man! Thank you!
After you!
You gave away number 4!
If Dr. Settlers still coming?
Does he have to settle elsewhere?
Can not you watch out?
Excuse me!
They ran into the car!
May I help you? Yes.
Thank you!
They were to blame now.
Her skull is hard.
Yours too.
Should I drive you home?
No. I do not live far. Pity!
Please beautiful!
Mr. Leopold! Mr. Leopold!
Alarm! Dr. Settler is here.
What? So, yes!
Oh! Hello! Frulein!
Oh! Good day!
Good day! God, Dr. Settlers!
God, Franzl!
Tomorrow, doctor!
New face! Since my birth.
I do not know you.
You will get to know me!
I have the balcony room.
Like every year.
Have you, doctor! Why "had"?
They did not come with
the midday steamer.
I forgave the room.
My room? Be thankful!
In this house lives your mortal enemy.
What? "Mortal enemy"?
Mr. Giesecke from Berlin.
How nice! I get to know him.
Drive to another hotel!
Let me... please! Leopold!
It is you! Dr. Settlers!
I thought you did not come today.
Loud car door noise.
Am I not on time as usual?
They have, of course, No. 4.
So, yes! Neither! But yes! No!
It's burning!
Leopold! Immediately check!
Do not worry, beautiful woman!
Here burns a first-class Havana.
How do you get to the balcony? Through
the door. Without the mountain guide.
No. 4 is my room! Yes.
That's what the head
waiter leased to me.
Mr. Leopold!
Yes. The doctor did not come
with the midday steamer.
Spter! Clear the room!
A mistake!
What's up, Dad?
Do you live up there?
Yes. Why not?
He wants to take it away!
No! I will leave it to you
and your charming daughter!
But you are right! Not important!
Have a nice holiday!
Thank you! Good that I am stubborn!
You have to prevail.
That has always been your strength.
Who was this gentleman?
Giesecke! That was Giesecke!
I have always imagined
him the same way!
When the Gieseckes learn that Dr.
Settler is here, there is murder.
That stays with us.
All just say "Doctor".
But where will you live?
On our alp! Only 2 hours ascent.
No! He has reserved.
He lives here. No.
I will accommodate you
privately with me.
Oh! I can be grateful
to Mr Giesecke.
Thank Mr. Leopold! He arranged that.
Thank you!
Leopold! You are a giant idiot!
I did not say that. You!
Does it bother you? It is
not a real guest room.
No. So close to you!
Can not you sleep peacefully?
The nights will be terrible.
I am glad that I
am staying here.
Dreadful! Horrible!
Bastard! What's this?
You spy on me!
Do not miss the heartache on me!
It looks worse than it is.
How so?
Settlers only flirt with
the landlady out of habit.
He is interested in
Fraulein Giesecke.
How do you know that?
When it has sparked!
A blind man sees that! But not the
one who is blind with love. You!
The settler with the Giesecke?
That's... Leopold will help.
Bravo! That's how I like you! The
brave man thinks of himself first.
Good day, merciful friend! Oh!
Recovered from the shock?
Yes. Is free in your shadow?
You're welcome! Thank you!
I can not stand the sun.
You can see that.
Hbsch! Very pretty!
It's pretty up there
on the Sheep Mountain.
Yes. The area is wonderful.
We have to uninhibit the soul.
Sure, of course!
Wonderful Little
Disinhibition Agent Vodka!
The best joke is Slibowitz!
This is too much! They are turning blue!
That is the purpose of the exercise.
Something red about it! Paprika.
Can not hurt. Haha! So!
A little mixer. Yes / Yes!
I will take you to the
Schafberg-Alm on Wednesday.
I do not know if I have time.
Excuse me! You're welcome!
Uh-oh! Uh-oh! High time now!
So alert level 5!
Could I rent the
boat for an hour?
I'm sorry. It's already ordered.
Maybe tomorrow! Pity!
What! In! So!
Excuse me! I rented the boat.
Oh! Do you want to go?
They do not tolerate sun.
In the water already. Get on?
You're welcome! May I help you?
Come! Do not be afraid!
Thank you!
Doctor! Hello! Fast!
Cocktail Hour! I'm coming!
Please stay! Moment!
Doctor! Your drinks!
What is... no! You're welcome!
You're welcome!
Stop! Attention! Doctor!
Attention! Mute!
Leopold! Come back! I can not.
The screen!
Help! Help! Stop!
No! Do not stop!
Doctor! Not!
You're welcome! Please do not!
A boat! Help!
Doctor! Help! Rescue!
How do you come from?
I followed you inconspicuously.
Good Morning! Oh! Good Morning!
Miss Brigitte... Holla!
He yodels.
Father! How do you look?
I bought the country dress.
Why do people like half pants?
Pulswrmer! Bare knees!
Without the sun you freeze.
Is she there sucking?
Why did you wear it?
I want to go to the mountains tomorrow.
On the Schafberg-Alm.
I advise you off.
There should be a lot of mosquitoes.
She is famous for it.
Woman boss asks for coffee. No.
Yes! Yes. Thank you! I'll be right there.
The doctor is lucky. One would
have to be a few years younger!
You can go, Mr. Leopold!
Wife boss! I...
May I serve?
Thank you! I can pour
the coffee myself.
Leopold whistles loudly.
The 100-year-old Napoleon!
Mr. Giesecke will be very fiery!
I do not expect Mr. Giesecke.
No? I can already imagine...
Do not think! Go please!
Someone is knocking. You're welcome!
Better safe than sorry.
How nice that you
have invited me!
You're welcome!
You look lovely again!
Thank you!
Please sit down! Thank you!
I do not need you anymore. Hey?
You're welcome!
Leave us alone!
What? So alone?
It seems to me: Leopold
has a weakness for you.
Or for my hotel.
Are not you too
suspicious, Ms Josepha?
You have his experiences like that.
That's incredible!
They also listen!
Go to your work!
You understand me wrong.
I just cleaned the door handle.
They embarrass me a lot!
Again and you fly!
Mr. Leopold did not mean that bad.
Dr. Settlers!
I... Oh! Excuse me?
Sorry? A hair!
Dark brown. Interesting!
Go away!
The Leopold! He is nice and nice.
But sometimes he annoys me.
I think you are suffering from
an inferiority complex. Why?
Not everyone means your hotel,
which adores you. I know.
Loud laughing.
Tomorrow I have a day off. For you.
"Tomorrow"? Yes.
Or renounce the -
- traditional trip
to the lake-Schl?
Natrlich. Our lake-lodge. May I get a
fire? You're welcome! You're welcome!
Do you know what I often think?
How come you are alone?
Are the men here blind? Maybe.
Or you do not like?
But! The one I want
did not ask me.
That must be a big jerk!
He is so clever that
he is stupid again.
Very nice!
The dog barks loudly.
Away from here!
Leopold barks like a dog.
What does the dog have today?
Hui! Oh! I forgot to
water my flowers.
This weird plant needs
a lot of water.
Dear Doctor! We met again.
I had a brandy here.
Like this! That does not matter!
We can go to the bar.
Yes! Mr. Brandmeier!
Tomorrow, fireman captain!
What are you doing?
A fire-extinguishing exercise! I
am a volunteer under-hose guide.
Very good! I call you now
only Lsch-meier! Ha!
I often thought, Dr. Siedler
is soon not alone anymore.
Until I decide!
They did not find the right one yet.
Maybe yes. She does not know.
The two laugh.
There is nothing to understand.
I'm sick.
I do not want to live anymore.
I will shoot myself.
(He sings:)
"For a smile from her!"
"For a single word I would
have done everything."
"But for her it is a joke,
what a pain for me."
"I think she has no heart."
"For a pint of mellow,
a touch of sympathy -."
"- I would have stolen
horses for her."
"And for her I would
jump in the water."
"But in one case I say no!"
"I can not watch."
"I do not like watching."
"If I'm not myself, -"
"- breaks my heart in two."
"I'm not jealous!"
"No, no, sir, not me!"
"But watch... I admit!"
"Watch -"
"- does not hurt so much."
Yes! Mr. Leopold!
What is missing you this morning?
Do not ask me! It's all over.
The settler and the
Rssl landlady agree.
I do not believe that. He gave this
to me for the boss. A love letter.
No. I read it.
What? Rascal! You become criminal!
He was under his fingers.
Are you idiot?
Open foreign letters?
Do you do that?
What is in it?
He can not meet her today.
Important professional thing!
He puts her. That's right!
The "important professional thing" is
the Fraulein Giesecke. Do you mean?
You lack experience in love.
I give the boss the
mourning message.
Mr. Leopold!
Hush! The end justifies the means.
She learns nothing about the cancellation.
I go to the lake-lodge.
Mr. Leopold! They get started!
"Mr. Leopold, you are going!"
"Mr. Leopold, you are going!"
Have the honor, doctor!
Good day, Mr. Leopold!
Do you want the seat at
Friesul Giesecke's table?
Very friendly! You know
my difficult situation.
Rely on me! Good!
I venture into the
cave of the lion.
Please, do me a favor? Everyone!
Mr. Slzheimer will come here.
He needs a room.
The process opponent of Giesecke?
No, his son.
The beautiful Sigismund Slzheimer!
He soon takes over the
company of his father.
You may agree.
That would be good for some reason.
Yes. I mean: Heart and leg break!
Thank you! I go ahead.
Do you mind if the
doctor joins you?
Not me. But... thank you very much!
Please here, Doctor! Here!
Thank you, Mr. Leopold!
Is it our date?
Tomorrow at 3 o'clock.
On the Schafberg-Alm.
"On the Schafberg-Alm"?
(He sings:) "On the alp
there is..." music!
He imitates a trumpet.
"Beautiful is the world! Today
we have sunshine again."
"Flowering field! Laughing field!
Who will be melancholy?"
"Listen, every little
bird whistles something."
"Sing, too! Whistle, too!
Or you buzz something in bass!"
"In the Salzkammergut there
you can be good fun."
"Because the music plays.
"In the Salzkammergut there
you can be good fun."
"Like nowhere! Holdrio!"
"It blooms the
elder all summer."
"Only love blossoms all year."
"In the Salzkammergut there
you can be good fun!"
"Yes, we always have it like that!"
Leopold yodels.
"It's blooming elderberry."
"The whole summer sometimes."
"And only love
blossoms all year."
"In the Salzkammergut there
you can be good fun."
"Yes, we always have it like that.
Mr. Giesecke! I put the
Lord at your table.
We expect a rush. If need be!
Yes. The gentleman is also from Berlin.
A jam-filled donut?
Yes. Berlin resident.
No matter! The main thing not Dr. Settlers.
No. h... The doctor's name is different.
Pleasant, Dr. Different!
I am Wilhelm Giesecke.
Do you know my hair
restorer "Glatzentrost"?
No. You do not have it yet.
My daughter Brigitte!
Did you call the name "Dr. Siedler"?
Yes. Do you know that?
Quite volatile.
The biggest scoundrel running around!
Read the outrageous letter!
Bad Dr. Not so different!
Do not mix in my mugger! Read!
Interesting! I am also a lawyer.
Good! I may engage you!
We'll go to the damned Dr.
Heat settlers!
Meisterstck! How you talked your
father out of the Schafberg Alm!
Everything is easier
with diplomacy.
God, the Lord! Somewhat stout?
You do not have it here.
A white with a shot!
"Shot"? We don't have!
Was clear. What's this? The?
The train to the Schafberg Alm.
Does a lane go up?
On the Schafberg-Alm? Yes.
And I run cattle!
Yes / Yes! Cattle are running!
May I open the wine already?
Yes. My bride is coming soon.
Give it to you, colleague!
That's nice. Thank you!
Wonderful! Thank you!
Cheers, Miss Josepha!
My text!
"Dear Wife, There is not one employee
standing in front of you this day."
"Here sits an independent
man and a freelance lover."
"And... adored! Let me
rest on your breast!"
"Once a week." No. This is bad.
Twice a week is better.
"I'll leave you..."
I have to camouflage that.
"- My heart to Fieen.
Or wherever you want to go."
"Not only the feet!"
"I want to hold on to your hands
for a lifetime." She comes!
"I lay my heart to you.
Or where are you... "Hello!
Mrs. Josepha! We are sitting here!
I'm not dating you. Ui!
Dr. Settler is not coming. How so?
He has an appointment
with Friesul Giesecke.
That is not true!
On the Schafberg-Alm.
I do not believe that.
I know it exactly. For real!
Do not be sad!
They got me! The Leopold!
He will never move you.
Drink something! Forget it...
They are lying!
Dr. Settler has an
appointment with me!
Drive on the alp!
I will! Then we go! Let's go!
Here you go! Thank you!
What do you have?
They are so serious.
Miss Brigitte! I
have to confess.
With a face like at the funeral?
It is not very easy.
The facts are as follows:
Continue, Mr. Lawyer Anders!
Not different. But very different!
My name is Siedler.
Yes. Dr. Settlers?
Yes! N / A! Have fun!
Look how nice it is down there!
I am not here to see
how nice it is down!
I thought: Something does not fit.
What are you doing now?
I have not decided yet. But I!
If you kiss me, you will
experience something!
That's exactly what I want.
Let go of my daughter's head!
That's why you spoiled the Alm for me.
Not nice! Father!
No! It's my fault.
How so? May I ask you for
the hand of your daughter?
You are a fast boy!
Thank you!
There you are! There you have it!
So! Sit down, young man!
Mrs. Josepha! Pepperl!
If my little one
really wants you!
I am not a monster.
Thank you! I have something to tell you.
Moment! Waiter! A bottle of sparkling wine!
We have to feed it. Yes. But...
I'm going crazy.
Half the "Weisses Rssl"!
Hello, hostess!
Come! Do not be so shy!
Drink a glass of sparkling wine with us!
Not necessary. We wanted -
- Oh!
- Down to the valley.
Come! We just want to
celebrate engagement.
So, yes! I congratulate!
Thank you!
You were right, Herr Leopold!
But reluctant.
I go. What does that mean?
The doctor had also arranged to meet me.
In the lake-Schlsschen.
I apologized!
Yes. That was in the letter!
What? "Because of the job."
An intrigue of you! You have
misappropriated my letter!
No Yes. I thought:
I can replace the doctor.
You are fired! "Dismiss"?
Dr. Settlers!
Can you talk to her?
"Dr. Siedler"?
Do I have a sunstroke?
I wanted to tell you earlier.
You are Dr. Settlers?
You want an engagement under
a false name with my child!
Listen to me! No!
I write you.
Only if I have to. Come over!
He is only our counter-attorney!
Do you protect him?
It is not his fault.
I am a parent.
Thank you for opening my eyes!
You're welcome!
Mrs. Josepha! Forgive me?
No! Not you!
And you too, Dr. Settlers!
Good day! Mrs. Josepha!
Let me explain it!
Pardon! Excuse me!
Now everything is in the bucket.
And today comes Mr. Slzheimer.
The beautiful Sigismund. What?
Yes. We have even more bad luck!
They ordered sparkling wine.
No. Long over!
Gift for two people!
Mr. Leopold! You figured
that out intelligently.
Yes... Where others have a
bird, I have a helicopter!
Sigismund sings:
"When Sigi was in the cradle,
it was already visible."
"The child will be beautiful
like a statue from Athens."
"The girls in the city said:"
"'No jealousy, who has, who has.'"
"What can Sigismund make
that he is so beautiful?"
"And that you love him?"
"People act as if
beauty is a crime."
"Be glad that it exists!"
"What can Sigismund make
that he is so beautiful?"
"He's a cavalier."
"And that he likes
to see the ladies:."
"What can Sigismund do for it?"
Hm! Am I beautiful! Hm!
Have some patience, Klchen!
We leave the impoverished
road behind us.
Yes Dad! What's this?
Hello! Hello! My ladies! Where?
To St. Wolfgang.
Get on! Thank you!
Skandals! There was no
such thing in my time.
Yes Dad!
Shame that you are not like that!
No, dad!
Look here! A "Polistes gallicus".
This is a wonderful example.
Klrchen! I lost my glasses.
Yes Dad!
This is a big hummer
for my collection.
Do you want to go to St.
Oh yeah! You're welcome! Get on!
For real?
I like to take along pretty ladies.
I thought you first
for a big bummer.
But you are a loose butterfly.
I flutter from flower to flower.
May I bring you both to St.
I understand only on houseflies.
But good!
What is that noise?
A helicopter landed in
front of the hotel.
This is Sigi Slzheimer.
N / A? Did you like it?
Klrchen! Yes. Wonderful.
Now I know how insects feel.
Mr. Slzheimer! Doctor!
Typically Sigismund.
I'm going crazy.
The young Slzheimer.
The damned settler is there too.
I still miss him.
Do you have more luggage?
Yes. Come!
So! Attention!
Oh! Well, something like that!
Gosh! You are a genius.
Oh! I can do much more.
Even if you have nothing
to wear, you get your tip.
Do you have change? Natrlich!
Thank you! So! Thank you!
Klrchen! May I ask? Come!
We are leaving. Come on! We are packing.
You're welcome!
But would not that
look like escape?
This is me... What did you say?
Oh, right! You're right.
We stay.
Do I have the honor with
the Rssl landlady?
Yes. And who are you?
Sigismund Slzheimer.
You have certainly heard of me.
You can tell your
grandchildren once:
"The famous inventor
Slzheimer lived here."
Are you an inventor?
Yes, as a hobby.
I'm in the hair
restorer industry.
If you want hair on your
teeth, you need Hawuzapa.
As? Hair growth toothpaste.
I rubbed in a bald,
scrubbed Persian.
He has to go to the
hairdresser every 14 days.
The used tubes can
be used as a flute.
You're welcome! A sample. Thank you!
But do not press too
hard on the tube!
Thank you! Likewise!
The hostel is too expensive.
We go!
Yes Dad!
But! Where do you want to go?
This is too luxurious for
my modest circumstances.
But! Are you waiting! I inquire.
Expect only half the price!
I pay the rest.
As you wish. Thank you!
Everything alright, Professor.
Yes. But...
Please stay! The landlady
expects you... Hm?
How much do you expect the
room to be like this?
Hundertach... 9O shillings.
For one person?
For two persons. So what! Bravo!
Yes. That's cheap.
I am always happy, -
- if in the hotel trade the juggernaut
greed for profit has not taken hold.
Yes. We do what we can.
Who... Who was that?
The famous "Verena-Sisters".
"Sisters"! Goodbye!
Two great bees...
But I like you better.
Many Thanks!
See you at dinner. Natrlich!
Come on, Klchen! Yes Dad!
Mr. Leopold! What should
be here without you?
It will become a pig.
But I do not care.
I'm leaving the house tomorrow.
Gell, Hansi? We have our pride.
I also go. I will not be bullied.
You stay!
She needs a man here. Yes!
She has to take back the dismissal.
No! I talk to her.
Mr. Leopold! And immediately!
But you go to sleep, Franzl!
Someone is knocking. In!
Can I... Oh! It is you.
Yes I! Not your Dr. Settler
who has transferred you.
How do you talk to me?
How can a woman like you
have so little common sense?
For you "Mr. Brandmeier" please!
I value the word "Lord"!
This is...
No confidentiality! Ending!
Would not you be as
nailed down as me,
something could
have become of us.
But you want to become a doctor.
I forbid... rest! I'm talking about.
Lord... I was a fool.
Am I your bedside rug?
It would be nice.
I have enough. I go. And if
you ask me on my knees...
What do you imagine?
h... What am I imagining?
Mrs. Josepha, Mrs.
Pepperl, Peppi!
Can you give my poor
heart some hope?
I mean just a little. Maybe?
I love her!
Believe me! That's not how
you loved a human being.
I believe you, Leo...
Mr. Brandmeier!
No! Leopold is good.
If you, Pepperl...
I'm sorry, Mr Leopold! Adieu!
Then excuse me!
Adieu, Mrs. Vogelhuber!
It's like that in life.
And others are alike.
Ha! "It's like that in life."
"And others are alike."
"What one likes so much, -"
"- that's so far away."
"If you can have everything, if you
find yourself without effort, -"
"- which one never reaches.
Yes, my dear friend!"
"Then it would be easy."
"But you can see, -"
"- you have to be pretty modest."
"Silence and be content!"
"Smile... Ha, and do it!"
"Yes, yes, it's
like that in life."
"To change... others are alike."
"Grade of the most beautiful dream..."
"only foam remains."
"That's just a small consolation."
"Well then cheers!"
Come on, Hansi! Candy.
The... The taxi is already here, Mr.
Nice? Thank you, Franzl! Thank you!
My God! How you look!
Quite wrong. Take care of yourself!
Never fall in love with your boss!
That only gives sorrow.
I will keep that in mind.
So you take the breakfast. Yes.
And I want to finally
say goodbye.
Mrs. boss, Mrs. Vogelhuber!
(Both:) So then you live well!
(Both:) Then God!
God, God! Franzl is sobbing.
Did you say something?
No, Mrs. Vogelhuber.
Maybe Hansi.
Then go!
Please, Mrs. Vogelhuber!
Listen! In the season is not howled.
Get to work!
Good morning, Mr. Leopold!
Oh! Good Morning!
Farewell, doctor!
To the doctor... To the station please!
Doctor! Forgive me!
I destroyed your engagement.
Oh! I can handle that.
What are you doing?
I drive in recovery. Relax here!
I am released.
That's your luck. My luck!
As a waiter, you had no chance.
But the landlady must
respect you as a guest.
Make her the yard!
That will not do.
Why not? "Why not?" Why not?
Yes! Doctor! What is the
motto of our house?
"Here was the emperor guest.
Here is the guest king."
I am the king.
See you later, colleague!
Are you also a doctor? No. Guest!
Oh, right!
Driver! To the "White Rssl"!
Go ahead! What?
h! Drive back!
My bird please!
Thank you! And bring my
big luggage later! Here!
Oh thank you! Oh please!
N / A! Uah! What are you looking so bld?
I mean, what's up to you?
Take care of my baggage, my luggage!
Porter! Come on!
Porter! Well finally!
Have you forgotten something, Leopold?
My name is Leopold Brandmeier.
I wish a double room with
bathroom for the bird and me.
Oh! And phone. But Mr. Leopold!
Fire Meier! Which
room can you offer?
Number 18. There is a tap.
Number 11. The bed too short. And
Hansi does not like the wallpaper.
Show me! Maybe yes! Number 9.
In addition the rocking chair
of 5, the floor lamp of 12!
And the record player of Mrs.
Ow! You will have joy.
I am not generous.
But difficult.
Oh! Kiss the hand, Mrs.
That's a surprise.
Surprises are the bones of life.
They have changed.
Have you changed your mind?
I'll think too, Leopold!
Sorry! Too late.
I am a hotel guest.
Call me away Mr. Brandmeier!
I hope that your hotel
will meet my requirements.
Have the honor, Mrs. Vogelhuber!
They play "Im Weissen
Rssl am Wolfgangsee".
Excellent food.
And so cheap. Yes Dad!
But we must not forget the
true meaning of travel.
The nature! Not the dumplings.
Yes Dad!
I want to be served by
the head waiter. Yup!
Yes, please! The Lord wish?
What? Are you the new head waiter?
Yes, please! Why?
I do not know.
But I liked it better.
I beg your pardon?
Nothing. What's this? Dust from...
What can you recommend to me?
"Geniebares"? We also have.
N / A? N / A? Moment! We would
have a paprika chicken.
That was yesterday yesterday.
You know that? Well, fish.
He is dead too long.
Stuffed veal breast?
How old is she? I do not
know what to suggest to you.
Another table.
You're welcome! But not here!
The table is occupied.
Correct! From me.
No! You're welcome! You see yes.
I do not have to accept that.
Call the boss!
As they want. A little faster!
Yes / Yes! Go Go! As? Quickly!
Brigitte! Sit down now with
the back against the guy!
What does that make for an impression?
No matter!
The settler keeps looking at you.
Let's go!
You're welcome!
Hello! Yes! Here I am.
Yes. Sit down briefly!
If need be.
Eat, Klchen! Eat! Yes Dad!
What does the settler
boil with the Slzheimer?
They talk about our process.
Maybe Dr. Settlers Slzheimer -
- to persuade to a
friendly agreement.
I do not need Dr. Settlers.
"Gtlich"? He whistles.
Brigitte, child!
I think I just laid
the egg of Columbus.
Tell me! How do you like the
beautiful Sigismund Slzheimer?
What do you mean by that?
Nothing. Nothing at all. I only mean.
We agree in principle.
I beg your pardon?
Yes, of course. I
will call my dad.
Do not forget it!
See you later! Yes!
They wish to speak to me.
Most time!
Why are guests fed
with old chickens?
Because you said that, Mr. Leopold.
Yes, as head waiter.
As a guest I say:
"This is mortification!"
Do not scream!
The table is shaking.
I take another.
Excuse me, ladies!
May I sit down?
Why not? Why not? Yes.
I know you.
Are you from the newspaper?
Oh yeah! The frantic reporter.
Nice to meet you!
Very different... on my part.
Yes! I have to interview you
for the magazine "Playboy".
For real?
No. Yes! But how! But how?
My favorite invention:
The breakfast.
"Good morning darling!"
Good morning darling!
Oh! That sounds much nicer.
Klrchen! This goes too far.
But Professor!
Now something for you. A cuckoo
clock with electron brain.
"Cuckoo, cheers!"
Ha! That's a great invention.
Better than any rocket.
And more comfortable.
Oh, pardon! If it were up to me, you
would come to every front page.
And where would I go?
On every back... backside.
Waiter! Numbers!
Here you go! Am already...
Oh! That's a good joke.
Yes. I make such jokes more often.
May I invite the ladies
for a drink in the salon?
Gladly! You can interview us.
Mr. Leo... Brandmeier!
May I speak to you?
I have my hands full.
You are constantly being disturbed.
Like a Russian grandfather.
After the revolution.
He could still be dangerous to me.
Not me.
Forgiveness! That's right.
They drive the fish and
hit me on the head.
They are! Do you collect vermin?
That's what the layman calls it.
Actually, vermin.
Professor! Is the young Slzheimer
the Bridegroom of your daughter?
Before you... what? "Husband"?
Before you find the right
Bridegroom for you, time goes by.
Like my Brigitte.
I do not want her.
Yes. So life is!
Oh! Like... Ah! My ladies!
Good day!
Quick! Hush, hurry into the water!
Forgive me for advancing!
So! And now follow me!
They laugh.
Who will make such a rainy
face in such fine weather?
Yes. Yes!
He does not mean it that way. No.
Look! Also a nice waterfall.
"Look, poor Sigismund,
he has the sex appeal."
"And a bit much.
That's why he's infantile."
"If a man is so beautiful and
around him such a rift, -"
"- he does not realize
how pale he is."
"What can Sigismund make
that he is so beautiful?"
"That you love him?"
"If with him the
beauty is a mistake."
"What can he do to
give him everything?"
"What can Sigismund make
that he is so beautiful?"
"The ladies are swimming around him
like the flies in a glass of beer."
"So that he will be hot, if
there is no warm faehn."
"What can Sigismund, the
stupid dog do for it?"
Smaller! Give it to me!
We want to play Cupid.
No no no! Yes / Yes! Watch out!
Not to understand.
Ha! So! You have to fish out
your Sigismund yourself!
Many Thanks! Peter Heil!
Help me! Yes Yes Yes!
Thank you! Well so what!
This... this silly gnome! Uh!
There you are completely different. Yes?
And I did not care about you.
But that should be different now.
Yes? I do not need bath maids.
No? Hm!
Can you say nothing other
than "yes" and "no"?
Yes. Say it! No. Hm! Then come!
At least tell Sigismund to me!
No. Why not? It's a nice name.
Tell Sigismund! No!
I once met a girl on the plane.
She did not say a word for 3,000 meters.
But then: She whispered.
I tell you:
Every s-sound was a double hiss.
(Lispelt:) Yes, that's why
I'm not saying Sigismund.
There are too many "s" in there.
This sounds charming to you.
Yes? Yes!
Most men have no time.
They themselves have mistakes.
There was one
recently, still young
and already bald. Funny!
Hm! Come!
I have a serious suspicion.
How so?
Daddy now finds the young
Slzheimer nice. Ah!
He often talks about him.
"Slzheimer and Giesecke".
If you marry, everything is okay.
You're good. Your father -
- does not process anymore.
And I'm not his opponent.
Shall I therefore marry Slzheimer?
No, of course not!
Oh! Wife landlady! Moment!
Please, Mr. Giesecke!
I need a table for Supzheimer
and myself tomorrow night.
With pleasure! It could be a family
event occur.
I thought doctor...
No no! Not that one.
The girl has my character.
Reserve the table?
I do. Thank you very much!
So! Klrchen! May I ask?
We start with the
language lessons.
Only a few sets without s.
First lesson:
"I'm fine with you."
Please talk to me!
"I am you..." no.
But it is completely harmless.
Not a single S.
"I am you..." Well?
"I'm fine with you." Very good!
Can you see it! That's speech art.
Second lesson:
Maybe the best of them all.
Talk carefully to me!
"I love you!"
"Me no. I love you!"
I love you too,
Sigismund Slzheimer.
I am glad that Mr. Leopold shot
the arrow into the mattress.
What? That's what!
I put it in front of me.
He meant well.
I know. I will thank him.
Come over!
A little faster! Flott! That tomorrow
everything will work out at the festival!
Mr. Anton! Did you
think about the pigs?
"Schweinswrste"? I have forgotten.
I'll call the butcher. Yes.
But the extra beer for the
fire department is there?
I wrote it down to you.
Me? I...
As head waiter you are a zero.
The Leopold was different.
I agree! There... Disappear!
Why is he gone?
That does not concern you.
Well! I can go then.
You can not let me sit!
And whether! I do not let myself
be harassed all the time.
The reputation of the White Russian...
I do not care! I go.
Bang! You can do anything
with a single woman.
Mr. Brandmeier is sitting in the bar.
If you ask him nice...
Go to work now!
Mr. Leopold! Mr. Brandmeier!
You wish, please?
Can I speak to you alone?
Sorry! No office hours.
But it's important!
Allow me to kidnap Mr.
Haha! But please!
"Kidnap me"? But please!
I have a big request. Finally!
Before the party Anton
leaves me in the lurch.
Oh! They need replacement.
I did not mean that.
Mrs. Vogelhuber! Not with me!
I am not an emergency nail.
You know what? Yes?
Slip my hump!
But I...
Ah! There they are.
I finally found you!
But she lost me.
You have not lost me.
I stay with you.
I want to thank you for
using your arrow -
- brought a decisive
turn in my air mattress.
She ran out of air...
Not you, this blown up.
As a result, the two ladies went overboard.
And I stumbled -
- because of... the lake.
Of your arrow on my
intimately attached camisole.
My dearly clarified darling.
My dearly beloved Klchen!
Quite clear!
What do you want from me?
I want to invite you to my engagement.
Thank you! I submit my clique
to the covenant for life -
- the hand. Ah!
I will not hand it to her.
Then hand the other one!
Are you coming to my engagement?
Yes, sure! But please
after the pageant.
I belong to the honors...
No! To the Honorary Underpants
Leaders of the fire department.
Hose not real! As?
Not bad either!
Where is the beer?
I'm going insane.
Albert! Take a look! Yes / Yes!
Nothing works today.
The speech.
You talk to them, mayor!
No! This is a fire department.
You can do that better.
You are the fire department...
h, fire Meier! Captain!
It has to work! Works.
Pay attention to my commands!
Can I rely on you?
They are abandoned.
They play a rumba.
Fast! The people are waiting.
This one up! Hurry up!
Good day! Good day!
Good day!
Good entertainment! Come on!
Thank you! From your father? Yes.
N / A? N / A! You're welcome!
So what! Then
everything is fine.
Congratulations! Congratulations!
I want to see the fire department.
Me too. Come!
Dear Santa Wolfgang and walkers!
Dear guests! On the
occasion of today's...
(Soft:) celebration! (Loud:) celebration!
Fire! Fire march!
No! Out! Go Back! Not correct! Out!
Water march! Ending! Out!
The people laugh.
Hose, stop!
Uh-oh! Besides. Where is he?
Not correct! Not correct!
But now. I get it.
Moment! I have him. Ow!
Come out! Come out! Ow!
Have him! Have him!
Have him! Hm? Is not he.
Where is he? There he is.
Hold! Stop them! But how?
No! But that is...
So now! Take him! Take him!
Music! Music!
Help me a little!
I can not get him up.
Oh! Forgiveness! That was...
Get up!
Careful, kids!
It's getting wet now.
Gentlemen! Back down a bit!
Attention! Attention!
What are you doing there?
Stop it!
The Slzheimer without hair!
Everybody is laughing. There! The hair.
Oh! Forgiveness!
Moment! Are you waiting!
Where is he? There!
Your bald head! Your wig!
Mr. Glatzheimer! Your sweetie.
Go away! Ouch!
Hello! Catch up! Yes!
The audience laughs.
Thank God! Hello, Mr. Sigismund!
Here is your hairstyle.
Come! Forgive me!
Does not matter.
Sigismund! Sigismund!
Hello! How are you?
Oh... not here!
Klchen has disappeared.
Brigitte too. N / A! In the bustle.
Think of the table!
Oh! Yes. I'll do it.
The landlady loses
her nerves as well.
We celebrate with the competition.
Engagement of Slzheimer
with Brigitte.
Sigismund gets engaged
today with Klchen.
Oh! My poor dad... Oh!
Come over there!
Come in the corner!
I want to use the shock
moment of your father,
so that he gives us his acceptance.
Fast! Cash in!
People are running away.
Not to understand.
Sigismund! Yes. Well!
You will not want to
take me anymore now.
But! We both have a mistake.
You your peruette and I the S.
(Lispelt:) That's load balancing.
You are sweet, Klchen!
Unerhrt! I wait half an hour.
They will serve you immediately.
Everyone talks in confusion.
Not to understand.
I do what I can. Yes / Yes! Go!
Can not you watch out?
He speaks Italian. Yes Yes Yes!
And you get help from
the other hotels!
But I'm supposed to serve in the bar.
Go! Do as I tell you!
Please beautiful! Waiter! My sausages!
But my dominions!
(Singing:) "The little bit of rain!"
"Come in the house!
It will be nice again."
"But, but my lords!"
"The wet rain lasts
at least 14 days."
"You will see it already."
"And no sunshine shines,
then look into the glass!"
"Just think of the
old song again."
"In the Salzkammergut there
you can be good fun!"
"Yes, we always do, Holdrio!
Charly! Here! Mario!
Yes! Franzl!
Yes! In the kitchen! Hopp!
Keep calm! You get what
your heart desires.
Bravor, applause.
You're welcome! A nice corner table!
Oh! Here comes the soup.
To the soup! Please beautiful!
"Whoever grows on soup
has half digested."
A specialty of the house:
A liverwort soup.
The "Rssl-soup". Please, sir!
Any other wish?
The table is happy.
Only he can do that.
He is unequaled as head waiter.
Like me as Piccolo. Pah!
Klrchen! Mr. Slzheimer is
engaged to Friesul Giesecke.
Friesul Giesecke is with Dr.
Med. Settlers engaged.
What? That might suit you.
Nothing will come of it.
Mr. Giesecke! Yes?
I have a table for you.
Too late. I depart.
But Mr. Giesecke!
Now leave that!
Otherwise I have to pay this.
Recommend me! But...
The thing gets complicated.
Finish the bill!
Yes, please! Is that true?
Or are not you?
They have hair.
Yes, Mr. Giesecke. A wonder!
That was my "Glatzentrost".
Please, Mr. Slzheimer!
Sorry! It was not
the "cold frost".
Aha! It was of course
my "bald friend".
I'm sorry, gentlemen!
I tried both remedies.
But unfortunately without success.
Oh no!
But then my wife
mixed both remedies.
She needed a bottle.
And you see the success.
I want to try that out with me.
I prefer you like that.
That's the solution.
Both makes under one hat.
So? I wanted to clarify
that in the family.
They screwed that up.
Brigitte falls into
my back and hugs you.
Father! And you save
your legal fees.
Yes. That's a reason.
Where you like to process.
Stupid people! Do you
think I have no heart?
Take your Dr. Settlers,
but keep him!
Thank you! Wife landlady!
Have you considered it? No!
But before leaving we
celebrate engagement.
I congratulate! Thank you!
I congratulate from the heart!
Thank you!
Mrs. Josepha! May
I speak to you?
It is important to me. Me too.
What do you have to
tell me so important?
You always avoided me.
Oh! Be well again!
If you permit, I would
like to go now.
Excuse me!
I can not hold you back.
But you still need your testimony.
You can get it later.
Glass splinters.
You can treat the women as you like.
It is always wrong.
Someone knocks on the door.
Yes, please!
You're welcome! May I ask
for my testimony now?
Oh yes! Where do I have it?
Here it is.
I hope you will be satisfied.
It's not that good.
That does not matter. Gell, Hansi!
We get a place everywhere.
I'm convinced of that.
So then! Good luck for the future!
Why are you in such a hurry?
The steamer sets off immediately and...
You can read the
testimony beforehand.
I take care of your bird.
Love you, boss!
Ex-boss! Read!
Hansi! Do you like it here?
Hansi sings.
Hansi! Behave yourself decently!
Hansi continues to sing. Place!
"Testimony". So far
it is quite good.
"The head waiter..."
"dismissed as head waiter for
interference in priv..."
But the settler...
Continue reading!
"But..." Oh dear!
"But" is already bad.
"Tight... committed to
life as a husband." N / A!
But that is...
"on marriage as a bon vivant"?
Mrs. Josepha! Mrs...
Pepp... Pepperl!
Is that really true?
Yes! If you still like me.
"Still like"! Hansi!
We get a new wife.
Oh, my Pepperl!
You look away!
It is true. It...
Someone is knocking.
Wife boss! In the bar -
- Engagement celebrated.
Pardon! Here, too.
Hush! Out!
Then I want to see to the right.
That is, if you are right.
I ask for it. After all,
you're the boss now. Yes.
I am the boss. No!
"We" are the boss.
"Im Weissen Rssssl am Wolfgangsee, -"
"- there is luck in front of the door."
"And calls to you: 'Good morning!'"
"Come in and forget
your worries!"
"And then you have to
get away from here, -."
"Does the farewell hurt you so much?"
"You lost your heart in the
White River on the lake."
(All sing:)
"Im Weissen Rssssl am Wolfgangsee -"
"- there is luck in front of the door."
"One likes to go
to the landlord."
"For there the landlord
is a landlady."
"And then you have to
get away from here, -."
"Does the farewell hurt you so much?"
"You lost your heart in the
White River on the lake."
Subtitle Workshop Muenster