The White King (2016) Movie Script

The White King
Give up already?
I'm invincible?
Tick-tock, tick-tock...
Tick-tock, tick-tock...
- Wait..
And... mate.
I knew you could do it. Nice job.
Come on, dad!
- Hey...
Come on...
I got it!
Oh, I got it, come on!
Whew! We did it.
Hey Dad, pass the ball.
- Ready?
Don't you ever turn into your father.
Go get it.
What are you looking at, Hank?
You see how he's watching over us?
Young Hank Lumber, trail
blazer of the home land.
Believe that and you
believe anything.
My teacher said he's a hero.
You see what he's really guarding?
Young Hank had loot to hide. All
the treasure you can imagine.
At the foot of that statue,
there's a giant cave,
filled with Young Hank's gold.
Perhaps Young Hank never existed.
- Exactly.
There's a vagabond with a mangled
face who guards that treasure.
He goes by the name "Pickaxe."
They say he prowls around
in that fence at night,
whispering to the birds.
Who knows what's true?
Don't blindly believe anyone.
Fitz? Peter Michael Fitz?
Peter to my friends.
- Djata...
Mom, what's happening?
- I don't know.
- Yes.
Can I say goodbye?
A couple of minutes won't
make a lot of difference.
Djata, these two men would
like to ask me a few questions.
These...uh, gentlemen are your
father's coworkers, right?
They want him for his expertise.
Which is why I'm not going
to be here for a while.
Huh? But I promise I'll write.
Can I come?
- No, Djata, it doesn't work that way.
Plus, you wouldn't like it there, anyway.
Do you promise me you'll be good?
You'll take care of your mom?
- Yeah.
You're the man of the house now.
- But...
Come along, now.
- It's OK.
Don't want you to be late.
And you're right. We really
need your husband's expertise.
Let's go!
Stay strong. All right?
Don't go, Dad!
It's OK.
It's OK.
It's OK, it's going to be fine.
- See you soon.
We'll see him soon.
As you know, tomorrow is a big day.
We expect you to be punctual,
presentable, and on your best behavior.
Junior Defense League cadets, remember
to pick up your uniforms and rifles here
at 1000 hours,. Make us
are the seeds of tomorrow's harvest.
Left, right, left, right...
Left, right, left, right...
Left, right, left, right...left, right
left, right
- Stop!
And halt!
Alright, come on.
- Come on.
Just can it, dude.
- can we get it done?
Seriously, how does he expect
us to make a banner by tomorrow?
That's rough.
- I'll get my dad to help.
Yeah, my dad will
get us some paints.
It will be sweet.
What about you, Djata?
I don't know; I'll figure something out.
Let's play some ball!
- Yeah, come on!
- Let's go!
You know what? I'll
catch you guys later.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
Let's go boys! Whoop, whoop!
Hey, losers!
Oh, yeah, there it is!
What do you got? What do you got?
Alright, come on!
Do the head, do the head!
Oh, no!
Hi, Mrs. Setterman.
Tomorrow, starting at 1200 hours,
citizens in every corner of our land,
will celebrate the 30th anniversary
of our great independence.
- ...glory to the homeland.
It's a letter, it's from your dad.
Did someone cross this out?
Oh yeah, they...sometimes do that.
It's okay.
Go on.
"I'll see you soon."
- Yeah.
"You just have to be patient."
Yeah. You're absolutely right.
They just can't do without him.
Is that good?
I got to go to work.
You'll be OK?
Goodnight, mom.
- 'Night.
How many times do I have to tell you?
It's a wasteland;
just read the signs.
They wouldn't put a
sign saying "Treasure".
I don't care what you think. My
dad says there's gold in there.
He's kind of been away for a while.
Your dad.
He's OK? He's not sick, is he?
Sometimes you say some
stupid shit, Shabby.
What I know is, that buried deep inside
the forest is Young Hank's treasure.
But it is impossible to get inside.
Because it's guarded by the vagabond
with a messed up face.
You keep off! My guard
dog will rip you in half!
The Ax! The pick ax! I told you!
I told you!
I said you were a bad influence.
You bet.
Hold it up, son.
Can't you do better than that?
Yes, sir.
- We can't hear you.
Yes, sir!
What is this?
- My flag, sir.
Isn't it good?
It's more than good.
I love it.
It's professional. Look at this!
In one word: Brilliant.
Isn't it?
Thank you, sir.
You see, class,
we work hard
we sow the soil,
and tend the land
where we become little
more than parasites.
Like this little thief here.
You're the lowest form of scum I have seen.
The homeland is glorious,
the homeland is free,
The homeland is
...the mountains to the seas.
The many victories,
the fruits of truth and unity,
Our heart is a brotherhood,
our song is liberty.
The homeland is peaceful,
the homeland is just.
Is your mother home?
Didn't you hear me? I
asked you a question.
Yeah, she's taking a shower.
All right.
We'll just come on in.
What are you doing here?
Do you mind?
Nice to see you, too.
Funny, I didn't seem to see
you in the crowd today.
I blend in.
- Oh.
May I?
It's OK...
- Yeah...
We were just passing by, I thought
we'd drop in and say "Hi".
Catch up with the little one here.
Rumor has it he's a thief.
What would you expect?
His mommy is from a family of
undesirables and his daddy is
a despicable traitor, you all
know what happened to him.
What is this?
You still haven't told your kid?
It's none of your business.
Hey, son,
Where do you think your
father is right now?
He's away working.
Your... father is in a prison camp,
far, far away
and he won't be able to
take it for very long.
You know, don't be surprised
if suddenly doing the simplest
things, the things you take for
granted, becomes impossible.
Because that's what happens with
traitor families like yours.
Are you OK?
I'm fine.
You have to understand.
No, no...
I was trying to protect you.
Look at me.
I wanted to protect you.
You lied...
You said he was working.
- I know.
You said he'd be back soon.
I will never believe a word you say.
you know you can't
be out past curfew.
Come to bed.
Do you remember the rule?
Yeah. Don't accept any gifts.
You can play with whatever they give
you, but you have to leave it there.
I won't let their gifts in the house.
Ask them where your father is, OK?
Come here.
You got so big.
Yes, sir.
Just call me "Grandpa".
Get out!
Cats are shitting everywhere.
Djata, hello.
Wow, look who's tall!
- Yeah.
Your shoelaces are undone.
- Oh, yeah.
What do you expect with
a mother like that?
I should have brought him to live
with us when we had the chance.
OK, off you go.
Here, Michael.
Good Luck.
Sit down.
We're going to toast your birthday.
Hey there, whoa, whoa,
whoa, say "Hey there".
Hey there.
Happy birthday.
Well, I have a...
a little surprise for you.
Something you don't have to take home.
Can you guess what it is?
You're still playing football?
- Yeah.
How about Junior Defense?
- I start this September.
So soon?
You excited?
- Good.
Good, you should be.
Now this,
this hasn't seen the light
of day for thirty years.
You have to be very careful with it.
It's not a toy.
Are you gonna finish this, huh?
Come on. Let's go.
Come on!
To the left!
Hey! Hut! wanna feel the weight?
Whoa, ha, ha, ha, whoa, whoa!
You must never point a gun
at another human being.
Unless you wanna kill
them, of course.
Now, let's have a little practice here.
Hmm? No, no.
Two feet on the ground,
two feet on the ground!
Alright. OK.
Now, take aim.
The tin can.
Alright. Now...
loosen your hand, put it under your wrist.
Now, hold your breath
Take aim,
Ha ha ha! See?
Easy as 1,2,3.
Now, this is where it gets serious.
It's loaded.
Now you must be very, very careful.
Only shoot when I say so.
Alright. Now...take aim,
hold your breath,
Hey, look, look, look, look,
look, look, the enemy.
Shoot the enemy.
Look,shoot it.
I'm serious.
Shoot the enemy.
Come on!
Kill it.
Kill the cat.
Come on...hold your
breath, pull the trigger.
Kill it.
I can't.
Hey, don't be scared.
It's natural.
We're all hunters.
We live off the land.
See your sights and shoot.
Ha ha ha! ha! You did it!
Ah, come on, come on...
You deserve this...
I know you were a bit scared just
pulling that trigger in the beginning,
but, whoa, now you
feel great, don't you?
- You are so like your father.
Don't you think?
- Yeah, he is.
Yeah, he...he wasn't much of a
shooter at first, he had to practice,
and practice, practice and practice
but you're a natural.
They say dad's in a camp.
Do you know where he is?
Do you know what he did?
Mom says you must know something.
- Stop! No more.
You mustnt ask us that.
There's no point in talking
about these things.
You see how it upsets your grandma?
There is nothing... we can do.
Whether we want to or not.
I've got something else for you.
Don't's not a gift.
It's a reward.
Do you know what this is?
When your father was the same age as
you, maybe a couple of months older,
he won this, in a shooting competition.
After that, he wore it 24/7.
He wore it when he took his military exams,
he wore it when he became a major.
A major.
At 25.
He even... he even wore it
when he was taking the crap.
Yeah, we always said it brought him luck.
Come here.
You have a great future ahead of you.
You know that, don't you?
Yes, sir.
Oh, that woman.
As fierce as the day I met her.
Happy birthday!
So how was it?
Yeah, it was good.
- Oh, good.
Did you find anything out?
- No.
Nothing? Nothing at all?
- No, not really.
Did you ask?
- Yeah.
And they said nothing?
Nothing at all?
Look, why don't you ask them yourself?
You're the adult.
You know I can't do that.
- Why not?
It's complicated.
What's that you got there?
Put it on the table.
I said "Put it on the table".
It's not a gift. It's a reward!
- You broke the rule.
We are not like your grandparents.
We will never be like them.
Do you understand me?
- No!
I am your mother and
you will listen to me.
They care about me!
- I will not have them brainwash you!
What are you going to do?
Lock me up?!
Go to your room!
I'll get the night shift.
This is the weekend
productivity update.
Serial output is
estimated to be up 23%.
2.3 million tons up last month.
While oil seed production is expected to
increase by 20% in the next three months.
Glory to the home land.
You can touch it? Wanna touch it?
Yeah, here...
Who wants to touch my ball?
Admit it.
You love it, you love it...
You want my ball.
The twins.
What do you want?
We wanted to bring you kids a treat.
Caramels. See?
Help yourselves, don't be scared.
Good, isn't it?
What's the matter?
Don't you want some?
My dad will kill you!
Like this...
Empty your pockets.
Come on.
Go and get us some cigarettes!
Give it back!
- Oh yeah!
Why should we give it back?
- My dad gave it to me!
What do you think?
Shall we give this sad,
sad boy,
his ball back?
Nope. Ha ha ha ha!
That's enough, asshole.
Do you want to keep your
traitor daddy's ball?
You're gonna have to fight us for it!
Oh no, turd!
I won't let you get away with this!
How are you, Gaby?
- Good.
- How's the little one?
She was sad to miss the planes,
but she's much better now.
Aren't you, Lauren?
Anyway, it was nothing serious.
- Good.
I'll get a loaf of bread
and some pork, thanks.
Sorry, I can't accept these.
You no longer have buying privileges.
You got to be kidding...
I'm sorry.
They got to you, did they?
I'm not leaving until I get what I need.
- Hey...
Please don't make any trouble.
Please, we all have mouths to feed.
Surely we can give them some bread.
- No.
Gaby, please.
- Come on, mom.
Just dont... don't touch me!
- Please, Hannah. Don't make me call help.
Hey dump stick.
Oh, hi Mrs. Fitz.
Sebastian, get inside! Now!
Shabby's dad...
- Well, he's a coward.
But I'm hungry, mom.
- I'll find another store.
Alright, OK.
Hey, asshole!
What happened?
Declaration of War.
Get your sorry asses
to the watchtower.
Sunday at noon, and get ready to die.
Sincerely, Remus Frunza
It's on.
Djata, let's go.
Look who it is...Djata.
The traitor's son.
- I'm not!
So where's daddy, then?
Tell me, when did you last see him?
What's it to you?
Our dad was a traitor, too, you know?
- They killed him.
I've come for my ball.
Take a seat.
- I don't want a seat!
I want my ball!
- Sit!
Is the ball ours?
Are you sure, huh?
Are you sure?
- Yes!
Is it ours? Is it ours?
- No!
Is it ours?
- No!
Is the ball ours?
- No!
Is it ours? Is it ours?
- No!
Is it ours? Is it ours?
And now,
is it ours?
Hey! No!
Show me where.
- I don't know...
You're dead!
I'm gonna kill you!
Guys! Guys!
Dan. Dan! You're OK.
Come on, Dan.
Are you OK, mom?
Yeah.'s not what
it looks like.
What does it look like?
Be a good boy and go
do your homework, OK?
Don't try wheezing out of it.
- I won't.
Look at you.
I mean it, OK?
So you're not mad at me?
Operator. Confirm your name.
Hannah Fitz.
Connect me to Colonel
Michael Fitz.
OK, if you picked up, then
at least say something.
OK, I know you're there;
I can hear you wheezing.
What's it gonna be?
Don't you recognize the voice
of your own daughter-in-law?
I find your tone insulting.
Well, I also feel insulted.
You know, you do well to
be less concerned about
your honor and more concerned
about your son's life.
Oh, so that's why I have the pleasure?
- Yeah.
Why else would I call? What
else do we need to discuss?
You know there's nothing we can do.
- Thats bullshit!
Look, don't lie to me!
I know you still have contact.
You and your wife.
- Hannah, don't start.
Look, you can just give me
the name of someone, anyone.
Anyone that can help.
The only thing that
we can do is wait
and hope that...
- Wait?
No. I'm not about to wait.
Why would I wait?
I'm not waiting any longer.
Don't you get it?
Why can't you do anything?
Anything to save your son?
You prick!
I'm stuck!
Be careful, don't rip it.
OK, pull it down. pull,
pull, pull it down.
Go get yourself cleaned up and
put on your best clothes.
We've got a long walk ahead.
What is this?
There's a general that lives on
the other side of the river.
We're gonna go there.
We're gonna go there
and we're gonna find out
where your father is
and convince the general
to bring him home.
Alright? Go.
Come on.
Thank you, sir.
We have information!
We're gonna do it, you know.
come on.
Hello General.
Hannah Fitz.
- And look who you've bought.
Come in.
- OK...
So, you're Colonel
Fitz's daughter-in-law.
You know him well.
- Oh, naturally.
Such a hard worker.
He never mentioned you.
Or this charming little guy.
Do we have a name?
- Djata.
help yourself.
Hey there.
- Hey there.
You know, I do know who you are.
And I can't imagine how
hard it's been for you.
- Yeah.
We've made inquiries everywhere.
But it is always a dead-end.
Law enforcement is duty bound
not to diverge any details.
It's a matter of public safety.
But Peter isn't a danger to anyone.
His...only crime was speaking out.
We can't treat everyone else one way
and make an exception to your family.
I thought you might be
able to tell me where
he's being held, or who
we have to talk to.
You didn't bring any information, did you?
Mood light three.
Huh...much more relaxing.
of course I know several
county governors,
but I'd be really putting my
head on a line, you know.
Please, if you can find him, I would
do whatever I can to repay you.
How about you go into the garden and
play for a bit while we talk business?
This way.
Through the back door. We won't be long.
And keep your hands off my flags.
Go on, now.
Is there anybody there?
I can hear you...
What's your name?
I'm Djata.
I'm Sophia.
Wanna play?
It's your turn.
Stop it! Get off me!
Get off me!
Get out!
Why did I let you into my
house, you little shit?
No! Let me go!
You know, boys without fathers are
pittiable, the worst of the outside!
Screw you!
They're gonna string you up, just as
they are gonna string your father.
You win, general.
Right you are.
Go see the moat.
The more we sell, the more we'll have.
We're gonna bribe someone
to bring your father back.
Mom, what are you doing?
- We're gonna sell this on the black market.
No, wait!
Not that!
No, Djata, we need this money.
Stop! Stop!
Mom. it's gonna be OK.
It's gonna be OK.
Did you get the stuff?
- Yeah.
It's gross.
What's there?
I should go.
Shabby, wait!
Wait! Hey!
Please be quick!
Come on! Come on!
Give me your hand.
We're here!
- It's getting dark.
This way.
We found it!
Whoa! We found it!
Whoohoo, we found it, yeah!
We found it! Whoohoo!
Just look at all of this!
I've risked my life for this.
I hate you.
No! No!
Get off me!
Get off me!
Shabby, listen to me!
- No! you liar!
You're awake.
You have a concussion, but you'll be fine.
You're Pickaxe.
Here's some tea for you.
I'm not gonna ask what you
were doing down there.
But it's not a place for kids.
Can you walk?
I think so.
It's OK, you can take a look around.
I have seen better days.
What happened to you?
We all get offered a deal.
Accept it.
If not, you're a traitor.
That's why they
destroyed my face.
In a camp.
After they were done with me,
they knew I'd make an ideal
guardian for their precious pit.
For their dirty little secret.
After all, who wants to talk to
someone with a face like this?
I do.
My dad's in a camp.
You should meet Tank.
Good boy.
You're a good boy.
What are you willing to give
to see your father again?
What would I... give?
We all have to lose something.
Where have you been, huh?
- I...
Get in the car. Come here.
Get in the car!
Put your belt on.
Your mother and I have been up
all night, searching for you.
all I ever wanted for your
father was a better life.
I did everything I could.
I made sacrifices for the Homeland.
If Peter had stayed in the army,
he'd have had a better house,
plenty of food, you'd have
gone to a better school...
My school's OK.
- Yeah...
I warned him to hold his tongue,
make smarter choices.
Marry someone from a
more...appropriate family,
but he chose his own path.
Listen, I know you love him, believe me.
We have done everything we can
to find him, to get him back,
but everyone turns their back on us.
Even on me. Can you believe it?
Do you think dad's a traitor?
The Homeland is cruel,
but you of...
- Fall's coming.
soon summer will be a forgotten dream.
- Yeah?
There were things I saw
on the general's house.
Amazing things.
Now, listen,
you and your mom,
you've got to get
away from here,
across the border. Go
anywhere, anywhere but here.
Swim the ocean if you have to.
Do you understand?
Where have you been?
I looked everywhere.
Are you OK?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry, mom.
Thank you.
Well, I'm glad I could help.
Really? Thank you.
You're welcome.
I love you, Grandpa!
- Oh, my god!
Oh my god!
How are you, Hannah?
We all respected your
grandfather very much.
Yes we did.
Excuse me.
We should take our seats.
I'm scared, I shouldn't
have left, I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Are we still cool?
Yeah, we're cool.
These seats are reserved.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Thank you so much.
was a true... soldier
who dedicated his life
to the Homeland.
He campaigned tirelessly for the
independence of our great country,
and he was present at its birth.
You know, at the beginning, we were
just a... a young nature of dreamers
We were naive,
but we were completely committed to the
building of our new world.
Then the colonel became part of an army
that even today strives to
protect our dreams so that we
could live freely and simply and
closer to the nature that
we all love so much.
But he...
always remained modest
and self-controlled.
To the colonel,
he believed in our core values, which
is that good will always triumph over
vanity and...
Even when...
...he was betrayed by of those he loved.
Such was the strength of hid conviction.
But Michael was also my husband.
And in our...private and family life,
even until his last breath,
he always maintained
that we must make sacrifices today
for a greater tomorrow.
We got two minutes.
Dad! Dad! Dad!
Oh my god, it's you!
- Dad...
Peter, look at me...I'm here...
Look at me...hi...
Look at me...come back tome...
Come back to me...
Come on! Move!
I won't take orders from you!
You can drop dead!
Peter! Peter!
- Mom!
No! No!
I'm OK...
- No!
My father's a good dad!
The homeland is glorious,
the homeland is free,
Homeland stretches wide from
the the sea...
Our many victories
the fruits of truth and unity,
our hearts...
- Jada!
are our brotherhood...
- Jada!
Our soul is liberty.