The White Spider (1963) Movie Script

Answer the telephone...
The tele...
Mrs Irving ?
- Yes..
Is your husband in ?
- No, my husband isn't here..
Does he own a red car with
the licence number SU5004 ?
Yes, but..
Whose speaking please ?
Hampstead Heath police station..
If you will be ready Mrs Irving,
we'll send a car for you..
My god, whats happened ?
Do you know where your
husband was, this evening ?
With another woman ?
- No..
My husband was a gambler..
An addict, most of his nights,
he spent at a gambling club in Soho
That would account for the scene
of the accident, at the time..
Yes, I want to see him..
I don't think that will be necessary..
Even you, wont be able to recognise him
Come along...
We must have positive
identification of the victim,
before we can release him for burial..
What did he have with him?
I can't tell you exactly...
He had his briefcase, brown leather..
A cigarette case..
They were destroyed..
Was there anything that wouldn't burn?
Think very carefully..
Yes, he had his luck charm with him
You must know, like all gamblers,
my husband was superstitious
He always carried a
little spider of white glass with him
He believed that it
would bring him luck..
Well tonight, it didn't bring him luck...
I hope that you're feeling
much better, Mrs Irving
Thank you..
- Please sit down..
If I am correct,
your husband was buried yesterday..
I understand,
you're wondering why I'm here..
The day after my husbands funeral,
to collect his life insurance..
But, to be quite frank about it,
the funeral took all my savings..
My husband left me without a penny..
And so it's a coincidence,
that only a few days ago,
your husbands insurance,
was raised from 5.000 pounds
to 50.000...
I didn't know that...
I had no idea..
This recording was given to me, by the
Anglia Insurance Company...
Is there something in the Irving case,
that makes you suspicious ?
Well, for that money... yes,
Well it wont be the first time
the insurance companies,
tell us their troubles
They do hate to pay..
It is a simple fact, Sir..
In the last year,200.000 pounds,
have been paid out on life
insurance policies by this company
That's a large figure..
There's been a whole
series of fatal accidents
Each victim heavily insured
Please Sir, will you have a look at this
I've prepared a list of the
victims from every accident..
Did you find a suggestion
in the official statements
that any of the deaths,
might not be accidental?
Frankly, no.. but..
Now listen to me, Inspector Dawson
Scotland Yard right at the moment,
has more than enough crimes to solve..
I'd be very much obliged,
if you would confine yourself
to those cases which remain unsolved...
Not bring me vague suspicions..
But Mi Lady, Im afraid
you've come much too early
The bridge tables are only
put out in the evening..
I doubt whether this club...
- Ahh but Mi Lady..
the setting up of the tables,
is my responsibility..
I doubt whether bridge is
played at this club at all...
Ahh,but of course,
Baccarat is forbidden...
I want to speak to the manager..
But, but Mi Lady, what you just said,
I can assure you
My mother, my mother would never
allow me to start my career,
in a gambling casino...
You know, my father was
butler to the duke of Bedford..
And I'd like to follow in his footsteps..
Mrs Irving isn't interested
in your family history...
Mrs Irving?
- You know me?
I can't understand why
I never met you before..
Clear away the glasses
in the bridge salon..
I knew your husband for years..
May I offer you my sincere condolences..
Excuse me please...
I think you were responsible for taking
every penny my husband had
I think you're a bunch
of crooked thieves..
I will overlook your accusations..
We are a licensed bridge club,
with membership limited to 55..
Only the best people are admitted here..
Oh yes, I believe you,
those people with enough money,
to make it worth your while
You get the names of
wealthy men, who like to gamble
Then you cheat them blind
I can prove, that while my
husband was a member here
He lost as much as
7.000 pounds, or more..
I want to speak to your boss!
Perhaps he's interested in talking to me..
That's the bridge salon..
And here is the green salon,
where meetings with club members are held
Our chief steward attended
a meeting in here an hour ago..
He also thought something besides bridge,
was being played here..
that was our chief steward..
He was so upset,
that he took his own life..
One moment Mrs Irving..
You've forgotten something...
The white spider fell
out of your handbag..
Or maybe, it fell out of his dead hand..
Everyone knows, that the white spider
was a luck charm to Richard Irving..
Do you still want to talk to the boss?
Some trouble inspector?
Pardon, I just thought..
I just thought..
You just thought?
Don't you know at Scotland Yard
you dont think?
Yes inspector..
We'll leave the thinking to elephants,
they have bigger heads..
Alright,tell me what
you've got there?
A photograph, from the
court medical institute..
It's of a man who
fell from the train..
Keep it..
Sir James doesn't think it was murder
Magnifying glass
Yes Sir..
Something wrong inspector?
No, only a small white spider,
as a tie clip..
Yes, many men wear horseshoes
or rabbits feet as...
I was reading something about
white spiders the other day..
Now where was it?
Didn't Mrs Irving identify her
husband by means of a white spider?
Why yes, I believe she did..
- Yes, thats just what we need..
Put those files back..
- Yes..
It could be that Scotland Yard and
Sir James may change their tune
To all police stations
in greater London..
- Yes inspector?
Type this out, Im leaving..
Oh,Inspector,if anything
important turns up..
Can I reach you at your house?
- No, not tonight..
I intend to take a look
around Soho tonight..
To All London Police Stations
In Case Of An Accidental Death
Where An Artificial
White Spider Has Been Found,
Please Report To
Inspector Dawson, Scotland Yard, room 18
Mrs Irving..
- Yes..
Please excuse me,
I must speak to you..
My name is Summerfield,
I was your husbands lawyer
Yes, I know..
- I would like to help you,Mrs Irving
I imagine you could use
some help just now..
Yes, I could..
Thank you..
If I offer to help you now Mrs Irving..
It is because I have
a very good reason..
I had the honour of
representing you husband..
I was very fond of him..
I tried my best..
I'm extremely sorry,
that this had to happen..
But to come to the main
purpose of my visit here..
Your husband signed
several cheques without the...
Without funds?
- It was an oversight..
I cleared it up with no trouble
- Thank you..
Please come in..
In actual fact, Richard Irving
owes me a small sum..
To be exact, it amounts to
17 pounds and sixpence..
A trifle..
but, I can't pay it..
Believe me my dear, it doesn't matter..
But when Anglia pays your claim..
Perhaps then...
They refuse to pay it..
- They refuse?
- It's always the same with insurance..
They try by every means,
to get our name on a policy..
But when it's time to pay,
they know how to delay..
Do you want me to take care of this for you?
I can't pay you,Mr Summerfield..
And a commission of 10 per cent...
- 12 and a half...
I will have to pay expenses..
Therefore, I must calculate carefully..
But in spite of that,
think of me as a friend..
You're very kind...
If only I knew what to do,
in the meantime..
I've been trying to find work, but..
What kind of work did you do before
you and Mr Irving got married?
Oh,I studies psychology and social work..
Then I went to work in a rehabilitation
centre for juvenile delinquents..
Unfortunately, all those
jobs are taken..
Would you like a sherry?
- Yes please..
I have an idea..
There is an organisation
which has as it's chief purpose,
the assistance of criminals,
to adjust to civilian life..
It's the reform society..
- Yes, Ive heard of it..
I do all the legal work for them
The managers secretary is
leaving, to get married...
And I think that you
would be an excellent choice,
to take her place,Mrs Irving..
All the tables are now complete..
- Ok Mr Corner,
I wont let anybody else in,
even if the lord Chancellor
himself, arrives..
By the way,Mr Corner..
The chief steward
didn't come in today..
He's no longer working for us..
And now gentlemen,
I have some good news for you..
Maloney, you are now
the chief steward..
And Gideon the steward..
You'll never regret it Mr Corner,
for this chance you've given me..
As my mother always said..
With hard work and good manners,
you can become anything,
you want to be..
Gideon, just stay as you are..
Did you serve all the drinks?
Yes sir, even the double whisky
for Lady Bloomsbury..
Good, now the bridge salon is closed..
The guests are not to be disturbed..
It's time, lets go..
What are you doing there, my friend?
Getting rid of the ashes,
I've collected from the furnace..
Which I have to do every night,
because there's no one
around during the day time
May I have a look?
- Why not?
Good morning..
- Good morning..
Gentlemen, I have asked you
here to tell you we have...
lost one of our most
esteemed colleagues..
Inspector Dawson was found this morning
floating in the Thames, murdered!
He was strangled..
Who will take over Dawsons work, Sir?
A world famous criminologist
who's arrived in London,
You may have heard of Raymond Conway..
Conway, the Australian?
- Yes..
But he's a stranger in London..
- I decided on him, despite that..
And, when will our new
colleague be introduced?
He won't be...
That's one reason I placed
room 7 at his disposal,
because it opens directly onto the yard
Inspector Conway has very strange habits
So, here is the list..
Thank you..
- You're welcome..
You probably didn't know,
that the care and rehabilitation,
of criminals and ex-criminals,
is one of the special duties of our order
Our dear father Riley has been working
for us for more than 20 years
And he's had some wonderful successes..
And also some bitter disappointments..
I'm glad to see that you're getting
along so well in your work, my dear
God bless you...
You're new here..
I didn't hear you knock..
There's a good reason..
I didn't knock..
Who are you?
- I'm Joe Philips..
But they call me kiddie..
Coz I'm such a nice boy..
You can call me Kiddie..
Mr Philips are you?
Let me do that for you..
I know my file very well..
You don't seem pleased..
5 years for robbery with violence..
It's a very long time..
Of course you're not interested
in hearing me say it..
When you've got it all down in
front of you in black and white..
Mr Philips, I...
- Forget the formalities...
Just give me the money..
I must know where you're
employed at the moment..
The address and salary..
I can't find anything in the file..
Kiddie doesn't like curious girls..
The other girl always forked over right
away, without asking any questions..
I hoped we could become friends
Give me the cash box,
or I'll call the police..
I thought you were here
to help us poor criminals..
Not turn us in!
Now Kiddie...
Why don't you leave the lady alone?
Ralph Hubbard...
You crossed me up once before..
In Dartmoor..
Too bad Kiddie..
But you had a knife, and that
doesn't go in Dartmoor.. As you know..
Not then, or now..
He isn't supposed to be
out on parole yet, miss..
He must have broken out..
We haven't finished yet, Hubbard..
I know people who don't like you..
And they'll be looking for you..
So watch out!
Thank you for your help Mr...
Ralph Hubbard..
Kiddie was wrong..
The police aren't out to get me
Here is a signed order for my
release on probation..
Wont you register me?
Hubbard, Ralph.. Dartmoor..
I got 6 months for swindling..
Women seem to go for me..
I hope that you'll reform and..
- Reform?
You mean, start all over again?
That's exactly what I had in mind
But I need your help...
If you're willing..
- You need cash?
Cash,cash,It isn't money matters
I'm worried about right now..
I need good advice and sympathy
from an understanding young woman
Please don't try your
flattery on me,Mr Hubbard
There may be women
who fall for your line..
But I'm afraid I'm not
the type you're looking for..
I don't have a fortune..
And I only make 12 pounds a week
In that case, Ill have to change my job,
In favour of women with no money,ok?
I think that will be my first step,
on the road to recovery..
Will you come and sit down please..
You sent for me boss?
- Yes..
You got a new job for the Kiddie?
- No.. There's something else..
But isn't it just about time that
Kiddie got something to do?
He needs money..
We may be about to lose our necks
because of your need for money..
Didn't I expressly forbid you to bother
the girls at the reform society,
because of a few measly pounds?
How did you know about that?
There are no secrets from me..
Furthermore, you boasted,
about having powerful friends
But, I didn't say that..
- Don't lie!
I warned you before,
not to talk about me..
But boss, you don't believe that
I'd ever tell anyone about you..
Certainly you would,
if you ever found out,
who I really was..
You little rat!
Take this as a warning..
I can get rid of you anytime..
You laugh?
For joy, boss..
Just for joy..
What do you mean?
Listen, I was always afraid of the hangman
But you've certainly cured me..
Who are you?
Do I know you?
Sergeant Gibbs of
division police, Aberdeen..
Assigned to Inspector Conway
on special duty..
Oh,so you don't know anyone
at the yard then?
That's the reason I was
sent down from Scotland..
But at 11.30,I have to see Conway
- It's not 11.30 yet..
But it is...
- There are 10 seconds to go..
You're kidding...
- Inspector Conway is very prompt
2,1.. zero
Inspector Conway, are you here?
You did send for me..
Is that you sergeant Meals?
Sit down..
Your service record
is very good, sergeant..
My respect..
Thank you.. thank you sir..
I'd like to know where Dawson
went on the night of his death..
Yes sir, he went to Soho..
- Why Soho?
Well, Dawson didn't say much..
He was following up a lead..
He was worried, said there was
some trouble with the chief..
I think what he doing
had something to do
with the Irving case
Irving?.. Isn't the some question
about an insurance claim?
Yes sir, thats right..
Irving was a victim of
an accident, or a murder
But the Anglia insurance company
was suspicious, and Dawson was too..
That Mrs Irving had ordered
the "accident" that's all I know..
Very interesting..
And your opinion sergeant?
I have my own theory..
In my opinion, a dead body
was placed in the car..
And that Richard Irving is still alive..
Good morning..
- Good morning..
Excuse me please, Im very late..
- Oh it doesn't matter..
It was a pleasure waiting for you..
- Thank you..
You promised to help me get a new job..
- Yes..
Do you have any special
kind of talent or ambition?
Yes, play poker..
Why don't you arrange a little party
with some gentlemen in your
apartment, that would be fun..
Tell me in which department you
worked in Dartmoor, will you?
Oh well, the locksmiths shop..
Fine machine work..
They were very happy with me..
I was even able to make a few
picklocks while I was there..
To get into the kitchen with...
I haven't got that kind of sense
of humour,Mr Hubbard
Please remember, its my job to
put you under A or P in my file
What does that mean?
A for Antisocial..
P for Positive attitude..
I would stop
the antisocial attitude,
if you would say that you
would have dinner with me..
You don't really expect me to say yes?
- Why not?
Your salary here can't be the greatest..
While I was in Dartmoor,
I was able to save, I was forced to save
150 pounds..
You're lying, young man..
It was only 15 pounds, and 7 shillings..
Good morning..
I've made it a rule each time, to
find out from the prison director
The sum the prisoner received on leaving
In order to check the
truthfulness of my prot??s
This is Mr Summerfield,
the head of our Reform Society
He's never wrong..
Well, if you're never wrong,
why didn't you deduct
the price of the ticket from
Dartmoor to London?
My friend, the ticket cost 8 shillings
You were given a ticket,
when you were released
Your request for assistance,
has been granted..
Furthermore, we intend to
give you a course in mechanics
And father Riley of the
Christian brothers home
Will later on try to get
you a job as an apprentice..
There are conditions..
Each week, you must report
here in person, to Mrs Irving..
Nothing could be better than that
And what is most important of all..
You must behave yourself,
because our people..
will come and visit you,
every now and then..
Oh,does that mean Mrs Irving
will come and see me
from time to time?
That's Father Rileys job..
Good day to all..
My wallet's missing...
Look in your other pockets..
But Mrs Irving..
You don't think that I..
Better hand it over..
You must be mistaken..
I don't have it..
I'm sorry, I had it here
It was in my left breast pocket..
A moment..
You did accuse me, you know..
Is that it?
- Yes it is, I don't understand..
Please, will you pardon me?
- We all make mistakes..
I must be off now..
I've many important things to do
And in particular, I must immediately
look into your affairs,Mrs Irving
Good afternoon..
And now you...
You also believed that I...
Yes, Im very, very sorry..
At least, youre honest..
And now that I've proven that I am..
Will you say that you'll
have dinner with me?
Don't be angry with me..
But my answer is still no..
I tried..
Can I help you, sir?
I.. I'd like to see the manager please..
Yes, and what is your business?
I'm representing Mrs Irving, the widow
of the deceased, Richard Irving..
May I see the manager?
I've very little time..
Would you follow me please..
Who are you?
What are you doing here?
Let's play cards..
But I.. I don't know you sir..
Are you a club member?
No, not exactly..
But I do gamble..
Gamble with a passion..
Poker cards draw me like a magnet..
Have you any?
- I?... no..
You're lying, my friend..
You're good..
And there..
Well, youre pretty good,alright
But I'm afraid you'll never get
a job as a dealer in this club..
Who are you?
How did you get in here?
By the back door..
It was open..
Excuse me sir,
I know I shouldn't be in the club,
shabbily dressed, the way I am..
I'm looking for Mr Summerfield
He said he would be here..
Summerfield the lawyer?
- Yes...
Yes, he was here, but he just left..
What do you want from him?
He promised me a job..
- A job?
What are you able to do?
- Hognut much sir..
Card player..
Cocktail mixer..
My Martinis are famous..
You can work here as
a cocktail mixer then..
Mixer, thats the job I want,sir..
You know at a club,
there are first class
opportunities to better your position
we lost a very good man,
a short time ago..
Then do take me, sir..
I'm honest,loyal,and quick..
We'll see..
- Oh,one thing, sir..
I can only works nights at first sir,
because during the day,
I'm in the control of
the Christian brothers
You can believe me my son..
I didn't come here to cry over you,
but to try to help you
That's alright father Riley,
it's only natural..
Don't worry, have a look around..
Mr Summerfield told me, you intended
to take a course in mechanics
Look over here,
I was doing some work..
I'm very glad..
Can I be of help to you in any way?
Be of help to me?
Oh yes, Im badly in need of technical books
- For my work..
Here are the titles,
if you can get them for me..
I'll be happy to try
- That's very kind..
Do you smoke?
- No thanks..
Keep to the right paths,
you're doing well..
And now, god bless you, my son..
I'll see you again soon..
Good morning..
- Who are you?
Sergeant Meals, from Scotland Yard
- Yes?
Oh,did I wake you?
- You're a bit early..
I'm sorry madam, but my chief asked me
to give this to you as soon as possible
To come today at 12:30
to Scotland Yard room 7..
In order to be interrogated..
But I've already been
questioned twice!
Yes, but not by inspector Conway..
And you'll know soon enough,
what a difference that makes..
I have nothing to fear, sergeant..
As you wish, good day..
Even death cannot separate us
Richard !
You wanted to speak to me..
You remember this room, dont you?
I didn't see in any of the papers about
the suicide of your chief steward..
If there's anything troubling you,
you should talk it over
with inspector Conway..
You'll be seeing him in about..
40 minutes..
If I'm right, the summons
is for 12:30 today..
How did you find that out?
It's never wrong to
know all that's going on..
If you're so very well informed, then..
you should know I'm here,
because of the summons
If your conscience is clear,
Mrs Irving, then I can only say..
Tell the truth...
And, only the truth..
I'll do that anyway, but..
- But?
- Do I know what is true?
But may I ask you, what I have to do...
What do you know about my husband?
Is he dead?
Or is he alive?
Don't act so surprised Mr Corner..
When Richard is still alive,
and for some reason, is hiding out..
He's in hiding, and you know it..
And the two of you are in it together..
He's waiting for the insurance
claim to be paid..
And then he'll pop up again..
Even if a word of this gets out,
I'll appear as an accomplice..
And as a perjurer..
Strictly speaking,Mrs Irving,
such a position would be more
profitable than your present situation..
How do you mean that?
- Very simple..
Assuming that
Richard Irving is still alive..
It would clear away the suspicion
that you had caused his death..
What about that?
Maloney, what do you want in here?
For sometime, Ive wanted to talk to you
about a private matter,Mr Corner
About an important matter..
Raising my salary..
You got 10 pounds more
when you made chief steward
I'm not talking about 10 pounds..
I'm talking about a 1000!
I wouldn't advise you
to try to blackmail me..
Do you believe I dont know
whats going on behind my back?
Overcharging the guests, who don't
even look at their cheques..
Up to now, I've closed my eyes
- Closed your eyes?
That's a laugh Mr Corner,
since you only have one..
You'd better watch what you say..
I'd pretty much like to see what you've
got hidden behind that black flap
Hello Gideon, Ive got
some news for you..
You've done your last
dusting around here..
I beg your pardon sir, but have
I done something wrong?
Do you wish to dismiss me?
Quite the contrary..
I've fired Maloney,
The guests were swindled?
In such a club...
You will be rewarded for your honesty
You are chief steward..
Sir.. thank you..
I don't deserve it..
You wont be sorry..
I must immediately..
- Stop!
Where are you going?
To the post office sir,
I must send my mother a cable,
telling her the news..
Whats wrong?
I thought I heard someone at the door
Did you see anyone?
- No..
Who are you?
- This is Mrs Irving..
What do you want here?
- I was summoned by inspector Conway..
You're very punctual,
please sit down Mrs Irving..
The chair is to your left
Sit down..
I've heard that you're
having difficulty receiving
your claim for the life
insurance on your husband
The Anglia insurance Company is
not sure I've identified my husband
And what do you think,Mrs Irving?
- Now, I don't know..
At first, I was positive about it..
I was sure when I recognised
my husbands good luck charm
I was told Mrs Irving,
that your husband
brought the spider back to
England, from a trip abroad..
Yes, I remember, he brought
it back from Switzerland
Oh yes, and you haven't
seen another such white spider?
Another white spider?.. no..
Not at all?
- No!
Are you quite sure of that?
- Quite sure...
Thank you..
I've prepared an authorisation,
if you'll be kind enough to sign it,
it's lying there on the table..
You want me to give permission,
to have the body of my
husband exhumed?
If you did, Scotland Yard
could tell positively,
whether the buried man, is Richard Irving..
Modern science can
do wonderful things
We have dental X-Rays
of your husbands teeth
If they match those of the
dead man, then we will know..
Will you know for sure?
- With absolute certainty..
You mustn't worry
- No, on the contrary..
Not only Scotland Yard,
but I must be sure..
You're a woman of great
conviction,Mrs Irving..
But I must ask you this..
Would you prefer your husband dead..
or to be found alive?
How dare you ask such a question!
- I had to ask it..
Because your neighbours
have confirmed,
your marriage was anything,
but a happy one..
You had many violent quarrels
Am I right?
How can I deny it?
My husband was a gambler..
He lost everything we had..
He wrote cheques,
without sufficient funds..
On the last, he was going
to risk, all or nothing..
If he lost, then..
- Then?
Then he wouldn't come back..
Are you trying to tell me that he
crashed and burned his car,
deliberately killing himself?
Yes, that was my first idea
when the police called..
Did he write a letter to
tell you he was finished?
So you've no evidence at all,
that it could have been suicide?
Well, thats very regretable,Mrs Irving
Only the proof that your
husband committed suicide,
will remove suspicion from you
You don't seem to realise
what it means,
to be a client of the
murder syndicate..
Murder syndicate, whats that?
It's an American invention
that's been imported to London..
You can order the death of someone,
by paying a few thousand pounds..
They arrange an unfortunate accident,
It can be anyone, a competitor in
business, a jealous wife
or a husband who has
a large insurance policy
How can you?
I can't believe that anyone
would think that I'd do that..
You're lying, youre
trying to incriminate me!
You haven't a shred
of evidence against me!
Mrs Irving, do you know
what the murder syndicate
is called by Londons underworld?
The white spiders!
That will be all for
today,Mrs Irving
You can sign the authority later..
- You?
Don't be surprised..
As you see, youre not the only
one that's been summoned
by inspector Conway for a little meeting..
Tell me..
How was it?
He seems to have
worked you over pretty well
Was it so grim?
Oh,Mrs Irving..
You see me going into this
room in the best of health
If I'm not out in 30 minutes,
please call the police..
All right!
What do you want here?
- To pay you a visit, beautiful lady..
In case you didn't notice..
This house has a front door..
In case you didn't notice it..
There are several policemen guarding it..
- Yes...
Did you come here to tell me that?
Conway is the one I want to talk about..
And talk alone..
There's no-one here!
Conway seems very well informed
of my visits to you at work..
He's ordered me to keep
up my contact with you..
And if I succeed...
To make it even closer..
For instance, to break
into my bedroom?
He didn't directly order me to do that..
He wants regular reports
from me on everything you do..
So you're a spy?
- That's a hard word..
Go see your Mr Conway,
and tell him that..
But I'll only tell him the very
best about you if you...
Leave, leave at once!
Not before you've told me..
- Then I'll leave..
One moment..
- Let me go..
I must talk to you..
Now you listen to me!
Let me go.. please..
I can't stand it..
Now, before you fall out
of that chair completely..
Tell me what Conway wants from you..
What are you afraid for?
You know that I
was in Dartmoor...
I learned quite a lot when I was inside
I learned a few things,
that just might help you..
Don't you understand me?
Don't you see that
I want to help you?
I must find my husband
- Your husband?
But he's dead..
No he isn't dead..
I fear that..
No no, I hope he's still alive
I must be certain..
Do you understand?
Absolutely certain..
Inspector Conway is convinced I gave the
order for the murder of my husband..
But if he's still alive...
Answer it..
Yes, I understand..
Thank you for calling, goodnight..
That was Summerfield..
As my lawyer, hes been officially told
That my husbands grave
will b opened on the 11th...
Another 7 days..
I was hoping that Richard Irving
had disappeared from your life
And if you're honest, youll admit
that you were thinking the same
Why do you torture me, why?
Now listen..
I'll try to find your
husband for you..
Thank you..
- So long..
Excuse me sir, but the
club is closed today..
I can see that..
But you're not a member..
I must ask you to leave immediately!
- I am Lord Ensfield...
The third Earl of Croyden..
And the nephew of Marchioness
Penelope Dugdale..
It would seem you know
the noble families very well..
It's my hobby, my Lord..
I would like to say that I know
all the noble families by heart
Never the less...
If you want to gamble tonight..
- I don't gamble..
I want to see the
manager of this club..
Please wait a moment, my Lord..
I will call Mr Corner...
Alright Gideon, go back to your work..
What can I do for you?
- I want to speak to the chief..
The chief isn't here..
- An Earl..
A real Earl..
If you want to become
a member of the club...
I don't play cards
I just want to speak to the chief..
Does my Lord have a reference?
Rather an excellent reference..
From a very trustworthy person?
My reference doesn't
come from a human being..
But from a thing with eight legs,
It's white, and I have it..
Please come with me..
Please sit down My Lord..
You want to speak to me..
What is your wish?
I need money..
- I don't lend money..
I know, but soon I'll be very rich..
I.. I'm the only heir of my aunt..
The marchioness Penelope Dugdale
She's more than 70 years old..
Have a look yourself..
You mean she will
soon depart this life?
Not a chance, as I well know..
She is sound and active..
But if she should be the
next victim of an accident...
You should know that
if she had an accident,
I would get 10 per cent
of your inheritance..
That would be 300.000 pounds..
- Your Lordship must have his joke
The estate of the Marchioness,
amounts to about half a million
I am very well informed..
Alright,then 50.000 pounds
for the white spider..
The Marchioness will suffer
an accident, in the next few days..
Quite a natural looking,
but very fatal, accident..
How will I know that it
wasn't a real accident?
There won't be any doubt My Lord..
The death of your revered aunt,
will bear the unmistakeable
sign of my trade..
Who are you?
Well sergeant Meals..
Did you succeed in
finding Richard Irving?
No sir..
I traced his partner
to the docks..
But then he vanished..
But nobody can hide out
there for very long..
Without me hearing about it..
Bravo sergeant, stay on it..
And I tell you, if you find this man,
or a trace of him...
I will certainly recommend you
To Scotland Yard
for a promotion..
Inspector Conway.. hello..
Oh,Ralph Hubbard...
That's very interesting..
Get the car, Gibbs..
At once, inspector..
Thank you, Meals..
That's all for today..
May I express my sincere
condolences to your Lordship..
I can't believe it..
How could it happen?
Probably your aunt slipped,
and lost her balance
Hit her head where she fell
Which caused the
wound on her forehead..
She lost conciousness,and drowned..
Calm yourself,
certainly you're not to blame..
It's astounding, but it's
shown by statistics..
More people die in the bathroom
Than behind the wheel of their car..
Pretty fine eh?
Very elegant..
What's that you've got there?
- Oh,it's nothing..
One moment there..
Nobody comes in here
unless they have a pass..
Scotland Yard..
Hands up..
- What do you want here?
The same as you..
Kiddie Philips..
But it seems the bird,
has flown the cage..
Are you a friend of Kiddie Philips?
A friend is a bit extreme..
We used to spend some time together..
In the yard, at Dartmoor..
Hubbard, Ralph Hubbard..
- The same..
The workhouse rat we summoned
Just a few days ago..
Now I know you..
Inspector Conway would like
to ask you a few questions..
Go on..
Well now, if you're so eager
to have my company..
Where is Mr Philips?
That, I hope to hear from you
- From me?
You're a policeman..
You find him..
He owes me 3 weeks rent..
Miss Falk,dont worry about that..
If you give me his room,
then I'll take over his rent..
Whats that, you?
You'll move in here?
Oh yes..
A room where my
friend Kiddie could live,
undisturbed, is a very good idea
I also like the very
useful fire escape..
Mrs Falk, I must leave you now..
Come in...
- Good evening madam..
Good evening..
The office is closed for the evening,
but if the matter is important then..
- Very important..
Please sit down..
What can I do for you?
- That's not quite it,madam..
My employer wants
to know what it is he,
can do for you..
- Your employer?
Quite so..
You tried to see him at one
time when you visited Club 55
He's a great deal of pity for you madam,
and sympathy...
He knows that you need
help urgently..
Now more than ever..
- I dont want his help..
Now listen, he offers you 10.000 pounds
in advance on your insurance claim..
I have the money with me..
Furthermore, he offers you a safe and
direct passage to anywhere you choose
Why is he doing this for me?
Some men will do anything, to help
a beautiful woman in distress..
I don't believe a word..
You're trying to trap me..
If I ran away, that would
only prove my guilt
And the money in my possession,
would be the final proof against me
And I would be handed over
to the police, a murderess..
Or, to the white spider...
Please leave now..
You're not only beautiful Mrs Irving,
but also, clever..
A very dangerous combination..
I can understand my employer,
Richard Irving, not understanding you
Where is my husband?
Why is he hiding?
And from who?
Don't come too close to me,
I don't like it..
You'll learn the truth soon enough,
about your husband..
And Scotland Yard will
also learn whether
you are falsely claiming
insurance on your husband..
Or whether you are a murderess..
Just a moment..
If you don't want to
go to prison, Mrs Irving
There is only one way out..
- What, take your offer?
Just run and hide?
I wont be intimidated..
And as long as Scotland Yard
has nothing against me, I can...
They could have something on you..
What do you mean?
Maybe you'll learn about that tonight
Goodnight Mrs Irving..
And have sweet dreams..
How's my girl?
You came back..
From that surprised look on your face,
you didn't expect me to come
back so soon, now did you?
No, but I'm glad to have you here..
Thank you..
I know a good thing when I see it..
Will you move in right away?
It's still a bit early
I usually get to bed in the morning
I still can't believe you're here,
and that you're really serious
about renting this room..
And why not?
As Ive told you..
If my friend Kiddie
liked it here, so will I..
And particularly if the rent is cheap..
And the landlady is friendly...
- Thank you..
You should have seen me
when I was a sweet young thing..
I was a dancer in a club..
A fan, and nothing else..
Men were crazy about me,
But then came Falk,
the great Falconetti..
And I was foolish enough
to give up my career for him..
Who, the great Falconetti?
You mean, you don't remember him?
The greatest impersonator?
Oh,I travelled all over
Europe with him..
He'd play a half hour drama
each night, by himself
He'd finish one scene, leave the
stage, come on again...
new mask new clothes new voice
The public loved it..
They couldn't believe it was
one and the same person..
Yes, and then, I think in Athens,
he found me with a circus juggler..
Too bad, what happened then?
Well, he always had
a very bad temper..
And so, he killed my little juggler
- And then?
Then he went away, never to be seen again..
By me, or anyone else..
You must have some
pictures of those times
Oh yes,upstairs,I keep all my memories
up in the attic
Photographs, wedding pictures,
but you wouldn't recognise me then
And Falconetti,any pictures of him?
Of his different acts?
And especially of his masks?
Listen, why this sudden
interest in Falconetti?
In Falconetti?
Not at all in him..
But there must be some
interesting pictures of you..
With your fan..
Or maybe.. without it..
Aren't you a one..
Well if you're really so interested
in this stuff, Ill go and get it out..
When you come back
tomorrow with your luggage
You can look at them all you want
Only if we look at them together..
Mrs Falk..
Good evening sergeant..
Are you bringing another
summons from inspector Conway?
No, this time it's a
warrant for your arrest
Unfortunately, I must ask you
to come with me,Mrs Irving..
But I,.. I've only just
come in this minute..
That's alright,you wont have to
get dressed to go out again
At least let me change my dress..
Oh no, I have orders
not to leave you..
You will be searched,
by a woman from Scotland Yard..
What's going on here?
Who is this man,Mrs Irving?
- Sergeant Meals from Scotland Yard
I've just been arrested..
- Arrested, what for?
I'm not allowed to tell you
- I'm Mrs Irvings lawyer...
And I protest in the name of my client..
May I see your warrant?
Well I thought...
There's nothing in writing, however..
I was told to bring in the lady
This is illegal, I shall formally
complain to your superior..
You're free to do so.. but..
If you don't leave at once,
I'll have you charged with
breaking and entering..
Sergeant Meals, good evening, sir..
Please calm yourself, my dear..
As you know, Im at your disposal
whenever you need me..
Not only as your lawyer,
but even as a friend..
Thank you..
I very often wish,
that I was a few years younger..
But you are now in your best years..
Just the thoughts of a
confirmed bachelor..
Still, I no longer am as young
as for instance, Ralph Hubbard..
Why bring up Hubbard?
Oh it's easy to see,
he has all your sympathy..
But I wouldn't want you
to give your confidence
to someone who is unworthy of you..
But Mr Summerfield,
it was you who sent Hubbard
to me because you
believed he deserved help..
Well yes I did, but..
And you know, hes trying
very hard to start a new life..
I'm afraid, hes abused both of us,
and father Riley..
It seems that night after night
he leaves his room and..
Yes, thats true, I know about it..
But if we must talk about it, then..
He's doing it because I asked him to..
You're an innocent my dear..
I'm afraid he's told you pack of lies..
According to my information
He's working in a disreputable gambling club
The 55 club..
Hey taxi..
Sorry, Im busy..
Everything ok?
- Yes, here...
He especially told me
to let in any officials
of the society,
whenever they called..
Maybe he just went
out for cigarettes..
Perhaps I could wait for him..
- Certainly madam..
Thank you..
Muriel, in spite of everything, I love you..
Excuse me..
Good night..
Hello Dorothy,
why not leave the past alone?
Believe me, its better for both of us..
- No, you must forget my name..
Forget you ever knew it
It's very late..
- Oh well, theres no hurry, Gideon..
Excuse my boldness Mr Hubbard..
But if I didn't know
you were only a mixer..
I'd be convinced that you
were a member of this club..
Even a member of the aristocracy
- Thank you Gideon..
And now, goodnight..
- Goodnight..
Better still, good morning..
- One moment Hubbard..
The boss would like to speak to you
- Who?
The boss, I thought he
was in California..
If he was, he wouldn't be waiting
in the green salon..
Well, wonderful..
I'm very much interested
in meeting my employer..
For heavens sake!
What's going on?
Nothing important, Gideon..
I fell over the sofa,
and my gun went off..
Mr Hubbard, you brought a weapon,
to such a club?
Gideon, dont tell Mr Corner
anything about what happened here
Particularly with his fireplace
full of bullet holes..
Mrs Falk?
Hands up!
I'm sure inspector Conway will
want to see you right away
You wont get off so easily this time
- I'm ready..
I didn't send for you..
I only wanted to report
I arrested Ralph Hubbard..
He's here now..
He's suspected of murdering Mrs Falk..
And I have something else for you
- What is it?
This here!
With best wishes from the..
From the..
Hands up!
What's wrong sir?
Our friend Meals, made
another little mistake..
The biggest one so far..
He is suspended from all duties..
As I said, I will personally
recommend him for a promotion
But not in the ranks of Scotland Yard..
But to the platform of the hangman
You make one false move,
and I'll break every
bone in your body..
It was clear from the beginning
that the Murder Syndicate,
must have a spy..
Because on,
inspector Dawsons desk pad..
Was the image of the
last order he wrote..
To all police stations,
ordering them to watch for the
appearance of any white spiders
But that order never went out..
Because you Meals, destroyed it..
Who is your employer?
- I don't know the name..
But if I'm going to hang...
Then she will too,
the dirty old witch!
For your information Conway..
The mysterious white spider,
is a woman..
A little old woman, with grey hair..
Come in..
- Good day..
Are you the owner of this agency?
- Yes, thats right..
I'm Mrs Pringle
- My name is smith..
I telephoned earlier for an appointment
- Then come in Mr Smith..
What can I do for you?
Are you looking for an engagement?
No, I have another purpose..
To make it short,
I'm from Scotland Yard, homicide division
Homicide Division?
- Yes...
I'm searching for an actor..
A certain Falconetti..
Falconetti ?
- Yes, the great Falconetti..
Yes, I do remember..
In fact, he committed murder,
somewhere in the orient,
I believe..
But that was a long time ago..
Yes, but do you know him..
- Yes, yes..
I've already seen a number of agencies,
but nobody could remember him..
They were all much younger,
than you are..
Mrs Pringle,is it possible,
you might have among your papers,
some material on the great Falconetti?
Yes, it might well be possible..
I keep a lot of old material,
all alphabetically arranged..
But I'm afraid it's a bit
high up for me to reach..
That doesn't matter..
- If you want to take the trouble..
When you're as old as I am...
- Oh,but of course..
I'm Mrs Pringle..
- Take it easy Mrs Pringle..
There was this old woman
standing behind me..
And she knocked me down..
I don't remember anything else..
That's alright..
I know more now than I did..
I didn't imagine you'd come
to work today,Mr Hubbard..
I'm a very conscientious
worker,Mr Corner..
And as long as you haven't
given me notice, well..
So, you want an official notice?
Didn't the boss make it clear enough?
- Not realism Corner..
He shot a few times at me..
I shot a few times at him..
Does this mean I'm fired?
Open up, police!
- Open up at once!
I regret very much to say, that the
bridge tables are fully occupied..
That's what I came to see
- I.. I.. I protest!
Did you ever hear of a raid?
- What is going on here?
There are rumours that bridge isn't
the only game played in this club..
This is a groundless accusation,
please have a look yourself..
You see, the ladies and gentlemen
are playing bridge
You haven't heard the end of this..
I will not have the members
of this club treated like this..
I'm only doing my duty
Mr Hubbard, I believe..
- Hello sergeant, how are you?
Too bad I've seen you here...
- On the contrary..
I'm delighted to see you,
here, or anywhere else...
Would you mind telling me
what you're doing here?
You must know sergeant,
that among the things
I learned in Dartmoor
Was to repair electrical wiring
That's the reason I was
ordered to come here..
This wall lamp is a little bit
defective, as I found out..
Nobody leaves the room..
where's Corner?
Where's the manager?
He was just here..
The room must have a secret exit..
Let me out!
Come on, let me go, you idiot!
Whose the manager?
Where's Corner?
I don't know.. I don't know..
Did anybody go by here?
- No, nobody..
Are you the porter here?
Yes, and when I'm not here,
I'm in the next house..
I'm only picking up the
magazines from the club..
My eyes aren't as good as they used to be
But these do help
to pass the time away..
May I go now?
I still have to make my rounds..
Yes, go on grandpa..
- Many thanks..
Here, this money is
from the white spider..
Paid to me against my
husbands life insurance..
Do you still think
that I'm a murderess?
Actually, I think
you're a bit hysterical..
Please calm yourself,
and tell me where the money came from..
It was forced on me
But I would not except it..
Then I found it in my flat,
just as your officer came to arrest me..
But just then,
my lawyer arrived..
and the white spiders
money, was not found..
You can imagine what it
would have meant, if it was...
And what do you think,
was the reason
for giving you the money?
Maybe to keep me quiet..
He threatened to send me to
prison if I didn't do what he said..
And who is he?
He said he'd force me to
leave the country with him..
Did he threaten you
over the telephone?
No, he sent a friend of his, an Indian..
Mrs Irving, that was no friend,
that was the boss himself..
The Indian?
- That's only one of his disguises..
The Murder Syndicate is not
a widespread organisation..
It's a one man operation..
One single man..
A very clever impersonator..
And he got all the accomplices
he needed, from the reform society..
All the criminals in your files..
So you see,Mrs Irving..
If you'll be honest,
and lay your cards on the table..
I will do the same..
You tell me to lay my cards on the table
And you hide behind the light..
Well, if you're so interested
in seeing my face,
I'll show it to you..
And don't be too frightened..
- Yes..
Mrs Irving, before you get angry with me
I know that you're innocent..
But to be able to prove it..
I had to use much the same tactics,
as the white spider
Therefore, the theatrics..
I'm very glad, that I can be
open and honest with you now..
And I promise I will do everything,
I possibly can to clear up,
this horrible mess..
I will...
- Sir James wants to see you..
Thank you..
It would be better if Sir James
didn't see you here..
This door leads into the courtyard..
Goodbye,Mrs Irving
This is the crime laboratories report
The dead man is
definitely, Richard Irving..
Issue a warrant for the arrest of
Mrs Irving on a charge of murder..
Oh I can't do that..
- What's that?
Mrs Irving is innocent..
I have been told that Mrs Irving
is an extremely beautiful woman..
But don't think that I'll make a mistake
because you have some kind of infatu...
- Sir James!
I don't want Scotland Yard
to look foolish..
Give me another 24 hours,
and the Irving case,
will be completely cleared up...
So, the lady with the
beautiful eyes, is innocent..
Lord Enfield is a rich Lord..
You said you would arrest him..
But instead, he seems
to have vanished..
You got Dawson to smuggle you
into Dartmoor, to contact the gang..
But what's the result?
And now Mr Corner has disappeared,
along with Kiddie Philips..
And as for the great Falconetti,
there's not a trace
of him to be found...
The white spider
is very clever, Sir James..
But all spiders have one thing in common
They all build webs..
Here, have a look yourself..
By means of this map, I have followed
the moves made by Falconetti..
There's the first, the club 55
And the hotel, Falk..
Here, Mrs Irving's house..
And here,Mrs Pringle..
And finally, the reform society..
This is the white spiders web..
And the spider himself,
is in the centre..
he theatre district..
Why didn't I think of that?
Falconetti was a famous impersonator..
He gave up his profession,
but he always went back,
to the scenes of his crimes..
The scenes of his triumphs
That's where he's hiding...
In one of those closed theatres
Issue an order that all those
buildings be watched, right away..
It's already been done..
I.C, Meldon here,
- I.C. over..
A man passed, could be Kiddie Philips
from the description
He just went into The Tivoli..
Hello boss..
Didn't I forbid you ever to come here?
Where can I go?
They're after me night and day..
I changed rooms 3 times, last week
Meals was caught,
we'll have to lay low for a while..
Maybe a change,
would do you some good..
I'll buy you a ticket,
to where you want to go..
If you want me to go,
it's going to cost you...
But little Kiddie
can't be got rid of, too cheap..
How much do you want?
2000,and nothing can
happen at the last moment..
Like a disagreeable surprise,
a nasty accident..
I haven't got that much..
Oh come on boss, come on..
Surely you haven't forgotten
the small brown trunk,
up there on the shelf..
Where you keep all your
old theatre programmes?
Don't try any nonsense
with the wire sling boss...
You cant do that twice,
to Kiddie..
Lets talk this over quietly..
Keep your distance boss,
because I don't really
want to shoot you..
Don't worry, Kiddie..
I'm no fool, I wont try anything..
If you'll be happy with 500 pounds,
I'll pay you the rest, later..
- No!...
What a terrible thing, terrible..
- Who are you?
I heard a scream..
- How do you come to be here?
I'm the janitor here,
my room is upstairs..
The man is dead..
You stay here, Ill go for the police..
Kiddie Philips fell out of a window..
He's dead...
There he is..
Don't let anyone in or out..
You stay here..
I wonder what happened
to the porter..
Search the place..
The old ladies wig...
The eye patch of Mr Corner,
and here, the porters pipe..
Yes, but what is this?
- Let me see..
This is a Cincture...
The rope that monks use
Thats tied around their waists
Father Riley..
- Yes, him too..
Or, the white spider, in Rileys habit..
Now we know all his masks..
Which one is the real face?
I must catch up with Lord Ensfield
before the night is over..
And when I get my fingers around his...
Ah,I'm so glad you've come,
Mr Hubbard..
You wont believe it..
But I've been here two hours..
And not one guest has appeared
But now you're here..
Yes.. But I didn't come
to play blackjack with you...
Aren't you the one who's
so well informed about high society?
It's my hobby..
Good, so you can help
me find Lord Ensfield...
Yes, but isn't his Lordship
at his residence in Chelsea?
No, hes neither in his apartment
nor in his country house..
Then I'm sure he's at the pilot's club..
He was famous in the royal air force..
Yes I know, but he hasn't
been to that club, either..
Then, the H.F.F...
The "Help for failures"?
No... the helicopter flight force.
His lordship sold his private plane
at the beginning of this year,
and now hes flying a helicopter.
Gideon, youre a genius..
That's what my mother says..
- Oh,Ralph..
Has the Indian been to see you again?
No, but I'm afraid he'll come round
and ask me for his share..
His share?
- Yes, of the insurance..
Mr Summerfield has just called to tell me,
the Anglia insurance has honoured
my claim and paid the money..
An official is on his way
with the cheque..
Oh,I think he's here now, bye..
Father Riley...
Mrs Irving, I..
- Come in..
I don't know how to tell you..
- What's the matter? You seem upset..
And well I should be, when the
dead speak from their graves..
My husband?
- Yes, it concerns Richard Irving..
He contacted me because he knows
I'd never betray him...
But I dare not betray him...
He's sick, and in danger..
And he says, only you can help him..
He asked me to bring you to him
- Where is he?
At the docks, in a motor barge..
Look what I found..
A letter from
Richard Irving to his wife..
Muriel, this is goodbye forever..
Tonight I tried to
get back what I lost...
Now I am finished...
Please forgive me if you can, Richard..
Richard Irving did commit suicide..
Yes, and he gave this letter to Corner,
and he is the white spider, and he kept it
Muriel Irving is quite innocent..
He's quite near here..
- Please wait for me..
He described the way
clearly to me...
If I'm right, there should be some
steps leading down to the barges..
Watch out..
Down there..
Richard.. Richard!
Where's Richard, where are we going?
Just be reasonable,
and face the simple facts...
Your husband is dead,
and the police are convinced that
you, gave the order to murder him..
- Everything is against you,Mrs Irving..
You've no choice, but flight..
We'll leave together for a
country in South America..
I've lots of money there..
We'll be secure now..
You're not Father Riley..
Who are you?
Mr Summerfield..
Oh no, Im no longer him..
I am Falconetti,the great Falconetti..
And I got what I wanted..
I met your husband in the club 55
He had a good luck charm
I liked it...
And without his knowledge,
I made it my trademark..
But then Richard Irving,
committed suicide..
And you became involved
- You're the white spider..
And I'll save you..
I did all this, for you..
Because I love you
Come back!
The whole area is
surrounded by the police..
Surrender or we'll open fire!
You wont do that, since you
might hit the woman..
Ensfield,come help me..
Hands up!
Throw down your weapon!
Not another step, or she'll die first..
Get her in the helicopter..
We'll get out over the channel..
Sorry Falconetti,not over the channel..
But to the scaffold..
As manager, of the newly
opened club, the 155..
May I beg your indulgence,
and ask for your closest attention..
Help yourselves,
ladies and gentlemen..
And now, I would ask you to give
three cheers for our...
But where are they?
What's happened?
Really, Gideon..
- In such a club...
subs by McDuck
From the English dubbed Gunbay Rip