The White Storm (2013) Movie Script

Good stuff.
Yes Sir.
Cuff him.
Police check.
Run away?
Hey, cheers..
Bottoms up.
Hey, did you know where
we'd go next?
Cuppa my ass.
Krupp, not Cuppa.
Eight-faced Buddha, you know?
He's the man after Kuhn S's gone.
That's freaking swell, right?
Hey, time for food.
You've waken up. Let's eat.
Hey come on.
Chow, you haven't returned
my calls forever.
Without your info,
my team can't do nothing.
Don't tell me you've converted
to be a real gangster.
This one for personal use.
This one for buying and selling drugs
this one for Hal Thai to call
this one for Vietnamese guys to call
and this one for you to call
I have so many phones that I worry..
I'll use the wrong phone one day
calling Hal Thai and telling him
to arrest the gang.
Or I'll call you and tell you
to sell the drugs.
I'll be so screwed up then.
Pass me the intelligence.
We arrest Hal Thai.
Then you're back in the team.
This Hal Thai is a cunning prick.
Now, I know nothing
I only know the deal
will be done these couple days.
My wife is expecting a baby.
What did you say?
I said my wife is giving birth to a baby.
Due on the 18th.
Just get the job done.
Go take care of your kid.
Of course
I can't live like you,
divorced after a year of marriage..
spending more time
with suspects than your wife.
Now you're going too far.
He's right.
What else could he do?
Spending his life with me?
Let's eat.
Wow, your theme song.
Not really mine.
We sang that number all the time.
But you're the loudest one every time
I remember
when I was a kid
I was Xi men Chukchi.
I was Xi men Chukchi.
No! You were Ye Changchun.
I was Xi men Chukchi.
My ass
I was Xi men Chukchi.
Xi men Chukchi has pale
complexion like me.
Remember where we stashed
our swords then?
Of course.
In the top row of hollow wall
blocks at stair landing.
Top row? No way.
He was short with stubby legs.
He couldn't touch the top row
even if he jumped.
In the lowest row, right?
Can you reach top row now?
When I was young, they call me
the giant of Shrek Lei Estate.
What? I mean, you? A giant?
It's just the two of you
suddenly gained height
I don't know what you ate.
Now don't crack sick
jokes with others' pain.
Sworn to tread the mountain of swords.
Hey, your turn.
With courage, overcome
a thousand barriers.
What's with the vibrato?
That's what Adam Cheng did
Chi Wok-young, a.k.a. Hal Thai.
According to our investigations,
his gang is the fastest growing
drug dealing cartel
in the Pearl River Delta region
in the past three years.
His influence might have reached
as far as South East Asia.
We've followed his guy for six years.
The latest intelligence shows.
Hal Thai might have a deal
with the Indonesian trafficker, Kant.
The deal is likely to take place
in Automate area
I need you guys to keep an eye
on every junction 24 hours.
Be prepared to take action any second.
Attention. Lookouts show up.
Both teams on Woo sung Street
and Shanghai Street come back immediately.
Come back here everyone.
Oik and Kin.
Both of your teams gather here.
Target Temple Street.
Do not expose yourselves.
Identify every lookout.
Target shows up.
Tap his channel now.
Yes Sir.
Quick.. Come on.
Right here?
That prick is very cunning.
He did it at a different place every time.
Target location. 99 Temple Street.
Hing On Building.
Hey, what a safe spot you found here.
How has it been, Bro? It's been a while.
My trusted guy. Don't worry.
To be honest, your stuff is 30%
more expensive this time around.
Much more than inflation, my friend
Burmese government now promotes tourism.
Farmers get subsidies
for growing rice and sugar cane.
No one grows opium anymore.
Arrest the lookouts.
You have your ways, Bro.
After years of business,
do I have a discount?
Eight of my guys got
killed this time around.
Did the police give me discount?
This stuff fetches a fair price.
If you don't want it, many others do.
Of course I do.
Just kidding. Don't be so serious, bro.
Hey you, pay him.
Real good stuff.
Don't worry. Not a dollar short.
Everyone stand by.
Inspector Ma, an urgent call
from Superintendent Wong
I'm too busy to talk.
He said it's urgent.
Sir, what now?
Tin, abort the operation now.
A change of plan.
Now call off all operation.
We have planned something else.
Abort the operation? How?
Commissioner's order. Let Hal Thai go.
Why didn't you call earlier?
We have taken action already.
Yes sir.
Sorry, sir.
Chow, a change of plan.
You have to follow Hal Thai.
Take him with you after the explosion.
Police, drop your weapon. Surrender now.
You cheater.
You cheated.
Son of a bitch.
He took my money No. Forget it.
He took my money.
Hold it right there.
Don't look back. Keep climbing.
Open it.
Hang in there.
Freaking police.
Police. Freeze.
Everyone stay still
Chow, take his gun.
Take his gun..
Quick. Chow, Run.
Run. Quick.
What are you doing? You got cold feet?
Quick. Run.
What the hell are you doing? Just run!
Our team was just one flimsy door away
from those drug lords.
You think you can stop
everything with one call?
Our weapons were loaded
and fingers were on the triggers.
You'd get them all killed!
Superintendent Wong.
Commissioner Tang
it's too dangerous for our teams
to stop the operation last minute.
Yes Sir.
I'll write you a report ASAP.
Thank you Sir.
You're in a disciplinary squad.
An order is an order and must be followed.
We're talking about human lives.
Stop the operation like that?
I don't want to see
my undercover in a morgue.
What now? Spit it out.
Wei In-gang.
Eight-faced Buddha?
You don't need me to tell you
he's one of the biggest
drug lords in Asia.
He's hiding in the Thai-Cambodian border.
But no one knows where he is.
Two days ago.
Interpol found a Thai drug dealer..
called Bobby..
is hooking up Hal Thai
with Eight-faced Buddha.
That's why we asked you
to let Hal Thai go.
We want to uproot the big boss,
not the small crooks.
Your undercover didn't pass on
such important info?
My undercover is very busy.
Thank You.
Would you stop wearing jeans at home?
Too tight and you're pregnant.
What have you made?
Pork shin soup with carrot! Awesome.
Remember to stay away from
Job's tears and hawthorn, okay?
Whoa, did you get all these yourself?
Buy a little at a time, okay?
It's dangerous to carry
so much grocery all by yourself.
How about a domestic helper?
Don't cry. It's bad for the baby.
Bad for the baby
I know it's bad for the baby.
That's why I hold back
whenever I want to cry
I know it's bad for the baby.
When I have morning sickness,
I hope you're here with me.
But you never were.
When the baby kicks me for the first time
I'm so happy that I call you right away.
But your voice mail is all I get
I'm eight months pregnant..
and you've only come back three times.
Once piss drunk.
Twice injured.
What can I do?
I promise.
I'll spend more time at home with you.
I'll be right by your side
when you give birth to our baby.
Now don't cry.
How dare you come see me?
Chow, no. Stop it..
You two show up here to get me killed?
You said you'd arrest them.
Are you toying with me?
Calm down.
Calm down? He shot me in the head.
That gunshot saved your life.
Anyway, I'm quitting.
You can never catch every
criminal in the world.
You should know how
my life has been in these few years
I worked my tail off just to make you,
my Inspector Ma
look good in your
promotion board interview
I spent every day either beating
someone or being beaten
I'm so sick of it
I really am.
You know my wife is giving
birth to our baby soon
I can't even spend time with her.
My dearest Tin, I beg you.
Let me live a normal life.
Let me back in the police force, please
I know..
I want you back too
I want the three of us
going to work together..
and getting promoted together.
Ending a day's work
with a round of drinks.
But we can't. The case isn't over.
Now we have to track
down Eight-faced Buddha.
The biggest drug lord in Southeast Asia.
Have you heard anything about him?
No, I've heard nothing.
Anyway, I'm quitting.
Chow.. Listen to me.
Hal Thai isn't dumb.
You've followed him
for years and now you suddenly quit?
What would he think?
If anything happens to him,
he'll label you the traitor.
You can't arrest him
and he won't let you off the hook.
You'd have nothing.
So I don't have a choice
I'm dead either way?
Why don't you kill me now?
Yes, you have a choice.
You may choose to quit.
He has a choice too.
If you quit.
I'll find a replacement.
He'll have to live like you.
Leaving family and friends behind
God knows how many years
he takes to track down Eight-faced Buddha
living miserably until
Eight-faced Buddha is under arrest.
Go ahead and find a replacement.
None of my business.
But you're a cop
it's fine that you're mad. I'm angry too.
But don't whine.
Sworn to tread the
mountain of swords, right?
With courage, overcome
a thousand barriers.
Lofty spirits and unswerving pride.
Travel back and forth between hells alone.
Still crave to visit the
tiger cave for once.
What're you laughing at?
After singing it all these years?
Too bad intoxication doesn't last forever.
Regret we haven't met any earlier.
Sworn to tread the mountain of swords, OK?
So Kin-chow.
Please don't come any more.
Don't give me false hope
and let me down again.
Let's just break up for good.
Eight-faced Buddha's original name
is Wei In-gang.
And he's three quarters Chinese.
He's the most powerful drug lord
in the Golden Triangle area
since Kuhn S's military surrender in 1996.
Although the Golden Triangle's opium
output has decreased to..
its lowest level in a hundred years,
following Absinth
Chinaware's war on drugs..
and the UN Narcotics'
replacement planting project
Buddha remains the only active warlord
in the drug trade,
with his own army and farmers.
I'm Richard Robinson from the Interpol.
And I'm in charge of arranging..
the joint operation between
Hong Kong and Thailand.
Mr. Horowitz from the Thai police
is the commanding officer
and Mr. Ma from Hong Kong..
is responsible for supplying
the inlet on the drug dealers.
Mr. Commanding officer,
I would like to request a gun.
And I want to be in charge
of the tailing operation.
The undercover is our man.
I have to make sure he's kept safe.
Mr. Ma
I hope you understand that
Hong Kong police is only responsible..
for providing inlet for
this joint operation.
This is Bangkok.
We have to lead the operation.
In terms of gun..
overseas inlet officers
cannot carry any weapon.
But rest assured, you won't need it.
We already have your under cover's details
from the Hong Kong Police.
We'll keep him safe.
We'll let you assist the operation.
And Chitchat will help you.
Good. Thank you.
Fine. Let's go.
Hey Hal Thai..
Long time no see.
What takes you so long?
I thought you were drowned in the Mekong,
my friend.
Hal Thai
you lost million dollars
but you're still composed and in control.
You have my respect, man.
Don't remind me.
Now I have to run the errands myself.
By the way, this is Chow.
Hey, Chow My very good friend.
We've survived the bullets together.
Forget about the millions
you lost, my friend.
From now on, come find me in Thailand
whenever you need heroin.
Hey Bobby
I'm not buying milk formula.
Could you just take it down a notch?
Hal Thai.
This is Thailand, not Hong Kong.
Now I'm taking you
to the world's best heroin.
OK, Hal Thai.
As agreed, we'd pool in US$10 million each
I'm an honest guy.
When the deal is done,
I'll charge you 20% commission.
OK, whatever.
I'll give you 20.
There's no signal.
Go after them.
Go after them.
What the hell are you doing?
You can't even drive.
Stupid moron.
Go find me a car.
Sorry A car.
Sorry.. okay.
A car
I will find you right now, okay?
He takes half the money in advance?
Why didn't you tell me upfront?
If he takes my money and leave,
what can I do?
Rules are rules and can't be broken
I've been doing this with him..
and I'm sure there won't be a problem.
What? Scared?
Don't worry.
You'd live as long as I live.
If shit happens, I'll take care of it. OK?
Alright. Just calm down
I understand.
No one wants accidents to happen
I will send someone over right away.
Found it yet?
No, not yet.
Send it over right away once you find it.
Hello? What's the matter?
Hi Boss.
There's an undercover policeman
among your clients from Hong Kong
I didn't have a chance
to call you until now.
I'll find out who he is and
send you his photo right away.
Holy cow. I'm so dead
I'm in the abandoned car
park meeting with them.
Send me the picture quick
I will. Bye
I know Thai too.
What are you doing?..
You work for Bobby.
He works for Bobby.
Where's Bobby?
Where is he?
I don't know.
Where's Bobby?
Where is he?
I don't know what you are talking about.
Where's Bobby?
I don't know.
Don't move.
Calm down. Easy.
Don't move.
Squat. Guns down
I said don't move.
Don't move..
Hi, I am the daughter of Buddha.
What did she say?
She's Eight-faced Buddha's daughter.
I'm Mani. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Is she really the Buddha's daughter?
She's smoking hot, man.
Looks like she has a crush on me, huh?
She's a he.
Nice to meet you..
Hal Thai, he's Eight-faced
Buddha's son, Stria.
Have you brought the money?
Yes, boss. Come on, bring it over.
Yes, boss.
Tell me where's Bobby
or I'll beat the shit out of you.
You don't want to live? Spit it out.
Push his head out of the window.
Say something, please.
Say it now.
OK, I will bring you there.
Make a right turn in front.
Drive on for two blocks
it's an abandoned car park.
Make a right turn in front.
Drive on for two blocks
it's an abandoned car park.
Boss. That's correct.
This is a satellite phone for you.
The dealing place and time tomorrow.
My dad will call you and explain.
Thank you very much.
OK, bye bye. See you tomorrow handsome.
Throw him out of the building.
What are you doing? Let me go.
What the hell you said?
I said throw him out.
Didn't you know he's an undercover cop?
And you brought him to Thailand? Stupid.
Don't trust him.
He's robbing us of our stuff
Bobby, you're keeping our drug.
You boldfaced liar.
Don't drag me into this.
You're messing with the
Eight-faced Buddha.
So? Get your hands off him
I have an informant in the police.
I'll let you die with no regrets.
Gee, you are the cop?
Are you insane?
You prick.
Run him off the building.
Knock him down.
Hold on, Chow.
It hurts.
It hurts.
It hurts..
Mr. Ma, you're holding
a Thai policeman hostage.
This is a serious crime.
Your man is a mole.
He sold inlet about the joint action
I know, I've all the evidence.
You're lucky if you get to keep your job.
So.. what do you want?
I am one call away from busting this deal
I am leading this operation.
You have to support us.
This is our last chance.
You still want to go on? You bastard.
Calm down. Calm down.
Now Hal Thai is dead.
Don't tell me you still
want to follow this.
Yes I will. We haven't caught
Eight-faced Buddha yet.
The Buddha isn't some small-time crooks.
This is Thailand, not Hong Kong.
Buddha's son and daughter
saw Hal Thai and my face just now
I'm not doing this. You do it yourself.
Calm down.
There must be a way out
Bobby is here and the money is here.
We're just one step away
from busting them. Just one step
I tell you, we can make it.
Sure. You can follow the
case all by yourself
I'm not risking my life for you.
You bastard don't have family but I do
I'm going back to Hong Kong.
Grow up, won't you?
You want sweet talk every time?
Did it scare you my dear?
Stomping your feet on
the ground like a kid?
Are you crying?
I'm going back.
We're in the Narcotics Squad.
If we don't do it,
Hong Kong will be ruled by drug lords.
We must do what should be done.
Even if we lose the battle,
we have no regrets.
You moo is reckless.
Stop it. No, Chow.
Calm down. Don't fight now.
Stop fighting"-
Let go.
Calm down, OK?
Come on. Let's fight
I've dropped my guns. Come on.
Calm down..
No, Chow. Don't do it.
Let go of me
Why do you take his side every time?
No, I'm on your side too.
But we are cops after all.
We'll talk like civilized beings, okay?..
Let's get something to eat
and talk it over, okay?
That's right, we're starving.
Let's go eat first and talk later.
Can I speak to Mr So Kin-chow please?
Speaking. Ms Chan from the hospital?
Your wife has delivered a baby.
But she is suffering from
excessive bleeding after delivery.
Please come and see her soon.
Uncle Buddha..
Yes, it's Bobby here.
Sure. Two hours later.
An abandoned village
in the red-earth forest, 200s north.
Thank you. See you.
Listen guys. Don't go there.
You'd get yourselves killed.
No. You must die.
Either hung after trial.
Or beaten to death by Buddha
I'm your savior.
You guys are real dicks.
You bastard
Bobby turned State Witness.
Two hours from now. 20 km north.
An abandoned village in
the red-earth forest
I have notified the Thai police.
You decide whether you go or not.
When I was 13, I hung out with you two
I followed you everywhere.
My father died early
and I treat you like
my blood brothers since little.
One is smart. The other a good fighter.
We grew up together and..
enrolled in the Police
cadet school together.
You went straight for an inspector post.
And you dropped out
eight weeks before passing out.
Everyone knew you were recruited..
as an undercover cop
I wanted to be an undercover so bad
I was so jealous.
But then, I'm content with whatever I have
I'm a simple guy.
Even since the first day
I walked the beat with my uniform on
I've known I must be a good cop.
My late dad always said..
just focus on one thing
and that's good enough.
Can you just get to the point?
Are you going or not?
Yes I am. Of course.
I'll go too.
Mr. Ma, you understand,
this is an exceptional case.
Follow me.
This is Bobby.
He's gonna help us
find Eight-faced Buddha, alright?
Deal called off.
Deal called off. It's out of the bag.
Are you toying with me?
Ouch! It hurts.
How can I pull one on?
It's been so long and no one shows up
I don't know nothing.
Buddha never stood me up.
Can't even see a dog around.
Let me tell you.
If he doesn't show up.
I'll dig a hole and bury you alive.
Ouch. It hurts. Stop it.
Ouch! Ouch..
Target approaching.
Here he comes.
Get off.
Chow, stay alert.
We must pull it off this time.
Drop the pretense. Let's go.
Eight-faced Buddha isn't here.
Those two are his sons.
Hello there. We meet again.
You have one more partner, right?
We saw him yesterday.
He can't come today.
We'd take care of things for him.
Not showing up after paying the deposit?
What are you guys thinking?
He asked why Hal Thai didn't come.
We killed him.
He's killed.
We want to keep his share of money.
We want to keep his share of money
I like your honesty.
Show them the stuff.
We'll check the stuff.
Where's the money?
Police. Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon.
Drop your weapon.
Don't shoot..
Drop your weapon..
Don't shoot.
You have been surrounded. Surrender.
Wei, drive over here.
You guys get on first.
Now run.
Get on.
Get on, Oik.
Get on.
Hold on Start the car.
You brought the police here to catch me?
Please don't kill me.
Drag him in. Quick.
Oik, hang in there.
No, I won't make it.
Quick Go without me.
Hold on Don't let go.
Let go..
A gun. Give me a gun..
You moo. You bloody killed Oik.
Sit tight everyone.
Miss Mona's on their car. Be careful.
Come up.
Are you okay?
Let them go. I said let them go
I'm gonna kill her! You wanna see that?
Do you wanna see that?
I'm gonna kill her. Now.
Uncle Buddha, forgive me
it's not me. They forced me.
For the sake of my father,
please forgive me
Uncle Buddha, could you forgive me?
I've known you since you were a kid
and I've taught you that
credibility is important
for running a business.
You can't sell your mates out.
You must keep your promise.
Surrender now if you don't want
your daughter dead.
In the Golden Triangle,
credibility is a matter of life and death.
That's why I value credibility
running my business.
I'll only say it once.
You let my daughter go
and I'll let one of them go with you.
No. Get us a car.
All three of us leave together.
Three for one? Doesn't sound fair to me.
You can tell who has the upper hand.
Don't bargain with me.
One life for one life
I'll count down from 3. If
you kill my daughter..
both your friends will die.
One for one
I'm not leaving.
Let the two of them go. That's it
I'm staying. They leave. I'm not choosing
I'm not.
I'm not risking my life for you.
You bastard don't have family but I do
I'm going back to Hong Kong.
My father died early
and I treat you like my
blood brothers since little.
He stays.
Dad, there's no bullet in the gun.
Did you know why I don't kill you?
Because living with your guilt
is so much worse than dying
I remember on my first day
of walking the beat..
Hey, Tin! You came just in time
I gave five parking tickets in a day.
Four of the cars were stolen
the remaining one was Tin's.
Chief Inspector Ma Ho-tin
you are in charge of this
operation in Thailand.
Two Hong Kong Police officers
died in the operation
while the target suspect Wei In-gang
a.k.a. Eight-faced Buddha..
is still on the run.
The Chief Executive received
a complaint from the Thai Police
saying the failure of this operation..
is solely attributed to
your wrong judgment and..
your refusal to accept
others' suggestions.
The operation has caused major loss
of lives of the Thai police force.
They vigorously denounced our negligence.
According to your deposition..
the operation was disclosed
to the suspects in prior.
Have you ever suspected someone
in your team made a mistake?
That would be me
I take full responsibility
of the whole matter
I'm too cocky and..
I underestimated their power
I request that
the undercover officer So Kin-chow..
resume his duty as a
proper officer immediately.
He has been working as a
snitch for us over the years.
He has achieved major merits
I urge Hong Kong Police to keep our
promise by promoting him.
Dear family, friends, colleagues,
ladies and gentlemen.
Today, we mourn the loss of
our outstanding colleagues.
Wong Shun-yuk and Chung Ts-wain.
With deep sorrow and absolute respect.
They have been working in
the Narcotics Bureau of Hong Kong Police.
Striving to make Hong Kong..
a safe and just society for its citizens.
At work, Mr Wong Shun-yuk
was an experienced..
diligent, quiet officer.
At home, he was a loving father and..
husband who took good care of his family.
Why weren't you the one who died?
Why didn't you?
Give me back my husband..
How could I live without him.
Hey auntie. This is Chow.
Wei's best friend.
I'm Chow. Chow..
Wei sends me here.
Your son is so brilliant.
He got promoted and..
went abroad to study.
That's why he can't come and see you
it's getting cold. Put
on something warm, son.
Wei asked you not to worry about him.
If you need anything
or someone to talk to.
You can call me.
Son, I have called you.
But why didn't you answer my calls?
Don't call me on my old number anymore
I have a new number.
Just call me on this one.
It's a new number.
I'll put it on your headboard.
Just call me if you need anything, okay?
Drugs confiscated.
No one arrested. Cartel leader kidnapped.
Inspector Ma, this is urgent.
Thanks a lot.
Chow is the star in the police force.
Last time the two speedboats at Aberdeen
carried over three million
worth of amphetamine.
At last year, in a joint
operation with Japan.
He confiscated over eighty million
worth of heroin at a container park.
Come on, take a seat.
Thank you, sir.
Bounce, little bunny.
Bounce, little bunny.
Did the teacher praise you today?
Did you miss mum?
Are you a little bunny? You are.
Don't rush it. Start with this note.
Start from here.
This is Ms Yuan.
Ms Yuan.
You're bringing kids over again?
Yes. I have an aunt..
whose daughter wants to
learn Chinese zither.
So I take her here for classes.
Come on in. Let's put
you in a class first.
Sui Yule, take her to
fill out the forms first.
I bought a cake for you and Soon-woo.
Soon-woo isn't in.
To be honest, you don't have to..
introduce your friends'
children to learn zither here.
She is the 12th kid you
brought in this month..
from your fourth aunt.
This coming Sunday is Soon-won's birthday
I want to have a dinner with you
and Soon-woo. Okay?
That was ages ago, Chloe.
Don't you think I'm different now?
I don't want Soon-woo to call me uncle
I really want her to call me Daddy.
Please give me another chance.
Let her call me Dad, okay.
I'm now living a stable and
happy life with just Soon-woo
I'm so content
I'm.. I'm afraid I have
to live like the old days.
So, it's best that you
stop giving me false hope.
Thanks to Buddha's help all these years
I have sources for
quality stuff like this.
You're welcome.
We got the best stuff for sure.
You being our long term costumer
I must offer you a good price.
Thanks a lot.
Who.. are you?
Boss, he sounds like asking who you are.
Dune Kuhn from Tsimshian.
Sir, ten deceased, six
Thai and four Hatemongers.
All Thais have Eight-faced
Buddha's symbol tattooed on them.
This morning at 0530, fishermen
towed fish near Lena Island and..
they came across the bodies.
The Marine retrieved two more bodies
in the waters near Di Dong Bay.
After the preliminary investigation
by CID and forensics.
The initial finding is that
they were shot to death by firearm.
We also found drug wrappers..
like this on the bodies.
Show them the stuff.
Tin, this is against the rules.. Sir..
You're putting us in a
difficult position.. Sir..
Inspector So said you
can't touch this case.
Calm down, Inspector Ma..
Chow. Now that Buddha's son is dead.
The drug is snatched.
He won't let them rub it in his face.
He'll make the biggest fuss he can
So, he must show up and get his drug back.
And then the two gangs fight
it's Dune Kuhn from Tsimshian who did it.
Grab his sidekicks and
grill them 3 times a day.
There will be new clues for sure.
But why do you care?
You're in charge of data
processing these days.
We, the operation division..
have to do things according to the rules.
But of course, you always
did things gratuitously.
You are the team leader
of Narcotics Bureau.
If you don't catch drug
lords, what do you do?
Wandering on the street?
I can play games in my office
and it's none of your business.
You don't need to know
how I track down Buddha.
We were in Thailand 5 years ago.
Now, he's here in Hong Kong.
We must arrest him.
For god's sake! Stop saying we
I'm not really in your league.
There's no we.
We can.. sorry.
If the murderer is caught before
Eight-faced Buddha finds him.
We can set Buddha up and arrest him
I want to come back and help
I can do anything you want me to.
Even just a driver.
We have to take revenge, Chow.
Revenge? How come you're so naive?
You are a police officer, not a gangster.
Anyway, I'm not placing
any trust in you whatsoever.
You'd better hide any endeavor..
beyond your jurisdiction
well enough from me.
Otherwise, I wouldn't
hesitate to report it.
I must do what I should do.
Even if I fail, I'll accept it.
Tin, that's all I can do.
He reserved a jet boat tonight
leaving for Taiwan.
As long as I get there
safely and get the money
I will tell you where the stuff is.
No problem.
That's it.
Idiot! How come the boat isn't here yet?
Boss, I told them to come at 12.
Maybe there's an accident..
Maybe your ass.
My dear boss.
Would you mind calling to rush them?
Hey you! Why don't you come next year?
Boss, the boat's here.
Let him go.
Who the hell are you?
Throw your guns into the sea.
You're so dead..
You're so dead.
Throw them into the sea.
Drop all guns.
You bastards want me killed?
Drop the guns. Drop 'em.
You prick! Who the hell are you?
I'm Dune Kuhn from Tsimshian.
Dune Kuhn? Huh?
I'm from Narcotics Bureau.
You must find a guy for me.
Are you out of your mind?
You only got five bullets.
You can't beat my guys.
How about this? You let me go.
I'll give you 100 million cash.
How's that?
Only 100 million? Are you kidding me?
Get out of my way.
Dune Kuhn, right?
Police. Freeze.
You have some nerves snatching
Eight-faced Buddha's stuff
I'm sure someone's behind this.
Who's that?
Tin.. Calm down.
Let go, Tin.
Don't do that, Tin.
Who is that?
You're a real psycho.
Let me go Crazy man.
Do you have a cigarette?
Shut the hell up. Get on the car
I want a cigarette.
Dune Kuhn is busted.
Don't show your face. Just leave now.
Let's go.
Take those suspects back first.
How have you been?
How about you? Good?
Yes, quite good.
Boy or girl?
Are you behind all that shit lately?
Are you working for Eight-faced Buddha?
If so, I have to arrest you.
I have to arrest you.
We haven't met for 5 years and..
that's how you treat a long-missed friend?
Did you know why our operation failed
five years ago?
Because someone called
Eight-faced Buddha and..
told him the deal was out of the bag,
calling the deal off.
That's why Buddha sent his mercenaries..
to save his son and daughter.
What nonsense you're talking?
What did you say?
Huh? What're you trying to say?
I tell you. Don't try to make us fight.
Now you say it out loud.
Who made that call?
Huh? Who?
Well, I knew nothing
it's my wife who told me this.
Yes, I'm married..
to Eight-faced Buddha's daughter.
What now?
I don't know what you're talking about
I don't know what you're talking about.
If you don't know what
I'm talking about..
you should arrest me.
Go ahead.
Wei is dead.
That's the choice you made, my idol.
Dune Kuhn must die, I tell you.
Even Jesus Christ can't save him.
You have my word.
Sworn to tread the mountain of swords.
With courage..
What did he say?
What did he say?
How can Dune Kuhn be alive?
You idiot.
No, Samar
I saw those policemen who
took Dune Kuhn away.
They were your old-time buddies.
Are you selling us out?
I come back to kill them both.
Sorry dad.
Dune Kuhn was arrested by the Police.
Light it up.
They are the wife and
daughter of that cop.
You know what to do with them, right?
Yes, sure.
Dad, let me do it
I've been waiting for this day.
Sure. You do it.
Sir, Crime Unit is waiting for us
to send Dune Kuhn over.
Why do you want him here?
Sir, this is against the rules.
Go back
I have him. Where to?
The same old place.
What happened to you two?
You used illegal firearm.
Chow kidnapped a suspect.
Chow kidnapped Dune Kuhn
I'm asking you. Did you
know what's going on?
Have you tried to find
Chloe and his daughter?
We did but we can't find them.
Holy shit.
Eight-faced Buddha might have
kidnapped them to threaten Chow.
Go get some help.
Now. Do something.
Open the door..
By the way, Chung Ts-wain is still alive.
He's working for Eight-faced Buddha.
Send people around to look for him.
Lend me your pen.
Inspector Ma, no. It's not funny
I'm not being funny.
And you should take this seriously.
Open the door. Open it.
Inspector Ma.
Don't come any nearer.
Calm down. Easy.
You don't think I'll slit his
throat, right? Open the door.
Calm down.
Give me the key.
Be careful.
You've borne with me all these years.
Thank you.
Calling headquarter..
Oh, I'm so dizzy.
Call an ambulance.
Yes sir.
Chow, save Soon-woo.
Let them go
Uncle Chow Save Soon-woo.
Chow, save Soon-woo..
Let them go.
Pointing a gun at me again?
Take it out on me if you must.
But leave them alone.
Put down the gun first.
Chow, save Soon-woo..
I'll put it down
I've called your men.
They'll take you away soon.
Oh, thanks man.
Let them go..
One life for one life.
Make a choice.
Make a choice
I'm not choosing.
Kill me if you want.
Count me in.
We have two now.
Two lives for two lives.
You can now let them go.
Tin. I know you'd come.
But you don't understand who
got the upper hand here, do you?
You think you have any say on this?
You're not even a man. You
can take it out on us.
Don't drag Chow's wife
and daughter into this.
That's how the world works
I didn't have a choice.
And you think you deserve to choose?
Yes, you didn't get to
choose and it's sad.
But it doesn't give you
the right to kill people.
How about me?
When I was in Thailand,
all I got was an empty gun
I had to make a choice
between you two and..
no matter how I chose I know I'll
regret it for the rest of my life.
What? You have your point.
You saved Chow and now
he has a lovely family.
You're such a savior.
But why can't that be me?
If I saved you five years
ago and let him die.
Would you really live your life happily
in the past five years?
Five years..
Five years..
Did you know howl lived?
I'm sorry
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have given you up
I also owe Chow too much.
I shouldn't have forced him..
That's enough
it's my fault.
Five years ago, it's me
who called Buddha..
to inform him the operation
I'm sorry.
All those years I worked as an undercover
I had been missing my wife and..
my home every day.
Even when my wife gave
birth to my daughter
I wasn't there with them
it's true
that I was afraid of being killed
when I was in Thailand
I just wanted to call off the deal
and come home safely
I never thought I'll get
my best friends killed.
For five years..
I was haunted by guilt and regret
I couldn't even stand looking at him.
All I could do was to lie to myself,
tell myself I didn't do it
I really wish I was the
one who died in Thailand
I wish I was the one who fell
into the crocodile pond.
Sorry.. I'm sorry..
I'm sorry
I'm sorry.
Go save boss..
Alpha team on the family.
Bravo on me, move.
That's all I need to hear.
Go see your mom in the hospital.
Kill them all.
Wait for me here.
Hey you're the man.
From now on..
anyone messing with you
is messing with me Dune Kuhn.
As long as we work together
I'm no longer Dune Kuhn from Tsimshian..
or no, from Hong Kong.
Okay No.
We can rule the world. Isn't that great?
Yes, it is.
Sit here.
Hey.. give me a gun.
In a minute. Just wait for me.
Okay. Come back soon. I'll wait.
Come back soon
I will.
Call him Daddy.
He is your dad.
Take care of our daughter.
My 900s girl.
Dr. Chung.
You're here. Brace
yourself, it's almost time.
You're here at last.
They said you went abroad to study.
You're such a great kid.
Tell me about it
I want to know more.
Sorry mom
I left you here and
didn't take care of you.
I'll kiss you to make up for it
I promise I'll be a good cop
I never gave up. Don't worry.
how about you?
I owe Wei so much
I sacrificed Wei for Chow's family.
But I want him to know..
no matter which choice I made
I'd always be the most miserable one
I'm Chow
I'm back together with my wife and..
my daughter is a good and clever kid
I was not afraid to die..
but I just didn't want to lose my family
I did something that
harmed my best friends
I'm sorry
I want them to forgive me
it's okay.. best friends always forgive.
You should cherish your friendship, okay?
We will. We will.
Come on.. give me your hands.
Luckily, the bullet only hit my breastbone
I survive such an event.
Maybe god wants me to
do something for him.
Stay in this village..
or even I can't protect you.
Just because I saved Mani before..
she took me back to the village
I had to live and Mani was my only chance.
Aim and..
do it.
Then I started working
for Eight-faced Buddha.
For the past five years,
I've killed many people for him and..
passed so much drug over the counter.
But he's really cunning.
But I've only seen him in person twice
I let Dune Kuhn snatch
Buddha's drug and kill his son.
That's the only way to make him show up.
You should have..
count us in your plan
I don't want to drag you in this.
Chow kidnapped a suspect.
I'm a prisoner on the run.
You are a drug dealer.
We don't have much else
to do even if we're alive.
Tonight Buddha will..
host religious rituals for his dead son.
This is our last chance.
But I'm not sure if he'd show up.
You decide whether you go or not.
Ts-wain, Buddha asks for you.
Chung Ts-wain
I asked Master Tran-mil here from afar..
to bless my late son.
But Master disclosed a
shocking divination.
My son was killed by someone in the family
I've said I would do
anything to get rid of..
anyone who harm my family.
Chung Ts-wain, did you do it?
No, Father. I didn't.
If you're innocent, cut your arm off to..
swear your allegiance to me.
I'll let you in and see me after that.
If you really are innocent
I will pass my business to you and Mani.
You are the boss from now on.
Come on in.
You're the one behind
the Dune Kuhn episode.
You're the one who planned
the death of my son.
If it weren't for Mani, you
are already a dead man.
After I took care of you for years.
You're converting into a good guy?
Justice? What a moron
I am. Sol am here to end your life.
You idiot.
Remember we once played
soccer in Ts Wan San?
Yes, I do.
We lost the match and..
you beat the opponents up.
They played dirty. They asked for it.
Should I buy them dinner instead?
They didn't play too dirty.
We just couldn't accept we lost.
We took it out on 'em.
Lost the game, but not the spirit.
Don't lose the spirit.
Let's get started.
You old fart.
Come on out.
Come out.
It really gets on my nerve
when I see your freaking hair.
What hairdresser on earth would do that?
You think I don't dare?
How can you still be alive?
You bastards are trying to make me show up
I've been in this business
for all these years.
You think you have what
it takes to arrest me?
Especially you, Chung Ts-wain.
Playing dirty trick on me?
But I'm still standing. So?
Cut that crap.
Go style your hair
before showing your face
I shouldn't have let you
live five years ago.
If I don't blow you three
pricks to hell today.
How can I sleep at night?
Kill them.
Samar, no.
Samar, Please don't..
Samar, stop.
Samar, stop..
Never mind.
The choice I made..
at least earned us a penalty kick
I am so tired.
Out of bullets again
we're one step away.
let me choose again.
Go to hell. You bastard.
SubText: NoRMITA.326