The White Storm 2: Drug Lords (2019) Movie Script

You reek of alcohol again!
What are you doing?
I can't stay here anymore.
Give me that!
Give me that!
Going back to the fat pig?
At least I have a normal life with him.
Let go!
I'll break his legs...
You're wasted every day,
like a drug addict.
How can I be with you?
Please stay!
Let go!
Please stay!
I've never begged anyone.
I beg you to stay.
You promised to get a real job.
I Will. I'll talk t0 him.
I'll talk to him.
I Will do it.
He'll listen to me. It's true.
But he's your uncle.
He raised you.
You won't disobey him.
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
You're all the same.
Will you hear me out?
bring me Dizang.
Look at you!
Cheong, find Dizang.
Listen to me...
Give me more time.
I'll do it.
I will get it done.
You have a license?
Do you?
Where's your license?
Peddling dope on my turf?
How dare you!
What? What?
You bumped into the Boss!
It's OK...
Run along.
Boss, Dizang is upstairs.
I can't take your call right now.
Where's Dizang?
Over there!
Brother Tin!
Brother Tin!
You may go.
We opened this joint 6 months ago.
You finally showed up.
I don't care.
We'll get blasted tonight.
Come on...
The Chief wants to see you.
We don't do drugs here at Ching Hing.
You promised me when you signed up.
Why are you peddling dope on your turf?
I own so many joints,
and I have so many customers.
I can't monitor everyone at every table.
I have so many punks working for me.
If anyone of them is stupid enough
to dip their hands into drugs,
there's nothing I can do about it.
Perhaps one of my punks is being stupid.
Tin, punish him.
Chief, please give me a chance.
I'll make amends right away.
Right away!
Give me another chance. Chief!
Give me another chance.
Give me another chance.
Don't plead his case.
Opium killed my old man,
heroin killed yours.
You know that.
Do it!
Put your hand on the table.
Put it out.
Brother Tin!
After 20 years...
Leave it out.
I'll spare your life,
but you can't stay.
Let the cops bust his joints.
You just came back from maternity leave.
Be careful!
You think I'm too clumsy?
Hit the lights!
Kill the music
and take out your l.D. cards!
Stand over there.
Take out your l.D. cards.
L.D. cards.
Shut up! l.D. cards!
L.D. cards.
Take out your l.D. cards.
It can kill you.
Spit it out.
We'll die together!
She has a knife! Watch out!
Let go...
Put pressure on it!
What happened?
Officer down!
- Hang in there!
- Send an ambulance.
Hang in there, Ching!
Ching Hing is not your concern anymore.
Thanks, Chief!
- From a legal point of view,
- "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets"
you and I see complexities of finances the same.
What we know and what we see,
there is a big difference.
Hopefully in the future,
while analyzing these figures,
believe in your instincts.
Thank you very much.
Thank you!
Thank you for sharing with us,
Miss Chow.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Miss Chow?
Get down!
That's ruthless!
Good girl!
Last night at midnight,
the Narcotics Bureau (NB)
busted an industrial building in Shek Pai Wan,
confiscated 76kg worth of heroin
and arrested 4 suspects.
OK, good! Smile!
One more...
Hi! Hello!
Lovely to see you.
- This is my husband Mr. Yu.
- Hello.
Hi! Nice to meet you.
Dot the eyes for the lion for good luck.
May the business prosper.
Congratulations to Shun Tin Holdings
Shun Tin Holdings is listed today
It's now trading at 63% higher than the issue price.
As you can see from Teletext,
buy orders are still coming in.
As we all know, the President of this new stock
is Yu Shun Tin, the Financial Whiz.
Over the past 10 years,
through M & A,
he's already the major shareholder
of 2 listed companies.
Mr. Yu, tell us your key to success.
I wouldn't call it success.
It's just an idea,
which is,
it's better to travel 10,000 miles
than read 10,000 books.
And better still to have an expert point the way.
My wife is the expert.
She's my mentor in finance.
And is Mrs. Yu happy with
your student's performance?
He's really talented.
My husband is sensitive to market changes.
Even in everyday life,
he's very perceptive.
He's very detail oriented.
Mr. Yu, you're committed to anti-drug activities.
Last year, you donated $200M
to set up an anti-drug fund in your name.
Can you tell us why you have such a commitment?
I grew up in the squatter area.
As a child, I saw how drugs
killed people and wrecked families.
I'm well aware of
the danger of drugs.
One addict will make the whole family suffer.
Any city with
- Guess who he's talking about?
- a lot of addicts
can't be very safe.
- His old man.
- I have read many reports
prostitution is often
drug related.
That's why
We did it.
I see.
Let's move on to the next question.
What about family planning?
You plan to have kids?
Of course.
We hope so.
Brother Dizang!
Brother Dizang!
I'm fine.
When will my pigs arrive?
Thank you very much.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry.
I have another call, please hold.
What is it, Baby?
Your place?
In half an hour?
What color do I want you to wear?
Let me think...
Hold on...
I'm so sorry!
Where were we?
Oh really?
Oh really?
I figured it out.
The Emperor's New Clothes.
Ask someone literate if you don't know.
You don't know anyone literate?
That was a pig, not a person.
I told you not to buy Brazilian pigs.
I sell pigs from Mexico.
Blow me a kiss.
Brother Dizang!
No... No...
Why did you mess with her?
It wasn't me.
She seduced me.
I heard what I wanted to hear.
I'm haPPY-
I'm cold!
Mr. Yu, your mail.
You're welcome.
long time no see,
this is Ching Mei.
When I left you,
I was pregnant with your child.
His name is Danny.
He's almost 15.
I'm writing to you
because I have no choice.
I have terminal cancer
and my days are numbered.
I'm worried sick about Danny.
He has become a junkie.
I hope that after I'm gone,
you can look after him.
Brother Tin!
I booked the tickets to the Philippines tomorrow.
I booked Dr. Siu for the day after tomorrow.
Will you be back in time?
Not sure yet.
Can you reschedule?
No. I'll go by myself.
Call me afterwards.
We strongly suggest sir that you wait in the car.
Where there are drugs, there's gonna be danger.
We know about the risk.
Just lead the way.
Come with me, let's go.
Police! Don't move!
Where is Danny Tan?
Where is Danny?
On the roof.
Over there!
Let's get him!
Watch out, Brother Tin!
Watch out!
Brother Tin!
He might get away!
- Stay behind!
- Be careful!
You're all juiced up.
Be careful!
Stay back!
You do drugs because you're unhappy.
Who says I'm unhappy?
I'm very happy.
Good! I'm glad.
Come over here.
Come back in, let me help you.
I know your Morn.
She wanted me to find you.
Stay back!
Stand still!
Be careful!
Look at the sky.
It's raining fish!
Drug is a very big problem in the Philippines.
Our President claims that 75%
of crimes are drug related.
Look at this poor little baby.
He was born already addicted to drugs,
because of his mother's heroin addiction.
Tin, don't go inside.
Your father is having an attack.
Go to Ying.
Lie down and spread your legs.
Let go of me!
Just lie down and spread your legs.
- You're crazy!
- Morn!
Out of my way, brat!
What are you doing? Let go!
I need drugs or I'll die.
Please? I beg you...
- Go to Ying.
- Let go!
This is my donation.
Thank you, Mr. Yu.
Please take good care of
Danny's after-death arrangement.
Are you a very good friend of Danny's parents?
Mrs. Yu,
your hormone secretion
is affecting ovulation.
But we can use drugs to stimulate ovulation
and increase your chance of conception.
But we still have another problem.
Your fallopian tube shows blockage,
the chance of natural pregnancy is rather low.
So you're saying
it's my problem.
Don't look at it like that.
We have ways to tackle this.
I have been disappointed several times.
Can you level with me?
Do I still have a chance?
Thank you.
Excuse me.
I just saw Dr. Siu.
She said I have an hormonal imbalance
and prescribed something for it.
What else did she say?
She told us to try harder.
I'll be home tonight.
I'll try harder.
How are things on your end?
Very good.
That's great.
OK, see you.
"You can hit 7,
or maybe 10
and yet
the people are wallowing in
agony and suffering."
"My war against drugs will not stop
until the end of my term."
"Until the last pusher,
or drug lord
are killed."
"You know what?"
"For those who are listening
simultaneously, the bad people,
just stop if you're doing bad things."
"I will not let you succeed."
Hands on your head!
Team B, watch the back door.
Team A, follow me.
Get down!
Hands on your head!
Get down!
Hands on your head!
Hands on your head!
Don't move!
Suspects climbing down.
Can someone intercept him?
Hands on your head!
Get down!
Get down!
- Hello?
- It's Ali.
Talk to me.
Abbas will take delivery tonight.
The goods
are high purity heroin from the Golden Crescent
worth over $100M.
Once I know the time and place,
I'll call you.
Be careful!
Sorry! I didn't know you're home.
Still up? It's late.
What are you doing?
I need to edit this video
for a competition.
- Go for it!
- Right!
Want some wontons?
I made them myself.
Right away!
Hey, Hoi Nam!
Come out and play.
It's late. You should go home.
You call yourself my bestie?
I'm cutting you off!
Come on!
Let's dance.
Someone hacked into the HQ computer.
Don't tell me.
I know nothing about computers.
It involves the drug dealers' privacy.
What privacy? They have no privacy.
So what?
Shall we write them and apologize?
The hacker stole files
on drug dealers
NB has been following in the past 1O years.
Someone who can afford a hacker
is definitely not a small potato.
The files
included major drug lords in Hong Kong.
It's possible they paid for the job.
They want to know how much dirt we have.
Keep this under wraps.
Let me speak to the brass
about countermeasures.
Yes, Sir!
I'm back!
Cheong, 15 years!
Time flies.
Have a nice chat.
I need your help.
Hands and guns...
Ming will take care of them.
Remember I told you?
Just say when,
and I'll be back.
And here I am.
In front of an army,
we stand side by side.
To hell and back,
we go through life and death.
Regardless of contributions,
regardless of trouble,
regardless of hardships.
That's what we call brothers.
When we used to drink,
we like to recite poetry.
Brother Tin quit drinking.
You have someone in Brazil?
Someone like me live and die by the gun.
Money and women
are debts I can do without.
Here... one more!
Attention, all units!
We have a South-Asian officer
working undercover for Abbas.
Yellow checker shirt and jeans.
Watch out for him.
CQPy that!
By the way, Chief!
Are you going away
with your daughter this summer?
You want time off?
I want to get married.
With Who?
You'll marry me, right?
That's not funny!
I even bought the ring.
But we're working today.
I didn't bring it.
We got something, Chief!
The goods are here.
Give me the real stuff,
I'll transfer the money
You can transfer now.
Let my man check the stuff.
Where is the stuff?
Follow me.
Really good stuff!
Get in the fucking car!
Stay in the car.
There's a sniper.
Drop your weapons!
Drop your weapons!
The deal is off!
It's a scam. I'll kill you!
Who are these guys?
Don't let them get the goods.
Watch the goods!
They're taking the truck!
Let the truck through!
Stop the truck!
The wounded officers are out of danger.
The drug dealers... one stable,
one critical,
the others are dead.
The masked gunman who's wounded,
we still have no l.D. on him.
He's still in a coma
and condition is critical.
We have someone watching him.
Watching him?
We can't even watch out for our UC.
Call me when he wakes up.
We must find out who took the loot.
there was a shootout at a restaurant last night.
Two Afghans are dead.
According to the CCTV,
Abbas was there.
Get a warrant
for his arrest.
CQPy that!
Brother Tin, I double checked.
No reporters.
Let's go in.
Brother Nam!
Tin is here.
Excuse me.
I'll be right back.
Open the door!
Happy birthday and many more!
There won't be too many more.
This maybe is my last birthday banquet.
Touch wood! Don't say that.
I'm not superstitious.
I know you mean well.
But you really shouldn't be here.
What if the reporters saw you?
They'll have a field day reporting this.
Don't worry.
I know what I'm doing.
How's the wife?
She's fine.
Too bad we have never met.
I'll call her now.
I heard you had another company listed.
Leaving Ching Hing was the right thing to do.
Unlike that asshole Dizang,
I heard his drug syndicate is still growing.
He's no longer with Ching Hing,
I can't punish him.
I should have killed him back then.
To your health!
We have a wounded gunman in custody.
He's still in a coma and critical.
If he wakes up,
we'll know who snatched the goods.
AW Suspects?
Probably another drug lord ordered the job.
We're investigating several suspected drug lords.
But don't have enough to make an arrest.
One of them is called Dizang.
Intel says he wants to
monopolize the local market.
I'm not surprised
if he wants to take out the competition.
These chicks are hot.
They're so sexy!
But I still think Ca is the best.
That's for sure.
She still has her charms.
You bet!
They say your shrooms from Europe is a hit.
Thanks, Ca.
We're lucky.
Your stuff from Thailand is doing well too.
They're tiny and easy to take.
It won't be so easy from now on.
Other than the cops,
others may make a move on us.
You're talking about Abbas?
Dizang is here.
What took you so long?
What's so urgent?
Have a seat.
Get out.
Get out.
Come on, ladies. Just go.
They can come back in
after we finish our business.
But this is our business.
Look at them.
Go... Go...
OK, spit it out!
Now that Abbas is on the run,
it's a madhouse out there.
I'm worried.
So? Madhouse or not, they still want my goods.
You have a good stash.
Good time to jack up the price.
Listen to you...
Without our stuff,
you can sell more for yours.
We knew you have always
wanted to eat the whole pie.
Go ahead!
But be careful.
Don't choke!
You suspect me?
You said you have...
You suspect me?
Even if they don't,
you're still on top of everyone's list.
If I did it,
I'll admit it.
Who else could it be?
You have a good stash.
But I don't have the ability.
Then it's them.
DIY heroin
is too old school for our taste.
We're into hip stuff.
Want some?
You're welcome to try.
What if I like it so much
I'll take it away from you?
Go ahead!
We're done here.
Send the girls back in.
Boss, dogs are sniffling around us.
So? We're not cats.
- Let them come.
- Dizang!
Lam Sir!
We'd like you to come in for questioning.
Do I have to?
If you don't,
then we'll hit your joints,
turn on the lights
and talk to you
after you show us your l.D. card.
There's no need to bother people
who wish to have fun.
What fun job can bring you
to the Police station every day?
I'll go with you.
In our car.
are you on the take?
Look at this beautiful car.
About what happened to Abbas,
I have a few questions for you.
I only know Alibaba.
Abbas is your competitor.
I sell pork.
Muslims don't eat pork.
Why would he be my competitor?
Abbas' goods were worth
over $100M.
You must know that.
Mr. Fung, you don't have to answer him.
Why not? All citizens should work with the Police.
I'll tell them what I know.
You can't park here!
Chief, can I have a word?
Let him go after we take his statement.
Yes, Sir!
The officer at the gate said
someone left a truck at the gate.
Initial tests indicate it's pure heroin.
They don't want the goods they grabbed
and dropped them off at the Police station.
What gives?
Police business. Please leave.
Did you send this?
Wrong address.
Sorry about that.
How sad you're going crazy at your age!
What did you say?
I dare you to repeat that.
Please give us your blessings,
so we can have a baby soon.
Over here!
What are you doing?
Reading the document on placing shares.
My wife is the best.
I have good news.
Dr. Siu said there's a good chance
we can have a baby.
Let me finish... Let me finish...
I consulted an oracle.
It says
you have a son.
What are you doing?
Don't give yourself pressure, OK?
Looks like you're pressuring me.
You can pressure me.
Did you find Abbas?
Still looking.
Tell the Afghans
starting tomorrow,
I'll take over
for Abbas.
I'll take everything
from the Golden Crescent.
Should we give the others a heads-up?
It's a zoo out there.
Do it with a bang.
The Police confirmed
the man who was gunned down
had triad background,
probably an active pusher in the neighborhood.
This is the third drug
related shooting incident in a month.
The Police suspects
it's connected to competition in the drug market.
have taken over the investigation.
two of our workshops have been busted.
I told you bust someone else,
not to get our own busted.
Abbas' punks.
Abbas is probably on board.
Let's wait and see.
They're out already?
Calling control!
Shootout in Tai Kok Tsui barge dock.
Officers down. Send back up.
Control copy.
No... please!
The Destiny of the Drug Lord
Brother Dizang!
Who'd dare tread on our turf?
Someone iced Abbas,
and other players were attacked.
Will they come after me?
Someone is messing with us.
A little birdie told me
because someone wants the pie to himself.
I got busted too.
There are no new players in the field.
Who's behind this?
The guy who robbed Abbas
is still in the hospital.
Bring him to me.
He's in a coma.
Isn't that easier?
NB - Jack: hospital called.
Masked gunman awake.
I'm doing rounds. Thank you.
Lam Sir!
Is the perp awake?
Yes, I'll take you upstairs.
Open the door!
Look here!
Trouble in the custodial ward.
39287 copy.
On my way UP-
Doctors, please stay inside.
Police! Freeze!
Police business!
Stop the car!
The money
is for you.
Once you hit the high seas,
there'll be a boat waiting.
These two
will look after you till you reach Brazil.
Since we were little,
from one side of the law to the other,
thanks for looking out for me.
We've been friends for so long,
don't say it.
Let me know when you arrive in Brazil.
Don't worry.
You'll be fine.
The winner of the 3rd
Inter-school Anti-Narcotics Short Film Competition
Lam Hoi Nam
Congratulations, Hoi Nam!
Next, the President of
the International Anti-Narcotics Committee (ANC)
Mr. Yu Shun Tin will present the award for us.
Can I please have your autograph?
Principal, someone is looking for you.
Excuse me.
You did very well.
Did you get any help from your parents?
Of course not.
My Dad is very busy.
He's with the Narcotics Bureau.
And your Morn?
She's dead.
She was killed in the line of duty.
She was also a Police Officer.
I'm so sorry!
- Hoi Nam!
- About...
You're late!
The award ceremony is over.
I'm sorry!
I was tied up at work.
Lam Sir?
Your daughter is brilliant!
She's OK!
Don't praise her in front of her.
Hoi Nam, let's go take pictures.
OK! I'll let you praise me in my absence.
Run along...
Such an adorable child!
She told me you're with NB.
Keep up the good work.
Rid Hong Kong of narcotics.
It's easier said than done.
When we
spot check night clubs
and bust junkies' canteens,
we only managed to arrest the small potatoes.
The big bosses
are rich and powerful like you, Mr. Yu.
Is any of them friends of yours?
I have heard of you
even when I was with the OCTB.
Very well!
we'll work together.
I better go.
Ksitigarbha is in top form,
and is warming up before the gate.
It's probably the first to leave the gate.
Superstar will be its only
contender in this race.
Mr. Yu!
Long time no see.
It's not my first day as a horse owner,
and my horse has come in first before.
But this is the first time
my horse is up against yours in the same race.
What a coincidence!
You're lucky to have a wife like that.
Sorry, my hand is out of control.
Excuse me.
You know him?
I used to.
Mrs. Yu, you're so ravishing.
What kind of tonic do you take?
Tell me so I can get some for my girls.
Mrs. Yu!
Your buddy in ICU is a tough guy.
Your grandpa smoked opium,
go after the Brits.
Your old man was hooked on heroin,
go after Crippled Ho.
Leave me alone.
You promised the Chief
you'd lay off on drugs.
I lost this finger
because of Ching Hing.
This one is because I didn't do my job.
I deserved it.
This one...
because of someone I have known for 20 years.
No... sorry!
I mean these three fingers.
I lost them because of you.
I swore to myself
I will sell drugs,
until they're everywhere.
I'm telling you now,
whoever touches the stuff,
I Will kill them.
You're not in the triad anymore.
You're the Financial Whiz.
You're high society.
I shouldn't have chopped off your fingers.
I should cut off your tongue.
You should?
You think you're almighty?
Betting time for Race No.6
stops in 5 minutes.
The competition is on.
Guess who's the winner.
That's right.
We're on.
When the gate opens,
Ksitigarbha dashes out...
Fast Runner is slow on the start.
Following behind is Gorilla and Superstar,
Sparta and Glenview are further in the back.
Trailing behind
Fast Runner and Running Fast
by about 8 horses.
Ksitigarbha is still in the lead,
following closely behind
are Gorilla and Superstar.
After turning the bend,
Ksitigarbha is still in the lead,
but Superstar is running like
it's on turbo charge,
and catches up with Ksitigarbha
Superstar is first to cross the finishing line.
In first place is Superstar.
Ksitigarbha came in second
and Running Fast came in third,
We need to put the horse to sleep.
Don't let anyone know about this.
I understand.
Hey, buddy.
What were you doing?
Brother Tin!
It was a private detective.
Mrs. Yu hired him.
Thank you.
What? You want to talk to me?
I never told you I have an uncle.
He raised me
like his own son.
He wanted to meet you when he was alive.
he's a triad boss.
Funeral Service for Mr. Yu Nam
Show me you l.D. card.
You may go.
L.D. card.
Brother Tin!
The place is crawling with reporters.
It's Yu Shun Tin!
Settle down!
Step back!
L.D. card.
Everyone who goes in must register.
Please step forward.
Please stay.
and again.
Acknowledgement from the family.
Mrs. Yu!
Mr. Yu!
Old Mr. Yu was old.
It should be a happy funeral.
Lighten up!
Step aside...
Police business! Step aside!
I trust that old Mr. Yu
must have missed me.
Do you mind if I burn him
a paper mache of me to keep him company?
L.D. card.
For burning something?
You too.
L.D. card.
Lam Sir,
you're NB.
Since when is the triad your business?
We received a tip
about a deal between two drug lords.
I came to check it out.
I'm a businessman.
Are you implying Mr. Yu is a drug lord?
I'll sue him for libel for you.
I didn't say it was him.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Yu!
Thank you so much.
This is between us.
Leave the old gent out of this.
Hello, sir!
Can we have a word with you?
What is Yu Shun Tin's relationship with Yu Nam?
Can you say a few words, Mr. Yu?
Mr. Yu, you may hold a pen now,
but you used to hold a knife.
But the pens in their hands
are truly amazing.
The public has the right to know.
Hello, everyone!
I met Old Mr. Yu
when I was young.
Take Mrs. Yu to the car.
He has left us.
I want to burn something
- for your uncle.
- With a heavy heart
I came here to pay my last respect.
Old Mr. Yu
was Mr. Yu Shun Tin's uncle.
I heard
they were in the drug business.
But Mr. Yu Shun Tin
is now the President of the ANC in Hong Kong.
I also heard...
The reporters have recorded down
what you just said.
I'm Mr. Yu's lawyer.
If what you said was misleading,
we will sue for libel.
That's what I heard.
I don't know if it's true.
But I believe
you're all very interested
in Mr. Yu Shun Tin's past.
Mr. Yu!
In 2002,
the gang fight on Portland Street,
you should still remember that.
My friends told me
Mr. Yu Shun Tin was leading that fight
that ended with 7 dead and 13 injured.
I personally find that rather ridiculous.
Today, Mr. Yu Shun Tin is
a big shot on both sides of the law.
"Thousands mourn mafia boss.
- All along,
- Yu Shun Tin protected by gang members
- I never knew you were one of them.
- as he paid his last respects."
"Financial Whiz Yu Shun Tin
close ties with Ching Hing"
I didn't mind.
I can let it slide.
But now, I need to know
what else you are not telling me.
You're still lying.
I didn't even know
you have an illegitimate son.
A letter was sent to the office
from a drug rehab center
for youth in the Philippines.
and it was a thank you letter
for your donation.
They also sent their regards to
you and Danny Tan's family.
I hired a private investigator to
dig into your past.
That's ancient history.
I hope you'll understand.
Precisely because I understand.
I've been lying to you too.
Dr. Siu told me
I can never have a baby.
But I'd rather believe an oracle
than the doctor.
Because I know you wanted a family
and a child.
The oracle was really efficacious.
You really have a son.
Except he's not mine.
Our marriage will never produce a child.
I can't give you a child.
That's up to Heaven.
I'm destined to have no children.
But you still have a son.
His name is Danny.
He's dead.
I just want to be with you.
With me!
How? We won't even level with each other.
How can we be together?
Sorry, I can't!
I can't!
Don't cry!
I can't stand to see you cry.
I'm so happy'-!
Hold on, Fanny!
Let go!
Please don't let go!
Please don't let go!
Come help me!
I can't...
Why did you do it?
I hate those drug lords.
They killed
Mom and my best friend.
Daddy, when can you
put them behind bars?
Nobody can help us?
So the baddies will prevail?
"To : Mr. Yu Shun Tin,
President of IANC (H.K.)"
Stop the car!
Mr. Yu!
You said you hate drugs
because they make us
"lose ourselves,
our dignity and morals..."
My Morn was killed by a junkie too...
I think it's time we work together.
Who are you?
The President of the ANC?
Or a ghost member of Ching Hing?
I have been a cop for 3O years.
I have seen enough real baddies
and hypocrites like you.
I know damn well who and what you are.
Me too.
I know the two of us
and your daughter are the victims.
My son
is dead because of drugs.
We are first and foremost
a father.
Mr. Yu, They say your wife Chow Man Fung
will resign as the Executive Director
of your 3 listed companies.
Is that true?
Sorry, we have no comment.
We'll get to that later in a press conference.
If Mrs. Yu resigned,
will that affect the operation of these companies?
Mr. Yu... Mr. Yu...
As the President of the HKANC,
a girl died from a drug overdose at school,
what do you think the society's responsibility is?
Mr. Yu... Mr. Yu...
Please say a few words.
I sympathize with drug addicts.
The problem with drugs
is not their fault.
The root of the problem is the drug dealers.
Without drug dealers,
there'll be no drug problem.
What do you think we should do?
- What measures can we take?
- What can we do?
I hereby announce,
I'll pay a $100M bounty,
If anyone can kill
the biggest drug dealer in Hong Kong.
Who are you referring to? Who's the biggest?
You work for the media, look it up.
Are you soliciting murder?
You are responsible for your speech.
Are you defying the police?
What about it?
What about it?
Without drug dealers,
that girl would be alive today.
Mr. Yu... Mr. Yu...
Yun Shun Tin pleads for the people
Financial Whiz puts up $100M bounty
crack down on drugs
Look Forward to Drug Free City
Billionaire Takes on Drug Dealers
From a legal point of view,
a bounty is an unilateral contract.
One party makes a promise
for the other party to do
or not to do something.
Offering a bounty itself is not illegal.
Just like we offer a reward to find something,
or a lost pet.
Unless the substance of the bounty
involves something illegal.
I read it,
he did mention murder,
but his choice of words
"the biggest drug lord in Hong Kong"
How do we substantiate "the biggest"?
The biggest drug lord in Hong Kong?
The Police never announced that.
And we can't.
We made no arrest.
That's where Yu Shun Tin is smart.
He gave us the ball
and caught everyone's attention.
He wants the drug lords to take out each other.
And humiliate us.
What's this?
Chief, big scoop! take a look!
Chief, big scoop!
Great! Jenny, open the file.
4 Major Drug Lords Revealed
Police Classified Files
Local Drug Market Controlled by 4 Syndicates
Alleged Drug Lord
Killed in Dog-Eat-Dog Drug War
My followers want to kill me.
I seek Police protection.
The Boss made me do it. It's true.
Please don't! Please don't!
Among the 4 major players,
Tai Ping brothers,
Sister Ca and Abbas are out.
That leaves only Dizang.
He's definitely the biggest.
Manhunt for Dizang,
the Biggest Drug Dealer in Hong Kong
I'll pay $110M
for Yu Shun Tin's head.
Will do.
Go get ready.
I need to go out
for some fresh air.
I want you to revoke that $100M bounty.
All hell broke loose.
See for yourself.
Yu Shun Tin upholds justice
I'm doing everyone a favor.
I'm good for my word.
You're soliciting murder.
Don't talk to me about that.
You know who and what I am.
You need a baddie like me
to go after those baddies.
You'll end up making us
protect those drug lords.
For Chrissake, you're a Justice of the Peace.
What you're doing is absurd!
This world is absurd.
The Americans bombed a MSF hospital.
Oops, sorry!
The brother of the
former President of Afghanistan
works for the CIA.
That's absurd!
The South American drug dealers
didn't want to stand trial,
so they murdered the judge.
That's absurd!
Carry on!
When it gets so absurd
your personal safety is threatened,
I have no extra hands to protect you.
I'm putting my life on the line to
help you enforce the law.
What more do you want from me?
Enforcing the law is Police business.
Execution before standing trial is lynching.
That's against human rights.
Human rights for drug dealers?
That's pedantic!
Have faith in the rule of law.
Have faith in me.
Go ask your daughter.
Who does she have faith in? Me or you?
Brother Tin,
watch TV.
We have a late breaking story.
Fung Chun Kwok, a.k.a. Dizang,
who has been dodging the media
announced he will have a press conference tomorrow
and sent invitations to different media organizations.
His lawyer said
Fung Chun Kwok will refute the recent rumors
and allegations about him at the press conference.
Friends of the Media, thanks for your concern.
I'm an ordinary businessman.
Each year,
I make contributions to
different charity organizations.
I don't understand why
the Police think I'm a drug lord.
They have no proof whatsoever.
Or else
they would have arrested me by now.
For me
as well as for my company,
this has caused irreparable damage.
I am innocent.
The citizens of Hong Kong
really thought I'm the biggest
drug lord in Hong Kong.
This has ruined my reputation
and endangered my life.
Yet the person who offered $100M for murder
is still out there running around soot-free.
Do I have to put up $200M to safeguard my life? safeguard my life?
I hereby request
round-the-clock protection by the Police
to ensure my personal safety.
Thank you.
Mr. Fung... Mr. Fung...
You asked for round-the-clock protection...
Miss, I need treatment.
Sorry, sir.
This is not a rehab center.
Then I'll donate money.
Hey... out of my way!
Give me a receipt.
That's enough!
No, $1 not enough.
I'll add $10 cents.
Give me a receipt.
This divorce agreement is a personal agreement.
Your divorce is not yet official.
Until you have the final order
for divorce from the court,
your divorce becomes effective.
If you don't have any questions,
please sign here.
Where are you going?
Let me drop you.
Take care!
Brother Tin!
You ordered a hit on Yu Shun Tin?
Arrest me if you can prove it.
You're taking me to the airport tomorrow.
Phone call for you, Brother Dizang.
You got the job done?
That's wonderful.
Don't forget,
I want to book the entire First Class.
Send bodyguards to pick me up.
Thank you.
What did you say?
You'll be fine, Apple!
Get in!
This way!
Please come this way.
And move along.
GO! Go!
Leave here, quick!
Quick, run!
Don't stay!
Please stay calm.
Please leave from the back of the train.
Due to a technical failure,
please leave the station.
Leave the train!
Due to a technical failure,
please leave the station.
Put out your hand.
We've been friends for over 20 years.
Put out your hand.
Brother Tin.
Come out!
Brother Tin,
forget today.
I am who I am
because of you.
Did I peddle drugs?
Has it ever crossed your mind,
the Chief made a mistake?
That's enough!
You killed my wife!
Did you know...
after you chopped off my fingers,
you didn't even bother to ask me
whether I have done it.
Let alone apologize to me.
Get out of here!
GO! Go!
So unlike you...
too scared to come out?
Yu Shun Tin!
Drop the gun!
Stay out of this!
Drop the gun!
The law can't punish him.
Let me kill him.
That's enough!
You can't kill all the drug lords in the world.
Leave him to me.
I don't care!
I'll kill as many as I can.
That's him!
If his mind is made up,
no one can stop him.
Lam Sir,
you have one gun
and there are two of us.
Who are you going to shoot?
Be good!
Per Yu Shun Tin's Last Wish
to Set Up Mr. & Mrs. Yu's Charity Trust
Shun Tin Danny Yu
Rehabilitation Center for Youth, Manila