The Whole Town's Talking (1935) Movie Script

J.G. Carpenter corporation.
Oh, yes. Yes.
Positively no!
- I should say not!
- Not a ghost of a chance!
Yes, j.G.
Now, get this seaver.
The next one to come in late
is to be fired.
Why, of course, j.G.
Now, these time records show
That there's only one employee
without any marks against him.
Number 48.
How long has he been with us?
Eight years and never late?
Say, that's the sort of people
we want around here.
Most decidedly, j.G.
Let's raise his salary.
Why, certainly, j.G.
Most decidedly, of course.
Where's Jones?
He isn't in yet.
Why, it's after nine!
Guess he's late.
Why, that's impossible.
Jones is never late!
Have you seen Jones?
Not this morning.
Have you?
No, I haven't.
He must be late.
Yes, he must be late.
Yes, he must be late.
My goodness me, Jones!
Of all people, Jones!
Good morning, cymbaline.
Good morning, Edwarse.
I had a wonderful dream
last night.
I'd like to tell you about it.
But you're much too young.
I wish that dream
would come true some day.
But it won't, Edwarse, will it?
Take your time, Abelard.
You'll get your breakfast.
Dear God!
Here you are.
Yeah, but I...
Going up?
Excuse me, sir.
Go ahead, Jones.
I'm waiting.
Well, Mr. seaver, I...
I bought a new
alarm clock last week.
It carried
a five year guarantee.
And this morning,
it went back on me.
You went back on me, Jones!
You placed me in
a very difficult position!
This morning, j.G. Instructed me
to raise your salary.
Oh, he did?
Oh, thank you, Mr. seaver.
Yes, but he also
gave me instructions
to fire the next employee
who came in late.
And you're both people, Jones.
Now, what am I going to do?
I can't raise your salary
and then fire you.
That wouldn't make sense,
would it?
No, sir.
It wouldn't.
Oh, dear!
Why do such things
have to happen to me?
All right, Jones.
I'll figure something out.
Yes, sir. You better get busy
on that McIntyre account.
We're behind already.
Yes, sir.
Miss Clark!
You're late, miss Clark!
Late? What for?
Did something happen?
I want to know why you see fit
to step in at 9:30 this morning!
Well, if you must know,
it's because I saw fit
to step out at 9:30 last night.
It might interest you to know
that j.G. Gave me orders
to fire the first person
who came in late...
That's me, I guess.
It most certainly is!
Well, in that case, I quit.
When do I go? Now?
We don't fire people
in the middle of the week.
You can stay until Saturday.
That's mighty big of you.
Good morning, miss Clark.
Hiya, Jonesy.
I'm not into anybody, Sam.
Now, that's my idea
of a boyfriend.
He-man plus.
If I only knew where he was.
Sam, get a load of this.
Look! Who is this?
Killer Mannion.
I know, but who else?
What do you mean, who else?
Well, what do you know
about that?
Here, Charlie.
Come here!
Come here, Charlie.
Loo-look at this!
Do you get it?
Say, that's right!
Come on, boys and girls!
Come on!
Stick 'em up!
Hello, killer!
Who you figure on
rubbin' out today, big boy?
I... I...
I wish you would leave me alone.
I'm way behind
on the macherine...
Thank... McIntyre account.
Sorry, killer.
We didn't mean any harm.
You're aces with us, chief.
Say, there's a couple of guys
we'd like snuffed out.
Here, here!
What's going on there?
Get back to your desks,
you people!
Yes, sir.
I'll have the vegetable plate
as usual.
Oh, miss Clark...
Mind if I sit with you?
I'd be delighted.
Well, I've be canned.
Feel like celebrating.
I'm fed up with
that office anyway.
Full of nuts.
One of them's been annoying me for weeks.
Sends me verses.
To cymbaline.
There's so sloppy,
the guy's afraid to sign them.
Ope... operator!
Police head...
Police headquarters!
It's an emergency!
There are crooks in that office.
I've got a picture of myself
down at the office
to have framed.
It cost me two bucks,
and somebody swiped it!
Imagine that.
Hey, bud! Rush it.
It's Mannion.
Make it snappy!
It's Mannion!
Calling all cars.
Girlfriend of mine's
an air hostess.
I might take a whirl at that.
Or else hop a freighter.
I've always wanted to go abroad.
Yes. So have I.
You know, that's why
I started to write.
Jonesy, don't tell me
you're a writer!
Oh, yeah. I've written
a lot of stories.
Say, I finished one yesterday
about Egypt.
Yeah, I've always been interested in Egypt.
Shanghai, for instance.
I've always wanted
to go to Shanghai.
Say, I've got a stamp
from Shanghai.
What is that? A fire?
I hope it's the j.G. Carpenter
company burning down.
Stick 'em up, man!
Stick 'em up, man,
and be quick about it!
You're making a big mistake.
Now, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
This man's name is Al...
Shut up!
My name is not Mannion.
It's Jones.
I'm a member of the YMCA,
I have my card right here.
I'll show you...
He's got a gun!
Cuff him!
Get him out of here!
You got the wrong man!
My name isn't Mannion, I tell you all!
No, we know your name is... wait a minute.
Where's that young lady?
Where is... never mind.
She'll be taken care of.
I know, but...
I tell you,
you've got the wrong man!
You're a pretty tough
young fella?
Hey, hey, hey, take it easy.
They're grilling
Mannion's girl now.
I'll get her life story later.
Yes! Yes! Mannion's sweetheart!
The D.A. Isn't here yet.
We'll get the Mannion later.
No, no. They won't
let us see him
until the D.A. Gets here.
Don't worry, we'll get a story
as soon as he gets here.
Who do I have...
Who do I have to see
about the reward?
What reward?
You know, for the capture of Mannion.
I saw him first!
And I telephoned the police.
You did?
Hey, bill, shoot this guy.
He put the finger on Mannion.
We got the man who put
the finger on Mannion!
All right, smile!
It was me that pulled
the rod on him.
Detective sergeant
Michael F. Boyle.
And Howe.
Detective sergeant
Patrick j. Howe.
And Howe.
The D.A.'s coming!
No, you can't pass.
Take those guys out,
all of them!
You picked the wrong town,
You got the wrong man,
I tell you.
I may look like Mannion,
but I'm not Mannion...
Sit down!
M-my name is Jones!
I work for the j.G.
Carpenter corporation.
In battle creek,
you were a book agent.
In superior, Wisconsin,
a preacher.
Now, you work for
the j.G. Carpenter corporation.
But I've been working for them
for eight years.
Gentlemen, I'm...
I'm a member of the YMCA.
Check it.
Get your cameras running!
Here comes
the district attorney!
Here he comes now!
Well, Mannion!
My name is...
Good work, Mac.
Thanks, chief.
Checked out the YMCA.
Find the Jones, 33?
Yeah, 33.
Well, Mannion, we've got...
My name is not Mannion.
It's Jones.
Only way to keep out of jail
is to come clean with us!
Now, who pulled that
Bloomingdale bank job?
Was it your boyfriend?
Who was in on it with him?
They just picked up
slugs Martin.
But that dame won't talk!
Take it easy, would you?
The D.A. Just got here.
They're sweatin' them now.
She has beautiful blue eyes,
but they have a cold,
sinister look
that mark her at once
as a gangster's moll.
It's no use playin' gaga,
We've picked up slugs Martin.
Slugs Martin?
Who's he?
If you think you're going
to gain anything by...
J.G. Carpenter's outside.
Show him in.
Who is he?
Oh, that's my boss!
He'll identify me!
Here he is, Mr. Spencer.
What's the idea
dragging me down here
without a word of explanation?
I'm a very busy man.
I'll only take a minute
of your time, Mr. carpenter.
I just want you
to identify somebody.
Take a good look at this man.
Do you know him?
I never saw him in my life.
But Mr. carpenter,
I've been working for you
for eight years!
He says he works for you.
Well, maybe he does.
We have a large office,
employ over a hundred clerks,
and I'm...
Wait a minute.
He does look
a bit familiar at that.
Certainly, he would,
if you read the papers
this morning.
The papers?
Why, it's Mannion.
That's right.
Killer Mannion!
But Mr. carpenter...
Just a minute!
What do you want to stick
to a guy like that for?
He's got a dame in every town!
Look how he ran out
on that gal in des moines.
He'll run out on you too!
Guys like that always do!
Where do we change cars?
If you want to keep
your nose clean,
all you gotta do is open up.
Turn in state's evidence,
and I personally guarantee
you can beat the rap.
I'll take cheese.
Hey, Boyle, come here.
Well, baby,
you'll be interested to know
mannion's just confessed.
Right in there, this minute.
Well, what do you think of that?
Well, I guess the jig's up.
Sure it is!
But not for you, kid.
Not if you want to play ball.
Imagine that heel squealing.
Yeah, and he says
you drove the death car.
He did?
Lieutenant, I'll talk now!
I'll tell everything!
What do you want to know?
Well, about that
Bloomingdale bank stick-up,
it was Mannion, wasn't it?
Yup. Mannion.
Why are you wasting
Mr. Spencer's time for?
Snap out of it!
Quit kiddin'!
Yes, but you're making
a mistake.
If you'd only call Mr. seaver...
Where does he live?
At the YMCA too?
No! Don't make me do it!
You don't know mannion!
He broke jail just to get me!
If I identify him...
It's too late now, slugs!
He knows you ratted on him!
You got nothin' to lose!
Look, I can identify him
through the door, can't I?
I don't want him to see me!
What's a matter, slugs?
What you scared of?
He can't touch you!
We frisked him!
You don't know mannion!
He pulls guns out of his ears!
Don't make me do it!
Well, we washed his ears!
Now, come on!
No, don't! Don't!
I tell you, D.A.,
I don't know that much.
I hardly ever seen this guy.
Come on! Come on!
Well, go on!
Hello, mannion.
My name is Jones!
I guess mine is Mickey mouse.
So you broke out to get me?
When I'm sorry
to disappoint you, mannion,
but you ain't got a chance!
Now, you're sunk.
You'll burn for this,
and I know a lot of guys
that ain't gonna cry!
Me in particular!
Why, you dirty,
double-crossin' yellow...
How about that first
national bank in Harrisburg?
That was mannion.
And that Evanston job?
And that express company job in Peoria?
What do you think we are?
Darn fools?
Go on!
The warden's here.
Hello, warden.
Hello, Mr. Spencer.
Hello, Mac.
Hello, warden.
There you are.
Thought you'd get away?
I treat you like a human being,
and he runs out on me.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I don't know what
anybody's talking about.
Well, you will before
the night's over.
You're going
to come clean with me
or there won't
be enough left of you
to put in solitary.
Come on now, mannion!
Who did it?
Who helped you make that break?
My name isn't mannion!
It's Jones!
The farmer's trust job in Denver?
The mail car robbery in Colorado Springs?
Come on, tell him who did it!
Who helped you make that I am?
Lam? What is the "Lam?"
Now, listen...
Wait a minute, warden.
What we want
is positive identification.
Are you sure he's mannion?
If that's not mannion,
you're not
the district attorney.
That's it. That's enough.
Take him away, boys.
- Right.
- Oh, my goodness.
I beg your pardon, sir.
Would you please tell me who I
should see about the reward?
Hold on that receiver!
D.A.'s gotta see it, Mac.
Just got a flash from the office.
What about?
Mannion just robbed a bank uptown.
You've been drinking.
I know, but it happened
just a few minutes ago.
You're crazy!
I know that too!
But he just stuck up a bank!
It must have been somebody else!
Well, I told the officer
it couldn't happen, but it did!
The cashier and several people
identified him as mannion,
And the guy told them
he was mannion!
But we got mannion here!
I can't help it.
He just robbed a bank!
Get him! Get mannion!
Send him here!
But if mannion just robbed...
The fella we had in this room!
Whoever it is, bring him back!
The guaranteed trust
company in Fresno?
That Sacramento steel company
payroll stick-up?
Pardon me. I wonder
if you could tell me
where to get the reward.
I don't know.
Where could I find Mr. Spencer?
Mr. Spencer?
I don't know.
I don't care what anybody says.
He looks more like mannion
than mannion does!
Well, my name isn't Jones.
It's mannion.
I mean, it isn't Jannion.
It's Mones!
I don't know.
It's Jones! Jones!
That's what it is!
Gentlemen, please!
Over here, please.
Oh, Mr. seaver, please,
what's my name? Who am I?
- Jones!
- Jones?
What are you doing here?
I don't know, Mr. seaver.
I don't know.
Just a minute, boys.
Let me through here, please.
We've just tracked down
this man's fingerprints, D.A.
There's something wrong.
They're not mannion's.
I told you my name was Jones.
I bet it is at that.
Look out!
I beg your pardon, sir.
Can you tell me where I...
It ain't mannion at all.
It was a guy named Jones.
- What?
- Jones?
You men are on 24-hour duty
from now on till we get mannion!
Well, thank you, sir.
Forget it.
Say, you haven't got
a twin brother, have you?
Oh, no, sir.
I have no relations of any sort.
Except my aunt Agatha
in Bridgeport, Connecticut.
Jones, that McIntyre account
you're working on...
Oh, yes, the McIntyre!
Oh, Mr. Spencer,
I should be getting
back to the office, really.
Did you mind?
That's all right.
You're free to go.
Get out.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Well, come, Jones.
Yes, Mr. seaver.
Gentlemen, I'm sorry
I caused you all this trouble.
That's all right.
But wait!
He can't leave here.
Why not?
He looks too much like mannion.
He'd be back here in 15 minutes.
Every cop in the city
is looking for him.
That's right.
But what are we gonna do?
Get me the mannion files,
fingerprints, photographs,
everything they got,
bring 'em in.
Tell me it ain't true, Lou!
What ain't?
I heard they got the wrong man in there.
It ain't mannion!
That's right.
Somebody made a mistake.
Somebody? It was me
who made a mistake!
My life wasn't worth
a dollar before.
It ain't worth a ruble now.
Mannion's sure to get me!
Well, what do you want me to do?
Order some crape?
You dragged me in here
to identify him!
You gotta protect me!
You gotta take care of me!
Lock me up!
Put me in jail!
D.A., he ought
to leave the state.
That's no good.
The police are after mannion
all over the country.
Then he's got to leave
the country.
But gentlemen,
my work at the office would...
He has the McIntyre
accounts to get up!
D.A., slugs Martin just came in.
He's afraid that mannion
will get him now.
Wants us to put him in jail.
How about it?
That's it! That's what we'll do
with him, with this guy!
We'll stick him in the can.
On what charge?
Drunk and disorderly,
vagrancy, and anything
as long as he's locked up.
That's not a bad idea.
Send him up to my place.
I have a few spare cells.
Gentlemen, I...
I hardly think that I could...
What are we going to do
about the McIntyre account?
I could fix one of them up,
nice and home-like,
with flowers and everything,
and he can stay there
until we get mannion!
I don't think that that would...
I've got it!
I'll give him a letter
saying he is not mannion.
Then if he gets in trouble,
he can flash it.
Sort of a passport?
Yeah, that's the idea.
A passport.
I'll dictate it right now.
Harry, get busy.
Official stationery.
"To whom it may concern...
"This is to testify
"that the holder of this letter,
- Joe... Jones.
- Jones.
Yes, Arthur Ferguson Jones.
Yeah, "Mr. Arthur
Ferguson Jones..."
Yes, that's right.
"Is not to be molested by the police
"because of his resemblance
to one killer mannion."
Come on, sister.
D.A., you got nothin'
to worry about.
We got everything sort...
Mr. Jones,
we owe you an apology.
But anybody could have
made the same mistake.
This letter will keep you from
being annoyed by the police.
But you must keep it
with you at all times.
Yes, sir, I will.
Thank you very much, sir.
Oh, miss Clark,
are you all right?
Never felt better in my life.
Well, I've just come back from
a cross country sleigh ride.
What is it, Boyle?
What's wrong with you?
I'm okay, d.A.
I just swallowed something.
Newspaper men are
getting impatient, d.A.
All right. Come along, Jones.
We're holding up headline.
All right. Come along, Jones.
We're holding up headline.
Mr. Jones, the man
who looks like mannion,
will now say a few words.
My... my name is Jones.
It's Arthur Ferguson Jones.
I... I was sitting
in the restaurant,
having lunch when...
He's fainted!
Give him some air!
Let's see the passport!
It was terribly embarrassing.
Wasn't it, miss Clark?
Not to me.
Well, there was...
There was a person there
by the name of slugs Martin
to identify him...
Slugs Martin?
Yes. My goodness.
He wanted to poke my eyes out
as I sat there, handcuffed.
And if weren't for the police,
he'd have done it too.
Come, come, folks!
The newspapers contain
a full account, I believe!
This won't help you to get out
the McIntyre account, Jones.
How about a little work?
Just for contrast?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
J.G. Wants to see you, jonesy.
J.G., the boss, in his office.
He's private office?
Yeah, his private office.
Oh, j.G. just sent for me.
Well, what are you
worrying about?
But in his private office.
I've never been
in his private office.
Stop being scared!
I'm responsible for all this fuss.
You know, he might fire me.
Just growl at him, killer.
You'll scare him to death.
Mr. carpenter wants
to see me in his...
Private office.
I'm sorry, Jones.
Come in, Jones.
Jones, I want you
to meet Mr. Healy,
a friend of mine
from "the record."
Put her there, killer.
J.G.'s just been tellin' me
about that marvelous publicity.
Mr. carpenter, believe me,
I had no intention of getting
the firm's name into this.
I merely told the reporter...
That's quite all right, Jones.
Sit... sit down.
Well, if you don't mind, I'm...
Come on, sit down!
Sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.
Here! Have a cigar.
I'm sorry, but I never...
Have one.
Good for ya.
Smoke it.
Thank you, sir.
That's the best cigar
you can get.
Say, Jones,
I want to apologize for not
identifying you this afternoon.
Mr. carpenter, my goodness,
that was quite all right.
No, that was a pretty tough
ordeal you went through.
I understand you fainted.
Well, all those questions
made me quite dizzy, sir.
Well, that's understandable.
I'd have been a wreck myself.
Hey, look here,
I understand you write.
Yes, sir. I do.
On my own time, sir.
Well, now, Jones,
Healy here has got an idea
he wants to talk to you about.
It's like this, jonesy,
the paper figures this
is a good time to pull
the life story of mannion.
I've got a hunch.
Who is the best man
In the world
to write that story,
outside of mannion himself?
The man who looks like mannion!
Good idea, I thought.
Bring in the name of the firm...
An inspiration!
Do you... you...
Do you mean you...
You want me to write
for the papers?
Make a great story!
Yes, but...
I don't know anything
about mannion.
You don't have to write
the stuff you sell.
All we want is permission
to use your name.
"Arthur Ferguson Jones,
the man who looks like mannion."
We'll run your picture in the paper
everyday, together with mannion's.
That we'll run another 30 days.
Maybe longer!
Your moniker! Your mug!
The name of the firm!
On the front page
of every paper every day!
Think of that, jonesy!
Think of it!
Yes, sir. I will.
I'll think of it.
Don't think too long, my boy.
We've got to get started
right away!
The first installment
starts tomorrow.
The day after, at the latest.
Now, look...
A fine host you are, j.G.
Where do you keep it?
I remember.
In there.
Well, how do you like it?
It smells nice.
I'm sorry, sir,
but I don't drink...
Come on!
Snap out of it!
We've all got our hair down.
Come on, a toast!
To the man that
looks like mannion!
To the man who
looks like mannion!
Poor jonesy.
I hope he don't lose his job.
I hope he does!
Best thing in the world for him.
Listen to this,
"Mr. Jones writes at night,
"hoping to storm the citadel
of literary fame.
He's written for years
without any encouragement."
Can you imagine jonesy,
an author?
Yes, I can!
I've always thought
that rabbit had something.
All he needs is courage.
Say, tell me somethin', palsy.
What do you think
of this guy, mannion?
I'll tell you something, palsy.
Mannion is a false alarm.
Highly overrated.
And that goes for
all those criminals.
A criminal is as brave
as his gun.
You take his gun away
and he's a coward,
just like anybody else.
That's it!
That's our first lead!
"'Mannion, false alarm, says Jones."
Put it there, palsy!
It's gonna be a sensation!
There, let's have another drink!
Let's have a couple more,
I reckon.
This is an extra
special occasion.
For it's always
Fair weather
When good fellows
get together
Hey! Hey!
Come on, j.G.
And so long, Healy, oh, boy, oh,
boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy.
Hello, seaver.
Hey, you know something?
A woman is only a woman,
but a good cigar...
Is a smoke.
Hi, cymbaline!
Hey, you know what?
You know,
we've all misjudged j.G.
He's a great man, cymbaline.
Heart of gold.
Proud to work for old j.G.
I'd die for j.G!
I'd die for j.G.'s company!
I'd die for you.
I've taken the afternoon off.
J.G.'s suggestion.
But Jones, I don't...
Oh, yes, seaver, I forgot.
You put miss Clark
back on the payroll.
J.G.'s order.
You check with him.
So long, slaves!
I always told you
that rabbit had something.
Hello, Edwarse!
Hello, girl.
Sing and the world
sings with you!
Yes, but only sing with respect,
Because I'm gonna write
the life of mannion.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna show him up
for what he is.
The big fall flusher.
Just a moron with
a gun in his hand.
I'd like to meet that fellow.
I'd like to meet that fellow.
I'd go right up to him,
and I'd say,
"why, you great,
big, yellow, bl..."
All right, tough guy.
Hand over.
Come on, that letter
the d.A. Gave you.
Come on!
That's perfect.
Now, listen, buddy,
I gotta go 50/50 on this pass.
You're gonna use it
in the daytime
and me at night.
It'll come in mighty handy.
That's why
I dropped in to see you.
Can you talk?
Yes, sir.
Well, don't.
You know what's good for you,
you won't open your trap
without my being here,
To nobody, understand?
Don't get careless
after I leave here.
Because if anything
happens to me,
one of my mob will
take care of you.
You get that?
Yes, sir.
Now, just sit there.
And don't let nobody
come into this room.
I got a little work to do and...
I'll be back in the morning.
Come on.
Don't worry, Edwarse.
Maybe he won't
come back after all.
Maybe it was all a dream.
Why aren't you in bed?
I... I couldn't
sleep last night.
Here's your passport.
Two cops stopped me last night.
Worked like a charm.
Thank you.
I guess it'll do.
All I wanna do is lay up here
for a couple of days.
Just long enough
to take care of a rat
by the name of slugs Martin.
Slugs Martin?
You know, he wanted
to gouge my eyes out yesterday.
He did?
Well, he ain't gonna do
any more gouging
when I get through with him.
What's that?
It's the morning paper.
Pick it up.
Anything about me in it?
Go on now, read it to me.
It says here
you killed two guards
last night.
They lie.
It was three.
Go on, read it to me.
"At midnight yesterday,"
"public enemy number one,"
"killer mannion cold-bloodedly"
"slewed two guards in the raid"
"on the state armory."
"Accompanied by two of his men,
"mannion surprised the guards
at the armory..."
what's the matter?
That's all there is.
What are you talking about?
Why, the whole front page
is full of me!
You're gonna write about me?
Well, I can...
I can get in touch
with the newspaper office
and call the whole thing off,
Mr. mannion.
What for?
It's okay with me.
Only be careful
what you pull, that's all.
Yes, sir.
You oughta beat it now, will ya?
I'm getting sleepy.
Yes, sir.
What time do you knock off?
At five o'clock, sir.
Well, be here at six prompt.
Yes, sir.
Bring the afternoon papers.
Yes, sir.
The afternoon papers?
You heard me.
And don't you forget it.
Yeah, and remember
one word outta you,
and you're out like a light.
Yes, sir.
Now, shove off.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Mr. Jones.
Hi there, jonesy!
Hi, jonesy.
How are you?
This is Mr. Jones speaking.
Mr. Arthur Ferguson Jones.
Well, I want
to talk to Mr. Healy.
Yes, I must immediately.
My goodness, he's not?
Well, will you have him call me
the moment he comes in?
Yes, it's very important!
Hiya, front page!
You busy?
Yes, sort of.
What do you got there?
Fan mail?
Yes, a most extraordinary
amount of letters.
Well, how do you like that?
First sign of success.
Can you use a good secretary?
Oh, excuse me.
This is a call I'm expecting.
I'm sorry,
but I have no photographs!
Of all the ridiculous things...
Can you imagine...
That's your public, jonesy.
You're becoming famous.
Three of my girlfriends asked me
to get pictures of you.
I told them the kind
of a caveman you were.
I can feel that kiss yet.
Why, I... I want to apologize
for that, miss Clark...
What for?
If it takes a few swigs
to bring out that
personality of yours,
I'll buy a case of scotch.
It wasn't the drinks.
Something came over me and...
I just couldn't help it.
I'm glad you couldn't.
It isn't every girl
gets kissed by the man
that looks like mannion.
At least, I hope it isn't.
Well, I should say not!
Thanks, jonesy.
Well, well, well,
good morning, Jones.
I see your boyfriend
was quite busy last night
up at the armory.
Say, I hope you didn't have
anything to do with that.
No, sir.
You know, you were
the topic of conversation
all through dinner last night.
Mrs. carpenter wants
to meet you.
I promised her I'd have you
up for dinner sometime soon.
Well, I...
I'd love that, sir.
That's fine.
I'll let you know when.
And let's see...
I almost forgot.
You know, that
younger son of mine
wanted me to ask you
for your autograph.
Do you mind?
Sign your name there.
Do you want me to...
Say, that's fine, Jones.
Have a smoke.
Thank you.
So long, Jones.
Jonesy, you sure
are going places!
Just think of it, an invitation
to the boss' shack!
Say, when those
articles come out,
they'll be no stopping you.
How much are they
paying you for them?
I don't know.
Healy never said anything about...
Jonesy, you need a caretaker.
And I think I'm elected.
If you're afraid
to talk to Healy,
I'm not.
Say, you can get
enough out of this
to take that trip to Shanghai.
More mail, jonesy.
And a telegram.
A tele...
A telegr...
Oh, my goodness.
What is it?
My aunt Agatha from Bridgeport
is coming for a visit.
Well, what of it?
Yes, but I'm...
I'm not in the position
to have any visitors just now.
Why aren't you?
I haven't seen her
for five years.
Now, why should she want
to come here now?
I've got trouble enough
without her!
What's a matter with you?
You haven't got a trouble
in the world!
But I have!
The McIntyre account.
I'd like to get it
cleared up before
the end of the year.
Yes, sir.
I wish you'd struggle
through with it
without the assistance of...
Miss Clark.
I get it. I can take a hint.
Has Mr. Healy
come to the office yet?
But I've simply got
to talk to him!
It's terribly important!
Well, c-could you
give me his home phone?
I know, I know, but...
But please...
Please let me have it!
Yes, but I've been trying
to get Mr. Healy
since 9:30 this morning!
Well, I must get
in touch with him!
It's a matter of life and death!
Well, never mind.
Never mind.
I'll come down
to the office myself.
It's the paper!
Read all about mannion!
By the man that
looks like mannion!
It's the paper!
Read all about mannion!
By the man that
looks like mannion!
Read all about it!
Jonesy, I had to see ya!
I waited at the office
for you to come back.
Where were you?
Well, I didn't feel well.
I've been walking around
all afternoon.
And I went down to the docks.
There was a freighter there
leaving for Shanghai.
How I wanted
to get on that boat!
After that story?
Say, you'd be a fool
to leave here now.
I read it, and it's marvelous!
By the way,
Healy was in to see you.
I made a deal for you.
He screamed murder at first,
but finally, we got together.
Listen to this,
250 bucks a week!
I guess that trip to Shanghai
is a cinch now, jonesy.
Here's the contract.
I told him I'd get you to sign it tonight.
Thank you.
Don't mention it.
Always glad to serve
a public enemy.
What do you say we go up to
your room and read it over?
All right.
Oh, no! No!
No, not upstairs.
What now?
Well, the...
Th-the landlady is
very strict about it.
Puh-lease, Mr. Jones!
You can leave the door open.
Oh, no, no. I'd rather not,
if you don't mind.
Here, I'll...
I'll sign this tomorrow.
Say, I... I want to thank you for
everything you've done for me.
I want you to know
how much I appreciate it.
No matter what happens to me.
Who is it?
It's Jones.
May I come in?
Come in.
What the devil kept ya?
I told you to be back here
by six, didn't I?
Well, I'm...
I'm sorry, sir,
but I couldn't
get here any sooner.
When I say "six," I mean "six."
Next time you hold me up,
there'll only be one of us
that looks like mannion.
Th-there wasn't anyone here
to see me?
No lady?
Is that the afternoon papers?
Yes, sir.
Well, let's have it.
Go on, now, fix me some coffee.
Hey, jonesy!
Come here!
"False alarm."
You shot off a lot of steam,
didn't ya?
I'm a false alarm, am I?
I didn't write it, sir.
Man on the paper did it.
I... I tried to stop him
from printing it.
Yeah, I guess a lot of guys
think I'm a false alarm!
Oh, no!
Who's gonna write
the rest of these articles?
I'm supposed to, but I'll
call the whole thing off.
Not now, you won't!
You're gonna write
them, all right,
only, you're gonna
write them my way!
Sit down!
Yes, sir.
I'll show you.
A false alarm, am I?
Well, I'll slip you some dope
that'll make their heads dizzy.
Stuff that nobody knows.
Are you ready?
Yes, sir.
Now, just put down
what I give ya.
Don't make up nothin'
from your own hair.
You said here, I'm as brave
as the gun in my hand.
Now, right, you listen to this.
When I broke out of state
the other day,
I had a gun, yeah,
but it was a phony.
That's the kind of
a false alarm I am.
Have you got that down?
Yes, sir. Yeah, I put the turn
key on 'em with my hands!
Then when I leave
to turn the corridor,
it was jammed
by bricks from the law.
It was what?
Every guard was
soft-shoein' around.
Don't ask no questions.
Just put down what I give ya.
Yes, sir.
And then I pulled a phony gun on 'em,
told them to stick up
their mitts,
and I grabbed their rods,
and I made 'em step out
ahead of me, to the yard,
like they was takin' me
to the warden's office.
We passed a dozen other guards
on the way out.
I figured the whole thing
out myself.
There was only one guard
I had in the bag,
and that was the one
to the gate, but nobody knows...
What are you makin'
them things for?
Why don't you put down
what I give ya?
Well, Th-this is
shorthand writing.
Yeah, then when
I gets out into the yard,
one of the guys in front of me,
squawks and hot-foots it
for the gate.
Well, I let him have it
with one of the heaters.
Shut up!
Then I grabs the other guy
and I holds him in front of me,
just as I'm startin'
for the gate.
By this time, the
typewriters up on the walls
are cutting lose, cranking away,
and the air is as thick as dust
with machine gun bullets.
Look at that article.
This man Jones seems to know
a whole lot about mannion.
If he's just a clerk, how'd he get the
information about the prison break?
Well, he says here
one of the guards was fixed.
How do you suppose he found that out?
That's what I'd like to know.
I thought you and I were
the only ones
who knew about that.
You haven't been talking,
have you?
Chief, you don't think that I...
No, of course. Of course.
But if you ask me,
there's something queer
about the whole business.
Jones... he's at luncheon
with Mr. carpenter.
I don't know.
Excuse me.
Well, Mr. Chindler, what do you
expect to get for nothing today?
Out of you, miss Sherlock,
Where's Arthur Ferguson Jones?
He won't be back this afternoon.
Half-day, Saturdays.
Is it anything important?
His first paycheck, that's all.
I'll take it.
You expect to see him?
This afternoon.
Okay. Tell him I want
to see him as soon as possible.
There's something
I want to ask him.
What do you want to know?
Who's been helping him
write those stories?
What do you mean,
who's been helping him?
Where does a squirt
like Jones get off
writing all that juicy
underworld lingo?
From me, of course.
You certainly have horned in
yourself properly, haven't you?
What do you get out of them?
You can always
do business with me.
I'm only interested in Jones.
One of my men ran into Jones
this morning.
Nearly plugged him before
he could show him that paper.
You know, same thing
happened to us last night.
Ran plumb into him.
I'm telling you,
he nearly got a bullet
right through that passport.
Thought sure we had mannion.
That guy Jones
is gettin' in our hair.
I wish he's stay put.
Well, it would make things simpler for us.
You know, Washington wants
us to shoot on sight.
Now, how can we with
this fella Jones running around?
That's right.
That's what's holdin' us up.
Well, then put him away!
That's it!
Get Jones!
Yes, sir.
Get Jones!
Yes, sir.
Get Jones.
Get Jones.
Who is it?
It's me!
For heaven's sake, jonesy,
if thought you were gonna
keep me waiting out there
all night,
I'd have brought a cot.
Well, mystery of mysteries.
I finally made it.
I actually am seeing
how the other half lives.
And it's just what
I expected, jonesy.
Cozy, warm, old-worldly,
even a canary bird.
Expresses your personality
Well, I'm glad you like it.
It's adorable.
And now, Mr. Jones,
prepare yourself
for the thrill of a lifetime.
Your first paycheck!
As an author, I mean.
The magic carpet
which will carry you
to Shanghai and eternal ecstasy.
Why, you thief you!
So it was you
who stole my picture.
Oh, jonesy, you're cute.
Why, jonesy!
Well, I...
I... I think I better
be going...
Oh, no...
I just came up to bring you the check...
Oh, no. Wait a minute.
Stick around...
Oh, no, no. I had better.
The landlady is awfully strict
about this sort of thing.
I'll be seeing you
at the office!
Give me the police department.
Hurry! Hurry!
Hello, police department?
This is miss Clark speaking.
Listen, I know where man...
The police are exceptionally
trigger-conscious these days,
Mr. Jones.
But you can't very well
blame them for that.
That's why we want to place you
under protective arrest.
Well, yes, but I...
I can't afford to lose
my job at the office,
Mr. Spencer.
It's either your job
or your life.
Well, then,
there are those articles
that I'm writing
for the newspapers...
You can write them up there.
But I can't.
Why not?
Well, there's...
There's my research.
Well, what better
place for research
for the sort of stuff
you're writing
than prison?
Right, Mr. mayor?
Right! That's true.
This isn't a question
of choice, Mr. Jones.
This is a grave emergency.
That's true.
That's right, your honor.
Yes, gentlemen.
Well, do you...
I'd like to go home first,
if you don't mind.
What for?
I'd like to pack a bag, sir.
Boyle and Howe
will take you home.
Well, if you don't mind,
I'd much rather...
Now, there's nothing
to worry about, Mr. Jones.
It's only for a short while.
Mannion is practically
in our hands.
We've got a pretty good idea
where he is.
You have?
Yes, we have!
You mean that you...
All right, boys!
Take Mr. Jones home.
Yes, sir.
Well, thank you
very kindly, gentlemen.
Well, thank heavens that's over.
I think I'll go up with ya.
No, no, no, no, no, please.
Why not?
What's a matter?
Now, I'd rather you didn't.
I get it.
A dame?
Okay, kid, but make it snappy.
You know, I got a hunch.
I got a hunch that 25 grand
is gonna be caught by none other
than detective sergeant Boyle.
And Howe.
Here's your gun, Mr. mannion.
You shouldn't leave it around
like this.
What'd you pick up this gun for?
Why didn't you plug me
when you had the chance?
You were asleep.
You can't shoot somebody
who's sleeping.
Why not?
I'd have done it if I'd
have been in your place.
I'll tell you
why you didn't do it.
You're afraid of me.
You're afraid of me,
asleep or awake!
Yes, sir.
What's that?
Who is it?
The police.
They don't know you're here.
They're waiting for me.
For you?
What for?
They want to send me to prison
so I'll be out of the way.
I see.
Well, they told me I had
no choice in the matter.
I had to go whether
I wanted to or not.
Get over and wave to 'em.
Hurry up!
Tell 'em you'll be right down.
I'll be right down.
Hurry up and pack your grip.
I don't want them dicks
coming up here.
Yes, sir.
What's the interest on 25 grand
at six percent?
No, you can't get
six percent anymore.
You're lucky
to get five percent.
Five percent...
12.50 a year...
That's not bad.
Hey, what's he doin' up there?
Packin' a trunk?
Say, you don't suppose
he's tryin' any funny business,
do ya?
Nuh, what's the percentage?
You know, maybe I should
have gone up with him at that,
dame or no dame.
I think I'll go up there
and take a look.
Now, what kept you up there?
I was just comin' up after ya.
Well, sorry.
Okay. Hop in.
Well, jonesy, when we get you
safe up there in prison,
it'll be a cinch to get mannion!
Yeah, sure.
I'd like to stop on the way
and phone, if you don't mind.
Okay, we'll stop someplace.
Yeah. I'm on my way
to the prison now.
A couple of dicks
are taking me up there.
Well, slugs Martin
is up there, ain't he?
That's what I've been
waiting for, isn't it?
Now, you guys get a hold
of Jones and hold him.
We'll take care of him later.
Well, snap into it!
The boss just give us the ring
and told us to come up here.
Time to get into
your clothes, buddy.
Well Mr. mannion
took my clothes...
Haven't you got another suit?
Yes, I... I have
a gray, two-button...
Well, get into that!
Yes, I will.
Right away, sir.
Could I offer you a cup of tea?
Go on, get dressed, will ya?
Step it up!
Washington sent me down here
to clean this thing up,
and I'm going to do it.
I tell you, the key
to the whole situation
is Jones.
Did you read that article?
Why, yes.
It's about mannion's prison break.
Jones says that mannion had
one of the guards fixed.
That's right.
Did you know that?
Did you?
No one knew it except me
and a couple of the men
in my department.
And we kept it a secret!
Now, how did Jones know it,
is what I want to know.
It might have been
a stab in the dark.
Is that so?
Read the article.
It's written as
if Jones had been
an eye-witness to the break!
Worse than that,
as if he took part in it.
Now, look here, Mr. Russell,
surely, you don't think...
I don't think anything!
There's something funny
going on here.
And I want to talk to Jones.
Get him down here right away.
Get the warden up at the prison.
There you are.
We're having trouble
with slugs Martin.
He don't want to wear
the prison outfit.
Why should he?
He's not a prisoner here.
Here's here on his own volition.
Well, he looks kinda funny
runnin' around the yard
in his own clothes.
He'd look funny anywhere.
That's tough.
Yes, yes, Mr. Spencer.
I'll send Jones to town
right away.
Train leaves at 2:30.
Where's Jones?
In the visitin' room,
talkin' to a friend of his.
A goofy-lookin' guy
by the name of seaver.
Get Jones up here right away.
Okay, chief.
And I brought you
something myself.
What's that?
The McIntyre account!
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I know. Sure.
Of course, the...
As long as you're on the payroll,
you might as well
do a little work.
Goodness knows,
you haven't been doing
much work at the office
lately, have you?
No, I haven't.
Well, you see, they've been keeping...
Warden wants to see you
right away, Mr. Jones.
Fine. Well, I'll be back
and collect all these things.
That's mighty swell of the gang.
You give 'em...
I'll be...
Don't go away now.
Jones has changed.
Mr. Jones...
There's something hot downtown.
I just got a call from
the district attorney.
He wants to see you right away.
Yes, sir.
You're to take the next train.
That's 2:30.
I've arranged for
one of the guards
To take you down to the
station in an automobile.
Yes, sir.
Be at the prison gate
at two o'clock sharp.
Yes. Is that all?
That's all.
Wait a minute.
I don't know.
You look more
like mannion than ever.
Get out.
Beat it!
Hello, Mr. Martin.
Well, now, don't make
that mistake again.
I'm Jones.
Arthur Ferguson Jones.
You remember me?
Hey, I've been trying to see you
ever since I came here.
What about?
You know, I've been
writing articles about him
for one of them papers.
Oh, yeah?
And I understand you're
a very good friend of his.
Who said I was?
I never had any use
for that coked-up rat!
As bad as all that?
Boy! Say, listen,
that guy has double-crossed
his own mother!
Come on, let's take
a little stroll
where we can be by ourselves?
You know, mannion
don't mean a thing
without the mob around him.
Get him by himself
and he's as yellow
as they make 'em.
Is that so?
Yeah, he was off on me
because I had his number.
He knew he was slated
for the skids.
And he was a dirty,
double-crossin' rat.
He should have been
rubbed out long ago.
He was nothin' but a skunk.
He crossed everybody
that ever strung with him.
I'd like to meet him
face to face.
I'd skid him.
I'd just like to watch
the yellow come right up.
Why, the louse...
Better hurry up, Mr. Jones.
So long.
So long.
So long.
I'll be seeing ya.
Oh, Jones!
The warden just told me
that you were going into town.
And he said
it would be all right
if the guard gave me
a lift to the station.
Well, that's swell.
What more do you want?
You had the guy
in your car, didn't ya?
But we didn't know
it was him, chief.
How could we? He even
had Jones' clothes on!
That's right!
You had a chance of a lifetime,
and mannion made
a sucker out of you!
And Howe!
Yeah, and you said
if you ever got mannion
back to prison again,
he'd rot before he ever got out!
Well, you had him!
And you let him walk out!
I still don't think
it was mannion.
No? Well, then who killed
slugs Martin and the guard?
Maybe it was mannion.
But you can't pass
the buck to me, Spencer.
You sent him up as Jones!
Telephone, Mr. Spencer.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
I'm the man
who identified mannion
in the first place,
when he was Jones.
I've been working
on the case ever since.
And I have a theory...
Who is it? The same guy who's
been calling me up all week!
I can't get him out of my hair!
Mr. carpenter.
Mr. Spencer, where's seaver?
Who the devil's seaver?
My office manager!
He went to the prison
to see Jones.
And he hasn't been
heard of since!
Well, don't ask me!
Ask the warden!
D.A., I called to see that
Clark girl this morning, see?
She wasn't home last night.
Well, what of it?
She's missing too!
Miss Clark!
Where's Jones?
Let's get out of here!
I tell you, boss, this town's
gettin' too hot for us.
Let's get goin'
while the goin's good.
There ain't a chance.
They got every road covered.
What are you gonna do?
Hang around here until
they come and get us?
Leave it to me, will ya?
I haven't steered you
wrong yet, have I?
I know, but...
Now, just a minute.
There's only one chance
of our gettin' out of here.
That's if they stop
lookin' for mannion.
Yeah? But who says
they're gonna stop?
Say, if you was a copper
and you found mannion dead,
you'd stop lookin' for him,
wouldn't you?
Who's gonna croak you?
Hey, you ain't thinkin'
of bumpin' yourself off.
Who, me?
Bring that guy Jones in here.
Come on, jonesy.
Boss wants to see you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Just easy.
Just easy, please.
You mugs better
beat it out of here.
I'm goin' into a knack that's
liable to break your hearts.
I'm very much obliged
to you, gentlemen.
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Come in.
Sit down, jonesy.
I got good news for you.
I'm letting you go.
I'm sorry about
draggin' you down here,
but I had to get
into that prison
just because
slugs Martin was there.
He ain't there anymore.
He ain't anywheres.
I'm gonna try and I am
out of town tonight.
They'll probably get me.
But not alive.
Maybe the next story
you'll write about me
will be all about
how I was croaked.
I hope not, sir.
You can help me, jonesy.
It's gonna be the last favor
I'm ever gonna ask of you.
I want you to take this money
down to the first national bank
and put it in
the safety deposit vault.
And then when I'm croaked,
I want you to take the money out
and deliver it to my mother.
You'll find her name and address
in this envelope.
I'd do this myself only...
One of the guards
up at the prison
Nicked me in the head
when I beat it out of there.
You know, this wound would
be a dead give-away.
Will you do it for me, jonesy?
Well... Couldn't you get
one of your own men
to do this for you?
One of my men?
Which one?
Why, there ain't a one of them
in there that I can trust!
My mother would never
get this dough!
And that's the one thing
I'm trying to take care of
before it's too late.
Yes, but...
But how could I do it?
I'd be recognized as soon
as I stepped out on the street.
I'd never reach the bank.
That's smart of you.
But I figured that out too,
You can put on a disguise.
Say, I done it lots of times
when I pulled jobs.
Here. Stick on this mustache.
Go on, now!
Try it!
Where do you want me to put...
Put it on!
How's it feel?
Tic... tick... Tickles a little.
You'll get used to it.
There, there's
a mirror over there.
Go on. Have a look at yourself.
Don't be scared.
My... my goodness.
It... it does make
a difference, doesn't it?
Why, certainly!
Say, you'd never be known
in a million years.
You got a poke?
A poke?
Yeah, a pocketbook.
Oh, yes, sir.
Well, put this in it.
Mr. mannion,
I don't like to refuse you
anything, but...
You're not going to refuse me.
Why, think of the old lady.
She's alone and helpless.
Have you got a mother?
No, sir.
Yes, but I... I've got
an aunt Agatha in Bridgeport.
I'm terribly worried about her.
She's disappeared someplace.
Well, aunts ain't
the same as mothers.
What do you say, buddy?
Will you do it for me?
Yes, sir.
Now, don't forget.
First national bank.
And be sure to get there
before it closes.
Say, you better hurry up.
There isn't much time left.
Come on, shove off!
Yes, sir.
Gee, boss, you were great.
You almost fooled me.
Never mind.
Never mind.
Look here...
Get to a phone right away.
Call up the police.
Me? Yeah, tell them you're
one of slugs martin's men,
sore about me knockin' him off,
so you're tippin' them off
that mannion is on his way
to the first national bank
to pull a stick-up
Tell them he's got
a mustache on.
You know,
the same disguise I had on
for the Palmers trust bank
in Denver.
I got it.
That's that.
The minute Jones is bunked,
the bars are down.
And that's all we need.
What are you doin' now?
I'm goin' down to Gert's.
Now? But, listen...
Shut up, will ya?
She's only down the street.
I'll be back in an hour.
I know, boss,
but with jonesy on the spot,
we've gotta take
a lamming out of town...
Are you the manager?
Killer mannion's gonna stick up
this bank at closing time.
Killer mannion?
Yeah, we're taking charge.
Now, we don't want anybody hurt.
Get all your clerks and the
people downstairs out of sight.
Hurry up.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Pay attention, everybody now!
Get downstairs,
quick as you can! Hurry!
Get down there!
Now, you men,
take those coats off
and leave them here!
Boys, get rid of those coats...
Now, get down there.
Stay down there...
Go on downstairs!
Yes, on your way.
On your way.
Get down there.
Come on, now!
Get that hat off there!
What's the matter with you?
Take all those...
Take that hat off!
You Mcgillicutty,
what are you doin'?
You think you're tryin...
Get over there to that window.
Go on, get down here.
Keep those cannons
straight on the door.
Don't let anybody by.
Take that hat off, you fat head!
First national bank!
Everything's all set, Mac.
But don't you think
you better have a couple of men
planted outside of that door?
No. If mannion spotted
any of us outside,
he's liable to start shooting.
Now, get back to your places!
You say you have
a night bell outside?
Yes, sir.
The minute you spot mannion,
ring it!
Yes, sir.
And don't be afraid.
We're right behind you.
What's the hurry? Where's the fire?
What's your name?
Why, my...
My name is...
Mike O'Connor.
License 2698.
Here. Never mind.
I'll walk.
Remember, when he comes through
that door, shoot and shoot to kill.
Have you got your men placed?
All right, Mac.
Down there, out of sight.
Out of sight.
Get your hats down there...
And the minute he comes through that door,
let him have it, boys!
He ain't showed up yet.
Fine. Get back there.
Stay at that door.
Do you want to get killed?
No, sir.
Hey, you...
Where do you think you're goin'?
Get back here!
I'm sorry, officer.
I've got to get
across the street.
I've got to get
to the first national bank.
Well, you wait for the signal.
Hey, mister, please!
You can't go in there.
The bank's done closed
for the day.
I didn't mean to...
All right. Go on.
Watch it!
Watch it!
Shoot to kill!
Hey, is the bank still open?
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
That's funny.
I must have forgotten it.
I guess I left it on the table.
Well, I'll have
to go back for it.
He done gone.
He's gettin' away.
Come on, men!
That's the way
we're gonna do it.
We're gonna put it up
to the boss straight.
If he don't want to go with us,
we'll take it on the I am
without him.
That's right.
He can hang around here all he wants.
But not me.
Me neither.
There he is now.
Remember, fellas.
We stand pat.
What's the news, boss?
Have the cops
knocked off Jones yet?
It's time you showed up, boss.
We was just thinkin' of leavin'.
Yeah. We oughta get goin'.
This is the way we figure it.
It's a great idea
having the cops knock off Jones,
but now that it's over...
We wanna leave!
- This town is gettin' too hot for us.
- I'll get the car!
The boys don't like the idea
of hanging around here,
just on account of Gert.
If you've gotta have a dame,
we can take
the Clark girl along.
That Clark dame's okay.
But the other two,
they're a pain in the neck.
Seaver's all right.
But that aunt Agatha,
she's a holy terror.
She almost talked me to death!
Jones is comin' back!
Somethin' must've gone wrong!
What's that boob
coming here for?
What do we do now, boss?
Should we let him in?
Yeah, let him in.
Should we plug him?
Yeah, plug him.
It's more humane this way.
All right?
Yeah, all right.
All right, get him in there!
Go on!
Give me a hand!
Get back in there!
Go on, scram, you...
Beat it!
It's jonesy!
He's fainted again.
Get some water, quick!
Get some water!
Oh, Arthur!
Gentlemen, some water quickly!
Mr. Jones has fainted!
Come on, come on!
Get going, get going!
Who... who do I have to see
about the reward?
Wait a minute!
Just a minute!
Now, jonesy, will you give us
a great, big kiss?
And look right
into these cameras.
Now, quiet, boys.
How about it, jonesy?
Do you need a slug of whiskey?
I should say not.
Hold it.