The Whole Truth (2021) Movie Script

Truth is sometimes like a small hole
camouflaged by darkness.
It's always been there.
We just can't see it.
But as soon as a light shines on it,
it reveals itself for all to see,
making us wonder how long
it has been hidden there.
Look at you!
Did you cause any trouble at school?
Your teacher called,
he wants me to go see him tomorrow.
I didn't do anything.
Too much schoolwork?
If you can't catch up,
I'll hire a private tutor.
Pim, can you feed Latte for me?
I've got cheerleading practice
this afternoon, ask Putt.
Putt, you heard us?
I'll write you a note then.
Give Latte four spoonfuls,
and refill the water bowl.
I have good news.
We're going to celebrate this evening.
What good news?
I've been promoted
to head of international sales.
Congratulations, Mom!
That's awesome!
This calls for a celebration!
Pick a place, whatever you want.
-Really? I'll start looking!
I'm hungry already.
So many places I want to try.
How about this one?
-No, try this.
-This one?
Thank you.
-Thank you so much. Cheers!
All right guys, that's it!
Get back to work now.
Mai, congratulations again.
Thank you so much
for trusting me to take the job.
I promise I'll do my best.
No need to thank me.
I've promoted you
so you'll have to work harder for me.
Let's start right away then.
Could you go through this contract for me?
Also, I want you to join
a video conference
with our Chinese partners
at 7 p.m. as well.
Mr. Lee wants to discuss
the detail of our new project.
-It won't take more than an hour.
-Yes, Boss.
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
Three, four, five, six, seven, eight
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
One, two, three, four
Five, six, seven
That was great, girls.
The competition
is coming up in a few weeks.
We'll have to vote
for our new team captain.
Right now,
Pim is handling that responsibility.
But as is our practice,
we pick a new captain every year.
If you'd like to nominate
one of your teammates,
you can leave a note in my office.
Alright, good job. That's it for today.
-Thank you, ma'am.
-Thank you, ma'am.
I'm beat.
Let's get ice cream.
I thought you were afraid of getting fat.
Shut up.
Do you think you can be team captain
for another year?
I can But will the girls nominate me?
Don't worry, leave that shit to me.
Paew, watch your language!
Sorry, ma'am.
Thanks, Pim.
Everyone wants you to take the job.
Do you think they'll hate me
if I'm captain again?
I really want to do it.
Who would hate you?
Don't worry.
They are all going to vote for you.
I heard Mint is going to run against me.
Mint? She won't get it.
She's a bitch, nobody likes her.
Relax, I got your back.
I'll handle everything.
Come on!
You jackass!
What the fuck.
Do you want a piece of me?
Hey! Where are you going?
Just keep playing.
What are you doing?
Get away from the door! You pervert!
I'm just looking, I haven't done shit.
Get out!
Putt! Help me!
-Get out!
-Get out!
Hey, I know a secret. It concerns you.
Aren't you curious?
What secret?
Your sister's a bitch!
Look what she did!
I have a soccer match tomorrow.
Did you forget what you've promised?
Do you want the whole school
to see the clip, huh?
Do you want it to go viral?
Watch this! Watch!
Everyone will go wild when they see this!
It'll get a thousand shares!
Take a good look at it!
Don't ever forget
your end of the deal, cripple.
Mom, where are you?
Putt and I've been ready for hours.
We're starving.
Pim, I'm sorry
but something urgent came up.
We'll do it another time.
That's okay, Mom.
I'll find something in the fridge.
Make sure Putt eats something too.
Sorry, I have to hang up.
I want to ask you something.
Can you tell Fame
to stop coming here to see Putt?
What happened?
You know Putt doesn't have many friends.
Fame takes Putt in
and he doesn't bully him
like the other boys.
It's for your brother's good.
Have pity on him.
But today he spied on me
while I was changing.
Do you want that pervert
hanging around our house?
He did what?
I'll go home and talk to Putt then.
Wait up for me.
Okay, Mom.
I love you, Pim.
Latte, your dinner.
Mr. Lee is such a flirt.
He just wasted five hours of our lives,
damn it!
It's pouring. Drive safely, okay?
You too. Good night.
See you tomorrow.
Who's that?
It's me, your grandpa.
Open the door.
You're Pim, right?
You probably don't know me.
I'm your grandfather.
Mai's father.
-Can I come in?
Who's that?
You must be Putt.
I'm your grandpa.
Well, Grandpa.
Mom's not home.
Hold on.
No one has told you?
Told us what?
It's me, Pim. Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Grandpa, what did the doctor say?
He said she's out of critical condition.
She has to remain in the ICU.
She had a severe concussion
and is in a coma.
You're Pim, right?
My dear Pim, come here.
And who's this?
Krit, right?
He's Putt, your grandson.
Did you take your pills today?
Of course, Putt.
My dear, come to me.
Come closer, let me look at you.
My boy, it's been ages.
You two should come to stay with us
in the meantime,
so your mom doesn't have to be worried
Right, you should.
They can stay in Mai's old bedroom,
what do you think?
You want us to come with you?
Come with us.
Our house is like your house.
You lived there as a child,
don't you remember?
No, I dont. Mom never told me that.
It's been a long night,
we should probably go.
You can come back for a visit later.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Mai, my child.
Fate is so unkind to me.
Where's my sketchbook?
Putt, we forgot Latte.
Pim, Putt, come sit down.
Grandma has made breakfast for you.
Won't she join us?
She usually doesn't have breakfast.
She's probably out
talking to the neighbors.
Putt, Grandma wants you
to finish your milk.
Before we start,
there's something
I want to discuss with you.
Last night, you saw
how your grandma was becoming senile.
She couldn't even remember Putt.
There are days when she's perfectly lucid,
then the next day her memory slips away.
From now on, I'd like to ask you a favor.
If she says or does something that
frustrates you,
please don't take it to heart.
What's exactly wrong with her?
She has dementia.
You two can help me look after her.
Make sure
she takes her medication on time.
So, did you sleep well?
Is the room too small for two people?
Not at all, we'll be fine.
Do we really have to stay here?
It's for your own good
until your mother can leave the hospital.
Can I go home later?
I have to get some stuff.
I don't want to leave Latte alone either.
Mom's cat.
I see.
Well, of course.
Now, eat your breakfast.
Mr. Somphong,
may I have a word with you in private?
You can talk to me here,
these two are old enough to understand.
In that case
The patient's internal organs
did not sustain any injuries.
Thats good news.
But her brain
Her chance of waking up
is only 50 percent.
And I can't tell you
how long she'll remain in this state.
What we can do is
monitor her condition closely
to prevent any complications
and infection.
This is all I can tell you right now.
You take this.
Pim, take this.
This is your home for now.
You two get some rest.
I have to go out
and will be back in the evening.
-Take care of Grandma.
Putt, what are you doing?
Help me with the bags!
Pim, look at this.
Shit! You did that?
No, it was already here when I came in.
Perhaps the house next door
is doing a repair.
Show it to Grandpa when he gets home.
Come on.
You haven't finished it.
I don't eat greens, Grandma.
In this house,
we finish everything on our plates.
Finish it.
Has anyone seen Latte?
I haven't seen it around.
It's normal for cats to wander off.
I saw it here a little while ago.
And where did it go?
It was going through the trash
and making a mess,
so I let it outside.
It will come back when it's hungry.
But it's been here less than a day.
Maybe it got lost.
Or it went back to our house.
Nonsense. Your mother's house
is way across town.
Let it stay outside. It's not a big deal.
Latte is a house cat.
It can't survive outside.
Grandpa, you might want
to call a repairman.
-What for?
-There's a hole in the wall over there.
A hole?
What hole?
You haven't seen it? I'll show you.
Putt, come back and finish your milk.
The house next door
is probably drilling something.
I don't see a hole.
Right here.
You really don't see it?
Are you two pulling my leg?
There's no hole!
Wan, come here!
-Do you see a hole?
What hole? I don't see any.
Grandma, it's right here.
I can't see it.
It must be a very small hole.
What are you two playing at?
First the cat, and now an invisible hole.
Calm down.
You two aren't making this up, are you?
We are not! We're telling the truth!
Your mother didn't raise you
to become kids who cry wolf, did she?
That's enough.
Keep arguing about your stupid hole.
I'm done here.
It's already 8 p.m.
You two should go to bed.
How come they didn't see that hole?
I don't get it.
Did they really not see the hole
or did they lie to us?
Why would they lie?
Maybe we're seeing things
that aren't there.
Our eyes didn't play tricks on us.
I think it's this house.
No wonder Mom never brought us here.
What's wrong with this house?
I don't think so. You're imagining things.
Putt, what's wrong?
Do you think
they're really our grandparents?
Of course, they are.
They know our names, they know Mom,
and have family photos everywhere.
You're being paranoid.
It's really bugging me.
How come Mom never said a word about them?
It's because
Well, you have a point.
Pim, breakfast's ready. Come.
Putt, have your breakfast.
Yes, Grandma.
Is Latte back?
Did you check the wall?
What are you whispering about?
Your hair is a mess.
You can't go to school looking like this.
And button up, will you?
Here's your milk. Finish it.
Drink up.
I don't like milk.
Milk is good for your health.
Especially your bones.
Can you do something for me?
Don't upset Grandpa again.
Where have you been, cripple?
I haven't seen you in days.
Well, my mother
Your mother what? Whatever.
I just want to know when I can come over
to your house again.
I want to see your sister.
Not possible.
We're living with our grandparents now.
I don't care where you live.
I'm coming over this afternoon.
That's not a good idea.
Why not?
You want to shut me out?
Do you want me to spread the clip?
Do you want to see it? Look here!
-Good stuff, man.
Come on.
Fame, leave him alone!
What? I didn't do anything.
I was telling him
I'll drop by his house after school,
I'm okay, Pim.
Who's inviting you?
You're not welcome in our house.
That's so mean.
Mom doesn't want Putt
to hang out with an asshole like you.
That hurts.
You mean a handsome guy like me.
but still an asshole.
Very. At least you call me handsome.
Now get this into your skull.
Don't come near Putt again.
Can I come near you then?
I never knew what Putt had to go through.
He never told me anything.
He confides in you
because you're the only one
who understands him.
I can see how much he misses you.
Please wake up. I want to go home.
You know, it's terribly suffocating
having to live with Grandpa and Grandma.
It's like
we're living with strangers.
Grandpa and Grandma
don't understand us at all.
I know it's not their fault.
We'd never spent time together before.
I have to go now, Mom.
I'll come again tomorrow.
I'll bring Putt along.
Love you, Mom.
Damn it.
You're such a dumbass.
Why didn't you bring the X-Box with you?
I told you not to come,
you didn't believe me.
So how long do you have to stay here?
I don't know. I guess
until Mom is discharged.
And when will your sister come?
Why does it take her so long?
Leave her alone, please.
Shut the fuck up.
Do you want me to show her the clip?
Maybe she'll take me seriously then.
What the fuck is it?
Did you hear the noise?
What noise?
Are you messing with me?
What have you been smoking?
What noise? I didn't hear anything.
Hey, Putt. Where are you going?
Damn it. He's ignoring me.
What is it?
Do you see this hole?
What hole?
-This hole. Right here.
-There's no fucking hole.
Do you think I'm blind?
What the hell is wrong with you?
What now?
In there.
Take a look.
In what?
You wouldn't believe me.
See it for yourself.
Move. What the hell?
More to the left.
Right there.
You've gone nuts, man.
Damn it!
You shoved me!
I didn't!
Hold on.
Asshole. My nose!
Damn it.
How dare you, fucking cripple!
I didn't even touch you.
You little shit!
Fame, what are you doing here? Get out!
What the
Look at what your brother did to me!
What? What's going on here?
Fame peeked through the hole.
What hole?
There's no fucking hole there.
He tricked me
and slammed my head against the wall.
I didn't do anything!
You will pay for this. Both of you.
Mark my words. Your life is over, slut.
You're fucking finished.
What is he talking about?
Tell me, Putt.
took a video clip of you.
What clip?
A clip of you taking a shower in the gym.
When? Are you sure it's me?
What do you mean?
Did you watch it?
Only briefly.
Who else has seen it?
I don't know.
He blackmails me into helping him
get a date with you,
or he'll share the clip
to the whole school.
Why did you hurt him?
Now he's going to spread the clip!
I really didn't touch him.
That's why he said my life is over.
I wonder how Latte is doing.
It's a smart cat, it'll find a way home.
What happened? Is someone hurt?
No one's hurt, Grandma. We're okay.
Please do something. Get rid of it!
I can't stand this anymore.
Grandma, it's me, Pim.
Clean it up. Do it now!
It's all your fault, Krit.
Look at what you've done.
-Grandma, I'm Putt.
That's Putt. And I'm Pim.
Get him out! I cant take it anymore.
Calm down, Grandma.
Pull yourself together, I'm your grandson.
My grandkids.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
Time for my medicine.
Get me some water.
Go get it, Putt.
Let me help you, Grandma.
Grandpa, do you hear it?
I'll go check.
Go back to your room.
What happened?
What have you done, you bastard!
I will never forgive you.
Go back to bed. I'll get your pills.
What happened to you?
Are you alright?
Children, let's have breakfast.
This jug of milk
is especially for you, Putt.
Did you both sleep well?
I slept like a log.
Well, where's Grandpa?
He left earlier this morning.
He said he was going to see a friend.
I'm here about my daughter's case.
Yes, sir. Please have a seat.
How is your daughter doing?
She's still in a coma.
If there's anything I can do to help,
don't hesitate to ask.
I want to see the case file.
Don't think of it as an order
from your ex-boss.
Think of it as a favor for an old friend.
Here it is, sir.
Who was the driver?
That boy and his girlfriend, right?
Both of them testified that
another friend was driving.
But was it the boy's car?
Yes, sir.
It's registered under his father's name.
His father?
You mean Apiwat, the real estate tycoon?
The boy's name is Chaiyut.
His friends call him Pop.
But records clearly show that
Chaiyut and his girlfriend
had blood alcohol levels
over the legal limit.
How can you be so sure that
Chaiyut wasn't the driver?
He probably paid his friend
to take the fall.
Let's not make any rash judgments.
You're right.
the real driver must be caught
and convicted.
Whether it's Chaiyut or not.
I don't care if his father is a big shot.
My only daughter has been in a coma
for almost a month.
If anything happens to her,
my grandkids will become orphans.
I will drag that bastard out
and punish him.
Mark my words.
I don't care how influential
his family is,
I won't let him get away.
What? Does Fame really think
he has a chance with me?
That asshole should just drop dead.
What if he insists? What will you do then?
Whose phone is this?
It's Fame's.
He must've dropped it.
Great. I'll check if my clip is in it.
What's that noise?
Putt, what are you doing?
I've looked through this hole once.
And what did you see?
I saw the house next door.
And there was this creepy girl.
A girl?
Yes, but I didn't see her parents.
Do you know when Grandpa will be back?
Don't know, both of them
are at the hospital.
Then watch out for me.
I'll look into the hole.
Let me know when they come back.
-Now, go.
What happened?
We have to help her!
Help who?
What did you see?
The girl!
She's in danger, we have to help her!
-Let's go.
-I'm not going anywhere.
What are you saying?
Are you going to let her die?
She's not going to die.
She's a ghost, Pim!
We're going to die
if we set foot in that house!
Why? What did you see in the hole?
Wait. Didn't you see the same thing I saw?
Hold it, Pim.
Don't do that.
What's in there?
Putt, stay away from the hole.
Something's seriously wrong
about the house next door.
But you just said
you wanted to go in there.
Do you think what you've seen is real?
I don't think so.
Why not?
It's nighttime in that house.
The girl is standing in the dark.
But it's all bright and sunny here.
It's just not possible.
So this hole isn't real.
And that girl is a ghost.
Putt, promise me.
You won't peek through
that hole ever again.
Promise me!
Hey, Latte.
You're back!
You stupid cat, where have you been?
I was worried about you.
Putt! Latte is back.
Yummy, right?
Eat some more.
Putt! What's wrong?
-It's in this room.
What is in this room?
It was standing right there.
-I saw it there just now.
Here? Where?
What are you talking about?
There's nothing here!
I saw it with my own eyes.
It's right by my bed!
Maybe it's just a nightmare.
Go back to sleep.
Putt, wake up.
Putt, wake up. You'll be late for school.
I'm not feeling well.
Lame excuse. Get up.
You're bleeding.
Are you hurt?
I don't know, I feel feverish.
I'll get Grandma.
I'm going to school.
In that state? No way! Just wait here.
Can you come up here? Putt is sick.
Mai, my child
Every time you were in trouble,
I was always there to pull you through.
this time
I don't know what else I can do.
I had been a policeman all my life.
I have served the public.
But today,
the law allows a bad man to walk free.
I swear
I will get that son of a bitch
who did this to you.
I'll go after him and make him pay!
Have some warm milk, Putt.
Feeling better?
Not really.
Soon you will.
When Mom was living here,
what was she like?
Your mother?
Mai was a perfect girl.
The queen of her campus.
And she was a cheerleader, like Pim.
In fact,
Pim takes after Mai as if
they were the same person.
Grandpa and I
had high expectations of your mom,
Until what?
Let's not bring that up.
Hey, what are you drawing? Can I see?
Let me see it.
You're talented.
Why did you draw
something horrible like that?
I didn't draw this one.
Liar. It's your sketchbook.
Yes, but I didn't draw that picture.
What did I carry into the room?
Oh, that jug of milk.
Why didn't you drink it?
Drink up now.
Putt, drink it.
Go on!
Alright, it's time to vote
for our new captain.
We have three nominations.
The first one is our current captain, Pim.
The next candidate
is Mint.
And finally,
we have Paew.
I had no idea!
Who the hell put up my name?
Listen up, girls.
I'd like to inform you that
even though we have three candidates,
there's only one
who meets all the requirements.
And that person is
That's it for today. You're dismissed.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Stop playing innocent.
What are you talking about?
Why are you doing this?
Doing what? I have no idea
what you are talking about!
I know that you filmed that clip
and sent it to Fame.
And he's using it to blackmail me.
You're such a two-faced bitch.
Who do you call a bitch?
Look around you.
They all fucking hate you.
"Hi, I'm Pim. I'm beautiful and smart."
"I'm the perfect girl,
the brightest star of the school."
You're the real bitch here.
Do you want to know
what they say behind your back?
Well, I guess you don't care anyway.
Because you're a snooty little queen
stuck on your high horse.
Oh, and I bet the whole school
has already seen the clip.
So it's really you.
What are you talking about?
Pim already told me about the clip.
Your plan was to release the clip today
to humiliate Pim
so she would give up her position.
I didn't do any of that.
I made Pim team captain again
in order to expose you.
I don't know what you're talking about.
You can't accuse me just like that.
Do you have any proof?
The proof is in here.
Give me your phone.
Sorry, go back to sleep.
It's alright.
I was waiting for you.
How are you doing?
You're not getting any better.
Pim, I don't want to stay here any longer.
I want to go home.
It's this house. It makes me sick.
Did you look through that hole again?
The hole keeps calling out to me.
I can't fight it, so yes, I did look.
You're sick because of that stupid hole
and the ghost girl.
You must stay away from it.
Putt, this is serious,
you need to go to a hospital.
Hello. Pim, I'll call you back.
Grandpa, Putt is very sick.
What should we do?
What's wrong with him?
He's coughing blood.
Where are you?
I'm in the middle of something.
Have you told Grandma?
I knocked on her bedroom door.
She didn't respond,
so I guess she's sleeping.
I didn't want to disturb her.
Okay, I'll be right home.
What do we do now?
I'm done with it.
Right, you shouldn't take any more risks.
What did you see?
Tell me, what did you see?
The girl
She died right there in that house!
That man didn't even try to help her.
There's a man?
Yes, he was drunk sleeping
like nothing happened.
Putt, don't look!
How did she die?
Maybe everything happened
because the girl is trying to tell us
how she died.
Wait a minute.
Did it ever occur to you
that the room we see through the hole
looks exactly like this room?
How's that possible?
At one time
there must've been a clock on that wall.
Haven't you noticed
that Grandma keeps glancing there
even though it's just an empty wall?
Old habit,
because she used to check the time there.
Yes, that means that room is this room.
But at two different times.
But it's impossible!
Have you heard of the wormhole theory?
Wormhole theory? No.
A wormhole is a portal
that connects different dimensions.
What we saw in that hole
already happened in the past.
Are you serious?
Dead serious.
You said it yourself
that it's always a different time
of the day in that room.
And there are other things
that aren't logical.
What are you doing?
It's late. Why aren't you in bed already?
Didn't you just tell me Putt is very sick?
do you know anything about the girl
who died next door?
What girl? There's no dead girl anywhere.
That house has been abandoned
a long time ago.
But there was a girl who once lived there.
And she died some time ago.
We saw everything through the hole.
Stop it, not the goddamn hole again!
Where is it, then?
If there's a hole, how can I not see it?
Did you two see that hole?
Come help me.
-That's enough.
That's it.
You won't see a damn hole again.
Now go to bed.
Yes. Let's go.
What's going on here?
No checkpoints around here, don't worry.
The district police
is on my father's payroll anyway.
I'm almost home, bye.
What the fuck.
How much do you want?
Shut up.
Who the fuck are you?
My father will kick your ass.
Have you been drinking?
None of your fucking business.
Pim Putt
You are now charged with
attempted murder of a police officer.
Thai law can't touch me,
don't you know that?
Go to hell, you worthless cop.
You're finished, man.
When I get out of this
I'll fucking kill you!
You love drinking?
I'll pour you the whole bottle!
Burn in hell, scumbag.
No answer. That's weird.
He kept reminding me
to call him immediately if you wake up.
Who are you talking about, doctor?
Mr. Somphong, your father.
He's worried sick about you.
He's here every day.
My father?
That's right
You just came out of a coma,
things may seem a little blurry.
What about my kids?
They come almost every day.
Don't worry. They're staying
with their grandfather now.
-Miss. You can't go now.
-Please lie down.
-I have to go get my kids.
-You're not fully recovered.
Your kids are safe
with their grandparents.
-Please don't resist.
You don't understand!
I have to get them out of that house!
Let me go!
Grandma, why don't you get some rest?
Putt and I will clean up everything.
We'll finish it before Grandpa gets home.
Grandma, you can see the hole, right?
And you can hear the noise.
Grandma, do you hear it?
Fifteen years
For 15 years
that noise has been tormenting me.
What? So you do hear it.
How come you never said a word about it?
You know how irascible your grandpa is.
Because he has never heard that noise.
And he has never seen that hole
like we have.
He thinks I've lost my mind.
For years he's made me take those pills.
So I'll forget
everything I have seen
and everything I have heard.
Did you ever look through the hole?
Grandma, that girl died in our house,
didn't she?
No, Pim.
Don't look! I beg you!
Believe me, Pim! Get away from it!
Get away from it!
Krit, wake up. Where's Pinya?
Where's Pinya?
Mai, what's going on?
-Mom, my daughter is missing.
Pim, what did you see?
Mom. I saw Mom.
She's young and pregnant.
Exactly as I thought. It's a wormhole.
I saw you and Grandpa too.
But you two weren't as old as you are now.
Nonsense. I told you not to look.
Go back to your room. Go!
Grandma, who is Pinya?
Why did Mom call her "daughter"?
No, Putt!
Don't look in there!
Pinya, my child, don't leave me!
-Wan, take them upstairs.
I'll take care of everything here.
Pinya, please don't leave me!
You let our daughter die, Krit!
-That's enough! Stop looking!
That man is my father?
-Just forget it!
-Calm down, Grandma.
What happened to my father?
I want to know.
You don't need to know.
Sir, where are you going?
Mr. Somphong.
Doctor, where's my daughter?
There's a problem. Mai has run away.
What? Did she run away?
It's been 15 years since it happened.
Grandpa and I went out with your mother,
leaving Pinya with your father.
We never thought
something bad would happen.
If I could turn back time,
I would never leave Pinya
with that good-for-nothing.
Come play with me.
Okay. What do we play?
Okay. You go hide, I'll be the seeker.
God knows how long Pinya was trapped
in the closet under the stairs.
That bastard got drunk and fell asleep.
He forgot about his daughter.
When we found her, it was too late.
How did she die?
Rat poison. She drank rat poison.
Why did she do that?
The child wasn't normal.
She saw the rat poison I kept in there.
I think
She must have thought
it was some sort of syrup.
What about my father?
That bastard
What happened?
He snatched my gun and shot himself.
He must have felt guilty
over Pinya's death.
Putt, you're coughing blood again!
We have to take him to a hospital.
How do you feel?
Why don't you go get some rest?
-Come on.
-His condition worsens!
-He needs to see a doctor right away.
Let him lie down and he'll be fine.
Come on.
Trust me. Putt, get over here.
Please Grandma,
we have to take him to a hospital.
I'm calling an ambulance.
Have some warm milk
and you'll get better in no time.
He's terribly sick.
Forget the milk for God's sake!
-Pinya, drink up. Do it.
-Grandma, no!
-Pinya, drink.
-He's Putt, not Pinya.
-I don't want to drink it.
-Stop it, Grandma!
-Pinya, drink up.
Stop it! Leave my kids alone!
Mai, my dear daughter.
Mai, you woke up.
When were you discharged?
How come nobody told me?
Back off, Mom. I'm taking my kids home.
Home? This is your home.
I've kept your room exactly the same
since you left us.
Come live here. Come back to me.
I will never let my kids
live in this house.
Pim, Putt, let's go home.
-Let's go. Back off!
Please don't go, Mai. Please.
Please don't go.
Mai, why did you run away
from the hospital?
The doctor said you need to remain
under observation.
Back away, Dad.
You two go upstairs.
I have to talk to your mother.
Kids, stay here.
If you have something to say, say it now.
I want my kids to know the truth as well.
I never hid anything from you.
Really? Look at your hand.
You're still holding the same gun.
Tell me,
what happened while I was in the hospital?
As soon as I got here,
I knew something wasn't right.
It's all in your head.
Please stop her.
Don't let her run away again.
Are you hiding something from me?
No, I'm not.
Then let me ask you something
I've been wondering about for a long time.
That day,
did Krit really force the gun out of you?
Mom, Pim and I already know about Dad.
Don't listen to your children.
They're talking nonsense.
We know about Pinya too.
How did you
How did you know about Pinya?
Your kids are inveterate liars!
He has been coughing blood for days.
We have to take him to a hospital now.
I've already told Grandma.
But she kept urging him to drink milk.
Yes. Before you got here,
she forced Putt to drink that milk.
Get up.
How did she die?
Rat poison.
Pinya drank rat poison.
Grandma, no!
Grandma, what have you been giving Putt?
Milk, of course. What's wrong with that?
Then let me try it.
-Can I?
-No, you can't drink it!
Why not? Why can't I drink this milk?
No! You can't drink it! Don't do it!
Stop it, Pinya.
Here, your milk.
My dear Pim.
You're the most beautiful girl.
You poisoned Pinya.
And you poisoned Putt.
How could you do this to my children?
What are you talking about?
Your mother will never do such a thing.
Everything that happened was
because of that scumbag Krit.
You know it.
That's not true.
Not everything is Krit's fault.
You had a hand in it.
You sat there pretending to be innocent
and let us think Pinya died
because of Krit.
But it's you.
It's because Pinya wasn't a normal child.
How could you do this to my daughter?
How could you?
Mai, are you blaming me?
Everything I did, I did it for you.
You're a perfect girl.
But you chose to marry that asshole.
Then your first child was a freak.
Born ugly and crippled, like Putt!
This family is cursed.
A perfect daughter
married a drunk and gave birth
to a crippled child.
It's not this family.
It's just me who is cursed.
The curse of having a mother like you.
A mother who took everything
I ever loved from me.
I did this family a favor
by cleansing bad karma off it.
Now you can have a better life!
That's all I did.
For everything that already happened,
I won't blame anyone.
After all,
you are my father and my mother.
But I'm warning you.
From now on, leave my family alone.
Or I will expose what you did.
Pim, Putt, come with me.
Let's go.
Mai, come back.
Don't leave me!
Mai, don't go!
-Don't leave me!
Please don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
I'm sorry I never told you
about Pinya and your father.
You look a lot like him.
Your father is an artist,
he used to paint every day.
He never told me about his problems.
He turned to alcohol and it ruined him.
Your father loved you so much, Pim.
And he was so thrilled
when I was pregnant with a son.
Pinya also loved you so much.
She would hold you and hum a lullaby
until you fell asleep.
That's why the melody is so familiar.
Even now I can still hum that tune.
what if what we know
is not the whole truth?
What do you mean?
Sometimes what we think we know
is only a fraction of the truth.
Not the whole truth.
She's talking about Dad.
How do you know anything about him?
We looked through the hole
in the wall at Grandpa's.
You can see that hole?
That hole made me
want to get out of that house.
So you could see it too?
After your father killed himself,
Grandpa tried to cover the hole.
But it never goes away.
Did you ever look into it?
No. Never.
That noise.
That noise again.
-It's that noise.
-What are you talking about?
I don't hear anything.
I've heard it for 15 years now.
I can't stand it anymore. Enough already!
Stop it!
-Stop it!
Damn it.
Sorry to disturb you
in the middle of the night.
Have you heard about Chaiyut?
What about him?
That boy was murdered last night.
Someone dragged him out of his car
and set fire to him.
where were you last night?
Last night?
I was at the hospital with my daughter.
But, sir,
I'll have to ask you to come down
-and answer a few questions.
I know you're doing your job.
You're taking the heat
from the top brass, right?
Please don't say that.
On your son-in-law's case 15 years ago,
I did my best to help you, didn't I?
Oh, I almost forgot.
A new witness has turned up.
And we have images
from a dashboard camera.
Chaiyut was telling the truth.
Fuck, we're in deep shit!
Fuck! It's my dad's car!
I told you not to go in the opposite lane.
I didn't mean it!
Chaiyut didn't lie to us.
His friend was really the driver.
No! Stop it.
Who is it?
Who's in there?
Dearest Grandma.
I already drank the milk.
Am I a good girl?
Grandma, hold me.
-I'm cold.
It's cold in there.
I love you.
-Get off me.
-I love you.
Get off me.
Why did you kill me?
Truth is sometimes like a small hole
camouflaged by darkness.
It's always been there.
We just can't see it.
But as soon as a light shines on it,
it reveals itself for all to see,
making us wonder how long
it has been hidden there.
They left it unlocked again.
Dad, open the door.
I'm in here. Open the door!
Pinya, my child, don't leave me!
-Wan, take them upstairs.
I'll take care of everything here.
You let our daughter die, Krit!
You love drinking?
I'll pour you the whole bottle!
What are you doing?
A scumbag like you
doesn't deserve my daughter.
You let our daughter die!
Mai, what have you done?
Pim, you're so pretty.
I love you.
Subtitle translation by: Kong Ritdee