The Wicked (2013) Movie Script

Hey, you're supposed to be asleep.
What's the matter?
The wicked is gonna get me.
The wicked? She's out there. She
eats children to stay young.
I think the older kid has been teasing
you, sweety. I broke her window.
Her window?
If you threw a rock at the house, and break
one of her window, the wicked will get you.
So, you and Jenny went
out with the older kids?
You were supposed to
stay at her house.
It was just for a bit. Her
sister had a car and we drove.
And I didn't know it that far.
I'm sorry, Mommy.
Well, I remembered a story of the
wicked from when I was a little girl.
And I can tell you, we searched and
searched that old house in the woods...
And it was never a
witch to be found.
It was just a silly story
to frighten little kids.
Now, I have to go concentrate on work.
I have a big case tomorrow.
So you, go to sleep.
Mommy, help me! Mommy!
Mommy! Amanda, that's enough.
Locals Claim Witch Responsible.
REWARD $200,000
I wanna thank you all for coming. I
know my dad would really appreciate.
Quite a character, rather than miss him.
Especially his grandson.
You believe or not, I think you
all are gonna miss his magic.
I've always been a victim
from time to time.
Before he died, he said something
that I think he wanted me to pass on.
"God is the greatest
magician of all. "
"Family, friend, and the
love that bind some
of us most in need.
That lasts forever. "
"That's not an illusion. "
Told you what, man. When I
go, I wanna be cremated.
Of course, no way I'm
gonna stuck in the box.
What's the diffrence
if you dead?
I'm just saying, I don't wanna bugs and
shit crawling over me chewing on my flesh.
Hey, guys.
That's cute. Hey, hello?
Guys! Excuse me.
Hey, Zack. What's going on?
Well, my grandpa just died.
He was old, wasn't he? Nice. Yeah.
Sucks to get old I guess.
But we're still going
tomorrow night, right?
I My dad has to work
at hospital all night.
And? I mean he has to babysit
his retarded brother.
Dad's freaked out about that girl
dragged aside from a window...
He thinks there's some child murders
creeping the neighborhood or something.
We go anyway. Come on man, you know my
little brother. He's a dick in hotel.
If I got caught drinking
or anything else,
dad's not gonna pay for school.
I'll never get outta here.
Thanks for coming. Keep your food
then in kitchen, that'll be great.
How are you doing, kiddo?
It's delusion, isn't it?
There's no up there. It makes you
feel better when someone died.
I don't know. I mean there's no
fluffy clouds or winged angels.
I think we go somewhere. I think we
go somewhere that not so far away...
that we still a part of
those who still here.
Come on. Grab something
you can believe in.
You'll be okay.
Abra cadabra, Grandpa.
Oh, did you ever find out who ratted
you out at the McDowel's party?
Who else? Deputy dickhead Carl.
Yeah. But you know the new girl, Julie?
Oh yeah. Yeah, who doesn't?
Dude, Jake was calling, said she got
kicked out of her old school...
'cause she had sex with
her English teacher.
Oh yeah? I heard she was, uh...
Doing coke in the bathroom.
Oh, whatever. Apparently she has noticed
you hot stuff, and she wants to come.
Where's that? Open Hearth.
She needs a big
strong guy like to keep her safe.
Open Hearth?
Really? Dude, what it is, works it
out. / You're not scared, are you?
Yeah, he is.
What the fuck! What are
you doing, shitbrain?
Trimming the hedges, screw you!
Hey, why don't you find
your boy friend, then?
I He's not my boyfriend.
She's a dyke, remember? You know, Tracy, do
you spoke your mind, you'd be speechless.
Give me, give me that. How
long you've been, uh...
Trimming the hedges? I
didn't hear anything.
Yeah? I'll give you third eye If I
ever found out what you did. Got it?
Come on, man. Let her go, dude.
What is she doing?
So disrecpectful...
Local Historian Dies at Age 86 Leads
are not apparent according to police.
What's with the flamethrower?
My grandpa's. Gave me
all his magic stuff.
What's this? A witch bottle.
A what?
It's supposed to ward
off the witch's spell.
Careful with it. It's fragile.
Do you have any asshole bottles?
Might work on your brother.
Idiot! I'm sorry seriously.
Hey, wanna make a fun prank call? Fun
when we were like what? 10? Grow up!
Look, I was forced to grow
out when I was about 6. So,
I'm gonna be a kid for as
long as I can, all right?
Any plans tomorrow night?
My dad's working.
Yeah, so is your brother.
Working something, anyway.
If I say anything I'm dead. If you
don't you're dead. Okay. God.
He's going camping with Carter and Tracy
and some girl named Julie. Open Hearth.
Open Hearth? I heard that girl that was
kidnapped the other night was up there.
She broke a window. It's
just a myth for suckers.
Your grandpa believe in it. I He had
done a lot of things that weren't real.
"Season of the equinox, the
witch besets her kill. "
"One less soul the town to know,
taken against their will. "
Let's go up there. Take
photos of your brother.
Something we can blackmail him.
He'll never bother you
again, I promise.
They have cars, we have bikes.
We cut through the woods.
I'm not interested. Whatever!
Why don't you go ask them
if you can hang out?
I Please, a bunch
of prissy snobs.
Tell me if they ever make fun of you.
Thanks, Doctor Freud. (Wrong pronunciation)
They think I'm a lesbian, just because
I don't wear prada or get a tit job.
Are you?
I'm not a lesbian, dick!
By the way it's "Freud"!
(correct pronunciation)
So Jake, you enjoy your last
day at the mother nature?
You know you're missing
Spring Equinox Festival.
Yeah, but you know me, Bob.
I'm not so good with people.
The town is buzzing about
that missing Drake kid.
Her mother claimed she was
taken right from a window.
You know what that means?
You know, if they just
tear down that stupid
house, this whole witch
legend, will die with it.
Yeah, tell me about it.
The police think the
estranged father took
her for the weekend.
So listen... right in a couple of hours...
You'll have...
A piece of shit.
Who's out there?
Are you okay? You
need some help?
Jake? Jake, are you there?
Yeah, Bob. I'm here.
You all right, buddy?
I've been out here too long. Way too long.
I'm starting to hear things.
Jake? Jake? You still there?
There's steak for dinner in the freezer.
Listen, I want you both to stay in tonight.
Zack, anymore screw-ups, I'm not gonna pay
for your community college next year.
You with me? Are we clear?
Dad, for the fourth time, we clear.
I'll be back at noon tomorrow.
I love you guys.
I love you too.
Keep the doors locked.
Why don't milk it a little
bit more, you pussy?
At least I care grandpa died.
I care, I just don't use it as a crutch.
Fuck you!
You're supposed to stay home! That
little bitch told you, didn't she?
Hey, let me tell you something.
You say anything to anybody,
and I'll post that picture
that I get you jacking
off in the bathroom.
All over the internet.
What picture? Are you not in the bathroom
a couple nights ago, just... whacking it?
Like you don't do it. Yeah,
it's better than you do.
Just inbreds like you
with no friends. Pretty
worth of it, it's all on Facebook.
I wish it was you that died!
Where'd you up to? Just
coming home frome my shrink.
She said you can be a
real asshole sometimes.
I A shrink said that? Yup.
She's right.
It doesn't matter. We
have plans tonight.
Take your camera. I wanna
blackmail his ass. Excellent.
My mom's been drunk since this morning.
So she won't even know.
We'll grab some sleeping bags.
We camp.
Unless you're scared
. / Scared of what?
Hey, Samantha, how is it going?
Hey, Carl.
Come here.
Roy Harlan said he saw you
swiped a cigarette from
his shop yesterday. It wasn't me.
I don't smoke.
Other kids just got it somehow, right?
Leave her alone.
Shut your smelly dickhole!
Your mother's a drunk. And
nobody knows who your father is.
You know what that means, right?
It means when I finally
nail your ass,
they're gonna ship you out to a foster home
just as far away from here as they can.
We haven't forgotten about all those
prank phone calls, shitsmirk.
Paybacks are coming. Trust me.
You consider mouthwash, Carl? I don't know
what smells worse, your breath or your ass.
I'm sorry about your grandpa.
I liked him.
He didn't like you.
I got a picture you're
smoking dope while on duty.
That'll got you fired you know.
That's bullshit. Isn't.
See you around, fuckers. Mahoney!
Button up your shirt.
God, he's so weird.
Let's get outta here.
Damn, nice house.
You thought I was kidding?
I mean this just... just like
Bruce Wayne mansion. I For real.
Hopefully she shows
us the "bat cave".
Really? Grow up.
She's gorgeous and loaded.
Lucky ass. Hey, how are you?
Good. / It's good to see you.
Zack, you know Julie, right?
Uh, we're in trigon.
Are we?
I should tell you.
Hey, what's up? Thanks
for inviting me.
Yeah, anything, just sure then.
Dude, her eyes are green. All right. Come
on, we gotta sort shit up. / Whatever.
Hey, hey, wanna switch girlfriend?
I told you. Come on.
Well, speak of the devil.
So, what's this "Open Hearth" thing anyway?
I Oh, it's the name of the witch's house.
Witch? Yeah, it's used
to be thruth and dare.
The trick was you had to get close
enough to throw a rock at the house.
If you hit the house without breaking
any windows, then you would safe.
And if you break a window?
Then the wicked will get you.
It's just bullshit, right?
You know legend has it,
that the witch and her
cavern were burnt by with
hunter back in the day...
like, you know, a hundred
years ago or something.
Ladine Lorene. Yeah, that's right.
Ladine Lorine. She survived.
You wanna know how? Yeah.
She eats kids. Yeah, she eats kids.
She tears the limbs off.
One by one. She start with their feet.
And then she
rips off their legs. And
she rips off their arms.
And she eats every part of the body.
And she eats
the little ones, you
know, to keep her young.
She eats the older ones
to keep her strong.
Then she eats the pretty
ones, just like you...
to keep her beautiful.
That's ridiculous.
"Season of the equinox the witch... " uh...
"Besets her kill. ".
Terima kasih. "One less
soul the town to know"...
"Taken against their will".
It is time. Let's go.
But, why doesn't it feel like a tradition?
I mean, why we're the only ones doing it?
Well, apparently 15 years
ago some kid broke
her window, and was
never heard from again.
Yeah, except he ran away to
Florida or something. Dude,
that's just what the cops
want people to believe.
Okay? What about those kids who
were hiking from long way?
What, 4 years ago? Right?
No one found them.
Yeah, well. They did searched the entire house.
It was abandoned.
So... That's all
part of her magic.
Come on, man. Do you
really believe that?
Listen, all I'm saying is, there is a
reason that we should stop doing this.
Whatever. Let's go.
Road trip!
Hey, what are you doing?
Taking a picture. I'm
just gonna put it on Facebook.
Are you retarded?
I'm not supposed to be up here!
Stop it, okay?
Don't post anything. I
have a class to show up.
Oh, this is so freaking sad. She's
just like my little sister.
I heard that she ran up with a bunch
of kid, and someone hit the window.
You're freaking me out. The cops went
to checked it out, it was empty.
Oh, don't listen to him. That house
has freaking awsome mirrors.
Oh my God, the creepiest thing, whenever we
tried to get back, those windows are fixed.
Have you ever done it? Oh, yeah.
We were 12.
Zack backed out.
I had excuses!
Holy shit. I forgot that one.
Show her your hand.
Come on, don't be embarrassed about.
Just show her.
I wanna see it.
Why is that? Well, my grandpa crashing the
bowling ball trying to do some magic trick.
I became his favorite
prop all over the show.
Great grandfather.
Yeah. Right.
Sammy! Sammy!
How much further? I think
it's just ahead of us.
You mean we're lost?
We're not lost.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
You scared, aren't you? Come on.
Come on. You wanna race?
Come on.
Speeder Point. Here it is.
What do you think? There is no road
from here to Open Hearth. So...
Let's hike. It's just a few miles, right?
You wanna hike tonight?
Yeah, what are you, nervous? No. I just
got the things in the dark I'd rather do.
Oh, man. Check this out.
Wow. Beautiful.
I have probation. Probation.
Are you sure? Yeah.
I think that's cool.
What's cool?
I like a guy who doesn't
fall for peer pressure.
Just character. Or, you're
being a total score.
Come on. Try some.
Ladies. Don't run away.
So, what's up? So, are you
gonna sleep in the same tent?
You're telling secrets already?
Oh, my God.
Okay, watch.
That was good.
Yeah, my grandpa was great at it. Everybody
was given out silver dires in Christmas.
You still have one. Yeah.
He was really cool.
Do you really think there is
anything after we die? It has to be.
You don't? Biological. It's like...
Everything else.
And when we die... we just...
Just vapor. Energy.
Just like this flame.
And do you think trees are gonna have it?
Only if they're good.
Otherwise, they're
right to the chipper.
I'm sorry.
I thought you were lesbian.
Shut up.
Have you ever done it?
Done it, done it?
No. Have you? No.
Just the pine cone, all right?
You're scared of
everything, aren't you?
Aren't we supposed to be friends?
I just don't wanna go
all the way, for now.
For now.
I'm not a lesbian.
You're kidding.
Open Hearth.
Did you hear that? Hear what?
That's what I mean. Quiet.
All the bugs.
All right. Let's get
this over with.
I wanna go back. Oh,
someone's scared.
I'm fucking scared shitless.
I don't... Just take it.
I don't want it.
Come on, Tracy. We're all on this together.
I I don't want to.
You did not drive me here
for nothing, did you?
I Yes. Okay, ready? Count it down.
One, two, three!
Oh, shit!
Whose rock is that?
We'll know soon enough.
There's nothing to worry about.
What? What the fuck!
Guys! Guys!
Guys, it was just the shadow of a tree.
Yes, it was.
Dude, I was pissed my pants.
Jesus! Can we just go? I
think we probably should.
I think you're the one
who broke the window.
Damn it, you're a dick, Carter!
We got a LOL. Ready? Yeah.
Okay. Here we go.
We're getting closer.
Why do you say that?
Do you think anyone
actually died there?
That's witch's stake.
They burned her there.
Oh my God. They're
gonna hear us.
Well, it must've been hard moving so far
before graduation. Yeah, that is a thought.
Well, you could
improve those here.
So, hey. Why did you get
kicked out of school?
And you don't have
to answer that.
So you heard all those rumors.
Some of them, yes.
You wanna know what
my big secret is?
Because nobody knowing
out what happened.
But you have to promise
to keep it between us.
'Cause it's kinda embarrassing.
Okay. My big secret is...
that I don't have one.
I would, I just moved. I mean...
the same thing that
happened since 8th grade
when my dad got
reassigning. / Seriously?
Of course. You didn't sleep
with your English teacher?
And I don't do coke, and then
punch my friend in the face.
I can't even remember the other one.
Wow, how boring.
It is, isn't it? But, life is cute, isn't
it, 'cause you joined the cold status.
Yeaah! Oh God! Oh God!
Oh God...
That's my boy. It's
fun to have it.
Don't do that. You're gonna go in.
You're gonna go in. Oh yeah?
Did you hear that? What?
You didn't hear that?
It's just umm...
It's something else.
It's just the wind.
That's not the witch, Zack.
Do you wanna go swimming?
I didn't bring a suite. So...
I mean, unless you
really think you melt.
Julie? Julie!
Did I scare you? Not cool. I thought
it's pretty funny. No, it's not.
Of course not, if we die.
It's close, right? Not as
scary as everyone says.
I think they're here.
You're gonna do it? To hit the window?
That's the point.
Beside, how cool it
be to see a witch.
You do it.
Total gip.
It's just the wind. What wind?
We have to leave. What's that?
Let's go.
Oh, shit. Go, go!
What's wrong? I thought
I heard something.
Zack! I'm sorry. Look at this.
A teddy bear? Yeah. It wasn't here
before. / What are you talking about?
Carter! Tracy! What the fuck!
Wake up!
Look at this. Look.
It's hers, I just found it.
Julie, this could be anybody's.
No, that's personalized
teddy bear. My little
sister has the same one.
Pretty funny coincidence, don't you think?
I Where did you find it?
It was found it over there,
but it wasn't there before.
Well, obviously you
just didn't see it.
Or maybe someone came through
here with that little girl.
Hey, what are you doing?
I'm calling the police.
Look, I'm screwed if they came by
figured that we're up here. Seriously?
That little girl is missing, and you
worried about getting into a trouble?
I had reception area, what the hell. I Look
guys, I don't want rumors going around.
My parents think that
I'm staying at Tanya's.
You guys are unbelievable!
That little girl could be out
there somewhere, so alive.
We have to look. / In the
middle of the night?
Maybe she's right. What, really, lover boy?
Or it's just your dick talking?
Fuck you. Guys, I don't think it's a good
idea to go marching up to the woods.
If you are right, that girl's
kidnapper could be out here.
Fine. Then I go by myself.
We're all go. Right?
Where is she? I don't know.
Take out your camera.
Why? To document
it, just in case.
That's a good idea.
You're on? Yeah, yeah. Hurry up, it's gonna
die. / Hi, I'm Max Reese at Open Hearth.
If you find this, burn that house down.
The wicked is real!
I broke a window. Then uh...
Something came out of the house.
Hairstrap from the picture.
What was her name again?
This is creepy.
Can we just go?
Julie! Go get her!
She's your date!
Julie, what are you doing?
It's empty. / No shit.
Let's get outta here.
No. That teddy bear didn't
just get up there by itself.
Someone kidnapped that girl.
That's what kidnappers do. Listen
you have to call the police.
I don't want to get any trouble.
Let's just get outta here. Come on.
Did you hear that? No.
Well, it sounded like somebody's
crying. / No, it didn't.
This is all a gag, isn't it?
Carter placed that teddy bear out there.
You guys are just messing with me. Right?
Very funny, Julie. You got me.
Let's go. Come on.
Probably just the pipes.
Yeah, the pipes.
We have to pin it
and get down there.
Zack, I found it.
You go look, Zack.
You go look. Seriously?
No, no. Okay. I'll go.
Just wait here.
Where did they go? Maybe
they ran inside the house?
Oh, shit.
I think I heard something upstairs. What?
There's something in the house up there.
Are you serious? Yes.
Carter, look.
Hold this.
Okay. Somebody's down there.
Yes, yeah...
Flashlight. Here.
Oh my God! It's her.
I'll get her hold up.
Guess it'll be easy.
Good luck.
Okay. All right.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
Okay. Get your feet up. No, no, no.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you. Okay?
We'll get you outta here.
You ready to go?
Yeah? You're going to hold on this.
I'll carry you out. Okay? Come on now.
I'm right behind you. She's coming up.
She's almost there.
You got her? You got her?
I got her.
Okay. It's okay.
No, no, no, no, no...
Where are they?
Zack, get us outta here!
They're trying to get out. Wait, wait.
It might not be them.
But what if it is? I'm not
going near that goddamn house.
Fine. I am.
Zack! I know! I know!
Come on!
Wait! We're running in circles.
We need a plan.
It's her? What about the
dude that took her?
He'll get coming after us.
It's not a him.
It's the witch.
What? It's not a
ghost story, Carter.
Right over there is graveyard of
camping shit, back down that house.
Okay, she was in that cellar wrapped
in some cocoon or something.
It comes from the camp.
Shit, my car!
Listen. I'll bring him back. You're
gonna stay with her. Keep her safe.
Dude, my car is gone.
Dude, everything is gone.
You're just gonna leave us here?
Can we go to the truck, please?
There is no truck.
Somebody stole it.
She wants it. The girl. Are
you believing this shit?
It's real, Carter. We need to keep going.
We need to get outta here.
How are we gonna do that, genius?
It's 10 miles to the nearest town.
What about that Ranger station? I mean,
the one we saw on the way down here.
I mean, they might have
phone or something.
That's still 4 miles away.
You wanna wait here
for the witch to get you?
Cause she's coming.
Carter, can we just go?
All right. Witch or not,
whoever took her, it is
probably pissed off. So
yeah, let's get outta here.
Hey, wait a second.
What? Well, look!
What is that? It's Max's bike.
I mean, he must just followed us up here.
That little prick took the car!
Without the keys, Carter?
Max! Max! Shut up, dude.
What is it?
Look at this.
Look at that. He's probably a half way
home with shit stain on underwear.
What if he were not? I'm gonna
back to the house and find him.
You could do it on your own. I'm
not asking you, Carter. Am I?
Zack. You can't go back there.
Would you leave your
little sister up here?
Listen, I can't just do that. Just
call the police and get her some help.
Fuck it!
Okay, can we just slow it down? Yeah, yeah.
You do whatever you want.
You don't have to be
such an ass, okay?
She's here. The wicked. Wait a minute.
What? What did you say?
She's already here. Who?
Who's already here?
What are you talking about?
Tracy? Julie?
What are you doing, Zack?
Calm, they're not here. Let's go
back and catch up with the others.
She got Max.
Where is he, Sammy? She hides him inside.
Zack, we've gotta get him...
Listen to me. Hey, when we travel back
here, there's a county road nineteenth.
There's a ranger station about a
half... / We've gotta save him... Sammy!
There's a phone there. I
need you to call for help.
Listen to me, shitbrain. I'm
gonna get Max. Trust me.
I need you to go. Go, Sammy.
I'm coming, Max!
I want my mommy. It's okay, we...
we have to keep going.
Come on. Come on.
Carl, you've gotta take a look at this.
I No, thanks.
I don't feel like to
throwing up today.
So the chinese call "The
great wall of vagina".
Have you been to China?
That's the size the point.
Just take a look at it.
Is that legal?
In what country?
You pig. Button up your shirt.
I'd like to "Mao
Tse-Tongue" that.
Baker County Sheriff Department?
I, I need help. All right.
My friend... my friend
has been kidnapped.
Listen. There's this woman she's... She has
my friends and she's going to kill them.
Hey, Carl. Carl, this voice
sounds familiar to you?
She dragged him into the basement
or something, I don't know.
He's alive. Please.
You've gotta help us.
Samantha? Hey, great to hear from you.
Sorry about your problem.
We're gonna head over right now.
Yeah, yeah. We're
on our way to... That's a cop car.
All right.
Red roger. Squad's ready to run.
Baker County Sheriff Department?
Listen, don't hang up.
Listen to me, you little fuck.
We don't have time for this.
You do realize, prank 911 phone
call is federal of fence.
Yes, you damn bitch. Which
this time is not a joke.
I Yeah. Well, good bye!
Wait, Mahoney, wait!
You know who this is, right?
I admit to everything.
I'm the one who use to make
all these prank phone calls.
Tell Carl, if he'll come and arrest me.
Tell him, tell him...
I'm gonna post that picture
from getting eyed all
over the internet. I
swear to God I'll do it.
Hey, you little shit! Kid, listen.
This is all on tape.
When you do show your face...
...You're going to
juvenile halt.
Do you know what happens to
deputy to get cought doing drugs?
You're not gonna get a job
working security in a graveyard.
Too bad you didn't trace
this call, deputy dickhead.
Get her location. Yo, Carl,
she's fucking with you.
She's fucking with you. Just let it go.
Just let it go.
Thank you, Debbie.
Come here. Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Come on!
Hallway, let's go!
Hallway, go!
Max, let's go. Let's go!
She won't let us out.
There, upstairs. Come on.
Ready? Come on.
One, two, three.
That's her. Go, go! One, two...
Look at there! Come out here.
Somewhere outta here. Who with? A witch.
Halloween's up another 5 months.
You don't understand, Carl.
They're going to die!
You don't understand. You have no idea how
badly I wanted to bring you back brute.
You're hurting me! Just a little bruises
for a little girl who's very bad.
They're at Open Hearth, Carl. I'm serious!
I I'm not gonna like that, though.
And I'm gonna enjoy watching you rot
in juvenile halt... Carl, listen!
All those stories about the
wicked, they're all true.
The witch, she... she's somewhere out there.
She's going to kill them!
You have the right
to remain silent!
Find another way! Find another way!
Zack. Zack!
Go, go, go, go! Go, Max!
You all right in there?
Go, go, go, go!
She's coming, come on!
Zack! Zack!
Anyone there, help!
Come on! Help us! Come on,
what's wrong with you?
They did it. We're okay, Amanda.
What the hell happened down here?
You guys all right?
No! No! No! No! Max!
Max, Max. It's me, Max!
It's me. Zack!
To the tree. Come on.
We've gotta break her spells.
I don't know. Wait a second.
Grandpa always talked abouth
witches and shit, right?
Yeah. / I mean, I never believed
in these, but you did.
Grandpa never said anything to you?
Nothing ever help.
All right, listen to me. She can't
move in place at once, right?
I don't know, she can
do fucking anything.
Listen to me. This is
what we're gonna do. When
it's quiet, you follow that
road to Speeder Point.
No, we've gotta to stay together. We
can't stay together, Max. Listen to me.
We stay together, she's
going to get us both.
I'm fucking afraid, Zack. Listen, dont' be.
Grandpa's watching over us, right? Right?
He is, Max. And you
should believe that, Max.
That's all. Remember when
it gets quiet. Just go.
You can do this. You can do this,
we're almost home. We're almost home.
Zack! Come on, you stupid bitch!
Come here!
Turn around, you dick! Everything you
say can and will be used against you.
Just take a look, that's all I'm asking.
Just drive up there.
I'm not wasting my time. So,
shut your fucking mouth.
Unit 221, Base, over.
This is Carl, what is it?
You're not gonna believe this. Julie
Ramm found Amanda Drake, alive.
And on top of that, we got a
dead ranger near Speeder Point.
He was found with his
throat ripped open.
What am I gonna do, Carl?
Mahoney, I'll get
it back to you.
I swear to God, it's not a joke, Carl.
Mahoney, meet me at
the Open Hearth.
Yo, Carl. What the hell is going on here?
Stay here. Watch the truck.
Baker County Sheriff Department.
Anyone here?
Base, 221.
Investigating Open
Hearth property about a
half miles south of Speeder Point.
Stand by.
Stand forth, 221.
What is going on here? Why are we out here?
It is late and I wanna go home.
Please, look.
Oh, fuck!
Carl, get your ass up here.
Dispatch 221. There is nothing here.
Copy that.
That kid got me again.
Max! Max, please. Get up. Get up.
Please... I can't...
She poisoned me.
You have to. Come on.
Shit. Mahoney? Mahoney?
Base, 221. Officer down.
Please respond immediately...
Come on, Max!
Just leave me. No way.
Come on. Come on.
She's in the hallway. We're
never gonna get pass her.
Witch bottles? What?
Like the one grandpa gave me. The only
way to ward off the witch's spell.
What do you do with it? Put
something of yourself in it.
Uh... hair, nail clipping, blood, anything.
The repelling spell.
Then why would she had it?
She's using them too.
That's how she stayed safe.
They protect her.
It's gonna be more powerful
than hair, right? / At this
point, I'll take a crap in it,
if it worked. Just hurry!
Give me your hand.
It worked! Come on!
We've gotta stop her!
Let's go!
It's not working.
Max... witch's burn.
Abra cadabra, you ugly bitch!
Zack? Julie. It's okay.
It's all right.
Have you seen Carter?
And the witch, Zack?
Dad... This is Julie.
You guys absolutely sure
there's someone in that house?
Yeah. We set her on fire. We
trapped her in the cellar.
Well, there's no other
bodies in that house.
There's nothing.
That means she got away.
No, she didn't get away.
I have a 10 mile radius
set-up and block around here.
If there's anybody out there,
she won't get far. Trust me.
House and mirrors.
Even if the festival
continued with a good news,
that 7 year old Amanda
Drake is recovering...
And has been upgraded
to fair condition,
...we are hearing that the suspect has still
not been found and remains at large.
The house where it all
took place, of course, has
been a piece of local
folklore for generations.
Bit local kids insisting
the legend is true.
And that Ladine Lorene...
...Is in fact, a witch. And
still very much alive.
It seems awhole new generations of children
are being frighten into believing,
...that the wicked is just
outside their window.