The Wicked Lady (1983) Movie Script

Fine, thank you.
Your husband, he's in
there with another woman.
We'll get him!
I'll teach you, Nick,
playing with
another woman.
Good morning.
Good morning, sir.
I'll teach you.
Come here.
Don't you run away from me.
MAN: Another for hanging!
What did he steal?
Strawberries? Apples.
Oh, please, no hangings
so close to my wedding.
Here's for your apples.
Keep your money, Sir Ralph.
They must learn.
So hard a lesson.
No wonder your
tenants worship you.
They'll worship you
when we're married.
Is worship the same as love?
It's similar.
Do you worship me?
I'm very fond of you.
Being fond,
is that the same as love?
It's similar.
Thank you, sir. My lady.
To the library.
Please, let me pass.
In good time, cousin.
You silly old women!
BOTH: Old?
You heard what I said.
We're not as old as you are.
There's a letter...
For you, Caroline.
In the library.
BOTH: We wanted to tell her.
She's coming.
Barbara's coming
to be my maid of honor.
Is she...
Oh, she's more than pretty.
Barbara has the most beautiful
green eyes. Like emeralds.
Cats have green eyes.
I don't like cats.
BOTH: We do!
CAROLINE: Barbara, darling...
You haven't changed!
Not at all.
Oh, your eyes
are still so green.
Oh, Ralph,
this is Barbara.
Doesn't she take
your breath away?
Carol, you embarrass him.
The two people
I love most in the world.
Come, let me show
you the house.
BARBARA: It's lovely.
How many servants are they?
Vanity, vanity.
All is vanity.
Think, when you're
married you can have
all the clothes you want.
Go to London for the season,
become a famous hostess.
Ralph wouldn't
care for that.
A clever woman makes her
husband do as she likes.
Oh, this is a pretty dress.
So are the others.
I had them made
specially to come here.
Uncle Martin
disapproved, of course,
but I got round him.
Now. Who is there that
I should meet round here?
Most of the landowners
round here are married.
Except for Ralph.
He's the nicest, anyway.
Skip. Skip.
That's better.
Was it?
Now I curtsey.
You step forward
and raise me up.
Then we kiss.
All fashionable dances
nowadays end with a kiss.
I fear, then,
I shall make no dancer.
Go on.
I expected the park
to myself. It is early.
Well, I always visit
the farm before breakfast.
I didn't know.
Who told you,
you could ride Fury?
I chose him. He looked
the most thoroughbred.
He's wild and dangerous.
I like danger.
I believe you do.
Go on!
Help! He's bolted! Ralph!
Help me!
Barbara! Barbara!
You look beautiful.
What are you
sniveling about?
We can't help thinking...
How different things
might have been. Oh...
You shouldn't
put the veil on...
Not before the day.
I'm not superstitious.
I'm just so happy.
I must speak to you.
Do you mind?
If we're not wanted.
Can't we stay?
It's sure to be
something exciting.
AGATHA: We might be serving
wenches or dressmakers.
What is it, Barbara?
What's the matter?
I must go away.
Go? Why?
Don't ask, Caro.
You can tell me.
I mustn't see him again.
See him?
I'll be gone.
Is it Ralph?
Don't blame him.
What happened?
We love each other.
He told you that?
He didn't have to, I knew.
Oh, don't worry.
Ralph will marry you.
We've agreed.
I shall go away.
MOLL: Oh, we're sorry now.
Are you in love
with Barbara?
What do you mean?
Do you worship her?
Dazzled... I suppose I'm...
You were never
dazzled by me?
Now, Caroline...
You cared for me
after father died.
I looked after the
house for you, I...
Forgive me.
I want to leave at once,
if the coach could
be ordered, please.
Ralph is free.
He can marry the one he loves.
Caro, darling, I couldn't
accept such a sacrifice.
I'd rather break
my own heart.
No hearts are to be broken.
The wedding can still
take place, but with
a different bride.
Where are you going?
I'm the one who needs
the coach now.
What's going on?
Caro, this is your home.
Please stay.
Ralph's enemies will say
he broke your heart.
Put on a brave face,
just for the wedding.
Oh, perhaps you'd like me to
be the maid of honor as well?
Caro, darling, would you?
See how I'm dressed,
isn't it ridiculous?
You can wear this, too,
if you like.
Wear that?
I wouldn't be buried in it.
Sir Ralph will be out
of his senses when he
sees you, Barbara.
I don't know how you
can stay so cool.
BARBARA: What is there
to be nervous about?
What a thing to ask.
The wedding day.
The wedding night.
Mistress Barbara,
your honored uncle
awaits you below.
This is a proud day
for me, Barbara.
Thank you, Uncle Martin.
Sir Ralph is a fine man.
You must love him very much.
How could one fail to
love a man as rich as he?
That is no way to jest
on your wedding day.
I know how deeply you
loved your mother.
She was everything to me.
This was her brooch.
It was her dying wish
that I give it to you
on your wedding day.
It's beautiful.
I shall never part with it.
It means more to me
than the Skelton diamonds,
my husband. Anything!
Your mother was as good
as she was beautiful.
I'll never forgive God
for taking her away from
me, never! Never!
Why are those boys
pulling her along?
To show she's a maiden...
Reluctant to enter
the married state.
If you ask me, Barbara
should have those ribbons
round the other way,
to hold her back.
Dearly beloved, we are
gathered together here
in the sight of God
and in the face
of this congregation,
to join together this
man and this woman
in holy matrimony.
Come, Fred,
let's get moving.
Good God!
What abomination!
I told you we shouldn't
have come in here!
Let's get back.
ALL: Kiss the bride!
Kiss the bride!
I trust the dance was
to your satisfaction.
Oh, come, my dear,
mustn't be jealous
of our new sister-in-law.
I need 100 pairs
of feet and as many
mouths to fill my obligation.
Perhaps you should ask
Caroline to help you.
After all,
you've shared so much.
You mustn't be angry
with your sister, Ralph.
No woman can bear it
when her husband
finds another woman
more attractive than she.
Lady Skelton,
would you do me the honor?
Forgive me, but...
But, of course.
Who are you?
The man who would
have married you
had we met yesterday.
You're very bold, sir.
And you, my lady,
are the most exciting
woman I've ever seen.
I fell in love with
you at the church,
as you were being
led to the alter,
to another man.
Your jesting is
in bad taste.
It is no jest.
I do believe
you mean what you say.
Young man, find
yourself another partner.
Look at Barbara,
it's high time
she was prepared
for the bridal bed.
But it is early yet.
Find the bridesmaids
and take her upstairs.
Couldn't they manage
without me?
No, child.
You are the maid of honor.
Don't let them guess now.
Very well.
ALL: Kiss the bride!
Kiss the bride!
WOMAN 1: And she's only
just got married.
WOMAN 2: Oh, I think
that's disgraceful.
I think that's disgraceful.
She goes too far.
Barbara, it's time
to go upstairs.
Keep your kisses,
you'll need them later.
Lady Skelton dropped this.
Take it to her, please.
WOMAN 1: Who is he, Barbara?
WOMAN 2: He is good-looking.
Come along, Barbara,
you'll be late.
Come along, Barbara,
you mustn't keep
your husband waiting.
He asked me to
give you this.
That man there.
Well, he'd make
a good lover.
Barbara can't have
a lover yet.
Let's go, Barbara.
BARBARA: I don't want
to go to bed.
I want to dance
and enjoy myself.
You don't have to dance
to enjoy yourself.
WOMAN: Look!
The blankets
edged with satin.
Oh, they don't look very warm.
Barbara, you won't
feel cold tonight.
Courage! Our thoughts
will be with you.
They'll be ahead of you.
WOMEN: Come in!
Go on, say it, Caroline.
Your bride awaits you.
Do you think he'll manage?
Caroline, you've forgotten
the blessing.
I wish you the joy
of one another.
Come along, Henrietta,
we'll miss the play.
HENRIETTA: Of course,
we won't, Barbara.
WOMAN: It is, it is.
It is her, oh, yes.
Look, Barbara, the King.
Who is he with?
Oh, it's the Villiers whore.
BARBARA: Didn't he just
make her a Duchess?
Duchess of Cleveland.
The quickest titles go to
those who bed with the King.
Still, Barbara, you have
your title, don't you?
He takes more than oranges
from Nell Gwynne, they say.
Come, Barbara, we shall
be late for the play.
The play can wait.
Find out who she is.
His Majesty seeks
your name, my Lady.
Lady Skelton is my wife.
Tell the King
she is not for the taking.
Ralph, darling, Henrietta
and I looked at the loveliest
house in St. James's.
Don't you think
we ought to take
a London residence?
I do not.
But, Ralph, we can't live
in the country all the time.
Of course you can, Barbara.
You have your duty.
A very handsome man
was Lord Rashleigh.
Buried in the West Indies.
He married...
He married a cousin
on my father's side.
It's the east wind.
It always brings on
the Skelton cough.
Well, she wasn't
exactly my cousin,
but my father and
her stepmother were
cousins once removed.
Leave us.
Oh, those stupid old hens!
Well, if you looked
to the housekeeping...
Caro, dear Caro,
not that again.
Well, you've got
to run the house
sooner or later.
I can't stay forever.
Yes, Hogarth?
I came, my Lady,
to fetch a coat
for the footman.
"I will clothe thee
with a change of raiment."
Chapter 3, Verse 4.
Yes, my Lady?
That room at the top
of the stairs, the one
that's always locked...
Ralph's great uncle
was murdered there.
Someone came up
the hidden stairway.
I want the key.
It is an evil place.
The key, if you please,
It is wrong.
Not you as well.
Oh! It's so cold.
It'll be all right
when it's aired.
Ralph won't like it.
It's quite fashionable
for husbands and wives
to have separate rooms.
Ralph is not a
fashionable person.
More is the pity, or he might
have taken a house in London
when I asked him.
Where's the secret door?
Up a bit, on the left.
Let's explore. Wouldn't it
be useful if I had a lover?
I was only teasing.
Ralph's sister Lady Kingsclere
and her husband are coming.
I must see their room's ready.
Henrietta, darling.
I'm so glad you've come.
Thank you, my dear.
But you've taken away
her sparkle, Ralph.
And it's only
been six weeks.
You know, I was quite
jealous of you, my dear.
You looked
so young and lovely.
Is it only six weeks?
Then it must be the journey
that's tired you, Henrietta.
Traveling does make
one look so bedraggled.
How are things
in London, Henrietta?
It's been a brilliant season.
Quite a brilliant season.
Hardly an evening at home.
Poor Henrietta, no wonder
you look so worn.
I'd rather look
worn than dull.
There's a new card
game called ombre
sweeping the town.
The King's taken it up.
I suppose you haven't even
heard of it down here.
On the contrary,
I play it regularly.
In that case we must test
your skill, Barbara.
For a regular player,
you play a very
irregular game.
Fortune hasn't smiled
on me, yet.
Is that what it is?
Why don't you stop, Barbara?
Your luck may change tomorrow.
Tomorrow you leave.
Give me a chance to recover.
Certainly, darling.
It's only midnight. In London,
that's when we wake up.
Well, I'm no Londoner.
I'm off to bed.
Well, there's no need
to wait up for me tonight.
Well, I hadn't forgotten.
Good night.
Good night, Ralph.
Tell me, my dear
why is it you two sleep apart?
Because, Henrietta darling,
in one's own room it is easier
to mind one's own business.
It is you to play.
Oh, Ralph, these things
of Barbara's, I was
taking them to her room.
Well, that's kind of you.
I believe it's quite
fashionable nowadays
for husbands and wives
to have separate rooms.
Ralph, wouldn't it be
a good idea if you took
a place in London?
Did some entertaining?
Good idea for whom?
For Barbara?
I should have got more
money from Ralph
before he went to bed.
Don't look so guilty,
Barbara knew we were
experienced players.
Old Ralph won't like it.
We do him a favor.
It'll teach Barbara to stick
to more wifely pursuits.
I'll play you for this.
All on a single
turn of the cards.
Not fair, Henrietta,
not fair.
All the money on the table,
against this brooch.
Cut, then.
It's pretty.
I shall wear it
when I'm next at court.
Your mother's, was it?
Thank heavens I can lie
abed tomorrow when you leave
for London, Kingsclere.
You should come
with me, Henrietta.
I don't like you
traveling alone
and at evening.
I promised Ralph
I'd attend the local food...
Whatever it is, some awful
sort of dance they do.
He's so democratic.
Look out some highwayman
fellow doesn't steal that.
They say Captain Jackson
rides in these parts.
It might be worth the loss
of a trinket to meet so bold
and handsome a robber.
Particularly a trinket
so easily won.
Good night.
Good night, Barbara.
MARTIN: This was
your mother's brooch.
BARBARA: I shall
never part with it.
some highwayman
fellow doesn't steal it.
HENRIETTA: A trinket
so easily won.
mother's brooch...
KINGSCLERE: ...steal it.
HENRIETTA: Easily won...
KINGSCLERE: ...steal it.
Why not?
Out! Out!
Good sir, have pity
on a defenseless woman.
The jewels!
No, please, Mr. Jackson,
I have no jewels.
I've heard, sir, how gallant
you are with the ladies.
If a kiss would satisfy you,
or... Anything.
No, not my brooch.
Not my...
After him!
Shoot the scoundrel!
Oh, my jewels!
Missed! Incompetent lout!
Open up,
we've been robbed!
What's the noise?
Ralph! I've been robbed!
HOGARTH: What is all
this disturbance?
Cover your nakedness!
To your duties, all of you!
Sluts! To your duties!
Lady Kingsclere, ma'am, she's
been robbed by a highwayman!
Oh, it was terrible.
I have been robbed
and assaulted.
These are dark times.
Remove those beasts.
They make confusion
worse confounded.
Oh, I still feel faint.
Drink this brandy.
It would choke me.
I thought you'd manage...
Now calm yourself, Henrietta.
Tell us what happened.
Ralph. Why, Henrietta,
what brings you back?
And so late.
She's been robbed!
By a highwayman!
Captain Jackson himself.
He didn't take
my ruby brooch?
He took everything!
Was it Captain Jackson,
I recognized him, it was.
Is he dashing?
Romantic? Handsome?
Extremely handsome.
Surely he wore a mask?
It was a very small mask.
Did he make...
Ungentlemanly advances?
Worse? What happened?
I slapped his face.
Oh, my God!
I said, "You may take
my jewels, but my honor
no man shall tarnish."
BOTH: What did he do?
He took my jewels.
And left you honor.
How fortunate.
He kissed me.
BOTH: He kissed you?
From his horse?
The horse, like the mask,
was a very little one?
Barbara, at a time like this
you try to make a fool of me?
There is no need.
The man must be
found and hanged.
I should think
he's very clever.
I don't think it's clever
to hide like a beast
and prey on
defenseless travelers.
Who are mostly armed.
The highwayman has
the advantage of surprise.
But he must have
great courage.
Think of the excitement,
the exhilaration, the danger.
Once a man
has taken to the road
everything else must
seem tame and dull.
I don't see how
he could give it up.
No matter how determined
are his pursuers.
Gentlemen! Gentlemen!
Let us decide on the ways
of catching this highwayman.
I say hang the lot!
You have to catch him,
Lord Dolman,
before you can hang him.
It seems Jackson first
appeared in these parts
when your sister was held up.
Yes, but an hour after Lady
Kingsclere was robbed,
Jackson was holding up the...
York coach.
A hundred miles away.
The ladies say the gallant
Captain works fast.
You are to blame
for the bastards.
I am?
You spoil your tenants,
Sir Ralph.
Thatch their roofs,
put this new-fangled
glass in their windows.
Hang 'em all.
ALL: Yes, hang 'em all.
When it comes to violence
against defenseless people,
you will not
find me lenient.
Help me find
this highwayman,
and by God, I promise
you, I'll hang him
with my own hands.
Who is it?
Barbara, I want to talk to
you about the highwayman.
What about him?
Well, they're blaming Ralph.
They say he's too lenient
with his tenants
and when he's sitting
in judgment as a magistrate
that he should
pass stricter...
What am I to do?
Can't you take more
interest in his work?
What has happened
between you and Ralph?
Nothing. That's the trouble.
You took him from me.
If you hadn't given
him to me so easily,
I could have married
the man I really love.
You have a lover?
I wish I had.
We met, then we parted,
because I was married
to Ralph.
I thought you were my friend.
How could I...
Don't start, Caroline.
Once I begged you to stay,
now I'm telling you, go!
And leave Ralph
to your tender mercies?
He's all I've got.
I'm not having you
in his bed.
You little fool.
Ralph, come in.
They've gone.
What about the highwayman?
Secret patrols, we'll catch
the fellow unawares.
You must tell me
all about it.
You see, dear, I take
a great interest
in Ralph's work.
Darling, let's do as you ask,
let's go up to London
for a few weeks.
Ralph, really,
I'd rather not.
But you complained
so often about being
buried in the country.
I've changed my mind.
There's an excitement
in the country.
I never saw it at first,
but now I find it
quite exciting.
Get them up!
Out! Come on!
Whoa! Easy, easy. Steady.
You do intend to rob them?
Keep 'em up!
You'll hang for this.
Oh, no, no, no, not my rings.
Please. Please.
They've been in my
family for centuries.
Come on!
Damn gun's exploded.
Trespass on Jerry Jackson's
territory, would you?
A woman?
Nearly a corpse, damn you!
My leg, it's broken.
Not likely.
I'd heard you were gallant,
Captain Jackson.
Do you always jump on women
and grab them by the throat?
Not always by the throat.
I'll have what you took.
I did all the work.
The road is mine.
Half each, then.
I'll consider that
over supper.
I dine with you?
You might enjoy it.
Evening, sir.
Hiya, Betsy!
Here's my friend.
Welcome to you, sir!
Betsy, can we have
something to eat upstairs?
I told my friend here there
are two things you do better
than most women
and one of them is cooking!
For shame, Captain!
In front of a stranger, too!
BETSY: You know the way,
Attend inside.
I'll do that.
Fetch the wine.
This is the haunt of...
Of the brotherhood.
Or rather the best of them.
I'm honored.
Now, we'll have stewed
carp, pigeon pie,
a dish of neat's tongues,
and some cheese,
but not till I call.
May I?
You have seen.
Not all. And it was dark.
We cannot drink wine
through masks.
At your service, madam.
You remind me
of a man I knew.
A lover?
We met once. The moment
was not propitious.
Who are you?
Does it matter?
Priscilla, Dorothy, Barbara,
take your choice.
Barbara suits you best.
Married. Your husband
should know
his business better
than to drive you
to find your pleasure
on the highway.
I've never yet deceived
my husband.
Then it's high time
you began.
What of the jewels?
Keep them all.
You're very generous,
Captain Jackson.
So are you.
And Jesus called them
unto him and said,
"Suffer little children
to come unto me
and forbid them not..."
"...for such is
the Kingdom of Heaven."
My Lady knows the scriptures.
Even I was a child once.
What now?
Morning, my lady.
Money to the poor
people, darling.
Maryiot Cells has long been
famed for its charity.
You are most generous, sir.
Kindness itself.
Hold still.
This is all
I'll take from you.
I'll make her a gift.
What's that?
Someone's coming.
BARBARA: Why the horse?
I'd rather kill a man any day.
JACKSON: If you're caught,
and no one's dead,
you can buy an acquittal.
The first lesson on the road
is not to be followed.
I have
a lot to learn.
You do. You do.
But there's time enough.
The second lesson on the road
is to learn to enjoy yourself.
Let's go to the inn,
come on.
Good boy. Come on.
Good boy.
Where's Barbara?
Abed, with one
of her headaches.
I love you, Caroline.
You are fond of me.
I love you.
I love you,
ever since I can remember.
I'll get a divorce.
Not possible.
We must fight.
We must part.
Well, where will you go?
To London,
to my Uncle Martin.
I beg of you,
don't make it difficult.
I baptize this child
Luke Thomas.
In the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Ghost.
All people that on Earth
Do dwell...
RALPH: Well, it seems
only yesterday
since we were here
celebrating our young
friend's wedding.
MAN: Aye, he didn't waste
no time, did he?
RALPH: Well, I know it
was a disappointment
to my friend Tom here,
when his son Ned
forsook farming
for a more exciting life,
but now there is
another Cotterell to carry
on the old tradition.
To the future
farmer Cotterell.
And what is this
new exciting life, Ned?
I'm with the coaching
company, Milady. A guard.
Oh, indeed?
I hope you guard
your passengers well.
Oh, no passengers, ma'am.
I'm on the baggage coach.
We take valuables.
Valuables? Come now, Ned...
I do that.
Gold bullion and all.
That's most exciting.
When do you next do that?
Well, Milady, I'm not
supposed to say like...
I understand, Ned.
It's all right telling you.
On this Thursday, gold,
for a bank in London.
It's not every highwayman
that has a lady of
quality for his doxy.
Doxy? Me, a doxy?
That means a lady
of easy virtue,
not usually the only lady.
(LAUGHS) There is no other.
Keep to that, my love.
If you ever deceived me,
I'd make a dangerous enemy.
You make
a dangerous partner.
This plan of yours
to rob the gold coach.
The odds are against us.
It's by daylight,
the guards are doubled.
It is doubly exciting.
We'll come to the
gallows soon enough.
Let's not race to get there.
Life's too sweet
to throw away.
Then, I'll do it alone.
I believe you would, too,
green eyes.
NED: So, I says to me wife,
"I wager baby knows
what we're talking about."
So I says,
"Cat's drunk baby's milk."
Do you know
what the little fella did?
No idea.
Lammed his milk
straight at the cat!
COACHMAN: Did he really?
NED: Hey, what's that?
Looks like an accident.
Here, I'll go see.
BARBARA: I'll get the horse.
JACKSON: We've got as
much as we can carry.
BARBARA: Just this one more.
Well, come on!
JACKSON: Someone's
following us!
We'll outdistance him!
Not with this damn
gold, we won't!
Aim lower, hit the horse!
Ned! Ned!
Ned, I aimed at the horse.
My Lady!
Is he?
I told you to
aim for the horse.
We've got the gold,
haven't we? That's worth
killing a man for, isn't it?
"On September 14th,
near Waterbrook Farm
"in the Parish of
Maiden Worthy
"was committed by two men,
murder and robbery on
the highway to the value of
"1,130 pounds.
"Whoever shall deliver the
said felons to Sir Ralph
Skelton of Maryiot Cells
"shall have their charges
and 30 pounds reward
with a further 20 pounds
"to be paid upon one
of the robbers convictioned
for murder."
So I'm valued at 20 pounds
more than Jackson.
Come in. Yes, Hogarth?
Is this your handkerchief,
my Lady?
What concern is it of yours?
I found it at the spot where
Ned Cotterell was murdered.
The embroidery is
of a "K," Hogarth.
Not my name.
I have seen you with
it often in this house.
You are mistaken.
May the Lord have mercy
on your unclean soul.
How dare you!
My soul was tortured
with suspicion.
The Lord commanded me to
observe your movements.
What do you mean?
I have seen you leave at night
dressed like a man of evil.
I have seen you ride
out with your horse's
hooves shod with clothes.
And I have seen you return.
Once I saw you riding
with another
dressed in like fashion.
I saw you embrace.
Then you understand.
I fear that I do.
I have wrestled
with the matter.
Whether to dishonor
the noble family I serve,
or to remain silent and
pray for your repentance.
This highwayman had me
in his power.
He is one of
the devil's men on earth.
He forced me to rob,
to do terrible things.
He threatened to wash
his hands in my blood
as he did with poor
Ned Cotterell.
You swear you had
no part in this?
I have been bewitched,
but not to kill, Hogarth.
I know true goodness
when I see it.
You are good and you must
be strong. Help me, Hogarth.
Help me to save my soul.
Poor, wretched sinner.
It is not too late. Save me
from the power of the devil.
That the Lord should
entrust His humble servant
with such a mission.
Promise me that henceforth
you will lead a pure
and blameless life?
With all my heart.
You will never
communicate with that
evil highwayman again?
Then your secret shall go
with me to my grave.
Let us pray.
Oh, I'm sorry.
RALPH: "I was glad when they
said unto me, let us go
into the house of the Lord.
"Our feet shall stand within
thy gates of Jerusalem.
"Jerusalem is builded
as a city that is
compact together."
HOGARTH: This column
has the household items.
Here is a list
of the servants' wages,
and here the outdoor staff...
No, no more, good Hogarth.
My mind is spinning.
Will Heaven ever
forgive me?
There shall be more
joy in Heaven over one
sinner that repenteth.
What should I do without you,
good Hogarth?
Let me give you some of
my homemade fruit cordial.
I'd like your opinion
of the flavor.
Excellent, my Lady.
Just like Mistress Caroline
used to make.
It's practically
the same recipe.
Have you heard from
the young mistress since
she went to London?
I fear not.
I am told the city is in
the grip of a great frost.
People skating on
the River Thames.
Skating and sinning,
too, no doubt.
Yes, Hogarth.
Sinning and skating.
Let me try by myself.
Be careful! Watch out!
Why, Mr. Locksby!
I'm afraid I...
The last time we met,
sir, you were kissing
a friend of mine.
On her wedding day.
May I teach you to skate?
Lady Skelton herself!
Look at that coach!
Good morning, Milady.
And pray what can
I show your Ladyship?
Pray serve your other
customers, Mrs. Munce.
Oh, we are done,
Lady Skelton.
How is Sir Ralph?
Quite well, thank you.
And dear Mistress Caroline?
She is in London.
Oh, on a visit?
For good I fear.
Oh, how nice, how nice.
I do hope she's having
a great deal of fun.
Good morning.
Now Mrs. Price.
Not that name, not here.
The poison was not enough.
Captain Jackson told me,
Mrs. Price, you were reliable.
Oh, the gentleman in question,
he is not unwell?
He is ill.
Ill is not dead.
MAN: Muffins! Fresh muffins!
Come and get your muffins!
You said today was
to be special. Why?
I'm going to seduce you.
This seduction, am I to
have a say in the matter?
The less said.
You said there was another.
Now there is you.
We were both sighing
for the moon.
We were.
Oh, thank you, my Lady.
Have you slept a little?
What did the physician
say, my Lady?
He doesn't know
quite what ails you.
But with careful nursing...
Here, this will make
you feel better.
No one could have a better
nurse than you, my Lady.
Sleep, Hogarth.
"For Him that is joined to all
the living, there is hope."
"For the living know that
they shall die, but the
dead know not anything."
Look, look at that.
Will you marry me?
Kit, I've told you, I'm in
love with someone else.
We can't both go on
chasing shadows forever.
Caroline! Is it all settled,
then? Are you getting married?
Not yet, sir.
Keep at her, my boy.
A letter came,
it's marked urgent.
Anything wrong, my dear?
Hogarth is ill. Barbara's
looking after him.
The house is in chaos.
Ralph wants me back to help.
You came! Ralph said
he'd sent for you.
How is Hogarth?
I would love to see him.
He is very ill.
Please leave Hogarth to me.
My Lady, I know it
won't be long now.
Here, drink,
you'll feel better.
I'm not afraid to go
but what would you do
without my guidance?
I don't know. Drink.
Let me tell Sir Ralph,
my Lady.
He'll be able to help
you after I'm gone.
No, Hogarth.
You'll tell no one!
God in Heaven!
What is it, Hogarth?
Sir Ralph! Help! Help!
Sir Ralph!
Get Sir Ralph!
HOGARTH: Sir Ralph, help!
Sir Ralph!
Good Hogarth,
you must be quiet.
Sir Ralph, quickly.
He's coming.
He's wandering in his mind.
He can talk to Ralph
when he's rested.
Oh, Ralph, quick!
Hogarth wants you.
RALPH: I can't hear you.
If only you'd left him to me!
Or to us!
What did he say?
His voice is so weak,
I couldn't hear.
Let me try,
I'm used to him.
Keep them back.
He must have quiet.
I tried to hear.
It was too late.
Her Ladyship wore herself
out nursing poor Hogarth.
She needs rest.
Caroline will stay with you.
You are all so kind. But if
you left, I could sleep.
Captain Jackson, is he here?
In his usual room upstairs.
She means nothing to me.
This wench, cheap
though she looks,
will cost you dear!
Who the fuck was that?
"If you would catch
Jerry Jackson go now to
the Leaping Stag Inn."
I've got hold of you,
I got hold of you.
Come on,
let's get inside, quick!
Will you all be
drinking, then?
Give us Jerry Jackson and
there'll be no trouble.
Jerry Jackson? Who's he?
She's right. Who cares?
We'll hang the lot of them!
Just Jackson.
I am. Take me,
then I confess.
It's me.
my name's Jackson.
It's me you want!
It's a small point,
I know,
but do any of you
gentlemen know what Jerry
Jackson looks like?
Without his mask, I mean.
There are those
who have seen him.
Let's have done with it and
move them all to prison.
We can find the one
we want later.
Did I hear my name called?
Why, Captain!
I knew he'd come.
I would not have my friends
inconvenienced or you,
my dear Betsy, or you.
We are outnumbered.
These gentlemen have
their accomplices all
around the house.
May I go upstairs
and finish dressing?
You're well enough
dressed for a hanging.
A few seconds only.
Thank you.
You bastards!
Leave him alone!
Well, it was worth
a try, wasn't it?
And now you hang.
See what they call him? The
most popular gallows-bird
for the last 20 years.
Another chop, Barbara?
I see you get all the credit
for his capture, Ralph.
The credit's for the
accomplice who betrayed him.
I'll wager he's shaking
in his shoes.
Why should he?
Jackson didn't give
him away at the trial.
HENRIETTA: There's still time.
Ah, he's probably saving it
up for his dying confession.
They love to make a
show on the gallows.
I wish I could be there.
I wonder if dare I put off
the fitting of my new gown?
Ralph will tell you
all about it.
I do not share the popular
view that hanging is
an entertainment.
I shall not be going.
What about you, Barbara? Don't
you long to see him dangle?
My dear, you've gone
as white as a sheet.
Just one of my headaches.
I think I'll get some air.
Ralph, will you
order my carriage?
Jerry Jackson's hanging today!
Come on now, come on.
Don't miss this
opportunity now.
Come on
I've told James to keep well
away from Tyburn. Are you
sure you don't want...
I'll be fine.
Caroline! How are you?
Well, thank you. I heard
you were both in town.
Good morning, Barbara. Where
are you going so early?
To take the air.
May I come with you?
Why don't you stay
and entertain Ralph?
Oh, no. It's you
I came to see.
Goodbye, Ralph.
Oh, goodbye.
BARBARA: Why do you
force yourself upon me?
CAROLINE: I want to talk
to you about Ralph.
You want him, you can
have him. There, that
should settle everything.
You were in love with Ralph.
You could be again.
Heaven preserve us
from your advice.
I came to tell you I was
getting married, Barbara.
I won't come between
you and Ralph anymore.
Do I dance with glee?
I thought it might help.
James! James!
James, stop the coach! Turn
the horses towards Tyburn.
The Master's orders were...
My orders are Tyburn.
And get there in
time for the hanging!
A beautiful souvenir of
a beautiful hanging
ladies and gents.
But what's the greatest
secret we may learn today?
I'll tell you what it is.
MAN: Make no mistake,
they had been tipped off.
So we may hear the name
of the woman who
betrayed Jerry Jackson!
And they say
it was a woman for sure.
And I have
my own ideas who it is!
But I'll let Jerry Jackson
tell you that one before the
rope tightens round his neck!
Here you see the Captain
dingling dangling.
I'll take one. Thank you.
MAN 1: Thank you, my lady.
Look, the legs and arms move.
MAN 2: Ridiculous.
Barbara, why have
you come here?
I've never seen
an execution.
It will be a new sensation.
MAN 3: Here he comes!
JACKSON: It's good
to see you all.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Friends! My friends!
My friends!
I don't care whether you're
for me or against me.
All that matters is that
you've come here today in
your thousands to give me
a grand send-off.
To you lovely ladies I say...
Don't throw your love,
your caresses, your tears
on villains like me.
Save them for
a man who's worth it.
An honest, faithful man
If you can find one! Right?
To the men, I give
a word of warning.
Never put your
faith in a woman.
For no matter how much
you may think she
loves you, like as not,
she'll betray you
in the end!
In my short and merry life,
I've loved many.
But only once have I ever,
ever made the fatal mistake
of trusting a woman.
That's why I'm here!
For believe me, friends,
only a woman's hand could
put a noose around the
neck of Jerry Jackson!
WOMAN: Find her
and we'll hang her.
Well, there it is,
I've had my say.
May God bless
all my friends.
And may my enemies
be hanged as I am!
"The peace of God which
passeth all understanding
keep my heart and mind
"in the knowledge
and love of God..."
That unfortunate
highwayman has asked me
to give you this letter.
JACKSON: Well, my bold,
bad Barbara. You're
afraid of me at last.
You needn't be.
Jerry Jackson's not the
man to whine now the
reckoning's to be paid.
But if you feel you
owe me a kindness,
give a share of our earnings
to the girl by the coffin.
She was with me
that night at the inn.
She was my doxy
before I ever met you,
and she stood by me.
Farewell then, lovely Barbara.
Until our next merry meeting.
It seems he thought
I looked kind.
He wanted me to help
that poor woman over there.
Give her this purse and tell
her I'm truly sorry for her.
'Tis true Christian
charity, ma'am.
May I read the letter?
You may not.
Be with me now and at
the hour of my death. Amen.
I don't want your money!
I don't want no charity from
no ladies in carriages!
Jackson's putting
up a game fight.
Must have a neck
like a bull.
Let go of me! Let go!
You think you can buy me?
Do you think you can buy me?
MAN: Keep them back.
Let the girls fight it
out themselves.
Don't let them spoil our fun.
Please do something!
What's going on over there?
One against one,
that's fair.
Anyone who tries to get
through to them, sees me!
That's Caroline! Come on!
MAN: Come on, there's
a fight over there.
MAN: Whip her! Whip her!
Whip her! Whip her!
Whip her!
Whip her! Whip her!
Follow me.
Well, I'm most grateful to
you. You averted a very
unpleasant situation.
I saw Caroline at the coach.
I don't know why you
went there, my dear.
I did warn you.
You must you must come back
with us to Maryiot Cells.
That's very kind of
you, sir, but...
Especially as you're now
to be one of the family.
One of the family?
Did you not know, Barbara?
Mr. Locksby and Caroline
are to be married.
No. I didn't know.
You'll come too, Caroline?
Caroline finds Maryiot
Cells very dull.
I don't think I'll find
it dull this time.
Sir Ralph, the
highwayman Jackson.
What, what of him?
There was a riot around the
coaches. In the excitement
he was cut down.
He may not be dead.
They didn't name him lucky
Jerry Jackson for nothing!
Will you not come closer?
They watch.
I love you, Kit.
I've kept it.
Too late.
Not if you love me.
Soon I return to London.
Tonight, I'll come to
you in your room,
while the others sleep.
We risk too much.
We risk nothing.
I saw you, Locksby.
Will you kill me?
If I must. Promise you'll
never see Barbara again.
You must love her very much.
You're engaged to Caroline,
or have you forgotten?
I've seen her robbed once of
the man she loved. Not again.
I will not see
your wife again.
Good evening, Lady Skelton.
What do you want?
What a question to ask an old
friend back from the grave.
What do you think I want?
You think I betrayed you.
You're wrong. It wasn't...
Ah, this isn't worthy of you,
my darling. You always had
the courage of your iniquity,
didn't you?
Do you know what it feels
like to be strangled, my Lady
Barbara? Do you? Do you?
Do you feel the rope
choking your windpipe?
The world goes black
choking the life out of you!
With spots of vivid
color flashing against
the awful darkness.
Your head bursts open,
you kick and you struggle
and you squirm!
You know, after my
friends cut me down
it took them two hours
to bring me round.
And do you know what
my first thought was?
At last I know who she is.
Isn't that strange?
Just a few seconds
after being saved
from the scaffold,
I thought of the crest
on the Skelton coach
and of you!
And now you've found me?
We pick up our life together
just, where we left off.
No. Things are
different now.
For the first time in
my life, I'm in love.
Am I so distasteful to you?
Then I'll take my revenge and
pleasure at the same time.
No, you won't scream,
you won't invite anyone
in here with me.
Open the door.
It's me Barbara.
He won't see you, Barbara.
He gave me his word.
He will marry Caroline.
Now go back to bed,
Lady Skelton.
You don't care for me.
Let me go to him, Ralph.
I beg of you.
You and I are married.
He and Caroline will
leave with me tomorrow.
I have business in London.
I'll be back the next night.
Now go to your room or
by God I swear I'll drag
you there by your hair
and lock you in myself!
Hurry up.
ALL: Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
To you, Caroline and Kit.
May your marriage be blessed.
Ralph, it's no good.
I love you, Ralph.
I'm fond of you, Kit, but I
can't help it, I love Ralph.
Did you order
three pheasant?
Or was it one pheasant, one
roast pork and one lamb chop?
Why, my Lady of Iniquity!
Keep out of my way, Jackson!
What words for your partner!
What job are we doing?
There'll be
a coach here soon.
To me.
After something special?
A man's life.
You never did like killing,
did you, Jackson?
You still have time to go.
What's this poor devil
ever done to you?
He stands between me
and everything I want.
Who is he?
My husband.
You cannot.
They'll think it was me
seeking revenge on the
man who captured me!
Would you warn him,
Captain Jackson?
Would you turn on
your old partner?
Now we've both had revenge.
To our next merry
meeting in hell!
Go on.
It's probably a poacher
shooting rabbits.
Nothing to worry about.
I fear nothing now.
But won't Barbara be
surprised to see us back?
If only you two hadn't put up
such a convincing performance
of being in love.
Why should four people spend
their lives in misery
when they could be so happy?
It's like a fairy story.
I get the man I love
and Kit gets Barbara.
Everyone gets
what they want.
Now, Fury!
Easy, easy.
I think I winged the fellow.
RALPH: Let's be off.
Go on! Go on!
Where's her Ladyship?
Retired early to bed, sir.
One of her headaches.
She asked not
to be disturbed.
Well, I think this is one
occasion we might disobey
her instructions.
I'll call her. You two
go and have a drink.
Well, I won't
say no to that.
Barbara! Barbara!
William, come here, please.
I think her Ladyship
may be ill.
Can you break open the door?
I said break it open!
I'll try, Miss Caroline.
It's all right,
you may go.
Very good, ma'am.
I'll send for a doctor.
No Kit, Kit.
It is an occasion.
What shall the toast be?
Mine is to Barbara.
Barbara's had an accident.
She's asked for Kit.
What happened?
Loving you has been the
one good thing in my life.
All your life has been good.
(CRYING) No, I deceived you.
You don't know
what you're saying.
I killed them.
Ned, Hogarth, Jackson.
And tonight, for you,
I would have killed Ralph.
It was for us.
He stood in our way.
Don't leave me, Kit.
Don't leave me alone.
Kit, take me in your arms.
Hold me close.
Kit, Kit, Kit! I'm frightened.
I don't want to die alone.
Don't let me die alone.
Kit, Kit!