The Wicked One (2017) Movie Script

('60s-style female singer)
...I want my kiss
every day
With the one of my dreams
I think of you,
and I want to scream
I'm the lucky one,
that I know
You are the one,
I can't go
Pulled too hard
away from you
Let me know
if my love is true
My heart belongs
to you
My heart belongs to you
You can call me...
call me a ghoul, but
My heart belongs to you
(music distorts, lowers)
(wind howling)
(music fading in)
That I know...
You are the one...
Colin, stop!
(music fades out)
Do you feel it, Casey?
- The darkness?
- Just stop!
I feel it.
Consuming me.
And do you know
what it's saying?
It's saying to spill
your putrid, fucking guts!
(sobbing, groaning)
I told you.
Colin's dead.
All right,
we got a rotation change.
You got post one,
you got post two.
All right,
let's get off.
What the hell is it, boss?
What are we doing?
Come here...
ugh, now this.
Dr. Shaw requested
that Patient 3178
be transferred
to isolation
until the meeting and tour
of the facility is completed.
You think your men
can handle that?
Oh, yes, ma'am, Paula.
Then I'll leave you to it.
Fuckin' bitch.
Oh, I'm nervous, man.
- What of?
- I've heard a lot about
this, uh, 3178.
What's the deal there?
Well, now,
you're gonna find out.
Just don't, uh,
wet your pants
when we get in there,
all right?
I think I'm good.
I'd like to be the meat
in that nurse sandwich.
Oh, uh-huh.
You're something,
- Officer...
- Keys?
- Tate, doors.
- Yeah.
Fuckin' noob.
Today, Tate.
All right,
freak, let's go.
(clapping hands)
What's with the mask?
This one here...
he actually prefers a mask.
And it makes him
behave better.
(locks clunk)
All right,
let's get up.
Come on.
All right, fellas,
let's get the weird one here
over to isolation.
Hey, eyes-up, team,
no mistakes tonight.
Gentlemen, I apologize
for being late.
I'm Sybil Shaw,
I'm the director
of the Athens Institute.
Dr. Shaw,
Arthur Haywood.
This is my associate,
Julian York.
Hi... impressive facility.
Thank you...
follow me, gentlemen.
Let's get started.
You certainly have
a lot of secrecy
surrounding your
institute, Doctor,
but, uh, I suppose
that's prudent.
You know, some people
have labeled you a...
of these crazies.
They say that you purposely
seek out only the boogeymen,
for lack of
a better term.
At Athens,
we currently house
150 of the world's
most violent psychopaths.
We're not talking
about your average,
bad guys here.
We're talking about
those whose crimes
have plagued humanity
for decades.
At Athens, we only house
the worst of the worst.
Here at Athens,
we operate
under what we refer to
as a constant
red state.
If one of those
criminals should,
by some miracle,
manage to escape,
the guards are
under strict orders.
Shoot to kill.
Is this Silas Crane?
Yes, sir.
Mr. Crane's sick
obsession with clowns
led him to butcher
several boys
while he was traveling
with the circus.
What the... hell?
That's Martin.
Or, as he's known
around here,
Masturbating Martin.
He liked to hang
around playgrounds
and kidnap
young children.
They discovered
13 bodies in his attic.
(Martin gasping)
(Martin gasping)
Oh, hey,
I know this guy.
Uh... Babyface,
they called him.
Wilson Parish.
Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird
Okay, next one.
If that mocking...
(woman chuckling)
Ironically enough,
this is Angel.
Angel Cross.
She's our modern-day
Bonnie Parker.
She and her boyfriend
cut a bloody swath
the United States
until he was killed.
That's when she came
to be with me.
Wait, why does this room
have a window,
and why is it empty?
That would be
Patient 3178.
He was moved earlier
to isolation.
For insurance purposes.
Follow me, gentlemen,
my office is
right down the hall.
Morbid artwork.
You know,
them bitches last night
at the Pretty Panda
were off the hook.
At one point, I had four
busty titties in my face.
I was like...
That place is gross, dude.
They should've named it
the Slut Bucket
for all that disgusting
roast beef vagina
on the whores
that work there.
I snuck a lick
of a nipple,
and it was the size
of my pinkie, man.
Okay, that's it.
I can't do that anymore.
I am so tired of hearing
about roast beef pussy
and long-ass
titty nipples.
You know, like that,
You don't know what
you're missing, man.
Uh-huh... I'll tell you what.
When I want warts
all over my pecker,
I'll go down
to the Shitty Titty myself.
All right,
I gotta go take a pisser.
And... try not
to fuck things up too bad
- while I'm gone, okay?
- Okay, got it.
Shake three times,
you're playing with yourself.
Yeah, yeah,
- So, hey, Tate...
- Mmm?
For 50 bucks, I'll let you
fuck one of those crazies.
- Ahh, man...
- How about 25?
You got 25 bucks on you.
I mean,
if it stays between us,
- I've got $25.
- I'm not gonna tell anybody, man.
All right, deal.
I think Burke had
the right idea.
It's about dump-30.
So I'll see you in 20.
Liam... you, um...
you're not...
gonna leave me
alone with this guy, right?
Stop being such
a goddamn vagina, Tate.
Quit staring at me,
you big-bearded bitch.
Are you fucking deaf?
I will fuck you up,
That's, uh,
quite a collection
you've got there.
That's my personal
Usually, the items
I acquire are something
that have
theatrical presence.
I'd love to hear
more about this patient...
3178, Doctor.
Insurance purposes?
Patient 3178
is the most feared person
in the institute.
Do share.
As a young boy,
Colin Miller
started hearing voices.
Voices he claimed
came from an entity
that only he could see.
He called that entity
"the wicked one."
He brutally murdered
his parents, sister,
and five others
before I acquired him.
From the moment
he entered this establishment,
Colin Miller
ceased to exist.
Now, only
the Wicked One remains.
Hmm, interesting.
Oh, fuck!
(alarm blaring)
Is that
what I think it is?
It's impossible!
Dr. Shaw, we have
to get you out of here.
What the hell happened?
The patient's escaped
from isolation.
Oh, my God.
(alarm blaring)
What the hell happened
to that red state?
I want all of you
to go back to your rooms.
(cackling, laughter)
Damn you!
Open this door,
you bitch!
(overlapping shouting)
Damn you!
I'm gonna kill you!
Oh, shit.
Open this door!
(elevator dings)
Oh, shit.
(crunching, splashing)
(birds chirping)
- There you go, babe.
- Thank you.
I can't tell you guys
how stoked I am about
- this Wicked Fest thing.
- I meant to ask you,
so what are you
going for this year?
Last year, you were
a naughty schoolgirl,
and I think you looked
a little bit more like
Velma from
Contrary to your
point of view,
Halloween isn't an excuse
to dress up like a dirty hooker.
Liv, you're gonna be fine,
no matter
what you decide to go as.
So, this Wicked Fest,
is it adult-oriented,
or is it, like,
Ahh, what's going on, guys?
- Come in.
- What'd I miss?
Well, Alex was about
to explain this whole
Wicked Fest,
Dr. Destiny thing.
Chris, Dr. Dementia.
- Oh...
- You know, like, the old-school Halloween host.
- Mm-mmm.
- No.
Okay, like, okay,
- Nope.
- No.
- Try again.
- No.
Oh, my God, really?
Oh, my God... okay, Elvira.
- Ahh!
- Thank you.
Elvira was
fucking hot.
- But still...
- Hey!
So, it's like
a retro thing?'ll love it.
Let's face it, guys,
Halloween isn't
what it used to be.
Nowadays, kids go
in the church parking lots
and football fields
and walk 100 feet
to get their candy.
You remember
when we were kids?
Oh, my God,
it was so much more fun.
- Mmm.
- I mean, you'd be two or three miles
away from the house.
No curfew.
One rule.
Light wasn't on,
you ain't getting no candy.
Those were the houses
that got egged and T.P.'d.
Well, see,
we all have fond memories
of Halloween as a kid.
And that's what
Wicked Fest is doing.
They're just trying
to stay true to...
the meaning, in our
opinion, of Halloween.
All the fun and...
there's music,
there's entertainment,
there's liquor.
Ooh, I like liquor.
It's a blast, you guys are
gonna have a good time.
- Sold.
- There's no clowns though, right?
I cannot stand
clowns or carnivals.
Seriously, they smell
like old cheese.
And you remember
that sawdust stuff
they used to clean up
the puke with
- at elementary school?
- Eating!
- Sorry.
- No, it's not a carnival.
You're good.
- Well, maybe...
- Sounds good.
...we can find Awkward Annie
right here a man.
As long as he's nothing
like you, Quinton,
then I'm all for it.
- Score, ouch.
- (buzzing)
- Nice one.
- Thank you very much.
I'm gonna get up.
What do you want?
Well, hey to you too, sis.
What is it, Trevor?
You sound busy.
Too busy to talk
to your own brother?
Maybe... you only call me
when you want me
to get you out of
trouble or something,
so is that
this kind of call or what?
(chuckling)'s funny
you should mention that.
(engine starting)
Hey, you okay?
Not really.
Who was that
on the phone?
My brother.
He's stranded and needs
somebody to pick him up.
Oh, I see.
I'm so sick
of my brother's shit.
So, are we gonna
pick him up?
I'm not keen on the idea.
We both know
his track record.
I don't wanna risk him
ruining this trip.
Oh, God, you think we should
pick him up, don't you?
I didn't say that,
I was just,
you know, thinking...
he is your brother.
I haven't forgot that.
But I also haven't forgotten
all the trouble he's caused.
I've bailed him
out of jail,
what, three times
in the last two years?
Yeah, I know,
I know, it's...
He's family.
I mean, if he doesn't have
you, who else does he have?
You know,
he doesn't even like you.
He stole your car
and wrecked it
two years ago?
Yeah, I remember
the car stunt.
Even still, if...
you wanna pick him up,
then so do I.
This weekend's
all about us.
(both chuckling)
How did I get so lucky to get
such a great guy like you?
Mmm, I believe it was
those black-lace thongs
- you wore that one time.
- Shut up!
I'm not lying.
Yo! Let's get the fucking
road on the show.
- Come on!
- Let's go, guys!
How are we supposed
to even find him anyway?
Oh, the smell of cheap
cigarette smoke.
Jesus Christ,
Trevor, a graveyard?
Hey, sis.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Oh, well-well-well,
if it isn't Sergeant Rock.
How's Alexis?
Come here!
What the hell happened?
Why are you here?
It's just a little mishap,
that's all.
- Mishap?
- Yeah.
Look, I... I just needed
a ride, all right?
- Trevor...
- Nothing to freak the fuck out about.
All right, fine,
I was in Geneva,
some business.
My ride bailed on me...
good enough?
- Business?
- Yeah.
You were on a drug deal,
weren't you?
God, I can't believe this.
Hey, listen, back off,
Al, all right?
Do I judge you
for your lifestyle?
Job? Love interests?
Are you serious
right now?
About what...
yeah, like
Mom and Dad would be
so disappointed...
Don't you dare
bring them into this.
Is everything
all right?
never been better.
You listen to me,
and you listen good.
I'm hoping for
a fun, little getaway
out at the farm,
and I am in no mood
to deal with any of
your drama bullshit,
do you understand me?
What, the family old farm?
What now?
Who's the chick with
the "Ugly Betty" glasses?
She's kind of cute.
I'm serious, Trevor.
One fuckup, and I will
happily leave your ass
on the side of the road,
are we clear?
Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
My ill-conceived brother.
Hi, I'm Olivia.
It's nice to meet you.
Fuck it... Quinton.
How's it going?
This is my bodyguard, Chris.
Um, weird, she's never
mentioned you before.
We had no idea
she even had a brother.
No, I'm sure
she hasn't.
Don't make me regret this.
(doorbell jingles)
(doorbell jingles)
Ms. McCoy?
Ms. McCoy, you here?
Ms. McCoy?
Ms. McCoy?
Ms. McCoy?
You in here?
Ms. McCoy?
Well, there's
a sight for sore eyes.
Hey, there,
Mr. Thatcher.
You still letting this guy
tag along with you?
- How you doing, Harry?
- Real good.
Well, Norma cleaned y'all's
place for you yesterday.
She'll be ready to go.
- Thank you.
- You tell Norma
- we greatly appreciate it.
- Ayuh.
I won't keep you folks.
You all have a good time.
Just remember,
if you need anything,
you let us know.
Thank you.
See you, Harry!
(engine starting)
See you!
(crow cawing)
(crow cawing)
This is fucking legit!
Like, awesome.
Yeah, it is.
This is...
This is you?
Alex, you said
you grew up comfortable.
I had no idea you grew up
on fuckin' Skywalker Ranch.
It's a goddamn
it's not the Grand
fuckin' Canyon.
All right, Baby Gap.
Let's unload
this shit.
Hey, Trev!
Would you just stop?
Look, I know
this is difficult.
Yeah, what?
What's difficult?
Coming back here.
Look, but I really think
it's what you need.
You know what I need?
For you not to tell me
what the fuck I need
all the time, all right?
Do you think this shit
wasn't hard for me
when I first came back?
When I came back here,
I cried for days.
I laid in our parents' bed,
I visited their graves.
Those emotions that
you're feeling right now?
I know them, okay?
I felt them too, but...
I promise, Trev,
it gets better.
Day by day,
it will get better.
Trev, please?
Hey, man, you gonna
be able to make up
with the sibling
this weekend?
I'm gonna try, Quint,
but that motherfucker's
not making it
any easier.
You fucking told him
one of those war stories, right?
You fucking did, you...
whatever, you shoot, like,
13 guys with two bullets.
No, but I should've.
Maybe he'd keep
his fucking mouth shut.
Throw some
fear of God into him.
You know, man...
Alex and I's relationship is
damn near perfect.
She's perfect.
The only fucking
glitch is him.
Lord knows...
I try to keep
my mouth shut,
but he's got the mouth
of a 16-year-old girl.
It's all pissy.
And all I wanna do
is put my hands
around his fucking
little throat and...
(mimics cracking)
But what're you gonna do?
(rock and roll)
(door opening)
Excuse me.
I'm in need
of some directions, please.
- Where are you heading?
- Well, I'm trying to find
1428 Pruitt Road.
The old Miller place.
What in the hell would
a spiffy old lady like you
wanna do out there?
This is the third stop
I've made since I left.
Now, can you give me
directions or not?
And before you say
another word,
I do not want to hear
any of your country-fied,
backwoods bullshit
spook stories.
Relax, I'm gonna
give you directions.
You know,
that place is tainted.
It's cursed.
Every time someone goes
out there, they die.
(fire crackling)
It does...
Give me that.
Give it to me.
There you go.
Oh, I knew there was a reason
I asked you to marry me.
So, we're all sitting
around a fire,
and it's All Hallow's Eve.
Does anybody know
any ghost stories?
Have you ever heard
of "the wicked one"?
"The wicked one"?
See, you guys grew up
afraid of ghosts.
And boogeymen.
It's not the same for
the people of Carpenter Hills.
it's "the wicked one"
whose name is feared
above all else.
Catchy name.
He was just a teenager.
Your normal,
average, good...
family kid.
Until one day...
he just snapped.
his entire family.
When they found him,
he was in the basement.
Completely covered
in his family's blood.
Sitting in front of
his dead sister's body.
So, they locked him away.
And for 20 years...
there's been a stigma
over Carpenter Falls.
Oh, come on.
It's the same story
everywhere you go.
Like, some guy
does something...
some horrible crime,
the police arrest him...
every now and then,
the people around
the town see him.
And it's like the...
it's the same tired-ass,
lame story wherever you go.
(Trevor) Problem is,
Fear and Loathing,
that, uh...
it's a true story.
All right,
but the burning question is...
is why did this kid go all
cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?
He said
he heard a voice.
A voice that came from
his family's scarecrow.
Aww, a fuckin' scarecrow.
- It's true.
- Ca-caw!
Okay, all right.
(Trevor) Yeah, I
wouldn't laugh too hard.
See, the part of the story
that she's not telling you
is that the land that
the Miller house was on...
(clicks tongue)
This land?
The... land that
we're on right now?
See, uh,
after the murders
and everything,
my pop came in here.
Purchased up the property.
Built a house.
On the other side
of the property,
the old house is
still there.
So, what you're saying
is that this wicked guy
is still alive in some
sanitarium somewhere?
Shouldn't he have
gotten the death penalty
- or something?
- Yeah.
Well, you can't
execute the crazies
if they've been...
deemed mentally unfit
to stand trial.
Kinda like
Charles Manson?
You know, they just kind of
live their own lives
in their own
fucked-up head.
Not knowing right
from wrong.
Ever the optimist.
Rather an optimist
than a...
nagging, negative
sack of shit, eh, Trev?
(clearing throat)
Better put a leash
on that dog, sis.
Don't try to wrangle
your sister into this, Trevor.
Guys, we're not
doing this.
Let Mr. Billy Bad-Ass
say what he wants.
- I'm all ears.
- You know what?
You're not impressing
anyone here
with your sarcastic,
witty little comebacks.
Cut the fucking act,
it's getting old.
Listen, I know because
you're banging my sister...
- Trevor!
...that you think you have some sort of
authority over me.
You don't.
So, how about you sit
over there and just drink
your fucking Sea Breeze
- before I shove it up your ass.
- (grunting)
You know, I'm about
tired of your shit.
Oh, God... hey, stop.
It ain't nothing in between
us but fucking air.
So, why don't
you try it, Cheech?
Hey, guys, no, we're not
gonna do this right now.
You think
you're tough shit?
Walk around
with your little backpack
like a pre-schooler?
We all know
what's in it.
And I'm betting
it's enough to send you away
for a long fucking time.
You know what?
Let's just fucking see
what's in it, huh?
Fuck you, man.
Stop... hey!
- Guys...
- Oh, shit!
Adam! Adam!
Stop it!
Stop it,
get off Trevor!
Let's see what's so fucking
goddamn important...
- Oh, shit!
- Trevor...
- Sit!
- Yes, sir.
- (girl sobbing)
- Trevor... Trevor,
what the fuck are you
doing with a gun?
Put it down.
Trevor, please.
For Christ's sake,
put it down.
Look at what you're doing,
Trevor, please.
I'm not gonna
ask you again, Chief.
Put it down, or I'll put
a fucking hole in your head
that matches
your leg, savvy?
You know, I thought
you were better than this.
But now I can see you're
just a pistol-pulling pussy.
Hope you got
the fucking balls
to pull that trigger
when you need to.
(sobbing continues)
This fucking bag?
Gonna shoot me
if I don't give you
your shit back?
That's the point
of the piece in your face.
Now, what's it gonna be?
Everybody knows
what's in it, so let him.
(sobbing continues)
You think you're so fucking
special, don't you? Huh?
You think you're fucking
better than me? Do you?
No, Trevor, no.
Shut the fuck up, Al!
I am so sick
and fucking tired
of your little glances
and comments.
We all didn't have it
as fucking easy as you.
Poor little Alexandra.
Fucking parents die
because of
her dipshit brother.
I'm not fucking stupid!
- You selfish fucking prick.
- (clicking)
You're not the only one
who fucking lost somebody
that night, Trevor,
so get over yourself!
No, please, please.
Please, Trevor.
Stay the fuck away from me.
(girls sobbing)
- (crying)
- All right, show of hands,
who saw that coming?
Alex? Chris?
Norma? Hurry up
with that sandwich.
I'm fixing it, Harry,
hang on just a second.
Well, my show's
fixin' to come on.
What show's coming on?
Eleanor... they're talking
about the origin of Halloween.
Harry, you were supposed
to let me watch my movie.
Well... well, this is on.
Well, if you're
gonna watch that,
I'm gonna
go get my bath.
All right.
When're you coming?
What do you got
in mind?
Well, nothing
if you don't hurry.
I'm tired.
All right.
Getting more than
a sandwich tonight.
(man) Attention, all you
ghosts and ghouls out there!
Dr. Dementia over here!
It's time for
all things creepy
to come crawling
from the west
to the annual
of Wicked Fest,
All Hallow's Eve!
The Day of the Dead!
Whatever you call it,
it's our favorite time
of the year!
- And it's finally here!
- (gurgling)
Now's your chance
to get all messed up
at the annual spook-tacular
called Wicked Fest!
(woman) The monster-mash
of the century!
Wicked Fest!
Catch fire! Bam!
- No! No...
- (knife plunging)
(crickets chirping)
last night was
a little insane.
Yeah, you could say that.
You guys probably thought
you were watching...
an episode of "Springer"
or something, huh?
Well, I mean,
I'd be lying if I said
I wasn't
pretty terrified.
I'm gonna see about getting
Trevor to a bus stop today.
If you don't
mind me asking,
what made him snap?
Why is he always
so amped up?
There's a little backstory.
With me, Trevor,
that's kind of difficult.
Trevor got in
a lot of trouble.
He was out partying
one night,
and it got really bad.
And they called my parents
to come pick him up.
That's when
the accident happened.
Ever since then,
Trevor's blamed himself
for them being killed.
He just...
he can't heal from it.
It's like he can't cope.
You know?
It's gotta be really hard
for him to be back here, Alex.
You have
to understand that.
Yesterday, you said yourself
it was hard to be back here.
Knowing that...
and all that guilt
he carries around with him
on a daily basis...
it's gotta be
drowning him right now.
I mean, seriously, try
easing up on him, you know?
Maybe even...
I don't know...
give him another chance?
Are you crushing
on my brother right now?
No... no,
uh-uh, no, no.
He's your brother.
I mean...
yeah, he's cute...
- Oh, God.
- But that's not...
that's not
why I'm saying this.
No... no.
Trevor's just...
Trevor just...
Trevor just what?
(opening fridge)
(closing fridge)
Trevor, what are you
looking for?
(door closing)
I tell you what,
let me talk to him.
Maybe he just needs
an ear to vent to.
Looking for
perspective, something.
Liv, honey, you know
how he is with people.
You're gonna
let him rope you in.
- I'll be fine.
- No...
I promise.
This is not happening.
Need an inhaler?
I'll survive.
You care
if I tag along?
I won't stop you.
(birds chirping, cawing)
What's with the truck?
My unsafe teenage rebellion
was a bitch.
You, uh...
You got another
one of those?
What are you doing?
This whole thing.
(chuckling) I don't know
what you're talking about.
So what's the story
with you?
What do you mean?
I mean,
with you and Alex
and the rest
of her club.
We're friends.
We're friends,
and we're going to Wicked Fest.
What about you?
Not really my thing.
You should come.
It couldn't hurt.
So, uh...
is this the first time
you've been back here
since, um...
It's a beautiful place.
Yeah, been gone
for so long,
I kinda forgot
how nice it was out here.
Me and Alex, we, uh,
we used to run, hell,
all up and down these hills.
So, what's the deal
with all the tension
and cynicism
between you two?
I don't know.
Just kind of the way
shit is, I guess.
Holy shit.
That's it, isn't it?
So it wasn't just
a bullshit story.
Eh, it's the old
Miller murder mansion.
Wanna go inside?
Hell no.
Fuck, yeah, I'm scared!
You'd have to be crazy
to go in there.
I'm not doing it.
Yeah, actually now,
I think about it,
I think
you might be standing
where he killed his dad.
Shut up.
I'm fucking with you.
Come on.
So... have you ever
thought of maybe
moving back out here?
I mean,
technically speaking
this is your land.
No, no,
it's my parents' land.
Well, to me, it is.
But, I mean, it might be
just what you need.
You know, a new start.
Maybe find yourself
one of those nice girls.
Oh, yeah? What kind
of nice girl'd want me?
Come on, you have to have
had girlfriends before.
Yeah, some.
None serious.
Find a serious one.
I'll see what I can do.
- So...
- (sighs)
What are you
going as tonight?
It's a surprise.
Are we talking...
scary surprise
or sexy surprise?
Mmm, you'll just
have to wait and see.
What about you?
What are you gonna do?
I'm going
as "Supernatural".
The TV show?
My favorite show?
- "Supernatural."
- I... I know that,
but I... I...
I still don't get it.
I got my...
green jacket as Dean.
I got the long hair,
like Sam.
And I got the trucker hat,
like Bobby.
"Balls and idjits!"
Don't judge me.
I ain't judging, I'm just
trying to figure you out.
Best costume
of the night.
- Well, that's your opinion.
- (giggles)
Get up, get up, get up.
Look, look-look-look.
- I'll be damned.
- Oh!
Hey, you guys!
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
We can't let this happen.
Heh, too late.
- No, no, we can't just...
- Look at them.
Hey, guys.
What's up, guys?
Oh, you know,
not much.
Whatcha been doing?
Where you been?
Trevor was just showing me
around the property.
Hmm, wasn't that
nice of Trevor?
Yeah, we even saw
the old Miller place.
- Ooh.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Come on, we need
to have a talk.
I guess you and me
need to have a talk.
Is that so?
Yes, yes, that's so.
Floor is all yours.
Look, about last night...
Listen, if you're looking
for an apology, man...
That's not really
your style now, is it, Trev?
What's that
supposed to mean?
Exactly how it sounded.
Look, it's no secret
we're not
the best of buds.
I just want you
to know something.
I love your sister,
and I would do anything
in the world for her.
Even put up with
her asshole brother
for as long as
she wanted me to.
You want to know why?
Because that's
the shit you do
for somebody
that you love.
Now, I wouldn't expect you
to understand that,
but somewhere deep down
in that thick skull of yours,
you have to care
about your sister
and if she's being
taken care of.
I don't care
if you like me.
You don't have to.
I don't give a shit.
But at least
respect the fact
that I'm the man
that loves your sister
and is gonna be around
for a very long time.
So... let's just try to...
coexist the rest
of the weekend for her sake.
And after this weekend,
I'll take you
wherever you want to go.
(insect buzzing)
Good talk.
You touch me
or that bag again,
my sister won't be able
to stop me next time.
Fair enough.
But if you ever pull
a gun on me again,
I'll beat you
to death with it.
Hey, what's going on, man?
What the hell
are you doing?
Man, I'm just looking
in one of these barns
trying to, I don't know,
find something nice
to do for Chris.
Yeah, Alex said you
and Chris weren't going
to the Wicked Fest tonight.
You'd be correct, sir.
Thought we would, uh,
take that opportunity...
have a little bit of, uh,
one-on-one time, you know?
Is that code for stick
your pecker in her butthole?
Jesus, man, fuck!
I was... going for
romantic fine dining.
Hmm, okay, and you're
looking in a tool shed.
Okay, sorry to break it
to you, buddy,
but, uh, not a romantic
bone in your body.
I don't know
how to do this shit.
You do this pussy shit
for Alex all the time.
- All right, all right.
- Give me some pointers.
- Help me out.
- All right, look.
First of all,
anywhere but here,
'cause... damn.
Okay, I think
there's a gazebo
or something on the other
side of the property.
You might want to try
stringing some lights,
laying down
something soft.
- Okay.
- Maybe some wine.
Overlay that with
a little bit of music.
Uh, just remember.
Condoms, lube,
tetanus shot,
and bug spray.
I can't remember all that!
Write it on your hand!
Goddamn Casanova.
(rock music playing,
people cheering)
Learned the message
as far as I know
And I'm roaming
the southland rock and roll
Can we get
two bourbons, please?
Thank you.
Jesus Christ,
this is fuckin' lame.
It'll pass the night,
my friend.
Jesus fucking Chris,
how do you drink that?
I'll stick to weed.
Dance with me.
I don't want
to dance.
Honey... please?
How do you say
no to that?
Come on.
You're not com...
Come on!
You want to dance?
Uh, no, I don't dance.
There's a first time
for everything.
I'll tell you what.
Let you have a drink.
We'll talk about
the dancing,
see how the night
- Okay.
- Deal?
What I just heard
chances of getting you
to do something
you don't want to do
increases the more
you drink.
Uh, no.
What I mean was,
the chances of you
getting out there...
me out there
on the dance floor,
to dance to
some rock music,
slim to none, but...
first time for
everything, I guess.
Then yeah.
Looking mighty good
in that costume, Ms. Curtis.
(Alex giggles)
Well, you're not
too shabby yourself.
It'd look better back up
at the house on the floor.
If you're lucky,
you're gonna see that.
Give me whiskey
Seriously, Quinton?
A fucking barn?
That's what you have
to show me?
Yeah, but, come on.
Can you... can you
humor me, please?
- Fine.
- Awesome, come on.
Holdin' on, holdin' on,
holdin' on
Ugh! It smells
like cows in here.
There's no fucking cows.
Look at it, huh?
Well, this is...
- Yeah.
- All right.
And I also...
Best part is
I have... wine.
I've got beer
in the cooler.
- Ready to rumba!
- Honey bun.
- Aww.
- Honey bun.
You know, I could, uh,
think of a couple
other things to do
with this bottle
aside from drink it.
(both laugh)
Thank you for that.
(zipper opens)
Mmm, you're so hot, baby.
Oh, fuck, baby,
your body's so hot.
Are you gonna keep talking,
or are you gonna put
that body to good use?
Yes, ma'am.
Good boy.
Oh, yeah.
(moaning continues)
(people cheering)
All right, all right,
let's hear it for the damnedest
band in the land,
Vintage Voodoo!
Make it howl!
Come here, ladies.
Come here.
Look at these sexy succubi.
Now, they got moves,
and they got twists.
Make your head spin
like Linda Blair
in "The Exorcist"!
- Awoo!
- (men cheering)
Now, here's something
that's gonna get you.
A prescription
from Dr. Dementia.
It's time for you
to take your medicine.
Vintage Voodoo is gonna
give you a lethal dose
about a local
bogeyman legend.
A song to just... die for.
"Death Row Scarecrow"!
Hit it!
(band playing rock)
Downed the scent
of asylum
From an early age
Been there
so long where he belonged
But he's been
full of rage
Never knew
where his mind went
Living in shroud
and hood
One thing for sure
There is no cure, ah
For what's
out in the woods
If you could see
their faces...
(sucking on straw)
(both chuckle)
I do believe
I'm drunk.
I think so.
And then you
You all right?
There's a darkness
around you
I need to be
in the bathroom.
Whoa, okay, all right.
Yeah, we'll find you one.
All right.
You know it's time
to lose your mind
Into the legend
of Death Row Scarecrow
Oh, fuck!
(both moaning)
- Oh, yeah!
- Ah!
Oh, yeah, yeah!
Yeah! Oh, fuck!
Oh, my God, yes!
Oh, yeah!
(moaning louder)
(both moaning)
(Quinton laughs)
Oh, my God.
- (chuckles)
- Fuck, baby.
It's like the world
greatest Slip 'N Slide.
Kinky little shit!
Just gonna go
to the bathroom.
Don't leave me alone
for too long.
Oh, no, no.
I'll be right back.
No, there's nothing
worry to about.
Give me some more.
(wood creaking)
Fuckin' hell.
(Trevor) This one's a
major lightweight.
Okay, now...
Yep, that'll work.
That's good.
Hey, I'm really glad
you came tonight.
I'm, uh, I'm gonna
get her a rag.
Pretty sure she's puked
her fuckin' guts up outside.
Poor baby.
You poor baby.
Hey, you.
You ready for bed?
Kind of, sort of.
Wait, you do realize
I said "bed"
not "sleep"?
Mm-hmm, you know it.
All right, okay.
Hold a second,
where's Chris and Quinton?
He did have this big...
shindig planned
down by the barn,
but, hell, I thought
they'd be back by now.
Why don't you go
check on 'em?
- Now?
- Mm-hmm, now.
- But...
- It's okay.
I'll be waiting
when you get back.
Have that on the floor
when I get back.
Brother's still in the room.
- Sorry.
- Glad you're all close.
All right,
come on, sweetie.
Let's get you in bed.
- No.
- Yes.
No, no, I'm good.
I got everything
out already.
I just... I gotta get
something in my stomach,
and I'll be fine.
Okay, well,
then let's go get you
some food
in your belly.
You got her?
Lead the way.
Come on.
That's it.
(insects chirping,
birds hooting)
(animals howling,
wings flapping)
Stop fucking around, babe.
Where are you?
Good thing we brought
food with us, huh?
No shit.
Chick's got a mouth
like a vacuum.
Well, not in a sexual way.
Fuck you guys.
I'm going to bed.
Hey, your little
girlfriend here
might want to
go with you.
Still hate you.
Still hate you, too.
What the fuck?
Seems like Adam's been gone
a really long time.
Yeah, I know.
Yeah, you know what?
Adam, he's still
not back yet.
Oh, what, you afraid
your ex-military boyfriend
can't handle himself?
I'm gonna go look for him.
- Wait.
- Wait what?
You're not going
out there by yourself.
I'll be fine, Trev.
Hold on, I'm coming with.
What the fuck?
What's with the gun?
I feel better wandering
around the dark
with this puppy, so...
Don't shoot your dick off.
Maybe just yours.
I'm not staying here
by myself.
Honey, you'll be fine.
We won't be gone that long.
So the two of you get guns
and I get to stay here
by myself?
Fuck both of you.
I'm coming.
Looks like she's coming with.
(cocks rifle)
All right.
(insects chirping)
Christ, it's cold
out here.
He's crazy for coming
out here
this late at night.
- (chuckles)
- Especially on Halloween.
You know, I saw
this show last night,
and they said
more people disappear
on Halloween than any other
day of the year...
Would you just chill?
That wasn't here before.
Oh, my God, it's Adam!
Adam! Adam!
let's get him down.
Let's get him down,
let's get him down.
Adam? Adam, wake up,
please wake up!
Oh, my God,
what happened?
- We gotta go...
- Whoa, whoa, stay down.
Stay down,
sarge, stay down.
- A man...
- A man what?
There's a man
in a burlap mask!
We gotta go!
Oh, God!
Wait, wait,
where's your keys?
I don't know,
they're gone!
What the fuck you mean,
"they're gone"?
What do we do?
Chris and Quin,
they're at the other bar.
He always leaves
his keys in his car.
We need it.
Okay, hey, hey,
look at me, look at me.
I need you to go
to the other bar
and get...
listen to me.
Yes, yes, you can,
yes, you can.
Be strong,
go as fast as you can.
Do not stop,
you understand?
What is this?
All you have to do...
all you have to do
is cock it and...
- Alex, I can't!
- Yes, you can, honey.
You can do this, okay?
Just hurry!
- Honey...
- Help me up.
- Aah!
- Come on.
- Come on.
- (groaning)
Come on.
- Let's go.
- I found blood.
- What?
- When the big guy attacked me.
(crickets chirping)
Oh, shit!
Oh, my God!
Where the fuck am I?
He's fucking dead!
- Who's dead?
- He's dead! Quinton's dead!
What are you
talking about?
He's dead... he's real!
He's fucking real!
Who is real?
Chris, who is real?
The wicked one.
- No...
- (screaming)
(sobbing, gasping)
Something's not right.
Olivia should've
been back by now.
You're right.
Let's get him
back to the house.
But he's hurt.
No, he's right.
- We gotta get...
- (horse neighing)
(hooves clopping)
(horse neighing)
That's him,
dirty motherfucker...
that's not good,
go, go...
Come on,
you little fucker.
- No-no, Chris!
- Chris!
Chris, come on,
baby, wake up!
Come on!
No! No!
No, please, please, please,
don't, please.
I'm sorry...
There's no escaping.
Who is he?
The devil.
He's not
the fucking devil.
Who is he?
I kept him locked up
for 20 years,
but now he's back
where he belongs.
Colin Miller?
(panting, gasping)
Fuck you!
You son of a bitch!
No... no...
No... no, no...
No... no...
No, don't!
Why don't you
just do it?
What the fuck
are you waiting for?
Kill me...
just fucking kill me.
You're pathetic.
You're a big fucking
pathetic freak.
You don't have the guts.
Do it.
Just fucking do it.
Kill this,
Oh, God, I thought
you were dead.
- Come on.
- Get me out of here.
Come on, come on.
Come on...
Alex... honey?
We've gotta go.
- Okay?
- Okay, okay.
let me help you.
Come on, honey.
they're all dead...
- they're all dead.
- It's okay.
No, it's not...
- Aah!
- No...
Adam? Adam?
Oh, God, no... no!
Why are you doing this?
You killed everybody...
What... What...
What are you waiting for,
you son of a bitch,
just finish it!
- Go!
- (whirring)
(rock and roll)
You fix mine
You comfort me
with all your lies
I look at you
And things aren't
so bad
Graceful darling
Telling me
you will save my soul
Then you drive away
in your fancy car
And the devil walks
among us
But the cross
you bear should save us
You're the savior
to our love
Your friends
But you're
just a crooked man
You're right,
I'm wrong
Tell me thoughts
from your twisted mind
Everyone's hellbound
Is underside
Is invited
Dance for me, darling
If it's hopeless,
why not save yourself?
Take everyone's dreams
And disappear
And the devil walks
among us
But the cross
you bear should save us
You're the savior
to our love
Your friends
But you're
just a crooked man
I can't place
your absence of faith
Though just for a price
Or more than
you'd imagine
Just say your name
I can take away the pain
Tell me your fears
And I can make
your tears
And the devil walks
among us
But the cross you bear
should save us
You're the savior
to our love
Your friends
But you're
just a crooked man
And the devil walks
among us
But the cross you bear
should save us
You're the savior
to our love
Your friends
But you're
just a crooked man
Just a crooked man
But you're
just a crooked man
But you're
just a crooked man...
(eerie score)