The Wild Life (2016) Movie Script

Oh, disc it.
Task it a buiscuit, hold Dr. Ceci.
Stop your plan it.
We'll be shadow puppets.
Why haven't got me breakfast yet, either?
Shadow puppets?
Seriously mate. You are one
kidney short of a meat pie.
I was..
Give me.
Get off of me,
you good for nothing feline, cat!
Say you can't even get a nice
sleep without some fleery, limey?
Signal fire off the starboard bow!
Signal fire!
Starboard bow!
Captain, captain!
Wake up!
You waky, waky!
Attack! Board the ship!
Here, swashbucklirus, and what is it!
Bosun, is you?
Sorry to wake you, captain.
But there's a signal fire on the small
Island off the starboard side.
What course of action shall we be taking.
Let me have a look.
Some sort of house on fire.
What's this?
Fire abroad side!
Drive those bloody beasts off.
Aye, aye Captain!
Then go and bring back whoever he is.
And Bosun, make sure they leave
nothing behind of any value.
Will do, captain.
What you go by fellow?
Crusoe, Robinson Crusoe.
Looks like them wild beasts
nearly had you for dinner.
Lucky we found you when we did.
Oh, they are my.
Hold on a second mate.
Let's have a look in there.
Not a single gold tooth in his head.
Hey, ye've been one lucky bloke.
Crusoe, isn't?
I'm in your debt, Captain.
Ney! Plus me eagle eye
night watch then saved yer hide.
Well, let me tell ye, blasterd bird!
No captain, he's with me.
No captain.
He's with me.
A talking parrot.
What skull duggery is this?
Trying to talk yerself, did ya?
Yes captain.
Drink up, that'll start yer stump smith.
Now, tell me more about this island of yarn.
Is there anything of...
shall we say. value on it?
All I can say is that.
I was shipwrecked, marooned.
Fending for myself with nothing
but time and very few skills to survive.
Sorry about that.
I see the bird has taught
ye how to drink as well.
That's not very polite Tuesday,
you'll have to wait outside, I'm afraid.
Fending for myself?
Listen. You two wanna hear the
true tale of Robinson Crusoe?
Of sure,
we're all ears,
or at least Cecil here is.
Hey, come on, Ruf.
It all begin like every other day
before Crusoe came to my island.
Just another day in paradise,
every day was the same.
Beautiful turquoise water,
blue skies and lots of delicious fruit.
Sounds perfect right?
Boring if you ask me.
How much paradise can a bird take.
I really wanted to get off this island.
Let's see what's been washed up today?
Of course, more of these.
What's this?
This can be promising.
Hey guys, it is lool out time
Hey... be right there.
Hi Rosie, check out these delicious traits.
Gorgeous, just gorgeous.
Just look at all those bugs.
The beetles are the best.
Crunchy on the outside,
with a soft gooey center.
Hey, where did it go?
My kind of vermin.
You thief.
Carmello, that wasn't very nice.
Aren't you joining us for
a lool out today Mac?
We're all here.
Yeah, I'll be right there,
do we really need to lool out every day?
So, what did you bring today?
I'm not sure what it is.
I meant food for the lool out.
Of course he didn't bring
anything for the lool out.
This is beautiful.
Hey, guys, guys,
I think I really found
something important this time.
Check this out!
Scrubby, you're really going blind.
Over here!
Smells delicious.
No, no, is not food.
It's proof that there's more
to the world than just our island.
Here we go again.
It's true.
Can't we just eat in peace for once.
Sure, no problem,
just as long as you can tell
me where this came from.
From the water.
I vote for Carmello.
I too vote for Carmello.
I too vote for Carmello.
Oh, come on, this isn't election.
The thing in the bobble is... is...
Is what?
You know what I think, Mac?
That thingy is whatever
you want to believe it is.
You are one hopeless dreamer.
Did you forget you
almost died of exhaustion.
Flying across the ocean, looking
for this other world of yours.
My dear macaw, you must wake up,
and smell the papaya.
For this is the world.
I don't care what you guys say,
there's a bigger world out there
and I intend to find it.
I ply my trade from the Union Jack!
Upon the seven seas
And unless I eat some rancid meat
Bury me soul where the mermaid please
I wanna be mat makers
of that green around the gills.
We ain't anchoring to be sharing
your lunch with you, lad.
Sorry, I'm not much of a sailor.
You're there right.
If you're fixing the up jock
find your way down we.
My hat, don't...
Your poor stomach,
you see wait till you get
to them strange islands,
and you meet your first cannibals.
We made our choice to go
to sea, right, easy old pal?
And I swear, I'll not regret it.
Alright, go and bring me something to eat.
Right May, I wont fail you.
Good day, you lucky clucks
will you join me for a little snack?
Come on now.
No need to be shy.
I'll chop you.
What business might you
be having above decks?
I was just making sure my chicken food.
Were fresh.
No, warm.
Warm and confy.
Get your fur over there.
So, then, where were we?
Knock it off
You cats belong down below,
and stay away from our chickens.
That goes for you as well!
Who does that green gill
land lover thinks he is?
The huminus, threw us into the haul?
This is our ship wretched as it is, it's home.
Mark my word now, someday, somehow,
that canine and his human will pay.
I'm with you there mate, they'll pay alright.
How much exactly we're charging them?
That should teach them to mess
with our egg supply, old boy!
Oh, no, not again.
Buck up, boy yo?
Looks like we got one
Tuesday of a storm brewing.
So much for a peaceful meal.
Oh, nobody saw that one coming,
hang on Carmello!
Perhaps it would be wise
to move this far east to the cave.
Let's get moving,
this is gonna be a nasty one.
I'm with you on that call.
Hey, Mac, grab the pineapple.
Like we really needed this pineapple.
All hands on deck, and get those sails down.
Hey you self homemade,
mister ride up the storm there.
I got you.
Hey, hey!
Look out, flying away pineapple!
Sorry Pango.
Careful Rosie.
I got it!
Quick Rosie, the tree!
Easy Scrubby, don't panic.
Ok, I got you now.
Well, come on you old goat,
get your hooves moving.
We ain't got all day.
That's it!
Easy. Don't be afraid.
One step at a time.
He's not going to make it, do something!
Carmello, grab him.
I got him.
Help! we're in here!
Someone help!
Payback time!
I can't hold on Carmello,
this is the end little buddy?
There's not much time, they're gonna fall.
Keep steady, I'm coming mates.
Pango, what are you doing?
How's it going mate?
Nice try Pango, but is hopeless,
I'm a goner.
Hold on!
Hold on!
Come on, come on, come on!
I'll get you guys out of there!
We have to do something!
This just went from bad to worse.
Hey, don't worry guys,
that branch looks pretty solid to me.
Right, but how do we get down?
You got me there.
Oh, I can't believe it.
They're alive!
It's a miracle.
Hey, anybody wants some pineapple?
Do you hear that sound?
What's out there, Mac?
I have no idea.
Never heard a sound like that before.
Can you see anything?
Not a thing, unfortunately, we're
gonna have to wait until morning.
Same old stuff.
Shells and more shells.
That's a new taste.
Earthy, with a slight touch of salt.
Come on, come tu papa!
Hey Scrubs, what'd you find?
What is it you're eating?
I don't know, but it's delicious.
Oh, Scrubs.
You don't collect stuff like this.
My nose tells me there's
more goodies at that rocky point.
Look at that?
Wooden Ca... terpillars.
See, I was right.
This is the most incredible proof
that there's another world out there.
No, look behind you?
What are you talking about, behind me?
I can't believe it.
Is the thing we heard dying last night.
What do you think it is?
The other world.
I have to get a closer look.
Mac don't, we have no idea what it is.
If it's dangerous, Mac?
This is amazing, I was right!
I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!
This is from the other world!
I've never seen anything like this.
Mac should be more careful.
Pango is right! we should
keep our distance.
What's going on?
Easy now, whatever you are.
I just want to talk.
See monsters?
Look at this.
This heart makes me shoot leftings.
Is anyone out there?
Hey, can anybody hear me?
Look at it!
Captain? Bosen? Anyone?
It's hideous!
Where did they all go.
I can't believe everyone is really gone.
Looks like there's just the two of us.
Let's go to shore.
Hang on Aynsley.
The current is really strong.
Land, sweet land!
Is so good to be alive Aynsley.
Pot your uncle,
sea monsters walking on land?
We're in big trouble.
Only one thing has two legs.
A bird!
That ain't no bird I've ever seen.
Yeah, he can't even fly.
That monster is going to eat Carmello.
What's going on Aynsley?
We gotta do something, now!
Hurry, make as much noise as you can.
We have to scare those sea monsters off.
Come back here Aynsley.
Stay close together,
we don't know what's out there.
What was that?
Aynsley? Aynsley what's that noise?
Aynsley cannibals!
We have to get off this island.
Sailor warned us.
They'll skin us alive and eat us.
Hurry old boy, they're coming for us!
Get inside Aynsley, go boy, go, there.
Guys, guys, guys, what are you doing?
Scaring off the sea monsters,
thank you very much.
And what if they aren't sea mosnters.
Did you see the furry one's teeth?
He'll reap us to shreds.
Everybody calm down, we're safe here.
Are we?
We really don't know what
those creatures are capable of.
I know one thing they are capable of.
Leaving the island.
Oh, no, come on,
this can't be happening to me.
He's actualy leaving.
We did it.
We got rid of him.
Yeah, we scared them big time.
Will somebody tell me what's happening?
I'll tell you what's going on.
You guys have ruined my chance
to get off this island and see the world.
You really don't get it, do you?
You think this is paradise, well, it is not.
It meant so much to me.
He's back.
Oh no, here we go again.
Back? Are you serious?
Let me see.
Here's what we're gonna do,
we stay out of sight.
And, we keep an eye on them.
To see what they end up doing, ok?
Ok, then, nobody goes on the beach,
that goes for you too Scrubby.
He, yeah, I heard you.
Didn't even get to finish my breakfast.
All of those new smells
are driving me crazy.
I gotta go check it out.
Where are you going Scrubby?
Come back!
It's not safe out there.
Can't let all those tasty mussels
get washed away.
If I recall correctly didn't
Mac say we should all stay out of sight.
He did.
Speaking of which, where is Mac?
Sorry about today old friend,
that was a pretty inactive attempt.
What was I thinking?
I haven't the foggiest idea where we are.
All for that matter,
the slightest inkling in
which direction to set sail.
Someone is bound
to come and save us old boy.
I'm sure of it.
If those cannibals come back,
we'll be ready for them.
Who's out there?
Show yourselves!
I don't want to tear you to shreds.
And I have a musket.
A goat?
Its just a goat.
A bird?
Maybe there aren't hunters
and cannibals after all.
Mac, what were you doing
out there all by yourself?
I thought you said we should stay hidden.
I was just...
checking things out, that's all.
What's all the commotion about anyway.
Well, Epi just made a good point.
I just suggested,
that possibly the sea monster
lost that thing that Mac jiffy found.
And maybe he's come to get it back.
Along with us.
Is one of two things for sure.
A coincidence, or a bad omen.
In a way you need to get rid of it.
Why not just give it back
to the sea monsters.
A "G" idea.
No way!
You're kidding!
You're so selfish.
Just give me time to think about it.
But if I do give it back,
you're all coming with me.
We're right there Aynsley.
We got some work to do.
Let's save all we can before
is all lost to the sea.
How is he looking mate?
They're taking over our beach.
He's pulling strange stuff out from the sea.
I suppose this means they're not
leaving anytime soon, then.
Looks that way.
Do you see how the furry one sleeps
all day while the big one does the work.
No, but I'll take your word for it.
I bet the sleeping one is the boss.
Look, he stripped off his skin.
I'm going to be sick.
None of us knew it at the time,
but we were being watched
by the real monsters on the island
Some luck May.
Their green gill human and his
manking mock mating safety here.
How are we gonna deal with him,
he might be a problem for us.
Don't you worry,
I'll figure out a way to get
rid of them quick enough.
For the time being we sit,
watch and wait.
Come on May,
I'm starving here.
And cut to what I just say!
Sit, watch and wait.
That's right, now stay focused.
We got the upper claw.
No one knows we're here,
which means we take our time.
And we pick them off one by one.
Look Aynsley,
this can come in very handy.
I gotta to practice before we venture
out there to get our dinner, right boy!
I ply my trade from the Union Jack!
Upon the seven seas
Unless I eat some rancid meat
Bury me soul where the mermaid please
What's he doing?
Back your hammer, and.
I don't know about you Scrubby,
but I'm planning on stayting as far
away from that monster as possible.
What was that all about?
I have absolutely no idea.
What we need to find out, is what
these newcomers intentions are,
From the sound of it,
they're up to no good
Obviously they're trying to kill us.
Maybe, but maybe not.
The truth of the matter
is that these new comers,
have brought nothing but
trouble to our paradise,
that is a fact.
Fine, then do like I ask,
and stay out of sight.
They're proof that there's
another world out there
and I'm going to find out
whether they're friend or foe.
You really don't get it, do you?
That was close!
Ok, let's give this a go, one last time.
Did you see that Aynsley!
I did it, I hit the mark!
Let's go fix something to eat, old boy.
That was a miracle,
I'd never thought I'd hit it.
Well. I can hit something after all.
I was starting to wonder
if everyone wasn't right,
the new world was finally here,
and I had no idea if
I was ready for it or not.
Tapir's ready as I've ever seen.
Go for the throat, let's make this quick.
Wait, the human!
I can't do it boy.
Go on!
What now?
Sorry pal.
I've never shot anything before,
why don't we try fishing.
What's burning?
That would be me.
You smell like bump biscuits.
Something is coming.
Looks like Rosie was here, that's strange,
Rosie never leaves any food behind.
Would you prefer light or dark
meat for lunch, darling?
I prefer... Dog!
Ready to get even, ratter!
Hold Aynsley, I'm coming,
those blasted ratters,
they did survive after all.
I'm hit!
Run for it!
Good dog!
You're alright old boy?
Did you I hear that?
Over there!
It's a bird, a beautiful parrot.
Strangely, that's what all the fuss was about.
The ratters went after the bird.
You did good old boy, and you,
we're gonna fix you up straight away.
Look Aynsley, a ring!
That can only mean one thing,
sailors have sail for this island before.
I believe there's hope for us after all.
You can come out guys,
there's no one around.
It's too dark, I can't see a thing.
This is the very spot where
that sea monster attack me.
Well, sort of.
I've almost.
We shouldn't have let him go alone.
Maybe he's molting.
That's a bit of a stretch Pango.
Just wait 'till I get my hooves on them!
Anyway you look at it, this is not good.
Mac can't be gone.
What's that?
And who are you two?
Just two homeless castaways,
we were held captive
by that human for months
with nothing to eat but
the crumbs from his table.
What about our friend?
Did you see him by any chance?
It's a true tragedy, alright.
An unfortunate turn of events.
You see we caught.
We saw the hosting.
Well, come on, let's hear it.
What are you waiting for?
We'll tell you what
happened to your friend.
For I'm warning you, it ain't pretty.
You see, the human loves to eat birds,
and I'm afraid your friend got...
This should only take a minute,
It's just dislocated.
But. it's going to hurt, a bit.
Don't worry.
Youll feel better in a day or two, though
you won't be able to fly right away.
Well then, I suppose you'll need name
if you're gonna stay here for a while.
Let's see, by my reckoning today is Tuesday,
that's a good a name as any, mate.
Can you say, Tuesday.
T u e s d a y
Well, not quite, but that's a start.
Take care of our new friend, boy.
I'd better offload as much stuff as I can.
There's no telling how much
the ship will stay in one piece.
They're nothing but cannibals!
I say we run him off our island,
drive them monsters back into the sea!
Perhaps a plan might be to
force them to live on curse island.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
Curse Island.
What exactly is Curse Island?
The end of the earth mate,
no one's ever made it back from there.
Yeah, there's nothing there but bugs.
Lots and lots of nasty bugs!
Sounds purrrfect,
drive them to Curse island.
That's not gonna work.
You have a better idea?
Right, so then, where were we?
Stop your flapping about bird.
You need to be resting that wing of yours.
What do you want from me?
I just want to talk.
Me name is Aynsley,
and for what I understand,
yours is Tuesday.
Call me whatever you want,
except dinner.
We're not going to eat you,
we saved your life.
Either way, you don't make much
of a meal.
Not like a fat, juicy turkey
sweetheart back at home.
My master likes you.
You said, your master?
You did not think that I.
I like you, you're funny.
I've never seen a bird like you in England.
Tell me more Aynsley.
Well buddy, England, my island.
Just one fantastic place
in a sea of many lands.
I knew it!
Crusoe wants to explore them all.
If we ever get off this one.
You know, you're the first to come
from the outside world.
Oh dear,
that's not good news.
Hey, hold on a second,
we're all dress up like this because?
Because you look fierce,
now get your heads in the game everyone.
We have the perfect opportunity,
the dog and that bird are still on the ship.
Listen up!
Here's the plan,
we'll deal with the hairy beast on the ship.
The rest of you.
Go for the human on the beach.
What is sheep?
That wooden thing on the beach.
As soon we're on the ship,
"the wooden thing".
You attack!
Alright then, fierce, fierce, fierce!
So, I'm a fierce coconut?
But I should go tell my
friends that I'm ok.
You better stay put,
you're in no condition to fly.
Well, look at this.
We can kill two birds with one stone.
There's two birds now?
Oh, shut it, just follow my lead.
Look, look! That's him brothers.
He's wearing Mac like a trophy.
That is so wrong!
Attack! Let's get them.
Aynsley, we gotta go.
What's going on out there.
They've all got mad.
It appears as your friends have
come to avenge your death.
I'm not dead!
Oh, we're gonna take care of that
right now.
Come on down there and fight!
Twist it!
Hold on, that sounded like.
Mac, get out!
I'm coming boy!
Rotten cats!
You are to blame for all this!
Gotta leave the ship, mate!
What's happening here?
I thought Mac was dead.
We all did, but I don't
think he made it this time.
That would be horrible.
Come on guys,
we better move back now.
Oh no, Aynsley, what have I done.
We're safe mate,
I thought we were goners.
Oh, will you just shut up!
What's that noise?
That would be bugs.
Curse Island!
Rest in peace old boy.
Mac, you're hurt!
I'll be ok.
I'm sure glad to see you.
I was worried.
Me too.
Come on, now is your chance to get away
I can't.
Well, let me help you.
No, no, no, I, I just...
I don't, want to get away.
You don't understand,
is all those cats fault.
What do you mean.
They attacked me, he fixed my wing.
And his dog gave his life to save me.
I can't leave him now.
Oh, I see.
So, he's going to take care of you?
Look, he's gonna need my help to survive.
I owe him that.
Exactly, how do you plan on doing that?
I mean, look at him.
I don't believe it,
those cats used us and Mac as well,
and what do we do?
We attacked the human.
Hold on, then.
So, what you're saying
is Kiki's debrained fault on this.
Oh, fatal.
That's not fair,
we all thought Mac was dead.
Didn't we?
Oh, this is not good, mate.
Yeah, we've made a real mess of things.
Looks that way Epi gal.
Where are you going Rosie?
I'm going to clean up our mess.
I'm in!
Let's get cracking then, mate.
Wait a second.
You're going to make an
even bigger mess of things.
Wild beasts, they're
going to get us!
Stay right where you are.
I've got a special treat for all of you.
I just wanted to give you
some biscuits, that's all.
They're quite good.
I finished off your dog human,
and I promise one day,
you and the rest of
your lot will join him.
Now that, is the taste of desperation.
Try to get one, they taste just like chicken.
What, do you want to show me something?
Alright, alright, let's go!
This, this is fantastic.
Fresh water.
Good job Tuesday.
You want me to follow you?
Okay, I'm coming!
Hey guys, look who's here.
Relax. there's nothing to be afraid of.
Stay right where you are,
I'll be right back.
What got into him, why is he running away?
Beats me.
Maybe it's your smell.
Try one of these, it's really good.
And some for you, and try.
So choosy, where's pretty bird.
I haven't see her yet.
Pretty bird.
You don't need to yell Mac,
I mean Tuesday.
I'm right here.
Here you have pretty bird.
Here, do you see, I don't hurt you.
Come on, don't be afraid.
Come on pretty bird.
Well, friendships aren't made in a day.
Taking one step at a time, right choosy.
One step.
I can't May, the current is too strong.
So, you failed again, did you?
Would you stop feeling sorry for yourself?
Oh, time will come.
Soon there will be more of us.
Revenge will be sweet.
That hurt.
Ah, you can't see a bloody thing,
can you old goat?
We're gonna have to fix that.
There you are.
That should help.
Why Rosie, you're no pig.
Hey, what has gotten into you?
You're gorgeous?
Easy big boy.
No, no.
Oh no.
Tuesday help.
Hey guys!
This is hopeless.
How am I ever going to survive
in this island?
Yes, of course, that's it!
I have to build a tree house!
It's raining tree limbs.
Is good enough to eat.
Is there anything you wouldn't eat?
Hey snail, what's he doing?
Come on mate, he's just bunkers on us.
He's destroying the tree.
I can't saw more.
Need to finish shelter, we must build.
Yes Sir, a whole porridge please.
We had no clue what Crusoe was up to.
Sawing. Porridge.
Yep, as Pango would say,
he was bonkers to the max.
Are you coming along May.
Can I have just a little peak?
Can you just wait, I'm cleaning them up.
Well could you at least tell
me how big a litter we have?
More than we'll ever
be able to feed, I'm afraid.
You look kittie.
That's smart.
I'm trying to work here,
go eat somewhere else.
At this rate, I'll never get this built.
I told you, go!
Ah, nevermind.
What I wouldn't give
for an extra set of hands.
For all his pounding and sawing we
couldn't figure what he was actually doing.
What is going on?
I couldn't blame Rosie.
When you got an itch,
you gotta scatch it.
The poor Crusoe he didn't see it that way.
He has had enough.
And that's when it hit me, a nest.
Hey, guys.
I've figured out what he was doing.
Making an ass?
No. His building a shelter.
We don't follow you mate.
He's building a nest.
A nest?
So he is a bird.
He's building a human nest in the tree.
Pretty clever.
I've never slept in a tree.
If he stocks it with food,
you'll sleep in a tree.
Good point,
so guys, I got an idea,
what do you say we help him out.
Get this nest of his built.
I must've been crazy, thinking
I can build all this by my...
We didn't really have any
idea what we were getting into.
We just figure let's help,
use whatever abilities we had
and hoped it all worked.
I'll be gobsmacked.
Slowly, slowly.
Slowly, slowly.
That's it, just a little more.
Hi Epi, where are you
headed with all that food?
I need a little help here guys.
Not that kind of help.
It tickles.
Epi hold up, I'm starving.
Things didn't always go smoothly
and we had our ups and downs.
That's for sure.
But everyone was in fine spirits
and Crusoe seemed.
Well, happy.
He made a funny little door for Epi
and Pango to get into the nest.
It was a pretty good idea.
After a few modifications that is.
We became a real team, playing all
these funny games Crusoe came up with.
He had all sorts of crazy ideas
oh, and hide and seek in the ground.
Crusoe had a funny way of eating,
he peeled the fruit.
And boy did he eat slow.
It took quite a while but despite
his ackwardness and all of his flaws
Crusoe surprised even the
most skeptical among us.
That's it, that's it, watch your step.
I've just put the finishing
touches on our new home.
New home, hold it right there,
first thing we must do
is christen the place.
It's good luck you know.
I christen thee.
Oh, nevermind.
The preach is for us.
Now look at that.
It's so beautiful.
Hip, hip, hooray!
What in the world is
that noise he's making?
Sounds like Scrubby when he needs food.
It's painful mate, let's get out of here.
Personally, I think it sounds beautiful.
A party and we weren't invited.
Now, could you come here.
I'm starving here.
You know how difficult it
is in my condition to hunt right now.
Have you tried to make
it to the other island lately.
Oh May, you know the last time
I'd tried I almost drowned.
I'm afraid we're just stuck
with just the bugs and spiders.
They sound delicious.
Now go and hunt some up for me!
Right, darling.
I'll wrap them in seeweed
just the way you like them.
With the nest completed,
Crusoe moved on to a new project.
We didn't have to forage for food,
we had this great nest
and we even had indoor plumbing.
Paradise, just got better.
That human sure has
made life peachy for us.
Rosie is sponsor to the max,
I tell ye old girl,
if this new world talks about
this cuchie,
it might not be that bad after all.
Getting a little plump aren't we,
sitting around all day?
Ain't nothing wrong with
a few curves, Kiki honey.
With Crusoe doing the fishing,
it would put the superb in
you too in no time, Kiki.
What do we have here?
Looks like Crusoe is going to put
your fish and scales to shame, Kiki.
As time passed, life became more
and more confortable for us all.
Yet, Crusoe seemed very sad at times,
he missed his old world.
He build a strange tower on the
highest point of the island.
With bright lights
burning every night.
Another day and no ship
in sight little fellow.
What I wouldn't give to see
the sun set over the Thames.
Come on partner.
I don't get it,
why does he light this thing every night?
In the hope that some
other humans pass by.
If they see the signal,
they'll come and rescue him.
I knew the chances of leaving this island,
would become slimmer as time went by.
I just didn't know how slim.
More humans on the island,
that's not gonna happen.
And now my friends, like all good
Englishman, a moment of silence.
To give thanks for this bountiful harvest.
Mind your manners.
Our host is...
Taking a snooze at the peers.
Ye he, he, or worse.
Hey, stop fooling around.
At least we're not out in that weather.
It's miserable out there.
Listen you guys,
we're meant to live in the weather,
have you'all gone soft.
Kiki, why get so worked up?
You haven's seen worked up,
answer me this.
What happens to us when
Crusoe leaves this island?
Have you thought of that.
Kiki, now, now, listen!
I'm listening!
I'm listening loud and clear, Mac!
Shall we eat!
If I could just find me some mussels!
One miscel little mussel.
It's mine, It's all mine,
mine, mine, mine.
Whats yours!
You wouldn't be depriving your family!
Now, would you sweetheart?
I mean no.
Come here!
Oh May, that hurts.
Shame on you.
Look, the ship is falling apart.
Our luck is turning,
we'll be able to make it back
to the main island after all.
Hey, let's say we go outside and
have some fun on the water slide.
Great idea, I love all
the smells after a good rain.
I'll catch with you guys later,
I better find Kiki first,
make sure she's alright.
Why didn't that ship
just vanish into the sea.
Our lives are never going
to be the same again.
Show me that snack before
we move on to the main island.
Scream all you want little bird.
No one is coming to save you now.
I'll be the son of a seacook!
Watch out children, is the human!
Get your filthy paws off my bird.
To the left!
We have to get out of here quick!
Come on everyone!
We've got them surrounded!
Oh no!
He got me!
If this is heaven?
Why are you here?
They're heading for the big island.
They're everywhere!
It's all my fault.
We have to warn the others!
Get to the nest, now!
Did he say predators?
No. Hang on everyone, I'll get my musket.
Batten down the hatches!
Batten down the hatches!
Weapons! Gun powder!
That's it juicy!
Close the
They're everwhere!
Get off of me!
You bloody blasterds!
Get me down from here!
I may not know humans,
but they tend to be very angry.
Carmello! Crusoe needs our help.
Look out!
Hurry Epi!
Pango, over here!
Stand back Epi!
He's right behind you!
Go! go!
I need my musket!
Look what you've done.
You guys stay put!
Oh not again!
Stay away you mange cats!
Hang on Crusoe!
Good job buddy.
Wasn't so bad!
Keep puching!
I'll take care of these.
Is awful high!
Come on, you can make it.
Oh my here, here it goes!
Good work!
Now, let's get out of here!
So long, furrball!
Hungry hour, well then take that!
Hakawa, Matata, banana!
So long!
Scrubby, the door!
Come on!
Hello there!
Very glad Scrubs!
Over here, Epi!
Hide in the bucket!
Going up!
Get off! Get off!
Get off, you mengie cat!
Good Work, Epi!
They'll never get me!
We got rid of them, didn't we?
Help me!
Look up behind you, Epi!
Let go of me!
The cats are trying
to get in through the hatch!
No. Rosie no, that was Crusoe!
Let me get this open.
I hope you didn't hurt him.
Everybody ok?
Everybody except Crusoe.
Come on guys, all together, is heavy.
Spread out Rosie, we need all
the muscle we can mass bulk. Really?
Ok, ok.
One, two, three!
That's a bit of a bummer mate.
We need Crusoe, how's he doing Kiki?
He's alive, but he wont
be of any use to us.
We're gonna need a miracle
to hold on these cats back!
Got it, the musket.
Watch out guys, it's gonna be noisy.
Are you sure that's a good idea?
Is worth the try, what else can we do?
This is going to be easier than I thought.
The human's house,
time to make our move.
Hurry, we can't hold them off much longer.
He always pulls that thing to the back first.
Ok, get ready.
That's weird.
What's happening in there?
Hey Tuesday, maybe this
thing has something to do with it.
What thing?
Now what?
You know they're gonna come back.
Maybe Crusoe may come to and save us.
I hate to break it to you guys,
we're on our own.
We have to get out of here.
Hide in some place.
What about Crusoe?
Pango's right, we can't leave him here.
Guys, guys, it may not be perfect.
But I think I got a plan.
Well you better lay it out
cause we're out of time.
Alright children, calm down.
They just got lucky this time,
we're gonna sneak up on
them and make them pay.
Now let's show them what we're made of.
Oh, yeah.
You got a broken wing, have you?
Don't worry, we'll put you out of your misery.
Stay back, or I'll shoot!
Not so brave now, are you?
Appears your luck has just run out.
You'll have to be quicker than that, ratter.
Get him, he can't fly!
That should take care of you quite nicely.
Sweet dreams from your favorite ratter.
Get ready!
We gotthem cornered May.
Then let's finish him off once
and for all.
Catch me if you can, ratter!
Hold on.
Rosie stop, we have to wait for the signal.
This is it, give it all you have Rosie.
What's going on?
They tricked us.
Hold on to your fangs.
We're not so cocky anymore.
Are we?
Tuesday is in trouble.
That was a bossus
plan you had there mate!
Couldn't have done it without you guys!
The fire!
Over here!
That must've really hurt.
We boat Crusoe out to
safety unconscious, but alive.
And then out of the blue,
we get cannon blasted from your ship.
The captain can be one tough bloke.
They're pirates after all.
You know, like them nasty ratchets only worse.
A pack of crazed cats in my right,
I was sure I was a goner.
I took my musket in one hand,
my sword in the other,
and carved a swat to the savage hordes.
It was horrible captain.
That is the most fantastical
yarn I've heard in all me life.
This is no yarn, captain?
So ye say, well then,
just trying to set sail,
you and your bird can take a bunk below.
Oh, Captain, I cannot tell you
how I love to see England again.
We'll not be sailing from them ports,
unless you want me to be
hanging from the gallows.
Right dreamer.
But you see, me... I must...
Can you at least drop me
from a bit closer to home.
You're with us now.
Once a pirate, always a pirate.
Have you got a problem with that?
But Captain, if I might.
Enough talk!
Off with ya!
Then I'll be expecting
you in the carrier you lad,
or you will be walking the
plank you will or worse.
Is it a mirage May?
It's not another mirage you idiot.
It's a ship, children start paddling.
I ply my trade from the Union Jack!
Upon the seven seas
Unless I eat some rancid.
Hey, give me here,
is my rum you're be drinking!
Oh! you want some rum! do ya?
How's me fisting ye instead.
These are some nasty pirates,
but it wont end well if
I stay another moment.
Hey, what you be fixing to do that?
Oh, nothing, nothing at all.
Is that right?
The ingrate we dawn rescue
from the island is trying
to steal one of our rowboats.
If pretty boy is going to be
stealing anything, I'd be us!
No, I was just...
Hey, what's going on out here?
Bosun, he's trying to jump ship!
Get him in throne little prick.
Alright, let's teach him a lesson, take that.
He's getting away!
Grab him!
Give me a piece of him!
There's no way out of this ship you fool!
Get him!
He's mine!
I'm ready!
A raft!
Ye fools, shooting the wrong
side of the man, come on men.
Show me what are ye be made of.
Get your scurby excuse for a
pirate down to my cabin, now!
Aye, aye, Captain, right away!
And the rest of ye fools!
Back to work, before I give
each ten lashes of me whip.
Disgusting bird!
He's getting away!
Shall we send some men after him?
Neh, let him go.
Oh, Captain, can't we fire a
cannon short blowthem his misery!
Why waste a good cannonball,
let'm spend the rest of his life
on that long forgotten island.
That is if a wild beast doesnt get him first.
Aye, aye, Captain!
It's been noice nawing ya Ruf.
We did ourselves a good run man,
didn't we Cec.
I wasn't going to let those ratters
get ya, we friends gotta stick together.
Nice for you to think so.
Where are we heading off to then?
We're going home!