The Willies (1990) Movie Script

Strength, ass face, it can not be so hard ...
Turn on this light, let's go!
I'm trying to do the best I can!
It's not as easy as it sounds, you know?
- Oh, please! - Come on, guys, let her turn me on.
If yours knew that I let you use matches ...
And then ... I know you would burn everything.
Yes, Kyle, please, let Mike do it.
I really do not want to be here all night, in the dark.
OK it's good!
Neither do I want to be here to listen to you while you whine.
- Where are the matches? - Where are you?!
Hey, who needs a lantern?
Guys, why do not we use these to see?
Oh, Josh, why do not you let those poor girls go?
Absolutely not!
I want to show them to mom, tomorrow!
- Yes, fireflies in the sunlight. - So? I'll wait for tomorrow evening.
Josh, they'll be dead for tomorrow night!
No, they will not be, I've made holes in the cap.
Prtale here so I can see what I'm doing, okay?
Hey, better than a flashlight, eh?
Prtale here, I told you.
- What is more disgusting than the disgusting? - Oh no, not your stupid little games ...
Come on, what is more disgusting than disgusting?
I do not know, what is more disgusting than the disgusting?
Eat a bowl of rice when one of the beans rises and goes away.
Oh no, please, stop it, I'm afraid of doubling up with laughter.
- What is more disgusting than the disgusting? - And there was light.
- FIG! - Long last!
So, we can see ... and now?
I brought some video game cartridges.
And what should we do with the cartridges?
Playing videogames!
On what?
Yeah, I had not thought about it.
- What balls ... - What is more disgusting than the disgusting?
Your face, which seemed better in the dark, and now shut up!
Eat a bowl of cereal when your brother comes in and says ...
Hey, where's my collection of bugs?
Ah, it's disgusting!
No, I think it really happened at our house.
- What is more disgusting than the disgusting? - Stop!
10 dead puppies in a barrel, what is more disgusting than this?
I do not know, what is more disgusting than 10 dead puppies in a barrel?
1 dead puppy in 10 barrels!
I think I liked this.
- What's more disgusting ...? - Now I'll slap you that ...!
Hey, guys, you want to know what's the most disgusting of the disgusting?
What do you mean?
I mean, do you want to hear something really disgusting happened seriously?
Please, anything that prevents him from saying other idiotic games.
Does it make more disgusting to eat the insect collection?
Yes, certainly more disgusting than that.
Well ... what is it?
Well, there's this woman who went to a fast food restaurant to buy some chicken.
Thanks, and come back soon.
Welcome to Tennessee chicken fricassee ...
- Do you want to order something? - Self!
I would like a bucket of 15 and a nice chocolate chip.
- Eat here or take away? - I eat here.
Can I introduce it to our Cajun keel?
Maybe later.
It would be 8 dollars and 95.
I will be right back!
Thanks, and come back soon!
Thanks to you!
Welcome to Tennessee Chicken in fricassee ...
Do you want to order something?
Yes, give me the Gettysburg chicken nuggets.
To take away.
It was a large, old rat, ultra-crisp.
Bleah, how disgusting!
- Hey, did you throw up? - But how do you know ?!
I do not know, would you not throw up a big hairy rat?
I'm off balance, guys, and I say ...
Yes, he probably had the urge to regurgitate.
Wait, I know another one, even this really happened!
Which one of when Mom found a patch in the soup?
No, and then it was not a band-aid, but one of those wet clothes.
No no, this happened in California, the realm of madmen.
- What happened? - Yes, what happened?
Well, the first day they opened the haunted house ...
There was this old man ...
Our spirits are aware of your presence ...
And they chose to meet you ... personally.
I could have gone to the World in miniature ...
Or from the enchanting mad hatter ...
But why did I choose this stupid race?
Help! Let me out!
I beg you! Help help!
The spirits are very happy that you have come ...
And they want to welcome you on their cursed ground.
No Please! I think I would like to leave now!
Help me, please, you have to help me!
He's behind me, if he finds me he will kill me!
I really believe I would like to leave now.
Can someone stop this race, please ?!
- I found you. - It's too late!
Did you say that you wanted to meet other of our beasts?
Um, I mean, friends?
No, no!
The family gallery ...
With the living corpses of some of our most illustrious guests ...
The ghoul Jonathan Livingston, do it bye!
Mr. Mortis, the undertaker of the dead.
The farmer Haggets, ready to freak out!
Be careful, they could come home with you!
Pay attention to where you walk, and enjoy the day!
Pay attention to where you walk, and enjoy the day!
Pay attention to where you walk, and enjoy the ...
Renewal in progress!
He died of fear, that's why now it's a girlish race!
They closed it and redone it completely.
Ah, yes!
I think I met someone who knew a guy ...
That he had made the race that same day.
Do you think it's a girls' ride now?
I think it's still scary.
I give up.
Hey, guys, too strong, do you know other horrible stories that are true?
Hey, I do, I know a great one.
Wait, we've already heard of dead puppies ...
And of the collection of insects.
No no, this is much better than those!
And I know it's true because it happened to a friend's grandmother ...
I swear to God!
Well, come on, what happened?
- Power! - Well ...
He had just finished taking a bath at his Pookums ...
In the kitchen sink ...
Dear little Pookums!
Oh, baby mom, you'll be hot soon.
Now we just have to dry the baby!
So you will not catch a cold!
Let's put it in ...
In just two minutes you will have dried yourself!
You are such a beautiful baby!
Yes, but we have to push hard, honey!
Here you are, you are ready!
And it exploded! Everywhere!
It really could not have happened!
Yes, that happened! At one ...
I know ... your friend's grandmother.
- Self! - Hey, guys, who cares ...
It was a great story!
Already! Put in a microwave!
Hey, I thought of something you've never heard before.
- Which?! - And I know it's true.
Wait a minute ... it will not be that stupid story of when ...
Did you and friends find a pirate ship in a cave?
- No, it's better than that. - What is it!
No, you guys would not believe me ...
- Instead if! What is it ?! - Here we go...!
All right! But you are warned ...
It is guaranteed that this story will give you ...
The chills!
The chills
This is something that happened before we moved here.
In the school where my father worked.
Uncle Henry worked in a school?
Yes, he worked in several schools.
Yes, we knew that, remember Josh?
Go ahead, what happened?
It happened to a child named Danny Hollister ...
In the city of Greeley.
Art Competition
Welcome to Greeley population 3978
Greeley elementary school
Hey, Danny, what's your mom prepared for lunch?
Oh, let's go Rudy, it's mine, give it back to me!
- Do not you want a banana? - Come on, give it back!
- What if I do not go? - Leave me alone!
Little Danny wants us to leave him alone.
Brad, why do not you leave it alone?
Of course, Rudy!
Better than put the mess in place, Hollister, if you do not want to have problems!
Hey guys, look ...
Danny's design won the art competition!
- Is not it cute? - Yes, he's a real artist!
You know, I think I'd like to have it!
No, Rudy, do not do it!
Do not worry, I will not ruin it, I'll put it in a very special place!
Now he won the trash contest!
- Guys, you'll get into trouble! - But no!
Because if you tell someone you know what will happen.
Keep it still, guys.
I have an idea.
What are you doing?!
I make sure that your father does not cry from the principal!
# Oh you press the third valve down ... #
# And the music goes down and around below ...
# Listen to the jazz as out ... #
# Oh the music goes down and around below ...
# Oh you press the middle valve down ... #
# And the music goes down and around below ...
What did you do to finish hanging lissu?
Danny ?!
Danny Hollister, are you?
Look ... this is not a public hanging ...
You guys come back to class!
Did not you hear what I said? I said go!
Well, soak some bread in my grave!
How did you end up in a mess like that ?!
Do not worry, son, I'll throw you down right away.
Here's where my plunger was finished, eh?
Stay there, son!
Here we are.
Wait, let me help you.
Here, now I'll help you.
Everything good?
Who hung you there, Danny?
- I can not say it! - Why can not you tell me?
If I say it they will beat me!
Oh no, sir, nobody will beat you ...
As long as I'm the keeper at the Greeley elementary ...
And now tell me, who was it?
Were Rudy and his aides Frick and Frack?
I thought so.
- I did not say anything! - Oh no, of course not!
And if someone asks me ...
I will say that absolutely, he closed the lightning!
I will say that I have torn your nails and in any case you have not leaked.
Thank you.
- Come on, it's better to fix. - Ok!
- Before someone stumbles over it. - Ok.
Look, do not be so worried.
I mean, these guys just pull it.
They bark a lot but do not bite.
And I'll tell you about the other, I feel they will have what they deserve sooner or later.
These people usually end up like that, do you understand me?
- I know. - Well, it's better you go to class.
You do not want to be late, if you're late ...
You will think that Rudy and his companions are a couple of puppies ...
Compared to Miss Titmarch, when you get angry ...
I do not like it very much ... it's bad.
That remains between you and me, Danny ...
It's a great, grumpy girl!
Well, you better get back to class!
I have to clean the boys' bathroom.
To put it all this place is a landfill.
And remember what I told you: if someone touches you, come to me, ok?
Thank you Mr. Jenkins, see you, goodbye!
See you, boy.
Miss Titmarch
All right, folks, the bell rang and now you owe me your attention.
Good morning, class.
Good morning, Miss Titmarch.
Very well.
Danny, you're late!
And since you're the last to arrive ...
You can hang your jacket and come here to distribute these sheets.
Today I have a little surprise for you.
Since many of us ...
They think they do not have to deliver math homework on time ...
I conclude that we know everything about mathematics.
Excuse me, can you get me?
So nobody will be sorry to start the morning with a little test.
Our favorite subject, the fractions.
I do not want to hear a word, you have exactly ...
50 minutes to complete this test.
You can start.
Those who have time do not wait for time
It's not funny, Rudy.
Miss Titmarch?
Miss Titmarch?
What is it ?!
Can I go to the bathroom?
- You should have gone there first. - But first I did not have to go there!
- Have you finished your test? - Well, no ... not yet.
Class, we should allow little Hollister ...
To go to the bathroom before completing the test?
Not even for a dream, if you do it in your pants!
OK Go.
Do not rush.
Mr. Jenkins? Mr. Jenkins?
Oh ... sorry.
Out of service
Is there anyone?
- Do it yourself! - Do it yourself!
Do it yourself!
- Do it yourself! - Do it yourself!
- Do it yourself! - Do it yourself!
Do it yourself!
Miss Titmarch, Miss Titmarch ...
There's a monster in the bathroom, a monster in the bathroom!
Be quiet! This class is trying to concentrate!
- What the hell are you talking about? - There's a monster in the bathroom, I saw it!
Young man, stop with this madness! Now sit down and finish your test.
- But ...! - I do not want to hear another word!
You would fly to the moon if I thought you would avoid doing the task!
Hey, Danny, did you do it all?
Mr. Hollister, you're disgusting.
I've never seen such a big baby!
Return immediately to the bathroom and clean up!
But there's a monster in the bathroom, he'll take me!
I've had enough of this story! Now go to the bathroom and clean up ...
Before you call your mother to tell her that you have to bring diapers for school.
And now go. Now!
Mr. Jenkins? Mr. Jenkins?
He took Mr. Jenkins and killed him!
The monster killed Mr. Jenkins!
- He cut off his head! - Young man, I've had enough!
I have so far with you, you have challenged my patience for the last time!
Class, continue your test ...
Mr. Hollister is accompanying me to the bathroom.
- But Miss Titmarch ...! - Silence!
Monsters and heads!
If you ever go to class other ailments like this ...
I will make sure you are punished!
Now we will go to the boys' bathroom and then we will go to the principal!
But Miss Titmarch, there's a monster in there ...
I swear it, and took Mr. Jenkins!
All right, show me!
Where is this your monster?
And where is Mr. Jenkins?
In the sink of his closet.
We'll see.
This door is closed.
But there were the keys, and I opened it and ...
You found Mr. Jenkins in the sink!
Now, I do not know what a taste you are feeling with this story, but ...
Believe me, you'll stop immediately.
- But it was there inside! - You, Mr. Hollister ...
You'll come with me to the principal's office, and if it was for me ...
You would have to suspend indefinitely!
But it was there inside, really! And there was a monster there!
Come here.
Come here!
Is that your monster?
It's just a pile of toilet paper.
There's no monster here, just vandalism!
You young people today have no sense of responsibility!
You think, this is not my bathroom ...
I can come here and throw things right and left ...
And someone will come to clean for you ...
Where's Mr. Jenkins, he should clean this mess, not me.
Gloria Titmarch did not take a degree in education to clean bathrooms!
A monster, sure!
You probably made this mess, young man ...!
I want you to look at me when I speak to you!
What are you staring at ?!
Hey, Danny, where's Miss Titmarch?
Yeah, where's the old woman ?!
- The monster has eaten it! - Thing?!
The same monster in the bathroom that Mr. Jenkins ate!
Hollister, you're the worst liar in the class, and you're crazy!
I say that the child wants only a little attention.
- I say he's crazy. - So what is it, Hollister?
Why do you invent these stupid stories?
Do not you believe me ?! Why do not you go see for yourself ?!
Ok, we'll go! Come on guys.
So, how did this monster do, Danny?
The werewolf? O Frankenstein? Or is he like a Martian?
Yes, what's the antennae?
Maybe Danny shit and believed he was a monster!
Ok, guys, let's go see this ugly monster ...
So little Danny pissed under it.
Hey, Monster Monster!
Come on, go out, wherever you are!
We check this bathroom.
Guys, there's nothing here.
What was it?
Let's get out of here!
There's something that blocks it!
Danny, let me out, please! There's the monster, Danny, help!
Danny, help me!
It's autumn!
My God!
What the hell happened here?
I do not want anyone in here.
Several months later he moved to another city ...
And he found work at another school.
# Where do you work-a, John? On the Delaware-Lackawann ... #
# And what do you do, John? I push-it, push-it, push. #
# Hot ginger and dynamite that's all I do at night #
# Back in Nagasaki where the fellers #
# Chew tobaccy and the wicky women wacky #
# At Fujiama you get a mama and then your ... #
# Troubles increase. # Damn kids!
Mr. Jenkins? Mr. Jenkins.
- Well, maybe you can help me. - Why not? You are the principal.
Look, I know you've been working here for a week ...
And he is not very familiar with all the children, but ...
It seems that one of our students got lost.
This is Mrs. Walters ...
President of the parents-teachers council.
Very pleased to meet you, Mrs. Walters.
She came to get her son Jordan ...
In the parking lot at the back, but you can not see around and ...
We looked for it everywhere but without luck, so ...
Did you see it?
I see a lot of children.
Jordan is about 1 meter 50 tall, weighs about 40kg ...
He has dark hair, military cut ...
It's usually very reliable, I do not know what could be successful!
Let's see, he was wearing jeans ... and a light, white and blue shirt.
Wait a minute, I saw that guy this morning.
That baby is a bad apple, do you know?
Excuse me?
He pushed all the younger children ...
He was trying to steal his money for lunch ...
It was a real pest!
Mr. Jenkins, I do not think this is the best time for ...
A lesson should be taught to your child, Mrs. Walters.
He must be confused, my Jordy is a good boy.
I recognize them at first sight.
- Did you see Jordan recently? - Not from this morning, sir.
- Well, if you see it, will you let me know right away? - Sure I will.
Well, let's go to my office ...
I'm sure there's nothing to worry about ...
And they never, never caught it, moved to other cities ...
Changing his identity from time to time.
Who knows ... could work in one of your schools now.
Wow! I wonder ... you know ...
Mr. Marston of our plan always seemed a little strange to me ...
Just because he slipped in the shower and hit his head more than 20 years ago!
- And then ... Michael invented everything. - I wish it were so ...
My father told me that story and it's true. I swear to God.
And how does Uncle Harry know?
I told you, he worked in the school where it happened.
And did he know this guy ?!
They were very close.
I think some of my fireflies are bad.
I told you not to put them in the jar.
He does not do anything, stay in here.
Ah, sorry, maybe their batteries are running out.
They'll be fine, some are just sleeping.
Oh, be careful with those things ...
You do not want to end up like Gordy Belcher.
No thanks!
Who is Gordy Belcher?
Do you think your story is strange? Well, this is even more!
What is it?
Well, Gordy Belcher was this guy we used to go to school with.
He had a rather strange hobby.
And then he should never have approached the Spivey farmer.
Spicey's miraculous fertilizer
Gordy Belcher ... ugly ass of lard!
What the hell do you think you're doing in my property ?!
They are not yours, race of idiot!
I already warned you ...
Of what I do to the boys who enter my garden!
I do not welcome the rodents like you ...
That the fertilizer steal me!
And I break the fence!
Well ... I'm not the only idiot to have made a hole!
Next time I catch you here ... I'll do it to you, a nice hole.
So to silence a ... soprano of the choir!
Use your shotgun and you'll end up in jail, because you do not do your own business and ...
You do not go back to your shit job!
Get out of here, right away!
Before me and old Betsy, here ...
We do not apply a ... primitive weight loss!
I said out!
- Here you go. - Well.
Thank you!
Can I help you, Gordy?
Um ... sure.
I'll take one of those.
- Is that all you need? - Self.
They make 10 cents.
- Some medicine for asthma? - No thanks.
See you later.
Hi, kitten!
Yes, kitten kitty kitten.
How are you, kitten?
Nice kitty!
You're disgusting! Get it out of here, get it!
There's an insect here, please, help me!
Please leave that bug alone!
It's expensive, if it breaks it I'll have to pay it!
Go away! Corra!
Look, now he broke it, they'll fire me!
Gordy, do not spend too much time there, you'll be ready soon.
Your favorite ... fried chicken!
Get up, Gordy, dinner is ready!
I'll be in a while!
Come here right away, Gordy, you heard your mother!
You'll end up after any weird thing you're doing.
You heard me?!
- Self! - "Yes" thing!
Yes, sir!
You can not read at the table, thank you!
Wash your hands, thank you!
Gordy, how did you go to school today?
Ok ...
Mrs. Timmerman told me there will be a dance class ...
- And you'll go there. - Margaret ...
Who the hell will he want to dance with him ?!
Now enough, Ray.
I'm sure there are many beautiful girls who want to dance with Gordy.
Oh, yes, and then they will crown him king of the dance.
- Do not be naughty! - Look ...
I will not go to a stupid dance with a stupid girl ...
It's an old tradition, ok ?!
Oh no, please, spend the evening indoors in a dark cellar ...
Playing with those stupid insects!
You pulled up a sick child, Margaret.
Ah, now it's all my fault?
Or maybe, if I had spent more time with him ...
He would not be so shy now.
Shy? Do you call him shy?
I call it kissed on the head.
Look, that idiot race is on TV!
What's old Spivey doing on TV?
He will have found a couple of dead children under the shed.
People ask me what the special ingredient is.
But, hey ... I will not tell anyone.
Many people dream of inventing something that enriches them ...
A resident has unearthed a revolutionary idea for agriculture.
But he's not interested in selling.
Our KORN reporter, Brock Richards, went to find out why.
You say tomato, he says ... tomato!
Here's Brock Richards, we're at a local farmer's house ...
To tell you about the special fertilizer that he invented.
Fertilizer that is the envy of the whole county!
Peasant Spivey, tell us a little about his ... miraculous fertilizer!
Well ... I'm working on it ... well, 16 years old.
And ... I've made progress in the last 5 or so.
And to give you an example of what I'm saying ...
Here's a carrot! Have you ever seen a carrot like this before?
- I can not say yes! - No sir!
It's a big carrot and it was grown with Spivey's miraculous fertilizer.
Yes, sir ...
You know, Mr. Spivey, a lot of farmers in the county ...
They would give the arm for some of his fertilizer.
I wonder, why are not you interested in selling your fertilizer?
He could make a good profit, I'm sure.
Yes, true, but see ... money is not everything, and ...
When I found out I decided it was better to keep it for me.
Because you do not know what they could do out there.
There are applications that could be done and we are not aware of.
And it could prove terrifying. So, see ...
I'd rather keep it for myself ... and keep developing it.
You see, I would like to get a carrot as big as a man.
Now, can you imagine how many people would do it?
I can imagine how many ... rabbits would spoil!
Great. Well, Mr. Spivey ...
I wanted to thank you for discussing it with us today.
My pleasure.
Thank you. Well ...
It's really a miraculous fertilizer, as it's called ...
A fertilizer that this reporter has never seen before.
And it's not a dance!
For the KORN newsletter, here Brock Richards.
Are we still shooting?
Thank you, Brock.
And check the shoe sole before going back to the studio!
It's all for tonight, see you at 23 for the night news.
Until then, here Kelly Appleton for the KORN newsletter. Good evening!
That old idiot is crazy!
It's crazy not to sell that fertilizer and run happily in the bank!
I did not know old Spivey did anything else ...
In addition to driving people out of their property!
You pass near you back from school, is not it, Gordy?
Yes, I know.
- Did you know anything about this? - How the hell could I know ?!
I only asked, sorry!
Yes, how could Gordy know! He does not care if he does not have wings!
Gordon Belcher, what the hell are you doing ?!
What do you mean?
Gordy, I do not know how long I'll resist ...
I mean, we've been very patient with you and yours ...
Your ... hobby.
I mean, let's keep thinking that one day you'll get out of it, but ...
I see no sign or change.
Other guys play baseball ...
And they go to the school ball ...
Other guys are interested in girls, hell!
The other guys even have friends!
All you do is sit down there in the dark ...
And play with those dirty, damn insects!
Well, I did not pull my son up because he was kind of a fagot!
Now enough with this your obsession!
That's enough!
End of the discussion.
What about this, Gordy?
Did you think it was funny ?!
Do you think I would not have seen these worms in the raisin ?!
Gordon, your mother is talking to you, I expect you to answer!
I do not know...
- What did you say?! - I do not know, ok ?! I do not know!
- Have you finished, now ?! - Sit down!
Ahia, dad!
I'll tell you when to go and when you're allowed.
Until then, sit here and eat your dinner.
I do not know what we'll do with you, Gordy ...
I do not really know.
Mike, you're disgusting! Sometimes it surprises me that we're relatives.
Carol, I think you're big enough. We are not ...
You are adopted.
In any case, you're still a pig!
Relax! These flies are not for me, they are for Gordy Belcher!
It's a miracle ...! An agricultural revelation!
End the hunger in the world and revolutionize agriculture!
Vegetables are just the beginning, there is no end to what you can get ...
With Spivey's miraculous fertilizer!
And as for you, Gordy Belcher ...
Stay away from my property!
This is what happens to the bad things ...
Things are bad!
Bad, bad, bad!
- Guys, does anyone want a biscuit? - Er ... no, thank you.
- They're homemade! - We have to go Jenny, see you later.
But lunch does not end before 20 minutes!
We told Mrs. Dulhan we would help her ...
- To clean the blackboards! - Quite right! To clean the blackboards!
I'll see you!
Perhaps we can find a place to eat in the grass.
- If it is OK. - Listen!
I know you do not like me! You know what a surprise ...
Nobody likes me! I mean, since elementary ...
Everyone said I was too fat, or too weird, or too bad!
The only reason for everything ...
It's that no one's ever given me the chance to be someone else!
So if you do not want to be with me, that's fine.
You do not have to leave, I'll go and sit on the grass.
If I can find a big enough place ...
- Gordy, sit down ... you do not have to leave. - Are you serious?!
- Yes, really. - Thank you guys!
Are you sure you do not want a cookie? I did it!
Ok, I'll take one.
Do not you taste it ?!
Ok, I'll taste it.
Gordy Belcher, you are sick!
Go home, Gordy Belcher! You did enough damage for today!
Gordy Belcher, stop there!
Is it too difficult for you to shoot at a moving target?
I will not shoot anyone! I do not even have a rifle with me.
I suppose you will invite me in for tea?
No! No, I just wanted ...
Take a look at your hand ...
It seems to me that there is a bad cut ...
No, thank you, I would not go in and get an infection.
Gordy! What about a truce, eh?
I'm too old to fight with you all the time!
The doctor says it's not good ... old heart.
So, why do not you come in so let's wash those hands.
I do not come.
Sverrai, here's what you do!
For blood loss, when you get home!
Power! It will only take a minute, and then ...
I have something for you here in the shed.
Ok ...
But if I'm not home early, my parents will call the police.
If you're not home early, your parents will have a party!
This is where I mix all my fertilizer!
That's where I discovered my secret ingredient!
- Very impressive! - Self...
Oh my god ...
Come here, now ... let me see that hand.
It's not so bad!
No, I do not think we'll have to ... amputate!
Ok ...
Let's put it a bit here ...
- It hurts, damn it! - Oh, do not be a child!
Here, let's put on a bandage and it will all be over.
- Just hurry up! - Ok, that's it.
There! Here, all finished.
- Can I go now?! - Self! You are free to go.
Oh, wait a minute!
- Do not forget this! - What is it?
This is a jar of Spivey's miraculous fertilizer.
But this lot is very different!
See, I did it on purpose ... for you! Self!
I added a little more than my ... secret ingredient.
So any use you will make ... it will go great!
Why are you doing all this?
Well, let's say that I hope this gift will solve our differences ...
Once and for all.
What if I have to return for another fertilizer?
I do not think you'll use the other.
Yes, well, as you say ... I have to go.
Pay attention to that hand! You never know what can happen!
Yes, yes!
Gordy, are you?
You came back from school early, right?
Yes, I think so.
Well ... why?
A teachers' meeting, or something like that.
- Lasts half a day. - Strange! I did not know anything about it.
I usually know when there is a teachers' meeting!
I thought I told you, but apparently not!
- Can I go upstairs, now ?! - If you can.
Oh, by the way, you can stay there too, lissu, and without dinner!
He called the principal, today ...
And I know what you did to that poor girl.
Now stop! From now on things will be very different!
It was just a joke! I mean ... why do they all take it so long ?!
We take it ?!
Gordy, for God's sake, you gave a child dead flies!
They suspended you from school! This your strange obsession has ruined you.
You do not even know what's right and what's wrong!
Well, now it's over.
What's in the trash bag?
- Nothing you need to worry about anymore. - What's in the trash bag?
Gordy, go immediately to your room!
Gordy, come here now!
There's nothing left, down there, you can play with!
Gordy! You heard me?!
Go upstairs and go to your room!
Your father will make you a good speech when he comes back!
I hate you!
Wait a minute!
He did not know anything about you, did he?
Do not worry, I'll get my stuff back.
And then I'll have a little fun with you!
Who is it?
Treasure? Treasure.
Thing? Thing?!
I heard something in Gordy's room.
It's probably just that fat ass of Gordon.
No, it's not that! I heard something fall!
Come on! Come on, get up.
- Here we go! - All right! God!
Gordy, are you there?
All right, honey?
Gordy, what's wrong?
Did you have bad dreams?
What the hell is going on here?
I told him it was a special lot ...
After a while, Gordy has not come to school anymore.
All the guys he had been bad with ...
They make fun of him now.
I know he had gone to a special school ...
In any case we do not see him anymore!
A lot of guys did not believe this story ...
But everyone is now keeping away from the old Spivey's farm.
Ok, I admit, it was a good story, but ...
- Come on, guys ... giant flies ?! - Hey, it's true!
Do not believe it if you do not want to ...
But I know Gordy Belcher and I believe this story.
Me too! And then...
We should believe a janitor who pulls his face away and ...
- Do you eat bad kids? - But it's true, ask my father.
Yes, no!
- Hey, little guy, do you want to bet ?! - No, I do not want to bet!
And even if it were, how could you prove it?
Shut up, guys! Did you hear something?
- No, not me!
- I think I heard something. - It's probably just your stomach.
What's left to eat, by the way?
Yes, I'm hungry too.
There! Did you hear it ?!
Thing?! You're not trying to scare us!
No, no, this time I heard, too, Kyle.
Oh, great, just what we needed.
Guys, look for matches, and then re-light it.
- How do we look for them ?! - Well, try it too, come on ...
- Hey, I'm scared! - Do not be a child!
Watch out for giant flies! And to the janitors who eat children!
Hey, Josh, get your fireflies so I can see what I do.
- I do not see them! - Did you put them back in the bag?
No, I had left them outside.
Maybe they're dead.
I told you they would not make it.
Forget it, I found the matches!
We said you had to keep them.
Oh, great!
- Guys, I'm really scared! - Shut up!
- What is it? - Maybe dad came to check on us.
Maybe he can help us turn on the lantern.
Quick, pretend to sleep!
- Guys, are you alright, out here? - Hi, Uncle Harry!
Well, all right!
We were going to bed.
You're not giving you shivers to each other?
I just told him what happened to Greeley ...
They did not believe me.
- Ah, no? Do not they believe you? - Yes, we do not believe him.
It really did not happen, did you, Uncle Harry?
It really happened, and how.
- Prove it, dad. - Self! Show us this, Uncle Harry ...!
Do you really believe that I should?
Just do it.
The chills