The Windmill Massacre (2016) Movie Script

[liquid splashes]
[liquid splashes]
[lighter flicks]
[deep breaths]
[fire roars]
[distant abrupt scream]
That one's beautiful, Anna.
It's for you.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You know in English,
we call this a windmill.
Can you guys say windmill?
[door opens]
- How about you put this--
- Julie, can I have a word?
[distant classical music]
Should I call you Julie?
Or Jennifer?
Mr. de Vries,
I can... I can explain.
Yes, I'm sure you can
just as soon
as the police get here.
No, you don't, I'm keeping
this 'til the police arrive.
Hey, where do you
think you're going?
[male teenager] Dad, Dad,
is that the Ann Frank house?
- What?
- Oh, back there, you missed it.
Isn't this great?
Fabulous city,
just the two of us.
Should we do a
selfie to send to Mom?
Yeah, good idea.
[boat tour announcer
Still can't believe she let
you take me out of school.
Well, travel broadens
the mind, she knows that.
Now, come on, give us a smile.
- Come on, smile.
- [phone rings]
Oh, hold on, wait a minute,
I need to take this.
Dougless West speaking.
Yeah? No, that's the...
I've already told you
that's the deal,
you take it or you leave it.
Add a bit more shadow.
But it looks very nice, Ineke.
- How are things going, Ellen?
- I'm a bit stuck.
Just focus a bit more
on the vanishing point.
It is perfect...
Very nice.
The easiest way to get
started with drawing
a rose is to...
Dr. Cooper...
Dr. Cooper?
[inhales sharply]
[water trickles]
We have arrived.
[dog barks in distance]
Woo me, baby.
You want to be a photographer,
first you need a proper
portfolio before you can get
any real jobs.
- You know that right?
- Serge...
Serge, please.
We are both come
down in the world.
- Serge how about this one?
- No, too much hair.
I just need a bit of
help getting started.
I would be so grateful.
[arguing in background]
[equipment crashes]
Okay, listen, I can't
promise you a thing
but I need photos for another
crappy tourist calendar.
- And this one?
- Oh, no. Way too ugly.
- About windmills.
- Windmills?
Yeah, so if you can get
me some really nice shots,
we'll take it from there,
what do you say?
Where do I find
these windmills?
[upbeat party music]
[indistinct chatter]
It was a nice night,
let's lead the way.
This party's over man, come on.
Yeah, this is the one.
As your commanding
officer, I order you...
Oh, yeah...
- Hook my friend up.
- No, come on.
No, no, no, no, no,
no come on, come on.
All right, Jackie boy!
There you go.
[all yelling indistinct]
[woman yelling in background]
Come on, take it easy.
You're strong.
[distant yells]
[helicopter engine whirs]
[man] Charlie, Charlie,
1-0 Alpha, code blue.
[gun cocks]
[laughter erupts]
Oh, come on, mate.
Jackie, what's the matter, mate,
ain't she your type?
Let's go, crack on.
[sirens wail]
[police chatter on radio]
- [screams echoing]
- Bitch.
- [gasps]
- [man] Hey, hey.
[train engine rumbles]
[pill rattles]
Ladies and gentlemen,
this the police.
Identification, please!
Hey, Dad, here's the bus.
[man] Hello.
Mate, is this
Happy Holland Tours?
Yes, this is
Happy Holland Tours.
- Tickets?
- [mumbles indistinct]
[man] No, just me and my son.
I might just, uh...
[sirens wail in distance]
Yes, thank you,
find yourself a seat.
Ah, got a ticket?
It's in my bag.
Doesn't matter, always room
for one more sinner, huh?
No, joke, joke, come in, huh?
- Come in, mind your step.
- Thanks.
- [boy] Relax dad.
- You have to take it everyday.
I'll take it when we
get back to the hotel.
- Mom says--
- Okay, okay.
But set your phone
so I don't forget.
Sure, Dad, no problem.
I'll stay here 'til it
blows over, keep me posted.
- Okay, mate, I will.
- All right, cheers.
Okay, well, welcome to
Happy Holland Tours,
my name is Abe
and I'm your driver
and tour guide for today
as we leave this
God forsaken city
and explore the real Holland.
I hope you enjoy your trip.
This could be fun, right?
[engine rumbles]
Ladies and gentlemen,
without windmills,
there would be no Holland.
For centuries, they gave us
flour, paper, wood,
and of course the polders
which you can see
on your left and on your right.
It is thanks to the
water pump, and windmills
that the polders stay
dry and the lands safe.
Many men has died horribly,
burned alive when
their wooden windmill
was struck by lightning.
More than half of Holland
lies under sea level.
There is a saying,
"God created the world,
but the Dutch created Holland."
Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
this is our first stop.
Everybody out please.
Watch your step, Curt.
We'll let him be,
sleep will sober him up, hm?
[phone clicks]
Three kinds of windmills,
the polar windmills
that pull the water
out of the lands,
and saw windmills,
and the ones that turn
a raw product into a
tradable material,
like flour.
This windmill is
a flower windmill.
[voice whispers]
- It grinds,
rain leads to flour.
- Jamie.
[whispering indistinct]
To try to do this...
Owners of the land, but this
changed when the French came.
Oh, shit.
[birds squawking]
Beautiful Happy Holland.
Oh, it's beautiful, beautiful.
This will make
a good photo, yeah?
Excuse me?
Um, could you just take
a quick photo for us,
it's just a...
She's obviously got
something better to do.
- [chuckles]
- [woman] Here, give it to me.
Oh, thank you, love, thank you.
Say fromage.
[phone rings]
Oh, sorry,
I'll be needing to take that.
Yeah, talk to me.
Everybody, 10 minutes, okay?
You have 10 minutes
and then we go back to the bus.
[man] No, no, no,
don't give me that,
serious why isn't
this deal sealed yet?
Look, I already told her,
- there is no room for
- [sighs]
No, you don't go back to her,
let her come to us.
[message beeps]
Hello, Vanessa West here.
- [phone beeps]
- I don't understand. Why is she
not answering her phone?
I told you, she's off
on some yoga retreat,
they probably
don't allow contact
with the outside world,
you know what they're like.
Don't worry about it, son,
I'm sure she'll get in touch
just as soon as she can.
Have you heard anything?
So everything's okay?
Yeah, yeah, mate, no worries.
Yeah, yeah, I'll be there.
All right, man, bye.
[Abe] Mademoiselle,
we really have to go.
[woman] One second,
just one more picture.
You an artist?
Heavens, no.
I'm on a creative sabbatical.
And you?
What brings you to Europe?
Oh, uh...
I'm an Aussie.
[sighs] Bumming around
Europe's what we do best.
Excuse me.
Do you happen to be that girl
of the Crystal White commercial?
Yes, but... Please keep it
a secret for everyone else.
I was the face of a Japanese
toothpaste for a few years.
I was uh, like you
say, big in Japan.
Long time ago now.
Surprised he recognized me,
very tiresome.
[engine rumbles]
[Abe] Okay, let's continue to
our next must see attraction.
The drive will take some
time, so enjoy yourselves.
[flies buzz]
[folk country music]
[distant chuckles]
Fucking little bitch,
where you going?
Get down on the floor.
I said, get down on the floor.
Daddy, no!
[whispering echoes]
Stop! Stop the bus!
[man] Jesus Christ.
Did we hit him?
- Hit who?
- That man.
- [Abe] What, what man?
- [woman]
What's she talking about?
Miss, miss, no,
you're not allowed to...
What did she say?
- What's she doing?
- I don't know.
[windmill creaks distantly]
[horn blasts]
[Abe] Missy, come on.
Anything there?
[engine chugs]
Careful, you're gonna
flood the engine.
If I want your advice, sir,
I will ask for it, yeah?
[engine chugs]
[man] What did I say?
Dad? Dad what's happening?
[engine chugs]
[man] Unbelievable.
Well, if the bus doesn't start,
let the motor calm
down a little bit.
- [man] Fuck.
- [man 2] Great.
[rain falls gently]
It's not that you've
run out of petrol is it?
Of course not, still 3/4 filled,
I'm not an idiot.
No, no of course not,
but if you can't fix it,
you're gonna have to call
the dispatch unit, yeah?
- What?
- The AA?
You know, roadside assistance?
Ah, no, they never come here.
What do you mean
they never come here?
What, you want us to
sit here all night?
No, we need to call someone now.
- [Abe] That's a good idea.
- [man] Yeah, great.
[phone beeps]
[woman] We're sorry, your call
can not be completed...
Okay, everybody, we...
We just have some
technical bad luck,
so we just have
to wait for help,
but don't you worry,
everything's gonna be all right.
What are you supposed to do
in a situation like this?
I mean, it's not
very professional is it?
Well, has anyone
else got a signal?
- No.
- No.
Oh, well that's
fucking fantastic.
Look, I need to be at
the airfield by midnight.
All right, none of us
are particularly happy
about the situation.
- Mister?
- It's Jack.
Look, we passed a
village a while back,
maybe we can get
help there, yeah?
- Or is there somewhere closer?
- Driver?
Where's the closest
place to get help?
I don't know, uh,
back up there I suppose,
but it will take
an hour to get there.
You're joking.
Look, I saw a mill further
down the road, I'll go there.
This is sorta my fault.
- I'll come with ya, come on.
- Excuse me, sir--
Do you really think you can stop
us getting off this bus, pal?
Hold on.
Don't you have a coat?
- [Jennifer] No.
- Grandma, watch over me.
[man] Here, have mine.
[Jennifer] Thank you.
Missy, missy, hold on, hold on.
You'll probably need this.
Now let's cut through
the trees, it's quicker, yeah?
Dad, what are you doing?
Your factor, it's not here.
I can't find your factor.
- Dad, I told you.
- What?
I told you I left
it at the hotel.
No, you didn't.
Did you?
[clears throat]
[clears throat]
Excuse me, um, Abe.
Could you show me where,
where on the map we are?
[lips smack]
Um, we're about here, here.
Well, that's what
I thought, too,
but that doesn't make any sense.
Look, this is a map
of historical sites
and there are no windmills
marked anywhere near here.
Well, what's that then?
- Watch your step.
- Oh, thanks.
We're almost there.
- [yelps]
- Careful!
- All right?
- Yeah, thanks.
Um... You don't look
like the kind of guy
who's into windmills.
I'm not.
Yeah, I found a bit
of trouble last night,
thought it would be a good idea
to get out the way until
we fly out tonight.
- Who's we?
- Me and my unit.
- You're what?
- The Royal Marines.
Oh, oh, a soldier. Wow.
And where you flying to?
Well, if I told you that,
I'd have to kill you.
[chains jangle]
[Jennifer mumbles]
And what about you?
Have you got some sort of
secret windmill fetish or what?
Oh, no, Amsterdam is crazy,
it's full of crazy people.
Just need a little break
before you went crazy too, yeah?
Yeah, something like that.
[sticks snap]
Did you see that?
It's just shadows.
Come on.
[lock clicks]
[grunts aggressively]
[breathes heavily]
- That's weird.
- What?
- [metal slashes]
- [groans]
[Jennifer] No!
Jack? Jack?
Your legs!
[groans panicked]
[Jennifer] What the fuck?
[Jennifer] Help!
Help! Open the door!
Sorry, over there...
Open the door, quick!
- Where's Jack?
- [woman] Are you okay?
- [gasps]
- [man] What happened?
- [woman] What's going on?
- Did he do something to you?
- He, he killed him,
he's out there...
- [man] I'm sorry?
I didn't see his face,
but it was a man,
a man with a scythe.
- Scythe?
- [Jennifer] He, he...
What are you talking about?
He killed Jack, he stamped
on his head and he had these,
he had these clogs, and why
aren't you doing anything?
We need to get out of here.
[man] I think she's delirious.
[Jennifer] I swear.
I swear it.
I'm a doctor,
I noticed before
she had an empty
prescription jar.
- She's using heavy
- Oh, brilliant.
I'm a little worried
she might have had an episode.
No, don't you
dare say I'm mad,
don't you dare say I'm mad.
It's all right Jennifer,
just calm down and it'll
be all right.
I'm not mad, you have
to believe me, it's true.
- I'm not mad, I'm not.
- I believe you Jennifer,
just sit down,
breathe deeply, and calm down.
Listen, we can't go anywhere
without Jack. Where is he?
That's a good question.
Jennifer can you tell us what,
you know, really happened?
I told you, he...
There, there!
[splatter hits]
[Abe] What the hell?
[panic erupts]
Everybody out,
get off the bus!
Get out of the way!
- [Jennifer] Oh quick, quick!
- [Abe] Get out!
- [Curt] I have to get my bag.
- [man] Curt, get off the bus!
- Jump off the bus, Curt!
- [Curt] I need to get my bag!
Get out!
Oh, God.
Let me see, Curt, I need to see.
Oh, God, no. No.
You fucking idiot.
Look what you've done.
- What did I do?
- He's bleeding.
But we had to get out,
I had to push him.
- [Curt] I'm a hemophiliac.
- [woman] What?
I'm a hemophiliac,
my blood can't clot by itself.
[man] Why didn't you
take your factor this morning
like I asked you--
It's only a graze Dad,
I'll be all right.
- Here, let me take a look.
- No, you stay away from him.
This is all your fault.
It was a fucking bird!
You said you were a doctor,
what do we do?
I can help.
Find somewhere dry for a start,
clean and dress the wound.
Give me that, give me that.
The mill, we go to the mill.
Are you nuts? Look, maybe
that's where the killer lives.
We should keep a
very close eye on her
in case she harms herself or
the others, the state she's in.
I'll keep an eye on her, okay?
Come on.
Excuse me, Rubysan.
Hey, Jennifer was it?
Yeah, we're going now,
you'll be safe with us, okay?
- Listen, over there...
- Shut up.
Okay, let's go
my Chinese friend.
[thunder rumbles]
[dog barks]
[dog barks]
[Abe] Okay, maybe
the windmill is too far.
- Let's get in there.
- [woman] What?
- [man 1] Oh, you're joking.
- [man 2] No we need to call
an ambulance.
There won't be a phone in there.
Listen, I go to the mill, yeah?
You go in there,
take care of his wound.
I go and ask for help, okay?
You go in there,
you go in there.
And don't worry,
the miller will help us.
I'll be back in no time.
Ruby, I'm not sure about this.
Come on Jennifer, let's go.
[Curt] Dad, I'm cold.
[man] I know, I know, Curt,
you're gonna be fine,
I promise, rest up in here.
Hold on, Curt,
hold on, I'll go in first.
- [Curt] Careful.
- [Ruby] You okay?
- Watch your step.
- [man] Ah, god dammit.
[Curt] Dad?
I don't like it here.
It's dry.
- What is this place?
- A church, I think.
Well, Douglas, maybe you
could get the stove going
- and I'll have a
look at Curt's hand.
- [Douglas] Sure.
[Ruby] I'll find something
we can use to dress the wound.
Thank you,
that'd be very helpful.
- You okay?
- Yes, all right.
It's deep,
but it's not too bad,
you'll be all right, just don't
move around too much, okay?
[Ruby] Hey, guys,
I found some old suitcases
with clothes we can use.
Can you just hurry up, please?
[Ruby] Who would leave
this stuff here, so strange. | No1 Subs iNFO
[Douglas] Anyone got a light?
- [doctor] No.
- [Ruby] No.
Can use this?
[beep pulses]
Oh, polyester,
it has to be cotton, yes?
Here is cotton.
Thank you.
[fire roars]
[doctor] This might hurt a bit,
I'll try not to make it
too tight.
- [Curt grunts]
- [Ruby] It's okay...
- [Curt grunts]
- [wood clatters]
[Douglas] Well?
Nobody home,
all doors were closed.
So what's the plan then, huh?
What do we do now?
What do we do now?
- Don't look at me.
- What do you mean
don't look at you,
my son needs medical attention,
what do we do now?
Keep it up.
he's in no eminent danger,
as long as he keeps still,
he'll be all right.
Right, I'm supposed
to be comforted by that.
We must stay here,
at least until the morning.
What about Jack, hm?
He's still out there somewhere,
don't we need to find him?
Hang on, hang on,
where's Takashi?
[thunder claps]
[dog barks]
[metal clangs]
Grandma, you must have been
so awfully lonely.
The agony you had to go through.
I'm so sorry.
I loved you so much, grandma,
but I had reached my limit.
I couldn't bear it any longer.
Grandma... I had to abandon you.
What have I done?
[metal clangs]
[footsteps stomp]
[low groan rumbles]
Grandma... I'm truly sorry.
[all talking over each other]
We are not safe here.
I saw what happened to Jack.
I listen to my instincts
and I can tell you,
she can not be trusted.
What is wrong with you?
What's wrong with you?
What are you doing?
You're supposed to be
responsible adults.
Curt's right.
We need to remain calm.
Now what are we going
to do about Takashi?
Do we go
and look for him or what?
I'm not going back out there,
something weird is going on.
Now two grown men,
they don't just disappear.
The only thing weird going on
is standing right there,
and we're safer out there
than we are in here with her.
- Fuck you.
- So does that mean
you are how you say,
leading a search party?
No, it bloody doesn't.
Such an idiot.
Oh, look at this,
talking about weird.
This must be centuries old.
Oh, what is it?
It's an official document,
warrant for a death penalty
of miller Hendrich.
- Death penalty?
- Yeah, for witchcraft
and making a deal
with the devil. [chuckles]
- [Douglas] Will you shut up?
- [thunder claps]
[doctor] Can I have a
look at that please, Abe?
The miller Hen,
the miller Hendrich...
I was just reading about them,
but it's, but it's a legend.
What's the legend?
Oh, it's, it's a
pretty common one
around northern
and central Europe.
The miller sells his
soul to the devil
for the secret of keeping
his blades turning,
wind or no wind.
Gets rich, grows lazy,
lets his millstones
fall into disrepair and then,
then one day,
a local discovers a tooth
in his bag of flour
and he realizes
who's responsible for the spade
of disappearances in the area.
[doctor] Villagers bearing
torches proceed to the mill
and discover that miller
Hendrich's crushes the bones
of his victims
with his millstones.
So they burn down the mill
with poor old miller
Hendrich stuck inside.
Charming story, merci.
Well, mademoiselle, it can
not be this mill, can it?
- [Jennifer] Why not?
- [Douglas] Because, Einstein,
that one hasn't burned
to the ground, has it?
Look, let's just all
sit quietly for a moment
and... get warm and...
Takashi hasn't shown up by then,
then we, we reassess.
[deep breaths]
Look. Look, what she's
done to it, she's ruined it.
Dad, what's wrong?
You're so angry.
This is a Barber,
do you know how much they cost?
Should send her the bill.
I don't mean now,
I mean the whole time,
since you came to
pick me up from school.
- Uh, do you want a sweet?
- [Douglas]
Curt, you stay away from her.
Sit down,
like the doctor told you.
Sit down!
- And keep your hand up?
- What is your problem?
My problem?
What apart from being stuck
in a shack with a psychopath?
I mean after 15 years
of being married to one,
I am fucking sick
of hysterical women!
Ah, come on.
[doctor] Jennifer?
Jennifer, come back inside.
Look... Look, Douglas, he's just
upset, you know, about his son.
Yeah, but, but you planted
the idea in his head
that I'm, that I'm some
kind of psycho-killer or...
Well, I'm sorry, all right,
it's not exactly
what I said, but...
Look... you do suffer from
hallucinations from
time to time, don't you?
Yeah, but the
man who killed Jack
was not a hallucination,
he was real.
He was as real as you are.
Yeah but, Jennifer,
I mean, it doesn't make sense,
it really doesn't,
you know, what?
There's some man and he's what?
Hanging around
a muddy field hoping
someone will come along
so he can murder them.
No, no, he's
here because of me,
he obviously followed me,
I thought he was dead,
but he must've survived
somehow, I'm...
Who? Who survived?
My... my dad.
You realize how
that sounds don't you?
Yeah, yeah, as if I'm crazy.
But even crazy people
can sometimes tell the truth,
can't they?
Well, yes, yeah, that's true.
Look, I'll admit,
you don't...
- You don't... [sighs]
- [distant beeps]
You don't seem mad.
[distant beeps]
[distant beeps continue]
[breathes heavily]
[monitor beeps]
[monitor beeps]
It wasn't my fault.
You can't blame me,
accidents happen all the time.
It's just jolly
bad luck, that's all.
Don't look at me like that.
Look, do you think
I'm the only doctor
who's ever done
drugs or had a drink?
You don't know the
pressure we're under.
You're being unreasonable.
You're being very unreasonable.
How dare you!
How dare you!
I'm completely blameless!
[blood squishes]
[metal swooshes]
- [screams]
- Jennifer.
It's all right.
I was fully exonerated
right by the comish...
[chains jingle]
- Guys, guys, we need
to get out of here.
- Takashi!
Come on,
we gotta get out of here.
I'm glad everyone is safe.
Ruby, I know what we need to do.
It's okay.
We're going to be fine.
Where's the doctor?
Jennifer, what's happened?
The man who killed
Jack, he's back,
he's back and he
just killed Nicholas.
Nicholas isn't coming.
You're not making any sense,
Jennifer calm down.
- Come on!
- Ruby, what's going on?
What have you done
with the doctor?
Everyone needs to go...
- Curt, get back.
- We need to go,
we need to leave here,
it's not safe.
I told you,
I knew it, I knew it.
Why is no one listening to me,
- why is no one saying anything?
- Slow down.
[inaudible argues]
Put it down!
Put it down.
You ungrateful little bitch.
Oh, please, Daddy,
don't hit me please, please.
Take it easy, take it easy.
I'll get some rope or something,
we need to tie her up
so she doesn't
hurt anybody else.
We're gonna help you, okay?
- No.
- No, don't worry.
It's okay Jennifer, it's okay.
- No, I'm...
- We're not gonna hurt you.
I'm not mad.
I'm not mad.
- [Ruby] It's okay, Jennifer.
- [Curt] Dad, don't hurt her.
I'm telling the truth,
I'm not mad.
- [Curt] Jennifer?
- [Douglas]
Let's get her restrained.
- [Jennifer] What are you doing?
- [Douglas] Tie you up,
Ruby, I'm sure this is Hell.
We're standing at the gateway
to Hell.
- [Jennifer] Let me go!
- Jennifer and I saw
Nicholas get killed.
We're all going to be
killed by that demon.
[Jennifer] We need to go,
we need to leave here,
it's not safe.
Hey, guys, I think you
should listen to this,
Takashi knows what
happened to the doctor.
Right now we're standing right
in front of the gate of Hell.
- Speak slowly.
- At this rate...
- What's he saying?
- I'm trying to understand...
Yes... It means Hell.
And at this rate,
everyone is going to die.
Okay, he said he met a demon.
It was going to take him to a...
what we would call it... hell--
So how many mental patients
are on this fucking trip?
Just listen.
[speaks foreign language]
He says we are at
a doorway to hell
because we are sinners like him.
He did something terrible,
but was spared because
he showed real remorse.
Because he desired
to be punished,
he was saved and we can
save ourselves, too,
by doing the same.
So... We're all sinners
bound for damnation?
What a load of bullshit.
I'm just telling
you what he said.
He saw something in any case,
maybe Jennifer's actually--
Maybe Jennifer nothing.
I mean you heard the doctor,
she's a nut case off her meds.
Now if I have a choice
between believing a doctor
or some babbling
oriental mystic,
I know who I'd put my money on.
[speaks foreign language]
It is funny though
that actually the doctor
didn't tell the whole story
about miller Hendrich.
Legend says that after
he was burned to death,
the devil was so
pleased with him
that he offered him
a job as a gate keeper.
Abe, Abe,
don't you start, yeah?
You're one of the sane ones.
It makes you think, though.
[chains rattle]
[thunder claps]
[metal grinds]
[radio static buzzes]
[playful country music]
[distant country music]
It was 100
degrees in the shade
50 miles from town
[flies buzz]
[playful country music]
[door creaks]
You stay here, sweetness.
[liquid splatters]
I could handle it
whenever it was just me,
but now you've started on Danny,
and I can't let you do this.
[lighter flicks]
Jesus, God, Jenny! Jenny!
Let me out you little bitch!
Let me out!
I'll kill you,
I'll fucking kill you!
Open this fucking door!
[child screams]
[Danny] Jenny!
No, Danny!
Danny! Danny!
- Danny!
- Jennifer?
- It's all right.
- Danny!
It's all right,
you're having a nightmare.
He... He went back in
for mama koala and...
- It's okay.
- And, I...
It's all right mon cherie.
I tried to go back, but I was...
I was to scared of the fire,
I was too scared of the fire...
[Ruby] I know, it's okay,
you're safe now, okay?
Look, look at the mill.
[Douglas] What?
Thank God,
there's someone there.
Wait, you're not
going out there?
Of course I'm going,
my son needs urgent help.
Abe, you can come with me,
it might be some backwood type
who can't speak English.
- What me?
- [Douglas] Yes, you.
[groans] Well...
The rest of you,
you stay away from her.
Okay, don't feel sorry for her,
she's dangerous.
That goes for you too, Curt.
You hang in there, we'll get out
of here very soon, I promise.
Ruby, let's light a holy fire
to call upon our ancestors.
- Fine.
- Maybe it can help you.
What did he say?
Something about his ancestors,
I didn't get it all.
Happy Holland, my shaven ass.
Are you really gonna
leave me like this?
[tin cans rumble]
Do you think it's true?
What Takashi said
about us all being sinners?
I don't know.
It's all crazy.
But... [sighs]
What? But what?
I did something once,
something bad,
a long time ago now,
back in Japan,
that's why I had to leave.
What did you do?
I had a rival,
very beautiful model
and a very mean... bitch.
I paid some Yakuza to...
[sighs] cut her and then she
drowned herself like a coward.
Why are you here?
[thunder claps]
Who the hell lives here?
I dunno.
[speaks foreign language]
We need more wood,
I'll look for some.
Keep your arm up.
Did you do something bad, too?
The key to a healthy,
sparkling set of teeth.
[glass jangles]
[bugs chirp]
[distant giggles]
[Takashi chants]
What's taking them so long?
[speaks foreign language]
[dark whispers]
[Douglass] What in God's name
is this place?
[wood creaks]
[dark snarl]
[mill grinds]
Jennifer, let's burn it down.
[Abe] Missy was right.
Oh, my God, Curt. Curt!
Ruby? Ruby?
- [Jennifer] Ruby?
- She was just here.
Go and have a look.
[Curt] Where is she?
[Takashi] Ruby!
She's gone.
I'm sure she's all right.
Curt! Curt!
You're okay.
You're okay, oh, thank God.
Where's the mademoiselle?
He took her.
[Abe] What?
You're right, I'm sorry.
There's some, someone else here.
Then untie me.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what to do.
Yeah, well I think I know.
I saw something when, um, when
Takashi was doing his, his...
Yes, that's it. Look here.
Let's burn down the windmill.
Look the mill, we need
to set the mill on fire.
- [Douglas] What?
- Yes, fire.
- How's that gonna help?
- Well, the mill is the doorway,
but the miller's
just the doorman,
so if we could just
get in there and--
This isn't hell.
This is Holland.
We've wandered
into the territory
of a maniac
holed up in that mill,
I say we just fucking leave.
Dad, what was your sin?
Your sin, you must've
done something.
- No, Curt, no.
- You suddenly turn up
at my school
to take me away on
this bonding trip,
even though it's term time.
You have my passport with you,
I can't get hold of Mom.
She always answers her ph...
Dad... did you do
something to Mom?
You don't know
what she put me through.
All these years...
Before the divorce, and...
She was gonna stop visiting
rights, so I never see you.
My son!
Never see you again?
She's a heartless,
selfish, fucking bitch.
Curt! No, Curt!
- Curt!
- Guys, guys, wait here.
- Come back.
- [Jennifer] Curt!
- Please, Curt!
- [Jennifer] Come back, Curt!
I'm sorry!
[Curt] Dad, help me!
- Douglas... Douglas?
- [Douglas] Curt!
Curt, Curt come back!
No, no, Douglas,
he's over here!
Curt, please, I'm sorry!
- [Curt] Dad!
- Curt!
- [Curt] Where are you?
- Curt!
Curt, please! Curt!
[phone rings]
[thunder claps]
[line trilling]
[voicemail beeps]
[woman] Hello,
Vanessa West here,
please leave a message
after the tone.
[static buzzes]
[phone rings]
[choking grunts]
[chains jangle]
[choking grunts]
[Curt] Dad?
[Douglas] Curt.
[metal clanks]
[Curt] Dad, no!
It's all right, I got you.
I won't let him
get you, I promise.
[chains rattle]
Found it. Look here.
Now what? Huh?
Wait a moment.
With this...
Happy Holland Tour Bus.
You wanna...
from the bus, ah! Clever!
Yes, exactly!
Well, that's the thing...
[breathes heavily]
Listen, friend,
painful situations like this
sometimes arise.
If that happens,
it's my task to help the master.
He takes care of
the sinners and I...
Right, one remorseful
Asian down,
and one innocent
little boy to go.
[Jennifer] Abe? Takashi?
Guys where are you?
- Takashi, Takashi!
- Abe!
Ah, I thought you were
our crazy Japanese friend.
- Wait, where's Douglas?
- Douglas, he's um...
He's gone.
Where's Takashi?
I told you, he ran away.
What, why, he wouldn't do that,
I don't believe that.
- What's that for?
- Oh, this?
I dunno, Takashi gave it to me,
he said something about the bus?
- All right, okay.
I'm going.
- I'll take the torch.
Thanks, I'll go down there then.
It's less deep.
Oh, miss, wait...
You'll probably need this, huh?
Sit down, here sit, sit.
- You all right?
- Yep.
- Oh, wait...
- [Jennifer] Guys, it's working.
It was a spider...
It's a shame that a
innocent like you should
get caught up in this.
What? What do you mean?
You're smiling.
Don't you understand
what's happening?
I know what's happening, yeah.
Oh, boy, boy.
Yes, a sweet little boy.
Guys, could you help me?
I'm done.
Time to get up.
You can't escape from this.
Never... ever...
[mill grinds]
- [Curt] Hold on.
- [Jennifer] Curt, are you okay?
- A bit dizzy.
- Can you go on?
Let's get this over with.
Stay there.
[Abe] Be careful now.
[door creaks]
You stay here and keep watch.
I don't want you going in there.
[leaves rustle]
[mill churns]
[metal halts]
You think you can
save yourself by doing this?
All your sins will be forgiven?
You can't delay
what must happen.
- [leaves rustle]
- [gasps]
[bird crows distantly]
[doctor] The miller
sells himself to the devil.
One day, a local
discovers a tooth
and what appears to be human
bones in his bag of flour.
Come on, missy, let's go.
Missy, what are you doing?
Abe? Help.
Sorry, missy,
you belong to the master now.
[screams] No!
Curt! Curt!
Curt, please help! Curt!
You're mine now.
Sit, sit. Sit up.
That's right, Jenny.
Crawl away, like you always do.
Let the boy die.
It doesn't make any difference.
It's just like when you
left little Danny to burn!
That's my girl!
You fucking clobbered me,
fucking evil bastard!
I fucking hate you!
And I'm not scared
of you anymore.
I hate you for
what you did to me
and I hate you for
what you did to Danny.
I hate you.
It's my job for many years now
to clear up the innocence
for the master.
Listen here... To clear up
the innocence for the master.
Don't you worry,
you won't feel any pain.
[muffled whispers]
Hey, hey, hey!
Sit down, just be...
No, no, no, give it,
give it to me! Give it to me!
[evil forceful screams]
[whispered screams]
[Curt] Jenny!
- You want Jenny?
- Jenny!
- [grunts]
- [Curt] Jennifer!
[Curt] Jenny! Jennifer!
Jennifer, help!
Get the fuck away from him.
[Curt coughs]
Okay, come on, Curt!
Curt, come on!
Let's get out of here.
[Abe] Jennifer, come back,
you can't escape from this!
Curt? No...
Curt, Curt, wake up.
Come on, please, Curt.
Curt, come on, wake up, please.
Curt, come on!
[inhales sharply]
[fire roars]
Hey, we did it.
Hey, what, what?
Jenny? Jenny?
It will never be over.
[metal slashes]
You can't delay
what must happen.
[metal clangs]
Jennifer, no! Jennifer!
Jenny! Jennifer! No!
[thunder rumbles]
[engine rumbles distantly]
[mill churns]
Find yourself a place.
Oh, just, great.
Ticket, sir?
Yeah, one minute.
Oh, it doesn't matter, always
room for one more sinner, sir.
Just joking, come on.
[engine rumbles]
[thunder booms]
[distant screams]
[thunder claps]