The Winner (1996) Movie Script

Hey, Frankie.
Here it comes.
Here comes what?
The bus. Here it is.
I can see the bus, Paulie.
Thank you.
Let's go! Sometime today.
He ain't here.
What do you mean,
"he ain't here"?
Welcome to Vegas.
You look good.
You look good.
Hey, Joey.
How ya doin'?
Get the bags.
Joey, look, uh,
you gotta believe me.
This guy has been winning
for five straight weeks.
It's like he's
the luckiest man in the
history of north America.
It all started in a casino
called the pair-a-dice.
He came from nothin'.
He looked like
any bum on the street.
When he got near that
roulette wheel, he was like
he was blessed with something.
He's been on a winning streak
for five weeks, Joey.
He's been playing every Sunday,
and he hasn't lost once.
You've never seen
anything like it.
Here's a coffee
with cream.
Do you mind?
I'm in the middle
of somethin'.
I'm sorry.
Okay, so, look, all we gotta do
is get Paulie to pretend
he's sick or somethin'.
Like he's chokin' on
a chicken bone. Like that.
Philip will take pity
on him right away and
give him money for a doctor,
because that's
the kind of guy he is.
Every Sunday when he wins,
he gives almost
all his money away.
I'm telling you,
Joey, there's a real
opportunity here.
I'm not doubting you.
Don't get me wrong.
Crazy things happen every day.
But what we're talkin'
about here is a guy...
With the name Philip.
All right, Philip.
I mean...
what's wrong with Philip?
Yeah, Philip.
Come on!
You don't like his name?
All I'm sayin'
is it would be nice...
If his name was,
say... Jesus.
Yeah, sure...
yeah, but...
the problem is, see,
I need a sign.
If his name was, say,
Jesus or, say, Moses...
Or even, say...
I would have that sign.
Take me to Philip.
Stupid son of a bitch!
Get outta here!
Goddamn you!
Here! Take this goddamn...
thanks... for the ride!
Well, I gotta run, baby.
So, run.
I just want to finish my
cigarette before I go home.
It's kind of cold out here.
You cold?
Cold feels good
when you know
you're gonna be rich.
I feel good, Jack.
I don't see us gettin' rich
off this guy.
Maybe he won you a car,
and he might buy you
a goddamn necklace,
but the guy doesn't
care enough about money
to make anybody rich.
He doesn't bet enough,
and then he gives it all away.
Your eyes must be goin'
in your old age.
You're gonna have to sell
this car, Louise.
Don't nag me about the car.
It's not like I'm asking you
to take out the garbage
or cut the grass.
I'm just reminding you,
you need to come up with cash,
like yesterday.
Can't keep the sharks
away forever.
I'm not asking for forever.
I never do.
I'm asking for a week.
Just 'til Sunday.
You know what
they're talkin' about
when it comes to you?
They're ready to beat on
your pretty face.
I've seen Kingman kill people
for much less, honey.
Kill me for
a lousy 50 grand?
Come on.
Worse comes to worse,
I sell the car, okay?
I met somebody
just the other day willing
to give me $20,000 cash.
Next week, on the spot,
a French guy.
Runs a, uh, bank in France.
International finance stuff.
You know how those guys are.
Yeah. I know 'em
like you know 'em.
Well, it's not gonna
come to that anyway.
Look, Jack, you gotta
back me up on this one.
I'm gettin' tired.
I'd be lyin' to you
if I didn't tell you
how tired I'm gettin'...
Of livin' the way that we do.
I'm gonna pay Kingman back,
but I want more than that.
Don't you, Jack?
Now is our time.
We are gonna be rich.
We are gonna be so rich
that we already are.
That it's spilling over
into the past.
We're gonna be
so fucking goddamn rich.
Oh, yeah?
How's that?
All we have to do is wait
for those magic words.
What are those magic words,
I... love... you.
'Cause if a person loves you,
really loves you,
they'll do anything for you.
You ever notice that?
I gotta run.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Frank Kingman's
Presents Louise.

I'm gonna give you
the lights of Las Vegas
I'm gonna give you the sky
I'm gonna promise you
a better life
keep you dreaming
even after you die
'cause here the lights
burn into the night
here love is the same
as a lie
All right, no more bets. No
more bets. Six is the number.
Here they're gonna take
everything from you
six! Winner is six.
But you feel hopeful
for a while
a while
I'm gonna give you
the lights of Las Vegas
Baby, baby have mercy on me
'cause we're all believers
trusting believers
even the desert
can feel like the sea
Thank you.
The old man's gone, Kingman.
Well, uh, everything
went really well.
Smooth as water, you might say.
That's good to hear.
You talk about water a lot.
You like water?
Well, not particularly.
I was just saying,
everything went smooth
as water, you know.
You've made me
very happy, Jack.
You talk to me about water,
and you tell me
things worked out.
When you do these things,
it makes me feel connected.
You know that feeling?
Feeling connected?
Yeah, sure.
'Cause I'll tell you something.
After a while,
it all just gets to you.
The chaos.
The randomness of the world.
Violence, beauty, disease.
After a while,
it all gets to you.
Can you see
how that might happen?
Jack, you can't
just go and kill a winner.
Where's the sport in that?
Sometimes it does a man good
to face a challenge,
to fight a battle.
That brings out the best in you,
brings out the best in him.
Otherwise, certain feelings
of hostility build up,
certain feelings
of... unpleasantness.
Come here.
Losers take care of themselves.
They lose.
Yeah, they lose.
But a winner, Jack,
you have to destroy.
A winner you have to
bring to their knees!
This is for you.
Thank you, sir.
You get something
for your wife too.
Thank you very much, sir.
I love you, man.
Buddy. I love this guy.
My pleasure.
Did you see what he did?
We should go.
He just kissed them,
and I won. You are the best.
Sit down.
Hello. You are entering
the liberace museum.
This was once the home
of liberace,
The highest paid and
best loved pianist in the world.
I think of you, Louise.
I think of you
as heaven on earth.
It always seemed to me that when
you have something beautiful,
it's a shame not to share it.
So, please, enjoy
the beautiful home of
America's greatest entertainer.
Don't forget to
celebrate Liberace day...
I was Liberace's
favourite piano.
My rhinestones were laid
individually by hand.
It was on me that Liberace
first played Chopin's
"minute waltz" in 42 seconds.
Oh, baby!
As Mr. showmanship
himself said once...
A fortune teller told me
once never to get married...
That my wife would die
a tragic death.
Is that funny to you?
Did she lean in close?
Did she whisper in your ear...?
"Please let me save you.
"Let me break the spell!
"I don't want you
to be alone forever.
"No one should
be alone forever."
Something like that.
And did she stick out
her hand and say,
"that'll be 500 bucks"?
I didn't have
the money at the time.
Say you'll marry me.
Say it's you and me
from this moment on.
We're in this together.
Please, Philip.
So I know.
I wanna know.
Yes, baby.
I'll marry you.
We'd like to welcome
all shriners...
Louise. Hey.
Where you been?
I've been lookin' for you.
That's where I've been.
What do you want?
Here's what I need.
I need you to go to my place
tonight and wreck it.
I'm bringing Philip there.
I want him to see it.
I'm gonna tell him
the mob did it because
I owe them money.
You do owe money.
I'm gonna tell him
I owe 150,000.
Philip is gonna want
to save me, and he can win
that money this Sunday.
One bet, he can win it all.
The odds are 36 to 1.
He's never bet
more than 1,000.
But this time
he'll be doing it for me.
He loves me, Jack.
Did you hear
the magic words, honey?
How much cash
has he got around?
He keeps some in a box
under his bed.
I counted it
the other night.
It's about 5,000.
If he puts all that
down and wins,
there's our 150,000.
We pay off Kingman,
we still have
$100,000 to spare.
Do you see how beautiful
life can be?
Louise, don't
look at me that way.
You know how it makes me feel.
It's good to feel, Jack.
You know what
I'm talkin' about.
You want to hear me say it?
Is that it? I think I can
get it up this time.
Why torture yourself, Jack?
We have a good thing,
don't we?
We understand each other.
Why mess with it?
A lot of people want
your lover boy to lose.
Kingman wants him to lose.
Yeah, but, see,
he is not gonna lose.
This is one thing
I know for sure.
Hope you're right.
I know one thing.
You got him.
I watched the two of you.
I don't think he'd suspect you
if you came at him
with a knife in your hand...
And blood coming out
of your eyes.
Louise, Jack,
do you have a light?
What is that?
A joint?
No, it's a roll-up.
I'm sorry. I don't.
This guy is so fuckin' weird.
I know.
Talks with that phony French accent.
He's not even French.
I heard he's from New Zealand.
What the fuck is this?
Looks like a rehearsal.
For what? There's nothing
going on here tonight.
Hey, Garson!
Get in here.
My name is gaston.
Whatever the fuck it is.
What is this?
I don't understand.
It's my rehearsal.
Could you take it up
in the parking lot?
For you... anything.
Come on, girls.
To the parking.
Now, listen, when you
tear up my place tonight,
do not fuck with
my aquarium or my canopy
over the bed, okay?
Or my vase on the dresser.
I hate that fuckin' vase.
That's the first thing
that'll go.
Jack, my father gave me
that vase the last time
I saw him, all right?
When was that?
I was 14. He took me
to a bus depot in Detroit.
I'll never forget it.
I've heard the fuckin'
vase story, okay?
It was nighttime,
and it was rainin'.
You were cryin',
but you didn't know why.
Don't fuck with my vase.
Is that too much to ask?
Hey, Philip.
My dress, honey.
Ha! Joey was dyin'
to meet ya.
He saw you playin'.
He was so impressed
with your abilities...
It's a pleasure, Joseph.
Please, to you, it's Joey.
Right. Joey.
Were you lookin'
at wedding rings?
Yeah, I'm getting
married soon.
Hey! Congratulations!
We'll have a party.
That is something.
That's the best thing
about this place.
You can married like that.
I want to write
an article about you.
I want to write an article
about you.
People all over
the place have heard of you,
but nobody really knows you.
There's people out there
who don't believe you exist.
I want to write a book
about you.
A book?
You just said an article.
An article becomes a series
of articles becomes a book.
I write for a major, uh...
Metropolitan daily newspaper.
This is the kind of feature
I've been lookin' to write.
A major metropolitan
daily newspaper.
That's right, Phil.
I'm flattered.
Can't do this right now though.
I can't do an interview
right now.
It's a human interest piece
is what it is.
What the readers
are dying to know is
how'd you get so damn lucky?
I really never was before.
That's interesting.
Those are the kind
of comments, foresight...
And interesting thoughts
we need for this piece.
Is that thing rolling?
It's rolling.
Why... Sundays?
Why do you only
play on Sundays?
I first won on a Sunday.
And, why did you first play?
I don't know.
Nobody's really ever
asked me that before.
The night that I first won,
I was depressed.
Now that I think about it,
I was incredibly depressed.
I thought that the world
for me would always be...
A lonely place full
of deceit and suffering...
I'd never understand.
I felt lost in a
huge crowd of strangers...
I couldn't penetrate.
Soon it seemed the wheel was...
was calling out to me.
That... that it
was pulling me...
Into the world,
and I wouldn't
be allowed to resist.
And how did it feel?
How did it feel to win?
Like I might finally know
what it's like to be happy.
I thought that the world...
go on. Don't stop.
Let it out.
I felt lost in the crowd
of the world.
And I wanted to leave.
The world.
I haven't thought about
this in a while, but now
that I think about it,
that night I first won
I had planned to kill
myself at midnight.
I've thought...
I've thought about that too.
I think all great men have.
For your out-of-state,
cheque-cashing needs,
the money market is here...
whether you have
a personal cheque, two party,
government, cashier's cheque
or payroll cheque,
the money market
will cash it for you.
He has the ticket.
market at the casino cashier...
Will help you with your needs,
letting you get back
to the action.
Oh, my God!
Oh! My God! Jesus!
- Everything wrecked.
- Well, they left your jewelry.
My mother gave me this
the last time I saw her,
We should
call the police.
I owe some people
a lot of money.
Think they're gonna kill me?
You know, I mean, I...
we should leave!
I'm tired of running.
How much do you owe?
I can't even tell you,
A quarter of a million dollars.
Oh, don't.
Thank you, Philip.
I thought I still had time.
I've been paying them off
in slow increments.
My mother
died last year.
And then my father
three days later.
He couldn't live without her.
It was all up to me to take care
of the funeral arrangements.
I had no idea how expensive
all that is.
They've got you screwed to
the wall unless you cremate.
I had nowhere to turn.
One of those
pauper's graves.
A pauper's grave?
Strangers piled together
in some ditch somewhere.
Somebody told me
you can't even clothe them.
Thank you.
These guys just pour
the money on you at first,
because they want
to get you hooked.
Before I knew it, the 50 grand
had turned into 100.
When I couldn't pay
that back, they added on
some fucking crazy interest,
'til at one point
they actually
started doubling it.
And now they've
been telling me I have
until this Sunday...
there's my car
and, and my house.
But all that takes time.
You know, I mean...
I'll win it on Sunday.
I'll win it.
I still have,
some cash.
That's so sweet of you,
but I couldn't possibly...
Louise, I would do...
yes, of course,
I would.
Oh, baby.
It'll be okay.
What the fuck is this?
This can't be real.
I can see it.
This can't
be fucking real.
Don't touch it!
Okay. Okay.
We should go.
It's somebody's
actual hand.
Fucking lunatic!
What are you doing?
Oh, my God!
It's a human hand!
Louise, don't!
Oh, my God!
There's blood on my dress.
Who are these people?
I... I can't...
my mind... my mind
is just all black, Philip.
It's all black.
You should never
go near them again.
A human hand, Louise.
Just no cops, okay?
I'm dead if you go to the cops.
Man, I'm fuckin' cold.
Hey, Joe.
Look at these, huh?
This one's yours.
This is my idea, Joey.
See, now, this is what
I'm thinking.
Sunday night we grab
Philip when he's coming out
of the casino,
because you know what
happens Sunday night.
Sunday night is money night,
and money night is...
what the fuck
is wrong with you?
Ya fuckin' idiots.
Ya fuckin' morons.
Ya fuckin' schmucks.
Don't you know
that he's worth a hell
of a lot more than money?
This is Phil
we're talkin' about.
But I like the masks.
I told ya he'd like the masks.
He'd never
know it was us.
That's right.
And after, then,
we could still be friends.
Absolutely right.
What are these looks?
What are these fuckin' looks
you're givin' me?
These looks, they're sayin',
"Joey's a parasite."
No, you're...
He needs us too, am I right?
Sure, he does.
The thing is, we gotta
get him to bet a couple
of thousand dollars this week.
That way, he'll have
more money in his pocket
than he ever did before.
This isn't about
a two-bit win.
Because if you win
like that, you're
still a fuckin' nobody.
This is about
changin' our lives.
He's a fuckin' freak.
He wears a dress and goes out
with that guy that works
with the sanitation department.
What the hell
did you do?
Let me call you back.
All I wanted was
my goddamn place wrecked.
I don't think you
appreciate me enough lately.
What the fuck is this
doing in my aquarium?
He's like a wild dog.
I had to throw him
a piece of meat, okay?
You cut off somebody's hand?
No, I'm telling you they did.
You lie so much
you forget what's
really going on here.
You really do owe
that money, remember?
They ask me
to throw this your way,
I gotta throw it your way.
Do you swear that you had
nothing to do with this?
Yes, I swear that I had
nothing to do with this.
Can I have a Martini, please?
I say we just leave town
and keep all the money.
Not a chance.
You gotta pay off your debt.
Is that what they
taught you in school?
You've been poor too long.
We'll never
get away with it.
You've taken him before.
You've been skimming
off the top...
shut up. Be quiet.
This is different.
I just...
what? You can't?
That what you're about
to say, 'cause I don't want
to fucking hear it.
That bastard's not getting
a single fucking penny.
It's my money.
I need it.
My hearing must be going bad.
Did you say, your money?
I mean, our money.
We have a deal.
Bastard. Stuck his claws
in me first week
I was in town.
Supposed to help me
get on my feet.
Instead all I got were
his claws in my back. I'm
fuckin' through with him.
He's watchin' us, you know.
Yeah, well, so what?
Louise, there wouldn't be
enough time after Philip wins
for us to get out.
We could make it work.
So, you with me, Jack?
Are you with me?
Yeah, sure, Louise.
I guess so.
Can I have
another one, please?
You bet.
Little brother?
No, wolf.
No, no.
No, no. No, no, no.
No, no. This is not good.
No, no. No, no!
Goddamn it, Philip!
No! No!
Goddamn it.
You stupid son of a bitch.
Get down there!
Are you happy now?
What did you do with my car?
What fucking car?
Last time you visited,
you stole my car.
I drove it around.
Piece of shit.
What is it that you want?
Why did you come?
I came with dad.
He's dead.
What do you mean?
Dad is dead.
He's out there
in the sleeping bag.
Oh! What?
What? That's him?
Sure is.
Somebody shot him in the head.
Are you saying that
somebody shot him dead
in the head?
That's what I'm saying.
Somebody shot dad
dead in the head
and left him there.
And that's him?
Now he's here.
Let me see.
No. No.
I want to see.
Let me see his face.
No. No!
Let me see him.
Let me just...
no, no. No.
Philip, I don't want you
to see him.
He looks bad.
The back of his head's
blown out.
He's dead.
There's nothin'
you can do about it.
Okay. Get out.
You have to go now.
I came all the way
down here to see you.
I brought him with me,
you should just grab this.
So you wouldn't have
to hear about it
from a stranger.
Just take this...
I'm not going to leave.
I'm not going to leave.
I got no alibi.
They're going to put me
back in jail.
I'll go to jail for that.
I got no alibi.
Philip. Please.
I have... tea.
You have some tea.
Do you want a beer?
I have beer.
I have beer.
What are you going
to tell the police?
I'm not gonna tell
the police nothin'.
No, no. No.
I got a bad record,
Oh, no, you...
I'd be the
number one suspect.
You have to tell the
police, because otherwise
it looks really bad.
It does look bad.
It would look...
It would be really, really,
really, really bad.
I got no alibi. All I could
think of was to come down
here and find you, okay?
What am I gonna do?
He's heavy. Believe me.
You know, I could
have been winning
when they killed him.
I could have been having
the time of my life.
I guess maybe you have
been winning, Phil.
I guess maybe
you have been winning.
I guess maybe you
won a lot. Come on.
Let's go bury dad.
I'm worried about you,
Philip, if you want
to know the truth.
We got to find
that motherfucker
who killed him.
And we got to find him
before he kills you.
What's it got to do with me?
I got a bad feeling.
I got a strange feeling.
I'm having bad dreams.
I'm gettin' all dark
in my mind and filled up
with all kinds of crap.
I'm gettin' all reeled up.
What kind of dreams?
Dreams about you and dad...
You see that godforsaken
shithole he was livin' in?
That's the kind of place
where you die and nobody
even notices you're gone.
That's the kind of place
where they throw you
in a pit for speeding...
And just leave you there
to howl for the rest
of your life, man.
Nobody's even gonna
know he's gone.
Daddy was a lonely
old drunk, Philip.
You were always too hard
on him. You never
understood him.
Everybody's misunderstood
one way or another.
And everybody dies.
Last time I saw you,
you hit me over the head...
And left me in
the middle of the desert
and stole my car.
Plan on doing that again?
You don't forget
anything, do ya?
I said I was sorry about that.
We should say something.
A prayer or something.
You're gonna get all
sentimental on me now,
aren't ya?
All right, then, go ahead.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Philip, that's my bag.
I thought you put it
in the hole.
You gotta be careful
about stuff like that.
I'll get rid of it.
I'll be careful.
They took his hand.
What do you mean?
What do you mean,
"they took his hand"?
They cut off his hand.
Oh, no!
I wrapped up the stump,
'cause I didn't want you
to see it.
It bothered me too, okay?
Nobody hated him as much
as I did, Philip.
I gotta go.
I gotta go warn somebody.
Would you just use
the keys once?
Let me tell you what I see.
I see a man...
Swimming out
in the middle of the ocean.
And you know what.
He went out too far.
He's going to drown.
Know why?
He went out too far?
Don't step over the line, Jack.
Nobody likes somebody
who goes out too far.
You stay with the group.
The group does not like
people leaving the group.
Is something
wrong, Kingman?
Do you feel okay?
I feel very strong.
Hey, guys!
Look who it is! Philip!
How you doin'?
Ready for the big night
on Sunday?
You haven't seen Louise,
have you?
Louise, Louise.
What's the big rush?
I got a hot tip.
I read your horoscope.
Sunday's gonna be...
can ya help me out?
It's a pleasure.
What the fuck!
What the fuck are you doin'?
Who the fuck are you?
Huh? Who the fuck are you?
Who the fuck are you?
You scumbag! I saw
what you were tryin' to do!
You were reaching for
the fuckin' wallet! I saw...
what are you doing?
That's wrong.
You calm down.
You calm down.
You could get some help
for that.
You calm down.
Phil. Phil.
You think his arm's
really broken?
Think of how it would have
hurt him when I hit him
if his arm was really broken.
He would have passed out in
the street right in front of us.
Phil! Wait!
Philip! It's difficult
to know who to trust Phil!
Hiya, Lucy.
Why'd you run away?
Every time I turned my back,
you were looking at the door.
No, I wasn't.
Why would I
do that, hmm?
You know how much I love you.
I always have.
Baby, you there?
Oh, gosh.
Philip's gonna be here soon.
Your brother.
That was him.
He's gonna be here soon.
I know who it was.
What the fuck is goin' on
with you and my brother?
Where do you get keys
to that door?
What are you doin' here?
What are you talkin' about?
We're together.
Not true, baby!
You and my brother?
That's right.
You and him together?
Yeah, just relax, okay?
Does he know about us?
No. Come on.
There's not
that much to know.
Hmm. I don't know, honey.
You disappeared on me.
Me driving around.
I thought I might die
if I never saw you again.
I'm sure it wasn't that bad.
I thought we made
a pretty good team.
We did, you know?
But counting cards?
I don't know. The thrill
just doesn't last forever.
You better start talkin' to me.
You better tell me what
you're gonna take him for.
You don't talk to me,
I'm gonna start talkin'
to him about you.
I'm not takin' him,
Yeah, sure.
I'd be lyin' to you if I
didn't tell you I was gonna,
but I fell in love with him.
It's true. I fell madly
in love with your brother.
Yeah, sure.
I don't believe
a word you say, honey.
What the fuck do I care
what you believe?
You know,
you are really a mess.
Okay? Now Philip is going
to be here any minute.
So tell me what it is
you really want and get out.
Got some money for me?
I've got nothing
else for you.
Go fuck yourself, honey.
You wish.
Hey! That's my truck!
Come back here! Hey!
Could I get
a shot of vodka, please?
I was wondering if you could
help me out with something.
Have you heard about
the, uh, disappearance...
Of a nearby
trailer park resident?
He was an old man.
He lived all by himself.
He looked something like that.
Get it for ya right away.
You ever see this jerk
in here?
How about you?
I seen him. Isn't this
the guy that was killed...
By those people
in the drugstore?
A tragedy!
Pues andale,
salud Al gringo muerto.
I salud!
Your brother swears
he didn't do it?
His hand was cut off.
Wolf couldn't do something
like that.
Your father's hand?
My father's hand!
Louise, you got to tell me
who you borrowed
the money from.
You've got to tell me.
Look, I told you,
I don't know.
I've never even seen 'em
What if you had to meet
with them? Where did you
meet them in the first place?
If I told you, you'd just
try and go after them.
You don't know what
you're up against.
They're evil!
I don't wanna hear
about the evil!
You don't understand!
I want the truth!
You don't understand.
What do you think I've
been giving you, Philip?
My God! Jesus Christ!
I don't know
how to find him.
He finds me.
He does whatever
the fuck he wants!
You don't have
any ice cream either.
I can get some.
Well, I want some
ice cream, Philip.
What kind do you like?
I like rocky road!
It's what I like.
I'll get some. Okay.
Thank you.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Lookin' around
for some extra cash?
Philip gone?
I've been checking around
about my father's murder.
Philip tell you
how he was killed?
Yeah. Seems to think you
wouldn't have the heart to
cut off your own father's hand.
It seems there
was a dark gray,
four-door sedan...
Next to the trailer that night.
A gray sedan?
You used to have one
like that, didn't ya?
What'd you do?
Lend it to a friend?
I'd love to hang out and
reminisce about old cars,
but I got other stuff I...
hey. Come here.
I'm gonna find out
about it sooner or later.
Why don't you throw your arms
around me and ask me to run away
with you forever?
Get a grip.
I got one.
Okay, baby.
I need that money you offered me.
A thousand dollars.
As a matter of fact, I think
Philip's doin' pretty well.
I could use 5,000.
Just to get me out of
a bad time. That's all.
Look, you don't have
to explain, okay?
I already told you,
you need cash,
I'll get it for you.
You need five grand,
you got it.
Just give me 'til Sunday.
Don't forget.
I know you.
Oh, no, you don't.
Yes, I do.
No, you don't.
He's gonna come out here.
That's when I'm gonna
grab him. Now, Paulie...
You handle the girl
or anyone else who's
hanging around him.
You stay with the car.
hey, you know what?
I had a dream about him.
Paulie, be quiet.
All I'm saying is I had
a dream about Philip.
What kind of a dream?
Maybe we should get
some more beer, huh?
Shut up!
What kind of a dream?
I don't remember it
too well.
What is the matter
with you?
What kind of a dream?
Well, all I remember
is that we jumped him.
We beat him.
We took his money
and left him alone to die.
We were robbing him,
and all of a sudden,
in the dream,
you went like...
I don't want to hear this.
Nobody touches Philip.
All right?
All right.
We take his money.
That's it.
That is the whole point...
Of everything
that I have been saying,
everything that
I have been doing...
And everything
that I have been thinking.
Uh... okay.
How do I look?
Pretty damn good, huh?
Louise, what
the hell's goin' on?
I decided to pay Kingman back.
The whole 50,000?
The hell you did.
You don't believe me?
What do you want,
me to fall to my knees,
break down and cry
over this fucking bastard?
I'm telling you I've given up.
And I really wanted
to beat him, Jack.
I really wanted to beat him.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Look, we still got 100 grand.
We've been a hell
of a lot worse off
than that before.
That's the thing.
Philip's brother found him.
Your old lover boy's
back in town, huh?
He wants money
to keep quiet.
Keep quiet about what?
About me.
Could you do this up, please?
How much?
Fifty thousand.
Louise, that's a lot.
I know.
Can't you cut him out?
I'm afraid of him, Jack.
You see, I think
he killed their father.
Johnny's always
hated his father.
Who the hell is Johnny?
Wolf, Johnny,
whatever he calls himself.
You see, Kingman sent
somebody over to cut off
the father's hand.
But, Johnny...
Johnny's the real killer.
You never told me
anything like that before...
About Johnny or wolf
or whatever you call him.
It's not gonna be so bad,
is it, Jack?
We still have 50,000.
It just means
after Philip wins,
after he hands me the money,
Johnny's gonna
be standing right there
waiting to collect.
I'm gonna have to pay him
before I can bring you
back the money.
You see?
You still want
to leave with me,
don't you, Jack?
Well, sure, I do, baby.
'Cause lately I don't know.
I've been wondering.
I'd be lonely
without you, Jack.
Did I ever tell you about
the first time I felt lonely?
Bullshit. Don't
even start, okay?
There was no first time.
You've always been lonely.
I gotta go on.
Listen, hey, Louise.
Look, ya know,
I'm the one that knows you.
You should take
some comfort in that.
Most people tell
their little lies
and nobody even notices.
You're so smart.
Look at her, Jack.
Think about how
he must love her.
You know,
she's more trouble
than she's worth.
Mr. Kingman's office.
I heard Philip's brother's
in town.
Hear he's asking around
about his father's murder.
You sure everything went
as smooth as water, Jack?
Sure I'm sure.
That wasn't the first
old drunk I've killed,
You weren't sloppy,
were you, Jack?
No, I wasn't sloppy.
I'm never sloppy.
Sure. I'll fax it over.
Spread the word
that the brother's involved
with this woman.
Tell somebody
who will tell Philip.
When he hears that,
he'll know he's unloved
and unwanted.
Sometimes I feel overwhelmed
by the tremendous powers
of destruction at our disposal.
You have to
sign this today.
When God realized
the world was evil,
he didn't go down and
individually kill everybody
that needed to be killed.
He sent the rain.
Forty days, forty nights.
I will be the rain.
I will be...
Now this is a cigar.
It's not bad.
Not bad?
It's great.
It's not great.
Philip's been deceived.
I just found out.
His brother and that
two-bit slut singer Louise...
they're involved.
And what's more, they're
probably leaving together.
He's still gonna win on Sunday.
You hear what
I'm saying, Paulie?
Philip doesn't know!
He doesn't know?
Come on.
Let's get a beer.
This is what I've been
tryin' to tell ya.
Philip needs us.
We've gotta protect 'im.
This is the kind of goddamn
deceit that could destroy
our Philly boy.
I should have remembered.
Saviors always get betrayed.
They get betrayed,
and then they get destroyed.
They get betrayed, and
then they get destroyed.
Joey, Joey.
It's a crucifixion
kind of a thing.
Joey. Joey.
Joey! Aw! Shit!
Oh, man!
Jesus Christ! You
got money for a cab?
I ain't got nothin'.
Philly-boy, open the door.
It's me, Joey.
Open the door!
I came to protect you
and I brought a little helper.
What are you doing here?
Don't be mad.
I know you're upset.
Let it go!
That crook with the
broken arm, that hustler.
I gotta tell you something.
You don't have to apologize.
There's certain things
that a man has got to know.
It's in regards to
that two-bit songstress
and your so-called brother.
They're in love.
I wouldn't say it
unless I was sure,
unless I'd seen it
with my own two eyes.
These photographs do not lie.
And what does that
leave you? A memory?
A memory that
will torture you and
torment you until you die?
And that kind of pain.
It's fucking unbearable.
Oh, Phil, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Just thought
you needed to know.
I know, Sunday is...
Is such an important day
for you, for all of us.
Oh, Phil.
Phil? I could stay
with ya, Phil.
911 emergency.
Hello. Hi.
I'd like to report a murder.
Five months? Huh?
You gonna make me wait
another five months?
No? You better not.
Where is it?
You got the money?
What the fuck
you lookin' at?
Oh, man.
Spare some change?
You hear me?
I want it now.
That's my money.
Thanks, man.
I want my fuckin' money now.
This guy sucks.
Shut up, man.
Let the man sing, huh?
You don't know.
No! You don't know.
I like his singing.
You fuck!
You know that?
Will you wait for this?
Those are my nickels,
What the fuck is wrong
with you, asshole?
That's my money!
That's my money!
I trapero!
I te mato cabron!
que historias...
i oye, dejenmelo!
It's my fight...
it's my fight!
I vete, vete!
It's my fight!
Hey, hey, hey!
It's my fight!
what happened to you?
Tell me things...
How you love me.
How... you...
how you never loved
anyone else...
The way you love me.
Tell me!
I do.
I do, Philip.
You're hurt.
What happened to you?
I just want to be close to you.
It feels like love, doesn't it?
Doesn't it feel that way?
What happened, Philip?
Nothing. Nothing.
What's wrong?
I could lose on Sunday.
What makes
you say that?
I could.
I was walking down the street,
and I suddenly realized
that I could lose.
What would happen to us then?
What would happen to you?
Why are you...
why would you think
you would lose?
Philip, you're gonna win.
Don't worry about the money.
Louise, I'll get your money.
Whatever it takes.
Whoever I have to deal with,
I'll get your money.
Why are you talking
to me like this?
Tell me things.
What do you want me
to tell you?
Tell me something.
Tell me something
you haven't told me yet.
Something that you don't think
that I would understand.
What do you want me
to tell you? That I...
that I need that money?
I mean, I need that money.
I'd be lyin' if
I didn't tell you that.
I... I...
Do you believe in evil?
I don't believe in evil.
I don't look at things
in those terms: Good and evil.
Sometimes I think
evil... is real.
Like a tree
or like the ocean...
Or something alive
that can reach out for you,
grab you and never let you go.
You're not evil, Louise.
I just...
I just want...
What do you want?
I just want to
get away from here.
That's all.
I want us both
to get away from here.
I understand.
I'm going to help you.
I'm going to help you get away.
Hold it right there!
Ma'am! Step out of the way,
ma'am! Step out of the way!
Hold it there!
You at the fence!
Put your hands in the air
and stay where you are.
Stay where you are!
Stop right where you are!
Hold it!
Freeze, motherfucker!
Put your hands on your head!
Put your hands on your head!
You heard him!
How much do you need?
You understand that tomorrow
you'll owe me double?
Tomorrow you will owe me
a half million dollars.
Do you plan on
playing tomorrow?
Well, then,
if you win,
we won't have a problem.
But if you lose, however...
I want you to understand
the seriousness
of the situation.
I'll win.
Now you each have a gun.
Holy shit! What?
Were they having a sale?
Who knows what wolf
and that vicious ViXen
got up their sleeves.
Joey, take a gun.
Nah. Guns make me crazy.
Guns are for losers,
like you.
Nope, I prefer...
My little helper.
Hey! I need to make a phone call.
Let me call my brother.
Hi, son.
It's time to go, amigos.
I vamonos!
It's time to go.
I vamonos!
I vamonos!
I vente, hermano!
I vamos, vamos!
I adios, amigo!
What's goin' on?
Well, looks like
old Philip kind of
changed our little plan.
He went and borrowed the money
to cover your debt.
He borrowed it?
I guess evidently
he thinks there's a chance
he might not win.
Makes you wonder, though,
if he knows what they'll do
to him if he loses.
Are you going to see him
right now, baby?
Well, yeah, actually.
He just called me.
You know what's odd about it.
You told me you needed 150,000.
He went off and borrowed
250,000. Funny guy,
that Philip, huh?
You just bring the fuckin' money
straight back here, okay?
Of course.
I got a better idea.
Why don't I go with you
for the hell of it?
Oh, come on, Jack.
It'd ruin everything.
You trying to set me up
for something?
'Cause I could go talk
to Kingman myself.
All that cash, Jack.
It adds up.
Yeah, right.
Just bring the money
straight back here,
will ya?
You gotta trust somebody.
She's gonna pick up your money,
and I'm gonna wait for her
back at her place.
You're gonna wait for her?
She'll bring it to me.
Jack, what do I care
about her damn money?
What do I give a shit
about her money?
Don't you know
it's the girl?
What's the girl?
The girl, the girl.
The girl's love
is keepin' him alive.
But she doesn't love him, so...
does she love you?
Don't worry, Jack.
She loves you.
You go back to her place.
She'll be there soon.
She'll walk through the door,
and she'll tell you
she loves you herself.
She'll drown you in her love.
That's what you're waiting
to hear, isn't it, Jack?
Does that make you
mad at me, Kingman?
I'm happy for you.
Now, you take good care of her.
And don't you worry
about Philip.
People have to endure in life.
They always do.
Don't they?
What is this, man?
You're gonna lose.
Doesn't matter.
You got her the money anyway.
She's gonna be okay.
It doesn't matter.
Here, baby.
This is for you
to pay off your debt.
Where'd you get
that kind of cash?
I still had
a lot of cash.
No, you didn't.
You would have given it to me
before if you had.
Philip, tell me
what's goin' on.
Nothing's going on.
I'm a little worried about you.
Are you gonna be safe?
Maybe I should
go with you.
I'm gonna be fine.
It's better if I'm alone.
Listen, Philip,
you are gonna win, okay?
I know you.
I know you better
than you know yourself.
Of course
I'm gonna win.
You are.
I will.
No one can
break you, okay?
It's something I knew
the first time I saw you.
Something I felt
that I never felt before.
I believe in you.
Why do you look so sad?
I'm not sad.
Baby, everything's okay.
Everything's right.
Thank you. Trust me.
Damn her!
Good-bye. I understand.
I'll always love you.
Hey, Philip!
Hey, buddy, can you spare
a dime for a Vietnam vet?
I'm a purple heart.
Get the fuck outta here.
This is for Phil!
You can't hurt Phil.
You can't...
Philly! Philly!
Die! Die!
Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil, Phil!
We're takin'
the whole fuckin' place.
You want us to go in now?
When I give you the signal.
Give me the fuckin' gun.
I thought you said
you didn't like guns.
Give me the fuckin' gun!
What about the masks?
Put 'em on.
Come on!
Ladies and gentlemen,
place your bets.
Honey, you've got to let it
ride or it's not gonna...
Louise, you came back.
I came back.
I love you.
Philip, there's some things
I've got to tell you.
I've been lying to you.
I know about you
and my brother.
I do.
About me and Johnny?
That was a long time ago.
That's nothing to me now.
I thought that you...
no, no, no.
I had this plan.
But then when I was
driving away from you,
I found your note.
And I realized
for the first time...
Louise! Louise!
Every fucking thing I did
I did for you, Louise!
No, get away from her, man!
Everybody, on the fuckin' floor!
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
Yes, yes, yes?
Son of a bitch!
Oh, Philip.
Let's get outta here.
Yes. Our money.
Come on, hon.
Oh, Jack.
Come on.
Come on, Louise.
We'll make it
outta here.
Philip, wait.
What I realized.
Oh, God.
Louise! No!
Oh, God!
Oh, God! Louise!
Oh, God. Louise, no.
No! No.
You don't leave me alone.
Don't leave me alone!
No! You get away!
Don't worry about it.
Look, Phil.
Phil, now that she's gone,
we can work on
our relationship.
Yes? What?
What I realized...
I realized I...
I love you.
I love you.
Yes... no.
No! No!
one, two, three.