The Winter Guest (1997) Movie Script

CRIES OU Are you all right?
Don't keep asking.
Not long for this world.
You can't tell by looking.
Can I not?
Do you see a bus?
- Your hem's dovvn.
- Eh?
Why don't you get the heating fixed?
You'll be late.
Piece of crap, this.
Leave it.
It's bloody freezing.
I'm all right, Alex.
I've left the immerser on.
I don't need a nursemaid.
- Why are you still here?
- I didn't know you were coming.
Well, you know now.
Go to school.
You leave her to me. Go on.
Are you all right, cherub?
Don't you look at me like that.
There. Serves you right.
'All dressed up. Oops.'
'Call that fox? Dyed rabbit.'
Died long ago, that. Wants burying,
that's what that wants.
Bury her with it, best thing.
Face on her!
'What's she done
to get a face like that?'
'Once before I saw the sea frozen.'
'Just the once. Long, long ago.'
A day that was.
What are you talking about?
Race you!
They should be in school.
Do you see a bus?
How d'you propose they get there?
Cuts through you, that wind.
Cuts you in two.
There's someone at the piano,
cherub, can you hear?
# Oh, can ye wash
a sailor's shirt?
# Oh, can ye wash it clean?
# Oh, can ye wash
a sailor's shirt?
# And hang it on the green? #
Summer music, that.
Boarding house music.
Do you remember Prestwick, cherub?
And the food in that place?
They played The Farmer's Boy
over and over. Do you remember?
Cherub? Frances?
# To be a farmer's boy
# Thing, thing, thing... #
We were all sick
when we got back that year.
I'm washing my hair.
And the beauty competition.
Oh, Frances. Miss Prestwick Junior.
I was proud.
Walking round that swimming pool.
Parading in your lovely red swimsuit
and your hair all the way
to your wee, fat bottom.
I could have bitten it for you.
A good, hard bite.
And a lovely smile on your face.
I knew then you were
blessed in all the world.
Touch wood when you say that.
Throw salt over your shoulder.
I can't hear you.
And your picture in the paper.
I have it, I have it yet.
Don't you worry.
What is it, cherub?
Did you throw that?
Snowball. That was my pie!
Was that a Menzies one?
- It was my breakfast.
- Carmichaels make better pies.
- Eh?
- Carmichaels.
Right you are. Thank you.
Next time I buy a pie
to chuck on the pavement,
I'll get it from Carmichaels.
Oh, my God!
Want a hand?
I'm fine.
Small cog first.
You be careful, Alex.
'It wants, that face.'
'Give her the moon,
she'd want the stars.'
Och, we all want. I want.
I've always wanted.
I'm wanting yet.
I can fix my own chain.
Don't take it off!
- You can fix it yourself.
- Leave the bloody thing!
What's your name?
- Eh?
- Nita, for God's sake.
You've got my hand.
I'll make the bed, cherub.
I'm making your bed for you.
Listen, Frances, listen, cherub.
Do you hear that?
# Thou art the music of my heart
# Cup of joy, oh, crushmacree
# Moon of guidance by night
# La, la, la, la, la, la, la#
There's no bus coming.
What's wrong with you?
I'm cold, that's all.
Stamp your feet, then.
I need the toilet.
Cross your legs.
I'm not a contortionist, Lily.
Catch your death here.
Catch your death
before you catch a bus.
Oh, Chloe!
"Peacefully, at home."
Tell me!
"Will be remembered." What
will she be remembered for, eh?
That's my paper.
Don't be a spoilsport.
A wee bit o' fun, Chloe. Guess.
Do I get the age?
A February birthday.
February birthday, February death.
I don't know who it is.
Where? Where is it?
Well, well, well, well, well!
She'll be remembered.
l'll say she'll be remembered.
Last saw her in Skinner's,
eating a chocolate meringue.
- This cold'll take a few.
- So it will.
We'll be spoilt for choice.
Funeral's on Thursday. Are vve free?
Today, we've got.
Wednesday, we've got.
Mark Thursday in, then.
Fucking brilliant, eh?
Look what you've bloody well done!
It was him! You blind?
You'd better run.
- What you gonna do?
- I'm gonna murder you. Come here.
- Keep your fucking hands to yourself.
- Look at the big man.
I'm not scared of you.
It's a snowman, that's all.
It's my snowman!
I wanted him perfect.
Doesn't matter.
I thought you'd gone.
I came back.
What for?
You're all wet.
- Come on the ice with me.
- Five to nine.
Come on!
You daft or what?
D'you not want to know how it feels?
What if there's only this day
left to us, out of all our lives?
Come out on the ice.
Right. Tiptoe.
Oh, my God!
The beauty contest man was a bollocks.
The costume rubbed my nipples raw.
My thighs got chapped on the elastic.
We had egg for tea. You made me eat
it cos of India's starving millions,
and I spewed up.
The boarding house woman was
blazing cos I didn't get to the bathroom
and all the sick went dovvn
the cracks in the lino.
And there was a thunderstorm.
You have a very selective memory.
- What have you done to your hair?
- Cut it.
That's plain to see!
- Needed a change.
- Oh, God.
- Do you like it?
- Your beautiful hair.
- A trim, that's all.
- ls that what you call it?
It'll grow.
Did you pay someone to do that?
- Boyish?
- Mannish.
- Gives me cheekbones.
- Doesn't make you younger.
The time has come to embrace my years,
Mother, welcome them,
not fight them.
Why? No-one else does.
It's the land of youth.
Never thought you'd let yourself go.
Say something nice, Mother. Try.
You have good bone structure.
You get it from me.
I'll make a beautiful skeleton.
Makes your neck longer.
Very handsome.
Thank you.
Have you kept it? Your hair!
If you were going
to a hot country...
- Didn't they give it to you?
- Didn't ask.
I'd have liked it.
Did you think of that? Of course not.
Maybe they've still got it.
Be in a wig by now.
Have you been out like that?
What does Alex say?
He likes it.
He'd say that to keep you happy.
You've taught him well.
Wear some earrings.
Let folk know you're a woman.
Are you going to Australia?
ls that why you cut it?
- It's getting thinner.
- It's not.
Look at it! You can
practically see the fish.
You go back if you want.
Wasn't fucking funny, Nita!
You made a fishing hole.
People lose their toes.
Give me a hand.
You're three metres from the beach.
Is that not a 26?
Will we run for it?
My running days are long gone.
You've a fine pair of legs.
It's a big funeral
and I'm not missing it.
With or without you, that's my bus.
You could sit down.
Where do you come from?
I live up on the hill.
- Nice for you. Sea view.
- Here.
Don't you bloody touch me. Get away.
That's for wrecking my breakfast.
I'll buy you another one.
Don't, Alex!
You can bloody freeze to death too!
'Be kissing, next.'
'Missed her chance.'
'I'd have had him kissing.'
'He'd have kissed me all right.'
Fuck off.
Suit yourself.
Think it goes on for ever?
Got to end somewhere.
What if it doesn't?
What if?
We could die of frostbite.
And not before time.
- What are these? What are they?
- Have a look.
Did you take these?
For a prospectus. A commission.
What's wrong with that?
- Bread and butter.
- We have to eat.
- You had a light in your eyes.
- You're not looking at them!
What did you take them with?
- The big camera.
- The one I bought you?
Yes. Yes, thank you for that.
You make it sound like a curse.
Why is it so hard?
- What?
- ls saying "thank you" so hard?
Without the camera you bought me,
I couldn't do this job.
I thought you'd take people.
That's why I bought it.
What's wrong with them?
Nothing exciting to show me?
My feet are dropping off.
Go home and get dry socks.
My grandmother's there.
My mother's had her hair out.
It's a bloody battlefield.
You don't have to keep
checking up on me. I'm all right.
Look at you.
I don't need you!
Don't you ever say that to me!
I was a young woman when I had you.
With a young woman's preoccupations.
You taught me to care, my God!
You taught me to look after you
24 hours a day.
Step by step, we went.
What do you expect?
Because you're grown up, I've to
stop caring if you're all right?
I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
I'm not sick.
I want the best for you, that's all.
I like these.
Look at the movement in that.
If you want movement, make a film.
This paper is old -
the camera shop man gave it to me.
- What age is he?
- Couldn't afford it.
I'm not looking for a husband.
You can't live on your own.
I've Alex.
It's lonely on your own. I know.
I like a colour picture.
Why do you not use colour?
The world's in colour, cherub.
'Guess what I'm thinking of.'
'Your mind is a mystery to me,
'I'm thinking of a French cake. Pink
icing. Will vve have one in town?'
It's a cremation.
We'll need a treat.
I've seen nice cremations.
Not as final, Chloe.
Know where you are with a burial.
Permanent, a burial.
Nothing like watching a coffin
slip into the earth.
The soil thudding down on the wood.
It's a rare treat these days.
Factory deaths now.
All this conservation, this ecology.
You'd think they'd want to save gas.
Will we have a French cake?
Why do you always take
the window seat?
A happy woman won't mutilate herself.
I don't mean the husband you lost.
A happy woman doesn't ruin her beauty.
This is my body and I can do
what I like - get fat, cut my hair.
I happen to think I look good.
I've seen you better.
I've seen better photographs.
I'm paid to take them.
You photographed a death
and it dried you up.
Will we go shopping, Mother?
Show me one picture
that you wanted to take.
That's Alex.
I don't expect you to like it.
I can see you in it. It's Australia.
You like it?
- Maybe he'll have a chance now.
- What do you mean?
- Don't play the innocent.
- You're trespassing.
- I'm scared to death (!)
- I'm warning you!
You two had no room for Alex.
Don't walk away from me!
As well he's dead. There.
I'll say what has to be said.
You were obsessed, the two of you.
You're obsessed yet.
Give it to me.
Days pass in a dream,
and years'll pass.
You'll not get the lost years back.
Where's your stick?
Do you want to go back to Australia?
Where is it?
You're not answering.
You liked Australia.
You walked
without a stick in the snow?
They didn't clear me a path.
You're a fool.
- I thought I did rather well.
- You could've killed yourself.
I'm getting better.
Use this.
I'm not using that, I don't like it.
What's wrong with it?
There's a lot of things I don't like
that you have, you do, but I keep quiet.
When are you ever quiet?
What do you do for an encore?
Good, eh?
What's that noise?
I don't want you to take me
to do my shopping.
I don't need you.
I'm to wait for casualty to call?
I'm getting better.
But you can tell me what to do?
Why do you hate me?
You always loved your father best.
Don't you think I didn't know.
Where's the tears?
- Are you going back to Australia?
- No tears?
I need a drink to cry.
Half bottle of Gordon's.
Gin tears, only sort I've got left.
My tear ducts are dry.
Only gin makes me lachrymose.
Do you call that breakfast?
Let me try without the stick.
I hate it. If I fall, you're there.
Not always.
I don't like shops.
- I don't like shopping.
- You have to eat tomorrow.
Bugger tomorrow! You're with me
today and we could have fun.
- Look at your hair.
- It's growing.
Not fast enough.
Did you like Australia?
And Alex?
He'd live there if he could.
Take your camera and we'll go out.
l'll be quiet.
I'd like to watch you work.
- It's freezing out there.
- I can put a jumper on.
You've one you can lend me.
Please, Frances. Please.
- Think there was something in there?
- No.
- Think there was, though?
- Got any cigs?
Nor me.
I've a Mars bar.
Want a bit?
King size.
Half and half?
Gonnae measure it?
Got a ruler? Give us it.
15 cm.
7.5. Mark it. I'll cut it.
My Mars bar.
My knife.
See mince?
Don't start.
Could be eyeballs for all you know.
Bumholes, even.
Oh, my God, Frances, the colours
in this. This is the one l'll have.
Comes dovvn to my knees.
Stop! Stop!
What do I look like?
Is that my face?
You look great.
You should change on the inside.
I get a fright looking in the mirror.
I'm the same inside as I was at 17.
I hate my old face.
Give me a sensible jumper
in keeping with my years.
Suits you.
More. More.
What the hell...?
- Is that your mum?
- What are they doing?
Nothing. Talking.
Sniping. Which way are they going?
How do I know?
Lighthouse. They'll be a while.
You're soaking.
How's your feet?
What feet? The house is empty.
Come home with me.
If you like.
- What's up with you?
- It's a worm! Big, fat, skooshy worm!
You scared of worms? Are you?
I am not!
Scared of a wee worm.
It's a squelcher!
It's a condom.
It's been used.
I fucking touched that.
I found one up a tree once.
Six metres up.
It's on my fingers.
I'm gonnae die!
Imagine doing it up a tree.
Imagine doing it.
Help me, God. Help me, Jesus.
You praying?
- What if?
- You praying to God?
To Aunt Fanny, what do you think?
Probably didn't do it up a tree.
Probably threw it there after.
What do you do with them after?
Don't tell you in sex education.
If it's like that, them people in
the films, I'm going to be a wanker.
It's the only fucking option.
If my balls drop.
My balls are never gonnae drop.
Ron's balls dropped to his knees.
I've got this empty bag of skin
between my legs, sticks to my thighs.
Waiting, just waiting.
When I wake up, leap out of bed,
down go the boxers, I look - empty.
Dear God, help me.
Christ Jesus, lend us a hand.
Sewage runs down this beach.
You're washing your hands in shit.
Colder in here than it was outside.
Heating's bust.
Can't you get it fixed?
Been bust for ages.
Want me to warm you up?
Do you want a bath?
What do you mean?
Hot bath would warm you.
If you don't mind.
These your dad?
Rest of her pictures
are in the studio.
Some in the dark room.
Studio's a mess.
There's a lock.
Don't forget your feet.
Give us the matches.
Won't burn like that.
There is an art to a beach fire.
You know, do you? You would.
Could do with a cig.
Hey, you could help.
I'm busy.
What do you call that?
You should rub Deep Heat on.
What for?
Make it grow.
They swell in the heat.
They shrivel in the cold.
- It makes them grow. Penetrates.
- Have you got any?
Yeah. In my bag.
Got it off my brother.
- He uses it.
- On his dong?
Fucking huge one he's got.
He uses Deep Heat?
Probably does.
Have you tried it?
Not yet. Only got this much.
Do you want it? You can have it.
Jesus! Fucking stench!
That's the goodness in it.
Brings tears to your eyes.
You don't use it on your eyes.
- Male strippers use it.
- How do you know?
Need big ones, so they use this.
That's all women want.
Strippers can't have maggots.
- Don't want to be a stripper.
- Might come in handy.
No job security. You have
to turn your hand to anything.
My dad's been made redundant.
He'd work in a pub. Do anything.
Take his clothes off,
if it wouldnae be an obscenity.
Wrinkled balls
and a big vein on his dick.
Varicose veins and piles.
Imagine a stripper with piles.
Try it. A good dollop.
That's all there is.
Better than nothing.
Will it make my balls drop?
Put it away. Keep it warm.
It's burning a bit.
That's it working.
Keep still.
Sam, it's burning.
It's bound to...a bit.
Sam! Sam!
For fuck's sake!
It's burning! My penis is on fire!
Jesus, get your kecks up!
Help my balls! Help me!
- Help me!
- You'll get yourself arrested.
My dong's falling off!
- Oh, fuck...
- Better?
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Mummy! Daddy! Mummy!
Is it better?
- Fuck! Fuck!
- ls it?
- Avv, shite! Avv, shite!
- Shut up, for fuck's sake.
- Bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger!
- I'll belt you if you don't shut up.
- It's only a wee bit of cream.
- You try it. Just you bloody try it.
- You crying?
- I'll cry if I vvant to.
Has it grown?
- Fucking dropped off.
- Has it, though?
You look like you've wet yourself.
Wasnae my fault.
Could have worked.
Here you are.
That for me? Give it.
Want half? Got a match?
- Your face and a pile of shite.
- Fuck off.
I don't want milk in my tea.
Turnips, they feed cows on.
One black.
Better not be turnips in heaven.
She needs watched.
Is that the ham?
Your change!
You think it'll last for ever.
For God's sake, be careful.
My year started in September
when you were young.
Up the hill to Christmas.
Roller-coaster ride to spring.
I know we fought. We scratched each
other's eyes out. I like a fight.
Will you slow down!
You're going to fall.
I'm not an invalid.
I can walk if l like.
We'll have a picnic.
If I was an invalid, I'd give up now.
- What are you trying to prove?
- Get your skates on.
I'm not playing.
I'm not ready to face the flames.
Jesus! Mother!
There's no towels.
You're an old fool!
Get up.
Is this your second childhood, Mother?
I hope you're hurt. I hope
you're in agony. You listening?
You deserve all you get. Now get up.
Take that look off your face.
I'm not dead yet.
Give me your clothes.
You want me to dry them, don't you?
Look at that.
Ruination of a good pair of tights.
It won't kill me.
You getting up at any point?
I quite like it down here.
Let me take you home.
I'm all right.
I'm all right.
Manning's Funeral Parlour is off
my list. Don't use it when l die.
I'll make a note.
If a funeral's in the morning,
that's what you expect.
After all, it's old - the hearse.
You're old, I'm old.
We got here without breaking down.
You can't have a funeral
without a body.
I don't dispute that.
They should check their hearse.
Delayed an hour.
Not as if it's cancelled.
Will we share it? Will we?
Corned beef or ham?
Has ham brown sauce?
I like brown sauce.
Take the corned beef.
Take it, Mother.
I eat when I'm hungry,
I drink when I'm dry.
I'd have liked a cup of tea.
# As a white candle in a holy place
# So is the beauty of an aged face
# As the spent radiance
of the winter sun
# So is a woman
with her travail done
# Her brood gone from her
and her thoughts are still
# As the water under a ruined mill. #
Jesus, where'd you get that?
Bit fucking sad, isn't it?
I like it.
Have them rolling in the aisles.
How many things do you go to?
This and that.
How many?
Choir. Scouts.
Fire's gone down.
What you jumping up for?
- Need more stuff.
- You're never at peace.
You'll freeze to death.
Who are you looking at?
I can look.
Not at me. Not like that.
You shouldn't smoke.
If I can't do that now, when can l?
I had you nice when you were wee.
My own clothes cost me nothing.
Used to get a...
Used to queue in the sales
for my clothes.
What? What is it, for God's sake?
Don't wave your hands about.
I'm not. I'm not. I don't know
what's wrong with you, cherub.
This is good, what we're doing today.
Is this not good?
Are you enjoying yourself?
Are you?
Yes, I am.
I'd not have seen you hurt.
You'd a better bonnet if I'd died.
I prayed God to take me in his stead.
You were safe enough offering.
It doesn't work like that, does it?
Does it?
Do you think I look like a boy?
- You look nice.
- I don't look like a girl.
If you cut off my head and stuck it
on a pole, it'd be a boy's head.
They'd say "That's a boy's head."
I've got boys' knees -
look, knobbles.
Don't do that.
Feel this.
Have a feel of this.
Very nice.
Very strong.
Take off the fancy dress.
When are you going?
- What?
- Are you going?
When are you going?
Simple question. I'm not a fool.
- Give me a cigarette.
- I don't blame you.
Give me one.
It's a good coat, this.
Let me know when you want to go back.
Suits me, this.
My God, it's bleak!
I love it, winter!
I like definite weather.
When it rains, I like it pelting.
Wind - I like a good blow.
Sunshine - couldn't be doing with it
all the time, never a cloud.
Look at this. Look at it!
Clean it up and there's nowhere on
this Earth could beat it for beauty.
You'll miss the seasons when you go.
The weather gets me up
in the mornings.
Nothing else to get up for.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I haven't made up my mind.
You tell me. Go on.
What have I got to get up for?
Stop it.
I get up to find my body.
And sometimes I win - for an hour
or two. Day or two, if I'm lucky.
I don't need you.
I don't need a living soul.
I don't envy you.
You make it hard, living.
You think you're so much better.
Dear God,
I haven't made such a mess of it.
I don't expect anything from you.
I've had little enough, God knows.
You could tell me straight.
Are you going?
Are you staying?
You're a closed person.
After what happened I thought
we might join - you might need...
I don't care who it is,
a person needs to be needed
and if you don't need me
you could lie.
If you're not going to smoke that
cigarette, Why did you take it?
I know you're listening!
Will you pick up that camera?
What did we come out here for?
You tell me.
Why do you not get angry?
Not at me, at him. At your husband.
Nothing wrong with anger,
it's better than Australia.
I'm angry with your husband. I see
what he's done to you and I'm angry.
Bugger Australia!
Jamie never went there.
I can leave him behind me if I go.
When I wake in the morning, that's
what I want. That's all I want.
To leave him behind.
Go to Carnoustie.
If you want somewhere
Jamie never went,
bet he never went to Carnoustie.
He'd hate your hair.
Pick up your camera.
Pick it up!
Can I touch?
Where'd you find them?
Sweetheart. Blue eyes he's got.
- She.
- Hovv do you know?
Why would he look at you like that?
Tortoiseshell. Don't get boy ones.
What they doing here?
Left them to die.
What kind of bastards'd want
to kill a wee thing like this?
His voice. Listen.
What are we going to do?
My mum'll take them. Not yet.
We're supposed to be at school.
She's great, my mum.
Some things she won't tolerate.
"Jeopardising your future.
Present pleasure, future grief."
I've had pneumonia,
I've been at school.
I went to school with my antibiotics
and, "Pull yourself together!"
That's what followed me.
I go home now, I'll get the look.
"You've wounded me to the heart."
I didn't ask to be born.
She drives you to it.
And then she tells you...
every pain of her labour
she gives you...
and the stitches they sewed her up with.
"Ask? You're right
you didn't ask to be born. Ask?
"You demanded!"
I can't go home
until school's well over.
My mum won't have
an animal in the house.
Cats give her the willies, she says.
I'm having this one. I'm having it.
Jesus, Sam, she's licking me.
Giving you a wash.
Rough tongue. I think she likes me.
She'd have to be fond to lick you.
I wouldn't lick you.
She's giving me a clean.
Bloody right she is. You niff.
Fanny. Her name - Fanny.
What's wrong?
You can't call a cat Fanny.
Shouting for her.
- What's wrong with it?
- You dumb or what?
Fanny. I like it.
Sleep, wee girl, sleep.
Be singing it a lullaby next.
Folks should have a kitten delivered
with the milk.
Bloody tickles.
Deliver them with the milk.
Make the world a better place!
Dying on the beach. Jesus, Sam.
Fucking mystery of fucking life.
You get born, pushed out the house,
playschool, nursery - learn this.
What the fuck for?
They're working, you're working.
I've never seen them happy.
Seen them laughing.
Seen my mum rolling about laughing.
Frighten anybody to death.
College, university, work. Work!
What the fuck do they have kids for?
Never see them.
"Under my feet.
What am I supposed to do with you?"
I'm in despair. Let me bloody live.
I'm going to be a vet.
Work in a park in Africa.
Fucking park. Fucking park?
That's not real.
- I'm going to pack shelves in Safeway.
- You're not.
That's what Crockett told my mum.
"I'm disappointed in you," she said.
Gave a maths tutor a door key.
I get in. Mother's no there, house
is cold, he's there waiting for me.
School 9 to 4, tutor 5 to 6,
homework 7 to 9, bed.
Get up. Fucking clarinet.
What do they fucking want?
Torture and you have to thank her
for it. If you don't, she cries.
I don't know. Don't know.
You're not going
to pack the shelves in Safeway.
No harm in that. Eh, sweetheart?
Oh, no... God.
Sit dovvn.
Do as you're told.
I fancied you.
Hey! It tickles.
I've been at that bus stop every day.
Weeks I've been there for.
You really didn't see me? Never?
I wish I had.
I saw you.
The moment we moved here.
The furniture van
was still at our front door.
Always wash between your toes.
Touch me.
Touch me.
I'll wash the other foot.
I'd like that.
Water's not too hot?
It's fine.
I'll get the towel.
Sorry, I forgot it.
What is it?
They creak, these houses.
- They're haunted.
- They are not.
My dad said so. I see more of my dad
now than I did when he was alive.
Laugh, go on. It's a joke
I see more of my dad now.
Come back to the fire.
He's waiting for her.
He used to stand by that mirror.
'And her with him.
Just looking at himself.
'Too much skin on his body.
Bloody starving to death.
'Her arm at his back.
Hand in his arm.
'Till his body hurt him,
so she couldn't hold him any more.'
She would sleep, my mum,
when he was alive.
He wants her now.
One, two.
One, two, three.
Budge up a bit.
Beg your pardon?
Nice fire.
Can I share it?
I could do with a warm.
- I'd be delighted.
- ls that right?
Good way to get piles, this.
Sitting on cold stone.
What do you see?
I don't know.
I've treacle toffees.
Would you like one?
You're very kind.
One for your friend.
Boys. I should've had a son.
Girls are hard. Hard to rear.
Hard of heart.
A boy -
you can do something with a boy.
That a good toffee?
(Muffled) Very nice, thank you.
I bet you've got a lot of girlfriends.
Have they names?
She's your girlfriend?
No chance. She'll never ask me out.
Why don't you ask her?
It doesn't go like that.
She's 14, I'm...
Things they expect of you at 14.
I can't... I'd run if she asked
me out. Scared shitless, I'd be.
Beg your pardon.
One, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine!
Niner! Niner!
You take snaps for a living?
You like it?
The boy's asking you a question.
On a good day.
I don't trust you.
Would you say that to your mother?
What do you see?
What can she see?
That's her shield.
I see you very clearly.
Weddings. That's where you're headed.
This sees what I tell it.
Often and often it'll sniff out more.
It'll see the person, if they let it.
If I'm lucky,
it'll sense their secrets too.
And lay them out, every single one.
Didnae see her, did it?
Chaos, my lass. You've got
to open your arms and let chaos in!
You know all about chaos,
I know you do.
I've seen your bedroom.
Why is that funny?
Go on laugh, I don't care.
See the grey under her eyes?
Does her eyes same as you.
So she does.
I like your eyes.
Thank you.
I like your hair.
You're very kind.
Can I have a touch?
Will l leave you two alone?
Can I touch your hair?
Feel free.
Is it?
- Tickles.
- Does it?
Nice, that.
Really nice.
Are you done?
That it? That us done?
Thank you.
Take the photographs dovvn.
They're not mine.
It's time they came down.
They're my mother's.
- Don't.
- Shit!
She's hungry.
Here. You take this.
I couldn't possibly.
Buy that baby some milk.
You dropped your toffees.
Off you go to your friend.
You have fun with your friend.
See through my hand.
Blood running through my hand.
That's time belting away from me.
Time to cut my hair
and have a boy touch it.
A man touching me.
Too many years.
Too, too many.
Come on home, Mother.
Come on.
Lead us not into temptation.
But deliver us from evil.
Thine is the kingdom,
the power
and the glory.
For ever. Amen.
MUSIC: Rhosymedre by Vaughan Williams
Nice touch.
He's going to blow it out.
- What's wrong with that?
- I don't want him to.
Where's my damn cigarettes?
Have you got them?
- What would I want with them?
- "What would I want with them?"
- I haven't got them.
- Where are they, then?
I'm chilly. Take me in.
Where are those boys?
Off on their adventures.
He liked your hair. Can I feel it?
Tickles, right enough.
Have you had a good day? I have.
A rare day. They were nice boys.
- Do you think he took my cigarettes?
- Come on in.
Don't care if he did.
Have you any at home?
I don't smoke.
I asked if you had any cigarettes.
Yes, I've got some, I've got some.
I'm not deaf.
I'll smoke one with you if you like.
Are you going to Australia?
Are you going to live there?
It's a beautiful land.
You'd miss me in Australia.
Like a hole in the head.
Don't go to Australia.
Mist coming in.
I don't need your arm, I'll manage.
Take my bloody arm, Mother.
My name is Elspeth.
Take my arm, Elspeth.
Buy me a cup of tea. Warm me up.
Maybe I'll make a table
I can leave behind me.
A good, strong table.
With legs that are turned on a lathe.
Work that you can see,
and when you leave it there it is.
Solid. Bearing witness.
Don't you go away to some hot land.
That's no answer, Frances.
When I'm in my box, then you can go.
You're all right.
It'll make it colder.
Flare up in a minute.
I'll get fresh water.
Lily! Lily!
Are you all right?
Is that you?
Who do you think it is?
Open your eyes.
For God's sake, what's wrong?
- I fell.
- You did no such thing.
Hold on any tighter to that rail,
the bones'll come through your skin.
Let go of the rail.
- If l let go of this, l'll fall again.
- You will not.
That ground is waiting for me.
- Take my arm.
- Bring us both down.
Do you think I can't hold you?
I can hold you.
As God's my witness,
the world went away from me.
I didn't know where I was.
I don't know where I am yet.
Take my arm, you'll not fall.
l'll make sure you don't fall.
I'm telling you, you won't fall.
That's my good girl.
Step by step.
We've letters to write, you and me.
After all, we saw her a week ago.
We were practically in at the death.
You'll not fall while I'm here.
Will I see you again?
I'll be at the bus stop.
I mean see you.
Haar's coming in.
It's hard, that ice.
We could go out on it.
What for?
See how far we can get.
Could break.
Fucking great stones on it
didn't break it, did it?
- No.
- Well, then.
Haar could cut us off.
- You're feared. I'm going.
- I'm not stopping you.
- I'll go on my own.
- Go on.
- Right then. You coming?
- No.
- Fuck off, then.
- Fuck off yourself.
We'll go, won't we, Fanny?
You and me.
Safe as fucking houses.
Watch that kitten.
She's got a fucking name.
Fucking watch her, that's all.
She's all right with me.
I'll see no harm comes to you,
eh, sweetheart?
Fucking magic out here!
No-one else in all the world, Fanny.
Just you and me.
And a warm fire waiting on the beach
for when we go back.
If we go back.
We could walk to another land
from here.
A far-off land.
Turn your back on the shore, Fanny.
Don't look round.
No-one's been here ever before.
That's a fucking miracle.
See that rock?
We'll get past that,
then there'll be nothing.
Just nothing.
All the time in the vvorld for it.
We're ice people, you and me.
This is our land.
Put your paws over your ears.
Had his chance.
Had his bloody chance.
These photographs you took today,
these are good photographs.
Thank you.
I'm going to clear out the studio.
Are you?
Maybe paint the front of the house.
In this weather?
In the spring.
That's good.
That's very good.
That's a boy playing that.
Wait for me!