The Winter Palace (2022) Movie Script

They can't start construction
at 7 A.M.
You have a book to write.
I know, but what can I do?
Neighbors on both sides
are redoing their kitchens!
It's impossible to concentrate.
On the upside,
I did write a poem
called Ode to a Jackhammer.
Oh hey, they're, uh...
They're taking down my display.
Oh no. At least your book
was in the window
for what, almost ten months?
Ten months, two weeks,
and four days!
But... who's counting?
Well, I love that book
and I can't wait
for the next one.
I better head to work. I don't
want to keep my boss waiting.
Yeah, my publisher
wants me to call.
But can we meet
for coffee later?
I'll be there trying to write.
I want to hear all about
your new job!
You bet.
They're not gonna just
toss me away.
Hey, Allen. How are you?
Better once I hear
good new about book two.
How's it going?
That is such
an interesting question.
Here we go...
Because I've been outlining,
and working out
some story points.
Emily, your first book
did great business.
But you can't rest
on your laurels.
Believe me, I'm not resting
on anything.
I-It's just, uh...
a little trickier
with this new book.
You're a great writer, Emily,
when you actually write.
But word from upstairs
is that if we don't see
the first three chapters
at least
by the end of the month...
Then they'll cancel your book.
And I'll be in breach
of contract.
I mean, yes, I was supposed
to finish a few months ago,
so they've already spent
the ad budget promoting
a book that doesn't exist,
and now
they want to cut their losses.
Have you finished
any chapters?
You know, it's...
It is tricky trying to write
a romance
fresh from a breakup, so...
Fresh? It's been
almost a year.
- I mean, it's...
It's just hard to write,
and I don't know why.
It doesn't help that half
the places in Boulder
remind me of Michael.
Ugh, enough of my complaining.
How's your new job?
Only been there a week,
but I never knew
that property management
could be so complicated.
You are gonna do great,
I know it.
I have an idea
that could help the both of us!
Uh, I might be beyond help,
but shoot.
My boss got a call
this morning.
One of the caretakers
at the property they manage
had to leave 'cause his dad
slipped and fell.
- Is he okay?
- He'll be fine.
But they need a winter caretaker
to fill in ASAP.
Uh, a caretaker,
what do you mean?
It's this empty chalet
up in the mountains.
It belongs to some wealthy
family in Europe
but they haven't been there
in years.
What does this have
to do with me?
You need somewhere quiet
to write, some solitude
so you can focus.
And didn't you say
it's hard to think romance
- in Boulder right now?
- Well, yes.
And I'd look pretty good
first week on the job
if I helped out in a pinch!
My boss is desperate.
Look, a winter chalet
sounds magical,
but I've never been
a caretaker before.
What would I need to do?
Just knock some icicles
off the roof,
and run the water
so the pipes don't freeze.
That's it.
With the owners never there,
the place runs itself.
It's gorgeous.
A change of scenery
couldn't hurt.
Okay, let's say
I was interested. What's next?
Meet my boss
and look over the contract.
That's it.
A winter writing retreat.
Okay! Where do I sign?
"Emily, the key opens the door,
the pen is so you do
some great writing,
good luck. Becca."
I could get used to this.
So, what do you think
of the place?
It's gorgeous!
It's so inviting and warm,
and some interesting decor.
Becca, this place is perfect.
Well, my boss couldn't be
happier with me,
so if you get some writing done,
it's a classic win-win.
Is it romantic?
You are writing a romance,
after all.
Yep! All by my lonesome.
A fresh start in the morning
couldn't hurt.
First day, and I'm already
talking to myself.
Who goes there?!
Uh, what? Hello?
Uh, if it's a package,
just leave it at the door.
Thank you.
No, I'm not a delivery man.
Perhaps you'd be so kind
as to open the door.
Uh, sorry,
that's not gonna happen.
Why not, may I ask?
- Clayton, it's okay!
Go back to sleep!
My four brothers are sleeping
and army rangers on leave
get so tired.
Look, I can prove
that I've been here before.
There should be a desk by
the window with a quill pen,
and a coat of arms
above the fire place.
Yes, but I would need to
contact the property company...
I even have a key,
I just can't seem
to work it in the lock.
Where did you get that key?
My family owns this chalet,
I'm... I'm Henry.
The family who owns
the chalet lives somewhere...
In Europe! Yes.
Concordia, to be exact.
Uh, sorry about that.
Oh no, it's quite alright.
It's just a bit freezing
out there.
- So, a-are you staying?
- Who are you?
- Emily.
- What are you doing here?
- My job.
- What's your job?
Making sure pipes don't burst.
- Ah...
- And keeping burglars away.
- Do I look like a burglar?
- Maybe.
A well-dressed one.
Look, I'm gonna make a call.
Really, I am very tired
and there is so much to do.
So perhaps you can
start us some tea?
Oh, there's more people.
Really, Henry, there's no
excuse for driving like that!
Sorry, Tilson,
those mountain curves
were way too tempting,
and anyway,
- you should've kept up.
- Well, if you insist
on driving yourself,
at least let Fritz
drive with you.
- What's this?
- I don't know.
Some sort of Emily person.
What's going on here?
Apparently, I'm a burglar.
Actually, I said "maybe,"
if you recall.
Well, your diligence
is commendable but misplaced.
I've been in touch
with your employer,
the property management company.
- You are Ms. Miller, I presume.
- Yes.
We flew in from Concordia
this morning.
I would've telephoned,
but apparently,
your phone is turned off?
I did forget to charge it
last night.
Tilson, send a call
to my father.
Fritz, old chap, have a look
at that alleged
sports utility vehicle.
The suspension feels
a bit dodgy.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
We wouldn't want to wake
Clayton and the rest
of the army rangers, would we?
- I made that up.
- Did you?
- Just as a precaution.
- You're so clever.
Your Highness,
we're behind schedule.
Of course. Emily...
That tea when you get
a second, please.
Wait, "Your Highness"?
Yes, that is the proper
form of address
for the crowned prince
of Concordia.
Yeah, right!
A prince!
You may do a web search
if you must.
If I had a signal, I would.
We brought our own hotspot.
Password is OffWithTheirHeads!
All one word.
Prince Henry does enjoy
the odd joke.
Could've fooled me.
A prince?
Your Highness, I'm...
Do I curtsey, or bow, or...
Oh, no.
A simple "good morning" will do.
Good morning.
You know, I...
I should probably change.
You might need your socks.
Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry!
I found a hole in my boots
last night, and I was just...
I was just drying them off.
On the Concordian
coat of arms?
Oh, is that what that is?
It's nice.
What is your role around here?
I'm the caretaker.
The caretaker, really?
Is that so hard to believe?
I just don't see
much care being taken.
Ha, right.
Interesting slippers.
- I'm just gonna go change my
clothes and take these slippers off.
So, flight was smooth
as can be.
No, Father, I'll be home
in a week,
after my task is complete,
I told you.
Look, can't Edwina handle
the cabinet meeting
just this once? I mean,
that's what royal siblings
are for.
Right. Tilson,
my schedule, please.
- Yes, Your Highness.
- Um...
Yes, perhaps I can
try to fit it in!
So he's really a prince, huh?
For a short time, anyway.
Next week, he'll be king.
Now, introductions. Fritz...
I'm Fritz, his Highness'
body guard and personal valet.
Ah, nice to meet you, Fritz.
And I'm Ms. Tilson,
the prince's chief of staff.
It's my job to make sure
that the prince's royal duties
are met with utmost precision.
Gotcha. That's great. Uh...
Look, you guys seem
really busy, um...
I just came down to let you know
I'm gonna gather my stuff,
pack it up, and leave you
to your royal business.
And why would you do that?
Well, I mean,
you're all here now.
I assume you don't want
me in your way.
Want and need
are two separate things.
You are the caretaker,
are you not?
- Uh, yeah, sure.
I mean, for like 24 hours now.
Well, due to short notice,
only Fritz and myself
are here to see
to the prince's needs.
Your services are still required
for the week that we are here.
Um, my job was to knock
icicles loose
and keeps the pipes
from freezing out.
And you shall, while doing
other tasks as well.
It usually takes at least
a dozen staff
to meet the basic needs
of the prince.
I think there's been
a misunderstanding.
No, I think it is you
who fails to understand.
May I remind you of the contract
that you signed?
If you have any issues,
may I suggest you take it up
with the management company.
- Um... No, no, no.
See, I-I-I...
I came here for peace and quiet.
Okay, I'm a writer, and...
And that will be all.
Staff, back to work.
And I was standing there
in my pink bathrobe
and bunny slippers!
It was humiliating!
They swooped in unexpectedly.
I had no idea. My boss said
they haven't visited in years.
Becca, it's not your fault.
But... they can't be right
about that contract I signed.
I'm so sorry, but I just
read the fine print.
"The caretaker shall assist
with all reasonable requests
made by the property owner
or their representative."
Huh. As a writer, you'd think
I'd pay more attention
to the words.
Guess I should've read
the whole contract.
Em, this is all my fault.
Just come home, I'll deal
with this as best I can.
- Thank you.
- You're up there to write,
not to get wrapped up
in my drama.
Oh, wait a minute.
Becca, if I quit
and break my contract,
then you're in bad
with your new boss.
It'll be fine,
I'll figure something out.
No, no, no, no. Becca, I...
You know what? I got this.
I will write in the evenings
and in other spare time.
But the deadline
for your book.
Emily, are you sure about this?
Besides, as a writer,
I need to open myself up
to new experiences
and interesting characters.
You never know. Maybe this
will give me some new material
for my book.
Okay, if you're sure.
In fact, I think
I already have some.
Ms. Miller, please.
Yes, Ms. Tilson,
I'm clearing out my things,
like you asked.
And all the other rooms
you tried writing in, please.
Well, what is all this for?
The prince has wall-to-wall
and video calls scheduled.
Oh. What's this?
- Oh, my idea book.
Can't forget that.
Oh, Tilson!
I need your thoughts
on the last line of my speech.
Now, the new ending
sounds like this.
So, "Ladies and gentlemen
and gathered dignitaries,
this treaty will benefit
both of our nations,
with 20 percent more
high-tech trade,
and 18 percent...
expanded agricultural exports."
How's that sound?
A little stuffy, actually.
I beg your pardon?
Oh. Sorry, Your Highness.
I just meant it sounded
a little formal.
Yes, of course
it sounds formal.
This address was crafted
by several members
of the Concordian
foreign service
to thaw trade with one of our
formerly quarrelsome neighbors,
the nation of Ancadia.
Did you have
a better suggestion, or...?
Then it's a happy
occasion, right?
Yeah, how about
something like, um...
"So, formal rivals
and now future friends,
this happy day is long overdue.
A chance to turn
swords into silicon chips,
and arguments into apples."
Something like that.
And then, "To benefit
both our great nations
moving forward."
Hmm. I like the ring of that.
That might work.
You're welcome.
- Oh, sorry.
Where are my manners?
Thank you.
Oh, that's my pen.
Ms. Miller...
A word?
Wow! All this stuff!
Y-You guys planning an invasion?
The prince insists
on a regimented daily schedule,
so as not to waste
even a minute of his time.
Man. If I were that organized,
I'd crank out a book a week.
Yes, about that...
While you may be a writer,
you're also a member
of the royal household
this week.
Of course, Ms. Tilson,
but I do plan on writing
in my spare time.
How you spend your free time
is none of my concern.
But as a member of the staff,
I need to make you aware
of what is expected.
- Right.
- Firstly...
You do not offer your opinion
willy-nilly to the prince!
- He is very busy.
- But don't you think it helped?
- That's irrelevant.
You speak when spoken to.
And that is all.
Got it, okay.
- What else?
- As to your duties,
you will start your day
by procuring
the prince's morning newspaper.
Uh, can't he just
read the news online?
The prince enjoys an actual
newspaper with his breakfast,
which commences at 7:05
every morning.
Okay. Newspaper, check.
The prince reads
the London Concord
to stay up on world affairs.
The closest this town
has to a news stand
is some magazines
at the gas station mini mart.
- You'll figure it out.
Now, moving on,
the prince prefers
his eggs soft-boiled.
- Oh, Ms. Tilson.
I have to stop you right there.
I am not much of a cook.
The prince's personal chef
learned his wife was in labor
as we left for the airport,
so as the chef is not available,
you will step in.
Now, there should always be
a crackling fire going
and tea at the ready.
Tea should be served between
76 and 85 degrees Celsius
unless the prince requests
oolong, which should be served
between 82 and 87 degrees.
- Any questions?
- Just one.
Can you take that again
from the top?
Fritz, we're frozen again.
- Uh, we're back, sir.
- Right.
Okay, so, yes...
As I was saying,
addressing the manufacturer's
association by web cam
is more than sufficient,
I assure you.
It's just not how
things are done, Henry.
Shirking your royal duties,
big brother?
- Quite the opposite.
I am on the phone
with both of you right now,
and if I were back home,
look, I wouldn't be able
to attend
to important matters here.
Don't worry, Henry.
I'll cover for you
while you're gone.
Anyway, I played
the queen before,
when I was six and wore
Mother's tiara.
Yes. You do wear so many hats.
Thank you, Edwina,
you're a life saver.
You know, your uncle's
old home is hardly a matter
that requires your attention
a week before your coronation.
This place means
a great deal to me.
Anyways, you know the law,
A king cannot own or inherit
land outside of the kingdom,
so this place must be sold
next week
before I take the crown.
Now, please, let's not quibble
about this any more.
At least we agree on that.
- Knock, knock!
- Come in.
7:05 A.M.
What is that?
It's my breakfast, I think?
Sorry, Your Highness,
the toaster is tricky,
and I had a little trouble
making soft-boiled eggs,
so I scrambled them.
But how did they get so grey?
You know, honestly,
I'm not sure.
But the tea is the right color.
Thank goodness.
Henry... Who might this be?
Yes, um...
Emily, this is my f...
Father, this is Emily.
She's the caretaker
at the chalet.
Emily, this is my father,
King William.
Nice to meet you,
Your Majesty.
I'd curtsey, but I might
spill the tray.
- Not to worry.
Your hands are full.
Especially with my stubborn son.
Is that my morning newspaper?
Yes! The London Concord.
I... I had to print it
in sections
and tape it together.
Will there be anything else?
No, I think you've done
quite enough.
Okie-dokie. Alright.
Nice to meet you, Your Majesty.
That was my pen.
Now, Father,
as far as the meeting
of the Lords on Friday,
I was thinking
that would be a good time
to discuss the treaty.
About that, I spoke
with the ambassador last night,
and I have some very
crucial information.
- Yes? About that, what?
Fritz, we lost him again!
Got it!
Someone seems to have knocked
the power cord loose, sir.
Well, who the devil did that?
We were just discussing
important matters of the state.
Give me two minutes, you'll be
back online with him, sir.
- Okay.
- Sorry, Your Highness.
I just...
I just don't get why...
you'd fly all the way here
just to have all these
meetings back home.
What if I told you
I'm on holiday?
If this is you on holiday,
I'd hate to see you working.
If you must know,
I'm here to sell the chalet.
The sooner, the better.
Or don't you understand
Well, that's one thing
I do understand.
Excuse me, Your Highness.
Ooh, there you are, sir.
I'll have you back online
in a jiff.
What in the world?!
Excuse me?
Excuse me, hello!
- Break!
- Good one, sir.
Yes, what is it?
Sorry to bother you. Um...
And now that you have?
Well... You guys
are doing amazing...
by the way.
I'm just wondering
if there's a way
this can work for all of us.
Like, how much long will it be?
Or can you do it more quietly?
I have precisely, uh...
- Thirteen minutes.
- Thirteen minutes
for my workout, and you want us
to fence more quietly?
- Thirteen minutes?
That's great.
No, never mind then. I-I just...
Trying to get some writing done,
and it sounds like pirates
have taken over the house.
I'll have you know that fencing
is one of the oldest
and most difficult sports
in the entire world.
As difficult
as trying to write
while pirates are playing
outside your door?
Fencing is like chess
in motion.
It is... It is sparring
with steel.
And writing is sparring
with words.
And I think I just
got the last word in.
Double time, even louder.
- Evening, miss.
- Hey, Fritz.
How was your day?
Oh, fine.
His Highness is very busy.
Diplomatic calls,
heads of state, tutoring
sessions on royal affairs.
Is there something you need?
You look a bit out of sorts.
Oh, yeah, I'm just looking
for something.
My idea book!
Oh, oh no! I'm so sorry!
Oh, Henry was cold!
I thought it was scrap!
Oh, I really am sorry!
What is all the ruckus?!
My notebook is in the fire!
Fritz! Be a good fellow.
- Go get some clean rags.
- Yes, sir.
Oh! Uh...
Sorry about that.
What was this anyway?
It's where I jot down my ideas
and it's ruined!
Oh gosh, I'm so sorry.
Well, uh...
Surely, you can come up
with some new ideas.
Ideas aren't like crumpets!
You can't just
send out for more!
Oh, this is funny to you, huh?
No, I...
I'm so sorry.
A thousand pardons.
- Um, you know what?
You look...
You look lovely tonight,
Your Highness.
Good night.
She certainly speaks her mind.
Yes, she does.
Should Ms. Tilson
speak to her, sir?
- You have a...
- What?
Never mind.
- Hey, Fritz.
- There you are. Wasn't sure.
Here and getting nowhere
with my writing.
Well, I hate to distract,
but Ms. Tilson has asked
to see you.
Summoned, am I?
I'll be right there.
Thank you.
Ms. Tilson, you rang?
Yes. The prince went into town
on some errands,
but it's Tuesday,
and on Tuesday,
the prince enjoys fresh
croissant and jam
with is afternoon tea.
Where would I possibly
find fresh croissants?
Surely you can get them
in town.
- It's a very small town.
- You are the caretaker.
So please, take care of it.
Croissants? Sorry.
We don't get much call
for them around here.
But I do make pretzels too,
if you like treats with a twist.
No thank you. I'm in a bit
of a croissant emergency.
It's a long story.
You look familiar.
Have we met before?
- I don't think so.
I just got here this week.
In town to do some skiing?
I wish.
I'm the temporary caretaker
up at that big chalet
on Skyview.
I'm trying to get
some writing done.
I'm an author.
- You don't say!
Anything I may have heard of?
- Just one novel so far.
Romance in the Rockies?
Stay right there!
- What?!
- I love Romance in the Rockies!
It's the best book
I've read this year!
Amazing! I'm so glad
you like it!
About that, Emily Miller
right here in my donut shop!
So when's your next book
coming out?
As soon as I can get past
my writer's block, I'm afraid.
How do you come up with
the stories you write anyway?
That's a good question.
Sometimes, inspiration comes
easily, and...
sometimes it doesn't.
But every now and then,
a spark just kind of pops up
out of nowhere.
Speaking of which...
Are you making fresh
donuts any time soon?
I was just about to make
a batch when you came in here.
Think you could twist
a few into a croissant shape?
Oh, I see where
you're going with this.
Well, because I liked
your book so much,
- I'll give it a try.
- Yes!
- Got it.
- Thank you!
- Ah, Wilson.
Thank you for meeting me here.
Dreadfully sorry to keep
you waiting.
Um, as I was saying
over the phone,
I need work to start right away.
Extremely fast, in fact.
The house is starting
to be shown on Friday,
which means the work must be
done by then at the chalet.
Okay, well, you sign
the check, and I'll get at it.
Uh, here's the estimate
for the materials.
As you can see,
we've got drywall,
paint, et cetera.
Well, this seems a bit high.
Especially here, this
five-figure start work fee?
Well, you wanted a rush job,
and I got more work
than I can handle.
Plus, I gotta charge you
a little bit extra
to put you to the front
of the line,
and materials are expensive.
- If you look at...
- Oh.
What are you doing here?
Uh, I was just picking up
some things.
Oh, um... Mr. Wilson,
this is Emily Miller.
Emily's helping us out
at the chalet.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I couldn't help but hear.
That's great that you're so
in demand,
Mr. Wilson.
Yeah, my crew and I,
we just put up a roof
down the road.
And we're working on a driveway
this morning.
So we're pretty busy.
That's... That's amazing,
'cause usually, putting in
a new roof causes some calluses,
and your hands look great!
That's a good job.
Oh, uh...
I wear really good gloves.
Oh. Okay.
Same brand as your boots?
It's just, for most people,
putting in a new driveway
would cause their boots
to get covered in tar,
and yours look really clean.
That's really something.
But anyway, if you can't waive
the big start fee,
no hard feelings. We'll just go
with the guy yesterday.
The estimate
was lower, right? Yeah.
And you're so busy anyway,
so, it's nice to meet you.
Well, I'm sure
there's a little bit
of wiggle room in there.
Um, I can, you know, uh...
Uh, no, I'm waiving the fee.
- Wow.
- I'll waive the fee. Yeah.
Okay, good. Good. Good.
But these look like retail
prices for paint and lumber.
Oh, but with your
contractor's discount,
we'll get like, what,
20 percent off?
Sorry to meddle, Your Highness.
I just couldn't stand there
and watch him take advantage
of a naive...
of, uh, a newcomer.
What makes you assume
that I'm some naive newcomer?
Well, for starters,
if a contractor sees
you've got money,
he may try to take it.
So before you negotiate
next time,
you might want to park
your fancy sports utility wagon
down the street.
Yes, though,
I see your point.
And how come you know
so much about all that, um...
work business?
Before I was an author,
I was actually an accountant
for a big construction firm
in Denver.
Ah. Well, you were
very impressive.
Oh, before I forget.
This is for you.
To replace the one
that went up in smoke.
It may not have any
ideas in it yet,
but given how quickly
you think on your feet,
I'm sure it'll be filled up
in no time.
Thank you so much.
- Oh no. Shh!
- What?
- Oh, God.
- What is it?
Um, it's...
Nigel Bolan.
He's a photo-taking gadfly
for the Concordian gossip pages.
What's he doing here?
Oh, God.
Oh, maybe he's on vacation?
Ah, well, it's a little far
to go for skiing,
but not for a photo.
He's coming this way, hurry.
- Okay.
- Um... How about some brunch?
Um, sure.
This way.
You didn't have to do
all this, Your Highness.
It's the last I can do.
And you don't have to call me
"Your Highness".
Oh. Is it your lordship then,
Your Highness?
Actually, just...
plain "Henry" will do.
There's nothing plain
about you, but...
I'll give it a try...
That's better.
So, why such lengths
to avoid Nigel?
He twists the simplest things
into scandals.
Like my coming here,
he would spin it
into some sort of
frivolous trip.
But why did you come here
yourself to sell the chalet?
I mean, a guy like you could
just wave your royal scepter
and say, "Get it done!"
Well, I think you're
confusing a scepter
with a magic wand.
And anyway,
it's... it's complicated.
- Well, I like a good story.
Try me.
My Uncle Chauncey built
this chalet years ago
to escape the pressures
of the palace back home.
And if the Winter Palace
must be sold,
I need to ensure that it's sold
to the right buyer.
The Winter Palace?
Yes, it's my uncle's nickname
for the chalet.
Sounds like a place where
kings and queens hold court.
No, no, quite the contrary.
Chauncey's door was open to all.
No matter who you were,
royal or local,
as soon as you walked
through that door,
he made you feel like a king.
For instance, if a local couple
couldn't afford to get married,
Chauncey would grant them
the use of his little chapel.
So, what became
of Uncle Chauncey?
He passed away.
Uh, five years ago.
That was the last time
I was here.
I'm sorry.
He was in line for the crown,
but he stepped aside.
My father became king,
and now,
with my father retiring,
I'm to be made king.
So, all I can do is...
ensure that this place
is sold to the right buyer.
Someone who appreciates it
as much as I do.
And all by the end of the week.
And I suppose I...
I needed to see it
one last time.
You are not at all
what I expected
- a prince to be like.
- Oh, yes?
And what did you expect
a prince to be like?
I guess I thought
you would just be doing
more prince stuff.
You know?
Shouldn't you be out, you know,
playing polo and dancing
at masquerade balls
instead of working 24/7?
As prince,
I head up the foreign ministry.
I negotiate treaties,
I propose budgets,
I... And as king,
I'll do even more.
I can see why you're
so obsessed with schedules.
You know...
I think we may be able
to help each other.
I need to get this place
ready to be sold
by the end of the week,
and I am disastrously
And you've clearly proven
yourself resourceful.
Thank you, but I really
should be writing
whenever I can.
Well then, let me
propose a treaty to you.
If you help me in the mornings,
you can have the entire
afternoon free to write.
But on one condition.
No more making fun
of my bunny slippers.
- Deal?
- Deal.
Alright, Mr. Wilson and his crew
will be here soon to start work
in the living room.
But in the meantime,
I'd like everything
in this room to be catalogued
to either be thrown away,
or donated.
There's a lot to go through.
Yes, there is. And...
we're going to start
showing the house on Friday,
so I want this room
empty by then.
But look at these treasures.
Some of this has to be
personal to you.
There's no time
for sentimentality, I'm afraid.
- Stiff upper lip, huh?
- Something like that.
Are you sure you want
to part with all this stuff?
I mean, look at these carvings!
These are amazing!
Who did these?
The name of the artist
escapes me.
You don't honestly
like them, do you?
I do, they're beautiful!
I've always loved sculptures.
What is that quote
from Michelangelo?
Something about how
the sculpture's already inside
the block of stone,
and it's just waiting
to be let out!
Be that as it may,
they can go.
These can go.
Oh, these chairs, they can go.
Oh my goodness.
Look at this telescope!
Oh. Well, I forgot about that.
Chauncey and I used to, uh...
But give it to charity.
And the sooner, the better.
Hockey! Okay, I...
I love hockey.
I used to play with my dad.
I'm pretty good.
Yeah, Chauncey and I
used to play in the backyard
using the whole of it as a rink,
even in the summer,
when we'd use pinecones
for pucks.
Uh, but everything can go,
You know, if you're gonna be
giving away all this stuff
to charity,
shouldn't we first make sure
it's in good working condition?
That's hardly a good use
of our time.
Could reflect poorly
on Concordia.
A matter of national pride,
after all.
Ah, this should do nicely.
I'm not sure
this is a good idea.
Don't tell me you're afraid
of a little competition.
What? Oh, please!
Don't make me laugh!
No, no, it's just that, um...
I-I have a call with
the lords at noon, so...
Does Concordia have
a national bird?
No, why?
'Cause it sounds like
someone is chickening out.
Uh... Your Highness?
What are you doing?
I am defending Concordian
national honor!
Or so I'm told.
- But this...
Your schedule is full, sir!
And there's so much work
to be done to prepare
the chalet for sale!
- Do something!
- Like what?
I don't know, anything!
- Sir, shall I hold your hat?
- Uh, no. Thank you.
- Oh God!
- Good!
- Ha!
- Ahh!
- Are you alright?
- Yeah. Help.
Yes, of course.
- Oh!
- Ahh!
Oh, sire!
How are you not
shivering right now?
I have a stiff upper lip,
- Mmm, right, yes.
- Because right now,
it's frozen solid.
Thank you.
Sire, if you are quite done,
there's quite a lot of work
to get done today.
Isn't that right, Ms. Miller?
Yes, right.
- Of course.
- Right.
Thank you.
Just a different sort
of exercise today,
Ms. Tilson. Surely you approve.
I'm not sure that I do.
But... Ms. Miller
is a breath of fresh air.
Wouldn't you say?
We shall see.
- Clean this up, would you?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Ah, Emily.
- Yes.
I trust you've recovered
from today's match.
I can just feel
my fingers again, yes.
What are you doing up?
Going over a draft
of the treaty.
When my father steps down
next week,
I have to be ready.
I thought someone
only becomes king
when an older king passes away.
Concordians are practical
Our charter states that a king
may abdicate to make room
for the next one,
to always ensure a ruler
at the peak of their abilities.
- I've been...
preparing for years.
You never stop, do you?
I can't.
My whole life has been
planned down to the letter.
And down to a suitable
princess as well, I understand.
A certain Beatrix
from the kingdom next door?
She's very beautiful.
I see you've been
reading online.
- Yes.
- Well...
Uh, Beatrix is no longer
in the picture.
What happened?
It's complicated.
We're perfect, on paper.
Just not in real life,
if that makes sense.
Believe me, it does.
Yeah, I was dating a guy
in my writing program.
We had everything in common.
But after my first book sold,
Michael didn't handle it well.
He was jealous, and he broke up
with me last year.
Michael doesn't sound
like a gentleman.
I'm sorry.
I think I'm better
with fiction than real life.
What's that?
Oh, this is my first chapter.
- Mmm!
- Well, most of it.
I'm stuck on a section.
It helps me to print it
and read it on paper.
I imagine that's rather
making the transition
from accountant to writer.
Yes. I gave up a very
steady paycheck
for something much less certain.
But... I do love it.
Still, it must take
a lot of courage.
You know, if you'd ever
like a second opinion
on those pages of yours,
I'd be happy to read them.
- Really, I'm fine.
I already have a dozen
competing opinions
in my own head.
Well surely, another pair
of eyes would help.
That's so sweet, but you don't
want to read my book.
I so rarely get
to read for fun,
and I would gladly read
your pages.
If you want.
Okay! Fine.
Take it quick before
I change my mind.
- Good morning.
- Ah, good morning.
- What a surprise.
You made your own tea!
- Impressive.
- Oh, yes.
Speaking of surprises...
I read your chapter.
And, uh...
I loved it.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
- But there was a problem.
- What?
It ended halfway through.
Well, like I told you,
I'm stuck.
Oh, really.
I have an idea.
Just indulge me.
Does anyone ever do otherwise?
Oh, no.
My Uncle Chauncey and I
used to have this game
to invent stories.
We'd take a snowball,
and we'd pack it
in our bare hands,
and we'd pass it back and forth,
until we thought
of the next phrase,
but you have to do it
without your gloves.
- But that would be freezing!
- Exactly.
- Ready?
- Sure.
Alright. Once upon a time...
Now, you think
of the next phrase,
- and pass it back to me.
- There was a prince.
Uh... a wise prince.
Who liked giving orders.
Uh, until he met
a most disagreeable visitor.
Who made him apologize
for his atrocious manners.
Uh, until she realized
that he was deeply insightful,
and the problem, in fact,
lay with her.
- Oh, you!
- Hey!
That's not part of the game!
I just got a great idea
for my chapter.
Uh, I just have to flesh it out.
You see, I told you this game
would knock something loose.
Alright, so go! Write!
Be gone with you!
Aren't the painters
coming soon?
Don't worry about
the painters.
- Really?
- Yes.
Thank you. Thank you!
What are you doing out here?
Well, what are you doing
out here?
Oh, I'm just finishing up
a sculpture
I started years ago, and...
Ah. I suppose I've lost
track of time.
What is this? Explain, please.
Well, um...
I thought when this place
has new buyers, that perhaps
the owners would like
this little fellow
- living on their deck.
- No, no, I meant
explain how you made this,
it's beautiful!
Ah, it's nothing, really.
Nothing? Oh, this
is something, alright.
Wait a minute.
Those were your carvings
in the storage room,
weren't they?
It's just a hobby
from a lifetime ago.
You know, when I would
visit my uncle,
and dream of being a sculptor
and living an artist's life.
Why can't you?
Kings don't have much time
for woodworking, I'm afraid,
for one.
after my coronation next week,
it's time to put away
childish things.
But you have a sister.
Couldn't she take
the throne instead?
Edwina's my younger sister,
and... even though she's always
been a diplomat of sorts...
My country is expecting
me to rule.
And I can't let them down.
So you'd sacrifice
your happiness
and become king?
It's my royal destiny.
And what's my happiness
compared to the happiness
of a half a million people?
I may have misjudged you
a bit.
Look, if this is your
last chance to enjoy
the Winter Palace,
maybe you should try
to have some fun.
Same goes for your staff.
How do you mean?
You guys all work so hard,
and if this is your last
time here,
why not try to enjoy it?
Isn't that what your uncle
would've wanted?
Yes, he would.
You know, you're a bit of a...
- Nuisance?
- No.
I was going to say inspiration.
And I will give
your words some thought.
Thank you.
'Til tomorrow then.
What is this?
Better take a look,
Ms. Tilson.
10:45, spin class
and a spa day?
What is this?!
I had one just like it
waiting for me.
Though mine said skiing
instead of spa day,
and a class in origami,
whatever that is.
This is someone's
idea of a joke?
Quite the contrary.
Ms. Tilson, you've made
schedules every day
for me since I was five.
Well yes, that is my job,
to keep you on task,
and you have meetings today.
Oh, I cancelled them.
No, you haven't.
I have the rest of my life
for meetings.
This week, I am on vacation.
And some things will just
have to wait.
What I think he's trying
to say is that both of you
deserve a little fun!
So, Fritz...
lift ticket and origami class.
And Ms. Tilson, the spin class
starts soon,
don't be late.
And the spa is expecting you
after that.
But the diplomatic pouch
just arrived,
and the workers need
to be supervised.
Ms. Tilson. Are you disobeying
a royal order?
- No, of course not.
- Good.
Then Ms. Tilson, Fritz,
enjoy your day off.
Hmm. That went well.
Remains to be seen.
And what about you?
What will the prince do for fun?
I figured I'd help out
Wilson, here.
That is, if you'll have me,
good man.
- Lucky me.
- Yes, indeed.
If you really want to help me,
there's a few supplies
- you can get in town.
- Oh, fantastic.
Emily, since you're not
writing 'til later,
perhaps you care
to accompany me.
I would love to.
- So, how's your book coming?
- It's going great.
Well, clearly your
writer's block came
from you working too hard,
and you just needed
to have some more fun.
Wait a minute.
Suddenly you're the expert
in fun?
Mr. Works-all-the-time?
Listen, I am the most fun.
For instance, I can do this.
- Well, maybe you shouldn't.
- Why not?
Are you fun-shaming me?
You're shaming my fun!
How dare you?
You should let your fun side
out more often.
- Oh yeah? Why should I do that?
Just to get shamed more?
You'd probably have
more friends.
I have plenty of friends.
The problem is, they all
want something from me.
Fame, favor, funding.
The Three Fs.
But you're very different.
- I am?
- Yeah.
You don't seem to want
anything from me at all.
- Well that's...
that's not actually true.
I want the rest of that pretzel.
- Oh, no, you can't have it.
- I...
- Shoot, shoot.
- Oh.
- Is it that reporter guy?
- Yes, yes, yes.
It's Nigel.
Probably up to no good.
I can just see the headline now.
Pretzel prince prances
in streets with pretty peasant.
- Excuse me?!
- Sorry. Uh, we should...
Yeah, let's just hurry up
and get out of here.
It's icy.
Take my hand.
I don't think he followed us.
Ms. Tilson.
I could be wrong, sire,
but I think we have a problem.
The prince has been
missing meetings
and not returning calls.
This has gone on long enough,
Ms. Tilson.
Yes, but what can we do?
Well, the sooner
that chalet sells,
the sooner Henry comes home.
That's all there is to it.
Yes, sire.
Leave it to me.
- So, you replace the screen...
- Uh-huh.
And then you put the spline
in the slot, and...
- It's done!
- Well done.
Most ingenious.
So now you're doing
home repairs?
Well, at the palace,
they won't let me
touch a thing.
So now, the next time
something breaks,
I won't have to call
the repairman.
No offense.
Ms. Tilson!
How was your spa day?
I had some sort of treatment
involving guacamole.
Or was it guava?
Well, whatever it was,
you look wonderful.
Who could that be?
Oh dear, I had a message
from the real estate agent
while I was at the spa.
They've sent a potential buyer!
he's very interested.
But it's two days early,
we're not ready.
Well, I may have indicated
to the agent
our intense timeline, sir.
But don't worry,
I will take care of it.
As you'll do to speak
to the prime minister
- in ten minutes.
- Reschedule that, please.
I need to get a sense of who
might be buying this place.
I'll handle it myself.
So, as you can see,
there's quite a bit
more work to do.
We weren't quite expecting
you so soon.
I don't mind a little
paint and sawdust.
Great place you've got here.
Thank you. My uncle
helped build it himself.
It was a bit of
a passion project.
In fact, he had these windows
installed at night
for stargazing.
And during the day,
as you can see,
the light in here is amazing.
It's perfect for reading,
or just taking in
this beautiful view.
Of course, I'd have
to make some changes.
- Changes?
- Sure.
Knock out some walls,
put in a bar.
And this room would be perfect
for a home theater.
Just have to block out
those windows.
But then you'd miss
this gorgeous view.
It's a shame.
But you can't make an omelette
if you don't break
a couple eggs.
Well, uh, before we proceed
too much further,
you should be aware
of the risks.
- Risks?
- Yeah, you know, the hazards.
- What hazards?
- Uh...
Well, there's the bears,
for one.
- Bears?
- Oh, they love it here.
Why would bears love it here
more than any place else?
It could be because of
all the beehives in the eaves.
Mm, yes.
Full disclosure,
I'm not sure my uncle
got all the permits he needed
to build this place.
I'm sure that can be fixed.
And of course,
there is the fireplace
in the main living room.
Sometimes the chimney
just blows the smoke
- right back in there.
- Mm-hmm.
It's like London
in the 50s in there.
Oh, and then, of course,
there is the roof. It leaks.
Are you trying to talk
me into this place
or out of it? I'm not sure.
Look, I'm terribly sorry.
I... I just don't think
this place is for you.
I understand.
I appreciate your time.
If you change your mind,
you let me know.
Of course.
- Have a good day.
- You as well.
That's the door.
Thank you for all those
fascinating stories!
You forgot to mention
the potential for meteor impact.
Ha. Well, I'll remember that
for when he comes back.
Thank you for the assist.
Uh, just simply
not the right buyer.
B-But to sell this place soon,
isn't any buyer the right one?
I just need to find someone
who loves this place
as much as I do.
- I mean, I get it.
Nobody wants to see
their memories bulldozed.
And your uncle did help
build this place.
Speaking of...
There is something
that I have been dying to do!
Your Highness,
you've been at this for a while.
I really don't think
this is a good idea.
Look, if my Uncle Chauncey
could help build
this entire chalet
with his own two hands,
then truly, I can change
a light switch or two.
But Henry, we don't want
you to get shocked.
Ms. Tilson does have a point.
- Be careful, sir.
- Alright, look.
I watched Wilson do
one of these earlier,
it is perfectly fine. Alright?
- So you know what you're doing?
- Obviously.
I'm almost done. And...
Hey! Who's up for
a candlelight dinner tonight?
So, long story short...
I must've crossed the wires.
Well, I think it all
worked out perfectly.
This is lovely.
I agree. It's a bit romantic,
isn't it?
Speaking of romantic,
better clear these dishes.
I have a date later.
A what? With who?
The ski instructor who gave me
my lessons this morning.
By the way, sire. I set up
the telescope like you asked.
The telescope from storage?
Oh, uh, yes. I...
The mountain air is perfect
for stargazing.
And it's a clear night, so...
Would you care to join me?
Yeah, I mean, you know,
maybe I'll get more inspiration.
But sire, it's chilly out,
and late.
And none of us
want to catch a cold
before the coronation.
So you can stay warm
by the fire with a book.
That's a royal order.
- After you.
- Thank you.
Henry certainly seems
to have lost his focus.
Perhaps. But he hasn't smiled
this much in ages.
Ms. Tilson means well,
but she and my father
conspire to protect me
from all this.
It's amazing.
It's like you could see forever.
Oh, yes.
Do you see that star there?
Right in the heart of Leo?
So that is Regulus.
My Uncle Chauncey used to say
that that was my star.
Because Regulus in Latin
means "little prince".
In Latin, wouldn't regulus
mean "little king"?
Well yes, if you want
to get technical about things.
I suppose it would
mean little king.
Oh, the book
The Little Prince.
The Latin translation
was called...
I think I would've
liked your uncle.
You would've.
His house here was...
just magic.
People would come here
and no matter
what sort of mood they were in,
they would leave happy.
Maybe it's working
its magic on me.
My book seems to be
writing itself.
Does that mean
you'll make your deadline?
Yes, yes, I think so,
if I keep up this pace.
I just haven't quite
figured out the end.
What about,
"Journeys end
in lovers meeting"?
Your Highness.
- Quoting Shakespeare?
- Oh, it's my favorite.
It's as true now
as it was 400 years ago.
And that's what people want.
For a couple to end up together.
Sometimes it's easier
said than done.
Three days. You're leaving
in three days, huh?
It would seem so.
This coronation business
can't be stopped.
Your royal destiny?
But your future
isn't set in stone.
Why can't you...
write your own story?
I wish I had your courage.
Tonight let's just...
enjoy the stars.
I'm afraid I've been
unsuccessful, Your Majesty.
- I understand.
Henry can be very stubborn.
You'll have to take
stronger measures.
The mayors are gathering
for the morning tea downstairs
in the library.
Weren't you to meet them?
Yes, Edwina,
I'll be there shortly.
Well, it's been quite a week.
Is something wrong, Father?
No. No, I just need to make
some arrangements
to take care of a...
a pressing matter.
Your Highness?
Is everything alright?
I was just thinking
what Chauncey must have felt
when he first stumbled
upon this place.
All the possibilities
open to him.
All is well, sir?
Better than well.
That's the problem.
For the first time in my life,
I have a choice
that I never expected.
A choice like my Uncle Chauncey
had to face.
If you don't mind my saying,
your uncle was a wise man.
You sure you want to do this?
I am determined to make dinner
for everyone,
just like Chauncey.
Yeah, but you really
want to attempt, uh...
Beef Wellington. No?
I-It just seems like that
would be really challenging.
The Duke of Wellington
was a distant relation.
I'm just hoping
it might come naturally.
You know what?
I could teach you how to make
my world-famous fajitas.
- That's easier?
- I think so.
And it's the one thing
I know how to make.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Hungry?
- Yeah!
These are Concordian apples.
Try one!
So... that was Emily's recipe.
But prepared entirely
by Henry.
Yes. Haha.
And I, uh, want to know
exactly what you think.
- Really.
- Really?
No holds barred.
No holds barred?
Absolutely. I'm tired
of being "yessed" all the time.
Well, sire,
I think since you asked us
to speak freely,
I would, well...
You did quite a job
cooking the meat, sir.
- Yes.
- The texture reminded me
a wallet I once owned.
Oh. It...
It was tough.
Come on, it was your first
time cooking.
Yeah. So says Ms. Grey Eggs
over here.
True, true. Yeah, we should
open a restaurant.
Oh yes, we'd be quite
the pair.
Lines around the block,
I'm sure.
- It's been quite a week.
- Yes, it has.
I should thank you for, um...
just reminding me.
Of what?
Of what apparently
I'd been missing.
This laughter, music, life.
I've had an amazing visit.
Me too. I, uh...
I actually wrote something
for you... just to read
after you've gone home.
But maybe I...
don't want to go home.
Yeah, I get it.
It's like when you
read a great book,
and you don't want it to end.
That's precisely my point.
Maybe it doesn't have to end.
What do you mean?
Perhaps with some imagination,
a way can be found.
But I leave tomorrow,
a-and you...
Perhaps I could delay
my trip a bit.
But your coronation.
Honestly, I'm not thinking
about any of that right now.
Apparently, I've arrived
just in time.
Henry and I have an urgent
matter to discuss.
Father, I can't believe
you actually came all this way.
What can I say, Henry?
It seems you needed my help.
I'm not sure that's true.
Well, you came here
to sell the Winter Palace.
Has it been sold?
Well no, not yet,
but I just need more time.
Besides, the coronation
isn't until next week.
Yes, well,
that's the problem, Henry.
There is no more time.
Look, Father...
I've been thinking.
Edwina has done
astonishing work in my absence.
So I've been told.
And if you'll remember,
the treaty was her idea.
She speaks multiple languages,
she spearheads charities,
I think she actually wants...
Henry, that is not
for you to decide.
It's an honor to serve.
And I won't hear anything more
to the contrary.
Father, you wanted
an ordinary life, didn't you?
Before you became king.
Yes, but when Chauncey
stepped down,
there was no other
choice for me.
But don't you ever regret
not taking that life?
Your mother and I did
what we had to for the nation.
As must you too.
Concordia must have
its new ruler,
as soon as possible.
And what, you're worried
that I might run away?
- Yes, well...
Once was enough with Chauncey.
The chancellor
and Lord Chamberlain
will be arriving here tomorrow.
What? Why would they
come here?
Because the coronation
will take place here.
The day after tomorrow.
In the chapel.
What?! Why?
Rumors back home, Henry.
Rumors that you're getting
cold feet.
Concordia must have its monarch.
The prime minister wants
the coronation done now,
and honestly, Henry,
I agree.
But it can't happen here.
The coronation must happen
on Concordian soil.
Well, since embassies
are considered the territory
of the nation they represent,
you are going to temporarily
transfer the chalet's deed
to our embassy here.
And then, after the coronation,
they will sell this place
at long last.
- You two kissed?
- I mean, no.
Not, like, technically no.
But almost!
And Becca, I don't know
what to do.
I mean, my week's almost up,
and my book needs
all of my attention.
And Henry's about to become
the king of a country in Europe
in a few days!
I mean, this is ridiculous!
It should never
have gotten this far.
I am falling for him, Becca.
- I think I'm in love.
- Emily...
Slow down. There's something
you should know.
I saw a story online
from some tabloid.
It's got a photo
of you in it together.
Oh. What does it say?
"Snow prince melts hearts,
while back home,
Princess Beatrix is stewing
amid rumors
of engagement announcement
soon going out."
Engagement? No, no...
Henry said that relationship
was over.
Are you sure?
It says here that they're
on again, off again,
but they're back on,
and the announcement
is soon coming out.
Yeah. And there
are more headlines.
"Is Prince Henry on a date
in the U.S.?"
"What will fiance
Princess Beatrix think?"
"Can Concordia afford a royal
scandal at this critical time?"
Do you want to hear more?
No, it's okay.
I've heard enough.
- Uh...
- You're leaving?
Yeah, I was just about
to find you to say goodbye.
What's the rush?
You know, Henry,
I have a book to finish
and a life in Boulder.
And you have a life...
waiting for you.
You have an entire
nation waiting for you.
And, uh... obligations
that I'm just
distracting you from.
Goodbye, Henry.
Surely goodbye
doesn't have to be farewell.
Please don't make this
any harder
than it already is.
Ms. Miller.
Oh, Your Majesty.
I just wanted to commend you
for doing the right thing.
You know, I was kept informed
of the, uh...
well, the shenanigans.
And so, I must confess,
I imagined you to be
a bit frivolous.
But you're not at all
as I assumed.
I guess one mustn't
judge a book by its cover.
Thank you.
I want to apologize
for last night.
I now know that Henry's going
to be engaged to Beatrix, so...
Anyway, I should probably go.
I'm sure you have lots of things
to attend to before
you head home to Concordia.
Ms. Miller.
You may think me harsh,
but you must understand
Concordia must have its king.
I just hope
it gets a happy one.
Couldn't let you leave
without saying goodbye.
- Made this for you.
- Thank you, Fritz!
- Origami.
- It's beautiful!
Just my little way
of saying thank you.
Thank me? For what?
For starters, introducing me
to my new girlfriend.
That ski instructor I met
on our fun day,
will come visit me
in Concordia this summer.
Fritz, I'm so happy for you!
I wish you nothing but the best.
- Ms. Tilson.
- Ms. Miller.
Well, I don't know what to say.
It's a bit awkward.
Maybe I'm succumbing
to the altitude.
Come here.
You really are
a breath of fresh air.
Thank you.
Safe travels home.
- Welcome home, stranger.
- Thanks.
Back one day, and already
looking busy.
I was busy,
up until just a moment ago.
And... send.
Did you just do
what I think you did?
I just sent my entire
manuscript to the publisher.
I-I can't believe it, I'm done!
I'm done!
- I knew you could do it.
- Oh!
So, what's next?
Good question.
Emily, I'm sorry
that I roped you into all this.
No, I...
No, I should thank you,
It was the most beautiful,
inspiring adventure.
And I wouldn't have
missed it for the world.
Thank you.
Come now, sire.
Why so glum?
This is a great day
of celebration for our country.
Of course, it will be.
- These, sire?
- No, the black, please.
- With the patent leathers.
- Yes, sire.
Oh, you're looking
every bit a king, Henry.
- Yes, Your Majesty.
Now, if only we could
get him to smile.
Are you ready?
Yes, as I'll ever be.
I, uh, thought after
the coronation,
it might be wise
to announce the new treaty.
A bright start to your reign.
Hmm? Oh...
Oh yes, the treaty.
That's a good idea.
Let's do that.
Your mind seems elsewhere,
Is something the matter?
No. Everything's well, Father.
Henry, for what it's worth,
I liked her too.
I chatted with Ms. Miller
before she left.
She's very smart.
A delightful young woman.
But, uh...
In the end...
what I thought we had
was a fiction.
I see.
I should really keep
working on my speech.
Yes. Of course.
What's that?
It's something Emily gave me.
Listen, Henry.
I failed to clear up
a misunderstanding
that Ms. Miller had
regarding your...
engagement with Beatrix.
I wasn't sure what to say.
And so, I didn't say anything.
Oh. Well...
It's alright.
- Well, I should...
I should go.
leave you to it.
"A note for a king."
"Every block of stone
has a statue in it.
And it is the task of
the sculptor to discover it.
Never doubt your courage.
That's a royal order."
Brother. The coronation
begins in four hours.
Are you quite alright?
You know what? Now that
I've got this book on the way,
I think I want to just
jump into the next one.
- Yeah?
- Yeah. You know, I'm on a roll.
Any idea what that might be?
I actually started
outlining a few stories.
But I...
I left my new idea book
up at the chalet.
Well, you need to go get it.
I know. I know, I just...
I-I don't want to go up there
if Henry's still there,
and I don't know exactly
when they're leaving.
- Do you know?
- They must've left,
because I saw a news alert today
that said
the coronation's happening
So, if they're in Concordia,
the chalet must be empty
right now.
Are you gonna go?
Do you want me to go with you?
You know, you have to get
back to work in a few minutes,
and I think I just
want to go now,
and just get on with it.
Besides, it'll be night
before I get there.
As I step down, I turn to you,
my eldest child, Prince Henry,
to ask if you will
assume the throne
as defender of the realm,
King of Concordia.
Carrying out your duties
with all your heart.
Make your proclamation.
Our most hallowed tradition
is the passing
of the Concordian crown
from one monarch to the next.
And while it is tempting
for us to grieve
as one chapter ends...
we must also celebrate
as another begins.
To rule Concordia requires
a full and honest heart.
The truth is...
The truth is, my heart
belongs somewhere else.
And because I cannot give
Concordia my full heart,
I cannot be your king.
Someone who is very dear to me
reminded me of something
that I had learned long ago.
Every stone has a statue in it.
Just... waiting to be
Life is this way.
We cannot see our futures
any more than we can see
a statue trapped in stone.
And yet, chip by chip,
our lives begin
to reveal themselves
until they are released
from their blocks.
we are faced with a choice
to carve out a life worth living
or to be carved out
by life itself.
Now, the choice before me today
is to continue down a path
that I know in my heart
is wrong.
The Princess Edwina
is far more capable
and more passionate,
and better suited
to rule Concordia
than I could ever hope to be.
That is, if she's interested.
I thought you'd never ask.
My son is quite right.
Concordia must have its monarch.
And so it shall.
Not a king,
but a queen.
Long live the queen!
Long live the queen!
Sorry to put you
on the spot, Eddie,
but I knew you could handle it.
Are you joking?
This is the most fun
I've had all year!
Perhaps not a typical
I believe the right one.
Go to her.
That is a royal order!
I know why you left.
But Beatrix and I broke up,
but the palace kept the breakup
quiet because we felt that
a public breakup
might erode support
for the treaty between
our two nations, but anyway,
none of that matters,
because I'm not
going to be king,
and Edwina's going to sign
the treaty tomo...
Why are you hiding
behind a flag?
Oh, um... I-I...
I came back to get
the book you gave me.
The coronation?
- Yeah.
- W-What...
What does it mean?
Are you staying?
Only if you stay.
You and this place
are all I've ever wanted.
What about your royal destiny?
I wanted to write
my own story.
One where the couple
ended up together.
I guess Shakespeare was right.
Journeys do end
in lovers meeting.