The Wisher (2002) Movie Script

You have to make a wish first.
-I know what she wants.
She wants Brad.
-You don't know what I want.
-You don't have to tell us.
Just blow out the
candles and make a wish.
-Oh my god!
-Let me help you with that.
KATHY: What did
you wish for, Mary?
-I didn't mean this.
What did you wish for?
KATHY: Mary?
What's going on?
Careful, she's still sleeping.
It's OK, we got it.
It's just a nightmare, Sweetie.
It's just a nightmare.
-Every night it's something.
This has to stop, Mary.
It's OK, Sweetie.
Let's go inside.
Everything's OK now.
Honey, I'm just so
concerned about you.
Mary, you need to
take your pills
I just don't want
you to get hurt.
Just get some rest.
-Now Robert Edward
Lee became the head
of the Army of Northern
Virginia in 1862.
After Johnston would-- Mary?
Mary, wake up.
-She's losing it.
-Well just look at her.
I mean she hardly ever changes
her clothes or washes her hair.
Mary, I think you should
go see Dr. Campbell.
-I'll see you later.
like feeling scared.
-Yeah, right.
I don't know, there's
crazier people in the world,
don't you think?
-I don't know.
Mm this is good.
Try this.
-Nice typewriter.
-I'm surprise you
know what that is.
So tell me again how it feels
when you get really frightened.
-OK, well.
At first it's like I can't
breathe and I want to run away.
But then I feel
pulled in by my fear.
Like I'm totally helpless
and I can't move.
That's when I get excited.
Really excited.
When you say excited,
what exactly do you mean?
-It's almost sexual, you know?
You get aroused
when you get scared?
-You've never
mentioned that before.
-Well I don't tell
you everything.
-Well maybe you should.
-You still renting
a video every night?
-No, I've seen all those.
But there's always something
on cable or the net.
There's some very
nasty stuff out there.
-Yeah, I've heard.
-I don't know.
I guess I just-- I like the
feeling of being scared.
It's a rush.
-Your mother tells me that
you're sleep walking again.
-That's unacceptable.
-Morgan, no pills.
No sleeping pills.
-Mary, you're a big girl.
Nobody's going to make you do
anything you don't want to do.
But it is unacceptable
for you to get up
in the middle of night and go
wandering around the streets.
Now, either you're going to take
some pills and get some sleep
or your mom's going to lock
the door to your room again.
You don't want that, do you?
Fine, I'll take
the stupid pills.
You uh, in for a check-up, huh?
-Um, yeah.
Just taming the
demons, you know?
-Sure it's always a good thing.
Uh, some of us are going up
to the lake after school.
Do you want to come with us?
-I can't.
I'm um-- I'm babysitting.
-Hi, Mary.
-Hey, Shane.
What's up?
Not a lot.
I just um-- Oh I found
these uh saltines
stickers on the internet.
I'll talk to you
a bit later, OK?
-OK, yeah.
-There's no way you can
read that shit scribble.
Are you kidding me?
-Stop it.
Those are my notes.
-Hey, you going
to go down later?
See you, Jimmy.
-Take a look at that display.
-Hey, Shane.
What are you doing?
-What is she up to?
-Stop it, Mandy.
-Sticking up for
your boyfriend, Mary?
But wait a minute,
you don't like boys.
I forgot.
-Just leave him alone.
-You and Shane make a
great looking couple.
For your first date, I'd
suggest a bubble bath.
-Not everyone is
beautiful, Mandy.
-Sticky, bitch.
-Just forget about her.
-So what's up this weekend?
-Brad and Jimmy want to see that
movie everyone's talking about.
-Cheap horror flick?
No thanks.
Look at this, The
Wisher breaks all kinds
of box office records.
-Yeah, it's been
all over the net.
-Recent release of the
horror film The Wisher
lures audiences from
all over the country.
-Nothing better to do.
-Excuse me, guys.
Let me through.
Get out of the way, let
me get through here.
-It's OK, guys.
He's having a seizure.
Just give him a minute
and it will pass.
Somebody want to go
get the nurse, please.
-Can't imagine what
that must be like.
-Yeah, no kidding.
-Well if you taught me
how to play the game maybe
I wouldn't be naked.
-Oh I think I taught
you very well.
-Honey, he taught you.
You just never learned.
-Yeah, that's what you say.
-You better be dealing me
a straight flush here, bud.
I'm really tired of being the
only one fucking naked here.
-Yeah well there's no
surprise under these pants.
Nothing but me and Mr. Horsey.
-Yeah, right.
-Actually I don't see
anything wrong with this.
-Because you're enjoying this.
-If you think I'm
enjoying this--
-You guys where's Brad?
-Brad went to get
beer out of the car.
-He's been gone for a while.
-What the fuck was that?
-It was Brad.
It was just Brad.
Who else?
-That's not where the car is.
-Maybe you should
go check it out.
He's your friend.
-Are you shitting me?
-Something's wrong.
-Mary what are you doing?
Mary, what if it's not Brad?
Get back here.
-Don't worry, I'll
be right back.
-What the hell are you doing?
I almost killed you.
Mary, wh-- what are
you doing out here?
-I'm-- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
JAKE: Mary, is that you?
It's almost afternoon, you know.
-I'm awake.
-Jake, for God's
sake, leave her alone.
-You OK?
JAKE: Hey, where you going?
MARY: Out.
-Out where?
I'm sorry things are
this way between us.
But it's going to
get better, OK?
I promise.
-I'm going to see a movie.
-I know, I know.
I get it.
We've been over this before.
No scary movies.
No horror, no fun, no life.
I wish he'd just go away.
-You guys, it's
in four theaters.
It must be making a fortune.
-Just make sure we're in the
same theater as the guys.
-What the hell are these?
-Wisher vomit bags?
Nice touch.
Talk about hype.
-Hype is selling
a lot of tickets.
-Hey, where are the guys?
-Perfect timing.
-Hey look, there's Brad.
-So what is a Wisher again?
-It's right there.
As the legend goes there was
this woodmen, centuries ago,
walking through
the forest one day.
And he met a nymph.
-Yeah, a nymph.
-Not that kind of nymph.
-A fairy.
A female fairy that
lives in the forest.
AUDIENCE MEMBER: Good punchline.
-Now, every nymph
lives in a tree.
And every tree has a
spirit called a wisher.
Because it grants
the nymph wishes.
Now the woodsmen figured if
he chopped down the tree,
he'd become the
wisher's new master
and he could have all
the wishes he desired.
And that's what he did.
So the wisher had a new master.
But something went
horribly wrong.
-Of course it did.
-And then what happened?
-Well instead of giving
the Woodsmen what he wished
for, the Wisher started
twisting the wishes around.
-Like how?
-Well the first
thing the Woodsman
wished for was to have the
largest house in the town.
Instead of giving him a
big mansion or something,
the Wisher we went out and
burned all the other houses.
Well since no one had a house
at all, his was the largest.
-So by the time the Woodman
figured out what was going on,
he nearly had but one choice.
He had to kill the Wisher.
When he tried, the
Wisher turned on him.
Killed him.
It's all in this poem, you see.
A wisher will lay dead until his
name is said beneath the tree
by powers three.
Then it will come
to the one it seeks.
-Oh, please.
-Pretty lame so far.
-Nice story.
-Let's try it.
-Try what?
-Calling the Wisher.
There's three of us.
-Forget it.
It's all bullshit.
-You got something better to do?
DEBBIE: Isn't that nice?
KARA: Because he's hot.
I can watch him no problem.
DEBBIE: I knew you'd say that.
-Get off the car
you little shit.
-So here we are.
-You go first.
-The Wisher!
-The Wisher.
-I don't like this.
Just say it so we can
get the hell out of here.
-The Wisher.
-Well nothing happened.
-So where is it?
Where is this Wisher?
You see, Ariel?
I told you it was bullshit
from some crazy old drunk.
-Do you know what
movie they went to?
was uh The Wisher or something.
-The Wisher.
It's playing up at The Galaxy.
-Horror movie, huh?
PHONE): Yeah, I
think Kara went to see it
with a couple of her friends.
-God, a genie in a tree?
I can't believe I'm
out here listening
to this very fairy
tale bullshit!
-Leave him alone, Ethan.
It was my idea.
-I think you should
have called him.
I really wish I can see
you scared shitless.
I bet.
-Oh my god.
-Run for your life!
-What was that all about?
-I don't know.
REPORTER: Today's youth
are more violent than ever
and it's certainly not safe to
go out in the streets anymore.
What's the matter?
-My stomach's killing me.
-Is she OK?
She threw up or something.
-Movie's that bad, huh?
-I gotta get out of here.
-We'll go with you.
-No, no, no.
I'll take her.
Good idea.
-Come on I'm just
parked right outside.
I'll take you home.
-I'm OK.
I can walk.
REPORTER: What we need to do is
take a stand against violence.
Now what I want all of you
out there in radio land
to do right now
is give us a call.
REPORTER: We need your support.
We need your support
to take this--
You feeling better now?
-All right.
to need this area blocked off.
MARY: What happened?
BRAD: Man, that is nasty.
-Oh my god.
That's my Dad's car.
KATHY: Mary.
You're going to be
late for school.
-Don't push her back.
Tell the teacher.
I'm making your favorite
sandwich, peanut
butter, pickle, and potato chip.
That's Beth's favorite, Mom.
-Thanks anyway.
-Have a good day.
Beth's favorite, is it?
-Oh, it sure is.
-Well you didn't miss
much, believe me.
-Yeah, still no
progress on our petition
to study vibrational energy.
-You can borrow my
notes if you want.
-You better use mine.
-Mary, take a look.
You're back.
I, uh, called you.
Came by your house a few times.
You get my e-mails?
-Yeah, thanks.
I'll be right back.
-I haven't seen her
since the movie.
-Will we ever live to
forget that fucking movie?
DEBBIE: Just don't
talk about it anymore.
JIMMY: I didn't see it.
DEBBIE: Don't bother,
it's really bad.
Trust me.
JIMMY: Looked like.
How do those stupid
movies make so much money?
JIMMY: Wisher madness.
DEBBIE: Shut up, Jimmy.
-Are you talking about
The Wisher again?
-Nice going!
JIMMY: Shit, I got slimed.
Help me.
-Look at this mess.
-I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
I'm really sorry, Kara.
-She is such a bitch.
She did it on purpose.
It's because of that movie.
I hate that fucking movie.
I promised him I wouldn't
go see anymore scary movies
and-- when he found
out about us going
to see this one he freaked.
He was on his way to pick
me up when it happened.
If I hadn't gone to see
it, he'd still be alive.
-Mary, it was an accident.
What happened to your
father had nothing
to do with you or the movie.
-I'll see you later.
-See ya.
-Hey, um, Kara?
I'm really sorry about
what happened today.
-Just forget about it.
This is my mom's anyway.
Did you hear that?
-Probably your neighbor's cat.
-Ugliest cat I've ever seen.
We'll see you tomorrow, Mary.
-Thanks for giving
me a heart attack.
You going to tell
me what happened?
-I fell.
It was an accident, Mom.
Will you just try and
eat a little something?
-I'm not hungry.
-What is it?
-I have an English
exam in a few days
and I haven't studied for it.
-You know we're going to
the cemetery tomorrow.
-We're going to see Dad?
-We're going to
go see his grave.
And I thought maybe we
could all go together.
-Yeah well like I
said, I have this test.
-You don't want to go see Dad?
-You're not going
to see Dad, Beth.
Dad Is dead.
I know that.
I wish he was still alive.
-Yeah well I wish I didn't
have to go to school tomorrow
but wishing for something
doesn't make it come true.
Why would I want to
go to the graveyard
and think about him rotting
in the ground anyway?
-That's enough.
Just stop it.
-Did you hear that?
OK, come on, Beth.
You can help me with the dishes.
You can stack and I'll wash.
-Turn on channel 10.
-You woke me up to watch TV?
-Mary, it's 8:30.
REPORTER: Tragedy has
struck Stanwick High again.
A raging fire raged
through the building.
-What's going on?
-Time off for us,
that's what's going on.
REPORTER: It's not knowing
what caused the fire last night
at Stanwick High but
arson is suspected.
Firefighters say high
winds fueled the flames.
Can you tell me a bit about
what happened the other night?
-Someone tried burning
down the school?
-Looks that way.
Well whoever did
it, did me a favor.
Had a stupid chem test today.
Shit, check that out.
-Did you see that?
Fireman's pretty hot.
Get it?
Hot firemen.
No, the guy behind the school.
Did you see him?
-What guy behind the school?
-He looked like--
-Looked like what?
-Never mind.
I'll-- I'll call you later.
-So who do you think did it?
-Well what do your
little rocks say?
-They say you're spiritually
challenged and shallow.
Sound about right?
-Your purple rocks,
astrology charts, and stars
don't mean anything in my life.
-You know what?
That's your problem.
Mary, what do you think?
Who do you think
started the fire?
-I don't know.
-You guys want to go see
a movie or something?
-No movies, OK?
-What do you think?
-OK what is it?
-I-- I just thought
I saw something.
-Saw what?
-Come on, tell us.
-OK, I know this
sounds crazy but I
keep seeing that
freak from the movie.
-What movie?
-Which one do you think?
-The Wisher.
-I thought I saw someone
who looked like it on TV
this morning and then
just now outside.
-Listen, Mary.
You didn't see anyone.
It has nothing to do
with that stupid movie.
It's because your dad
died that same day.
You feel responsible
for his death.
-Look just drop it, Kara.
-Yeah, Kara.
-It wasn't your fault,
it was an accident.
-An accident, Mary.
-Just shut up, OK?
I've got something to say.
-Well I don't want to hear it.
-Listen, Mary, you just gotta-
-Just shut up!
I just want you to shut up!
-Just need to tell you that.
Maybe I was wrong but
that's just the way I feel.
I just care about
you, that's all.
See you guys later.
-Mary, you want to
get out of here?
Don't worry about
it, just calm down.
Check her vitals.
everybody to move away, please.
Get them out of here now!
BETH: Hi, Mary.
What's the matter?
You look kind of funny.
-I'm OK.
What are you watching?
-I don't know.
It's pretty cool.
Wanna watch it?
-You shouldn't be watching that.
Go to bed, Beth.
You're having a bad dream.
It's OK, honey.
-Your Dad and I went to
the hospital to see Kara.
She's gonna pull through.
-Well that's great.
-Come here, honey.
Mary had another bad dream.
-I told you not to watch
those scary movies, didn't I?
-I didn't.
-Yes, you did.
-I didn't.
-(deep voice) Liar!
-I didn't!
I didn't!
-(whispering) Don't lie to me.
-I-- I didn't.
Movie makers manipulate
audience using
words and images
buried within a film.
So I was trying to figure out
why the movie made me sick.
-There's all kinds
of stories about it.
You know, people
doing weird things.
-It's publicity stunts.
I mean they put that
stuff on the net
to try and sell more tickets.
It happens all the time.
-Brad, think about what's
happened in the past few weeks.
-It's just coincidence.
-In a small town like this?
Where nothing ever happens?
-Mary, just try to
forget about it, OK?
-Mary, what's wrong?
I'll see you later.
Remember that movie I
was telling you about?
-I keep seeing him.
Everywhere now.
-Calm down.
Seeing who?
-The Wisher.
-Listen, someone is
following me and whoever
it is looks like that
thing in the movie.
This is a fictitious character.
-I said someone
who looks like it.
I'm sure that's
who attacked Kara.
I saw him watching me
right before it happened.
-You get a nice
sleep last night?
-It has nothing to do with that.
I know how this sounds.
I'm not losing my mind.
-Look I'll make you a deal.
If you promise me that you
take your pills tonight,
get a good night's
sleep, I promise you
we'll go through this tomorrow.
We'll talk this through tomorrow
but you've got to promise me.
-Well she thinks she's
being followed by somebody.
Yeah, somebody who looks
like this character
in this movie The Wisher.
Uh, do you know
anything about this?
KATHY: Yes, well Mary
has a vivid imagination.
Ever since she was a little
girl she's monsters, demons,
everybody's after her.
I'm sure she's
just trying to deal
with the guild about
her father's death.
And then Kara, it's
a double shock.
I'm sure it's going
to be OK, Kathy.
Thanks, I'll be in touch.
-Yeah, sure.
DOCTOR: The surgery went well.
She's uh come a
long way but I can't
make any promises at this point.
Uh, she'll never be the same
as she was, you understand.
It'll take some time
before she can speak again.
And even then--
-She's doing better.
-So can we go and see her?
-She doesn't want to see anyone.
-Not even us?
-I guess not.
-There's something
I have to show you.
Come on.
-Since the 1960s,
the US government
has experimented
with mind control.
The most famous example of this
are words and images embedded
within a film designed
to encourage an audience
to buy popcorn and
other concession items.
Big deal.
-That doesn't mean
anything to you?
MARY: Just read this.
RUSS: Who is it?
MARY: Russ, it's me.
Can I come in for a second?
RUSS: Mary, you can't
come up here anymore.
I got into shit
for that last time.
-I just need to see
something real quick.
-It's somewhere in
the first 15 minutes.
The first guy gets
attacked by the tree.
You know where that is, right?
What exactly are you
looking for anyway?
-I don't know.
I just want to have a look.
-It's right around here.
Go crazy.
Watch the fingerprints.
Just touch the edges, OK?
So uh, you find anything yet?
I got a write up in
10 minutes, all right?
-Have you seen this before?
-Seen what?
-Have you ever seen
anything like this?
-Hell no.
-Look, here's another one.
-That's fucked up.
MARY: Morgan, I want to
talk to you for a second.
DR. CAMPBELL: You all right?
-Yeah, for now.
Take a look at these.
-What is it?
They're pictures.
-I know that but of what?
-I went up into the
projection booth of the Galaxy
where The Wisher was playing.
-I saw it last night.
-You went to see it?
-Well take a closer look
and you'll see what I mean.
It's right around the part of
the movie where I got sick.
See them?
All those different symbols?
If there's something about
this movie that makes people do
things then those
symbols have got
to have something to do with it.
-How do you know that?
-Well I know how I reacted when
I saw the movie at that moment.
Maybe someone else was
affected by it too.
-I think we should keep our
meetings to the office from now
You're uncomfortable?
Gonna hold on to these, OK?
-What do you want
to do with them?
-Well, believe it or not I had
another life before I got here.
I have some friends that might
have some idea about this.
-Be careful.
-I will.
-If he likes me then
what's he doing with her?
-Poor judgment.
All boys have poor
judgment and you know that.
-Hi, Mary.
-Hey Shane.
What's up?
What's this?
-Uh, just some new tunes
I downloaded last night.
-I wish he could see
how ugly she really is.
-Uh, nobody.
Um, yeah I have some more
stuff I can send you tonight.
-Great, yeah.
Oh and thanks for all
your e-mails by the way.
-He's at it again.
-What's going on?
-A lot below my waist.
-What are you doing?
-I'm going.
-Are you kidding me?
-I just realized the time.
Got the swimming pool all
to myself for an hour.
-Can I ask you something?
-Make it quick.
-Why do you do this?
Brad is one of the nicest guys.
And now you're with me?
-I'm not with anybody.
And you know what they
say about nice guys.
-I just thought you should know.
MARY: Hello?
This isn't funny.
-What are you doing here?
-Just watching you.
Hope you enjoyed the show.
-You know you're in here all
by yourself except for me.
Anything could happen.
-What the hell is
that supposed to mean?
Brad, we dated, big deal.
Had you scared
there for a minute.
-You asshole.
I know you're still in here!
please calmly exit the building
and report to your
homeroom teacher.
Please do so in an
orderly fashion.
All students please
calmly exit the building
and report to your
homeroom teacher.
-What's going on?
-I don't know.
-Mandy was attacked with a
knife or something in the pool
just now.
What's wrong?
-Why are you looking
at me like that?
-No reason.
-Are you OK?
-Yeah, fine.
-You sure?
-I just gotta get home.
Beth where are you?
Parents are outraged
with this second attack on one
of Stanwick High's students.
The attack of Mandy Newbel
has prompted the Principal
to close the school until
authorities have made
further progress in their
investigation of the two
Students are asked
to stay at home--
BETH: What?
-I need you to
promise me something.
BETH: What?
-No going out alone unless
Mom or I are with you.
I get it.
Do you ever think about Dad?
Of course.
Why do you say that?
-Just wondering.
-You miss him?
Maybe Dad would
still be alive if you
hadn't gone to
that stupid movie.
-Who told you that?
-You know, Bethie,
sometimes I just w-- wish.
BETH: What?
What you wishing for?
-Where's the phone?
-You're scaring me.
-Where did you put the phone?
- (crying) What's wrong?
What's wrong?
-I didn't make a wish,
everything is fine.
It's OK, it's OK.
Come on.
Back here.
DEBBIE (ON PHONE): What is it?
DEBBIE (ON PHONE): What's wrong?
DOCTOR: Look, I need you
to come over right now.
DEBBIE (ON PHONE): What is it?
Tell me on the phone.
-I can't talk now but--
Tell me right now.
-I think I know who it is.
I'm coming right now.
-Where are we going?
-I'm taking you
to the Wilkinson's
until Mom gets back.
-Come with me.
-I'm leaving with
Debbie for a while.
Stay there until Mom gets back.
-Mary, Mary.
Is everything OK?
What's going on?
-Get back in.
-Just get in!
Lock your doors.
-Just do it!
-Where are we going?
DEBBIE: So what is it?
What are you freaking out about?
-It's Brad.
-He's the one that's
been following me around.
It all makes sense.
-Mary, you're just
being paranoid.
He just has a crush on you.
-A crush or an obsession?
-Look, Mary I've
got to get home.
You made this sound like
it was an emergency.
-It is!
Listen, right
before my dad died,
I walked out of the
house pissed at him.
And I said, I wish he'd go away.
I wish he'd just go away.
Go away, go away.
He was the last one with
Mandy before she was attacked.
-And the other night I was
having dinner with my Mom
and I said, I wish I didn't
have to go to school.
have to go to school tomorrow
but wishing for something
doesn't make it come true,
come true.
-Then the next day, the
library got torched.
Brad set the fire so I
wouldn't have to go to school.
-Mary, you don't
really believe this.
-You were there when I told
Kara I wish she'd shut up.
I wish you'd just shut up!
-It has nothing to do
with that stupid movie.
-Look what happened.
I'm with Mandy.
I said I wish he could
see how ugly she is.
I wish he could
see how ugly she really is.
-Then her face got slashed.
Brad was the last one
to see her, I know.
I was with him.
And he just followed me home.
I was with Beth and
I got mad at her
and I was about to wish for her
to get lost like I always do.
And just as I was saying I
wish you'd get lost I looked up
and I saw him outside
the window staring at me.
It was definitely him.
Like, he was waiting
for what I was gonna say
and he was ready to do it.
-Mary, this is ridiculous.
Why would Brad be running
around granting you wishes?
DEBBIE: I want to try something.
MARY: Try what?
DEBBIE: Just have an
open mind about this, OK?
-Debbie, tell me
what we're doing.
DEBBIE: Just come on,
it'll take a second.
-What are we doing here?
Wish for a winning ticket.
-Ugh, God, Debbie.
Would you stop it?
-Come on.
Don't rule anything out.
Just wish for a winner and
let's see what happens.
-It's not going to work.
-Just give it a try.
Here, pick one of these.
-OK, um, fine.
How about movie magic?
-Make a wish and scratch it off.
-Well, maybe it wasn't
a winner because you
didn't say it out loud.
Watch this.
-Watch what?
-I wish I had a blue gumball.
So much for my special powers.
Come on.
-Maybe your wishes don't
work for good things, only
bad things.
Wish that I crash the car.
-Let's see what happens.
-Come on.
Try it.
-You're making fun of me.
-No, I swear, I'm not.
Just wish that I crash the car.
-This is so stupid.
-More stupid than
somebody running around
dressed as the killer
in some cheesy B movie?
Look, there's no way Brad or
whoever could know what you
were wishing for
all those times.
I mean, you were alone, right?
Did it ever occur to you that
this is all in your head?
Fine, if it'll make you happy.
I wish you'd crash the car!
DEBBIE: You don't
have to total it,
just a little fender bender.
Maybe I could get some
insurance money and fix it up.
Why do you think
I'm doing all this?
I'm just trying to prove to you
that this is all in your head.
That's all.
Slow down!
-We have to go this fast if
we're going to crash the car!
-Yeah but you're going
to get us killed!
-Shut up!
-You saw it, right?
Say you're sorry.
-I'm sorry!
Where did he go?
-Start the car.
DEBBIE: How did he
know where we were?
MARY: He's been following
us the whole time.
DEBBIE: Great.
That's just great.
I don't believe it.
Mary, look behind us.
The cops.
What's the hurry?
DEBBIE: We just hit
someone back there.
-That's uh, that's
quite a story.
-It's not a story.
DEBBIE: Take a look
at the windshield.
-Look, somebody is following us.
-Mary, how many times
have we picked you
up sleepwalking or
stumbling around?
You know, there's a lot of kooky
things that go on with you,
isn't there?
We're all really sorry about
what happened to your Dad.
But I can't help with that.
Have a good night.
-So much for the cops.
What are we going to do now?
If Brad thinks he's
The Wisher then maybe
there's another way to stop him.
-Neither of us saw the
end of the movie, right?
-I've got an idea.
-What are we doing?
-Just come on.
You know the movie The Wisher?
-Of course.
-Do you know how to download it?
-Can you show us?
What's going on?
Power outage?
What happened?
-Can you write it down?
-There you are.
I've been looking
all over for you.
Why do you keep avoiding me?
-I'm not avoiding you.
-Mary, you know I like you.
All right.
I-- I mean I like you a lot.
BRAD: Mary, where are you going?
MARY: Drive!
Here's the phone.
Call the police.
I'll be right back.
Mary, it's from your mom.
She's out looking for you.
-OK, come on.
Did you call?
-Are they coming?
-They said so.
-Well did you tell him that
he's here at the house?
-Of course.
What are you doing?
-We're going to
download the movie.
If Brad thinks he's
The Wisher then maybe
we can stop him like
they did in the movie.
-Yeah, right.
-You got a better idea?
We have to find out
how the movie ended.
ARIEL: What happened
to the Wisher?
-Well, the Woodman cut
down the first tree,
another tree rose
up in it's place.
And the Wisher laid there still.
Waiting for a new
master to come along.
Wait a minute.
-What's that supposed to mean?
-This is from the
beginning of the movie.
We need the end.
OK, wait, wait, wait.
[INAUDIBLE] the Whistler finally
figured out what was going on,
he knew he had to
destroy the Wisher.
When he tried, the Wisher
turned on him and killed him.
-It's frozen.
MARY: Debbie, look at this.
DEBBIE: What is it?
-OK, just wait.
-No, no!
Get away!
No, no!
-That looks like my house.
-This is for real?
-Which means--
-He's coming here.
-No, please!
No, no!
Please, no!
No, no!
-That looks like you.
-He thinks I'm the
girl in the movie.
It's frozen.
-Forget it.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
-Oh and go where?
Wait, wait, wait.
-The Wisher.
The only way he can
stop him is by wishing--
By wishing what?
I just want to talk to you.
DEBBIE: Mary, what should we do?
BRAD: What's the problem?
-Did you lock the door?
-Help me with that!
-OK, come on.
-OK, OK.
OK, face my fear.
No, it's no good.
He saw me!
MARY: Debbie!
-Mary if he listens
to you, say something!
-I wish you were dead!
-Mary, you OK?
-I'm sorry.
-Oh, Shane.
DR. CAMPBELL: Shane became
obsessed with the movie.
He watched it over
and over again.
25 times in one weekend.
His mother called me,
concerned about him.
It seemed a simple
case of a lonely kid,
hiding away from the
world in a movie theater.
The images that you found
embedded in the film?
MARY: Yeah.
-They were actually designed
to manipulate the audience.
-Is that legal?
-You know, nobody knows
that much about it.
Subliminal messaging,
was abandoned in the '60s.
But the people who made this
film managed to tap into it.
-I guess that means a sequel.
-I hope not.
-So what happened to Shane?
-He's gone away.
-For how long?
-Wish I knew.
-Don't use that word.
I'm sorry.
-But you know, Shane
is just one person.
What about all the others?
And where is this
going to go next?
That's what scares me.
-I'll see you around.
-Don't worry, you will.
-Everything OK?
Remember when you said
that you liked me?
Did you mean as a friend
or a friend with benefits?
-Well um.
What kind of benefits
are you talking about?
signs of forcible entry
at the back door.
How much damages--
NARRATOR: The following feature
contains graphic violence,
adult language and situations.
Children under the
age of 18 are urged
to watch this picture
with a parent or guardian.
Due to the graphic
nature of this film,
it is not to recommended
for children under 18.
EARL: As the legend goes there
was this woodsmen centuries
ago, walking through
the forest one day.
Then he met a nymph.
ETHAN: Yeah, a nymph.
Not that kind of nymph.
A fairy.