The Witch Files (2018) Movie Script

- Okay.
Necessary evil, or an outdated
mode of incarceration--
In three, two...
Still an important part
of modern school discipline,
or an antiquated vestige?
From Brunswick High News,
I'm Claire Mclaskey and--
No, no, no!
lets start with your name.
- People know me.
- Totally,
but for posterity.
- Brooke Cabot.
- And what are you in
detention for?
- You know how
to work this thing?
- I do. Yeah.
The school paper
got us a new camera
but not new tripods.
- Our school has a paper?
- Yeah, a paper and
a weekly news show, too.
- I was in Algebra
and Mr. Clark,
since he's an old perv...
asked me what I was
doing this weekend.
I said, "Your mom"
and he got all flus-ltrated.
- And would you say
detention is worthwhile?
- It's a huge
pain in my dick.
We done, Spielsberg?
- You can state your name
whenever you're ready.
- Uh, Mary Jane LaFont.
Call me MJ.
I was making out with
someone in the hallway.
- Oh,
anyone's in particular? Or...
- Yes. Darren.
My boyfriend of two years,
thank you very much.
He's in detention
across the hall.
That is what you
should do a story about.
How the people in this town
are still just as Puritan
as they were when they
murdered all of those witches.
- Oh no, that's actually
never been proven.
The townspeople...
- Okay. That's fine.
Look, I'm just saying,
why separate the boys
from the girls?
It is wicked sexist.
- Does detention work?
Will you rethink your
actions in the future?
- No, he's my boyfriend,
I'm gonna kiss him
when I want to.
Besides, we're gonna
get married soon
and put this whole state
in our rearview.
- Okay.
- Greta.
Here because I ditched
AP Chem yesterday.
And there's nothing
redeeming about detention.
- Why'd you skip
your class?
- Commitments...
are more important
to me than neutrons.
We had a game against
Westbrook last night,
and I've got
a fullback sweeper
who's been having
trouble with her flick.
She was worried
since we wouldn't have
much of a warm-up
given the drive to their field,
so she asked if I could give
her a one-on-one refresher.
- Can you say that
in English?
- I'm captain of the
field hockey team.
Those are hockey terms.
- Well, did we win?
Against Westbrook?
- Ms. Mclaskey?
- No. The Ref was an idiot.
- Yeah?
- How much longer
will this take?
- Um, I have permission
from the principal
to conduct these interviews
- And that's why
I'm allowing them.
I asked you how long.
- Another twenty minutes?
- Make it five.
- Okay.
- This shouldn't be
a social call.
- I'm pretty much done.
Unless... you'd like
to say something.
In the black hoodie.
I don't know your name.
- Don't bother.
She's new, and she doesn't
talk to anybody.
She just creeps around being
all grim and premenstrual.
I hear she worships Satan, too.
- Hi.
I'm Jules.
I'm a Leo.
I think detention is
a great way to meet people.
- You're kidding, right?
- I'm also not new.
I was born in Brunswick
and just moved back.
My family's been part
of this town since, like,
pre-Revolutionary War.
- What got in detention?
- Nate Aldrich?
- I call him "The Groper."
- He's been at it
since like the third grade.
- Yeah, he tried to
feel me up in Physics,
so I pushed him.
- Wait, are you the reason
he's on crutches today?
- He's like over
two hundred pounds.
How did you you push him?
- I just...
believed I could.
- Are you a Scientologist?
- No.
- I get it.
It's like "The Secret"
type stuff.
I've been telling
my teammates
all about the law
of attraction...
how it can help us
score more.
All you--
- Yeah, that's not it, either.
- You realize a girl like you
comes along every year, right?
Trying to be a witch
in Brunswick
is like wearing mouse ears
at Disney.
- Oooh.
- I'm not trying
to be anything.
- Mission accomplished.
Look, if you're not
full of crap,
why don't you put your
superpowers to good use
and get us outta here.
- Okay.
But you gotta believe I can.
At least some of you.
- I'm with you.
- Me, too.
- Wait.
Don't do something crazy,
just for the camera,
because nobody
watches our show.
Aye si awe ten aye.
Aye si awe ten aye.
Aye si awe ten aye.
- Oh my God.
- Did you get that?
Did you get that?
- Gotta go, right?
- Come on.
Single file.
- Boys, head over here.
- Really?
- That's awesome.
- This is so cool.
- Doesn't mean detention's
over, ladies.
Over here please.
- So let me guess,
you coordinated that with
one of your emo friends?
- Yeah, because I have
so many friends
to plan stuff with.
- Then how did you do it?
- You should know.
You helped.
You, too.
- Because we thought
you could?
- Um-hmm.
You believed.
Thoughts have power,
especially in a group.
- I've read about that theory.
Like, how big groups
get together
and meditate on peace
and it briefly lowers
crime rates in the area.
- Yeah, there's people who
believe they can fly, too.
And then they eat pavement.
- This is just messing
with your world-view, huh?
I mean, it's warping your
skinny, rich-bitch mind.
- Okay, first of all,
thanks for calling me skinny.
And secondly, no,
I don't believe anything
magical happened.
- Okay, well I do
and I wanna learn
how to do that.
Like, can do that on my own?
God, you scared me, dip-shits.
- Um, awkward.
- Um, gross.
- Claire, right?
- Yeah?
- I'm Jason,
we take trig class together.
- Oh.
- We're free to go.
There, uh, isn't not enough time
to reset the alarm
so detention's over.
- Really? Sweet.
- Wow.
Can I actually
meet you at the car?
We're finishing up something.
- He's quite the catch.
- You're damn right.
Hey, how... hey!
Hey, can you teach us
that stuff?
- If you're serious.
I can try.
But it's more religion
than hobby,
and it's not for everyone.
- You said we could be more
powerful in a group, right?
- Um-hm.
I'll be in Merrymeeting Park
tonight if you're interested.
At Hag's Rock.
- And it has
to be midnight,
because that's so much
- Midnight is transitional.
And Hag's Rock is special
because the places where
people were brutally killed
can hold onto
residual energy.
Any other bullshit comments?
- MJ, c'mon!
- Hold on!
Okay, she loves a dramatic exit,
doesn't she?
Are you guys going?
- Anything to improve
my game.
How 'bout you?
- Me? Uh, I have to get up
super early tomorrow.
- She wasn't even in detention,
She was researching it.
You shouldn't go,
it won't look good
on a college application.
- Well that's not why, I'd--
- Brooke!?
What are you doing?
- Seeing how
the other half lives.
- C'mon.
- Give me a lift, bitch.
- What are you doing
with those freaks?
- Charity work.
- Every dollar we take
out of savings
costs us that dollar...
plus everything that dollar
could have been in the future.
All the dividends and interest
we could've earned
from now until our death.
- Oh, I just love it
when you talk about our deaths.
- Did you send out the usual
number of resumes today?
- Oh, a baker's dozen.
For luck.
- Girls, let's eat!
- Finally!
- You need to remove
that stuff.
- Yeah, okay, just a sec.
Claire says this thing
keeps tipping over on her.
- Ooh, smells good.
Any luck?
- Sure.
Just had a screw loose,
like your mother.
- Hey!
- You know this is what I
always wanted to do, really...
- Yeah?
- Something with my hands.
- Looks del-licious, mom.
- Good. Dig in.
- How'd I ever let myself
get caught up in
network administration?
Take it from me, girls--
- Emily,
- Don't let fear stop you
from doing things.
- did you wash your hands?
- She didn't.
- Try everything once.
- Even d-d-drugs?
- You're an idiot.
Dad, do you know
you're recording?
- Huh?
- Detention voice-over.
Take one.
The dictionary describes
as the act of
restraining a thing--
- You're the last one up.
- Okay. I'll set the alarm.
Okay, don't work
too much longer, honey.
It's almost midnight.
- Benefit of having
trusting parents,
they never expect you
to be irresponsible.
Not that big of a deal,
I'm sixteen,
my peers are doing
way worse things.
Who's there?
- Ha!
- What is wrong with you?
- Sorry.
Did I frighten you
on your way
to becoming a witch?
- I was just... out...
- Very close to
Merrymeeting Park.
- Well I was curious
if anyone would show.
- Well, let's be
curious together.
- No, thanks.
- What's your deal,
Miss Priss?
You live life
through a camera?
- I report things,
perhaps you've heard of it?
- I remember you,
by the way.
Weren't you that girl
in sixth grade
who wrote our congressman
and got like bullet proof
vests for police dogs?
- Why would you
remember that?
- Because I thought
it was cool.
I'm not a sandpaper tampon,
you know.
- I don't know.
We've never spoken.
- But I bet
you've heard things.
Oh, come on.
Hearing the rumors about me
is one of my few joys.
- I heard you got a nose job
the summer before
freshman year.
- Best money
my dad ever spent.
- Does he make a lot?
- Whatever he makes now
he spends on his new family.
My mom got
a pretty huge settlement,
but she like pretty much drank
the entire thing away, so...
- I'm sorry.
- You're not pouring
chardonnay down her throat.
- Well either way,
you're cool...
top of the local food chain.
Why are you
interested in this?
- Even if it's a big
cauldron of BS,
it'll make a good story.
And if it's not...
I'll be able to slap hexes
on the people I hate.
- So it is happening.
- Yep.
- Right on.
- It's this or Netflix.
- Well get in.
- Did someone die
and leave you this car?
...On a scale of one
to Columbine,
how crazy is this
Jules person?
- Oh, she's harmless.
- Can we make
Columbine jokes now?
- It's ten after.
Either we missed the
world's shortest ritual,
or the stupid witch
lied to us.
- You're late.
- What did we miss,
organic farming?
- Claire, I'm okay
with you filming this,
but only if you participate.
If you just observe,
it'll stanch the energy flow.
We wouldn't want that.
- Hey, what's
your malfunction?
If you're drinking, stop.
Or leave.
Your desire and intention
need to be crystal clear.
- Wait. Brooke?
- Let her go.
- Relax.
I'm draining the weasel.
- Looks kinda...
- Satanists use
the pentagram
with its two points up,
representing devil's horns.
Which is why people think
that witches worship Satan...
they're looking at it wrong.
From where I'm standing,
it symbolizes the four
primal elements
and water.
- What's the fifth?
School spirit?
- You're actually close
for once.
It's just Spirit,
it represents those
who've lived before us
and passed on...
since their energy can
never truly be extinguished.
Grab a tool
and dig a hole
at one of the five points.
Then we'll cut off
a lock of hair,
and bury it as an offering.
- I don't think
extensions count.
- Um, I don't think
you count.
- I came up here in fifth grade
once for a field trip.
- Oh yeah.
Me too.
- Hold still.
- Is anyone else
getting eaten alive?
- These instructions
have been in my family
for generations.
- What are those?
- Two chants.
One of which we'll do tonight,
is called "Bonding."
It's a way of sealing a group
of like-minded souls.
- Hate to break it to you,
but we couldn't
be more different.
- We're all here,
aren't we?
- What do you mean chants?
- Words we say in unison.
It's a way of focusing
a coven's intention.
- Is that what we are?
A coven?
- Not yet.
By the air of our breath.
The fire in our blood.
The water of our wombs.
The earth in our bodies.
May this circle
be sanctioned,
welcomed, and bonded.
- Are these like,
Girl Scout cookies
or did you get them
from the store?
- I think just from the store.
- How long should we give it?
- Doesn't say.
Maybe it's dumb to wait.
Maybe it's not that literal.
- Well, Claire?
You said that the town
didn't really burn
witches here?
- From what I've read,
It's well documented
that these woods were used
as a meeting place for Pagan
and Wiccan ritual practices,
hence the term,
Merrymeeting Park.
- Did you just say
- And it's true that
several women died here
in late 1600's,
pre Salem Witch Trials.
But diaries of the town Pastor
and local officials
say that they were
found dead at Hag's Rock.
- And history remembers
them as witches
when they were probably just,
like, outspoken women.
- Right?
Like, they just mentioned
to the mens folk
a few things that
could've been run better
around town and then...
whuddya know...
were later found decapitated.
- I always try to remember
the one bright spot.
Mary Perkins.
She was found
among the dead...
cold and shivering with
rope burns around her neck
but she was still alive.
- Really?
I don't know about her.
- Well did she ever
say what happened?
- No.
She was unable to speak
because of the damage
to her throat,
so they jailed her
for the murders.
Later she escaped
and blamed the town.
Said they tried to form a mob
and tried to kill them.
- I'm with her.
This town blows.
- Holy crap.
- MJ, did you tell Darren
you were coming up here?
- No.
- Check it out!
- Oh my God.
- Where's our hair?
- That is messed up.
- Were any of you followed?
- Ah, man.
We should leave.
- Guys.
Didn't we want
something to happen?
- So the hunter
has become the hunted.
Tell us, how does it feel
to be on camera, Claire?
- She plans on being
a national news anchor, Pete.
I think she's fine.
- You're not filming over
anything I've already shot,
- I'm not a complete idiot.
Hey, that detention story,
can you get it to me tomorrow,
before press-time?
- Uh, it's kinda
become a bigger deal.
- I know you're gunning
for a Pulitzer Prize,
but we have a quota--
- Give it.
Eating alone.
- Mm-hmm.
- Is this by choice?
- Everything you say
sounds like a news teaser.
Dining solo...
tonight at eleven.
- Is it weird for you
to be back?
I mean, are any of your
friends still around?
- Nah, it's been too long.
- Well, you could've
sat with me.
- I'm okay with
not having friends.
You're in my History class,
- Mrs. Fuller's?
- Mm-hmm.
- That's awful,
especially since I pride myself
on being observant.
- To be fair...
this is a new do.
- Okay, so someone
must have been
screwing with us
last night, right?
- How did they know
where to dig?
- Uh, they were watching us
from the woods.
- Okay, it says here that,
if our coven were
deemed worthy,
our offerings would then be--
- Darren. Don't--
- What's so important you
can't sit with me, babe?
- Just leave it.
- Give it.
- You plannin' some kinda
medieval surprise party for me?
- Hand it over.
- Ow.
I'm just foolin'.
- Darren, just go sit,
I'll join you in a minute.
- MJ, c'mon.
- Darren. Sit!
- Hey Claire,
you crack that trig homework?
- I haven't even started it.
- It's next period.
- I work fast.
- Did he rip it, Jules?
- Its fine.
- Okay. Awesome.
Well I feel super dumb.
- What a douche.
- You better not
mean my Darren.
- What if I do?
- Hey Brooke,
you wanna sit with me?
- No, I have
a seat already.
- You guys,
here comes Brooke.
- It's like, you're obviously
horrific looking.
Why do you think
you can speak to me?
- Brooke, what do you
think happened last night?
- I know what happened.
it worked.
- Mm-hmm.
- Our offers were accepted.
- So what happens now?
- The second chant is called
- There's nothing else on there?
- It's torn off.
I mean, there might have
been something, but...
- So let's do it,
let's commence.
- Do you wanna sit?
- No.
I have an image to protect.
But we can use my house.
My mom will be out.
Eleven pm?
- Can't we just
meet after school?
Sneaking out really
isn't easy for me.
- I got a game,
then after that all
the varsity teams
are decorating the gym
for the Spring Fling.
- Guys, I can't.
- What? C'mon.
- I'm sorry,
am I the only one
who couldn't sleep
last night?
I thought this is
something I wanted but...
I'm sorry.
- So, you're just pussing out?
- Look, I don't know
where it comes from.
The magic.
I don't want to be in league
with like some demon
or something.
- You're not.
We're tapping into
natural vibrations.
- But from where?
- All around.
The sky.
Even spirits of past witches.
- So ghosts?
That's comforting.
- Look, MJ, I can't
tell you not to bail,
but we're bonded now.
If you decide
not to commence,
then there is no coven.
- Don't let Brooke pressure you
into becoming a witch.
- I just, I just don't want
to disappoint anyone.
- Not a sentence
I thought I'd ever say.
- It's a manual ISO?
- Yeah, I think so.
- And it shoots 4K, right?
- Hey,
move it, Tech Support.
- But that's where
I always sit.
- You did.
Before I wanted to.
- That was mean.
- How well do you know MJ?
- As well as you do.
- We have to make sure
she grows a pair before tonight.
- Miss Cabot?
- Mr. Dwyer?
- Why must you insist
on speaking during my lectures?
- Why do you lecture
during my conversations?
- Comedian.
Alright class, page 39.
- Oh, please.
- Edgar Allen Poe.
- This helps to
purify ourselves
as well as the space.
- Hey, we totally Febreze.
I mean an
energetic purification.
The base energy here
is very selfish.
Shallow even.
Now I'm casting the circle,
like I did with
the salt in the forest.
There's a belief
that once cast,
this becomes a place
where time doesn't exist.
- Like Mr. Dwyer's class.
- Oops.
- That can't be the fire
department, again, right?
- Hi.
If I ever do quit,
it will not be
because I'm scared.
- Right on.
- Alright.
We got ourselves
a coven.
- Brooke?
Shining moon.
Darksome night.
Harken to the witches rite.
Hear us gods of land
and sea,
assist our shadow family.
Use the strength
of your creation,
to grant us five
this embarkation.
- Was that it?
- Well, what'd you expect?
A laser show?
- I don't know, I thought
something would happen.
- Let's just try something.
Like a spell or whatever.
- But there were only two
chants on the paper, right?
- Forget the paper,
it's up to us now.
I didn't use it when I did
the fire alarm at school.
- Yeah, how did you
do that?
- I came up with a mantra
about wanting it to happen...
repeated it,
and it centered me.
- So what'll be our first thing?
Levitate this book.
Levitate this book.
Levitate this book--
- Okay,
what are we doing wrong?
- Asking questions
instead of concentrating?
- It could be
a lot of things,
some doubt floating around,
the way we're phrasing it...
- The book is
already in the air.
- The book's
already in the air.
The book's already in the air.
The book's already
in the air.
The book's already in the air.
The book's already
in the air.
The book's already--
- MJ!
Come on.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
This is freakish!
I mean, this doesn't happen
in real life, right?
- You wanted us to believe
the book was already floating.
That's smart.
- Right.
There's no reason
to doubt what we want,
it's already happened.
- Okay, so...
we've already done the book.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
- Watch the hands, buster.
- What the...
- Claire is in the air.
- 'Sup, ladies?
Looks like I hit the jackpot.
- Brooke, honey, you didn't
tell me about a sleep-over.
- It's a study group, Mom,
and I did.
Check your phone.
- Whatever, okay,
just keep it down here.
We're gonna be upstairs.
- Whatever.
Claire is in the air.
Claire is in the air.
- Oh my God.
- Claire?
- Claire, are you ok?
- Claire?
- Claire?
- Are you ok?
- Oh my God.
- Oh my God, I was trying
to keep her up there myself.
- We got beyond lucky.
- Which was good
because it created
some construction jobs.
That's what people needed,
But he did want to
avoid raising government--
- ...Boundaries which
divide life from death
are at best shadowy
and vague.
Isn't that cool?
- The North American
Teenage Witch
in her natural habitat...
Those new glasses?
- New prescription.
- They're cool.
- Greta, how 'bout you
save some food for us.
the rest of the world.
- If I wanted to be
a skinny witch, I would be.
Also, I got a big
game coming up.
- Against who?
- MJ can't make it.
She's at a last minute
dental appointment.
- What?
- Girl's gotta get her
priorities straight.
- I say we try a little
something without her.
- Can we?
- Maybe.
- Seriously!?
you can't camp out here.
I have other hungry
customers waiting.
- How rude is that?
- Uh, very.
- The bill's already
been paid.
The bill's already been paid.
The bill's already been paid.
- With a generous tip.
- The bill's already been paid.
- With a generous tip.
- The bill's already been paid.
- With a generous tip.
- So, I'll get you some change.
- Uh, no.
All set.
- Thank you, ladies.
- Whoa!
- So, do we
just get up and--?
- Leave.
- I think we do.
Oh my God.
That was awesome!
- Maybe I don't need
that part-time job, after all.
- Anyone else thinking
what I'm thinking?
- Shopping spree?
- Mm-hmm.
- Wait, what was that?
How'd it work?
I mean, we didn't
just create money.
- She seems to think we did.
- Yep.
- But what happens
to that waitress
at the end of her shift?
Does she just come up
thirty-six dollars short?
- You're over-thinking it.
- Am I?
Or am I just thinking?
- You can find me
in the Old Port.
- Right behind ya.
Here you go.
- I really do need
new shoes.
For field hockey.
Don't judge me.
- I didn't say a thing!
Oh man.
- Claire.
Say hi.
- Hey.
- C'mon.
- You should get that.
This is too much for
one person to document.
- The dark side looks
good on you, Claire.
She's already paid.
She's already paid.
She's already paid.
She's already paid.
She's already paid--
- Hey!
- Oh no.
- You wanna get coffee
sometime, or...?
No, sorry.
- Ladies,
what's with all the bags?
- You guys win a contest?
- No, people just
like giving us things.
- Have you talked to MJ?
She's in a world of hurt.
Had a double root canal
and a bridge.
- Oh, no,
I guess we didn't think
to follow up with her.
- Rolling?
Okay, My lipstick
is Makeup Forever
and in my hair is Amika's
Undone texture spray.
And my handkerchief dress is--
- What're you doing?
- Um, hello?
Making a haul video.
You don't do
a spree like this
without putting it up
on YouTube--
- Miss Cabot.
Here we are again.
Since you're so
talkative today,
why don't you give
the class an example
of Edgar Allen Poe's
"Single Effect?" Please.
- Sure.
He was such
a creepy mo-fo.
that it effected his dating life
and he stayed single.
- That's clever.
That's really clever,
but your witticisms
aren't going to help you
on the mid-term.
- Poe basically thought
stories were best when
they achieved a single emotional effect on the reader.
- That's correct, Ms. Mclaskey.
Again, thank you very much.
Brooke, I'm wondering
what you're going to do,
when your smarter friend
isn't around to help you?
Now I'm gonna read from
"Masque of the Red Death,"
I want you guys to pay close
attention to the signposts.
- Stay out of it.
- I just wanted him
off your back.
- You only made it worse.
- Good? No?
- Dwyer's a coffee-mouth.
-"No pestilence has ever
been so fatal.
- Dwyer's a coffee-mouth.
- Dwyer's a coffee-mouth.
- Dwyer's a coffee- mouth.
- Dwyer's a coffee-mouth.
- "Blood was its avatar
and its seal--
- Dwyer's a coffee- mouth.
- Dwyer's a coffee- mouth.
- Dwyer's a coffee-mouth.
- Dwyer's a coffee-mouth.
- The redness and the horror
of blood..."
- Dwyer's a coffee- mouth.
- Dwyer's a coffee-mouth.
- Um...
"There were sharp pains,
- Oh my God.
- and there were sudden
bleeding at the pores--"
- Poe's single effect.
- I heard about this all the
way on the tennis courts.
- I almost felt bad for him.
- Claire.
It's Dwyer.
I mean, I hear he's some kind
of shell-shocked ex- Marine.
- Yeah.
He hates my guts,
and he's my advisor, too.
So he's literally doing
everything in his power
to make sure I end up
working at McDonalds.
- Oh no.
- Enjoying the plight of Dwyer?
I just came from
the nurse's office.
He's not vomiting up
Folgers anymore.
- That's good.
- How are you?
- I'm okay.
My teeth went ape-shit.
- Yeah, we heard.
- But, hey,
how are you guys?
Miss a day
and miss a lot, huh?
Raiding the Old Port
actually sounds pretty rad.
Wish I could've been there.
But apparently we don't need
all of us together
to do spells or whatever.
- Yeah.
Just two of you did Dwyer.
- I think we're each capable
of harnessing the power
of the entire coven now.
At any time.
- Brett Harlow asked me to
the Spring Fling.
- Shut the front door.
- What?
- Is that something
you chanted for?
- No. I beat him at tennis
during gym class
and then when
we shook hands after,
he asked me.
- I figured he was gay...
he never looks at me.
- Uh, he's like,
You know what,
no, no,
I actually think he's prettier
than Justin Beebs.
- Alright, witches.
We all have things
that we all want, right?
And I'm not just talking
about shopping anymore.
I think this group
should be about
helping each other
get what we want.
So let's meet tonight
with lists.
- Let me guess, midnight?
- Greta's pretty good, huh?
- She's great.
I never cared about
any of our sports
because I never knew
any of the players.
- Hey, uh
I'm walkin' home.
Wanna join?
- Has the town changed a lot
since you were last here?
- Yeah,
somehow its even lamer.
- What does that say
about me that I like it?
- It says that you're
a Labra-Doodle.
- Hold up.
Say that again?
- Not while you're recording.
- Claire just explained to me
why witches ride brooms.
- A theory I read.
That's all.
- They were drug addicts?
Okay, there's this mold
that grows on
really old rye bread.
And if you eat it,
you hallucinate,
but if you swallow too much,
than you'll die.
So to get the fun effects
without the danger,
you can let it seep through
your bloodstream via...
another area.
- Oh, like your vagina!
- Well they may have
wiped the mold
on things like
broom handles,
and rubbed it
between their legs.
Hence the reports
of ladies in fields
"riding" their brooms.
- Gross.
I'd at least have the decency
to do that indoors.
- So, what happens if
your parents catch you
sneaking out at night?
- That would be really creepy
because they're both dead.
- Oh, man.
Open mouth, insert foot.
- Nah.
It's ancient history.
At the moment I'm living
with foster parents who are--
- Get off her!
- What're you doing?
Let me go.
- Hey!
- Oh.
- Let's make sure
she's not following us.
- What the hell was that?
That was insane?
- Should we call the cops?
How is it,
are you okay?
- Yeah, just...
freaked out.
How'd you do that?
- I dunno.
I just...
wanted her away from you
and suddenly she was.
- Wow. Reflex.
- Yeah.
- 1971.
Stanford University.
An experiment, divided
students into two groups,
prisoners and guards.
Those acting as guards
soon became so abusive,
the experiment was terminated.
What would stop the
same thing from happening,
say, to a teacher
asked to preside over
high school detention?
The psychologist
who created the experiment,
was quoted as saying,
"Only a few people
were able to resist
"the situational temptations
to yield to power
and dominance."
- Ha!
- Remember our talk,
about knocking?
- My name is Emily,
and I enjoy l-l-long
walks on the b-beach.
- Emily!?
- A-are you m-m-making
a sex-tape?
- No! You're gross.
Get out!
- I see Claire's working,
have you done
your homework?
- Kinda.
- Go.
- Yeah, go.
- I'll g-get you in your sleep.
- Are you pulling
another late one?
- Have to.
Hey, um...
could they've
messed up my glasses?
- What're you talking about?
- At the lens place
or whatever?
- Why?
- Why's she waiting outside?
- Hey girl, what's up?
- We need a new locale.
My mom's has that same
ass-clown over again.
- Gross.
- Get your ass in the car.
- Okay, lists.
Who has one?
- Jules?
Now you're filming, too?
- Mm-hmm.
- You created a monster.
- Just read your list.
- Okay.
Number one.
Darren proposes to me.
- Aw.
- Aw. C'mon.
- What!?
- He's gonna do that anyway!
- I don't know.
He's talkin' about
the Army after school.
Life could pull him
in all sorts of directions.
- That's not a bad thing.
That's life.
- You said make a list!
- What else is on there?
- Thank you.
That's the big one.
- Okay, I got food.
Y'all witches ready to eat?
I wanna beat
Westbrook tomorrow.
- Won't that happen anyway?
- They got this new goalie.
She's like a brick wall.
But if we beat them, we can
make it all the way to State.
Oh, and another thing,
I want a new car.
Since I keep driving around
this cracker-ass coven
like some kinda
Driving Miss Daisy sequel.
- They have their own trailer,
and they feed them like,
filet mignon.
So what if, on the way
to one of these shows,
the Dobermans just...
turned on her?
Bit her in the face?
- I'm not chanting
for show dogs
to kill your dad's girlfriend.
- Who said kill?
I'm just talking a few nips
to the head and neck,
some light scarring,
maybe a temporary
eye patch.
I also want my mom
to lay off the booze.
It's outta control.
- ...Turn this thing on?
Oh, wait I got it.
- Claire,
you're such a girl scout!
- What?
- Oh, come on.
Nothing for yourself?
Just a job for dear 'ol dad
and no stuttering
for little sister?
- Guys, I really thought about
what would make
my life better.
And it's these two things,
trust me.
- Jules, how about you?
What do you want?
- First thing on my list
is to fly.
- Whoa.
Can we really?
- We're witches.
- What's the second?
- At this year's Spring Fling,
I want to be crowned
Flower Queen.
It's never someone like me.
It's always some
stuck-up bulimic bitch.
- Um, it was me last year?
But you really think
I could pass for bulimic?
Thank you.
- I just think it'd be cool
for people on the fringes.
- That'd be a big spell,
The entire school
would have to think
you're the best candidate.
That doesn't feel right.
It's like giving everyone
a date rape drug.
- Whoa.
Way to make it awkward.
- Yeah, who made you
Spell Sheriff?
- No one.
And we've proven that
it doesn't take all of us
to make stuff happen,
so I can go.
- No, don't be like that.
- Well, there's just
things that I think
we should mess with.
Like hurting people,
or performing psychic
surgery on our bodies.
I at least propose
that if anyone has a any
body image things
on their list...
we table 'em for now.
- So my entire list,
- Ah, really?
All of us?
- I'm supposed to meet
Darren later,
so I'd rather not sit around
here chanting all night.
- Alright.
How about we limit
this first session
to two things each.
Would that un-knot
your panties?
- It might.
- And I don't want
the dog attack anymore,
I thought of something better.
I want Dwyer off my back.
- You know, Claire,
I'm not asking for the whole
school to love me...
just vote for me and put
that stupid tiara on my head.
- It's up to you, Claire.
Walk away, or get
that job for your dad.
- Oh, can I do
the flying thing, too?
- Sure, if you want.
- Yes!
- In Dwyer's eyes,
Brooke can do no wrong.
- In Dwyer's eyes
Brooke can do no wrong.
In Dwyer's eyes,
Brooke can do no wrong.
In Dwyer's eyes,
Brooke can do no--
- I know how to work
a camera!
- You apparently don't.
The SD card is full.
You're recording
over our chanting.
...Karen Cabot hates
the taste of alcohol.
Karen Cabot hates
the taste of alcohol.
Karen Cabot hates
the taste of--
- Look it's fine.
- It's not fine.
- It's fine--
- Woo-hoo!
- ...Goalie can't block
the shots.
Westbrook's goalie
can't block the shots.
Westbrook's goalie can't
block the shots.
- Whoo!
- Holy crap!
- You alright!?
- That was awesome!
I was spinning a lot,
but you guys have to--
- MJ, what is it?
- Did you land on your face!?
- Is that a tooth?
- Did you hit something
in the air?
- Were you going too fast?
- No.
- Like, G-forces or whatever?
- No.
- We're close.
Hang in there.
- She has bad teeth.
I mean, she just had
major dental surgery, right?
So maybe flying
around up there,
the air pressure wasn't good.
- The Doc wants
a dental specialist
to check her out tomorrow,
but they've stopped
the bleeding.
- Thank goodness.
- I can't believe this happened.
Tonight of all nights.
- Is that what I think it was?
- If so...
that means that--
- We'll be getting everything
we asked for tonight.
- I mean, hope MJ's okay,
but that's awesome!
- I'm waiting for Brooke
because Dwyer asked
to see her after class.
I couldn't tell if
he was mad, or what.
- What!?
No way.
- Dude, and that's
not even the best part.
He says his dad sits
on the admissions board
for Princeton or some crap.
And now he's going to do
whatever he can
to help get me in.
- Whoa.
No McDonald's for you.
We'll see.
For this to work
it needs to last, ya know?
Not like the
coffee-mouth spell.
- The chanting we do
as an entire coven
must be stronger.
More permanent.
- You talk out
of your ass a lot,
but always make it
seem legit.
That will help you
with two things,
becoming a newscaster...
and walking backwards
into people.
- Oh my God.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
- Hey, no worries.
I was actually hoping
to bump into you.
Did you guys hear
what happened to MJ?
Something about her
jaw bone deteriorating.
- Too much flapping.
- Brooke?
- I'm kidding.
- What are you up to tonight?
There's a party up at
Topsham Lake.
- I'm conditioning my hair.
- Do you know
how to get up there?
- Who doesn't?
- Apparently Brooke
can tell me.
- Well,
consider yourself invited.
Things don't usually
get going 'till around ten.
- That's not even
something I witched for.
- Yeah. Well,
don't get too excited.
He's probably gay for Darren
and looking for a beard.
- Okay...
- Hey, is this a zit,
or the start of something
much more serious?
- Go Greta!
- Go, go, go.
- Yeah!
- Oh my God,
that goalie is so pissed.
- Brunswick!
Ay, Ay, Ay!
- Shut up.
- This can't be hers.
- It's nicer than my house.
- Oh my God.
- I wanted the SUV,
but guess I can settle
for the coupe.
That's my car!
That's my car!
- You're ridiculous.
- My car!
- This is amazing.
- She's not responding
to texts.
- Hmm,
Skype her again.
- MJ?
It's your coven calling.
- Just wanted to see
how you're doing.
- We don't care
what you look like.
- If you care at all,
leave me alone.
- Is she mad at us,
or just life in general?
- Brooke, Honey,
do you want a smoothie?
- Sure.
She didn't drink last night
for the first time in,
oh, a decade.
And then today
she's Wonder Mom.
Ironing, baking, cleaning.
It's amazeballs.
Hey, can you guys
hear me okay?
- Uh-huh.
- Claire!
Come here!
- Oh, that must be dinner.
- I'll pick you up at eleven.
We're gonna have fun tonight.
- The pork chops
must be really good.
- Claire, come over here.
- What's up?
- Listen to me.
I just got not one...
but two job offers.
- For real?
- I'm so proud of you, dad.
- Emily?
I mean,
you deserve to be working.
You care and you're
responsible and...
- What the hell?
- Where is my stutter?
How am I doing this?
- Man.
I've only had this car a day
and I'm already doing it
grievous bodily harm.
- Jules didn't wanna come?
- No, she said she might
catch up with us later.
Oh, here we go.
- Whoa.
- I'm not saying this is the
first party I've ever been to
but it is the first that
doesn't require a party hat.
Any tips?
What's the protocol here?
- Um... be yourself?
- Hey Claire,
you know that feeling
when you're with a
group of people
but you just feel
kinda alone...
as if, somehow,
everyone can sense
you're just a little
worm inside?
- Wow. Yeah.
- Yeah, stop doing that.
- Brooke's not actually going
to do a keg stand, right?
- Yeah, I think she is.
- Oh my gosh.
- Drink it,
drink it, drink it.
- I see you. I see you
- Claire, you made it.
- I did.
- This is like,
how do I focus?
Ah, there we go.
Breaking news,
Claire's about to have her
first sip of beer ever.
- Well, I'm not gonna
do it now.
- You of all people
don't want the loss
of your beerginity
- Okay, well, my dad's
latest advice was to
"Try everything once."
- Smart man.
- That was...
super classy.
- It's called celebrating,
You should try it sometime.
- You're celebrating
your mom's sobriety,
by getting drunk?
- Hey, when the keg's dry,
is that it?
Or is there a secret
stash somewhere?
- I'm sure somebody's
got something.
Did you try asking around?
- No.
- Have you meet Brett?
- Hey. No.
I've seen you around.
- Yeah, same.
- I'll find your friend
some beer,
but then I wanna
show you the lake.
- Okay.
- Whoo!
- Here, your turn.
C'mon, try it.
- Even if you think you've
met uncoordinated people...
they pale
in comparison to me.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Less talking. More hitting.
- Spread your legs
a little more.
- Choke up
on the stick a bit.
- That's what she said.
- Okay,
let me try another one.
Nope, even worse.
I tried.
- I'm outta cans.
- Jason?
Jason, are you down here?
Jason is that you?
Holy shit!
- Your theory was wrong,
by the way.
- Which one?
- Riding on something,
a broom or whatever,
it stabilizes you.
I think that's
what messed up MJ.
Oh, so there's this food
truck in Cambridge
that has the most amazing
scallion pancake sandwiches
in the world.
- Cambr...
You flew all the way
to Boston?
- Yeah.
I got four,
so where my coven at?
- Look who blew in.
- Oh, hey girl,
what's going on?
- Can we steal you
away for a sec?
Hey, have you seen
Brooke Cabot?
Tall. Blonde.
Too thin for her boobs?
- I don't know,
somewhere over there.
- Into the darkness?
- Hey Donnie,
can you turn the lights on?
- What the hell,
- Really?
- All right then.
- You trifling.
- No, it was deliberate.
She knew I was excited
about Jason.
- I know.
How could she not.
- ...Much of what
they have today,
is because they
snatched up farms,
and the homes,
and the labor of people
who could not
afford to pay their loans.
Excuse me.
- Did you see her
this morning?
- No and I don't want to.
There's Brooke can say
that's going this better.
- Claire?
- Sorry, we were just talking--
- Claire, I need you and Jules
to step out into the hall,
- Hi, girls.
I'm sorry to pull you
from class.
I'm Detective Strauss,
this is Officer--
- Is that recording?
- Yes. And it's going
to stay that way.
We're on public property,
so I don't need to--
- That's okay.
It's about time I got on
YouTube anyway.
So, you girls were shopping
in the Old Port last Saturday,
you left Kurier with some
new handbags and clothing.
Would you happen
to have the receipts?
- Is there a problem
with them?
- Security footage shows
you just... walking out.
Not paying.
- What about the cashier?
- He says you paid.
- Because we did.
- Cash or credit?
- Credit.
- Cash.
- The drawer came up short,
and the owner's
a friend of mine.
- Let me get this straight?
If you're tight with
some local detective,
you can have girls harassed
because of
a bookkeeping issue?
- See, now I'm surprised
this is unpleasant.
I thought you'd
clear this up quickly.
- It's perfectly clear.
We paid.
- Brooke?
I just wanted to tell you
how impressed
and stunned really I am
with your turnaround.
- I know, right?
It's like magic.
- What I can't really
figure out is, um...
is if you feel
the same way?
- What?
- I know some
might say it's wrong,
but in my eyes, Brooke...
you can do no wrong.
- He's fired?
Brooke turned him in?
- Turned himself in.
Said he couldn't
believe what he'd done.
He even cried.
- Oh man.
He wasn't a bad teacher.
- I know.
He's married too,
and he has a new baby.
Oh hey,
I have MJ's homework.
So I was thinking
we could drop it by, but--
where are you?
- I'm at another eye exam.
For some reason
my glasses got screwed up
in the mail or something--
- Claire, as I was just
telling your mother,
the glasses are fine.
The problem is something
I don't know how
I missed last time.
The medical term
is macular degeneration.
- Wait.
Isn't that what
Grandma had?
Go, Greta!
- Make a break!
- Way to go ladies!
- Yeah!
- Greta is on fire today, Kev.
- Isn't she?
I wish I had
half her skills.
- I don't know what happened.
It's my knee.
- I wasn't sure
about my theory
'till Greta texted me
on the way over.
"Bad fall at the away game.
"Knees killing me.
"Team doc says
early onset arthritis.
- What?
- It means, "What the F."
- I know what W.T.F is.
I just didn't hear
the last part.
- She's seventeen
and has arthritis.
Just like how my eyes
are somehow rotting
as if I'm ninety.
- MJ's teeth.
- Exactly.
I think the spells
are somehow...
costing us our youth.
- I can't hear
for shit lately.
- I mean,
this would explain
why witches look
so old and ugly...
white hair,
hunched over--
- You look fine.
- Well I've been
getting hot flashes.
My Gyno didn't
necessarily say "menopause,"
but he prescribed hormones...
he seemed pretty shocked.
- We need to stop
and hope the effects reverse
or wear off.
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
- Yeah, Claire.
That okay with you?
- No, actually, it's not.
We're linked.
Bonded, right?
If one of us is using,
we could all pay the price.
- Is that true?
Does the magic need
our health to work?
Like we're batteries
or whatever?
- I don't know, I've never
been in a coven before.
- So maybe
you're wrong, Claire.
I just got my mom back,
and it feels good.
If we stop, and she
starts hitting the bottle,
you can bet I'll start chanting
for it again right away.
- Even if it ages us?
Or kills us?
- You don't know
how it works,
so don't go policing me
as if you do.
- Maybe he's waking her up
or something?
- She says, thank you
for the homework,
but please go away.
- Okay, two lemonades.
Jules, you said no ice?
- Yes.
Thanks, Mr. Thompson.
- All right.
- Hey, there... she is.
- Do you think she'll stop?
- I don't know.
She walked out on us.
- I didn't need
the things I wished for.
My life was really good.
But now--
Your dad got his job, right?
And your sister
stopped stuttering?
Maybe the nice things you did
will help reverse the effects.
Do you think that
could happen?
- Hello.
Well, this is getting
- Can I help you?
- Oh,
I'm Detective Strauss.
Hello Jules, Claire.
You must be Greta, right?
Is that your BMW?
- No.
- No?
Didn't you drive that off
the Lee Automotive lot?
- I-- I don't remember.
- Salesman there said
you paid for it
in one lump sum.
- Then why're
you bothering her?
- Because there's no record
of the trans--
- Please.
Just take it back.
- Believe it or not,
I've seen this
kinda thing before.
- You found the car,
Mystery solved.
- Seventeen years ago
a different group of girls
at Brunswick High--
- Claire, we don't need
to listen to this.
- I'll be in in a minute.
- Fine
- I never could figure
what those girls were into,
but they collected
a whole heap of things
that didn't belong to them.
It ended badly.
- Hello?
What's this about?
- Uh, friendly chat.
- May I see some
- No, not necessary.
I was just leaving.
- I just left Greta's
and I'm having this feeling.
Like I'm being watched.
I don't know if it's from
talking to the detective or--
- Hey.
- What the--
Were you following me?
- No. I know you live
around here,
I was actually hoping
to run into you.
Hey, can I say something?
Can I say something
off the record?
- This helps me maintain
an emotional distance.
So let's keep it that way.
- Look, what happened
at the lake last night...
that was a surprise
to me, too. Okay?
My plan was to actually
see if you'd be my date
to the Spring Fling
tomorrow night.
- Terrible timing.
I'm now a lesbian.
- Is that's supposed
to be a deterrent?
Look, okay,
I won't get into
who kissed who first,
it was dumb,
and I regret it.
Would you give me a chance
to make it up to you?
- Look, you seem
like a great guy but--
- Uh-oh.
That's like starting a sentence,
"With all due respect."
- But I'm just,
I'm dealing with a lot
of heavy stuff right now.
- Anything I can lift for you?
- I've seen the way
you pick things up,
so no thanks.
- Well, if you get your stuff
figured out by tomorrow,
call me?
Pretty please?
- We chant for our powers
to go away.
For everything
to return to normal.
- And where does the energy
for that spell come from?
I mean, it could
make us sicker, right?
- We go to Hag's Rock tonight,
because it's
a powerful place...
and we chant to diminish
just Brooke's ability.
- Yeah, I just...
I don't know.
- There has to be a way
to unlink ourselves,
to reverse the bonding.
- You really don't trust Brooke?
- I do actually
and she was very clear
about not stopping
and doing anything
to keep her powers.
- Hello?
- What is that?
Are your foster
parents home?
- Is anyone there?
- Jules!
- Thank God
she's in one piece,
and we pray they find the
responsible party very soon.
Take care.
She's in the hospital,
but she's--
- Can one of you drive me?
- Not now.
- Mom!
- Claire.
Her father said she
can't be seen till tomorrow.
- Foster father.
- We gotta respect
his wishes, sport.
- He sounded so weird.
- Well, I'd be a mess too,
if someone came into this
house attacked one of you.
- How did Hoover respond
to the Great Depression?
Well he did a few things.
One was a big PR move.
He downplayed public fears
by keeping confidence
in the economy up
and then he tried to get
across this idea of...
- So is the detention story
not happening?
- Okay Claire,
how 'bout this?
Turn in any story,
at all.
You can even review
what passes for food here.
- Okay,
when you get sick of Pete
why don't you come work
with me on the yearbook.
I'm basically putting it
together myself.
- Oh my God,
I'm so sorry.
I'm scared.
And I don't even know who
I can turn to for help--
- The last one, Claire,
was Sutton?
- Yeah.
Jules Sutton.
- That name is as old
as the hills.
One of the original Brunswick
settlement families,
if I'm not mistaken.
- Yeah, she did say
they've been around awhile.
- Well, you are a good friend
to pick up their homework.
- I'm on my way to visit Jules
and I swear,
I swear someone's
watching me.
you stay away from me!
Hi, sorry,
is that Jules' room?
- Yes. She's in there.
And we really love her
so very much.
- So, so much.
- I'm-- I'm sure you do.
- Hey.
- Hey.
The paper called it
a random home invasion?
- I couldn't think of anything
else to tell the cops.
Me and that thing
wrestled for awhile
until it pushed me
out the window.
And when I landed...
I found this in my fist.
Which friendly blonde
does that remind you of?
- You think that thing
was Brooke?
- Or something she conjured?
- Yeah, but to what end?
I mean, why?
- What if, with us out of
the way and too sick to fight...
she kept practicing magic?
Just watch your back,
If she put me
in the hospital...
why stop there?
- It's eleven.
I'm too afraid to sleep.
Does Brooke want power
that badly?
I mean, she's not
what I'd call "loyal",
but I wouldn't've thought that--
- Hey, can we talk?
- Okay.
- You gonna let me in or...?
- It's late.
Here's fine.
- I can hardly hear you.
Let's walk at least.
If anything happens to me...
Brooke Cabot is responsible.
Make she who looks
not see me...
when I say "invisibility."
Make she who looks,
not see me when I say--
I'm leaving behind the last
chuck of footage I've shot.
For evidence.
- Claire? That you?
- Yeah, just...
setting the alarm.
- I now understand that saying,
"Cold as a witch's tit."
Mine are about to snap off.
- That's what you
wanted to talk about?
The weather?
- So, where to?
- Lead the way.
- So, you mad
about the Jason thing?
- Who?
- Oh, come on.
- Yeah,
I thought it was lame.
I also don't think
it matters right now.
- Crazy what happened
to Jules.
- She'll pull through.
- Should I be worried?
- That she'll pull through?
- No, that it had something
to do with our coven.
- You tell me.
- Like I said,
I'm losing my hearing...
that sounded like,
"You tell me."
Look, Claire,
I've always hated
the way girls fight.
All innuendo and shit.
I'd rather things
just come to blows
so I know where I stand.
- Invisibility.
- Clever.
Thought we weren't
doing magic anymore, Claire.
Thought the price
was too high.
Here's a tip.
If you're gonna disappear,
drop the camera.
- Invisibility.
- Semi-permanent,
like your dye job.
Girls everywhere,
some free advice,
don't trust your friends.
You get that lightning
is shooting outta my
finger tips, right?
And you're hiding behind
a propane truck?
- I'm not afraid of you,
And you can't surprise me
like you did Jules.
- What's that?
Reverse psychology?
Oh, whoa.
That's big of you, Claire.
- Brooke,
I don't wanna hurt you.
I just want you to stop.
Oh, you finally have a friend
you can be loyal to.
- You-hoo!
We done?
- You trying to put me
in the hospital, too?
- What're you talking about?
- You...
attacking Jules.
- Nice redirect.
I woke up this morning
with the word "Slut"
all over my skin.
Tiny tattoo's that took
forever to wash off.
- I didn't put
any words on you.
Jules had some of your hair
from wrestling with you.
- My hair?
I didn't wrestle with--
The only hair I left behind
was what we buried.
- Possible for us
to come see you?
- In here.
- How's now?
- You sure about this?
- No.
Come on.
I guess we went
a bit too far?
- Holy Cruella de Vil.
Here, zoom in
on my stigmata.
What would you call that?
Because I might
call that a witch's wart.
Let's never fight again, huh?
- Hey, I just thought
of something.
Your hearing,
my crappy vision...
but what did Jules say
her issue was?
- It was like, uterus stuff,
It was all internal.
Stuff we could only
take her word for.
- There you are.
She'll see you now.
- Some wild reports from
the village center tonight.
Lot like the calls I heard
come in seventeen years ago.
So why the sudden interest
in those girls I mentioned?
- You said it ended badly?
- Three of them are dead...
the other two missing,
presumed dead.
- There were five of them.
Like us.
Hey, any clearer ones of her?
- Not really.
There's that...
and this one.
Abby Butcher.
One of the missing.
I tried to get more
info from next of kin,
but she was
a foster kid and frankly,
nobody seemed to care
that she was gone, so...
It's been a cold case
around here
for everyone but me.
- So why do you
stick with it?
- It's my job.
That's Lisa Strauss.
She's been missing
since 1983,
when she got involved
with another group of girls
who used to gather up
at Hag's Rock.
- She's a Strauss, too?
- She's my older sister.
- Isn't that, like,
a conflict of interest
or something?
- Would you rather no one
be working on this case?
- Guess I'm okay with it.
- Well that's a load off.
- Hey, take away
this bad haircut
and replace it with
a try-hard hombre dye job,
and who do you have?
- What?
She would've been,
a baby back then.
- Okay, who're we
talking about, here?
- Our friend Jules.
- Well "Friend"
is an overstatement.
- The three girls who died,
- Poison.
We sent blood samples
to the forensic labs upstate,
they pinpointed a rare
type of mold
that I don't believe
they ate accidentally.
- Huh?
- Does, that mean
something to you?
- If the principal
ever finds out I let you in,
there go my privileges.
- I wouldn't have gotten
you out of bed
if this weren't really
- Well there's no use
in my going back home now,
so is there anything
I can help you with?
- We need our yearbook
from seventeen years ago.
Look out for any blurry
photos of her, too.
That could easily be a spell.
- Here we go.
Who does this
look like to you?
- Whoa?
- Claire,
that name you gave me,
is that a joke?
- Why?
- Well Abby Butcher
is an old Brunswick name.
So old
that this list came up.
Women found dead
in Merrymeeting Park in 1689.
- That can't be...
the name in the middle.
- Julia Sutton.
Isn't that the same--
- Whoa, what picture is that?
- It's a woodcut depicting
the supposed rituals
at Merrymeeting.
- Can you
cross-reference that list
with students enrolled here?
- Holy crap.
Look who was Flower Queen
seventeen years ago.
Abby F'ing Butcher.
- Oh my gosh.
Here she is again.
In 1966.
Using the name
Susannah Martin.
- This is our oldest one,
from 1932.
And here's a girl
named Martha Carrier,
same name as one of the
accused Brunswick witches.
Similar features.
I'm confused.
What do these girls
have in common?
- They might be
the same person.
They might even be a witch
who is three-hundred
plus years old.
One who returns to Brunswick
every seventeen years
and uses the names of her
original victims as aliases.
- This is a show
you've been binging
or this is real life?
- Wanna see something sad?
A dedication page for the
other girl who went missing
seventeen years ago.
Sarah Gould.
- What the...?
- Easy.
What's up?
- She's not missing.
- Have you been here
all night?
Brought you your cup of sugar
with a splash of coffee.
Just like you like it.
Just gonna leave it
right here for ya.
Good talk.
- Gross.
What are we even
doing here?
- Hey, pretty ladies
got a dollar?
- Sorry.
Fresh out.
- Whores.
- That bodes well.
- Sarah?
Can we just go?
If we get back the end
of first period,
no even know we left.
- Why don't we just skip?
It might be better if everyone
thinks we're missing.
- Don't have to ask me twice.
I love playing hooky.
- Ew.
What even is that?
- Sarah?
Sarah, hey,
can we talk to you?
"Does she know..."
Who, Jules?
- Abby?
We're alone.
- It's just us.
- Here, I'll take it.
- Those chants
didn't form a coven?
They did something else?
That's how she stays young?
She comes back
every seventeen years
to replenish herself?
- The magic's making us sick,
is that how you lost
your voice?
How was your face burnt?
- How can we reverse it?
Is there anything
we can do?
- Crown her?
Wasn't planning on it.
- Brooke.
At the Spring Fling.
They do crown
the Flower Queen.
If we don't stop her,
she can make this permanent.
- Yeah, she'll use us up
and throw us away.
- Sarah, no!
- Claire, we can't be here
when the cops come.
Not if we also plan
on stopping Jules.
- Oh, man, I never even saw her.
- Oh God.
- There's nothing Strauss
can do to help.
- You don't know that.
- We need to stop her.
- MJ?
It's Claire.
No, don't hang up.
Listen, we need you.
- Do you understand?
I will kill you.
- I only wanted to know
if your stay
would be ending soon.
- And that's none
of your business.
You two should be honored
that I chose
your house to stay in.
- We are.
We are very honored.
I told you not to
provoke her.
- Go back to waiting
in the hall.
- Oh, hello.
- MJ.
I'm surprised
to see you out.
- I'll make this quick,
my jaw's wired shut.
Um, I came over
as soon as I heard.
- Thanks.
They still don't know
what attacked me,
but they suspect--
- Wait, what?
No, I meant about Claire
and Brooke,
they're missing.
Since last night.
A witness heard them
fighting in the street.
Police are involved.
Their families are worried sick.
What is happening to us?
- I don't know.
It's like we're cursed
or something.
- It's MJ.
How'd it go?
- You were right.
She told me
Brooke went rogue.
Told me to go home,
lock my door,
and think positive thoughts.
- Did she offer you
anything to eat?
- Yeah.
A green smoothie.
Disgusting. Ugh.
I told her I'd drink it
on the way home.
Can't believe this bitch
is willing to poison us.
- Nice work, MJ.
We'll see you tonight.
Jules thinks we're
out of the way.
- Nice.
- I decided not to take
Greta to the dance
and bring you instead?
- Great.
I'll be ready, Brett.
- I don't really understand
why I'm doing this.
- I'm surprised
you called too,
but also flattered.
This will be fun.
- If you say so.
- Let's set up over
by the maze.
Goddamn tripods.
Just gimme a sec.
- The unspoken goal
of each senior class
is to one-up the Fling's
spectacle from last year.
Behind me
is a unique addition,
of a floral maze complete
with romantic grottoes
and a wishing well.
Can you pan around
and get some B-roll, Pete?
- Please Margaret,
I know how to do my job.
- Do you though?
I don't want another fiasco
like the mascot story
where you forgot to run
a picture of the mascot
and my sister
had to draw one...
Jules is not our Flower Queen.
Jules in not our Flower Queen.
Jules is not our Flower Queen.
Jules is not our--
- Oh, shit.
Well that's it for me.
I hope it's enough.
- Say again?
- She said,
"It better work."
And I agree.
I'm getting tunnel vision.
- Where the hell is she?
This thing's almost over.
- So Jules
doesn't get crowned
and just goes gently
into that good night?
Or does she rage against
our sorry asses?
- It'll show her
that we're all against her,
and that together
we still have power.
- Um...
do we?
- Don't all look at once,
but she's here.
And bitch even stole
Greta's date.
- Oh, that explains why
he sounded half-asleep
when he called to cancel.
- She needed Jason, too?
Greedy bitch.
- It doesn't matter now.
Just don't let her see you.
- Hello, fellow Classmates.
I hope you guys
are enjoying yourselves.
Happy Spring, everybody!
You guys, it's the moment
we've all been waiting for.
It's time to crown
the Flower Queen!
The ballets
have been counted,
your vote has been heard,
so without further ado,
may I have
the envelope please?
- Excuse me.
Coming through.
- The 2017 Brunswick High
Spring Fling Flower Queen
is Tiffany Fuller!
- Keep dreaming, freak.
- She's coming.
- Don't let her rattle you.
- We could've carpooled.
- Eat shit.
- Okay.
What exactly is it that
you think think I've done?
- If you're gonna
be two-faced,
at least make
one of them attractive.
- You're stealing our powers,
and you plan to keep them.
- And we're here
to let you know
that's not gonna happen.
- Claire?
Jules told me
that you left town.
- She lied.
- Chanting my crown away?
That's the best
you could do?
- You needed that
to make this permanent.
- And who told you that?
Crazy Sarah?
Oh, I forgot.
Crazy dead Sarah?
There's other ways
to do this, Claire.
I mean, it's a bit more messy
and human sacrificey
but the blood
will be on your hands.
- Get away from him.
- Let him go.
- No!
You witches will back off!
Because, Brooke, you wouldn't
want your drunken mother
to fall down some stairs.
And Claire,
it would be a shame
if say, there was an accident
involving your dad and sister.
And how awful
would you feel, MJ,
if Darren gave
that engagement ring
he's been carrying
around to me?
- Don't let her bait you.
She's just--
- MJ!
- Oh my God.
- You stay away from--
- Jason, come on.
- What the hell is going on?
- Holy crap.
- Go, go.
- What the hell
do we do now?
- Why are you guys
fighting Jules?
She's so perfect
and kind-hearted.
- Because you're an idiot.
And she's controlling
your thoughts.
C'mon. Shit.
- Just give me Jason
and I'll let you go.
- Claire?
Get him out of here.
I'll keep her busy.
- What do you mean?
- Just let me do this,
- C'mon, Jason.
- If I had to come
to this dance for 200 years
I'd wanna kill someone, too.
- Claire?
Are you okay?
- Take him.
Call the cops
and an ambulance.
- Does this have
anything to do
with what we found
in the yearbook?
Come on.
Come on!
- N-No.
- Come on Brooke,
we're just getting started.
- Brooke?
Brooke, where are you?
- How about a little fire,
- Jules, stop!
- Where is he?
- Take me, instead.
- Sorry.
I need a male virgin.
- Here I am.
Sorry they kept me away.
- It didn't have to
be like this, Claire.
I liked you.
I might've even let you
sit at my right hand.
- I would've told you
where to put that hand.
- This has been fun.
- Son of a witch.
- No, forget about me.
Go after them.
- How?
Even if I muster a spell,
it'd only hurt us.
- I can't hear you,
so just go win. Okay?
- I don't know where
she's going!
- It's almost midnight.
Where else would
Blair Bitch Project go?
So what's the plan?
- Um, I don't
exactly have one...
planned out.
- It's probably
just now hitting you
that we're actually flying.
It's okay, I got this.
- MJ, what's happening?!
- Um--
I'm not sure I got this!
Oh, n-n-no!
Can you make it?
We're close.
- I don't know.
I can only see a few feet
in front of my face.
Oh wait,
I can see with this.
I can see
using the viewfinder.
- Okay, good.
Go get her.
- I don't know what to do.
- Anything.
Something new.
- You can do this.
- Lie down.
Face up.
Come closer, Claire.
Get a good angle.
- And what should I call you?
Martha Carrier?
- None of those.
Mary Perkins.
And if an entire mob
couldn't stop me,
what makes you think
you can?
- Whoever you are.
Please don't hurt him.
He hasn't done anything.
- Afraid I must.
See, it's either him
or me.
- Drop it!
- Be careful, detective.
- Drop the knife
and back away.
- Leave now, and I'll
let you do so with your life.
Such as it is.
- I'm not going to ask again.
Put your hands
over your head.
- Look out!
Oh God.
Victims, uh,
victims of Jules,
across time and space.
Help me now,
to wipe her off the face.
Victims of Jules,
across time and space.
Help me now,
to wipe her off the face.
Victims of Jules,
across time and space.
Help us now,
to wipe her off the face.
Victims of Jules,
across time and space.
Help us now,
to wipe her off the face.
Victims of Jules,
across time and space.
Help us now,
to wipe her off the face.
Victims of Jules,
across time and space.
- It's working.
- Help us now,
to wipe her off the face.
Victims of Jules,
across time and space.
- Help us now,
to wipe her off the face.
Victims of Jules,
across time and space.
Where are they going?
- They're going after her,
I bet.
C'mon, let's...
- Wha, we lost them?
- Shh. Listen.
This way.
- Leave me to my
work now, Constable.
There's nothing you can--
You can't be here.
You're not real!
Nice try, Claire,
but I've come up against
smarter people than you.
- I'm sure.
But all at once?
- Lisa?
- Claire, look at Jules.
- What the...?
- I'm gonna...
need you to come down
to the station.
Make a statement.
- Of course.
We'll be happy to.
- I mean,
maybe not now.
But soon.
Are you two all right?
- Yeah.
- Are you?
- I'm fine.
I'm gonna need
that tape, too.
- Oh, um, it's not
really tape any more.
It's cards.
- Okay,
I'm gonna need those cards.
- Detention may
not seem fair,
but if you repay
your wrongs now,
they won't catch up
with you later.
From Brunswick High,
I'm Claire.
- This is damn good
- Thanks.
- But, it doesn't really
have an ending.
I'm left with
all these questions.
- Life is complex.
- Hey there, news geeks.
you need a ride home?
- Uh, yeah.
- Hey, can you keep
shooting on this?
Maybe add
something to it?
I mean,
we don't tell people
if detention is good
or bad.
- That's not our job.
I gotta run, Pete.
- Yeah. Sure.
Again, nice work.
Hella good reporting.
- Claire,
why are you still filming?
It's over.
We won.
Roll credits.
- Hi.
So I told Darren that I
needed a ladies' night...
so what're we doing?
- Dinner at the diner?
Then a movie?
- Yeah.
- Hey, Claire?
There's a lot about last night
that I don't really remember.
- That's probably
for the best.
- As long as I wasn't
caught on camera
hooking up with another
one of your friends
or something.
- No, don't worry.
No one documented the
loss of anyone's virginity.
- Beerginity.
Forget it.
- All right, well, before
anything else weird happens,
will you let me
take you out?
- Sure.
I'll try anything once.
- Wait, are you still
talking about beer?
Aye si awe ten aye.
Aye si awe ten aye.
Aye si awe ten aye.
Aye si awe ten aye.
Aye si awe ten aye.
We all know, we know
We all know, we know
We all know, we know
We all know, we know
You and I
need a conversation
Built yourself
some reputation
I don't know the worst
and I'll face it
You are like
a stranger tonight
I wish that you would decide
To do me right,
try and turn this around
If we're not in this together
If we're not in this together
We all know how this will end
We all know how this will end
If we're not in this together
You don't need
no invitation
Drown yourself
on any occasion
I don't know why you do
this to yourself
I'm still here
but won't be forever
Leave with me
and we'll make it better
Work out why
you do this to yourself
If we're not in this together
If we're not in this together
We all know
how this will end
We all know
how this will end
If we're not in this together
We all know, we know
We all know, we know
We all know, we know
We all know, we know
If we're not in this together
If we're not in this together
We all know
how this will end
We all know
how this will end
If we're not
in this together