The Wolfpack (2015) Movie Script

Mr. Orange.
Mr. Pink.
Mr. White.
Get the fuck out
of the way! Move!
Move! Get the fuck
out of the way!
Sorry, I'm fucking scared
right now.
Will you please hold me?
Here, I got you.
Are you gonna bark all day,
little doggie?
Or are you gonna bite?
Hey look, you two assholes,
calm the fuck down!
Hey, back off!
What, we're on a
playground here?
Am I the only professional?
Have to do a fucking
Well, I don't know why
I came here tonight
I got a feeling that
something ain't right
I'm so scared in case
I fall off my chair
And I'm wondering how
I'll get down the stairs
God damn you Joe.
Don't make me do this.
Larry, stop pointing that
fucking gun at my dad!
It gets boring around here.
I write down the lines of
the entire film.
What each character says.
We always say lines from
some of our favorite films.
And we kind of thought
why don't we do those films?
Be those characters?
Got The Fighter.
Pulp Fiction has a lot of characters.
That all of us can play in.
Reservoir Dogs is a perfect one.
It makes me feel
like I'm living, sort of.
'Cause it's kind of
magical, a bit.
This is the
mighty W.O.O.D.,
the musical voice of Lumberton.
At the sound of the falling tree,
it's 9:30!
If I didn't have movies,
life would be pretty boring.
And there wouldn't be any
point to go on, you see?
So movies opened up
another world.
But I always thought
I would be a lonely person,
live in solitude.
That was just my view.
So... and it's shown
a lot in movies too...
The shy, lonely kid...
That was my childhood.
The Hare Krishna religion.
The God is Krishna,
and he has ten children
with every wife that he has.
And our father was, like,
enthralled by that.
So he had this idea
of like, you know,
having a big group
like our own community,
our own race here.
It's almost like
a tribe that you have.
And we're gonna have
all of them grow long hair
and I'm gonna give them all names
of the oldest language
on the planet... Sanskrit.
There's Govinda,
there's Narayana,
Krsna, Jagadisa,
Mukunda, Bhagavan,
and our sister, Visnu.
She's sort of special in a way,
like she almost
is in a world of her own.
And he had names for
three more children
that he wanted,
but as it so happens,
my mother caught up with age
and then she couldn't
have children anymore.
I love coffee, yeah.
I like take six or five
cups of coffee a day.
You know, my brother
made his own top 30 list.
I actually had my own ideas
so I made my own list.
All of us agree that
The Godfather I and II
is number one.
- Number two for me is JFK.
- I agree.
- JFK.
- My second favorite movie.
Number three for me
is Gone With the Wind.
I love Gone With the Wind.
And The Lord of the Rings.
Who doesn't like
The Lord of the Rings?
So I put it fourth.
All we have here
is a variety of different...
See we have Citizen Kane
and Casablanca,
which most people consider
to be the greatest movies
ever made.
Most people consider
Citizen Kane number one
all the time.
We have a collection of horror films
like, Manhunter, The Hills Have Eyes,
Blue Velvet.
Is that a good sound?
That is a good sound.
My parents didn't always
encourage us
to communicate with society.
So we were kind of shut off,
always lived in this apartment
in New York,
lower east side, Manhattan,
and we never really
communicated with people.
We were taught by our father
not to talk to strangers,
you know, the whole thing,
but it was farther than that.
It was like,
don't even look at people.
We didn't make any friends.
We were home-schooled.
Also the fear of that
my parents had
because it's New York
anything can happen.
My father kind of...
I felt he overdid it,
like he was almost
too worried, too concerned.
Winter, we'd literally
almost never go out.
Every year was unpredictable.
In the summer,
there was more chance
of us getting out.
Sometimes we'd go out
nine times a year,
sometimes once...
And at one particular year,
we never got out at all.
I always like metaphorically
described our childhood
as like him being the, uh...
landowner and us the people
who work on the land.
But if you want
a more dramatic setting,
we were in a prison.
And at night,
our cells would lock up.
He was the warden.
If you say so.
Tell them.
Sidney, Sidney, come on,
you know me.
Sidney, look at me!
Come on!
Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn't you like
to see something strange?
Come with us
and you will see
This, our town
of Halloween
This is Halloween
this is Halloween
Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween
In this town we call home
Everyone hail
to the pumpkin song
Halloween, Halloween,
Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween...
- Yes?
- Mr. Pizza guy.
- Who?
- Mr. Pizza guy.
Mr. Hollow, say hello.
Yes, face man Freddy Krueger!
And now where's my little Sammy?
Oh, hey.
This is the whole script.
It's about...
116 pages.
Uh, when you came
in the building,
was everything okay?
- Nobody bothered you?
- No.
Okay, I'm just checking.
You're actually our first
guests to be invited over.
That's true, actually.
Excuse me, the onions...
I can smell
the rosemary and the thyme.
- Yeah.
- It smells very nice.
I just hope
this is enough sauce.
I need you to taste the sauce,
see what's missing.
If I can
add something else or...
Should I add something else?
Maybe a little more oregano.
It's okay?
- That's perfect.
- It's okay.
- Yeah.
- Okay, good.
- We can get this fire started.
- That's very good.
You know, there's people
who talk about them.
Why don't you go
to public school?
You should go to public school,
and, you know, you're missing
all the socialization,
and I realize that though
I went to school,
and I know a lot of
the socialization
is not positive socialization
in school.
But you can see, I mean,
the neighborhood that we live in
is not that great and so
we've kind of kept our distance
from the people who live...
And it's not anything like,
oh, we... you know,
we think we're great
or they're not all right.
It's not that,
it's just, you know, for me
it's not how I was raised.
I grew up in the Midwest,
and I lived in the middle
of the farm country.
Yeah, so, you know,
we try to keep them like, uh...
just a little bit removed
from that.
Mukunda made this, and I made this.
This turned out not that good.
See this?
When they open to put bullets,
it actually can open like that.
- Is that The Beatles?
- Yeah, that's The Beatles.
My father puts loud music.
He loves music.
- I think he drank too much wine.
- Maybe.
Yeah, actually, he hasn't come
out of the room yet, so...
He's like a hippy, you know?
And he doesn't like
socializing too much.
He's very like a little sort of...
How do you say, isolated,
like, around people.
I have Thanksgiving
like an Italian.
I eat and eat and eat
and talk like a gangster.
Happy Thanksgiving and salud.
- Salud.
- Salud.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
- Happy Thanksgiving.
My father, he doesn't love
the idea of working.
He calls it being a slave to society.
This is a country gone wrong.
He's one of those people
that believe that
the government
is a sneaky organization.
That we're all controlled,
we're all like robots,
and that we need
to break free from that,
and he shows his rebellion
by not working.
But he loves the idea of music.
He was like, "if we could get
a record contract
and play music for albums,
you know, that's different."
This is our mother
when she had longer hair.
Who's that? Is that you?
That's me.
I've always wondered why
she fell in love with him
and why he fell in love with her,
like, how did that happen?
They're like from
two separate countries.
From what my mom tells me
is that she wanted
to visit South America,
so she was traveling a lot,
and she met this group of people.
They were like... hikers.
They knew the Inca trail well,
and he was one of them.
Very free style, you know.
They wore their hair long.
They knew the place, like,
they would give people tours,
especially white Americans.
Besides him being
you know, charming,
and very friendly, he was...
he had a way about him
that was, like, very unassuming.
It felt like I didn't want to just...
Be with someone or be
interested in someone
who was only concerned
about, you know,
uh, the next new coat
they were going to buy
and the next new pair of skis,
and what, you know,
I don't know, which restaurant
they were gonna eat in.
You know, because those things
to me are not that important.
Like it... and it just seemed
like, you know,
we really had
a common ground there
for how we thought about things.
And what we... what we thought
about, you know,
what this life is.
You know, and how life
should be lived, you know.
I thought, oh, this is
somebody who really sees things
in a different way
than most of the people
that I had acquaintance with.
My dad always thought that
he was better than anybody.
He always said so himself.
He said he was God.
He said he was enlightened.
He said he was the one
who knew everything.
Well, I think I can say
that the most positive thing
that came growing up
with our father
was, for me anyway is...
I always, you know,
I thought a lot.
Because we weren't so open,
you know,
like outwardly in our childhood.
I was always in my head.
I remember a lot.
It's one thing I have
that I kind of curse at.
I'll sleep on the floor.
No, I'll sleep on the floor.
We were frightened kids,
like you're a kid,
you're just seeing things.
You don't know what it means
but it frightens you.
So I was frightened.
That's one of the first
memories I have.
'Cause I would hear
dad and mom arguing.
There was always a slap, just...
he would slap her.
What she felt, we felt sometimes.
I mean, we were part of it.
If you're living in that
kind of situation,
you're gonna get it, too.
Look at me.
Look at me!
You see this is how
crazy Batman's made Gotham.
You want order in Gotham,
Batman must take his mask off
and turn himself in.
Oh, and every day he doesn't,
people will die,
Starting tonight.
I'm a man of my word.
I'm here to see
Bruce Wayne?
I'm sorry, Mr. Wayne
doesn't take unscheduled calls.
Our father is the one
that brought movies
into our lives.
He'd just fill our heads
with movies all day long.
We've got like, I don't know,
5,000 movies including
VHS's, DVD's.
And I think the fact that
we went with the idea
that there's another world out there,
because we didn't know the world,
so we kind of had no world,
and I think the movies
helped us create
our own kind of world.
But we would always know
the difference
between real life and the movies.
This outfit is made
out of cereal boxes
and yoga mats.
That's a yoga mat
and the hard parts you see
is cardboard from cereal boxes.
When we do it,
I have to get in the mind
of the character.
I have to be as strong
as I can be to play Batman,
'cause it's a responsibility,
sort of.
That sounds pathetic
to some people because...
But to us and to our world
it is very personal.
After I saw The Dark Knight
that made me believe that something
was possible to happen,
not because it was Batman,
it's because it felt like
another world.
I did everything I could
to make that world come true
to escape my world.
I was 15 years old
and I wasn't allowed
to walk out my front door.
I wasn't allowed to...
go in a specific room
I felt like going in.
I wasn't allowed
to leave a room
when I wanted to.
If he put us in a room,
we have to stay there
until he says you can go.
Our dad was the only one
that had the keys
to the front door,
no one else,
not even our mother.
Unless our mother went
to an appointment or something,
if it was an emergency.
It's scary not having...
Having to want to break out
of that, that box.
It was a Saturday on January, 2010.
I was 15 back then.
I woke up by like 9:30 or 10:00.
I got dressed up in black.
I just unlocked the door
and just said
to my youngest brother
Jagadisa, "wish me luck".
I wore the mask
so nobody would recognize me,
nobody at all,
and my father was out that day
getting food,
'cause we were low on food.
And he was going out
to get a lot of food.
So he usually is gone
three hours when he gets foods
and, uh, I just had this urge
to all of a sudden,
just go out on my own
have no one recognize me,
and if my father saw me,
he wouldn't know it was me.
Went around two blocks
just going in
whatever store.
Went into a bank,
went into a grocery store,
went into a pharmacy.
Eventually, someone called the cops
'cause someone in a mask,
that... that's not normal.
But I felt like
I was Michael at that time.
And I just thought
to myself, you know,
can I survive bullets?
Um... well,
one thing led to another.
They handcuffed me and, uh...
We went to...
we went in the elevator.
We went to where I live,
but they said I'm gonna
have to go to a hospital,
And, uh... Well, they ended
up just taking me
to the hospital, so...
There was a good side to this.
'Cause this is first time
my brother started connecting
with other people
and it was sadly the patients
of the hospital.
But some of them, not all
of them, were like crazy, crazy,
not like the "Cuckoo's Nest."
It was different.
It was more like suicidal kids,
kids who weren't happy
with their life,
kids who were depressed,
and he had a whole story there,
but he brought a lot of joy
to the hospital, kind of.
We were really happy
that he came home.
We all baked a meal for his return,
which is lasagna always.
It's always lasagna
'cause we love lasagna.
I was scared to come home.
I think my daddy was frightened
of what I just did
because no one had ever done that.
That was the day I kind of like
tore off the soldier necklace
and threw it and walked away.
Since that day,
I said I refuse to talk to you.
I refuse to take your orders.
We're no longer
father and son anymore.
I'm sorry, it brings a lot...
of emotion just thinking
about it back then.
I'm not gonna cry.
Did you guys ever
talk about going outside?
- By ourselves?
- Yeah.
Like, did you know
Mukunda was gonna do that?
- No.
- Did anybody know?
No, nobody knew that.
Maybe he mentioned it, but...
We weren't... like,
we didn't think he was serious.
'Cause we all used to
say a lot of things
But we never did anything.
We always saw a bad thing coming,
like, it's not gonna end up well.
The thing is we couldn't
do anything about it.
The only thing
we could do about it
was just... get through it...
and... not break.
I think like most people
would go insane
after experiencing
a life like that,
whereas all of us didn't...
I think it's... it's because
of our mom.
She always... kept our sanity.
I love her
and she loves me
He put himself
in a position
where he was gonna have to
to do ten years in prison.
That's what he did.
Krsna shaved his eyebrows.
It's probably why he doesn't
want to show himself.
Oh, he's right here.
You shaved your eyebrows.
So that's new, eyebrows,
I got a bad hand.
I got a bad hand.
- How you doing?
- I'm doing good.
Yeah, I was just telling
Crystal how much we fight.
They gave me a therapist
after I got out of the hospital.
They said I should see a therapist.
She's helped me out
getting my email address
'cause I knew nothing
about computers.
So she's been kind of a help.
She has.
My brothers are also seeing her.
It sucks.
I don't really talk
about my feelings.
I don't... she doesn't...
She has no idea
of the kind of person I am.
I'm like, "yeah, yeah, yeah,
whatever you tell me, you know."
Our family union
has a problem with now
is that they want us
to go to a real school.
Over my dead body they will.
They ain't gonna
make me go to a real school.
My mother would be out of a job.
She would have to then
work in the streets,
work out there.
I'm not letting my mother
work out there.
New York, no, no,
not in New York.
She's more together here.
She gets paid.
We get paid every month
because she's homeschooling,
so it's like she has a job.
She's approved, of course,
to be a teacher.
She has like the license
and everything.
They approved her,
house of education.
So that family union
can't do crap or anything.
You're an FBI agent.
What is your specialty again?
- Chemical weapons.
- Don't mention that.
You're going all
the way from Tibet to Mongolia,
says it'll cut five hours
out of the trip
for everybody that's going there.
What I really wanted
and what I really saw...
I really thought that when
I was raising my children
that they would be growing up
in a place with,
you know, green fields and...
But they didn't have that.
And you know, I feel...
because I had that,
and I wanted that for them.
You know, and to be able
to go out and roam the forest,
that was important to me and, um,
you know, just to go out
and play in a field
or have someplace,
some fields that were close,
or, you know,
how you see in movies.
You know, kids go running
through the neighbor's meadow
you know,
to get to their... the forest
that they built some tree house
in or something like that...
Something like that.
I'd always thought I wanted
that for them.
But it didn't happen.
My brother did it again,
just walked out,
and then suddenly I went out,
and my father didn't get angry,
and then all of us started doing it.
We decided to go
as a group together alone
for the first time.
That whole process
of them getting
into their own happened gradually.
It's not like it was one day
they followed the rules
and the next day they were
doing whatever.
It wasn't like that.
It happened over
a period of months,
but it certainly opened
the way to normalcy.
I'll be right back.
Well, what did he expect
when all of us become of age,
we're still gonna do things his way?
His system was just
like a ticking bomb.
I really understand, totally,
you know,
where they're coming from.
But I can't, you know,
be too candid about that.
But, yeah, there were
probably more rules for me
than there were for them.
Yeah, I know.
- Look at that.
- Whoa!
That fucks with your eyes.
This is like 3D, man.
Look at that.
Look at those freaky trees.
- Think about all the leaves.
- Those are big fucking trees.
They look like... I feel like
I'm in like the Fangorn Forest
in The Lord of the Rings.
Oh, it's very fresh out here.
- You want to go for a swim?
- No.
No, what swim all the way
to fuckin' Brooklyn?
You must be Jules,
which would make you Vincent.
I think fast, I talk fast
And I need you guys
to act fast if you want
to get out of this.
So pretty please,
with sugar on top,
clean the fucking car.
Don't be looking at me
like that, all right?
I can feel your look.
Oh, man, I will never forgive
your ass for this shit!
This is some fucked up
repugnant shit.
Jules, did you ever hear
of the philosophy that
once a man admits he is wrong,
he's forgiven for all his wrongdoings?
You ever hear that?
Get the fuck out of my face
with that shit!
Motherfucker who said that shit,
never had to pick up
80 pieces of brain
on account of your dumb ass.
I got a threshold, Jules.
I got a threshold for the abuse
that I will take.
- I could blow.
- Oh, you're ready to blow?
Yeah, I'm ready to blow.
Well, I'm a mushroom-cloud-
laying motherfucker, motherfucker!
Every time my fingers
touch brain, I'm super fly TNT.
It's motherfuckin' cold, man!
Come on, get it out.
Come on, do it.
Turn around.
- Did he fix this?
- No.
It's broken.
Yeah, I know that's totally busted.
I don't feel safe now
knowing that the door's open
and there's no lock.
Today, we had a little surprise.
Out of nowhere,
I just heard banging on the door.
And I saw a kind of...
At least I heard,
it sounded like a saw...
- Drilling.
- Drilling, yeah.
And by this doorway,
I see what I usually see
in the movies... swat teams,
people with helmets and shields,
machine guns just blast in.
Told everybody to get on the floor
or get their hands up,
put us against the wall,
and handcuffed every member
of our family.
They had a search warrant for...
possession of weapons.
A gun they were looking for.
They said a 38.
Basically, it was like Inside Man.
All... the only kind of weapons
they found were props.
They take out all our machine guns,
all our handguns, knives,
and it was all fake.
They basically found out
the kind of things we were into.
And they complimented us
and they said like,
"We're sorry about the break-in."
We had to see our mother
get handcuffed...
and put against the wall...
and she was really uncomfortable
sitting in those handcuffs.
That's what really pissed me off.
They've begun communicating
and relating in the world.
They are probably seeing
how the movies are like real,
but not real,
and how the real life is.
It's hard as a child
being influenced by that.
Too much of anything
is, you know, is not good.
And I think that they probably
had too much of that.
We never took a train before.
We were always afraid of trains.
We were always freaked out
about the kind of people
that hang around.
You know, we heard about the muggings
and stuff like that.
It is weird, I admit,
but there you go.
We don't need the sun.
We are vampires.
- Oh, there's the beach.
- Yeah.
Oh, shit, there's people all over it.
- I ain't going in there.
- Fuck that!
- What did you expect?
- Forget it, man.
- Just stay a little back.
- Yeah, man.
Forget it.
I ain't going in that water.
I ain't going in that water.
Oh, yeah, Lawrence of Arabia.
Whoa, it scratches!
No idea.
- I'm afraid of the water.
- You are?
That is salty, man.
Whoa, man!
Heads you go, tails you don't.
It all comes down to this.
Ladies coming this way.
Here we go, man.
If it drops on the floor,
it doesn't matter.
Heads you go, tails you don't.
Heads! You go.
This is part of the Two Face
in Dark Knight thing.
- You're coming with me.
- No way.
Danny, come in the pool!
- Call again.
- Tails.
Looks like I'm not going anywhere.
Come on, Danny.
Come in the pool.
Danny, come into the water.
Let's break some rules, man.
Let's break some rules.
It's not... no,
I don't break rules.
Last time I did that,
I almost got arrested, twice.
You have all these rules!
Oh, shit, son of a bitch!
- Come on, man.
- Nah.
- They're all out there waiting for you.
- No, it's all right.
Besides, I like to be the guy
everybody says,
that guy never went in the water.
That guy never took his shoes off.
You need some sunshine
You need some daylight
You need some sunshine
You need some daylight
I don't think our father
knew we had it in us
to have that kind of power.
I guess he always saw us as
the little boys who couldn't,
and then we transformed
into the boys are gonna.
The boys can.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Jungle life,
I'm faraway from nowhere
On my own like Tarzan boy
Hide and seek
I play along while
rushing cross the forest
Monkey business
on a sunny afternoon
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
I just can't talk to him anymore.
I can't stand to look at him.
It's just...
When I look at him,
Everything I see...
in him feels wrong to me.
I felt good for my kids.
I was glad to see them standing up
for their own ideas and beliefs.
Hey, this is me. I'm doing this.
I'm trying to see both sides
as well as my part in it as well,
but I've felt stuck
in the middle for a long time
and that's been a real challenge.
If some part of Oscar understood
what, you know, why
they were, like, rebelling
and why they were going on their own,
another part of him
was like very anxious
and very worried because,
you know, he felt like,
it wasn't... the timing was off.
It wasn't like the right time
for everyone.
And, you know, my...
my point of view
was that, well,
it must be the right time
because it's happening, you know.
It's so... I mean,
if it wouldn't be,
it wouldn't be happening.
That's how I kind of felt about it.
Well, done, Spider-man.
Before we actually met,
it's like before we met,
you should have seen
us like one year before we met.
We would not have said a word...
I mean, nothing.
We would have been completely silent.
It would have been like...
You would have been
watching zombies just walking by.
I learned that "Google"
was a new word
that I'd never heard of.
"Cool", "dude", "nigga"...
Oops, sorry.
And... well, basically, "like".
Like, I went to the store,
and there was, like,
these, cool pianos,
and I was like, "whoa,
that shit is, like, awesome".
So I'm hearing that all the time.
It's not annoying,
but it's getting old.
Monday's Valentine's Day, right?
- You have dates?
- No, I don't.
I wish I did, though.
I can't tell if it's women's
or men's perfume.
I can't really tell.
It makes no difference, right?
Perfume is perfume.
I literally have no idea
what to say to a woman.
I mean, it's easy for you,
guys, like, but...
For me it's... I don't literally
don't know what to say.
You ever heard about
people that say...
say he is absolutely unlovable?
Some people are like that.
It just doesn't happen with them.
Love just doesn't find them in life.
Some people like that,
some people want to live alone.
Some people they really want
to live with somebody,
only they don't know how to...
They can't fit in.
- He's drunk.
- My dad's drunk.
He was drunk last night.
He's drunk tonight.
He's probably... he drinks
way too much,
so it's a boring story anyway.
I swear to God
I'm gonna get him back for this.
What's going on here?
Just take it easy, okay?
Oh, God. I think he's losing it.
Yan, just enjoy yourself,
sweetie, tonight.
- Okay.
- And see, uh, you know,
whoever you want to talk to
you know or you don't know.
- You know, just enjoy yourself.
- Okay.
Enjoy yourself, have fun, Jagadisa.
You have fun.
Yeah, have fun, Govinda,
yeah, enjoy yourself.
- I love you.
- I love you.
See you.
First tickets to a movie theater...
Really exciting.
I hope we come out alive.
Start spreading the news.
So tell me what
you're looking for.
Everybody loves HDTV...
That was a good movie.
I'm gonna remember this
night for a long,
long, long, long, long,
long time.
Me, too.
And to actually think
the money is gonna go
to David O. Russell
or Mark Wahlberg or Christian Bale.
That's awesome.
That's exciting.
I play that guy in The Dark Knight.
Batman Begins.
He thinks there's somebody
following us.
I guarantee there's
somebody following us.
Nobody's following us.
- No, there's nobody following us.
- Forget it, forget it.
I remember being
very kind of scared
of going out into the world.
I felt so out of place.
I still feel out of place.
I don't know if I can
ever get over it.
Because I was always
afraid that I had
so little knowledge of this world.
I mean, being in my home
all the time that...
That I almost wouldn't...
that I wouldn't know where to start.
I kept going out and trying
to achieve what I wanted,
trying to do what I want to.
But my biggest fear was, you know,
being so...
so ignorant of the world that...
that I would just
wouldn't be able to handle it.
Did you ever think
of saying sorry to them?
You know, like, you know
that I wanted that, you know.
I gave up on facing my father.
And I don't think
there's any good chance
for him to change...
Not with the things that happened.
Sometimes there are things
that you just...
You just don't for...
You just don't get over.
You just don't forgive.
There are some things
you just don't put behind you.
There are some things...
that peop... that you just
can't live with.
Okay, Lucy's jumped in.
- It's okay, I can take her.
- You take her.
Oh, when?
Oh, aha.
You are?
You know, you sound the same.
You sound the same
that you did 50 years ago.
Well, I just...
Well, I just want to say
that I love you so much, mom.
You know,
I just love you so much.
But I just want to say that
I've... you know, it's like...
It's not like I've ever
forgotten you.
I've never... I've always
thought about you
and you've always been
in my, you know, my thoughts.
Um, well, I know exactly
what you went through.
I have seven children, and I...
Yes, I do.
Oh, mom, it's so good to hear you.
I'm so glad I called you.
Yeah, sure, all right.
All right, I love you, mom.
Thank you, all right, bye-bye.
Yes, yes, yes!
Guess what?
Mom just talked to her mom.
- You did?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I called her in Michigan.
So what now?
Oh, she's gonna hop on a plane
and she'll be here tomorrow.
She's going to be 88 tomorrow.
- Whoa!
- Yeah.
She was like,
"whoa, this is a shock."
- I want to meet her.
- Yeah, yeah.
Does the old man know
you called her?
Yeah, he knows
that I was gonna call her.
How's he taking it?
That's why he went out.
What's his problem?
Well, you know, he's afraid
that they're gonna
you know, do something
and make problems.
What are they gonna do?
I don't know.
They're family. They're your family.
I know, well, he's afraid
because they made problems
before a long time ago.
He was the one that was making
the problem not them.
Yeah, I'm so glad that I called.
That... you know, it's like,
oh, giving in to my fears
or what if this, or what if that?
And I don't know, you know,
it's like,
oh, this could be bad
and that could be bad.
And, yeah, it could be bad
and it could be very good.
You know, and you just
don't know until you do it.
Hello, kitty cat.
I heard about this website
called Mandy.
So I posted that I'm looking
for P.A. jobs,
and this job popped up.
I just wanted to see
of all the four of us,
how many of us watch
Game of Thrones?
Raise your hands.
I do it all in the night.
Anyone here watch Breaking Bad?
- I finished that recently.
- I finished it, too.
I saw three seasons in three days,
four, five and six.
It made me fucking crazy.
Where do you want it?
It's going up to my room,
which is another flight of stairs.
- Up there?
- Yeah.
So this is where
you'll sleep tonight?
There's gonna be a lot
of head bumping in this room.
You should also take a look
at your defenses.
In case a robbery happens.
This one's bitchin'.
This one...
Oh, I'll take that back,
this one's bitchin'.
I know I'm gonna miss them,
but... I think, like, the universe
reacts to your wishes.
I'll bring my mom over
when the time's right.
But right now, I'm just gonna
enjoy this for a little bit.
Is this the end of the beginning?
Or the beginning of the end?
Losing control
or are you winning?
Is your life real
or just pretend?
Reanimation of the sequence
Rewinds the future to the past
To find the source
of the solution
The system has to be recast
Try and set your
arms down if you can.
See if you can cover your chest.
Can you pull it?
I'm working on my own film.
It's about this man
sitting in a chair
and looking through a window
as different feelings go by...
like anger, grief,
happiness and love.
What does this look like to you?
- Like fear, anguish...
- In shock?
- In shock?
- Yeah, yeah.
My family is gonna be in it,
most of them,
and this girl, Chloe,
who's really cute
and she can be sexy, too.
- Are you ready for your close-up?
- I'm ready.
Okay, let's get
this show on the road.
All right, guys.
Let's get Chloe.
Oh, careful, this moves.
It was all fear, basically.
The fear was...
was put in...
And I still have fear.
I still have fear to this day.
But who doesn't? So...
It's the Chrysler building.
Look at that hillside there.
Look at that.
Look at that hillside.
That is... look,
would you look at that?
That is beautiful.
Oh, look at that.
Oh, jeez,
look at those big pumpkins!
The kids are loving them.
Before the day I die
There's five things
I want to ride
Bicycle, tricycle, automobile
Virgin's mother
and a Ferris wheel
I want to be an airborne ranger
I got to quit smoking.
Oh, that's so damn good.
It's probably the best damn apple
I've ever tasted in my life.
I could live... I wish I could
live in a place like this.
Maybe a little further away...
Out in the middle of nowhere, but...
It's very nice out here.
I'm grateful my mom's here.
I always wanted to go
on a trip like this with her.
Come on, Krsna.
See what they're doing.
Let's go see what they're doing.
They're okay.
Yeah, so what, you know,
We haven't been around them all day.
It's all right to be around them,
See what they're doing.
Yeah... Come on, I want to see
what they're doing.
Come, Krsna.
It's hard to go off
and go off and go off.
You and me haven't had a chance
to walk through
the orchards together.
Yeah... yeah, not yet,
that's right, Mukunda.
That's out.
Hit this one.