The Women (2017) Movie Script

- Honey.
- Oh, God...
Please, this can't wait.
Look... If I don't go now,
I'm going to be late for work.
C'mon Maro.
It's monday today. If I have to do
anything tangible I have to start today
I want us to have a very big party.
You know we're not very
big on money right now
So why would you want a big party?
It's my fortieth birthday
party. It's a big deal.
Of course it is.
When Teni turned forty,
Bels threw her a lavish
ten million naira gig
for her birthday party.
You were there.
Yes I was. Sorry, I can't afford it.
Maro, do you want to
make me a laughing stock?
Why don't you invite your
friends over to the house?
For lunch or dinner?
Maro, stop it please.
How can I have my fortieth birthday here?
Is it that bad?
Yes it is... we're still very broke.
At least we can afford... say maybe a
weekend get away for ten couples to Dubai
With what will I use to pay for that?
Maro, please say
something positive now...
Aunty, your phone is ringing.
My friend cut the call
and take my pictures.
Hmmm... this man.
My God...
Omo, how are you?
Sorry, I was dropping
the kids off at school.
I didn't hear the phone
how are you?
So I'm calling because of my
fortieth birthday party on saturday.
That's how Maro just
planned a weekend
get away surprise on me.
For the former CTS and her husband.
Omoh, It's
Eneh you are speaking with.
What do you mean
by fortieth birthday?
It seems like you know best.
I am forty years old.
Who's sponsoring, I
heard you guys are broke.
What you heard is a big, fat, lie.
A crappy tale that has no bearing.
Even if the tale bearer is your husband?
Why would my husband
say such nonsense to you?
Well..he didn't say it to me,
he said the nonsense to Bels.
I see...
Well, he was joking.
He was joking, take it from me, we're fine.
Alrighty, I'm going to get packing.
Okay. Cherios.
What kind of stupid
women do I have as friends?
So good to see you.
Ah, good to see you, how are you?
I'm fine Chubi.
How's the one fund?
Eh... we're fine thank you. so
what brings you here?
Actually I...
I don't plan to take much of
your time, just maybe a minute.
- Really...
- Yes...
First, you have to promise me something.
Uh... Okay.
But it depends.
Uhm... look...
I need your help but...
This is supposed to be like you
know, a secret between you and I and...
Even your wife, can't know about this.
This thing is hard.
What is it?
What's the problem?
My stomach, I want to change.
But don't use that toilet, It's messy.
What are you doing here?
In my toilet?
Welcome sir...
I... I came to cl...
I asked him to clean the toilet.
Yes. yes sir.
- Hm-hm...
- Yes sir.
Where is the cleaner?
I sent her on an errand.
And I fell asleep.
My friend, get out.
You want to stain me?
How are you?
Please sit.
Thank you.
I won't take much of your time Bels.
How are you?
Not good Bels.
Not good.
The come back is
taking longer than we hoped
and is making
everything else crumble.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Now, what do I do to help?
My darling.
I didn't want to come to you.
I mean you've been
so good to me and... but...
My hands were tied.
What is it?
I told Maro about my birthday party and...
He's yet to give me money for the rooms.
I mean, talk more of
money for the other things.
I really need to...
I'll wire you the money tomorrow.
Thank you Bels.
You know you're my sucker
I don't know what I'd do without you.
I'm sorry.
I'm being all emotional.
C'mon, c'mon...
It's okay.
Hmm... It's okay.
I didn't mean to make you cry.
We need to talk.
C'mon can't it wait
till morning? I'm tired.
I know, you're always
tired. It won't take long.
What is it?
I need you to clear out your saturday.
What's the occassion?
It's Omoh's fortieth birthday party.
I'm busy.
I have a lot of work on my desk.
Work will just have to wait,
this is very important to me.
Is it not a mere birthday party?
No it's not.
Ha... it's a chance for us to unwind.
Just us.
You travel all the time.
You hang out when you like.
We haven't had time.
I haven't had time to get
close to you as I'ld love to.
So please work with me
here, and stop being a prick.
Okay, I'll go. Jeez.
Aww... thank you baby.
I didn't mean to go off on you like that.
Hmm... I know, I'm used to it.
- Goodnight.
- Huh?
Good night?
- Anything else?
- Baby now...
I have an early morning
tomorrow okay,
Lot's of work, I'm tired.
What is the meaning of all this?
I also have early mornings, in fact
I have early mornings everyday.
I'm tired as well...
Then tjat is the reason you
need to get plenty of rest...
Ayo, how long can this go on?
Rose, what is
the meaning of all these?
Stop this.
Stop what?
Husbands have sex with
their wives everyother night.
In fact I know couples
who do it every night.
It is finished,
you have said it all.
Then go and join them.
What's that supposed to mean now?
Ah-ah I mean all these your sexing friends.
Who have sex everyday, everyday.
Jobless people.
They obviously have plenty of time, I don't.
Oh please.
Look, you have to make time... ehh Ayo.
We are not getting any younger.
Now, every night missed
is a night gone forever.
Eh, Ayo give to Ceaser
what belongs to Ceaser...
Ayo, this is
not how we planned it.
That's not how we planned it.
In fact that is not what I
heard about Yoruba men.
Now, you're pushing me to
believe you're having an affair.
Three times.
- On saturday.
- Ayo!
No, no, no, no...
Oh... okay.
Three times on saturday, you and I.
Okay, so... wait a minute.
- Go away.
- You and I my baby.
I said saturday...
Make sure you tidy everything
up before the presentation.
You know I hate it when things go wrong.
Well, I be waiting. Keep me informed.
How do you manage
to look so stunning
every single time
I try.
Thank you.
I got the alert.
Thank you very much.
You know...
I would do absolutely anything for you.
It's my pleasure anytime to help you.
So, it's Omoh's birthday party
at the resort on saturday
Think we should do her
the honors and attend.
Ah-ah, you make it sound like
if we don't attend, that
the party will not hold.
Well... more or less it won't
Bels, let's face it.
Omoh piggybanks on my
celeb status all the time.
She uses me to look good.
Omoh is good looking.
And she can hold her own without you.
Stop being so hurty.
Why do you take sides with
everyone asides from me.
Who said anything about physical looks now.
Every opportunity to make me look bad
and others look good,
you seize it all the time.
Then stop giving me reason to.
You don't expect me to
see black and call it white.
You should know me by now.
Oh, so...
If her husband insisted on one couple,
who do you think she would have picked?
Teni please let me eat. Please.
You know you make it
so difficult to talk to you.
Here I am just trying to make
conversation, and you're only being cynical
Now, this is good.
My darling.
How are you?
Ah I couldn't be better my dear.
Where are you?
I'm at home oh.
I'm going through some clothes. I'm looking
for the prescribed outfit for Omoh's gig.
That desperado.
My dear, pick the
cheapest outfit you can find.
She's not worth spending much more.
What happened?
My dear it's not
a phone cal conversation.
Come, I'm at home.
John please tidy this place up.
Uh... thank you.
Heh, wonders shall never end.
- Um, just drop this things there okay.
- Okay ma
Eneh oh
Please what is going on?
Ah-ah, darling.
Muah, muah
My sister
sit first, It's a long story.
You don't say
I'm sure you know that by
now, Maro and Omoh are broke.
To the last letter "K"
Please, anytime
we have a reunion in school,
Me, Rose. I'll take out time to go
and look for your english teacher
Letter "K" "K"
please... it's all the same.
That is not even the real story.
Please tell me, what is the story? you're too sweet.
You're the best.
Don't dare share this my
thing with another person.
Don't share it with another man.
I will kill you.
I will kill you.
I will give you everything you need.
Everything you need.
Don't go back and ask anybody like Omoh.
Please wait.
Please tell me.
How did Omoh
enter this particular issue
That is the gist of the century.
This year hasn't been too good for us.
Business has been bad and uhm...
We have a backlog on
the children's school fees,
My birthday is on saturday and
we haven't even planned at all.
I was hoping if you could
just help out with the party.
Which birthday?
Does your husband know that you're here?
Oh no gosh... If he knows, he'll kill me.
Then why are you
here? do you want to die?
But really?
She shouldn't
try it again with your husband.
Eh, her, who?
Honey, I have him locked
down in this pitch black pit.
Ah, he can't
When I'm done with him, she can have him.
Good afternoon madam.
- I brought you drinks.
- Hello.
I'll go get an opener.
Thanks Jonny.
You this bad girl
You are still on this journey?
Just stay
there, you have no idea.
Honestly, why should I
be the one waiting for him?
This is very unprofessional.
Sorry. he says he needs
to recharge his batteries.
He was exhausted after
the session with you.
Whatever, just tell him I
will be waiting in my lingerie
and I'll hate to get too cold.
Okay, will do.
Yeah, yeah whatever.
Ayo, you're looking
right? You're looking right?
Hey, hello, pretty lady.
Please come.
It appears my husband likes you.
What's going on? what's all this?
Don't you want her?
Ah-ah, excuse me...
Of course I don't want her. What's that?
Oh, I'm sorry.
With the way he was
staring at you, one will think
he wants to have
sex with you or something.
Excuse me!
Please just ignore her,
she likes to kid around a lot please.
Will you take your silly games to
someone who is interested cause I'm not
Gosh stereobtype.
Yes, stereotypes. Ste-reo-types.
Just get a life.
- And you.
- Huh.
The choice is yours to make.
Stereotypes or the wife.
Don't forget, Three times.
Three times.
This place is so calm and serene.
Thank you very much, I love it.
I didn't do anything. I
just picked our venue.
Alright, that's enough for me.
Thank you.
Look, I'll make it up to you.
Gold and silver have I not...
but all I have to give,
I give to you freely.
Let me wish you a happy birthday.
In grand style.
Easy on the luggage servant!
I bought that bag three thousand US dollars
I'm sorry ma.
Leave it, Don't worry
I'll handle it by myself.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- Sorry madam, my sincere apologies.
-It's okay
-Sorry sir...
It's not your fault, don't
worry leave it alone
Thank you sir.
It's not his fault that he carelessly
handled my expensive luggage?
No, it is not his fault.
Oh, okay. So whose fault is it then?
Teni, not here.
Good afternoon ma'm.
Essie how are you?
I'm very well ma'am
Are you settling in alright?
Oh yes. I mean the room is
splendid thank you very much
You're welcome ma'am.
Anything I can do for you?
I wanted to find out if
my guests have arrived?
Um... yes ma. They arrived
earlier, Ayo and Rose?
Um... not long after you came in.
They didn't ask after me?
They seemed to be in a hurry.
Um... never mind.
If the other guests come, I
need you to be very nice to them.
You don't have to tell me ma, It's our
duty to be very courteous to our guests.
I know you're very courteous Essie.
I just want you to be extra nice.
I mean these are very important friends of
mine and we want to create an impression.
Yes ma.
Please can you hold on?
I have some guests here.
Yes, okay ma.
Hello, welcome to the
resort. My name is Essie.
Do you have a reservation please?
Uh... yes I belive so. Mr and Mrs. Micheals.
Oh yes, yes.
The management and staff
of the resort are pleased to have you
stay with us. We hope you enjoy your stay.
- And...
- Room key please.
Yes, yes, oh yes.
Okay, this is it.
What kind of room is it?
- Standard single room ma'am.
- Excuse me.
Omoh reserved a single room for me?
Teni, let us just manage the room okay.
No, Bels I won't manage.
What type of room is she staying in?
The governor suit ma.
I see.
And she thinks we should
manage a single room?
Are there anymore governor suits available?
Yes ma but...
Let me have the keys to that. Upgrade me.
Upgrade me now.
Umm... ma it's not that simple.
It's just for one night.
Bels, I sleep on a customised
king sized bed in my house.
I won't come to some hotel to manage.
Precisely why it is a hotel.
A double bed is not that
small we can manage it.
It's probably what they can afford.
No. They can afford more. She's
just being stingy and I don't know why.
It's bad enough that it's only three
couples that are invited to this thing.
I mean who does that?
Have you considered that the husband
may have put restrictions on her spending?
I don't care I'm not
sleeping in a single room.
Upgrade me.
Ma it's...
Upgrade me now.
I'm sure
our host can afford it. She's
the perfect host remember?
Do you realize I'm a celebrity?
Is this how you treat
your celebrity guests?
Do you realize that
you're keeping me waiting?
Yes, What is it?
Okay ma.
Here's the key ma.
Thank you. You're way too kind.
Did you hear that?
Your phone chats?
I'm I a magician?
Teni just asked to be
moved to the governors suite.
Can you imagine.
SO you know, I'm not paying
a dime and neither are you.
Darling, let's just pay to save face...
Which face?
Someone disregards you and all
your interested in is looking good.
Are you serious?
Hello ma.
Essie what have you done?
It's not my fault ma. Your friend
came in and insisted on a change.
I heard everything.
Now listen to me, how
much is a standard room?
Fifty thousand ma.
A hundred and fifty thousand naira ma.
What is the difference?
A hundred thousand naira ma.
Now listen...
You better go to her room
and get her to pay that money
Or else not only would you loose your job
for suiting rooms at your own will
You'll be made to pay that difference.
But ma, you asked me to be
friendly and welcoming.
And when did being
friendly and welcoming
mean finishing me and
my husbands money?
I'm sorry ma.
You better go to her room
and tell her what I have said.
Yes ma
- Hello.
- Hello ma, this is
Essie from the reception.
Oh, hi Essie.
You calling to check up on me?
No complaints yet.
Thank you very much ma.
The manager noticed the
change of room on the system and...
She asked what
happened and I explained...
She insists on a balance.
Oh, then call Omoh she is my host.
I called her but she refuses to pay.
Does she know I'm the one?
Yes ma.
I see, how much is the difference?
A hundred thousand naira ma.
Do you have a point of sale machine?
I do.
Bels this is unbelieveable.
Omoh insisted I pay the
difference for the room.
Of course, what do you expect?
Nothing... expecially not your support.
Good evening. The resort...
How may I help you?
Okay just hold on, one minute.
Actually, maybe you should help
me. I do need to start getting ready
I have to represent.
Because it's a competition.
Honey, when two or three
women are gathered there is war.
The silent way. Competition is inevitable.
All of you're friends for goodness sake.
Hmm... you'll never understand.
Rest well boo boo.
Where is my charger!
-Thank you.
Current or savings ma?
Your pin please.
Welcome to the palm resort.
Thank you.
Do you need help with your luggage?
Yes. But be careful the
luggages are quite heavy.
Carry it over there.
Luggage, sweet there
is no plural for luggage.
Please forget about it.
Here's your A.T.M.
You can keep that.
I'm afraid ma, It's your's to keep ma.
Is that the only word in your vocabulary?
I'm afraid ma, I'm afraid...
what are you afraid of exactly.?
Ma, I'm afraid I can't keep it.
Ma, you just litterd the area.
I'm afraid you'ld have to clean it.
You're unbelievable.
Unbelieveable, unbelievable!
You are also unbelievable.
So if you're going to spend one
week you will carry the entire house.
I need to speak to your manager.
Did you hear what I said, I said I
need to speak to your manager.
Do you know who I am?
Teni, what is it?
Who is getting you all worked up?
Don't mind this twat.
First of all, she charges me a
hundred thousand naira extra
to put me into a
more befitting room.
Now she's giving me an attitude.
I'm very sorry for your troubles
ma, please let me handle this.
- What's going on here?
- You better.
- I'm really sorry please, please...
- Calm down, calm down.
Sort it out.
Calm down.
What was that about?
Please see me later in the office.
Welcome to the palms resort.
Do you have a reservation?
Oh yes. Check under Maro
and what is his stupid wifes name that
wants to throw a party in this economy?
Omoh, yes...
Okay sir, I'm just going to do that
Psst... leave here
Ehen... have you spoken to her?
Please, please, please... I don't know
her room number and I frankly don't care.
You have her number Teni.
Shouldn't she be the one
asking after me? I'm her guest.
Didn't you hear what I said? She's
the person that asked me to pay.
She is the one that should be checking
up on me and not the other way round.
I'm her guest.
- It's her birthday.
- Eneh, eneh...
It's my wellbeing
we're talking about here.
She must be overwhelmed. It's not
easy planning this things. You know.
What's the big deal about
planning a party for six people.
No, make that eight.
Big difference.
Don't let her hear you though.
But seriously, whether big or small
these things, they take a toll on you.
What toll?
How much will it cost to plan
this excuse for a birthday party.
Well, I'm really surprised oh, because
I thought she was going to go all out.
C'mon this is her fortieth
bithday we're talking about here.
Booking a standard room
for three couples, what is that?
She could easily spend ten million
naira on this thing. I know I did.
-That's a milestone
These things only
happen once in a lifetime.
Well... in some cases.
like this one, it happens more than once.
What did you say?
She's forty isn't she?
Hmm... plus six.
It's a lie.
Please, please, I beg you.
You didn't hear it from me
I didn't tell you anything... let
me get my handbag from the car.
Eh... please.
Oh my goodness.
This is a hotel, keep it down.
Oh baby.
Oh baby thank you.
- Than... thank you for?
- Baby thank you.
Thank you for what?
You know it's been a long time coming.
One down, two more to go.
- Oh baby thank you.
- What?
I'm so grateful.
Oh my God, they warned me.
- I was warned.
- What? What is that?
Not to marry a calabar woman
They will pound you like yam.
Baby! baby!
The one you just received,
you've not even allowed it to digest
You're already talking about another one.
- Two more to go my darling.
- Two!
You must have a problem.
Baby please order
wine for me this thing...
You can't just let
it go like this. Hello
All these my friends that
won't even check up on me.
Sorry, don't be angry.
I said I was hungry and I just had lunch.
You dirty, dirty thing.
I know what you've been up to, ash...
Tell mre the truth,
Didn't you do the same thing?
Why not.
Done and dusted.
Hot eba with ogbono soup.
Bad girl.
Make sure you and
your husband don't forget
the reason you're here
and start getting ready.
Right away... you know I can't
wait to see what you're wearing
You are meant to be
putting it on already.
No, I just bought a cheap dress for
two hundred and fifty thousand naira
Two hundred and fifty thousand.
Well, it's fine. Thank God
I came prepared as well.
I trust that
you wouldn't mess up.
Alright get ready.
Okay darling, cherios...
Alright darling cherios.
You bought a dress for two
hundred and fifty thousand naira?
No, it's fifty thousand.
How is fifty thousand the same
as two hundred and fifty thousand
That, you won't
understand that just leave it.
I won't understand what?
That you choose to lie?
No, that I chose not to tell the truth.
My goodness.
You're beginning to freak me out.
Why do you feel the need to lie?
Maro, with women everything is complicated.
If you tell it like it is, it will be
used against you in the future
For example...
The fact that you told
Teni's husband about our financial status
has her feeling
like she's above me.
People go through good and bad years.
This happens to be a bad year
for us of which wewill get through.
There's no need to lie.
You had no business saying anything.
This is not about me.
You know how I feel
about lying. I don't tolerate it.
Believe me if this had happened when we
were courting, I wouldn't have married you.
Are you serious?
You won't have married
me if you caught me lying?
Do you find this funny?
Darling I'm only
laughing at the true reality.
All women lie, it's no big deal.
Just calm down it's not that serious.
You don't think it's
that serious, I think it is!
I can't be around someone who lies.
Listen, I'll let this
slide but please stop!
- I don't appreciate it.
- Eh-eh... please.
Don't ruin my day. It's not
like I murdered someone.
How do I look?
Hmm... my sweetheart.
My one and only love of my life.
Hmm... Baby you are beautiful.
No, you are extremely pretty.
- Honey you're so funny.
- I know.
Let's go please... let's go.
I'm coming, let me
go and take a shit first.
Uh... okay.
Sweet, please... sweet, sweet, sweet...
Don't say "shit" during dinner.
You'll make some people puke.
Don't they poo?
Not during dinner, and it's
not good to say it like that.
You can say, I'd like to go to the gents.
Or let me use the loo.
Anything other than "shit"
Okay madam. I have heard.
Okay, what is upsetting your tummy?
Eat what you know.
Please don't try any new food
and don't ask to know the name of it.
Oh, Eneh just shut up let me shit in peace.
- Ahh!
- Okay.
Okay, won't you close the door?
I'll be outside waiting for you.
Don't you think you're
taking too long to get ready?
At this rate, you'll be
late for your own party.
I'm almost done.
Go ahead darling, I'll join you.
Excuse me interupting...
- Hey Maro.
- Kate.
How are you?
I'm fine thank you.
I see that you found
a niche for your talent.
Oh yes I have. I'm now a model
And this is the photoshoot
for a new lingerie line.
What are you doing here?
Um... it's my wives fortieth birthday and
I'm here to celebrate with her.
Oh well, congratulations to her.
- It's really good...
- Where have you been?
It's good to see you. I have to go.
- Oh, good to see you too.
- Ah, Maro.
In this vicinity too?
Rose, how are you?
Don't how are you me Maro.
Why would you do this to Omoh?
- And on her birthday as well.
- Ah-ah what is wrong with you?
Is this the best you can do? no,
really is this the best you can do?
Gift, nice seeing you. You
can get back to your session.
Yes, get back to your wayward session.
Go back to prancing round the hotel.
I see you're taking pictures right?
I bet these are the pictures you'd
send to other people's husbands phones.
Crazy woman!
This is uncalled for.
- Ayo, caution your wife.
- But Rose what's the meaning of all these.
Ahhh... ahh... Ayo
don't call my name.
Leave me alone, what is it?
Is that not the same girl
you were looking at just now?
Ah-ah... what is it?
Did you people bring them... Did you
people bring her here for your pleasure?
Of what use then are the wives?
Of what use then are the wives?
Honey, you're not yet at the restaurant?
Ah, it's alright. I was on my way there.
Yes, he was. But he
got distracted by a girl.
Never mind, It's nothing.
And Rose here is just
blowing hot air for nothing
Oh, I'm blowing hot air right?
Rose, why would you
disrespect my husband so?
Omoh... uh...
Is this what you make of the situation?
Why would I disrespect your husband?
He's the one disrespecting
you. I'm on your side.
And you know that because?
I saw him hugging a girl.
And since when did hugging
a girl become a crime?
He was hugging a girl in bikini.
Uh... Omoh please just disregard her words.
Please! Please!
Of course I will.
I know and I trust my husband.
-See your life?
- You owe my husband an apology.
- Thank you.
- What.
- Yes.
Thank you.
Which Ayo? which
Ayo are you calling?
Did you listen to
me when I was te...
- Ayo, wait now.
- Ah-ah come, come, come...
You owe my husband an apology.
Yes, really.
Maro, I apologise for stepping out of line.
It's okay.
Now, you go and join your husband.
Dinner is at six plaese don't be late.
Rose, what is your problem?
No, I mean what is your problem?
Will you keep embarassing me like this?
I'm sorry baby.
No, tell me why I
should listen to you?
But you wouldn't
listen to me when I was
trying to stop you from
embarassing yourself.
Baby I was only trying
to protect my friend.
Come on get out!
Madam protector. Did she ask for your help?
Every little thing...
you keep interfering
in ot other people's matter
Just poking your nose where...
Don't shout, they're coming.
- Hi Chubi.
- Hello Maro.
It's good to see you.
- Hello darling.
- How are you?
- You look amazing. Oh my God.
- Thank you.
Oh my God look at that ass.
-How're you doing?
- Settle down, settle down.
- Mua-mua
- How are you doing?
- How are you doing?
Settle down, settle down.
Let me officially thank
you all for making time out.
To grace us with your important presence.
We appreciate it.
We promise a fun filled night.
But first...
A birthday song for the beautiful lady.
I'm forty...
Okay, let the celebration begin.
Oh my God.
What are you doing here?
What do you mean
by what am I doing here?
I actually demand an answer.
What are you doing here?
In this restaurant that
I booked out for my friends.
This is not happening.
Yes, it is.
I came for a photoshoot.
- Where is your photographer?
- Excuse me.
What sort of nonsense is this?
What sort of a
silly question is that?
- Don't raise your voice at me.
- No, no, no...
- You twat.
- Move...
What are you doing here?
In a restaurant that
I booked out for my friends,
In fact what are you
doing in this resort today?
They say a fool at forty is a fool forever.
Babe, sorry, sorry, relax.
Omoh, you
turned forty today you should be wiser.
You told her.
- I didn't tell her.
- You told her.
I just told her a few...
Listen, Gift please leave.
Fine, I'll leave.
Would you tame your wife and her friends.
I won't have people
talk to me whichever way they want.
And she went as far as slapping me.
Maro, It is out of the respect that
I have for you that I havn't retaliated
Don't you ever...
lay your filthy hands on me again.
It's okay.
I don't care about your insecurities.
But if you ever come close to me,
I'll make sure I finish you.
Test me.
- Oh God, come and finish me.
- Sweety, sweety, sweety...
-Omoh, don't let this little
-Leave me.
twat spoil your day.
That's what you get.
That's what you get when your husband can't
keep his eye's off the
apprentice at work.
And now, that tat of
s gift is talking to me.
I have a question.
I would have
gone after her, but I cannot walk in heel
She left her purse so...
I'll just hold it.
Honey, pass my purse please.
You want to hold two purses.
Yeah babe.
So what do we do now?
We came here to have
a party, we're going to have a party.
Whatelse is there to do?
Oh, so because she's having a bad day...
All of us should
return to our rooms and sleep right?
Ah-ah... see the blessing
I don't suppose that's a bad idea.
Are you for real?
Please let's
find a nightclub and have some fun.
Who'll pay for the drinks?
spent enough money on this party already.
As I suspect some other people have.
Well the money spent
was for the upgrade that we made so...
I'm sure we can afford a few drinks.
Look, look, look, buying drink should
not be the problem.
Eh, it is not the problem at all.
Okay guy, you know what...
Let's just go up to the lounge.
Awersome place, lovely music.
MAro already booked
it out for tonight anyways...
- Hmm...
- I second that.
I third it.
You're so funny honey.
No, I'm serious.
Let's go quickly
Hello darling.
Thank you for understanding...
I'm sorry, I really am.
I swear to you on my principle...
I didn't invite her here.
I only met her on my way.
See how I spoke to Rose.
She was right after all.
I'm sure Rose will understand.
You'll rather
face the wrath of this embarassment.
Maro, I won't hear the last of this.
Baby it wasn't your fault.
You were only acting on impulse.
I'll not let anyone shame you.
C'mon let's go.
Send me a printout
immediately, via email.
Will do, will do
-Thank you
Cut it.
Um... guys.
I'll like to apologise for earlier.
Rose, we owe you an apology.
She feels bad about how she reacted to you.
No it's okay. I mean... I
can understand her reaction. It's fine
Reactions, what reactions?
Rose what happened?
Omoh are we missing something here?
No, It's all been sorted now.
Guys I... I'm truly sorry about my outburst.
I won't miss my party for anything.
Especially not
anything in tight skirt.
Or tight jumpsuit.
Okay um... I prepared
a game of truth or dare.
No problem. As long as nobody will ask me
to kiss another woman in front of my wife.
Because you all know it will not end well.
Don't worry that's
not going to happen.
Okay let's go.
So we know the rules of the game.
-And um...
I'm sorry to disturb
you sir but the manager wants to see you.
Okay. Lead the way.
I'll be back in a minute,
guys please continue.
Oh okay then.
- Thank you very much.
- What is this about?
Sorry to disturb your party sir,
but miss gift has brought an incident
to our notice.
She did, didn't she?
Yes, and this
is what I'm here to talk to you about.
We do not condone any
form of harassment within our premisses
Yeah, she said your wife slapped
her and she has witnesses to this effect.
Alright Gift, I would like to apologise
for my wife slapping you. I am really
sorry, she shouldn't have done that.
Please accept my apology.
Why are you the one apologising?
It wasn't you who slapped me.
I'm begging you on behalf of my wife.
Please accept my apology I'm sorry.
And I want her to apologise to me. Else
I'll press charges. I will...
Alright please, please let this go.
This will never happen again.
Madam, please help me beg her.
I mean, thing's just got out of hands
and my wife overeacted.
I'm really sorry c'mon, let it go.
The man is sorry, I'm sure his
wife is sorry too.
Let's put this behind
us, thank you for your time.
Thank you.
Miss it's alright.
Darling you're just right on time.
We're about to start the game.
So let's dig in.
- Let's play game.
- Okay.
- Truth or dare!
- Truth or dare!
I'll speak the truth!
- Truth or dare!
- Truth or dare!
- Loose your dare!
- I'll speak the truth!
- Truth or dare!
- Truth or dare!
- Loose your dare!
- I'll speak the truth!
- Truth or dare!
- Truth or dare!
- Loose your dare!
- I'll speak the truth!
- Truth or dare!
- Truth or dare!
- Loose your dare!
- I'll speak the truth!
Okay, so where do we start from?
Charity they say begins at home.
Are you afraid of something?
Why would I be afraid. What's there
to be afraid of?
We can't tell.
I don't know why anyone would think
that I'm afraid?
He used his card.
For a ladies accessory merchant.
And there's a two million naira transfer
to Omoh Oghene.
Ah-ah, Teni.
Oh I'll be right
back. Oh your purse.
- OKay.
- So who's next?
And um..for who's next.
- I'm going to start since mine is easy.
- Go babe
Mine says, kiss the man you love.
- And he's right here so...
- Thanks.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
- Awwwn...
- Hmmm...
Hey, get a room.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
-You know what, drink for me
I think since we started from here, let's
just progress. Ayo.
Okay. No problem.
GO Ayo, go Ayo, go Ayo, go Ayo...
Alright let's see...
With... ah-ah...
-Ah-ah, ah-ah
-What is it?
Which other man have
you ever had on the horse whip?
What man, fourteen years.
Me, Ayotunde Ayomebo.
Preach for me.
Goodevening ma.
I need to do a printout
from my e-mail. Can I use your system?
Go Bels, go Bels, go Bels...
Wow, really Omoh.
I see the party kicked up a
notch when I stepped out.
Oh no, no, no honey...
They made me do it.
- They said um... that um...
- Your dare.
My dare, that my dare
was to do a lapdance for the celebrant.
And he did it
I hope you enjoyed
it while it lasted.
Enjoy, It's just a game.
So, I think I go next.
Go Omoh, go Omoh, go Omoh, go Omoh...
Okay, okay, okay, okay
- My dare is to tell the one I love...
- Awwwn...
Something he never knew before.
No, no, no, comfirmed.
It's true, it's true.
So, Maro...
- My darling Maro.
- Awnn...
I truely and deeply love you.
I know sometimes I say I don't
but most of the time when we're quarrelling
Uhmm... yes.
- But I truely and deeply love you so much.
- Awwnn...
- Take a look at love. Awwwnnn...
- Oh how sweet.
- Hey...
- Is that it?
What do you mean is that it?
Do you know my truth more than me?
As a matter of fact, yes I do.
I know a few things about you that
your husband doesn't know.
Ah-ah Teni.
I was talking to her not you. Okay.
Yes, I do know a few of your
truths that you've never told your husband
First off you're forty six not forty.
Oh my God
Do you know what?
Um... Teni, you'd have to behave yourself
or I'll be forced to ask you to leave.
I'll gladly leave.
But before I go, can
you tell everyone here
how you could afford a four thousand
dollar purse given your financial standing.
Teni, get up and let's
leave this place now.
Did you buy a bag for four thousand...
- Two million naira?
- No baby, not here please.
Is she telling the truth?
Are you forty-six?
Darling, let's step out.
Why do you want to step out?
She made a demeaning statement and
all you want to do is step out?
C'mon Omoh...
Stand up sometimes.
Stand up for yourself.
Teni, please...
There'll be no bullying.
Bullying, who is bullying who?
She's five years my senior
I can't be bullying her.
Yes, you know what?
This is proof that my
husband bought your wife
that purse that she's prancing around with.
A purse
that doesn't fit what you're wearing.
- Teni, Teni!
- Yes.
And while we're at it he gave her
two million naira on wednesday.
I'm guessing it was for this party.
ANd come to think
of it, my husband is shagging your wife.
I know my husband is not that generous.
You are evil! You are evil!
- You cheating whore, you dare call me evil?
- Hold up, hold up...
Why won't you take sides with her?
Protect her, protect your whore.
- Afterall you're sleeping with her.
- Teni, Teni, I'm warning you.
Teni, you better stop
calling me names.
Okay, you can call me anything
but definitely not a whore.
- You know that.
- Really.
Is what she's saying true?
Darling, the present and
money were just to help
out for the birthday
party and nothing else.
Look, I was only helping out nothing else.
Oh please...
Get your hands off me.
- Are you happy now?
- Yes.
Are you happy?
You think you're a saint right?
Without scandals, without secrets.
Did you tell your darling
husband that you've had six abortions.
- Eh...
- My God.
Did you tell him you
couldn't get rid of the seventh
because the doctor
was scared for your life?
Stop it!
Did you tell him that
you carried the seventh one to term.
And that child today is thirteen years old.
- Stop it!
- Take it easy.
Did you tell him...
that those six abortions
were as a result of you being a pornstar.
- Of you being a pornstar.
- Shut up!
-In Italy
-Shut up!
- Did you?
- Shut up, you're lying.
And as a stupid teenager
you agreed to film without protection.
- Hey!
- Did you?
I'll kill you.
-Did you tell him that when you met him
-I'll kill you.
in university, you had to undergo
vaginal re-construction to impress him.
- Stop it!
- Jesus christ!
- I'll kill you.
- You have no dignity
Take it easy. calm down.
Bels, Bels... ask her.
Ask her what this is.
Ask her what this is.
-Ask her
-Take it easy, take it easy.
- Leave me.
- Ask her.
- Omoh.
- Explain it.
Explain it to him miss
goody too shoes and let your secret out.
- Stop it!
- Jesus christ.
- I'll kill you, I'll kill you.
- You guys should take it easy.
Hold them, hold her.
- Bels you're just looking...
- You guys should take it easy.
- Sweetie, sweetie she's lying.
- Teni...
You have to believe me. Swee...
-It's Teni
Don't act this way Bels.
- I mean did you see that?
- Omoh...
- Bels
-Take it easy...
You haven't heard the last of this.
Trust me, you haven't
heard the last of this.
Oh really, go to hell Teni.
- Go to hell, that's where you belong.
- It's okay.
- This is...
- Leave me.
- And you, you told her.
- Hmmm...
You're supposed to
be my friend I trusted you.
I'm sorry, I just
said it light heartedly.
I don't know
why she will bring it up here now. why?
Oh, since we're all being
light hearted I guess I can tell Chubi now
that you're sleeping with your chef.
- What did you say?
- Yes Chubi.
Your sugar baby poporipopo as you
fondly call her
is sleeping with your chef, John.
No... it's not true.
She says you're an embarrasment to her.
You humiliate her when you
guys go out because of your lack of class.
And even when you make
love to her your moaning is very local.
My baby poporipopo, my baby poporipopo...
My sugar, hey!
Hey, poporipopo!
And when you're
done you sleep off and start snoring.
Leaving the house vibrating
like locust beans on a grinding machine.
Ah-ah... what is the...
You're just sitting there do something...
Omoh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Happy birthday.
- Please Chubi.
- Chubi, please take it easy.
Chubi, please.
Omoh, what have you done?
- You will pay for this today.
- What is all of this?
What is
the meaning of all this in God's name.
God punish you, Devil
punish you. Old cargo.
Old cargo.
I've got you. Snitch, snitch!
Omoh what is the meaning of all these?
Is it a problem to come to your party?
Wha... take it easy.
Yes dear take it easy.
- I'm sure this is all just temptation.
- Eh-eh
What kind of temptation?
This seems like a set
up to me, you planned to ruin my day.
Ruin your day? Set up? why?
Nobody is ruining your day or setting
you up Omoh.
So how do you
explain the progression of events so far?
It's just... coincidence.
Oh... it's a coincidence right?
So here's a big toast to coincidence.
Ahh... this will go down
in history as the best birthday party ever.
Omoh, Omoh let me take you back...
Don't, don't come near me.
Because your wife
can't see a man and woman happily together.
Without making silly conclusions.
I don't know what it is that you've
done to her to make her hate life so...
You better make it
right by her and love her.
Make it right by her and love her.
You promised to give her sex
three times today. You better complete it.
Are you listening?
Don't let this
mad, insane distractions detour you.
Better give it to her
or she'll take it out on your children.
Omoh stop it! Stop it!
- Ayo let's go, let's go.
- Yes go!
- Wait, wait, wait...
- Go, what are you afraid of?
That he'll find out that
you want to run and abandon your children.
Does he know the re-occuring seizures
your childrn experience?
Is as a result of the
overdose of benedrille that you give them.
- HAve you told him, have you?
- What, what...
- I can explain.
- You better explain.
-I'm... I'm... I can explain
- You better explain.
Don't listen to Omoh she's crazy.
We're all birds
of the same feather flocking together.
I lie, Teni kills, Eneh cheats and you
hate your children.
Ayo, Ayo...
Omoh, do you know that me and Ayo
can go two weeks without doing the tango
Where would you find him?
Even when
he's around, will the children allow us?
Will the children allow us?
In that case you can
lock the door and do what you have to do.
Lock which door?
- Our door.
- Yes.
- With who? those ones.
- Yes.
They will
stand by the door and make a bang at it.
Mummy open the door,
why are you locking the door, I'm hungry.
I want to eat, I want
to wee, I want to sleep
I want to, I want to, I want to.
How would
you concentrate with such distractions?
Two weeks is too long.
In fact 2 days is too long.
It's better he knows that he has to
render what belongs to Ceaser to Ceasar
- Ah-ah
-You're feeling it right?
Now you know why it hurts
My sister... any chance to
drop the kids somewhere I'm in.
They've taken so much away from me.
So much...
I just wish I could pack all these children
Just lock them up somewhere.
Throw the key away
and just run and leave them.
Please, please, please, please
Look, you need to find a
balance before you loose it
I'm loosing it.
No, you can't loose it oh.
- You're stronger that please.
- I'm loosing it already.
Do you know what I did recently?
It made me question my sanity
- Hehe...
- What did you do?
Benadrille overdose?
Madam do you know what may
have happened to your children
if you had't called me in ontime.
Doctor please, whatever happens
my husband shouldn't know about this.
I beg you. It won't happen again.
Do you want me to arrange
for you to see a counsellor?
Your actions prove to me that you
may be suffering from depression.
I don't know what came over me.
I need help doctor, I need help.
I can't do this anymore.
No it's okay just um...
Get some help okay.
Thank you.
Fine, I belive you. I just can't
trust you with the children again.
Ayou, you can't separate
me from the children.
You know what, juts
take all the time you need.
Get screwed a million times.
Just breathe all the air you need.
Ayo no, It's only you I want.
You can't have me alone.
The children are part of us.
So, so where does that leave us?
Ayo, where does that leave us?
Teni, open this door.
I say, open this door and
show me your shameless face.
Bels I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I said open this door
before I bring it down.
I want to see the face of deceit.
Ha! Teni.
Teni after everything I did for you.
Bels, Bels I can explain.
What is it that you
want to explain to me?
Tell me that thing you want to
explain to me for goodness sake.
That you could not explain ten y...
Eleven years even.
Ha, Teni.
Teni, ha!
You're truely the structure of the devil.
My own wife blue.
Blue film! My wife!
God will punish you...
Hey! Stop!
Stop it.
We were poor okay.
My mother's friend offered
to take I and my sister abroad.
But what she didn't tell us was we
were going to pay our fees the hard way.
She forced us into pornography
and threatened to use it
against us everytime we complained
After my sixth abortion.
Yes, my sixth abortion.
The doctor who was also under my
madams employ offered to help me escape.
When I got to Nigeria and
found out I was pregnant,
I didn't have a choice
Bels I had to keep him.
And then I met you, I knew
I had to have a fresh start.
I'm sorry okay...
I'm sorry that I did not have the
courage to tell you about my past.
But are we going to allow this to ruin
everything we worked hard to build?
Let's not forget Bels,
this is not about me.
All of this is certainly
not about me.
Ah! Bels!
Damn you!
Where are you running to?
Now that your secret is revealed.
Your secrets are out.
Sweet, please.
If you call me that one more
time, I'll chop your head off.
Please, please forgive me.
Forgive me.
I'm sorry about all the
things I said about you.
Please let me go with my shame.
I'll leave your house, I'll
even give you a divorce.
But please forgive me.
Look, before you leave
this room, you must transfer
everything in your account back to me.
Every penny, I don't care
how you want to get it done.
Use your token, go online,
call your account officers.
Or even in the spirit just keep
transferring till I'm satisfied.
Transfer all my money back to me.
Hmmm... I will reverse every
property that is in your name.
Cause I want you to go
out there and start all over.
With a man or chef of your choice.
Chubi please.
Oh there she is...
The lying birthday girl.
Maro, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I truly am.
You know what the problem is?
I don't know whether to believe you or not.
are brilliant at this.
You lie well.
Forty six.
Why lie about that?
Oh I'm sorry.
When I met you I realized I
was five years older than were.
I didn't want to loose you.
So I panicked and I lied.
And I'm sorry.
Listen, I know you hate me right now.
No, no, no..I don't hate you.
I can never do.
You're my wife after all.
-But you hate lies
-Yes I do.
And that's why I need
you to come clean with me.
If you tell the truth?
This marriage can be saved.
But if you don't...
I'm sorry but we have
to go our separate ways.
Did you sleep with my friend Bels?
Maro please, please don't make me do this.
I said I'm sorry.
I need you to think carefully.
Before you answer because Bels
was here and he told me everything.
He did?
And tell me the truth
for once in your life.
If he told you everything then...
Because I need to hear it from you.
I love you enough to want
to salvage what's left of us.
You know I love you.
I just wanted to appreciate
you for everything you've done.
Everything you've done for me.
Just know.
That I am here for you.
Anything you need...
Any help...
I see you came prepared.
I do what I must.
You're beautiful.
ANd you're irressistable
Please I'm sorry.
How long has this been going on?
Just five months.
Just five months?
Of doing it over...
over and again.
My God.
Why on earth will you
shame me like this?
What did I ever do to you?
Nothing Maro, you did
nothing, I was foolish.
And I did it not because I love him.
It was just to show
gratitude for all he had done.
Or for giving us assistance
when we needed it.
I mean of everyone I asked he was
the only one who agreed to help.
How many of my other
friends did you approach?
Almost all of them.
And if all of them had
given you money like Bels?
Would you have shown the
same gratitude to all of them right?
No, no, no, I won't do it.
I don't know what came over me Maro.
I see.
Ah... thank you.
Thank you for being truthful for once
in your deceitful life.
You're disgraceful I'm ashamed
to even call you my wife!
Maro please.
Guess what? I lied to
get you to tell the truth.
Bels didn't tell me anything.
If you like him enough you will go
to him and tell him I'm coming for him!
And as for you, I will encourage
you to run for your dear life.
Because what you have
done may cause me to end it.
Please Maro, please.
- You think I'm playing?
- No
- I'll kill you.
- No.
-I'll kill you
-I'll kill you
What if they had died
from that seizure episode?
Would you have been happy even?
No Ayo.
Why would I want my children dead?
I don't know, you tell me.
I could never hurt my children.
But you did dear.
You hurt them.
Not intentionally.
Do you know how many mothers
have killed their children unintentionally?
Is that how you look at me now?
Do I look like I'm capable of murder?
I don't know what to think.
You went too far.
All for sex?
You just don't get it do you?
If it were all about sex,
I have my pick from the
other men like my friends did.
But I miss us.
I miss the times we spend together.
I miss the times we just used to
talk about everything and nothing.
That's it.
I guess that's my sin
and... that's where it all led me to.
I'm sorry.
Look I uhm...
I spoke to doctor Ben.
And he said that you've not been attending
the counselling sessions he set up for you.
You need help rose.
You're battling with a serious
case of post-partum depression.
I don't need help Ayo.
I need you.
It's so easy to judge people
based on all of this but...
you need to realise you have a
part to play in all of this as well.
Or didn't the doctor
tell you that as well?
He did.
And I apologise.
I will make out more time for my family.
For you.
Now... I can only imagine what you've
been going through as a house wife.
You give so much to the running of
the house and I appreciate you for that.
We will make this work.
I promise you.
Sure about this?
Yes my love.
I'm very sure.
Now come here.
Hold that thought.
- Ayo, love you.
- I love you too baby.
After this we
still have one more oh...
I think you should take it easy.
- My love...
- Let's finish this phase first.
Mighty man.