The World in His Arms (1952) Movie Script

A hundred Dollars for the sturdy men
who sign aboard the Golden Clipper.
Come on, let Shanghai
Kelley buy you a drink.
A hundred Dollars
what about you?
Hundred Dollars? Forget it,
we're off for the gold fields.
A glass of whiskey before
you go, gentlemen.
Let Shanghai Kelley buy
you a drink. Come on...
Keep your drinks, Shanghai,
we're off for the gold fields.
Hey you! - Watch it, mate. You want no
par to him, that's Jonathan Clark.
The Boston Man? - Yeah.
- I thought the Russians
had hanged him.
- Shanghai Kelley will wish they had.
Come on.
Welcome home, Captain Clark.
The first drink's always on the house.
What'll it be?
- Whiskey.
You shanghaied some of
my men, where are they?
You're wrong, mate.
- I'll just take a look.
You're not going in there...
The door won't open, he's in.
Use your head.
We go!
Look out, that's the Boston man.
Go get your trouble out
and cut 'em loose.
Back up, back up...
Turn your face to the wall.
Thine eyes seeth not and
neither heareth thee.
Three hours in port and you get
tied up like a lot of seal hides.
I told you fools to stay away
from the barbary coast,
you were supposed
to meet me at Clegetts.
Ah, gently, Jonathan, a man's
entitled to a drop of whiskey
after two years at sea.
- If it was whiskey they want,
I'd buy every man a barrel full.
Now let's get outta here
before I lose my patience.
We go!
What is it you want, Sir?
I'm in charge here.
What do you... hey you can't go
in there, that's private!
Father, I told this man you
were not to be disturbed.
Jonathan, it's good to see you.
William, this gentleman
is Captain Jonathan Clark,
the Boston Man.
The Boston Man?
- It's always been William's dream
that he might one day go
to sea with you Captain.
We'd be glad to have you aboard,
William. Talk to my mate about it,
this is Deacon Greathouse
from Nova Scotia.
Oh, I'm proud to know
you, Sir, very proud.
You're gonna be proud to know him too.
His name is Ogeechuck, Master Private.
William, some whiskey for the gentlemen.
The Demijohn.
- Yes.
I've been hoping that William might
get to meet you before the, eh...
That is, before the...
- Before the Russians hang me, hu?
Now that you mention it, yes.
You see, news came to us, that Russian
schooner put out from Sitka
with orders to take you dead or alive.
- We ran into the Russians
off the Pribilofs but the wind was
fair and we didn't wait because...
He had to meet a woman.
- Oh, a woman. May I ask the name
of this fortunate woman, Sir?
- Ha, any woman.
Woe to you Jonathan. Women, the
mouths of these women
are smoother than oil, but the
head is bitter as wormwood.
Tell me young man, is it true that
this city now boasts of having ten
times as many beautiful women as any
other city of its size in the world?
My son is hardly an authority
on statistics of that kind, Sir.
Or perhaps you could help us out.
Well, I could investigate.
- Oh no, that's an errand I'd send
no man on but myself.
But, eh, talking about seals.
- Seals?
A prime pelt. Why, this is the best
I've seen since you were last here.
Any more like this?
- A boatload.
A boatload of prime seal?
At what price?
Now you set the price, I've
always found you honest.
Meantime I'll need some funds.
- By all means, a thousand? Two?
William, some cash from the safe.
- Fifty thousand for a start.
Ah, ten thousand cash,
if you have it handy.
Ten thousand, William.
A boatload of prime seal.
Hurry up, we'll be all at
the Occidental Hotel.
Come on over tonight for a drink.
- I'll be glad to.
We go.
Eh, just a moment Captain.
I've been talking to some
gentlemen about the deal
you proposed two years ago.
- M-hm.
They're extremely interested.
The contract with the Russian. - Yes.
It was your idea to take over the
charter of the Alaskan fur company.
I've changed my mind.
- You don't want to buy
the Alaskan contract?
- I've decided to buy Alaska.
Buy Alaska? Why, that
would take millions.
Ten millions, to be exact.
Way with the idea, Mr. Clegett.
- I'll get you my droosh.
Droosh, driver, driver, droosh! Now,
Captain, if there's anything we can do
to make your stay in San Francisco
pleasant, we're at your command.
The Occidental.
What about us?
- You use that walking chains at
the tail of the sheddy. Keeping your
feet in the paths of righteousness.
And your eyes away
from the swinging doors.
He can't be serious
about buying Alaska.
Of course he's serious, the man is
fabulous, mad, he's impossible.
But if he's decided to
buy Alaska, he'll buy it.
Oh, the Boston Man is back!
His Deacon is with him.
- Mamie, Jonathan Clark is here.
He's got Ogeechuk with him.
- Aha, passing us up to the Occidental.
I'll lay you two to one they
don't get in the joint.
Did somebody ring?
I'd like some rooms for
myself and my crew.
I'm sorry, the hotel is
full to capacity.
I'll bed myself on the
second floor, near the front.
We'll need about, uhm, ten suites.
Will ten suites be enough?
May I suggest you try some hotel a
little closer to the waterfront?
And we also want the
main ballroom for tonight.
Set up some extra bars and dinner
for about a hundred people.
For it is told that Salomon in his
wisdom decreed the toiler
should revel and make merry.
You think he has ever revelled?
Or made merry?
That's debateable.
- It's not only debateable,
it's preposterous. I tell you we are
full, there are no accomodations.
And I'd be greatly obliged if
you'd take this evil smelling...
...aborigine out of my
lobby before I swoon.
I'll pay you a thousand a day for
the rooms, food and liquor extra.
Don't you understand that...
Thousand a day?
The keys of the presidential suite.
Hurry you blittering imbeciles,
the keys of the... Take the
gentlemen's luggage.
They have no luggage, Mr. Eustace.
- Don't argue with me.
Hello, my friend! Hey, I see that
fishboat of yours out in the harbor,
I said to me, hey Portugee,
what you know?
Boston Man come back from
Pribilofs. I bet you my life
he don't catch one little seal. That's
what I tell me, what do you think?
I think you told yourself one big lie.
- Wo-hoho, you make big catch, eh?
Fair to meddle in. But we
missed you, Portugee, what happened?
I don't go to Pribilofs this year.
Got no crew, all get shanghaied.
To China maybe, I got no crew.
- Too bad, let's take a look
at those rooms.
- This gentleman is with your party?
This gemtleman is no gentleman. He's
a seagoing thief who makes his livings
stealing seals from the Russians. He
needs a bath, shaves, knows the feel
of good clean linen. When the moon
is bright he stays out all night
and howls like a dog. Then curls up
and sleeps on the floor 'til mid-day.
Is that right, Portugee?
- He knows me pretty good.
I got big surprise for you, I don't
steal seals no more, no.
I got big deal. Very big deal.
Very important Russian
fellow hired Portugee's boat.
We're gonna take Russian Countess to
Sitka. What you think about that?
You make good company for each other.
- Hey hey, is that nice way to talk
about Russian Countess? Hey you, you,
how you like to sign on as first mate?
Cast off, Portugee. For as vinegar
to the teeth and smoke to the eye
so is the sound of your voice
to the ears of an honest man.
Hey, I got good crew,
all New England boys.
Hey I got the best
crew on all Pacific Ocean.
Hello my friends, come,
everybody drink on Portugee.
I treat everybody.
Only Beer.
Hey, amigo, amigo.
- Now, is everything ready?
Everything is ready.
- Fine, then I shall tell her highness
that we sail on the evening tide.
- That's it, hey we gonna sail
on the evening tide.
Hey, where's the bar in there?
We go! We go!
My friend we don't sail on no tide.
- Hm?
I got no crew.
- But you told me you had a crew.
As for to this morning I had a crew.
You see them boys?
Best crew in whole world,
I steal 'em from Boston Man.
Now, no crew. Boston
Man steal 'em back.
I think he's a thief.
- This is preposterous.
Ah, we have two, three,
maybe six little drink.
You assured me we would
leave on the night tide.
You accepted the Countesse's
money, twenty-five thousand in
good American gold.
- That's true.
We must leave tonight, Prince
Semyon is due to arrive perhaps,
perhaps in a matter of hours.
What's this got to do with me?
- With you nothing, but for the
Countess it means an impossible
marriage to a man she hates.
And for me it's a, it's a
matter of life and death.
Then my friend, I think you're dying.
Ah, come we have 4, 5 little drinks.
I have bourbon, beer,
vodka, what you take?
I'll take my twenty-five
thousand, if you please.
What? We make a deal.
- You haven't kept it.
What's the difference?
We make a deal.
Vodka for my friend.
- You haven't kept your share of it.
When a Portugee make
a deal, it's a deal.
When do I meet the Countess, eh?
You don't! But I advise you to find
a crew within 48 hours.
I'm not the man to be trifled with.
- Hey, I don't trifle with men either.
Oh, this Countess, eh, she's,
eh, she's pretty?
Very strange people these Russians.
They give you money then want
it back. Between you and me,
I think he's a thief.
Now, we are ready.
Is the ship ready?
Do we leave tonight?
- No. - What?
This is ridiculous. One minute he
tells us we're to leave tonight,
now he tells we're
not to leave tonight.
If we are to leave, we leave. If we
are not to leave, we do not leave.
What is all this excitement about?
- Your Highness, we do not leave
for Sitka tonight.
- Why not?
This Portugee, it seems he had some
waterfront character steal the crew
that belonged to the Boston Man.
- The Boston Man, who is he?
A pirate! The man's rais on the
people of seal herds have brought
the Alaskan Fur Company to
the verge of bankruptcy.
You could do the Governor General
no greater favour than to bring him
Jonathan Clark's head, nicely
wrapped, in a basket.
I'm afraid my uncle will have to
accept me without the basket.
What is all this?
- Your crew, it seems the Boston Man
decided to steal them
back from the Portugee
and moved them into the hotel.
- Then perhaps you were doing business
with the wrong person. Why not hire
this Boston Man to take us to Sitka?
But your Highness, he's a pirate.
An enemy of the Tzar.
Is that imortant? Or have you
forgotten that there is no safety
for you or for me either
until we reach Alaska?
And very little there if the Governor
General decides to obey the Tzar
rather than listen to you.
- Do not worry about my uncle, Ivan.
He will listen to me.
- Very well your Highness,
I shall insist, that the Portugee...
- Forget the Portugee.
Talk to the Boston Man.
- But your Highness,
he is practically an outlaw!
I want the coat in blue, with satin
lapels and I'll take two in brown,
ah, make it three.
Send those invitations to the
Mayor and the Governor?
They have been notified, yes, Sir.
- Good, find Joe Sweeny down at the
city's treasurer's office.
- Unfortunately no, Sir,
Mr. Sweeny's being
hanged this evening.
They checked his accounts
and it seems they discovered
a slight case of embezzlement.
- Oh, that's too bad, he was
a great man with the bottle.
There are very few of us left.
What's the matter Ogeechuck?
You're unhappy?
We go.
I beg your pardon, Sir. I understand
you're the Captain of a schooner
that arrived this morning.
- That's right, what are you selling?
I'd like to charter your ship. I must
get to Alaska immediately.
I'm sorry, Mister. We just
got back from Alaska.
I'm sure I could make
it worth your while.
It concerns the Countess Selanova
and her party. I'm her representative.
Paul Shushaldin, Colonel of the
Preparshensk Regiment Imperial Guard
to his Majesty the Tzar
of all the Russias.
In that case, let me introduce you
to another of the Tzar's subjects.
Malou, shake hands with
an officer of the Tzar.
Don't be surprised, you'll
see a lot of that in Alaska.
This is Malou, an Aleutian seal hunter
who failed to turn in his quota
for the Tzar. Baronov the last
Governor General up there lapped off
his hand to teach him a lesson.
- Now I'm a work for Boston Man,
no slave for Russians anymore.
- Pardon me, Captain Clark, the hatter
is in the bedroom.
- Well, thank you Eustace.
Give the gentleman a drink.
No, not now, not now.
Never put hats on a bed
man, that's bad luck.
Sir, I'm in position to offer you
25.000 Dollars for transportation
to Sitka for the Countess and her
party. - Your in position to lose
I understand this. I have
no love for the Russians
and even less for the nobility.
As for your Countess Selanova, you
tell her that she can swim to Alaska
for all I care. - And be sure to tell
her to take the inland passage.
We don't want her to scare the seals.
I told you to keep Louise outta here.
- Looks like she has a salt bathtub.
Now that's alright now, young lady,
but stay outta my tub.
Ogeechuck, she go.
We go.
We go.
Remember, you're ladies.
Mamie! You're the most wonderful sight
I've seen in two years.
Have you missed me?
- Just a little too much,
fool that I'm to admit it.
- Lena, have you got anything
to kick about.
Drinks for the ladies, Eustace.
You're a worthless rogue, Jonathan.
- Glad you love me.
Only for your money.
Captain Clark, I'll give you seventy-
five thousand Dollars...
Seventy-five thousand Dollars!
- Have a drink, General, have a drink.
Girls this is General, ah, what's your
name? - Paul Shushaldin,
Colonel of the Preparshensk Regiment
Imperial Guard of his Majesty the Tzar
of all the Russias.
- Isn't he beautiful, an imperial
Colonel with seventy-five
thousand Dollars.
Just my type. Seventy-five
thousand and with medals...
Don't be bashful, Colonel.
Colonel, why are you
running away from us?
We're only a couple of dancing girls.
We just wanna have a drink with you.
Ladies, if you please.
Don't run away, Colonel.
You are invited to a party.
He's mine. - He's mine.
He's mine! - He's mine!
Ladies, I must ask you
to leave immediately.
He doesn't like barmaids.
- Probabaly a snob.
Well, here's to the
barnacles off the hull.
Come to the party tonight Colonel,
and I'll give you back your medal.
Let's get back to the sailors.
- We go.
Are those ladies friends of yours?
- Oh no, no, your Highness,
friends of the Boston Man.
- Did you speak with him?
I did and I was insulted for my
trouble. He hates Russians,
especially the nobility.
- In that case he's not alone.
Did you offer him a fair price?
Oh, money means nothing to the man,
he's a barbarian, a pirate who can
think of nothing but wine and women.
- Such as those, he's impossible.
But he does have a ship. And a crew.
Mathilda, allow me to present Captain
Jonathan Clark, the Boston Man.
Jonathan, this is Mrs. Mallit.
- Mallit?
Mrs Harrison Crocker Mallit of
Mallit and Fitzsimmons, Bankers.
Mrs. Mallit. May I have the
honour of this dance?
Charming party, charming party.
Deacon, Sir, where be calm?
What kind of fun is this?
Fun? My son, this is what is commonly
known as "finance", "high finance".
Finance? - It seems the Captain has
decided to buy Alaska for the sum of
approximately eight
to ten million Dollars.
That's a lot of money Deacon, Sir.
Where is he gonna get it?
He's dancing with
half of it right now.
Mr. Greathouse, the royal drapes from
the Presidential Suite are missing.
Oh, that's quite understandable.
Cast your eyes on the
pride of the Pribilofs.
An allusion sunset.
This is too much. Sir, I must
bid you good evening.
If we meet again, we shall smile. If
not, this party is well-be.
Break it up boys, the party
is dying a slow death.
Break it up faster.
Let's have the Nova Scotia reel.
And make it a salty one...
Captain, your ladies...
Righty on boy, the long braid.
Put down your whiskey and grab a maid.
Human attraction, that's
where's all the action.
All ashore that's goin' ashore.
Center couples, settle for.
What happened to the saloon?
- The party was getting dull,
so I closed it up and brought
the gang along with me.
Hand in buss meet halfways.
They'll be dancing on your way.
Alright boys, here's your chance.
Crowd your partner
and on with the dance.
Inside out and under the boots, kill
your partner and watch for the mood.
Two years ago it took you
less trouble to find me.
Two years ago there was
more of you to find.
I thought you liked your women thin.
Well, there's to say
that I like my women...
Cast off sail, get on the rock, wail
on your partner and tamp to the dock.
Well, hello. How long have
you been at the Valentine?
The Valentine? - Yes, I thought Mamie
had one in more for the beach.
Oh yes, Mamie, she's very nice.
- Yeah, rough exterior
but a heart of gold.
Come over here and talk about you.
Two shots of Red Terrier.
Oh, it's the best.
Here's to girls and gunpowder.
Two more.
Hey, hey, hello my friend.
Hey, the Barbary Coast is very
lonesome tonight. I say what is this?
Where is everybody? They say
Boston Man have very big party.
I think maybe you forgot to invite
Portugee, eh? That's alright.
I invite myself. Oh, I bring my
brothers and a few friends.
All nice clean boys. Hey,
how you think I look, eh?
I shave, get hair cut, I even
take a bath, hahahaha...
Since you had a bath, you and your
friends get settled for the bar
and have a drink.
Remember this, Portugee, you're in the
presence of ladies and gentlemen here.
This is so much as drop an oath,
if you steal one watch,
I'll swipe the decks with you.
What you talk about? I come
show you how to dance.
Ah, and how to make love.
- Take it easy my friend.
This one is mine.
- No, no, not this time.
Four, no five times take woman from
Portugee. This time you're gonna lose.
Have another drink,
I'll be right back.
It's a fight, he'll kill him.
Here they go, another duell.
Portugee will never learn.
Anchor me.
Brethren, the wages of sin
lie heavily within my pocket.
Would there be one among you
willing to venture one thousand
upon young Portugee?
- I'll lay a hundred.
Over the side with you, you're a
piker. One thousand or nothing.
One thousand on the Portugee.
- Done.
This time I'm gonna win lady for sure.
Who's up for a second bet?
- Two thousand.
Two thousand.
- You have a bet.
Boston Man is weakening. Anyone
willing to lay two to one?
Two to one, do I hear, two to one?
Lay before you regret it.
Now, who'll lay three?
- Three thousand.
Now, who'll lay four to one?
- Four thousand.
You have a bet, Sir.
Five! Five thousand.
- Thy voice is the sound of bells.
You have a bet, my friend.
Fear not, fair maiden, you
shall be in good hands.
Come on, break him!
- Come on, come on!
Come on.
You're the young, the keen, the
gentleman that ran out of money.
Who upped the anchor?
Ah, that makes six times I
lose woman to Boston Man.
Hey, he's pretty good.
Now we say good-bye.
No, first I kiss you.
Hey, that's pretty good.
Ha, here's your woman.
You cheap ring ape, how dare you?
- Look, don't bother me.
Sir, I want...
- I know you want your money back.
I told you, when a Portugee
makes a deal, it's a deal.
Hey, hey, that's the fellow I make the
deal with. He's a big Russian thief.
Someone stole my watch.
He stole mine, too.
- Mine, too.
Portugee, I warned you.
- What?
Alright men, throw the Portugee and
his nice clean boys outta here.
It's getting a little noisy in here.
Who are you?
Just a girl.
What kind of a girl?
Just a Russian girl.
Oh, you're one of that breed.
A very unimportant one.
A travelling companion
to the Countess.
So you see I'm not very
much for you to win.
Driver, pull up here.
- But I can't go with you,
the Countess will be very angry.
- Who cares?
Look, the Countess will miss me and...
- Does it matter?
Ares, go inside, grab yourself
a drink, get into the fight.
Thank you Captain Clark.
Now is there any place in the
ticket that you'd like to go?
I'd like to see San
Francisco. All of it.
Let's go.
So you're a little Russian girl, ha?
Let's see what part of
Russia you come from?
Not from that part.
- No?
Perhaps not so quickly.
In my part of Russia there's the
custom to at least ask a girl her name
before you attempt to kiss her.
Oh well, you see, in America we
kiss first and ask later.
What's your name?
- Marina.
Marina? That's a nice name.
Now how about that kiss?
Oh, the Vigellenics.
- What is the celebration?
It looks like we're in time
for Sweeny's hanging.
Hey, Finnegan, got that
rope stretched good?
If it snaps, I'll do do the
second hanging for free.
Hey Sweeny, I thought you were
coming over to my party.
Sorry Jonathan, I was tied up.
- Are they really going to hang him?
Oh yes. - But they mustn't, please
don't let them, you must stop them.
Hey, Finnegan, I've bet you a thousand
Dollars, that Sweeny wouldn't hang
before the year was out.
Well, I lose...
Hey gold... - That's for me...
Sweeny, what are you waiting for?
Will they catch him?
- Oh, not Sweeny, he'll be
in Sacramento before sunup.
You're insane.
- Well, you didn't want him hanged.
Captain Clark, it's good
to see you again, Sir.
We missed you, Captain.
- Well, it's great to be home.
Nicolas, Papa, Hector, Pushna, how
are you smiling Irishmen?
This way Mademoiselle,
smiling Irishmen...
Captain, I'd like to serve you my
wonderful Cotelette de Volate.
Well, cook it up.
- And you, mademoiselle,
may I tempt you with
just a slight portion?
What's it all about?
- Oh, he said that the pheasant
is delicious.
- He just sold the pheasant.
And he better ice up about
eight quarts of champagne.
Of course Captain,
with pleasure.
Why did you bring me here?
- These are all old friends of mine.
But I've heard that you
do not like Russians
and these people are Russian.
- Once upon a time,
they're all good Yankees now.
Uh, anything you'd like?
What does it mean?
Oh, it is a lovesong. About the sea. In
your language the words say:
Wind of the north
that comes from the sea,
speak to my loved one
and tell him from me:
Well, the words say that I will
always be waiting for him
to take me into his arms,
to kiss me.
You will spoil my face.
- You've already done that.
What was your father? A Navajo war
chief? You got enough rouge on
to paint a totem pole.
I thought you were only interested in
women who use paint and powder.
If I am, why should you
try to interest me?
Because... you have a boat.
And the Countess must get to Sitka.
Ah, people...
I see...
First she sends this, this, this
Colonel Whatshisname to offer me money
when I turn him down she
sends me you to offer me a...
Well just what is it, that
you have to offer me?
Come on, I'll take you
back to your hotel.
I don't wanna go back, please.
You promised to show
me San Francisco.
Alright, alright. Take it easy.
I'll show you San Francisco.
Here, here's to, ah...
- All the barnacles off the hull.
Hello Captain Clark, last
time you were here,
you burned down my
underwood yard.
I'm glad to see you Cheng,
everything looks just the same.
What did he say?
- Oh, he wants to buy you.
Offer is fifty thousand Tai-Yung.
- Fifty thousand Tai-Yung.
How much is that?
- Twenty thousand Dollars.
First he would not raise the bet.
You see what I mean? He's
up to fifty-four Dollars now.
Did he raise the bet again?
- No, he simply wished that
all of our children
might be boys.
Lights, music, people who laugh.
Chinatown and the Barbary Coast,
oh this is a mad city,
this San Francisco of yours.
That's only because it's young,
it'll grow up someday.
I hope not, I've seen cities that
were old. I was sent to London
for my education, I been to Rome,
Vienna, my own St. Petersburg.
Cities where each night we wonder if
tomorrow's sun will bring us trouble
perhaps even death. Please, God,
it'll never happen to here.
It won't. We'll keep it
young, you and I, hm?
We'll come up here the first thing
each morning and see to it
that San Francisco starts
the day off right.
With a kiss...
Where have you been?
What were you doing?
Your Highness, there
must be an explanation.
Do you realise it is almost noon
and you have been out
throughout the entire night?
She's bewitched, hypnotised.
She seems to be alright, she still
wears her jewellery.
- Did you notice that crazy look
in her eyes?
But I insist your Highness, there
must be an explanation.
This barbarian, what did he do?
Why don't you answer? Don't
you hear what we're asking?
Did you speak to him about Sitka?
Did you ask him about the boat?
Yes, the boat, the boat, the boat!
What boat?
If you're a friend, come in.
Captain Clark, as the result of the
celebration there is the small matter
of damages. Item: 427 Glasses,
item: 361 dishes, cups and assorted
pieces of crockery. Item: 14 mirrors,
item: One grand chandelier, ca. 1750,
it is irreplaceable and oh yes, we
find your aborigine's greasy pawprints
over all our draperies. Now...
What's this all about?
About fifteen thousand Dollars at the
moment, probably twice that much
when the full returns come in.
- Sounds like a reasonable amount,
put it on the bill.
Let me assure you, Sir, I have.
Oh, how beautiful roses!
And what odour!
Oh they are beautiful.
This also goes with the roses.
Pearls... Jonathan would do that.
- It would be better
if he would give you the boat.
Anna is right. Tell this barbarian
if he will take us to Sitka
we will give him jewels.
- I thought you told me that
Captain Clark was not
interested in my money.
Perhaps not, but Prince Semyon is...
- Oh Paul, stop worrying about Semyon,
Stop worrying? But it was his
imperial Majesty, the Tzar himself
who has arranged this marriage.
- Well then let him arrange another.
I'm sure he can find someone else
to support his nephew.
Your Highness, I'm overwhelmed with
gratitude that you have chosen
my establishment for your stay in San
Francisco, completely overwhelmed.
Is everything quite as it should be?
- Everything is fine, thank you.
Oh wonderful, it's a privilege and
a pleasure to serve you.
If there's anything further I
may do, pray command me.
I shall.
- Carriage for the Countess!
The Countess is asleep.
- Marina.
That is why I was able to get away.
- And don't wake the old walrus up.
How did you know that I like pearls?
- Oh, it was just a guess.
There she is. She's all by
herself in the moonlight.
I think you'll like her, she's
a well birthed lady.
And her name?
- Pilgrim of the Sea.
That's an odd name
for a pirate's boat.
- Yes. They told me you were a pirate.
Oh, in the eyes of the
Russians perhaps I am.
Let's just say that I take
my luck where I find it.
And tonight?
I feel lucky.
She's lovely.
She always obeys me.
Perhaps she likes the
touch of your hand.
She ought to, I'm love with her.
Only because she obeys you?
We've been together quite
a long while, the Pilgrim and I.
Seen a great many ports.
Done a great many things.
Someday, when it's all over,
we'll be going home together.
To Salem. - To Salem? - That's
a little town in Massachusetts.
It's a nice little town.
But they call you the Boston Man. Why?
- Oh, that's just a name
the Russians gave me because
I'm from New England.
The Boston Man.
I like it, it suits you well.
No, stay there.
- What is it?
I, I just want to see how the Pilgrim
looks without a hand on the wheel.
North-West by West.
On a quarter West.
Yes, you'll do for a mate.
Will I?
I'll let you take a turn at the
wheel every morning
while I catch forty winks.
- When I take you to Sitka.
No, no you mustn't.
- Oh, why not, no trouble.
Besides I have business with old
Ivan, the Governor General.
But they hate you, he'll hang you.
I don't know if I can show him a way
to keep himself from being hanged.
He's in trouble.
Why? - The Alaskan Fur
Company is going to boom.
Because of you?
I wouldn't want to take
all of the credit.
Now, the real trouble lies with
the Russians and the treatment
of the natives up there, the Aleuts.
Aren't they subjects of the Tzar?
Subjects? They're slaves.
Sent out by their masters to kill
every seal they can find
or be killed themselves.
So they kill anything
that wears a pelt.
The result is that the herds
are dwindling, paying out.
And, so are the profits.
And when the Tzar takes a look at
his teller sheets poor old Ivan
does have to get
his neck stretched.
And you can help him?
- If he'll listen to reason, yes.
We'll buy Alaska and all of the
islands where the fur seals breed.
Then we'll limit the kill, take
only enough to fill our needs.
Ten million Dollars will do the trick.
We'll buy them out,
lock, stock and barrel.
And, when we're married, I'll give
you the Governor's palace
in Sitka for a home.
When we're married?
Isn't that what people
do who're in love?
Oh yes.
Good morning, good
morning everybody.
It is morning, isn't it?
- 4:30 in the morning, to be exact.
4:30, what a wonderful hour,
what a wonderful morning,
what a wonderful day.
- May I ask your Highness what is so
wonderful about it?
It is my wedding day.
- Your we...
Your wedding day?
This is inconceivable.
It is worse than that, it's madness.
- Oh madness yes, but wonderful.
We're going to be Americans,
we're going to laugh and to sing.
We're going to learn to be
happy and never to be afraid.
You're serious? You're actually going
to marry this barbarian?
When the man learns who you are
he will be more apt to kill you
than to marry you.
Do you think so?
Then I'll sure tell him.
And here's to all the
barnacles off the ho.
Marina, I had hardly expected to
find you awake at this hour.
This is an unexpected pleasure.
And you Paul, Anna... - Your imperial
Highness, Prince Semyon,
we, we are very happy to see you.
- Yes, I can see that your joy
overwhelms you. And you Marina, have
you no words for the man
you left waiting at the
altar in St. Petersburg?
Whatever I have to say
was said in St. Petersburg.
A woman of fire.
Even without his imperial Majesty's
orders I would have circled the world
to find you.
The Tzar sent you to find me.
- Yes, and to return you to the court.
Unfortunately, there will be a slight
delay. I've also been ordered
to make a short stop at Sitka. Some
slight matter of business
with your uncle Ivan. His imperial
Majesty has assigned to me
the latest addition to
our Russian navy.
A steam driven gunboat. It may flatter
you to know that I have broken
every existing record on my
way from St. Petersburg.
And now you can turn your gunboat
around and break a few more records
on your way back to St. Petersburg.
That is, unless you would like
to stay for my wedding.
Eustace, the Occidental is doubts
off proud, the cake is great.
Oh thank you Sir, it's no better
than you deserve Captain.
But may I inquire,
who is the lucky lady?
Oh, well, she's much
better than I deserve.
You just wait 'til you see her.
Wait 'til you see her.
Oh, hello parson. Say, there's
something I want to ask you.
You know, this is the first time
off the deep end for me.
Uh, when do I cut the cake?
- After the ceremony.
Thanks parson, thanks. Ah, would you
play me that tune that you played
the other night at the restaurant, you
know the one. The one that goes
uh, daa-da-da-dii-da-da-daa, you know?
- Yes yes yes.
Deacon, you got the ring?
- I have.
Jonathan, we have ten million Dollars
on the passenger in San Francisco.
The agreement is signed,
now all we have to do is...
Oh not today, not today. Clegett, this
is my wedding day.
Listen to that tune.
Isn't it beautiful?
- Yes, when do you propose to speak
to the Governor General
of Russian America?
Oh, well, I'll take care of that
while I'm on my honeymoon.
I'm taking my bride up to Sitka.
I wonder who she is and
where she comes from.
Congratulations, Jonathan. All
the good luck in the world.
Thanks Mamie. Thanks for coming.
You know I wouldn't let
you down, Jonathan.
Look, I even brought
along some witnesses.
I'll get you some champagne.
- Hey, hello my friend.
Hey, home come every time you
make big party with beautiful girls
you won't invite the Portugee?
What's the matter, eh?
There is no party Portugee,
it's a wedding.
- My wedding.
Hey, who are you gonna
marry, Louise the seal?
I oughta toss you out on the
earth for that but today
I can't be mad at anybody.
I'm marrying the most
beautiful girl in the world.
- You've seen her.
I see her? Where? - At the party.
That little Russian girl.
Russian girl?
- Yeah, you know her.
The girl you brought down for
the carriage, last night.
The carri... Why, that
was the Countess.
The Countess Marina Selanova,
niece to the Governor General
of Russian America.
But they've gone Sir.
They left this morning
before daybreak.
The Russians, they leave.
Your whole bunch leave this
morning on big gunboat.
Hey, this is big joke on Boston
Man, what do you think?
Russian Countess gonna
make gun fishing with?
Or she wants his boat, she can come
board... Okay, I buy two for you.
Let's everbody have a drink.
- I am sorry Sir, I shall have
to have cash, you find yourself...
- Then let's have some whiskey.
But Captain I...
- Captain Clark, I'm sorry to do this,
it's very embarassing but your
credit... The fact is,
that I can extend you extend
you no further credit.
And I must ask for your rooms.
- See Clegett.
He's refused to honour
your credit, Sir.
And I must ask you to
vacate your rooms.
How much do I owe you?
- Better than ten thousand Dollars Sir.
Deacon, how much will the
Pilgrim bring? - Pilgrim?
Yeah, how much will she
bring in a quick sale?
With a thousand ships rotting in the
harbour I doubt whether we could
get better than fifteen
thousand for her.
Even though she is the
sweetest thing afloat.
Well, sell her. Give
this man his money.
Jonathan you don't mean that.
Let's wait 'til morning
to talk about it when you have...
- Go ahead, sell her. If you can't get
fifteen, take ten. - I buy her,
hey, whiskey for my friend.
Whiskey for the crew, you too.
I give you ten thousand Dollars.
This gols for deposit. One week, two
week, I make good gold many for seal.
Hey Deacon what you say? I make
you chief mate on my new boat.
How you like that? Hey, Ogeechuck,
I make you chief pilot,
no, I take whole crew.
I give you five hundred Dollar bonus.
Hey, we go to Pribilofs
make biggest catch in whole world.
We take all seals those Russians have.
Hey, I make you all rich.
Hey, I give you five
hundred Dollar bonus
Alright, I give you one thousand.
You won't have to starve with
this drunken Boston Man no more,
he's all through. You sail
with the Portugee.
Hey what's this? You
sold me the Pilgrim.
I haven't sold you anything.
- No, now she's mine.
A deal is a deal.
- You still want her?
When a Portugee make a
deal, it's a deal, I want her.
Alright, we'll race for her. The
Pilgrim against the Santa Isabella.
First one to the Pribilofs
takes them both.
That's a bet!
- Careful Jonathan,
he can up anchor within the hour.
It'll take us a full week
to clear for sea.
- No, we'll be ready in two days.
Alright sailors, overhaul the vessel,
make her ready for sea, shabba!
My friend you make big mistake.
The Portugee beat you like
crazy to the Pribilofs.
Me and my Santa Isabella,
we run away from you like,
like I run away
from my first wife.
We go!
On to the Pribilofs, on to the
Pribilofs, make way for the sailors.
What's this I hear? You're
leaving for the Pribilofs?
That's right.
- Well, I've been waiting for this.
Here, now here's the contract of
the purchase of Alaska.
Now there's 10 million Dollars in...
- Save your money, Clegett.
Thanks for the use
of the hall, Eustace.
But what about my son? He
wants to go with you.
Come on, boy.
We go!
How did I tell you Deacon? Two days
and we're clear underway.
It's a great crew, one of the best.
- Yah, they're a great bunch.
Maybe because they like you.
- But why, I'll never know.
I'm gonna turn in for a while.
Call me at four bells.
We're moving right along, Deacon.
Come morning that Portugee'll
find us right in his way.
Wouldn't you say, Sir?
Might very well be. Coming on a blow
in an hour or two and the old lady
will be able to put her
best wood forward.
A right wind before the morning
and all's right for the world.
Now hop down in the gally
and fix me some java.
Aye aye, Sir.
They're good flapping, Deacon. You
promised us this wind, here it is.
You're the windsaver,
where's the Portugee?
Well there's a funny thing about the
wind, son. Seems to blow on the just
and the unjust alike.
- That's just the trouble.
While we be at sea six weeks now
Sir, and still no sign of him.
That's right Deacon, give the
Portugee another 4 days
and he'll be at the Pribilofs
and we'll lose the Pilgrim.
Yeah, it's always a possibility.
Why are we running under short sail?
- Forty mile wind, why not?
You're getting a little old Deacon,
that's not the sailor.
That Portugee will be at the
Pribilofs before we clear the Ocean.
Patient man, the Portugee
had a two day lead on it.
And you want him to keep it?
Santodee, hoist the jib.
Did he mean me? He's a man toller.
- I said, Santodee...
Come on let's go, heave it! Heave ho!
I tell you we lose a mast
before the hour is out.
Stop worrying. Here, let me take it.
- You're welcome to it.
He go! He go!
Yah, it's the Santa
Isabella lighten up.
Runnin' under short sail.
At least he's not trying
to drive her under.
Hey, look, look.
- Look look, I'll give it a look.
Hey, it's a nice wind, ha?
Hey, three four days
we get to Pribilof.
Hey, what say, you know what I think?
Pretty soon I gonna be a rich man.
I own two boats.
Maybe Boston Man, he
owns two boats, too.
The Boston Man, he's
still in San Francisco.
Hey, I bet he looking
for the banker yet.
Hey Jos, come and see.
Hey, how you like to be Captain
of the Pilgrim? I think I
gonna make you Captain.
Before you make me Captain,
you better take a look!
Hey, that's the Boston Man.
He better sailor than I think.
He carry too much sail, he'll
break out all the sticks.
Maybe he buy shortcut.
Hey, jib and main!
Jib and main? What are you trying to
do? Break out your sticks, too?
I do need jib and main. Hey you,
who's the Captain around here?
You what you wait for, go forward.
Hey you, hey you below! Come
on up you lazy loafers!
Go along, put up some canvas.
You, what's the matter,
you not working for me?
Hey, can't you run?
Here you do that.
Hurry up!
He go! He go!
He's gotten under full
sail, he must be crazy.
Lay her off, fellows,
loose the topsail.
What's that the man said?
Did you hear him?
Capsize your watch
and torches you'll get.
Lively now, loose the topsail,
let's make her fly.
Here we come Portugee,
make way for the sailors.
Loose the topsail.
- Easy man, she'll never carry 'em.
Wanna follow that Portugee
all the way to the Pribilofs?
I'd rather do that than lose both
our masts. - There's more than that,
we'll lose the Pilgrim. Forth there,
hoist the jib topsail.
Man, they'll carry away.
- Let's make it fast.
Set topsail!
Here we come Portugee!
Ha, we'll make her fly!
Hey, that Boston Man he
played off his toptools.
That's absolutely crazy.
What you wanna do? Let Pilgrim
before and win, eh?
He's crazy!
Stand by, raise that topsails.
Topsails? You're crazy, too.
- Shut up, hey ya, raise that topsails.
Boston Man, Deacon, they thieves. They
want me to lose my Santa Isabella.
Please, some wind!
We'll get some wind.
- Good, look force that nobody deserts.
Hey Jos, use knife.
- Aye aye.
Hey ya, who you work for?
Boston Man or me?
You pussy player make me lose.
Hey Manuel, hey ya, give me
some more canvas.
You gotta be crazy.
But here we come, Portugee. For
better or worse, here we come.
Na, he's got his topsails up.
Carrying every inch of rag he can.
I told you he was crazy.
Here we come, Portugee.
Hey Boston Man, here's rope,
I give you tow to Pribilof.
How do you like that?
Offering us a ropes-in.
We'll wind it around his neck.
It is best you don't do this.
You'll make him mad.
That's good, he get mad,
he blow away his sticks.
Mind that Boston Man, he
comes like hurricane.
But why? Why you make him mad?
- No, he's not mad now,
he's just little bit angry. Very soon
I gonna make him real mad.
Haul her harder, sail it a yard.
- That's what I love, the best schooner
of all must be the Pilgrim.
- Here we come Portugee!
Come, come!
Better ease off, you put the
Pilgrim on the man's lap.
Might be an idea.
What's the matter, Pilgrim,
run away from you.
Away! Take the wheel.
Away! Makes me mad.
Make way, Portugee!
Here we come!
What you tryin' to do?
Tryin' to kill us?
You make him too mad.
- God, shut up!
Go away, go away!
Go away, stay back!
- You better look out!
They're gonna ram us.
Tom, go to the tow rack. Come on,
let's do this, we better pray.
Please, please, send the
Boston Man away.
Go away!
Go away!
What you tryin' to be funny?
- This is funny?
Go away you fool!
- You crazy Boston Man! Go away!
Look out Captain, they gonna
jump on board I say!
They try to ram my boat!
Breaks the mast here, I don't go.
I'm gonna give you a bath Portugee.
Hey Boston Man, that's not funny.
Looks like you made a fool
out of yourself Portugee.
See you at the Pribilofs!
Maybe I make fool of me, I don't let
Russian girl make fool of me.
Hey, one kiss of Portugee, that's why
she don't marry Boston Man.
Next time I see her, I'm
gonna... I'm gonna kiss her...
Watch it Jonathan, you'll
run the man down.
Go away!
You'll run the man down, I tell you.
- That's right.
Stand by the chain.
The man was joking,
he meant no harm.
Stand by the chain.
- Stand by, stand by, heave about!
Watch it!
Can we help you Portugee?
Do me favour, will you?
Beat that crazy man to fish.
Can we help you?
Tell Boston Man, I give
him say his farewell.
Tired of this funny clown?
Highness, we had any for banker.
Your Highness, I have orders to bring
you to the Governor General.
Very well.
Marina, there must be an
end to this nonsense.
Three times you have
tried to leave Sitka.
And I shall try a fourth and a fifth
time uncle Ivan, I assure you.
Marina, don't I have enough troubles
without your adding to them?
The Alaskan Fur Company is
on the verge of bancrupcy.
Brought about by this Boston
Man, this barbarian...
I'm in love with this
barbarian as you call him.
I would have married him
in San Francisco if Semyon
had not stolen me out of the hotel.
He should be hanged.
Take my advice Marina:
Forget this Boston Man
and tell Semyon you
will marry him.
Good morning Marina.
Did you enjoy your drive
to the waterfront?
Is it customary for you to
enter a room unannounced?
As a personal representative
of the Tzar, yes.
Poor Ivan, you were
never a businessman.
Five million Rubels lost. Straight or
stolen during the past year.
Five millio...
- Twice the amount
that cost Barinov his head.
Poor Barinov. You've heard
of him, haven't you, Marina?
Yes, I have.
Ivan, I noticed that most of your
losses are due to this American.
The so called Boston Man.
- Yes, that is true.
He has been driving me mad.
- So I've heard.
I've also heard this morning
that he has again
been sighted off the Pribilofs.
- Yes, that's true.
He's back again.
- And you have done nothing about it?
What is there to do? I tell you
the man can outsail
every schooner we have in Sitka.
- Quite true. But he cannot outsail
my gunboat.
Therefore my dear Ivan, I shall bring
this barbarian to you in chains.
And we shall hang him from
the highest gallows in Sitka.
- Why not?
Fear for my savety?
Or for his?
Deacon, Sir, do you hear it?
I do. So does Louise, she's been
listening for it a worthy mile
from San Francisco.
- May I ask, Sir, what is it she hears?
The voice of the Pribilofs. When the
fog lifts you'll see for yourself.
Land Ho! Off the Portbow.
Did you see them, Deacon, Sir?
Seals, thousands of them.
Those are the cows, the lady seals,
coming in for their morning meal.
You better put a leash on this cow,
Deacon. She's all for going ashore.
Louise, you naughty girl,
I'm ashamed of you.
Ogeechuck, we better take her
below, before we lose her.
We go!
Haul down the headsails!
- Down headsails!
Down toy main.
- Toy main.
Drop the anchor.
- Dropping anchor.
Alright, yawls over the side.
Stand by, heave ho.
- Drop the liveboats.
Easy does it.
Lively now.
Send her off.
Pass that line.
Shall I work with Michael, Sir?
- Nay, best stay with me, son.
It's hardly a job for a city boy.
Jonathan! Pretty foul it is, we
must pull out to the corner.
No, head ashore where you are.
Hold her down.
- Keep away from those cows.
We're gonna go where the backs
are lose at the far end.
Send them along.
There are millions of
them, Sir, millions.
Look the whole island
is swarming with them.
It is. It won't be for long if
the Russians have their way.
Look at that. Five years ago
that section of the beach
was swarming with them, too.
I've seen it when a man couldn't
even move amongst them.
Now they're gone.
Soon they'll all be gone if
the Russians don't learn
to limit their killing.
But they won't learn.
Every year they come up
here, cut into the herds,
killing the bulls and the cows alike.
Slaughtering pups with a thousand.
Wasting most of their kill.
Wrong way, blue wrong.
We're on to kill the seals, or howelse
are you going to get the hides?
That's a good question, son. But
it's not the killing that's wrong.
Nature herself does that. All we've
ever done is follow nature's way.
Kill only as she does.
- No, I'm sorry, Sir,
I don't quite understand.
Now look down on that beach there.
You see that group behind the rocks?
Those are the backsters, young male
seals not old enough to have a harem
of their own. I don't know why, but
nature's provided too many of these
and for reasons of her own has
decided that most of them must die.
If you look sharp you can see them
fighting with the beachmaster.
Fighting and dying.
- Yes I see them, Sir.
You'll notice we only
cut into the bachelors.
We leave the cows and the beachmasters
and nature takes care of the rest.
Look over there, isn't that Louise?
I don't know Sir, it's
kinda hard to distinguish.
Well not for me, it isn't.
Louise! You little hussy,
get back to the ship.
Leave her alone, take care of one
of the young ones yourself.
You naughty girl.
Louise, get away
from him, I tell you.
Women, you can't trust
even the best of them.
These are wonderful, Sir, just
wonderful. Every one a prime pelt.
Dad will jump off the dock
when he sees these.
I sure think he would. Come
on men and keep moving.
We'll get another load
before nightfall.
Another trip like this
and we'll all be rich.
What fool you sound, sailors never
get rich. They only get...
...ah never mind what they get.
- We go!
We go! We go!
You see that smoke to windward?
Yeah, I see it.
- That gunboat that pulled into
San Francisco, she was a steamer.
- Let's forget about San Francisco.
Alright men, keep moving.
That smoke, you know,
could be from her.
Could be, but it isn't.
- Well if I'm not being to inquisitive,
what is it then?
- Ah, it's probably a volcano.
Look what we have over here.
An albino.
A sure sign of bad luck.
Deacon will you stop worrying
about the Russians
you'll be old before you're tired.
- Jonathan be smart,
settle for what we have. It's
written that greed leadeth
the man to destruction.
Yo-ho, ladies!
Have your evening back.
Now why did you do that?
- Because it's time to go.
You and your volcano. I tell
you that was a gunboat.
Alright men, let's load it aboard the
ship. We'll finish the job tomorrow.
Ah, the Portugee. Looks like we'll
have company aboard the Pilgrim.
All those nice clean boys.
- Hehehe...
Well, we prick out some red terr
around and make a big meal out of it.
Don't forget to mind your
manners, Jonathan.
You know, you played a
little rough in that race.
Yah, he played a little
rough himself, Deacon.
Alright men, shabba!
So now Jonathan, every patch
full over the board.
Best haul I've ever made.
- Ah, we'll do better tomorrow.
We'll get a deckload.
- Tomorrow? With the Russian gunboat
cruising the islands,
hoping to catch us...
Hey, hahaha! Hey, hello my friend!
- He's a good sailor, the Portugee.
Tell him to come down below.
We'll see if he's as good a man with
a bottle as he is with the wheel.
Come on Portugee.
- Hey, hello, Deacon.
Good to see you.
- Yah, me I'm glad to get here.
What you think I don't make it?
Hey, where is the Boston
Man? He is sick maybe?
He'd like you to step below for a
few words and a few drinks.
I go have three four,
maybe six little drinks.
Trade out grog for all hands.
Fill 'em up, plenty to spare.
May even have a Nova Scotia Reel.
Hey, hello my friend! Hey, you
good lucky fellow for sure.
Looks like you catch all the seals.
You don't leave even one
baby seal for the Portugee.
No no, we left a few.
Come on, let's start drinking.
- Hey my friend, I come for to pay
this bet I lose.
Here's bill of sailor.
Now you own the Santa Isabella.
- Now look, I don't want to keep
your schooner Portugee.
- Are you crazy? No when a Portugee
make a deal, it's a deal.
- Will you forget it?
Look and I'm sorry for
what I did out there.
Why you sorry? I get
chance I do same thing.
Alright, it's forgotten.
- It's forgotten.
Fair enough.
- Hey, you make pretty goo catch, ja?
Now, back to San Francisco.
- That's right, tomorrow.
If you're smart you get
outta here, too, Portugee.
There's a Russian gunboat
cruising through these islands.
She's a steamer.
- You mean I don't got no time
to catch no more seals?
- Afraid not. Not 'less you can make
a quick catch.
- Quick catch. Portugee make
a very quick catch.
That's a good joke on you Boston Man.
I let you catch all the seals
and then I take them away from you.
That's a real quick catch.
Alright boys, hey we take over ship.
Hey, use knifes...
Hey Jos, I gonna make you Captain.
Hey! Hey hey, hey watch out,
watch out, watch out...
Well, how 'bout that
drink now, Portugee?
You pretty good.
Boston Man, we're still friends, ah?
Your Highness, just off
the starboard bow.
A good catch gentlemen,
two for the price of one.
They are all aboard the Pilgrim.
Shall we let her have a
broadside you Highness?
No, I want this Captain Clark alive.
Get your boats over the side.
- Yes your Highness.
Yawlers away, let them roll out.
- Aye-aye Sir.
Send a crew to man the Pilgrim.
When your men have
boarded the Pilgrim,
blow the Isabella out of the water.
Carrying some dope, Portugee?
- It's alright.
Hey, what's that?
Stupid idioto!
Jonathan! Jonathan!
Jonathan, please listen.
- You haven't got anything to say,
that I want to hear.
Please listen, I didn't leave
you. They took me away,
Prince Semyon and his men. I didn't
leave you Jonathan.
Oh my darling, please believe me.
Lady, why should I? Countess... Did
it amuse you? Did it make you laugh
to have a common American
seaman ask you to marry him?
I gave you my answer
aboard the Pilgrim.
If you have forgotten,
I'll give it to you again.
And we shall be married.
After the hanging or before?
- They won't hang you, they mustn't.
There must be a way.
There is.
If what we hear is true, your
uncle Ivan is in considerable trouble.
This may be of some use to him.
And us, too. purchase Russian America.
...ten million Dollars on deposit.
This is what you told me
about that northern pilk.
Oh Deacon, I could kiss you for that.
If your imperial Highness kindly
will forgive this intrusion.
Marina, this is an
unexpected pleasure.
Ivan, what brings you
here at this hour?
Something of utmost importance. A
syndicate of American bankers
has offered to purchase
all of Russian America.
They have offered ten million Dollars.
But this is of great importance. It
is the solution to all our problems.
Our problems?
- Oh, those of the Tzar
as well as my own. It will turn a
loss into a profit, it will mean that
Forget it.
- But your Highness you cannot
dismiss an offer of ten million
Dollars with a shrug of your shoulder.
Why not? I had to dismiss
something far more important
than that with a shrug of my shoulder.
However, I'm a broadminded man,
and when we are married
I shall try to forget your former,
shall we say, escapades?
For the last time Semyon, we are no...
- If you please Marina, I'm sure we can
discuss that at a more opportune
moment. In the meantime, may I suggest
you talk to this Captain Clark and...
- Captain Clark? Is this the American
banker who has made the offer?
- He represents the bankers.
Then by all means, let's send
for the man. Lieutenant...
Get us Captain Clark.
A chair for her Highness.
So this is the man who wants
to buy all of Russian America.
The man who had the audacity
to propose marriage
to a Russian Noblewoman.
You Americans you amuse me, dirty
mongrels with the manners of a pig.
Manners, shall I say? That may
possibly be improved
by a few strips of Russian leather.
Fifty lashes.
Interesting, isn't it?
Stop it! Stop it, I demand you!
A remarkable fellow, this
Boston Man. I had expected
to hear him plead for mercy.
- He won't.
But I shall.
- In that case I shall dispense
with the whipping.
And I will have him
hanged immediately.
I doubt it, it would deprive
you of a bargain.
One that will bring you the Selanova
fortune and a wive who'll hate you.
Thank you my dear. And in
return I shall see to it
with our good uncle Ivan retains his
position as Governor General of Alaska
and also retains his head.
- You will do more than that.
You will set Captain Clark free
immediately. He and all of his men
are to be put aboard the Pilgrim
and allowed to leave
the harbour without harm.
- No I won't allow you to do that.
Sorry, you have no choice.
Take him down.
See to it that he and his men
are put aboard the schooner.
And tomorrow, we shall
have a wedding...
...instead of a hanging.
A toast, sailors, to the
Countess Marina.
The fair lady who saved our lives.
- Yeah I drink to the Russian Countess.
Have another drink...
Fine lady, that...
Too bad she must marry
that Russian dog.
But it's a good thing, she don't
marry him, we hang.
I suppose you're right. Still it
seems a pity that so rare a pearl
should be cast before swine.
- Ah now forget it, a deal is a deal.
Feels like we're comin' about.
Hey what's going on? Hey, where we go?
- Back to Sidka. - Sidka?
I forgot to tell you. We're
all invited to a wedding.
This Boston Man is crazy.
I knew you wouldn't
leave her. On deck...
Alright, you hang, we
all hang together.
Let's get there and get her out.
The dignitaries have arrived, Marina.
They are waiting for you.
You started disappointing me.
Use knifes, don't be fools.
The other door.
The courtyard is out here.
Open those gates.
We go!
We go!
We go! We go!
Take her aboard the Pilgrim.
- Their gunboat,
they'll blow us out of the water.
- Don't worry about the gunboat.
Put out the gunboat!
Man the cannon. Send a
broadside to the left hull.
Hehe, it's a fine trip for the
Portugee. I lose my ship,
I almost lose my head, the
Boston Man he win everything.
Ah believe that, he'll cut
you in for a share of the boys.
If you play your cards right, he'll
cut you in for a share of Alaska.
Alaska? Hey, the paper, that fellow
still got it. Yah I go ask Boston Man.
Ah, stay away a yard, Portugee.
He won't be interested in Alaska
'til the morning. Not while he
has the world in his arms.