The World Made Straight (2015) Movie Script

I've carried that phrase
in my head for years now.
I can't remember where it comes
from, but I know what it means here.
It's a sense of
being closed in.
Human limitation.
It's different
from the Midwest,
where possibility sprawls bright
and endless in every direction.
People in the Himalayas,
the Andes,
do they live in
the passive voice, too?
Like their lives aren't real?
Their memories, fixed,
...That'll be $1.57.
I can take one of 'em off,
if you want?
All right,
don't worry about it.
- Shut up.
All right.
You have a good day now.
What just happened here?
Did you let somebody walk
out of here without paying?
You can't quit!
You're fired!
If you come back,
I'll have you turned in.
Leave it.
Where have you been?
I called your place.
You know my dad.
It don't matter.
You ain't gonna believe what I
got in the back of this here truck.
Holy shit!
Just fuckin' found 'em while
I was fishing at the river.
Well, what are you
gonna do with it?
Sell 'em, I guess,
if I can figure out who to.
Leonard Shuler will take 'em.
- You reckon?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he'll give you
good money for these.
- Why? He don't know me.
- Well, he knows me.
Aw, don't mind them.
They're all noise.
He always carry that?
Hell, yeah.
You know, he used to be a teacher up
north, but they kicked his ass out.
The way I heard it
is that he shot some fellow.
Hey, Leonard.
Shank. Who's this?
This here is Travis Shelton.
He's a buddy of mine.
Shelton? You from the Laurel?
My daddy grew up there.
Well, if it's weed you're
after, you're out of luck.
I only got three dime bags at present
and I won't have more till Monday.
Well, looks like
we've come at the right time.
Let's show him.
- Where'd you get these?
- Found them.
Figure finders keepers?
Looks like you dragged them
through a Haybine.
Aw, there's plenty
of buds left.
Really, come on. How much
will you give me for 'em?
Forty bucks.
Nah. Give me $50.
All right.
Put 'em over
there in the weeds.
On my tomatoes.
I was thinking that maybe you might
sweeten the deal. How 'bout a beer?
Beer is in the icebox.
Help yourself.
Hey, show him the pistol.
So that is some real Dirty
Harry shit right there.
Leonard here is
a hell of a shot.
He can hit
a chigger's ass at 200 feet.
Why don't you let Travis hold
that sweetheart for a second?
I don't think so.
What's that?
That's a
metal detector.
A guy wanted some dope, came up
short and used it as collateral.
I use it to find
Civil War relics.
What are we
listenin' to?
Appalachian Spring
by Copland.
I've never
heard of him.
He used to open for Skynyrd.
Well, they
sound like shit.
- No, it doesn't.
- It does to me.
Well, that's probably because you fail
to empathize with his view of the region.
Y'all got
a bathroom in this palace?
I'm just fucking
with you, Shank.
I know.
Take your foot
off my coffee table.
"December 21st, 1859.
"Naomi Luis, age 22.
"Complaint, sore eyes.
"Diagnosis, optical inflammation
due to handling mistletoe.
"Treatment, wash made of infusion
of goldenseal root in cold water.
"Use twice daily.
"$1 and a quarter. Paid cash. "
What do you want?
Come here for a show,
is that it?
What's the matter?
You don't like what you see?
All right, boys.
How 'bout
one more for the road?
So I take it you've never
been up to Shelton Laurel.
Just family
reunions when I was a kid.
Did your daddy ever mention
anything about Bloody Madison to you?
No. What's that?
It's the name this county
went by during the war.
Yeah, you know, I think my
uncle said something once.
That some little
kid got killed there
- during the war.
- Killed by who?
Shit, I don't know.
Yankees, I guess.
You never asked.
You make it sound
like I'm ignorant.
Maybe a little.
Take that shirt
you're wearing.
You know if you'd worn that around here in
the 1860s, it would have gotten you killed,
most likely by your own kin.
My people weren't Yankees.
They didn't see any reason
to side with the slave owners.
So, what are you saying?
They were on neither side.
They had a side.
Couldn't just sit it out, not up
here. Nobody could just sit it out.
In most places,
battle would come, move on.
War came to
Madison and stayed.
Hey, we goin' or what?
Hey. We'll fucking get
you some more plants.
I wouldn't advise that.
A smart man would
quit when he was ahead.
Well, didn't you just
tell me I was ignorant.
You little shit.
Get your ass out of bed.
Come on.
- All right. Now try it.
I got nothing.
Hey, we still got
kin in Shelton Laurel?
Yeah. Yeah. Why?
I'm just wondering.
Yeah. A few. I ain't seen
'em in years. Come on.
how come we never go visit?
And say what?
All right. Turn it over.
Well, what?
Now what do you want me to do?
How about you start by telling me
what went down in that job of yours?
What? You think I
didn't know about that?
Look, Travis, I don't care much
about what you do or where you go,
but I sure in hell mind when you make me
look like trash in front of this community.
Don't you walk away from me.
I can't figure you out.
It's like you got too much
damn pride to work a day,
a day, like regular folks.
Stocking shelves, stocking shelves,
that's way, way beneath you, isn't it?
When was the last
time you had a damn job?
Harvey, stop!
That's enough. That's enough.
Pick that shit up,
will you?
What the hell
does it look like I'm doin'?
Call Dooley.
Tell him we're gonna
be delivering Saturday.
Well, well,
look at this.
I'll be damned.
Near about
cut off, looks like.
We can take him down there
and stick him in the river,
maybe he's fallen,
drowned himself.
Another one.
Even Sheriff Spence...
All right.
This ain't
gonna hurt much.
Give him some water.
You is lucky.
Didn't tear any ligaments up.
Barely grazed the bone.
Don't get infected,
you'll be fine.
What did you do?
Just shaved a little
skin off of your leg.
Can't even
tell it's a trap now.
Looks like you just
slipped and skinned it up.
Who's your people?
My daddy's
Harvey Shelton.
Is that right?
I would've
figured you to be stouter.
You must favor your ma.
I'll need to get to a doctor.
In time.
Stick him down there in the
river before it's too late.
- We ain't doin' that,
so shut up about it. Shit.
Now, the sooner me and
you get a few things clear,
the quicker you get to
a doctor, you understand?
Yes, sir.
All right.
Anybody asks,
you slipped
climbing up the gorge.
You never saw no crop,
you was never on my land,
damn sure never saw me.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
He ain't gonna do it.
Soon as he gets to that
hospital, he'll be testifying...
No, I won't. I won't, I won't.
I swear to you, Mr. Toomey.
Mr. Toomey,
please, I swear to you.
I swear to you,
I won't say nothing, I swear.
Pick him up.
Come on.
- God!
- Get up.
One more thing.
Who did you sell
those plants to?
Leonard Shuler.
- Does he know where you got 'em?
- No, sir.
All right.
I told you I'd get you here.
I kept my word,
you see that you keep yours.
- Carlton?
- Professor.
What brings you around?
Come on in.
I thought you got called up.
My number
one son here is 4-F.
Draft board didn't say why.
I got my own
suspicions about that.
Well, you're
better off here, anyway.
What can I do for you?
I got some business
to discuss with you.
Especially seeing how you
got a new supplier and all.
That boy.
I didn't know you was growing.
To be fair, our crops
are new things. His idea.
Times are changin'.
We gotta give
the people what they want.
Speaking of which,
seven fourteens of
black beauties, even split.
$100 will cover it.
There you go.
Much obliged, sir.
Hey, babe.
Still with you,
I see.
Must cut into
your profits, though.
She been rode hard,
but she's still pretty.
We'll be happy to take her off your
hands if you're ever so inclined.
But listen to
me pontificating.
Time I was on my way.
Carlton, that boy,
what'd you do to him?
Let's just say he's
retired from the drug trade.
I'll see you around,
How you doin'?
Not too much pain?
I know you.
We was in homeroom together.
Right. Travis. Travis Shelton.
Yeah. Lori.
Right. Miss Heywood's class.
- Right.
- Yeah.
Well, you got your leg cut up
pretty good there, Travis Shelton.
How does it feel?
It's okay.
So it hurts like hell, right?
Let me help you with that.
What you readin'?
Just boring old stuff.
Can I have a look?
Yeah, sure, if you want.
"Both the Union and the Confederate planned
their attack strategically. They... "
We were learnin'
about this in history, right?
Yeah, right.
I was just...
You know about all the stories Sherman...
This whole scorched earth thing he did.
Can I get you anything?
Cigarette would be nice.
I don't smoke.
And neither should you.
- Rubber bands.
- Rubber bands.
I brought you
some books.
Here you go.
To keep you company.
Well, you know, I'm getting out real
soon, how am I gonna get 'em back to you?
Can I call you here?
Got a number or...
Um, yeah.
- You got a...
- You want to write on my hand.
Here you go.
- Don't forget and wash it off.
- I'll not do that.
Does it still hurt?
Doctor says I can be
out day after tomorrow.
Then what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Shank's got some friends
who own an auto shop.
They said they were
gonna give me some hours.
But what
about a place to live?
I just think that you
shouldn't come home right now.
- Just for a while.
- Is that what he told you to say?
He's angry, Travis.
You dented his pride
saying those things you did.
- You know how he is.
- Yeah. He's an asshole.
The two of you goin'
at it all the time.
I just want some peace
in my house for once.
What the hell
are you doin' here?
I got no place else to go.
- Jesus Christ.
- Come on. I...
I ain't askin' much.
A sofa, that's all.
All right. So I'm not good enough
for your shitty trailer, is that it?
Lord, you get them
hackles out fast.
Well, you're young.
World's gonna have
its way with you.
Knock some of that strut
out of you, that's for sure.
I ain't afraid of you.
I ain't the one you
ought to be afraid of.
If you're gonna eat my cereal and
read my books, make some coffee.
That's the local regiment.
Met a sorry fate, too.
Shit, you seen this one?
Twelve years old,
David Shelton.
There's four of 'em
in this regiment, see?
Father, three boys.
It's your kin.
So, they all died?
Even the boy?
Why kill him?
He was just a kid.
'Cause a nit makes a louse.
At least that's what
one of the soldiers said.
Your daddy never talked to you
about any of this?
Be right back.
Rednecks and drugs.
One of the worst
hookups of the '60s.
Didn't seem to bother you none
when he took your money.
I suppose not.
I'd like to go there.
- Go where?
- To Shelton Laurel.
I wanna see it for myself.
You can tell
we're getting close.
Look at the mailboxes.
Shelton, Shelton, Shelton.
It's a one-horse town.
Why'd you quit school, anyway?
Because what they taught me
there didn't interest me much.
You like to read.
About things I'm
interested in, sure.
How about taking your GED,
ever think of that?
Give you some qualification.
Help you get a better job.
You don't want to be stockin' shelves
for the rest of your life, do you?
I guess not.
It'll be a lot
of work, though.
Think you're up to it?
Why, do you?
You think I could
stay until I get it done?
All right.
You know a place is haunted when
it feels more real than you are.
It's like time doesn't pass,
it just layers over things.
It's all still happening underneath
the surface of what we see.
You feel that?
Well, you should.
It's your family's
blood that got spilled here.
It's what I told you,
South was never one thing,
history is never
that clear-cut.
Even your kin,
the ones that got killed here,
they weren't
exactly blameless.
Still, it's no reason to
kill a 12-year-old boy.
so, you'd have wanted revenge
if you'd been there?
For killing one of my kin,
shit, what do you think?
I think violence
begets violence.
It doesn't stop.
It's like a sickness.
Just gets passed on from
one generation to the next.
Hey, can I try?
All right.
Hey, I got something.
Let me listen.
You hear that?
Move it over a little.
That's a rock.
How do you know?
What you got?
I don't know.
Gently now.
Holy shit.
It got to belong to
one of the victims.
Else one of Keith's men
would've picked them up.
You think they're his?
The boy's.
The boy's... What's his name?
David Shelton.
You can't grow up here
and not feel something.
Whether it's
Christian or not, though...
I remember when my
granddaddy passed,
my grandma went around and
covered every mirror in the house.
She kept them that
way all winter, too.
She figured
they is portals
and the dead might find their
way back into this world.
See, that's old faith.
That's the mountain gospel.
But, hey.
You don't
believe that, do you?
I don't know.
God took to me early.
At least that's what
somebody told me once.
Tomorrow we'll take
those over to Hensley's.
I'll swing by
the vocational school.
See what you need
to do for that GED.
- Dr.
- Bradley to 744.
Dr. Bradley to 744.
Lori, your
little friend's here.
You're not
supposed to be here.
Here, come in here.
I just wanted to bring
these back to you in person.
Thank you.
I read them both.
I really liked them, too,
especially Hemingway. It's...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I mean, it's horrible, but
the writing is so beautiful.
Right, right.
That dude's badass.
Yeah, yeah.
- Um...
- Look, I was wondering if...
If maybe I could see
you sometime this week.
Yeah. Sure.
I better get back to work.
Better get out of here
before you get me fired.
All right, well...
- Okay.
- Okay.
How often
is the GED given?
First Thursday and first
Saturday of the month.
When do you think
they'll be ready?
He might be
ready by December.
He's got some
catching up to do.
So do I,
by the looks of things.
Math was never my strong suit.
Yeah, I remember.
If it'd been better you would've
got a scholarship out of state
like I hoped for you, Leonard.
Maybe far enough so you
wouldn't find your way back here.
I'm glad I'm not at
the high school anymore.
Fewer disappointments here.
Mr. Shuler.
Could we have a moment?
Is everything
all right?
Is it my wife?
It's over.
Nowhere's going to hire you
after something like this.
Why won't you do anything?
They'd already
made up their minds.
Nothing I could do.
But you won't even try.
Well, what did he say?
Just like I thought,
they're kid's spectacles,
mid 1800s.
They're David Shelton's.
I know it.
I'm going in.
You're gonna burn.
I'll be fine.
Give those dogs
any water today?
I can do it.
Give them tomatoes
a soak while you're at it.
What's wrong?
I'm talking to you.
So, what?
There's three of us now?
He's just
stopping here a while.
It's not a permanent thing.
You don't just get
your family back, Leonard.
- It ain't that simple.
- That's not what this is about.
You just feel real helpful,
all of a sudden.
'Cause he's such a great kid,
got so much promise, is that it?
Why don't you give me a break?
Give me something and I will.
And when you're screwing me
tonight, leave the goddamn lights on.
I'm sick of you
pretending like I'm her.
Where's that?
Why do we have to go?
"December 21st, 1859.
"Summoned to Shelton Farm.
"David Shelton, age eight.
"fever and chills,
"galloping pulse,
"strawberry tongue,
"rash on neck and tongue,
"agitated speech,
"scarlet fever.
"sponge with
water and vinegar.
"Had patient drink cold water.
"Two spoons of Laudanum,
"prepared family for
possible dismal reckoning. "
What you looking at?
Just some of these journals.
Trying to see if I could find
out more about David Shelton.
It's really got you hooked.
I know.
I just keep thinking about him
ever since we went up to the Laurel.
I mean, that kid's five
years younger than I am
and he's already a soldier.
Already got himself a cause.
Go home.
You're old enough to know
where you come from now.
You need to know your smarts
didn't just spring up
like some daisy in
a bunch of hogweed.
There were smart folk
in our family before.
Your great-great-grandfather
was a doctor.
Joshua Candler.
He was assigned to the 64th.
It was them that done
the killing in the Laurel.
He knew every man and
boy that got killed.
He was their
doctor before the war.
And he just let it happen.
Hi, baby.
Let's walk.
Still nothing?
You got to be patient.
It don't happen fast.
Should've done it earlier.
All stuck.
...Don't you be coming up here.
You're all wet.
- Don't be mad.
- I'm not mad.
It's not like I don't want to.
I do.
It's just all I see at work
is girls who made mistakes.
And I'm not going
to be like them.
I'm gonna get out of here
and go to college, see things.
Doesn't mean I don't like you.
Come on, kiss me.
Big time with
your lady yesterday?
Did she get you off all right?
Where is Leonard?
I can get you some booze.
Evidently this
trailer pull ain't enough.
Two of you are quite a pair.
You quit school,
he gets fired from one.
Dumb kid, same as you.
How some punk cheating
on his test reported him.
Kid got some weed, put it in
his car and called the cops.
Arrested him right
there in his classroom.
Wasn't long before
his wife left him.
She got custody, too.
Leonard's got a kid?
You didn't know that?
Leonard's a daddy, all right.
But he don't see them no more.
They off in Australia,
I think.
You know you're kind of pretty
under that sneer?
Why not?
What do you mean, "Why not"?
'Cause it wouldn't be right.
- That's why.
- Wouldn't be right?
That's okay.
I don't mind.
I don't mind.
Squeeze it.
Feel good, don't it?
What's the matter?
Little sweetheart of yours
ain't got you some?
You think she knows
all the tricks?
I've been fucking since before
she could wipe her own ass.
All right, come on.
You had it before.
Give me...
Here he is.
The outlaw.
How's it going with Leonard?
You boys in business yet?
I don't know.
Hey, what do you got
stashed in the truck?
Get your fat ass off my truck
before you fucking break it.
You don't even have a dime bag
for your buddy.
Leonard been practicing?
Been practicing
for what?
The county fair is tomorrow.
He got himself
a title to defend.
Dude don't
need no practicing.
I mean, hell, everyone knows
he's a stone-cold killer.
Like me.
You see that?
What? You got one of your
mama's kitchen knives?
Tell him to come
down here and watch.
I think he could
learn something.
All right, I want to see.
You know, they say you shot
some guy up in Illinois.
Well, did you?
Depends on what
incident you mean.
The one where I shot
the guy in both shoulders
or the one whose
hand I blew off.
I never shot
anybody in my life.
I've never bothered to
set the record straight.
Folks I deal with, it's better if they
think I'm a little tougher than I am.
Is that why you're
doing the contest?
Tickets are on me.
Wow, big spender.
Thank you.
Wow, I didn't figure it'd be
this crowded for the weekend.
They've come to see Leonard
whip everyone's ass, that's why.
What time is the tournament?
It's the last event, 8:30.
Yeah? All right, well, I
guess we'll see you then?
Come on.
Young love.
I want to take her back.
Little bit.
What do you want to ride?
The carousel?
No, come on,
let's do another one.
Come on.
Leonard is the sharpshooter,
not me.
Give it a try, son.
Can't win it if
you ain't in it.
I can do this.
Hey. Quit it, all right?
Sights are off.
Here we go.
Leonard says the sights
are always off.
- You're a doober.
- Really?
Let's see you do it?
Let's see you...
Thanks a lot.
All right, we got us a friend
we want to bring up here.
What do y'all
think about that?
Well, come on, put your hands
together, he's got a song for you.
That was awesome.
Where is Dena?
I guess she
never showed up.
I didn't see her,
but I'm sure she's around.
Let's go, Travis.
Let's look for her.
What you want to do?
I didn't know
that you had company.
The little bastard lives here.
Well, well.
How's that leg healing up?
I saw you at the fair.
You liked my singing,
didn't you?
You know, there's some
that said
I should've made
a living at it.
Gone to Nashville,
tried my luck.
That never tempted me much.
Now, I sang
at a big tent revival
up in Hot Springs.
And them that
was never saved,
and them that
was backsliders,
were wailing and crying and
getting right with the Lord,
because of my song.
Even the preacher said so.
So, the way I figure it,
I've done
enough good for Jesus
that the Lord just might cut
me some slack in other aspects.
Just like he did
old King David.
There she is.
All prettied up.
We going or what?
Yes, ma'am.
Don't you worry,
we'll bring her
back safe and sound.
Something you want to say?
She's 30 years old,
she should look after herself.
I don't think she knows how.
Well, maybe not.
It's too late
to teach her now.
What happened
here anyway?
Why is it so special?
People died.
Families turned on
each other, starved.
Typical Appalachian story.
It was his kin, right?
That's all he talks about.
The war and this boy.
David Shelton.
I think it's good.
Good to know
where you come from.
Yeah, I don't know.
I think he needs to start
worrying less about the past
and start thinking
more about the future.
I can feel it now.
It's haunted.
It's a haunted place,
all right.
Hey, are you okay,
little girl?
- I'm freezing.
- Freezing.
Hey, come here.
We'll get going, come on.
You all right?
Hey, there you are.
Will you boil some water?
- What?
- Just do it, please.
You're always
taking care of me.
Always despising me for it.
I'd have stayed with them
if they would have let me.
At least I don't
pretend I'm someone else.
Came to
speak to Carlton if he's home.
Don't tell nobody that you
caught me with the newspapers.
It's bad for my image.
You get a fellow believing
that he's smarter than you,
you can get him to do
any damn thing you want.
How are you on crosswords?
What are you stuck on?
Ten-letter word
for "surrender. "
Seventh letter is "L."
"Capitulate. "
There you go.
What can I do
for you, Professor?
I'm not gonna deal anymore.
"Detract from authority,
reputation or prestige. "
Eight letters,
starts with "D."
"Derogate. "
No, third letter is an "M."
"Diminish. "
You got a gift, Professor.
I always said so.
So, why are you
telling me this now?
I just figured
I'd get out while I was ahead.
Spence is starting to make...
He won't bother
anybody that works for me.
Here's a big'un.
letters for "mistake. "
"Miscalculation. "
I'm bored.
It's boring here, you and
him just reading all the time.
Why don't you put on the TV?
I don't wanna put on the TV.
Give me something.
That all you got?
Ain't very many.
Maybe you ought to
think about cutting down.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm serious.
You ought to try it.
I'm a fucking drug addict,
Leonard, have you noticed?
I'm sorry.
I was like this when
we started, remember?
You said you didn't mind.
It was like this, too.
I didn't mind.
But things have changed.
I went to go see Toomey today.
And told him that
I didn't want to deal anymore.
We can still get stuff, right?
Not if I'm not
working for him.
Calm down. Calm down.
No, wait a minute.
Why'd you do that?
'Cause I'm trying to do right.
And I'm sick of it.
You're sick of it?
You're sick of it?
What about me?
What about what I need?
You're sick of it?
Then tell me, son of a bitch.
What about what I need?
What am I gonna do?
Wait a minute.
Don't walk away from me.
Don't walk away from me!
You motherfucker!
"July 14th, 1857, 10:00 p. m.
"Summoned to Winchester Farm.
"Hayley Winchester, age 19.
"Fifth day after child birth.
"Complaint, remittent fever,
three days, abdominal pain. "
Can I get
a beer, please?
"puerperal fever due to rupture
and infection of uterus. "
- I'm Dena.
- Leonard.
- Leonard, nice to meet you.
- And you.
Thanks for saying hello.
What you reading?
- A book by Walker Percy,
- Love in the Ruins.
Is it about love?
"Treatment... "
"... camphor, boneset tea, but
patient too distressed to drink.
"12:00 a. m.
"Fever unabated,
"galloping pulse,
violent shivering. "
Did you do those
questions I set out for you?
Yeah, almost.
Well, do them.
I'll check them.
"1:20 a. m.
"Patient deceased.
"Husband inconsolable, as would
any man brought to such a pass.
"More distressing, the cries of the infant,
as though the infant fathomed its loss.
"Fee, none. "
This is the spot.
I thought
they'd each have a grave.
No, it was January,
The ground was
harder than this.
It's amazing one hole got dug.
- That colonel?
- Keith.
Yeah, Keith.
Book said he
tried them as looters.
It's a legal distinction. A bushwhacker
is a common criminal, not a soldier.
The same rights don't apply.
Well, I guess you were happier
before you knew any of this.
Wasn't like I was so carefree.
Not really.
I was just asleep, I guess.
Same as everybody.
Still, there ain't
no going back now.
All right,
open your booklets and begin.
That's all.
Put your pencils down
and bring your test to me.
How'd you do?
Okay, I guess.
That math was tough.
I did what you said. Narrowed it
down to two and guessed, but...
How long
till you find out the result?
Mr. Edwards said we could call
him at home. Anytime after 5:00.
I passed.
- Congratulations.
- Well, thank you.
You know, I do appreciate
everything you've done for me.
No, I do.
You didn't know me from Adam.
And I won't forget that.
So, are you gonna just keep
on going, maybe get a degree?
Shit, I don't know. Maybe.
'Cause there's Western, there's
Appalachian. Hell, there's even Chapel Hill.
- Jesus, Leonard!
- I'm just saying.
You play this right, this could be
the start of a whole big thing for you.
All right, I know.
Don't go planning out my
whole life for me just yet.
Just wanted you to be aware of
the possibilities, that's all.
you gotta go celebrate.
- You and Lori.
- Yeah.
You know what,
I'm gonna call her now.
She's dressing up special
pretty for you tonight.
You're gonna think she's one
of those models in the catalogs.
- Wow, you look incredible.
- Didn't I tell you?
My girl polishes up real good.
You have a good time.
I guess we'll hit the road.
- See you later, Mama.
- All right. Thank you.
Come here.
There'll be
more of that later.
I invited your
mama and your daddy.
Which one of them you talk to?
I talked to your mama on the
phone and she was real nice,
and she said she'd
been wanting to meet me.
- She said he was coming, too?
- Yep.
She said both of them
were coming. Come on.
I'm so proud of you.
- You must be Lori.
- Yeah. Nice to meet you.
Well, look at how
pretty you are!
- Sit down.
- Thank you.
Daddy couldn't make it
tonight. He's just so busy.
And he's got so
many things to do.
Like what?
Well, he fixed
that fence out back.
In the dark?
Why you being so rude? You didn't
say near two words all dinner.
It don't matter
about any of this.
You think it does,
but it don't.
You can get out of
here if you want.
Move to Chapel Hill.
Both of us go to college,
work part-time.
Well, I guess you
got it all figured out.
You and Leonard.
We just want you
to succeed is all.
You have so much potential.
I gotta go see my old man,
that poor bastard who's got
chores all day and night.
I've come to
tell you something.
Spit it out. I'm listening.
You know, I've done something
you couldn't do.
I done it all on my own, too.
I expect you're right.
You know, I never had much
of an education, no doubt.
But one thing for sure,
I got more pride
than to hang my hat with
some drug-dealing lowlife.
You know, I'd have hauled you out of
there if I thought it'd do some good.
But it wouldn't. You know why?
'Cause trash always...
Fuck you! I ain't trash,
you piece of shit.
Harv, don't rile him, please.
You like him, don't you?
That teacher.
You trust him.
You admire him.
Yeah, a lot more than you,
that's for sure.
Well, that's kind
of ironic, isn't it?
Him being a Candler and all.
Don't that name
mean anything to you?
Seems there is
a limit to your education.
Your buddy, Shuler,
his mama's great-granddaddy helped
kill off nearly half your kin.
But I guess he
didn't mention that.
He forgot to teach you
that part, didn't he?
Candler. Look it up.
Seeing as how you're
the scholar in the family.
Travis, come on.
Let's go home.
Come on.
On January 18th, 1863,
the day of the massacre,
there was no entry
in Joshua Candler's journal.
No mention of the prisoners
or Shelton Laurel.
Only a blank page.
We gotta get you some ludes, son.
You're strung up pretty tight.
Travis seems back to his old self.
Ready to raise some hell tonight.
- Is that right?
- That's right.
About time, boy.
- You wanna get fucked up?
- You got it. Got some catching up...
Missed you, boy.
Let's get fucked up.
- Let's get fucked up.
- That what you wanna do?
Let's go get fucked up.
Shit. It looks
like I pissed myself.
- Get me out of here.
- Let me out.
I fell over.
Hey, wait up.
- I ain't going in there.
- Come on, sweetheart. Come on.
Come on. Let's get fucked up.
I ain't going nowhere.
What the fuck you doing here,
you little peckerwood?
Travis here is out of sorts.
And we figured you might have
something to help him unwind,
and us, too, naturally.
What are
you boys after anyway?
- We can manage that.
All right,
give him 10 bucks.
Get these boys their goods.
Fetch that chicken.
It's getting cold.
Come here.
Take her a couple pieces.
She's bound to want to
eat something by now.
You all got a girl back
there? -Should let him take it.
I bet she'd like that.
You might get all your
problems solved tonight, boy.
Go get her, stud.
Go get her.
We'll wait.
Stay out of this.
None of your concern.
It's wrong.
I'm sorry?
- I said it's wrong what you've done to her.
- We ain't done a thing.
She phones me up, doesn't she?
Says she wants to live up
here, sell pills for us.
Of course, soon she's swallowing
more than she's selling.
- Trying to cheat us. How much she owe us?
Well, she's whittling it
down, one rut at a time.
I can put the law on you.
Is that your stick?
Sheriff Spence?
Well, be my guest, son, you
can even tell him yourself.
He'll be by after a while to get
his cut, just like every Saturday.
Lord, son, don't you know
nothing about this world?
Now, get out.
- Stop the car.
- What?
I said stop the goddamn car.
Wake up.
No. No. Come on.
Come on.
Why'd you come back for me?
- 'Cause it's wrong what they did to you.
- It's what I get.
What do we do now?
I don't know.
To be honest, I didn't
figure us to get this far.
- He always knows.
- No, I ain't going back to him.
He's a Candler, his people.
Wait a minute.
You and all this damn history.
You only want to live in the past
'cause all the books have been written,
so you know what
to think of it.
The world don't
work like that.
It never will.
Sure ain't going to fix what's
missing in your life now.
This is kin.
Leonard is your kin.
Your real kin.
Where the hell have you been?
Lori called for ya.
What happened?
Toomeys had her.
You won't believe
what they've done.
You gotta go,
both of you, right now.
- Where are we gonna go?
- The Laurel.
You got kin there. Tell 'em
your name, they'll take you in.
I'll come, I'll meet you there
just as soon as I settle things.
Then we'll decide what to do
next. Go on, get your stuff. Go on.
Come on, let's go.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna try
and square things.
Make sure nobody gets hurt.
- This is my mess. I oughta stay.
- Too late for that.
Come on.
"June 17, 1863.
"Clinch River, Tennessee.
"Joshua Candler.
Shot in lower bowel.
"Much pain as God is just.
"Refuse anodynes.
"Want clear mind
to pray for soul,
"ask forgiveness for what
cannot be hidden from my maker.
"In articulo mortis. "
What brings you around?
I think you know.
- Where the fuck they at, egghead?
- They're not important.
We can settle this
amongst ourselves.
Is that right?
Well, I got me a car
down at Reeves Grocery.
No keys. You got those?
Tires on my truck slashed.
You going to mend them for me?
My crop is destroyed.
I'll give you 500 for the tires and
for the trouble of having to replant.
That's your figure?
I'll throw in the dogs.
They're worth at least 1,000.
Those dogs are worthless. You
took all the fire out of them.
The Winchester,
it'll fetch 300.
And that fancy
pistol of yours.
It's a sweet
little fucking piece.
I've had it a long time.
I almost forgot.
See, I reckon we're
entitled to a little bonus.
For time wasted.
Your money.
Where is it?
Over there in
that cinder block.
Is that where
you keep your cash?
I ain't got much
truck with banks neither,
but that's damn near the
sorriest thing I ever seen.
Next order of business.
Where's Dena?
You don't own her, Carlton.
See, I believe
that I do, body and soul,
until she pays back
what she took from me.
She may be out of here,
but that boy ain't.
Got nowhere to go.
And I'm gonna make it
my business to find him.
And when I do,
I'm gonna take what's owed me.
You can be sure of that.
Now, what's it gonna be,
Dena or the boy?
Hey, hey.
I'd stay out
of this if I was you.
Hey, what the hell
are you doing?
What are you doing?
It was always gonna
end this way for her.
Different people,
different place is all.
...What are you doing?
You will not make things easy
on yourself, will you, son?
Shut your goddamn mouth.
You little prick.
If it had been up to me, we'd
have killed you a long time ago.
I'll be damned if I'm not coming
around to that way of thinking, son.
A nit makes a louse.
Ain't that right, Professor?
Travis, stop.
How come you never told me
you was a Candler?
That why you wanted
to help me so bad?
To square what your kin done?
My daddy said the Candlers
tried to wipe the Sheltons out.
More like you was our
nemesis or something.
- It's 100 years ago.
- Bullshit.
Time don't pass. It's just
layers. It's all still happening.
You said that.
Come on,
you said that yourself.
Shit! I trusted you.
I trusted you, and you never
told me one lick of truth.
Listen to me now.
I could have let
you go, but I didn't.
Now here we are.
Best give that to me. -That will do.
He won't do nothing.
Never has.
It's no small thing to kill a man, not
for a refined sort of fellow such as him.
...I'm getting pretty
tired of your voice, Carlton.
Find a phone.
Call highway patrol.
Not Spence. Highway patrol.
Tell 'em to get up here.
Take her to the bus
station, put her on a bus.
Doesn't matter where.
What about you?
I'll be all right.
Go on.
I'm sorry.
gonna cost you, Shuler.
So they
wouldn't take you?
I suppose even the US Army's
got to have some standards.
- No.
- You give a rifle to an imbecile?
You're no better
than the Viet Cong.
- If you weren't holding that gun right
there... - He's baiting you, boy.
- I'd whip your sorry ass, motherfucker.
- Don't pay him any mind.
- What?
- You heard me.
You think you
can take it from me?
Yeah, you goddamn right.
- How about I make it fair?
How about now?
- How about now?
- Don't.
You idiot!
Can't you see the son of a
bitch wants you to kill him?
I'd let him too,
you condescending
piece of shit.
Where's that slut going?
It's either the bus station
or the train down to Nashville.
I just want to know which.
Put him in the truck.
How about I put one
in his fucking ear?
How about
you do what I tell you?
Shit! Pissant!
- You get it?
- Yeah.
You know what,
this is the address
where I'll be staying.
You could give it to Leonard.
- Right.
- Just in case, I guess. I don't know.
Okay, let's go.
- Are you driving?
- She's driving. I'm napping.
- Sweet.
Me too.
We're almost there,
almost there.
Would you slow down?
Things ain't working out quite
like you planned it, Professor?
Don't you worry.
It's nearly over.
Go before they catch us.
Yeah, let's go.
Look out!
Let's go. Hit it! Make
it an eight-hour drive.
Shit! You ain't doing much better
than I am, are you, Professor?
You gotta get me out of here.
You get me out of this one,
I'll leave 'em alone.
Both of 'em.
Toomey was wrong.
Killing is easy.
Or at least easier than a whole
lot of other things in life.
Easier than love or happiness.
Or making money.
Or raising a child.
So easy, you could do it with
no more than one finger
pressed in a
small metal curve.
Or even by doing
nothing at all.
Just being there
and letting it happen.
The passive voice.
All right, son,
now what just happened?
I just saw it.
I was just driving by.
Where was this?
Route 25.
Just past Panther Creek Road.
Did you stop?
Did you see anyone get hurt?
Did anyone get hurt?
No, I didn't. I just...
It looks pretty bad.
Maybe next time...