The World of Suzie Wong (1960) Movie Script

- Pardon me. I don't mean to be rude...
- No talk.
- You mean I no talk or you no talk?
- I mean you no talk to me.
I just like to sketch...
- You want me to call officer?
- Well, won't you please allow...?
Oh, thank you. I'll give it to her.
- Yes, miss?
- This man steal my purse.
Now, wait a minute.
I didn't steal your purse.
- I was just...
- Arrest him.
He follow me everywhere on ferry
just to get my purse.
- Are you out of your mind?
- Did you take purse?
- Of course I didn't.
- Arrest him.
There was a lady sitting
down there, and she...
Here she is. Madam.
Would you explain
about the purse?
I bring back.
- Yeah.
- I think you make mistake, miss.
This lady say you left purse on seat.
There, you see.
I report this to my father.
Thank you very much.
Thank you too.
- Sorry about mistake, sir.
- It's all right.
- Well, that's appreciation.
- No talk.
I should've left your purse.
Serve you right.
Why you not explain?
Why you let me call officer?
You cause me trouble.
You almost got me arrested.
Is your fault.
No talk.
Everything here. You can go now.
You don't think I took anything?
Not now. Money all here.
You're the most exasperating girl
I've ever met.
We not meet. I no talk to strangers.
Yes, I know. That's where we came in.
"No talk, no talk."
No talk?
You sailor?
A sailor? Why?
My father say, "Sailors catch
too many girls.
"You talk to sailor, I beat you."
If that's what's bothering you,
no, I'm not a sailor.
Then I talk. What are you?
I'm an artist.
In China, artists very respected.
Not where I come from.
- You American?
- Yes.
Me Chinese.
No kidding?
My name's Mee Ling.
Mee Ling.
My name's Robert Lomax.
You live in Hong Kong?
Oh, I live many places.
Sometime on Peak.
Sometime at Repulse Bay.
My father very rich, you know.
He has... four houses.
Well, I'm honored
that you'll talk to me.
So you artist, huh?
When I get married, maybe my father
have you paint picture of me.
- You're going to get married?
- Yes.
I go to America next month
to marry rich Chinese.
Hope I like him.
You've never met him?
That's not important.
I obey my father.
Contract's already signed.
Well, I know it's
an old Chinese custom,
but I could never marry
anyone I hadn't met.
Oh, you not Chinese. I not American.
I hear of one English girl
who lives on Peak
had four boyfriends in four months
and then married number five.
Chinese girl must be pure when
she marries. Chinese girl must be...
What is that word in English for girl
who never make love?
- Well, there are lots of words.
- No, I mean girl who never make love.
What is word?
Virgin! Yes, virgin. That's me.
Is something to be ashamed of?
No, but it's not the kind of thing
one shouts on a ferry boat.
Oh, I proud to be good girl.
I'm proud that you're proud.
We Hong Kong side now.
So I'm not going to
see you again, huh?
- Well, I haven't finished my sketch.
- Please, no talk.
My father send car to meet me.
Driver see me talk to stranger,
he tell my father.
Oh, I see.
OK. Goodbye.
I hope someday you be famous artist.
Mee Ling, virgin.
Wan Chai is that way.
But this is for Chinese, sir.
Can you recommend
a cheap hotel there?
Excuse me, but it is not for you, sir.
People there are very poor, sir.
- We'll have a lot in common.
- I suggest that you take a ricksha.
I like to walk.
Thank you, sir.
Mee Ling!
- Hello.
- Yes, yes. Very sorry.
- You wish something?
- Yes.
That girl that just left,
I tried to catch her.
- Did you see her?
- No. No notice.
Her name is Mee Ling.
Mee Ling? Know nobody
named Mee Ling.
Her father probably owns this building.
He's very rich.
Do you know the man
who owns this place?
Yes. Ah Tong. That's me.
Oh. Well, thanks.
Very sorry. Very sorry.
This is a hotel, isn't it?
Yes. Very good hotel.
Do you have monthly terms?
You want a room for a whole month?
Yes. Can you give me a price?
Yes, sir.
I want an inexpensive room.
I make you special rate.
Two hundred and seventy dollar.
- Two hundred and seventy dollars?
- Hong Kong dollar. No American.
Oh, sure.
Now, let's see, what is that?
...fifty dollars a month.
All right, I'll take a look at it.
Thank you, sir. Thank you.
I give you best room in the hotel.
- You want to stay for a whole month?
- Maybe.
Very nice room. Best room in the hotel.
Very nice bed. Clean sheets.
Everything... How you say?
First class.
You can use private balcony.
Very cool breeze. Plenty hot water.
Beer in the bar, no mosquitoes.
Very quiet.
Telephone. Push button for boy.
Plenty towels. Coat hangers.
Free soap.
And very nice view on roof.
- Oh, roof. Good.
- On roof, yes. You like?
Yes, this is perfect for my work.
I... Well, I paint.
Understand now.
- Understand what?
- Nothing, sir. Nothing.
My name Ah Tong.
You please correct my bad English.
There's nothing to correct.
- Thank you, sir.
- You said that was 250...
- Two hundred and seventy dollar.
- Seventy.
- OK, I'll take it.
- Thank you. You're very kind.
Artist for whole month.
Whole month.
Oh, excuse me. Is Minni Ho in here?
- I'm afraid you've got the wrong room.
- Sorry.
Oh, excuse me, is Minni Ho in here?
Afraid you've got
the wrong room.
Yeah, that's for sure.
Come on, darling. You hold on to me.
Hey. Where you going now?
I left my watch on the table
in my room.
I go with you and help you wind it.
Good girl.
Oh, sorry. It must be navy day.
Always is at the Nam Kok, mate.
- Come on, Minni Ho.
- Oh, you're Minni Ho.
You know me?
No. I've heard of you.
You satisfied, Mr. Lomax?
I'm not sure.
- I'm sure.
- This very respectable hotel.
Not brothel. Brothel illegal
in Hong Kong.
Obey law here.
Only rent rooms.
This bar not belong to me.
I suppose you have to draw the line
And the line, I guess, is right here.
- Yes, sir?
- A beer, please.
A dollar twenty, please.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
You draw my friend, Wednesday Lu.
You must be artist who rent room
for whole month.
Well, I didn't mean to start a scandal.
- Won't you sit down?
- Oh, thank you.
- My name is Gwenny Lee.
- I'm Robert Lomax.
Hello, Robert.
- Robert.
- Yes, Robert.
- Would you like a drink?
- No, thank you.
Oh, please not draw me.
I'm too skinny.
That's why I wear long sleeves,
to hide skinny arms.
A lot of men like thin girls.
No, I have no sex appeal.
Oh, I'm sure you have.
It's better if I take my glasses off.
Only then, I bump into people.
That might have advantages.
That's how I met my friend, Chuck.
You like that name? Chuck?
It's good and sturdy.
I had a nice letter from him
when he went away.
- Would you like to read it?
- I don't think I should.
I read it, then.
"Dear Gwenny:
"Well, don't die of shock.
"I expect you will, to get a letter
after all this time.
"Anyhow, I want you to know
"I remember you
and think about you a lot.
"I sure was lucky
meeting a girl like you,
"because, well, Gwenny,
"you really are a swell girl.
"So don't die of shock."
And then he signs his name.
He's very well-educated.
And obviously devoted.
Now, that proves you have sex appeal.
Maybe. You see, he wore glasses too.
Excuse me a moment.
Hello, Mee Ling.
You speak to me?
Don't you remember,
Kowloon Ferry this morning?
I think you make mistake.
I never ride ferry.
I couldn't have.
When I draw a face, I remember it.
Sure looks like you.
To Americans, all Chinese
look alike, for goodness' sake.
That's not me.
My name Suzie Wong.
I never see you before.
Leave us alone, please.
No talk, huh?
What you say?
Oh, nothing.
You see the girl sitting there at the bar,
with the red dress?
Yes, Suzie Wong. She my best friend.
Most popular girl in bar.
She got sex appeal.
Yes. Well, is she ever called
Mee Ling?
No. Everybody call Suzie "Suzie".
She's got a sister
she doesn't know about.
I'm here, doll.
Oh, hello, Otis.
This is Otis. Meet my friend, Robert.
- What was the name?
- Bob Lomax.
- Pleased to make your acquaintance.
- Why don't you sit?
- Thank you.
- Goodbye.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
What a nice fellow.
I'm sorry I'm late, but I got stuck
in a ricksha down the road.
Why you look at picture?
She your girlfriend?
No, someone I'd like to find again.
Why? You crazy mad for her?
She was dear, sweet and innocent.
That's not me. I'm just Wan Chai girl.
What a nice girl you meet on ferry
doing in a place like this I like to know.
So would I.
Glad you haven't lost your purse.
"You want me call officer?
"I virgin. I proud. We on
Hong Kong side now. No talk."
I sure fooled you.
I made you believe I nice rich girl.
- Why?
- I like.
You looking for girlfriend?
I hear you rent room
for whole month.
You want me to be
your regular girlfriend?
I like, but can't afford.
Too bad, because I very popular.
Everybody say, "Where is Suzie,
for goodness' sake?"
You sure you not want me
for permanent girlfriend?
I'll fight it for a while.
You sorry because I'm not that
stuck-up girl on ferry boat.
Month a long time in Hong Kong.
I wait. You'll get lonely.
Mr. Lomax.
Mr. Lomax.
- How do you do?
- Nice to meet you.
I've been expecting you
since I got that letter
from your former associates.
When did you arrive?
- Well, sit down, won't you?
- Oh, thank you. Just yesterday.
I wanted to get settled.
I gather from this letter
you want to become an artist.
I don't know how I can help you.
Well, neither do I, sir.
You look more like an aggressive
businessman than an artist.
That's the trouble. I've been
an architect most of my life,
but it never satisfied me.
I've always wanted to paint,
so I decided to take a year off
- And see if I could.
- Seems a drastic step.
Yes, it is.
I'm going to open an account here
which should take care of my
expenses for about a year.
During that time, I intend to find out
whether I can make a living.
If not, I'll go back
to being a draftsman.
Fair enough.
I'll give you letters of introduction
- And a guest card to my club.
- That's very kind of you.
Come in, darling. I want to
dictate a couple of letters.
All right, dear.
Mr. Lomax, before we jump
to any conclusions,
my secretary is also my daughter.
- Kay, Mr. Lomax.
- Hello.
He's over here for a year, painting.
- Just arrived.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Have you found somewhere to stay?
I stumbled onto a hotel.
Is it comfortable?
It's... convenient.
If you don't mind waiting, I'll dictate
letters that might come in handy.
Thank you.
To whom it may concern.
Whenever you're ready, dear.
- Oh, yes.
- This is to introduce Robert Lomax.
You like me to sit with you?
Yes, yes, why not? Yes, please
sit down. I'd be delighted.
- What's your name?
- Ben.
It's short for Benjamin, you know.
My wife calls me Benjie for spite.
You like me?
Like you? Oh, yes, of course I like you.
Yes, I adore you.
Might I ask your name, please?
- I'm Suzie.
- Suzie. That's a very pretty name.
That is a scintillating sound.
It buzzes. Suzie.
- You're very nice.
- Oh, thank you. What will you have?
What was that again?
Oh, I see. Well, may I have
another double?
Betsy won't let me drink
doubles at home.
She should see where it's driven
me to now. It might give her...
...rather a shock, mightn't it?
- Hello, Gwenny.
- So glad you come along.
You take me in bar, please?
- Well, can't you go in by yourself?
- Against law to go in bar alone.
- Oh. Where's your boyfriend?
- Gone back to ship.
- Well, in that case, care to join me?
- Oh, thank you very much.
Everything very legal now.
Thank you, Robert.
Beer, please.
Don't you get tired
of knitting all the time?
Oh, no. Someday I open knitting shop.
I not stay here. Not good.
All I need is enough money.
All anybody needs is enough money.
Anything I can do for you, Robert?
- Yes. Knit me a pair of socks.
- Will do.
I hope you'll believe me when I tell you
I've never done this sort of thing.
I've been faithfully married 12 years.
Isn't that extraordinary?
You're not different.
Most men here married.
- Most of the fellows here married?
- Mind if we dance?
I don't dance.
Thank you just the same.
I mean Suzie.
Well, I mean, yes, of course.
Well, run along, run along then.
- Don't go away, Ben.
- No, no, I'll be here waiting for you.
- Ah Tong?
- Yes, Mr. Lomax.
Right away, Mr. Lomax.
For goodness' sake.
Come in.
You want me?
That's right.
I very glad.
Why you ask for me?
Well, you're easily the prettiest girl
in Hong Kong.
You think so?
I thought so from the first moment
I saw you.
I can't pay you much,
but I'd like to have you
pose for me.
Pose? What you mean, pose?
Oh, just sit while I sketch you.
Just sit? That's all?
Until you get tired.
No. Sorry, I go now.
Now, wait a minute.
I said I'd pay you.
That's not important. I lose face.
My friends will say,
"For goodness' sake,
"you go to gentleman's room and sit?"
"Well, for goodness' sake,"
they'll say, "you're slipping."
- No, I go.
- If you go back now,
they'll say you're slipping anyhow,
won't they?
Now see the trouble
you caused me already?
You might as well wait a bit, and
while you wait you might as well pose.
They'll never know the difference.
OK, I pose for you.
Good. Right over here.
Take clothes off?
No, I've never tried nudes.
Good time to try.
I'm much more interested in those
lovely high cheekbones of yours.
You like bones?
I like yours. Legs up.
For goodness' sake.
This OK?
You want to know what song say?
Yes, but don't move.
Well, it's about a boy cloud
who falls in love with a girl cloud.
But the girl cloud say,
"You no good.
"You not got good heart.
"Go away."
So the boy cloud feel very sad,
and he start to cry.
And his tears make rain
because that's all rain is.
And the rain fell down,
and then everything started
to grow
and is green, and there is food
and everybody's happy.
So the girl cloud tell the boy cloud,
"You did good thing.
You got good heart."
- So in the end, they get married.
- And rain happily ever after.
You not believe?
It was a charming song,
and you sang it beautifully.
- Is finished?
- Oh, no, a long way to go.
Want to take a look?
I like it very much,
but not look like me.
It's what I think you look like.
That's the difference between
an artist and a camera.
An artist always tries to look deeper.
You know, Robert,
Chinese people believe if you have
picture of a person,
person never free of you.
Don't worry, Suzie, I don't think your
soul is that easy to capture on canvas.
For goodness' sake, how you find me?
- I knocked on every door...
- A friend?
Hong Kong businessman named Ben.
I leave him in bar.
Drink too much.
Oh, thank you, Ben.
My name's Lomax.
How do you do?
Excuse me...
Well, I'm starved.
You wanna have some dinner?
What do we do with Ben?
That's very simple.
Ah Tong,
there's a man in my room.
Good evening, sir.
- Reservation?
- Mr. Drake.
Oh, yes.
This very fancy, stuck-up place.
- You got money?
- And a letter of introduction.
- Good evening. I'm Mr. Lomax.
- Reservation?
No, but I have a letter
from Mr. O'Neill.
Oh, yes, Mr. O'Neill mentioned it.
Table 21.
Thank you.
Robert, what is letter of introduction?
Oh, it's sort of a welcome.
Gets me into places where
I'm not known.
What this letter say?
It says, "To whom it may concern."
You just show letter?
That's all.
For goodness' sake.
- Would you care for a drink first, sir?
- Yes. Suzie?
I'll take this.
- Sherry flip.
- Sherry flip.
Make it two.
You might as well take our order now.
What would you like?
You bring me this, please.
Vinaigrette, miss. What with?
I not very hungry.
- Make it two.
- It's a salad dressing, sir.
Usually served with a salad.
We know. We like it plain.
Suzie, how about some sole meuniere
and braised celery?
- If you want.
- For two.
So you like sherry flips, huh?
I always have sherry flip at home.
My father very rich, you know.
Tell me, why do you make up
all that nonsense?
It makes me feel good to pretend
I'm somebody important.
I ride on ferry, and I say,
"I Mee Ling Wong,
nice girl with rich father."
But I not expect you to understand.
You never have to do dirty job like me.
I suppose it's the usual
stupid question,
- But why do you?
- What else I do?
Hong Kong full of hungry people.
No one hire me.
Never learn how to read or write,
even in Chinese.
That's why I point to menu.
Not want you to lose face
in front of stuck-up waiter.
You can't read or write?
No one ever teach me.
When I was ten years old,
old aunt take me to old uncle to live.
He say, "You do everything I ask."
I very scared.
I cry, but he not care.
Then he throw me out.
Not good for Chinese wife anymore.
Not good for anything.
What you think ignorant ten-year-old
Chinese girl will do?
I'm sorry I asked.
But I not dirty street-girl.
Inside, I still good.
Your sherry flips.
Thank you.
Would you rather dance?
Hello, Mr. Lomax.
I see you've taken my suggestion.
Oh, good evening, sir.
- Painting the town first?
- Yes.
Oh, Miss Suzie Wong,
this is Mr. O'Neill
and his daughter, Miss Kay O'Neill.
You seem to manage very well
on your own.
This is Dr. And Mrs. Hendricks,
Mr. Lomax.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
- Well, nice seeing you.
- Oh, Mr. Lomax...
Have you an evening free
for dinner next week?
- Certainly.
- Where did you say you were staying?
The Nam Kok Hotel.
Thank you. I'll look it up in the book.
- Nice to have met you, Miss Wong.
- Pleasure.
Nice meeting you. Goodbye.
She very pretty girl.
You like her?
I hardly know her.
You going to her house?
She'll probably forget all about it.
She not forget.
She virgin?
- Well, if you'd wait a minute, I'll ask.
- Never mind. You'll find out.
Your vinaigrettes.
Suzie, don't eat it alone.
It's far too sour.
Let me get you a salad.
No, I eat. Not waste money.
Mustn't let waiter find out I can't read.
You lose face.
I couldn't care less.
You know, Robert,
you like boy cloud in song.
The one that cries on everybody?
You got good heart.
No! I not go back to bar.
- Do you want me to take you home?
- No.
Well, what, then?
I have to get scarf I leave in your room.
Now, wait a minute, Suzie.
I don't remember any scarf.
Oh, beautiful scarf. Go with dress.
Cost 30 Hong Kong dollar.
We'd better get it, then.
Now, where I leave scarf?
Not under chair.
Not under bed.
Not on floor.
Not here, for goodness' sake.
You're sure you had a scarf?
No, I leave home.
I just wanted to come up
to room with you.
Well, you can just hippety-hop
right back to the bar
because I'm going to go to bed.
You not want me to pose even?
Tomorrow, Suzie.
Come back tomorrow.
Robert, you like me as much
as English girl?
You have better bones.
If you want, I stay.
I'll be your permanent girlfriend.
Never go out with other boyfriends.
Take good care of you.
Suzie, you're very attractive,
and I'm only human.
But unfortunately, there's no provision
for anyone like you in my budget.
With you, it's different.
I feel something in heart.
It's like pretending I rich girl.
What do you want?
Oh, excuse me there, buddy.
I guess I got the wrong room.
Good night, Suzie.
Thank you for sherry flip
and salad dressing, Robert.
Sorry you not know
how to accept present too.
Hi, soldier.
Hi, sailor.
- Going in bar, sailor?
- Well, I wasn't planning to.
Would you like to take me inside,
Sounds like a good idea.
Goodbye, and thank you.
Hey, wait a minute.
What do you mean, "goodbye"?
You asked me to bring you in here.
Now I'm in. Thank you very much.
Full-time girlfriend.
He's crazy about me.
Already he's jealous when I go away.
Shouldn't come into bar
with sailor then.
- Just wanted to say hello to you.
- You very lucky, Suzie.
Why not? Suzie very beautiful.
Robert think so,
and he very important artist.
Paint plenty pictures.
Get, oh, $2,000 each painting.
Two thousand dollars!
Maybe more.
Well, I better go up now.
He like me on time.
My goodness, he's so jealous.
If I not hurry, he beat me up.
Just a minute.
- Hello.
- Oh, Suzie,
I didn't know how to get in touch
with you. I won't need you tonight.
You going somewhere?
Yes, I...
I've been invited to dinner.
I told you she not forget.
Rich people buy paintings.
Now, if you don't mind,
I've got to get dressed.
Go ahead. I stay.
If I go downstairs now, I lose face.
Suzie, you don't understand.
I've got to put my pants on.
Pants on, pants off,
makes no difference.
All right.
You very skinny.
Why you not eat more pork?
Since you're not my girlfriend, you're
not to make remarks about my legs.
My goodness, you very bony.
If you change your mind,
let me know. I'll get you fat.
- How long you be out tonight?
- I don't know.
I wait.
Suzie, I will not feel like sketching
when I come back.
I bet.
I'll wait anyhow.
Zip up, Robert.
- I won't need a heavy coat?
- No, it's lovely.
- It's even warm enough for bathing.
- Excuse me,
but I think we've met before,
you know.
It's that kind of face.
No, no. Once I've met someone,
I never forget them. Do I, Bets?
You can't have met him.
He just came to Hong Kong.
Mr. Lomax is here to paint.
Oh, an artist.
There's some area of disagreement.
Do you paint portraits?
At the moment
I'm completely fascinated
by the wonderful Oriental faces.
Oh, the Chinese, you mean.
Yes, they are fascinating, at first.
Be best to keep your nose clean
out here. If you want to be accepted
- By your own people.
- That's a dubious privilege.
Oh, don't be hypocritical.
You know their moral standards
are quite different. Aren't they?
Oh, yes. Yes, they are.
Would you want your sister
to marry one?
- Oh, I say.
- She did.
Happened soon after
we came out here.
They live in England. He's
one of London's finest doctors.
Oh, I see. Well, that's different.
- And are they still married?
- Yes.
- How nice.
- Yes.
And he's still Chinese.
Oh, Suzie, is that you?
- You like?
- Very pretty.
It's me.
Oh, Gwenny.
It's you, Gwenny. Look.
You see this?
It's letter of introduction.
They say,
"To whom it may concern."
Get him in any place he want.
This his hairbrush.
Solid silver. Cost $3,000 at least.
Three thousand dollars!
Someday I open shop.
Sell silver to tourists.
Real nylon.
Cost plenty dollar.
When I save enough,
I open shop for men.
Maybe catch husband.
Shirt genuine machine-made.
London, England.
Australian wool.
Very expensive.
You better take shirt off.
Maybe he not like.
He catch you, he beat you.
He's crazy mad about me.
He say to me,
"Suzie, I'm crazy mad about you.
"You do anything you want,
for goodness' sake."
- Anything?
- I show you.
This is Suzie Wong in
Mr. Robert Lomax's room.
You send up tea for six, please.
Right away.
Charge it.
And rice cakes too.
You know,
I admire your father
for being so frank in there.
You shouldn't. He's an old fraud.
He doesn't have a sister.
He just likes to puncture pomposity.
Well, then, I admire him even more.
Good, because he admires you
for chucking everything
for a year's go at painting.
Why only a year?
Simple. I'll run out of money.
Are you serious?
I mean, about your work?
Oh, I've wanted to paint ever since
I could remember.
But like so many people,
I fell into a pattern.
Tried to convince myself
that I liked what I was doing.
Then a few months ago,
I realized I was reaching
a point of no return.
So I made a clean break.
Now, this next year, I have a chance
to learn something about painting
and maybe something
about myself.
- Well, you asked for it.
- I'm nosy, aren't I?
But I envy you.
I'd give more than a year of my life
if I knew what to give it for.
But I don't know.
So I just go on waiting,
and I don't know what I'm waiting for.
When will you show me
some of your painting?
- Anytime.
- Tonight?
Well, I can bring some by tomorrow.
I'll drive you to your hotel.
To the left.
There's no TV, no tub,
no privacy, no...
Well, no anything.
But it's home.
There are some accommodations.
Oh, you're back?
- Take long time.
- Suzie, what are you doing here?
- You told me to wait.
- I told you not to wait!
Suzie's my model, you see.
Does she just wait around
until the mood strikes you?
I'll get your pajamas.
You want tops or bottoms tonight?
- I can get my own pajamas. Kay...
- It is late. Perhaps some other time.
You stay. I not mind.
I'm sure you wouldn't.
Call tomorrow if you've time.
Kay. Kay, let me see you down.
Please don't trouble.
And it's been a lovely evening.
All of it.
Oh, fine.
You really fixed that.
- Something wrong?
- What are you doing here
- When I told you not to wait?
- I had to wait. I owe you some money.
I got very hungry.
Ordered some tea and rice cakes.
I charged it to you.
Now I pay.
- Go home, will you?
- Not until I pay.
You want me to get pajamas?
Suzie, for a little girl,
you're the biggest pain that...
Look, go on home.
I'll see you at 10:00 in the morning.
- I'll come and wake you.
- No.
- You have good time tonight?
- Yes.
- Pretty girls at party?
- Hundreds.
- They have flower garden?
- Acres.
You go in dark garden
with that stuck-up Kay?
As a matter of fact, I did.
And she isn't stuck-up.
She still virgin?
Now, listen, you're becoming too
possessive. And I don't like that.
Now, will you go home?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Go home!
Hello, Suzie.
- Do you want to go by?
- You let me pass, please.
- Who'd you ditch me for?
- Please, I not want any trouble.
You come to my room,
then there won't be any trouble.
You let go of me!
You filthy little slut!
Who do you think you are?
Who is it?
Sailor hit me.
Sailor did what?
Sailor hit me.
Suzie, why?
I not want to go to room
with him.
- Where is he?
- Please. I not want trouble.
- You stay here.
- Robert!
Come on.
Give me the change.
- I wasted enough time in this dump.
- Sorry. Girl no work for me.
Just a minute!
You the guy that hit
that girl upstairs?
You want trouble too, mister?
- Please, not fight.
- Please, no fight here.
Go out in street.
You said in the street?
He's in the street.
I think this his blood.
I bite him hard.
I kick him in shin.
I think maybe I break his leg.
Hurt bad?
No, it'll be all right.
Now let's check.
Little cut on the inside,
but I think you'll live.
Not die before.
- Sailor break my rib once.
- You mean this has happened before?
Sometimes sailors drink too much,
get very mean.
Like to beat up bar girls.
But, Suzie, you can't just accept
this kind of treatment.
What I do then?
Well, I don't know.
But I'd like to help you.
- Robert, you do me a favor?
- Of course.
You let me tell my girlfriends
you beat me up?
- What?
- Please.
- Of course not.
- You not lose face.
Tell them that I beat you up?
- Oh, please. I be very proud of you.
- You're crazy.
Not crazy.
I go now.
Goodbye, Robert.
I be ready in the morning.
You know, I find Hong Kong
very stimulating at my age.
- I was here a long time ago.
- Suzie, what happen?
- Dear...
- You have accident? You fall down?
- Robert, he beat me up.
- Oh, you steal something from him?
No, he jealous.
He crazy in love with me.
I tell him I have tea in his room
with my girlfriends.
He not believe me.
He think I have tea with sailor.
- Oh, we'll tell him the truth, Suzie.
- He not believe you, Minni Ho.
Poor Robert,
he can't help how he feels.
Besides, he only hit me eight,
ten times.
That prove Robert
very in love with you.
- Oh, you very lucky, Suzie.
- I know.
Tomorrow he'll be sorry.
Bye, I go home now.
So sorry you not have nice man
to beat you up.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
Must be getting very hungry.
- OK, we'll go to lunch.
- Good idea.
We go to floating restaurant.
Head cook good friend of mine.
Cost little money.
- How do we get there? Sampan?
- No, cost money.
Fisherman good friend.
Take us for nothing.
- Come on.
- OK, OK.
Come on.
- You know everybody?
- Used to live here once.
After I leave old uncle.
Robert, his son live there.
Oh, look, his baby.
Dog up there.
Over there, the second one.
Thank you very much.
Robert, wait.
We have to pick a fish.
- What's that?
- Parrotfish.
- You like?
- You like?
- I like.
- OK.
Thank you.
Come on, come on.
You see, Kay, if you could talk
to old Bets, woman to woman,
she might realize how difficult...
There's some friends of ours aboard.
Hello there!
Oh, hello.
Won't you join us?
Please do.
You want.
Thank you.
How are you, Miss Wong?
You don't know Ben.
Mr. Marlowe.
Miss Suzie Wong.
- How do you do?
- OK.
Well, have you picked out your fish?
Yes. Fish already in frying pan.
I had Suzie posing for me
all morning.
- I thought she deserved a good lunch.
- At least.
I was wondering
what you'd been doing.
- I've been working every day.
- And night.
Am I ever going to see the results
in the daytime?
- Just name it.
- After lunch.
Well, I have to take Suzie home first.
Was your name Ben?
- Yes.
- You like to take me home, Ben?
- Oh. Yes, I'd be delighted.
- All settled.
You show her picture.
...this is jolly, isn't it?
- Just a minute, Kay, I'll get the key.
- Hello, Robert.
- Hello, Minni Ho.
- Oh, Robert,
moneychanger say this money...
Oh, Minni Ho,
this is Miss Kay O'Neill.
She's going upstairs
to look at some of my paintings.
Oh, moneychanger say
this bill no good.
Northern Ireland 5-pound note.
- If you want, I'll change it at the bank.
- Oh, thank you, Robert.
- Pleased to make your acquaintance.
- And yours.
This place seems to be full
of attractive models.
Oh, I thought they'd be good,
but they're wonderful!
I'm glad you like them.
Robert, we must send some to
London. I know an art dealer there.
- We'll see what he thinks.
- That's kind,
- But I don't want you to bother.
- It's no bother.
Oh, don't think I'm trying to help you
just because I like you.
I admit I'm a bit prejudiced, but I do
know something about paintings too.
I'd be very grateful.
I must say, Miss Wong makes
a delightful subject.
That's my favorite.
- Good. It's yours.
- No, you must let me pay.
I was gonna give you one
- But you gotta be careful, it's still wet.
- Oh, thank you.
Well, I'll pick the ones I like,
then we'll see what happens.
- Gwenny Lee.
- Hello, Robert. Where Suzie?
I was going to ask you.
She didn't show up yesterday.
- Do you suppose she's sick?
- Maybe.
You hit her again?
I didn't hit her in the first place.
You know where she lives?
Nobody know. Suzie always keep
where she live a secret.
- Oh, Minni Ho.
- Hello, Robert.
Excuse me.
I got the money for you.
Oh, how much you get, Robert?
Rate of exchange was
73 Hong Kong dollars.
- Oh, thank you, Robert.
- You're welcome.
What are you doing?
- What's the matter with you?
- You give her money.
I not show one night,
you got new girlfriend.
Suzie, that was her money.
I changed it for her at the bank.
- Oh, Minni Ho, I hurt you?
- Some friend, Suzie Wong!
You see?
You make me hurt my friend.
I made you hurt your friend?
Where were you yesterday?
I waited all day.
Fortune teller told me yesterday
unlucky day, so I stay home.
I'll be the first artist to murder
his model. Come on.
Now, admit it.
You were just sulking yesterday.
- I not know what you mean.
- You know what I mean. Hello?
- Wait a minute. What are you doing?
- Looking for hairpins.
Right here.
Oh, yes?
Send him up, please.
- Send who up?
- Ben.
He take me for drive after lunch
other day.
He's very nice, that Ben.
What you and that stuck-up Kay do?
Come here and talk?
She's trying to help me.
Sent some of my paintings
to a London art dealer.
Why she not buy some herself?
I'm not depending on charity.
...why not let me be
your permanent girlfriend?
Oh, stop it, Suzie.
We've been all through that.
I don't mean to hurt your feelings.
But I've had my share of women
and all the trouble that goes with it.
I came here to paint.
I don't want to get involved.
You're not even 20.
I'm pushing 40.
That not good reason, Robert.
All right,
I can't accept your way of life.
I can't have you give me love
on the days you're free!
What I do then?
Must have money, Robert.
Hong Kong full of people
looking for work.
If I get hungry and beg on street,
this will make you happy?
How do you think I'd feel every time
you'd leave this room?
Come in.
- Hello, Lomax.
- Hello.
- Am I interrupting something?
- Oh, no. We were just discussing
the ethnic concepts of morality.
Well, that's very interesting.
- What you want?
- Well, I was wondering if I could...
...well, talk to you.
OK. You want to talk,
we talk.
- I hope I'm not trespassing, old man.
- Don't mind me. Come in.
You see? Robert not mind
what we talk.
Yes, but this is rather personal.
- Suzie is just my model. That's all.
- I very good model.
But wages not too good.
...I might as well tell you
that I've split with my wife.
I'm not the kind of man
who can endure being alone.
I need female companionship.
I have a friend with a rather happy
arrangement with one of you girls.
It's worked out very well
for both of them.
I was wondering if we couldn't get
together on the same sort of basis too.
You think it's a good idea, Robert?
- What?
- To be Ben's permanent girlfriend?
You do what you want.
What I want is good man
with big heart,
who say, "Suzie, you're nice girl,
and I love nice girl."
But I guess maybe I never find
such man. Will I, Robert?
I've already told you.
I'll try and be good to you, Suzie.
You won't find me ungenerous.
You still let me pose for Robert
if I say yes?
Oh, of course, yes.
Yes, we're both gentlemen. I trust him.
I not want you to trust him.
I want you to trust me.
I not dirty street-girl. If I your regular
girlfriend, I never go with another man.
No. Of course not, no.
You think Ben'll be good for me,
Look, you've got the whole city
of Hong Kong to make deals in.
Why use my room
for your pickups?
I'm sorry, old man, you said
it didn't make any difference.
It doesn't.
Well, if you don't want me now,
I go with Ben.
I don't want you.
I feel very sorry for you, Robert.
You not big man.
You little man.
And little man have little heart.
...that's that.
Good morning, Robert.
You up very early.
- Either that, or you're up very late.
- Excuse me if I not stop.
I look like ugly dragon this morning.
Well, for goodness' sake!
Not expect to find you here.
Just come by to see if Gwenny Lee
would like to go shopping.
She's upstairs.
Ben go to Macao on business today.
Nothing for me to do.
- If you like, I pose for you.
- Thanks, I have plans.
Guess what?
Ben say he'll take me to England.
- He did, huh?
- He's crazy about me.
He'll do anything I ask.
Wants to marry me.
Then why doesn't he?
It's that stuck-up wife.
She make trouble for him.
- I just hate her.
- You don't even know her.
But he's gonna get divorce.
- I wouldn't count on that.
- Well, he is.
He's so good to me. I never had
anyone so good to me before.
He take me into big store,
and he say to clerk,
"This little lady Miss Suzie Wong.
You let her charge anything she want."
Now, what you think of that,
for goodness' sake?
You seem to have all you need.
You should be very happy.
Why you hate me?
Why should I hate you?
I not know.
But I see it in your eyes.
You hate me.
Look, if you sit here
and chat with me all day,
you'll have little time
to spend Ben's money.
Excuse me.
Robert, it's getting awfully late.
I really must go.
I'm sorry, Kay,
I became so involved I forgot.
- I'll never straighten my neck again.
- Here, maybe this'll take the kinks out.
You've been very patient.
That's divine.
It'll be a lovely night. Like to come to
dinner? We could eat on the terrace.
Australian oysters
flown in this morning.
- That does it. What time?
- Seven-ish.
You've got a deal.
- I not know you having party.
- Well, I didn't recognize you.
We've been working all day.
I was just going.
Oh, I not keep you, then.
It's funny, you always seem
to be arriving when I'm leaving.
We must reverse that someday.
Bye, Robert. See you later.
Oh, yes, Kay, 7.
Take that terrible dress off.
This expensive dress.
I don't care what it cost. You look like
a cheap European streetwalker.
You shut up!
Now, just a minute.
- Why not a ring in your nose?
- Leave me alone. Dress cost plenty.
- What you doing?
- I'll show you.
- You jealous. I have him beat you up.
- Yeah.
This fine, expensive dress
cost plenty dollar.
- Same as your English girl wear.
- Look at these horrible shoes.
- They cost 84 Hong Kong dollars.
- I don't care what they cost.
They're terrible!
You haven't the faintest idea
what real beauty is.
You haven't sense enough to realize
you don't need a lot of tinsel on you.
Why don't you leave me alone?
Get out of my life, will you?
Oh, Lomax.
- Hello.
- Thank you for coming.
- Won't you sit down? Have a drink?
- No. You said it was urgent.
Well, yes.
Well, won't you please sit down.
- You sure you wouldn't like to have...?
- What is it?
Well...'s about Suzie.
- Isn't that your problem?
Yes. Yes, I know, but...
And I don't know how to handle it.
You see... wife found out about her.
I wouldn't have old Bets discover this
for anything in the world.
How did she find out?
I told her.
Sorta stupid of me, wasn't it?
I got loaded, and she...
...let me make love to her
for the first time in almost a year.
And she was so sweet, I upped and
confessed out of sheer gratitude.
- What'd she say?
- Nothing.
She just got up,
made out a little list,
gave it to me, packed
and left the house.
A list of things I'd have to do
to avoid a scandal and divorce.
Suzie says you want a divorce.
You can't be serious. Oh,
Suzie's quite exceptional and all that.
But one just doesn't do
that sort of thing with that sort of girl.
I don't want to hurt Suzie.
She's been very decent.
If it hadn't been for Suzie, old Betsy
and I wouldn't have got together again.
- So?
- Well... see, I was wondering
if you'd be a sport
and explain to Suzie for me.
She likes you. She'd listen. Of course,
I want to give her something.
You mean, you want to throw her out,
but you want me to tell her.
Yes, I'd be very grateful
if you would.
Oh, I'm sure you would be.
- We chaps have to stick together.
- I'd hoped you'd see it that way.
Yes, we're two of a kind.
We know she isn't
really a human being,
so she couldn't possibly have
any feelings.
Since she's Chinese,
it wouldn't matter anyhow.
Why you so nice to me
all of a sudden?
You going away someplace?
Have you seen Ben?
Oh, yes.
He bring me here in taxi.
Oh, I tell you, that Ben,
he just can't do too much for me.
He say, "Suzie, darling,
please say you'll marry me."
Oh, that Ben.
- He's crazy mad about me.
- Suzie, he's through with you.
What you mean?
He's going back to his wife.
I not believe you.
He asked me to tell you.
So finish.
I not see Ben for two days.
You catch me making lies again.
It's better to pretend.
- I'm sorry I lost my temper yesterday.
- Oh, I forget.
It's all over now.
Not important.
I guess I go to cinema now.
Oh, I hear film at Bijou very good.
Musical film.
You hear about it, maybe?
I don't think I have.
Oh, everybody talking about
that film, for goodness' sake.
I not want to miss it.
If I hurry, I get good seat.
May I go with you?
No. I don't think film
would interest you.
Suzie, don't let it touch you.
My name Mee Ling.
My father very rich man.
I not dirty street-girl.
I not dirty street-girl!
Oh, Suzie!
Don't go away. Stay with me.
Why you care? Nothing to you.
Nothing to me?
It just kills me.
Let me take care of you.
We'll work it out somehow.
But please don't go away.
No. Tonight you sorry for me.
Tomorrow will be different.
Tomorrow will be worse.
How can I tell you
how much I need you?
if you ask nice English girl
to stay with you,
she stay first time you ask her?
I don't know.
I guess not. Why?
I want to be like nice English girl
for you.
So I'm very sorry, Robert.
I like you very much.
But I don't think I can stay with you.
- I go now.
- Suzie,
this is silly.
This is no time to pretend.
I not stay with anyone
who ask me first time.
Good night, Robert.
Thank you very much.
Is now tomorrow, Robert.
I never do anything like this before.
You my first man.
You believe?
I believe.
And you're my first girl.
Tell him no clippers.
Not too much off over the ears.
- Maybe I'd better forget the...
- Oh, no. He very good barber.
Honorable gentleman like to ask,
where you been for the last hour?
- Well?
- Oh, just go out.
I thought I'd be back before you.
- No, seriously, where were you?
- Oh, for a walk. Why?
- You afraid I get run over?
- Always.
Now, listen, you gotta stop
this disappearing act.
It makes me nervous.
I never know where you are.
Well, I go to temple to pray.
- This bad?
- No, that's good.
Now, look. You sit here.
I've got something for you.
- What?
- Never mind.
Oh, Robert, so beautiful.
- Where do you find?
- Very stuck-up shop.
- And that's not all.
- You take back. Cost plenty dollar.
Plenty, but you're gonna
make me famous.
Now, the man swore
on his grandmother's honor
that these had been
worn by an empress.
You're crazy, Robert.
Oh, I take back right away.
No, put on right away.
Now what's the matter?
You smoke cigarette.
I put on dress.
Oh, you.
- Hey, hurry up. It's raining.
- You can come in now.
Would an empress do that?
Only Wan Chai girl in love.
A little hazardous for kissing.
Well, you tilt head to one side,
and I tilt head to other.
- Clever, these Chinese.
- Now I tilt to other side.
- Hi.
- Sorry, I wake you.
Go back to sleep.
I'll be back soon.
- Where you going?
- To visit Minni Ho.
Oh, come on, now. Minni Ho went
to Macao yesterday. Don't lie to me.
Why I lie? Just go for walk, Robert.
But where you going? Half the
time I don't know where you are.
Well, I'll be back soon.
- In that case, I'm going with you.
- No.
Suzie, I know you're in there.
Is my baby.
My baby need me.
I see him every day.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was afraid. Afraid you not
want girl with baby.
Afraid police take my baby away.
Father very important man.
Work for government.
But he not want baby.
He say to police I blackmail him.
I not understand,
but nobody take my baby away.
I hide him with Amah.
You not make me
give baby up, Robert?
I not want to leave you, Robert.
You beat me up, please?
- You wanna take our picture?
- Oh, no, I was just admiring the baby.
- What's his name?
- Winston.
- Winston?
- He's named after Winston Churchill.
- All mine.
- Wow.
Sorry I so long.
It's about time.
Robert, wait. What is today?
- Tuesday the first, isn't it?
- Second day of third moon.
I must have my fortune told.
- You mean he tells fortunes?
- He very wise old Tibetan monk.
What will he do? Tell your fortune
or give you a shampoo?
He wants to feel
if I have any new bumps.
Well, if he finds any, will you
tell him I didn't put them there?
Oh, he say I very lucky girl.
- He say I go to America.
- Oh, a travel agent, huh?
He say I be very happy there
and live long life.
He say I make trip to America
straight after rains.
He forecasts the weather too?
He mean big rain that come
every year to Hong Kong. Very bad.
You give him $1 now, please.
- You mean he gets paid for that?
- Oh, he very wise old monk.
- He take money.
- Yes, very wise.
You're doing better than I am.
- These are wonderful.
- Thank you.
- It's an adorable baby.
- Yes, he is.
It's amazing. You've managed
to make her look positively maternal.
You're right. Hong Kong
is not the place
- To sell paintings of Chinese babies.
- No.
- I thought they were commercial.
- Much better to send them to London.
We haven't had a reaction
from the first batch.
- Oh, you will.
- I hope so.
Need money?
Robert, why don't you...?
Why don't you let me
pay you in advance?
- I'm sure they'll sell.
- You're a darling,
but there's one kind of artist
I'm not going to be.
- If you were sick you'd let me help.
- I'm not that sick.
- About time.
- Oh, sorry I late.
You show pictures to English girl?
- She know somebody want to buy?
- No, but...
- Like this.
- Yes, yes, yes, yes, I know, like this.
She's gonna send them on to London.
But that'll take a long time.
- Well, we'll just have to wait.
- Robert, use this, please.
You too.
Is money I save for my baby,
so he won't grow up coolie boy.
But baby too little to use now.
Pretty soon you be big man.
Then you help him.
So now use money.
He said it was a personal matter.
A personal matter?
What could he mean?
You run a bank,
what else could it mean?
His money's gone,
he wants to borrow money?
He's very talented.
Darling, if you don't want
to support me
for the rest of your life,
you better help him.
Oh, I see. All right,
ask him to come in.
- You can come in now.
- Thanks.
- Hello, Robert.
- How are you?
- Good to see you. Sit down.
- I won't take much of your time.
What I want can be answered
with a quick yes or no.
No, I'm much
too garrulous for that.
Besides, bankers don't like
coming right down to the point.
I want you to help me get a job.
- Well, what about your painting?
- I have to earn a living.
But I thought you came with enough
money to see you through for a year.
I spent it.
Do you think you can work
and paint in your spare time?
No, sir, I don't.
- And you've made a choice?
- Yes, I've made a choice.
All right, I'll see what
I can do for you. Sit down.
- Where you go, for goodness' sake?
- I went to get a job.
What do you mean?
O'Neill is going to help me get a job.
- You mean, you not paint anymore?
- Look, if I were a prizefighter,
and I kept getting my brains knocked
out, I'd be foolish if I didn't quit, huh?
I'm not good enough to paint, and I'm
tired of getting my brains knocked out.
I've worked in an office before.
- Why you not tell me you do this?
- Why should I?
I didn't want your money,
and Ah Tong
tells me you paid the rent with it.
Robert, please not give up painting.
Without painting you'll die inside.
Robert, please not give up painting.
Without painting you'll die inside.
Then I die. But I not important.
Only important you be important.
What am I going to do?
Sit here and let us starve,
swallowing bits of my pride
until it chokes me?
- Why you not let me help?
- Just how do you propose to do that?
Go back to work?
I not mind.
No love, no feeling, just like
holding someone for a dance.
What do I do?
Walk around the block
while you bring sailors here?
You know what that makes me?
- Robert!
- Get out! Be a prostitute!
I shouldn't have touched you.
I can get ten like you in two minutes.
All I have to do is use the phone.
You want to see? Ah Tong.
- Sorry, Robert, not today.
- OK, thanks.
Oh, Gwenny,
has Suzie been around?
Suzie never come in bar
without you, Robert.
- Something wrong?
- No, no.
Maybe she go to see movie.
New picture just started,
very good. I see three times.
Yeah, maybe. I'll look for her.
I'm sorry.
A girl there, Wong.
- Is she a relation?
- A friend.
- Has she got any relations?
- Not that I know of.
- Where'd she work?
- Is that important?
- It is if we're going to ask questions.
- Nam Kok bar.
She's a Wan Chai girl, but at least
you people must have some records.
Very well, I'll see what I can do.
Understand that there are
3 million people in Hong Kong.
Over 2 million are refugees, who
live in anthills, sampans and streets.
Thousands more come in
from China every month.
Certainly, we have records,
but our hands are full 24 hours a day.
I know what the odds are,
but at least you can try.
Of course.
- Name?
- Suzie Wong.
I ask everybody where
Suzie went, Robert. Nobody see.
- She just disappear.
- I've got to find her, Gwenny.
- I know she needs me.
- Maybe she write nice letter.
You know she can't write.
I keep looking.
- Yeah. Thanks.
- Robert.
I knit socks for you.
I hope they fit.
You're a doll.
- You looking for girl, mister?
- Yes, Suzie.
- You like me? Take me with you.
- Go back and play with your dolls.
Oh, please, mister, you lonely,
I make you forget.
Mister, take me
with you. I very nice.
- No, take me with you.
- Get away, get away.
- Suzie.
- Well, there you are.
The door was open.
I hope you don't mind.
- Of course not, Kay.
- Where have you been?
Out in the rain, mostly.
- Is something wrong?
- Something's right.
They sold one of your paintings, and
there's a lot of interest in the others.
I know it's not much money,
but it is a start.
I was so excited,
I had to come and tell you.
- Which one was it? Do you know?
- Suzie, of course.
Of course.
I've lost her, Kay. She's gone.
Well... Oh, well, we'll just have
to find you another model.
It isn't that simple.
I love her.
You don't mean it?
- Why not?
- Well, she...
You know why.
Oh, yes, the problem of morals.
I can't expect you
to understand. I didn't.
Now I keep asking myself, what
would I have done if I had been she?
A frightened child, hungry, alone.
Would I steal to survive? Would I...?
Just how far would I go
in order to keep on living?
Suzie learned to pretend.
Make believe that her body,
her love and her soul were...
...all separate and apart.
I could have changed that.
That's what I didn't understand.
I'm sorry.
Get out of those wet clothes
and come over for dinner.
Father knows a lot of people in
Hong Kong. I'm sure he'd want to help.
It'd be laughable if it wasn't so filthy.
I'm forced to compete
with a waterfront tramp.
This is upsetting.
I've never seen you like this.
You've never seen me
in love before.
Please, tell him you'll help him,
then don't. Help me.
- And if he isn't in love with you, Kay?
- He could be.
He's the only man in my life
I've ever wanted.
And if I have to get him
the way she did, I'll do it.
Now, stop it, Kay.
That's no way to find happiness.
- Mr. Lomax is here, sir.
- All right, show him in.
Are you going to help me
or a Wan Chai street-girl?
I'm going to help my daughter.
I'm sorry I'm late.
The streets are flooded.
It's always the same this time
of year. It's these rains.
Let me get you a drink.
Kay told me about the painting.
- Congratulations.
- Oh, thanks.
I also told him about the girl.
He's going to help you.
Yes, I'll give the commissioner
a description in the morning.
He might be able to trace her.
But don't you think it might be wiser
to allow the girl to abide by the decision
she seems to have made herself?
She doesn't know how I feel now.
And are you sure
you know how you feel?
I'd marry her.
You'd be happy to spend the end
of your days with an old Chinese wife?
Well, I couldn't prevent growing old,
no matter who I married.
Robert, I want you to face
some hard realities.
For example, I couldn't employ a man
in my bank who married such a girl.
- What happened to your liberalism?
- Oh, I have it.
I also have a board of directors
who have wives
with a great deal of bitterness
because their husbands
have girls like Suzie.
It's fortunate one doesn't have
to marry your board of directors.
Father said he'd help you find her.
Kay, I've got to find her.
I can't eat. I can't paint. I can't sleep.
Painting Suzie isn't everything.
If you never painted her again
you wouldn't die.
You'll have to excuse me.
I'm not fit company tonight.
But thanks.
Well, what did I say that was wrong?
Like this.
You've come back. What are
you doing in the rain?
- You not hate me? We friends still?
- I love you.
You help me, then.
Houses on hills wash down.
My baby and Amah in house.
Police not let me get my baby out.
You come with me, please.
They'll listen to you, Robert.
Don't worry, we'll get him out.
I promise you that.
Come on, come on.
Hurry, hurry. Come on.
Get that road clear.
You've gotta let us through.
Her baby is up there.
I'm sorry, mister, nobody
gets through here. Hey, come back!
- Let us through.
- Not a chance.
- We've got to.
- It's too dangerous.
- Who's in charge here?
- Over there.
Look out, the ground's giving way.
Keep those people moving fast!
- How can we get up there?
- I'm sorry, it's impossible.
See for yourself, those houses
are coming down like ninepins.
Stay here.
Hey, sergeant,
we need more men over there.
Try the army. Hey, you,
come back! Come back!
Come on, come on!
Quickly, quickly. Run, run.
My baby dead.
My baby dead.
My baby gone.
Why ancient gods punish him?
Why not kill me?
I do bad, not baby.
Suzie, please,
we've got to get out of here.
Paper bridge for your baby
to cross over into celestial garden.
A nice, private sampan
for him to live in.
Winston fine, first-class baby, Suzie.
These books, so he not grow up
to be ignorant coolie.
This nice paper ricksha,
so he not have to walk where he goes.
I forgot something.
My baby not know
anybody, where to go.
You write him letter of introduction?
What would you like
to have me write?
"This letter introducing
Winston Mee Ling Wong.
"He very fine gentleman.
"Not cry too much
and not cause too much trouble.
"Give him good job, please.
"Not let him be hungry
and not let him be lonely.
"He good friend of Robert Lomax,
very important artist."
And sign letter,
"Respectfully, Suzie Wong."
How shall I address it?
Say, "To whom it may concern."
Robert, you send letter, personally.
He has letter now.
Suzie, marry me.
Go with me anywhere I go.
Robert, I be with you
until you say, "Suzie, go away."
That long