The World of the Vampires (1961) Movie Script

- What is that?
- What?
It looks like a pillar of smoke.
There's a man...
- What's going on here?
- I don't know.
He's not going away.
Let's get out of here.
He might attack us!
Release me!
Anna... Anna!
king of darkness,
evil spirit that all here
came to adore.
On this stone, you triumphed
for the first time.
On it, we offer a new wife to you.
On the stone, our destiny is written.
The circle formed by your wives
will soon see you reach
the cabalistic figure.
With this dagger,
I was murdered more than
one hundred years ago
by a man who carried
the cursed name of... Colman!
That wound ended my terrestrial life
before my mission against the
human form was finished.
I was sentenced to life in the dark.
He made me live in perpetual night.
And since that cursed day,
I continue to pursue all those
which have caused me misfortune,
those who bear this name
that took my life.
But my tasks are not achieved.
There still remains three members of
the condemned family.
I equipped you with the eyes of the spirit,
and from now on you can
help me to see through time and space.
Go and seek out my enemies.
What do you see?
I see an old man.
It is he.
What else do you see?
Two young women.
They are very beautiful.
One is sad.
The other laughs.
They are occupied with their guests.
I hear music.
They are the three members
of the cursed family.
The mandate of Astaroth orders me
to exterminate all of them
before the end of the full moon.
Only then
will my mission end along with one
hundred years of that crime against me.
If I do not finish on time,
I will need the patience to wait
another hundred years.
They are condemned,
nobody will be able to save them.
But as long as they refuse to join
the legion of the living dead,
I will not be able to give the signal
which will launch the conquest
of the universe.
We will absolutely destroy all of
the reprehensible human race.
We will form a new species
of immortals.
We will be gods.
We will reign on Earth
until the end of time.
You are now immortal.
Like the rest of us.
Now, I would like to ask our guest,
Mr. Rodolfo Sabre,
if we he would honor us
with his beautiful playing.
Honestly, I am not a pianist.
When we lived in the capital,
you played.
Yes, but the music I play
today is very different.
I am sure that we will enjoy it.
Please play something...
In reality, I create music
from a point of view very different than
the way you think.
What are you saying, my boy?
One could say that I study
the science of music, in a way.
The effects of sound
on living beings, for example.
I don't quite understand.
Does anyone else?
I'm trying to say that there are
musical sounds and vibrations,
which are able to produce the strangest
and most marvelous effects.
They can kill an animal...
Or a person.
- Make them insane.
- Seriously?
And there are still vibrations which
have not been discovered.
Why don't you play a little of this music?
I have warned you,
you won't like it.
Was it the music that made
the dog made bark like that?
Dogs have more sensitive
ears than us.
They can hear very far.
The melody I played causes
a very special reaction.
It's not possible.
The music contains elements that are
aggressive, humorous,
religious, terrifying.
It produces an effect on
all types of beings.
Concentrate, and tell me
what you feel.
What sensations did music
cause you to feel?
I do not know... it was strange.
But my spirit left my body
during one moment.
I do not know why.
But I thought of the
death of our mother.
And I was in the Pantheon.
It did not astonish me.
According to what is said
in Transylvania,
this music calls the dead.
See, certain combinations of notes
have varying capabilities.
What a surprise, Mr. Subotai!
I thought that you would not come,
since you never accept invitations
from anybody.
We are very proud to have
you in our home.
I suppose that you all know
Mr. Subotai.
- Isn't he handsome?
- Rather, very tempting.
Don't they say
he's very wealthy?
It must be true...
And yet his house is practically
in ruins.
Is it the one next to the cemetery?
What do you think?
Do you think he inherited it?
What an icy stare...
don't you think?
See how he looks at Mirta?
Haven't we already met?
Mr. Rodolfo Sabre is a former friend
from the Capital.
When you arrived,
Rodolfo was playing us some very
strange music on the piano.
Why not let our guest listen?
Another of those melodies with
the strange abilities.
I assure you, it is fascinating.
A passionate music, is it not?
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
You have an air like...
I thought, that you enjoy
strange music.
Perhaps we have a different idea...
of what is truly artistic.
You will certainly be enchanted by
Rodolfo's music.
Go. Do not pray.
As you like.
For the last hour, Rodolfo played us
a melody which, according to him,
makes the dead rise from their tombs.
I do not know why but I have
just remembered
an old melody that has a curious tradition
in Central Europe.
Stop that!
Calm down, everyone.
What's gotten into you?
Stop that...
I could not contain myself. But...
But this melody reminded me
of a painful memory,
a family disgrace.
It is only one regrettable and
unhappy chance.
Rodolfo did not want
to hurt you.
You were never more
wise, Rodolfo.
- You disappoint me once again.
- One moment...
Please forgive me.
But I must excuse myself, gentlemen.
I make a point of presenting my sincere
regards to the Colman Family.
I hope that we will meet again
in circumstances that are more favorable.
- I, as well, Sir.
- I'll accompany you back.
What kind of music can put a
man in this state?
It is absurd.
I played this piece because it
pleases me,
and not to produce an effect
on this man.
An effect, you say?
What kind of effect?
According to peasants of Transylvania,
this music is used for summoning...
- That's ridiculous.
- Summoning what?
Vampires, appear.
This is very scary.
It is one of the oldest legends of these
reclusive areas.
Why do you take this so serious?
Don't you think vampires exist, Mirta?
No, not at all.
And wouldn't Subotai make
a perfect vampire.
He has the same pallor that, according
to superstitious people...
Have pity, Rodolfo,
stop teasing us.
- But what do you have?
- I do not know.
But all hour I saw a strange
thing and...
- And that would be terrible.
- Tell me, what did you see?
You'll laugh...
Well, if you have nothing to say to me...
Don't disturb me.
My car is right in front.
I again ask you to excuse yourselves
from this incident.
He doesn't know his manners.
Please forget about this.
Only you know the true reason of my arrival
to your reception.
- Don't you know?
- No, I don't know.
You are...
You are my only true interest.
Your hands are completely cold.
Why do you look at me that way?
It is as if I have always known you.
You expected my arrival.
You knew I would come for you,
to take you away with me.
With you, far from here.
Look deep into my eyes,
do you want to see all?
What do you see?
But well after death,
you will find eternal life.
True eternal life.
Life of all the beings known
as immortals.
Like me.
I offer an entire life in my world to you,
if you dare to accompany me.
Through time and space.
Give it to me.
It is this life which I desire more.
Give it to me.
Did you think of spending
the entire night here?
Did Mr. Subotai leave?
However, fleas are much
better than the elephants.
And all this despite the
enormous ears of the latter.
And all this despite the
enormous ears of the latter.
I already saw a flea
dancing a waltz.
Obviously, it was a
Viennese flea.
Please excuse my niece.
She does not feel very well.
But you do not either.
What were you talking about?
A story of a Viennese flea.
We had a delicious evening.
We all hope to hear you play
the piano again.
With pleasure, Sir.
It was a beautiful evening,
good night.
At the pleasure of meeting again.
I'm also going to bed.
Good night, Rodolfo.
What do you think?
I find your nieces a little odd.
Mirta appeared frightened enough.
Especially with the arrival of the man
who didn't like my music.
Jealous of a type who gets dressed up
like it was Carnival?
Good, it's late. Let us sleep.
You cannot know the pleasure it gives me
to remain among you.
The pleasure is mine.
I already told you a million times
not to disturb me.
The time has come.
I chosen this night,
your body and soul
unite the power of Darkness.
Answer my call!
I have you of course.
I come to you, master.
Good beyond the malevolent glance
of the human beings,
the forces born with the deepest of
darkness, rooted in the ground,
and the black breath of all
these dead which live
will take you along up to now.
Misfortune of the night.
Darkness has little importance.
Nothing can stop you.
Go beyond space.
Beyond the shadows.
I am coming, master.
You were meant to join
me one day.
The finger of destiny chooses the ones
during the night.
And you are one of them.
But it is not enough that
you only come.
You are one of the parts which will
enable me to achieve my revenge.
All those which bear the diabolical
name of Colman
will have to pay a heavy tribute
to avenge Subotai.
Centuries ago,
in Hungary.
Count Subotai had united all
the powers of darkness.
All was finally ready at that time,
so that the living dead could
finally dominate humanity.
But a man discovered his secret:
Elias Colman.
The Magus of Transylvania.
He knew all the mysteries of
the alchemists
and knew the language
of the stars.
He wildly assassinated
my ancestor
by hammering a stake into his heart.
But the revenge on the power
of the Evil was relentless.
One by one, the descendants of the
cursed family were destroyed.
a Colman escaped to America.
And me,
I was chosen to rebuild the masterful
works of my ancestors
and it could not begin before
that last relative of the murderer
was finally destroyed.
You know the Colman I speak of.
My uncle.
It is written in the cabal
of Astaroth.
Until the last
Baron of this name
is destroyed.
When with you and your
dear sister,
my revenge towards you will be
even more splendid.
Astaroth will have two new priestesses
within its orders.
Before the new moon reaches
its plenitude.
Do You understand?
I am ready.
Servants of Evil,
the hour to avenge Astaroth
has arrived.
All to join your destiny on the
place of the sacrifices.
This night,
you will become immortal.
Next will come your sister's turn.
And in front of the eyes of
the last cursed Colman,
will be united with the legion
of the living dead.
Did I awaken you?
I heard you.
I couldn't get to sleep.
Suddenly, I felt the need to play.
I haven't played these melodies in
quite a long time.
Schubert, Chopin.
They're good for helping you sleep.
I wasn't able to sleep either.
It will be necessary to
play for me.
Just for a few minutes?
I do not want to wake the entire house.
And you must sleep.
Just one minute.
You're not listening to me.
What did you think?
The melody that you played
during the party.
Which you said that...
That which summons vampires?
Why did you ask me to play it?
I don't know... I can't say.
I suddenly needed to
hear it again.
And now you are satisfied.
And now, go to bed.
No, nothing.
Leave me!
They will transform you, like me.
Look at me!
You go burn in Hell!
Soon we will be exactly like them.
It will not happen to them.
Curse you!
Where are they going?
As the Cabal says,
All of the male descendants
will be destroyed.
The shadows will come to be linked in the
world of the dead which live.
And the last man of the cursed family
must be present until the grand finale.
You all are insane. Why?
Your crime must be paid for
with your blood,
like I made all those who bore your
cursed name pay
for a crime committed in Hungary
three hundred years ago.
Your moment will come a little later.
Before that,
you must attend an event.
This night,
one of you - faithful servants
of Astaroth -
received the order to bring
a woman here.
This mission was not accomplished.
In our world, forgiveness
does not exist.
And one cannot forgive
such a thing.
You know quite well that is
the law.
Descendant of the Hungarian Colmans,
cursed family!
The moment of your atonement
has finally arrived!
What's happening to her?
From now on, you are immortal.
Like me.
As we all are.
Now, you have a mission to achieve.
To exterminate the man who
stands in my way.
If it had not been, and if there had not
been the cursed music,
your sister would already be like you.
You must leave immediately.
You have until tomorrow morning
when the full moon arrives.
That their blood is the first tribute of
your new existence.
One moment, Mirta.
My uncle disappeared and I can't
find Leonor.
Aren't they in their rooms?
I called several times and no
one answered.
The door is locked, that's odd.
I am very scared.
Come. We'll find them.
Did you hear that?
Like an high-pitched scream.
Don't be so nervous.
Where could Leonor and
your uncle be?
I already looked for them here and
at the nearest neighbors.
And they haven't been seen.
But did you ask everyone?
No, let's wait a little while.
I was not able to check all
of the neighbors.
I did not want to go to
Subotai's residence.
They did not have any reason
to go up to his home.
It looks like there are
ghosts over there.
I'll go there. I'll get dressed.
No, don't go there alone, Rodolfo.
Don't leave me alone.
Okay, come with me.
You know what you have to do
while waiting for the night.
Is Mr. Subotai home?
Colman, is that you?
Yes, it's me!
I'm coming!
God bless you.
I didn't have much hope.
Let me go.
Provided that someone arrives
in time.
Have pity, kill me...
I do not want to become
like them.
That is worth a life of that kind?
- What is this?
- I do not know.
Yesterday, he was a man.
But now, look at it.
Your hand, Rodolfo.
What does it have?
I don't know, I can't explain it.
I noticed it this morning.
My God, I hope that it's
not what I think it is.
You were attacked by one of those
things that live here.
Like that one.
Impossible to help it.
It sleeps.
These things sleep during the day.
It is not possible.
I should have realized it.
Subotai... Subotai is a vampire.
Hurry, before he returns
and it's too late.
Be very strong.
They do not fall asleep, Rodolfo.
It's quarter to six.
We still have an hour before
the sun goes down.
Open the door!
Have pity, help me escape
from here.
You will leave.
A new life will soon start for you.
The true life, you will see.
It's useless.
There isn't an exit.
I have no desire to sleep.
The night is approaching, I feel it.
Silence... I hear steps.
Small steps.
It was only a spider.
You mean...
You heard the spider walking?
I hear things which I had
never heard before.
No, don't look at me like that,
do not look at me!
I will never transform into...
You can't see anything with this light.
I can't see anything anymore,
I'm blind.
My hearing is sharpening,
bit by bit.
In not too long, I won't be
able to speak...
I will become one of them!
But before that happens,
before the worst comes...
Colman, do you understand?
When the worst arrives...
It's not more than quarter to six.
What time do you have?
It is not possible...
It was quarter to six when
I looked at my watch.
Time has stopped.
- What time could it be already?
- No idea.
Perhaps it's already night.
An exit!
Or an entrance
to the coffins.
He's dead.
Another victim of this misery.
My poor Leonor.
I thought I would never
see you again.
You were on the altar.
Subotai held the dagger.
And then I disappeared.
How could you escape?
I don't know.
Suddenly they left and
I was alone.
And Subotai. Where did he go?
You'll see.
There they are, master.
Cursed descendant of Colman.
The hour of your atonement
has arrived.
I finally understand.
I can control them with music.
Keep an eye on Mirta.
I must reach the organ.
Take Mirta with!
Find this rotten exit!
While dead, Subotai carried
with him the curse
and all this monstrous
universe disappeared.
And Leonor?
I had a horrible dream.
- Where am I?
- Don't worry, you are saved.
Unfortunately, it was too late
to save him.
Let us leave, I beg you.
Accompany them, Mr. Colman.
I will warn the police.
It would be useless.
It's so horrible,
that nobody would believe it.
You're right.
We will be the only ones with the knowledge
that this day ever existed...
the World of the Vampires.
English fansubs by bgart13, with
thanks to Mark and Antonio. 2008-2009.