The World of Us (2016) Movie Script

Filament Pictures presents
an ATO production
executive producer
JEONG Tee-sung
associate producer
KIM Young-wook YOU Jinnie
produced by
KIM Soon-mo
Rock, scissors, paper!
- I pick Eun-ju!
- Pick me!
Rock, scissors, paper!
- Jin-seul, come here.
- Go.
Rock, scissors, paper!
- I pick Seo-won.
- Go.
I pick Ji-hae!
Hold on!
Rock, scissors, paper!
- I'll take Tae-hee!
- Yes!
Rock, scissors, paper!
- I'll take Jun-hyuk.
- Okay.
I pick Seo-yeon.
Rock, scissors, paper!
- I pick Sung-joon.
- Okay.
Our team has lots of boys.
Rock, scissors, paper!
Who should I pick?
" Ye-joon!
- Okay,
Rock, scissors, paper!
I pick Chae-won.
- Almost done?
- I pick Ji-min.
Just two left now.
Rock, scissors, paper!
Yes! I pick Min-chul!
Sun sucks!
- Let me pick Min-chul?
- Forget it.
- Let's play-
- Okay.
I was just kidding.
- All set?
- Yes!
Let's play!
One, two, three! Go!
- Throw it back!
- Hey!
You crossed the line.
No, I didn't.
You saw her, right?
What's wrong?
She crossed the line.
- You crossed the line?
- She crossed it!
- I didn't!
- You saw her?
I saw her!
- You're out.
- You crossed it.
- Then go out.
- I didn't.
Let's play-
Sun is out?
It's okay.
She's on our team!
The World of Us
I'm a pro!
- What's this!
- Not bad!
- My turn.
- Okay!
Want a nice pen for your birthday?
- No!
- How about me?
- I was born for your party.
- So cute.
Let's sing and go on trampolines
after my party.
" Yes!
But it's our turn to clean then.
- Ream?
- Must be cursed.
Poor me having to clean
on my birthday!
- Bora?
- Yes?
This was on the floor.
Think of a way out of cleaning.
- You're the smart one.
- What shall we do?
Let's ask Mr. Kim.
- Wait! Sun!
- Hmm?
What are you doing tomorrow?
- Who ordered this much?
- Mrs. Shin.
When's your vacation?
Sun's break starts tomorrow.
You promised to go to the sea!
They'll be crushed.
Let's think about it
when I get overtime pay.
Tell them to pay you on time.
Thought of visiting your dad
in the hospital.
Aren't you going to see him?
Why should I?
Don't even think of going.
Why not?
Journals everyday
and 2 books a week. Okay?
- Yes!
- Can't be comic books!
Why not!
I said no comic books!
Summer vacation is important
for grade fours, right?
- Yes.
- Good.
Who's cleaning today?
It's our group.
- Bora, Eun-ju, and Tae-yeon?
- Yes.
- Don't skimp on the last day.
- Yes.
Read the summer precautions
on the newsletter.
That's very important.
What are you looking at?
This is my class.
Looking for someone?
You're in class 3?
I'm in class 3 now too.
- I transferred here today.
- Kid!
I looked all over.
Let's go.
Yes, ma'am.
What's your name?
I'm Han Jia.
What's yours?
I'm Lee Sun.
See ya.
See ya.
Who is it?
Isn't this Bora's place?
What the heck?
Hey! Sun!
- Huh?
- It is you.
- Hi, Jia.
- Remember me?
- Yup.
What were you looking at?
- It's really high up here.
- Yeah.
And so many cars.
- Thanks a lot.
- For what?
If it weren't for you,
I'd be totally lost here.
The streets are so confusing.
I got lost here a lot too
when I was young.
- You grew up here?
- Yes.
Then you must have many friends.
So jealous.
What's that?
A bracelet.
A bracelet?
It's so pretty!
Where'd you buy this?
I made it.
- You did?
- Yup.
- How did you make this?
- It's easy.
You're so talented!
How can you make this?
- You can have it.
- What?
If you want...
It's okay.
I didn't mean to sound needy.
Not at all.
- I want to give it to you.
- But it's yours.
I can make another one.
And, it'll look good on you.
- Really?
- Yup.
Thanks, Sun.
No problem.
How do you put it on?
Pull this.
- Like that.
- It's so pretty.
Cool! I love it!
It's so easy.
Just pull this?
Yup. Pull it like this.
- How do I take it off?
- Oh.
Just like this.
- Wrestled with Yeon-ho again?
- Yup.
Tell him to cut his nails.
Doesn't it hurt?
- It must be ouch.
- No, it's okay.
It's gotta hurt!
- Mom's here.
- Mommy!
- Mommy's home.
- I set the blankets.
Thank you!
Such a good son!
- Yeon-ho scratched him again.
- Where?
It must've hurt.
- Can't you play nice?
- Okay.
- Was the birthday party fun?
- Ah, yes.
- Whose birthday was it?
- Someone??
I forggt!
Dad said he's busy at the factory
and has to work overnight.
Poor dad.
He must be so tired.
I know.
" Mom?
I met a new friend today.
Her name is Han Jia.
She transferred here today.
I'm the first one she met.
Cool, huh?
Sorry, my house is so boring.
No, it's fun.
There aren't any treats today...
It's okay.
- So it's your grandma's house?
- Yup.
- It's so old.
- No, it's nice.
The air-conditioner is so old.
Everything's old-fashioned here.
No. I like it!
Where's your mom?
- She works.
- Really?
My mom works too.
What does she do?
She works abroad.
- Abroad?
- Yup.
- Really? Where?
- England.
Oh, England.
- Then have you been there?
- Just for a while.
I'm so jealous!
Isn't it boring here?
Sun! Wait up!
There's this boy.
- In the next class?
- Yup.
You'll probably meet him later.
Kim Min-jae?
I'll have to investigate him.
- Hey!
- I'll help you.
I rock at that!
- A Singer?
- Yup.
But I suddenly realized this year...
I can't sing!
So now I want to become
a simultaneous interpreter.
- That's my dream.
- What's that?
Let's say there's a Chinese person
and a French person.
They need a translator
to be able to communicate.
Unlike other interpreters,
- they translate simultaneously...
- You two broke up!
She got dumped!
What are you looking at?
It's nothing.
What do you want to become?
I don't know yet.
You're good at making this.
Become a designer!
You're really good!
- Let's just go for 1 hour.
- But??
- You said you loved trampolines.
- I do, but...
Doesn't this look fun?
- You really don't want to?
- It's not that.
Then what is it?
I don't have any more money.
I was gonna pay anyway-
- Let's go!
- But you paid before too.
Sondi! Solati!
- Morn!
- No.
- I'm taking all of them!
- It's too much!
- Please morn?
- I said, no.
- Can't she stay for 1 week?
- That's a long time.
- No, it's not.
- What's with you?
Or else Jia will have to go to
a church retreat with her grandma.
Then let her go.
Only adults are going.
It won't be fun!
- Do you want to go too?
- Morn!
- All done?
- Please!
I work till late.
She can't stay over.
Sit down, sweetie.
You put it on backwards.
I'll take good care of Yoon.
I'll do my homework.
You should do it anyway.
Then I'll clean too.
- I'll help you make rice rolls.
- No, that's my work.
Let's go.
We didn't even get to go
to the sea.
Why you little!
Mom said, yes!
- About me sleeping over?
- Yes!
- Awesome!
- Yes!
I can't believe it!
Yoon! Slow down!
You'll fall.
- This place is cool.
- I won't.
- Jia! Hurry!
- Okay.
- You must be tired.
- No, this is fun.
We're here.
It's too hot in here, isn't it?
No, it's not.
- Want the fan on?
- It's okay.
What's this?
We're having drinks too?
- Dad drinks a bit.
- Hey.
Don't drink too much.
Got it?
Okay, okay-
- Jia! Come and play!
- Okay.
All clone!
Let's eat.
Eat first, Jia.
You're the guest.
- Really? Me first?
- Yup.
Okay then.
It's really good!
- Like it?
- Yes.
Eat up.
How did you make this?
- I know!
- Go ahead.
Not the ham first.
Put kimchi in first.
Then ham, then rice,
then kimchi again...
Then fry it and mix it.
It's easy.
- That's my brother!
- He's so cute!
- Like it?
- This is mine!
- Mine!
- Mine!
Kimchi fried rice!
Kimchi fried rice!
Kimchi fried rice!
- Need something?
- Just looking.
Two of these.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Wow! Math books.
They have everything.
What's that?
Colored pencils.
Buying them?
- No, I can't.
- Why?
- Aren't they pretty?
- Yup.
I used a friend's before and...
Stop touching that.
- Are you buying?
- No.
Then why keep coming
and touching it!
Put it down.
What did you want to buy?
- Stickers?
- Let's go.
Aren't you buying?
Why run?
- Tell me now!
- Nope.
Tell me!
- Curious?
- Yup.
Get up and tell me.
- Really wanna know?
- Yes!
What's this?
It's what you wanted.
You bought it?
- Hey!
- What?
How could you!
It's okay.
That man was mean,
so I got revenge.
- But this is wrong!
- What?
Why'd you do that?
Don't want it?
- That's not what I mean.
- Don't have it then.
- No! I'll have it.
- It's okay.
- If you don't take it, I'll trash it.
- Okay, okay!
Why you...
- I'll just throw it out.
- No! I'll have it!
Should've just taken it.
" Happy?
- Yeah.
Hi, Mom.
Not again!
You said that last time.
- '(com come here.
- Okay.
Jia picked 'em all off.
It's okay.
- Go inside and play?
- Okay.
- Give me your hand.
- What?
Give me your hand.
What are you doing?
- It's garden balsam.
- Balsam?
Let's dye our nails.
- I'll make 'em pretty.
- Okay.
It's a secret.
My parents got divorced
when I was 7.
I didn't know they got divorced.
Funny, huh?
Still, I thought I'd live
with dad.
What happened?
Just stuff.
At first, I lived with Mom.
That was better.
Can't you say
you want to live with her?
How could I?
Grandma hates it
when I bring up Mom.
- My dad's like that too.
- Really?
He hates it and drinks a lot
when we talk about Grandpa.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- What's with adults?
- I know!
I haven't seen my mom
in a long time.
She promised
to take me to the sea.
- Really?
- Yup.
Our family was supposed to go too.
- Really?
- Yup.
' Na'?
Let's go to the sea someday.
Just us.
- Really?
- Yup.
- For real?
- Yup.
- Promise.
- Okay.
- You chicken!
- Hey!
- It's cold!
- Jia!
Just get up.
This is so fun!
- Reporter Sun? How do you feel?
- Great! How are you?
- See the blue area?
- Yup.
- That's the cafeteria.
- Wow.
The first floor's for grade ones.
Second is for grade twos.
Third is for grade threes
and fours.
- The rest is on the fourth.
- Where's that?
Up already?
Sleep some more.
It's okay.
- Jia's sleeping?
- Yes.
Are you leaving early again?
I got an order to fill
this morning.
" Mom?
- Where're the cucumber rice rolls?
- What?
You told Jia
you'd make some for her.
I forgot.
I'll make some tomorrow.
- Cucumber rice rolls, please!
- Tomorrow, honey.
Cucumber rice rolls!
What's with you?
Cucumber rice rolls!
You like Jia or mommy more?
I'm crushed!
- You didn't even hesitate.
- I didn't mean...
- Mommy's hurt.
- Morn!
That's not what I meant.
- You like Jia more!
- No!
- Like mommy more?
- Yup.
When did you get so big?
- Rice roll tickle!
- Stop it!
- Please make some.
- Really?
- I have a headache.
- Please, Morn?
- You want rice rolls?
- Yes!
- Please make them now?
- Fine. Help me then.
- You're up?
- Yup.
Here. Tada!
What is it?
Cucumber rice rolls.
Your favorite.
Try some.
Why later?
Try one now.
Try it! Try it!
It's delicious!
I'm really not hungry.
Why's it so hot in your place?
- Sorry I'm late, Jia.
- It's okay.
Yoon wanted to tag along
to see you.
- It's okay.
- I'm really sorry.
I said, it's okay.
- What's this?
- Tutoring school books.
- What school?
- For English.
Grandma forced me to go.
When did you start?
Who cares?
Can't you go to
tutoring school with me?
I don't think I can.
Too expensive?
Well, sort of.
Want me to pay for you?
I can ask Dad to pay.
Then we can go together.
Why should your clad pay?
Because I want to go with you.
But that's not right.
She picked up!
How's your damn life?
- Give me that.
- Like your new school?
Kids from my old school
goofing around.
Can't you get a cell phone?
What kid doesn't have
a cell phone these days?
My battery runs out faster
because you keep using it.
- I didn't use it much.
- Come on.
You play games on it
and your morn calls looking for you.
It's really inconvenient.
I'm not your messenger.
It's your morn again.
Not again!
Gonna stay there all day?
Let's go!
- Hello.
I don't have any money.
I'll just look.
Don't ask for anything.
I won't.
Isn't Jia coming today?
- Ha?
- Yeah.
She can't. Why?
I wanna play with Jia today.
- Please Grandma?
- No!
- I don't want to go to tutoring!
- What's with you?
You have to go!
Know what happens if you don't?
You'll be stupid.
Hurry! Go on!
Do I have to go to tutoring?
Please, Dad?
I have no time to play.
Fine! Bye.
- Why...
- Going somewhere?
You go first.
No, you speak first.
It's okay.
You first.
No, you go first.
Why are you smiling?
Because you smiled first.
No, you smiled first.
No, you smiled first.
No, you did!
I didn't!
Yes, you did.
- Did not!
- Did too!
Yes! I mean, no!
Why didn't you call?
- Why didn't you call?
- I was busy.
I was too.
Why you!
I saw your grandma.
I'm so mad at her.
- Why? What happened?
- Nothing.
- Did you fight?
- Forget it.
What's this?
Isn't it Y0on's bag?
Oh no!
Where are you!
- Oh no!
- Yoon!
Don't worry, we'll find him.
- Yoon!
- What about tutoring?
Who cares).
We gotta find '(com!
- Yoom
- Lee Your.!
What do I do?
- What if he's gone?
- We'll find him.
- Let's split up. I'll go this way.
- Okay.
Oh no...
Found him!
- You did?
- Yes!
My tutoring school friend
found him. Wait!
' Okay!
Hurry /span span class='ocrxword' id='word6' title="bbox 27788403126"Come Come on!
Let's go.
Where were vow.!
You lost me!
Isn't it great
my friend found him?
- I'm really late for tutoring.
- Don't go, Jia!
Bora is waiting for me.
- Play with me, Jia!
- You have to go?
- Stop it, Yoon!
- Don't go!
- See you when school starts.
- Play with me...
- Let's go.
- Okay.
You know her?
Let's go home.
How is he?
- You're his daughter-in-law?
- Yes.
How is he doing?
He had a seizure earlier,
but he's better now.
That's a relief.
He kept asking for his son.
- He's outside.
- I see.
- Should I tell him to come?
- It's okay.
- Who took my cell phone?
- She did!
I really need it.
What's wrong?
My credit cards won't work.
I gotta check my balance.
" Mom?
- Yes?
Can you buy me a cell phone?
You can use mine.
Everyone has one.
I'm the only one who doesn't.
I have to focus.
What kid doesn't have
a cell phone these days.
That's not important now.
- Ask for an advance, dear.
- Is the bill high?
It doesn't matter
if only he can get better.
They said he kept asking
for you.
Why rush all the way here
and not go in?
Let's drop it.
So stubborn.
Didn't you all miss me?
Happy to be back at school?
' No!
' Really?
Didn't you miss us?
- Hi, Jia...
- Bora!
Can't you tell?
Anyway, we have a new friend
this semester.
Say hello.
Hi, I'm Han Jia.
Hope we become good friends.
Nice and simple.
Heard her name?
Help Jia get adjusted.
- Yes!
- Good.
Let's get Jia seated.
Sun! Put your hand up.
There's an empty seat
beside Sun.
Sun? Help Jia, okay?
- Yes!
- Good.
Did everyone have a good summer?
Did you cry
because you missed me?
Did you see me wave before?
No, I didn't.
- Should we change seats?
- Yes!
Let's change then.
- She lived in London. Right?
- Really?
- How many years?
- A year or so.
- That's cool.
- I've never been there.
You must be good at English.
What do you want
for your birthday?
It's okay.
- Come on, tell us.
- Can it be expensive?
- Of course! We buy together.
- Look.
One, two, three!
- So pretty!
- Isn't it?
- It's expensive!
- I want to do this too!
Expensive things are prettier.
Let's invite some cute boys
to your birthday party.
Tell us what you want
for your birthday.
Let's go play outside!
Come on!
Where are my headphones?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Not really.
Why did you come?
Because it's your birthday.
- It's okay.
- Take it.
- It's okay.
- It's expensive.
Open it.
I'll open it later.
Open it now.
I said, later.
Let's go on trampolines.
- Now?
- Mom gave me money.
- Let's go.
- I can't. I have homework.
- Homework?
- Yeah.
There's no homework
this week.
- Tutoring homework.
- I see.
Sorry, I'd better go.
Hold on.
- Are you mad at me?
- No.
- You look like you are.
- It's because of homework.
- Just tell me, Jia.
- I gotta do my homework.
- Be honest.
- I am!
- You can tell me.
- Nothing! Stop!
- Something's wrong to...
- Jia! Is it the pizza?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You invited her?
- No.
A party? Weren't you busy
with homework?
Stop butting in
when we're playing.
Some boys are coming!
- She's invited?
- No...
- How did she know?
- She just came.
- What?
- She's always like that.
What's gotten into you?
How could you leave
your brother alone?
I'm not saying
you can't play with your friends.
But you should keep
your responsibilities.
And what's this?
Why you...
Where'd you get it?
Bought it?
She used my cell phone a lot.
Tell her to use hers.
- She doesn't have one.
- Really?
Let's go.
- Why?
- Tell her to give it back.
Give Jia the colored pencils
you borrowed.
The ones Jia let you borrow.
Give them back.
But you gave them to me.
Since when?
I lent them to you.
- Why would she give 'em to you?
- You must've misunderstood.
Give 'em back now.
Check it.
- Two are missing.
- Where are they?
My little brother lost them.
You let your brother
touch your friend's stuff?
That's just wrong.
Buy your own things.
Even though you're poor.
Let's go.
Doesn't she stink a bit?
Smells like sweat.
- Must've not washed up after gym.
- You smelled it too?
- She's staring at us.
- I thought it was just me.
Oh, really?
It's okay.
Kids can get hurt playing.
I'll call you before I leave.
Thanks a lot. Bye!
What's with Yeon-ho again?
Yeon-ho hit Yoon again?
We'd better tell them
not to wrestle anymore.
I can't stand him!
He's dead!
What did you say?
Don't talk like that!
Is something wrong?
Look at me.
- What's wrong, sweetie?
- Nothing.
Is it puberty?
- Sorry I'm late.
- Hello, ma'am.
I haven't seen you in a while.
How are you?
How are you, Sun?
Have a seat.
Jia, sit down.
Coming from somewhere?
It's pretty late.
After church service,
I picked her up from tutoring.
It ends this late?
I'm more tired than she is.
How will you go home?
It's so late.
Jia's dad is coming today.
He'll pick us up here.
That's good.
- What tutoring school do you go to?
- She's still young...
Grade 4 is not young!
She takes English...
Put it away!
She stares at it all day.
Jia? Want me to pack
more food for the field trip?
It's okay.
You can share the food
with Sun tomorrow.
Come out to church some time.
Our pastor is really great.
People come from far
to listen to his sermons.
I see.
Take care, ma'am.
- Bye, Jia! Come again.
- Yes.
Take care.
- Hello, Mother.
- Hi.
- I'll take that.
- What did you buy?
Jia has a field trip tomorrow.
Jia! How are you?
Let's go.
How was tutoring?
Hop in.
She's so young.
Jia's dad must be very capable.
Let's go.
Ma? Get 'm.
Why are you alone here?
Sorry. Mom made you
uncomfortable last night.
It's okay.
Mom packed this for us to share.
Want some?
You don't have to.
- Is something wrong?
- Huh?
Is it because of last night?
- Last night?
- Yes.
Is it because of what I saw?
What did you see?
I mean...
Your dad's...
My dad's what?
I won't tell anyone.
Tell anyone, what?
I mean...
Just say it!
Han Jia!
What are you doing?
I don't believe you!
Let's clear up
the misunderstanding.
You're always like this!
It makes me mad!
That's why
you don't have friends!
Be quiet!
Come here!
Let go of him!
You wanna die!
- Ouch!
- Why you!
I see.
But Sun didn't do that
on purpose.
- Yoon got hurt badly on his neck.
- It doesn't hurt.
Of course it can happen
when kids play.
Since Yoon is the one always
getting beaten, his sister got mad.
And Yeon-ho's not the type
to listen, right?
The hospital keeps calling.
I'll call you later.
Okay, then.
Take care.
If we scold him again,
she'll probably call the cops.
- Stop playing with Yeon-ho.
- No way!
Eat your food.
Don't bring toys to the table.
Take 'em inside.
One, two, three!
Run! Hurry!
I'm sorry, mom.
For what?
Don't be.
You didn't do anything wrong.
What sister would just watch
her little brother get hurt?
You did well.
Eat this.
I made it for you.
Don't play there!
Come here you!
That comes to $1000!
I told you to put the toys back!
- Why don't you listen!
- But Mom...
Aren't you going to see Grandpa?
- I wanna see Grandpa!
- Oh no!
Where did Yeon-ho hurt you?
Jia! Jia!
Sun is out!
Sun's the first one out.
Got her!
Get her out!
You got out 'cuz I said so?
Who should I get?
Bora! Over here!
She's out.
Bora! Catch!
Get her!
Bora! Give me the ball!
Pass it!
So scary!
Give it to me, Bora!
Mom will kill me!
Some of your grades
have dropped a lot.
Some of your grades
have dropped a lot.
- Work harder, okay?
- Yes!
Who ranked first this time?
- Who's first?
- Bora, of course!
- How many did you get wrong?
- Why?
Bora did well,
but Jia scored tops this time.
Must've done well
at your old school.
- Were you a top student?
- Who cares?
- Treat us with snacks!
- Bora? What's with them?
All you think about is food.
Bora did well too.
Don't worry.
Placing first is not important,
it's how hard you try.
- Yes.
- Okay then.
Your parents must sign
the tests.
I can tell fake signatures!
' MOvm
W! vow '
- What's with you!
- Morn!
I promise I'll study harder.
There's no time.
I have to get back to the store.
- I'll study harder on my own!
- Forget it! Let's go!
- Then who's going to watch Yoon?
- He can stay at the store with me.
- That'll be hard for you.
- I'll be fine.
Jia goes there too.
Just go for fun.
- But it'll be expensive.
- Don't worry about that.
Or I'll get really mad!
Good thing you came.
Any later would've been too late.
If she goes over the basics
and studies ahead...
She'll catch up to others soon.
I heard many of her friends
come here.
They're in the same class.
I know Jia.
She's so smart and studious.
Do you know Bora and Min-chul?
Bora and Sun were close
in grade 1.
- Bora attends here too?
- Yes.
- Excuse me.
- Sure.
It'll be so fun!
- Hi, Mrs. Choi.
- Smile.
- I saw her come in.
- Where's Yoon?
- She never misses a class.
- I'm not sure.
Go look for him.
And look around.
Good girl.
I see.
Yes, of course.
Bora is
a conscientious student.
- Me too! Please!
- No. My friend lent it to me.
Do mine.
- I can't!
- Please?
The kids and I visited
your dad.
Stop going there!
He wanted to see them
and kept calling.
Stop drinking.
After everything he did
to Mom and me...
I know.
You say it every time you're drunk.
Give it back!
What shall I do...
Thanks for letting me borrow it.
But my brother spilled a bit.
It's okay.
Just have it.
But this is important to you.
I don't need it.
Keep it.
Can you believe it?
Why'd she have to come
to our class?
I told you I hated Jia
from the start.
- What the heck?
- You liked her the most.
- She's fibbing!
- That's crap.
Sun said that her morn
made food for Jia...
But Jia just threw it out.
Right, Sun?
You said Jia threw out
your mom's food.
That's not what I meant.
She threw out food?
I hate girls like that.
And why does she always brag
about her mom working in England?
Why doesn't she live there
if it's so great!
- England wouldn't want her.
- Exactly!
Let's go.
Something stinks.
She came from the bathroom.
Is it poop?
That's disgusting.
I hope it doesn't spoil.
- Eat it right away at church.
- I will.
- Hi, Sun.
- Hello, Sun.
- Hello.
- How was tutoring school?
- Good.
Did Jia go home?
- She didn't come today.
- What?
She skipped again?
Don't worry.
Jia is a good student.
Is Jia doing okay these days?
- Why?
- Just wondering.
Is something wrong?
She seems moody and down
these days.
Kids are like that.
Puberty hits early.
Just worried her friends will...
You know...
She was bullied by kids
at her old school.
- Left out and such.
- Oh no!
They made fun of
her parents' divorce.
That's why kids should be
raised by parents.
But her mom's abroad
and her dad's busy.
No, she's not!
You must've misunderstood.
She says she's too busy
to even call Jia.
I hope nothing happens
this time.
Don't worry.
Jia is a bright kid.
- I guess.
- Right.
- It's probably nothing, right?
- Yes.
I'm at tutoring school.
Can you not tell other kids
what I told you?
About what?
What I said about Jia.
- Han Ma?
- Yeah.
I only told you,
but how can you tell everyone?
Then you shouldn't have told me.
But Still...
Talking about her out loud
seems harsh.
Look, Sun.
Don't act like
a goody two-shoes.
That's not it.
It's your fault
for telling me first.
But I...
You're always like that!
You always make me look bad!
Always so nosy...
You're still wearing that?
- It's the bracelet I gave you.
- So?
Just wondering why
you're still wearing it.
Why? Can't I?
I mean...
You want it back?
I was just asking.
So why did you ask?
Why are you yelling?
Why act like we're close?
Look at those two.
You two suit each other.
- They belong together.
- I know!
It was so annoying
when Jia stuck to us like glue.
- She's a loser.
- How dare she stick to us?
Forget ha.
Just take it!
Just admit you took it!
No, I didn't!
- Stop making me mad!
- I'm the one who's mad!
- It's here because you took it!
- No!
You wanted it!
I get way more allowance
than you.
You took it!
Stop denying it!
- I didn't!
- Just apologize!
Why should I apologize?
I have nothing to be sorry for!
Just admit you took it!
- You're saying I stole it?
- Then who else would?
I didn't steal it!
- Hey!
- What?
I wasn't going to say this...
But I heard you stole
pencil crayons from a store!
Says who?
You liar.
Right, Sun? You said it.
After stealing pencil crayons,
this pen must be nothing.
You say you're rich.
Just buy it!
I didn't steal it!
Stop lying, Jia!
So, where are you, Dad?
Weren't you at the pub?
Where are...
- Dang...
- Come on!
- My daughter's here!
- Let's go home.
Why'd you come alone?
Where's your mom?
She's busy. I came instead.
Let's go.
She works hard 'cuz of me.
- Come on!
- Let's go.
Isn't that your friend?
I forgot your name.
Jia, right?
I made you fruit salad
last summer. Remember?
See you next time.
Dad! Please!
I'm just greeting your friend.
Why don't you greet her?
It's so cold.
Be good to her
while you can.
Wait, Jia.
I just told the truth.
She's here.
Is that for real?
She saw it!
Poor Sun.
I pity her.
For what?
Is it really true?
Jia said she saw!
Jia said he's a total drunk.
Sun! Is your clad
really an alcoholic?
Cut it out!
She's erasing it
because it must be true.
How did Jia know?
You really...
didn't know the answers?
That's not it.
But why?
You lied down all day
at school today?
Your teacher called.
Tell me.
Tell me, so I can help you.
- You came?
- Yeah.
- What's up?
- Don't know.
Any soup left?
You haven't eaten till this late?
Move. I'll cook.
There was no one else
to fix a machine at work.
I'm totally beat.
What's this?
What about tutoring?
I don't know.
Something's wrong,
but she won't say.
What could be wrong with kids?
They just go to school, study,
and play with friends.
What's the matter?
It's your fault!
You're an alcoholic!
Are you okay?
Let me see!
- Don't!
- You're bleeding!
Stop it!
- Let me see!
- Stop!
Let me see.
- GO away!
Han ha.
Aren't you apologizing?
All the others did,
why don't you?
Don't you know
that can seriously hurt a friend?
How can you say such bad things
about a friend?
Why are you only scolding me?
It's because you did wrong!
Think I'd let you off
because of your high grades?
Why you little!
You won't apologize?
- I got scolded because of you!
- It was your idea, Bora!
But you started it!
Well, sorry!
I did it 'cuz you did...
Sun! Hey!
Why'd you do that to me?
Why'd you do that to me?
You started it!
No, you started it!
What did I do?
Then what did I do?
You clung to me first,
you outcast!
You should've stayed a loner!
Think they'll like you?
You're such a loser.
Han Jia!
You were an outcast too!
What do you mean?
I heard you were
totally bullied at your old school!
Says who!
Your grandma said everything.
You've never been to England!
Your mom doesn't live there!
Yes, she does!
I heard everything!
Why do you lie like that?
No one likes you anyway!
Who likes a liar!
That's why you were
an outcast, isn't it?
- You're the loser!
- Hey!
Wanna die!
Jia! Stop it!
You can pack up and go.
Your mom called.
I heard you hit her first.
Why'd you do that?
Jia, tell me so that
I can understand.
- Mom, where's Grandpa?
- Well...
- You came?
- Yes.
- Please come with me.
- Okay.
He died peacefully
in his sleep.
- Don't feel so bad.
- Thank you.
- Morn?
- You're awake?
Why do you play with Yeon-ho?
He keeps getting you hurt.
He hits you and plays rough.
I hit him back this time.
- You did?
- Yup.
After he hit me,
I went and hit him too.
- And then?
- Then?
'(eon-ho punched me here.
Then I played with him.
' You Played?
- Yup.
- We went treasure hunting.
- Yoon!
Are you stupid?
How can you play with him?
Then what?
You should hit him back.
" Yes!
If he hit you again,
you should too!
Then when do we play?
He hits me, I hit him, and he hits me.
When do we play?
I just want to play.
Are you done yet?
Are you making all of it?
Rock, scissors, paper!
I pick Jun-hyuk.
I pick Tae-yeon.
Rock, scissors, paper!
I win!
- Yong-hyun!
- Go.
Come here!
Rock, scissors, paper!
- Jia? Go help make the teams.
- It's okay.
Rock, scissors, paper!
I win and I pick...
- Then who's left?
- Han Jia.
- There's no one else?
- She's good at dodge ball.
- Then take her.
- No thanks.
- Switch her with Sun.
- Nope!
Watch it, kids!
Done picking teams?
Take positions...
and DRY'-!
Yes! Sun is out!
Our ball!
Pass it up high!
What the!
It's our ball!
Didn't you cross the line?
You're out.
- No, I didn't.
- What's wrong?
She crossed the line,
but won't go out.
Get out now.
I really didn't!
Just go.
Don't waste time.
Is she lying again?
- I didn't!
- Don't yell.
Jia didn't cross the line.
No, she really didn't.
I saw it.
Sun's on your team
and she says she didn't.
Did you really see her?
Finished playing already?
- But she...
- Stop it.
Fine, let's say you didn't.
Let's play-
Ready, go!
There! You're hit.
Get out.
- Throw it!
- Hurry!
Pass the ball!
Throw it! No!
Pass the ball!
A film by
YOON Ga-eun