The World We Make (2019) Movie Script

[woman] All right,
so just watch his ears, okay?
So... who's he paying
attention to right now?
He's listening to me.
See his ear?
Oh, a little sass!
You see that?
He's trying to get out.
All right, when he does that,
I'm just gonna make him
work a little bit harder. Okay?
So, I'm keeping him moving.
He disobeyed a little bit.
Keeping him moving.
I'm teaching him that when
he disobeys, he gets work,
and when he obeys,
he gets rest.
So, when he obeys
and he's trotting well
and he's listening...
Good, Cody.
Turning my back to him,
giving him a break.
And if he's learned
his lesson...
Let's see. Is he gonna come?
-Good boy, Cody.
-So cool.
Good job, sis.
What you wanna do
is you wanna make
your loop big.
And then you wanna hold it
where the ropes go.
You wanna grab it
with this hand.
You gotta be the boss, right?
Because the horse always
has to have a leader.
And if you're not
gonna be the leader,
then he's gonna be
the leader, okay?
I'm not a steer.
Hold on. Now hold up.
Pull back hard.
Pull back towards your belly.
Come on, yeah, pull it.
There you go. Perfect.
High five.
Thank you.
Thank you, guys.
I'll see you Wednesday, okay?
So good to see you.
[woman] Lee.
I just wanted
to thank you so much.
Bella loves her lessons.
Thank you. You're really
doing amazing, Bella.
I can't believe you only
have six months left
of high school.
-Do you know what you want
to do when you graduate?
No, not yet.
[horse whinnies]
If I hear one more person
ask me what I wanna do
when I graduate...
It's like I'm being
slowly tortured every day
by the mothers of my students.
You'll figure it out.
What if I don't?
You're lucky.
You already know
what you want to do.
Why don't you just
go to college
like everyone else?
You didn't.
I know. I'm not like
everyone else.
I wanted to be here,
not in a classroom.
You get way better grades
than I ever got.
You can probably go
to any school you want.
Yeah, but I don't want
to waste all that time
and money
if I don't know
what I want to do.
Well, there's nothing wrong
with staying here,
training horses
and giving lessons.
The kids love you.
Yeah, and I love it.
[sighs] I just want to do
something big. You know?
Something epic
that'll really push me,
that's unique and...
So you want to be
a person of distinction?
[scoffs] Gross.
Now you sound like Dad.
I used to get so sick
of hearing that growing up.
Well, he doesn't really
say it anymore.
Yeah, I guess
it has been a while.
I just wish I could figure out
what I'm supposed to do.
Dreams take time.
Sometimes you find your path
when you least expect it.
That's easy for you to say.
[horse blusters]
What's that?
Okay. Chief says he's tired
of listening to your problems
and he wants to go run.
Isn't that right,
Chief? Okay!
What's that? What?
Oh, okay, I'll make sure
I tell him.
Cody's concerned that
you're not gonna be able
to handle
losing to
your baby sister again.
[laughs] Again?
That's never gonna happen.
Okay, all right.
Come on. Let's go, Chief.
[laughing] All right.
I'm already winning.
I don't remember
any time you've ever
beaten me. Come on.
[both chuckling]
Did you let me win?
No. I would never
do that.
Let's go again.
Well, that was
the warm-up.
Oh, you want to actually
race for real?
Yeah. [laughing]
It's two out of three anyway.
[video game beeps]
Dude, come play.
I can't kill all these
undead things on my own.
In a minute.
[Lee] Hey, Jordan.
Hey, Lee.
Done shoveling you-know-what?
Can I say that
to a Southern belle?
I am not a Southern belle.
And there's a lot more
to keeping horses than that.
Casey, how can this guy
be your best friend
for so long
and still be so clueless
about horses?
Oh, he hates horses.
He's scared of 'em.
[scoffs] I'm not scared.
They're just all stinky
and scratchy.
How would you know?
You've barely been
around them.
I just know.
What, are you
a horse-ist?
A what?
I don't know.
It's my word
for someone bigoted
against horses.
[chuckles] Good try.
It's not a word.
Don't mess
with the etymologist.
Oh, okay, well,
impressive vocab, college boy.
But you should probably
just stick to football.
Happy to.
And that whole little
wingback thingy you do.
I'm a tailback,
and your brother was a fullback.
Neither of them
start with "wing."
I don't know why
she can't remember that.
Okay, whatever. I...
He just got
a scholarship offer
to play at the best school
in California.
Wait, really?
Jordan, but...
Wait, how does that work?
You're already in college.
D2 transfer.
You're gonna have
to explain that
to a horse girl.
I'm transferring
from a small school
to a big school.
That's huge.
You've got the next
two years of your life
figured out.
Any beyond that, too.
They got a pretty great
business school.
I'm so happy for you.
Thanks, Lee.
[Casey] Jubilee!
Get in here.
I forgot that was
her real name.
Are you ready
to play yet?
I figured it out. We're gonna
ride our horses cross-country.
What are you talking about?
You remember those riders
that stayed on our property
when we were kids?
Not really.
That's what they were doing.
It took me a while,
but I found a whole bunch
of routes on the web.
It's gonna take us
about three months.
But as soon as you graduate,
we're gonna jump
on Cody and Chief
and we're gonna ride west...
until I can throw
my lucky horseshoe
into the Pacific.
Come on, Lee. It'll be epic.
Y'all have lost it.
I mean, what are you gonna do?
Get on your horse
and ride down the freeway?
No, there's a system of trails,
back roads, and farms
that people have
already trekked.
That's incredible.
That can't be safe.
That's the whole point.
That's the adventure.
-We could run out of water.
-[Lee] Or food.
-[Casey] We could get lost.
-[Lee] Our horses could
go lame or get sick.
Some days we could ride
for 30 miles and not see
another soul.
I mean,
think about the challenge.
This would be the hardest thing
we've ever done.
And you'll get time to get away
and think about your future.
Yeah. I love it.
But what will Dad think?
Who cares.
What do you think?
This is about
something big, Lee.
Let's do it.
Let me show you something.
Okay, all right.
I don't get you horse people.
Your brother's stuck
in horse land.
Help me kill these ghouls.
They're zombies.
Whatever, just help me win.
All right, see ya, Dad!
Gotta head down
to the group home for a bit.
Hey, whoa, was that
that Big Brother thing
you're talking about?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
I'm proud of you.
And, um, just so you know,
your name's written
all over that one over there.
Oh, wow. When do you think
that'll be done?
I don't know.
Whenever I finish this one.
Thanks, Dad.
Well, no hurry.
I like my old truck.
See ya, Dad.
Yep. Have fun, son.
[music playing on radio]
[tires squeal]
[branches snapping]
-[glass breaks]
-[horn honking]
[sighs, sniffles]
Okay. Come on, buddy.
Let's go.
[cell phone beeps]
[bell rings]
Mint chocolate.
Your favorite.
Thank you, Brooklyn.
See? I know my girl.
You are the best.
You didn't answer
my texts last night.
You all right?
Yeah. I just got
a lot of work to do
on the farm right now.
Sorry. It's keeping me busy.
Yo, Lee.
What's up, Brooklyn?
What's going on, ladies?
Hey, so, our band's got
a gig this week at the barn.
Y'all should come.
We're debuting.
We're called Black Eye Culture.
It's gonna be awesome.
Everybody's gonna
be there.
Oh, thanks for the heads up.
And I know that
you don't get out much,
so you should come.
Yeah, I've got a lot
going on right now.
But we'll see.
It'll take your mind
off things.
So I'll text you.
He can't handle that you
turned him down last summer.
He's totally still into you.
[laughs] No. He flirts like that
with everyone, Brook.
Girl, you cannot be
that clueless.
What are you eating, Logan?
What? That's all there is.
Uh, why don't you just ask Dad
to get more food?
How? I never see him.
He's either at work
or in the garage.
Hey, Dad.
Uh, I really need you
to make Logan's lunch
for tomorrow morning.
He's been eating junk
all day.
You know where the wallet is.
Give him some money.
No. Dad, I mean I need you
to go get him some food
from the store.
There's barely any left.
Dad, he's still just a kid.
You need to make him a meal
every once in a while.
I have a test tomorrow.
And I have twice the amount
of work to do at the barn.
I can't do it all.
You know what?
Then why don't you
just sell Chief.
Lee, I don't know anything
about this horse stuff.
But what I do know
is he'd be a lot less work
if you got rid of him.
[scoffs] You know what?
Why don't you let me
handle the horses
and you work on being
an actual father
and taking care of
your son who needs you.
[door slams]
[clicks tongue]
Come on, buddy.
Good boy.
Don't worry. I'm not gonna
let them sell you.
[Lee] What are you doing here?
You all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just working out
some of the horses.
What's up?
Just wanted to come by
and see how you
and everyone else was doing.
You guys were kind of like
a family to me
when I didn't have
much family to go home to.
Just wanted to come check in,
see if I can help out
with something.
Don't you have
football stuff to do?
Not now.
Just conditioning.
I can do some of that
here, you know.
Throw around some of
those hay cubes,
or whatever you call them.
Uh, I guess
I could use the help.
Uh, maybe just a little,
you know, filling in
for what Casey used to do.
Yeah, 100%.
Maybe you could
come by Saturday,
if you wanted?
Yeah. I'm up early
working out anyway.
5:30 a.m.?
Wow. Uh...
I guess I could go to sleep
a little earlier.
It would only be
three mornings a week
and maybe Saturday,
if you have the time.
Yeah, consider it done.
Thank you, Jordan.
So much.
Maybe you could use
this time to yourself...
just to process everything,
you know?
I know I needed that
when my mom left us.
I'm fine, Jordan.
All right.
[chuckles] All right.
Now, remember,
I'm a city kid.
Don't get your expectations
up too high.
I don't know the first thing
about a barn.
And you know I hate horses.
But I can shovel.
Well, if that's what you like,
I've got plenty of that to do.
Or maybe something cleaner.
I like the idea
of staying clean.
No such thing
when you're with horses.
I'll see you Saturday?
Bright and way too early.
All right, sounds good.
Dad! Dad!
Yeah! Yeah!
Come on. Breakfast.
I'm making your favorite.
Get up. Let's go.
Come on. Breakfast.
I'm gonna do
a cross-country ride.
[Logan] Can I go?
Jordan said he'd help
just with the chores,
so I will have time
to train the horses.
He'll get sick
of that fast.
He hates horses.
Well, either way,
I'll still figure it out.
So it's just like the time
you built that tree house
in the backyard, right?
What are you talking about?
You go out in the backyard
to try and build a tree house,
and who ended up fixing it?
I was 12.
It's not like that.
This is gonna be different, Dad.
I'm doing this, Dad.
[horse whinnies]
Logan, it's time for bed.
Good night.
Hey, this is
the first night
I haven't had
to pry you away
from the video games.
What, are you sick?
I'm just tired of being
by myself all the time.
I want somebody
to hang out with.
What's gonna happen
when you go?
It's just gonna be
for a couple of months.
Dad will be better
by then.
Are you sure?
I miss how Mom
used to put me to bed.
Remember how she'd tuck in
the covers real tight?
Come on. Let's go.
Don't worry, okay?
I'm here for you.
No matter what.
Good night, Logan.
[horse whinnies]
[Lee] Yeah, I specialize
in physical therapy
using horseback riding.
[woman] I didn't realize
you could.
It really works well
with kids that love
to ride.
This is great.
So, I'll teach you
some exercises
that you can do with her.
First make sure her
knee brace is on tight.
Okay. Open it up
and pull it snug.
Cool, so you wanna go
for a spin?
All right. I'm gonna
take these reigns from you.
We're just gonna
come on in here.
[chatter continues indistinctly]
Hey, Dad!
Wanna play
some basketball?
Maybe later.
Mr. Grove.
Hey, uh, why don't I
take this up to the house,
and you maybe play some
basketball with Logan?
It would mean
a lot to him.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
I bet you're really good
at basketball.
What makes you say that?
Uh, just because
you grew up around it,
and, uh, I just--
Because I'm black?
Well, that,
and you're an athlete.
Well, maybe you should
be careful with
your assumptions.
You might hurt some people.
Yeah, yeah.
Won't happen again.
I'm actually pretty bad
at basketball.
[laughs] Okay.
So he'll probably beat me.
Okay, cool. Thanks.
If it gets too bad,
I'll be running
in the house.
Hey, check up,
little man.
Okay, all right,
pressure's on.
Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!
Let's go, baby.
Yeah, winner takes all.
Next point wins.
Oh, take that!
Oh, no!
What you got?
Pressure's on, bro!
Five, four...
You sure about this?
...three, two, one!
Whoo! Ha ha!
Ah! Ah! He makes it!
Whoo! Whoo!
Oh, that was awesome!
You're getting good, man.
Hey, have you ever,
uh, seen your sister
like, really sad about
your brother's death?
Like... Like,
let out a big, ugly cry.
I don't know. Maybe a little.
I mean, at the funeral.
We just don't hang out
that much.
You know,
being sad's okay.
It's how you get
through it.
I had to learn the hard way
after my mom...
left us for some rich guy.
Took years for me
to finally let it all out.
Then I finally wasn't
so mad anymore.
I cried a lot...
about Casey.
That's good.
Your family can learn
from you, little man.
All right,
I got one more in me.
All right. I start.
Let's do this.
Hello, pretty lady.
Oh, I didn't forget
about you, girl.
[Lee] A granola bar?
You're spoiling them,
you know.
Just trying to butter
these old ladies up.
-You know I'm a flirt.
-They're boys, you know.
I thought you hated horses.
I'm trying to give 'em
a chance.
I don't want to be a horse-ist
since we're all gonna be
in the same work space.
Okay, well,
just no junk food, please.
I'm trying to get 'em
trained up.
Sure thing, boss.
Whoa. What's he doing?
That's Chief.
He was Casey's.
I think he likes you.
Yeah, I'm still getting used
to these things.
You are scared of them.
Okay, maybe a little bit.
But, uh, I'm all done,
so I was gonna take off.
Thanks. You know,
for spending time
with Logan.
I haven't seen him smile
like that in days.
Pleasure's all mine.
So, what's all that stuff
on the table?
I'm gonna do
the cross-country ride.
Just after graduation,
like Case and I planned.
So, how does this work?
You're just gonna get on a horse
and ride off into the sunset?
Well, I mean do you just
put on your wingback helmet
and jump on the field?
[laughs] No. It's tailback.
Well, it's like prepping
for an ultramarathon,
so I'll have to train
three horses: Cody, Chief,
and a packhorse.
You have to get them
all ready just in case
one of them gets hurt.
Are you really gonna do
all of this by yourself?
Well, I mean,
I'll have the horses.
And I'll meet up
with some riders
on the trail, I'm sure.
Oh, that sounds really safe.
Toothless mountain men
coming out of the woods
with guns and stuff.
Oh, shut up.
This is my dream.
I'm all about dreams.
Talk to me.
I want to prove
I can do something big.
To my dad, to Case,
and to myself.
I just need to get out
of here for a while
and think about my life.
Figure out my place
in the world.
You gotta do it.
Me and Case always talked
about, you know,
dreams aren't easy.
But they're worth
fighting for.
I believe in you, Lee.
I really do.
I'm so sorry.
I don't know what that was.
[chuckles] Uh,
don't worry about it.
I should...
I should probably just go.
Yeah, yeah. Okay.
See you Monday?
Yeah. Monday.
Bright and way too early.
Pop, when's
that salt coming?
It's on the way. [sighs]
When you gonna get me
one of them smart TVs
so I can see
all your touchdowns?
[scoffs] Maybe if you'd
stop gambling so much,
you can afford one yourself.
What'd you say, son?
Pop, you know I'm saving
my money for school.
You need to tell
those recruiters
to get you some cash
under the table.
Or a Corvette.
Yeah, you said that
a dozen times.
It's a scholarship, Pop.
They're not gonna pay me.
Look, I'm just trying
to help you get ahead.
Don't be too proud
to take some advice
from your old man
who's been there and done that.
You understand, son?
Yes, sir.
Pop, when are you gonna
get the faucet fixed?
Can't afford it.
They cut back my hours
at the factory.
But you can afford
Internet poker?
Last time
they cut back my hours,
this hustle kept us afloat.
Yeah, well, maybe you
could try, uh, blackjack.
[scoffs, laughs]
the odds are higher.
Blackjack don't take no skill.
Yeah, well,
you been losing more
than you've been winning.
You got a great job
with a decent wage.
You need to stop.
You need to stay out
of my business.
Kim. Come on in.
Good to see you as usual.
How's school?
It's good, sir. Thanks.
Jordan, Kim stopped by.
I, uh...
brought you some salt.
Yeah. Sorry to bother you
about that.
It's no problem.
It's not hard to walk 100 feet
down the sidewalk.
What were you doing up
so early the other day?
Been working
at the Grove's farm.
[father] Yeah, that family's
been through it.
Wife gets cancer.
Casey gets--
All Jeff Grove's
radio station money
can't fix that.
Just goes to show:
Tragedy shows
no favorites.
His sister is in my grade.
Were you helping her?
Yeah. A little bit.
Well, that's sweet of you.
Uh... thanks for the salt.
Anytime. [chuckles]
Gotta get you in shape.
Pay attention to me.
Ah. Get your butt in.
[clicks tongue]
Get up.
Good boy.
Good boy.
Day one, right?
Hey, sorry I'm late.
Don't worry about it.
Uh, so, what do you
want me to do?
Maybe you could get some hay
and get them ready to feed.
Okay, sure.
Okay, thanks.
About the other day?
What about it?
[laughs] Uh, the kiss?
Oh, yeah. Uh-huh.
I don't know,
I just wanted to bring it up
so it didn't create
anything weird between us.
Yeah, I could see
how that would, uh,
be kinda weird.
I mean, I'm fine. But I just...
Yeah, that would be good.
I don't even know
what that was.
I don't know.
I mean, I know
you miss your brother.
And maybe
I represent something.
Or maybe you want to be
close to someone you know
when you're sad, or...
maybe it was for me.
I'm pretty sure
it was just for you.
Okay, that's good. Uh...
It's all kind of
unexpected, I guess.
All right, well, uh,
what do we do now?
Should I just grab
the hay or...
Yeah, and I guess I will
just wait for a chivalrous
young man like yourself
to one day ask me out
on a date.
Well, I'm not really sure
this chivalrous man
has the means
to impress a fair lady
like yourself.
I think he underestimates her.
She is but a fair country girl
with simple taste.
Well, if that's
the case...
I shall no longer delay,
my fair maiden.
Would you mind
joining me for dinner
in a fortnight's time?
Two weeks from now?
No I just like
the word "fortnight."
What about this weekend?
I would be delighted.
Jordan Bishop.
What is going on?
When did this happen,
and why did I not know
about this?
Okay, it literally came
out of nowhere.
And he's just so smart
and solid and sweet...
And in college!
Yeah. Isn't that weird?
He works the front desk
at my gym.
Yeah, weekends.
And he's...
Oh, really?
I had no idea.
This is blowing my mind.
I gotta sit down.
Morgan isn't going
to be happy.
[Lee] Please.
Morgan couldn't care less.
Are you sure you're ready
for the racial drama?
I had a friend--
It'll be fine.
It's not like we're
in the 1960s.
We've had
a black president.
Everyone is all progressive
and everything now.
Okay, whatever.
So, when is he
taking you out?
Friday night.
Well, you look
very dapper yourself.
[chuckles] Thank you.
Join me for an evening stroll,
my lady?
Are you gonna tell me
why I wasn't allowed
in the barn all afternoon?
Ah, patience,
my fair maiden.
We got the only reservation
in town.
[laughs] You might want
to wait until
you taste the food.
So, he plays football
and cooks.
[laughs] Well, I guess
you pick up a few things
when you grow up
without a mom.
My dad never saw you do
any of this?
Why doesn't he ever
come down here?
He bought this whole place
for my mom.
I think the horses
remind him of her,
so he hasn't come
down to the barn
since she died.
Well, it could be worse,
given what he's been through.
He's a good man.
You just don't see it
too much these days.
I remember all his speeches
about being a man
of distinction.
They were kinda cheesy,
but it worked.
It got me thinking. You know?
It made a difference.
Really? Well,
then you need to tell me:
What are your plans to be
a man of distinction?
Well, I start at a new college
in six months.
I'll be there for two years,
finish my undergrad in business.
Then, Lord willing,
I'll go to the pros.
But the average career
only lasts 3.3 years,
statistically speaking.
Wow, you must love
Numbers are everything.
After my 3.3 years,
I'll save that money
and go back and get my MBA.
Avoid debt.
Probably get an executive job,
work my way up
the corporate ladder
to some executive suite.
Very impressive.
So, where did
all that come from?
All my pop ever wanted to do
was gamble.
I don't want to be like that.
Gonna be the first person
in my family to earn a degree.
Only 56% of students finish.
Statistically speaking?
Exactly. [laughs]
Well, a toast.
To big dreams.
As a dreamer,
somebody who's always
looking to the future,
it's kind of hard
to ignore the fact
that you're leaving in May
and I'm leaving
in August, right?
It's only our first date.
True. [laughs]
Uh, are you hungry
for dessert?
Well, we're gonna have
to go to the store
because I might have given
all the ice cream
to Cody and Chief.
-You didn't.
Hey, I'll be right in.
I just gotta respond
to Brook.
Something with
mint chocolate?
Of course.
-[door opens]
-[bell dings]
[door closes]
Hey, did you get it?
What's up?
The store owner
is following me.
No, he's just checking
Stay here. Watch this.
Oh, my gosh.
You're totally right.
What's his problem?
It happens all the time.
Look, don't worry about it.
Don't let it ruin our date.
No. We have
to do something.
Come on.
Okay. If you want to.
Let's go.
Hey, sir,
were you following me
because I'm a male?
Uh, I'm not--
Let me give you a tip.
So, I attend
the local college
where I'm taking
Sociology 210.
And there I'm learning
that women are more likely
to engage in retail theft
than men.
Statistically speaking.
I didn't mention any stats,
but it's at 4% and rising.
Really? That much.
Yeah. Read it in
a scientific journal.
Wow, that's fascinating.
I thought so myself.
So you should probably
follow her next time.
Probably so.
Now, I would love
to purchase these items.
You can take them.
I don't--
No. I want to pay.
Like everybody else.
I don't need any
special treatment.
Okay. All right.
I'll ring them up for you
behind the counter.
[cash register beeps]
[sighs] Is that what
it's always gonna be like?
[sighs] That's probably
as easy as it gets.
You down for this?
So, here's how you throw it.
All right?
Okay. The wind
caught and moved the ball.
[male singer]
'Cause I know that
I've found forever
In the love that we have...
Be nice.
Oh, I wanna hold on
To this feeling
That I'm feeling
And I can't believe
That your love
Has come to me...
I got it.
Gonna hold on to you
Gonna hold on to you
Oh, never gonna
Let you go...
Hey! Oh!
Oh, yes. My dance.
You gotta spike this.
Oh, yeah.
[male singer]
Forever I'll hold on
To you
Forever I'll hold on
To you
Gonna hold on to you
Thank you.
I love this place.
Everything here is good.
[laughs] Hey.
Have you ever thought about,
after your trip,
just staying out West?
Being in LA with me?
You wanted to do
something big.
Yeah, I'd love to.
But I mean, I never thought
I'd be the kind of girl
that'd chase a guy
across the country.
And it's really just
not something I can
think about, you know?
It's really just
not a good time.
I'm so behind
in my training as it is,
and my dad
is still a wreck.
Hey, did you ever tell
your dad about me?
You did?
No, no. I...
No, I didn't.
Are you listening?
Have they been staring
the whole time?
Well, can't you just
look at me?
We'll make our own
little world right here.
So, uh,
did you tell your dad?
I've been thinking
about it.
But it's not really
a great time,
just with everything
that's been going on
at home and...
Can we just get out of here?
I don't want to sit here
watching people stare at us
all night.
Hi. Uh, Kim, right?
Yes. We had math
freshman year.
I remember.
What's up?
Have you even thought
about what you're doing?
[chuckles] Maybe you're not
as woke as I thought.
-I'm sorry?
You know, girls like me
don't have a lot of options
around here.
You could have any guy
you want,
but you wanna chase
the one good guy
in my neighborhood.
So if you're trying to ease
your white guilt
or be all progressive
or whatever,
you just know
you're making it worse.
What was that about?
Uh, she just wanted
something for class.
You have class with her?
All right,
so I got the big show
tomorrow night.
-Will I see you both there?
-Yeah. Totally.
Yeah? And what
about you, Lee?
Uh, I don't know, Morgan.
Well, I'll make sure
you have a good time.
Hopefully I'll see
y'all there.
I'll shoot you
the address.
Come on, Lee. You have to take
some time to have some fun.
It's our last few months
of high school.
Okay. Okay.
[Morgan singing]
Got 50,000 fans
Want to hear me sing, girl
I can go buy any, anything
It's true
But I'd trade
It all for you
-[music ends]
-[cheers, applause]
Thank you guys so much.
Up next we've got
Edge of Reality.
Let's give them
a big round of
applause, guys.
He's good.
He's okay.
Look at this.
Lee has finally
graced me with that
beautiful presence.
[chuckles] You know,
I'm out all the time working.
Just not with you anymore.
Maybe we should change that.
Where's Jordan at?
He is with Kyle and Paul.
He finally let you
off your leash?
Jordan doesn't have me
on any leash.
Good to know.
Well, maybe I could
pick you up tomorrow night
and take you out?
So we can catch up
and talk about
what happened last summer.
Just give me a chance.
No, thanks.
I have a boyfriend now,
I didn't realize you guys
were that serious.
I figured you were
just experimenting,
you know, since he's...
It's not a big deal.
He didn't know.
Are you seriously
taking his side?
Look. I tried to tell you
this would be hard.
You didn't want to listen.
Yeah. I can't deal with this
right now.
Jordan, will you please
take me home?
You all right?
Yeah, uh...
Are you sure we're doing
the right thing?
What do you mean?
Like, you and me.
Are you sure that
this is okay?
[chuckles] Yes. Definitely.
I think you've had
too many 5:30 a.m. mornings.
[chuckles] Yeah,
you're probably right.
I haven't had
nearly enough time
to prep the horses.
But I think it'll be okay
as long as I don't have
anymore distractions.
Oh, well, don't let me
stand in your way.
[Logan] Hey.
Hey. What are you doing?
Well, um, I kinda
need some help with
my science project.
It's due tomorrow,
and there's no foam core.
Why are you just
telling me this now?
'Cause I just
thought of it now.
[scoffs] And what,
did you think the foam core
was just gonna fall
out of the sky?
No, I thought you'd
drive me to the store.
Dad's gone.
Yeah, let's go.
You know,
I'm a little hungry, too.
[scoffs] So now I'm your driver
and your cook?
Yeah. You're the best.
Uh-huh. All right,
you're just saying that
because you want me to do
your science fair project
for you.
[Jordan] I can't believe
I finally did that.
Dad. What are you
doing out here?
What's up, Mr. Grove?
[sighs deeply]
That's amazing.
[Jordan] That thing
looks brand new.
Well, then why don't
you two take her out
for a spin tonight?
No. That's okay.
Why not? Cars are
meant to be driven.
Go. Go ahead.
You were gonna go
to co-op for me anyway.
You... You're not gonna
come with me?
No. I've got
so much training to do
and I'm so behind.
But you should go
and have fun.
You sure, Mr. Grove?
This car was supposed
to be for Casey.
I'm sure he'd want you
to drive it first.
Hey. Just go drive
the doggone thing.
Hey, do you want
a granola bar?
Right? I know I'm a sucker.
I know. Don't tell Jordan.
[softly] Don't tell him.
[bell tinkles]
You work here?
For about the last two months.
Can I help you?
Nah, I'm just looking.
Are you sure?
You been looking at those.
They're pretty cool.
Especially for someone
who likes horses.
Yeah, I can see that.
I wonder if someone like that
would really understand
what you've been through
as a black man.
Should I ask someone else
to help me or...
No, I just like
to educate my customers
on their purchases.
-Can I take a look
at that one?
Well, I guess you give a brother
a scholarship to a D1 school
and they just give him
anything he wants now, huh?
Classic Benz. It's nice.
-Yeah, let's not lean
on the car.
-Sure, man. You know what?
Let me get the smudge off
for you real quick.
Hey, man. I'm serious.
Back away from the car.
What? You're not gonna offer
your boys a ride?
In this really, really...
What do they call it
in your neighborhood?
Swag, right?
We'd love to see how
a swag car this good drives.
Not now. I'm late.
What you rushing off for?
Got a date with Lee tonight?
You know, what does
she see in you?
Morgan, I'm serious. Move.
You want to know why
you got the better
Affirmative action.
Yeah, that's right.
I had similar numbers
to you this year.
That's the only reason
why you're ever
gonna get anything.
That's funny.
I would've thought it was
because you were no good.
Dude, dude,
we gotta go!
Dude! Dude!
[cell phone ringing]
Dad? What? I'm right
in the middle of something.
My son was just
looking at that car
when that thug attacked him.
Dad, it's just
a fractured wrist.
It's really nothing.
It could've been
your throwing arm.
Hi. What room
is Jordan Bishop in?
[nurse] 240.
240. Thank you.
[machine beeping]
[sniffles, sighs]
I'm here, Jordan.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's just give her
a little time alone, okay?
[Logan] Is he gonna be
all right?
I don't know.
Let's go see if we can
get some answers. Come on.
Nurse! He's waking up.
Are you okay?
What happened?
Let's see.
Oh, my head.
Hey. Yeah, I just wanna
let you know he, uh...
he has a concussion.
But, um, something's
going on with his knee.
I'm not exactly sure what.
Excuse me, Mr. Grove?
Hey, Thomas, let me
call you right back.
Hi, Officer.
Mr. Wallace,
the other boy's father,
said you may be wanting to file
a grand theft auto charge?
What are you talking about?
Well, your Mercedes
was at the scene,
and the suspect--
Are you talking about...
Are you talking
about Jordan Bishop?
Yes, Mr. Bishop
was driving it.
Mr. Bishop
was driving the car
because I gave Mr. Bishop
the keys.
Officer, do you have
anything else?
If not, I'd like to call
the boy's father.
No, Mr. Grove.
I was just following up
for Mr. Wallace's information.
That's all.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
[sighs] Good night.
Hey, Thomas.
Sorry about that.
[clears throat]
How is he?
He's good.
The doctors just finished
checking him over.
So he's sleeping.
Is his dad coming?
He's working
the double shift.
He's gonna come
in the morning.
We should stay with him.
Where's, uh...
Where's Logan?
Uh, he crashed
in Jordan's room.
I'm gonna go grab a snack.
So, um, how are you?
Hmm. I've been better.
You know, I, uh,
kinda connected the dots.
What do you mean?
Between you and Jordan.
You're obviously
more than friends.
Why would you keep that
a secret from me?
I was gonna tell you.
But it's not like
you're ever around.
Besides, I knew
you'd be angry.
So that's what
you think of me?
Everybody else seems to have
a problem with it.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you.
I was worried you'd be upset...
because he was
Casey's best friend.
Well, one good thing
about your big brother:
He... He always was
a good judge of character.
Hey, it's late.
Just go get Logan,
and maybe Brooklyn
will give you
a ride home. All right?
Maybe she'll even
stay the night.
I'll stay here.
He's gonna be fine.
Get outta here. Go.
Thanks, Dad.
Mr. Bishop?
Here's what we have.
The MRI shows that you have
a tear in your ACL.
Now, I don't think
you'll have to have surgery,
but you're gonna have to undergo
some intensive physical therapy
once the swelling goes down.
It'll recover in a few months
if you take care of it.
Okay, good.
But what I'm most concerned
about is your concussion.
The CT scan shows
some internal bleeding
and some signs of scar tissue
which may have been
from a previous concussion.
Probably from
playing football.
You don't want to have
more than three.
So, I can play ball?
Uh, it's tough to say.
Worst case,
with a few more bad hits,
and you could wind up with CTE,
which could lead
to mental breakdowns,
erratic behavior,
premature dementia.
The only way I have
of paying for college
is that football scholarship.
So, what am I
supposed to do, Doc?
I'm, um... I'm sorry.
I can't answer that.
Only you can make
that decision.
Folks come back from torn ACLs.
Happens all the time.
My knee is gonna heal.
It's my head
I'm worried about.
Oh, them doctors don't know
what they're talking about.
You're a Bishop.
You're built like a brick.
With some hard work,
you can get back on that field.
Pop, I love football.
But this isn't about that.
It's about everything else
I want to accomplish in life.
-One more blow--
-You can't afford college
without that scholarship.
Look, son...
you're really good.
You got a chance
to play on Sunday.
And get paid.
Is it worth me risking
my brain?
No risk, no reward.
Look, you either man up
and show 'em you still got
what it takes, or...
well, I can probably
get you some work down
at the factory.
No, I don't want to work
at the factory.
You think you're too good
to work at the factory.
You think you're better
than your old man?
No, no, no.
I just got other dreams.
Yeah, you're a sharp kid.
In ten years or so,
you could work your way
up to supervisor,
make a pretty good wage.
No, I'm gonna
get some loans.
Pay for it myself.
Nah, nah.
See, that's exactly what
the government wants.
Get you 150 grand in debt.
Take you 25 years
of working for the man
to pay it off.
It's all over TV.
College ain't worth
that kind of debt.
Well, I started it.
I gotta finish it.
Then you best get back out
on that field and pretend
like nothing happened.
I would have had the money
if you hadn't gambled
it all away.
[engine stops]
Hey, babe. How are you?
I'm glad you're here.
You don't have to stay long.
I know you got horses
to train.
There's nowhere
I'd rather be.
That's my girl.
I may have to take
some time off my job
at the farm.
[chuckles] I will talk
to management
and see if I can get it
approved, okay?
[both laugh]
Oh, hey,
how's your concussion?
Doctor says it's fine.
Nothing to worry about.
Good. That could've been
the end of football for you.
I'm just ready to get back
and start rehabbing.
I think I can get back
by the fall.
I don't have all the money
I need for PT,
but maybe I can watch
some videos online or something.
We'll figure it out.
Can I hire that girl with
the bad knee on the horse?
Um, I think she's
a little busy with
sixth grade homework.
But I think
I could do it.
I mean, I remember
everything that we did.
No, no. You've done enough.
Your plate's full.
No. This is your dream.
the start of it.
Look, I can push my trip
back to the fall.
I'm way behind
in my training as it is.
No, no.
No, you're not doing that.
Your broken dreams
are worth putting
back together.
Yeah. They are.
Besides, I gotta get you
back to playing wingman.
It's wingback,
you wing nut.
You know, my dad's
gonna be home soon.
Um, you might want
to take off.
I just... I just
don't feel like dealing
with all that today.
Yeah. I get it.
But, hey, at least
you're gonna finally
ride a horse.
I don't know what's worse,
a stinky horse or a bad knee
for the rest of my life.
[chuckles] Okay,
you are definitely
a horse-ist.
[shutter clicking]
[Logan laughing]
What are you
laughing at?
You. [laughs]
I don't know about this.
Come on.
What's the matter?
Me falling off.
Come on. I thought you said
you weren't scared.
Well, I lied.
All right. Come on.
Just get ready.
On three, okay?
All right.
One, two...
What are you doing?
Looking for your seat belt?
Oh, okay.
You got jokes, huh?
What, are three people
gonna see that on there?
It's 12.
[shutter clicks]
All right.
Don't be afraid, Jordan.
I got you. Come on.
Just hold on.
I don't know about this.
[Lee] Come on.
It's easy.
Okay, so, when you ride,
every muscle in your legs
are gonna be worked.
It's gonna
slowly break through
the scar tissue
that's limiting
your mobility.
You sure old Chief
is ready for this?
Oh, trust me.
He's loving it. I promise.
All right. Let's go.
Uh... [chuckles] Okay.
-Come on.
-Come on.
I'm a regular
old cowboy now.
See? Much more fun
than PT.
Plus, the view
is better.
The view is outstanding.
There we go!
[man singing]
Do you feel
Like an outcast?
Do you feel unloved?
Do you feel like an idiot
In a crowd with everyone?
Yeah, we're all lunatics
We're all kind of weird
When we come together...
[Lee] A little higher.
One more.
Can you feel
The love tonight?
Yeah, uh-huh, yeah
Uh-huh, yeah...
I think I'm gonna fire
my therapist.
Can you feel
The love tonight?
So, admit it.
You had fun.
Okay, I did. [laughs]
Hey, look. I got you something
for helping me out with my knee.
It's a compass.
You can wear it around
your neck on your trip.
Just in case you don't know
which way to go.
Thank you.
Giving jewelry
is pretty serious, right?
Well, I did work
pretty hard for it.
So, I guess this means
it's finally time
to meet your dad?
I don't know.
He's not too happy
about me bringing up
how he gambled away
my college money.
It's just not
the right time.
It's never a good time.
I can't do anything
about that.
We're from two
different worlds.
But I thought we were
gonna make our own
little world.
I'll see what I can do.
Hey, Pop.
You smell like a barn.
You've been spending
an awful lot of time
at the Grove's place.
Yeah. They're helping me out
with my knee.
They, or that girl?
Don't start with me, Pop.
Oh, so, you got you
a white girlfriend now.
I have a girlfriend.
Her name is Lee.
And I don't care about
the color of her skin.
Well, I guarantee
she cares about
the color of your skin.
Trust me. I've been
around this town too long.
People are talking, Jordan,
about who did this
and who did what between you
and them white boys.
Well, Lee's different.
She's no different.
You think you're special?
You think she's gonna want
a future with you
if can't play football,
if you can't afford school?
You haven't even
told her, have you?
I didn't think so.
The second you don't have
some flashy future,
she's gonna drop you.
You'll see.
She's got money, son.
Ain't nothing wrong with that.
But she ain't gonna
wanna be with nobody
can't pay for her horses.
That's just the way it is.
You don't even know her.
Because you're ashamed
to bring her around
your old man,
because you figure
if she knows your roots,
she might not stick around.
-I'll bring her by, then.
-All right, you do that.
I'm sure she's a...
she's a nice young lady.
Yes, she is.
But she's gonna
break your heart.
She's not Mom.
I'm just trying
to look out for you, son.
You're from
separate worlds.
Ain't no future
for the two of you.
Looks like Jordan's all better.
Time to get back to work.
[cell phone beeps]
[Lee] See, whenever
you're steering him,
if you want him
to go this way,
you want to pull back
towards your hip.
Just like that.
You never cross over his neck.
So, bring him around
this way.
Good. Now loosen up.
[indistinct chatter]
[male teacher] Historians have
traditionally divided the war
into three phases.
-Hey. You need any help?
Yeah. Uh, maybe
you could grab a brush.
I need to get ready
for school pretty soon.
[Jordan] Oh, yeah.
You like that, huh, boy?
You look tired.
Just what every woman
loves to hear.
I just worry about you.
You know,
you've been pushing hard.
That's what you have to do
to accomplish your dreams.
How you doing, Chief?
You miss your buddy,
don't you?
Hey, Lee, have you ever
really grieved Casey's death?
Yeah. Of course.
It just seems like
ever since it all happened,
you've just been
running ragged, you know?
I'm fine, Jordan.
I don't know why you always
keep bringing it up.
Okay. Never mind.
Prom's coming up, right?
Guess so.
Do I, like, have to go to that?
Or am I too old?
Will they let me in?
I've never really cared
too much about prom, so...
Okay, good.
I know it doesn't compare...
but I was thinking
I could invite you over
for dinner with my father.
Yeah. I think I'm ready.
I don't know
what'll happen, but...
I just want him to realize
that we're different.
I'm sure I'll love him.
And I can make him
love me.
Come on, come on.
Keep up, keep up!
Uh-uh. Careful.
Good boy.
Easy. Good boy.
One more time. Come on.
[Jeff] Looks like you've been
training those horses hard.
You still planning
on doing that trip?
Probably have to delay
a month or so,
but, yeah, I am.
You still gonna
ride it alone?
Sure am.
You know, you, um...
you actually proved me wrong.
I thought
you'd lose interest.
Like you did
when you were a kid
with the tree house.
you impressed me.
Thanks, Dad.
Listen, you know,
I know I haven't been
the best father lately.
And you can take this
for whatever it's worth.
But, um...
I just don't want you
riding cross-country.
Now, listen.
You're gonna be out there
all by yourself.
Going across the country,
okay? It's not safe.
I don't know
if I can handle losing
someone else in my family.
Can you do that for me?
[doorbell rings]
Wow, you look great.
Are you ready for this?
Yeah. Let's go.
[both sigh]
Hey, Pop.
This is Jubilee.
[laughing] Hi, Mr. Bishop.
Wow. You sure have grown up
since the last time
I last saw you,
sitting in the bleachers,
watching your brother
play football.
He was a heck of a player.
You guys chat.
I'm gonna check on the food.
Yeah, I spent a lot of time
sitting in those bleachers.
Yes, you did. [chuckles]
Jubilee. Jubilee.
You know, my father
sang gospel
in a jubilee quartet.
Mm-hmm. You ever heard of that?
That kind of thing?
No, I don't think so.
Ah, no reason you would.
Would you get that for me?
Yeah, hi.
[Thomas] Hey.
[door closes]
What's up, Kim?
Uh, your dad said
you needed hot sauce
for your dinner.
Yeah, we're out
of hot sauce.
Dad, I made
chicken Alfredo.
Everything goes
with hot sauce.
You like hot sauce?
-See? See?
How about you stay
for dinner?
You know what, I only made
enough for us three, so...
Maybe next time.
Nice necklace.
[door opens]
Why don't we all sit down.
[door closes]
And there are so many
who have so little.
Thank you
for this food. Amen.
So, Jubilee, what do you want
to do after you graduate?
You know,
I don't really know.
She's going on
a cross-country horse trip.
Doesn't that take
a lot of money?
Not once you have
the horse.
It'd be a lot of money
for this family.
Not if you do something
called saving.
Must be nice being able
to take all that time
off work.
Do you have something
against riding?
No, no. I'm just admiring
your privileged life.
You should be grateful.
Well, I'm not going
What do you mean?
It was too much for my dad.
Everything I want
gets taken from me.
[Thomas] Mmm.
Yeah. Welcome to
our reality, young lady.
Well, that's what
happened to me.
That's what happened
to Jordan.
That's just ordinary life
outside of your ivory castle.
So you think you're
the only one with problems?
You think that
just because my dad
makes a decent income
that my dreams aren't valid?
No, you don't get it.
[scoffs] Jordan still has hope.
He's almost recovered.
Not from the concussion.
I thought you said
that wasn't a big deal.
I didn't want you
to worry about it.
You got enough going on.
Dreams can definitely die
when white boys jump you
because they're jealous
of a borrowed car and...
your white girlfriend.
Dad, it wasn't her fault.
[Lee] Jordan.
Would you please
take me home?
I don't think
I'm welcome here.
[door lock clicks]
[line ringing]
Hey, Pop.
Think you could get me
an introduction
with the foreman
down at the factory?
I can do that.
You okay?
Yeah. I'm fine.
You don't have to lie to me.
I know you're not fine.
But you can lie to me
about your concussion?
Why didn't you stand up
for me last night?
I'm sorry. I didn't know
that was gonna happen.
But you snapped
at a grown man.
I'm so sick of people
saying that I need
to learn this,
that I don't get it
and I don't understand.
And maybe I don't,
but I'm trying.
Maybe trying's
not good enough.
Do you really want
to go through life
having to deal with this
all the time?
That's your dad talking.
Not you.
I decided
to quit football.
But that's okay.
We can figure that out.
Broken dreams are worth
putting back together.
I don't know
if I believe that anymore.
I think we were
just being naive.
The world doesn't care
about our dreams.
That's why we have
to fight for them.
No, I think we were both
just going through
a whole lot at the time,
and we just forced it.
No. No, don't do this.
Our worlds are just
too different.
I just don't see
a good future for us.
This is what's best.
For you.
Can't I decide
what's best for me?
I can't believe
you're giving up.
Just never forget you were
one of the best things
that ever happened to me.
I'm sorry about your ride.
[horse nickers]
[shutter clicks]
So, he was trained
for endurance,
so he should be able to do
anything you need him to do.
Okay. How old is he?
How long have you had him?
Uh, about seven,
eight years.
Good. All up to date
on his shots, I assume?
Yes. Yes.
There you go.
Thank you.
I'll come get him
in the morning.
All right.
Sounds good. Bye.
Thanks, Lee.
I did what you said.
I sold Casey's horse.
["The Light Below"
by Zia playing]
Come on, buddy.
One last ride, okay?
Maybe without
A semblance of me
And not because you care
And you fall hard enough
You'll find
Your heart is here
And then the grace
And then the glow
On either side
You might find
The light below
And you won't be back
But one day
This ache will fade to black
I guess this is
good-bye, okay?
I wish you could have gone
on the trip with me.
[crying] I'll miss you.
[Lee sobbing]
[sobbing continues]
Shh, shh.
I miss him, Dad.
[Jeff] I just, uh,
hope he has a good home.
[man] Yeah. My kids
are gonna love him.
Thank you very much.
Bye. Thank you.
[Jeff] Be safe.
Let me know if you need me
to tuck you in tonight.
-Think I will.
-[engine starts]
Mr. Bishop.
Could you
please make sure
Jordan gets this?
Thank you.
Hey. How about giving
your old man a shot, huh?
No way.
Yes way. Your ball.
Where'd you get that?
I dug it out of the drawer.
This is my old one from 1990.
Let's go. Come on.
You ready for this?
I'm ready for this.
Let's go, old man.
Ah! Dude, you pushed off!
Ooh. You like that.
Yeah, that's a good one.
Why are you always
spoiling them?
Don't tell anybody,
but I'm gonna miss a few
of these stinky things.
I don't think
I'm a horse-ist anymore.
I, uh...
I got your letter.
You sold Chief?
Yeah. I did.
But it was good for me.
I finally did it, you know?
Let myself be sad
about Casey.
That's good.
I'm proud of you.
Lee, that's a lot of money.
I can't accept it.
No, it was Casey's.
He would've wanted you to be
the first in your family
to graduate college.
And you did that even...
even after I ended things.
Yeah, well,
just because you don't want
to fight for us
doesn't mean that I can't
still love your dreams.
it's enough for one year
at a state school.
If I work hard enough,
I can afford the next.
And if I get
good enough grades,
which I plan to...
I could earn a scholarship
for my master's.
You know,
statistically speaking,
78% of minorities
with a GPA of 3.8 or higher
earn full scholarships.
Wow. Sounds like
the math wiz has a plan.
What about you?
What do you want to do
after you graduate?
Guess I'll just stay here.
Give lessons, board horses.
Hang with Ghost and Cody
until I finally figure out
what I want to do.
Well, I missed enrollment
for fall semester.
So I have to wait until
the spring rolls around.
I have some downtime.
And I figure there's
nothing else I'd rather do
than get on a horse
for three months and...
head towards
the Pacific Ocean with you.
[both laugh]
I missed you.
I want to fight for this.
Your broken dreams
are worth putting
back together too.
Yes, they are.
So, about those
toothless mountain men.
Oh, my God!
You are still scared.
I'm just worried.
I just think there's
power in numbers.
That's all I'm saying.
Is that too much to ask?
[male singer]
I woke up in the world
I wanted
Better than I ever saw it
All the dreams, the life
The hope you brought in
I woke up in the world
I wanted
It used to be a dream
But now it's you and me
It used to be a dream
But now it's you and me
Forgettin' something?
Thanks, Logan.
Dad, you sure
you're okay with this?
Yeah. I couldn't be
more proud.
But we haven't
even started yet.
Ah, sweetheart,
I'm not talking
about the ride.
I'm talking about
everything you've done
for this family.
Stop. Stop.
Don't get mushy
on me, all right?
You two need
to get on out of here.
The trailer's already
packed, and I'll...
catch up with you at your
first checkpoint tonight.
Okay. Thanks for
running support, Dad.
Yeah, I think
it was time for me
to take a vacation.
This way, Logan and I,
we can have a little
road trip, right, son?
Seriously, guys.
It means the world to me.
Well, we want to be part
of your dream.
-Take care of my girl.
-Yes, sir, Mr. Grove.
-I love you, Dad.
-I love you too.
Have a blast!
Okay. I love you, Logan.
And I'll see you tonight, man.
See you.
Here you go.
All right. Come on, bud.
Ready, Jordan?
Are you ready, Ghost?
[male singer]
This love is like the ocean
That's crashing over me
It's like falling rain
On the driest plains
As far as eyes can see
This love
Is like the trees
That are looking down
On top of me
This love is like no other
It's right where
I want to be
Nobody loves you like I do
And I'd never want them to
Nobody loves you like I do
And I can't get enough
Of you
And I don't ever want to
This love is like a mystery
That's folding out
In front of me
This love is like no other
It's right where
I want to be
Nobody loves you like I do
And I'd never want them to
Nobody loves you like I do
And I can't get enough
Of you
And I don't ever want to
[song ends,
light rock playing]