The Worm Valley (2023) Movie Script

(1920s, Wat Khae, Southeast Asia)
A while ago,
a girl in the town was pregnant.
No one knows
who the father is.
Her belly is getting bigger.
Her family wanted to solve the problem.
Although she's not punished,
local people believe in a cult.
Let's go.
The girl's mother took
money from the sorceress,
and sold her daughter's baby
to be a Kuman Thong.
It sounds scary.
This Wat Khae is the place
where the Kuman Thong is.
This temple has been deserted for decades.
It's very spooky.
No one dared to go.
It's said that
this place is haunted.
If you don't get rid of the baby,
how will you get married
when you're pregnant?
God Khae bless us!
Don't touch my child!
Please let us go.
Let us go.
He's about to be born.
What are you doing?
Only the fresh ones
are fierce enough.
God Khae!
My baby!
Go dig a hole.
You guys, bury her now.
It's on him.
Mr. Hu.
Look at this photo. It's two
snakes biting each other's tails.
Does it look familiar?
Since then, this area has
become the domain of ghosts.
No one in a hundred miles
radius dares to come back.
The girl's mother was
discovered outside the forest.
She went crazy.
They look like ghostly red spots.
Mr. Hu,
if we find the Phoenix Pearl,
won't we be able to remove the
ghostly red spots in your eyes?
After all these years, you
finally said something sensible.
I'm not kidding you this time.
(The Worm Valley)
I'm afraid this place is a bit spooky.
Mr. Hu, Mr. Fatty, this
is my first time here.
You two have to protect me.
Mr. Fatty.
This should be the place.
Let's go.
Should be.
Mr. Hu.
Come here.
Don't be afraid.
We're here.
You'll be safe.
If we really find the Phoenix Pearl,
when we go back to Beijing,
I'll treat you to mutton hotpot.
Thank you in advance, Mr. Fatty.
As long as we can go back safely this time,
I'll eat until you're both broke.
Hu, look at him.
Avenge and revenge
on the wrong doers!
Good luck and great prosperity.
Don't mess with us.
People here make dead
babies into Kuman Thong
and exchange for properties.
Recently, many children have
been missing in the town.
Probably because Kuman Thong
was jealous of children born
and killed them.
Toys for you.
Ride a horse.
Don't come to me.
I've given you all the toys.
Seeking help at the last
moment has little effect.
If you're really sincere,
you can worship me.
I am tough
in all aspects.
I'd better go to Mr. Hu.
He's not as tough as me.
Come on.
One, two.
Come on, Jin.
What are you doing?
One, two, three.
Be careful.
Jin, follow me closely.
Don't laugh at Jin.
He has never gone down the tomb.
Jin. Don't worry.
I'll dig a big hole for
you when you're gone.
Shut up!
You are so bold!
Are you human?
Mr. Hu.
The painting of King Xian's ascension.
This painting depicts King Xian as he ascends to
immortality and is honored by all the people.
When a man gets to the top, all his
friends and relatives get there with him.
What do you think?
Mr. Hu.
Am I right?
It's the King's tomb, right?
The Pearl must be here.
Oh no.
Everything is gone.
Someone came before us.
What's that sound?
Mr. Hu, Mr. Fatty.
What's going on?
Is there a ghost?
They were singing just now.
Mr. Hu.
Someone touched me.
There's powder.
You're such a coward.
Think about it. If it was a ghost,
how could it leave you powder?
I'm not like you guys.
I cherish my life.
Let's go.
What's going on?
Something is wrong here.
Be careful.
This is a device powered by water.
There should be another chamber behind it.
In ancient times, water in
Feng Shui represents money.
The corresponding direction is north.
To open this rest gate,
we need to use the force of
water to open the device.
It really is a device.
Mr. Hu.
You're awesome.
It should be King Xian's tomb inside.
Come on.
One gives birth to Two.
Two gives birth to Three.
Three gives birth to all things.
It's a dilemma to have
backs to yin and face yang.
Don't let us touch ghosts.
Reverent deceased,
Hu Bayi,
Wang Kaixuan,
and Shirley Yang
are here to find cure
for ghostly red spots,
we didn't mean to disturb you.
Sorry for opening the coffin.
We respect you,
so we'll not abstain from taboo.
We honor your life,
so we have a clear conscience.
We're here to collect something,
and we'll not cause any hindrance.
Open the coffin.
Lift the coffin.
Hold on to it.
King Xian is so extravagant.
Even the coffin is pure gold.
There's no remains of King Xian here.
There's a scroll inside.
Fatty, don't touch it.
This is a device.
Mr. Hu, help me!
Mr. Hu!
Mr. Hu, Mr. Kai, help me up!
What is this? It can't be moved.
This is the Nine Palace
Mountain Tiger Lock.
It's a provocation
against tomb trespassers.
How do you turn it, left or right?
Let me do it.
You can't mess with this thing.
Mr. Hu,
I only trust you.
Let me do it.
Hold on.
I can't hold on much longer.
Eight Trigrams
can open any lock.
The Mantra of Shoulder Strike.
It's cloudy and rainy
in the place of thunder and lightning.
The thunder frightened people within hundreds of
miles radius. But it can't scare the sacrificers.
Left four inside and right four outside.
Glazed top with kerosene..
What does that mean?
According to an ancient book,
the ancients made their dome
with two layers of glaze,
and kerosene was put in the middle.
If someone breaks in,
the kerosene will fall and catch fire, tomb
robbers and the whole tomb will both be burned.
The fire has been ignited.
This place will collapse soon.
Mr. Hu.
Is it not a prior trigram
but a posterior one?
A prior trigram.
I don't want to die.
A prior trigram.
The Eight Trigrams are
intertwined and combined.
To project the past, you have
to go from left to right.
To predict the future, you
have to go from right to left.
Left three outside.
Right four inside.
Wrong again.
I'll get you out.
Don't move.
Hu is unlocking it.
Hold on tight.
Mr. Hu.
Mr. Fatty.
It's an honor to be your buddy.
What do you mean?
I've had a good life.
Take care.
How long has it been?
Half an hour.
It is hard to dispel the
demons in one's mind.
In psychology,
your fear and trauma came from guilt.
You can't always be trapped
in the mistakes you made.
You know?
You have many things to do in the future.
Many people also need your company.
Time is up for today.
If you don't want to say it today,
we can talk next time.
Come on, we're already here,
why do you want him to tell you tomorrow?
Your service is quite expensive.
Right, Hu?
What's wrong, Hu?
Why is your nose bleeding again?
You can't leave it like that.
It's time to pay the treatment fee.
I know.
Here you are.
This is not enough.
Where did it go?
Don't talk. I can't find it.
You're always like this.
What are you doing?
Listen to me.
I have a lot of goods
kept in long stock lately.
I don't have cash if I
can't sell them, right?
You pick one.
I have bracelets of Tang Dynasty
and necklaces of Song Dynasty.
I even have an emerald Bodhisattva
strung with nylon thread.
Pick one.
I'm not interested.
Keep them for yourself.
Just give me money.
You're a doctor. How can
you only care about money?
How can you ignore Mr. Hu lying in there?
Because of God Khae, I have
given up my grace to this day.
Take this as an offering to God Khae.
Please bless me!
You're insulting God Khae!
Ba, why are you angry?
How about this?
Tell me whether God
Khae likes men or women.
In the worst situation,
I'll give Mr. Fatty to it.
Get lost!
Just kidding.
Mr. Hu.
Am I right?
It's King Xian's tomb, right?
Where am I?
Why can't I get out?
Mr. Hu!
Help me, Mr. Hu!
Mr. Hu! Mr. Hu!
Help me!
Mr. Hu.
- Hu!
- Let go of me! I want to save him!
Hu, calm down.
Let go of me!
Jin is dead.
Hu, what's wrong with you?
Why are you lashing out on it?
What are you doing?
How many times have you done this?
you've got more and more nosebleeds.
We'll figure out a way
when Chief Yang comes back.
What's going on with you?
I need to pay for your medical expenses.
You got caught selling fake goods, right?
Then tell me,
I have to pay your medical
bills after paying the rent.
I don't even have enough
money to buy an extra egg.
Can I not sell it?
Hu, can you just let yourself go?
With your current condition,
how many days do you have left?
Chief Yang will be back soon.
He said he has news
about the Phoenix Pearl.
Listen to me.
Let's try again.
I told you
I won't go down the tomb again.
Hu, why can't you let go?
Jin is dead.
It was my fault.
What do you mean?
Then why did Jin die?
Jin chose to die
to keep us alive.
If we didn't go look for the Phoenix
Pearl or didn't go down the tomb,
he wouldn't have died.
Take a look yourself.
Take a look.
Look at you now.
We are best friends.
If you die, I'll die with you.
But what about Chief Yang?
Have you thought about her?
You're a tomb raider.
Are you telling me that
you admit defeat after one failure?
I can't do it.
Not only did you betray Jin,
but you must also be ashamed
to face our grandmaster.
I'm telling you, if you're
not going, I'll go by myself.
Don't regret if I die.
(Mourn for Wang Kaixuan)
Why did you leave suddenly?
please let me die smoothly.
Louder! Why can't you cry?
Aren't you a professional?
Let me hear you.
Come here.
The baby is so cute.
Little doll.
When I go in,
I'll die soon.
Don't worry.
Right away.
How many times have I told
you not to put it here?
Have I?
Not here.
Over there.
Hurry up.
Are they for me?
Not bad.
Blondes are fine too.
Put this
on the north of my coffin.
Put that
on the left of my coffin.
You come back.
Put this in the coffin with me.
Why are you filming me? Go inside.
I can...
Such a big scene is sure to provoke Hu.
Shoot it well.
What's going on? Aren't you professionals?
You run out of tears?
Why did you die so early?
Where is the makeup artist?
This doll is too ugly
to be buried together with the dead.
Everyone in Chinatown knows me.
You came to the right person.
I'm their landlord.
They rented half of my bar and
changed it to an antique shop.
Come in.
They're right through here.
These two
owes me two months' rent.
They can't be driven away.
Are you their friend?
Thank you.
A person with money is everyone's friend.
In order to help you treat Mr. Hu,
Mr. Fatty spent all his money.
At this point,
you told me you didn't put tape in it.
I just want to help you.
He'll offend God Khae.
I'm thinking about opening the lid.
I'll go in and find
that woman and run away.
By then, I'll...
Let me out!
Who are you? Do you know who I am?
Let me out if you dare!
Who are you?
Do you know who I am?
If you dare,
If you're not satisfied with
the products from my shop,
you can talk to me about it.
We all have exchange and refund services.
Why did you want to see me?
I am Scott,
the head of the Thunder Snake Mercenaries.
I wanted to talk about a
business deal with Mr. Hu.
What deal?
Drop your gun, man.
Is this how you treat our
potential business partner?
My brother
wanted you to take me to a place
with your tomb raider skills.
You're so unlucky.
You're one day late.
Just one day?
has dead.
But what about Hu?
I'm sure he's very upset.
He's suddenly short of a right-hand man.
I have a good idea.
Can we connect you with
a new right-hand man?
I'm picky when selecting partners.
(Memorial Tablet)
All right.
That's enough.
Mr. Hu,
do you think we've reached your standards?
I think your team
has passed my test
and reached the standard
for cooperation with me.
I think so too.
No need.
Let him go first.
Are you okay, Ba?
This is where we are going.
Hu, there's a scroll inside.
Mr. Hu.
(Mourn for Wang Kaixuan)
(Fatty's Antique Shop)
Why else would I go to you?
Let's get cleaned up and get going.
It's not hard for me to lead you there.
That place is really dangerous.
Not just me, a lot of people...
Who are you?
You should ask who you are.
We found her.
She is Shirley Yang.
Your other hand is here.
We'll definitely make it this time.
What's wrong with you, Wang Kaixuan?
How would I know how Wang Kaixuan died?
I'm sad too.
Please understand.
We haven't seen each other for a long time.
It's okay if we hug, right?
Although Kaixuan is gone,
we have new friends.
They can lead us to make a comeback.
I miss you.
It's dangerous now. Just
think of me as Hu Bayi.
Hu Bayi.
Let's settle our scores later.
Look at this.
Where did you get the scroll?
I bought it at a high price.
Don't touch the old man.
This has nothing to do with me.
I know nothing.
I didn't see anything either.
Only the dead can keep secrets.
Can we take him with us?
We don't bring anyone useless.
I'm a doctor, not someone useless.
What if you catch a cold or have a fever?
Let's go.
Gentlemen, we're heading
towards fame and fortune.
This place is so far.
Don't move.
That fatty had a funeral here.
So unlucky.
Look at these.
If those foreigners hadn't paid your rent,
I would have kicked you out.
What are all these?
It's bad luck.
Also, don't you run an antique shop?
Why did you start to have funerals?
(Zhelong Mountain)
We don't know if Hu will come.
We might have to save ourselves.
I took an observation just now.
There aren't many people there.
Here, you will have
everything you ever dreamed
and the wealth you want in your life.
I'll find a chance
to show these foreigners
what Chinese kung fu is.
We want to plunder.
We will take all the gold.
Look at you.
Welcome to the party, guys.
You must have never seen this before.
Do you still want to show
your Chinese kung fu?
Wait for me, I'll...
Are you sure we're on the right way?
How would I know?
Follow me!
This seems to be the scroll
in the coffin in Wat Khae.
No rush. Let's take a look first.
We'll talk about it later.
Let's go.
Who are you pushing?
Is this how you treat a talent?
Don't you dare touch me again.
Calm down.
Watch your steps.
Chief Yang, come and take
a look at this flower.
It seems to be recorded in
Compendium of Materia Medica.
She's really something.
- Five.
- Come on, Mr. Hu.
The show begins.
What do you mean?
We've reached the Land of Five Buddhas.
Tell me.
Where is the entrance?
As the ancient saying goes...
It's upside down.
As the ancient saying goes...
It's upside down.
In our business,
we always...
When mortal bodies reach
the gate of immortality,
you'll meet soul-catching babies. After that,
you'll reach the top of the Land of Five Buddhas.
Stop reading.
Think about what we can do.
Listen to me.
This thing is useless.
Watch me.
We have to identify the main mountain.
Every mountain is a barrier.
There are ghosts in the world.
I'll lead you
to find the tomb.
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch
a tiger by the toe. You're it.
The real device is there.
Please wait a moment.
I think I should turn it.
Be careful.
Don't play tricks on me.
What tricks?
There are five Buddhas in total.
There's only 20 percent chance.
Choose if you think you can do it.
No? Then it's still up to me.
Excuse me.
I apologize.
It should be okay this time, right?
Are you sure?
I did let you down today.
But there are only two left, right?
Anyway, there's a 50 percent
chance for each of them.
I'll do it.
I'll choose.
Darn it.
Help me.
Hu Bayi.
Thank you for turning for me.
I finally understand how your partner died.
What do you know? This
is called elimination.
I'm telling you, after
excluding the first few,
the last one must be right.
Help me down.
Wait for me.
Find a way now.
There are only five chances.
You can make four mistakes.
You're really something.
You'll have a bright future.
Save the boss first.
That's what I mean by professional.
Get lost!
King Xian's tomb.
I finally found you.
King Xian's tomb.
What's in these bottles?
Open them and you'll know.
It contains a baby's body.
Kuman Thong.
This is the way to make a Kuman Thong.
It's a unique thing in Southeast Asia.
They are all called golden children.
Masters and monks performed magic on them.
These may be made for the king's sacrifice.
Aborted or dead babies were put in them
to lock their souls
and be controlled by the king.
We can't offend these babies.
Otherwise, the consequences
will be very bad.
You're a doctor.
You can't be so superstitious.
What are you doing?
What are you doing? Move.
Are you not working?
I'll deduct your salary if you don't work.
I'll deduct your salary.
What are you looking at?
Kill yourself.
Kill yourself!
Kill yourself!
Kill yourself.
Don't look at the murals on the wall.
You'll have hallucinations.
Shirley, wake up!
The smoke is poisonous.
Trigram Kan, west.
This is a dead end.
Is this the end for us?
What should we do now? Is
there really no way out?
Think of another way.
I don't want to die here.
If you encounter danger under
Trigram Kan, make small efforts.
It's a water trigram. We need water.
There's a way here.
Get up, Ba.
- It was so dangerous.
- It's okay.
- There's even poisonous gas here.
- It's okay.
I'll protect you.
Why didn't you contact
me after I went back?
You're back now.
What if I don't come?
I knew you would come.
You're finally here.
When you weren't here, I...
All right.
Listen to me and go back with me.
Where are we going?
The foreigner said
this is King Xian's Tomb.
We can find the Phoenix Pearl here.
With one word from him,
you're going to risk your life?
This is an opportunity.
We can take a risk.
If you risk your life on
it, then it's a gamble.
have you considered my feelings?
When he presses the
remote, I'll be blown up.
Then I'll see God Khae.
Who are you?
- Hu Bayi.
- Wang Kaixuan.
Who is he?
Wang Kaixuan.
Isn't he dead?
This is a personal issue
between the three of us.
I can't tell you now.
A melodramatic love triangle.
You like her,
but she likes him.
Didn't they say that you can't
go after a friend's wife?
You don't know what's going on.
Stop pointing.
You don't understand.
Put this on. Don't wear it crooked.
This color matches you.
I don't care about your mess.
If we don't move forward,
we'll die.
Since you three are all here,
lead the way.
Don't play tricks.
According to the map,
you'll meet soul-catching babies. After that,
you'll reach the top of the Land of Five Buddhas.
It corresponds to the halfway of the mountain.
Look for the range at the Buddha's head.
The poisonous fog caused hallucination.
It seems that these are the
last two sentences on the map.
Cut bones and muscles, dive
down to explore the deep pool.
What map?
Where did you get this map?
I got it at an auction.
If you're interested,
when the coffin is found,
I can give you the map.
But I'm warning you.
If you keep being so impolite,
I won't be so easy on you.
All right.
Let's go.
The statues on both sides are Yazi
(the second son of the dragon).
It's not an auspicious animal.
It'll seek revenge for
the smallest grievance.
There's no turning back.
There's a broken head bridge ahead.
Are you sure you still
want to move forward?
We've gone so far. Now
you want to turn back?
These are mutated bulb bugs.
They explode when they're in danger.
Be careful.
These bugs are thermophilic.
- Run!
- Hurry!
The signal flare!
Take it.
Cut the tendons and break the bones.
The hidden dragon explores the abyss.
Only when the bridge
falls down can we survive.
We can't kill them all. What should we do?
Cut off the vines.
Break the bridge!
- Hurry!
- What?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
If the bridge doesn't fall
down, we will all die.
Hold on!
Hold on.
I'm fine.
That's the statue of Shiva.
In the Indian Buddhist scriptures,
Shiva and Vishnu sit face to face.
If I'm not mistaken,
the statue of Vishnu opposite
should be the real exit.
Go to check.
Bro, I think
you are a real master.
No wonder Miss Yang fell in love with you.
Am I right?
What do you think, bro?
If you're interested, we can work together.
We can make money together.
There are many opportunities like this.
I'm not interested in you.
Where do you think the exitance?
Let's blow up it and find it out.
Give me a hand.
What the fuck?
- Let's go.
- Go!
Keep up.
The exitance! Let's go!
Get the fuck dynamite now.
And burn it away!
It's okay. Ba.
It's okay.
Listen. We must keep this.
We may need to use it later.
What do you mean?
I didn't agree to go back with you.
You have to go back today.
Even you agree with Fatty?
You know the tomb of King Xian is ahead.
Why are you going to give up halfway?
Give up halfway?
Who can guarantee that we can still
get out alive if we go further?
We will die if we go back now.
It's just a legend that the Phoenix
Pearl can detoxify the poison.
I know you feel bad about Jin's death.
Who has seen it? And who has tried it?
Won't you feel sad if Fatty and I die?
How many people of our clan have died here?
How much more do we have to pay for this?
Why are you so selfish?
You ask him.
Is he willing to come with us?
It's not bad to have a look.
I'm a doctor.
I need to study the microorganisms there
to contribute to human health.
Do you understand?
if you leave today, we
are no longer brothers.
He really left?
Let him go.
Didn't you leave?
Where are you gonna go?
Mr. Hu.
I want to treat you as my brother.
But you play tricks on me like I'm a dog.
You're not loyal to friends, are you?
You knew about this.
Look at him.
Does he look like a good person?
Watch your mouth! Who doesn't
look like a good person?
Who are you talking about?
I'll take you to the ahead.
But you must let them go.
Damn you!
What are you doing?
Lie down.
You have no right to bargain with me now.
If you can't find the exit in ten minutes,
this place
is your grave.
What is he looking at?
The suspension bridge just now means cutting
the tendons and exploring the abyss.
Then this place
means the hidden dragon
and the broken bones.
All sacrificial ceremonies must be guarded
by the scared beasts with Five Elements.
The east corresponds to the element
wood, which refers to a white bear.
It lacks the ribs in the liver position.
The west corresponds to the element
gold, which refers to a tiger.
It lacks the sternum in the lung position.
The south corresponds to the element
fire, which refers to Phoenix.
It lacks the cavity bone
at the heart position.
The north corresponds to the element
water, which refers to a giant elephant.
It lacks the disc bone
in the kidney position.
And this place lacks the dragon bones.
Get up.
What the hell is going on?
The blood of bulb bugs infected wounds.
It enters the brains nerves through blood.
That's why they mutated.
Can't it be killed?
Hu, do something!
The entire burial pit is
inside the dragon bones.
All the previous animal bones
lack bones corresponding
to the internal organs.
The element earth
corresponds to the spleen.
Only the position of the
dragon spleen has bones.
Break the tenth dragon
bone to find the exit.
Hu. Hurry up.
Hurry up. Hu.
Hu. What are you doing?
Is it this one?
There's a door.
Run! Hurry!
Come in.
We all have no way back.
Go ahead.
This is the main hall of
the tomb of King Xian.
King Xian is right in front of us.
Open them up.
This type of coffin opening does not
require much technical proficiency.
Let my men do it.
Is it dangerous?
Why are you spacing out again?
Just now, it was because
you were in a daze,
I almost died.
Got it?
Cheer up.
Did you hear me?
According to the scroll,
the burial pit is the Broken Bones Pass.
We also need to stop the
fire and let the soul back
and use the Flame Cauldron
to look for Heaven.
Then this place
is not King Xian's mausoleum.
Don't move the coffin.
Oh my god!
What is this thing? Why is it so fierce?
This is the Overlord Salamander.
An extremely ferocious
prehistoric creature.
I didn't expect to see it here.
We won't move if the enemy doesn't move.
If we don't move,
it should just stop moving.
Damn you!
Fatty, get up!
- Hu!
- Kaixuan!
- Hu!
- Kaixuan!
Why are you looking for the salamander?
The important thing is the coffin.
It's no good for us to
let this monster come in.
If you move again,
I'll kill
all three of you.
Do it!
Kill me!
You will never find the tomb
of King Xian without me.
From now on,
don't try to hurt any of us.
Calm down, everyone.
We can't get out if he dies.
Calm down.
Go away.
It's too deep.
It's too dangerous.
Stop the fire and let the soul back. Use
the Flame Cauldron to look for Heaven.
His nest is on top.
There must be a way up there.
Where is the mirror?
Give it to me.
Hurry up.
Make the giants stand
in two beams of light.
This is it!
This is...
This corpse must be the wife of King Xian.
So beautiful.
What a feast for the eyes!
So fucking beautiful. Baby.
Lisa. Stop. Stop. Stop.
It doesn't matter.
I don't know why they want to
kill the monster or something.
But it doesn't matter.
Why we risk our life over there. Anyway.
And you know. While we
are talking about it,
I saw you hiding over there.
What fuck am I paying for?
I'm here to deal with people, not monster.
All my soldiers are dead now.
Just shut up, okay?
We're going to end this soon.
Lisa, relax.
The tomb robbers will
take care of everything.
Hu Bayi.
Are you okay?
Get up.
Are you okay?
I killed Jin.
And now I killed Fatty.
I'm a loser.
Fatty and I know what you think.
I know you never thought of giving up on us
and looking for the Phoenix Pearl.
But they are dead.
I can't protect anyone.
Hu Bayi.
Hu Bayi.
You still have me.
I will always be with you.
Wherever you go,
I'll be with you.
You're worthy of the name.
You can even kill the Overlord Salamander.
This is the real mausoleum.
You've avenged.
Now we can finally open the coffins.
I will find the Phoenix Pearl
and send you out.
These three coffins
are displayed according
to a special pattern.
It represents birth,
prosperity and decline.
It also represents the tribulation King
Xian experienced in his three lifetimes.
To become an immortal and ascend,
he has to jump out of this world.
So his real coffin
shouldn't be placed here.
The coffin is put in the wrong place.
Shirley, push the coffin.
A group of three will survive together
and will die if they separate.
This is the rule set by our ancestors.
Without me,
can you open the coffin?
I'm lucky, right?
- That's enough, Hu.
- Fatty.
That thing didn't kill me.
It'll be a big loss if you strangle me.
I thought you were dead.
What do you think?
The King of Hell doesn't
dare to accept me, you know?
Fortunately, that thing has
the habit of storing food
and vomited me out.
And luckily, I'm strong enough.
If it were someone else, he would
have been digested long ago.
Enough, Hu.
Enough. Let me go. I can't breathe.
Hurry up.
Let me see.
You are crying?
Grow up. Okay?
I'm fine.
You are so lucky.
Now you are all here.
Come on.
Out of One, Two; Out of Two, Three;
Out of Three, the created universe.
Everything contains two opposing
and complementary qi, yin and yang.
We touch the gold, the bones and the face.
Hu Bayi.
Wang Kaixuan.
Sorry to offend and open the coffin.
We will respect the deceased.
No fear.
We will respect the life of the deceased.
No qualms.
We will take the things of the deceased.
No obstacles.
Open it.
Let me see.
Hu, take it.
Give me the Phoenix Pearl.
Let Ba go first.
You are not qualified to negotiate with me.
Let's make a deal.
I'll give you the Phoenix Pearl
And you will let him go.
The Phoenix gallbladder.
Nirvana Rebirth.
Ba, come here!
You have to live and I want to be immortal.
Ba, what are you doing? Are you crazy?
I am a doctor.
But doctors die too.
Wat Khae
is where I sell organs to extend my life.
In order not to be known,
I spread a legend about Kuman Thong
so that people won't get close.
But I didn't expect
you would enter the temple.
Because of your intrusion,
I accidentally found out the
existence of the Phoenix Pearl.
Although the broken organs can be replaced,
but one will die eventually.
The Phoenix Pearl is different.
It can bring people eternity.
This also gives me hope.
There is no so-called elixir
of immortality in this world.
I've got it.
How would I know if I don't try?
I was really blind
to let you treat Hu.
There is an ancient Chinese saying
that heaven's will cannot be violated.
That thing is coming again!
Get the Phoenix Pearl!
Hold on tight!
Hold tight!
Hold tight.
- Hold tight.
- Im fine.
I have the Phoenix Pearl.
Take it, Shirley.
Let go of me, you foreigner!
I have a lot of money.
Who cares about your money? Let go!
Is it the same platform as Jin's last time?
I can't catch it.
I can't.
Mr. Hu,
You can't just be so scared like that.
I trust you.
One more time.
It's the hexagram Zhen.
But it's always the wrong way to turn it.
Zhen is thunder.
Only sound can be heard,
but nothing can be seen.
Only sound can be heard,
but nothing can be seen.
Do you trust me?
I trust you.
I believe you too, Hu.
Since nothing can be seen,
then it's empty.
I knew you could do it.
The Phoenix Pearl.
We can be cured. Hu.
We can be cured. Hu.
I have to tell my sons and grandsons
how great their grandfather is!
I fought against the Great Monster bravely.
Why is yours blurry?
Why is yours blurry?
Let me see.
You're not poisoned?
When I bought it, I was
told that it was waterproof.
How could it fade?
I mean...
Both of you are poisoned.
I can't just watch you two die.
If you two really die,
what should I do?
if I was really poisoned,
I wouldn't be in a hurry.
- Hu. Don't...
- You lied to us.
It hurts.
I was wrong.
During the time in the hospital,
you took care of me
and accompanied me every day.
You are the moon in my heart.
To be with you,
I painted myself like this.
Do you like me
like this?
The stage play is over.
It's time to take the medicine.
Is the patient in bed bed No.
6 still unconscious?
The rescue team saved him from the sea.
But he hasn't woken up
since he was sent here.
That's strange.
I can't reach his family.
Doesn't he have any family?
He'll be forced to check out in one day.
Doctor, my foot hurts.
Help me.
- Take care of him.
- Okay.
Time for your medicine.
The patient in bed No. 6 has paid the
bill and can continue the treatment.
When did he pay the bill?
None of your business.
I'm dying of pain!
My golden tooth!
What did the police station say?
They found out.
That he secretly sold
human organs these years
and fabricated the legend
of Wat Khae haunting.
have you booked the flight back to China?
You're willing to go back?
Come to my place when you have time.
do those words you said in the tomb count?
Fatty wants to see me. I'll go first.
It counts.