The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit (2017) Movie Script

It's all arranged.
I've transferred the money
into a new account.
I'm ready
to do this.
We just need to wait
a little longer.
He doesn't suspect anything,
does he?
No, he's too busy
with work to notice.
I can't wait for this
to finally be over.
Me too, but I have to
get back to the lab.
And you gotta
get outta here.
I'll call you later.
Everything's gonna
be okay.
I- I've changed my mind, I don't
wanna be here anymore.
I just wanna
go home.
You know I can't
do that, Stella.
It's gonna okay.
You just have to
trust me--
Trust me.
(loud flashing)
What are you
doin' to me?
Don't fight it,
just try to relax--
(breathing heavily)
Stella: Owen, get up, we
have to get out of here!
Call security!
Don't let them leave!
(loud flashing)
(wheels screeching)
(breathing heavily)
(soft snoring)
(metallic rattle)
Leave me alone!
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, hey,
hey, hey.
It's- it's- it's- it's
it's okay, calm down.
Hey, hey, hey.
Stop, please calm- calm-
Where am I?!
I have no idea what you're
talking about- stop-
please, please, please
stop screaming.
I'm not gonna
say anything, okay?
just let me go.
You think
I did this?
Well, I don't remember
how I got here.
You obviously
drugged me!
Why are you
doing this?!
Look, all I know is
I just woke up in bed
next to a hysterical woman
that I don't recognize
with the worst headache
of my life.
You expect me
to believe that?
How do I know you didn't
slip me something last night?
that's ridiculous.
Look, I-I-I don't know what
you're trying to pull here,
but I want you to get these
handcuffs off me right now.
What makes you think
these are mine?
Do you see a key
Okay, okay.
Nothing on my side
Okay, umm, well--
These look like
professional locks.
how about a bobby pin
or something?
Maybe I can--
pick the lock?
You sure know a lot
about handcuffs and locks.
Not really.
I usually just
kick the door down.
Hey, hey look,
you got it wrong, okay?
I'm not gonna
hurt you.
I'm a fireman.
I'm usually a--
dinner and a movie
kind of guy.
Well, I know for a fact
that we did not have dinner.
You remember that?
No, you're just
not my type.
Now, if you wouldn't mind just
focusing on getting these off
so I can leave?
Okay, okay.
Where are we anyway?
Well, it looks like
you went all out.
A three star hotel called the
Pinewood Park on Aspen Road.
Aspen Road?
Alderville, New York.
Right, right.
Okay, last thing
I remember
was leaving my sister
Bethany's house.
And that was what?
What day is it
I've no idea--
Look, that's my
phone over there,
will you
let me check?
Yeah, sure.
Okay, well--
Okay, yeah,
up on three?
Two, three.
It says it's Thursday.
I remember having breakfast
with my friend Allie
and then everything after
that is just a blank.
Stella, you're not
going anywhere!
Let go of me!
You can't
keep me here, Larissa!
Okay, what just
Uhh, I-I-
I just remembered
that there was a woman--
She was grabbing me and-
and keeping me from leaving.
Leaving where?
I'm not sure.
Do you mind
if we--?
Oh, yeah-
Oh, and I, uhh--
I'm guessing this
belongs to you--
Uhh, yes.
Thank you.
Need some help?
Uh, no.
I've got it,
I can help you.
Just get this--
Larissa: I've been
searching for them
since they escaped last
night, they just disappeared.
What about their cells?
It goes directly
to voice mail.
They're not gonna
answer my calls.
This is bad.
We need to
find them.
Whatever it takes.
Well, still don't see
our shirts anywhere.
Where could we
have left them?
Um, why don't
we start over.
What's your name?
Well, not that we'll be
together long enough
to be on a first name basis,
but it's Stella.
Owen Michaels.
(heavy breathing)
Did you just
remember something?
It was-
it was nothing.
Are you sure?
'Cause it kinda
looked like you--
Uh- no.
Um, why don't we, uhh, check
the hallway for our shirts?
(door opening)
(vacuum whirring)
(door closing)
Wait, who are
you calling?
I'm calling
my friend Allie
to see if maybe
she can help us.
(phone ringing)
I called Stella's work,
she wasn't there.
Reception's told me
she was fired a month ago.
I don't know where else
to look!
What do you
want me to do?
I don't know.
Maybe talk to
some of her friends,
see if they
know anything.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, Allie, it's Stella.
Can you call me back
as soon as you get this?
I can't remember
if she's working or not.
She's a flight attendant
for Trans Air.
Didn't you say that- that
you were visiting your sister?
Could she help us?
Yeah, but she's
gonna be at work.
And Bethany's
a little uptight.
I'd rather explain
this one to her.
Great, my battery's
almost dead.
Wait a second,
what is this?
Okay, come on.
(police sirens)
(heavy breathing)
Oh, you okay?
Stella: You okay?
Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Get over here.
whoever finds this--
my name is Owen Michaels,
this is Stella Williams.
There's woman named Larissa
who is trying to kill us.
If we go missing, please take
that to the authorities.
Tell my mom
I love her.
Who is Larissa?
That's- that's the woman
that I remember.
Where's my phone?
Maybe there's something on here
that'll explain what's going on.
My phone's dead.
We should call
the police.
Do you hear the sirens
in that video?
What if for some reason
they're after us?
I dunno, let's just
take a minute
before we call
the police.
Well, what should
we do now?
Well, first thing: we need
to get these things off.
Then gotta retrace
our steps.
Figure out what happened
last night.
Oh, hang on, I have
a missed call.
Owen: From who?
I-I- I don't
recognize the number,
but it came in a half hour
before that video
and they didn't
leave a message.
Owen: Wait.
Use the hotel phone.
That way whoever it is
won't know it's you.
(dial tone)
(phone button beeps)
Larissa White.
That was Larissa.
We gotta find
this key.
Did you check
in here?
Yeah, I looked in there, have
you checked all your pockets?
(phone dialing)
Concierge: Pinewood Park Hotel,
how may I help you?
Hi, do you have a Stella
Williams staying with you?
Concierge: Sorry--
nobody here registered
with that name.
What about
an Owen Michaels?
Concierge: Yes, shall I
connect you?
Would you mind telling me
what room he's staying in?
(breathing heavily)
Sorry, sorry.
what about the couch?
Do you think we were
on the couch?
I don't know--
You know
what I mean, I--
(wheels screeching)
(clears throat)
You know what?
Who you calling now?
Maintenance, we have to
get these cuffs off.
(phone button beeps)
Uh, hi, could you send somebody
up who can pick a lock?
Uh, perfect and how long
will that be?
Great, thank you.
Sending somebody up
right away.
(car door closes)
That was fast.
That's Larissa!
Larissa: Owen, open up.
I know you're
in there.
I just wanna
talk to you.
Excuse me!
I seem to have locked myself
out of my room could you--
Actually, I probably
You're gonna have to ask
the reception.
I'll do that.
We have to get
outta here.
Your phone--
it's over there.
Oh, right.
(door closing)
I think that's
my jacket.
Man: --what did
she say?
She just completely left me
waiting for it
and I had to stay there
until 5, it's ridic-
What's in here?
What could we do
with these?
I got a few
Is that blood?
Is that blood?
Actually I-I think
the cuffs were mine.
The guys at the station must
have slipped them into my pocket
as a joke.
(Larissa speaking in distance)
--I'm just worried that he's
done something to hurt himself,
so- I just--
appreciate it.
We gotta get out
of here.
Can we take a cab
to your place?
My keys
are in my purse.
Go to my sister's,
it's a bit of a ways out.
I'm hoping there's something
in the garage we can use
to get these
cuffs off.
I really appreciate it,
I'm just so worried,
he's been acting
really strange lately.
I just hope we're not
too late.
(door opening)
(door closing)
He's not in there--
I guess he must be
okay after all.
Thank you.
Come on.
Over here.
Owen, Stella, wait!
Owen, Stella, wait!
(door opening)
I'm waiting
for the Amirs.
Uhh, yep that-
that's us!
(door closing)
Owen: Go.
(phone ringing)
Dr. Jamison: Larissa,
it's Dr.Jamison.
I'm here with
Dr. Cooper.
Larissa: Uh--
Is everything okay?
Well, that's what
we wanna know--
Where are you?
Larissa: I'm--
I had a personal errand
I had to run.
I'm on my way
back now.
Please come see us
when you get in.
I hope everything
went okay last night.
We can't afford any surprises
at this stage.
You mean you can't
afford any surprises.
You're as much
a part of this as I am, Mitch.
I hope you don't ever
forget that.
Look, I'm sure everything's
going to be fine, Ben.
You always manage to
get what you want,
I can't see how this
would be any different.
(door opening)
(door closing)
(car driving up)
Wow, this is really
So this is your-
your sister's place?
Uh, we both
grew up here.
And Beth decided to keep the
house after my parents died.
Uhh, there should be something
here I can use to get these off.
So it's just
the two of you?
Now yes.
Ah, this should work!
You really think
that's gonna work?
Trust me.
(metal crunching)
So you like to be
in control, huh?
No, no--
Now you're stuck
with me.
You say that
like it's a bad thing.
There you go.
You're free of me,
you got your wish.
Told you you could
trust me.
Well, I'm just not
very good at trusting.
Why's that?
You okay?
Let me see.
I can put something on that
if you want.
Then I can make you
something to eat.
I don't know about you,
but I'm starvin'.
Come on.
(door opening)
(door closing)
You wanted to
see me, Dr. Jamison?
I was wondering why you didn't
finish your report last night.
It got late--
I thought I'd finish up
this morning,
but everything went well--
I can't afford
any mistakes, Larissa.
There's already been
too many.
I understand.
I can assure you that
everything's under control.
That's all I wanted
to hear.
Here you go.
A fireman
and a chef.
Not just
a pretty face.
We take turns cooking
back at the station.
How long have you
been a fireman?
Eleven years.
I started off doing it here
for a year,
and then I transferred
to Boulder after--
Let's just say I needed
a change of scenery.
So what about you?
What's your story?
Umm, well, I was
born and raised here.
Uh, most of my friends
left after college,
but I stayed on
to help my mom.
And umm--
it was just us
for a long time,
then she moved to Florida to
be closer to my grandmother.
And your father?
He left
when I was little.
So, uh, what do
you do for work?
Up until a month ago,
I was a claims adjuster
for an insurance
What, did you
get bored?
No, no.
I got fired for telling
my boss where to go
when he denied a claim
for a five-year-old boy
who had cancer.
He said it was a
"pre-existing condition".
That's Lilly--
my younger sister.
That's the, uh, last good
picture we have of her
before she got sick.
She was, uh, diagnosed
with leukemia
the summer of her sophomore
year and, uhh--
five months later
she was gone.
I'm so sorry.
Looks like we have got
something in common after all.
(door opening)
Bethany: Owen?
Is that you?
Hey, Beth.
There you are!
I was worried about you when
you didn't come home last night.
Where have you been?
And why isn't
your car out front?
Hi, I'm Bethany,
Owen's sister.
Hi, Stella.
This is my big sister,
Let me get this
for ya.
Uh, thank you.
No problem.
I'll see if my phone
is charged yet.
Well, nice to meet you,
Stella: You too.
Yeah, I just reviewed
the security footage.
They broke into
Dr. Cooper's office
and stole
some of his files.
I need to
get those back.
So, how long
have you known Owen?
Not long.
Oh, where'd
you guys meet?
It's kind of
a long story.
Oh, you know what?
I'm just happy
he's dating again.
Because between
you and me--
I was getting
a little worried.
Owen doesn't really, uhh, let
anyone get too close to him
since our little sister,
Lilly, died.
He was always the protective big
brother and when Lilly got sick,
he did everything
he could to help.
He thinks he failed her, so he
just kinda threw himself
into his work.
How long ago
was that?
Well, that would have been
five years ago on Saturday.
He comes back every year
at this time
so we can go to
the cemetery together.
So are you from
around here?
Yeah, yeah,
I'm from Alderville.
Oh- ohh
you're local!
Wow, that's great, I've been
trying to get Owen
to move back to town
for years, so--
Maybe you'll have
more luck.
Listen, I know my brother
can seem
a little rough
around the edges--
he's a really
good man.
Anyway, it's really
nice to meet you,
make yourself at home, I'm
just gonna run a few errands.
Okay, thanks.
Bethany: No problem.
Hey, gonna wanna
see this.
I must have put her contact
info in my phone last night.
Didn't you say you had
a friend named Allie
who worked for
Trans Air?
Yeah, but how would you
know her?
I don't.
I called her around
midnight last night.
And there's more--
Is he still there?
Owen: Go, go, go!
Wh- what is that,
a bowling alley?
Looks like it.
What were we
doing there?
I have no idea.
What's going on,
What do you mean?
Larissa, we've known
each other for years,
I can tell when
there's something wrong.
Now come on, we've always been
honest with each other
and If you need
to talk, or--
If you need
some help--
I just want you
to know that I'm here.
I don't understand.
Why would we go to a bowling
alley if someone was chasing us?
I don't know, maybe we were
trying to lose her?
Well, let's go.
I really hope someone in
there's gonna have some answers.
Hey, hey, uh, uhh--
Look, uh--
I don't want any more
trouble here.
I'm sorry?
You have a lot of nerve
coming in here
after what you did
last night.
We're just hoping you'll help
us tell us what happened.
Get out,
or I'll call the cops!
I don't understand.
Did we do something
to upset you?
Are you kidding me?
Where's security?!
Dr. Cooper--
I'm so sorry, I don't
understand what happened.
One minute everything's going
the way that it usually does
and then the next,
the patients are acting
delusional and paranoid.
I called security, but they
were so agitated
I couldn't stop them
from leaving.
I spent all last night and
this morning looking for them--
but we couldn't
find them.
(frustrated sigh)
This could jeopardize
Yes, it could.
Larissa: Dr. Cooper.
There's something else--
The security footage,
I reviewed it.
It looks like they
broke into your office
and stole some of
your files.
My files?
Which files?
I don't know.
I couldn't tell
from the footage.
Oh, Larissa.
It- it's Joey, right?
Listen, the truth is we're
both having a little trouble
remembering anything
about last night.
So can you just
tell us what happened?
Oh, you mean besides
clearing out my business?
And this?
I did that?
This was
the other guy.
What other guy?
The one with the other
girl you came in with--
Do you- do you happen
to remember her name?
I didn't have time
to introduce myself.
The whole place went to hell
when you started screaming.
I shoulda trusted
my instinct.
The way your were all acting,
I shoulda kicked you out
when you first
came in here!
Nice driving there,
(bowling pins crashing)
We're not even
bowling yet.
Hold on,
wait a minute.
You know what you cost me
in lost business?!
Never mind scuffing up my lanes
with your street shoes!
Hey, hey!
You need to wear bowling shoes
if you're gonna play here.
He's so mad!
So mad!
He's got a gun!
Look, uh.
Come on over here.
Yeah, this is, uh,
everything I got.
For the damages.
Okay, so we know we were
with an other couple.
An other couple?
You know
what I mean.
(breathing heavily)
It's locked!
Come on, Allie!
Come on!
Come on.
We were with Allie--
Your friend Allie?
And-and we were
in that car.
And we were being chased
by somebody with a gun.
Do you think that's why
she didn't call me back?
Come on.
It's locked.
That's my purse--
and that's my overnight bag.
Mine's in there too--
Well, why would we
have our overnight bags?
What are you doing?
Gonna look inside.
See if there's something I can
find might give us some answers.
Here's one
mystery solved.
Yeah, but why didn't he
come back for his car?
Maybe he doesn't
remember anything either.
(car door closes)
(car door closes)
What are those?
I dunno, any idea?
Looks like old
medical forms.
Okay, uh, this says the car's
registered to Tony R. Carter,
387 Palawan Lane.
Do you think he
still lives there?
Only one way
to find out.
(car starting)
Allie's my best friend.
I don't know what I would do
if anything happened to her.
Look, I'm sure
she's fine.
We made it to the hotel, they
probably just jumped in a taxi
after they realized Tony
left his keys in the car.
Yeah, you're probably right,
she probably just
didn't get my messages
'cause her phone was off.
Have you
found them yet?
This needs to be
handled now!
Hey, stranger--
Ooh, I must have had
too much wine.
My head is throbbing.
Do you have
any coffee?
I don't really remember
much from last night.
Here, let me
remind you.
Mm that feels amazing--
Well, has anyone
ever told you
that you have
magic hands, Tony?
Maybe once or twice.
Stay here,
I'll be right back.
Knock, knock.
Emily, what are you
doing here?
I heard it's
finally done!
God, I need you--
It's been too long.
No, no, no.
Not here, not here.
I'm tired of sneaking around,
when are we gonna tell him?
We need to wait until
after we finish this study.
No, you said it yourself,
that's just paperwork.
Listen, I can't risk anything
interfering with the study.
I've worked
too hard for this.
I just wanna wait for
the right time to tell him.
When exactly is the "right time"
to tell your partner
that you're sleeping
with his wife?
Emily, we talked about this and
we agreed we need to wait
until after
the FDA approval.
You're not going to say
anything to him are ya?
Hey, Emily--
Are you?
Don't worry--
My lips are sealed.
Wait, wait are you sure
we should just go in?
Isn't that breaking
and entering?
Well, technically it's not
breaking and entering
if you have
a key.
But what if Tony
doesn't remember us?
It's open.
Is this seat taken?
No, feel free.
Oh my god.
Tony Carter.
Nice to meet you.
Allie Anderson.
I think we met Tony at
some sort of medical office.
This is
Allie's necklace.
She must have come back here
with Tony last night.
It's still cold.
Where could they
have gone?
Well, maybe
he remembered
he left his car at
the bowling alley last night.
Let's wait.
Maybe they'll
come back.
Well, what do we know
so far?
Well, apparently we, uh,
met at a medical facility,
went bowling
with Allie and Tony,
and someone
is chasing us.
I just can't figure out
how it all connects, can you?
I can't make sense
of it either.
What if it's
not them?
Is that you?
Tony, it's Owen and Stella,
we wanna talk to you.
(broom falls)
That scared the hell
out of me.
It's okay,
it's just a broom.
Stay here!
Somebody's upstairs!
Who was that?
I don't know.
Whoever it was
took off.
Can we get outta
here now, please?
Oh my god.
Oh, no, no,
no, no.
(hysterical breathing)
I'm so sorry.
What's happened
to them?
Colour of the skin,
it looks like
they were poisoned.
I don't understand!
I don't know why somebody
would wanna do this!
We- we need to
call the police!
Wait a minute.
What are you doing?
Maybe we can
find something.
What is that?
It's a parking ticket.
Dated last night.
I- I recognize this address,
it's not far from here.
Maybe it'll give
some answers.
(car door closes)
(car door closes)
Owen: What?
What if this has something
to do with
why Tony and Allie
were murdered?
Let's go.
(car starts)
Dr. Cooper: Emily.
Wh-what are you
doing here?
I was just asking Ben
where you'd gotten to.
You shoulda told me
you were here,
I would've cancelled
my meeting.
Well, can't a wife
surprise her husband?
I feel like I never
see you anymore.
You're always
working so late.
Well, the trial's
almost over and--
we'll spend
more time then.
I promise.
But we have a lot more
work to do.
Alright, I can
take a hint.
I will put a plate
in the fridge for you.
(door opens)
(door closes)
(car door slams)
That's my truck.
Let's grab our stuff.
I don't think it's
a good idea
for us to keep driving
Tony's car.
I can't believe you're gonna
spend the 500 bucks
on a pair
of boots.
I'm gonna be
paying bills,
since they're starting to
pile up since I got fired.
Stella, you did
the right thing.
Thanks for doing this
with me.
You're such
a good friend.
That's what
best friends are for.
Did you remember
Came here with Allie--
I just can't believe
she's gone.
We're gonna figure out
who did this.
I promise.
Come on.
(car unlocks)
(door closes)
(car honks and locks)
Alright, let's go.
Okay, here.
ACPI Labs.
That's the same logo
that was on Tony's files.
Should we go?
(pushes elevator button)
But let's be careful.
Yeah, yeah.
We were here--
I was sitting there and-
and you were over there,
and Tony and Allie,
they were right here.
Are they closed, or?
Dr. Jamison: Oh.
If you're here to sign up
for the sleep study,
I'm afraid we're not taking
any more subjects.
Oh, that's too bad.
We, uhh, were hoping
to participate.
Well, we got a variety of trials
that happen throughout the year.
I could have you fill out
an intake form
and we could keep
your name on file.
Sure, yeah.
That'd be great.
Just give me a moment,
let me see if I can find them.
You sure this is
the right place?
Uh-huh, yeah.
What, do you think
he recognized us?
Here we go.
What was the sleep study
for again, uhh--?
It's a new drug therapy
that we've developed
to help people who suffer
from severe sleep disorders.
Oh, um,
I almost forgot.
My friend, um, she was here last
night for the study and, uh,
she wanted me to ask to see
if she left her cell phone here.
She seems to have
m-misplaced it.
What's her name?
Allie Anderson.
Let me check the back, see
if anyone turned in a phone.
Maybe this wasn't
such a good idea--
I think
we should go.
Just try to relax--
Stella, you're not
going anywhere!
Let go of me!
You can't keep me here,
That's Larissa.
We have to go.
Right now.
Don't let them
leave the building.
What's going on?
They're here!
Come on.
You go that way.
Go, go, go!
(door closing)
(door closing)
Rick: I think they
went that way!
(door closes)
(car starts)
(wheels screeching)
That security guard,
I remember him,
he was chasing us.
Larissa was injecting us
with some sort of drug,
do you think that's why
we can't remember anything?
I just don't understand
what they want from us!
I feel like I'm going crazy,
I'm so tired.
Look, we gotta
get somewhere safe.
Somewhere we can
rest, think.
Your sister's place?
No, I have
an other idea.
What is going on?!
I don't understand.
Those were two of the test
subjects from last night's study
who broke into
Dr. Cooper's office
and stole
some of his files.
Why is this the first
I'm hearing about it?!
I just don't know who
I can trust anymore.
You can trust me.
Look, I'm really sorry for what
I said back at the hotel.
I shouldn't have
judged you like that.
It's okay.
Look, it wasn't exactly
a usual situation.
It's not everyday
you wake up
handcuffed to
a handsome fireman.
(unimpressed sniff)
We should be
safe here.
You okay?
Come on, let's get inside
where it's warm.
Make yourself at home.
I'll get a fire
This place
is really nice.
Yeah, we came here
a lot when we were kids.
A lot of good
It was Lilly's
favorite place.
From what Bethany tells me
you and Lilly were really close.
Yeah, Lilly and I,
we were--
we were
a lot alike.
She was
a funny kid.
She could always
make me laugh.
And she
looked up to me.
I guess in her mind
I was--
some kind of superhero.
It's taken me
a long time
to come to terms
with her not being here.
Is that why you
became a Firefighter?
Trying to live up
to her expectations, I guess.
(lighter igniting)
(fire crackling)
I'll see if I can
find some food.
Oh, and the bathroom's
there if you wanna freshen up.
Thank you.
No problem.
Yes, this is Larissa White
at ACPI Labs.
One of your taxis picked up
two of our patients
at the Pinewood Park Hotel
this morning.
I need to know
where they took them.
Great, thank you.
(birds cawing)
Dr. Jamison.
Larissa, what do
you need?
There's a Detective Harrison
to see you.
A detective?
It seems two of the
test subjects are dead.
It seems two of the
test subjects are dead.
This is Detective Harrison
from Alderville PD.
This is Dr. Cooper
and Dr. Jamison.
As I mentioned
Dr. Jamison is running
the sleep trial.
Ms. White tells me that Allie
Anderson and Tony Carter
were two of your
test subjects.
Yes, that's correct.
We found their bodies
at Tony Carter's house
after we received
an anonymous tip.
Oh my god.
What happened?
We don't know yet.
We're expecting some answers
when the autopsy reports
come in, but in the meantime,
we were hoping
that you'd have some information
that might help us.
Uh, Larissa,
If I'm not mistaken,
weren't those two of
the test subjects
that elected to leave the study
early last night?
Yes, that's right.
Tony and Allie chose
to leave the program.
In fact, they left with two
other participants last night.
Can I get the names of these
other two people they left with?
Owen Michaels
and Stella Williams.
Larissa, didn't you mention
that you had to call security
because of how aggressive
they were acting?
When you say aggressive,
what do you mean exactly?
I mean, they were acting
really strange,
really agitated.
I tried to talk to them to make
sense of what was going on,
but they ran off--
a little bit later that's when
security alerted me to the fact
that they broken into
Dr. Cooper's office.
And that's when Owen
had attacked, Rick,
our security guard.
Why do you think
they would've done that?
I think it could've been
a side effect from the study.
We haven't seen any side effects
in any of our test subjects
from any of our trials
we've conducted.
If there had been side effects,
we would've seen 'em by now.
The only thing I can think of is
that they might have been sent
by a rival pharmaceutical
Do you think I could, uh,
have a look at their files?
Yes, of course.
I mean,
anything to help.
I noticed you have, uh,
security cameras.
Think you can pull last night's
footage for me as well?
Right this way.
Should really have
something to eat.
I can't.
I just--
I feel like there's something
that we're missing.
I know.
But we're gonna
figure this out together.
It's just--
Allie's dead--
and we can't even remember
anything that could help.
None of this
makes any sense.
Hey, I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
God, you're beautiful.
I haven't felt this close to
someone in a very long time.
Me too.
I don't understand--
but it looks like some of the
security footage from last night
is missing.
(fire crackling)
I'm telling you,
she's lying.
Did you see
all those vials?
And the needles?
What kind of
sleep study is this?
We should leave.
We can't.
We gotta figure out
what's goin' on.
We can't let them do it
to somebody else.
Okay, okay.
Um, you and Tony stand guard
and-and we'll take a look around
and see what
we can find.
There has to be
something in here
that'll explain
what they're doing.
Did you see the size
of that needle?!
This isn't
a sleep study!
Maybe they work
for the government?
Some sort of
mind control experiment?
Did you notice that-that
there's cameras everywhere?
We have to
be careful.
Hey, hey,
look at this.
What is it?
It-it's a bank statement for
someone named Emily Cooper.
Looks like she's been
transferring a lot of money
out of this account.
Well, what do you think
it means?
I don't know--
Look at this.
Chemical compound for
something called Tryzoban?
This doesn't seem like
a sleep study to me.
Owen: Hurry up, I think
I hear someone coming!
Let's go!
I need to see the files
from Tony's car.
(door closes)
What's wrong?
The police were here.
two of our test subjects
were found dead this morning.
What are you
talking about?
I don't know, but they've
opened a formal investigation.
When word gets out about this,
it'll ruin everything--
(door closes)
(shuffling papers)
Stella: Here--
Look at this.
I-I think whoever's after us,
this is what they want.
What is Tryzoban?
Dr. Cooper:
That's where you are--
What did you do?!
Listen to this: "Tryzoban
was pulled by the FDA
just days prior to
it's official release
after the promising new
was found to cause severe
side-effects including:
mood swings, paranoia,
drastically impaired
impulse control along
with severe memory loss."
"In high dosages the drug also
resulted in psychosis and death.
In light of this development,
ACPI Labs will now move
all its resources to Dr.
Jamison's Danzoset sleep study."
When's that article dated?
A year ago.
This Tryzoban document
is dated last week.
You're gonna be getting
a little drowsy,
and then you may experience
some side effects,
but it's nothing
to worry about.
You'll be safe here.
Memory loss,
lowered inhibitions--
they're still testing
What're you
talking about?
I just talked to Ben, he said
the police were here-
that two of your
test subjects are dead!
Yes, terrible isn't it?
This could shut down
the entire study!
Yeah, it could.
Please tell me you didn't
do anything stupid, Mitch.
You want him to fail,
don't you?
Because of what
he did to you-
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Don't I?
When I was tidying up
at home,
I found a vial of Tryzoban
in with your things.
You said that they
were all destroyed
when they shut down
your study!
Well, I-I- I must have
overlooked a vial.
You gave it to them,
didn't you?
This is-
this is crazy.
You have always been
jealous of him, but this?
Okay, look.
All those years,
our life together,
you're gonna
give it all up for him?
I know about
the bank statements.
I know about
the money transfers.
How could you
do this?
All our years
Years of me waiting--
night after night.
For you to
come home.
Fifteen years of me waiting
for you to put me first,
before your work.
Never happened!
So you know what?
I finally decided--
I deserve better.
Don't do this.
You're absolutely
No matter what
you try,
you will never be half
the man that Ben is--
No, don't say that--
I'm gonna tell him.
Okay, wait!
I did it for us,
For us.
I'm gonna tell him to tell the
police exactly what to look for:
the side effects
of the Tryzoban.
You disgust me!
(breathing heavily)
(breathing heavily)
(locks door)
Dr. Cooper?
Dr. Cooper?
Can I talk
to you?
(rattling door handle)
What's going on?
Uh, I'm not sure,
but the door's locked
and Dr. Cooper's
not answering.
doesn't usually
lock his door--
(unlocking door)
Oh no, no!
Oh my god!
Okay, she still
has a pulse.
Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!!
I need an ambulance to
the ACPI Laboratory Building.
(angry grunt)
I know where
they are.
(calming breath)
(breathes heavily)
(cocks gun)
(door closes)
We have to call
the police.
(phone buzzing)
It's Bethany.
Hey, sorry, I just
wanted to know
if you were coming home
for dinner.
No, I-I'm going to be staying
at the, uh, cabin tonight.
How romantic.
I guess things are
going pretty well.
(doorbell rings)
Oh, hang on,
someone's at the door.
Hi, can I
help you?
I'm looking for
Owen Michaels.
Bethany, who's at
the door?
Sorry, I didn't
get your name.
Owen: Bethany?
are you there?
I don't know
where you are,
but you and Stella have one hour
to get me the file.
You contact the police
and your sister ends up
like your friends.
You contact the police
and your sister ends up
like your friends.
(phone beeps)
They have Bethany.
I have one hour
to get him these files.
No, no.
We have to call
the police.
No, I can't.
If I do, he's gonna
You should stay here.
No, I'm coming
with you!
(car starts)
You don't have to
do this--
she's my sister.
Just let me
help you, okay?
We stand a better chance
with two of us.
I don't want you
getting hurt.
I'm not letting you
go in there by yourself.
(door opening)
(door closing)
Stay close.
Owen: Beth!!
She's alive.
(gun cocks)
Now you give me what I want,
and your sister will be fine.
Drop it.
Do it
or I shoot her.
Okay, okay.
What did you do
to my sister?
I just gave her a little
something to help her sleep.
Now give me
the files.
Why are you
doing this?
You shouldn't have
broken into my office.
'Cause I had the whole
thing worked out.
You and your friends
made a real mess.
You killed
Tony and Allie?
I had no choice--
they wouldn't tell me
where my files were.
So you overdose them
on Tryzoban.
Is that what you
gave Bethany?
Hi, I'm Dr. Cooper from
the Denzoset sleep study,
I just came by to see
how you're doing.
May I come in?
It'll only take
a few minutes.
Sure, I guess
it would be okay.
Thank you.
(door closes)
Stella: Hello?
Owen: Allie?
You know I begged him
to give me more time
so I could find out what the
side effects of Tryzoban were.
He wouldn't listen.
Dr. Jamison
shut me down.
You know he took
everything from me?
My study, my reputation,
my wife--
I just wanted to
ruin his study.
And I just wanted
him to feel--
the same humiliation
that I felt.
But then you and your friends
took my files
and everything got
outta control.
And I had
no choice.
So I OD'd them
on Denzoset.
Jamison's drug.
Give me the file.
If you want them so badly,
then take them!
(breathing heavily)
Now look what
you made me do!
You shouldn't
have done that!
Leave her alone.
(agonized grunt)
I'm afraid it's
too late for that.
Come back!
Dr. Cooper: Stella?
Come on.
Don't run away
from me.
Just let me
You Bitch!
(door closes)
Larissa: Oh my god!
What happened?
Don't you come
near me!
Dr. Cooper: Larissa--
thank God you're here.
I found them--
I need you.
Shut up!
Don't move!
Okay, please.
Don't shoot, I just
came to help you!
No, no, no- I-I I don't believe
you, you're working together.
You're the one
who was injecting us!
Dr. Cooper switched
the vials.
He gave you Tryzoban
instead of Danzoset.
He wanted there
to be side effects.
You need to believe me,
I had nothing to do with that.
But you- you-
you were chasing us!
I just wanted to make sure
that you were okay.
I called the police--
we found Emily.
She's still alive.
And I'm sure she'll have
a lot to say
once she regains
(police sirens)
Put the gun down!
That's him, right there.
Right there.
My sister--
Larissa, take care of
my sister, she's--
(police radio going off)
We need an ambulance.
You okay?
Yeah, somebody's gonna
be here soon, it's okay.
(prison bell buzzing)
(door closing)
(buttons beeping)
It's nice to
see you again.
I wanted to come by
and congratulate you.
I read in the paper
that Danzoset
finally got FDA approval.
I'm glad something good
eventually came
out of all of this.
You know,
it wasn't your fault--
Not directly.
How's Emily?
She moved back to Chicago
to be with her family.
What about you?
I applied
to med school.
I thought I might try and
do some good of my own.
That's great.
I'm really happy
for you, Larissa.
You deserve it.
Take care, Doctor.
Okay, so what about
all this stuff?
Oh, no,
gotta keep that.
You can't keep
Don't worry.
We'll have enough room
for your stuff.
You two almost done?
I just don't know how
we're gonna fit all this stuff
in a two bedroom
Well this is almost everything
I was storing for you.
I just wish you'd reconsider
and move back home.
I know, but Stella has a great
job opportunity in Colorado.
And I've always loved
working with kids,
so I think the school
district's gonna be
a really good fit
for me.
I'm really happy
for you guys.
And I've got more boxes
in the garage,
so I'm gonna
grab those--
Hang on a second--
What are these?
You started young, huh?
I wonder what we could
do with these--
Come on.
I don't think so.
You're stuck
with me now.