The Wrong Cheerleader (2019) Movie Script

I wait in the wings
The world keeps on spinning
Round and around we go
You're still on my mind
Haunting my memories
[phone vibrating]
Hey, Mom.
Hi, sweetie.
What are you doing?
Uh, just doing homework.
Okay. We're still
at the matinee,
and they're flashing the lights,
so we're shutting off
our phones.
Dad and I will be home
in a couple of hours.
Okay, have fun.
[phone vibrating]
[phone vibrating]
[heavy breathing]
Get a life, loser!
If you call this number
one more time,
I'm calling the police.
Are you ready?
Here we go.
Gonna take the elevator
to the next floor
I say ay-oh
Ay-oh, ay-oh, ay-oh
Ain't nobody better than me
I'm gonna rock ya
I'm gonna rock ya
I'm gonna rock your world
I'm gonna kick it up higher
Whoa, whoa
I'm sweeter than
a candy bar
Oh, yeah, yeah
I'm gonna kick it up higher
Whoa, whoa
I'm a superstar
[school bell ringing]
JEN: What's the point?
It's an open-book test.
BECKY: Jen, sometimes
these open-book tests
are harder than the normal ones.
Don't worry.
I'll skim it tonight.
Seriously, if you don't study,
you're gonna spend the whole
test looking at the book.
Trust me.
You hear that?
Hear what?
That noise.
No, I didn't hear anything.
But I have to get out of here
before I pass out.
That first round of tryouts
was a killer
All right, yeah. I'll meet you
out there in a sec.
[metal clanging]
Who is that?
- Hey!
Jen, are you okay?
- I'm fine.
I just thought
someone was following me.
Following you?
In the locker room?
Stay right here.
Is anyone here?
There's no one in there
that I can see.
Wow, really?
You can never be too careful
as a woman.
I hope you two have your own.
Miss Flynn, I wanted to
introduce you to Becky Snider.
She'll be trying out tomorrow.
What were you doing
for the past three years?
Becky's my best friend,
Miss Flynn.
I've been trying
to convince her to try out.
She's a really great dancer.
We'll see tomorrow, won't we?
Look, Jen,
I really need you to focus.
We have a big game coming up.
I need you girls sharp.
I know. We will be.
I hope so.
Well, she liked me.
Don't worry.
She's just prickly.
Ah, delightful.
Until you get to know her.
- And then?
Well, she's still prickly,
but there isn't a thing
she wouldn't do
for her cheerleaders.
Come on, let's go.
[cheerleaders chanting]
JEN: You made it all the way
to the final round.
- How can you tell?
Just go through the routine
exactly like we practiced,
and you'll be fine.
I wouldn't send you out there
unless I had faith in you.
BECKY: I can't believe
I'm doing this.
This is so unlike me.
JEN: Because it's senior year,
and you finally got it
through your thick skull
that there's more to life
than just books and studying.
Hey, I like books,
and I like studying.
I guess that's
what Miss Flynn meant.
Becky, I love you,
but if you think
I'm spending senior year
with you in a library,
then you got
another thing coming.
You gotta learn
how to have some fun.
Hey, I do have fun.
What? What is that look?
Just that if you do this,
guys are finally
gonna notice you.
Guys notice me.
And not for
the answers on a test.
Besides, I may have a little
surprise for you if you make it.
I'm not gonna make
the team, Jen.
Of course you're gonna make it.
You have the most important
thing going for you: me.
I don't know why you're
doing this all for me.
Hey, when I moved here
before junior high
and had a raging case of acne
and a bad lisp
from a broken retainer,
who was the only kid
who would talk to me?
And when Dan Lewis
called me a fatty,
who actually gave him
a bloody nose?
Well, it looks like you're doing
pretty well for yourself now.
Doesn't matter.
Friends till the end, right?
Friends till the end.
[whistle blowing]
Okay, ladies, let's do this.
Rebecca, you're first up.
Cue music.

Thank you.
Next up is Jaelyn.
Thank you, Jaelyn.
Next, Brittany.
I practiced this
with my private coach.
Great, go ahead.
Thank you for showing
initiative, Brittany.
Okay, next up, Becky Snider.
Go ahead and pause
the music, please.
Hello, Miss Snider.
Seems that you have
all of your medical forms
and permission slip in order.
Yeah, I sent them in last week.
You're very diligent.
I know that from your friend.
And judging from your grades,
we obviously won't have
any academic issues with you.
However, you've never been
part of the team before,
and if you make it,
I want to make sure
that you realize
what you're getting into.
This isn't just a team,
Miss Snider.
We're family.
And when you become
part of family,
you're part of something bigger
than just yourself.
I understand.
- No, you don't.
No one understands
until they're part of it.
Now let's see what you got.
Press play, please.
Thank you, Miss Snider.
Oh, my God.
Kelly, you're next.
ELIZA: Hello?
Where are you, sweetie?
In here, Mom.
Oh, honey,
I am so sorry I was late.
I couldn't help,
but the meeting ran so long.
It's okay, it's fine.
I could have
made you a real meal
or at least picked you up
Something better than
that cold, crusty pizza.
It's okay.
I like cold pizza.
Hey, um...
I tried for
the cheerleading team today.
Well, I told you
I was gonna do that.
No, you did.
You did tell me.
I just thought that
cooler heads would prevail.
Cooler heads? Mom, it's just
the cheerleading team.
Yeah, we talked about it.
Well, yeah, you talked about it,
and I listened.
I just thought that there's
so many more worthwhile things
you could be doing
with your time,
especially with college apps
going out in a few months.
Doesn't National Honor Society
sound a heck of a lot better
than cheerleader?
God forbid I have any fun.
Nobody said you can't have fun.
I do, I want you to have fun
I want you to have everything...
after you get into college.
Honey, I just never
want you to have...
Have to work as hard as you do.
Yeah, Mom, I got it.
That's right.
I just want you to be able
to balance the time commitment.
Does that make sense?
Well, if I can't,
then I'm gonna be in big trouble
when I go to college,
juggling classes and a job
and all the clubs I'm gonna do.
So how'd you do?
Look, just because
I'm not crazy about the idea
doesn't mean I don't
want you to succeed.
Okay, well, if I were you,
I wouldn't be
too worried about it.
All the girls that tried out
have been cheerleading
for years.
I am sure that you did
absolutely amazing.
I gotta get outta these clothes
and take a hot bath.
I love you.
Oh, my God! I made it!
You knew.
Of course I knew.
I'm on the committee.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you.
I want to tell you something.
Even if you weren't
my best friend,
you still would've made it.
You were awesome.
Everybody thought so.
Thanks. Okay, what now?
Now? Now, you get your ass
into the locker room
and get changed for practice.
And after?
After, we're celebrating.
And make sure you take a really
good shower after practice.
Let's just say I have
a surprise for you.
Hi, Chris.
Hey, Jen.
You made it.
Excuse me?
I said you made it.
The team.
Oh, yeah.
No one's that excited
unless they just made
the cheerleading team.
I'm Rob Rouse.
Becky Snider.
Just transferred here
from Bishop.
Oh, cool.
Do you like it?
I'm liking it.
Well, I gotta get to practice.
It's my first one and all,
so... I'll see you around.
Yes, you will.
Welcome to the big league
Now you're living
in the eye of the storm
Thank you.
You're living
in the eye of the storm
Welcome to the big league
Now you're living
in the eye of the storm
So you hungry?
Are you kidding?
I'm starving.
I haven't been able to eat
'cause I've been so nervous.
Well, good. Enjoy it now
'cause when the season starts,
the team has strict
weight guidelines.
God, you're so gullible.
So no weigh-ins?
No. They're so paranoid
about fat shaming.
Becky Snider.
Rob Rouse.
Rob, Becky.
Nice to see you again.
Wait, you guys know each other?
We just met today.
You sneak.
So, Becky, Rob here played
linebacker at Bishop.
So are you gonna play here?
- I hope so.
I was just talking to the coach
before I ran into you today.
But I have to pass
the physical first,
and it wouldn't kill me
to get back into playing shape.
Chris, I have to talk to you
about that thing.
CHRIS: Okay.
We'll be right back.
You guys just hang here.
We're gonna go order you
another pizza on our way out.
Think if they tried,
could they have been
any more obvious?
When we met today, did you know
that this was planned?
Guilty. I...
What can I say?
I'm just glad you made it.
The team.
Oh, yeah, so am I.
I think my mom would probably
say otherwise though.
Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
She wants me to be
a permanent resident
of the library my senior year,
for college and all.
Oh, she's tough, huh?
Yeah, she just wants
the best for me.
What does your dad say?
Oh, he passed away.
It's okay, it's okay.
I've made peace with it.
I'm sorry. I sort of...
Well, I know what that's like.
My mom's not around either.
It's just my dad and I.
It's not easy.
I don't know anything different.
So when I join the team,
will I have to wait until the
first game to see you again?
Well, that's up to you.
What do you have in mind?
Well, I did say I need
to get back into shape,
and exercise is always
more fun with a partner.
Okay. Well, if you can
keep up with me,
I know the best
running trails in town.
- What is it, honey?
Your text said that you
wanted to tell me in person,
so I can't wait to hear.
What is it, hmm?
I made the team!
That is wonderful.
Cheerleading is
an extracurricular activity,
so you always have to...
Mom, please.
School comes first, I promise.
- Okay.
ROB: I can't keep up with you.
Oh, BS. Don't condescend me.
Don't use your SAT words on me.
Seriously though,
you really are in great shape.
Oh, thanks.
Yeah, I've always run,
but Jen told me if I wanted
to make the cheer team,
I would have to step it up.
It's like a whole other workout.
I know what you mean.
It's like football.
You're using muscles
you never thought you'd use.
Yes, very true.
Hey, let's switch it up.
- Yeah, come here.
- Yeah, we'll try.
Okay, let me show you.
- Okay.
Okay, stand like this.
Put your hand here.
It's not golf.
So let's figure this out.
Okay, wait.
Actually turn around.
Yeah, and then what?
[keyboard clicking]
Wait. Slow down, slow down.
What? You okay?
I've never done this before.
Hey, you don't have to do
anything you don't want to do.
No, I do. It's just...
It's just like you seem
like you have
way more experience than me.
Well, I wouldn't say that.
Look, listen.
From now on,
it's just the two of us.
You understand?
The only person
that matters to me is you.
What are you so happy about?
What, a girl can't smile
once in a while?
Well, sure,
but a smile like that
usually comes
with a name attached.
Okay, fine.
His name is Rob.
Rob, huh?
Yeah, Rob.
Well, I certainly look forward
to meeting this Rob.
I'm gonna show you
how to game this
Let's hear it, girls!
Go right!
Go left!
Take it up!
Take it up!
And shimmy!
Hey, take it right and left!
Take it up!
And shimmy!
- Hey.
How was practice?
It was good.
It was tiring, but it was good.
You didn't want to change?
No, I'll just put on
a sweatshirt afterwards.
Okay. Hungry?
After practice? Always.
- Of course.
Pretty soon, I'm taking you out
for a proper meal.
It's fine. Everyone goes there,
and it's cheap. Let's go.
I'm taking one step
closer to the ledge
Head trip
Dancin' on the razor's edge
Why don't you
order us the pizza?
Oh, Rob, stop.
I have my own money.
No, don't be ridiculous.
When you're with me,
you don't pay for anything.
Did you get a good look,
Dude, what the hell?
Saw you looking, creep!
You stare at
my girlfriend's ass again,
and I'll tear
your frickin' eyes out!
- Hey, hey!
There's no fighting
in the store!
Take it outside.
Hey, come on, man.
Don't do this.
Please, Rob.
- It's not worth it.
Hey, are you okay?
Rob, what the hell was that?
- I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry.
What was that even about?
When you were in line,
you bent over
to pick something up,
and that kid,
that little piece of...
He was looking up your skirt.
I just...
I guess I just lost it.
But you have to know
that I would never let someone
disrespect you like that.
Ever, okay?
JEN: So Chris told me
what happened
at Tony's on Friday night.
What happened?
- With Rob...
and that kid
he almost destroyed.
He didn't almost destroy him.
He warned him.
He warned him not to assault me.
Chris said he was just
checking out your ass.
Oh, he wouldn't mind if
someone was doing that to you?
I don't think Chris would attack
him in the middle of Tony's.
Look, Rob is just really
protective over me.
And considering what most guys
at this school are like,
it's kinda refreshing.
Ladies, good work today.
Go ahead.
Ask Miss Flynn.
Ask me what?
Miss Flynn, if a guy
threatened another guy
for just checking you out,
would you be flattered
or a little creeped out?
Well, I always tell you ladies
to be able to
take care of yourself,
but if he was being a gentlemen,
I guess I wouldn't mind.
So what's this all about?
Nothing. We were just talking.
Right, Jen?
Get some rest, ladies.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Why would you say that to her?
That was so embarrassing.
I told you.
She's prickly at first,
but she's like a mother
to a lot of the girls.
Well, no, she's not my mother.
Okay, okay. Let's go.
Hey, you ready?
- What's going on?
First practice today, finally.
Let's go.
You're gonna be so great.
Okay, come on, come on.
We're gonna be late.
Good luck!
CHRIS: Nervous?
ROB: Tired of the sled.
Looking forward to
finally getting out there
and start doing some hitting.
There you go!
So, Rouse, you ready, man?
Yeah, you bet.
This ain't the Catholic League
anymore, bro.
More playing and less praying.
You make that up
all by yourself?
I'm just messing around.
Yeah, I see you've been
hanging with the Becky cat.
She's been looking good
these days.
What's that supposed to mean?
Just that
she's looking good is all.
Don't know why she's been
hiding it all these years.
I mean, she's clearly got it.
You know what I'm saying?
What'd you say?!
Dude, dude, chill!
- What's wrong with you?
Rob, enough!
Let him go!
Get off me!
What's wrong with you?
You're a psycho, man.
Freakin' psycho.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Becky, man.
He was bragging on Becky!
I was just messing around, man.
I didn't mean nothing by it.
You better take a walk.
You can forget about
being on this team, man.
You're done!
I didn't want to play
with you losers anyways.
Any of you!
Forget about it. We're gonna be
late for practice.
Hey, what's he doing there?
I don't know.
Maybe waiting for me.
Shouldn't he be with the team?
Maybe he hasn't started yet.
MISS FLYNN: Excuse me.
Would you girls mind joining us
for cheer practice?
Sorry, we were just talking.
Who's that guy over there?
BECKY: Oh, he's just a friend.
Let's go.
Push 'em back, push 'em back.
Way back!
Push 'em back, push 'em back.
Way back!
Push 'em back, push 'em back!
Hey, what's wrong?
It didn't go well?
I didn't want to play
with those losers.
Was it the coach? Because
I heard he can kinda be...
It was you.
- It was me?
You were struttin' around
in that outfit of yours today,
showing off everything.
The guys in the locker room
started talking.
He's a nut, Jen,
I'm telling you.
It was way worse
than it was at Tony's.
I thought he was
gonna kill Jake.
Jake can take care of himself.
CHRIS: Exactly,
but Rob had him by the throat,
up against a locker.
JEN: Just for insulting Becky?
CHRIS: Didn't even insult her.
He made a comment
about how she looked.
It was kind of a compliment.
That dude just... wigged.
What does that have to do
with you being on the team?
Nobody talks about my girlfriend
like that. Nobody!
I made them stop.
So what, you didn't even like
practice or anything?
Who cares about that?
I didn't want to be
on the team anyways.
The only thing
that matters is us.
You don't think that he,
you know...
Put his hands on her?
- I'm just saying.
I mean, Jen, this is really
her first boyfriend.
She's not exactly experienced
with stuff like this.
I know, but according to her,
he worships her.
And besides, she's too smart to
be with someone who's abusive.
You didn't see it, Jen.
It wasn't normal.
How much do we really
know about him?
Not much, I guess.
I mean, I know he really
played at Bishop.
That stuff's on the Internet.
And he seemed normal at first.
People liked him.
But I didn't do a background
check or anything on him.
Hey, don't you have a friend
that goes to Bishop?
Yeah. Sarah Peters.
You know, I went to
cheer camp with her.
Right, Sarah.
Ask her about Rob.
See what she knows about him.
That's not a bad idea.
It's a small school.
I'm sure she does.
Well, you know,
good ideas are only
a fraction of what I do.
BECKY: Mom, I'm home.
ELIZA: In the kitchen.
What's wrong with you?
Have you been on
cyber school recently?
Yeah, every day.
Didn't know you were on it too.
A missing biology assignment?
A B on your last English essay?
What do you want me to say?
- I want you to explain.
No, actually,
I don't want you to explain
because we both know
why it's happening.
Ever since I made
the cheerleading team,
you've been looking for a reason
to check up on me.
Apparently I have to.
Come on!
Some moms would be excited
about those grades.
Okay, number one,
I'm not some mom.
And you, my dear,
are not an average student.
Do you really want to throw away
the last three years
of hard work?
Okay, I'll make up
on the bio assignment.
And you know, those aren't
even my final grades anyway.
Good. They better not be.
Because if they are,
you're off the team.
If you take me off the team,
I will never speak to you again.
- Hi!
Thanks for seeing me.
Your parents aren't home?
Nah. They're golfing
or something.
They won't be back for a while.
You look fantastic.
You do too.
So before you tell me what you
wanted to talk to me about,
how's Chris?
He's good.
I mean, I can't complain.
I'll bet.
What about Brad?
Ah, you know.
Brad is Brad.
You guys aren't
together anymore?
When the mood strikes us.
You Bishop girls!
- [chuckles]
So what's this all about?
What do you know about
a guy named Rob Rouse?
Rob. I totally forgot
he transferred over to Central.
Yup. He's our problem now.
Well, I knew him.
Bishop is a really small school.
But not real well.
Why are you asking?
You remember
my best friend Becky?
Mm-hmm, yeah, I think so.
Well, they're dating now.
It's getting pretty serious.
But Becky, she's never
had a real boyfriend.
And Rob, he seems kinda...
- That's one way of putting it.
Well, I can only tell you
what I've heard.
Rob was on the football team,
and he was dating a cheerleader
named Amanda White.
Normal girl.
- Too normal, actually.
What do you mean?
Well, like I said,
Amanda was a cheerleader,
but she was very quiet, shy.
They just didn't really
seem to fit well.
Rob is rather obnoxious.
But they were happy together?
They looked happy,
at least at first.
Again, this is just
what I've heard,
so don't go spreading rumors
with my name attached.
I'm not gonna say anything.
Come on, what'd you hear?
I heard he was abusive.
Oh, God.
Yeah, apparently Amanda's dad
is like some important lawyer
or something.
There was talk
that Rob could go to jail.
Real jail, not juvie,
But then, he just left school.
I guess they made
some kind of deal or something.
Oh, God. Jeez.
Well, listen, I know Rob is
good-looking, popular.
At least, he was here.
But you need to tell your friend
to be careful.
Very careful.
So what are your plans
for this weekend?
I don't know yet. Why?
I thought maybe
we could do something.
Oh, I'm gonna be with Rob,
You're always with him now.
Well, yeah, he's my boyfriend.
Hey, let's do something
When are you and Chris
gonna get over
the little argument
in the locker room?
It wasn't just
a little argument, Becky.
You weren't there.
- You weren't either.
Look, can we just grab food
or something
before you meet up with him?
I need to talk to you.
It's important.
And I'll see you later.
You don't have to leave, Jen.
Yeah, don't leave.
No, it's fine.
I'm done anyway.
I'll see you later, Becky.
Everything okay?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Come on.
Okay, what did you want
to talk to me about?
I'm gonna go meet Rob.
We're going for a jog.
Thanks for your time, Becky.
What is up with you?
Has Rob ever told you
why he transferred from Bishop?
Okay, what is this about?
Answer me, Becky.
Yeah, he did.
It's just Rob and his dad.
Private school
got a little expensive,
and the scholarship money
ran out,
and they couldn't
afford it anymore.
I don't know.
That's what he told you?
Becky, Rob transferred
because he was accused
of hitting his ex-girlfriend.
BECKY: Oh, my God,
that is ridiculous.
Who told you that? Chris?
He didn't even like him
from the beginning.
I have a friend who goes there.
It's true, Becky, whether you
want to believe me or not.
Maybe you just don't
understand him.
JEN: I think I understand him
all too well.
BECKY: Well, I think you're
just a bit jealous of me.
Excuse me?
I've been nothing
but supportive.
Oh, yeah, you've been supportive
when you were the only one
with a boyfriend,
or you were the only one
on the cheer team.
But now that
I'm on the cheer team,
and I have a boyfriend
too, that,
I'm sorry,
is way hotter than Chris,
you resent me.
JEN: How dare you!
You have some nerve.
I'm telling you all this
because I'm worried about you,
because I care.
And now you're accusing me
of being jealous?
Who are you, Becky?
I mean, how much do you
really know about him?
I know he loves me.
Becky, have you even
been to his house?
Oh, my God, yes!
I know where he lives.
- Met his dad?
That's where I'm going to
right now to pick him up.
You know, I would have
told you all about it,
but you're being such a bitch!
Mr. Rouse?
I'm looking for Rob.
He's not here.
I'm Becky.
I'm dating your son.
That's your problem, isn't it?
He talks about you all the time.
Do you mind if I wait here?
Like I said, he's not here.
Any idea when
he's gonna be back?
You're his girlfriend.
Shouldn't you know?
ROB: What are you doing here?
I was looking for you,
You weren't supposed to be here
for another 20 minutes.
I needed to talk to you...
Don't ever come here
without asking me first!
Hey, if you guys are gonna cause
a ruckus, do it somewhere else!
Becky, wait.
Look, I need to talk to you.
Why are you running off on me
like that?
I don't know,
maybe because that was insane?
Look, I'm sorry
about my dad. He's...
Well, you saw him.
Ever since my mom left...
He didn't even know me.
He didn't even know my name.
He didn't know
anything about me.
Look, there's things about
my life I don't tell him.
The good things.
I know I should have told him,
but it's complicated.
Are you hiding things from me?
I don't understand.
Why did you leave
your last school?
I told you. I...
Who have you been talking to?
- Why?
You think I'm gonna
find something out?
I'm not afraid
if you find anything out.
What I am afraid of is
someone spreading lies about me,
feeding you these rumors.
Was it Jen?
- Was what Jen?
The one that's been filling
your head with crap about me.
No. She's actually
really worried about me.
Jen hated me from the beginning.
No, she didn't.
Yeah, she did...
because I saw right through her
and Chris.
What does that mean?
They pretend to be
this perfect little couple,
but you should hear
how he talks about her,
what he says about her.
Meanwhile, I treat you
with respect.
I make sure other people
treat you with respect,
and I'm the one
being questioned.
I have to go.
Becky, wait, please!
Hey, honey.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
Mom, I'm just tired.
What is it?
Boy trouble?
There might not be
a boy anymore.
You want to talk about it?
Not tonight, Mom.
Okay. Well, if you
change your mind,
I should still be up
for a bit, okay?
Good morning.
Hey, you good, Mom?
Yeah. Early meeting.
Gotta run.
You're not hungry?
No, thanks, but love you.
Love you too.
Honey, you better come outside.
Guess you're not gonna tell me
what that says, are you?
Basically "I'm sorry."
Well, you better get those
in some water,
and then you better
get to school.
Considering what a jerk I was,
I figured you deserved
a big fat apology.
And I wanted to make sure
it was in person.
When did you...
- Yesterday.
After you left my house,
I realized how wrong I was.
I bought these then,
but I didn't want to bother you.
I figured you needed some time
to think, sort things out.
Wait, have you been
here all night?
I just couldn't bare to stand to
think how badly I treated you.
I just knew right away I had
to show you how sorry I was.
Let's get you something to eat,
and let's get a vase
for these beautiful flowers.
These are so pretty.
So can I make you anything?
I can put some toast.
I can even make
some scrambled eggs.
No, really, I...
I'm fine.
I just feel so sick
about how I treated you.
I'd like to explain.
So explain.
My dad...
Well, you saw how he was.
Imagine that, but every day.
That's what my mom
had to put up with.
The insults, the subtle threats,
the silent abuse.
So that's why she left?
But at first, years ago,
she tried to deal with him.
She tried to endure it.
What do you mean?
By drinking.
My mom was an alcoholic.
Rob, I'm...
And I'm an alcoholic too.
But I've been sober for years.
I started drinking young.
For a long time,
I thought that's what my future
was gonna be, you know?
Just like her.
But then I realized something.
I realized it didn't have to be.
My dad doesn't control me.
And my mother's demons
don't either.
I'm so proud of you.
Becky, I wanted to tell you,
I really did.
It's okay.
It's okay. I understand.
So do you ever like want to...
What, want to drink?
Every day,
but it's a slippery slope.
Okay, what can I do?
Just having you with me,
knowing that you support me
no matter what anyone else says,
that's a huge help.
Please, Becky,
tell me you're not serious.
Of course, I'm serious.
Have you completely forgotten
everything we talked about,
everything I told you?
Jen, I know you mean well,
but there's some things
about our relationship
that you'll just
never understand.
Don't be condescending, Becky.
I've had boyfriends
all the way through high school,
You meet someone and suddenly
you're Romeo and Juliet.
He's not right for you, Becky.
I'm sorry to be the one
to tell you this.
He's unpredictable,
he's violent, he's...
He's an alcoholic.
Rob is a recovering alcoholic.
He told me today.
It runs in his family.
But he's being really strong
staying sober.
That's admirable, Becky,
it really is,
but that doesn't excuse the way
he's been acting towards you.
Well, I'm not just
gonna abandon him,
not when he needs me the most.
Plus, I don't want to.
Becky, alcoholics need
real help.
Professional help.
Rob says the only thing
he needs is me.
This is too much for you
to handle right now.
This is too much for anyone
our age to handle alone.
Love isn't easy, Jen.
And just because you and Chris
like to pretend that it is,
it's complicated.
People make sacrifices
for each other.
What the hell's that
supposed to mean?
Look, if our love is too deep
for you to understand, Jen,
that is not my problem.
Shouldn't you be at school?
ROB: We need to talk.
So talk.
It's about
how you treated Becky.
What are you babbling about?
It's the same way
you treated Mom.
Rude, dismissive.
I won't allow it.
Your mom was an alcoholic,
all right?
She didn't know
if she was coming or going.
Best thing she ever did
was leave.
Living with you all those years,
I'm just surprised
she didn't leave earlier.
What the hell do you
know about it, huh?
I gave you everything
you needed.
I gave you a house,
gave you food, clothing.
Every time your mom
went off on a bender,
who do you think
took care of you?
Maybe you should get an award
for doing the very least
a father should do.
Hey! Who do you think you're
talking to, you little punk?
You're not even worth it.
You're just like your mother,
you know that?
You're weak.
You're pathetic,
and you're weak.
Don't push me, Dad.
I'm warning you.
Get out of my face.
[metal clanging]
This looks amazing.
Thank you so much.
You are quite welcome.
I can still whip up
something nice when I need to.
Um, say, you know, uh,
I got a call at work today.
From school?
Well, all my grades
have been really good,
and my AP courses
have never been better.
No, it was Jen.
She's worried about you.
So worried, in fact,
that she felt it necessary
to reach out to me.
Well, Jen should
mind her own business.
She cares about you.
You know, sometimes
that's what good friends do.
Or jealous ones.
- What?
Ever since I started seeing Rob,
she's been acting so weird.
Like she was the only one
on the cheer team,
and the only one
with a boyfriend.
And now that I have both,
she can't handle it.
Maybe it's that...
or maybe it's that
sometimes other people
can see our relationships
clearer than we can.
I'm going to my room.
- Please sit down.
There's something else I need to
talk to you about. Please.
What is it?
Jen told me that
Rob's a recovering alcoholic.
I told her that in confidence.
But, Mom, Rob has not
had a sip of alcohol
since he's been sober.
He's been completely fine.
That's not why
I brought this up.
You know how I told you
your father
was killed in a car accident?
What, that's not true?
- No, it's true.
But it was also incomplete.
The night that
he skidded off the road
and drove his car
into the embankment,
his blood alcohol level was
three times the legal limit.
- He was an alcoholic.
And you know what?
If he hadn't passed,
I was getting ready
to leave him.
No, he was so sweet with me.
Honey, he loved you more
than anything in the world.
He was sweet with you.
And he was usually
sweet with me,
and he was charming
to everybody who knew him.
But what?
Well, you know my scar?
The one you got
sledding as a kid.
He came late
from the bar one night,
and he was in
a particularly bad mood,
and we started arguing,
and he took a kitchen plate,
one of our good china, actually,
and he whipped it at my head,
and it broke on the wall,
and a piece of it
sliced my face.
Mom, why didn't you
tell me any of this?
Because by the time you were
old enough to understand,
he was gone.
It just felt better,
at least at the time,
to leave his little girl
with the good memories,
instead of the truth.
Mom, I'm really sorry
you had to go through all this.
It's okay.
I've had a long enough time
to get over it.
But now it just felt like
the right time to tell you.
Okay, I know
what you're thinking,
but Rob would never
do anything to hurt me.
We never think they will
until they do.
You know, we are long overdue
to meet, actually,
unless you have a problem
with it.
No, not at all.
He's been wanting to meet you.
Okay, good.
Then it's settled.
I can't wait.
I look forward to it.
We should really dig in
before it gets cold.
Mrs. Snider.
- Rob.
So have you come
to this restaurant before?
No, but it looks amazing.
My dad and I, we don't tend
to go out to dinner much.
Well, please order
whatever you want,
although I am a little partial
to the chicken diablo,
if you don't mind spicy.
So, Rob, what are your plans
after high school?
Have you applied
to colleges yet?
Mom, what's with
the third degree?
That is a perfectly normal
question, sweetheart.
Right, Rob?
If you'll excuse me,
I just need to go
to the restroom.
I'll be right back.
So? What do you think?
The shrimp was great.
He's nice.
He seems to certainly
care about you a lot.
See? I told you.
Okay, can we just talk
about this later, Mom?
Do we have to do this now?
I don't really see why
you're getting so upset.
You heard me say I think
he seems like a nice guy.
Do you expect me to fall in love
with him in one meal?
You know, you should
think about that too.
It's more than just
one dinner for me.
What is that supposed to mean?
- It just means that I...
Sorry about that.
What'd I miss?
BECKY: Nothing. Nothing at all.
[school bell ringing]
So what?
Come on.
Come on, don't leave me
in suspense.
I told you last night
she said she liked you.
Yeah, I know what you told me,
but what did she really say?
That's what she said.
Doesn't matter.
The only thing
that is important is us.
Okay, I'm driving Jen
to her birthday tonight,
so I'll see you there.
Yeah, I was thinking
maybe we could blow that off.
No. Everybody's going.
- And she's my best friend.
You're coming.
It's gonna be fun.
I'll see you there.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Jen
Happy birthday to you

Hey! There you are.
I've been waiting for you.
Yeah, I can tell.
Come on, let's dance.
No, how about we
get out of here?
What? Leave already?
Yeah, it's stupid.
Come on, let's go somewhere,
just you and me.
Oh, come on!
I'm having so much fun!
Fine. I'm leaving.
Suit yourself.
Just let him go.
You're not his property.
You deserve to have some fun.
Dude, come on.
Hey, dude.
He needs me.
And I need you here with me.
I'm sorry.
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't be drinking.
- Don't worry about it.
No, you really shouldn't be
drinking, Rob.
What are you, my mother?
Well, no, because
I wouldn't walk out on you.
Becky, Becky, wait!
Becky, hold on!
Becky, please!
Becky, please let me
just talk to you.
Let me explain, please.
- Leave!
Please, don't touch me.
Please let me explain.
Rob, if you don't get
the hell away from me,
I'm gonna call the cops.
We both know you're
not about to do that.
You call the cops,
they'll at least cite you
for underage drinking,
then your mom would get a call,
then you could kiss
the cheerleading team goodbye.
Give me my phone back, please.
I just want to talk,
to apologize,
and then I promise you I'm gone.
Do you hate me?
I pity you.
Well, I guess I deserve that.
Look, Becky, what happened
back there, that wasn't me.
I would never do that to you.
Well, then, who was it?
Was it your father?
You have no idea what it's
been like for me, Becky.
Every day has been a struggle,
but I did it.
I've been sober because of you.
And then seeing you dance with...
I was just dancing
with a friend.
It was a normal thing
to do, Rob.
I just couldn't help it.
All of my hard work
just went out the window.
What, am I supposed
to feel sorry for you?
You still love me, don't you?
Rob, you just slapped me.
You just hit me in the face!
It will never happen again,
I promise you.
Tell me you believe me.
I believe you.
Can I have my phone back?
Please, let me just
drive you home.
BECKY: I feel like
I'm in a spy movie.
Don't be ridiculous.
- You're being so secretive.
You'll find out
now that we're here.
Jen, this better not be
some fix-up like last time.
I'm nowhere near ready for that,
and I don't think
I'll ever be again.
Don't worry.
It's nothing like that.
- Jen.
This is my best friend Becky,
and I didn't tell her
what we're here for.
Ah, afraid she
wouldn't come, huh?
Well, let's just say
I wasn't sure.
Don't kill me,
but I wanted you to
hear this for yourself.
Amanda is the girl who Rob
used to date at Bishop,
the one my friend Sarah
told me about.
Yeah, and not to rush things,
but my break's up in 10 minutes.
I'm assuming
you're a cheerleader.
Well, yeah, I just started.
I just made the team.
That doesn't surprise me.
You're just Rob's type.
A cheerleader.
Pretty, dark hair.
Becky, would you mind
if I told Amanda
what happened at the party?
He slapped me.
Is that the first time
that happened?
And the last, believe me.
I just wanted you
to hear it from Amanda,
just in case
you had second thoughts.
AMANDA: He can be
very convincing.
Believe me,
I am embarrassed to tell you
how many times I took him back.
But he was my first boyfriend,
and I know it sounds crazy,
but I thought
maybe it was normal,
that that was how relationships
were supposed to be.
Besides, when things were good,
they were very good.
He was as sweet
and charming as they come.
My parents liked him.
My parents.
So what happened?
He started getting angry
with me all the time.
He'd fly off the handle
at the littlest things.
Then physically...
he grabbed me too hard.
After that,
I tried to end things.
But then he stopped, right?
At first,
he tried to convince me
to just give him
one more chance.
But when he realized
that wasn't happening,
he started getting possessive.
Crazy possessive.
He said that if he couldn't
have me, then no one could.
He's a psycho.
I told you.
After that,
I know this sounds crazy,
but I swear he started
stalking me...
around town, at school.
I couldn't prove it.
There was no physical evidence.
I could just feel him.
See? I told you
it sounds crazy.
No, it doesn't
sound crazy at all.
So what happened next?
AMANDA: And then I realized
who the crazy one really was.
While my parents
were at a matinee,
Rob got into my house,
attacked me.
I thought he was
going to kill me.
I managed to escape,
but after that,
my parents got involved,
threatened to sue Rob
for harassment.
But then it was all over, right?
The next year, this year,
he never came back to school.
I'm guessing his dad told him
to stay away from me.
They don't really
have very much money,
and my dad's
a very successful lawyer.
They should have
thrown his ass in jail.
Thank you for telling me
all of this.
You really didn't have to.
He's not just a jerk
like a lot of guys are.
He's dangerous.
And while he might be
very convincing otherwise,
if I were you, I would stay away
from him for good.
[school bell ringing]
God, Rob.
- I didn't mean to scare you.
I told you I don't want
to see you or talk to you again.
I know, and I respect that.
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry one last time.
You mean everything to me.
I totally screwed it up,
just like everything else
in my life.
It's not gonna work
this time, Rob.
And it shouldn't.
Look, as much as I love you,
I'm not the right thing
for you right now.
I need to get help.
I know that, and I will.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry
one last time.
If it wasn't for you,
things would be much worse.
I appreciate everything
you've done for me.
Take care, okay?
I'm heading out, Amanda.
Do you want me
to walk you to your car?
No, it's just
in the parking lot.
Okay, have a good one.
[door opens]
[door closes]
Excellent work, ladies.
Get some rest.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Bye. See you guys later.
Miss Snider.
- Coach.
Can you stay for a second?
- Yeah.
Can I speak to her alone,
Sure, no problem.
Okay, I'm all ears.
I'm sorry?
I like to think I know
when something's bothering
one of my girls.
It's that obvious, huh?
MISS FLYNN: You don't want
to talk about it, do you?
Not really, no.
Well, I'm not gonna
force you to talk,
but I've been doing this
for a long time, Becky,
so humor me for a second, okay?
I really believe
in cheerleading, I do.
The hard work,
the camaraderie, the sacrifice.
It instills the skills
in young women
that they'll need
to succeed in life
'cause when you're young,
everything seems magnified.
Thoughts, feelings.
But if you stay true
to the values
that's gotten you this far,
trust me, everything else
will seem like background music.
[phone chiming]
Is that all, Miss Flynn?
When I said that
everything seems magnified,
that doesn't mean that things
don't have serious consequences.
Please be careful out there.
What is it? What's wrong?
Oh, my God.
- I know.
We have to go to
the cops, Becky.
No, we can't.
I mean, they probably
already know.
When your kid goes missing,
that's the first person
you call, right?
They don't know what we know.
Of course, they do.
I mean, his parents probably
already spoke to them,
and they mentioned him.
What are you so afraid of,
that he'll do something to you?
No, I'm not afraid.
Oh, God, you're protecting him.
Don't be ridiculous.
- I'm not.
After all of this, after
everything we've seen and heard,
you're defending him.
No, I'm not defending him!
I'm just...
I don't think
he's capable of... murder.
Then tell me,
where is Amanda White?
I didn't mean to scare you.
What are you doing here, Rob?
I'm lost without you.
I know I don't deserve you,
but I need you.
Please stop.
Are you saying
that you can forget about
everything that we had?
Everything that we did?
I haven't forgotten
about anything
and neither has my face.
And I apologized for that
a hundred times.
Yeah, well, sometimes
that's not enough!
You'll be sorry
about this, Becky.
You'll pay for this.
Like Amanda White did?
ELIZA: How could you have
kept all of this from me?
Well, Mom,
I was just like... scared,
and I was confused and...
Honestly, I didn't even know
how much I was imagining.
He laid a hand on you.
You didn't imagine that.
I know. I just didn't want
to tell you
because what you
told me about dad,
and then I didn't want you
to relive it.
It's my job to protect you.
You never, ever have to worry
about protecting me.
What do we do?
We can make sure he never
does this to anybody ever again.
I know it's frustrating,
Mrs. Snider,
but I can't tell you
all the particulars
of an active investigation.
You can't even tell us if
Rob Rouse is under investigation
for the disappearance
of that young lady,
even after everything
my daughter told you?
It could compromise
the prosecution
if I were to tell you anything.
All I can say is
that the information
that your daughter
supplied us with
could be very helpful.
You did the right thing,
young lady.
What about the fact
that he slapped her?
You can file a report, but it's
a simple battery, misdemeanor.
So what you're saying is
we shouldn't even bother.
What I'm saying is if you want
to see this young man
put away for a long time,
a charge of murder
goes a lot further.
What about right now?
How do we make sure he doesn't
get anywhere near Becky?
You could file
a restraining order,
but it could take weeks
before it's processed.
Are you kidding me?
- Afraid not.
the system wasn't designed
to handle crimes
like harassment or stalking.
And cyber stalking,
you can forget about it.
I know it's not fair,
but it's reality.
So you're telling me that
my daughter is a sitting duck.
For now,
just stay away from him.
Don't let him get anywhere
close to you.
You'll be fine, I promise.
Come on, honey.
What a bunch of crap!
A week to file
a restraining order?
And they wonder why people
don't report crimes.
BECKY: You have to read
between the lines, Mom.
He didn't want us focusing
on some minor charge
when they're going after him
for murder.
That's what he was
trying to tell us.
Maybe, but you stay away from
him until he's caught, okay?
You don't have to
worry about that.
[dog barking]
ELIZA: Becky, honey,
is that you?
Hey, Beck.
ROB: Hello, Mrs. Snider.
See you soon.
- [camera clicks]
Honey, did you hear something?
No, but I was listening
to music.
You weren't walking around
your room or anything?
Just trying to get comfortable.
Okay. I guess that
must have been it.
Don't stay up too late.
So do you have practice today?
Mom, you ask me
the same thing every day,
and every day, I say
the same thing: Yes, I have...
Practice every day. I know.
I'm sorry.
Are you gonna be late?
- I shouldn't be.
In fact, I'd like
to make us a nice dinner,
so no going for pizza
after practice with Jen
because I don't want you
to ruin your appetite.
Ruin my appetite?
Mom, what am I, like seven?
Have a great day.
I love you.
You too.
[car alarm chirps]
There's a call for you
on the main line.
It's the vice principal
of your daughter's school.
This is Eliza Snider,
Becky's mother.
Mrs. Snider?
This is Peter Moore.
I'm a vice principal
at Central High.
Yes, is something wrong?
I'm afraid so, ma'am.
We'd like you to come down here
right away.
Is Becky all right?
She's fine, ma'am.
Okay, well, then can you first
tell me what's going on?
We'd rather you come
down here in person.
I'd like to explain it
all to you face-to-face.
I'll leave right now.
[Eliza groans]
Carla, I'll be back
as soon as I can.
[car alarm chirps]
- [shushing]
Just breathe.
Don't struggle.
MISS FLYNN: See you tomorrow.
Hey, Becky.
Um, after our talk
the other day,
I just wanted to check on you.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, actually everything's
going a lot better.
I'm glad to hear that.
I actually wanted
to tell you that...
[horn honks]
Becky, you okay?
I think that's my mom's car.
ROB: Don't run.
Don't say a word.
Otherwise, I'll kill her.
Now, get in the car, Becky.
Front seat.
Hello, Becky.
What is it, Rob?
What is it that you want?
Isn't it obvious?
The one thing
I've always wanted.
This isn't the way to get me.
Please, just let my mom go.
Oh, I think it's
a little late for that.
Don't you think?
- No, it's never too late.
We could talk about it.
I'm not stupid, Becky.
I know there's no way
you'll ever come back to me now.
They've poisoned you against me.
All of 'em.
Your mom, Jen,
that bitch Amanda.
And eventually,
I'll make them all pay.
No, please, please,
you have to believe me.
I would take you back.
I would.
Just let my mom go.
You're just trying to trick me.
No, Rob, I would never
do that to you.
You know me.
You know me. I...
I never stopped loving you.
I even have the flower that
you gave me when we first met.
Do you want to see?
Mom, Mom!
Looks like you messed with
the wrong cheerleader.
The police are on their way.
[sirens wailing]
Come on, come on.
- Spin him over. Let's go.
All right, come on.
Get up.
Hands up.
Get your hands on there.
Spread 'em out a little bit.
We'll be in contact soon
with more questions.
In the meantime, the best thing
is for you two to go home
and get some rest.
Is he gonna be out anytime soon?
If Rob Rouse gets out anytime,
which I doubt,
he'll have to chase you down
in his walker.
You're a very brave girl,
Miss Snider.
That she is.
Like I said, go home
and get some rest. Take care.
Thank you, Detective.
- You're welcome.
Understand all that?
You're going away
for a long time, kid.
I've got a daughter myself,
so I don't want to see some
punk like you on the streets.
Well, she must be perfect
like you.
As a matter of fact,
she's an honor roll student
and a cheerleader.
Let's go.
So do you ladies
need a ride home?
It's okay.
We have my car.
Hey, Miss Flynn.
Why did you decide to come back?
It was Jen.
When I got back
to the locker room,
she asked was everything okay.
She was worried about you.
I told her that your mother
was picking you up,
and she thought that
that was unusual,
so I thought I'd better
check things out.
I'm glad I did.
Me too.
I don't even want to think
what would have happened if you
hadn't shown up, Miss Flynn.
Me either.
He's obviously
a very disturbed young man.
Yeah, who made one big mistake.
He did mess with
the wrong cheerleader.