The Wrong Daughter (2018) Movie Script

[film reel whirring]
[dramatic music]
[mysterious music]
[rock music]
[crowd cheering]
[man and woman shouting muffled]
- [Samantha] You're amazing.
- That's sweet.
- You know, I can't wait
to get out of this town
Eat deep dish pizzas in Chicago,
and take selfies at
the Grand Canyon.
And since my 18th
birthday sucked,
I was thinking maybe
we'd go to Vegas
and completely blow it!
What do you think?
- About that...
I don't think there's gonna
be space on the tour bus.
- What?
I hate you!
- You hate me?
You barely know me.
- You told me you loved me.
- [Abe] Oh, come on!
- You don't say it
unless you mean it.
- Well, I need some alone time.
Can I get my shirt back?
- I'm always alone,
you son of a bitch!
- Uh, keep the shirt.
- You want this?
- Wait, wait, wait.
No, drop the guitar.
- Beg me.
- Please give me my guitar.
Oh, I'm begging!
- Shut up!
[guitar cracking]
- Oh!
- Break a leg.
[birds chirping]
Come on!
- Not again.
- Hurry up, lazy ass,
before Hanson sees me.
- I'm coming, relax.
- Oh, come on!
- You know it gets stuck.
I'm trying.
- Hey, did she ask about me?
- I told her you went
to bed after school
'cause you were sick.
You're welcome.
- Nice work, knick-knack.
- Please don't call me that.
- Fine, Danica.
That's not even a real name.
- You're literally the worst
roommate ever, you know that?
- You know you love me.
[dramatic music]
- The front door's
open, you know?
Come on.
[clears throat]
I never should have
agreed to let you stay
until the end of
the school year.
You have broken rule after rule.
I have given you more second
chances than I can count,
but your behavior has
only gotten more erratic.
Have you been taking
your medications?
- Just ground me or whatever
so we can get on with this.
- Pack up your things.
You're 18 now, you've
aged out of the system.
By law, you should've
moved out months ago.
- Move where?
- Look, I know how hard life
has been for you, Samantha--
- Hard?
I've been in 14 foster
homes in 12 years.
- I am well aware.
You, you're not a
victim, Samantha.
It's not always someone
else's fault, okay?
At some point, you
need to grow up,
take responsibility
for your part--
- And being homeless is
somehow gonna miraculously
turn me into a
responsible human being?
- You have choices, Samantha.
However, living at Safe Harbor
is no longer one of them.
- I have nothing.
- You have your
stipend to start out.
- What is this?
- That is enough!
- You couldn't care
less if I die out there!
In fact, you'd probably even
forget who I was tomorrow.
You heartless bitch!
- I said enough.
Okay, this is precisely why
you are no longer welcome here.
[dramatic music]
- You're scared of me.
- Get out, now.
Out, now!
[pens clattering]
[water spraying]
[people chattering]
- That's the one.
The-the Premium Transport LX.
It's complete with a
BPA-free snack tray,
UV protective sun hood,
and the world's most
advanced stroller suspension
for one smooth ride.
- You sound like an infomercial.
- I can't help that I'm excited.
[gentle music]
- Let's not get
ahead of ourselves.
- The treatments are gonna
work this time, I know it.
And once we have the
world's greatest baby,
we are gonna have the
world's greatest stroller
to go with it.
- Okay.
- Did I mention the
ventilation system?
- All right, all right, enough
about the stroller, silly.
- We got this.
Third time's the charm.
- I believe you.
All right, let's go
get our great news.
[Joseph sighing]
- [Joseph] I'm gonna
take my son fishing here.
- Daughter.
- Nah!
Maybe it's gonna be
one of each, you know?
- [laughs] Okay, maybe.
- Paternal instinct.
- Unfortunately...
The embryo has detached
from the cervical wall,
depriving it of the
necessary nutrients
it needs to develop--
- Just stop.
- Joe...
- So now what?
- We can talk about
another round.
- The sooner, the better.
- No.
I'm sorry, honey.
I can't go through it again.
- No, I'm-I'm sorry.
I um, I just really
wanted this for us.
- There are other options.
- I've got nothing against
adoption, I'm all for it,
it's just not how we
pictured starting our family.
- Of course.
However, if you do
change your minds,
I can put you in touch
with a private agency--
- That-that won't be necessary.
Can we go?
- [Joseph] Thank you for
everything you've done.
- Of course.
[somber music]
- She actually did it!
- Did what?
- Ms. Hanson, she kicked me out.
- Sam, I'm so sorry.
- I'm better than this
place, no offense.
- It could be worse.
You could have just
appreciated what we have.
- Yeah, well, that's
easy for you to say.
You have a mom out
there somewhere,
you just choose not
to look for her.
- She abandoned me
when I was a baby.
Good parents don't do that.
What if I wanted to find
her and she didn't want me?
You know what, screw that,
you can't just make a family.
- You know, God took six
days to make the world
and took a day to chill.
[pills rattling]
Maybe you're not
trying hard enough.
- Okay, Little Orphan Annie,
where's your Daddy Warbucks?
- You know, I forgot to
tell you that Ms. Hanson
wanted to see you too.
- Me?
- Yeah.
You were my
accomplice, after all.
- But, but...
You made me!
- I wouldn't worry.
You're her favorite.
[ominous music]
- Okay.
[birds chirping]
- Hey.
- I uh, I was thinking
we could turn this room
into an office.
Then I wouldn't have to
stay late at the restaurant
and you can get the
study all to yourself.
Or we could turn it into a gym?
I could finally get those
six-pack abs I've always wanted.
This isn't what I thought
my belly would look like
over the next nine months.
- I wanna show you something.
- Danica?
- I had Ivan do something.
You know, he's kind
of a computer nerd.
- Yeah, Melissa
says the same thing.
But how-how do you
know that's her?
And there's no pictures of her.
- Maybe she's not a selfie
addict like the rest of America.
But, look, she's the same
age, she's from your hometown,
she has your maiden name.
- Tyrell...
That is so weird.
Why didn't the Martins
change her name
after they adopted her?
- Well, that's the thing.
As far as Ivan can
tell, they didn't.
- What?
- Yeah, she never got adopted.
She's been living in a
foster home her whole life.
Look, we don't know what
her life's been like.
And we can't assume the worst.
- Now you want me
to reach out to her
after she grew up like that?
- I do, but it's
your decision to make
and I will support
whatever you choose.
- This could be a disaster.
- It could, but it could
also be an incredible gift.
[gentle music]
[birds chirping]
- Still making up your mind?
- Oh uh...
Yeah, let's go with white
linens for the tablecloths.
Classic, clean.
- I meant about
sending the message.
- I think I'm on draft eight.
Would you want your mother,
who gave you up when you
were a baby to reach out
after all these years?
- Uh, I don't know.
I might be a little mad, but,
I'd wanna know
where I came from.
Who my real mom was,
especially if my real
mom was as cool as you.
- What do I even say to her?
- Just be yourself.
And do not open with a joke,
'cause you are not that funny.
- Not helpful.
[Melissa chuckling]
- She's gonna wanna meet you.
I know it.
Who wouldn't want you
for their real mom?
- Thanks.
- You're amazing.
Love you.
- Love you.
Here goes...
[dramatic music]
[electronic beeping]
- What do we have here?
"Hello, Danica.
"I'm your mother."
Could this get any more perfect?
Thanks Kate, I needed
a new place to stay.
Sorry, knick-knack.
Finders keepers!
"Can't believe you
actually found me.
"I've waited my whole
life for this moment.
"Where have you been?"
- I can't believe you found me.
"I've waited my whole
life for this moment.
"I had actually given up,
"but maybe fate has intervened
"because I'll be headed
your way tomorrow.
"So if you're around tomorrow,
"I'm gonna be in town
and I'd like to see you."
From Danica.
- Tomorrow?
- Tomorrow!
- This is really happening.
- Yeah, this is
really happening!
Wait, oh wait, no,
tomorrow I have meetings
at the restaurant all day.
I'm gonna have to reschedule!
- You-you open in
less than a week.
Just have her meet
you at the restaurant.
Hey, it'll be fine.
It'll be better than fine.
- You're right.
I can do this.
"I'll be at my restaurant
all day tomorrow.
"Stop by when you're in town.
"I can't wait to meet you."
[electronic beeping]
- I'm in!
And delete.
- Sam?
I know you have my laptop,
I just want it back.
- Knick-knack...
[dramatic music]
You see, I really
need that laptop now.
I've kind of become
attached to it.
I think you can understand.
Just think about it
as a parting gift.
Things are finally
looking up for me.
Sleep tight, knick-knack!
[foreboding music]
[birds chirping]
Hi, I'm looking for Kate
Whitman, my name's--
- Danica!
Yeah, hi!
O-M-G, hi!
Okay, just follow me.
You look amazing!
She's gonna be so
excited to see you.
You kind of look like her,
sort of, I don't know.
You have a visitor.
- Danica...
- Is this a bad time?
- No!
No, come in, please.
[mysterious music]
- Okay.
- Wow...
Look at you!
I've imagined this
moment a million times...
- Me too.
[choking sob]
[ominous music]
[birds chirping]
- [Kate] So that's
what I called it.
[Kate chuckling]
- Kettle Black Bistro.
- Yep, Black Bistro.
- I like it.
- Yeah I've wanted to
own my own restaurant
since I was a kid, and
it's all happening.
Well, that's if it passes
the inspection tomorrow.
[upbeat music]
- I'm sorry, this is so surreal.
You're everything I imagined.
You're beautiful,
you're so successful.
And you're kind of awesome.
- You're kind of
awesome yourself.
- Must be genetic.
[both chuckling]
- Danica, I am so sorry.
Giving you up for adoption
was the hardest
decision of my life.
I thought you were
going to a loving home.
I saw you leave the
hospital with them.
- I was, until they found
out I had a heart condition.
They had a little bit
of buyer's remorse.
- A heart condition?
Is that still an issue?
- No, no, I'm fine.
Couple of surgeries,
a few band-aids.
Um, I don't even
have a scar though.
- You were never adopted then?
What, who?
- Foster homes, group homes.
Safe Harbor now.
I don't, I don't really
like to talk about it.
- Of course, I...
I would really love it if
you would join my husband
and I for dinner tonight.
- Really?
- I insist.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, I mean yes!
I would love that!
- Okay!
Joseph is cooking, so, I'm
hoping it will be edible.
I hope.
[both laughing]
- Hey, Kate, I'm so sorry.
But there's a whole leak
underneath the refrigerator.
It's really bad.
- Of course there is.
I-I'll be right
there, I'm coming.
Danica, I'm so sorry, but I
have to go take care of that.
- That's fine.
- But uh,
if you could give your
email address to Melissa,
and she'll send you my address?
- Mmhmm.
- Okay?
I'll see you tonight.
- You will.
- Looking forward to it.
[soft blues music]
He was my first kiss,
and my first dance,
and my first, well...
Here you are.
- Hooray, me!
- His uh, family was very
religious, so they moved him,
your father away,
and that was that.
I was 16 and I was the
oldest of five kids,
so my parents were
not in any position
to take on another child,
but I don't blame his
family, not at all.
But, we were very much in love.
- You know, I'm gonna let you
ladies uh, finish catching up.
I'm gonna turn on the game.
- Mm-nmm, I said were
in love, past tense.
You know you're my one and only.
- Well, if you put it
that way, I'll stay.
But I'm gonna
change the subject.
- Okay.
- Kate tells me that
you're in a group home now.
Is-is that better?
- Um, not so much.
It's one of the bad
ones, so I ran away.
- You ran away?
- Yeah a few months ago, the
head lady, a Mrs. Hanson,
she likes to punish
us for no reasons.
And the punishments
are pretty bad,
so, I'm shelter-hopping now.
- Shelter-hopping?
- It's fine, like, I get
by one way or another.
- Do you like chocolate
chip ice cream?
All right honey, let's get some!
We'll be right back.
- Chocolate chip.
- All right.
Love chocolate chip.
I think we're gonna
need the room after all.
- You want her to-to move in?
We've only known
her for 24 hours.
- She's my daughter, Joseph.
- Yeah I know, and I
feel for her, I do,
but technically, she's
still a stranger.
- Yeah, she's a stranger,
and it's my fault.
- Okay, um...
Look, I'm on your side.
- You of all people
should be supportive.
You started this.
Brought her to me.
What are we supposed to do,
send her back to that
awful place where she,
quote, "Escaped from"?
- No, no, uh...
You're right, okay?
Kate, you-you're right.
I just, um...
- Just what?
- I...
Am an idiot, and I
am a big stupid-head,
and I'm sorry, and, can we
please just kiss and make up
and go back to being the
world's most perfect couple?
- Once we get the adoption
going, perfect family.
- Perfect family.
[ominous music]
- Well, you're a
rarely welcome sight.
- I have a delivery for you.
- Can I go now?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
- What did she do?
- That one, nothing.
Poor thing was found locked
in the closet at the library.
- I'm sorry, what?
- Says she was forced in
by one of your other girls,
I think her name was--
- Samantha.
Samantha Brown.
- Yeah, that's right.
That's the one.
Says she stole her laptop too.
Maybe you should
have a talk with her?
- Um, Samantha is
no longer with us.
I had to let her go due
to, well, many factors.
- Oh.
Was there anything else I
should be made aware of?
- No.
- Okay.
Thank you for your time, ma'am.
You have a good night.
- Thanks.
- Uh, your bathroom is just
across the hall from your room.
Um, I'll show you how
to use the shower.
It can get a little bit tricky.
- Where was this at?
- I don't suppose you did much
camping when you were a kid?
- No, I was never with
one family long enough.
Is this yours?
- It's been in Joseph's
family forever.
Uh, with the restaurant,
it's just been really
hard to get away.
- You guys look really happy.
- It's kinda hard not to be.
The whole world melts
away when we're there.
[dramatic music]
It helps us to just reconnect
when life pulls us apart,
which it can do
from time to time.
- I'd really like to go there.
- Sure.
Maybe once the restaurant opens,
we can take you there and
you can see what I mean.
- I'd like that.
- You wanna see your room?
- Mm-hmm.
- This way, right down there.
Here we are.
- It's lovely.
- Liar!
Okay, this is what
we're gonna do.
Tomorrow, we are gonna go
for some retail therapy.
I can get away for a few hours
and we can get some
things of your own.
I just really want this place
to feel like home for you.
Oh, and I'll need the
information for the foster home.
I wanna let them know
that you're here.
- Of course, I'm sure I
have the number somewhere.
- No rush.
Get it to me in the morning.
I just wanna make sure
I have your paperwork.
Uh, I have some phone calls
and meetings tomorrow,
but I'll probably have
a window at about four.
- You don't have to.
- I want to!
I'll call you at four
when the inspector leaves
and I'll let you know
when you can come by.
- Awesome.
- Okay, well, I'll uh,
let you get settled in.
- Uh, Kate?
- Yeah?
- I just wanted
to say thank you.
For everything.
- It's my pleasure.
Welcome home, Danica.
[ominous music]
- Come in.
- Hi, how are you, dear?
- All right.
- I have something for you.
Consider it compensation for
your willingness to tolerate
what must've been a very
difficult living arrangement.
- You got me a present?
- You're a good girl, and
you deserve so much better.
I regret not having
stepped in earlier.
- Ms. Hanson?
Thank you.
- Yeah.
[foreboding music]
[pills rattling]
Samantha, what are you doing?
[cell phone buzzing]
- This is her, just
like we practiced, okay?
- You got the money?
- Yes, just make it super
simple and really quick.
Okay, answer it!
- I want 20 more, on accounting
for inflation and all.
- Are you serious?
She's gonna hang up.
- You want me to do this or not?
- Okay, yes, I'll give you
the extra 20 afterwards,
just answer the phone!
[Samantha sighing]
- Safe Harbor,
this is Ms. Hanson.
- Hi, this is Kate Whitman.
I'm calling in regards
to Danica Tyrell?
- Yeah, what about her?
- [Kate] Well, I'm
her biological mother.
- Congratulations.
- Excuse me?
- Look, I'm uh,
swamped with paperwork,
so uh, can we make this quick?
- Oh uh, yes, of course.
I gave her up for
adoption at birth,
but just found out she's
been in foster care
all this time.
- And now you want custody?
- Yes, actually,
of Danica Tyrell.
How would I go about doing that?
- Uh...
Forms, yeah, yeah,
you'll have to,
you'll need to fill
out a few forms.
You want me to uh,
mail 'em to you?
- That's all I need to do?
- Yes.
Oh, well, not entirely.
Uh, there'll be instructions
in the envelope I send you
on how to proceed.
- Oh, uh yes, of
course, thank you.
- Will that be all, ma'am?
- Yeah, well, if that's
all I need to do, yes.
You can send that over
to uh, Kate Whitman,
at Kettle Black Bistro,
419 West Commonwealth Ave.
- Hold on, let me grab a pen.
Would you repeat that, please?
- 419 West Commonwealth Ave.
- Yeah, got it.
Okay, uh, you have a
nice day now, ma'am.
- Thank you.
- Could you have maybe sound
a little more official,
like you had an idea
what you were doing?
- Excuse me?
Do I look like a
professional actor to you?
[phone cracking]
Hey, where's my money?
- Do I look like a
welfare agent to you?
- Come back here!
Hey, you!
- She hates me.
- I think she hates everyone.
- I think so too, look at
her walking really slow.
- She's like a spider.
- Investigating.
Ready to pounce.
- Well, everything
looks good so far.
I'll be expecting an invitation
to the grand opening, of course.
- Done, thank you.
Thank you, thank you!
- Joseph!
[birds chirping]
Joseph, you home?
[foreboding music]
[phone beeping]
[dial tone ringing]
- [Kate] Hi, this is Kate
Whitman, please leave a message!
[phone beeping]
[dial tone ringing]
Hi, this is Kate Whitman,
please leave a message!
- I just need to take a quick
gander at the floor sink.
- Absolutely, it's just
uh, right back that way.
[foreboding music]
[phone beeping]
- Did she just say gander?
- That's like, the
most offensive thing
you could ever say to me.
- I didn't know people
still said that.
- It's like we traveled
back to the 1940s.
[phone ringing]
- Back in time.
Oh Melissa, can you uh--
- Okay, got it, got it.
Kettle Black, this is Melissa.
- Melissa, uh, it's
Danica, is Kate there?
- Oh, she's been crazy all day
with contractors and
vendors, it's, sorry.
- Well, she said that
she'd call me at four.
We have plans.
- [Melissa] Can I have her call
you back a little bit later?
- Will you actually
tell her that I called?
- Of course Danica,
but like I said,
she's been really, really busy,
and she can't call
you back 'til later.
- But-but she said
that she would!
- I don't know what to tell you.
- [Kate] Melissa?
Can you bring me
the contact info
for the liquor distributor?
- Yeah, I'll be right there.
Okay, so I'll have her call
you back later today, okay?
I promise.
- No, I need to talk
to Kate right now!
[phone beeping]
[ominous music]
- Hey, when did you get back?
- I just got here.
- Oh good, I could use
an extra set of hands.
Do you mind holding
this down there?
- What happened?
- Those damn raccoons again.
They are determined to ruin
Melissa and Kate's handiwork.
- Melissa's handiwork?
- Yeah, this is kind
of their pet project.
See that creepy scarecrow?
That's all Melissa.
- Definitely creepy.
- Aren't you supposed to
be shopping with uh, Kate?
- I was.
- Still at the Kettle huh?
Don't take it personally, she's,
she's just really
busy right now.
- It's fine, whatever.
- I'm gonna go watch TV.
[upbeat music]
- [Narrator] Of a US spy plane
after receiving a letter
saying the US was very sorry--
[doorknob rattling]
[dramatic music]
- Honey, I'm sorry about today.
The inspector was late,
and that threw off
the whole day and--
- You promised that we'd
go for some retail therapy.
Don't say things if
you don't mean them.
- I know, and I was--
- No, it's fine.
You and Melissa had
more important things
to do, I get it.
God forbid you spend a few
hours with your daughter
that you haven't seen since,
I don't know, since birth?
[news reporter speaking quietly]
I'm tired, I'll go to bed early.
- [Kate] Joe?
- Mm-hmm?
- Did we make a mistake?
I mean, with Danica,
letting her move in so soon?
- Why, what do you mean?
- I'm not sure,
but, I don't know.
She kind of exploded when
I came home from work.
- What do you mean, exploded?
- Admittedly, I messed up.
I don't know.
It scared me.
- You know, she was acting
a little weird with me
earlier today too, but I-I
think we should just chalk it up
to a bad day.
I mean, she's been through hell.
We gotta admit that
this whole process
is not gonna be
rainbows and unicorns.
We gotta give her time.
- You're right.
She's dealing with a lot.
What would I do without you?
Okay, all right, all
right, all right, oh!
[ominous music]
You scared me.
I didn't see you there.
Is, is everything okay?
- I'm sorry, mom.
I didn't mean the
things that I said.
I just really wanted
to spend time with you.
And I'm really scared
of losing you again.
- Oh honey no, that is
not something you need
to be worrying about.
I am here.
Look, tell me, what can I do
to help you feel more secure?
- Well...
You know how you said the
cabin is the place where you,
you and Joseph can bond?
- Yeah.
- I was thinking maybe
we could go there?
Just for even a night?
For some mother-daughter
bonding so we can be
like a real family?
I think it would help, a lot.
And I really need it.
I feel like your daughter.
I want you to feel
like you're my mom.
I want to stay here forever.
Am I asking you too much?
- No, not at all.
In fact, I am gonna
make this work.
I will talk to Melissa
at the restaurant.
What's one night?
Thank you for being honest.
Now, I gotta go, or Mellie
is gonna have my head
on a platter, no pun intended.
I'll see you later, bye.
What about the uh, puce?
That's, that's gone right?
- The puce?
It's dead, so dead.
As is that weird
mustard-green color.
- Ew.
- Okay, we need to talk about
the fact that our designer,
what is her deal?
- Yeah.
I mean she's really sweet, but
I think she might be blind.
- I know, or
colorblind at least.
- [Kate] At least.
I really liked her though.
You know what?
- She's nice.
- I don't know what I
would do without you.
You are like an angel
sent down from heaven.
- Seriously?
- Yes, you're the best.
I love you so much.
- Hey!
- Hey...
- Hey, Danica.
What is this?
- [Samantha] Open it.
[Melissa chuckling]
- This is awesome.
[Kate gasping]
- It's not much, but I
just wanted to thank you
and Joseph for
everything you're doing.
- I love it!
Thank you!
- Danica, it is
seriously so beautiful.
- Look at that!
- It's gorgeous, really.
Put it on.
Try it on right now.
- Well, okay.
[foreboding music]
I think it's a little bit tight.
You know what?
I can just adjust the length.
I love it.
- Sorry, I should
have checked first.
I'm so stupid.
- No.
Honey, you are not stupid.
It's perfect.
Here, since you're here, you
can help us finalize the menu.
Okay, what do you think?
- Okay.
- These are our options.
- I don't know actually.
Uh, I...
I was thinking we could go
to the cabin this weekend?
- You're going to
the cabin, seriously?
Danica, you're gonna love it.
It's my favorite
place in the world.
- Wait, you've been there?
- [Melissa] Yeah.
- Oh, yeah, well after
the hassle with the budget
and everything, we
just needed a break.
So we took a girl's
trip up there.
- And thank God we did,
we needed it so bad.
We watched like, Dirty
Dancing like what, 100 times?
- At least 100 times, and
I think I cried every time!
[Kate laughing]
Oh but, I was hoping to
have a barbecue on Saturday
to introduce you to
the neighborhood.
- We could go after?
Stay until Sunday?
- Uh...
Um, cell reception up there
is really, really spotty,
and something's gonna come up
with Kettle Black, I'm sure.
- You know what, you're right.
It might not be the best idea.
- I'm sure Melissa can take
care of the restaurant.
I mean, it's only for one night.
Come on, please?
You need some peace and quiet.
- I don't know...
One night won't hurt.
I will talk to Joseph tonight.
But first, back to the menus.
[phone ringing]
- Oh uh, I'll get it.
- Okay.
What do you think?
Which one do you like best, hmm?
- Um...
I don't know.
- Kettle Black.
- Okay.
- It's too hard.
- [Kate] Okay, but what do
you think about what's...
[foreboding music]
- No, I definitely agree with
you, that is so important.
Um, I'm gonna write that down.
Just um, just gonna need a pen.
Okay, one minute.
Yeah, no, no, no, no, no,
I'm-I'm with you still.
I'm just gonna grab a pen, yeah.
- Mellie, where's that
necklace on my desk,
the one Danica gave me?
Did you happen to see it?
- [Melissa] I haven't, but
I will help you look for it.
- It's okay sweetie,
it'll be here.
- Wait a minute...
Is this it?
[foreboding music]
- Melissa?
- Oh my God.
I have no idea how it
got there, Kate, I swear.
- Well, it's just
strange, that's all.
- Excuse me?
What's that supposed to mean?
- Why are you attacking me?
- Attacking you?
I'm not attacking--
- Well, what's my gift doing
in your purse?
- Okay, okay, both of you,
just stop it!
- Kate, you know I would
never do anything like that.
Not ever.
- Well, I'm sure it just
got mixed up with your things
and accidentally
scooped into your purse.
Let it go, really.
It was an accident, okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay?
Danica, let's go home.
Mellie, let it go.
Okay, I trust you.
- Sure.
- Oh.
- Hey, Kate.
- Oh hey!
- Hey.
- I know what you're gonna say.
She told you.
- Yeah, she did.
- It's done and over.
It was an honest mistake.
- Cool, just, just checkin'.
- Okay.
Hey uh, Danica, this is
Ivan, Melissa's boyfriend.
He lives in the house
right behind us.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Uh, thank you, by the way.
- Yeah, no problem.
You were uh, you were a
tough one to track down.
- What do you mean?
- Ivan is the one who found you.
- Oh.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Hey uh, we're having
a barbecue tomorrow,
if you wanna come?
Are your parents
gonna be back in town?
- Oh no, they won't be
back 'til later, but--
- Oh, that's too bad.
Next time.
- But I'll, I'll be there.
- Okay, cool.
- Yeah.
- Kate's gonna teach me to
make her famous roasted duck.
- Yeah, well, I gotta pass it
down to the next generation.
It's gonna be a Kettle
Black signature dish.
Put it on the map.
- That sounds like
a blast of a night.
- You've had my duck before--
- It's amazing.
- Yeah.
- You're gonna love it.
- I know.
- On the map, all right.
- Yeah!
- Well, I'll let
you guys get to it.
But uh, have a good night,
and welcome to the
neighborhood, Danica.
- Bye Ivan, good night!
- All right.
Have a good night.
- See ya!
Watch your head.
Boo, what are you doing?
[crowd applauding]
- Why?
- You're horrible.
Why are they clapping?
Let's boo!
- You should beat
any of these guys.
- Honestly, hey!
- No, you stop, you're
stealing all of it!
- I am not!
Okay, okay, seriously,
it's all over with.
- You're so addicted to this.
- Do not judge me.
You're gonna become addicted
to dating reality
shows, like me.
No, boo!
I can't believe you chose her!
- What?
Oh my God, they're
never gonna last.
- I can't believe
they picked her!
That makes no sense!
[doorbell ringing]
- I'll get it.
- All right, you're gonna
miss all the good stuff.
- Do not eat all the popcorn.
- I might.
This guy!
Oh, you know what?
You're too good for him, girl.
- What do you want?
- Uh, is Kate home?
- Uh, we're busy.
- I brought her these.
- What is it?
- Danica, did I upset you or--
- [Kate] Mellie?
- I brought you these.
- Oh, you didn't
have to do that.
- I wanted you to have
them for our garden.
- I'm gonna go watch our show.
- Okay, honey.
- I just felt so bad about
the whole necklace situation--
- Are you kidding?
Forget it, it was a
misunderstanding, end of story.
- Um, should I apologize to her?
I feel like I should, should I--
- Just sleep on it.
- Okay.
- All right, I'm just gonna
go back to watching TV.
- Okay.
- Thank you, I love you.
- I love you too.
- Drive safe.
- [Melissa] I will, Kate.
- Bye!
Danica, I'm coming!
[bottles rattling]
[foreboding music]
[knife scraping]
[plants rustling]
- What the hell?
Oh my God.
[breathing heavily]
[birds chirping]
[electronic beeping]
- Melissa Reed?
"Hi Danica, I'm sorry
about what happened."
Sorry, Melissa whoever you are.
Wrong Danica.
A message from someone I
actually know would be nice.
- Morning.
- [Kate] Good morning!
- [Joseph] Hey, morning.
- [Samantha] What's
for breakfast?
- Well, I hope you
like pancakes and eggs.
- Of course I do.
I'm a human being
on the planet Earth.
- Good, because um, I was
thinking that after breakfast,
we could plant
Melissa's flowers,
and maybe expand the
garden by a few feet?
- Uh, and you want to do all
that before the barbecue?
- Well, I already
packed up the car,
while you lazybones were
having your beauty sleep.
Well, hurry up and eat.
We don't have a lot of time.
[doorbell ringing]
- Oh, I'll get it.
- Okay.
- This looks great.
- Oh, it does.
- I don't have any messages.
Okay, I am officially a loser.
Looks like you're my only
friend today, Melissa Reed.
I guess I'll learn a
little bit more about you.
Oh, we're practically neighbors.
[dramatic music]
- [Ivan] Hey, can we,
can we talk for a sec?
- What do you want?
- I saw you last night.
- What are you talking about?
- In the garden.
- Look, I can explain.
- I'm listening.
- Just don't tell
anybody, please.
I'm begging you.
- [Kate] Oh my God!
Joseph, come here!
- What was that?
- I gotta go.
- Is everything okay?
- [Samantha] Yes,
everything's fine.
- Was that Kate?
- [Samantha] No, it's fine, go!
- It's ruined, I
can't believe this!
- What happened?
- It's destroyed.
- I'm so sorry.
- Can't believe the raccoons
could cause this much damage.
- Well, Mellie's
gonna be devastated.
- Poor Mellie.
- Well...
It's ruined, we're gonna
have to cancel the barbecue.
- No.
No, the barbecue must go on,
with or without the garden.
It's gonna be perfect.
I promise.
[foreboding music]
[upbeat music]
[people chattering]
- Oh!
- You know,
we're feeding our friends,
not the entire
state of California?
- I know, I know, I overdid it.
- [Joseph] As usual.
- I wanted Danica's
introduction to the neighborhood
to be memorable.
- It's perfect.
- Almost.
- Hey, do not look
at the garden.
Let's just stay
focused right here.
- You're right.
I think she's having fun.
- Absolutely.
And we are out of table space.
I haven't even started setting
up for the burgers yet.
- I was hoping you
wouldn't notice.
- I'm gonna run and get another
table out of the garage.
- [Kate] Yeah, you
do that, you slacker!
- Hey!
[Kate laughing]
- [Melissa] Hey, Kate.
- Hey!
- Everything looks amazing.
- Yeah, almost amazing.
- It's fine.
I'm okay, I mean, it
sucks, but it'll be fine.
- You need a cocktail.
- Yes.
Yes, I do.
- Yes you do.
- Can you get me a cocktail?
- You got it.
- Okay, thank you.
- Coming right up.
- You know me, girl.
[Melissa sighing]
- [Ivan] Hey, babe.
- Hey, honey.
- Do you have a second?
- [Melissa] Sure, why?
- It's probably better if we
just talk over at my place.
- Is everything okay?
- [Ivan] Yeah.
- Okay.
[foreboding music]
See, I told you there was
something wrong with her.
- Yeah, you think?
- We need to tell Kate.
- Oh come on, you
don't want to at least
talk to Danica first?
- Are you kidding me?
- Look, look, I don't know.
I mean, she's clearly jealous.
I know her life probably
hasn't been that easy.
- Yeah, but she doesn't have
to be all psycho about it.
God, I can't believe I
actually apologized to her.
- Wait, what?
- Well, I...
I messaged her.
I was so nice to her.
God, I'm such an idiot.
God, and that brat never
responded, of course.
I need you to send
me that video.
- Melissa--
- Ivan...
- Look, look, okay, just
don't send it to anyone
'til we can at
least talk to her.
- I can't promise you that.
Kate's my best friend.
- So let's just hear
what she has to say.
- Fine.
- Let's get back to the party.
- Okay.
Do you have a problem with me?
- Why do you care?
- I just want to
know what I did.
Are you jealous?
- Of you?
- Our relationship, Kate and me.
- Don't flatter yourself.
I'm her daughter, her blood.
- And why would you do it?
Why would you destroy
our garden, Danica?
I mean, do you need to be
on medication or something?
- Okay, what did you just say?
- Danica, seriously,
we're just trying to talk.
- See, this is what happens.
Every single time I mention
her name, you get so weird.
- Do not call me weird!
- Stop, just stop, okay?
[foreboding music]
You owe me an
explanation, remember?
It's all right here.
All of it.
- Congratulations on
a job well done, guys.
I have to say, I think
that was a huge success,
even though it
happened in a war zone.
[Samantha chuckling]
- I don't think anybody noticed.
- [Joseph] Yeah, what war zone?
- [Kate] Aw, you guys are sweet.
And so full of it, by the way.
- Well, I'm, wait, I'm,
I'm sorry, I'm-I'm full of it?
- No, no, no, no, no!
This is the new dress
I got for the party!
- The party's over now so--
- Uh, hey guys?
I think I'm gonna take a
walk and clear my head.
- Oh, that sounds nice.
Uh l-let me get my sweats on--
- Oh no, it's, it's okay.
I grew up in a house
with kids 24/7,
and I kind of like
my alone time.
It's therapeutic.
- Oh, yeah, of course, do
whatever you need to, sweetie.
- Thanks.
I'll be back soon then.
- Okay.
Well uh, you know
what that means?
- What does that mean?
- I get to go to yoga.
- Ah, ooh!
I got your yoga
moves right here.
- Uh, no, no, no, no.
You do not want to be in
the car with me for an hour
if I don't get to
go to my yoga class.
I'll be back soon.
[Joseph sighing]
- Namaste.
- [Ivan] What's up?
- You wanted to talk?
Let's talk.
- Yeah, come in.
- [Samantha] Where
are your parents?
- [Ivan] They'll be
home in an hour or two,
depending on traffic, why?
- [Samantha] Just wondering.
- The room's right over there.
[door creaking]
You gonna explain what
happened in the garden?
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
Anything else?
- I'm truly sorry.
I just...
[foreboding music]
You know, I thought
after all these years
if I found my mom
that it would fix me.
But life doesn't work that way.
- No, sometimes it doesn't.
- And I can't even remember
doing all that
stuff to the garden.
And Melissa is wonderful.
It had nothing to do
with her, I swear.
It's just...
Sometimes I feel like
I'm disappearing.
My body and my soul is
just gonna fade away,
and the only way to stop
it is to destroy things.
It's the only way that I
feel like I'm still here.
I know, it's crazy.
- No.
It's not.
It's unbelievably honest.
I'm sorry, I wasn't
really expecting that.
- I know, it's a lot.
- Look, I don't want
to be a snitch, okay?
And honestly, I've
never seen Kate happier.
It wouldn't be fair to her.
Look, I will erase
that video, okay?
- Thank you.
- But you have to tell Kate
exactly what you told
me just now, okay?
- Okay.
- You do that, you let me know,
assuming you're gonna
be as honest with me
as you are right now.
- I will.
- And it's like that
video never existed.
It's gone.
She's your mother,
Danica, without condition.
She wants to help you.
She wants to make you
happy, more than anything.
Let her.
- Okay.
- Let's get you home.
- Okay.
[door creaking]
[ominous music]
[Ivan groaning]
Thanks for the
therapy session, Ivan.
Good night.
Next time, watch your step.
[birds cawing]
- Hey, you're back,
how was the walk?
- Amazing, actually.
I feel like a completely
different person.
Where's Kate?
- Yoga.
Yeah, I think it's probably
the one thing she loves
more than me.
- [Samantha] Oh, stop it.
- I'm kinda serious.
- What are you doing?
- Uh, right now, I'm
just working on emails.
- Is that from Melissa?
- Uh yeah, it is.
It's, I don't know,
it's probably like
some strange video,
like a crazy monkey
riding backwards on a pig
or something like
that, I don't know.
You wanna watch it?
- Wait!
Why don't we watch
it on the big screen?
- Uh, well that's a little bit
above my pay grade, I don't--
- No here, I can handle this,
and you take care of the TV.
- All right, big screen it is.
[Joseph groaning]
- Ugh.
That was probably overkill.
[phone beeping]
Thank God for autosave.
[foreboding music]
Of course.
Not this time.
- Okay.
Well, that's just weird.
I definitely need a vacation.
- Joseph?
[Joseph groaning]
Hey, it's Danica.
- What happened?
- You tripped on the rug
and you hit your head.
You're bleeding really bad.
- I'm, I'm fine.
- No you're not, we need
to go to the hospital.
- I'm okay, I just need to--
- You just stay,
no, just stay here.
- I just need some water.
- You need to go
to the hospital.
- Come on Ivan, pick up.
Where are you, sweetie?
You always answer for me...
[electronic beeping]
God, what do you want?
Now you want to
accept my apology.
- [Danica Voiceover] Melissa,
this is Danica Tyrell.
I got your message
about some necklace,
and I have no idea what
you're talking about.
I saw a picture of you with
a woman named Kate Whitman.
Next to her is a girl
identified as me, Danica Tyrell.
But she's definitely not me.
- Oh my God.
- Her name is Samantha Brown.
She's been diagnosed
with schizophrenia,
and is wanted by the police
for aggravated assault.
She's trying to replace me.
- Excuse me.
Where is he?
- He's in there.
- Hey, what are you doing?
Get back in bed.
- The doctor said I'm fine.
There's no concussion,
just-just a few stitches.
[pills rattling]
These babies, and
I'm good to go.
A little R and R, and I
will be as good as new.
- Oh no, I'm sorry, but the
cabin is off for tonight.
- But what do you mean?
- Hey, come on.
She, she said I needed to rest,
but she didn't specify where.
- Yeah, you can't
argue with that.
Please, Kate?
Pretty please?
- Yeah, come on, I can rest
just as easily at the cabin
as I can here.
It'd be better, actually.
There's no cell
reception out there,
so I will have no
choice but to rest.
- Okay, fine.
But for real, you are
gonna rest the entire time.
- Deal.
[Kate chuckling]
- Hey, you...
[Kate sighing]
Hey, hey, get away!
- Go get cozy in bed.
- All right, don't
have to twist my arm.
I am gonna take the
world's longest nap.
[Samantha laughing]
- He's okay.
- Accidents like today make me
think about all the what ifs?
- Like what if he
didn't find me?
[foreboding music]
- True.
And what I wouldn't
do without my Joseph.
[people chattering]
[sirens wailing]
- No, wait, no please, no!
Oh God!
No, Ivan, please!
- Ma'am, you can't
get back here.
You can't get back here, just--
- No, no, let me go!
She murdered him!
She murdered him!
She murdered him!
- I need you to relax--
- The little bitch killed him!
- Relax ma'am, I need
you to relax now!
Ma'am, you're under arrest!
- No, no, listen to me!
Listen to me!
She murdered him!
[Melissa sobbing]
You don't understand--
- [Officer] You have the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you--
- This place is really pretty.
- I'm glad you like it.
Danica, I am so sorry.
I've been so focused on
opening up my business
that we haven't even
had any quality time.
- It's okay--
- No, it's not okay.
I want you to know how
much you mean to me.
- I do.
You have given me...
This family and this home.
Nobody's ever done
that for me before.
I was nothing.
I was nobody.
And now, I'm your daughter.
This is the most amazing
feeling in the entire world.
- Thank you for saying that.
- I-I love you.
And I will never let you go.
[foreboding music]
[Samantha sighing]
[birds calling]
- Look at this, she
stole my identity.
What's up with that?
- I wish I was more shocked,
to be honest with you,
but that girl is
capable of anything.
- Who are these people?
What is she doing to me?
I was nothing but a
good friend to her.
[dramatic music]
- Uh...
The woman on the right,
her name is Kate?
- Um, apparently.
- Hold on a second.
- Okay, we got hot
dogs, hamburgers, buns,
sodas, eggs, milk, potato
chips, orange juice, bacon.
I think that's it.
- What about s'mores?
- [Kate] S'mores, huh?
- I've never had 'em before.
- You have never had s'mores?
Well, that is unacceptable.
S'mores it is.
- [Joseph] Ice cream sandwiches!
- [Kate] Okay, honey.
[Kate laughing]
- I was thinking maybe we could
go fishing before we leave?
I've never done it before and
I have this really long list
of things I've never done.
- You have never
gone fishing either?
Well, it's been years
since I've looked at
the fishing equipment,
but I don't see why not.
Okay, well the
town isn't too far,
I should be back in
less than an hour.
- Awesome.
- Bye!
- [Samantha] Bye.
[door slamming]
- [Detective] Morning.
Feeling better?
- All night, really?
It was an accident.
- [Detective] It's for
your own good, trust me.
- Fine.
Just let me try to
explain this, okay?
Um, my best friend, Kate
Whitman and her husband
are with a lunatic right
now, Ms. Danica, uh,
what's um...
It's S-Samantha.
Samantha Brown.
- Is it Danica or Samantha?
- It's complicated.
Anyway, uh, she somehow
convinced my best friend
that she's her daughter.
It's uh, her name
is Danica Tyrell.
That's her real daughter's name.
Look, they're on their
way to the cabin,
so you need to go do--
- Well,
there's no actual
evidence of foul play.
And what we have is a body
at the bottom of a staircase
with a broken neck.
- Can I have my cell
phone back, please?
- Technically, you assaulted
a police officer, ma'am.
I'm not gonna press any charges,
but you need to cool down a bit.
But you'll get it back.
- Clearly you think I'm insane.
- I'm a detective,
not a psychiatrist,
but I'd imagine you're in shock.
- Yes, I'm in shock,
obviously I'm in shock!
But I'm not insane...
I'm not, I'm not insane.
Look at me.
You need to send someone
up there, right now.
Or there's a very good
chance that someone else
is gonna turn up dead.
And when that happens,
I'm gonna say,
"I tried to warn
him, your honor.
"But he just wouldn't listen."
[dramatic piano music]
- [Ms. Hanson] Does she
look familiar to you?
- Is that my mother?
- It is.
- Oh God, I have to warn her!
Kate Whitman, where are you?
[foreboding music]
- Hello, miss.
I'm looking for a Kate
or Joseph Whitman?
- Uh, Kate went to the store,
and Joseph's napping right now.
Is there anything I
can help you with?
- I just got a request
from County to drop by
and make sure there's no
funny business going on.
It's just uh, routine, really.
Hey um, your name
wouldn't happen to be
Samantha Brown, would it?
- No.
Uh, I've always liked
the name Samantha.
I'm Danica.
- A pleasure.
- Danica Whitman.
- Oh, I see.
Uh, you wouldn't happen
to have ID on ya?
- I do, but it's inside.
I can grab it?
- Sure.
- Would you like to come inside
and get a drink or something?
- I'd appreciate that.
[receiver beeping]
- [Dispatcher] Officer Raymond,
have you reached the cabin yet?
Please respond.
- [Officer Raymond] Yes
dispatch, I'm here now.
- [Detective] Dispatch,
relay the correspondence
from Officer Richards.
- [Officer Raymond] Uh huh.
- [Dispatcher] Just
got word from County,
there's an APB out
on Samantha Brown.
Code 240, aggravated assault,
so proceed with caution.
- Okay, will do.
[ominous music]
[knife stabbing]
[Officer Raymond gasping]
- Shh!
Don't wake dad.
[Officer Raymond
coughing and gasping]
Oh, why is this happening to me?
[Officer Raymond gurgling]
This is not working out at all!
[dial tone ringing]
[cell phone buzzing]
- Hello?
- Katherine Whitman?
Is this Katherine Whitman?
- [Kate] Yes?
- This is Danica.
[somber music]
- What are you talking about?
Who is this?
- [Danica] Are you alone?
- Well, that's none of
your business, actually.
Is this some kind of joke?
- It-it's not a joke!
My name is Danica Tyrell.
You gave me up for adoption
when you were 16 years old.
And the girl who's pretending
to be me is not your daughter.
- Okay, it's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay...
- I know this sounds crazy.
Just listen to
what I have to say.
- Look, if this is just
some kind of weird--
- You are in danger!
You have to believe me!
Her name is Samantha Brown,
and she is mentally unstable.
And now she stopped
taking her meds.
Please, just trust what
I have to say is true.
- No, you don't get
everything, Danica.
You don't get everything.
It's gonna be okay.
Sam, it's gonna be okay...
- Where are you calling from?
- Safe Harbor Group Home.
But that-that's not
important right now.
What's important is that
you get as far away from her
as possible, right now!
Please, promise me!
- Look, I'm-I'm sorry,
but I have to go.
- [Danica] No, wait!
- Hey...
It's okay.
Let's find her.
- What's happening?
Who is Samantha?
It doesn't make sense...
What's happening?
[ominous music]
[Kate gasping]
Oh, oh!
[breathing heavily]
You're okay?
She, she didn't hurt you?
- I-I'm, I'm fine.
- Thank God!
- What's going on?
- Where's Samantha?
- [Joseph] Samantha?
- I mean, I mean
Danica, where is she?
- What are you talking about?
- I talked to her,
she called me!
Not the-the Danica,
she called me,
my daughter, my real daughter!
And, oh, and I should
have seen it I--
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!
- I put you,
I put us in danger!
- Kate, Kate, Kate, Kate!
everything's fine, okay?
Everything's fine.
- No, no, Joseph!
everything isn't fine!
There's a dead police
officer on our porch!
[Kate crying]
- I don't know what happened,
but we are going to be okay.
Look, whoever she was, whatever
she's doing, she's gone.
[foreboding music]
- Joseph?
I need to go see
my real daughter.
- Now?
- Yes, now.
I need to make this right.
I-I don't know how...
But I know I need to try.
Can you please trust me?
- I trust you.
Go get her.
- [Kate] You gonna be okay?
- Yeah.
[somber music]
- [Ms. Hanson] Hi.
- Um...
I'm Kate Whitman.
I'm here to see my daughter.
- Danica.
- Yeah.
- Please, come in.
I've known Danica for, well,
longer than I would have liked
to, if you know what I mean.
But she is very
special, Mrs. Whitman.
- I know.
Well, I don't really know.
But when I heard her voice--
- Oh, I know, I was
sitting right there.
And she just lit up.
I mean, between you and me,
it took all I had not to break
down and cry like a baby.
And people will tell
you, I do not cry.
- I've heard.
- She's in there.
It's okay, she won't bite.
Go ahead.
- Danica?
[foreboding music]
She's here...
But how did she--
- The window.
- What?
- It leads to the roof.
- Oh!
- You're jealous, just stop it!
Those messages to Melissa!
"She's not who she says
she is, don't trust her",
why would you do that?
- I'm sorry!
- [Samantha] Shut up!
- Samantha?
- [Danica] Mom?
- Mom?
- Samantha, I need you to
listen to me very carefully.
This isn't gonna
change anything--
- Yes it will!
Yes it will, mom,
you know it will!
She's the reason that you
can't love me, you know that!
- Please Samantha,
please don't kill me!
Please don't do it!
- Shut up!
- It's okay!
It's okay honey, we're gonna
work through this, okay?
- See, mom, do not
call her honey!
You know I don't like that!
It really hurts
my feelings, mom!
- You're my honey too.
Baby, I mean, you can both be.
Just please, don't make me
choose, I don't want to do that.
Look, listen honey--
- No you don't!
- No, I do, you're my honey too!
What we have, no one can ever
take that away from us, ever.
[sirens wailing]
Okay, do-do you
remember our barbecue?
And how we worked on
that garden together?
And our trip to the-the cabin?
Those are our memories,
and no one can ever take
that away from us, ever!
- Momma, I did really
bad things, mom!
- I know.
- [Samantha] I did
really, really bad things!
[knife clattering]
[Samantha crying]
- Get on the ground!
You're under arrest!
Put your hands on your
head and interlock them
in the air where
we can see them!
- Momma, mom, mom, help!
- Now!
Put your hands on your head!
Put your hands on your head!
[Samantha crying and whining]
- Momma!
- Hands behind your back!
Stop resisting the officer!
- Mommy, please!
[Samantha crying]
I'm sorry!
Mom, please, no!
Mommy please, I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry, mom!
[both crying]
[somber music]
- I'm Kate.
And I'm your mom.
- I'm Danica, and
I'm your daughter.
- I'm so sorry.
I love you!
[both crying]
[light music]
[Ms. Hanson chuckling]
- Oh, and that's it!
- For real this time?
- She's the real deal.
You have my word.
- And we got the DNA
test to prove it.
- Whoo!
You are all mine now!
- I wish I could say the same.
- Oh, stop it.
You know you'll
always be my first.
- My girls.
- Can this day get any better?
I don't think so.
- Thank you so much
for everything.
I couldn't have done
any of this without you.
- You really mean that?
Oh, like that?
No, that wasn't me.
This was you, and a
little bit of Joseph.
- I mean it.
I love you.
- Stop it, you're
gonna make me cry.
- Ladies and gentlemen,
introducing The Whitmans.
- Oh, the perfect family.
[loud scraping]
[foreboding music]
- You had a good
group session today.
You must be cold.
- Thank you, Dr. Hopewell.
Dr. Hopewell?
- Yes, dear?
- Is mother coming to visit me?
- [Dr. Hopewell]
Honey, your mother is--
- 'Cause I miss her a lot.
And I'm sure she feels the same.
- Well, I'm sure she does too.
- A mother and a daughter
should never be apart.
It's just unnatural.
Did you know I was a love child?
- [Dr. Hopewell] Well, Samantha,
that certainly is something.
- Danica.
My name is Danica...