The Wrong Life Coach (2024) Movie Script

Oh, my god.
He missed you.
Ah, the feeling
is definitely mutual.
Hey, jamie.
I haven't seen you around here
in a little while.
Can usually count on you
once a week steady.
Yeah. And it looks like
it's gonna be the last time
For the foreseeable future.
oh, no.
I have this new boss who's...
Let's just say she's a lot.
and I think hobbies
Are gonna be out
of the question for a while.
Do you ever wish someone
would just come along
And tell you what to do?
Every single day.
Someone else here?
I'm not sure.
Maybe it was your boss
checking in on you.
-Morning, baby.
How'd you sleep?
Hmm, like a freaking log.
I must be getting used
to sleeping next to you
-Or something.
How about you?
How about me, what?
I'm just saying
we could be doing this
On a more permanent basis.
What? Like moving together?
I was thinking maybe
even more permanent than that.
Oh, peter. Um, I'm flattered.
I...And I love you. I really do.
I just...I don't--
I don't know if now
Is a good time to get, you know?
Is that okay?
You're really cute
when you're overwhelmed.
-You know that?
Well, I don't feel
very cute right now.
It's just my new boss
seems to get kicked out
Of putting me through cases.
And my mom is still living here
After six months
after dad passed away.
So I am feeling
a little bit overwhelmed.
You trying to tell me something?
Yes. I'm trying to tell you
that we have work
In an hour.
Okay. Okay.
Hey, I'm sorry.
I'm just...I'm really
stressed at the moment.
Are you mad?
I'll just ask someone else.
Better not.
Good morning.
- Morning.
- did I hear peter
-Leave him just now?
-You did?
You guys have been going at it
for a while now.
-Dating. I mean, dating.
And by the way,
I didn't hear you at all
Last night either time.
This is not the right timing
For us to get more serious
than we already are.
He was hinting
about being your son-in-law
This morning.
Well, you know,
I happen to like him very much.
And I like him a lot.
I just can't imagine
adding any more pressure
To my life right now.
I wish dad were around.
He'd know what to say.
He would say, "if you don't feel
Like making
a decision right now,
Then don't make a decision
right now."
And I wish he was around too.
That way I wouldn't be staying
In your house
and disrupting your life.
You're not a disruption, mom.
Well, you have no idea
How much it means to me, honey.
You can stay
as long as you like.
Thank you.
Now I have to go
because tara the task master
Wants me to go over
my entire client list
This morning.
She's still on your back, huh?
Mom, she's relentless.
Do you think I should see
what else is out there?
Do you?
I don't know
what is wrong with me?
Trust your gut.
You'll know what to do.
Thanks, mom.
-Love you.
love you, too.
okay, what's next?
Uh, harper's hard soda.
Could be the new white claw.
Jordan, I don't need you
to pitch me products
That we already represent.
I need to know
what are you doing for them?
Well, they're launching
a new flavor.
So I've been speaking
with a social media department
About starting a new campaign.
Mostly end at gen z.
Uh, less talking,
more implementing?
-What's wrong?
-Nothing. Sorry.
No, no, no. It's okay.
You can tell me, what's wrong?
Well, it's just that since
we've been doing this,
I've received 14 emails
And I'd kind of just like
to get back to work.
Well, what do you think
that we're doing here right now?
I may be new here,
but I'm not new to the job.
I'm a marketing director,
which means I direct.
It's just that jim wasn't so--
Jim is no longer your boss.
I am.
Now I know I may be demanding
of my managers,
But it inspires effort.
And effort equals results.
You don't have a problem
with my style, do you?
Tara, no. It--
I hope not because if you
have a problem with my style,
Then perhaps this is no longer
the job for you.
Okay. What's next?
I got a few minutes before
I have to meet with a client.
I thought I'd pop in
and see how it's going.
Ah, you know, it's going great.
Peter hinted about
getting married this morning.
Yup. And he's serious too.
Nat, you know
how much I love him.
And I am so not ready
to take a step like that.
I have too much going on.
I have my mother to worry about.
And tara is literally trying
to kill me with this workload.
Yeah. Yeah.
She spent all over me too.
You know what took
me three hours yesterday
Just to go over her list?
I'm just so overwhelmed.
welcome to the club.
I hear my head
at least twice a day.
I have no idea what I am doing.
I can't figure all this out now.
What if it all just goes away?
You are really freaking out,
aren't you?
I'll tell you what.
Why don't we go
have drinks tonight?
I can listen to you cry
in your wine.
Come on. It'll be fun.
Besides, I know
I wasn't there for you
this year.
Not like I should have been.
Let me make it up to you.
What do you say, patsy's,
7 o'clock?
Okay. I'll be there.
-Thanks, nat.
-Okay, great.
I gotta get outta here.
- Hi.
- what can I get you?
Um, I'm not sure yet. Sorry.
These places right,
I'm telling you,
So many choices.
It's hard to figure out
what you want.
Sounds like
my whole life lately.
Hmm. Tough morning?
Yeah, I know those.
Scale of one to ten?
Well, for a seven, caffe mocha.
You know, you gotta
treat yourself sometimes, right?
Oh, and get
the shortbread cookie too.
You can always have
a light lunch later
And then you won't feel so bad
about the calories.
That's good advice. Thanks.
Do you know what you want yet?
Uh, caffe mocha
And I'll have
a shortbread cookie.
Wow, that's a lot of sugar
for 10:00 am.
You know, you just got to treat
Yourself sometimes, right?
Thank you.
Why don't you make
the damn coffee
And leave the advice to me.
Was I right?
Ugh, nailed it.
Do you mind if I...
I'm jordan.
So, do you work around here?
Yeah. I'm a marketing manager
at a firm nearby
A couple blocks down
Near liberty high school.
Oh, yeah. I went to liberty.
Wait, are you jordan roberts?
You were a cheerleader.
I was too for a little while,
But not senior year.
I'm really sorry.
I don't remember.
We moved to town my senior year,
So I didn't really get to know
too many people.
No. Never apologize
for something
That isn't your fault.
Is that like a mantra of yours?
Yeah, it's one of my favorites.
Mantras come in handy
when you're a life coach.
-You're a life coach?
Oh, that explains
the coaching you gave me.
If it wasn't for that,
I'd still be staring
At that menu.
So how does it work?
Do you have an office nearby?
Yeah, some do.
Uh, but I just moved back
to town,
So right now I'm just coaching
some of my current clients
On zoom.
Oh, how did you know
you'd be good at that?
Well, everyone always said
I gave good advice.
Figured why not
charge for it, you know?
I mean, mine does.
Wait. You're life coach
And you have
your own life coach?
Uh, yeah. Rhonda wilkes,
The woman who trained me,
she was my mentor.
Um, she helped me through
a really tough time,
You know,
And we can all be kind of blind
to our solutions sometimes.
Most folks find themselves
just stuck
And then they can't shake it.
Really, all they just need
is a little push,
You know, a little guidance.
So I guide, I push.
It feels really nice knowing
I helped them
- Get out of the mud.
- I'm sure it does.
You know,
since I just moved back here,
I'm looking for clients
on referral,
So maybe we could work together.
Oh, I don't know
if I really need--
Yeah, I wouldn't even
charge you.
I mean, not at first.
You know, if it goes well,
we can figure out
Something fair.
Everything happens for a reason.
That is another one
of my favorite mantras.
Or maybe it's the universe
Telling us we were supposed
to meet up again
After all this time.
Look, why don't you take
my number?
Hey, just think it over.
We can meet up
for dinner something
And see
if we have the synergy for it.
Sure. Yeah.
All right. Give me a call.
Maybe I'll do that.
a life coach
helps you see the things
That are holding you back
through fresh eyes.
Friends and family are usually
too close to do that.
Now, while a therapist
helps you examine your childhood
And your past experiences
To understand
how they've shaped you,
Life coaches take
a more holistic approach
Looking at the whole you
Rather than parts
from your past.
So if you find yourself
With the hurdles that life
is presenting you,
Your personal affairs,
or at work...
your life coach
helps you see the...
How are those breakdowns
coming along?
I, uh--
I told you I wanted to see
the updated bounce rates,
Churn rates, click-throughs.
I-I-I'm just getting
to them right now.
Well, maybe if you didn't
take that coffee break,
I'd already have them.
Rhonda, hi.
Liz, how are you?
I'm great.
What's going on with you?
I'm, uh, surprised
you're calling me.
Oh, I just found out
that you moved.
Why didn't you tell me?
It was a last-minute decision.
And I know you said
to avoid making those,
But honestly,
this just felt right.
What about our sessions?
We still have more work to do.
Yeah. Yeah. I know you think so,
But I am feeling really good
right now.
I'm working on removing
my obstacle
Just like you taught me.
Are you talking about who
I think
You're talking about?
Rhonda, I'm sorry,
but I gotta go.
But, hey, you know,
thanks for checking in.
Liz, please talk to...
Okay, mom, I'm off.
Oh, where are you going?
I'm actually
going to have dinner
With a potential life coach.
Life coach? Hmm.
Seem to remember
60 minutes doing something
On that nonsense.
You believe everything invented
after 1987 is nonsense.
Well, because it is.
But you are so smart
And your life
is going really good.
Why do you need
one of those scammers?
They're not scammers, mom.
And I'm smart enough to know
when it's time
To bring in the reinforcements.
Now I gotta go.
I'm gonna be late.
- Bye. You look pretty.
- thank you.
I'm sorry.
I'm so, so sorry I'm late.
My mom was a little chatty
before I left.
Relax, jordan.
Sorry, I already ordered.
You already ordered.
I'm so sorry.
No, it's okay.
You're late. I was hungry.
You have to know
the value of your time.
If you don't,
why should anyone else?
what can I get you?
Um, yeah,
I'm not terribly hungry,
So I'll just have
a small house salad.
- Oh, no onions.
- okay.
Thank you.
Oh, no.
I was supposed to meet
my best friend
For drinks tonight.
So you live with your mother?
uh, she lives with me,
I have a house on walker road.
She's been staying with me
ever since my dad passed
Of cancer six months ago.
oh, I'm sorry.
That's really hard.
At least you have a best friend,
you had a shoulder to cry on.
Yeah. Natalie is great.
She doesn't really deal
with death very well,
So she kind of disappeared
when I needed her.
It does get easier, you know?
You lost someone too.
Uh, yeah.
My father a few years ago.
Cancer is literally the worst.
All right.
So how does this work?
Do I just tell you
all my problems?
Well, I'm not a shrink,
nor am I a miracle worker.
But it's really important
That you understand your dreams
Can absolutely
become your reality.
It's called manifestation.
Hmm, I've heard of that.
The universe is waiting,
Ready and willing to help you
achieve your goals.
But you really have to envision
what it is that you want.
You know,
see it happening for you.
See it in your mind.
The second that you can do that,
You can take control
of your life.
And when you do, the universe
will open its arms to you.
And you would...
just lead you down
the right path.
I mean, honestly, most of it
comes down to obstacles.
You know,
the stuff that gets in our way.
And my job is to help you put
that in the rearview mirror.
You might not always
wanna take my advice,
But if you want
meaningful changes,
You need to make
meaningful changes.
here you go.
Oh, I asked for no onions,
So send it back.
Oh, it's okay.
I'll just, um,
I'll pick around them.
No, no, no.
Why would you do that?
This is the perfect opportunity
to change
Your usual behavior
to get what you want.
Excuse me?
No, no, no. No, no, no, no.
Now, when he comes over here,
I want you
To not only send it back,
But have him take it off
the bill.
Oh, no.
jordan, most people
get freaked out
Before confrontation.
So you're gonna center yourself
first, okay?
It's a simple
breathing technique.
Breathe in.
One, two, three, release.
Breathe in.
One, two, three, release.
Something wrong?
Um, I asked for no onions.
-Yeah. That's not all.
-Right, jordan?
-No? What else?
Come on. I've got five
other tables right now.
I would--I would like it
taken off the bill.
Over onions?
Why would I do that?
'cause your attitude sucks.
-Hi. Is there a problem?
-Yeah, there is.
Our waiter got
my friend's order wrong.
And now for some crazy reason,
he's harassing her.
That's the third complaint
this week.
I told you the last time
that would be it.
-You're fired.
Please accept
my apologies, ladies.
Your meal is on the house.
We just got that guy fired.
We just did this place a favor.
Come on. You know, I'm right.
Empowerment feels good,
doesn't it, jordan?
And this,
this feels pretty good too.
So, are you in?
Jordan roberts.
And oh, my god.
Is that you, liz?
what are you doing here?
I just came to grab my check.
I've been picking up bar shifts
at this place
Since I moved back
to town last month.
Listen, the struggle is real.
Well, it's good
to have you back.
Liz just moved back too.
- oh.
- Patty was a cheerleader
-Senior year.
-Ah, yeah, I remember.
Well, I just can't believe
I'm running
Into you two together.
We were just leaving.
Oh, okay.
It was so good to see you.
- You too.
- good luck.
So, what are you up
to this weekend?
Uh, nothing much.
Maybe brunch or...
I usually go for a walk.
That always helps clear my head.
Huh. Yeah. That does sound nice.
So, I'll just give you a call
and we'll set up
-Our first session.
Wait. Let's get
a quick selfie first.
-You know, commemorate
The moment.
Now go. Get home safe.
-I'm excited.
-Uh-hmm. Me too.
This is gonna be fun.
Are you still hanging around?
You got me fired!
No, no, no. Correction,
you got yourself fired.
Just who do you think
you are, bitch?
I'm a powerful woman
Watching you shake at my feet.
Liz kimble, you are a brave,
Wise, and powerful woman.
You came back to this town
for a reason.
What you need to do,
you have seen in your mind
A thousand times.
You have a destiny to fulfill
And you will fulfill it.
There will be no more obstacles
In your journey.
This is your time.
This is--
Don't wait.
Don't hesitate.
The battle has just begun.
Intimidate and dominate.
Liz kimble's number one.
Your mom let me in.
Oh, I'm so sorry
about last night.
Something came up and...
And feel like
a big bag of garbage,
If that helps at all.
Uh, it helps a little bit.
I'll make it up to you,
I promise.
it's okay.
Don't worry about it.
So, this thing that came up,
is everything okay?
It's great, actually.
I met someone.
Whoa, whoa.
-What about peter?
-No, no,
Not like that. Her name is liz.
- Oh.
- oh, no.
-Oh, okay.
-Come on.
Not like that either.
She's a life coach. A
Life coach?
What do you need
a life coach for?
Well, you know, my life's
been all over the place.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
That's why we were gonna go out
for drinks.
I'm your best friend.
You should be coming to me.
Yeah, yeah, I get it.
Well, why don't we go
have brunch and talk?
We can have, uh, eggs benedict
and coffee,
-Freshly squeezed oj.
-Stop. You had me at brunch.
Are you expecting someone?
Lizzie, she's got somebody...
- hey, jord!
- Liz. Hi.
It's a grand central station
in here.
I don't--I don't really know
what that means,
But you're funny.
I see you've met
my mother, suzanne.
And this is natalie.
What are you doing here?
well, you inspired me.
You know, the whole walk
to clear your head thing,
I found myself on walker road.
And then I remember you saying
that's where you lived
And then I saw your car
in the driveway.
And I thought,
well, this is the perfect time
For us to have
our first session, you know.
Trust your gut.
I say that a lot too.
I wish you called first.
I just made plans
to go to brunch.
Oh. Well, you're welcome
to join.
Oh, yeah. I already ate. Thanks.
Well, what about later
on today or tomorrow?
Yeah, yeah. I have a bunch
of clients the next few days.
So, I don't--
I don't think we're gonna have
Another chance
anytime soon, but...
Would you hate me
if I rescheduled?
Jordan, you already made plans.
Oh, no. It's fine.
We can catch up later.
-Thanks, nat.
Yeah. Thanks, nat.
Well, then maybe
you can coach my daughter
About how to be more polite
with her friends.
I'm sorry. Is this a bad idea?
Never apologize for something
that isn't your fault.
Uh, I will keep that in mind.
I'm sorry.
They just don't understand
- Why I need a life coach.
- yeah.
That happens sometimes.
You know, people say
they care about your happiness,
But once they see you
starting to soar,
They get jealous.
Anyway, let's get to work.
It's a gorgeous home.
-Oh, thank you.
you want one?
I want you to close your eyes.
Now, picture your best life.
Work, love, dreams, desires.
this is how we get
in touch with your inner-winner.
You feeling it?
I think so.
okay. Open your eyes.
Now, I want you to answer me
without thinking.
what do you want?
Well, I love my job
and I'm really good at it.
My boss doesn't see that yet.
It's a small firm
and she's pretty demanding.
Okay. So, that's
your work obstacle?
Now, keep in mind,
this isn't about her.
This is your journey.
I mean, she's your boss, sure.
But she doesn't have
Complete control over you.
So, you need to envision
taking control of the situation
And becoming an empowering
force for yourself.
I'm sorry. That's her. I...
I just need to check
my emails really quick.
Oh. Your password's your name?
Yeah, with my birthday, may 5th.
Everyone says it's so stupid.
Nah. It's easy to remember.
she just keeps
piling the work on.
I can't seem to find my groove.
So, she's testing you?
Why do you think
she's doing that?
Because if I do well,
it makes her look good.
Okay. So, how can
you adjust your actions
To overcome this hurdle?
Uh, I guess I can
tell her how I'm feeling?
Hmm, okay. Well, yeah,
but more specifically.
Um, tell her I want us
to succeed.
That's a great idea.
I bet once she knows that,
She'll stop testing you.
uh, excuse me.
Sorry. Um, I'm going
to the store.
Can I talk to you for a second?
Good. You got permission.
What's wrong?
I'm just a little puzzled, okay?
I know
you don't like liz.
I don't know liz,
And neither do you.
Who is she to make decisions
about your life?
She's a professional, mom.
It's just what she does.
well, honey,
you don't need your hand held.
it's just
until I get my footing.
Trust me, okay?
You trust you.
Sorry about that.
Sorry for the interruption.
My mother
is a first-class worrier.
Oh, sticky.
Okay. So, moving on personally.
Well, I wanna be happy
Like everyone else.
Time hasn't really been
on my side lately.
Um, I've been dating someone,
A little over a year now.
- hmm.
- Um, and we're great.
We're really great, but...
But what?
Well, he's been
throwing out hints
That he wants to get engaged.
Uh, I know plenty of women
Who'd be thrilled
to be in your spot.
I know. I know.
But not you?
-Just not yet.
You know, I have
so much going on with work
And with my mom living
down the hall.
It sounds like a lot.
But I also don't wanna lose him.
Okay. So, the obstacle here
Is how to keep things going
with peter
The way that they are now,
without him walking away.
I don't see any reason that
you can't keep the man happy
Without feeling
all that pressure.
And you just...
Gotta fulfill his other needs.
What do you mean?
Well, what do men really love?
-Sex. Yes.
So you just got to step up
your game, girl!
I mean, you keep him
in that department
And I can guarantee you
will buy yourself plenty of time
Until you're ready
to get engaged.
Step up my game how exactly?
Well, a little visual aid
can get the ball rolling.
And then the rest
is just gonna be up to you.
Visual aid?
Isn't this a little
When it's your decision,
It's called power.
Damn, girl. You look hot.
-I can't believe I'm doing this.
-Wait, wait, wait.
You've never sent
anyone nudes before?
Like, never?
-Okay. Okay.
So, we're just gonna take
a few tasteful shots.
If you like 'em, you can
send them to peter later.
If you change your mind,
No one ever has to see them
but us, okay?
But the choice is yours.
-Okay. Let's do it.
-Yeah! That's the spirit.
Okay. Get on that bed
like a woman taking control
Of her destiny.
Oh, gorgeous.
Beautiful. Uh-huh.
oh, my gosh, jordan.
He is gonna love these.
that's cute.
I can't believe that's me.
So, what do you wanna do?
Okay. Let's send them.
Oh, my gosh.
That is exactly
what peter is gonna say
When he sees them.
Don't forget to delete them off
your phone after.
I won't.
Don't wait. Don't hesitate.
The battle has just begun.
Intimidate and dominate.
Liz kimble's number one.
-Hey, what's up?
-Liz, there you are.
I've been trying
to get ahold of you.
Yeah. Life's gotten
really busy lately.
I'm sure you can understand.
How are you, rhonda?
I was just looking
at your website!
Oh, cool. What do you think?
What do I think?
I think you're not
a life coach, liz!
What...Now you're the only one
who gets to do it?
That is not it at all.
You haven't done
any of the trainings.
You're not certified.
not a requirement.
I looked it up. Okay.
Trust me when I say
I know what I'm doing.
All right. Liz, those
testimonials can't be real.
I just saw you last month.
You're not coaching anyone,
are you?
-Okay. That's enough.
What does that mean?
It means you're fired.
-I said you're fired!
Uh, thank you so much
For your help,
But don't ever call me again.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Everything's fine, I guess.
I guess I'm just a little...
Feeling a little weird
about the other morning,
You know, talking
about the future and stuff.
I don't want you
to feel weird, peter.
-I'm just...
-I know. You're not ready.
I know. I get it.
I'm sorry I brought it up.
You shouldn't apologize
for things
That aren't your fault.
Liz taught me that.
Who's liz?
Oh, that's right.
I haven't told you.
I'm working with a life coach.
Has it helped?
I don't know.
You tell me.
I did a little shopping
the other day.
Really? What'd you get?
Clothes. You wanna see?
I don't get it.
You took pictures of your...Oh.
Did I say clothes?
I meant
what you wear underneath.
I like the new clothes.
Oh, my god.
Can I save it as my screensaver?
So, did you have fun tonight?
I did. It was a little...
In a very good way.
What's that look for?
Do you wanna find out?
- Good morning, tara.
- good morning.
Do you have a few minutes
so we could talk?
Uh, sure. Come on in.
-What's up?
-Well, since you've been here,
We have had our foot on the gas
And we didn't really get
a chance to talk about my goals.
No, we didn't.
What are your goals?
Well, there are
some smaller ones.
Clients I'd like to see
bought into the firm.
But the main goal is simple.
I want us to be as successful
As we possibly can.
Our performances are tethered,
I understand that,
But I want you to know
That I intend on shining
for the both of us.
Hmm. I believe you.
So let's get back to it,
shall we?
I really appreciate you
stopping by.
Hey, I hope everyone
is having as a killer a week
As I am.
I finally feel
like I am pulling my legs
Out of the sludge that is life.
It's crazy
how stuck you can feel
When all you really need to do
is ask for a little help.
Look, friends and family
are amazing,
But they can get
too tangled up in life
When you really need
to just find your path.
So take it from me,
If you can afford it,
And even if you can't,
Go and get yourself
a life coach.
-What are you doing?
-I'm having a great week,
So I thought
I'd do a little video.
I finally feel like I'm getting
on top of my obstacles, mom.
And I owe it all to liz.
I know you don't really approve
of the whole life coach thing,
But I think it's really helping.
My life's gonna be perfect
in no time.
So take it from me,
If you can afford it,
and even if you can't,
You need to figure
that shiz out.
Go and get yourself
a life coach.
you're right.
No, I'm so sorry
It took so long for me
to get back to you.
It's not my usual mo,
It's just our new boss wants
Detailed breakdowns of...
Yes. No.
And that has nothing
to do with you.
Of course.
Yes. It will never happen again,
I prom...
How are those reports coming?
Uh, good. I'm...
I...I'm in the middle of them.
I'm just having a little bit
of problem with--
Great. Once you finish them up,
I want you to dust off
your thinking cap.
I want us to start brainstorming
on some new strategies.
I wanna see some of that shine
that you mentioned.
And what was her response?
Nutshell? She's not too pleased
With what I've shown her so far.
But it's only been a few days
Since we had
that conversation with her.
Yeah. And she just keeps
piling it on.
You said that she'd stopped
testing me
If she felt good about us.
Ugh, I don't know what to do.
Do you really need this job?
What do you mean?
I mean, you wanna be miserable
For 40 hours a week,
Then work for a boss
Who's impossible to please.
That should be a meme.
So you think I should quit?
And I think you should do it
right now.
You want change, jordan,
You need to be the change.
Right now, are you serious?
Uh-hmm. Serious as
the heart attack you'll have
If you continue with this abuse.
I don't know, liz.
That's why you have me.
You'll find a new job
in no time.
Shouldn't I have another job
- Before I get rid of this one?
- jesus, jordan.
You know who says
insecure crap like that?
Losers who don't believe
in themselves.
Look, she is being unfair.
Have some integrity.
I mean, I thought
we were getting somewhere.
We were. We are.
What do we do with obstacles?
We remove them.
There comes a time
in your life, jordan,
When you have to bet on yourself
And your time is now.
You so got this, girl.
How are the reports coming?
Uh, they're not finished.
So you came down here
to tell me that?
Nope. I came down here
to tell you that I quit.
Are you serious?
yes. I cannot work
for a boss
Who is testing me constantly.
You're right.
I have been testing you
To see what you have to offer,
what you're capable of.
And I thought that I had gotten
a good handle on that.
Definitely didn't
see this coming.
I'm sorry that's the way
you see the situation.
I see it as
us finding our rhythm.
Now, the first few months
can be the trickiest.
Are you sure?
Maybe take some time
to think about it.
I have my integrity.
What a shame.
I had such hope for us,
Especially after our talk
last week.
I thought you were gonna be
my superstar.
Well, jordan,
Know that I wish you
only the best.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Jordan, are you okay?
I'm terrific.
I'm on my journey,
living my best life.
Why aren't you dressed for work?
I'm just going for a walk
with natalie around the block.
But you better hurry,
you're gonna be late.
I quit my job, mom.
Yesterday. But I don't wanna
talk about it right now.
I just wanna burn some calories.
Love you.
Love you.
I can't believe
you just quit like that.
I mean...
I'm gonna miss seeing you
every day.
Liz said take a gamble
on myself.
But I thought you really liked
your job.
I like my integrity more.
So what are you
and your integrity gonna do now?
I don't know.
Liz said moving on
is just a state of mind.
Can I say something?
Of course.
I'm not sure
this whole life coach thing
Has been good for you, jordan.
Yeah, liz said
you might get jealous.
Oh, god.
Liz said, liz said,
If liz said to go jump
off a cliff, would you?
It depends what's at the bottom.
Why can't you just be
happy for me?
Happy for what?
Your unemployment?
What is your problem with liz?
I don't trust her.
-Why do you?
-Because she's a professional.
And how do you know that?
I went on her website?
Oh, she has a website.
Oh, never mind then.
Look, jordan,
I did some research
on life coaches.
Did you know
that you don't need any training
Or qualifications
to be a life coach?
You just declare yourself one.
I mean, heck,
I could even be a life coach.
No, you couldn't because
life coaches are there for you
-When you need them.
I'm sorry, nat.
I didn't mean that.
I'm gonna go inside because
I'm gonna have a session,
But I'll talk to you
about this later.
Good morning, nat.
My friends call me nat.
You can call me natalie.
Okay. Fine. I really don't care.
See, now that I agree with,
Why don't you
just leave her alone?
Who? Jordan?
Where did you come from anyway?
I mean you just showed up
out of nowhere
-Invading jordan's life.
Yeah, she was doing just fine
before you came along.
Well, she disagrees, otherwise,
why would she have hired me?
Because you have her convinced
that you can fix her life.
Okay. So let me, someone has to,
God knows
when she needed a friend,
Selfish nat was nowhere
to be found.
It's natalie.
Wow. Natalie, you really need to
learn how to control your anger.
We could do a quick session
if you want.
You know, I'll even
give you a discount.
No? Okay. Then I'm gonna go
inside and do everything I can
To make sure that jordan
has everything she needs
To have a super thriving day.
Is everything all right
out here?
Yeah. I was just saying
good morning
To your friend.
did I see you and natalie
getting into it
-When I first arrived?
-Yeah. She's not happy
About some of my choices lately.
Well, I told you
this might happen.
She's used to the old you.
It's tragic, but...
Some friendships just don't
survive this type of change.
so first of all,
how are you feeling?
Yeah. It feels weird
to be sitting on my couch
Instead of behind my desk
at work.
I know it may feel weird,
But quitting your job
was the best thing
You could've done
for your career.
-You really think so?
Everything happens for a reason.
And at your next job,
you are gonna have the freedom
To totally be you.
And you are gonna kill it.
Your life
is in your control now.
You're the quarterback
and I'm just the cheerleader
Encouraging you
to win the big game.
Uh, and what's the latest
with peter?
Uh, we had breakfast yesterday.
Uh-hmm. And did you successfully
scratch his proposal itch?
Actually, we had
the opposite effect.
If he wasn't a hundred percent
in before, he definitely is now.
But maybe we've been thinking
About this wrong, liz.
What do you mean?
Well, I love peter. I know I do.
And everything in my life
That seems unsettled
is temporary.
So I'm thinking,
why don't I just lean
Into the whole forever
commitment thing
Before I miss my chance
with him?
No. Don't, don't
let him trap you.
You need
to live your truth, jordan.
Don't let whatever path
you currently find yourself on,
Dictate that for you.
If there is something in you
That is telling you
this isn't the right time,
Then you need to listen.
Okay. Yeah. Yeah.
I guess that makes sense.
And it makes sense for him too.
I mean, if and when you two
do get engaged,
Wouldn't he rather be,
'cause you know
it's what you want
And not because you're afraid
of losing him.
I mean, you're not afraid
he'll cheat on you
During this time
or something, are you?
No. He moved through that.
Yeah, I'm sure you're right.
Thank you, liz.
I'm really glad
to have you keep me focused.
You're welcome.
I love my job.
All right, love.
I'll see you soon.
Thank you.
She gone?
Yes, mom. She's gone.
Oh, my god.
So you're telling me
That these idiots have 90 days
to figure out
They're actually gonna go
through with the wedding.
- And that's the show?
- that's the show.
it's like
rubbernecking someone's
Train wreck relationship.
Have you never watched
reality tv before?
not a day in my life.
I'm dating a unicorn.
-I have to use the restroom.
-Okay. Well hurry back
'cause rachel might say no.
oh, I don't
wanna miss rachel.
Hey, jordan, what's up?
Um, peter is cheating on me.
That's what's up.
What are you talking about?
We're watching tv
and I checked his phone
And you'll never believe
what I saw.
I have no idea.
Some woman is sending
him nude photos.
Wow, jordan.
And after you were brave enough
To send some of yourself,
Do you know who she is?
No. She took them
from the neck down
So I couldn't see her face.
I'm so sorry.
You don't deserve this.
What do I do?
Just breathe. Okay.
we breathe before confrontations
To regain our power.
So breathe in.
One, two, three, release.
breathe in.
One, two, three, release.
oh, he's coming.
Good. Show him your power.
Thanks, liz.
God, I love my job.
So what'd I miss?
Nothing much. Just this.
- What is this?
- I don't know.
-It's your phone.
-I know it's my phone.
I'm talking about these photos.
I've never seen them before.
-And it's not you.
-No, it's not. Who is she?
-I just told you. I don't know.
-I can't believe this.
Just because I won't marry you,
What, you think
it's a green light
To hook up with somebody else?
I don't think that at all.
You know what, peter?
Everything happens for a reason.
And I think the reason
I saw that
Is so that I could see
what a liar
And a cheat you really are.
Please, jordan.
I think this is a really
big mistake.
No, the mistake
is me dating you.
I want you out of my house.
Get out.
How could all of this happen?
What's exactly happened to you?
Um, let's see.
I'm unemployed, single,
And I'm fighting
with my best friend.
You wanna know what I see?
I see a caterpillar
with butterflies in her belly,
Because she's about
to break out of her cocoon.
That can be confusing
and painful
But, jordan, you are so close.
And you haven't lost everybody,
you still got me.
Are you fighting with natalie?
Yeah. She's not responding
to any of my messages.
Well, you know, maybe she's just
a little tied up with something.
But in the meantime, we still
have one more thing to discuss.
What's that?
Your codependent relationship
with your mother.
Just hear me out, okay?
Suzanne is a very sweet woman,
But she's still getting over
the death of your father.
You both are.
And I just don't think
It's a healthy situation
for either of you.
But I don't see
what's so bad about it.
Because how can you heal
from something that huge
When you're still holding
onto the crutch?
That's what you are
to each other, you know?
And it is affecting
your progress as a human being
Who wants to be
a human succeeding.
But she needs me.
No, she needs to get
on her own two feet
And she knows it.
So do you.
What? So I just find her
a condo someplace?
That's a great idea.
Yeah, that way she can
reestablish her independence.
Look, you both can.
Trust me, in the end,
she's gonna thank you for it.
Jordan, look at me.
You are learning to fly.
But to do that,
you gotta get off the ground,
Which means
you gotta cut the cord.
hey, mom.
Yeah, honey?
Can we talk?
We're sitting down.
It must be important.
What's on your mind?
Um, it's just something
that liz suggested.
Ah, what did she suggest?
Uh, that you and I can't heal
If we're still living together.
She suggested that
if you move out,
We won't have to depend
on each other so much.
That's what she thinks, huh?
You wanna know what I think?
Of course.
I think the people
like friends and teachers,
they're gonna come and go,
But family is the only thing
that is forever.
And you and me and your dad,
We built this family.
Do you remember
what it was like for you
When we first got here?
It's not easy
being the new kid in town.
But you did it.
thanks to you.
You talked me off the ledge
almost every morning.
You said, "just be yourself
and it'll all work out."
And it did.
That's what families do.
We help each other
and we depend on each other.
Unless you wanna depend
on the advice
Of some woman that doesn't know
anything about you.
God, how could I be so stupid?
How did I let it get this far?
Well, life is slippery, honey.
And things were slipping around
Under your feet and you just--
You just reached out
to someone to help you.
And I had you the whole time.
I'm so sorry, mom.
Apology unnecessary
but accepted.
Let me make you something
to eat.
You know what? I'm good.
I have to go do something first.
-I love you.
-I love you too.
you're fired.
Excuse me?
You heard me.
I don't need you anymore.
Actually, I never did.
Is that so? Because
the last time we were here,
You were an indecisive,
blathering vault of stress.
And you took full advantage of
that, and look where I am now.
-Jordan, look, I told you--
-will you shut up
And let me talk?
What kind of life coach
Tells their client to kick
Their mourning mother
out of their house?
One who wants their client
to be successful.
And sorry, jordan, but most
people don't define that
As living at home with mommy.
Oh, I should've known that this
would be too much for you to--
Well, I'm glad you did,
Because it made me think
about all this "guidance"
You've been giving me.
the road to happiness is--
You told me you weren't
gonna make decisions for me
And that's basically
all that you've done.
You are terrible at this.
You made those decisions
for yourself.
And you made me miserable,
so we are through.
Where do you think you're going?
Far away from you.
where is the gratitude, huh?
-How about a damn thank you?
-Don't touch me.
I will do whatever
I want with you.
You know, a week or so ago,
You couldn't even go
to the bathroom
Without asking me
if it was a good idea.
Oh, oh, I don't know
what coffee to order.
Gosh, my boyfriend
wants to marry me.
My boss is such a big meanie.
You're a loser, jordan.
A freaking loser.
Bye, liz.
You...We are not done here.
You don't know meaning
of miserable yet.
Are you home?
Where the hell are you?
So when's the last time
you saw your friend?
a couple of days ago,
But she's not responding
To any of my calls or my texts.
And I went to her house.
No one is home,
But her car is in the driveway.
Have you spoken to her family?
Nat doesn't really
have any family.
An aunt upstate, maybe.
Did anything strange happen
the last time you did see her?
Not really.
We did have a little argument.
No, that might explain why
she hasn't called you back.
It wasn't a big deal.
I mean, nat wouldn't blow me
off like that.
Actually, the last person
I saw her with was liz.
Who's that?
Liz kimble. She's my life coach.
Well, she was my life coach.
They were outside my house,
but they were only talking.
Has liz kimble been a problem?
She was starting to be,
but I took care of it, I think.
Look, your friend is an adult.
She could be anywhere.
She could've gone to las vegas
or to visit her aunt upstate.
I'm sorry, but at this point,
There's just not a lot
for me to do.
Don't apologize for things
that aren't your fault.
What does that mean?
Okay. Look, obviously
you're very concerned.
If you don't hear from her
in the next few days
Or you think of anything else...
Give me a call, okay?
hey, beautiful.
-You're not nervous, are you?
-A little.
It's been a while since
I've had a job interview,
But a friend put in a good word,
so fingers crossed.
Have I thanked you
For letting me apologize
for the other night?
Twice so far today.
Hmm, just checking.
I was just really happy
that you called.
Once I wised up and fired liz
and saw things
For what they were
and who she is,
I am positive
That she is behind those photos
from the other night.
Started a fire just so she could
tell me how to put it out.
it sounds like she's the
one that can use a little help.
that is an understatement.
So listen,
I'm gonna meet up with john
For his birthday
for happy hour at the red bar.
I should be home early.
Why don't you come
to my place after?
I think I might.
Good luck on your interview.
I gotta run, all right?
thanks, baby. Bye.
Hmm. I knew you couldn't just
walk away from me.
Thank you so much
for coming in today, jordan.
It was a real pleasure
talking with you.
Thank you, mr. Gordon.
It was a blast for me too.
I just have one last question.
You were with max marketing
for four years.
Why'd you quit?
That was a mistake on my part.
-I misread my boss's intentions
And I lost the plot.
I lost myself at the same time,
to be honest.
-But I own my actions
And it will never happen again.
I find your honesty refreshing.
You seem like a very genuine
young woman.
So, when do I start?
Oh, oh, oh.
Well, I plan on making
my final decision later today.
So it looks good?
You betcha.
You think you can just blow me
off like I'm some nobody, huh?
You really think
I'd just let you ignore me.
Ms. Kimble, detective clover.
Yes. Hi.
I'm just following up
on a possible
Missing person situation.
Oh, wow.
That sounds a little scary, huh?
Uh, how can I help you?
Well, a close friend
of your ex-client,
She hasn't been in contact
for a couple days now.
-You must mean jordan roberts?
Why would you say jordan?
Well, she's my only
client in town.
So, is that her friend,
nat, is it?
As a matter of fact,
Jordan said
that you were the last person
She saw talking to natalie.
Yeah, just outside
of jordan's house.
But, yeah,
I've only met her a time or two.
I didn't know she was missing
and I have no idea
-Where she could be now.
You know, she and jordan
got into a pretty big fight
That day though, so maybe jordan
knows more than she's saying.
You see, if she does, why would
she come to the police?
-Do you think I could come in
And we could talk about this
a little more?
Uh, well, if you have a warrant,
I mean, otherwise, I might
feel like it's a violation
Of my basic civil rights.
I mean, I've already told you,
I don't know where she is.
So if there isn't anything else,
I have some things to attend to.
Well then, thank you
very much, ms. Kimble.
I did it, man.
Another trip around the sun.
- Salud, my brother.
- thank you.
- Thanks for coming out, peter.
- of course, man.
But I do have to go
after this one.
I'm meeting up
with jordan afterwards.
Oh, you...You've been seeing
her for a while now.
How's it going between you two?
we had a bit of a rough patch.
Well, things are coming
together nicely now.
I love it
when things come together.
And mostly people.
I'm samantha.
- Peter.
- uh-hmm.
- I'm john. It's my birthday.
- oh.
So what's your story, peter?
My story?
Yeah. We've all got one.
You wanna hear mine?
Sure. Why not?
well, my story tonight
Was I came here
to this bar alone,
Just looking
for a little company.
No strings attached.
I'm a 21st century woman.
Good for you.
Could be good for you, too.
-Hey, listen,
I'm seeing somebody.
That's my story. I'm sorry.
Mmm, me too.
Don't ever apologize
For something
that isn't your fault.
Not a word.
My lips are sealed, man.
You got them?
Easiest 100 bucks I ever made.
What is so important?
Um, what is this?
What do you mean?
Not again.
My god. This was taken tonight.
Who sent you this?
Liz. That's her lips on yours.
Life coach liz?
That was...I thought
it was just some weird woman
That I saw at the bar.
Oh, that's right.
You two haven't even met.
And out of nowhere she kisses
me and I turned her away,
And that's it.
I promise.
You can ask john.
It's okay, peter.
I don't--I don't need to.
Guess you're not done
with me yet.
Have you heard from natalie yet?
No. And if I don't hear soon,
I'm gonna give that detective
another call.
You know,
I can really postpone my trip.
And break aunt shelly's heart?
No, mom,
it's only a couple of days.
Go have fun.
Peter and I are back on anyway.
Well, that's why you wanted me
to leave the house.
And what about the life coach?
Oh, I fired her ass.
She's still messing
with me, but--
-She is?
But don't worry,
I've got it handled.
Go, have fun.
-I love you.
-Okay, bye.
Mr. Gordon, hi.
Hello, ms. Roberts.
I saw in the email
that I would hear today,
But I didn't know
if it was gonna be from you.
So, did I get the job?
Actually, no, you didn't.
Oh. Uh, can I ask why?
Well, let me start by saying,
ms. Roberts,
That I'm very flattered,
but I'm also very married.
Uh, I'm confused.
So was I,
when I got your photos.
I didn't send any photos.
Well, they came from your email.
And let's just say
they are definitely you.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
too bad.
The job was yours,
But with this email
in our files,
I couldn't hire you now
even if I wanted to.
I'm very sorry.
-Jordan, hi!
Um, sorry, you're not open yet?
No, I'm just setting up now,
but I can make you something.
What do you want?
Some useful information.
-Useful information?
About what?
About liz.
You know,
I was a little surprised
When I saw you two
hanging out the other day.
Yeah. You said that. Why?
Because she hated you
in high school.
I wasn't close with her
but my sister was.
She said she'd go on and on
about you constantly.
Why was she so fixated on me?
because you
took her spot, jordan.
Right when coach lee told you
you were in,
She told liz she was out.
You never knew this?
I mean, I knew making the team
Would mean
someone else wouldn't,
But I didn't know
whose spot I took.
Liz never said anything to me,
I didn't even know her then.
Well, what is she saying
to you now?
Let's just say if I didn't feel
her hostility then,
I definitely do now.
Oh. That can't be fun.
- well.
- So what are you gonna do?
I need to find out
more about her.
Well, do you know anyone
who may have known her
Before she moved back?
Wait, you're a life coach
And you have
your own life coach?
Uh, yeah. Rhonda wilkes.
I've gotta go. Thank you, patty.
-Thank you so much.
A life coach helps you
see the things
Holding you back
through fresh eyes.
A life coach helps you
see the things
That are holding you back
through fresh eyes.
Not even your words.
Come on, pick up, pick up.
Hi, uh, ms. Wilkes.
My name is jordan roberts.
Please call me rhonda.
rhonda, I am calling
About one of your clients,
uh, liz...
liz kimble.
I figured you'd be
reaching out to me.
I didn't know your last name,
But I know who you are, jordan.
Why don't you tell me
what else I don't know?
Um, well, uh, liz and I
Went to high school together,
And I hired her
as my life coach,
And in the last two weeks,
My life has become
a total dumpster fire.
Apparently, I took her spot
in the cheerleading team
Back in high school,
but I don't even remember her.
Well, it wasn't just her spot
that you took.
It may sound childish now,
But being on that team
gave her life purpose back then.
It was her confidence, her joy.
She never really
recovered from it.
But she's the most
confident person I know.
Yeah. That's the way
she seemed to me
The last time I saw her too,
But that's not the girl
That I've been working with
over the last few months.
So her whole life,
what about her family?
She said her dad died?
Her parents are alive,
but they're dead to her.
Growing up,
they both either ignored her
Or told her
she wasn't good enough.
As a result,
she has been taken advantage
Of in almost every situation
She had been
involved with since.
So what, all of your sessions
with her were about me?
You represented
her obstacle to happiness,
And I told her to go
find her obstacle,
Confront it,
and make peace with it.
But when I saw that website,
I knew that this was
all just a manipulation.
I gotta go.
But let me give you some advice.
Maybe next time,
send your more psychotic clients
To doctors
who can actually help!
well, rhonda,
I'm confused.
Isn't there any client
confidentiality in our field?
-Liz. Did you just--
-just hear you
Spilling my entire life story
To the girl that ruined it?
Yes. Yes, I did.
What are you doing here?
I needed to talk to you.
Well, I'm glad you're here.
I have been worried about you.
Why? Why?
Because you think I'm dangerous?
You think I would hurt
jordan's friend?
Because I didn't.
Okay? I just...
I don't know
what the hell is going on.
I just...I thought
that reconnecting with her
Would help me feel better,
Would make my life better,
but it's not.
I just...I feel so lost.
I'm here for you, liz,
whatever you need.
can I have a hug?
I could do that.
It's okay.
Let it out.
-Let it out.
-Oh, I will.
Oh, rhonda.
You give the best advice.
- Detective clover.
- hi.
Um, it is jordan roberts.
Do you remember me?
Of course,
with the problematic life coach.
Well, you said to call
if I had anything else.
It turns out that liz
Has some crazy grudge against me
From like a decade ago,
And she has been gaslighting me
This whole time.
I stopped by to see her
after we spoke.
-You made me curious.
she was very calm,
Right up to the time she told me
I couldn't come into her house
Without a warrant.
Usually when they
pull that warrant crap,
It means they've
got something to hide.
Well, do you think she's done
something to natalie?
You still haven't
heard from her?
No. Do you think
she's taking out
Some of her anger for me on her?
Look, it's not that
I don't think
What you're saying is possible,
But everything you've said
so far is circumstantial.
Until I have something concrete,
I'm stuck in the same place
right here.
So I'll get proof.
how are you gonna do that?
Listen to me,
you need to be very careful.
I'll call you
when I have something.
Thanks, detective.
don't wait! Don't hesitate!
the battle has just begun!
intimidate and dominate!
liz kimble's number one!
don't wait! Don't hesitate!
the battle has just begun!
so that's the plan.
What do you think?
I don't know if I like
this plan at all, jordan.
Well, I don't like it either,
but have you got a better one?
That detective can't help
take care of this?
No. Liz was careful
Not to leave
any actual evidence.
I can't prove
she did anything to natalie,
And I can't prove
That she sent those photos
to gordon.
And giving someone
shady advice isn't a crime?
So it's on me.
And me.
Thank you.
I have to get
this lunatic life coach
Out of my life for good.
I agree.
So, how crazy
do you think this girl is?
Let's find out.
don't wait! Don't hesitate!
Hey, jord.
How's every little thing?
Every little thing
is pretty crappy, liz.
How are you?
I feel good.
Well, I feel bad
about how things ended with us.
Yeah. Well,
you were pretty nasty to me.
I was, so I was thinking
We could have one last session.
Yeah. Yeah, I agree.
I think we need
to wrap things up.
Do you wanna come over
in an hour?
My mother's out of town.
Oh, I just got back
into town, so sure.
See you in an hour, jord.
am I crazy?
I'm crazy.
your back door
was unlocked.
You should be more careful.
Oh. And pacing
is a sign of nerves.
You must be anxious to see me.
Well, you tried
to ruin my life, liz.
I think a little pacing
is understandable.
I suppose so.
Shall we?
I thought you could help me
finish this bottle of cab.
I've heard of worse ideas.
Mm. Not bad.
Neither are you, to be honest.
I mean, you did help me
in the beginning.
I made better choices,
I have my confidence back.
I have you to thank for that.
You're welcome, jord.
Well, it's amazing anything
you told me worked out at all.
Because you're not
a real life coach, are you?
I spoke to rhonda wilkes today.
Huh. Really? I had no idea.
She told me everything
about you.
Why didn't you just talk to me?
Why gaslight me
from the beginning?
Coming to my life just so you
could bulldoze right over it?
Well, why not?
You did the same thing to me.
I was 17!
It was a stupid
cheerleading team!
And you couldn't care about
Whose life you ruined
by doing it!
You tried to ruin
mine with peter!
Uh, no, no, no, no.
That is on you.
You're the one
that didn't want the ring.
You sent those dirty photos
to a potential employer
After you got me to quit my job!
And you sent photos
of yourself to peter!
Yeah. I did do that.
And I want you
to tell me the truth.
What have you done with natalie?
The same thing
I'm gonna do with you.
Wait, wait. What do you mean?
-Is nat dead?
Well, it's natalie to me,
And yes, actually,
I'm afraid she's, uh,
She's no longer with us.
Now, you are the only thing
between me and my goal.
I'm not doing anything to you?
You are still breathing!
Look, liz,
I know taking your spot
Made you lose your confidence
and your spirit--
You don't know anything!
I am stuck because of you!
You know, I thought--
I thought that ruining your life
Would be enough, but it's not.
Peter! Peter!
Well, no, he's not coming, jord.
He's taking a little nap.
I have been manifesting
this moment for so long.
Huh? You know what?
I have been waiting
to move forward from my past.
Now I can finally
have a happy life.
I have--I have pictured it
And pictured it,
and all I had to do
Was take control
of the situation,
And just look how the universe
is opening its arms to me.
Please don't do this.
No, no, no! Oh, left, right.
Oh, I don't know
which way to go.
You know, I would've thought,
After all of our time together
That you would've been able
to make a decision.
But no, you know why?
Because you're pathetic! Ah!
Where do you think you're going?
I am not done with you.
I cannot wait to finally
Put you in my rearview mirror!
drop the bat!
Drop it!
don't wait, don't hesitate
the battle's just begun
intimidate and dominate
liz kimble's number one!
don't wait, don't hesitate
the battle's just begun!
Jesus, jordan.
You know, you're lucky
to still be breathing.
Yeah. She had a real problem
with me doing that.
Are you okay?
It's just a bump, baby.
I'm just glad you're okay.
How are you feeling?
I'm a little confused.
How did you know to come here?
I talked to a judge
who trusts me
Into issuing a warrant,
Then I checked out liz's house.
I found your friend
in the basement.
Yeah. Yeah.
She told me she killed natalie.
Wait a minute, I'm confused now.
About what?
Why would she say
that she killed her?
Come on in. Have a seat.
I appreciate you
seeing me like this, tara.
We need to be honest with you,
I was really glad
that you called.
I didn't like the way
we ended things.
Me neither.
I just had to realize that
You were intent
on getting your own way.
It was like watching
a car accident
About to happen
before the collision.
There was nothing
I could do about it.
Yup. That was me.
Someone was pretty intent
On throwing me off-track
and keeping me there.
Took me longer
than it should have,
But I am back on track.
I'm happy that you're back.
So, does this mean...
You do want
your job back, right?
I'd love it, tara.
So tell me, who was it?
This somebody
that tripped you up?
Oh. Um, she was nobody, really.
Just some life coach.
A life coach?
Oh, no.
oh, yes.
Maybe I can
take you out for lunch
And I'll tell you
the whole insane story.
Mm. I can't wait.
Sounds like to me
you hired the wrong life coach.
You're not kidding.
And you know what?
It turns out I had all the help
I needed the whole time.
So what's first?
-Throw it at me.
there she is!
I'm so happy to see you.
Oh, me too.
I wasn't expecting you
for a while.
So you worked everything out?
You could say that.
Well, good for you.
Did you find that person
To give you all
the right answers?
I did, actually.
-Turns out,
Underestimating your ability
to control your own life
Can be a real obstacle.
Looks like you've been through
a lot since I last saw you.
Don't ask.
Well, it's all over now, right?
Yes. Yes, it is.