The Wrong Man (2017) Movie Script

Oh, my God.
That good, huh?
No. I mean, um,
it's fine.
You're a great writer, but...
Okay, I see.
It's time for a lecture again.
I'm your editor, Kim,
and we also happen to be
good friends.
Luckily for you,
it's solid advice either way.
Okay, tell me as my editor.
Look, I know it's been
a rough year for you,
but it's time for you
to get serious about life.
Take some responsibility.
I'm responsible.
You don't even have
a full-time job.
I freelance.
You write fluff stories
on reality stars.
Why don't you try something
a little more hardcore?
Write for our crime beat.
You're good at
that kind of thing.
I could, but...
Kim, I'm serious.
They only thing that's ever
stood in your way is you.
[phone rings]
Ooh, look at that.
Saved by the ringtone.
Kim, see? There you go.
It's my grandparents' area code.
- Hello?
- Kim Cassidy?
This is Kim Cassidy.
Who's this?
This is Joey,
your grandmother's caretaker.
Your grandmother's
had an accident.
It's just up here.
It's me. It's Kim.
Your granddaughter.
I don't know you.
Of course you do.
It's okay, Fred.
Carrie, could you please...
Come on, Fred.
I'm sorry about that.
And I'm really sorry about Jane.
It's been a tough day
for everyone.
You must be Joey.
Yeah. Now you can
finally put a face
with the voice on the phone.
I had no idea that his
Alzheimer's had gotten so bad.
Well, it's never really good.
But I can tell you this:
As hard as it is on them,
it's even harder on
the people that love them.
When was the last time
you saw him?
A year.
I heard about
your parents' car accident.
That's terrible.
Don't beat yourself up
over it though, okay?
You're here now.
That's what matters.
Jane knows that.
I hope so.
So you're gonna be coming back
to the house after this, right?
Actually, I assumed you're
gonna be staying with us.
That was the plan,
but I don't know.
I don't know if he'd...
Be offended if you didn't?
Come on.
PREACHER: Jane was a selfless,
caring woman,
who loved her family
and was loved by everyone
who came into contact with her.
She took care of others first,
especially her husband Fred.
I wanna go home!
Just a little while longer,
Fred, and then we'll go.
I-I gotta go.
Hold on, uh...
Kim, this is Carrie.
Carrie and I work together
at the Parker Care Center,
where Jane found me.
She helps out with your
grandfather when I'm not around,
She's amazing.
Thanks for watching him.
I'm so sorry about Jane.
She was the best.
Um, let's just meet up
at the house, okay?
- We can catch up then.
- Okay.
You must be Kim.
I must be.
That's what they
keep telling me.
Gary Moore.
We spoke on the phone.
Nice to meet you.
I'm so sorry
about your grandmother.
I really did like her.
Joey did too.
I saw you two
had a chance to meet.
Yeah, he's really good
with my grandpa, like you said.
He was terrific with Jane too.
Those two, they had a special
connection, you know?
Listen, I wish I could
stay and talk longer,
but I have a meeting
that I can't miss.
How long are you
gonna stay in town?
I have no idea.
Okay, well, why don't you
come to my office
after you get settled,
and we can go over any
legal concerns you might have.
Great. I will.
- Thank you, Gary.
- Okay.
I saw you pull in earlier.
So you're the granddaughter?
I am.
- And you are?
- Nick.
I rent the house across the
street from your grandparents.
- Craftsman.
- Oh, I know the one.
I'm Kim Cassidy.
- I'm really sorry about Jane.
- Thanks.
So, uh, you met Joey, huh?
Yeah, I did.
What do you think?
I barely know him,
but he seems like a nice guy.
- Good at his job.
- He is, for sure.
No doubt about that.
But if he starts acting strange
or says something that makes you
uncomfortable, let me know.
Strange? Is there something
I should know?
No, no, not at all.
It's just, uh...
Listen, I gotta get going,
I just wanted to make sure
you knew you could come by
any time you felt like talking.
Okay, thanks.
[engine starts]
[engine starts]
Hey, Jen.
Hey, how's it going?
Just left the cemetery.
Getting to the house now.
I'm sorry I couldn't
be there for you today,
but I will be there next week,
for sure.
You better be.
It's so strange being back here.
I pretty much stopped coming
after my parents' accident.
How's your grandpa?
Jen, he barely even knew
who I was.
That had to be awful.
I didn't realize his Alzheimer's
had gotten that bad.
That's what I said to Joey.
Who's Joey?
Oh, it's the guy
taking care of him.
I just hated the way
he looked at me,
like he was scared because
he knew he should remember.
Does he even know
his wife passed away?
I don't know.
It's hard to tell.
Look, I gotta go.
I'm pulling up to the house.
Oh, God, why am I so nervous?
Don't be.
You just go in there,
and you show your grandpa
how much you love him.
It'll be fine.
Okay, you're right.
Like always.
He's a lucky guy.
Now he has two caretakers.
Grandpa? Joey?
In here.
What is it, Julie?
[game show continues]
He was looking a little shaggy
at the funeral,
so I thought I'd give him
a quick trim.
Yeah, I can see that.
Wanna try this again?
Come on.
Hi, Grandpa.
It's me. It's Kim.
He knows who you are.
We were just talking about her,
weren't we?
Yeah, Grandpa, It's me.
It's Kimberbee.
I'm so sorry about Grandma.
It's gonna be okay.
Should I hug him or...
Yeah, yeah, go for it.
I'm here, Grandpa.
That woman can't get
a damn thing right!
I think he means her.
- [buzzer]
- So sorry.
Oh, right.
Let's get you set up
in the guest room.
So before I forget,
It's the nickname he gave me
when I was six.
What can I say? I was a big
bee person back then.
I was more into turtles myself.
Isn't this your room?
No. This is all you.
I live in the guesthouse
in back.
Oh, I almost forgot
they had that thing.
You should come
check it out sometime.
I know I already
said this, but...
I'm really sorry about Jane.
She was a wonderful woman.
She was.
I don't even really know
what happened.
- What do you know?
- Gary just told me
that she fell down the stairs
in the middle of the night.
You know as much as I do.
And does he... know?
- About Jane?
- About anything.
Look, don't get me wrong.
Your grandpa's got
some serious memory issues,
but sometimes, I swear,
he's like 100% there.
Then he's mostly gone again.
That's why we stopped watching
shows that have a storyline
because he couldn't
follow them anymore,
so we only watch repeats
on the Game Show Network.
But you know what?
I'll be honest.
I like 'em better.
Less drama.
And how long have you
been helping them?
About six months.
So are you ready to play
name that pill?
- Such a dork.
- I'm sorry.
I've watched way too much TV
with your grandpa.
Okay, this is Donepezil.
This is to keep
his brain active,
but it also can
make him nauseous,
so you gotta keep
an eye on that.
This one here,
this is Wellbutrin.
It's for depression.
Works most of the time,
but then again,
so does a nice walk in the sun.
Now, it is really important
that he doesn't miss
even one of these.
How was she in the end?
Was she with it?
God, I wish you'd seen her.
Me too.
She had more energy
than half the women
a quarter of her age.
She was reading a book a week
right up until...
You know, until...
until she moved on.
Is he asking about her?
And then he forgets
about what he asked.
It's so hard, you know.
I mean, she was...
She was the love of his life.
I couldn't even imagine
the gravity of that pain.
It's amazing what you're doing.
No. It's a job.
It's important.
What about you?
What do you do?
I'm a writer.
Yeah? That's impressive.
What do you write about?
Mostly which celebrities
are hooking up,
what their pets names are,
stuff like that.
Oh, wow. That's, um...
That's really gotta be,
you know...
- Soul sucking?
- Oh, God! I'm so sorry!
I wasn't gonna say it, but...
KIM: So this is
where it happened?
Yeah, except it was
a lot darker.
I got to her as fast as I could.
It didn't even matter
that I was there.
She was already...
Shall we?
[TV playing]
[game show continues]
Grandpa, I wanna
tell you something.
Fred, she's trying
to talk to you.
I just wanna say
I'm really sorry I wasn't here
when Grandma Jane died.
That's okay.
The police came here.
Once before and once after.
He's right.
Why did she call the police
before she took the fall?
Earlier, she thought
something was wrong with him,
so she called the police.
I mean, it was...
It was just a misunderstanding.
Isn't that right, Fred?
- Watch out!
- [yelps]
- You scared me!
- It's good!
It's good for the system.
It keeps the heart going.
KIM: My heart's fine.
JOEY: That's good to know.
I didn't know you were a runner.
All-county, senior year.
What, not all-state?
Try to keep up.
It's beautiful here.
Sure is.
- Race you to that tree?
- Hold on a second.
- Go!
- No!
Beat you.
I haven't run like that
in forever.
I'm glad I could inspire you.
You know what?
You actually do.
I don't think I could care
for people I know,
much less people I don't,
the way you've cared
for my grandparents.
I don't know.
You might surprise yourself.
You're still here, aren't you?
A little sweaty,
but I'm still here.
For how long?
I'm not sure.
I'm finding reasons
to stick around.
What's your family like?
I didn't know my dad.
My mom died when I was five.
I'm so sorry.
So who took care of you?
My grandparents.
So that's why you do this?
I might be a jerk
for asking you this,
but why didn't you visit?
The truth is I dodged them
after my parents died.
I'd call once a month,
a card on their birthday.
Why did you stay away?
I've asked myself that
a thousand times,
but every time I thought
about visiting them,
I thought about my parents
and what I'd lost.
And it just seemed easier
to go into hibernation
than to actually
deal with the grief.
I get it, Kim.
Sometimes things happen to us.
And a lot of those times,
you don't deserve what you get.
But it's no good
to beat yourself up
over things
that you cannot control.
It's better to work
to be the best Kim
that you can possibly be.
And that...
that is how you honor someone.
KIM: I feel a little closer
to my grandma,
spending time in her space.
- Grandpa okay?
- Not bad, I guess.
He gets mixed up a lot,
like when he told me the police
were at the house earlier,
the night my grandma fell.
Wait. They were?
I thought he was confused,
but Joey backed it up,
said it was a mistake.
Joey again.
Is he living there in the house?
Out back in the guesthouse.
Jen, I gotta say,
he's pretty amazing.
What's this Joey look like?
Mmm. Gorgeous.
- Ah, I knew it.
- Stop.
Do you really think
this is a good time
for you to be falling in love?
- Stop.
- Listen to me, Kim.
As your friend and your boss,
be careful with this guy.
You don't really know
anything about him.
Okay, yes, fine, I don't.
Text me a picture of Joey.
I'm gonna have Jason
do a background search,
make sure that he's cool.
Come on.
You don't have to do that.
And in the meantime,
go down to the police station,
check the report,
find out what
really happened that night.
I'll talk to you soon.
What do you need, boss?
I need you to do
some investigating
on one of your coworkers.
They may be in over their head.
Oh, yeah? Who's that?
MAN: Hi, can I help you?
KIM: I'm hoping so.
My name's Kim Cassidy.
I just came to town
a few days ago for
my Grandma Jane's funeral and...
Look, I know the police
came to her house
a few hours before her death,
and, I don't know, I was just
hoping that I could come in
and find out more about it.
Let me see if I can find
the detective who got the call.
I'm Detective Harper.
You're the Cassidys'
Yes. Kim.
- I'm sorry for your loss, Kim.
- Thank you.
How can I help you?
I understand you were
the detective at the house
the night of the accident.
Let's see,
Monday the 14th at 7:38 p.m.
Dispatch received a distress
call from the residence.
Who made the call?
Jane Cassidy.
All she said was
she needed help and to hurry.
I got there 7:46.
She's already on the porch,
saying it was all a mistake.
Couldn't wake up her husband,
got scared,
turned out he was
just in a deep sleep.
Yeah, that's what Joey said.
Their caretaker.
Did you talk to him?
Mr. Nolan came out
just before I left.
He seemed okay to me.
Great. I guess that's it.
I did think there
might've been more to it.
Your grandmother had this look
in her eyes the whole time.
Seemed nervous.
Well, she did think that
her husband was dying, right?
And it explains how she
would've been distracted
when she fell down those stairs
a few hours later.
Look, I've seen all this before.
Older people slip and fall
all the time,
and when you live
in a two-story home,
all it does is double the risk.
I'm sure you've got
nothing to worry about.
Give me a call
if there's any trouble.
Thank you.
[phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
Okay, come on, Fred.
Up. Time for bed.
There we go.
This way.
Okay, up.
There you go.
Coffee's almost ready, guys.
My daughter
never drank that stuff.
She always drank tea.
We used to call it
"coffee with class."
I remember that.
I wonder how she's doing.
Here you go.
- Oh, my God.
- Right?
Don't go filling yourself up
too much.
Oh, yeah? Why is that?
Because I am gonna take you out
to dinner tonight.
- Oh, you are, are you?
- Yeah. What do you think, Fred?
Any objections to that?
Ohh! Sorry.
- Oh, my God.
- Between you and Joey,
I'm gonna have a heart attack
on one of these runs.
I saw you two jogging
the other day.
It inspired me.
He tends to do that.
Wow. Look at that smile.
Safe to say that you guys
are getting along okay.
You could say that.
So how's it going
with your grandfather Fred?
He's doing well,
all things considered.
You know, to be honest,
when I came into town,
I didn't know what to expect.
I mean, some stranger watching
my grandparents? But...
we couldn't have done
better than Joey.
Yeah, he's a really good guy.
So are you guys good friends?
No. More like
good neighbors, you know.
"Hi, bye," that sort of stuff.
So you wouldn't know
if he's dated anyone seriously
since he's been here?
You want me to pass him
a note in class?
Oh, my God.
I'm in high school, right?
He did ask me to dinner tonight.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Wow. That's, um...
It's weird, right?
'Cause I'm in town
for my grandmother's funeral.
It's just...
There's something about him.
Everything happens
for a reason, right?
Wouldn't that be nice?
I'm gonna continue my run.
I don't wanna cool down.
Are you coming?
Uh, you go run.
I'm going home, lay down.
Okay. I'm sure I'm gonna
bump into you one of these days.
Yes, you will.
- Okay, bye.
- Bye.
KIM: I'm serious.
you can ask me anything.
- Anything?
- Yeah, I'm an open book.
Look at the two of you,
all cleaned up.
Yeah, not too shabby, right?
Thanks for watching him.
Oh, of course.
So how long have the two
of you worked at the...
What's that place called?
Parker Care Center.
And then you both
just got placed here?
Yeah, yeah, and the rest is
nursing history, as they say.
We should probably get going
'cause we got a reservation.
Have a good time.
Thanks. Call us
if there's a problem.
I want you
to do something for me.
Haven't I already?
- Not that.
- Oh, oh, sorry.
I want you to tell me
something about my grandmother.
Like, uh, like a story or...
Something I wouldn't know.
Okay, okay, yeah.
Um, let me come up
with something.
Okay. Oh, yeah.
She used to do this
all the time,
and it cracked me up
every time she did it.
Whenever a worker
would come to the house,
and it didn't matter
what they did...
it could be a cable guy,
it could be like a fix-it dude,
FedEx, whatever...
she would not let them leave
the house until she fed them.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Like a piece of fruit,
cheese and crackers.
She once whipped up
a bowl of pasta
for a plumber who was there
to unclog the upstairs toilet.
It freaked him out at first,
but then he practically
licked the bowl before he left.
The pasta bowl,
not the toilet bowl.
So she liked to care
for people too.
Yeah. She was good at it.
I cared for an elder couple
before them,
but they didn't care for me
nearly as much as she did.
She was...
She was magnificent.
To Jane Cassidy.
To my grandma.
Jesus, Sean?
I thought I recognized you.
What the hell are you doing
in this zip code?
Sean, it's Mitch.
Mitch Martin.
I'm sorry. You must have me
confused with somebody else.
You're not Sean Moses?
'Cause I gotta tell you, man,
you look a lot like Sean Moses.
Nope! I'm sorry.
I... No.
My bad.
Look, I'm behind the bar
so if either of you want
a nightcap, it's on me.
That was weird, huh?
Are you coming in?
No, not tonight.
I'm beat.
Are you sure?
Are you gonna miss me?
All right, do what you gotta do.
Good night, Kimberbee.
JOEY: Yo, Mitch.
It isyou, Sean.
I knew it!
Come on, do you think anyone
else could have this face?
- [laughs]
- Hey, so why'd you lie?
No, no, let me guess.
It was because of the girl, huh?
She thinks my name is Joey.
- [laughs]
- Yeah!
- You told her it was Joey?
- Yeah.
- It's good to see you.
- You too. You look great.
Hey, let me give you
my new phone number.
Let me grab my phone.
It's in the car.
Same old Sean.
Yep, same old Sean.
You got that right.
You jogging again?
You wanna join me this time?
You need to stay hydrated.
Come on over.
I'm sweating already.
Oh, my God, thank you.
So how's it going over there?
When Joey's with my grandfather,
he's just about perfect.
Well, my, uh...
My grandpa said that
the police were at the house
the night my grandma fell.
Pretty standard, right?
He said they were there
before she fell.
Fred said that?
Joey assured me it was a mix-up,
but I went to the police
just to make sure.
Smart of you.
What'd they say?
The cop said that he was there
a few hours earlier,
backed up Joey's story, but...
But what?
He said my grandma was
acting really strange.
Why did you warn me about Joey
at the funeral?
Oh, jeez,
is that how it came off?
No, no, I'm sorry, Kim, no.
I was saying that you're living
in a house with a stranger,
and if something
felt off about him,
you could come over and
talk to me about it, that's all.
Well, I guess
I'll continue my run.
- Thanks for the water.
- Anytime.
JOEY: That's good.
JOEY: Okay.
[phone rings]
Hey, you.
How's it going?
- I'm not sure.
- Oh, let me guess.
Does it have anything to do
with this Joey guy?
Kind of.
Did you, uh,
kind of sleep with him?
You know I did.
And the bloom is off the rose.
No, I mean, not completely.
Did you go to the police
like I told you to?
I did, Jen,
and the story checked out.
- But...
- But what?
A couple nights ago,
we went to dinner,
and this guy
who worked at the restaurant
called him by a different name.
Sean Moses.
He seemed pretty sure
it was him.
And what did Joey
have to say about that?
Another misunderstanding.
And what do you think
about that?
Honestly, I don't know
what to think.
Well, I don't like it, Kim.
I don't like it at all.
I spoke to Jason,
and he didn't find anything
or anyone named Joey Nolan.
I'll have him check
into this Sean Moses
and see if he comes
up with anything.
Do you know anything
about his past?
I know the nursing agency
he worked for.
Maybe I'll pay 'em a visit.
Yeah, good.
Now you're thinking
with the right head.
Are you coming to see me
next week?
Oh, absolutely.
I gotta meet this
Joey/Sean guy for myself.
Good, I could really...
Jen, I gotta go.
Okay, bye.
- Where were you?
- Is something wrong?
You said you'd be home
almost an hour ago.
I went for a longer run.
So what?
I saw you on
Nick Forman's porch.
Are you watching me now?
No, no, I'm just saying
if you say you're going to be
home at a certain time,
you should probably
stick to your word.
Excuse me, since when do I
have to check in with you?
No, it's not for me.
Your grandfather
was asking about you.
And as we both know, he doesn't
always remember who you are,
so I thought you might be
especially happy to hear that.
Fine. That's great.
I'll go talk to him.
No, no.
I just put him down for a nap.
He's not a baby, Joey.
I'll do what I want
when it comes to him.
Kim, look.
I'm sorry.
You told me where you were,
you told me why you're MIA.
Yeah. I'm kind of
regretting it now.
I know, I know,
and I'm a jerk, okay?
I'm a jerk.
I'm sorry.
It's just...
Look, I know that
we've only known each other,
like, what, less than a week?
But I'm really starting
to fall for you.
Come here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I help you?
I was hoping to talk
to the person in charge.
Sure, one moment.
Are you the woman
who asked to see the director?
I am.
Sara Franklin.
Nice to meet you.
- Kim Cassidy.
- What can I do for you, Kim?
I was hoping to get a little
background information
about a caregiver
that my family hired
through your facility
about six months ago.
No problem.
What was the caregiver's name?
Joey Nolan.
I don't think I know that name.
Are you sure
he was employed here?
I thought so.
Do you remember a Joey Nolan
working here?
Hmm, Joey Nolan.
No, I don't think so.
Well, Karen would
certainly know.
Okay, what about a Carrie Knox?
Carrie? Absolutely.
She's worked here
for over a year now.
Is it possible you made
a mistake with this Joey person?
Carrie's not working today,
but I can call her for you.
No, no, don't bother her.
Hey, Kim, what's...
We need to talk.
Sure. What do you need?
I need a little clarity.
I just came back
from the Parker Care Center,
talking to a woman named
Sara Franklin.
She runs the place.
Yeah, it's funny.
She said you're not
actually working today.
And as far as Joey's concerned,
they've never even heard of him.
Yeah, I'm really sorry.
Can we talk about this
another time?
That's my grandfather in there.
We either talk about it now or
talk about it with the police,
Your choice.
Okay, so Joey never
worked at Parker Care.
Then why would you tell me
that he did?
Because he had this sweet job
with your grandparents,
and he offered me some work
to help take care of Fred.
My idiot sister got herself
arrested around the same time,
and I just needed the extra cash
to help get her
straightened out.
But he was really good with him.
You've seen him.
How did he get the job
in the first place?
That, I don't know.
You're not gonna call
the cops, are you?
Just go.
Don't come back here.
- I'm really sorry, Kim.
- Go.
Easy! Don't spill a drop.
I know, I know.
Campbell's chicken noodle soup.
Your favorite.
Hi, Grandpa.
Soup smells good.
I can make you a bowl.
We need to talk.
What's up?
You tell me.
I was just at
the Parker Care Center.
You know, the place
you've never worked.
What the hell, Joey?
I needed this job, okay?
I paid Carrie to cover for me.
I know that much, but how did
you get the job to begin with?
I was in the lobby
at the Parker Center.
I was waiting
to apply for a job,
and I heard your grandmother
tell the receptionist
about her husband,
who is suffering from dementia.
I don't know.
I just... I knew.
I knew that I could help her.
So I followed her out
to her car,
and we struck up a conversation.
- We bonded that quickly, Kim.
- You lied to her.
She thought that I worked there,
and I didn't do anything
to convince her otherwise.
She offered me the job.
Look, I needed a place to live.
I thought that the one-on-one
would be ideal.
And I know, I know.
I know that it was wrong.
But I didn't know how to say no.
And I don't regret it.
I don't regret it one bit.
I love your grandpa,
and I loved your grandma.
And there is nothing
that would ever make me
regret meeting you.
You've got to believe that.
I know. I know this
might seem shady.
Yeah, that's because it is.
Even the neighbor thinks
that something's
going on in here.
Kim, could you, can you let me...
No! Not... No, I...
I need time to think.
All right, all right,
but look, Kim, Kim...
Don't hate me.
All I have ever wanted to do
is to help people.
I just need to go have some soup
with my grandpa.
- I can heat up...
- No.
Just go to the guesthouse.
Just go and chill out for a bit.
- Okay?
- I can do that.
[owl hooting]
[hinge creaking]
Jesus Christ.
Hey, Nick.
I thought I heard someone
knocking around in here.
I saw you talking to Kim.
So what were you talking about?
I got a better question for you.
What the hell's going on
in the house?
What's it to you?
Relax, man.
I'm taking care of it.
Oh, good. The caretaker's
taking care of it.
So I guess I don't need
to worry about it anymore.
I know what I'm doing, okay?
Uh-huh. You mean like
when you pushed Grandma Jane
down the frigging stairs?
'Cause that wasn't the plan.
You should've gassed 'em both
like you did the last time,
and we'd be out of
the country already.
But you can't leave now
'cause the old man's wife
is dead,
and it'd be suspicious.
And now we have to contend
with the granddaughter,
and she's suspicious too!
Yeah? Well, you're only
making it worse
by taking her pulse.
Just finish it up.
You just get the old man
to sign over the house,
and we're outta here.
The land under that house
is worth a fortune,
and I'm tired of waiting.
It's tricky now.
I'm working on it.
Yeah, well, work faster.
And in case it's lost on you,
here's a few reminders.
It's you in their house.
It's you who forged
the documents.
I gave you a couple fake IDs
and some bank accounts,
so even if you
wanted to prove it,
you wouldn't be able to, pal.
But you know what's got me
worried the most?
I've been watching you two.
Jogging around town together,
a little cuddle time
in the park.
Been watching you inside too.
You're not trying to
burn me on this, are you?
No, of course not.
'Cause I mean...
how do you think
this thing ends anyway?
Shut up.
You don't think
it's the two of you
over in the house together, huh?
The happy couple
taking care of the old man?
Yeah, yeah, what would be
so crazy about that?
Well, you killed her grandma,
for starters.
Come on!
Get it together, man!
- You got another beer?
- You serious?
Come on.
Quit being so selfish.
I'm stressed out, too,
all right?
We drink a beer,
we can chew this over together.
I'm just trying to give you
a reality check, man.
Okay? You two are not meant
to be together.
Are you listening to me?
You sneaky bastard.
Wow. What a gorgeous day.
- Isn't it a gorgeous day?
- Where are you taking me?
We're gonna have a nice time,
I promise.
Where's Joey?
I don't know.
He's probably at the gym
or something.
Maybe we should wait.
Grandpa, it's me.
It's Kim.
That means you're in good hands.
- Okay.
- Okay, good.
I wanted to spend
some alone time with you anyway.
Where's Jane?
Is Jane coming?
She can't make it.
It's just
you and me today, okay?
KIM: I can't believe
how relaxing it is here.
FRED: I suppose.
When's the last time you came?
I don't remember.
Joey said he brings you here
all the time.
I don't know.
I don't remember.
I wanna talk to you
about something.
What have we been doing
all morning?
I mean, I...
I want to apologize to you.
For what?
For ignoring you and grandma
this past year.
When my parents died,
I just completely shut down,
and I knew that being around
you guys would just be too much.
- Your parents are dead?
- Yeah.
That's my daughter.
- And Jane?
- Your wife.
She's dead.
I remember the last thing
Jane said to me.
You do?
She said,
"I think he's here."
Do you know who
she was talking about?
Shh. It's okay, it's okay.
I'm here.
[siren chirps]
[police radio chatter]
Grandpa, you go inside, okay?
I'll be right there.
- What happened?
- Apparent suicide.
Carbon monoxide.
Neighbor heard his car running
in the garage
early this morning.
You okay?
You need to sit down?
No, I'm okay.
It's just I was just
talking with him yesterday.
So you knew him?
No, I mean,
I met him at the funeral
when I first came to town.
I just can't...
I can't believe this.
He didn't seem like the type.
He'd only been living
in this house six months.
You know if anyone else
around here knows him?
KIM: Joey knew him.
Anyone else?
I think my grandfather
must've known him,
but he wouldn't remember.
He did remember
one thing though:
my grandmother's last words.
And they were?
"I think he's here."
- Who's here?
- No idea.
But Joey was the only other one
in the house at the time.
Got it.
Well, do me a favor.
Let me know if you think
of anything else.
Hey, um...
I saw the flashing lights.
What's going on over there?
Nick Forman's dead.
What happened?
I guess he killed himself.
He didn't seem the type.
I know.
I think you should go.
Look, Kim, Kim, no.
You know me.
Please don't do this.
Who's gonna take care of Fred?
I will.
- [thud]
- [Fred groans]
Grandpa? Grandpa?
- My leg, my leg.
- Okay, okay.
We're here.
Gotcha. Here we go.
- Okay, okay.
- My leg!
Okay, here we go.
Nice and easy.
Home sweet home.
You said it, Fred.
The good news is
the doctor thinks
his leg's gonna heal well enough
that he won't need
this chair forever.
But if he's wrong,
I suppose we're gonna
have to put in a ramp.
I'm too tired to think
about that right now.
Let's talk about it tomorrow.
Good night, Grandpa.
Night, Joey.
What do you say we get you
caught up on your shows?
[distant coughing]
Grandpa, is that you?
Grandpa, are you okay?
[light snoring]
JANE: Hello, my Kimberbee.
I hope this card finds you well.
Things have been a bit trying
around here
with your Grandpa Fred.
We have Joey to help,
but it's not the same as family.
Nothing is.
I don't want to pressure you,
but I'd be so grateful
to see your beautiful face
right now.
But I'll understand
if you can't.
It won't change
how proud we are of you.
Love you, Grandma Jane.
I'm sorry.
Is Fred okay?
He's no longer your concern.
You need to leave.
No, don't say that.
I'll take care of him
or find somebody to help me.
- No, Kim.
- You have a week to clear out.
- Kim...
- I'm not kidding, Joey.
Or whatever your name is.
You need to leave.
You ready?
For what?
The twist.
What's this?
Jane signed the house
over to me.
The big one, behind you.
No, this can't...
It can, it is.
This is...
It's legal, I'm afraid.
- Why? Why would she do this?
- It was a gift.
It was a gift for
taking such good care of them
when no one else
was around to do it.
But look, okay?
We can share this.
We can share all of it,
all right?
The house, your grandpa's love,
each other.
I have been waiting for this
my entire life.
You're crazy.
Don't say that, okay?
I'm sorry.
It's a lot...
It's a lot to take in.
But I know if you go
think on it just for a bit,
you're gonna come to see
how perfect of a family
the three of us are gonna make.
Yeah. You can take that.
I have copies.
You've gotta be kidding me.
He owns my grandparents' house?
Kim, it was a simple
transfer of title.
I did it myself.
I thought Jane
would've told you about it.
Well, she didn't.
I've been waiting for you
so we could go over this,
but I thought to give you some
time because of the funeral.
Are you saying there's nothing
I can do about this?
You can contest it,
but precedent
is not on your side.
There's been many cases
where caregivers
are given property and money
when relatives are estranged.
And what about my grandfather?
Did he know?
It's hard to say.
You know, with Fred,
what he knew yesterday
isn't necessarily
what he knows today.
Kim, another transfer
of ownership
would be extremely messy.
I can't believe this.
I know it's hard
for you to hear this,
but Joey and Jane
were very close, Kim.
Look, he's...
He's really dangerous.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Joey's been like
a kitten with me.
I gotta go.
I'll be right there, Grandpa.
I can't see.
I have to run to the pharmacy
real quick.
And since no one else is here,
that means we have to go.
Where's Joey?
He's not coming today.
Is he sick?
Yes, Grandpa, he's very sick.
Where's Carrie?
Sorry. You're stuck with me.
Uh-oh. What's wrong?
[line ringing]
- [ringing]
- Damn it. Voicemail.
Kim, I was right.
This guy is all wrong.
Jason was able to match his
photo to the Sean Moses name.
The last folks
that he took care of
died of carbon monoxide
I'm on my way to you right now.
I think we should go
to the police. Call me back.
KIM: Grandpa,
I wanna ask you something.
Grandpa, this is important.
Why did Grandma
call the police that night?
There was an argument,
a bad argument.
With who?
Jane and Joey.
What did they argue about?
She changed her mind.
She changed her mind
about giving him the house.
She said she wanted you
to have it.
She did?
Then why did she lie,
tell the police
that it was a mistake?
By the time they got here,
he had talked her back into it.
He said no one would ever
take care of us the way he does.
And she believed him.
She needed him,
even if she was scared of him.
There was no one else.
There wasn't anyone.
It's okay.
You're here now.
I'll be right back.
Stay here.
Good workout?
Hey, I remember you.
I remember you too, Joey.
Got a few questions,
if that's okay.
Yeah, yeah, sure. What can I
help you with this time?
I'm sure you heard about
Nick Forman's suicide.
Yeah, yeah, that's a shame.
What do they always say?
It's a permanent solution
to a temporary problem.
So you two knew each other.
I mean, we were neighbors.
But other than that, no.
No, not really.
Why would he go to
Jane Cassidy's funeral?
I don't know.
Two deaths on the same block
in a week.
That's gotta be some kind
of record around here.
If you say so.
So how's everyone managing
at the Cassidy house?
Well, you talked to Kim.
Why don't you tell me?
How'd you know that?
I saw you two when they took
Nick's body out of that garage.
So did she say anything
Just that she's having
a rough time. Can you blame her?
No. Actually,
I'm doing everything I can
to help her right now.
You wouldn't know this, but...
we're together.
You are?
Yeah, yeah.
It's new, obviously, but, uh...
I, for one,
I hope this lasts forever.
Yeah, I'm, uh...
I'm all in on this girl.
Is there any other questions
that you wanted to ask me?
You can go.
You have a great day, Detective.
Hold on.
I know that prescription's
in here somewhere.
Oh, my God.
[muffled scream]
[engine starts]
Grandpa, I wanna tell you
Listen, I know I haven't been
in this house for a long time,
but I want you to know
that I'm not going anywhere.
I'm gonna be taking care of you
from now on.
Hope you're okay with that.
Where's Joey?
Remember before I told you
that he's really sick?
I hope he's okay.
Here you go.
Take those.
Here's your water.
What the hell?
Oh, we must've blown a fuse.
Maybe. I'll go check.
Be careful.
I will.
[phone ringing]
I forgot my phone.
[phone ringing continues]
Did you just do that
to the lights?
JOEY: I have no idea
what you mean.
I just wanted to see
how he's doing without me.
How about you?
Miss me yet?
About as much as I miss puberty.
Tell you what.
Let's have breakfast tomorrow.
I know we can
figure this thing out.
I'm gonna be busy. I'm taking
Grandpa to the police station.
He's starting to remember
things about you.
Yeah? And a minute later,
he's gonna be asking
where his pal Joey is
with his pills.
It won't be hard to dispute the
memory of a senile old man.
Look, the only person who's
gonna get hurt here is him.
I have a better plan.
Yeah? And what's that?
I love you, Kim.
And before all this
recent nonsense,
you were falling for me too.
None of that was real.
It was. I'll show you.
Just leave us the hell alone.
Okay. I'll stay here for now,
but it's just a matter of time.
Before what?
Don't you get it yet?
We're gonna be
one big happy family.
You, me, Grandpa Fred.
JEN: Kim, I was right.
This guy is all wrong.
Jason was able to match his
photo to the Sean Moses name.
The last folks
that he took care of
died of carbon monoxide
I'm on my way to you right now.
I think we should go
to the police. Call me back.
Oh, my God.
I'll take that!
Gosh, I'm so sorry, Kimberbee,
but I can't have any...
- [stomps]
- ...distractions
while we're working this out.
- Why are you doing this?
- Why am I doing this?
Baby, I'm the caretaker.
I wanna take care of you
and Fred.
- Stay away from him.
- Stay away from him?
That's kind of hypocritical,
isn't it, Kim?
Stay away?
How many people have you
done this to, hmm?
Well, there's the Degnams.
The Degnams, yeah.
I mean, they were,
they were nice enough.
Nothing, nothing,
nothing like Fred and Jane.
But yeah, them and, um...
Yeah, I think
just my grandparents.
You killed your...
Don't! Don't you pity them!
Okay? You pity me.
Those two monsters,
who my junkie mother
left me with,
who tortured me
every single day?
Yeah, she knew exactly
what was gonna happen to me
when she bailed on me.
Yeah, 'cause it turns out,
they beat her
within and inch of her life
at the same age.
Nice, right?
Well, I guess she had something
else on her mind beside her son,
like heroin.
Well, I took care of those two.
They died in their sleep.
No doubt they were
dreaming about some new way
that they could torture me
while I was sleeping
over at a friend's house.
Carbon monoxide.
It happens.
You could ask the Degnams
and ask Nick Forman too.
Oh, wait.
No, you can't. God.
Can't ask Nick Forman.
You killed all of them.
I had no choice, okay?
I did it for us, baby.
I did it for us.
It hurts me to hurt you.
But if we're gonna be together,
and we're gonna be together,
then we need to build
this house on honesty.
Okay, here goes.
Jane was gonna destroy
the only family
that I'd ever wanted in my life,
and the family I just met.
Even though that I loved her...
and I did, I loved her...
that's how much hate
that I felt.
And I shoved her over
these stairs right here.
There! That's everything,
That's as honest
as I can be to you.
I feel so much better.
I feel so much better!
You should try this.
You should try this.
You should try some truth,
some honesty.
No? Okay, I'll start for you.
Okay, here it is.
Tell me how good it feels
when we kiss.
Please tell me.
Grandpa, Grandpa, listen to me.
We gotta go.
We gotta go right now.
What? What happened?
- Joey's trying to hurt us.
- Joey?
Come on, come on.
You have to trust me.
Okay, I trust you.
Let's tell the old man
the good news, Kimberbee.
What is this?
I just want to bring you
up to speed, sir.
You, me, and Kimberbee,
we're gonna be
one big happy family.
You killed my grandma.
- Is that true?
- He pushed her.
She was gonna
break up our family.
She was my wife.
You two were my life!
And she wanted to stop that.
You were just here to kill them
and take their money.
At first I was.
At first I was.
And then...
then I got a taste.
I got a taste of how much love
I could actually feel
from another person.
And it was electric.
And then you showed up,
and it changed again.
Do you think I could love you?
You're a...
A victim.
I'm a victim.
After everything
that they did to me,
my grandparents still gave
every dime they had
to the church.
I deserved that money!
I earned it.
Every single day.
And I earned this.
I earned this.
Think about it, huh?
Think about how perfect
this will be.
Your grandpa's gonna
have both of us.
You, you can write.
I'll cook.
We'll have game shows
all day long.
Every day!
It'll be paradise.
It'll be paradise.
You don't want me to touch you?
You know what?
We'll just go back
to the original plan then.
[gun cocks]
Why? Why do you have to be
just like everybody else?
And to think I actually thought
that someone could love me.
You should've just stayed away.
Told you he was the wrong man.
Son of a bitch.
[distant siren]
d over my mouth,
and I passed out.
You're very lucky, both of you.
You are definitely
writing about this.
That advice I'll take.
Can't wait.
DETECTIVE: His real name
was Phillip Gardner.
He disappeared from an orphanage
a few years after
he killed his grandparents.
How'd you find out?
Got his DNA off a water bottle.
Nice work.
Turned up 15 years later,
hired as the Degnams' caretaker,
going by the name...
Sean Moses.
Huh. Nice work.
Anyway, he forged their names,
slowly transferred
the Degnams' money
into an offshore account.
The way they bounce
between banks,
it could take years
to track those things down.
And Carrie covered for him for
the job with my grandparents.
A year later as Joey Nolan.
He did the same thing
to your family,
I'm guessing with
the help of Nick Forman
or whatever the hell
his name really was.
Looks like Nick didn't
kill himself after all.
Bet that was Joey too.
That's what he said.
He also said
this time was different,
that he was in love with me.
Wanna hear something crazy?
I actually believe him.
Well, it's over.
So what are you gonna do now?
How you doing?
All right, Grandpa, here you go.
Don't look at me like that.
I used the mustard you like
this time.
- The yellow?
- The yellow.
Eat first.
I don't want those pills
sitting on an empty stomach.
Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Where's Joey?
Joey's gone.
That idiot!
It's like he's never
heard a question before.
What's his friggin' problem?