The Wrong Neighbor (2017) Movie Script

WOMAN: Open this door!
Open up!
Open the door!
Let me in! I'm family!
She's crazy.
Please hurry!
They're on their way.
Why is she doing this?
I don't know.
We've called the police.
WOMAN: Let me in!
I thought I heard
you up last night.
Yeah, I had a nightmare.
What was it about?
I don't remember.
Am I taking you
to school or not?
Fine. I'll pick you up at 3:30
and drop you off
at Dr. Fischer's office
like a good Uber driver.
Can't wait.
Lisa, look at me.
This isn't my fault.
Spoken like a true lawyer.
What's that supposed to mean?
That there's
no arguing with you.
My God, Lisa,
where have you been?
I texted you
like 20 times this week.
Sorry, Penny, I just
haven't been in the mood.
To talk to your best friend,
I said I'm sorry.
My parents just split up.
Can I get a break?
That's like half the kids
in this school.
It's no reason to drop
your friends over it.
I just have a lot on my plate
right now, okay?
You know what, Lisa?
I hope you clear it.
So, Mr. Clark,
how can I help you today?
So what exactly does
a tax attorney do anyway?
Well, in your case,
I provide legal counsel
for the structure and
tax treatment of your business.
What kind of company
are you starting?
Turned in my shield
after 20 years.
I wanna live a little bit
larger than my pension allows.
It's dangerous work.
They should pay you fellas more.
Hey, you're the preacher,
I'm the choir, Miss Sullivan.
It's Missus.
Sorry. I didn't see
a wedding ring.
I just assumed.
Let's get started, shall we?
Hey, Nate.
Hey, Tim, what's up?
You moved in yet?
Staring at my immediate fate
as we speak.
Me too. I never thought
I'd own my own restaurant.
Well, I never thought
I'd be the head chef of one.
Well, I did,
ever since you catered
my parents' big anniversary
party when I was 10.
I appreciate you taking
this chance on me, Nate, really,
even if it blew up my life.
Yeah, look, I'm sorry about
you and Heather separating.
Well, you offered me my dream,
and I accepted it.
I just hope
I don't let you down.
Have you tried your food?
Just relax tonight.
While you're relaxing,
you mind coming up with
a new dessert or two?
Yeah, I'm gonna
can the Zabaglione.
No one knows
what the hell it is.
Hell, I don't think I do.
Okay, all right,
I'll see you in the morning.
All right.
All right.
I'll get some lunch.
Okay, hold on, hold on.
I know it's in here.
Just give me a minutes.
Yeah, you said that
two minutes ago.
Come on!
Yeah, we haven't got all day!
Okay, it was on the kitchen
counter this morning,
and then I put it in my bag.
It's just... Damn it!
Everything okay?
Yeah. I'm just having
the worst day of my life.
How are you?
If leaving your wallet at home
is the worst thing
that's ever happened to you,
you've had a pretty
damn good life.
How obnoxious
do I sound right now?
When you guys get a chance,
can you let me know
if this is gonna be
lunch or dinner?
All right, how much?
No, no, no, I can't...
No, please.
Help out a pretty woman
and teach a lesson in manners
at the same time?
Whatever, man, it's your money.
And your attitude.
Um, thanks.
Ladies, what can I get you?
Thank you.
You saved my life back there.
You don't have to
walk me to my car.
I don't mind.
Your wife's a lucky lady.
It's, uh, it's complicated.
Hmm. Do you have kids?
Daughter Lisa, she's 16.
How's she handling
the complication?
It's been hard.
She feels like she had the rug
pulled out from underneath her,
but she knows
I would never hurt her.
So what do knights in
shining armor do nowadays?
Oh, uh, you know, whole lot
of riding white stallions.
Generally, a lot of jousting
is involved.
Actually, I'm the head chef
at a new restaurant
opening up on Lake Drive.
So you cook too.
You're just like
some sort of unicorn.
Yeah. What do you do?
Nothing right now.
I just moved into town.
I'm living in the Deer Hill
Apartments down the road.
Are you kidding?
I just signed a lease
there today.
Wow. Building two.
That's crazy.
Well, I guess it was fate
that we met, huh?
Oh, let me get it.
Watch out, hero.
I got this one.
Oh, don't get shy
on me now, Tim.
Yeah, I guess I should go, huh?
Okay, see ya.
I'll see you around, neighbor.
Okay, yeah.
Better hurry. Jaworski's
gonna chew you ass off.
I know.
What are you doing in here?
I've been looking for you
all day.
What, are you mad at me?
I just need some space.
Look, Lisa, I know you're
having a really hard time
with your parents' breakup,
but I can't help you
work through any of it
if you won't talk about it.
I can't help how I feel.
You think that I can't?
Steven, let go.
Look, Lisa,
I'm just trying to help.
Well, now is not the time.
I'm sorry, I...
JAWORSKI: Sullivan,
get out here now!
You better get out of here
before Jaws catches you.
Okay. Can we talk
about this later?
Maybe, but right now
you just have to go.
Where do you think you're going?
You've been swimming here
for me for four years,
and you still don't know
there's no running at the pool?
Sorry, Coach.
I know you're going
through a lot at home,
but it's not a good reason
to slack off over here.
And you're late.
Why do you ride on me so hard?
Because you're good!
'Cause you're the best
I've ever seen.
You're better than them.
You start going half ass,
everybody's looking at you.
Your times have been
really slow this month,
so what are you
gonna do about it?
Uh, swim faster?
That'd be a good idea.
And, Sullivan, at the end,
I want 20 extra laps.
I'm gonna be late for class.
I can't...
No! 20! That's it!
Okay, 20.
You've given me the silent
treatment this entire ride here.
You're taking me to a therapist.
How much talking
do you want one girl to do?
As much as you want.
Let's not pretend what I want
is up for discussion, Mom.
Look, I am not the one
who wanted change.
You can blame your dad for that.
Blame. Another lawyer word?
That's right, Lisa,
I'm a lawyer.
And I worked really hard
to become one.
And I work harder every day
to pay for our house,
this car, your clothes.
I thought change was supposed
to be a good thing.
Yeah, it's been a blast so far.
Hey, I'm the one who has
to pack a bag every weekend.
It's not like
I'm in high school,
trying to figure out
my life or anything!
Fine. Just go.
You know what? Go ahead.
Your dad will pick you up
when you're done.
You know, you can hate me
if you want,
but I am not the bad guy here.
At least he still
wears his ring.
I'll see you Sunday.
Hi, Lisa.
Are you ready?
You seem reticent.
Sorry. I must've missed that one
in my SAT prep.
Clammed up, shy.
Well, what would you like me
to articulate?
See, you're not the only one
that uses big words.
You can say
anything you want here.
No offense, Doc.
I don't really feel like
talking to anyone right now.
Does that include your friends?
My life is way too mortifying
to share with them.
Let's make it simple then.
Let's talk about things.
Finish this sentence.
Things at school are...
Things with the swim team are...
Fine, I guess.
It's a lot of pressure.
You have a boyfriend?
Yeah, Steven.
Things with Steven are...
Do you want to talk about that?
All right.
Things with your parents?
I don't know. You tell me.
They come here twice a week.
What do they say?
That they love you,
that they're going
through a hard time.
That's pretty much
all I can divulge.
Are you still angry with her?
Well, do they ask
what I talk about?
They get the same answer.
Well, then hell yeah, I'm angry.
My Mom talks about
how it's unfair.
Well, you know what's unfair?
My Dad giving up
his entire career,
his special thing,
to be Mr. Mom,
so she can be, what,
some hotshot lawyer?
Well, I'd say your dad's
special thing is being your dad.
Have you ever tried
his chicken saltimbocca?
I have not.
Yeah, because only me
and my mom have.
And after 16 years
of being on the sidelines,
it's time for him to show
everyone how great he is.
I see that's important to you.
Of course it's important to me.
He's taken care of me
my entire life.
Well, what about your mother's
special thing?
Which one, work or spin class?
That's a pretty cold response.
Well, she's a pretty cold woman.
Look, I'll tell you, Doc,
I'm on Team Dad all the way.
Hey, Dad.
Hey, kiddo.
So what going on
with the official opening?
Uh, we had to push it a week.
Why? Is everything okay?
Me parent, you kid.
I should be asking
those questions.
I've been answering them
all day.
How was therapy?
Is it helping?
Yeah, it helps, I think.
Okay, your turn.
It's just
a liquor license thing,
although I do expect the
investors to run for the hills
once they find out
a rookie is running the kitchen.
Please, they're gonna
be running for the banks
with all this town's money.
We'll see.
Ready for the grand tour?
Let's go.
Ah, the palace.
There's my place right there.
Or our place.
And I got a pool.
And we have a Jacuzzi,
and there's a gym up front.
It's good stuff.
Come on.
Hey. So?
How do you like the place?
I like it.
Yeah, it's great.
Good. I just figured if we're
gonna be here for a while,
you know, I mean,
if we're gonna do this, right?
So, um...
Look, kiddo, I just...
I just want you to know
that I'm aware
of the sacrifices that you're
making to spend time with me.
I mean, you're a teenager
for Christ's sake.
You should be out there
with your friends
on the weekends, right?
Don't sweat it, Dad.
I'm in hermit mode right now.
Yeah, that doesn't mean
you should be stuck
in the middle of some
second-act twist
of your parent's marriage.
It's okay.
It's selfish.
I'm selfish.
Because you're living for
someone other than us for once?
I wish Mom could try
to wrap her head around it,
but, you know,
she's being such a...
Don't, don't put it
on her, okay?
It's not fair.
Don't do that.
Look, they call it a
"trial separation" for a reason.
I'm gonna try it on for size.
I'm sure Dr. Fischer
would put it better.
"There's something wrong
with your marriage, dear."
"You have to figure it out."
Yes, that's exactly it.
Okay, I'm gonna get a swim in
before dinner.
The place looks
really awesome, Dad.
Thank you. I love you.
Love you too.
Ah, you scared me.
I don't even know
how to doggy style or...
Is that what I mean?
I don't know.
You training for the Olympics?
No. I'm just in high school.
Oh, God, I miss high school.
I'm Jamie.
I've lived here about a month,
and I haven't seen you around.
Yeah, my dad just moved in.
I'm here mostly on the weekends.
Did your parents just split up?
Yeah. Let me guess.
You're doing the dance
of the part-time parents.
In one corner, you got Mom,
the weekday tyrant,
makes you take your vitamins,
do your homework,
and is a basic pain in the ass.
And in the other,
you've got your dad,
who let's you stay up late,
do whatever you want,
but just doesn't know
quite what to say to you.
Am I close?
Something like that, yeah.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Guys can be jerks sometimes.
Did he do that to your arm?
It was an accident.
Grabbing your wrist
and squeezing
doesn't sound like an accident.
No, it was me. I did it
when I yanked it away.
If you want my opinion, a guy
shouldn't be grabbing your wrist
in the first place.
PENNY: Lisa.
Who's this?
She's my friend.
Okay, listen.
I know you haven't been
feeling like talking much.
Then why are you here?
Who are you again?
I'm her new friend.
Who are you?
Her best friend.
Can we talk?
Who's that?
Jamie. I just met her.
I'm glad to see you guys are
having a great time together.
Penny, it's not you.
I'm just hiding out for a while.
Is everything okay over here?
Uh, yeah.
Thanks for asking.
Come on. Ashley and Ben
are at the Lakewood Mall.
Let's do a little retail damage.
I shouldn't. It's my first
weekend here. I should stay.
Are you sure?
Okay, you're weird.
And you?
You can call me when you're
ready to get your life back.
Penny, I'm sorry!
Sorry. Did I overstep
my boundary there?
You just seemed
really uncomfortable.
It's fine. I don't wanna be
around people who know me well.
Well, I don't like her.
Is that your dad?
I can see where you
get your good looks.
Hey, Tim!
I'm so sorry.
I'm terrible with names.
It's Jamie.
All together now.
Jamie, okay.
I still owe you 10 bucks.
Forget it. It's okay.
Did you know
that your dad's a hero?
I know.
It was really nothing.
Ready to eat, kiddo?
Yeah, sure.
Nice to meet you.
Yeah, it was really good
meeting you.
I'm sure I'll see you around.
You too.
Yeah, okay, see ya.
Come on.
Thanks for the help, Lisa.
Thanks for making my dad happy.
I'm pretty sure you do that.
Good night.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Are you kidding?
What did you put
in the sauce, crack?
Just a little sugar.
Okay, this place
is gonna destroy.
I don't know.
90% of these places
crash and burn
in the first year.
Yeah, because they don't
have the secret formula.
I'm so proud of you, Dad.
I'm proud of you.
Hello, Lisa.
Hi, Tim.
TIM: So what do you think
about our cute neighbor?
Believe it or not, kiddo,
I could measure a woman's appeal
even before the separation.
Um, yeah, she's funny.
She's the only person I know
from my away home
that's not from home,
besides you.
Well, she is a little older
than you,
but I'm glad you met a friend.
She seems super chill.
Ugh. I am stuffed.
Great. Then my job is done.
How about a movie?
Great. What are you thinking?
I don't care,
as long as it's funny.
Funny. We could do funny.
I have funny. Let's do it.
Hey, Mrs. Sullivan,
what's up?
Hi, Penny, sorry to bother you.
I'm looking for Lisa, and
she's not answering her phone.
Well, she's not not answering
any of my calls now either.
I know, I'm sorry. She's really
been pulling away from everyone.
Well, except her father.
And Jamie.
Some rude neighbor
of Mr. Sullivan's.
How old is she?
I don't know,
in her 30's, maybe.
What does she...
What does she look like?
Real pretty, but she's weird.
Lisa and I were like
talking at the pool,
and she got all up in my face.
But please,
don't tell her anything.
She'll never talk to me again.
Yeah, don't worry.
I won't tell her.
All right, see you later.
DR. FISCHER: All right.
You look angry today.
Well, yeah. My husband has
put himself before this family,
so of course I'm angry.
Gimme a break. I've always taken
a back seat in this marriage.
Oh, so raising our kid
is the same thing
as taking a back seat?
TIM: Our kid is grown now.
She's 16.
And she believes in me.
She feels guilty.
There is a difference, Tim.
And you wonder why
she won't warm up to you?
Oh, please. It has been
the two of you versus me
since she was five.
The inside jokes,
the eye rolls behind my back
you think I can't see.
I love your cooking, Tim, I do.
You know I love your cooking,
but the deal was is that
you would be with Lisa
until she left the nest.
Because it made sense
at the time.
Seriously, why do you think
I went to culinary school?
To pursue your dreams?
When was it my turn?
Okay, I want you to follow
your dream, Tim, I do.
I just don't understand
why you can't wait
until she leaves for college.
Because the opportunity is now.
I get it.
But have you even thought
that you may just be
blowing up this family
for a pipe dream?
And who is Jamie?
What? Why?
I talked to Penny.
She said this Jamie
treated her like crap
when she stopped by last week.
She's just a neighbor,
that's it.
It's not uncommon to feel
threatened in situations
when a new woman's
introduced into the mix.
No one's introducing anyone!
And I don't feel threatened!
Why don't we just end it here?
The session, not your marriage.
You know that I'm right, Tim.
Oh, I didn't see you.
Do all of you Sullivans swim?
Lisa kicks my ass every time.
Is there room for me in there?
It's a big pool.
I'm not very good.
Oh, come on, I'll show you.
I bet you can.
Okay, kick your legs.
Kick my legs?
Kick your legs out.
You gotta make 'em strong.
Stretch 'em out.
Swim on your back.
I'm gonna let you go.
I'll race you.
I'm gonna beat you.
I'm coming.
You won.
You're fast.
I won.
You're really good.
Not bad for an old man, huh?
Oh, not bad for a young man.
So what's your story?
What do you mean, romantically?
Ugh, don't ask.
Show me a room full of guys,
and I'll always pick the jerk.
How'd you end up here?
I moved in with my parents
last January.
They both got cancer
around the same time.
It's been one hell of a year,
let me tell you.
I lost my mom in June to breast.
And then my dad followed her
in August to colon.
He always let her go first.
Well, I don't know you
very well,
but it seems like you were
a pretty good daughter.
Yeah, I hope so.
Yeah, they left me the house.
It's just so big.
I don't need another reminder
that I'm all out of family.
I think I'll move in when
I have that part figured out.
What about you?
How are you dealing with
your mid-life madness?
Honestly, I'm just,
I'm just worried about Lisa.
I mean, she could really
use a friend right now.
I'm glad she met you.
Sounds like she could use
a mother.
She has a mom. It's just...
Yeah, yeah.
What are you doing now?
Let's go do something.
It's a little late for coffee.
No. I've got a better idea.
Oh, yeah?
I know this great place, but...
you have to show me
you can do something first.
Uh-oh, what?
All right, party-time people,
are you ready?
I said, are you ready?
Whoo! Sake bomb!
Chug, chug, chug, chug!
And that's how it's done!
All right, I'll check
on you guys later, okay?
Thank you.
That's four in a row.
You win.
Oh, yeah?
What do I win?
Oh, I don't have any prizes
on me right now.
Keep checking. I'm sure there's
something in there worth giving.
What do you call
these things again?
Sake bombs.
It's in the chant.
They're fun.
I'm fun.
I can't argue with that.
You are fun.
More than your wife?
Heather's fun.
Yeah, but she doesn't know you.
She doesn't?
I mean, I'm sure she did
at one time,
but it's been a long time.
Tell me I'm wrong.
You're awesome,
and you deserve the best.
And don't let anyone
tell you different.
I know you got this wife,
and you're not quite sure
what to do with her,
but if you had the right wife,
you'd know what to do.
Wouldn't you?
Wait a second, wait a second.
Hold on.
What am I doing here?
You're having fun.
You know what?
I shouldn't, actually.
No, you can, you can.
I can?
You can.
Why can I?
'Cause you can.
You know what?
Actually, I can't do this.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I really shouldn't.
You can.
I shouldn't.
You can.
I can?
Come on, come on.
No, over here.
There you go.
I'm serious.
I am a little drunk.
I know.
You are more than a little...
You gotta go.
You gotta go.
I'm sorry.
Just a little...
I'm sorry. Just...
Look, I have a family.
Good for you.
I'm sorry.
I'm gonna go.
Jamie, come on.
I'm sorry!
How'd you find out
where my dad lives?
I called your mom.
She says hi.
Why won't you return my texts?
If it makes you feel better,
you're the only one.
Why would that make me
feel any better?
Am I just like
everyone else now?
Hey, hey, hey!
You get away from her!
Excuse me?
I'm her boyfriend.
Oh, you're the guy that left
the bruises on her arm.
No. You know I would never
mean to hurt you.
I never said you did.
Don't make excuses for him.
Okay, look, just leave us alone.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
You better get out of here
before I call the cops.
Jamie, what are you doing?
He's not bothering me at all!
Yeah, well, he's bothering me.
Okay, just calm down.
We'll talk another time.
Jamie, what the hell was that?
You've got it all wrong!
Okay, okay, you're right.
I can be overly
protective sometimes.
Okay? Let me
make it up to you.
Come on.
Do not tell your dad about this.
You don't tell my dad.
Where is he, by the way?
Inventory at the restaurant.
So does he know about...
What's the jerk's name?
I told you, he's a nice guy.
Don't be a victim, Lisa.
He's pathetic, and he knows it.
Where'd you learn those
tricks out there anyway?
It was pretty badass.
Krav magra.
I've had a few jerks
in my life too.
I'm so tired.
You've got a lot going on.
You've got school, swimming,
that guy, your folks.
I keep having
this weird nightmare.
I'm swimming, and I'm winning,
and I'm like,
"Give me the trophy."
But then, my arms and
my legs fill up with lead,
and I'm gripping
at the edge of the pool
and everybody's staring at me,
my teachers, the students,
even the janitor,
and they're all thinking
the same thing.
They're thinking,
"She's barely hanging on."
Don't stop there.
Finish what you're gonna say.
It's just like I pictured
my senior year so differently,
and then seeing my dad,
he's so happy,
but he couldn't have
picked a worse time.
And I can't say anything to him.
He's done so much for me.
He's like the only person
I talk to, other than my shrink.
Well, and me.
Yeah, and you.
I just feel...
out of control.
Oh. Oh.
I've got something for that.
Whoo! Every time!
Really? Every time?
Yeah, every time.
You wanna try?
Just aim and squeeze.
Just don't tell your dad
about it.
Come on, Sullivan, you've
got a pistol in your hand.
Right there, go ahead.
Try it again.
Okay, yeah, we gotta
work on your aim.
But you know something
that'll help your shot?
What? Tell me.
You just gotta picture somebody
that you absolutely hate.
Like Steven.
I bet you you could drive
a bullet through his skull.
What, no!
I don't hate Steven,
and I certainly don't
wanna kill him. Here.
Come on!
It was just a joke!
Oh, come on, don't hate me.
No, I don't hate you, Jamie.
I didn't like what you said.
Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You know what?
I've just been really,
really emotional, okay?
Place looks great.
What's it take for a girl
to get a drink around here?
We're not open yet, but I guess
I can make an exception.
Do you know what I love
about whiskey?
Have a drink with me.
Uh, no.
Just one.
I can't. I got a thousand things
to do before we open.
Oh, there he goes again,
following all the rules.
About the other night...
Yes, about the other night.
Look, uh, I'm really sorry.
I really am.
I, um, I was having fun,
but I shouldn't have
started something
that I knew I couldn't finish.
Shouldn't or couldn't?
Because you can and you should.
I'm married.
I don't see your wife
around here.
Have you ever thought
that maybe there's a reason
I entered your life
at this exact moment?
You know,
fate can be a fickle thing.
If you ignore its signs,
it just goes away.
And I don't think you want me
going away, do you, Tim?
Think about it.
Who was that?
Neighbor at my apartment.
You two, uh...
No, and I'm not.
I got way too much at stake.
Heather would
absolutely kill me.
Teacher's so annoying.
I have to go to practice now.
I'll see you around.
See ya.
I'm here to kidnap you.
Let's go catch a movie.
I can't.
I have swim practice.
Come on, blow it off.
Jamie, I can't leave school
right now.
Okay. You know what?
You're totally right.
You should go do
your swim thing.
Okay, then.
See you later! Bye!
JAWORSKI: Come on, Sullivan,
kick those legs!
Here you come!
Come on!
What's come over you?
You're really killing it
today. Wow.
I guess I just finally
got a grip on things.
That's a good thing 'cause
we got Somerville coming up.
I heard those girls have
chlorine in their veins.
And you've got the tools
to beat every single one of 'em.
No pressure.
Look, just do your best.
That's all I've been trying to
tell you to do all this time.
Don't surrender,
don't retreat, never give up.
I think I can do that.
You think?
I can do that.
Get back in the water.
Are you...
I'm just dropping this off.
Oh, yeah, I guess her clothes
have two homes now.
So hey, you got any of that
great coffee going on in there?
Um, yeah, come on in.
Here you go.
HEATHER: So tomorrow is your
big opening. Are you ready?
If by "ready,"
you mean haven't slept in days
and breaking into cold sweats
every 10 minutes,
I'm ready.
You coming?
Is Jamie going?
I don't know, probably.
I hope you come. I could really
use some friendly faces around.
This look like a friendly face?
Downright chummy.
I really don't
want her there, Tim.
Ah, what's the big deal?
Hopefully, it'll be so busy,
we'll never notice her.
Come on, me or her?
Who do you want there, Tim?
TIM: Okay, fine.
See you at the opening.
It means the world to me.
All right.
I'm really glad you came, Mom.
Look, I want your Dad to win
just as much as you do.
We might be going through
a little something right now,
but I still love him.
We just hit a speed bump.
It happens
to the best marriages.
Some just take
a little longer to clear.
Dr. Fischer
been getting to you too?
You might be onto
something there.
So who is this Jamie
that you've befriended?
How do you know about Jamie?
Penny told me.
Don't be mad, Lisa.
She was worried about you.
No, I'm not mad.
She was actually right
about her.
But Jamie was really cool
with me, Mom.
She was there when I needed her.
Okay. I guess I could
thank her for that.
No, don't bother.
I'm so over it.
She's like way too much.
Let's go, come on.
It looks amazing!
Thank you very much.
Thanks for coming. Come.
I've got the best seats
in the house. Come.
Thank you.
I'll let Tim know you're here.
All right.
Hey, Tim.
Your family's here.
How are you?
Oh, my God, it's packed.
What did I tell you?
You were right, kiddo.
Are you nervous?
Not now. You staying for brunch,
both of you?
Of course.
Good. Wish me luck.
Good luck.
Good luck.
Okay, I'll see you soon.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're Tim's family, right?
That's us.
Oh, lucky.
His cooking gives me life.
It gives her life?
She means it's amazing, Mom.
Oh. Bet you Jamie
would've known that, huh?
Oh, my God, here she comes.
Who? What do you mean?
Hi, Jamie.
You must be
the infamous neighbor
I've heard so much about.
In the flesh.
I'm Heather,
Lisa's mom, Tim's wife.
I'm assuming
you've heard of me too.
I know who you are.
Now what?
Now I'm gonna ask you
to politely walk away.
Or what?
Or I'll ask you not so politely.
You can ask me any way you want.
I'm not going anywhere.
I have just as much right
to be here as you.
Oh, is that what you think?
Okay, come on, time to go.
I just got here!
JAMIE: What?
Sorry, sorry.
Jamie, you gotta go now.
Because of her?
Tim, I got this.
Heather, please.
I got this.
Let's go outside.
Age before beauty.
Listen, I know
what you're gonna say.
I don't know where you came
from, and I don't wanna know.
What I do want is for you
to listen to me right now.
God, you do look older
than in your pictures.
Don't waste your time
trying to insult me, girlie.
There's nothing you can say
that will shake
this woman's confidence.
Are you sure about that?
I don't care what kinda bond
you think you formed with them.
It never happened.
Even if you think it did in that
sick little mind of yours,
it's over now.
My husband, my kid, my family.
Hmm, interesting
'cause I think...
...that's your husband
kissing my neck.
And, oh, there's my hand
on his chest.
And oop!
Guess what part of me got
involved right after this one.
Don't be jealous, Heather.
You can't fight fate.
Last warning.
If you come near my family
again, I will end you.
You understand me?
Tell Lisa I'll call.
You slept with her.
Oh, my God.
What, what? No, I... No!
She showed me the pictures!
All we did was kiss, I swear.
We were crazy drunk, Heather.
I swear it.
I must be the crazy one.
Lisa, come on. Please, honey.
It's okay. I'll call later.
Yeah, so will
your slutty neighbor.
Tim, we need to talk.
What the hell was that?
Sorry. It won't happen again.
Yeah, damn straight.
You need to keep that psycho
out of here, all right?
I have got a lot of money
riding on this place, Tim.
Please don't make me
regret this.
Give me one good reason
not to hang up on you.
Heather, I was drunk.
It was after that big fight
we had at Dr. Fischer's office.
Why should I believe you?
'Cause I'm telling
the truth, I swear.
We were just figuring
this thing out, weren't we?
Let's not let her
get in the middle of this.
Look, I'm at work.
I have to go.
Goodbye, Tim.
All right, bye.
Your family?
So do you have any questions
about the documents?
I really have no idea
what it is I'm looking at here.
Oh, I can certainly explain.
No, I trust you.
Thanks for your time on this.
You're very welcome, Mr. Clark.
Call me Patrick.
Patrick, I was wondering.
How would you like to earn
a big fat discount on my time?
How big and fat we talkin'?
I was thinking free.
What exactly is it
that you need, Mrs. Sullivan?
Call me Heather.
This is Lisa.
Leave a message.
Ugh! Damn it!
Who was that weird lady
you were with the other day?
Jamie, my dad's new neighbor.
What'd you tell her about us?
Nothing. She just has
a vivid imagination.
Look, I can't talk right now.
I have to go to practice.
what's going on over there?
I'm just talking to
my girlfriend for a second.
Well, your second's up, Geiger.
Sorry, Coach.
Now, Sullivan, get back to it.
You gotta go.
Hi. Are you okay?
Can we talk?
Of course.
First, my parents split up,
and now Steve and I
have been arguing.
Really? What are you guys
arguing about?
How I've been MIA lately.
I really missed you.
So how's your friend Jamie?
You were totally right.
She's crazy.
It's like a thing now.
Here's my girl. Come on.
Hey, Paul. Yeah, it's me.
No, I just talked to her.
I asked her about that lady,
and she totally blew me off.
I warned you, kid.
I've been hanging out
with with someone new
the last couple of weeks.
Do you mean, Jamie?
You know about Jamie, too?
She came up in my last session
with your parents.
Yeah, well, she turned out
to be kinda psycho.
That's not a very nice word.
She so did though.
But for a while,
she was helping.
Sometimes it's easier to open up
to a stranger than a friend.
Less fear of being judged.
It's one of the reasons
you and I talk so freely.
I see you really reconciling
these emotions, Lisa.
It's a good sign.
I'd say you're going
to be just fine.
What's wrong?
is my shepherd.
I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures,
leadeth me beside
the still waters.
He restoreth my soul.
He leadeth me in the path of
righteousness for His namesake.
Yea, though I walk through the
valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me
in the presence of mine enemies.
Thou anointeth my head with oil.
My cup runneth over.
Surely goodness and virtue
shall follow me
all of the days of my life,
and I will dwell
in the house of Lord forever.
You okay, kiddo?
Not really.
I am so sorry.
I just...
I can't believe he's gone.
Maybe you shouldn't swim
in tomorrow's meet, huh?
I'm sure your coach
will understand.
No, he won't, actually.
PATRICK: Yeah, yeah.
Um, uh-huh.
Uh, yeah.
Sam, it's Patrick.
I need a favor.
Yeah, Sam, I'm bored as hell
since I retired.
Just listen.
I need a DNA profile done.
Hey, I didn't see the filets.
I already put them inside.
What do you got in there?
Smells a little fishy.
Ha ha. Very funny.
Tim, hey.
What are you doing here?
I just wanted to say
I'm sorry about the other day.
No, no. I mean it.
You cannot be here.
Okay, that's not
what you were saying
the other night
at your apartment.
That's exactly what I said.
Tim, did you really think
I was just gonna go away?
You told my wife we had sex.
So that's a lie.
I did it for us.
Why would you do that?
Tim, you and I both know that
I am better for you and Lisa
than that bitch ever will be.
Let me show you...
You just stay away
from us, okay?
I thought you were a guy
that would never hurt his kid.
That's what I'm being now.
Why are you doing this
to our family?
Just go away, okay?
Now! Just...
How come the hottest chicks
are always the craziest, huh?
I need to make this
go away, Tim.
I think I just did.
All right.
do you believe him?
That all he did was kiss her?
And is that something you can
see yourself getting over?
Yes. She's just...
Well, then maybe this was
just the shakeup you two needed
to realize what's important
and what's not.
Maybe it's a good thing.
Let's not get crazy.
Though, you know, I do feel
closer to him because of it.
One of the flaws I've found
in human nature
is the ability to come together
over a common enemy.
Where is he anyway?
It's so strange
that he's running late.
Why is that?
Because I'm the one
who runs late.
You know, gotta work,
gotta work.
When I'm being really honest
with myself,
I knew he was fed up
a long time ago,
and I ignored it
because, hey, you know things
were great for me, right?
But when I saw him
cooking in that restaurant,
before Hurricane Jamie
came running through the place,
it just, uh, it looked right.
Sorry. Traffic was insane.
It's okay.
We were just talking.
About what?
Ah, yeah. Uh, look, um...
Look, all I want is for our
family to be together again.
Nothing else matters.
Hey, so what do you say we go
to Lisa's swim meet together?
I bet she'd like that.
It's a date.
Full disclosure, Counselor,
I did see Jamie a few hours ago.
At the restaurant.
She stopped by and acted like
there was nothing wrong.
She's sick, Tim.
I'm serious.
I don't want Lisa
anywhere near her.
I parked right up here.
I don't think we have
to worry about it.
I'm pretty sure she's
100% clear on the situation.
What's wrong?
Lisa, Lisa!
Go, Lisa! Go, Lisa!
Go, go, go, Lisa!
Go, Lisa!
Go, go, go, Lisa!
Who's number one?
Hey, hey, hey,
what are you doing?
You're supposed to be
Sorry, Coach, It's just, I...
It's just what?
Who is that?
JAMIE: Go, go, Lisa!
Don't ask.
Well, I'm gonna kick her out.
You need to get ready
'cause you're up next.
Go, Lisa, go, Lisa, whoo!
Lisa's number one!
Go, Lisa!
Go, Lisa!
How are you doing?
What's your name?
Can you lower your voice
a little bit?
'Cause you're distracting
my team.
I can cheer as loud as I want.
Oh, sure, but not today.
Okay, well,
I'm here for Lisa, so...
Well, so am I.
Her dad asked me
to look after her.
That's my job.
Just bring it down a little bit.
For me.
See that security guard
down there?
Well, I'm just gonna
ask him to come over
and ask you to leave.
You wanna make a big scene
about it? Okay.
Okay, fine, I'll go.
Good, good, good.
I can't believe that lunatic
trashed my car.
We can't prove it was her.
Do you have any doubt?
No. Without any evidence,
the cops have nothing to go on.
It's just a car, Heather.
We'll figure it out.
Hi. We're here for Lisa's race.
Lisa Sullivan.
We didn't miss it, did we?
She swims the 500 Freestyle.
She's coming up next.
Are you the parents?
Oh, that's funny.
She said you were separated.
Yeah, we're working on that.
Listen, she's a good kid,
so work it out.
Yes, Coach.
Yes, Coach.
So they call you "Jaws"?
I'm the big fish.
What can I say?
Hey, there's Nate and Penny.
Let's go join them.
Okay. Thank you.
Good luck, Lisa.
We're rooting for you.
Come on, you can do this!
You got this, girl. Kill it.
It's fine.
You'll do great.
Okay, Sullivan,
this is your big day.
Are you ready?
Let me see the Phelps face.
Coach, no.
Come on, show me!
There it is! Okay.
All right, give 'em hell.
ANNOUNCER: Quiet for
the start, please.
On your mark, get set...
Come on, Lisa!
Go, go, go!
Come on!
Go, Lisa!
Come on, baby! Yes!
Go, go, go!
Lisa, go!
Come on, smooth strokes!
Come on! Kick it!
Bring it home!
All right!
Oh, yeah!
CROWD: Lisa, Lisa,
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa,
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa,
Lisa, Lisa, Lisa, Lisa!
Go, Lisa!
Three, two, one.
Go, Lisa!
HEATHER: Leave a message
for Heather Sullivan
after the beep.
Mrs. Sullivan,
this is Patrick Clark.
Got some info today
on your little troublemaker
you need to know about.
Two years ago,
she was living in Rockdale,
taking care
of an elderly couple,
a Jane and David Robertson.
I'm at the Robertson house
right now.
I'll just take
a quick look inside.
Holy crap.
Leave a message for Heather
Sullivan after the beep.
LISA: You were so picky
about your car.
You must hate this rental.
Not really. Change is supposed
to be good, right?
I'm sorry, Mom.
For what?
Inviting the vampire in.
And then she trashed your car.
Oh, you didn't know, sweetie.
Neither did your dad.
That's the thing about people.
They will show you
what they want you to see
until you look close enough
to see the truth.
Dr. Fischer again?
That one's all me.
Okay, Mom.
Have a good one.
Hi, Penny.
Bye, Mom.
HEATHER: I know. It's
silly to get so excited.
We only live a few blocks away.
It's just been a while
since she let me drop her off.
TIM: It's been a crazy
few months for all of us,
but I think it's over now.
Jamie too?
I think she's learned
her lesson by now.
I hope so.
This has all been so draining.
Tell me about it.
If I didn't just start this job,
I would take us all
on a little vacation.
We'll definitely have to do it
while Lisa's away at college.
Oh, my God, yes.
Seriously, when is
the last time we went away,
just you and me?
Aruba, the little hut
on the beach.
Oh, yeah.
How soon can you be
out of your apartment?
I am packing up as we speak.
I will be out before lunch.
You better be.
I miss you.
All right.
I'll call you later.
What the hell do you want?
Hello, Tim.
Yes, I know you're mad at me.
And you're right.
I took things way too far.
You think?
It's funny.
You don't know
how screwed up you really are
until you trash a luxury car.
Jamie, it's not funny, okay?
At least you admit what you did.
But do just yourself
and everyone else a favor
and just get yourself
some help, please.
You know, believe it or not,
I'm actually on my way
to go see a shrink right now.
And that's why I'm calling you.
You need to come over.
Jamie, I'm not coming.
Look, I'm not gonna be here.
The door's unlocked.
The thing is, I took something
that belongs to you,
and I feel really bad about it.
Whoa. What'd you take?
A framed family photo.
I found it in a box
in your closet.
Why? Why would you take that?
That's a really good question.
I should ask my new shrink.
Look, I'm sure you want it back,
so just come over
and get it, okay?
Oh, my God.
What the hell?
You gotta be kidding me.
She's crazy.
All right.
Check your Instagram later.
I'm gonna post our song session.
Don't you dare.
Okay, I'll call you after?
Okay, boo.
Bye, chica!
Bye, girl.
Lisa, are you here?
Huh? What the...
Hi, Heather!
In case you're wondering,
Tim and Lisa
have moved in with me
at 1933 Grant Avenue.
Have a nice life.
Jamie, wait, wait,
don't hang up!
Please, please, please...
What's your emergency?
You have to send officers
to 1933 Grant Avenue right now!
Ma'am, stay calm, ma'am.
No, I think a woman
just kidnapped my daughter!
You have to hurry, please!
Don't hang up.
Stay on the line.
Where am I?
Dad, please wake up.
Dad, please wake up!
JAMIE: Are you guys ready?
Look what I got!
Okay, now I just wanted to say
I'm so sorry I couldn't be there
for you yesterday.
There were outside forces
working against me,
but I am so proud of you.
I'm actually really proud
of our whole family.
And how much
does this place rock?
Whose house is this?
It used to be my parents.
Yeah, and I swear,
I miss them every single day,
even if they did put
a restraining order against me.
Big mistake.
But now that I've got
a family, it's mine
'cause I've earned it.
What's going on?
Oh, baby, I'm taking
control of things.
Yeah, you're in no condition
to do that,
and you made that very,
very clear yesterday.
So Jamie took the wheel,
and all you two have to do
is sit there and listen.
First things first.
Stop looking at me like that.
I am a better wife and mother
than she ever was.
Do you think
she has your back, baby?
No way. And you.
Do you think she'd run over
that abusive prick for you?
Nobody hurts my girl.
You'll never get away with this.
You don't think I know
that this is temporary?
I'm not crazy, Tim.
I would rather have
10 minutes...
with real family...
than one more second alone.
So what are you
gonna do with us?
Well, I know it's not
the popular opinion,
but I have always been a fan
of the murder-suicide.
I think it's really romantic.
And that way,
we'll be together in the end.
It's not too late!
Come on, Tim.
We both know it's too late
for anything but this.
The only problem is, I just...
I don't know which of you
to kill first.
Me, me, me, me!
Please, please!
No, Dad!
Dad, Dad.
I know.
It's like husband, daughter.
Husband, daughter.
It's a real Sophie's Choice
I'm in here.
Call me old-fashioned,
but I think
ladies should go first.
Please, please,
please kill me first, please.
Keep your shirt on.
You're next.
Don't worry.
Damn you!
Please don't.
Please, please.
Everything's gonna be okay.
We all be together very soon.
No, no, no!
Please don't!
Mom, Dad!
My kid, my husband, my family.
I thought you were
my husband and my daughter!
We're the perfect family!
No! No!
No! No!
So you had the tour.
That's good.
It's gonna take a minute
to get the lay of the land,
but you'll catch on.
They all do.
Now, I know how challenging
first days can be,
especially here,
so let's make a deal.
I'll be honest with you
if you'll be honest with me.
If we can do that, we can get
you to where you need to be.
So do you have
any questions for me?
You don't understand.
I'm not the patient.
I came here to work.
I'm an orderly, Doctor.
I-I'm the new orderly.
WOMAN: Jamie.
You said you were
going to behave.
What did we just say
about honesty?
She's the patient, Doctor.
She knocked me out,
took my clothes.
You'd better take her
to her padded room now, please.
Yes, Doctor.
Then I'll be leaving.
My shift is over.
Have a good evening.
Oh, I will.
Trust me, I will.