The Xrossing (2020) Movie Script

[water splashing]
[soft, tense music]
[birds cawing]
[birds chattering,
frogs croaking]
[distant dog barking]
[indistinct radio chatter]
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicks]
[news reporter] The body
of an 18 year old girl,
Tracy Myers,
was found this morning
at the local reserve crossing
in Perth Eastern Hills.
[news continues indistinctly]
[bright music]
[water rushing]
[choral singers enter]
[music fades]
[bikes rattling]
[boy] Leave your bikes here.
[birds twittering]
This is the place.
Over there,
that's where
they found her body.
[ominous music]
That's Black Bobby's house.
[boy 2] Do you guys really
think he did it?
That dog should be locked away.
It doesn't make any sense.
It's right next to his house.
Why would he?
[boy 1] He's a dumb Abo,
not a master fucking criminal.
I don't know.
I'm not sure if I buy it.
Then you're an idiot.
The whole neighborhood
knows he did it.
Don't ever come here alone,
Especially at night.
[bird cawing]
[can hissing]
[soft electronic dance music]
Hey, Savvy!
What's going on?
That's it, man, it's all soon.
Nah, I'm bringing it to you.
Yeah, yeah.
Hold on.
-What's going on, man?
-How are you, dude?
Doing all right?
-Good, good, yeah, good.
-What's up, Sav?
So where's Phoenix at?
-He's out back.
-Out back?
-Yeah, he's getting on it.
-[laughs] That's the way.
Talk to you soon, yeah?
Catch ya, man.
Catch ya, man.
[indistinct chatter, laughter]
[music increases volume]
-[man] Yes!
Well, look who's come out
to play.
Look at this skinny prick, huh?
Who would have thought
we have the same mom?
[water splashes]
-Don't soak me bro.
-Hey! Oh, poor little man, eh?
When you gonna let me teach you
how to fight, soft cock, huh?
-Huh, huh?
-Yeah, yeah?
[both grunt]
[brother] Light.
You taught me how to tag.
Ooh, big man
still scribbling on walls.
Yeah, we lit up
Black Bobby's house.
Stay away from that
blackfella's house, all right?
And why are you
still hanging out
with these dickheads for?
Come on, Phoenix.
We're up for anything.
For real!
Probably couldn't get
your dick up, for real.
Ah, come on, Phoenix.
You know I'm cool.
I know you're a dickhead.
Settle down, eh?
Settle down.
Two dole bludgers
and a computer nerd.
The three fucking Stooges, eh?
Temporarily unemployed.
I'm still a student.
So you go to uni
or something then?
I said you going to uni
or some shit?
Yeah, nah, I'm still at TAFE
at the moment.
Um, I want to go
to uni some day though.
Yeah, you look like you would.
I laid some bricks
the other day.
Dickie Dale is here.
What do you wanna do?
-Is everything okay?
-[Phoenix] Relax, wee man.
-Let the prick in.
-You sure?
[Phoenix] Just make sure
he behaves.
Keep an eye on him, boys.
So, what's going on tonight?
What's going on?
Everything's going on.
You know it.
My bro, the big man.
[dramatic music]
[sniffs, exhales]
[echoing] Screw you, bro.
You got some for me?
-Help yourself.
[water splashes]
-Back off!
Brotherly love.
It's already there
Inside every one of us
Weirdest thing I've seen
in a while, man.
[indistinct chatter]
[thumping electronic music]
I can't find the words
To say I don't love you
[distorted laughter]
-[woman] Oh, my God.
Wee fucker!
Let me fuckin' get him,
you fucks!
Let me fuck--
Let me the fuck at him!
[woman] Yeah!
Fuck yeah!
-[crowd exclaiming]
-[woman] Bullshit.
-[man] Fuck them up.
[grunting loudly]
-[dog barking]
[ominous music]
[indistinct shouting]
[woman] Get him off!
Get him off!
He's gonna kill him!
Get him off!
[indistinct shouting]
[shouting stops]
[shovel clangs]
How the fuck does that feel,
Throw him in the bush.
He could have fucking killed
that guy.
Fucking Dicky Dale.
He deserves it.
Shut up, Angus.
It's none of your business.
Well, I'm just saying.
Yeah, well, it's Phoenix's hood.
He can do what he fucking wants.
[rock music playing softly]
I got to get going.
See you's later.
What about the beautiful ladies?
You go for it, man.
I've got an early
start tomorrow.
[bus drones, hisses]
[dramatic music intensifying
on laptop]
[woman] You got some
cool effects happening.
Got cool effects.
To be honest, I haven't even
really started my doco.
How's yours going?
Yeah, getting there.
Nearly finished the rough cut.
Are you serious?
I haven't even decided
who I'm going to interview yet.
Who'd you do?
Ah, Rechelle Hawkes.
Oh, Bob Hawkes' wife.
[woman] No!
She won gold medals
for the Hockeyroos
in Atlanta, Seoul, and Sydney.
Well, that's impressive.
Hockey's a tough sport.
Sure is.
See so many people walk away
with smashed faces
or lose their teeth.
Well, you still got
a beautiful smile so...
What, can't a guy give a girl
a compliment anymore?
What's your thing
with smiles then?
[clears throat]
I just appreciate a good smile.
That's all.
People say that the eyes are
the windows to the soul but...
I think a smile tells you
a lot more.
People can fake smiles though.
Yeah, but even a fake one
still tells you something.
So does a nervous smile
or a cheeky smile.
A confident smile.
Any type of smile.
But the best one of them all
is the simple.
A confident,
not too confident,
nothing to hide, content
with myself kind of smile.
Okay then.
You're welcome.
Hey, do you wanna maybe
get a coffee or something?
[woman] Oh, like next
to Midland?
I grew up there actually.
I went to school there.
All my friends are from there.
Maybe one day,
I'll even get out of there.
What's the rush?
It's an interesting
neighborhood, you know?
Few tough guys around.
I'm not really a tough guy.
-Where are you from anyway?
-Uh, Claremont.
Ooh, fancy pants.
It's not like Dalkeith.
Yeah, okay.
What school did you go to?
Oooh, Methodist Ladies College.
That's the one.
Methodist Ladies College.
That'll be $30,000 a year.
What is a Methodist anyway?
A type of Protestant.
Are you a type of Protestant?
I'm not a type of anything.
[light piano music]
[birds twittering]
[ominous music]
[crow cawing]
[crow cawing]
[Shane] What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
Looks like he got our message.
Time for round two.
-'Til he cracks.
-[Shane] Yeah.
'Til he either cracks
and confesses
for the evil he committed
or packs up and leaves.
Either way,
we win.
I just saw him come home.
It's okay.
We'll be stealth-like.
-You'll be stealth-like?
-Are you serious?
[tense music]
[cans hissing]
[dog barking]
-[door slams]
-[Bobby] Oi!
Fuck, run!
-[bell chimes]
-[boys panting heavily]
You think he saw us?
What's wrong?
I think I dropped my wallet.
[Shane] Fuck.
What do we do?
[insects buzzing]
[Angus] Your ID in that wallet?
Looks like we're gonna have
to go in and get it.
Guys, seriously.
It's gonna link you back
to the graffiti.
I'm not going inside there.
That's all right.
We'll just wait till he leaves.
[tense piano music]
[children chattering distantly]
Stay and lookout.
[fabric ripping]
What are you doing?
[Shane] What do you think
I'm doing?
I'm looking for your wallet.
Well, that's not going
to fucking help.
Shut up and keep looking!
[whimsical music from game]
[tense music resumes]
[can hissing]
[truck rumbling]
Shane, come on.
My wallet's not here.
-Let's go.
-Just a moment.
[Chris] Come on!
Gimme a sec.
[dramatic music]
Oh, shit.
He's come home.
He's coming around the back.
Front door, front door,
front door, front door.
[key jangling lightly]
[Shane grunts]
-Come on.
-[Bobby] Oi!
[Chris] Come on.
[music stops]
[soft piano music]
[boys panting]
Thanks for the warning, Angus.
Check your phone, idiot.
[Shane chuckles]
That was fun.
Fun? How was that fun?
What happened?
This psycho started tearing up
the whole place.
Not enough.
Well, did you get
the wallet back?
Now he's gonna know what
I look like and where I live.
He's gonna come after you.
You're in deep shit now, Chris.
You know what?
This whole thing was
the stupidest idea ever.
Hey! You're the one
who dropped your wallet!
We were just trying to help!
[cars passing]
[pulsing music]
[man laughs]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Boy!
[Phoenix] Don't worry about it.
What should whispers
not worry about?
[knife clangs]
Fucking Dicky Dale.
That piece of shit.
Fuck this.
I'm out.
You know you should
be careful, mate.
Here we go.
Tell me why.
We don't need any more heat.
Eh, fuck counselling
and overthinking shit.
Action is what counts!
You with me, boys?
-Yeah, boss.
Yeah, fucking oath.
You gotta show it
to these junkies.
They don't fear you,
they rise up.
This isn't
"Planet of the Apes," mate.
Oh, really? Thank you
for pointing that out to me.
You know, I didn't know that.
You want my opinion?
The objective should be
business as usual.
If you want business as usual,
go become a fucking accountant.
Ain't no diploma that's gonna
school you up for this shit.
Business as unusual.
Fucking chaos.
It's how we do it.
That's how we live.
You know,
for a violent sociopath,
you're actually
strangely poetic.
All right.
Violence-free day then, huh?
[man] Oi.
We got company.
Looky here, Sav.
Got ourselves
some important visitors.
Good afternoon, detectives.
Big party last night, fellas?
Having a party wasn't a crime
last time I checked.
Saw that Dicky Dale's
a bit black and blue today.
You wouldn't happen
to know anything about that,
would you, fellas?
That'd be right.
[sighs dramatically]
Fucking Dicky Dale.
Wouldn't let that clown
anywhere near one of my parties.
Not our fault he's a degenerate
with lots of enemies.
We're actually here
to ask you a few questions
in relation to the murder
of Tracy Myers.
Yeah, again.
We have reason to believe
that our young victim
was buying
from another local supplier.
Four weeks pass,
you guys have still got nothing.
You coppers must really
be desperate.
I'd love to help you out
and all.
Really I would, but I'm
actually clean at the moment.
Can't risk it.
With parole and everything's
coming up, you know?
Those parole protocols can be
a bit over the top sometimes,
can't they?
What do you say we, uh,
loosen things up a little bit?
You know what?
That is such a good offer,
it almost makes me want
to get back into the business.
Well then?
You must be a little deaf.
All right?
Come on, fellas.
This is your chance
to do the right thing.
The right thing.
Yeah, right.
The right thing would be
for you guys
to do your own fucking jobs.
Pardon me.
You know, I could have cut
a deal to reduce my time
but, uh, do like a dog to you?
-He's not a dog, officers.
-That's right.
-He ain't no dog.
-Ain't no dog.
Yeah, I might not be a saint.
That, I know.
But I'm definitely not dirty.
Thanks for dropping by though.
Always good to see you.
Wait, officers.
Lamington sandwich?
[solemn piano music]
[train pattering]
[train hisses]
[Angus] Chris-o.
[Chris] Angus.
[Angus] TAFE today, huh?
[Chris] Yeah, yeah.
What are up to?
[Angus] Nothing.
No work on.
Haven't seen Black Bobby around.
[Chris] No, I haven't left the
house since losing my wallet.
[Angus] Well, you see
that panel van, just bolt, bro.
Good advice, Angus.
What's wrong?
[Angus] Mom changed
the locks on me.
-[Angus] Yeah again.
She hates me.
Always has.
Ever since Dad left.
That and she found my stash.
How long is it going
to last for this time?
[Angus] Don't know.
I'll figure something out.
Look, you're more than welcome
to stay at mine
'til you figure things out.
Thanks, Chris.
[phone chimes]
What does he want?
He wants us to go back
to the crossing.
Why is he so fired up
about this Bobby guy?
It's like he's got a personal
vendetta or something.
Shane used to be on and off
with Tracy.
Tracy Myers.
They were together?
Shit, he kept that quiet.
Didn't want Phoenix finding out.
Why does that matter?
Used to get on the gear
all the time.
Phoenix found out
and went mental.
Went crazy.
Pulled a machete on Tracy.
Scared her off or something.
So who was she
getting her gear off
if it wasn't Phoenix?
[Angus] Dunno.
Neither does Shane.
Not like he cared though.
Had the booty blinkers on,
you know?
Yeah, but how do you know
Phoenix wasn't selling her gear?
Why would he sell to her
and then scare her off?
I don't know,
maybe he didn't realize
that she was using with Shane
until it was too late.
Yeah, maybe.
You don't think
maybe Phoenix did more
than just scare her off, do ya?
He's not a murderer.
You sure about that?
Don't get to the top
without making big moves, right?
You don't get
to the top by killing
all your customers either.
Yeah, but he's just
so protective of Shane.
Could he have just snapped
like he does, do you think?
Yeah, or maybe she threatened
to go to the cops.
[softly] Fuck.
[soft, tense music]
Should we tell Shane?
Hey, you wanna come hang out
with me this arvo?
I'll show you
around the neighborhood.
Are you asking me out on a date?
Yeah, nah.
Just think of it
as investigative journalism.
I'm in.
[bright folk music]
[singer vocalizing]
[music, vocalizing continues]
We were walking
Chanced upon an old man
He had his ball
And his gloves
He had magic in his hands
He said,
"Keep your pretty eyes
"On the ball if you would
"If you so much as look away
It'll be gone for good"
And my eyes
Began to well
[music fading out]
I think I need to come
up here more often.
I think you need to as well.
Then we started dreaming
[clears throat]
What do we do now?
why don't we go
get a pizza
and a blanket
and come back up here?
I think I like you.
You're honest.
And this
Is how dreams end
You coming in?
[ominous music]
Get in.
What's wrong?
Let's go.
Is everything okay?
Everything's fine.
Let's go.
What about dinner?
Fuck the pizza!
Let's go!
Just drive, okay?
I said fucking drive!
Let's go!
So that's what happened.
Well, what if this Black Bobby
guy really did kill Tracy Myers?
what about the presumption
of innocence?
I shouldn't have let
Shane steamroll me into it.
I should go.
I thought you were different.
[engine turns over]
[piano enters]
[Robert] "Here is your wallet.
"Please learn
from your bad choices.
Robert Bouratch."
[distant sirens wailing]
[birds twittering]
Get your wallet back?
Why'd you do it?
Why'd you do it first?
It was stupid.
I was stupid, I suppose.
Three times is more
than stupidity.
It's harassment.
Well, you could
have told the cops.
Or even my mom.
Why didn't you?
I keep to myself.
Well, I'm sorry.
Are you?
Yeah, I am.
Just told you I am, didn't I?
That's a good start, I suppose.
But sorry ain't gonna
undo that vandalism.
Maybe I'll clean it up then.
Come with me.
[Robert coughs]
[mechanical whirring]
[soft, tense music]
[newscaster] The body
of an 18-year-old girl...
[camera shutter clicks]
It's not coming off that well.
I know.
I tried as well.
I know.
I saw you.
I know.
I saw you watching me.
What are you doing there
with that shovel?
Making something.
Making what?
You ask a lot of questions, boy.
I thought that might happen.
Come with me.
In here, boy.
[soft, tense music resumes]
You coming?
[shovel clanks]
[Robert sighs]
Do you make all these?
[Robert] Bit of extra money
on the side.
I keep a few for myself.
These are great.
Do you play them?
Not so much anymore.
Come on, boy.
[birds twittering]
You've never sanded
anything before?
Didn't your father
teach you anything?
Well, it's just been me and mom
around the house
for a long time.
I'm not much of a handyman.
Like this.
[Chris sighs]
That's okay?
Now you have to paint it.
Put plenty on.
Enough to cover it.
What do you think, Oscar?
[Oscar chirps]
All done.
[music fading]
Not bad, boy.
My name is Chris anyway.
I know.
I saw your ID.
Then why do you keep
calling me boy?
Nice to make
a proper introduction, Chris.
[soft piano music]
My name's Robert Bouratch.
My friends call me Bobby.
Just Bobby.
Okay then.
Just Bobby.
[phone ringtone plays]
[phone ringing]
I wasn't sure if you were gonna
screen my calls or not.
I thought about it.
But curiosity has always been
my weakness.
Look I just--
I wanted to let you know that
I went and apologized to Bobby.
How did it go?
I think he accepted.
I cleaned off the graffiti.
It was--it was actually
kind of fun.
Well, it wasn't fun.
It was--it was satisfying,
I guess.
What was he like?
He makes guitars
out of random items
like garden shovels and stuff.
No dangerous vibes then?
Ah, we'll see.
I'm going back there tomorrow.
[football bounces]
Might do some more work.
Just be careful.
Yeah, of course.
Maybe you found a character
for your doco.
I tell you what.
If he agrees to an interview,
I might just come help you out.
[Angus] Chris, hurry up!
[Angus] I need your help!
[Chris] Look, I gotta go.
I'll talk to you later.
Bye, Chris.
[Chris] What?
[Angus] Gah!
I'm getting slaughtered here.
You're gonna have to help me out
with this bullshit, dude.
What do you want?
That wasn't even allowed!
Are you gonna do
anything else today or...?
Screw it.
[bright music from video game]
[distorted rock music]
How do you know
he'll even let us in?
He thinks it's all good now.
Ay, but how do you know
for sure?
How do you know for sure?
Cause I said so.
All right?
Look, I squared things,
and he doesn't know your coming.
[overlapping shouting]
[dog barking]
[rock music continues]
[shouting continues]
[glass shatters]
Where to next?
[music ends]
What are we doing here then?
[door thuds]
-Oh, come on.
He's not going in there, is he?
-[soft, tense music]
-[both breathing heavily]
[girl moaning] Yeah!
[paper rips]
If anything ever
happens to me...
make sure mum and Shane
know about this, all right?
Yeah, of course.
[exhales through nose]
Not that anything's
gonna happen.
I'm invincible, right?
[breathes deeply]
Come on.
Let's get outta here.
[male cop] This case is
a bloody waste of time.
[female cop]
What if it was your daughter?
You'd want answers.
We have answers.
She was a known user.
Coroner reported signs
of a struggle.
Despite his record,
this Bobby fella checks out.
His record?
Sexual assault.
Spent conviction and acquitted.
[birds chirping]
[clears throat]
[light acoustic music]
What are you doing here, boy?
Well, you said there's more work
to do around here, right?
Okay then.
We're gonna take this down.
Don't like my work?
I'm happy with what you did.
That's the problem.
I don't understand.
Now the wall's a blank canvas.
I don't want it to be used
as a billboard for hate again.
It won't now.
I know it won't.
You don't know that, boy.
I'll talk to my mates.
If it's not them,
it'll be someone else.
What about your security?
The walls never
gave me security.
I've got nothing to hide.
I'm not gonna close myself off
to the world anymore.
Wait here.
[bird caws]
What's the birds name?
Don't touch him.
He bites.
Hey, Oscar, hey.
It's great, but I don't even
know how to play it.
It's only three strings
and they're tuned to a chord
so you can't go wrong.
I don't know what
any of that means.
There are no frets.
All the notes work
by sliding along the strings.
[plays chord]
So if you go like that...
[vocalizing alongside
[Oscar chirping]
One, two.
[Robert vocalizing
alongside instrument]
[Chris chuckles]
You're a natural.
You make it seem so simple.
If it feels right,
it should be simple.
I still haven't seen
you play a song yet.
What's wrong?
I just realized I haven't played
to anyone for a long time.
Hey, I'm a student filmmaker.
I've actually got
a documentary project
at the moment.
All right.
And you can say no.
I mean--
I--I would say no
if I was you as well.
I mean, considering
everything that's happened,
I would--I would probably
say no as well.
What are you talking about, boy?
Can I interview you
for my documentary?
Why would anyone want
to hear about me?
I think it'd be a cool story.
I think people
would really like it.
And I'll give you
the final cut.
What's final cut?
It means you get to approve the
edit before anyone else sees it.
Better be good then, eh?
Yeah, yeah.
It's gonna be awesome.
I can see a comeback tour
in the making.
Don't overdo it now, boy.
Yeah, sorry.
Got some more demolition work
on next week.
Pays $25 an hour.
Eh, demolition's
the poor man's construction.
Bunch of unskilled meatheads.
Come do construction work
with me.
At least you'll
actually learn a skill.
Smashing shit up all day
does me just fine.
[Angus] Yeah?
Cheap therapy for you then,
I guess.
[car approaching]
[deep, tense music]
What are you stooges up to?
Fuck all.
Just hanging out.
Good to see you keeping
out of trouble.
Are you keeping out of trouble?
What are you,
my parole officer or something?
I never said do as I do.
Just do as I say.
You're the one always saying
actions speak louder than words.
Don't be a hypocrite.
Can you believe
this little prick, huh?
All right, Mum.
I'll pick you up later.
Yeah, okay, cool.
[engine revving]
Where are we going?
[soft rap music from radio]
[Angus] Hey, Sav.
-How are you, dude?
-Yeah, I'm all right.
Hop in.
Finish the round off okay?
Yeah, no dramas.
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry about it.
This one's on me.
What's the catch?
No catch.
You been buying off me
for a while now.
I know you're not a dog.
Things are changing.
Keep an eye out for me, yeah?
Yeah, sure.
Keep Shane out of it, yeah?
Yeah, of course.
Get out.
[soft, tense music]
[engine turns over]
I was talking to my mate Goran
the other day.
The concreter?
Now he's got his own
formwork business.
It's good steady work.
I was talking to him,
and he said he would be willing
to take you on as an apprentice.
Regular work.
Get you all skilled up
in the construction game.
It's a good opportunity.
What do you think?
Yeah, I um...
I appreciate the offer, bro.
-But what?
[Shane] I mean...
What can't I just come work
with you?
What do you mean, "What?"
It's not a fucking thing,
all right?
Never will be.
So much like Mum.
Just don't know when to quit.
Yeah, it's better
than being like Dad.
Fuck, you think
concreting's grubby?
You got no idea, bro.
No idea.
[suspenseful music]
This fucking game.
It's fucked, all right?
You got a chance to do better.
Is it better though?
I mean, you've got
everything you want.
Do I?
You know all of this
could blow up at any time.
-And it has before.
-It has.
And I got lucky, all right?
Was able to build it back up.
I don't know
if I could do that again.
You done?
Let's walk.
The game's always changing, bro.
Nobody stays up forever.
What's wrong?
I'm planning my exit.
-Getting out of this shit.
Talking to Goran
about starting
a building company.
Why would you want to do that?
There's a lot of people
out to get me, bro.
So you're scared then?
Yeah, maybe.
Nah, I don't believe that.
What do you mean,
you don't believe that?
-I don't believe it.
-You don't believe it.
Don't believe it.
What the fuck do you know?
[Shane] Fuck off.
I love you, all right?
But you gotta trust me more.
You gotta listen to me.
All right?
[Shane] Yeah.
-All right?
-All right.
All right.
Now show me this haymaker.
[Phoenix grunts]
[both grunting]
[laughing softly]
You good for money?
-[Phoenix] Here.
-[Shane] Thank you.
I've gotta go.
What are you doing?
Uh, gonna meet up with Angus.
Stay off the streets, all right?
Cheers, bro.
[music ends]
[birds chirping]
It might take him
a while to warm up.
Just saying.
This looks pretty serious.
It's actually pretty low-tech,
Just a two-person crew.
This is my friend, Abbey.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Abbey.
I'm excited to see
these shovel guitars in action.
Maybe I could show you
how they get made.
-Can I hold one?
It's cool.
You can watch me string one up
if you like?
Well, I'd like
to see you play one.
All right.
Should we start filming it,
Yeah, let's go.
Darling, you
Are a silent as the bats
In the night
And your friends
Don't know a thing
You're a shadow
That is costed by the light
Let me take your hand
And we'll walk
Through the flower garden
And I'll try
To ease your pain
Let your heart ignite
The daises in the rain
Aah ooh
Aah ooh-ooh-oh-oh
Something beautiful
You'll find
Is your shadow...
[Chris, on screen] So, Bobby,
tell us; why the shovel guitar?
[Bobby] All right.
I guess I really dig music.
[Chris and Abbey laugh]
This is really great.
Can you play us something
with your shovel guitar?
[Bobby] Yeah.
[shovel guitar playing]
[music fades, birds chirping]
It's still missing something,
And what's that?
Your own songs.
You don't want to hear them.
-I want to hear them.
-There you go.
Any self-respecting muso
can't turn down a fan request.
[Chris clears throat]
Okay, rolling.
This is Rob Bouratch
with one of his own songs.
Bobby, tell us about your song.
This is a song
I wrote years ago.
Doesn't have a name.
I hope you like it.
[Chris] Okay.
When you're ready.
[begins playing]
My soul
It cries
Because we
Could have paradise
My soul
It cries
Because we
Could have paradise
Should have
My soul
It cries
Because we
Should have paradise
My soul
It cries
Because we
Should have paradise
All live
In paradise
All live
In paradise
[continues playing guitar]
[song ends]
[light piano music]
Thanks for doing this, Bobby.
Thank you.
I'll bring the final cut around
once we've done editing.
No worries.
[car beeps]
[engine turns over]
[music fading]
[water splashes]
So Angus tells me you got
a nice MLC girl on the go.
[Chris laughs]
Nah, it's nothing like that.
It's just a girl from TAFE.
Anyway, that's not what I'm
here to talk to you about.
So what then?
How come...
you never told me
about you and Tracy?
'Cause it hurts.
Hearing her name hurts me.
[soft, solemn music]
I always used to say to her that
I'll protect you.
I'll keep you safe.
I couldn't help but think...
that while she was
being murdered...
She was waiting for me.
She was waiting
for me to show up.
I'm sorry.
I had no idea.
How come you told Angus?
Angus doesn't judge.
Besides, you're always busy with
your film and TAFE stuff anyway.
I should have been
a better mate.
Yeah, well, doesn't
matter anymore.
Well, now I know
why you're so angry
and wanting
someone to blame.
No, not someone to blame.
For the murderer to get caught.
Well, you knew her.
What were the other
possible motives?
What do you mean?
Like, who was she buying from?
Maybe something went wrong.
What do you know?
I know that Phoenix found out
about you two, and he wasn't
very happy about it.
Are you serious?
Fuck you, man.
You're just too
emotionally involved.
You can't see all the angles.
He didn't fucking do it.
How do you know?
'Cause I was with him
the night of the murder.
I remember he was lecturing me
about being with her.
"Never trust a junkie," he said.
Maybe someone from his gang.
You've changed.
Coming in here
with your lame-ass theories.
Really think the cops haven't
checked in to all that, huh?
They've been burning to nail
Phoenix for something
and send him back to the clink.
He didn't fucking do it.
I just know.
Everyone knows it was that
dumb abo, Black Bobby, anyway.
Cops haven't charged him!
All right?
It doesn't make any sense.
Why are you defending him?
He returned my wallet.
So what?
He probably just did that
cause he knows
the cops are
watching him close.
I went and apologized
to him too.
[Shane] You fucking what?
Yeah, that's right.
He's a hate crime victim, okay?
I cleaned up the vandalism
we did too.
I can tell you
that he didn't do it.
Why the fuck would you do that?
What makes you so sure, huh?
What makes you
so cocky and sure?
I don't know.
Same as you, okay?
The guy makes guitars
out of shovels and stuff.
He's not what you think.
Guitars out of shovels.
Nah, Chris.
There's a way bigger
difference here.
I've known Phoenix
my entire life.
How can you really know someone
in just a couple of days?
I don't know, all right?
Just--he's not
what people think.
You're a fool.
You know that?
You've never been street smart.
I'm smart enough
to know the truth.
You think you know the truth.
Are you stupid or something?
It's all--it's all fake
pedophile grooming tactics.
That's bullshit.
Mate, he's been seen in the past
walking school kids home.
That's fucking bullshit.
-He's been seen!
-Fuck off!
I'm not a spreader of hate,
I know he did it.
Yeah, so you've seen
a good side to him.
Everyone has a good side
to them.
It doesn't erase
their past mistakes.
You're nave, man.
And I'm worried about ya.
I'm fine.
[tense music]
Yeah, walk away, Chris.
Like you always fucking do.
[singer vocalizing]
[Angus] I don't know about this,
Don't pussy out on me now.
The fence is down.
Do you really think
we should do this?
Man up.
[suspenseful music]
This is nothing in comparison.
You're an idiot.
[birds chirping]
[Oscar screeches]
[glass shatters]
[Angus] What are you doing?
Hurry up!
Wait here.
[Angus] Where are you going?
[Oscar chirping]
[Angus] What--what--
what are you doing?
[Oscar screeching]
[tense music]
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Fucking hell, Shane.
[Angus] Nah, I'm out of here.
[grave music]
[Bobby panting]
[extinguisher hissing]
[Bobby coughs, wheezes]
[solemn piano music]
[Bobby clears throat]
[mutters indistinctly]
[breathing heavily]
[dramatic music building]
[engine revving]
[music stops]
[dramatic music resumes]
[eerie piano music]
[engine revving]
[music fades]
[both panting]
[tires screeching]
[tires screech]
Let's split up.
[Angus breathing heavily]
[echoing] Come here!
[leaves rustling]
[echoing] Shane!
[music fading to tense music]
[echoing] Shane!
[echoing] Shane!
[mumbles] Fuck.
[eerie music]
Can you hear me?
Oh, fuck.
We need an ambulance right now.
We're in--we're in
John Forest National Park.
Oh, Shane.
I don't know.
Yeah, it's--yes,
he's still breathing.
[thunder rumbling]
[solemn piano music]
[train rumbling, bell ringing]
I always told him he was gonna
hurt himself real bad one day.
I remember...
when I was 18...
my step-dad used to beat mum...
real bad.
[Sav] I remember.
One day, I decided to jump in.
Be a hero.
I was getting the shit
beaten out of me.
Then this little guy--
he was about five--
Jumps in.
Course he got thrown from one
end of the room to the other.
Always a bold one.
If the little prick
doesn't make it...
who have I got?
Who have I got?
[Sav] You got me, mate.
[Angus] We set
Black Bobby's shed on fire.
He caught us.
Then he chased us
into the park, and he just
kept coming for us,
he wouldn't stop.
So you're telling me
you saw this Bobby
attack Shane?
Well, no.
We split up--we--
we, um, but we--
Calm down.
Take a breath.
So Bobby was chasing you, right?
Then next thing you know,
Shane's in the gully
Is that correct?
But I didn't see it happen.
[Sav] It was that blackfella.
He attacked them both.
We'll get the scum, all right?
[Phoenix grunts]
Stay here.
[phone ringing]
I'm on my way.
Are you still at the hospital?
Yeah, yeah, I am.
Listen, something else
has happened.
[Chris] What is it?
[dramatic music]
Give me the keys.
-Nah, you're not driving.
-Give me the fucking keys!
Nah, mate.
You're too pissed off to drive.
[dramatic rock music]
[engine revving]
You should slow down.
Mate, seriously, slow down.
You need to send cops
to Salisbury Road Swan View now.
I don't know what number
it's--um, it's the rear house
off the end
of the reserve crossing.
Please, you need to go now!
[dog barking]
[engine revving]
[metal music from car radio]
[brakes screech]
[Phoenix] Keep it running.
[man] Call the ambulance.
Oi, kid.
Oi, kid.
Are you all right?
[grave music]
Stay down, mate.
Stay down.
Mate, stay down.
Oi, kid!
[ominous music]
[birds chirping]
[dramatic music building]
[nurse] He's a very lucky boy.
His friend here might have
just have saved his life.
[machines whirring]
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
Never should have gone there.
None of this
would have happened.
What happened in John Forest?
I tripped over the cliff.
Bloody idiot.
You what?
I tripped.
[woman] What is it, Angus?
[machine clicks]
[ominous music]
I know you.
And I fucking know you!
[birds twittering]
You hurt my brother!
Calm down.
Shut up.
-Those boys broke into my shed.
-[Phoenix] Shut up.
They trashed all my stuff.
They killed my bird!
[echoing] I said shut
the fuck up!
They've been harassing me
for weeks.
Is that why you threw
my brother off a cliff, huh?
You fucking dog.
That's not what happened.
You fucking kill
that girl as well?
I wouldn't do that.
I wouldn't do that.
Don't you lie to me.
Don't you fucking lie to me now.
Don't you fucking lie to me!
My brothers friend was there
as well, all right?
-He fucking saw it all.
[phone ringing]
[dramatic music growing]
[both grunting]
[Bobby groaning]
[Chris panting]
[Bobby choking]
[music ends]
-[body squelches]
-[Bobby gasps, groans]
[body squelches]
[ethereal music]
[Phoenix panting]
[music stops]
[echoing] Help!
[solemn piano music]
[echoing] Someone help!
[whispers] Come on, Bobby.
[mumbles] Come on, Bobby.
[echoing] Help!
[distant, echoing] Someone help!
[muted sobbing]
[distant sirens wailing]
[Bobby on video]
Grew up in a country town.
I'm not sure we should
show this anymore.
[coffee machine whirs]
[whirring continues]
[Sav] Want a coffee?
No, thanks.
Why did you call me here?
You've handled yourself
pretty well in all this.
did what I had to.
You did.
It's 'cause you're a survivor,
Nobody ever saw it in you...
but I did.
Was it you?
Was what me?
Did you do it?
Nah, mate.
[distant, indistinct chatter]
Phoenix is responsible
for his own actions.
And I gotta pick up
the bloody pieces again.
That's not what I was asking.
Just tell me.
[Sav] There is nothing to tell.
It's all in the past.
We're all about the future here.
Now I got a job
coming up next month.
With Phoenix gone...
I could use an extra pair
of hands.
[tense music]
What do you say?
You in?
Yeah, I'm up for it.
[distorted overlapping voices]
[construction worker shouting]
[Bobby] I'm Robert Bouratch.
My friends call me Bobby.
Grew up in a country town.
I've been making shovel guitars
for about 15 years.
I've played in many bands
growing up.
First one was Black Roses.
Had that band together
for about three years.
[Chris] Tell us about your song.
It's a song I wrote years ago.
Hope you like it.
[acoustic music playing]
My soul
It cries
Because we
Should have paradise
[no audible dialogue]
All live
In paradise
[song fades]
[soft piano music]