The Y (2023) Movie Script

are you people coming?
I am waiting for you.
- Careful.
- Yes. Yes.
- Get down.
- Yes.
Hold it. Easy.
Easy. Easy.
Gently. Gently.
Take care.
- Take this too.
- Yes.
On hearing about brother
and sister-in-law's death in an accident
your grandmother
suffered a heart attack.
And even grandfather couldn't endure
the trauma of grandmother's death.
My dear, your grandmother
has left you 40 acres of land
and a grand house in her will.
I have affixed the fuse.
Try switching on the lights now.
Yes. We have power.
Yuvan, did you find your way there?
Yes, uncle. We arrived here just now.
Oh, yes.
The power is unstable over there.
I guess there's a problem with the fuse.
I've instructed the watchman...
- to get it repaired.
- Okay, uncle.
Also, you will find a gardener
over there called Sushila.
- She will clean the house.
- Okay.
Let her know if you need anything else.
Okay, uncle.
Ma'am. The house has been cleaned.
The master told me to give you the keys.
Let me know if you need anything else.
- Hello.
- Hello. Hello. Hello.
This is customer care, sir.
We wish to know your address.
Because you are married now.
We wish to send you a gift.
Of course. Of course. But first
you must come home for a meal with us.
- Okay, bro. Send me your address.
- Okay.
Oh! They have a gift offer too.
Hi, sir. Good morning.
We are coming from Rocket Courier, sir.
I have a delivery for you.
Okay. Come in.
Thank you, sir.
Take this one first.
Bring that one afterwards.
I'll call you back in two minutes.
Diksha, I enjoyed the food you prepared.
Wonderful! Are you a chef like me?
You must try my food.
So, great Indian chef,
what did you think of the food?
The food was heavenly.
Bro, Have you disclosed the matter with Diksha?
No, buddy.
I can't tell her now.
Lest her health take
a turn for the worse.
- Okay. Take care.
- Okay.
I'll leave now.
Bye, Diksha.
The food was delicious!
Yeah, okay.
Has this happened before?
No, doctor.
But she has suffered a head injury
in a car accident in the past...
due to which she lost her voice.
But this has never
happened before, Doctor.
If this recurs she
will lose her mobility.
In my opinion you should have
her examined by a good psychiatrist.
There is a good psychiatrist in Pune.
He has dealt with several such cases.
Take this.
- Thank you, Doctor.
- That's okay.
Consult him as soon as possible.
Hi, honey. Good morning.
Take this.
Are you feeling better?
Just a minute.
- Yes, Abhi.
- Where the hell are you?
I'm coming, buddy.
The meeting is about to begin.
Make some excuse for me, buddy.
The Manager is spewing
fire and brimstone here.
Everybody is in the conference room.
I'm almost there. Okay? Bye. Bye.
we have a very important
meeting at the office today.
My attendance is critical.
Breakfast is ready.
It's laid out on the table.
And don't forget to take your tablet.
Take care. I'll be back soon.
Our Company dream
was established in the year 2003.
With the immense support of employees,
smart work...
and constant implementation
on feedback...
our Company is now globally successful.
Excuse me, sir.
Good morning, sir.
I'm so sorry, sir.
All our products are available
in 48 major countries...
and our flagship products
are shampoo and conditioner...
continues to be the most sought
out product in today's market.
And today we are introducing
new products to the market.
'This is post-traumatic
stress disorder. '
'A shock or injury
could trigger it to recur. '
'If this recurs she
could lose her mobility. '
- Yuvan!
- 'In my opinion you... '
'should have her examined
by a good psychiatrist. '
Where have you been lost?
Being an Assistant Manager,
where is your attention?
Sorry, sir.
Be responsible for your position!
Okay, sir.
"Those in love. "
"Those in love end up this way. "
"They are doomed to suffer. "
"They are doomed to
suffer day and night. "
"Those in love end up this way. "
Oh my God! Do things like that happen?
Don't stress over the office.
Consult a psychiatrist promptly.
I think you are right.
Did you like it, my dear?
That's all, my dear.
That's all. I've had enough.
The food is absolutely delicious!
After brother and
sister-in-law left home...
mother and father left
the village and came here.
The village land needs
to be registered...
else somebody will seize the land.
Diksha's signature will be required
for this purpose.
I shall go and get
all the documents drawn up.
Bring Diksha when they are drawn up
so she may sign them.
Uncle. Uncle.
Uncle. Get up, uncle.
What happened?
Come. Get up. Get up.
Careful. Easy.
I hope you are okay.
What had happened, uncle?
You were lying there..
This house is haunted by a spirit.
What do you mean, uncle?
I had an bizarre feeling
last night, Yuvan.
I felt as though someone
was standing behind me.
I got a fright.
I panicked and went out.
I felt like someone was
dragging me back by the legs.
That's all I can remember.
I know what happened next, uncle.
Soap oil was spilled on the ground.
You stepped on it and slipped.
I think you are deluded about
someone pulling your leg, uncle.
No, Yuvan.
I told you what I experienced.
Now it is up to you.
You have to do something, bro.
It will be too late
if you don't take action.
What do you mean?
Your uncle must have given
you well calculated information.
Do you also believe in ridiculous ideas?
God exists. That is a fact.
Spirits exist. That too is a fact.
It's fine if you don't
want to believe him...
but don't make the mistake
of ignoring his words.
You are taking everything
lightly so far.
Look, you were told to consult
a psychiatrist. Did you do it?
No. Never mind that, you were supposed
to approve the file of the last meeting.
Did you do it?
For past two days I am going
through unusual experiences.
Don't know how do I tell you.
I have to go. I'm sorry.
Wait. What's the matter?
Nothing. I'll call you later.
Diksha, what happened?
Diksha. Diksha. What is the matter?
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Diksha! Diksha!
Who are you?
What are you doing over here?
I am Yuvan.. Yuvan.. Yuvan friend.
This is not the right place.
Don't come here in future.
This is her history so far, Doctor.
- Hello.
- Yuvan,
the land has to be
registered by the 20th.
Bring Diksha with you.
I felt I should tell you
in advance as you are a busy person.
Diksha won't be able to make it, uncle.
She is unwell.
Why? What happened to her again?
Uncle, I don't know what
happened to her yesterday.
She passed out again.
I told you that house
is haunted by a spirit.
But you disregarded my words.
- Uncle, I..
- Listen.
Bring her to me right away.
We will get a shaman to exorcise her.
Okay. I'll call you later, uncle.
Hello, Yuvan.
If you don't mind,
may I ask whose call that was?
Yes. It was Diksha's uncle.
Did he say this house was haunted
by a spirit or something to that effect?
Not at all, sir.
When he visited us last time
he saw something that startled him...
but none of it is true.
I want all of Diksha's medical documents.
And if possible get some CCTV
cameras installed around the house.
Very well, sir.
I will have them installed.
Yuvan, no footage
is available on the CCTV.
There is a problem with
the main switch in this house
which causes flickering
from time to time.
Didn't you order a UPS for the CCTV?
I have ordered it,
sir, but not yet delivered.
Hmm. Okay.
Then go.
I am terrified. Come with me.
No. You go.
Ghost! Ghost! Ghost!
- Ahhhhhh!
- What happened to you?
- What happened to you?
- Ghost.
- What happened?
- Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro.
- Diksha.
- What happened? Diksha?
- Bro.
- What happened to Diksha?
What's the matter? Why are you afraid?
Come with me. Come.
Nothing has happened to Diksha.
Come. Let's go. I am telling you.
You are needlessly afraid. Let's go.
I witnessed it myself, sir.
There was a ghost behind the window.
Then the lights started flickering.
I am telling the truth, sir.
Please believe me.
Look, sir. I am telling him
but he refuses to believe me.
You see?
Sir, the switch is faulty.
Just ignore these things.
Last time my uncle was here,
this is what spooked him.
No, buddy. Something is seriously wrong.
This light..
Keep your mouth shut. If something
was wrong I would've noticed it too.
Why don't I see it?
- Didn't you say that temple?
- Yes.
Come. Let's go to the temple.
- But, buddy..
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
- I witnessed it myself.
- Believe me, buddy.
- Come. Come.
'I am telling the truth, sir.
Please believe me. '
'She was sitting. '
This is not the right place. '
'Don't come here in future. '
'No, buddy.
Something is seriously wrong. '
'I told you that house
is haunted by a spirit. '
I am of the opinion that
there is some connection...
between the phenomena
over here and Diksha.
I want you to tell me everything
about Diksha in detail.
I am an orphan.
I was raised in an orphanage.
Diksha lived in the same orphanage.
The bond we shared wouldn't
let us stay apart even for one day.
We faced no difficulty...
whatsoever at that orphanage.
She stood by me and I stood by her.
We lived in a world of our own.
A world that we were
gradually building...
...with our unexpressed love.
She lovingly called me Yuva.
- You want to play a game, Yuva?
- Hmm.
You lose each time just so I may win,
don't you?
I don't want you to ever lose.
Will you do what I ask you to do?
Promise me.
What do you want me to do, Yuva?
You trust me, don't you?
I shall tell you after you promise me.
God has punished us for our mistakes.
We have been married for eight years.
We don't have any children as yet.
Please return our daughter to us.
I beg of you. Please.
We know that you are Diksha's parents
but we can't allow you
to take her away by force.
We would not object if
she consents to go with you.
Why have they come to take me now
when they don't care about me?
I won't go. I do not need them.
You promised me.
Sir, I did everything to persuade her.
She refuses to go with them.
Diksha, being adamant
is not a good quality.
Sure they are wrong...
but circumstances were
different when you were born.
They were unmarried then.
They could have taken
you away after they got married
but your grandfather was
the Headman of several villages.
Their family's reputation
would have been marred.
That's why you live here.
Whether you go
with them or not is your wish...
but I am confident...
your future will be very bright
if you go with them.
I understood the meaning
of the word orphan when she left.
Then I completed my studies
and started working.
I would call the Warden every day
to find out if Diksha had called...
or if he had any information about her.
One fine day the Warden called me.
Diksha's father called, Yuvan.
He wishes to see you.
He will be visiting
the orphanage this Sunday.
I was over the moon.
I felt like I owned the world.
But God had other plans.
Hello, Diksha.
Yuvan called. He left this morning.
One more thing. I did not talk
to him about your marriage proposal.
I guess it would be best that
your parents discuss it with him.
Do you hear me?
Diksha. Diksha.
Say something, Diksha. Diksha?
Diksha lost her voice...
...along with her parents.
Diksha's uncle was aware of everything,
which is why he got us married.
There were several instances when
I wanted to tell her everything...
but I didn't have the nerve.
It occurred to me that it
might have a negative impact on her
if she recalled the past.
- That's why I..
- Yuvan.
Look here.
She is crying.
She is trying to connect
with what you said.
Perhaps she hasn't forgotten everything.
She still has faint memory.
"Love is akin to worshipping God. "
"Love is akin to blowing winds. "
"God knows what it touches"
"God himself is unaware of it. "
"Just know this, my love. "
"My love for you is eternal. "
"Eternal. "
"Eternal. "
"I want to lay down my life for you. "
"I want to lay down my life for you. "
"I want us to be together
life after life. "
"My world lies in your arms,
in your path and in your refuge. "
"My world. "
"Nothing is possible without you. "
"Every breath of mine
is a treasure with you. "
"Eternal. "
"Eternal. "
"I will be with you forever. "
"I will be with you forever. "
"I want to color our lives
every moment of my life. "
"I want to conform to your dreams,
your thoughts and your questions. "
"Conform. "
"I shall pray to God. "
"Eternal. "
"Eternal. "
Yuvan, she's doing wonderful.
In a matter of time
she'll be doing great.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
How are things?
Everything is fine.
Immediately go and stop the clock!
Diksha. What's the matter?
What happened to you, Diksha?
Are you okay? Huh?
Take this. Drink it.
You'll feel better.
How did this clock come to this house?
- Bro.
- Huh?
When I was booking your wedding gift...
I received an offer of an antique.
I guess this was the clock on offer.
Okay, ma'am. Come.
This clock?
Sir, I had sent this one.
We know nothing about this family.
- They said four people would be there.
- Okay.
They paid in advance.
The items were delivered.
They didn't show up.
- How long could I have waited?
- Okay.
Anyway, tell me what
you want to do about it.
If that is the case, can we
find the address in the agreement?
He did not make an agreement.
We might have a photo.
Let's take a look.
- Hey. Bring me his photo.
- Okay.
- I'll leave now, sir.
- Yes, I am leaving too.
All right.
Let's go, sir.
Okay, thank you.
It's okay, sir.
Sir. This was the family involved
in that accident.
Yes, my dear. We are coming.
Hey stop!
'Hello, Diksha.
Yuvan called. He left this morning. '
'One more thing. I did not talk
to him about your marriage proposal. '
'I guess it would be best that
your parents discuss it with him. '
'Diksha. Diksha. '
'Look here, Diksha. '
'Look at me, Diksha. '
'Diksha. '
'Look, I am here, Diksha. '
'I have come to take you with me. Diksha. '
'Look at me. '
'Diksha. '
'I am your Yuva. '
'Look, Diksha. '
'Look at me. '
'Diksha. '
'I have come to take you with me. '
'Diksha. '
I should have helped that family.
At the very least I should
have called for an ambulance.
But what could I do?
I panicked when I saw
Diksha in that condition.
My brain went numb.
I think maybe that family
has come for retribution.
Bro. At least believe me now.
I witnessed it.
You are right.
They must be back for retribution.
I feel you should not live
in that house.
- Hello.
- How are you, Yuvan?
I am good, uncle.
How is my girl?
She is good too.
Look, Yuvan. What's done is done.
You need not stay there anymore.
In any case you will be coming
here for the registration day after.
Take a few more days off and stay here.
It will be a change
and you will feel better.
I will deal with the rest.
Okay, uncle. I'll see you.
Okay, son. I'll hang up now.
My job here is done.
I shall leave tomorrow morning.
What are you doing, sir?
Aren't you sleepy?
I haven't handled a case like
this in my entire professional career.
I have never had the
opportunity to witness spirits.
O Lord! You are here
to witness a spirit?
Is a spirit like a girlfriend
who you're eager to see?
Just the thought makes
causes me to wet my pants.
Abhi, where is the psychiatrist?
Oh! Just a few moments ago
he was here looking for a spirit..
- Looking for a spirit?
- Yes.
Oh God! Bro. Bro. Wait.
I'm coming with you. Stop.
Huh? The door closed on its own.
Be quiet. There's a floor
spring problem with that door.
Bro, the lights are flickering again.
God! The lights have
switched off completely now.
Be quiet and watch.
- Bro.
- Yeah.
Where did you go, sir?
We looked for you all over the place.
- Why?
- Spirit.
- There is no spirit.
- What?
There is no spirit?
What do you mean, sir?
We all assumed that there
is a ghost in this house...
but I never saw it.
And reaching a conclusion without
clarity is not in my profession.
To clear my doubts I installed
cameras in two places.
One was next to the bathroom
and one near the clock.
And exactly at 11:05...
I got a hint
to clear all my confusions.
Several times I observed...
that the lights flicker at sharp 11:05.
The lights flickered at
the exact same time even today...
and then it went off.
The pendulum in the clock
which was stopped all day...
started moving at exactly 11:05.
Therefore I wanted to open
the clock and take a look at it.
I opened the clock and I bought
this machine and I came to know...
that this is a specially designed clock.
Apart from clock
I had another confusion.
Oh! What is the gardener's
photo doing in here?
What connection could this
family have with the gardener?
I realized surely there
is some connection...
between this family and the gardener.
Then I forcibly asked
your security person
and I got answers to all my questions.
Why was the gardener crying?
What did you do to the gardener?
I know nothing.
I know that you are aware
of everything that is going on here.
Do you want to tell me here or
spill the beans at the police station?
No, sir. I will tell you.
I have been working as a watchman
at this house for many years.
One fine day the master
brought Sushila here...
and employed her to tend to the garden.
Sushila's daughter and
son-in-law visited her often.
Sushila cherished her granddaughter.
Even the girl adored her grandmother.
Will you miss me?
I don't want to go to the hostel.
I want to stay with you.
Grandma, please convince mummy.
Sonu, daddy has a new job.
He gets late when he drops
you off and goes to office.
That's why you must stay
in the hostel for a few days.
Later daddy will buy
a house close to your hostel.
Even grandma will live
with us then. Okay?
- Promise?
- Promise.
Bye, grandma.
Bye, Sonu.
- Bye.
- Bye, Sonu.
Shall we?
- Take care.
- Bye, grandma.
Please stop for a minute.
Take this money, Ramu sir.
No. I cannot accept..
Please take it.
Say bye, Sonu.
- Bye.
- Bye, my dear.
Then we received news
that Sushila's daughter
and son-in-law had an accident.
Her son-in-law passed
away in the accident...
while her daughter lost her
mind due to a wound on her head.
The doctor said she
wouldn't survive long...
and that she should keep her daughter
with her for as long as she lives.
Stop! Sweetheart!
Her grandchild was staying
at the hostel.
That's why she was brought home.
Very often she would run
away to her husband's grave.
She cried.
Sushila had to bind her
daughter's arms and legs.
Take this. What's your problem?
Come here.
Do you want to die?
Take this. Eat.
Don't make me angry.
Still she would sneak out of
the house and go to her husband's grave.
When Sushila found out that
the master's family was coming...
to live here, she told me they
will drive my daughter and her out...
and that she had no house to live in.
Where is she now?
Vidya. What happened to you?
Take a look at what
happened to my child.
- What happened to her?
- Shh!
Don't cry aloud.
Are you out of your mind?
If they find out your insane
daughter was living here...
they will expel all of us from here.
Quiet. Quiet.
Nobody should find out.
Let's bury her around here somewhere.
I buried her and came here just now.
All of these events were a coincidence.
Your uncle and Abhi saw her
and thought they saw a spirit.
As for Diksha..
The clock's alarm was set to 11:05.
And because of the sound of the
alarm Diksha was terrified every time.
And I arrived at this conclusion
during my session with Diksha.
Okay, bye.
Thank you, sir. Take care.
She left me alone.
She left me alone.
I buried her and came here just now.
What is this?
Get up, Sona. It is 11 o'clock.
Only five minutes remain.
Do you know what gift daddy
has brought for you?
"Happy birthday to you!"
Mummy, why do you get me to
cut the cake at exact 11:05 every year?
Because you were born at 11:05.