The Year Without a Santa Claus (1974) Movie Script

Have you been told?
Did you ever hear of the curious,
furious, fidgety year...
...when Santa Claus unhitched his sleigh
and vowed he was taking a holiday?
How do I know so much about Santa?
Well, I'm Mrs. Claus.
It was long ago before you were living.
Not yet Christmas, but past Thanksgiving,
though I can't give you the very date.
Santa got up that morning late...
...pulled on one boot, and then its twin...
...ruffled the whiskers on his chin...
...and sat back down
on the side of the bed.
- Great North Star, but I'm tired.
- He said.
Painting wagons red and bright,
sharpening ice skates half the night...
...wrapping presents in ribbons and gauze
has worn me weary.
Said Santa Claus.
Crick in my back.
Cold in my nose.
Aches in my fingers and all 10 toes.
And a sort of kind of kink inside
whenever I think of that Christmas ride.
Now, Santa, you just rest yourself
a bit longer.
I've already sent for the doctor.
We'll have you back on your feet
in no time.
No wonder you got
the shiver and shakes.
Probably never got over the case of
near pneumonia you picked up last year...
...gallivanting around the world
in your open sleigh.
And for what?
Just to deliver presents to a bunch of folks
who don't give a hoot in the first place.
But, uh...
Now, now, doctor.
It's not just presents, and you know it.
What about all that Christmas spirit
and goodwill?
If you had any sense,
you'd give it up as a bad job...
...and stay home in bed this year.
Oh, come now. If Santa stayed home,
why, there'd be no Christmas.
Who cares?
Nobody cares about Christmas anymore.
They don't?
Of course not. Hm.
Wouldn't surprise me none
if nobody even believes in you anymore.
Now, Santa, don't you pay him any mind.
Nobody cares a hooting holler
for you or Christmas.
Oh, by the way, merry Christmas to you.
Now, Santa, I hope you're not going
to take any of that to heart.
No, Ma. The man's right.
I had that same feeling myself,
but I just wouldn't admit it.
Nobody really cares anymore.
And besides, the doctor says
I'm really not up to snuff.
Besides, I'm due for a holiday.
I better call the boys
and tell them to cancel Christmas.
Warn the people, tell the papers.
I'm much too tired for Christmas capers.
But, Santa, you must be kidding.
But it was true.
Santa was taking a holiday
and the world would soon know...
...that it was to be the year
without a Santa Claus.
Did you ever hear of that terrible year...
...way back before you were born?
When Santa Claus took a holiday
On the night before Christmas morn
It was a year without a Santa Claus
A Christmas Eve so sad
It was a year without a Santa Claus
The worst we've ever had
Santa woke up one day
Looking tuckered and gray
And this is what he said:
I could sure use some rest,
I'm not feeling my best.
And he yawned as he took to his bed
There'll be a year without a Santa Claus
I'm sure they won't miss me
There'll be a year without a Santa Claus
Beside your Christmas tree
And he slept through the day
As the hours ticked away
And the time was growing near
And the children, they cried
They thought Santa had died
Every eye shed a blue Christmas tear
It was a year without a Santa Claus
A Christmas Eve so sad
It was a year without a Santa Claus
The worst we've ever had
MRS. CLAUS: Well, can you
imagine, ha, ha, more or less...
...what happened
when that news reached the press?
Headlines screamed,
wires went humming.
"Santa says, 'Too tired, not
Out in the stable nuzzling hay,
the reindeer dreamed of Christmas day.
But Santa phoned the reindeer groom.
SANTA [OVER PHONE]: Uh, hang up
the harness in the big storeroom.
He called to his elves
and he told each gnome:
Cover up the shelves.
We're staying home.
What? Cover the shelves?
Cried the gnomes and elves.
- Cover the dolls?
- And electric trains?
And the rocking horses
with shaggy manes?
And the rubber boots
for splashing in parks?
And the cowboy suits?
And the Noah's arks?
And the Noah's arks.
And the animals too.
Hello. Jingle Bells,
number-one elf speaking.
And Jangle Bells.
Will you stop that?
May I ask who is calling, please?
Oh, hi, Mrs. Claus. Yes, Mrs. Claus.
Okay, Mrs. Claus.
Sure thing, Mrs. Claus.
Right away, Mrs. Claus.
- Who was that?
- Oh. That was...
Come on.
Hmm. It fits. It fits very nicely.
I bet I could be Santa Claus.
[SINGING] Who would know the difference
If Santa Claus was me?
Yes, who would know the difference?
Just Santa Claus and me
Anyone can be Santa
Why can't a lady like me?
I admit I'm underfed
But with a pillow from the bed
I could be Santa Claus
Oh, anyone can play Santa
I've fantasized it a lot
With this hat upon my head
And his suit of Christmas red
I could be Santa Claus
And with his "ho, ho, ho"
I'd be going
Down the chimneys with his sack
And although my curls may be showing
I'll make sure they only see me
From the back
Yes, anyone can be Santa
A tantalizing remark
Though his boots are not my size
With a twinkle in my eyes
I could be Santa Claus
With his reindeer and his sleigh
I'd be up, up and away
Yes, I could be Santa
I could be Santa
I could be Santa Claus
Santa, you changed your mind.
Oh, joy! Oh, happy day!
Well, boys, what do you think?
Hi, Mrs. C.
Mrs. C?
No good, hmm?
Well, I guess we'll have to
move right on then to plan B.
- Plan B?
- What's that?
As I see it, Santa doesn't want to go
because nobody cares, right?
He thinks there's no Christmas spirit,
no goodwill. Right?
So all you have to do is go down there
and find some example...
...of Christmas spirit
left over from last year.
Scout up some goodwill
and show him some proof...
...that somebody cares.
- Right?
BOTH: Right.
Santa will change his mind,
and presto, Christmas is on again.
Now, make sure you don't get lost.
- Lost?
- Lost?
Vixen's made the trip. Haven't you, dear?
- She'll take you. No problem.
JANGLE: Yeah, but...
Just hurry along and gather up
enough proof to change Santa's mind...
...and we can get on
with Christmas as usual.
Bon voyage.
Send us a card now and then.
I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing.
But faced with the idea of
having no Christmas at all...
...drastic measures were called for.
Well, what's all that racket
out there, Ma?
Oh, ahem, uh,
it was just one of the reindeer...
...getting himself some exercise, dear.
What with all the rest
and relaxation around here...
...everybody's jumpy as a leapfrog.
It just isn't natural
for this time of year.
They'll get used to it. Heh.
I have already.
I tell you, this is the life.
If you say so, dear.
Uh, are you thinking that I'm doing
the wrong thing by staying home?
Of course not, dear.
But if you should change your mind...
Okay, what are you up to, Ma?
Me? Up to something?
Oh, ridiculous. Do I look
like I'm up to something?
SANTA: No, you don't look like
you're up to something...
...but whenever you look like
you're not up to anything...'re up to something.
What are you up to, Ma?
Now, it's nothing that need concern you.
Poor Jingle.
Poor Jangle.
Jingle? Jangle?
Consarn it, Ma. What's going on?
They're only trying to help.
Where are they?
Well, they thought they'd just
browse around the world...
...and see if the folks didn't really care
about you and Christmas.
You mean they went down there
out into that cruel world by themselves?
Oh, of course not, silly.
Vixen went with them.
Vixen? She's just a baby.
Oh, the poor little girl.
No telling what might happen.
Now I'll have to go after them.
Do you think you ought to, dear,
with your cold and all?
I have to go.
Why, those three won't even get
past the Miser brothers without...
The Miser brothers? Oh, dear.
Oh, I forgot all about those two.
Of all the fool things for them to do.
Why, if Snow Miser doesn't freeze them
just for the fun of it...
...his devil of a brother
will put the heat on them for sure.
On the double!
Away, Dasher! Away!
The Miser brothers. What a pair.
Snow Miser, who controls
the northern part of the world...
...trying to turn everything to icicles...
...and his nasty brother
trying to keep the south so hot...
...with nary a snowflake a year.
Thanks to me, Vixen and Jingle and Jangle
were headed right between the two.
Where are we? Where are we heading?
What do you see?
Don't just stand there, you fools!
They're part of that Santa Claus gang
of goody-goodies.
Ooh! They must be on their way... start everybody dreaming
of a white Christmas again.
Don't let them get through.
Singe their britches for them.
Get them. Get them, get them!
MRS. CLAUS: Of course
I never dreamed that little Vixen...
...would make the mistake of flying
right smack into Heat Miser's territory.
They got away. They got away!
MRS. CLAUS: Just a baby, perhaps,
but little Vixen pulled the boys...
...out of a pretty tight spot.
I wonder where we are now.
If you ask me, still in serious trouble.
Look! Look down there.
Southtown, U.S.A.
That looks like as good a place as any
to find some Christmas spirit.
Take her down, Vixen, old girl.
- Where is everybody?
- Boy, that's what I'd like to know.
How can we find any goodwill
if we can't even find any people?
All right, buddy, pull over.
What's the problem, officer?
"What's the problem?"
I'll tell you what the problem is.
Driving a... Riding a... Uh...
What do you call that thing anyway?
That's Vixen.
Riding a vixen the wrong way
on a one-way street...
...crossing the white line...
...and wearing funny looking suits
on a Sunday.
- But...
- Tell it to the judge.
Hmm. Maybe they don't like reindeer
in these parts.
I know what! We'll make her a disguise.
Take your socks off.
- Take my socks off?
- Just do as you're told.
And there we have instant Rover.
Now then, ahem,
let's take our dog for a walk...
...and see if we can find
some Christmas spirit and goodwill.
JINGLE: Yoo-hoo, madam.
- Yeah, what do you want?
I wonder if we might
speak with you for a moment.
Do you believe in Santa Claus?
At my age? Wha...? Who are you?
My name is...
And what on earth is that?
That's our little puppy dog, Rover.
A dog?
Yup. Bark for the lady, Rover.
Take that! There! Go get them!
Yeah, I've seen them.
Two little fellas wearing goofy clothes.
Uh, they didn't get into any trouble,
did they, officer?
I'll say they got in trouble.
Wait till the judge gets finished
with them lawbreakers.
Huh. He'll give them what for.
Not much Christmas spirit there,
and just as I feared...
...they're in trouble already.
We better find them quick.
Poor little guys.
Must be scared to death.
I'm scared to death.
Serves you right.
"Bark for the lady, Rover," indeed.
Why don't we just skip the whole business
and go home?
I'd like to,
but I'd hate to let Mrs. C down.
We've just got to find a trace of
Christmas spirit and goodwill somewhere.
I know.
Santa's favorites have always been
the little ones, the children.
- Why don't we talk to one of them?
- Good idea.
There are a whole bunch
of children over there.
Let's talk to them and get out of here...
...because I think Vixen's coming down
with something. She's got a slight fever.
Ooh, poor thing.
She's just not used to this weather.
You just lay down here in the shade, girl.
We'll be right back.
JINGLE: I beg your pardon, young man.
Uh, may we have a word with you?
Sure. Heh. Hey, you're dressed up
like a couple of Christmas elves.
Haven't you heard the news?
Santa's taking a holiday.
Yeah, it was in all the papers.
Well, you don't seem
to be very upset about it.
Upset? Why should I be upset?
Yeah, what's the big deal?
You mean, you don't care
if Santa Claus comes or not?
None of you?
Of course not. It's none of our business.
Besides, believing in Santa Claus
is for little kids.
- This is serious.
- Boy, it's worse than I thought.
If I were you guys, I wouldn't waste
my time worrying about Santa Claus.
You got a bigger problem.
Huh? What do you mean?
The dogcatcher's got your pooch!
Stop! Thief!
JINGLE: Reindeer-napper!
JANGLE: You come back here!
Who said you could...?
Vixen, hang on! Hang on!
A very nice boy, Ignatius Thistlewhite.
Nice name too.
He didn't know it at the time, but
he was going to be a much bigger help... the two little elves and to all of us
than he could ever imagine...
...because a little later,
when he got home...
Uh, hi there, little fella.
Uh, can you spare a moment?
Sure. My name's Ignatius Thistlewhite.
Everybody calls me lggie.
- What's yours?
- Uh, my... Well, I, uh...
Claus. Uh-huh, Claus.
What can I do for you, Mr. Claus?
Well, I'm looking for two friends of mine.
Uh, tiny little fellas. Uh, red suits.
Oh, you must mean the two guys
I met at school.
They were asking us about Christmas
and stuff.
Ignatius, was that you I heard sneeze?
Not me, Mom.
It was my friend, Mr. Claus.
Why don't you bring him inside and talk,
and I'll give him something for that cold?
Mom, Dad, meet Mr. Claus.
How do you do?
Oh, you poor man. Drink this,
it'll make you feel much better.
Thank you. Thank you. Uh...
You say my friends
were asking you about Christmas?
Yeah. They wanted to know if we kids
cared about Santa Claus and all.
And, uh, what did you tell them?
Heck, I don't believe
in Santa Claus anymore.
That's kid's stuff. Isn't it?
Just as I thought.
You don't believe in Santa Claus,
do you, Dad?
Why, uh, yes. Matter of fact, I do.
- How about you?
- Me?
Why, of course I do.
I believe in Santa Claus
Like I believe in love
I believe in Santa Claus
And everything he does
There's no question in my mind
That he does exist
Just like love, I know he's there
Waiting to be missed
I believe in Santa Claus
But there was a time
I thought I had grown too old
For such a childish rhyme
He became a dream to me
Till one Christmas night
Someone stood beside my bed
With a beard of white
"So you're too old for Santa Claus?"
He said with a smile
"Then you're too old for all the things
That make a life worthwhile
For what is happiness
But dreams until they all come true?
Look at me and tell me, son
What is real to you"
Just believe in Santa Claus
Like you believe in love
Just believe in Santa Claus
And everything he does
Wipe that question from your mind
Yes, he does exist
Just like love, you know he's there
Waiting to be missed
Just like love, I know he's there
Waiting to be missed
I guess if you're not too old
to still believe, well, I guess, maybe...
By the way,
when my friends left the schoolyard...
...did they say where they were going?
Oh, my gosh.
I almost forgot.
They were chasing the dogcatcher's truck.
They were what?
He was taking their dog away in his truck
and they were trying to catch him.
Their dog? Good grief.
MRS. CLAUS: Poor little Vixen,
so frightened and sick in the dog pound.
It was one of those days when things
just kept going from bad to worse.
MRS. CLAUS: Santa wanted to get Vixen
out of that dog pound, and quick.
Ordinarily, Santa doesn't like to show off
his flying reindeer in front of people...
...but he was in a rush.
Gosh, did you see that?
I certainly did.
I thought there was something different
about that man.
Mr. Claus. He must be...
Wouldn't surprise me a bit.
At the moment, nothing would.
Then his friends must be real elves,
and their dog...
I'll bet that dog was a baby reindeer.
Hmm, that's bad. They won't know how to
take care of a reindeer at the dog pound.
Gee, I wish there was something
I could do.
When you've got a big problem, son,
it often pays to go right to the top man.
Why don't you stop by the mayor's office?
Tell him the whole story.
- He should be able to help.
- Hey, good idea, Dad.
MRS. CLAUS: Well, it just so happened that
Jingle and Jangle had the same good idea.
When the man at the dog pound
refused to let Vixen go...
...he suggested that they
take their case to the mayor.
Now, let me see if I got this straight.
You two are elves...
...and that dog down at the pound
is a reindeer.
And you wanna take him back
to Santa Claus.
At the North Pole.
You see, Your Honor,
we're here on a special mission.
A secret mission.
A secret mission. I should have guessed.
Because Santa isn't coming this year.
Yup. He wants to take a holiday.
No more, please. I can't take any more.
Reindeers, Santa Claus, elves.
But we are elves. We're serious.
How can we convince you?
Oh, come on, son.
What kind of fool do you think I am?
You ain't got the chance of a snowball
in Southtown of convincing me... of your story's on the level.
A snowball in Southtown?
What kind of chance is that?
Not very good. It never snows here.
Ha. Well, not in the last hundred years.
Hey, I've got an idea.
You elves can work magic and all that.
You conjure up a good old-fashioned
white Christmas for us...
...right here in Southtown,
and I'll buy every word you say.
You will?
I'll spring your, uh, reindeer
from the hoosegow.
I'll call all the mayors in the U.S. of A.
We'll give Santa
an official national holiday this year.
It's a deal.
Uh, goodbye, Your Honor.
We've got lots to do.
Yeah, see you all around the ski slopes,
Mr. Mayor.
[SINGING] It's gonna snow, ho, ho
Right here in Dixie
All will be white overnight
It will be cold on Christmas day
Hey, hey, right here in Dixie
We'll do-si-do in the snow
So I've been told
CHILDREN: We'll build a snowman
Our very first
Take down that straw man
And bundle up for winter's worst
It's gonna snow, ho, ho
Right here in Dixie
All will be white overnight
It will be cold
ALL: It will be cold
On Christmas day, hey, hey
Right here in Dixie
We'll do-si-do in the snow
So we've been told
Now, take it easy, girl.
I've paid your fine.
We'll be going home now.
A real reindeer. How do you like that?
Aren't they supposed to be up north?
That's why she's so sick.
She can't take this warm weather.
I've gotta get her home.
I hope I'm not too late.
There we go, girl.
Now, if anybody should come by
asking about her...
Oh, two funny little characters...
...they were here about an hour ago
but they couldn't pay the fine.
I told them to go see the mayor.
What am I gonna do about those two?
Now, don't you worry, Vixen.
I'm gonna take care of you first.
MRS. CLAUS: Santa was worried
about Jingle and Jangle...
...but he had an even more serious problem
on his hands.
If he didn't get Vixen back
to the North Pole fast...
...well, who knows what might happen
to the littlest reindeer of the team.
Things looked pretty grim from where
Jingle and Jangle and young lggie sat.
As far as they knew,
Vixen was still in the pound...
...and they were faced with the problem
of making it snow in Southtown.
Well, all seemed lost,
but Jingle got a brilliant idea.
Mrs. Claus. If anybody can figure
a way out of this mess, she can.
How about calling Mrs. Santa Claus?
Good idea. Why didn't I think of that?
She should be along any minute now.
I hope she doesn't wake my folks up.
Here she comes now.
Hop on, boys. Hello, lggie.
Say hello, Blitzen.
JINGLE: Hi, Mrs. C. Where are we going?
- To see Snow Miser.
Here he comes now, the big ham.
I'm Mr. White Christmas
I'm Mr. Snow
I'm Mr. Icicle
I'm Mr. Ten Below
Friends call me Snow Miser
Whatever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch
I'm too much, ha!
He's Mr. White Christmas
- He's Mr. Snow
- That's right
He's Mr. Icicle
He's Mr. Ten Below
Friends call me Snow Miser
Whatever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch
He's too much
I never wanna know a day
That's over 40 degrees
I'd rather have it 30, 20, 10, 5
And let it freeze
He's Mr. White Christmas
- He's Mr. Snow
- That's right
He's Mr. Icicle
He's Mr. Ten Below
Friends call me Snow Miser
Whatever I touch
Turns to snow in my clutch
Too much, ha, ha
Too much
Well, Mrs. Claus, how's your hubby?
Well, I'm afraid he's got
a pretty bad cold, Snowy.
Oh, that's a shame, the poor fellow.
He should have come to see me.
I'd have given him a good one.
A little chilly humor there.
Don't you dare make fun
of Santa Claus like that.
He's the nicest person
in the whole world.
Well, of course he is, sonny.
I love him a lot.
- You do?
- Well, of course I do, silly.
Why, he's the best advertisement
snow biz ever had.
Now, what can I do for you, madam?
- We need a snowstorm.
- Well.
No sooner said than done,
my little icicle.
- Where do you want it?
- In a town called Southtown, U.S.A.
What? Hold it. Hold it. Hold it!
No can do, Mrs. C.
The south is under the control
of my stepbrother, Heat Miser.
Every time I try to send
a little refreshing snow down there...
...what does he do?
He turns it into rain or fog,
and who needs that?
Well, if I get his okay,
will you make it snow?
Sure thing. But don't get your hopes up.
You'll never get anywhere with that one.
We'll have to try. Thanks, Snowy.
Ah, don't mention it,
and don't be such a stranger.
Look, stop by with your hubby sometime
and we'll have a blizzard.
Where to now?
You heard the man.
We've got to see Heat Miser.
I was afraid you'd say that.
On, Blitzen!
I'm Mr. Green Christmas
I'm Mr. Sun
I'm Mr. Heat Blister
I'm Mr. 101
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much
He's Mr. Green Christmas
He's Mr. Sun
He's Mr. Heat Blister
He's Mr. 101
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
He's too much
Thank you.
I never want to know a day
That's under 60 degrees
I'd rather have it 80, 90, 100 degrees
Oh, some like it hot,
but I like it really hot.
He's Mr. Green Christmas
He's Mr. Sun
Sing it!
He's Mr. Heat Blister
He's Mr. 101
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch
I'm too much
Too much
Well, well, well, if it isn't Mrs. Claus.
Where's your husband?
Out doing another commercial
for my brother?
Oh, come now. You know Santa
isn't on your brother's payroll.
Well, then, he's grossly unfair,
that's what.
Traipsing around
in that stupid sleigh of his...
...stirring up cold winter breezes
and causing everybody... think fondly of snowball fights
and sleigh rides and ice hockey.
I assure you, it's not intentional.
Well, why doesn't he wear a bathing suit
and drive a sand buggy?
But we live at the North Pole.
And he could sing the praises
of heat and rain.
I'll see what I can do.
In the meantime, will you do us a favor?
I don't see why I should.
Nobody ever does anything for me.
But what is it?
Could you let it snow?
Just for one day in the south.
What? Snow in the south?
Just for one day.
Hmm. Unless, um...
Unless there were, uh,
something in it for me.
Like what?
Oh, like, for instance, uh, if a little bit
of northern territory were turned over to me.
Shall we say, the North Pole?
Well, heavens, I don't know.
That would be up to your brother, not me.
Well, heh, why don't you give
the tutti-frutti snow cone...
...a buzz on the hotline
and see what he says?
Hello? Snowy, this is Mrs. Claus.
Hi there, sugarplum.
How'd you make out with the hothead?
I heard that, you snowball.
My goodness, speak of the devil.
Madam, kindly state your business
with that drippy snowman...
...and get him out of here.
Mind your blood pressure, hotcakes.
Mother warned you
about that low boiling point of yours.
Ooh! You think you're hot stuff
just because Mother likes you best.
Boys, boys. Now, please, don't fight.
If I can't have a little fun,
I might as well leave.
MRS. CLAUS: Your brother agreed
to let it snow in the south.
- He did?
- Of course, there has to be...
...a small concession on your part.
Oh, really? What does the flaming fool
want this time?
The North Pole?
Uh... Uh, yes, heh, as a matter of fact.
I told you he wouldn't cooperate.
Cooperate? Surrender the North Pole,
you call "cooperate"?
I have a good mind
to chill your embers for you.
Oh, yeah?
All right, enough of this.
I hate to do this to you, boys,
but you leave me no choice.
I'm going over your heads.
- You're kidding.
- You wouldn't dare.
I would, and I will.
Mrs. Claus.
You see what you did, you old blizzard?
She's gonna tell Mother.
What I did, you hot dog?
It's all your fault.
Come along.
We're not really going to do it,
are we, Mrs. Claus?
I mean, we're not actually
going to disturb her?
Oh, she's not serious.
We're not really...
Are we actually going to see...?
Who? Where are we going?
Who are we going to see?
We're going right to the top,
lggie, my boy.
Mrs. C is through fooling around.
We're gonna see none other than...
Mother Nature.
MRS. CLAUS: I must admit,
I was more than a little nervous myself.
I'd never met Mother Nature,
but I knew she didn't like to be disturbed.
As I said, I was pretty nervous myself.
I had no idea what to expect
of Mother Nature.
But frightened as we were,
we were that determined...
...that Santa should have his holiday.
Oh, so they gave you a hard time,
did they, Mrs. Claus?
Oh, I'm sure they didn't mean to.
Oh, yes, they did. They're nasty
little boys, both of them. Ha, ha.
Well, I wouldn't say...
Oh, I'll straighten them out for you.
Oh, yoo-hoo. Children.
What is it, Mother dear?
Now, Mrs. Claus made
a very simple request.
Now, you let a little snow fall
in Southland...
...and you allow just one nice spring day
at the North Pole.
All you have to do is compromise.
At this time of the year, especially...
...Santa needs some examples
of the Christmas spirit...
...and we must set a good example
for the people down there to follow.
So, boys, please!
- I won't do it!
- Me, neither.
Stop it, stop it!
Yes, Mother dear.
They're really nice boys, Mrs. Claus.
Oh, sometimes they bicker, but
you'll have no further trouble with them.
I do hope Santa enjoys his holiday.
How can I ever thank you?
Oh, don't mention it. Ta-ta.
Well, little girl, I guess
you're going to be all right after all.
Uh... Oh, what's this?
"Dear Santa,
I had to go meet Jingle and Jangle.
Will be back soon."
Ah. That's a relief.
Ma will look after those two. She will.
Now I can stay home
and look after my cold.
GIRL: Hey, kids, look at the snow.
It's really snowing.
Yes, dear, I'll be home early.
Well, I should be leaving here
in a few minutes.
What's that?
Don't forget to wear my what?
Galoshes? What on earth for?
Oh, it's snowing, is it?
In that case, I'll...
Snow in Southtown?
I guess those fellas weren't pulling my leg
about Santa Claus after all.
Santa, wake up. Look at these headlines.
Yes, listen to this.
"Mayors declare legal holiday for Santa."
"Snow falls for first time in Southtown."
And get this. "Day off for Santa."
Yes, and these all say the same.
Well, Mama,
I guess you've proved your point.
There is some goodwill in the hearts
of all men at this time of year.
This, especially this, ha, ha, proves it.
The world gave me a vacation.
Fast as a hurricane...
...children hurled the happy message
around the world.
Over each continent, isle and isthmus,
"Let's give Santa a merry Christmas."
With snow
the earth was already whitening.
They rolled up their sleeves
and worked like lightning.
They opened their piggy banks
and racked their brains.
They chartered buses and special trains.
To reach the Pole by the 24th
was all their goal.
East, west, north and south
came gifts and gifts and gifts to spare...
...from clever children everywhere.
Tots who hadn't a penny to spend
wrote him letters signed "a friend."
And they had more fun
that strange December, they said...
...than any they could remember.
Well, look at this.
What's this? Why, it's a letter for me.
"Dear Santa."
I'll have a blue Christmas
Without you
I'll be so blue
Thinking about you
Decorations so great
On a green Christmas tree
Won't mean a thing
If you're not here with me
I'll have a blue Christmas
That's certain
And when that blue heartache
Starts hurting
You'll be doing all right
With your Christmas so bright
But I'll have a blue
Blue Christmas
Santa, look. Presents from the children.
Christmas presents for Santa Claus.
Can you imagine that?
Santa was silent for a minute.
His eye looked bright,
but a tear stood in it.
And then, he blew his nose
like a trumpet blast.
God bless my soul.
He said at last.
By the big Borealis,
by my maps and charts...
...I didn't know children
had such kind hearts.
How could a man feel gladder, prouder?
MRS. CLAUS: Then he turned away
and blew his nose louder.
Isn't it wonderful, dear?
When we told all the children
you needed a holiday, they all agreed.
So this year,
they brought Christmas to you.
A holiday? Nonsense!
Well, why is everybody standing around?
There's work to be done!
Load up the sleigh!
Harness the team! Fetch my coat!
But what about your gout?
And the crick in your spine?
And your aches?
Pooh! My back feels fine.
Never felt younger.
Never felt stronger.
Haven't got a symptom any longer.
Now, pile all those toys inside.
There's no time to waste.
Tonight, we ride!
Wow! I don't believe it.
Hello! Merry Christmas!
Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus
Right down Santa Claus Lane
Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeer
Pulling on the rein
Bells are ringing, children singing
All is merry and bright
Hang your stockings and say your prayers
'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight
Here comes Santa Claus
Here comes Santa Claus
Right down Santa Claus Lane
He's got a bag that's filled with toys
For boys and girls again
Hear those sleigh bells jingle jangle
What a beautiful sight
Jump in bed, cover up your head
'Cause Santa Claus comes tonight
MRS. CLAUS: Well, I've heard
the old people often say...
...that there never was
such a Christmas Day...
...and that's one reason, you may believe,
why children are merry on Christmas Eve.
You know yourself,
as you hang your stockings... doesn't matter
if the winds are knocking.
Though the great gale roars, though
nobody else would budge outdoors...
...snug in your bed
while the tempest strums... can count your blessings
on fingers and thumbs...
...for yearly, newly, faithfully, truly...
...somehow Santa Claus always comes.
Santa woke for the night
Feeling things weren't right
And he was heard to say:
Get the reindeer hitched up, Mama,
I'm getting up.
Get those gifts loaded up on the sleigh.
There'll be no year without a Santa Claus
I dreamed unhappy things.
About a year without a Santa Claus
And all the joy that Santa brings