The Young Cannibals (2019) Movie Script

I ought to drag you out there
and feed you to those things.
You don't want to be here,
you should leave.
You can't spend your
birthday like this.
Don't really have a choice.
Come on, you
always have a choice.
They don't just let you
walk out the front door.
And anyway, you need keycards
to get anywhere in this place.
Yeah, I know.
What about Tim?
So you are interested?
It's one weekend.
We'll bring you back after.
They'll tell you off, tell
you not to do it again.
Then they'll forget about it.
- Was that a smile?
- Mm.
All right, good.
We're doing it.
Hey, Tim.
Ethan, what can I do for ya?
Well, the thing is it's
Nat's birthday today and.
Ooh, take those away from me.
Oh, go on, Tim.
They're just cupcakes.
I'd love to but I can't.
Me missus would kill me.
That's a shame.
Well just have a look at them.
Ethan, I'm telling you
right now point blank
there's absolutely no chance
of putting one of those
cupcakes in my mouth.
You're going to have to pretend.
So, what you been up to, lad?
I got a new car the other day.
Well, an old car.
The thing barely starts.
How come?
Well, it's got this switch
that keeps cutting
off the engine.
Oh dear.
It's there for
crashing actually.
Mine's broken so
it keeps going off.
And the reset button's
under the bonnet
so I keep getting out of the car
and pressing this red button.
And this is boring so I'm going
to stop talking about this.
But it's just over here if
you want to have a look.
Go on then.
It's just over there.
Oh, so sorry.
Bloody hell.
No, no, it's all right, lad.
I'll get it.
Don't be so bloody stupid.
You're making a mistake.
I'm sorry.
Come on, let's go.
Wait, right here.
What are we going to do?
Come on, this way.
I'll get ya.
Susan, phone the police.
A psych patient's escaped.
- Go, go.
- Come on, come on, come on.
Hold on.
Come on.
Yes, yes.
Let's go.
Pippa, you were supposed to
push the pegs into the ground.
Can't you do anything?
You're not even listening to me.
Come and help.
Tents aren't
really like my thing.
Cam can help.
I am helping.
Well, Mike can
help then, whatever.
Pippa, please, would you
put that flipping thing away.
- Teddy?
- Yeah.
Oh my God, you actually came.
Haven't seen you
in like 50 years.
Where have you been, mister?
Oh, here and there, you know.
Oh, you look so different.
Loving the beard.
Cam, this is Nat's
elusive big brother.
You all right, mate?
What's up?
That's Mike.
He's quiet.
So, Teddy, what do
you think of the plan?
What plan?
Oh, I don't know.
Maybe Ethan's ridiculous scheme
to break Natasha
out of hospital.
I love Natasha, I really do.
But she's been
sectioned for a reason
and I think people
keep forgetting that.
I don't know.
Frances, learn to be
a bit more adventurous.
You didn't even
want to come camping.
All I'm saying is my house
is a lot cleaner
than this campsite.
This is fine though.
Unless you guys want
to go to my house?
Shall we go to my house?
Your house is one of the
first places they'll look.
You tit.
Teddy, ask me if Pippa's a tit.
Oh, okay.
- Is Pippa a...
- Yes, she is!
Now can we please just
get this fucking tent up.
Pippa, so, what
does she think of me?
It's not good.
What do you mean?
Is she still mad?
It's been ages.
Guys, they're here.
Could you maybe
talk to her for me?
Oh my God, happy birthday.
Oh, it's so good to see you.
Good to see you.
- Oh.
- Hey, bud.
Nat, oh, it's so
good to see you.
Happy Birthday.
Oh, all right.
Like, how are you feeling?
Well, can't complain.
I've tried.
Nobody listens, so.
You look so, oh, this
is so exciting.
I think you should at
least give him a chance.
Pippa, you finished
those forms yet?
I've been busy.
Doing what?
I put the tent up.
No, you didn't.
Well, I put the fairy lights up.
No, you didn't.
Ethan, please just
fill in the forms.
It'll literally take one second.
Stop, just stop, please.
Teddy Bear, you'll fill
in the forms, won't you?
Yeah, go on then.
Seen the lake yet?
It's beautiful.
Mum was asking after
you, by the way.
We're really glad
you're still with us.
Look, I got you this,
a birthday present.
Frances, you really
didn't have to.
Please keep fighting.
It'll be worth it.
And you might not be
so lucky next time,
so don't you dare do it again.
Jesus fucking Christ,
Frances, just leave her alone.
Just takes the
forms to the house.
In these wedges?
They just aren't exactly
appropriate camping
footwear, are they?
What if you decide
to go on a hike
and we have to get
somewhere in a hurry,
or you actually had to run?
We're at a campsite in
the middle of nowhere.
Why would I need to run?
Just take the forms.
Come with me?
- Fine.
- Hm.
- See you soon.
- Yeah.
Oh, creepy house, isn't it?
Not really.
What's taking him so long?
Does he want his forms or what?
Well just go in.
I can't just go into
another man's house.
Oh yeah?
Come on.
Ethan, can we go?
This place is super creepy.
You come into my home
and insult my thing.
Oh my God, I'm so sorry.
- I didn't...
- I was just fooling with you.
It's somewhat of
an acquired taste.
- Blackwood.
- Ethan.
What can I do for you?
Here's the forms
you asked us for.
What brings you here?
Just here for a
girlfriend's birthday.
Yeah, but we're not together.
Nah, someone else.
He tried.
Well isn't that nice.
Well if it isn't
the birthday girl.
So, you okay and everything?
Yeah, living the dream, me.
You know, I think the
last time we went camping
was the last time
I saw Mum healthy.
Yeah, I didn't know
you were so, you know.
I would have come back.
You know that, right?
No you wouldn't.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
I reckon this guy likes burgers.
You all right, mate?
Check out these bad boys, huh?
The owner up at the house,
he's giving away free burgers,
isn't he, Mike?
So yeah, if you want you can go
and get some free
burgers from him.
Or not.
It's up to you I suppose.
I just thought I'd let you know.
Doesn't strike me as a
particularly smart idea.
Cool, man.
We're going to go, but cheers.
No thanks.
Baby, what's wrong with my meat?
You don't know
where that came from.
Yeah, I do.
It came from an old man.
They smell funny.
Yet taste magnificent.
Well how come Mike
doesn't have to eat one?
Mike's vegan.
Oh my God.
They're actually really good.
Hail to the chef, baby!
Does it feel weird
watching your brother
trying to get with
your best friend?
Are you glad you came?
I think I preferred
the loony bin.
So you don't want
your present then?
What is it?
It's in the car.
I'll get it for you later.
Actually, everyone.
I want to say I know
I've been a bit...
Basically I want you all to
know that I love you guys and...
Very sweet.
Where the fuck
did you come from?
I hate to do this but I'm
going to have to ask you
to tie yourselves up.
Tie yourselves up.
It's a simple request.
What are you talking about?
Somebody fucking help us.
Now I'm going to
start cutting bits
off of each of you,
bits I promise you
you're going to miss,
unless you do as you're told
and tie yourselves the fuck up.
Listen carefully 'cause I'm
only going to say this once
and I'm sure as shit you're
going to want to hear it.
There's something in
these woods, a monster.
And I'm not speaking
I mean, there's an
actually fucking monster
living in these woods.
And this monster hunts down
cannibals and eats them alive.
And believe me, it makes
a real fucking mess.
That's why the
monster's after me.
And now that you've eaten
my burgers, it's after you.
What are you talking about?
My burgers.
I made them from some hikers.
Oh yuck.
Nice couple, good with kids.
If I feed it, it leaves
me alone for a while.
So that's what I do.
I make cannibals and I feed it.
Which brings me
to my next point.
Your fat fucking
friend over here.
Hey there, big guy.
Didn't fancy eating my burgers?
I'm going to need
you to eat one now.
I'm vegan.
Oh, that doesn't matter anymore.
Eat the fucking meat.
Chew, swallow.
Eat your fucking mouth.
You really should
have eaten that.
Jesus Christ!
Fuck, shit, fuck.
Oh shit.
No, Cam!
Did you really think I'd
risk telling you all that
is there were a single fucking
thing you could do about it?
What the fuck is he doing?
Now get up.
We're going for a drive.
Where are you taking us?
He's a fucking cock.
Ask me if he's a fucking cock.
- Um, is he...
- Yes, Teddy, he fucking is!
Nat, Nat.
Do you have your lighter?
Yeah, it's in my boot.
Turn around.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
I'm going to kill the fucker.
- Just stay calm.
- Ssh, ssh.
- I think he's...
- Ssh.
Try the door.
Keys are gone.
He can't have gone far.
Let's get the fuck out.
Come on!
Where are you going?
Cam, come back.
Show your face.
I know you're there.
- Cam.
- Campbell.
I don't understand why
Blackwood's doing this to us.
Why would he leave
us out here on our own?
Well maybe we're not on our own.
Calm down, Pippa.
Let's just find Cam and get
the hell out of these woods.
He might be trying
to get back to the van.
We should probably
head back there.
No, no, I really
don't want to go
back to that van, please.
We're not going back to the van.
Oh, so you're just
in charge now, yeah?
We're just going to
do whatever you say,
is that how this works?
If you want to go back to
the van, go back to the van.
But last time I saw Cam he
was heading off that way.
So that's where I'm going.
No, not when our
friend is missing.
You saw what happened to Mike.
We need to prioritize ourselves.
That's right,
look after yourself.
Come on, Pip.
Your Cam's only fucked
off into the woods
with a gaping head wound.
Precisely why we
need to go find him.
You're so inconsiderate.
If we'd gone back to
the van like I said,
we would have found him.
Why don't you piss off
back to the van then?
Fuck you.
Stop, just stop it, both of you.
Stop fighting.
You're acting like children.
You're wasting time.
We need to find Campbell.
But what about the monster?
What monster?
We've been out here all night
and I haven't seen
no monster, have you?
Blackwood's insane.
And what difference does it
make if there is a monster?
Either way, we need
to get out of here.
Let the others catch up.
Shouldn't we keep going?
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I'm sorry for leaving you.
It's not what you
did to me though.
It's what you did to Mum.
And now you show up here
expecting everything
to be the same as it was before.
She asked for you every day.
And every day I'd tell her
that you'd be there tomorrow.
You made me lie to her, Teddy.
And even I started
to believe it,
that perhaps one day you
might actually show up.
I didn't know where you were,
nobody knew where you were.
You're not even listening.
You don't even care.
Just leave me alone.
Do you think it really
happened to Campbell?
I don't know.
Do you really think
there's something after us?
I don't know.
I'm sorry.
For what?
Bringing you here was a mistake.
Yeah, it was a fucking mistake.
There's not even a fucking van.
Why don't you fuck
off on your own then?
Run away like you always do.
You know what, mate,
you're a fucking prick.
Guys, Pippa's fallen behind.
Do something.
Stay the fuck away from me.
For heaven's sake,
Pippa's missing.
There you are.
I just want to go home.
My head's killing me and
I'm so fucking hungry.
I know, me too.
And I swear we're
walking in circles.
And my feet.
These stupid wedges, they
hurt so fucking much.
Look, Pip, I know they hurt.
Guys, I think I found something.
We're not getting out of
these woods now that it's dark.
We need to stay
here for the night.
I think we should keep walking.
I don't want to be out
here another night.
None of us want this.
Maybe we should
stay here tonight.
We'll be safer.
You should stay out
here, stay and keep watch.
We'll take it in turns.
I've been walking through the
woods all day just like you.
I need to sleep.
I'm not staying up.
Sorry, Ted.
Are you okay?
I'm going to go to sleep now.
I think this was a sign.
I think we're going to be okay.
There's something in the woods.
What the fuck is going on?
Oh my God, oh my God.
Oh, Nat, where is it?
Where is it?
I thought I saw it behind me.
We need to go, we
need to go now.
Where are the others?
Nat, you're going towards it.
Help me, help me.
Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.
You okay?
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Pippa, get to the other side.
We've got to get her up.
Pippa, get to the
other side now.
We've got to get her up.
Nat, Nat we're over here?
What's wrong?
Teddy, need your help.
- Got to get her up.
- It's okay.
Shut up!
Fuck, Ethan, we need to
move faster than this.
Don't leave me!
We're not leaving you,
we're not leaving you.
Oh my God, it's
there, it's coming.
It was right there.
It was right behind us.
Nat, Pippa, you two go ahead.
We're not leaving.
Pippa, take Nat and
get the fuck out of here.
We'll catch up.
- Go.
- We can't.
Go, go!
Ethan, I think we should...
We're not going.
- She said it was...
- We're not going.
It's going to kill us,
it's going to fucking kill us.
Teddy, we're not
leaving her here to die.
We're staying.
Teddy, what the fuck?
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Okay, okay.
Are we safe?
No, no.
Did you hear that?
Are we dying?
Be our light in the
darkness, O Lord,
and in your great
mercy defend us
from all perils and
dangers of the night.
For the love of your only
son, our savior, Jesus Christ.
Frances, Frances!
Where are they?
Teddy ran.
And Frances?
I really don't think
you should be doing that.
Hey, hey, hey.
Listen, you need to help us.
Please, we need you to.
We're lost.
I'm going to turn around,
and when I turn back
you're going to be gone.
I'm not going to see you.
I'm not going to hear you.
And I'm not going to smell you.
We need your help.
We've been kidnapped.
We've been out here for days.
Please, there's
something after us.
I'm really sorry to hear that.
You see, you and me, we've
got a bit of a problem now,
'cause I've turned back round.
You are still here.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, okay.
Okay, okay, we'll go.
We'll go away.
We're leaving.
- Wait, wait.
- What?
You need to help us.
Why did you decide to help us?
I decided to help you.
I think Frances was right.
Wedges aren't appropriate
camping shoes at all.
They're not really
good anything shoes.
I don't even know
why I bought them.
All they do is hurt my feet.
You really need to be quiet.
I talk when I'm nervous.
You need to leave.
No, we can't leave.
There's a monster
after us, I told you.
It's following us.
We're not leaving.
You're wasting my time.
It killed our friends.
I don't want you here.
This is my camp.
I want you to leave.
That's not your
decision to make.
It's coming.
Shoot it.
Shoot it.
Shoot it now, you shoot it.
Shoot it!
There's nothing there.
Fucking shoot it.
There's nothing to shoot.
I've had enough.
Please, please,
it's right there.
You've got to trust me.
It's right there.
Where is it?
It's gone.
Why couldn't you see it?
Can't fucking see it.
Please shoot it!
Shoot it!
Shoot it!
Watch out!
Come on, we need to go.
No, you need to go.
Come on, come on, hurry up.
Turn my back.
Follow me.
Nat, Pippa, run!
Pippa, wait.
We need to go after him.
But he told us to run.
- Let's go.
- No.
If we go that way...
Let's keep going, he told us to.
Come on, Nat, after
everything he's put you through.
He's my brother.
He abandoned you.
He's a shitty brother.
That doesn't matter.
So you're going to
go get yourself killed.
Just 'cause you're happy to
die doesn't mean that I am.
I'm not.
Nat, I'm sorry.
Come with me.
Don't you get it, Nat?
He's dead.
Nat, we're
not going to find him.
What's that?
I don't know.
Let's go down.
Natash, Natasha.
Frances, no.
This is where it feeds.
It eats you alive.
You have to go.
It eats you alive?
That's what Blackwood said.
It won't bother you if
it thinks you're dead.
What do you mean?
That's why Blackwood
covered himself in blood,
to conceal himself.
So that's what we have to do.
We have to make it
think that we're dead.
We have to look dead.
We have to smell dead.
We have to act dead.
I'm sorry.
Fuck no.
Nat, stop.
Nat, Cam's our friend.
That's the most disgusting
thing I've ever seen.
- I can't...
- This is what we have to do.
This is how we hide,
how we survive.
Just do it.
Because, because you don't
even know if it will work.
It might even attract it.
Why else would Blackwood
cover himself in blood?
Just do it.
We can't.
We don't have to, please, Nat.
We need to go.
Leave me, leave me.
We're going to come back.
We're going to get
you out of here.
What are you doing?
I can't do this anymore.
I'm sorry.
My feet, they won't run.
I'm done.
Pippa, you'll die.
Can we hide?
Nat, please, it's
going to get me
and I can't run in
these anymore, please.
Come on.
Love you, Nat.
I love you, Pip.
Close your eyes.
Is it gone?
No, no, Teddy no, no!
Teddy, no.
Please wake up.
I can't do this
by myself, Teddy.
Come on!
I'm right here!
Come and get me!
Oh my, Teddy.
Please don't die.
Please don't leave me.
I can't do this on my own.
You're strong, stronger than me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry, Nat.
I was scared and I was selfish
and I'm not brave like you.
I shouldn't have
left you and Mum.
You came back.
You saved me.
Don't give up.
You're the bravest
person I know.
You stayed with Mum when
I got scared and ran.
Thank you.
You didn't give up
then, don't give up now.
You've come this far, Nat.
You'll find a way, you
have to, for all of us.
For Mum.
Oh Teddy.
I need you to do
something for me.
I don't want to be
alive when it comes back.
No, pretend you're dead.
It'll leave you alone.
I won't need to pretend soon.
For me.
Don't ask me to do this.
I don't want you to go.
I don't want to be on my own.
I love you.
I love you.
Good evening, Natasha.
I have to say you're
looking great.
Fuck you.
I was simply doing
what had to be done.
You fed us to that thing.
I want you to try to put
yourself in my shoes, Natasha.
I want you to gain a
little perspective.
I was in a plane crash.
We survivors were lost
in a frozen wasteland.
We were starving.
We were desperate.
We ate the pilot.
What I did was an
effort to survival.
Our cannibalism
summoned this monster,
and it's followed me ever since.
And now it's after you.
But you're just like me.
You're a survivor.
Leave now.
Do what I do.
Feed people human flesh.
Stop it coming after you.
I'm not like you.
You stupid bitch.
Excuse me.
I'd like to check back in.