The Young Don't Cry (1957) Movie Script

come on what
how the hell is snow on a show let's go
wrong boy I caught them fresh this
morning say it is and a lot of shovel is
gone and how much about 35 cents I
recommend I give you a quarter
thanks mister thanks oh no I get back
alright pick it up doozy back to work
come on boy little on the shoulders what
so wonder you boys ain't killed up like
flies that we go tearing around these
woods I thought everybody from the
orphans home went on vacation during
August well they do if they got
someplace to go
you ain't got nobody guess what you're
going to do with yourself for a month
turn out my boat this here's my new mask
and what's your gang doing here mr.
Whittaker got the new drainage ditch
through the marsh grass I see you've got
a fine stand of corn this year
how about slip on a fuel into a sack for
me huh show miss wick
come on come on we got all day come on
get that truck come on Alice and get the
letter set up in there all right knock
it off on Sarah mr. Quinn's going to be
done in a minute jumping all over me hey
Henderson come in
you heard me
he's a big fella not mister Gwynn's let
them go down and washed all by himself
yeah he is kind of big he's grown a lot
the last couple of months
not enough think he's suck motor in that
boat hey Bradley you ever on a boat hey
Alan come on trucks leaving in a minute
I ain't going mr. gringo alone ain't
enough room for me two for two for five
250 275 lost all here we come
tough bow down I go those people in
yeah well we're all taking two also with
us is mr. guinta let him he's too little
besides I thought we were gonna foster
beds and all yeah well we are we ain't
got too much grub and besides he's too
young and besides he'll overload the
boat we got to make a raid on a
storeroom tonight you don't want them to
go huh look come right out and say so if
you feel that way Jimmy and this don't
be like that we got to make a raid on
the storeroom Figo's you gotta make that
well don't you methane hey you want to
go Alan
shell all that if Timmy doesn't mind
well I'll ask mr. guinta I wait for
nobody ain't downstairs in three seconds
these your clothes hey I asked you these
our clothes
he ain't going on vacation nobody asked
you Enderson you ain't answered me yet
let him go Bradley
how come you takin up for little fella
well I tell mr. Gwynn you interfere with
my authority you might lose your
vacation think your big fella nah let's
see how big you are don't fire the Alexa
loser make it all the way Brown car
stomp your guts out
but wait Leslie Henderson upon passing
let's go downstair go believing here two
minutes you all right boy Wingo throw
the book at you put it Ron you better
get him out of here come on this a Oh
Bradley you run into something
come on boy come on yes I'll be let me
let him in there go easy on dear
here the mrs. Quinn good evening Leslie
come in
come in let me sit down after a little
talk if you want to go about your
session mr. williams i'm little
surprised to see you here I'm sorry sir
you almost broke Bradley's nose you may
try to act like a big fella William I
would Bradley side other now I want
yours it was just a fight sir tal Merrik
little exactly you want it your what now
16 you'll be out of high school in two
three years you got any ideas or plans
or outside well I thought I'd try for a
scholarship to Tech you want to be an
it's a very good chance for me sir
isn't it the only one I got the chance
depends on what kind of man you will
come what kind of man do you want to be
listen I don't know what I haven't
thought much about it
well I have son that's my job preparing
boys like you for themselves you refuse
to tell me why you're defending Allen oh
yes I know all about it but had no
excuse fighting use of violence is
answer to a problem yes sir
big boy now so I'm not going to beat you
but I am going to take away a week ago
all this vacation and you're not allowed
to go to town or to go out in your boat
and if there's any more trouble with
Bradley I'll take away your whole
vacation you can go
hey I didn't see you take a shower
harness yes I did not honest
all right come on let's go out
a whole week August this kills the trip
to Warsaw if you were so hard for
Bradley's blood when you take them out
and back it up on look if you want to
get yourself another vacation but it go
right on ahead last I didn't mean
anything like that cause I don't want
nobody else look go get set up for the
rain not give me a sec now I have two
lights go
Alice this matter ourselves winder if it
does crimes like rubbing yourself in the
door when you scared
what are you scared of Helen I'm just
scared all the time a lot good to go
everything I'm scared and I don't forget
nothing you know something I'm scared -
scared of the same thing put your big
left the end of the line it small at the
I know what it is I didn't think about
how it could have been nice having a
place in all
pretty terrible being alone and afraid
in the dark
thinking how it could have been only
makes it that much tougher
you gotta think about tomorrow the
things they're going to do what were you
going to do
before you know this daylight it's time
to do all the things you thought about
don't think about how it could have been
north that you all never get nothing
just think about tomorrow I get to sleep
on okay
with Bradley's all messed up you big
fella now they're what you wanted what
do you want crazy oh I don't know just
talk maybe why I mean we never talked
before we're allowed was class
distinction less I can have a buddy up
with you before because I was a big
felon you want that you show big fella
now now we
you know max Cole once told me he never
stuck his neck out for anybody he says
you got to walk away from trouble unless
there's a big guaranteed payoff
now if you to hit Bradley a little
harder maybe bust his head on a bedpost
yourself you would have been stuck with
a felony five maybe ten years for
you'd be an ex-con and Alan would be
grown up and forget about you that would
have been your payoff
Alan wouldn't forget you listen to me
Alan and the others like him would take
sympathy where they can get it and milk
you dry and then forget about you it's
not their fault it's just the way things
when's the last time you heard from your
seven eight years do you think you're
ever going to hear from her again what's
that doctor delicious answer me
were you ever hear from her again
no I don't guess I will okay
Max and me didn't begin to think
straight till we realize something if
you're old kin don't care about you why
should you stick your neck out and care
for somebody else
I don't know what you're looking for
when you get out of this place but you
won't get it you go sticking your neck
out and walking into trouble like you
did with Bradley I'm not looking for
anything except maybe well it's a chance
when I get on the outside it's all
that's all everybody was but you don't
stand a chance to you learn to call your
shots like Mexico Lee Max Cole Michael
can't you think to yourself max Cole
there's a rag tailed hard head left this
place and made of many books yeah
yeah that's what you got to do all right
make a million bucks like max cause it
ain't easy you've got to be ready to
step in your best friend fix or I gotta
get a hold of something I don't want to
be just another fucking bum well maybe
you won't be boy you just listen what I
tell you
and don't blab this around Mexico is
coming down in a few days and I'm going
up to work with him and his truck
announcement I maybe I speak let me give
you a few tips hey I thought you wanted
to be a chemical engineer yet so does
everybody else
I can't even remember the formula but
I'm going to make max think I'm giving
it all up to work for him
what's the matter with you I've been
signaling for 15 minutes oh yeah yeah
since becoming it in from the side to
the back him bringing it down for me
even to write perfect I don't know
come on it's what the a Philomena still
got the boss left and somebody made a
raid on the storeroom last night got
away with a lot of stuff mr. Glen is
plenty so uh so if you fellas know who
did it better tell them to be careful
here think anybody knows how could they
know did you hide the grub in a good
sure the old steel trunk out on arrow
point except for some stuff to swell
Philomena for the board come on let's go
the purpose of assessment
Filomena sunny leone you must be out
leave this stuff here and we'll take the
ball up here why hi hello and drink of
we got a drink of water for mister what
is this game coming up come out which
one was it
he's the one getting to drink of water
Tom mr. Whittaker
I mr. Whittaker Oh your boy it's hot in
it yeah it's hot you seem to forgot that
little bit of corn your problem oh no I
didn't forget I'll bring it down
tomorrow getting the snakes this morning
mr. Whittaker yep - hey can I have a
drink of water
help yourself Thanks Melissa told me
about that gang killing that snake how
must have been something huh mr.
Whittaker mr. Whittaker said I can have
a drink of water reserves are plenty
water I am I didn't get a chance to
really thank you yesterday oh thanks no
siree how do they call you my name is
Leslie and that there's Jimmy near the
truck I've told doozy that honking
nothing's called Rudy hi Rudy I could be
boys from the orphanage yeah what kind
of place is it up there oh it's a home
for boys just boys they worked pretty
hard up there well they work it but not
hard during August a case you can go
just about any way you want
we go at a time huh not unless you sneak
off but if you got a boat you can go out
on the water
maybe sail to an island called Warsaw
and hunt and fish have you got a boat
yeah well that's it the boards are full
see we got to fix the gunnels runner so
then we can take it out in the open town
let's go hurry on down go down you come
down again last night yeah new face
every night okay let the way to go
doesn't lack
take care of yourselves I'll come on
duty bye woody mr. Whittaker why are
they say that coming up and going down
ain't nobody but a trustee supposed to
be out of the ditch they don't have to
ask to come up but if and they don't
stick their head up blowed off and no
questions asked
come on Jimmy let's go so long mr.
Whittaker don't forget that a bit of
corn your problems left no I won't pick
it up Rudy pick it up
nice pointed at home yeah yeah nice kid
she got a book I've been doing this a
little Rudy yeah well I was a kid I
fuller our top must be a nice place
actually written that nice boy I have a
you hear what you say about that wild
island you go into in that book the dice
man get yourself free get to a place
like that
they write a man be approval on all is a
life I'm back to coop nor give me a job
washing dishes go someplace go to the
picture show up tonight
Oscar walk around the town just be free
be good command Alicia Freeth get the
pleasure like a time
now don't you
you know not how did you find out
everybody knows to use the coolest man
whatever come understand just a cool
colored man was planned a diverse tear
on you how did you find her - gang 34
shame about a land run for that sense to
try to get away from mr. Krug and he
will full make it how did you find out a
figure that every one of them full had
some special get away and a figured
father right doubt of where every one of
them for was a trustee and you up
performs the plug to make trustee today
134 years I've been watching the car
just like they watch us and they're
smart to see but they got their
weaknesses two and three and a half
years I'll crawl on my belly make
Trustees now I can't so I got some I
gotta get out of that ditch to use your
does that make sense
eleven seconds to come up on the dish
shot a couple yet on fire you open your
mouth I'll kill you last to usual you've
got to have its match I'll try a novel
time ago when it was young I'm sure
Chris won John Bell you general are
going to have a little chat with mr.
plug so step off
you got no right said what I give you
and I'll give me one good reason why
should make you a trustee then it could
constantly there's no good reason cause
I made you good yes I got no good reason
you know better than all the rest of the
slime in the ditch really it's true
you've been a good con why it's called
you Russa almost been too good a
one-shot gun put down a black mark
against you couldn't save my cut sir you
was put here by impartial men and women
cuz you didn't know how to live with
decent people now ain't that right Rudy
yes sir yes sir mr. block and I'm hired
to teach you to learn how to behave
of course maybe maybe your smartypants
thinking you can get away with something
I just pull these triggers and you got
no reason for anything anymore I just
pull a trigger and it's all over you've
got no worries you're thinking of
getting out finding yourself a nice
clean woman having yourself a time
raising kid just not your head a little
bit don't even have to say anything and
I'll kill you and hold you back to the
barehand ground you hear what I say Rudy
you'll hear what I say
your water trustee on whiticus ditch guy
now get out keep it the fuck y'all sadly
get out I hate the study I made a mr.
Billy I want to trust you with mr.
better hurry you won't get no supper yes
I know coffee well Johnny everybody
could handle a green go like this oh
thank you thank you well here we are
morning just like a children Oh max is
beautiful I never believed it's an
orphanage you take my word for it this
is an orphanage different names the
different boys but it's still Brockton I
heard he's got a million dollars for me
it'd be more like it
he started out with an old broken-down
truck now we've got a whole fleet of
trucks and a million books and married
that good-looking dish the boys are
waiting to see you max probably hungry
too Laurie
so you know pretty good in school right
Johnny enough bad back I have a pretty
good chance with these a du Pont of
Mount cancer huh their representatives
are up to school last week they made me
pretty good officer of course I want
your advice
Oh Johnny I'd be glad to give you any
advice I can you know that man
boys and if you didn't know this is max
cold he used to sit where Ellen is that
now I need everything in talking and
very often it belong to the fellow sit
next to Mac is a Barton fella and an
example of what hard work will
accomplish this is his wife that's going
to build and equip a brand new gym
classic Shores planting a student a max
who is that fella named Bradley Mars we
have a big guys to know when I was a
little fella here shanku Lewis he was a
first class slalom you know in a way
he's responsible for me being for I am I
swore I'd never be like him when do I
have our gumbo it was always nice to
secretly usually ate most of mine I take
that roughly eight max there's a fella
here I'd like for you to meet hey les
is he your home buddy
well that's kind of special Mac here
yeah he's kind of a high-end like you
and me Leslie Henderson B max code I'm
glad to meet you les hard at huh
well I mean that's me all over Hector we
see the one we vote
yeah he's I used to have a book he was
an old below I think four times one day
yeah I remember that boat Mac max use
take me fishing all time is : iced
it was nice meeting you miss Cole same
to you I'll see you later
hey let you wait for us in the car
they've been yapping in there for an
hour I come planter told you to wait
here oh he says he's going to get max to
explain some things to me I guess I'd
better beat it then o you later I'm
carless it's alright no I called me a
rotten one of these once real
good-looking name throw me into town
want to take me to New York could be a
secretary ah that's right what's that
Bradley let's see yeah that there's the
air conditioner don't it helps that yes
I'm sorry you get away from there
it all seems impossible the check Lewis
would have a double but there he is you
know as a matter of fact unless you had
a little trouble with Bradley yeah
because he took up for a little feller
lost whole week of his vacation I
thought maybe you'd give him a few
pointers like you gave to me out about
sticking your neck out for somebody and
well you stick your neck out often
enough on your father's no percentage in
it but ain't ain't no exception well
what could take the place of looking out
for number one
but you're saying everybody's the same
out to get you well everybody is the
same the only way to make it different
for you and to protect you is to stack
it up a mile high so any money it brings
running a protection and if you don't
get them first they'll get you you know
this world just full of guys just
waiting to take over now you take two
guys one gives and other takes now which
one is going to end up the winner
when I ain't that according to what you
want to win I mean well maybe the guy
given is getting a lot more out of it
than the guy taken especially you know
you're right Johnny is a hard head at
least he won't be stampeded hey Johnny
you can drive Thank You Man
come on Isley no I I got some things I
got to do thanks anyway
okay see you later Amina this is Lesley
y'all I took some boats for my boat and
I left some cans of tomatoes and stuff
and well I just want enough was okay
well I reckon so I thought maybe you
pass him by on the road you smelly
shrimp you come in to get some you look
Thanks looks like he had a good catch
today mmm then how's that mean old boy
John Clancy
I had seen him in a long time
oh he's okay he's gone to summer College
growing up a man ain't got no time for
Philomena I didn't know your new classic
Oh mess honey
a hardly avoid a day off and home ain't
come down here just like you grieve and
a cried about one thing another I reckon
I'll listen to more trouble than a
how come you live alone Philomena never
seen the man what could win me but don't
you ever get lonely sometimes
well ain't you got any friends you go to
see oh I got friends but I never go see
him what about your folks your mother my
mama's dead honey
ain't you got a brother or sister nobody
but Jesus and needless
you better go les gettin late
leave it alone les honey stop asking
stop looking
maybe someday you'll find a nice girl
and have a family
anyway up
all right back to work
go to get away plan really
yeah but I in need got a problem
can I have two
I need a reason for kitchen to live
rattlesnake what you sing sing live
rattlesnake I need a reason and even
plug won't suspect folks respect
everything maybe you're telling me try
and make a little pocket money to get
the backing right so yeah go ahead just
see if you get bit so ever try how do
you live what you got my bag
I'm a karateka oh I get some cold and
stuff say I bought this year watermelon
so alright if I give it to that's a
pretty nice-looking melon all but I'll
bring you one tomorrow
sure I guess it's okay thanks
hi Rudy I love it oh yeah I brought you
this a watermelon
Oh mr. Whittaker said it was all right
oh thanks good that's great what a melon
when is this child had some of this
sushi you know you're buried in that
fresh dirt if it'll get cool just what
I'm going to do are you coming on your
boat lest you get it fixed up you yeah I
had a lot to do ain't had much chance
yet boy I sure miss that Salem I just do
a lot of it when I was a kid I miss
being up there all by yourself I know I
shall miss it it's about the only thing
I got going down to Warsaw no hey you
ought to see my boat Rudi
she's 14 feet long and she's got a
20-foot mast on her and wait'll I put
the gunnels on her boy she'll really
ride well it's not a sail kid but I can
handle her right she's good enough to
get me down to Warsaw and that's all
that matters
coming up top hey les
yeah you will learn nothing hanging
around gangers what you're talking about
oh just talking is it all right I reckon
we'll be careful of them too they're
killers mr. Whittaker how long you been
a guard 19 years seen a lot of tough
gangers in my time
Paula Delta they ain't one and that
bitch wouldn't split your head open
if it wasn't for this shotgun you well I
gotta go I will say less could you bring
me a little bag of cucumbers letters if
it won't get you in any trouble
no trouble at all how is plenty left
over dough location I'll uh I'll bring
him back tomorrow thank you left where
you been down at the ditch I am making
out okay how much calls the one around
all day oh yeah till today I never
really believed all the stories about
why not I don't know what I was like
seeing a movie but he's real or to have
a car like that and a woman like that
going to place your wine why don't you
call like that :
heck I don't know I guess thousands hey
listen we gonna need some more nails
I'll go get them hey it was max Chlo
hi max whoa is Cole hon hi Maisie
hi hello max such a homebody yeah that's
Jimmy Brown what is much of a boat no I
don't guess it is well it's mine is that
important to you
well of course it's important to win
it's a very nice boat Leslie well I like
having it but but I don't lean on it I
mean going around town making a big deal
out of it he wanted to go for a ride
with us last night oh I had things to do
oh boy a good mood last night I might
have bought you a new boat
so you missed your chance you're sort of
stuck in that on again and they got
clipped see hi Maureen look I got the
nails what's the matter with you
nothing's the matter every time I don't
spy I think some of the mother I don't
feel like smiling all right
as political action yeah
not just for the time as any
what is it really like to ask a favor
favor yes grapevine says that there's a
man over to Bluebell a middle by live
rattlesnakes for $10 apiece
why get away a catch-up sir and I could
show you the money for cigarettes and
things like that you ever have your
actions we're a little silly
now you can get your rattlesnakes what
do you do should get bit
I won't get bitch I got away acacia
Thank You mr. Kline
thank you
okay plug angle give up will I
I work Anna cucumbers nice little one
hey Thank You les it's real nice you
here let me give you something to eat
you stand back there let's have a good
plate for this boy has that boy also
nicer that way bringing them vegetables
to mr. Whitacre and watermelon to you
unless coyote I do think all boys grow
all of his vegetables up at the home
yeah now we got a pretty big farm out
there yeah I was a boat couple
oh shit about half done no but I got
time plus the week of my oldest vocation
for fighting they laugh hang around
because of the punishment I was thinking
about that Island you talk about Warsaw
must be nice out there boy you ought to
fear big wide beach all yourself a real
quiet too deserted yeah because the
block that follows about the only people
of iboga was reckless why it's so far
off the coast and there's nothing there
I mean no shrimp oysters been the
canneries you got a sale open water to
get there no you go past the big open
sound and then you cut right through the
mouth and straight ahead for water what
do you do for food less take it with
ease we swipe some stuff out of the
storm and we've got it hidden in a
sealed trunk on a narrow point oiled
point that's what we put out that brush
the Cold War some more food ask them to
tell you about them rattlesnakes you go
you really want to catch rattlesnake
yeah where it is what really nothing to
you just got to remember that the snake
is scattered and you are answer
mr. Whittaker sir that you killed a man
yeah that's what the court said to
reckon you want to hear all about it not
if you don't want to tell them I don't
mind telling you
I was a stranger down here I met this
girl he was a real nice girl too he's
out to a bar one night he's having a
real nice time and this drunk come up
started getting fresh so I hit him
I hit him a little too hard because he
of course it manslaughter in here I am
can anything be done legally No
let's talk about something else they'll
often I did talk to somebody new
howdy mr. Clark Hollywood
that more oh just a boy watching the men
good boy - brought me a couple of sacks
of vegetables Adonis's against him
yeah along with
all right look
hi Alan like you all doing well I'm
fixing my shirt let now we're left looks
like I believe in you pretty soon yeah
why max here just give me a job
hey that's terrific Clancy now you have
a plan on making those fruit that's all
the rest of your life
some of my best friends are shrimp we
just going to think it that way and
they're gonna wind up talking to
come on Johnny come on
what is it that I work a lot of talk to
you about all hats of what I make these
max I collect driftwood now why are
Amanda and I sell other people like I
said everyone I make only had a little
store and I could get some people to
collect and grip wood for me and and I
could stay in the shop and I could I
could make them and I'm selling how much
I'd only need about two thousand dollars
why should I give you 2,000 bucks
they do prate max I'm not doing too well
in school and Santa's packing a suitcase
Clancy's packin and you saw and make
each other jealous huh
maybe class he was doing a little
bragging yes sir no sir you know how
many bombs come in every day nothing for
a job of her alone or for money if I do
if I want to have to do for all I want
to start with you are you go beg
somewhere else but up and you stay away
from me
you don't understand smash what's
happened DS what what did it do for you
to crucify that boy both your ego make
you feel important I get a hundred plus
I got every week thank you for I hand
out of a start as kid was just like all
the others Whoopi you you didn't even
stop to find out all right I'll give
them the money
I'll get my start in business I'll wipe
a snowstorm matter but you always end up
doing buying off your conscience that's
the way the percentages work you'd
better stop thinking of percentages and
start thinking of human beings max
before it's too late
well this is it
are you all packed yeah I'll clean up
ready to room
talk to mr. Blaine yet no not yet
of course I'll say goodbye I suppose
back strolling I haven't told anybody
anything wiseguy
all right leg what's Matt your what's
the matter yeah what's your head up you
don't need anything you're so smooth
you're slimy
or that do you said that Bradley
followed to me ask him for money I
watched you con me ever since the first
day I arrived I was hoping you'd level
with me but one did a phone call to your
teacher and I found out how dumb you are
you're my little son I kept hoping you'd
snap out and be your Patsy so I can you
you were wide open for word you were
biggest board once you're not playing
smooth I had the best teacher in the
I'm not going to hit you here hmm
and here's a hundred bucks now you
report to the Washington garage as a
clerk I'll just forget about the job and
keep the hundred bucks
this time I missed
I will miss nectar
hi roadie boys hottie
yeah I don't want you coming down here
no more this neat right boys hanging
around calm yeah sure mr. Witter
see boys doesn't screw it all right back
to work
one down one to go
all right thanks for today what are you
talking at truck
my clothes look any you guys follow me
and I'll blow your heads off
I don't carry with you Rudy I'm trying
to break up the trailer it's easy to
follow up but we got to follow
oh boy
we said ma'am around here I'm the
superintendent my name is Gwen what's in
trouble at a prison breaking a road gang
look and yet here anyone hurt me escape
this man ever had named Whittaker
slipped up on his guard and duty just
once they got him two trustees named
Rudy and Uzi how many boys you got there
nearly 50 the only inside yeah well you
keep them inside because I won't put a
god out back that killer got away and I
don't want to take no chance of getting
in here and hold one of these kids as
hostage now y'all as you stay inside
here you hear me
it ain't only just the gods and the guns
and the convicts where's the dog was
they kill a man that's what they trained
to do if I catch any of you outside I'll
will the Todd heard what he said boys I
hope you hit him quickly they get
justice mr. D'Mello just as good as Dave
right now longer
wigs you say here keep moving around
let's go boys standing going the
assembly bill I want to be sure all the
boys in time
hey you ain't supposed to be out here
you reckon you're going to get them
they'll get them no I know these woods
pretty well you know what I got I just
get myself into this hunter I'm a funny
place we could hi
would not match the real recently come
Big Shot of them
I'm back here
trying to stop him buddy Rob
like I say yelling something about cold
he was going to show Cole who's in
charge of his Hudson where do I find him
mr. plugs in shock but he's probably
after the roadblock right up the road
but it can't let you go come on what are
you gonna do try and get them to stop
listen we found Bradley if that will
happen up for ourselves mr. mr. plugs
bum crazy over this escape nothing's
stopping till he gets his gun where's uh
less even come too far we have to go
into the woods you know better than I do
come on boy keep your boys inside no
one's allowed out no one okay mister
would you wasting your time on blood all
set plug daughter in the back where do
you want me to go I will coffee blood
okay Frank overbalance what some of the
men are coming in
I'm recording minute vampire
everything's blocked off from the liver
Thomas applause no sign of them yet
you owe me sending out a helicopter soon
as of stealing we have thanks Adam but
that's always the way I hadn't bought in
do you understand I drove home with it
already done that I bet there's planning
this a long time I remember the day Rudy
was made trustee and I remember - it's
my responsibility I don't want no loose
talk about it
yes sir your honor you take shitty side
move into the March now git come on boys
city side let's go
hey Billy Boy there's something down
your eye grip to the road to my side yep
you had no business letting them
youngins out that report is out we've
got to call us us million dollars until
we find them
mr. a nothing on God's green earth can
make me stop til I get them two escaped
convicts they killed one of my God's
support mr. Pope we got one of them on
the run hitting your way I left us to
lose that time you can block them off
did you start up a North Road
he's been there done that mr. I'm going
to pay for this we got one prop telling
me the track down the rule is good in a
most that boy
bugging you ready to get up just give
the word come on I'm gonna go make me
come in ask here all right
I'm one ask you just once and I want
your name some of your here wait that
rule yet
he's dead why I saw a dead one it was
back in the school who's next
a mr. Graham
they got one of them Filomena sound he
tried to get away and young billy
brought him down guilty
Vista bling what is it some
My Week is up tomorrow night all right
listen you can go to wall so in the
morning thank you
you know Jimmy's coming with me no can't
let Jimmy go he's gonna have to take
over Bradley's detail and Jimmy's going
to be a big song yes I guess you you're
a big fella too
you better go less
I knew too
just bow your head of the list
don't grow up to be a mean man son
don't grow up and hurt people the mean
man ain't got no excuse and the good man
don't need one
gonna unload my birdie when I'll attack
my birdie gonna rally round the Savior
when I take my burden to his people
slain a bright and shiny and groaning
there's a bright and golden glory save
my soul
you make a noise and I'll take your kid
what are they don't know don't lie to me
they've all over
Edna doozy it caught my Filomena's last
young Billy killed all
come on Donald the Pope what are you
going to do with me like one for small
and I'm going to kill you like a god the
god get the mass down
loraq we use the open hole for pivot
point there will spit out and half dozen
of all parties and cold the marshes in
the islands cold ocean the very tired
mr. plugging the dogs is how rude is
tired too and hungry now I've been
hunting killers for night on two to five
years and I've got everyone I want after
only one way to catch this Rudy that's
with men and guns and dogs now ain't
nobody else got a better idea we're
going to comb them marshes and I promise
you will come out of there with Rudy now
split up I'm going to be dark in about
an hour
we're shoving off then
are you thinking about going through the
nars tonight good night
you won't make it what a course tied
between here and the NAS is against you
it won't be riding to nearly daylight
tomorrow don't lie to me laughs don't
lie to me
only you've got to go through the moss
class it's only about six inches of
water when tides out no Creek no cut
through it nothin unless you want to
pull it over
what's it
and we pull it over
there's sharks in the water six inches
of water like they get trapped in cool
we're going over no you'll never make it
how maybe we're going over what makes
you so happy
aria next call crime violence nothing
touches any of you know I want setup
understanding you carry nothing I add
again okay
was just nice cold and I want to talk
about well I want to know there's much
cool exactly there used to be an office
I thought guy like you kind of guy I'm
going to be they want to be tough for me
I don't want to talk about it
yes the sky millionaire like Mexico stop
that first leonesse just like this one
nothing's gonna touch me no more
then of all you pick three men and come
with me the rescue stay here on watch
the river hi youtl you you play this
yeah he was here all right we aren't him
now boys he got himself a fool he's
headed toward the open water then it has
to go through the Narrows if he's gotten
through the four big islands from night
on out there that guy's against it today
to get through the night as he go but
not anyway just might have gotten
through I just bet you a whole year
sorry just didn't gotten to now come on
the whole event was dancin Oh
little boy get everybody know ii think
all right inside miss now what we're
going to do is wait here till Uli comes
back to roost
the phonate already got through he
didn't get through if you say so I face
it when I get inside
like what
how much were they here I'm a traitor I
don't know what a while I'll check it
I'll be sure to get happy so I've always
been on a fight
hey Pumbaa No Oh condom or I'm going to
make it kid so close I can taste it
if you do make a booty what're you going
to do then go someplace change my name
sometimes nobody knows me get married I
even have kids I'm lucky I'll tell you
one thing you never mean another plugger
anybody liking her smashing just like
you what a wreck but after what you went
why don't you live it up why go out the
communitarian Rudy you're tough
why does it just walk away from it if
anybody's got the right you have maybe
should the kind of guy who's got a fight
you just better that's all you got to
squeeze this world for what you can get
just like Max called lefty suspected
he's just another plug with money that's
not a bum
ready to kick a little guy in the teeth
any chance he gets in there wrong life
you know why they got nothing working
flipping this will accept their own
crummy hides nothing did nothing but
themselves and every time you meet one
any time you better run for cover and
hide a stand and fight and then fight
come on let's go let's go
clothes on the fall in the morning mr.
plug your we're back inside and 6q we're
waiting it out
I'm gonna make it late I'm committed I'd
like to see quick sights in the morning
just to see him squirm that's because
one man got away
name one man kid he's never going to be
the same again every time he looks at a
con he'll be seeing me a ting plug is in
court hidden yeah I don't need no close
it there's a hope he I knew that old
it could also one of them offering kids
I bet you anything will he stole it I
bet you anything Rudy's on that boat
he's trying to get away good exam what
are you gonna do turn around go back to
the flat without you coming Ronnie I'm
gonna shoot he's getting away
so tell them don't
where's that Rudy Rudy Rudy who came in
billy boy you tell us let's go and what
about my boat mr. plugs in it go let me
all right go in here would you please
tell my condition to go to ward off or
to medium is why exactly shut up yeah I
wanted it either in a hole is it boy 16
16 and a half now boy what you already
talked about it the ditch about the
prison camp you mean about the escape no
we never talked about that
don't lie to me boy because you're old
enough to go in the game
I don't like a slip your face over if
you say it's me what do you see is Fred
violence you're not dealing with
criminal this is my warrant
he ain't nobody's isn't all them his boy
helped him an escape and he probably
knows right now where Rudi is at don't
you boy no sir listen did you have
anything to do with this escape no sir
all I did was talk to Rudy and duty
that's all about what about the prison
camp you Rudy tell you why he was on the
game he's a murderer did he tell you he
killed a man when he was asking you to
help him escape you going to shield a
murderer I can prove you helped some boy
and if I have it's going to be hard with
you you can't prove anything
I'm going to beat the living daylights
out of you boy I'm going to do just that
you don't tell me where that rule is
that I told you I don't move get out I
have you ready to get my water here get
out of here before I call the district
attorney I told your boy and I mean what
I said help them escape tell me the
truth you can help them escape
what do you know something knows you and
I got a rake you talk and I'm gonna make
you talk did not help them escape
and don't get me again
taking with you
hey where you been I've been looking all
over for you over to get them a boat how
do you feel all right what happened in
Thomas moaning well Chloe now I'm really
a fired yeah through after I got
arrested they sort of roughly up a bit
but when he got there six million bucks
what they can't go too far less did you
help those men
Bertie caught me and forced me to take
him to Warsaw floods killed is dead but
why did you say so last night
all right it's all a part of a picture
pin trying to figure out
did you figure it out alright a given in
last night told plug everything I might
have wound up like cleansing or even you
just another tough guy with a chip on my
well I'm trying to lose that chip left I
hope you do max is there anything I can
do for you a job give it to Clancy
you'll need it
I don't know I guess you don't palace by
Mac boy you've done crazy things but
turning down a job with Mac's cold you
might be nice I could have never done no
I don't get you trip
what do you mean by that