The Youth (2014) Movie Script

- Are you serious?
- He said he saw it himself!
- I don't believe it.
- Did you see it?
Heard that somebody see it.
- It's freaking out
- When was it?
- What's wrong with her?
- Crazy?
I also heard it. But it's ridiculous story.
I am talking to you.
Oh, hi. How's your brother?
Good, sir.
That's nonsense!
Who else knows about the rumor?
I's really Hye-ri?
If I become school president...
- Hye-ri.
- Hi...
Are you coming to rehearsal?
We shouldn't be late.
I see.
And I will also promote
safe sex of teenagers.
Vote for me, Lee Jung-woo.
I promise to work tirelessly for our school.
Yong-soo, how was my speech?
It was so hard to memorize.
I liked the 'safe sex' part.
It's all about the money.
If I win, my parents need
to build a new gym for school.
My mom would spend some money.
What are you going to do about Hye-ri?
Does anyone else know
that she's pregnant?
Something I shouldn't hear?
I thought you were a teacher!
thanks for backing Jung-woo in this election...
Why would you thank me?
Good point.
I helped you with favor.
My friends and I will be expecting alcohol.
Sure, let's go drinking.
We don't want to hang out with you.
We just want you to pay the bill.
Yeah, Jung-woo is also busy
preparing the election.
What are you, his servant?
Come on, we're just friends.
- How's Hye-ri?
- What?
- Wait...
- You shithead.
Shut your hole.
I'll be waiting, Jung-woo.
Bye, then.
That asshole!
- I'll kill that son of a bitch!
- You know you can't do that.
- A stinky bitch.
- Calm down.
Just don't bother.
What about Hye-ri?
You need to convince her, fast.
I don't know...
Does he know something?
Of course not.
You need to focus on yourself.
- Look at you.
- Hey.
- What do you know?
- Nothing.
What is it?
Well, the thing is...
Some sophomores were talking about
a video of Hye-ri.
It's probably just a rumor,
but some say they really saw it.
Ha-na, where's Hye-ri?
She was just here...
I made up my mind.
I'll get the abortion.
Please don't be bothered.
Official announcement,
LEE Jung-woo is selected as school president
Jung-woo, they're looking for you!
- Hurry on.
- Yes, sir.
We present you this certificate
The president's speech will be followed.
Fellow students, thank you.
I will do my best
to make your high school years
I knew you'd make it.
Vice president?
Yes, I'm Chang-min.
Good luck.
You too, sir.
- Hey, congrats!
- Congratulations, Jung-woo!
Settle down!
Jung-woo, congratulations!
Did you get a kiss from Hye-ri?
Look forward to see her play during
the festival.
Hye-ri should be happy.
Turn to page 148, everyone.
"I know your girlfriend's getting an abortion."
"Whoever you are, this isn't funny."
"Come on, Hye-ri..."
"You love Jung-woo..."
"You have to do this for him...
You can have babies later in life..."
Why don't you read this, Mr. President?
"Still not funny?"
Pay attention.
I think I need to go to the bathroom, sir.
"Who are you?"
"You know her sex video?"
"That's just a rumor."
"Are you sure?"
"What do you want?"
"Find the video and send it to me by tomorrow."
"It doesn't exist. And even if it did..."
"Why would I send it to you?"
"The video exists. If you don't send it to me..."
"Everyone would know"
"about the abortion."
"Why are you doing this to me?"
You've seen it?
Not exactly...
You told me you saw it,
you bastard!
I didn't see it myself...
But I heard...
So you lied to me, you wanna die?
Where was the video taken?
It was...
In the gym...
Stop making shit up!
Some girls would make it up.
As they're jealous of her.
Who told you?
- Gun-tae...
- Gun-tae?
Jung-woo, you're fucked.
You can't mess with Gun-tae.
You know what he's like!
That bastard...
If you're not careful,
he'll make your life miserable!
- Yong-soo.
- Yeah?
You have to bring me Gun-tae's cell phone.
- His phone?
- Yeah.
Within a hour.
If there's no video on his phone...
We're fine.
You ordered him to steal my phone?
You asshole!
What made you think
you could get away with this?
You want to see her porn video?
No, I don't.
You piece of shit.
You have a bigger problem now.
I'm going to make you pay.
You're now in my VIP list.
Good luck.
You haven't seen it.
You haven't seen the video.
It can't exist.
Why do you talk like you've seen it
with your own eyes?
That's how rumors work.
Are you okay?
Don't touch!
You got caught?
They came out of nowhere. I'm sorry...
You've never been caught before.
How strange.
Lee Jung woo requested this song
for his girlfriend
Do you like it?
I knew you would.
- Will you play it on the school radio?
- Sure.
You bastard! Is it you?
What do you mean?
Stop that!
What is it?
Or is it you?
I don't understand!
Get a grip!
Get away from me!
- What?
- Are you Hamlet?
What are you talking about?
You're the only one who knows my secrets,
you motherfucker!
- I'm your friend!
- Friend?
You only kiss my ass!
You inferiority complex!
You're jealous of me!
That's enough.
You planned all this with Geun-tae
to set me up.
You asshole.
Fuck you!
I never requested that song on the radio.
Who did it?
Who was it?
You bastard! Was it you?
- You heard?
- What did you do!
- I saw it.
- What?
I saw the video.
- Show me.
- I deleted it.
Don't lie to me, you motherfucker!
I'm not lying!
Are you sure it's her?
She's in the gym with Mr. Han...
Mr. Han?
Hye-ri must be happy.
I had no choice.
Because I won the election with money.
My mom bribed everyone.
If this gets out...
My secret should be kept.
But I've talked about Mr. Han to nobody.
Where did you get the video?
Someone sent it to me.
Yes, but who?
I don't know,
but the username was Hamlet!
It must be Min-jung.
Hye-ri was preparing Hamlet in the club.
Min-jung wanted the leading role,
but Hye-ri got the part instead.
Let's start the rehearsal.
Hye-ri is absent,
- Min-jung is Ophelia.
- Yes, sir.
All this because of
a play?
- It's because of me.
- Why?
We dated for a while.
I dumped her because of Hye-ri.
She has the motive to hurt us both.
Is Hamlet blackmailing you, too?
See you.
You have to come with me.
The video is of Hye-ri
and Mr. Han.
I may not be the baby's father!
Now you're going
to abandon your girlfriend, too?
Get lost.
Look, I'm sorry that I yelled at you,
- okay?
- Shut up.
Let me ask you this.
Do you believe this rumor, or not?
Do what you want, you shithead.
Let's go.
I loved you not.
I was...
The more deceived.
Why wouldst thou
be a breeder of sinners?
It were better...
My mother
had not borne me.
I am very proud, revengeful and ambitious!
Those aren't the right movements.
It's Jung-woo.
What is it? What are you doing?
I'm sorry,
but I need to talk with Min-jung.
Hey, what do you think you're doing?
- Let's continue...
- Outside!
Let go of her.
- Or what, Mr. Han?
- Let go!
You can't do this here.
You want to sleep with her, too?
What the hell did you say?
Let go!
You bastard!
Fuck you!
Let go!
- Here he comes
- How can he become selected?
He beat Mr.Han.
He'll be in a trouble
- He's looking for some video.
- I didn't like him anyhow
How are you?
I'm at 8 weeks.
It's so tiny.
I couldn't...
Not after that.
I'm sorry I went to the hospital
without telling you.
You must have worried.
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
You shouldn't have done that to a teacher...
He's a scumbag.
You know what he did.
You saw it.
What did I see?
You told me.
I haven't seen it.
I haven't seen the video.
Have you seen it?
How can you believe everything that you hear?
I never bribed anyone.
They were all lies!
Didn't you know?
How stupid.
The video?
It doesn't exist!
I saw her diary and made up the rumor.
It's so funny.
People just believe what they want to.
For what?
Fuck you.
I was in love with Hye-ri.
You bastard...
I went easy on you.
I really did.
Good luck dealing with the aftermath.
What the hell?
I don't want to go...
Hello, Ga-hee?
Do you have a boyfriend?
Will you date me?
What're you doing tomorrow?
I'm going to the military...
Come with me.
I'm going to the military!
Pity me!
I'm joining the army!
Why the hell are you yelling?
Damn batteries!
Let's go away this weekend.
I found a great...
Hey, you're enlisted.
You are not going to the army?
This will get me out of it.
You're being ridiculous.
All men do their duty!
Where's my damn son?
Hurt your arm on purpose?
Damn it...
Want to get exempted from military service?
Stop running away, and join the camp!
Park Man-jae!
- Get over here!
- Dad, listen!
I decided to go!
Seung-ah's taking me!
- Jong-gu!
- What about me?
Go upstairs.
- Hello.
- What's wrong with you?
Why are you ignoring me, You piece of shit?
Are you drunk?
Look at you.
Still a loser?
I guess.
You asshole...
Go fuck yourself!
You little good-for-nothing.
You're all grown up, huh?
You think you can disrespect me now?
You really scare me, shithead?
Get lost.
Come here.
Get a grip.
Are you crazy?
Stay right there!
That bastard!
You'd better stop right there!
I told you!
- I'm serious.
- Why you wanted to go.
What the hell?
You motherfucker!
Are you high?
- You know him?
- Huh?
- Unbelievable.
- You douchebag!
Is this what you want?
- Let's go.
- Should we?
Yeah, let's go.
Fuck you!
Have you completely lost your mind?
- No.
- I think you have.
Get up.
Are you crazy?
Hey, hey!
Fuck you!
What a crazy bastard.
He's going to the military tomorrow!
He'll be in Nonsan!
Come on,
stop sulking!
Don't break up with me!
I can't wait 2 years!
Seung-ah, please...
I'm just giving you a ride.
And then,
it's over between us.
This can't be!
Seung-ah, you love me!
but the military is stopping our love.
If you meet someone else,
I'll go AWOL!
Your arm...
I knew you were faking your injury!
Shame on you!
I recovered today,
I swear!
I'm dropping you off
at the bus station.
What're you talking about?
This isn't the right timing!
Life is all about timing.
You just have to deal with it.
I'm changing my number.
- What?
- So, don't even try to call me.
I deleted Kakao already.
You're abandoning me...
Don't abandon me!
Then you abandon me!
Oh my god...
You're a bitch.
Yes, I am.
Are you seeing someone else?
- What are you doing?
- Stop that.
I'm sure you are.
Are you crazy? Stop it!
- Give it back
- Who's this guy, then?
- Why contact him?
- I'm going to close the window!
I'll really do it!
Over here!
We'll be military buddies!
What a coincidence!
Why did you try to avoid me?
Why ran away?
Because of your girlfriend?
We're breaking up.
- Seung-ah!
- Really?
I'm so sorry, man!
Are these all for your ex-girlfriend?
Rich bastard.
- Remember this jacket?
- Shut up.
- Does he talk about me?
- No.
We were really close.
We even shared each other's clothes.
Well, in high school...
Shut your mouth!
Okay, you don't have to yell!
It's all the past now.
Go get me some doughnuts. I'm hungry.
In high school, you...
Shut the fuck up!
What's your problem?
You only miss high school
because your life sucks, loser!
Fuck you!
You can't boss me around anymore.
You're being such a baby!
Acting tough in front of your whore?
What? Whore?
Watch your mouth!
Hey, I found him!
He's right there!
- Yes, there he is.
- Let's go get that bastard!
We're going to kill you!
- Drop it!
- He started it!
- Shut up!
- Fine!
Hey, I told you to stop there.
Fuck you!
Get him!
That asshole!
Let me in!
- You're dead!
- Fuck you!
What should we do?
I hate him!
- Hold on.
- What? Why?
- Apologize!
- Fine, sorry!
I'm sorry, I mean it!
I hate you both!
Damn it!
Are you okay? You're so slow!
- So are you!
- Fuck off!
You fell down!
Go get the car!
What a damn lucky day!
Why does he keep ruining my life?
Your phone.
Oh, the battery died...
What about money?
You have some, right?
Not anymore...
Ugh, it's fucking freezing.
- I said I'm sorry!
- Big deal!
Petty dickhead!
Help me push this car!
Don't give orders!
This is your fault.
Take that smelly cast off.
We did you a favor!
Stop getting on my nerves.
Push with me!
- Alright!
- Come here!
Say something!
I'm doing this for you!
I loved that car...
Goodbye, car.
Thanks for the memories.
We'll remember you.
You were small, but strong.
We know that.
How much money are we getting?
We can sleep in warmer place?
Get lost.
You have so many unpaid fines!
If you add the parking tickets
and speeding tickets...
This is it?
See for yourself.
What did I ever do to deserve this?
I'll pay you back!
By stealing?
Shut your fucking mouth!
Or what?
It wasn't even your car,
you prick!
What? Prick?
- I saved your ass!
- So what?
I'm getting sick of this!
I'm sorry.
My ass is frozen.
The military can't be worse than this, right?
You're right.
Did you have to make me come along?
I wanted you to come along...
I don't know it's so cold...
He means goodbye sex.
Shut up, perv.
Why didn't you make someone
come with you?
You can't order people around.
Real life isn't like the military.
If I were your senior officer, you'd be dead.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you!
I still don't want
to go to the military...
Stop whining.
You have to accept this.
It's passage for you
You can start new afterwards.
Why are my feet so warm?
- Mine, too.
- Hey!
Oh, crap!
- That was close.
- I'm exhausted.
When did you join?
2010. You?
Never mind.
Maybe you should give up. He's not worth it.
Hey, shut your hole!
Jong-gu messed with me.
So get him with those kids.
I need to make them pay.
Got it?
Over here!
What the hell were you thinking?
You can't sleep out here!
Hey, you!
It's been hours!
Stop moping.
It's not the end of the world.
Military service is your duty
as a Korean male!
Be thankful that you're able to go!
It means that you're healthy.
Otherwise, they won't be able to join?
Your health is
the most important thing in life.
You're very lucky!
You're sure you checked everyone?
I'm sure! He didn't show up!
He's right.
It's getting late. Let's just go home.
Bye, then.
- You won't come further?
- No.
It's late.
See you.
Fine, I'll wait for you.
Go on.
How romantic.
Man-jae, come on!
- Hi, Jong-gu!
- You're dead!
- Let us go...
- To the military!
- Hey.
- Yeah?
- Ready?
- Of course!
Let's make them pay!
Let's do this!
You prick!
I'll be waiting, you son of a bitch!
Those two
sure started military service with a bang.
Will you go with me, too?
Me, too!
Say that one more time and I'll kill you!
Go home.
I don't want to go...
You shot at a cop!
Crazy bastard!
They almost caught us!
And I only shot his car.
We should take away your gun.
Fucking idiot.
It all worked out.
If anything goes wrong, you're on your own.
We really pulled it off!
This is wild!
We still have work to do.
Hey, don't touch the goods by yourself!
You're pathetic.
Did you skip the military?
Why don't you talk less...
and dig more?
I can't until you've done your job!
Do you want the pickaxe?
Lee, there's got to be an easier way than this!
Let's take a break.
That's not what I meant.
Damn it.
- Can't we just burn it all?
- Not the guns.
Stick to the plan.
Stubborn bastard...
Don't you smoke?
- I quit.
- Why?
Because I'm broke.
That's so sad.
No wonder you're doing this.
Being Desperated is the best motivation.
And you?
Well...Same here.
How about you?
Are you for real?
No personal questions!
I'm getting some water.
I'll go.
Hey, Kim!
You scared the crap out of me!
Didn't you hear us?
Hear what?
Nature calls.
They'll find your DNA.
He's not doing any of the work.
After this, you won't have to see him again.
Swap with me?
- I'll do the rest.
- Really?
- Park, I have a question...
- Don't!
I'm too curious. What did you used to do?
I'm counting!
Haven't even been to the military...
Shut up!
- Were you in the Navy or something?
- I never said that
- Then drop it!
- Why?
You're acting like kids!
Get back to work!
I'm just being friendly.
- He's lovable.
- I'll find out all about you!
How will you do that?
I'll Google you.
Sorry to disappoint,
but I'm not on social media.
So, good luck.
Drop it!
One thousand.
2 million 47 thousand.
You get 30 percent...
Which is about 72 thousand.
You get
60 thousand.
Take 75 thousand
and 62 thousand each.
Are you kidding me?
We said 1 million each!
It didn't go
as we planned!
You must be happy with your billion.
I sold everything
I have to invest in this job!
And this is all
I get?
If you invest more,
you get more.
That was the deal.
Still, this sucks.
Let's do it again.
Not interested, but good luck.
Is this what you do?
You recruit people online
to rob banks?
What do you mean?
You had a plan, stolen cars and phones...
And guns.
I'm just a desperate man, like you said.
And I got lucky.
Let's hurry.
How about doing it one more time?
No thanks.
Fine by me!
Stop goofing off.
I'm just having a smoke.
No personal cell phones!
You worry way too much.
We made the news!
'3 masked gunmen
threatened a bank teller.'
'They got away with three'...What the hell?
What is it?
They're saying we got 3 million!
They must be mistaken.
Or they rounded up.
We have less
than 2.5 million!
That's not
rounding up!
It doesn't matter. Let's just get back to...
Shut the fuck up!
There's only one explanation!
Someone took that money!
Who was it?
No one had the chance
to hide it!
Was it you?
What do you think?
You had the chance!
He kept disappearing!
I never even touched the bags!
But you did!
he didn't do anything.
Shut up. Park, you...
- Was it you?
- I suspect you!
Put the gun down.
We can't turn against each other!
The success is just in front of us.
That's bullshit!
Wait, you carried the bags
when we got on the car.
This was your plan all along!
Stop pointing fingers!
I'm sure of it!
Only he could have done this!
Why whould I look for the news, if it were me?
It was him all along!
But you have a gun!
What now?
We make him tell the truth.
What are you doing?
Give it up.
Where is it?
You really need this?
Now, where did you hide the money?
Under the bridge?
Tell me!
Please believe me.
Everything's been good so far.
Do you think we're stupid?
Stop lying!
Stop wasting our time and tell the truth!
Kim, wait...
Finally ready?
It wasn't me.
But I'll give you both more.
I'm getting really impatient.
You fucking son of a bitch!
Let's kill him
and take his share.
We're already
We'll just scare him.
I'm in!
You need me.
And why is that?
You'll get lost without me.
No, we won't!
The way we came will be swarming
with cops.
We need to go over the mountains.
You asshole...Stop trying to trick us!
I'm telling the truth.
I don't
believe you.
Let's bury him.
Kim, please!
We need to talk again
You don't have to do this.
Are you out of your mind?
You piece of shit! You're betraying me?
You'll kill me too!
Crazy bastard!
So, you're killing me first?
Get lost, loser.
Fuck you!
You dickhead!
How does it feel, you fucking son of a bitch?
Fuck you, asshole!
Worthless scum!
Fuck you!
Oh, fuck...
Park, you fucking idiot!
This is all your fault!
It's not even that much money, anyway.
The last one to survive should take it all.
Lee, you bastard! I won't let you win!
Jang Ho-sung!
I knew you would become greedy!
I knew it.
You sneaky son of a bitch!
You think that you can get them all?
Show yourself, asshole!
You bastard...
I knew it was you.
It wasn't you?
Maybe it was Park.
It doesn't matter.
Let's share Park's money and end this.
No, fuck you.
How the hell do you know
my real name?
That's bullshit. I don't...
Your girlfriend, Ji-soo.
She has a blog.
Google it.
Why didn't she delete everything
after she dumped me?
If you want to end this, tell me your name.
What's the point?
We'll become strangers, anyway.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You researched us
behind our backs!
This is all your fault!
No, it's not!
This is your fault!
You got greedy!
Stop blaming others for once!
You'll never change
You're not worth of a penny
Go big or go home...
You should have stuck to the plan.
I think I'm really dying...
- We'll do what we can.
- Thank you so much.
I'm sorry I let you down, sir.
Don't worry. No one was hurt.
That's all that matters, okay?
Thank you!
You should all go home and relax.
It's pretty late...How will you get home?
I'll give them a ride.
I'd like to go with you.
- How's the work?
- Good.
Maybe you'll become a full-time employee.
I know you never promote
temp employees.
Don't believe everything you hear.
Is it this way?
I know that...
You lied to the police
about how much got stolen.
You took 50 thousand
and pretended
it got stolen with the rest.
I don't believe this...
- What?
- I saw it all.
No one else knows.
Are you sure?
If I send this text,
everyone will find out.
Are you threatening me?
Young people these days...
What do you want?
Half of it.
You kids never try to work hard...
Working hard doesn't cut it!
I have loans
and I'm just a temp...
Fine, fine.
Older people have it worse.
You'll see.
Take 15 thousand.
- Good night.
- Wait!
No one finds out?
20 thousand.
Thank you. I'll keep my word.
Now turn that off.
When I get home.
Be careful.
Where do you live?
This is the wrong way
Why is this day so shitty?
Is this the right way?
What kind of idiot parked here?
Are you okay?
I didn't think...
It would be that cold.
Bitches need to be dealt with.
Bitches need to know their place!
No way! That's her?
That's why we make a Bitch List.
For Judgment Night.
Play Girl wins again.
"17th Judgment Night Program"
"Bitch 5 Choi Joo-yeon"
Look, she is cute!
I'm all done.
You're smart
for doing what we say.
This is fewer than last year.
You know Judgment Night?
Yeah, you beat up all the bitches...
Then you should know to shut up.
Of course...
Admire this bikini with me.
You don't even swim!
You wear it to be seen.
That's the true purpose of the bikini!
I should get going.
Fuck, I lost!
Damn it.
Isn't that Kim Yeon-joo?
"Hanyang High School"
"Yoo Hye-young,
Vice President"
"Kim Go-eun,
"Lee Bo-ra,
4th in rank"
"Jung Ha-na,
5th in rank"
"Choi Joo-hee,
3rd in rank"
Do you have a pad?
Lend me one.
Don't worry, I'll pay you back.
Take this.
Ta-da! Look!
You bought the bikini, huh?
It looks good.
Stop showing off!
What's up?
You fucking bitch!
Did you get her?
You know the new girl?
The masked bitch!
There are rumors.
- Scared?
- Of course not.
I think you are!
I have a bad feeling.
- Joo-hee's causing problems.
- Stop worrying.
Oh my god! You scared us!
You're sneaky!
I hate her so much...
I'll take care of it.
Joo-hee, we're bored.
Have you heard?
Why isn't the Mask on the Bitch List?
We have to do something, but what?
Well, it's simple.
No light?
Here. Now we're even.
We're ready.
I'll get dressed.
- You'd better not smoke now.
- Why?
It's fucking smoky here.
Getting bold, huh?
Actually...I've always been bold.
Show me the List.
Why not?
Only president makes up the list.
I know that.
One bitch was left out.
And I'm worried that the president
is too busy...
To even notice.
I'm not busy.
We need to teach this bitch a lesson.
We already discussed this.
Last month?
But she's new!
This is crap.
30 minutes left.
Let's go.
"17th Judgment Night Program"
"It's Judgment Night!"
First up, Kim Mi-rim.
She thinks she's so tough.
She needs to be humiliated.
Lee Hyo-ri is fat and stinky...
But she still doesn't know her place!
Seo Eun-ah
steals other girls' boyfriends.
What a slut.
Get ready, bitch!
Not so tough now, are you?
Come on, we let you fight back.
We're fair!
What the fuck are you looking at?
If you're so tough,
why don't you prove it?
You bitch!
Fucking bitch!
We told you...
No ducking.
No swerving.
Those are the rules!
Who wants some more? Come on, bring it on!
You're all fucking pathetic.
Aren't they?
Let's go.
It's getting boring.
There's one left.
What do you want?
I didn't know you could talk!
You know only No. 1 makes this decision!
Let's try
some democracy!
Are you so scared
by her reputation?
You need to watch your fucking mouth.
- Beat me up, too!
- Are you sure?
- You beat up my sister!
- Joo-hee.
Stop being a bitch.
That's not fair!
You were forced
to leave your last school, right?
We know what happened.
You slept with a teacher!
Did you like it? Being with a female teacher?
- I've had enough.
- You fucking slut!
See, Go-eun?
Fuck this!
Now we're even.
You amateur!
I'll teach you.
Turn it to the right.
Then, you just smoke it.
I don't want this.
It's good.
Is it?
Keep practicing.
This is great!
Is this necessary?
Are you cold?
A little.
How about you?