The Zeme (2021) Movie Script

(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
They say the space is pure.
Space is unlimited.
Everything falls inside of space.
It's never born, it never dies.
Only the impurity is born.
This is the story of 'The Zeme',
'The land'.
The land which saw horrors,
exploitations for centuries.
And after the First Nations were
tortured and killed
by the so called trappers, traders,
explorers and missionaries...
the land had enough.
It is awake now.
It will no longer be exploited by these people.
It will remain a land.
Anyone who comes to claim it
or develop it,
will face the ultimate penalty.
(Engine revving)
(Instrumental music)
(Engine revving)
(Engine Revving)
(Strums the guitar)
(Strums the guitar)
(Out of tune melody)
Alysha! Stop!
Honey, can you leave the guitar alone?
(Strums the guitar)
Your mom's very protective about it.
(Strums guitar and Tapping)
I said, no! Don't touch my guitar.
(Taps the guitar)
(Continues Tapping)
Alysha, please.
(Continues Tapping)
Alright, stop the truck.
(Strums guitar and taps)
Stop, Alysha.
(Strums the guitar)
(Strums the guitar)
Just stop the goddamn truck.
(Tires screeching)
(Offbeat chords)
It's been two hours of continuous
torture with this freaking guitar.
I wish you had left it with the movers.
I can't just leave it with the movers!
Yeah, I wonder why.
(Opens Trunk door)
Fucking piece of shit!
(Trunk door slams)
- Let me drive.
- No!
God! It's so boring
just staring at the road.
I didn't like the way
you took the corner back there.
You know, you're putting
your daughter at risk.
You wanna talk risk?
The million dollars you spent on that
fucking property last year was risky!
You better know what you fucking
doing this time.
I know what I'm doing.
I warned you then
and I'm warning you now.
You lost a fortune last year.
What you gonna lose on this one?
(Engine revving)
You comin'
or you gonna hitch a ride to town?
(Engine revving)
(Instrumental music)
(Boat's horn honks)
(Door opens)
- Fuck you!
- Get out of here!
I got a beer in there!
My beer!
Fuck you!
Move on!
(Car door slams)
- You like that? Fuck you!
- Get out of here! - Get lost!
Learn to drive!
(Door slams)
Kick me out the fucking bar.
(Violently hits the steering wheel)
She doesn't need me? Good.
She doesn't need me.
I'm glad.
Nobody needs me, nobody wants me.
Fucking great.
How far is it?
Almost there.
- I gotta pee.
- Yeah.
Just hold it a little longer.
(Sinister music)
How you doin', sweetie?
You okay back there?
(Tires screeching)
Are you fucking crazy?
There was a lady standing
in the middle of the fucking road!
What are you talking about?
She was right there.
You have to have seen her.
(Dramatic music)
- Honey, you okay?
- Mhm.
(Engine coughs)
(Engine coughs)
(Truck door shuts)
(Truck's hood opens)
(Slams hood of the truck)
(Walks and opens truck door)
Fuck! There's no cell service.
Looks like there's a gas station
down the road.
I'll see if they can help.
Hey, sit tight, kiddo.
(Van approaching)
(Dramatic music)
Save them.
Who's there?
(Store door dings)
Anybody here?
(Gets startled)
What the fuck, man?
- You trying to give me a heart attack?
- Sorry.
You going to the funeral?
Uh, no.
For Simpson. Mr. Simpson.
Wait, Mr. Simpson?
Didn't he die months ago?
We're moving into his old place.
- Are you related?
- No.
We're new here.
I had a little incident with my truck.
There's no little incidents
in Hell'N'view.
My truck broke down
about a mile down the road.
I need someone to fix it.
Can you help?
Well, I can fix it,
but I won't.
And why is that?
Outsiders, man
We don't like outsiders in Hell'N'view.
Too much trouble.
I only have Americans.
Take a look,
(Paper money rustling)
Welcome to Hell'N'view.
Oh, sure wish I had
another joint to smoke.
Just a small roll.
Even though, I don't help people,
unless they fork over something.
(Engine revving)
(Dramatic music)
(Engine revving)
(Truck doors shut)
(Opens hood of the truck)
A kid?
You brought a kid to Hell'N'view?
What's up?
I gotta pee.
Find a bush.
It's bad.
Gotta take it back to the shop.
How much?
50 bucks.
(Wind blowing)
what do you think?
- Do you like it, honey?
- It's gorgeous here.
Is it always so windy here?
Yeah, the weather changes
so fast around here.
You never know,
it might snow tonight.
(Rocking chair creaking)
- Shit!
- What?
I forgot the keys
to the house in the truck.
God, you're always so careless.
(Rocking chair creaking)
Come here. Come on
Tired, girl?
(Wind chime chimes)
(Door creaking open)
(Wind blowing)
(Turns on light switch)
(Utensils clanging)
(Utensils clanging)
(Utensils clanging)
We finally meet.
You hungry?
(Dramatic music)
- Mom! Mom! - No! No! No!
- Mom! Mom! Mom! - No! No! No!
Oh my god! Baby, I'm so sorry.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Let's check it out.
I wonder where the washroom is.
It's on the left
How do you know that?
(Rocking chair creaking)
Oh my god! Errie?
Can you take your shoes off?
You're getting mud everywhere
What you talking about?
Must be getting tired.
Alysha, you hungry?
Come on, honey, let's go.
(Dramatic music)
(Dramatic music)
(Tavern door opens)
(Chair shifting)
Hey, what can I get for you?
You got any single malt scotch?
Actually, we don't carry that.
Is there's something else that I can get?
Just whiskey, on the rocks.
(Crowd's incoherent murmurs)
- There you go.
- Thanks.
(Taps on the shoulder)
Do you want something?
Free beer.
He wants you to buy him a beer.
You shouldn't do it.
What do you mean?
The beer?
No, the land,
that you're trying to develop.
Why? Why does everyone in
this place keeps saying that?
Don't you want this town
to actually... be something?
Some things are just not meant to be.
He couldn't do it.
- Who?
- You know,
the guy that came here,
40 years ago,
to do the same thing
you're doing.
What happened then?
Don't tell anybody,
but that land is cursed.
- It's cursed?
- Yeah.
Lots of people
buried alive under there.
They buried alive?
You don't want to cross over
that boundary,
on to that land.
Don't do it.
Thanks, Rusty.
Don't tell anybody
I told you about this.
But, don't cross the boundary
on to that land.
I'm telling you.
Enjoy your beer, Rusty.
I'm warning you,
don't cross that boundary.
If you haven't already.
(Dramatic music)
What was he talking to you about?
- You take card?
- Yep.
(Birds chirping)
Why did we move here?
Your dad has some work to do,
you know that.
What kind of work?
He has to build something.
What is he building, mommy?
He's building a building.
- What kind of building?
- It's a hotel.
A hotel? What kind of hotel?
A really fancy hotel.
Is there gonna be a pool?
Yeah, there's definitely gonna be a pool.
And there's gonna be
a really fun games room.
And a fancy restaurant.
Are we gonna stay here forever?
- Where, baby?
- In this house.
Are we gonna stay here forever?
No, as soon as he's done,
Your dad gonna take us back.
(Dramatic music)
(Car approaching)
(Rattle snake hissing)
(Truck door opens)
(Truck door shuts)
(Dramatic music)
(Dramatic music)
I'm warning you.
(Dramatic music)
Don't cross that boundary.
(Dramatic music)
(Dramatic music)
(Wind blowing)
(Dramatic music)
(Invisible animal roars)
Oh, shit!
(Invisible animal roars)
(Invisible animal roars)
(Invisible animal roars)
(Train's horn blares)
(Basement door screeches)
(Wooden steps creak)
(Wooden steps creak)
Alysha, what are you doing down here?
Alysha? Hey?
She's so funny.
(Dramatic music)
Who's so funny?
Let's go.
What's going on...
Come here.
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Wolf howls)
(Door creaks)
(Door opens)
Is anyone home?
Oh, hi!
You must be the new neighbour.
- I'm Bella.
- Hi, Kit.
Oh, this is Marry.
Hi, Marry.
Oh, she's just not much of a speaker.
Yeah, kids are funny like that.
I actually have a six year old.
She's pretty much the same way.
Oh, would you like some coffee?
- Please, sit down.
- Yeah, sure.
(Coffee pouring)
- Have we met?
- Of course.
Yeah, I saw your... the movers.
- Yeah and then I saw you.
- Okay.
(Creepy music)
(Creepy music)
- I should go.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- No, no, no, honey.
- What are you doing?
See, now you're in Hell 'N' View.
And once you're in here,
you're in here forever.
Just... stay there.
(Maniacal laughing)
Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!
- You okay?
- Yeah.
How long was I asleep for?
- Few hours.
- Few hours?
(Door opening)
(Door closing)
(Rocking chair creaks)
(Rocking chair creaks)
(Rocking chair creaks)
(Rocking chair creaks)
(Rocking chair creaks)
(Rocking chair creaks)
(Rocking chair creaks)
(Dramatic music)
(Door opening)
- Where are they?
- Who?
- Bella and Marry.
- Who?
Our neighbours.
Neighbours? An old man lives there.
Old man?
He sits on his rocking chair,
all the time.
And looks at our house.
(Dramatic music)
(Door Opens)
(Door closes)
- Hey, how can I help you?
- Hey, I'm here for...
- a meeting with Ms. Patel.
- Oh, yeah. Perfect.
She's in Room 101 down the hall.
Great, thanks.
- Great glasses by the way.
- Thank you.
(Knock on the door)
(Door opens)
Hi, how are you?
- You need anything else?
- No, thanks.
It's weird.
Apparently, people around,
keep going missing.
14 people in the last couple months.
- What's with you?
- I had a weird day.
Something's... something's not right.
- What happened now?
- Nothing.
Look, I think, I want to go
to Vancouver this weekend.
Oh, we just got here.
And Vancouver is way too far
for a weekend.
I'm bored,
I want to go see some friends.
You haven't seen anything
around here yet.
It's really... beautiful country.
It's just not comfortable here.
I'm having these weird dreams.
It's a new place for all of us.
It'll take some time to get used to.
I'm supposed to get
used to having scary dreams,
I just want to get off this island,
for like a day or two.
Okay, how about tomorrow
I take you guys
to the development site?
I don't want to go to your work,
I want to go somewhere else.
There is an ice cream place too.
Tomorrow, I'll show you all around.
I mean, I guess
people go missing all the time.
I think, a bear was stalking me today.
- What? Where?
- At the site.
I was taking some photos
and I heard something.
Was it big?
I didn't see it.
So... how do you know it was a bear?
I... I heard some rocks falling
and I figured...
it might be on the rocks above me.
I don't think you should be going there
by yourself anymore.
That's why there's now a security guard.
I'm gonna go check on Alysha.
(Birds chirping)
- Can I come?
- No.
It's way too cold today.
You stay in here, okay?
So, this is where the hotel will be.
And, you see that ridge over there?
That's where I'm planning
to build us a new house.
It's so beautiful, I love this place.
It's cold outside, honey.
You sit tight,
we'll be right back.
(Truck door opens and closes)
It's so cold today.
What's up with the weather?
I told you,
it changes every hour here.
Especially up here,
on the mountain.
- Pretty.
- Yeah.
It's gorgeous, huh?
I love it.
(Sinister music)
The hell, man?
Hey! You!
Get lost!
- You speak English?
- Errie!
Errie, stop pushing him.
- Let's go.
- Get lost!
You hear me?
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on. Come on.
Come on! Let's go!
- Stay off my land!
- Come on!
No! Go away.
You can't go away!
I can and I will.
Stop retaliating!
No! Go away! Stop.
You can't go away.
No! Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
- Kit?
- Go away!
Go away!
No! No! No! No! Go away!
Kit?! Hey.
- Hey.
- What's happening?
- You were sleep walking.
- What?
Talking to yourself.
- It's okay.
- Where's Alysha?
She's in her room.
I should go and check on her.
(Bedroom door opens)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Muffled laughter)
- Hey, Kit!
- Alysha! No!
- Kit, you okay?
- What's happening?
You were sleeping and yelling.
- Am I sleeping right now?
- What do you mean?
I was sleeping,
you woke me up.
What are you talking about?
I went into Alysha's room...
You were sleeping.
It was so real.
She was dead in her bed.
- Hey, Alysha!
- Don't call her.
- Can you come here?
- Yeah.
Alysha, you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Mhm.
- Mom, are you okay?
- Just had a scary dream.
Thanks, Alysha.
- You can go back to bed.
- Yeah.
- Good night, baby.
- Good night.
What is wrong with you?
Errie, you have to take me
out of this place.
(Truck door shuts)
Hey, yeah.
City Hall gave the approval.
They'll send
the inspection team in tomorrow.
Yeah, bring in the crew.
Alright, I'll see you then.
(Phone vibrates)
(Phone vibrates)
What the fu...
No way.
Come to Hell'N'view?
(Upbeat Music)
(Van engine starts)
Oh, fuck!
(Van door shuts)
(Train's horn blares)
Fuck you!
(Van engine shuts)
I'm a mess.
(Van door shuts)
(Phone rings)
- Hello?
- Hello?
This weather's so weird.
(Store door opens)
Oh, shit.
Yeah, yeah. I'm on my way.
I'm like 4 hours out.
Stop for a second.
(Muffled screams)
What took you so long?
You know, kinda ran into some trouble.
Trouble follows you wherever you go.
So, how you doing, beautiful?
- I'm... okay.
- When can I see you?
- Maybe tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?
I'm gonna be there tonight.
Why don't we see each other tonight?
- What?
- Nothing, I...
I gotta go, okay?
I'll talk to you later.
(Police siren blaring)
(Police siren blaring)
(Police siren blaring)
(Wind blowing)
(Dramatic music)
(Groaning in sleep)
(Dramatic music)
(Dramatic music)
What's with you?
I just couldn't sleep last night.
I had the weirdest dream.
It was so real.
The same weirdass guy from the site,
the other day, was there.
I couldn't move.
I couldn't breathe.
He just kept staring at me.
It felt like
someone was sitting on my chest.
I tried to close my eyes, but couldn't.
Then, I just woke up.
Came down here.
It just felt like such a long time.
So... real.
What's with you?
- Errie, take me out of this place.
- We have to leave, it's not safe.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about taking Alysha
and getting out of here.
- It's not safe here!
- That's bullshit!
What is going on with you?
- I had the same dream.
- What?
Yeah. I saw the same guy.
And he was just standing there,
staring at me.
And I couldn't breathe,
I couldn't move.
It was horrible!
He was looking at me with these eyes.
That's good.
You never wanted to come here,
and now, there's nothing you won't
say to get out of here.
Nice try, though.
Piece of shit!
(Kicks the van)
Fucking foot.
Hey! Hey!
Over here!
Come on.
Hurry it up.
Can you go any slower? God!
Holy shit!
Take your time, why won't you!
What seems to be the trouble?
I don't know,
she just stalled.
- Where you headed?
- Hell'N'view.
- Hell'N'view?
- Yeah.
Why is everybody coming
to Hell'N'view these days?
I got friends there.
- Friends?
- Yeah.
My friend, nobody has friends
in Hell'N'view.
- They just moved here.
- Oh.
A guy, sexy woman
and a little girl?
- Yeah.
- Oh.
(Truck door opens)
(Truck door shuts)
It's interesting, they also broke down...
right about here.
- What kinda trouble?
- Truck broke down.
You turn around.
It's a bad omen.
- You should go back.
- I'm not gonna go back!
I know, but...
don't cross into that town.
If you cross into that town, you won't
be able to go back even if you want to.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
The land,
it won't let you go.
The land?
The land won't let anyone come in
and abuse it again.
- Can you help me?
- I don't help people.
I don't have any money.
Well, you must have something.
- Got a light?
- Mhm.
This is some good shit.
Best in BC.
Okay, I'll help you,
but you gotta go back.
Oh, yeah.
No problem.
I'll take a look.
What can you do?
You might wanna put some oil on there,
for one thing.
Here's your problem.
Go, start it up.
(Shuts the hood)
(Van door opens)
(Van door closes)
(Van engine starts)
Okay, turn around.
Turn around, back that way.
Okay, I'll go.
(Tires screeching)
That idiot deserves to die.
Welcome back to the Wolf County... radio FM at 96.13.
In the news today, we can say
police do a great job,
...finding corpses near the boundary of...
Hell'N'view town.
Deputy Sheriff Jay Hopla,
talked to reporters...
...outside the morgue today.
Here's a clip from the Sheriff.
(Upbeat music)
(Upbeat music continues)
(Van stops)
Hey, baby.
Yeah, I'm here.
Just got here.
Yeah, okay.
See you soon, bye.
(Van door opens)
(Van door shuts)
(Romantic Music)
Why you staring at me?
You're so beautiful.
How long have you been waiting for?
All my life.
I mean,
how long have you been waiting here?
Just a couple minutes.
I've got a couple 100 bucks,
I can give you more.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you so much.
- Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.
- What?
I'm married and we're just friends.
We are not just friends
and you are not happy.
Why do you do this?
You know how much this messes with me.
Telling me you need me and then,
you pushing me away.
You know how much
this fucks with my head?
You know me, I love you.
Can we talk about something else?
- How's my guitar?
- It's safe.
- I have it here.
- I love you.
- Come on, just...
- I can't. I can't.
I can't. Really, I can't.
Baby, I can't.
Do you even wanna know
why I called you here?
I know.
You made some story up
to get me up here.
- What?
- It's okay! I get it.
You need me around,
it's nothing to be ashamed of.
No! I'm serious.
- This is a thing.
- Okay, what is it?
I don't know for sure,
I think it's ghosts.
Ghosts? Are you serious?
- Ghosts?
- Errie doesn't believe me.
- Sorry, I thought you might.
- Okay, I'm sorry.
Look, I'm sorry!
I'm sorry. Tell me.
Just been having
these really weird dreams.
It felt like I get dream
inside of a dream.
I see the same two girls,
a mother and a daughter.
I see them over and over again.
They were on the road
when I came here...
...and this weird house next
to my house...
But then, I always wake up.
And it's like... it's like
they're just normal people... second and then they turn evil.
Evil? How?
It's like every time I say
I'm gonna leave,
they say, nobody leaves here,
or something like that.
That's weird, that guy who helped me...
...told me the same thing.
- What should I do?
- I don't know.
It's okay, we'll figure something out.
Okay? Thank you for the money.
Thank you for coming.
Call you tomorrow, okay?
She loves me.
(Sinister laughter)
(Wind howling)
(Woman laughing)
Oh, man.
(Sinister laughter)
(Van door opens)
(Van door shuts)
(Engine revs)
What the fuck was that?
Good morning.
Morning, Rusty.
(Freezer door opens)
How's it going?
Fine. Just a pack of smokes.
(Wrapper crinkling)
(Dramatic music)
(Drops the packet)
- Told you not to go.
- Excuse me?
I told you not to
cross that boundary,
- but you didn't listen.
- Look, man, not today.
(Wrapper crinkling)
Just listen to me,
if you hear something useful,
use it.
If you don't like what you hear...
and if you don't find it useful,
ignore it,
and I won't bother you anymore.
Fine. Just hurry up.
Your daughter,
she does drawings, doesn't she?
- You been stalking us?
- No, just being helpful.
Listen to me,
I'm here to develop that land.
I'm going to put
a big hotel on that land.
And there's nothing you, or anyone,
or your God,
or your Zeme can do to stop it.
(Ominous music)
Alysha, let's go.
Come on, honey,
you don't need those.
Okay, just keep a few.
Why do all these city idiots
come here to die?
And why the fuck do I care?
(Ominous music)
(Water running)
(Sinister music)
(Turns the tap off)
(Water running)
(Sinister music)
(Dog barking)
(Fire crackling)
This island, this whole land
was the land of...
...the natives for thousands of years.
(Owl hoots)
Few explorers and fur traders,
Europeans started coming here
couple 100 years ago...
Oh I don't want a history lesson.
I want to hear about the ghosts.
Stop interrupting.
I'm getting to it.
Okay, about 160 years ago,
(Dramatic music)
somebody found gold on the river,
and they took it down to
San Francisco for an assay.
And then all hell broke loose.
Thousands of Americans started
coming up here,
looking for gold.
The Americans had guns...
...and they wanted
this island because...
...they wanted the gold on it.
They'd figured the natives
were inferior...
...and they were standing
in the way of progress.
- Okay.
- So,
they formed vigilante groups,
militias, they called them... run the natives off their land.
They provided alcohol,
cheap poisonous alcohol... the young guys,
and they conned some chiefs...
...into land deals
in return for peace,
but did I mention
the Americans had guns?
Yes, yes you mentioned
they had guns.
- Please, finish this off.
- Okay, so they had guns.
(Dramatic music)
One night they killed
about a hundred people.
(Dramatic music)
Some of them they buried alive
on that land,
that that idiot wants to develop.
And what about these ghosts?
So, they killed all these people.
(Dramatic music)
Some, they didn't even kill,
they just...
...buried them alive.
And this went on for days.
I heard from the
elders that they heard...
...screams for years.
The elders came to look
for their loved ones.
They were looking for anybody...
...that was still alive.
But, there was nobody alive.
(Dramatic music)
The land was crying. Crying!
The elders tried to find peace.
They had ceremonies every night.
They lit the sacred fire,
with branches from...
...trees around here.
The Americans tried to
leave the island...
...after they took all the gold
that they could find.
But, not one member
of those militia groups left.
Some had accidents,
some tried to swim the river...
...and drowned.
The women and the children,
who begged for forgiveness...
...they were spared.
I'm a descendant of one of those...
...American militia groups.
(Dramatic music)
What about these ghosts?
The... the lady, her daughter?
(Scary sound)
(Scary sound)
- Warm?
- Yes, it's warm.
I like it warm.
Don't change the subject.
What about these two?
- Bella and Marry?
- Yeah.
- What do you want to know?
- I don't know.
Kit says that she saw them.
- That's not good.
- What does that mean?
Bella was a developer,
she came here to work...
...on that island.
- That land on the island.
- Wow!
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Door opens)
(Door closes)
(Instrumental music)
(Door opens)
(Instrumental music)
Errie, come down!
(Sinister music)
What now?
Alysha! Where are you?
Why are you screaming this early?
I can't find Alysha.
(Sinister music)
What do you mean
you can't find Alysha?
- I mean, I can't...
- Jesus, woman!
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
She's right there! Jesus!
Alysha, come on.
Let's go, honey.
(Grass squishing)
Your mom's freaking
out about nothing.
(Suspenseful music)
(Suspenseful music)
(Door creaks open)
(Door closes)
Hey, you have one job.
Keep Alysha safe.
(Instrumental music)
(Instrumental music)
You know,
I do more than one job, right?
Oh yeah?
I heard about your other job.
Fuck off!
(Instrumental music)
How we looking?
Your project has been approved.
(Upbeat music)
Thank you.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
(Upbeat music)
(Sinister music)
You belong to me!
Nothing can stop me now!
I'm here to serve you.
No one's going to hurt you now.
I will turn this
barren land into gold!
I will keep the greed from bleeding...
...all over this land.
You will give me back
the life that I deserve!
I promise,
I'll protect you!
(Demonic yell)
(Crickets chirping)
(Suspenseful music)
(Suspenseful music)
(Suspenseful music)
(Suspenseful music)
(Leaves rustling)
Alysha, get out of there!
(Leaves rustling)
What are you doing?
can you stop playing in the mud?
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
Alysha, come back!
No! Alysha!
(Suspenseful music)
(Suspenseful music)
(Suspenseful music)
Errie, I don't know where you are,
you need to call me back!
I have been calling you for hours!
Please call me, it's Kit!
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
I just...
I need you to call me back, okay?
(Phone rings)
(Phone rings)
Hey, babe.
I was just thinking about you.
Alysha's missing.
I can't find her anywhere.
Please can you come over?
I need you.
I'm just around the corner, okay?
I'll be right there.
(Dramatic music)
(Van door shuts)
(Van door shuts)
(Dramatic music)
- What happened?
- She disappeared.
I mean, she was right here
and then she was gone.
I looked everywhere.
And I've been trying
to call Errie on the phone...
...and he's not answering
and I don't know where he is.
And I don't know what to do!
I think you should call the cops!
Yeah, you're right.
(Dramatic music)
Police, fire or paramedic?
Police please. I think
my daughter's been kidnapped.
Okay, I'm sending
a police car to you.
- What's the address?
- 420, Noland Ave,
East River.
(Car door opens)
(Car door shuts)
What's the matter?
My daughter's missing,
She's been kidnapped.
Who are you?
I'm... I'm a friend.
- He's just my friend!
- Okay.
So, you are the friend
and you are the mother?
Yeah, I'm the mother.
My daughter's missing.
Do you have a picture of her?
(Ominous music)
(Ominous music)
When was the last time you saw her?
She was just right there,
she ran beside the house.
This house
been empty for years.
How long have you guys
been living here?
We just moved in like a month ago.
(Dramatic music)
Look, why are you
guys just sitting here,
writing shit down?
You gotta go find her!
Look, we need to get
as much information as we can,
so that we can find her for you.
Why do you say this
house has been empty?
(Dramatic music)
Alysha sees a man.
There's a man living there.
See, a few years ago,
a guy came here... develop the land.
Then, something happened.
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
Mommy, what happened to Papa?
Shh, please.
Please don't speak, okay?
Just, hide... hide
behind this wall, okay?
Mommy, why is Papa angry?
Just listen to me carefully, okay?
As soon as I tell you to go, you go.
And you run as fast
as you can, okay?
You go straight into town,
you got it?
I don't want to die, mama.
I don't want to die.
You're not gonna die.
I'm gonna stop him, okay?
But, as soon as I say run,
you go as fast as you can.
You go straight into town,
you got it?
I don't want to go alone.
I'm going to be right behind you.
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
- Oh, fuck!
- Mommy! No!
He killed the entire family.
And well,
he got caught a few hours after,
that same night.
I gotta tell you,
it was hell of a night.
So, what happened to him?
Well, they tried him in court.
He got sent to a mental institution.
He never actually got
criminally charged for...
...the killings or anything he did.
Oh my god, how stupid is that?
That's his story,
like the lawyers have to...
...get their customers,
their clients out somehow.
That's the way he did it,
I guess.
So, is he still in the institution?
Actually, he was in an institution...
...2 months after that he escaped...
...and no one has seen him ever since.
He's the one that took my daughter!
He was here in this house!
(Dramatic music)
You saw him?
- Well, no...
Look, kids say the craziest things.
We're gonna get back to you
when we find out...
...some more information, okay?
You're leaving?
(Wolf howls)
(Sinister music)
(Dramatic music)
(Crickets chirping)
What the hell you doing here?
(Dramatic music)
I thought you said,
a priest was coming to meet us?
I am the priest.
You been donkey kicked
as a kid, haven't you?
Let's go!
Well, you should
have gone back when you...
...still had the time.
Can you just tell us
what we need to hear?
Take me up to the old man's house.
We're not going anywhere!
I'll take you after, but please,
tell her where her daughter is.
He is the protector of the land.
And your daughter is the next Zeme.
What is this nonsense?
Listen, do you see Bella and Marry?
Just tell me where my daughter is!
She's up there, in the high mountain...
...up above that rocky ridge.
He's been living up there for years.
For his whole life.
Oh my god,
I don't believe this shit!
many people have been killed.
I want to see an end to this.
And I think you
can put an end to it.
Now, tell me,
do you see Bella and Marry?
Yes, but I thought
those were my dreams.
Well, they want to talk to you.
Alright, let's go.
(Engine revs)
(Grass squelching)
(Grass squelching)
(Making unintelligible sounds)
(Grass squelching)
(Dramatic music)
Alright, let's go.
Not you. Bella and Marry
just want to talk to Kit.
Are you kidding me?
(Van door opens)
(Van door closes)
(Dramatic music)
What the hell!
(Dramatic music)
He's at the site again.
- Where is he?
- Up there.
(Ominous music)
(Making unintelligible sounds)
(Making unintelligible sounds)
You'll be useful today.
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Wind chime chimes)
(Door creaks open)
(Door shuts)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
The Zeme destroyed our family.
Now, it is your turn.
What does that mean?
You must stop the ritual.
this will never end.
What ritual?
There is a ritual going on
to bring the Zeme...
...into your daughter's body.
- Where is she?
- Up on the mountain.
The little stone people
will show you the way.
- But beware.
- Beware of what?
Your husband is
possessed by the Zeme.
He is now the protector of the land.
He will not let anyone
interrupt the ritual.
How do you know this?
The old man that your daughter sees...
(Dramatic music)
...he has been the
protector of the land.
He was my father.
He killed us.
If you sense any danger,
make a circle of ashes...
...on the ground and stand inside it.
I don't want that.
Take it and give it to Alfonso then.
It's your protection.
(Dramatic music)
(Dramatic music)
(Dramatic music)
(Car horn)
(Dramatic music)
Haven't I already told you
to stay out of... fucking land?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Get the fuck off!
This is private property!
Get lost!
Here you go, bitch!
(Sinister music)
(Wolf howls)
(Sinister music)
(Wolf howls)
(Wolf howls)
Oh, come here.
Let me show you.
See the direction it's pointing in?
Follow this path, it'll take us to...
...the next set of stones.
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
(Dramatic music)
Found it!
(Dramatic music)
(Sinister music)
- What's wrong?
- The stones they...
(Sinister music)
they moved.
(Dramatic music)
(Sinister music)
I gotta find my baby.
I'm not scared of
anyone or anything.
Are you coming Alph?
(Sinister music)
Yeah, I'm coming.
- We're lost.
- Now what?
We gotta find the stones.
(Sinister music)
Who's out there?
(Dramatic music)
- What are you doing?
- What is that?
Come on.
(Sinister music)
Kit! Kit! Kit!
- Something's wrong.
- What is it?
I don't know. I just have a really
bad feeling about this!
Let's go!
We're almost at the top!
What are you doing?
I'm keeping you out of danger!
- Oh my god!
- Stay in the circle.
- You'll be safe!
- Don't be stupid!
I gotta go find my daughter!
You remember those ghosts?
Those were hallucinations.
No, they weren't.
(Sinister music)
- What do you want?
- Let's get out of here!
Oh, shit!
(Dramatic music)
Hey man, listen!
Errie! I found Alysha!
She's in there!
What's wrong with you?
Look at those eyes!
Kill it!
I'm not killing my husband!
Go save your baby.
You have to let it go!
That's why I saved you!
You have to let it go!
How is this possible!
How am I back here!
Alysha! What happened?
I was looking everywhere for you!
(Car approaches)
Well, we couldn't find
the old man or the two ladies...
...that you mentioned.
We presume your husband...
...kidnapped your daughter till you...
...went out to find her.
And they both died fighting.
- Well, they were right.
- What do you mean?
Cops here really don't do shit.
Case is closed.
(Car door opens and closes)
(Instrumental music)
Come on, Alysha.
Let's go.
There's nothing here for us.
(Instrumental music)
(Sinister music)
(Knife stab)
(Sinister music)
(Sinister music)
No one leaves Hell'N'view.