The Zero Years (2005) Movie Script

A film by Nikos Nikolaidis
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
I live here.
Good. I'll be living here
too for a bit.
Get'em up.
I have to frisk you.
Is this necessary?
- Aren't you the new one?
- I am the new one.
Then get them up!
- What are you hiding here?
- What am I hiding?
One of your tits is bigger.
One of my tits happens
to be bigger.
How is that possible?
I don't think it's the right
time to discuss it.
I was born that way.
Yes... and I've come all the way
from hell, so I'm very tired.
Can I come in?
As soon as I'm done.
- Did you see anyone outside?
- Outside? No.
There are two men downstairs
watching the house.
To be honest. I didn't notice...
maybe, but I didn't notice...
Aren't you cold?
- What's that?
- Bag, clothes.
- And that?
- Suitcase, clothes.
All right.
Come in...
Hey, listen...
Go to the living room but stay
away from the window.
Come on, wake up...
The new one's here.
Did you tell her to stay away
from the window?
They've been broken
for a while...
Why don't you take off
your coat?
Oh yeah, right...
They've been that way since
the mice ate the wires...
Want one of mine?
- Where did you come from?
- Far away...
Twelve hours at sea...
I'm still swaying.
- How many years?
- What?
- How many years?
- Six...
In other words,
I'm almost done...
They told me to come here
to wait for my paper.
Anybody want coffee?
Good morning.
Isn't that what we do
every morning?
I was...
She's trying to impress
the new one.
One second...
- Are we sure about the cameras?
- They're broken.
- She knows.
- Mice ate the wires.
- She knows that too.
- Then why is she asking?
Coffee... smell it.
- It reminds me of real coffee.
- It is... real.
In fact it has some
chicory root too.
Where did you find it?
I can't smell a thing.
I feel sick.
An ashtray.
- What are those?
- Open them.
Don't put it near your nose.
It could be poisoned.
They may have injected poison.
You know what they do? They
jab the needle into the stem...
- Move over.
- Can't you see I'm talking?
They jab the needle into the
stem, infuse the poison...
and you see nothing.
What are you talking about?
What do you think?
We don't know her...
She knocks on the door and says
"I'm the new one"...Great! So?
So! I've got all my papers
with me.
Big deal. I can make you
as many as you want.
We don't know you!
And all this... Where did
you get all this stuff?
Well, I say we throw
it all away...
and you go wash your hands
right now.
All right... all right.
Oh they've sagged... A bit.
- What are you doing?
- What did I do?
This is the best piece. Watch...
You take it and start to cut
it into tiny pieces.
Then you take the rest...
This is boiling. Do I throw
them in?
Yes... Did you cut
Add some salt.
- Let me see. Is it deep?
- I'm okay.
But keep tasting them so
they won't overcook.
- Over what?
- Nothing.
Now, listen to this story,
just for laughs.
So, one day these cannibals
caught four hunters.
An Englishman!
An American, a...
- What were they hunting?
- What? What were they hunting?
For the record,
it doesn't matter.
The cannibals were hunting
people to eat and the people...
were hunting animals
so they could eat too.
Calm down... or you'll get
an egg.
Okay, why are you so touchy?
Why won't you let her
tell her story?
If it's one of those...
"dirty" stories...
I don't want to hear it.
- How do you know?
- What do you mean?
How do you know it's gonna
be "dirty"?
Besides you can't relate to any
of this since you can't come.
She's always going "oh oh"
using tongues and... sounds...
and... then... then...
She's putting on a show.
- You mean you... can't...
- I once saw a 16 inch "thing".
You see lots of things.
Now, why did you say that?
You know they're down there
waiting for the right moment.
You've seen them yourself.
Who's down there?
For the record, I have to point
out... there's no such thing...
as a 16 inch thing.
Right, why don't you try
having an orgasm first...
and then an opinion.
Maybe I don't have orgasms, but
I do my job better than you.
Most of them want me.
Maro the Whip.
Throw the egg already.
Not another egg.
Throw the cunt an egg.
Show her.
Why do you enjoy doing
this to me?
Because you enjoy it too.
Will you do me a favor?
What are you doing?
I'm shaking my boobs
and swearing at them.
At who?
There's some people down there
watching me.
It's been ten months now
since I came here.
So every time they piss me off,
I pull out my tits...
and wiggle them,
like this...
- Excuse me.
- Yeah...
See for yourself.
- With the binoculars.
- Oh! With the binoculars.
It's two this time, but
sometimes it's three.
It's two, right?
You have pretty hair.
Do you see them now?
They're sort of moving.
Changing positions, huh?
They do that all the time,
to confuse you.
Do you see any little ones?
Sometimes they have little
ones along.
- Little... little!
- Little...
- Tiny.
- Tiny... froggies?
Children! They bring
little children.
Easy now!
You don't believe me either.
I've written everything down
in my notebook.
If it wasn't for me the others
in here would be lost.
I put myself on the line and
those freaks make fun of me.
Nobody's making fun of you, but
there are no kiddies today.
No kiddies?
Nope. I know those. They're
these blond little kids...
with little white coats.
- Little black coats.
- Little black coats, yes.
They wear little white coats
in the summer,
little black coats
in the winter.
And they have little
blond heads.
- What are you doing?
- I'm pissing myself.
- Don't leave me when I pee!
- You're squirting me...
You can't leave!
Hold me, like this.
What's the favor?
It's that you go to the
theater in my place.
Only for tonight.
Fine but that eye thing you do
when you come. Can't do that.
I don't come. I fake it.
It's an act.
Yeah, but sometimes...
Sometimes, when I'm bored,
I come.
Okay, but I can't do
the eye thing.
Especially the part
where you...
What eye thing?
The way you cross them a
little, sort of like this.
And then the lips.
My fingers keep going
up my nostrils.
I'll screw it up.
We'll practice till
you get it right.
And tomorrow we'll go
out shopping.
I want to buy baby clothes. I
saw some nice ones in a shop.
Can I tell you a secret?
Tell me a secret.
I'm stealing some of the money
they give us...
and hide it under the sink.
For my baby clothes.
Something like this?
That's ridiculous.
Pay attention.
Fine but you cross only one
eye. How does that work?
I can't.
Fill it up a bit.
Yeah, fill it up a bit.
What do you mean
"fill it up?"?
Pretend you're coming,
fool, like this.
Is it that hard? Fill it up.
Fine, I'll fill it up.
Good, now add the eyes.
We should try something
else, huh?
- It didn't work did it?
- No.
Cross only one eye...
but both of mine go.
- The lips?
- What about the lips?
You can't tell up from down
and you want lips?
Great, let's go.
Oh, that's how it starts!
Let's go.
Now... step by step.
One: Forehead. Two: Left hand
goes to the mouth.
Three: Fingers slowly
enter the mouth,
wet tongue.
Gently, gently.
The water is here!
The water is here!
- Go to the bathroom...
- Bathroom...
Yes and fill up the tub
with water.
- The doorbell...
- Who is it?
What are you asking me for?
She's right.
Why don't you tell us...
You're the one on the
binoculars all day.
I saw no one, except those
two across the street.
Come on!
I'm gonna answer that.
It could be the mailman...
My paper.
A mailman at this hour?
Stall them...
- Stop it!
- No, I won't.
They came to get me, didn't
they? Why should I stop?
Inspection, a woman in black
asked for you.
Listen, tell her I'm okay
and with the customers too.
I mean now. I have my own
customers! Okay?
Relax... everything's fine.
Everything's fine and those
people downstairs left.
They were never there.
Tell her that! They weren't!
And, the kiddies with
the white coats?
Black coats. No! Yes!
They're gone too.
They weren't ever...
they don't exist.
All right.
I see here that this was
a bad week.
What do you care? Either way
you'll get your money.
Things aren't that simple. This
Christina, what's her problem?
The records show she hasn't
done a job alone in 5 months.
She's teamed up with the
blonde. They did it once...
and clients want them
together ever since.
- The new one is here too.
- She's not that new.
Her papers say she's out
in two weeks.
This is yours.
Is there something wrong?
What could be wrong?
I'll call the blonde now,
She always does that.
She either throws them in
the food or the toilet bowl.
They stink.
She's waiting.
Go without the costume;
she doesn't have much time.
At least the gloves.
- Which slut did this?
- What happened?
The crazy bitch drew a
mustache on my icon.
What did you do to my icon,
you freak?
What are you talking about?
You're gonna lick it clean
before I back, you dirty bitch.
Excuse me.
No, please I won't do it again.
Please, not an egg.
She did it herself, to frame
me. Say something! Please.
- Your turn.
- Why me?
Because when I'm away,
you'll do it.
Yeah, I'm leaving
in a few days.
Fine, you're leaving but
until your paper comes...
She's right, let's see
your paper come first...
Give me the egg.
I think she likes it.
Right, it's disgusting.
Do the nipples.
The nipples!
And the mouth! The mouth...
This is fun.
Customer, I'm going
It could be the mailman...
for me...
Might as well forget
your God down here.
God is me, and this.
Got it, pig?
I'm gonna put you in my
infected juices.
All that will be left
will be your crust...
and the ashes from
your bones.
You like it, worm?
What's this? Empty cocoons
are all you produce.
You dress them in little white
coats and little black coats.
You won't make it out
of here alive.
Suck on this now. You'll
become a cocoon of dust again.
Come on, don't play dead.
You're alive!
Wake up you pig!
Easy now! Easy.
What have you done, you nut?
You slaughtered the man.
It's our job and we do it well.
Let go!
He shit on himself...
He stinks.
Drag him out.
Leave him on the sidewalk.
Take all his money...
- How much?
- All of it.
All of it...
What if he goes
to the police?
Not a chance. He'll be back
next week begging us.
- Throw him out.
- Yeah...
- It's just that I can't do it.
- Why?
Because it seems to me
that this man is dead.
- What did you just do?
- I changed the color.
Now me?
Press the button.
- Time's up.
- Time's up... What?
- Pick up four cards.
- Why?
- Because you're slow.
- You lose your turn too.
Don't forget the button.
Another blackout.
My turn.
- I change it to red. Take four.
- Why should I... take four?
Because I threw a joker.
You lose your turn too.
One... two... three... four...
I have a question. The one with
the most cards wins, right?
No, the one with the least.
Whoever is left with
no cards wins.
And what does the winner win?
A week off from doing
house chores.
My turn, right?
I won't be pressing
the button because...
Six red, six yellow...
eight yellow, seven yellow,
four yellow...
four blue...
Blue six, Blue seven,
seven green, eight green,
five green, two green...
Change it to red, red seven and
the joker. I'm done, I win...
Take four.
- Nice!
- Yes!
- That wasn't fair.
- Why not?
Because she tricked us by
pretending not to know the game
- She's a hustler.
- That's called a bluff.
Wake up!
- My water broke.
- Where?
Inside me!
- The water inside you broke.
- The water broke damn it.
The water broke?
What do you want me to do?
What are we supposed to do?
It's the third time this
month her water broke.
My water broke!
Hurry, I'm gonna lose it!
- Where to?
- The couch.
Stop jerking off and
boil some water.
This way!
Stick something in her mouth
or she'll bite her tongue.
- Like what?
- There's a spoon on the table!
Keep her mouth open!
Get a spoon!
- I'm gonna lose it!
- No, you won't.
What's she gonna lose?
What the fuck are you doing?
Can't you see she's in labor?
In labor... absolutely...
Don't bite or I'm gonna...
Boil some water and
bring towels and sheets.
- Put some music on.
- Put some music on...
- She needs music.
- She needs music to deliver?
Turn it on, damn it!
It's coming, it's coming.
- What kind of music is that?
- The kind I found...
Bring sheets and scissors.
Where are the scissors?
Forget it.
Fill the basin first.
Why did you take
your clothes off?
Because she's going
to spew blood.
She squirts blood too...
Tear them into strips
and come here.
The Lord is punishing me
for my sins.
Get the sheet under her.
I'm losing it again!
Honey, calm down...
Get some towels.
Take it!
- Is it on its way?
- Come on, focus.
Come on! Tighten up!
Come on, push! Push!
Deep breath! In and out!
Hey, let her do...
her thing!
Push, push hard!
Hard, hard like this!
Come hold her!
Relax! Relax.
Come on, settle down.
It's over.
I want to see it.
I want to see it.
I want to see it.
It's gone.
It's gone...
We lost it again.
What was it?
What was it?
It was a girl.
A boy.
Yes... a boy. It just looked
a little strange down there...
It was a boy.
A boy...
If you look closely
you'll notice them...
coming out of the gutter.
See that pothole?
That's their means
of access.
See for yourself.
Do you see the pothole?
I see the pothole but they're
hiding somewhere. I can't see...
They're not here yet.
I'm sterile...
All of us have been sterilized.
Have you?
What do you think?
I'm in here too.
So, the kiddies come out
of the gutter...
Are they here?
Not yet, I'm just asking,
from where?
Come help!
- Where to?
- The couch!
- Easy!
- Wait! Wait.
Stay with her.
I'll be right back.
Easy now! Easy! Easy...
So, you didn't make it...
Tight! Here!
You promised to take me
shopping later!
Let me finish my smoke
first, okay?
Where are you going?
To bring a sponge
for the blood.
Don't we always?
Stop paying so much
attention to them.
The more you do, the more they
influence your life. Our life.
And in the end, you're
wasting it on them.
So instead of them stalking you
they got you stalking them.
That's the trap.
I don't think they care about
us. No one does.
Look at the cameras...
We told them they broke
three years ago...
and nobody came to fix them.
They no longer care.
Got us where they wanted.
They tore out our wombs and
implanted fear.
Now we are of no interest
to them.
A loss of time, you see...
Mice in the walls, slowly
nibbling everything away.
And black roaches
under our pillows.
Empty cocoons inflated with
polluted air. That's all we are.
Dirty water...
Lashing, fucking... Injections.
The children are here again.
Get her up!
Help, help me.
- Don't move.
- But she's...
The children are here again.
See what you did? They're mad
that you got in the way.
- What happened?
- They left.
Wait. They're still here.
How can you tell?
Do you see them?
Their smell is still here.
They stink like that?
But you don't see them...
Now they left.
They're gone.
Yes, but they always
come back.
I can't take any more.
We have to get rid of her...
- She heard you...
- Hear that? They want me out.
Once upon a time,
in a tiny town,
in a mill near the river,
lived a miller.
He had a son, who worked
in the town bakery and...
baked warm and tiny bread bits.
Bite size.
Crunchy, smothered with
sesame seeds...
- And walnuts.
- And anise! Very crunchy...
- Where's the princess?
- What are you talking about?
Over the mill,
on the top of the hill, was...
the palace.
Look what I got. That's not
for a boy. It's pink.
It's for a girl.
You're just jealous.
Not at all, but boys wear blue.
Girls wear pink.
- Right?
- Right, like the kiddies.
Wearing little black coats
in winter, white in summer.
Are you gonna help me or not?
I have to practice changing
his diapers.
Look, you wore her out
Okay now?
- What's all this?
- My baby clothes.
No smoking now.
What's this?
I bought it to rehearse
my diaper changing.
- It's missing a foot.
- That's why I paid half price.
So, we have diapers
and undershirts.
But first we need
the plastic panties! Right?
Look! I got this for
when I breastfeed.
Great! Let's start.
First we place it on its back.
I want a cigarette.
So, let's say we washed
it now.
"We washed it now"...
Now we fold them on.
Safety pins, right?
We have to pin them on.
- Now I want a cigarette.
- Pins.
- You don't smoke.
- I'll start now.
Look what the idiot is doing.
Hold on. Forget the pins
and find her shirt.
His shirt!! His! It's a boy!
- Yes, but this is a girl.
- This is all I found!!
It's gonna catch a cold.
The baby boy.
The shirt... I found it.
Good. First we find the neck
and open it using both hands.
- The baby's?
- The shirt's. Watch.
The head goes through first.
Then one little hand,
through the sleeve.
Then the other little hand.
So my baby won't catch
a cold.
So he won't catch a cold.
- Now find the thick diaper.
- The what?
Thick, thick...
- This?
- Good.
- Not near the baby!
- Sorry...
Baby is... ready.
You'll break his neck
that way.
Hold it here, so
it won't go back.
Like this?
Later... when you're breast-
feeding, hold him like that...
and pat his back
so he can burp.
When I'm breastfeeding...
Pat pat... on his back.
Pat pat on his back
so he can burp.
You don't have to say it.
Just do it.
Without saying... pat pat.
Where did you learn all this?
They got us where
they wanted.
Mice in the walls slowly
nibbling everything away.
I hear them chewing
at night.
Black roaches
under our pillows.
She has a razor but she'll
never do it.
She's afraid, you see.
I'm not afraid of them.
I'm here as a shield...
so they won't harm any
of you.
That's why they send the
children after me.
In our...
In our minds, we pretend to be
something we will never be.
I wanted a baby,
even a disabled one.
But I take too much medication,
so it won't be...
It won't be, you know...
I think it's your turn to go.
Take me with you, okay?
Hold still, punk!
What are you doing here?
I told you to stay
at the window.
- They're not here yet.
- But when they come...
- You.
- Me...
- Yes you!
- Yeah...
I'm leaving in a few days.
I don't need a shot.
I'm out of here...
My instructions say otherwise.
Told you to stay
at the window.
Are you finished?
Let's go to the sea.
- I found you.
- We're going to the sea.
Take our hands.
- Where?
- You'll see. Close your eyes.
Come on, close them.
We're still here.
We're almost there.
Come along.
Alright. I'll come along.
Since we're almost there...
Mommy has food for you.
Why don't you drink
your water?
A man is made of 75% water
and you aren't drinking.
Do you realize I don't drink
my water so you can?
Come close so I can feed you.
This is a hygiene problem.
You're my boyfriend now,
so you must...
wash your face a bit.
You stink.
Your girl brought you
nice food.
You must eat it all,
become strong...
and make me a baby.
Come closer now.
Don't dare yell.
No one can hear you
down here.
It's got veggies and vitamins.
Good boy.
Your mouth is numb.
It's falling out.
Now you're gonna ask me
who I am.
And why I wear a mask.
Well, if you escape and
go to the police...
You won't know who I am.
- Why always me?
- What have we said?
No tits. No nudity.
- And what "popped" out?
- My tit.
- Why did you let it?
- I was turned on.
I'm turned on now
and disgusted too.
And what does that mean
for us?
No work, but you'll see.
It won't happen again.
- The water's coming!
- So what?
The water's here.
Oh no, egg!
They make you do things
you don't want to.
Horrible things...
like killing.
Falling on moving cars,
or banging your head
on the wall.
As a child I was always dizzy
and had headaches.
But I got away.
And because... they can't
control me, they stalk me.
But I stand as an obstacle and
won't let them hurt any of you.
That's why they send the...
- And... the kiddies?
- The kiddies?
Yeah, they smell...
Why do they smell?
Somebody in here pulled a fast
one and I smell trouble.
- Such as?
- A customer is lost.
- What do you mean lost?
- He came here, then disappeared.
Get the other one and
come to the office.
I don't understand.
Nothing like this has ever
happened before.
We just throw them out, half
dead from the beating.
And the fucking.
Alright, that too...
- In the end everyone goes home.
- And comes back.
Which one of you
had this client?
I know him. We both did.
When? You're hallucinating.
You don't know him.
Remember I saw him from the
window and told you I know...
That he's coming here
and we both went.
A young guy like this one.
Not like him, this is him.
Don't you remember?
How am I supposed
to remember?
Most of them wear a mask
before entering the basement.
They all have a black face.
Before the formal interrogation
I have to ask you
a few questions.
And it's best that you provide
useful answers...
otherwise I won't cover
for you.
I wouldn't want to be
mixed up in this. Right?
What are we talking about?
We dump them outside like rags,
but no one was ever lost.
- Did you over-beat him?
- The usual.
- So you do know him.
- What do I know?
You just said the usual, so
you know who I'm talking about.
Look, don't play smart
with me!
- Relax!
- Egg!
Let's not confuse our personal
interaction with our work okay?
So now you'll all go out and
come back in for a chat.
First one by one, then in pairs
till we get somewhere, alright?
What do you mean
one by one?
What she's trying to say is,
first I come in alone.
Then, me and you "a pair".
Then she and me. I'm done...
Then you come in alone.
Then you and me "a pair"...
then you and her...
then you and that one,
you're done too!
Enough, we got it.
Yeah, I was trying to explain.
In a way...
As for you. I'm sorry but
you can't leave...
until we shed some light
on this.
Even if your paper comes,
please don't use it...
till I say so, okay?
This has nothing to do with me!
I'm only staying here till...
Till I say.
Don't let her go to the bath-
room or she'll do it again.
You can start with me.
You asked how I know about
changing diapers.
Truth is...
I was at, I was put in...
the program.
They gave me some shots,
big ones.
In two months, I started to
swell, and I had a baby girl.
They let me keep her.
But I couldn't breastfeed her,
because I might have been
infected by the shot.
A year later they injected
another baby inside me.
I gave birth...
but didn't get to keep it.
There had been an accident.
Its nails were coming out of
its knuckles. No fingers.
And its foot... something was
wrong there too.
Its toes were like... stuck by
membranes. Like a frog's...
They took it away
A girl... it was...
So, when I leave, I'll go to
that sea, the one you all go to.
And I'll send you a photo.
Hey, let's do something else
In 3 years from today,
we'll meet there.
What was that?
- What are you doing in here?
- I hurt my foot.
Yeah... I see that...
but what are you doing
in here?
The stool tipped over. I took
the laundry with me too.
Fuck! I think I broke it.
Your girl is here.
There you are.
How did you know?
She told you?
I knew it was you.
Shut up!
How did you find him?
I didn't. He found me...
with his stench.
I was here with a client this
morning. The place reeked.
I followed the stench.
- Get rid of him!
- He'll go tell!
- Then... kill him.
- And how will I have a...
You won't. None of us will.
- What do we do with the body?
- Bury it in here somewhere.
Maybe you prefer to cook
and eat him too?
- Where will you go?
- Out...
Things are bad out there.
constant surveillance...
At least you have food here,
some food.
Clean water and... us.
You earn some money too.
Yeah... it's nice.
It's just been so long.
There's nothing outside.
And now that we've become
friends, we can chat.
He's the bad one you know.
All I know is I'm here to give
beatings. Not to get them.
I really hate this one.
And I'm very good at it,
I must add.
So, if "Mr. Bad" tries to hit
me again...
you'll be collecting his
See what I mean?
Not to mention I think he's
been to our basement too.
Through time, I've learned to
see the faces behind masks.
My dear, things are
really serious.
Clients can't just
disappear like that.
Fine, I understand,
we beat them badly.
And they come back.
They come back because we beat
them nice and proper.
We are very pleased with you,
but they can't just disappear.
I don't know what you're
talking about.
Wonderful, let's take it
from the top.
Which girls served him?
Two of them confessed.
Maro the...
the Whip.
And the girl with
the binoculars.
They didn't confess. They've
done nothing to confess about.
Perhaps you've noticed a change
in their behavior?
Any secrets?
- Nervousness, hot flashes?
- Any secret eye-glancing?
Something like that.
We could also give them
two days off.
- Good idea!
- Why don't you ask them?
We're through.
Oh and...
Tell the other girl
to come in.
Which of the three?
- That Maro the...
- The Whip...
That one.
Tell her to bring the whip.
- They hit you.
- It's nothing.
- You told them.
- What?
No, you didn't.
They're waiting.
Come on, hit me
for a warm up.
Come on. Hit me!
Don't stop.
Two more. Don't stop.
- What's going on?
- What?
Oh nothing. I was jogging down
the hall, releasing tension.
In the bath...
Yeah! I turned on the faucet
to gather... the water...
- Good...
- Yeah!
That's all we needed.
So what, I'll go...
I'll go...
I'll have to go alone
at some point.
Take care.
In 3 years, at the beach
every Friday, right?
Till we all meet again.
Be careful out there,
Don't look into their eyes.
- What are you doing?
- Rehearsing. I'm rehearsing.
- For what?
- For the day you... leave too.
Try to keep cover...
In the beginning.
Who's going to
the theater today?
Don't look at me.
I have to feed him.
I can feed him too.
Mind your own business.
"I can feed him too".
Is your shitty mind thinking
you can take him from me?
Right... Like I'd want
a corpse.
I'll go tonight,
so what?
I can't let her go.
- But I have to feed him.
- Feed him before you go.
I can't. He's trained to eat
on schedule, like babies.
And to shit on schedule,
like babies.
I can't change the schedule.
All right. I'll go and...
no tits.
Great! And I'll go downstairs.
It's his time.
What are you doing there?
Going to the sea without me?
Not fair.
- Doorbell.
- I know.
- Who could it be at this hour?
- How should I know?
- Doorbell.
- I heard.
- What do we do now?
- We sleep.
It could be the police.
It's ringing in code.
It's in code!
They're coming up.
It's only one of them.
The footsteps...
I need help.
They're everywhere.
I'm back because...
I looked around for old friends
out there but there are none.
They're scattered, lost
or in hiding.
So I didn't get very far.
- The children?
- With the little white coats.
White? In winter?
You haven't heard
the worst yet.
I'm out of cigarettes.
- My water broke!
- Again?
Hot water, quick!
Come on! What are
you waiting for?
Get towels, sheets,
Her water broke.
You spilled it!
You can have him,
soon as he gives me a baby.
But till then, stay away.
I was just thinking
how beautiful it is...
that we're all back
together again.