The Zombinator (2012) Movie Script

How would you guys
describe Joanne?
I don't, I don't want
to hear this.
Very talented.
- That's good.
- Uh, outgoing.
Very creative.
She can always see more
than what most people see
when she looks
at something.
I wanna go with that.
- Mhmm.
- I can go with that.
Very, um... wow.
Yeah, creative.
- Yeah, there you go.
- I'm a Taurus.
She can be very stubborn.
- A Taurus and...
- And a perfectionist.
It has to be perfect and it...
- It, it has to be perfect.
- Yeah.
What do you guys think
about Joanne and her, um,
you know,
involvement with frockOn
writing, spending
so much time
writing on a fashion website,
fashion blogging?
Well, you know, it, it's a
fabulous opportunity for her.
It just unbelievable what, what
doors can get opened up for her,
what she can do now.
Edie Sedgwick is like my
fashion inspiration.
She is amazing.
I wish she was still alive.
And she's my fashion
inspiration because she,
like, pushed the limits,
like, more than any person
that I can even think of.
So, this is my first time in
Youngstown and, uh...
I hear there's like a lot of,
uh, you know, murders here.
Like, unsolved murders
I mean, the area's really
revitalizing a lot, gentrifying.
Um, trying to, I guess
forget about that history.
Okay, what's it like outside?
It's, uh, it's...
I'm so glad...
It's crisp.
I'm so glad that my film crew
is planning a murder video
on my day.
Do this on your time!
This is why
the murders happen.
It's uh... Youngstown,
it's uh...
It's a self... it's a
auto-suggestion thing,
You just say the word
murder in Youngstown,
and people just
become paranoid
and then they
start murdering
because they heard it.
And it's just like, it's inner
prophecy thing that just...
Where are some of the
weirdest places you guys
have seen bullet holes?
Uh, in a church bathroom.
Uh, in a car.
It used to be mostly
on the south side,
but now it's kind of...
it's sort of happening,
when you were saying
they were gentrified,
it's more of like,
civilized murder now.
It's less like bullet holes
in a windshield,
and it's more like
"Where is that guy?"
It's like this disgruntled
cesspool of like...
uh, repression...
Wow, I really like it here.
Youngs... Youngstown...
well then there's the train,
there's always the train.
There's this one murder
Like there's a set of train
tracks that like...
I think this guy used to be
like some kind of
train operator
or something like that
and like...
when the train sort of
like shut down,
he couldn't handle it,
so he like,
kind of lives
at the train track,
like at the old B & O station
and he kind of like...
That's where like multiple
killings have been,
but they've never found him,
so the fact that they never
found him, like...
Nobody, it adds
the mystery. Like...
So he's still out there?
- Apparent...
- Murdering?
And well,
nobody really knows.
That's the, that's the thing
of it is like,
"Oh, that's the train track... "
and it's half fact, half fiction,
and if you ask
the police station, like,
they won't give you...
Like, the media doesn't
really say, it was this guy
or it wasn't this guy.
- But he used to be...
- And they know who he is?
No, cause
they can't find him.
All they find are dead bodies
at the train tracks.
So this is like a half mile
away from my house,
right down the road.
And this is, I mean,
it's an awesome place.
I love the look and the rustic
feel and everything of it,
but it's where a lot of
murders have happened,
and it's extremely...
Creepy, definitely creepy.
Yeah, but I like it.
I mean, it's, it's pretty.
I mean, it's a shame
that nothing has ever...
been done about the place,
like no one's ever cleaning it up
or anything, like the rest of...
Everyone's getting murdered
cause they
come down here.
Right, I mean it's...
And people have
disappeared here.
It's not, I mean
it's not safe.
I mean,
I could see people
and getting murdered here
though, definitely,
like at nighttime...
- Well, yeah...
- You have to like...
Who's gonna hear anything
with all the cars.
- And nobody's around...
- Well, hunting gunshots,
so it sounds like a...
Yeah, there's gunshots right
now, I mean, but they're...
suppose... supposedly,
what you keep
in the back of your head
is that they're just hunting,
but who knows?
Yeah, that's
not so reassuring.
But it sucks because
everybody thinks it's terrible,
it's really not that bad,
but I guess it's just cause...
- ... this is all we know.
- We're used to it.
- Yeah, really.
- This is all we know.
Definitely has some
potential though.
There are some beautiful
places here.
I know, I mean you see like
in Vogue and stuff,
people are all doing photo
shoots on railroad tracks,
and then these rustic,
country side areas, they go
to like Baton Rouge...
like, no, come the fuck
to Youngstown.
There's lots of space
and you know,
Yeah. I like it, and I mean,
I don't know, it's kinda...
It's just pretty.
You guys see that?
See what?
No, I'm not freaking you out.
I mean, I really did just see
like a person...
It's not a person.
No, I do see something.
Over there,
like by the pillars.
Did you see anything?
Oh my God. Holy shit.
Did you see that?
Please tell me you saw that.
- Are you scared?
- Come on.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
Why? What are you
talking about?
Are you scared?
I'm not scared.
He's the one scared.
You're the one who saw it.
I know I did, but I don't...
Are you serious?
Oh, what the fuck?
Oh my God.
What is that?
Is that blood?
You're the one who saw it.
I know I did, but I don't...
No, no. It's probably just
like some teenagers
doing some stupid shit,
shooting up,
getting some blood on their
hands, rubbing it on the...
"Argh. "
So I mean we have
a party to go to tonight.
I, I know this is fun and
great Mr. Camera Guy,
but I mean we need to go
get ready for the party.
- So, let's get out of here.
- Yeah, let's go.
Yeah, that totally
looks like real blood.
Dude, that's real blood.
Lick it, dude.
No. No way.
There's no way, I'm not...
I didn't come here.
I didn't sign...
I'm not licking crap off
a pillar in Zombieland.
No, I'm not doing that.
I'm not doing that.
That's disgusting.
Lick it dude.
You wanna pay me?
I bet you it's deer,
deer blood though,
that some hunter did.
Will you give me a...
Real blood but deer blood.
I'll give you a dollar.
A dollar?
I'll double it.
Okay, a dollar!
Get your tongue in
there dude, yeah.
Do it, do it.
At least smell it.
Oh my...
Yeah, you just got deer
herpes, bro.
Shut up, man.
Holy shit.
What it taste like?
Cough syrup?
Oh my God, I haven't seen
you guys in so long.
- How are you?
- How you been?
- Hey!
- You guys look great.
- You look amazing.
- Look at you.
Oh, thank you!
No, you guys
look really good.
You look great.
What have you been up to?
- Uh...
- What are...
What is this cameras
I didn't tell you guys.
I, I've been getting
followed around
for the past few weeks
for the,
for a fashion documentary,
So you go into the writing
shit, the fashion writing shit.
Right, yeah.
- Strange, I have to say.
- That is nice.
Thank you.
I mean you guys look great,
you should definitely
get in it.
Thank you so much.
No, look at you, you the
fashion designer...
- ... fashion writer.
- Thank you.
- It's been so long.
- It has been.
It's nice seeing you guys.
- Yeah.
- We'll catch up with you, okay?
Yeah, definitely.
- Aww.
- Take care, Jo. all right?
- Thank you.
- All righty, nice to see you.
- Nina.
- I'm Gia.
Oh my God, Nina and Gia.
So basically nobody knows
what happened
to him, right?
I mean, no.
All I heard was that
the soldiers came
and delivered his
with the flag.
Hey, this is supposed to be
a fashion documentary.
Why are you
talking about Bobby?
- Well, they were just...
- Oh, no. They... She...
We're just joking.
We love you, Jo.
I know, I mean everyone
looks so great,
and you're talking
about sad stuff.
You're right, you're right.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm Jo, yeah.
- Hi, I'm Yanna.
- This is Yanna.
I wanted to say, it's not
just sad. It's not that sad.
I mean it's sad,
but it's also like a moment
for you guys to celebrate
your friend.
- Right?
- Right. Yeah, definitely.
So it's not just sad. Yeah.
- That's what we're doing.
- Yeah, yeah.
And he was cute,
I saw a picture of him.
How's the fashion thing
It's going great.
I mean I haven't talked to
you in a while so, just...
I didn't even know about it
until right today.
I've been really busy,
I'm sorry.
- ... we glad that you...
- You look, you look great.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
I'm not into fashion, though.
I'm into arts.
Are you, I mean are
you a model or anything?
I go to art school, but I do
a lot of projects in the city.
We should like get together
cause she's a dancer,
we should like do a project
Do you design at all,
like if you're into art?
I didn't do design,
I like painting though.
- Oh really?
- Painting is my thing.
That'd be really cool to,
you know, like...
I like talking to college students
and seeing like what they're doing,
like what their goals are and
write a little article about it.
We should definitely
get together.
- Yeah, we should do that.
- Yeah.
Do you come
to the city a lot?
Uh, a little bit, yeah.
That's where we're based in,
so I go every so often.
That's cool.
Yeah, we'll exchange
And she should come
and join us right?
Yeah, I'm down for anything.
I'm like, I love fashion.
I love fashion.
Please girl, I can do
a fashion show for you.
A joke?
No, like a real one, I mean.
It's funny, but it's real.
It's actually like
gonna happen.
I'm in Cleveland right now,
me and my girl.
- Oh really?
- Yeah. Yeah.
What do you do there?
Uh, I work at a coffee shop
but I'm getting fired
cause I'm not coming
home tonight
and I have
to be there at 6am.
So I don't have a job,
which is awesome.
So that's why you
should come to the city.
Ahh! Let's go to the city!
Let's do it.
I love this girl.
So guys, how about this?
- Did you just meet her?
- Yeah.
So basically after the wake, after we
spend time here, we all go to the city.
- Yeah.
- How 'bout that?
Yeah, I'm down.
I've never actually been to
like a bigger city before.
- Come with us.
- No?
I mean... no, I, I just
haven't had to go.
I know, I never brought you
before, you should come.
- Yeah.
- You should come, man.
- Chase us.
- I mean yeah, if you want.
- You come?
- Yes.
I didn't even get a drink.
What is this?
Oh um,
anybody got a drink?
Hey what's up, this is Ken.
How you doing, it's Jed.
And we're just basically
here for, um, Bobby's wake.
Um, I was a freshman
in high school,
he was a senior so...
Yeah, and they played on
the basketball team,
I didn't really know
the guy but...
I didn't know him that much,
but you know,
I knew him a little bit before
he went to war though,
he seemed like
a pretty awesome guy.
- Yeah?
- Pretty awesome guy.
I mean I... like I said but,
it's nice that since we can all
work together and honor
what seems to be a great
I think it's an honor to be
here though, I think it is.
- It's still a great honor.
- Yeah, definitely.
- Um, let's toast to Bobby.
- Yeah.
What's, what's with
all the cameras?
Oh um, did you meet
It's one of Joanna's friends
with the party
and they're doing a fashion
documentary with her...
You guys realize this
is a wake, right?
That's interesting.
If you're gonna do a
documentary on anybody,
you gotta do on my man
right here, The Colonel.
He brought
Bobby's ashes back.
Like, look right here,
he brought, he brought the
ashes back, my boy Bobby,
and I mean this is, this is
the real deal right here.
This is a war hero.
I mean, it's The Colonel,
I'm just...
I'm just doing my job.
Let's focus...
Did you know Bobby?
Um, I actually didn't. Um,
I'm really good friends with
Marcus and I'm here
just, you know, being with
him and you know,
making sure that he's okay
through all this so...
I'm sure he'd appreciate
you being here...
Yeah, absolutely.
I'm sure you do.
He's a lovely boy.
We've been friends since we
were kids so, um, you know,
I have to only be
here for him.
Me and Bobby were really
cool, you know we played,
we played ball together
and stuff like that.
What positions did you play?
Well, I was tailback.
- Oh, nice.
- He was always the Q.
I mean, he had an arm.
I mean I just, you know...
Sad to see him go.
I'm sure, you all seem like
lovely kids,
he would really appreciate
that you're here to honor him
and uh, uh...
I'm just really gratified
by how just warm and nice
you've all been.
You know, they talk about
the greatest generation,
but I really believe that
this is the greatest generation,
and Bobby was
a member of that
and he was a terrific
Uh, it's my honor and
to have served with him in
Afghanistan, and I just, uh...
I think he's emblematic
of young people
who've put their lives
on the line for their country
and um, I hope that
everybody appreciates that.
I certainly appreciate
you all being here.
Well said, well said.
I, I'll toast to that.
- Cheers. Cheers.
- Cheers.
I'm sorry that we ended up
just... showing up.
But it's great to, to learn
about such an amazing hero.
Well, I know Bobby always
appreciated lovely women.
He wouldn't have minded
your presence, I'm sure.
It seems like he has
a great family,
we've really been welcome.
Yeah. Thank you.
Well, I'm so sorry
that he's gone, I really am.
- He's a good dude.
- Yeah.
He's a really good guy.
You're so modest man, but...
I mean you're doing
the thing, man.
You and Bobby, just going
out there, protecting us.
Man that's, I mean,
that's what it's all about,
like I'm, I'm just glad
that, that you're here.
You know what, Joanne?
I know, you know, that you're
doing your fashion thing
and everything, but...
this documentary should be
about Bobby, and you know,
or The Colonel,
about Bobby most of all.
So like right now,
let's all do a toast
for Bobby right now,
all right?
Raise your glasses.
Uh, Bobby was my boy.
You know, I knew him
growing up,
we played ball together,
he was a stand-up dude.
And um...
I'm crushed to see him...
see him go,
and uh, yeah.
For Bobby, all right?
For Bobby.
All right.
That was really nice
of you, Marcus.
- Yeah.
- Well said, yeah.
If you'll excuse me
for a moment.
Okay. Nice meeting you.
Nice meeting you.
Bobby was the catch.
He was on
the volleyball team...
"Protea" ]
The band was really good.
Yeah, they were amazing.
I love their, their
like, costume.
- Yeah.
- ... whole costume, perfect.
Dead 2 Me.
It's so...
I think like, they, they knew
Bobby too, right?
- Yeah, I think he liked that...
- They knew Bobby?
Yeah, I mean he's...
they're from here so
they probably were friends.
- Yeah.
- Nice.
- They're good.
- And they're fantastic.
Are they signed?
I don't think so, I think
they're just local.
- Just local.
- Yeah.
You know, I'm like ready
to go Marcus, I don't know.
I just... there's something like
weird about this place,
Stay like another 20 minutes, then we'll
get outta here and do something else.
I don't know
but I'm telling you,
I really need a cigarette
right now.
A cigarette?
- When'd you start smoking?
- I don't... I just...
I don't know, I'm a little
stressed out, you know.
So you're gonna get a cancer
stick, that's what you're gonna do?
I guess, I mean you know
what? It is what it is...
We're at a wake and you
wanna get a damn cigarette?
I do I do, I mean there's
people all over,
let's ask for one.
Nah, I don't have...
Hey guys, fuck is that?
What are you talking about?
What the fuck was that?
Oh shit, go! Fuck!
Oh, fuck!
You know what, I should've
just stayed in Chicago.
I knew it!
I freaking knew it!
You know, let's talk about it
on the ride home.
- I don't even care.
- Where are my keys?
- Where are my keys?
- I don't care, I don't know.
- Where are the keys?
- I don't know!
What is that?
What the...
okay, what the heck is that?
Is she bleeding?
What's wrong with her?
Make sure she's okay.
- Are you okay?
- Oh, my gosh.
Oh god!
What the hell
are you guys doing here?
- Where are the others?
- Where's everyone else?
Have you guys, have you
guys seen the others?
- Where are they?
- Have you seen them?
Where'd they go?
I don't know.
What do you mean
you don't know?
Fuck! Let's get inside.
Let's go this way.
Yanna, this way, this way.
Oh my god! There they are!
You okay?
She, she bit... she bit her.
I don't know.
There was so much blood
and everything...
- You're okay.
- Did anyone else get bit?
- No.
- You guys are fine?
- Yeah, we're good.
- We're good. We're good.
Oh god, this is not...
Did you guys get followed?
Were they behind you?
I don't know. We don't know.
We just ran as fast as
we could.
You guys, we need
to get inside.
We need to get inside.
We need to get inside.
What is this?
- So it's safe, it's safe?
- It should be, yeah.
Ok cool, cool. I trust you
man, I really trust you.
Jo, John, come on.
Let's go, dude.
Come on, dude.
Come on,
come on, come on.
Somebody lock that door.
What are we doing now?
I'm sorry,
where the fuck are we?
Guys, it's okay we're safe
I went to school here,
it's a Catholic school.
I don't think so.
Pretty sure.
What are we gonna do?
Guys, I feel like
Alice in Wonderland.
We gotta figure this out.
Yeah, I don't know if I'm
getting feeling about this.
Which door, man?
- Guys, they're labeled.
- I don't know.
Well what does the numbers
means for, huh?
What are the numbers for?
How the fuck
am I supposed to know?
It's his school...
They're, they're classrooms.
I don't know, I mean...
What about if we
stay stuck down here.
Like we gotta think about
this shit.
- Nah nah.
- Two is even.
Nah, nah. All these doors,
nah this, this shit ain't right.
This shit ain't right.
In, in the 20's,
you know the, the klan,
they had a place in this
town, like a headquarters.
Right here.
Yo, like this... nah,
you think it's funny,
until your fuckin' ass get popped up by
a fuckin' like the grand wizard zombie,
and they fuckin' come after
you... well shit,
they ain't goin' after you,
they goin' after me.
Your ass too,
you should be worried.
Don't mess with me,
all right?
Listen let's be cool,
like seriously,
let's pick
a door and move.
Yo, we saw freakin'
zombies upstairs,
you're talking about
being cool...
Come on!
- Come on, guys.
- Guys, they're right out there.
We gotta get in these doors.
Number two, final deal.
Whoa whoa whoa, wait wait.
Wait. Ken Ken Ken, dude.
Jed, what's wrong?
You sure that...
You sure that that's the
right door?
Cause there's plenty of other
doors in here, right guys?
Maybe we should take a...
like a general consensus.
Guys, it's better than being
out here, just go in.
Trust me.
Trust me, Jed.
Watch your step.
What the hell.
This is kinda cool.
What is that?
A cross.
Oh no no...
Where are we?
I feel a presence.
Oh what the fuck is this?
Oh what now?
No no.
This is the wrong door.
What's over there?
- Ah shit.
- What is that?
Ah shit.
Do you guys...
do you guys see that?
Shh. Shh.
Wait you guys.
Listen, listen, listen.
It's fucking creepy as is...
This is the wrong door.
- What the fuck.
- ... this cross right here?
This was the wrong door.
Yo, this shit is the
underground railroad.
This shit...
- Guys. Shh. Shh.
- This is the wrong...
Just calm down, all right.
Don't tell me to fucking relax,
there's fucking zombies upstairs, dude.
I don't, I don't like this.
Let's just go back
and try a different...
- No, I wanna go outside.
- Guys, I don't like this!
Something isn't right!
- Just calm down.
- No, I just wanna...
Nina, I just wanna go.
Can we please just go?
No, I left Bob! I left Bob
alone. He needs me.
He won't eat without me.
I gotta go!
Who's Bob?
I have to... just let me go!
Look, I have pictures.
Tell them, Nina!
I have pictures.
I can't leave him alone!
A zebra? Really?
It's my zebra,
I left him all alone.
- I have to...
- Calm down.
Shh shh shh.
- Shut up!
- Shh shh shh shh.
- Listen! Just shut up.
- Listen! Listen!
- Listen!
- Shh, guys.
You hear that?
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit! Come on!
- Guys!
- Hold on. Hold on.
Wait, wait.
Zombies don't talk.
How the fuck you know,
Get away from that door...
Wait, guys.
Zombies don't talk.
- Fuck!
- Shh...
Zombies don't talk, guys.
Hold on.
- Hello?
- Hello.
Who are you?
There's people back there.
- Who are you?
- Who are you?
Go, they might be hiding
All right, come on, guys.
Guys, it's Ghostbusters.
Yeah, that, that's
what they said.
Fucking Ghostbusters.
- No.
- No.
We're the Collective
Paranormal Research Society.
We're on investigation.
Who the hell are you?
We're just college students.
College students?
Yeah, we were stopped by
...fucking zombies.
It's not a fucking game!
We were asked, we were
asked by the homeowner,
or the building owner
to come in and do
an investigation.
We deal with paranormal,
we don't deal with like
the whole zombie folklore
kind of stuff.
I mean, we're...
You know what?
We need to unite, okay?
This is really not the time
to be fighting over stupid shit
like who's a zombie,
what's a ghost, you know,
what's real, what's not real.
We just saw a girl get
And like honestly,
what's up with all these
damn cameras?
We just keep drawing
freakin' more attention,
just keep it up, why don't
you just shut that shit off?
- Honestly.
- Seriously.
That's a good ass fuckin'
idea, turn that shit off.
Turn that shit off, man.
You guys have no idea what's
going on outside, all right?
- They don't.
- Trust me.
We just need
to band together.
We've been down here for
hours and we haven't heard
one word or any...
There's walking
corpse outside.
Well don't you think that we
have the kind of equipment
to be able to hear these
kinds of things?
Please help us. Just tell us
how to get out.
We have to get away.
We're being chased.
Guys, you think we
making up shit right now?
How did you... 'How did you
get in?' is the first question.
Yeah, the owner...
Cause this place
was locked up.
We've been here, again,
for the past four hours.
There's walking corpse
Maybe the zombie unlocked
the door.
How does a zombie unlock
a door?
Listen there's a lot of shit that's
going on that's unexplainable right now.
We don't wanna argue with
you, we're not joking around.
I, I understand.
You guys are the skeptics?
The paranormal team
is the skeptics?
As far as I'm concerned, you're
contaminating our equipment.
I mean, we have nothing
here that's saying that...
We have the right stuff to
say if zombies exist,
or if there's any kind of
noise going on outside.
It seems like you've done, you
know, well enough yourself so far.
You just stick to a group,
I'm sure you'll be fine.
But again, we don't deal with
- Hey, guys...
- Hey, guys!
The spike's getting a
Hold on, everybody be quiet.
We are getting a spike
over here.
something's around.
Something coming through,
all right, do we have anybody
here with us right now?
Do you not like that there's
so many people here right now?
Get out.
Right there.
He just said, "Get out. "
Are we scaring... is...
Are we scaring you?
"... his skill set is"
We got "skill set",
and it went through five
in that time period.
How many of there are you?
- Fuck.
- Whoa.
You know what,
this is not safe.
We have nowhere to go.
No you are safe here, we
have, we have priests.
- No, we're not!
- We have priests here.
We're not joking...
Our... let me, let me
introduce you to two people,
we have Father Delroy
and Father John.
Why do you have priests in
Why are they smoking?
Our priests
are trigger objects.
They're our trigger objects
and you know,
we can't really protect
ourselves from demons.
We can wear metals,
but they're not, you know...
It's not, doesn't give us the same
protection as having a priest with us.
We have other people here,
and other sources of
protection just in case
that we come across
some kind of contact
- like maybe you guys...
- Hey guys...
Frankie, it's over here.
You guys hear that? Shh...
Father John, Delroy...
would you guys maybe come
over here and check this out?
all right, one second please.
One second.
...throw away my cigarette.
Ya, mon.
Seriously guys,
do you hear that?
- Yeah. Shh shh...
- There it is.
- There it is.
- Shit.
What the heck?
- Everybody quiet.
- What the...
Shh shh shh...
I haven't heard that...
Guys, I'm getting readings
all over the place.
I've never heard anything
like that before.
You gonna get the shot?
Come on, it's them!
Y'all thought it was a game,
huh? Thought it was a game huh?
- Yeah.
- It's been forever.
...ghosts this loud was at...
Why y'all going toward...
Jo, Jed, where are y'all?
It's right above us.
Why y'all
going towards this shit?
It's our job. We go towards
what we're scared of.
Calm down.
Guys, calm down.
Check out over there.
Go towards the back,
go towards the corner.
I think it's...
No, it's okay.
The priests have everything
under control.
Why are they screaming?
The priests have
everything under control.
Sometimes it takes
a lot out of them...
Please just stand back,
everything's okay.
We need to relax.
We do this all the time.
Listen, I don't feel like...
Jed, Jo, where are you?
There's nothing to be afraid
of guys, I promise.
Could just be a malevolent
spirit, that's all.
They can make noise.
It's okay.
This is not ghosts!
- This is something...
- Yeah, it's something else.
Yeah, there's no possible
way it could be zombies.
You haven't seen...
- Go upstairs!
- It's okay. Just calm down.
...see what's going on there.
Why don't somebody go
check that shit out?
You guys, everyone,
This is ridiculous, okay?
We're adults, okay?
- Yeah.
- Right, exactly.
She's going.
So, I'm just gonna go see
what's going on.
- What? No, you can't.
- No, Nina!
- You can't do that!
- Nina...
- It's okay, it's okay.
- Nina...
Stop screaming!
Stop screaming.
You guys are freaking out
over nothing.
And that... the only thing
that's scary is our mind.
It's all in our heads, okay?
- Exactly.
- Listen...
You, girl, need to sit down.
sit down!
- Sit down! Sit down.
- Nina, no...
Sit down...
And I'm gonna go see
what all this mystery is all
about, okay guys?
Don't worry.
Watch me.
Watch me!
Guys... don't worry.
What does she see?
Go go!
Go go go!
I gotta get her! Nina!
- Everyone go.
- Go!
Let's go, let's go!
Go! Go!
In here, in here.
I knew it was a bad idea.
I knew it was a bad idea
to come here. I knew it.
I would never listen to you
if... if it was...
Bad idea? Babe, calm down.
- Yanna, calm down.
- Calm down?
Trying, trying to tell me
to calm down.
You fucking...
Why do I ever listen to you?
Why was I so stupid to come
here with you?
I just don't understand.
What? Yanna, this is
not my fault.
- It's not your fault, of course.
- What are you sa...
Yeah never nothing is your
fault, nothing is your fault.
You're so blind, Scott. You
can't see what's going on.
You can't. You know why I
came to Youngstown?
To break up with you.
I can't be your mom
I can't make every single
- Yanna!
- Of you.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Fucking kidding you?
We almost died in there and
you wanna break up with me?
Yes, I think it's
the perfect time.
I need you
to wake up, Scott.
It's been going on
for months.
- I can't do it anymore...
- Where is this coming from?
Where is it coming from?
Oh God, don't be such a liar.
I saw you there with Joanne.
I saw it.
With Joanne?
You're trying to deny it to
You're un... unbelievable.
Joanne's my family friend.
She's like my sister to me.
All right yeah,
I saw what was going on.
I knew what was going on.
You fucking bastard,
I'm done.
I'm done, I don't wanna...
ever wanna see you again.
Seriously, get a fucking
This is not the time for this
It's not.
Yeah, it's true it's not.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
We're gonna be fine, right?
We're gonna be fine.
Yeah, I hope so.
Did you hear that?
Honestly what's going on
right now?
I have no clue.
I mean is this...
What's gonna happen?
What's gonna...
What's gonna happen to our
Our friends?
Let's hope
we get back to them.
That's all that matters right
During my childhood,
I was...
I was abused by my dad.
But I never really
told y'all this.
Every day...
every day
coming from school
just seeing my dad there...
sit on the couch.
This mean face
with a belt in his hand.
Just hit me.
Pow pow pow.
Crying just on the floors,
and every time
y'all called me, I just...
just act like
everything is all right,
but nothing was all right.
Nothing at all was all right.
You guys, I have to tell
Cause my mom
and dad died
in that car accident,
before you guys met me.
So I had to live with my...
my grandma.
And I just...
I don't know what I would do
without you guys because...
It's okay man.
It's okay man.
Cause she...
You're the only ones that
have been there for me.
Jed, we love you,
all right, man?
I love you guys, too.
We love you man.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Your mom is out there watching
for you, all right bro?
She's watching for you, Jed.
She's watching for you
up in heaven, man.
And we gonna stay together.
We gonna get through this
Jed, all right?
Just like my dad.
He's over us.
He's with us. It's fine.
Everything will be fine.
It's what brought us
together, right?
It's all that counts, man.
It's all that counts.
- We'll be fine.
- We'll be fine.
We gonna take these
zombies out.
Fuck those zombies.
Yeah, fuck the zombies.
Let's go...
- What the fuck was that?
- Oh my God, Ava!
- Ava...
- Is that... Is that Ava?
- Ava!
- Sounds just like her.
Oh shit.
It's coming from here.
Oh my god, we gotta...
you guys...
- Oh my god. What is this?
- What is this?
- Ava!
- Ava!
Oh shit! Oh!
Oh shit!
Yo, what the fuck
is going on?
What the...
They squished her head!
Oh shit!
- Oh shit!
- Oh my god!
Oh my god.
This can't be
happening, man.
Yo, this shit can't be
happening, man!
Help me!
Help me! Ahh!
Oh my god.
Go go!
What is that? Ahh!
Oh god. Oh god.
Is that a gun?
Who is that?
Uh, go go go go go!
Holy fuck!
Go go go go go go go!
Get behind us!
- Calm down.
- Calm down!
You're gonna be all right...
You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
No problem.
- Get down.
- Get down.
- Everybody get down.
- Get down. Get down
Oh my god, oh my god.
- Oh shit.
- Oh my god.
Don't worry about it.
You'll... I promise you.
You'll be okay.
You'll be okay.
You'll be fine.
Guys, where's Ken?
He's still out there.
No, as long as you're with
me, you're gonna be fine.
Are you a priest?
- You're...
- Yes, yes I am.
- You're a priest.
- I'm father Frank.
Oh come on...
You know what, we've seen
too many priests today.
Listen, we need all the good
will we can get.
What did the priests in the
basement do but die?
And they're dead.
They're all dead.
Okay, but this is a different
situation, right now.
We need all the good will
we can get, right?
We have only each other.
And God is with us.
No, he's not.
Who's the fucking God?
Are we safe now?
Are we safe... yeah...
- We're not safe!
- For now!
We don't know
where we're going.
What is this,
some sort of conspiracy?
No. No conspiracy.
I'll put my life on the line
for this.
Listen this whole fucking
thing is crazy.
There's fucking zombies
running around out there
eating people and shit.
Our friend Ken is dead,
all right?
Our friend is dead, all
We need to get the hell out
of this Goddamn town.
We're gonna die. If we stay
out here, we're gonna die.
Just like those girls
at the party.
Listen! This...
...just like the priests,
we're gonna fucking die!
This is the time to come
together okay,
because we're all we have.
We have nothing, okay?
All we have is our trust in
each other, okay?
Okay honey, okay.
We don't wanna end up like
Ken, we don't.
- Can we all hold hands?
- Do we have any choice?
Can we all hold hands
And say a prayer
on our own.
- You may not believe...
- I'm not doing this.
but we have to believe now.
You don't have to do it
But God will protect us.
We need to find a way out
of this fucking town.
I fucking mean it.
We're gonna be out of this...
I am not gonna die here.
I am not gonna stay here
and wait for anybody.
- I agree.
- Nobody.
You understand?
Yes I do, ma'am.
Just try, Yanna.
Just try to pray.
I came here
for my friend's funeral.
I didn't come here to die,
all right?
And this is how we ended up
in the back of a fucking truck.
Grant me the serenity...
Let's, together.
You know this prayer.
Grant me the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change.
The courage to change
the things we can,
and the wisdom
to know the difference.
Our father,
who art in heaven...
- We have courage
- They kingdom come...
- thy will be done
- ... courage...
...on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread
and forgive us our
as we forgive those who
trespass against us.
And lead us not
into temptation
but deliver us from evil.
For thy is the kingdom,
thy is the wisdom...
- I don't believe it in any...
- I can't, I can't do this.
I just can't.
The power, the glory,
the kingdom, the power,
the glory, yours.
Well, I guess you're alive
until you die, you know, so...
- But...
- We're alive.
I know and God
is to protect us.
God is to protect us.
God is to protect us.
- God is to protect us.
- Last thing, last thing is...
- Listen to me.
- God is to protect us.
God is gonna
show us the way.
God is gonna show us the way.
God is gonna
show us the way.
God is gonna
show us the way.
God is gonna
show us the way.
Okay, a moment of silence.
Just a few moments
of silence.
And pray for the sick and
We are not suffering
cause we're safe.
We're safe.
Okay you're gonna be fine,
You'll be fine, young man.
Could you come up here,
Mar... Marcus, could you just
come up here?
Could you please
come up here?
- No no, I'm fine. I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
I'm fine, I'm just...
Leave me alone. I'm fine.
Oh shit. Oh shit.
Out of the truck!
Come now!
All of you, hurry.
Don't look around.
You're not a sight-seeing
tour! Come!
Marcus... are you okay?
I don't know where we are.
This way.
Does this seem like a safe
place to you?
What are you saying?
Stop talking.
I don't trust you. I don't
trust this place.
I need to get out of here.
- We don't...
- No, she's right guys.
We don't know this guy.
Stop screaming, guys.
Let's have...
You gonna stay here?
He took us
away from the zombies.
We need to get out
of here, guys.
No, Ava...
Don't listen at all
to the foolishness.
- Come on.
- Ava, come on!
What are you doing?
- Just please...
- I'm gonna go.
- You wanna stay?
- No, Yanna!
Go! If you're gonna go, go!
Yanna, are you serious?
Serious, yeah.
Where are you
gonna run to?
Against the wall.
This is crazy.
I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
- I know, we can't stay here.
- No, we have to stay here.
You guys, save yourselves.
Save yourselves.
If they're stupid enough to
run off... leave them.
That's just fucked up,
it's just not right, man.
Why are you guys still
filming all of this?
I mean seriously.
After everything
that you just saw?
Who else is gonna
tell our story?
This isn't a story man,
this is survival.
We're gonna freaking die.
This is government shit,
If the world doesn't see this, it's
gonna happen everywhere else too.
Do you have information
about what's going on?
It doesn't matter, you really
need to turn that off.
Those lights...
But aren't you afraid too?
I'm all for it.
I... if they don't cover this,
and this is a government
or whatever the fuck this is,
people need to see this.
Um, look what if
we don't make it?
What if we all, what if we
all get killed here?
Yo, shut up.
Stop saying that.
I mean it's possible.
This is just not fucking
right, you guys.
Like honestly, this is just
not fucking right.
- Oh my God...
- You're in a safe place.
Come on, let's sit down.
Everyone get down,
everyone get down.
We need to go back
and get them.
No, we're in a safe place.
Could you sit down please?
Be calm.
Ask these guys
what's going on.
- Oh...
- Oh my God, the lights.
- The lights!
- Oh my God...
- What'd I tell you?
- He's back.
What'd I tell you?
Put that down. Put it down.
- What are we doing now?
- Against the wall.
Why or what
are we doing here?
Against the wall.
No, you against the wall,
put that there.
You against the wall.
- All right, relax!
- Against the wall.
Where are these zombies
coming from?
Why are they here?
The military has had
experiments going on
on the battlefield for years.
Do you think we're just there
to help stop terrorism?
We're there to cause
experiments that will help us
profit and dominate.
To be an empire, not to
spread democracy.
We are an empire, and we
do that through death,
and money grabbing.
We had experiments
on our own soldiers.
In Afghanistan,
my own buddies...
guys I was fighting with
every day,
we bled together, okay?
That's where it started,
they have a cure,
but they will not use it
until it gets so big...
after Youngstown is gone,
and then they'll present it
on the market,
and make billions.
Billions and billions on your
So what do we do?
You listen to me, okay?
If you want to live,
you will listen to me.
Is this... is this what
happened to Bobby?
Bobby was on our team.
I knew Bobby.
I fucking knew it.
That's terrible.
But what about change?
What about whoever we're gonna be
voting for against big corporations?
Did you go to school?
Yeah, I did. I went to
a liberal arts college.
Did you study history?
There's your answer.
Is this on the news?
Where are the press?
Are they following this story?
Do people know?
Is this on the news?
You're in Youngstown.
Nobody cares.
Sit back.
I want you to relax,
get some rest.
We've got a long night
ahead of us.
Are you the only one?
I'm the only one.
Why are you saving us?
I have my reasons.
I don't wanna get too close
to you, but I want you to live.
Um, I don't know if anybody's
ever told you before...
but you look like the
He does
look like the Terminator
Doesn't he?
Oh my God...
You bitches are crazy.
Why would you say that?
This girl's gonna get us
- Shit...
- No he's not.
She's fucking crazy.
What are we gonna do
about our friends?
My girlfriend and Marcus is
out there.
We have to be concerned
about us right now.
- Maybe he'll go get them...
- That's really selfish, father.
- Yeah.
- Seriously.
Well, let's start,
let's start with us,
and then we'll go further.
You know what, fuck this.
He's not gonna help us,
I'm going to Yanna.
- I'm gonna find Marcus...
- Come on, sit down.
- Don't go...
- No.
You know what?
He's not gonna help us.
Our friend Bobby died
like this, okay?
You're gonna dig a hole
and hide in it?
What the fuck, man.
Stay. Just...
We were told to stay here.
You guys can stay here.
I'm gonna find them.
Do... we, we should
go after him.
No. We have to stay
in this room together.
- Joanna...
- No, you know we have to.
No, we don't. We can stay
in this room together.
That's what he said,
we have to stay together.
Yeah, we don't know what's
going on out there, guys.
- No no no no no.
- I'm going.
Just stay, just stay. Come
on. Just stay, please?
- Just stay with me.
- Jed.
Just stay here.
This is crazy.
Why aren't you listening
to what he said?
No, come on.
- and we can be safe, okay?
- We're going.
No. We have to go find
No no.
- No. No.
- Let her go.
Come on.
- Don't go, stay with us.
- Just stay.
We're a team,
we're doing this for Ken.
Come on,
just stay here with us.
- No. No. Come on.
- You're safe here.
We're safe...
Come on.
That's what they say
about fashion...
Goddamn... Whoo..
Oh shit.
Mm, look at you.
And you, and those. And...
Ooh, mm.
Is that you?
Marcus... Marcus.
Oh, fuck!
What the fuck. Come one.
Who are you?
Sick fucker!
There's no one here.
Did you hear that?
I think it's coming
from down here.
Mealtime's over,
you fucking piece of shit!
Where's Yanna?
Where's Marcus?
Where's that fucking
Terminator guy?
Don't ever fucking come to
my town!
Ahh fuck, get off!
Come on man...
Holy shit.
Let's go. Let's go.
Let's go find the Zombinator.
Oh god.
Oh god.
Do you know where the
others went?
Did you see any of them?
Oh God. Oh God. Oh God.
I think they were falling
behind, all I saw...
I only saw, I only saw Yanna
and Scott run in and...
Wait they were in front of
They were in front of us,
they were in front of us.
Well... do you know
where they went?
Did they come in through
the same door as us?
No, I have no idea. I don't
know where they went.
I don't know where they
We need to find them.
We need to find Scott.
We need to find everybody.
We need to find everybody.
I don't know
where they went.
I mean if we don't know
where they are,
then that's fine, then we
just have to find Scott.
We have to find Scott and
Yanna, right?
I mean I don't know if we're gonna
find Yanna, but we definitely have to...
we need to find Scott.
- ... need to find the others.
- No, we need to find him.
The others...
What's that?
Wait the bathroom, the
bathroom, the bathroom, the...
That's fucking where Scott
was, right?
Oh my God, we have to go.
How are we gonna get
They're just fucking
zombies, right?
They're just fucking
zombies right?
Are you, are you
gonna come with us?
Fuck, you better
come with us.
I got 20 pounds of camera
gear with me.
I don't give a fuck about your 20
fucking pounds of Goddamn camera...
Why are you still filming
anyway? with us and we're
gonna get...
Cause I just fucking...
We need to find Scott,
I love him.
I, I just said it, okay?
I love him.
We need to find him.
Let's go. Are you coming?
Wait, let's just... let her
fucking do it, right?
Lock it!
It doesn't lock.
There's nothing in here.
Can we go in there?
I'm not going in there,
look at that...
Come on.
Here they come.
- Dude there's no...
- There's not enough room.
Fucking hide, fucking hide.
Why are you fucking...
Come hide, man?
Shh shh.
Oh fucking Scott.
Do you fucking see Scott?
I'm sorry.
No, whatever.
I hear someone.
It's one of them...
Fucking ge...
Well, hello dears.
Oh God. I'm gonna cry.
Let me get you into safety.
You have to fucking help us,
you have to fucking help us.
- Cause they're here...
- Wait...
We got some helpers.
No the zombies are out
No no no. No, no.
It's okay.
What've we got here?
Couple of, couple of...
- I'm Joanne.
- Little precious...
No! What are you fucking
doing to her?
- No!
- Yes!
Fucking get fucking
away from me.
No! No!
- No!
- No!
Shut your pie-holes.
Wakey wakey.
You know I'm so
disappointed in you.
You were damn near my
We're in Afghanistan fighting
side by side,
then we're winging it out
there and boom -
a corporation comes along
and gives us a ticket to ride.
Next thing I know, you're on
the other side.
what is up with you, man?
We got the best weapons,
we got state of the art
we're doing what we
were always given
the skill set to do.
You know we're in the one
and instead you go with the
great unwashed 99 percent.
We're gonna take these
and we're gonna get them
infected with this disease,
and then we're gonna cure
them all.
Now what's the harm in
You could've been a profit
Just like the rest of us.
we're gonna have to let the
zombies take you and...
masticate on your,
your well-toned body.
Colonel, I don't think you
can understand anymore.
You're a lost man.
No no no wait, let me
explain to you.
We are the healers.
We get them sick,
but we make them well,
and we make a big time
buck while we're doing it.
Now what is wrong with
One twisted philosophy.
Let me share you with a
little something.
We're like Dr. Lister coming
up with Listerine.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Colonel, you were the best.
Now, you're not
even in the rank.
You're nothing,
and these men
you have with you?
Heartless bastards
that don't even deserve
to hold a weapon.
Shut up.
You were the best okay?
You were trained
by this man.
So you're a backstabbing
bastard, that's what you are.
I am the best.
You're the best
my fucking ass,
look where you are now
with the chains, huh?
How's that make you
the best?
I won't be in these chains
for too long.
You'll see me again,
you bastards.
Guess what?
Every zombie in
is gonna know
where you are,
and they're gonna
come along
and the very people
that you're saving
are gonna be the ones that
are gonna chomp all over you.
So... God bless, brother.
I would've loved
to have you on the team.
You don't know who God
is anymore, Colonel.
He's the one who's got the
biggest dividends.
Its the American way.
Are you all right?
Get me out of here.
Come on, hurry.
Guys, come on.
Get him out of here.
I can't do this myself.
Who's in the bags?
Who's in... What are they...
Who's in there?
- Are they dead?
- Oh.
Is she alive?
Good god.
They've been injected.
Goddamn it, Carol.
I told you this is my night
out. Listen...
Why don't you go and...
Your helmet might help.
Is this how you wanna do it,
I'll do it anyway you like.
You know I hate
fights like this.
I always get my shirt ripped.
I'm so sick. I'm done with... I'm not even
getting paid. I came here for the free pizza.
I didn't get... I'm done,
Dude, I don't care.
Ooh, I'm the camera man.
No done.
Dude, we're gonna fucking
win awards for this shit.
- I don't care.
- You're gay.
Gonna get riches...
Turn that damn thing
out of my face.
You need to be...
Bye I quit.
Bye Bye.
- Dude, I think there's...
- Bye!
Dude, that's so...
There's zombies down
You wanna see my ass?
- Done.
- So gay.
I'm gonna tattoo D-U...
D-O-N-E on my ass.
Whatever man, you're dead.
Well, fuck it.
There goes our sound guy.
Yeah, I guess we're rolling
on camera.
Sound guy's dead.
Sound guy's dead.
You're dead dude.
There's zombies in there.
Which one
are we gonna go in?
There's no safe place to...
It's just too weird.
Zombinator said
he'll protect us.
Go! Go!
Get the fuck out of my...
Lieutenant, you got some hard bark
on you coming down here like this.
You put a. 45 slug in me.
That's enough for books,
Well I hope
to return the favor.
Now I aim like I haven't had
since I was a little baby.
Wonder what hell's
gonna look like.
You'll know soon enough,
No! No!
What's her life worth,
What's she worth, Atam?
Colonel, she's worth
a hell of a lot more than you.
And apparently a hell of a lot
of more than America to you.
Bobby bit the big one
for the corporation,
and these people aren't
gonna get the serum
if you don't let me out of
You get a commission on
Did you get some money?
What'd you buy, Colonel?
It's all part of a strategic
Please help me.
Please help me...
I told you I'd get you back,
Hey little girl...
Come on.
Kiss me like you love me.
Maybe I'll take you with me.
It's a new day.
Bon appetit, Colonel!
No, no!