The Zoya Factor (2019) Movie Script

Dengue, Malaria, and Polio...
There's something more dangerous
than these. The fever of cricket!
When it comes to India, cricket is a
religion and cricketers are superheroes.
Sounds cool,
but actually they have no power
because this game is
wildly unpredictable.
The bowler bowls
and the batsman swings his bat.
But a third factor decides
where that ball is going to land.
And that factor is called luck.
Let's take another good look at this
in slow motion.
A player's skill determines
the speed of the ball,
the angle of the bat
and the precise moment
when the fielder will jump.
But whether it will be a catch or not
depends on luck.
However, this gentleman
doesn't believe in luck.
He wants to win the next World Cup
only on the basis of his efforts.
He doesn't have the slightest clue
that his efforts will need
the blessings of someone's luck.
Just like how Kapil Dev needed it
on 25th June 1983.
That day when Team India lifted
the World Cup at Lords
Zoya was born.
Her cricket-crazy dad proclaimed her
to be the lady luck of Indian Cricket.
Her luck will make her world-famous
one day!
And thus, Zoya became
Solanki family's lucky charm.
-How does India look from up there?
-The most beautiful thing ever.
Dad! Not another power outage!
Forget the Prince Charming in real life,
I can't even ogle one on TV.
What are you guys doing?
I got a new home theater system
and it blew a fuse. What a cheap gadget!
Hurry up, Zorawar!
Or we'll miss the match.
-Check it now, Dad.
-Is that the switch for my room?
-Eww... It's so dirty in there.
-Why don't you dust it with your hair?
Hey! Show some respect.
The TV in my bedroom
is not working as well.
When we have four TV sets at home,
why did you have to buy a home theater?
I have an important meeting.
Really! Or is it another date
with your loser dentist boyfriend?
What are you doing, man?
We'll miss Nikhil Khoda's century.
He's not going to hit a century.
Nikhil Khoda is just an unworthy cricketer
who uses his bat to put the ball
on the pitch.
Even if I say that I'm pregnant with
a watchman's child, they won't care.
One second.
I'm pregnant with the watchman's child.
He's way better than Robin.
He always gets caught out
while trying to play a shot.
Open your mouth.
Another cavity.
I hope you're aware that it's been
two months since Aunt Rinku introduced us.
And we have even gone out
on a couple of dates.
Is he going to propose?
My dad will be very happy.
He's a dentist and a Rajput.
Also a rich boy from South Bombay.
He is not so good-looking.
It's a "yes" for me.
To begin with, we have nothing in common.
That day at Uncle Pappu's dinner party,
you ordered the cheapest soup
to save money.
You are happy in your
simple, middle-class life.
And depriving you of that
for my high-income, high-class life
will be very cruel.
So... What do you think?
How can a balding loser dump me!
Why did I go meet him?
He ruined my entire day.
But he said the effect
would wear off in 30 minutes.
You've been pestering me
for the past two months for an ad.
Zoya, make sure that AK likes the ad.
Come on.
A storm is brewing!
Let the waves know
that a rock stands tall
to stop their flow!
Blistering barnacles!
Cut... Cut it!
Why are you shaking it so much?
I'm sorry, AK. Are you okay?
Shall we discuss this in your van?
Sit down. Sit down.
The film is called "Pirate Kumar."
My character in this movie gets shot
and later gets paralyzed.
The director suggested that I should
speak with my tongue rolled in.
I say it's impossible to act natural
for any actor.
She will pitch you the jingle.
I think she is star-struck.
-I have that effect.
What did she say?
Say that again.
Say it properly.
Sorry... Dentist...
Sir, local anesthesia, dentist...
That's no big deal!
Even I can do it.
I'm not acting, sir.
I'm not acting...
Stop it!
Let her do it.
-Mr. AK... Sir, one second, sir...
-Sorry, Monita...
I am carnivorous.
I think Monita is going to
publicly fire me
to set an example that AWB should
never hire 3rd grade MBA graduates.
But it's your good luck
that I have no one else.
So I have to send you to Sri Lanka
with Nilo and Vishal.
This is an important project.
We've to take pictures of Team India
in their new World Cup jersey.
And those images will be
on every Pepsi can and label.
Counting today's, you've lost
five consecutive matches, Nikhil.
-The World Cup is only a month away--
-I too have a calendar.
I mean you were always
known as Centurion Khoda.
We lost another match.
We've been pretty consistent, right?
But, Robin, I feel like I'm jinxed.
I got out on zero again.
In fact, I blew my lid today
and just lost control over myself.
Shivy, my uncle says
that our entire team's jinxed.
And the only way to ward it off is
feeding a hen some fish.
What nonsense.
It's the truth.
The problem is the strategy.
You guys treat one-day matches like T-20.
Shivy, why don't you
give Ketan the strike?
But I did give him strike today.
After you played the first 2 overs?
I didn't get my rhythm
-after waiting for so long.
-What nonsense!
-Partnership is...
What are we playing?
Blame game?
Can I also play?
You know what's wrong with our team?
Runs are no longer our priority.
We only make excuses now.
He's the Rambo of our team.
Every bowler knows
that you need to sledge to make Shivy
lose his cool and then his wicket.
And leading our bowling attack is Pandit,
who breaks a coconut before every match.
But, Nikhil, it's a belief
that if the coconut breaks in one stroke,
then that's good luck.
Harry, the more you practice
the luckier you get.
Well said, Nikhil!
And, Harry, wash your hair.
We have a photo shoot.
-Oh, God...
-Borrow mine.
Fine, I'll wash my hair.
-Yes, Nikhil?
You think this kid can replace me?
It's okay, Captain.
Yeah, Lakhi.
You will be the best Indian Captain.
That's the one thing I can't do.
The breakthrough is coming.
Just a small shoot, nothing can go wrong.
I've come prepared.
It's going to be awesome.
Actually, people are going to applaud me!
It's a Rolex.
Touch it and see.
Vishal! Nilo!
Meeting's over, without me?
I had one final brief for all of you.
-This is Mr. Nikhil's first ad with Pepsi.
So there are some dos and don'ts
to follow when you're shooting with him.
Don't shake hands with Mr. Nikhil.
Don't share any edibles.
And last...
Make sure you don't look eye-to-eye.
Nikhil Khoda sounds more like
the Prime Minister than a captain.
-And yes...
Team India lost another match today.
So maintain decorum.
And stick to your job.
-Yes, Zorawar...
-Did you sweep the streets of Colombo?
-I'm staying at a 5-star hotel!
-You can sweep there as well.
Now you'll go ballistic!
How many rockets are there?
Bring them all.
It's dangerous.
I've lit a dozen firecrackers
with one light.
Four doesn't even count.
Hey, firecracker!
I'm a little confused.
You're celebrating Sri Lanka's victory
wearing India's jersey?
I love firecrackers.
Then don't finish them all today.
Save some for tomorrow.
You can light them when we win.
Actually, dad has been
saving firecrackers for a year.
But never got a chance to use them.
-I have arranged a grand party.
-What about a private table?
I'll book it.
Hey, Nilo, what's up?
Hello, Harry.
-So, what's new?
-The program for today--
And who is this?
Hi, I'm Harry...
-I'm Shivy.
Small shoe!
That's an unusual name.
I said, these shoes are small.
-They won't be in the frame.
-But then I'll look short.
What do you suggest we do?
Get new shoes, obviously. But only Asics.
I'm their brand ambassador.
Size, UK 11.5.
Sir, this hotel has a sports shop!
I'll quickly go check there.
Looks original, doesn't it?
Woah... What are you doing?
I'm making a fake Asics
as I couldn't find an original pair.
But it doesn't matter to me.
So, won't you tell Mr. Robin?
Mr. Robin?
Wait... Who are you?
The firecracker!
Remember I was bursting
those firecrackers?
Yeah, I can smell the gun smoke from here.
-I mean, what's your name?
Zoya Solanki, from AWB.
-The Pepsi ad?
It all makes sense now.
You're making these for Robin.
-And you don't want me to squeal on you.
-Yes, sir.
So I should lie to my teammate?
-Break his trust?
Absolutely, sir.
Really? So then, what should we do?
Cricket is a team sport
and trust is an important factor.
And I would never betray
my teammate's trust for a fake logo.
I'm doomed!
These are Asics, right?
Let's shoot.
Sir, we need a little longer
with the boys.
I'm sorry, but your time's up.
We have to attend practice.
But I need only 30 minutes
with Mr. Harry and Mr. Shivy.
I'm sure you can manage without them
for a while.
Does any of this look
like child's play to you?
We have a match to play tomorrow.
Your shoot can wait,
the match cannot.
Now move.
Why did you have to
run out and get new shoes?
You wasted 15 minutes.
And before Monita kills us, fix it.
Your cheeks are white
I wanna hold you tight!
Aye Sinatra... Stop singing.
You never sing during matches.
Why would I do that?
Focus on your game.
Your hair is black
Your cheeks are white
I wanna hold you tight!
Amazing, Harry!
Can't bowl a decent ball
and he wants to sing in the nets!
Mr. Shivy.
-Hey, Zoya.
Why are you being so formal?
Don't stand there. Come.
Mr. Shivy... I mean Shivy...
I'm your huge fan.
In fact, the entire country
is your big fan!
How about a selfie?
Of course.
-And now with my iPhone.
Keep smiling.
How sweet. Is she your mother?
No. She's my granny.
I'm short-tempered.
Every time I lose control, I just take
a look at this picture and calm down.
You were saying?
What was I making up?
Mr. Shivy. I mean, Shivy...
After a survey was conducted by Pepsi,
we all thought Nikhil would be named
the most popular cricketer.
But surprisingly,
India voted for you and Mr. Harry.
So we decided to arrange
a special shoot with you two.
Cross your heart?
Cross my heart.
I'm all game for it.
I apologize for interfering
with your work. Sorry.
Shivy has sent a message that if you are
seen anywhere near him or his teammates,
then his captain will shut down your
agency along with his career. Okay?
Sorry, sir, but we had to finish the shoot
on priority.
-Or else--
-Or else what?
Would that be the end of AWB?
Would Pepsi's sales drop?
But if Harry and Shivy don't perform
tomorrow because of this distraction,
then they might not play
the upcoming World Cup.
He keeps switching between being snappy
and friendly. He's completely nuts!
Harry, Shivy,
after the match, I want you
to finish Zoya's shoot. Okay?
Of course.
Can I have an omelet?
Is it included in the buffet?
It's good to confirm, right?
But isn't Pepsi paying your expenses?
Yeah, but it's not right
to waste the client's money.
I just love fireworks.
Actually, the day I was born
there were so many fireworks in the air
that they literally got into my DNA.
I see, you were born on Diwali?
My dad believes
that I'm very lucky for cricket.
I've helped my brother, Zorawar,
win many matches.
I just have to have breakfast
with the team and they win.
First, the toss, followed by the match.
My uncle, who is an astrologer,
told me that 25th June 1983
was the day when the constellations
were aligned favorably.
It occurs only once in 150 years.
You could be lucky.
Really? Then here, I'll rub
some of my luck on you guys as well.
Luck has no role in success.
It's just an excuse for failure.
For the first time
in the last ten matches,
Captain Nikhil has won the toss,
but can he win the match?
Yes, it seems luck is finally on his side.
The Bangladesh team are all out for 180
and Team India needs just 181 to win.
With the falling run rate, the pressure
is increasing on India. And that's bowled!
The decision is still pending.
The players are also confused.
The ball hit the wicket,
but the bails didn't fall off!
Has Shivy done some voodoo magic?
Bangladesh is heartbroken!
Oh, my God! I can't believe my eyes!
Bangladesh almost had this wicket!
Ketan on strike.
That will be one run.
But Shivy has sent him back.
Ketan can be run out here, and he's out...
Once again, the bails didn't fall off!
Or should we say amazing?
The wicketkeeper hit
the wicket with the ball
but the bails refused to budge.
Almost like it's stuck on with super glue!
Do you have any clue what's going on?
No, man!
Harry was right.
All this is happening after
we had breakfast with Zoya.
Now swing your bat hard,
and hit all around the park.
Both the batsmen
have been very lucky today.
But can this lucky streak
take India to victory?
And that was a ridiculous shot!
He couldn't read the ball.
That's a six!
God is showering them
with blessings today!
Another six! They are hitting them all
over the ground! India's luck riding high!
Wonderful shot!
But there's a player right under it.
Bangladesh drops an easy catch.
He keeps experimenting.
Changed my batting order again.
You won the game today, right?
Be a team player.
Uncle, I've been playing for
this loser team for six months.
I focused on improving my batting.
I have the best batting average in the
team. Now I should be made the captain.
Don't start this again!
You were the captain for two years.
We've to give others a chance.
Or people will cry "nepotism."
How many chances?
We've lost every game under his captaincy.
And the credit for today's
luck-by-chance victory goes to Zoya.
Who is she?
What do you mean can't shoot?
Monita will kill me.
What's the matter?
God... What's happening with me?
The lift moves if you press the button.
Not like this.
I know, sir.
But that stupid kid pressed
all the buttons.
Now, it'll stop on every floor.
It's not that bad.
Where do I even begin?
-Loki said that?
Shivy and Harry, both?
I haven't heard of it.
So, he lied to me.
But why?
"My dad believes
that I'm very lucky for cricket."
"I just have to have breakfast
with the team and they win."
"First the toss, then the match."
Your words, right?
Zoya, sportsmen are extremely
Do you think
Harry is growing his hair to look cool?
Why does Shivy bathe with cold water
before every match?
Everyone has their own beliefs.
Deal with it.
-What have I done?
-Nikhil Khoda.
Mr. Nikhil... Please...
One picture.
Mr. Nikhil...
Stop the lift.
Why are you crying?
Because I am the unluckiest person
on this earth.
How could I believe
that nothing could go wrong?
But I'll lose my job.
You won't lose your job, Zoya.
I promise.
But what do I do?
-Some pancakes.
-You must have fruits.
-One more.
Fruits are good for health.
That's enough.
Guys, my plate is overloaded.
Just a little...
What's going on there, Harry?
That guy is the President
of the Indian Cricket Board.
Mr. Jogpal.
Robin's uncle.
He had actually made Robin
the captain of the team.
But since Nikhil replaced him,
these two never get along.
What was that?
That had no emotions.
Let's have breakfast.
Battles are never fought
on an empty stomach. Come on.
-How are you?
-How's your papa?
-You look amazing.
-Thank you.
You played an outstanding match.
-It was a proud moment.
-Thank you, sir.
Your last match was extraordinary.
She is Zoya.
Zoya, why don't you join me
in the VIP box today for the match?
Yes, you must.
You must come.
Yes, Zoya. You must come.
Seems like food is your passion.
So, Harry, Shivy.
Are you guys feeling better or
do you want to join Zoya in the VIP box?
Feeling better now, Pandit?
Yes, we're better now.
Good. I'm glad.
Finish your shoot today.
"You owe me!"
Who could this be?
Could it be the ladies' tailor
from Saheli Boutique?
::- DSM Exclusive ::-
I haven't paid their bill yet.
What now?
"How are you going to settle your debt?"
How dare he?
Hello, the fitting of the sari blouse
was completely off.
No padding, no lining,
and doesn't fit at all.
Even 500 is too much for it.
You can take it back,
I'm not going to pay!
But you don't need padding at all.
How are you?
-The boys speak highly of you.
-I see...
You were born on the day
India won the World Cup?
-You helped your brother win matches?
Well, I meant the small street matches
my brother played.
Zoya, cricket in any form
is still cricket.
Whether you play it on the streets
or in the stadium.
Since you're here,
I'll see how lucky you really are.
This cricket match
is nothing short of a thriller movie.
Even after a fantastic innings by Lanka,
I hope India can still make it.
Nikhil mistimed that shot.
Easy catch for the fielder.
But the fielders missed the catch
in their confusion!
The ball zipped past both of them
like Usain Bolt!
And Nikhil's 50 comes up.
Unbelievable, astounding, amazing!
Maybe luck is on India's side
in this Asia Cup.
With Nikhil's efforts and good luck,
India is on the verge of victory.
But the target still seems impossible.
India now needs 8 runs from 1 ball.
And that's next to impossible.
The Sri Lankan fans
are already celebrating.
This match seems to be
in Sri Lanka's favor.
That's gone for a six, and with that...
And the umpire has signaled for a no ball!
Scores are leveled!
India gets 7 more runs!
And the bowler will have to bowl again!
-What just happened?
-That was a miracle!
Nothing is impossible in cricket.
One more run required from one ball.
Another miss...
The fielders get nothing
and Nikhil completes one run.
India has snatched victory
from the jaws of defeat.
-Thank you, Sonali.
-So, what went well?
The openers put a huge total on the board.
Well, there's just one thing.
But I've heard rumors
that there's this girl, Zoya...
But, Nikhil,
I heard that the Board's going to
offer her the lucky mascot contract.
Such anger!
No, it's not. This whirlpool of luck
will drown the whole team!
Then why don't you drown her?
I mean drown her
in your cute brown eyes.
You're The Nikhil Khoda, come on.
Go over to her house and say...
If the fielders hadn't goofed up,
Nikhil could've been out
on three occasions.
-He is right. Zoya may be lucky for us.
-May be?
My uncle, who's an astrologer,
checked Zoya's birth chart.
Lady Luck is favoring her.
And her bad phase is over.
Believe me, this is all because of Zoya.
Robin, come what may,
we need Zoya in the finals.
Let me speak with uncle.
I still can't believe it.
Nikhil Khoda invited me out for dinner.
Is today Loser's Day?
I mean he only dates supermodels.
And I've never even won
a high school pageant.
But he was definitely flirting with me.
So, are you done with your shoot?
And you're flying back tomorrow.
My ticket's for the day after.
You're flying back tomorrow.
But why?
And now when it's finally coming together,
I don't want them thinking
it's because of some stupid lucky charm.
I'm... stupid?
No, that's not what I meant.
I didn't stay back willingly.
Is that my fault now?
At first, who invited me for breakfast?
Whose words were,
"Come, watch the match"?
And this...
I maxed out my dad's credit card
to buy this dress.
Who came up with the lucky charm?
Look, Zoya.
If the players start depending on luck
they will lose focus on practice.
They will turn you into the Goddess
of Fortune and you will be in trouble.
I don't need any distractions.
I always thought cricket is stupid,
but I just realized
cricketers are stupider.
Only the team deserves the credit
for their hard-earned victory.
The team or you?
Loki will get you the ticket.
-Khoda should be dropped from the team.
He has no focus on the game.
-He's more focused on females.
you were supposed to return tomorrow.
What are you guys doing sitting outside?
India lost the match.
That too, against Bangladesh!
It's the pits.
Good. Khoda deserves it.
Why do you have a problem with Khoda?
-Did you meet him?
-I was there for a shoot.
I had to meet him.
Really? Did you take an autograph?
And a selfie?
How is he? How is the team?
Stupid. They are all stupid!
The players and the fans like you!
What's wrong?
She called me stupid.
In my decade long cricket career,
I have never seen such a coincidence.
When she has breakfast with us,
we end up winning even the toughest match.
Mr. Jogpal can vouch for this.
He's witnessed the miracle himself.
She will win us the trophy.
But will Team India
have to resort to voodoo and black magic?
That's not what it is, Ajay.
If a young girl has breakfast
with the boys before the match,
where is the harm in it?
This is not voodoo or black magic.
Let's celebrate with cotton candy.
Gutless Kaushik!
-What's the point of your Gallantry Award?
The enemy's tanks couldn't scare you,
but when Mrs. Mishra is around,
he runs like a chicken.
Mishra was a dear friend.
Come on, Mishra died two years ago.
But I don't deserve someone like Savita.
He likes her.
-He just admitted that he likes Savita.
His hearing aid isn't working.
No, don't call her.
Could that be Savita?
Then say it.
I just did.
-Is that why you aren't inviting me in?
Or there's a boyfriend
who will be jealous?
Zoya darling!
-What's taking you so long?
Nikhil Khoda!
-Are you lost?
-He's come to meet me, Uncle Jimmy.
I came to meet Zoya.
He's here to meet you!
Good catch, Zoya.
Hey! Come on in.
Come on, come inside.
How do you manage to score with the girls?
-Nice catch, man.
-My batting's better though.
-Look who is here.
Hi, everyone.
Oh, my God!
Nikhil Khoda in the house!
And Gallantry Award winner...
Gutless Kaushik.
Why gutless?
The guy is a coward.
What would you call a guy
who can't score even after
the ball is served to him on a plate?
Nikhil Khoda!
-Gutless Kaushik.
-Yes. Gutless.
Just joking.
I don't understand.
Kaushik loves Mrs. Mishra.
Mrs. Mishra
lives in that house.
In fact, I even invited her over
to the party.
But he couldn't utter a single word.
To be fair...
Kaushik did say, "Have some muffins."
He did.
Even I heard that.
There you go again.
Then let's call her.
What's wrong with you?
Talk to her.
Have some guts.
Come on, man!
What are you doing?
-It's ringing.
-Solanki, you talk to her.
-You talk to her.
I don't want to talk.
-You talk to her.
Kaushik, don't you dare hang up.
-What's her name?
Why do you make these blank calls
when all I get is a blank stare
whenever we meet?
I'm sorry.
That's all I wanted to say tonight.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, for what?
Sorry for all the misunderstandings
between us.
So then, what do you want?
I want to be able to tell you
how I feel when I'm around you.
I want our conversations
to last for hours.
I want you to laugh at my jokes.
I want to impress you in any way I can.
I want you when I win.
And I want you when I lose.
I can see your house.
If you have any interest in me
then, just turn on the switch
and light up my life.
Cheers boy, cheers!
Cheers to Nikhil Khoda!
-Good luck.
-Good luck.
He did it!
Please don't touch that button.
But why?
Paparazzi are everywhere.
Also, if I drive around with the top down,
it messes the hair.
Because she loved me
only for my blue jersey.
Don't mind me, but you are always
in the blue jersey mode.
Cricket, team, World Cup, practice.
I guess she just got bored.
I don't blame her.
You're a very strange girl.
Anyone else would've
instantly sympathized with me
and said that my ex-girlfriend
was a witch.
What kind of girls do you hang out with?
Now drink up.
Hot milk is good for a hairy chest.
It's something my father used to say.
He would use that line
so I would finish my milk.
Do you miss your mom?
Yes, I do.
But whenever I do,
I just send her a flying kiss.
A flying kiss?
That's why the fireworks.
I had a great time with your family.
I guess everyone likes visiting the zoo.
All right then...
I think I went a little overboard.
Your house is so beautiful.
Army areas are a class apart.
What's going on, Mr. Jogpal?
What brings you here?
The Indian Cricket Board has decided
to make you the Indian Cricket team's
lucky mascot for the World Cup.
Well, Loki,
tell her about the dos and don'ts.
You will be paid Rs. 7 lakhs
for every match India plays.
If team India gets to the finals,
they will play a total of nine matches.
Meaning, you'll be paid
a fee of Rs. 63 lakhs.
If India wins the World Cup, then
you'll be paid a bonus of Rs. 37 lakhs.
The sum total is Rs. 1 crore.
Round figure.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's play
"Zoya is gonna be a millionaire!"
Even after the 30 percent tax deduction,
I'll still be left with enough
to slap Monita and quit my job.
Then I'll start my own ad agency.
I'll even write my own jingles.
Kindly note.
Before every match, you are expected
to be at Team India's breakfast table
and have breakfast with the team.
You will treat each team member equally.
If you hug one, you must hug all.
During the World Cup, you cannot copulate.
What does copulate mean?
Good joke, huh!
Did you read the name
on the nameplate outside?
I may have missed it.
Don't forget to read it on your way out.
I'm an army veteran.
-Quiet, Zoya.
What did you expect?
You'll come here waving
your money in our face
and we'll do whatever you say?
This is only for the betterment
of cricket.
This contract isn't good for anyone.
Neither cricket nor Zoya.
This is madness.
Damn these civilians!
Hey... Dad.
Zoya, don't forget what's at stake here.
The Board will wait
for your final decision.
Is your dad at home?
And your brother?
And you are?
Ma'am, some pesky reporters
are chasing me.
Can I hide in your house? Please?
Will you take advantage
of the fact that I'm all alone?
Of course, I will.
Then you can come in.
That's Sonali's team.
"Zoya Solanki is lucky for cricket."
Are you serious!
This dress is only jinxed.
We never get to complete our date.
I promised to take you to dinner.
How about a house in Dubai?
It's too hot there.
What are you saying?
What's wrong?
So, how does it feel
to reject Rs. 1 crore?
Like I've achieved nirvana.
Was it that loser on the line?
Can't you knock before coming in?
Even the army couldn't discipline you.
Spongebob, irrespective of
your opinion about Ravana,
he really loved his sister.
Meaning I'm worried about you.
Look, you always dated losers,
but did I complain?
But this is next level crap!
Guys like Khoda are out of your league.
Ever wondered
what interests him about you?
I'm trying to say.
And I'm trying to protect you.
That's all.
Protect yourself!
Protect yourself!
Protect yourself!
Protect yourself!
Life was just testing me,
and by rejecting the offer of Rs. 1 crore,
I passed with flying colors.
Now I have a hot boyfriend and a cool job.
I am gearing up
for the second innings of my life.
Nerolac wishes Team India
best of luck for the World Cup.
Along with 14 other countries
around the world,
India will compete in this colorful event
and only one team will be the champion!
India's first match
will be against Pakistan in Pool B.
Not again! I'm seeing Zoya everywhere.
In my dreams, at the breakfast table,
and now in the stands!
This is unbelievable, even I can see her.
So can I.
She is here to shoot an ad.
What are you staring at?
We wanted her to be our lucky mascot.
Mr. Jogpal couldn't do anything.
So I had to do it my way.
Promise me you aren't joking.
This is the World Cup.
Why would I be joking?
Come on.
-Sprint time.
Come on.
Hey, firecracker. I missed you.
Robin, how will we all share
this one tiny piece?
We'll cut it into pieces and share.
The auspicious period ends in ten minutes.
Hurry up, guys.
I'll take the first bite.
Of course, bro. Let's go.
Who's this guy?
AWB has come up with the brilliant idea
that watching Robin practicing topless
will get a big response.
Maybe. He's got a six-pack.
We would rather watch a blonde coming
out of the water wearing a bikini
and that will get an even better response.
And we can also say,
"What style, what form!"
Oralite Cement.
You're so off.
Robin, why is Shivy leading it?
He has a connection with her.
I can't find my keycard.
What's done is done. Now forget it.
I think I left it in the room.
Hi, Zoya.
-Are you coming or going?
-Coming... No, going... No...
-I mean, I went out for some fresh air.
-Have a piece of cake.
-Today is my birthday.
We cut a cake and I'd be glad
if you have it.
You ate it all.
It's okay. For the team.
But we decided it's my birthday.
But it was my idea.
Okay, let's go.
Zoya, get some rest.
We've got to shoot.
Beginning of the Indian innings.
Ketan on strike.
And that's out... not.
That was a no ball.
Ketan gets a new lease of life.
Shivy is all smiles, congratulating Ketan.
Now that's what I call good luck.
I'm out of form.
-In next two days, you'll see my six pack.
-Even a four pack will do.
What are you saying!
It's a cement ad!
-Let's try after the next match.
-But you are flying to Goa tonight.
I'll shoot with you after the next match.
Pack up, guys. Pack up!
What's wrong?
He's not shooting.
He's avoiding distractions.
You should too.
Focus on me.
Do you think this is funny?
Monita will kill me.
Now I'll have to follow him to Goa.
I'll take you for a breakfast drive.
That's very sweet of you.
But Robin's six pack will end my career
before it even begins.
If you want a replacement,
then my six packs are at your service.
I'll believe it when I see it.
As the saying goes,
"When it rains it pours!"
South African batsmen are in top form.
And our bowling attack is so weak.
Harry can't find his rhythm.
How can a singer not find his rhythm?
Singer? Who?
The other day at practice,
he was singing while bowling to Shivy.
I've never heard him sing during a match.
Then tell him to sing tomorrow.
South Africa will lose its rhythm.
Finally, luck was in Nikhil's favor
and he's broken the jinx of 99.
And even after India's weak performance,
they've managed to put up a total of 210
which is not enough, Chikki.
In order to win,
India will need early wickets.
But giving the first over to Harry
can be disastrous!
Harry has been the weakest bowler
in this World Cup.
Watching him bowl the first over
must be a boon for South Africa.
And that's a dead ball!
Just like his career.
What happened?
Which song should I sing?
Anything you want.
-Hey, what's the delay?
-Wait, man!
Nikhil, my mind's completely blank.
I can't think of anything.
You suggest something.
After discussing strategy with Nikhil,
Harry is ready to bowl.
What ready?
The lad's got no confidence.
It doesn't matter
If someone calls me crazy
Let them keep saying
I'm caught in the storm of love
What do I do?
Bowled! First ball, first wicket!
Looks like Nikhil's words
worked like magic!
I'm caught in the storm of love
Another fierce appeal from Harry
and the umpire has given the signal.
Another wicket!
Harry just shut his haters and critics up
with his stupendous bowling.
Harry has a chance to score a hat trick.
Nikhil takes the catch
making Harry the only other bowler
in the World Cup to get a hat trick!
Pinch me! Pinch me!
This is nothing short of a miracle!
I can't believe it! And so can't Harry.
We witnessed two miracles
in the India vs South Africa match.
First, Harry took a hat trick.
Second, Nikhil finally scored a century
and broke his jinx.
Looks like Lady Luck
is finally shining on Team India.
Sir, you only wanted a six-pack.
I had to fast all day.
And now...
Sir, I'll finish the shoot tomorrow.
::- DSM Exclusive ::-
But this news won't help either of us.
I get an exclusive interview with Zoya.
This was my first independent shoot.
On the contrary, I should be thanking you.
I'm sure Monita must've
made life hell for you.
I'm used to it.
Zoya, a bright girl like you
shouldn't get used to humiliation.
In fact, I've been observing you
and Nikhil for a few days now.
Zoya, I don't know how to say this,
but everybody knows that he's a player.
And right now, he's playing you.
He's only using his charm on you
so that you stay away from cricket.
It was my decision not to be
the lucky mascot.
Captain Nikhil Khoda
finally broke his jinx of 99
and led India to a fabulous victory.
TV off.
You can kiss me, you have my permission.
Do I also have the permission
to drown in your cute brown eyes?
This whirlpool of luck
will drown the whole team!
Then why don't you drown her?
-I mean drown her in your cute brown eyes.
You're The Nikhil Khoda, come on.
Go over to her house and say...
You knew that Jogpal was going to
offer me the contract.
That's why you came over that night.
And you won me over
with your fake apology.
And like an idiot, I rejected Rs. 1 crore.
I sent you back from Sri Lanka.
Yes, I remember.
Because you were insecure about my luck.
Then how did you finally score a century?
By playing well.
No, by eating with me!
"Let's eat breakfast in bed."
Zorawar was right.
You're only with me because of my luck.
You have lost your mind.
If that was true, why would I keep you
away from the team?
So, Robin gave you this video.
Don't you get it?
He's conspiring against me.
This is not real!
If a loser dentist can dump me,
then why would the Indian cricket captain
be interested in me?
I should've taken the offer.
At least I would've made a career with it.
I think you're angry
only because you rejected Rs. 1 crore.
I'll turn your loss into profit
and also prove
that I've no interest in your luck.
Promise me that you'll stay away
from my team until the World Cup
and I'll give you Rs. 2 crore.
Serves me right for believing
I could be Nikhil Khoda's girlfriend.
He thinks I'm a loser
whose feelings are for sale.
But now I will use my luck
to my own advantage.
And show him who I am.
I am the gift from the Cricket Gods.
We had mentioned about
a girl called Zoya before.
And now she's going to make an
explosive entry in the world of cricket.
As you can see,
it's the most auspicious time of the day.
And Zoya is having breakfast
with Team India.
After having breakfast
with their lucky charm, Zoya,
Team India is in a tough situation.
I guess they missed out
on the luck factor.
Six runs required to win
from the last ball.
Zoya. No pressure...
but please make us win the match.
Or else you'll be blamed.
Last ball. Pressure increasing.
Nikhil looks focused.
There's the ball...
And that's a huge shot!
But straight in the fielder's hand.
Caught and out.
Even luck couldn't save India.
Now even I doubt their luck.
Wait a second.
The umpire has a doubt.
The Third Umpire has been signaled.
It isn't over yet.
Let's watch.
The fielder's foot touched
the boundary line.
This will be counted as a six!
And we're dazed!
Looks like the lucky charm
has worked her charm!
The Zoya factor worked!
I've no idea how
that video leaked out.
How crucial was Zoya's role
in Team India's victory?
I mean, do you really believe
that a lucky mascot can win matches?
So, Zoya, tell us. What is your advice
for making the team win?
Sonali, winning is the end product
of teamwork and strategy.
And I'm sure Ms. Zoya will agree that
no team has ever won with superstitions.
We cannot ignore the facts
in the name of superstition.
Luck has always been
a tradition in cricket.
...or carrying a red kerchief
to the field. Even the jersey numbers.
Which team do they play for?
Mani was a parrot and Paul was an octopus.
In football.
And even they were very lucky
for their teams, like you.
Are you calling me a parrot?
No, but you're definitely a birdbrain.
But you're definitely a birdbrain.
Did you hear what he called me
on the national television?
That's nothing compared to what you did.
You've turned our drawing room
superstition into a worldwide sensation.
And you have no idea
these guys can set you on fire
in the name of patriotism!
Now, listen to me and just leave.
I will never let Nikhil Khoda
intimidate me.
-But, Spongebob...
-Don't call me Spongebob!
Team India's luck is on the rise
after Zoya became the mascot.
Compared to the old numbers,
the bowling percentage is at 25%,
batting is at 30 percent.
But the luck factor
has crossed 40 percent.
There is an atmosphere of joy
in the country.
Calm down. Calm down.
Everyone will get blessed.
Calm down. Calm down.
Everyone will get a chance.
-Ms. Zoya, please bless us.
Hail Goddess Zoya
Hail Goddess Zoya
These people believe that the board
should oust Nikhil from the team.
Because he never won a game
before Zoya arrived.
Let's wait and watch
whether he bows before Zoya or the Board.
Will you bow down to Zoya or the Board?
This isn't acceptable.
Focus on your game, Nikhil.
The team is performing well.
Let things continue the way they are.
The next match is not really important.
But Zoya's absence is very important
for boosting the team's confidence.
And breaking news...
The lucky charm gets the day off.
Could this decision be disastrous
for Nikhil Khoda?
Nikhil Khoda shouldn't be the captain.
Everyone is betting on New Zealand.
Without Zoya, it's a big risk.
We need Zoya!
We need Zoya!
Zoya is not some ordinary girl.
She's the incarnation of a divine being.
She's a Goddess.
According to sources, there's a panic
situation in the Indian dressing room.
We're a joke to them.
You've turned cricket into a circus.
If you want to save face then we must win!
Do whatever it takes, but I want a win.
New Zealand has put a score
of 270 on the board for India to chase.
That shouldn't be a difficult chase
on this pitch.
But Zoya's absence could be bad luck.
Come on, Nikhil Khoda,
you could've had breakfast with Zoya.
I believe, the New Zealand team...
Come on, India!
Yeah, come on!
It isn't a difficult target but the match
seems to be slipping from their hands.
Nikhil Khoda has come in
at 2-down to save the innings.
They must play carefully now.
That's a risky shot by Robin,
but it's a six!
-Come on, India!
-Yeah, come on!
These two batsmen are still
holding the fort for India
but can they take us to victory?
The pressure's building
in the entire stadium.
Let's see what Robin
has in store for the next ball.
That's a brilliant cover drive!
He's looking to get one run
but Robin stops in the middle!
Nikhil will have to run back!
Another run out!
That was a big loss!
First, Robin drops a catch and now
he got him run out. No concentration.
India's batting order has scattered.
-They lost against New Zealand.
-Yes! Yes!
These guys cannot win without my luck!
Are you mad, Spongebob?
You're celebrating India's defeat
to prove you are lucky!
Unreal, man.
And, Zoya,
we didn't lose this match.
Robin lost the match for us.
Team India lost an easy game.
And now everyone believes
that India has no chance of winning
the World Cup without Zoya.
Let me put it this way.
Zoya is the queen of Indian Cricket.
You look awesome today!
Yes, Nikhil.
If you let them distract you,
you'll have me to deal with!
Yes, Nikhil.
Don't worry, Shivy.
All he does is yell at people.
No, Zoya.
Nikhil is absolutely right.
I don't know what comes over me.
I've never been able to control my temper.
Only granny could calm me down.
Actually... Shivy,
give me your bat.
India's quarterfinal match and in order to
tackle the huge score by Australia...
Shivy will have to play his best innings.
Good shot. Two runs of that!
Tyson nudged Shivy!
I think that was intentional!
Shivy is known for losing his cool!
Tyson is playing mind games!
Chill, Shivy. Chill.
If Shivy loses his temper,
he can lose his wicket.
Shivy is calming himself down.
We were expecting Shivy to lose his cool
but all we see is a bright smile.
Brilliant shot!
That's a fitting reply to Tyson!
He's wreaking havoc on the Australian
team! Don't mess with Shivy
or you'll have to face
the wrath of his bat.
Did you notice
Shivy is showing a lot of love
for his bat today?
Thanks to the increasing number
of boundaries
the century has come up in only 60 balls.
And India is in the semi-finals!
Shivy has single-handedly
taken India to the semi-finals!
And only Zoya could have pulled off
a miracle like this.
Shivy, you played really well.
I'm so proud of you.
All thanks to my granny.
Zoya's idea.
What did you say?
You think I intentionally threw away
the matches that we lost!
-What's wrong, Robin?
-Why don't you ask him that?
Do you know what he said to the Board?
He's accused me of foul play.
Out of those millions,
we are the chosen eleven
who get an opportunity to play.
That's your captain for you.
Robin, at least finish your food.
You guys eat with him.
Victory seems difficult for India today.
Pakistan is on the verge of winning
the semi-finals
and Nikhil Khoda is India's last hope.
Nikhil is walking back to the pavilion.
Pakistan is finally going to break
their jinx.
And dark clouds of doom
descend upon the Indian fans.
These are not clouds of doom,
but clouds of rain!
And according to our calculations,
if the match is canceled
because of the rain
then India will go on to play the finals!
This is nothing but a miracle, Chikki.
Looks like even God is on the Indian side!
I think this is Zoya's luck playing
on their side!
Wake up!
And look.
You look like a witch.
They shot it in dark light.
That's not it, you've become dark.
This power trip will take you down
along with the team.
Now, come have breakfast.
Don't you think it's too much?
Call Nikhil.
Nikhil! Nikhil!
There he is.
Very good, let's go.
Bring the fake arms.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight. Very good.
Zoya, ready?
Oh, Goddess... Help me!
Goddess, I'm a mere puppet in your hands.
I've come seeking refuge.
Give me your blessings.
Give me your blessings.
Good job.
Let's try with the dialog this time.
And, Nikhil, bow properly.
You know what? Lie down flat.
Oh, Goddess, help me!
Goddess, I'm a mere puppet in your hands.
I've come seeking refuge.
Give me your blessings.
Give me your blessings.
I told you, they'll make you a Goddess.
These are your lines.
"From the depths of the ocean,"
"and graced by my blessings..."
"Oralite Cement.
Stronger than the strongest."
Then you pass the bat to Nikhil,
and go back into the lotus.
Come on, Zoya, you can do it.
It's true.
With luck, who needs talent?
She doesn't know anything about cricket
and yet she rules the game.
Nikhil Khoda is history.
He'll be the loser if they lose
and even if they win the match.
-Even if the team wins the World Cup,
who do you think will get
all the credit? Zoya.
Sir, she is Zoya.
Why don't you be our guest today
in the VIP box?
He's conspiring against me.
-Hello, Zoya.
Loki was telling me that you got nervous.
Not a problem.
You're under tremendous pressure
since you're handling the entire team.
It's okay, shoot when you feel like.
-I don't want to do it.
-Do what?
Neither the ad
nor this farce of the lucky mascot.
Everyone is making fun of Nikhil.
I think Robin and you want Nikhil
out of the captaincy
and are just using me to do so.
I think you're nervous.
Come down to the stadium tomorrow
and we'll talk.
I won't come to the match tomorrow.
I quit!
We have a contract.
To hell with your contract!
That's not how things are done, Zoya.
This could turn really ugly
and harm your reputation.
They made me a Goddess.
I don't want to be the lucky charm.
Your luck will help us win
the World Cup.
Getting selected for the Under-19 team.
Becoming India's captain.
Meeting you.
I thought being sedulous
and possessing talent win matches.
But look at you.
You made India win
without even lifting a finger.
Maybe it's destiny.
What have I done to you?
This has become a big joke.
You, your team, your game...
I'm not coming to the match tomorrow.
If you don't,
the entire team will fall apart.
Nikhil, the team needs you.
Not some lucky charm.
Only the team deserves credit
for their efforts, not me.
She's changed her mind.
Money or intimidation
can't change her decision.
If we win this cup without Zoya
then Nikhil will retain captaincy
till the next World Cup.
We won't win.
The entire team has to perform well
in order to win.
And they'll lose confidence
if Zoya's not around.
Nikhil cannot be trusted.
Do you trust me?
A big blow for Team India
right before the match.
Zoya Solanki has refused
to come to the stadium today.
In fact, she didn't even have breakfast
with Team India.
According to this contract, we were
paying Zoya Rs. 10 lakhs per match.
Because faith has no price tag.
But now she's asking for Rs. 2 crore.
Fame has sown seeds of greed.
Money has replaced patriotism.
-Come out!
-Come out!
-Come out!
Sir, I trust the Mumbai Police,
but the crowd is just too unruly.
Okay, sir.
-Come out!
He has requested the Police Commissioner
to give Zoya police protection.
Please calm down!
Or I'll be forced to take action.
-Down with Zoya!
-Down with Zoya!
Why the police, Dad?
When you have an army man around,
who will dare to touch Zoya?
See, Spongebob.
Ultimately the Ravana is protecting you.
Zoya, move away from the window.
Zorawar, come back!
A crowd is pelting stones at Zoya's home.
They believe that the Sri Lankan team
has bribed her.
When will this end?
Until India wins the World Cup.
Sri Lanka has played
a good innings in the finals.
Last ball of the innings.
And a huge six!
With that Sri Lanka has a huge total.
Three hundred and twelve runs.
India needs 313 to win.
Due to a field injury,
Lakhi can't bat in the finals.
India has awful luck.
India wants answers.
Why did Katappa kill Bahubali
and why didn't Zoya show up today?
She is a witch and not a Goddess...
She is a witch and not a Goddess...
Throw the traitors out...
That is the highest score
in the World Cup Final.
How are we going to chase
such a huge total?
Zoya has put us in a big fix.
Robin, it's not too late yet.
She listens to you.
Just try calling her.
Zoya is not coming.
We haven't even begun playing our innings
and your morale is down.
Did you need Zoya's luck
to become a cricketer?
Even after slogging your entire life,
you want to give the credit to luck.
Guys, do me a favor.
Think about your first match.
Not Ranji or Club Cricket.
The ones you played in the alleys
where bricks were the wickets.
A piece of wood was our bat.
And our target was a rubber ball.
There was no Zoya factor back then.
It didn't matter who we ate with
or even if we didn't eat at all.
Back then only one thing mattered.
We played because it made us happy.
It went beyond winning and losing.
Let's relive that happiness again.
And forget about the World Cup.
The stadium, the pitch,
cameras, the massive crowd.
Nothing matters.
The only thing that matters
is your beating heart.
Let's put our hearts into it.
Let's play for bliss.
Everyone has their eyes on that World Cup.
India needs an explosive beginning.
Shivy on strike. He looks determined.
And that's a six!
What an explosive start.
Unbelievable. Another six!
Flight mode activated!
Three sixes in three balls.
Shivy's bat is whacking the ball away.
Stop him if you can.
Can you please open the grill?
Thank you, sir.
Sri Lanka has taken an important wicket.
The lamp that burns the brightest,
also burns out the fastest.
How will you keep me away from the match?
And what's this?
Nikhil Khoda has promoted himself
in the batting order.
I guess he wants to take responsibility.
The entire country has their eyes
on Nikhil Khoda.
Wonderful shot.
Explosive start!
Straight in top gear.
Game on, baby!
Six... Four... Six...
Sri Lanka is in a fix!
Nikhil Khoda is on fire!
I guess Lanka is going to fall again.
Huge six!
And with that it's
a half-century for Nikhil.
-Thank you, sir.
-No problem.
And another six...
The ball is out of the stadium!
Nikhil has scored 99 runs off 49 balls.
We're going to witness
a record-breaking century.
Muthaiyya ready to bowl.
Switch hit!
This can be a six.
And... the fielders are struggling hard...
That's a fantastic catch!
And Nikhil is out!
Great shot!
As you can see, beautiful
coordination between both fielders.
And Nikhil was unlucky again.
Maybe a side-effect of Zoya's absence.
What is this?
Zahid will be batting in Robin's place.
It's hard to understand
Nikhil's weird strategy.
Ketan on strike.
Sri Lanka making a comeback in the game.
Who was that?
Let's see how you watch the match now.
Robin, India's only hope
is on the pitch now.
Nikhil's decision to send him down
the batting order might come in handy.
Only 35 runs from the last 10 overs.
Robin is playing a slow game.
Robin has changed the definition
of a slow run rate.
Zahid is losing his patience.
Both the players are getting
into an argument.
This is not a good sign for India.
Robin calls Zahid for a run, but no...
Direct hit!
Zahid is out!
Bad coordination.
There was no single here.
Big blunder by Robin.
That was the wrong call!
Zahid was tricked.
Robin has lost his mind!
Harry, you can pull it off.
Pull shot from Harry, but looks
like he's pulled a muscle himself.
Hamstring on the second ball.
It's all because Zoya isn't here today.
Stand up, drama queen.
Looks like a serious injury.
Yes. Harry might need a runner.
I'll beat you with the bat. Stand up!
A burst of enthusiasm
amongst the crowd again
as Nikhil is returning to the game.
He will be running for Harry.
An exciting turn of events in the game.
These two experienced players can
still change the outcome of the match.
Come on, Harry.
Nikhil calls Robin for a run.
But Nikhil changes his mind
halfway through.
Both the runners are running
in the same direction.
That was an easy wicket for Sri Lanka
and since Nikhil crossed the crease first,
Robin will be given out.
All the experienced players are out.
India's loss is guaranteed.
Go get it!
Navneet taking the strike.
And he's hit the ball for a four.
We still have hope.
Nikhil Khoda leading his team
from the front line.
Stealing singles.
Converting singles into doubles.
Moments ago the Indian players
were looking confused
but now Navneet and Nikhil Khoda
are racing ahead.
And that goes for a four.
Nikhil Khoda's team has completely
changed the game.
Now India needs four runs
in the last two balls.
Navneet has hit the ball, and he's out!
India has lost an important wicket
at a crucial moment!
Nikhil Khoda trying to comfort him.
But what about his fans?
Harry is ready to face the last ball
of the World Cup finals.
But his batting record
hasn't been too impressive.
Yes, and even Zoya is not around today.
I'm sure all the fielders
are on the boundary.
Four is out of the question.
I will try, Nikhil.
But uncle said
that my stars aren't favorable today.
Harry. You're a bowler yourself.
Imagine if the batsman needs a four
on the last ball, what would you do?
Now focus on hitting a six
on a Yorker length ball
just like you focus on breaking
the coconut in one go.
Your uncle sees your destiny in your palm.
Today, you show him your bat.
One thing is sure, Chikki.
Harry must be facing the greatest
pressure of his entire career.
The hopes of entire India
rest on his shoulders.
And that's gone out of the stadium!
That's a huge six!
Harry's new name is Rocketman,
because he's launched the ball into space!
They've also proved that India
doesn't need any Zoya factor to win.
A historical win
for the Indian Cricket team!
We won! We really won!
-Come on, Spongebob.
-Come on.
I'm going to my room.
What? No fireworks today?
Not in the mood.
I've lived an entire lifetime
in the last three months.
one can write a book on my life.
And it will be called
"So Near and Yet So Far."
But for the first time,
I'm glad to lose it all.
Except one.
Today was the biggest day of my life.
All my life I dreamt about this day,
worked really hard
and finally the Cup was in my arms.
And yet, it felt incomplete.
Because I couldn't share any of it
with you.
Sorry for all the misunderstandings
between us.
What do you want?
I want our conversations
to last for hours.
I want you to laugh at my jokes.
I want to impress you in any way I can.
I want you
when I win.
And I want you when I lose.
I want the lingering fragrance
of your perfume on all my t-shirts.
I can see your room.
And, if you have any interest in me
then just turn on the switch
and light up my life.
Can't turn on the lights!
Dad, the fuse has blown again!
Now, come up!
Go on. Or do you want to get out
at 99 again?
Two things happened that night.
One, India learned
what it means to work hard.
And two, Zoya transformed
from luck factor to love factor.
She got married to Nikhil within a year.
And made a rule that they will
never have breakfast before any match.
Even Harry and Shivy changed that night.
Harry bid farewell
to his uncle permanently
and cut his hair short.
Now his bowling speed is 150 km/hr.
Shivy managed to control his temper
and broke every batting record.
Now, he only talks to his granny
before every match.
Zoya didn't slap Monita
but she did quit her job.
And now she runs her own little ad agency.
In other news, Robin and Jogpal
were accused of foul play
and now they have to appear in court
every month.
Their case will drag on for years,
but our story has ended on a happy note.