Theeran Adhigaram Ondru (2017) Movie Script

State Archive Board is going
to digitize all the files, -Pull that up.
DGP. Ashok Rajan has
issued an order.
Will discard the
unnecessary files,
post which will scan all
the important files,
which will be guarded
with safety.
If it's a small case,
then it's 3 years.
If it's a big case,
then 8 years.
Feed only the cases dated
during that period.
Scrap rest of the files.
This file is to be scrapped.
Put it there Sir.
Quickly grab them.
This has to be fed
in to the computer.
Where can I get Theeran
Sir's phone number?
It's DSP Theeran.
Good Morning Sir.
Sir, this is SI Sasi from SARP.
I just read your case file on
Inter-State investigation.
I couldn't believe it.
The case which turned
my life upside down,
the case which I wish
to forget all together,
but this phone call,
has reminded of
all those things.
My entire life...
...just flashed for a moment.
Who's that?
Oh No!
No...let me go!
Please let me go.
If you commit this crime,
do you think the Police
will let you go?
Why don't you be smart
and think about it?
I don't like to
be the smart one.
Ask me why?
A human's smartness,
has fooled many.
Have made them slaves.
Have destroyed many communities.
It has also turned
me in to a thief.
That's why I never like
to be the smart one.
Walking Begin!
Running Change!
During the DSP training,
there's work out 6
table card method.
Every table card, has an exercise which
will strengthen every muscle in your body.
"Pain fuels the wound inflicted"
"There goes the Achiever,
There goes the Achiever"
"Turn to the left...Turn left!"
"Turn to the right...Turn Right"
What's the duty of a Policemen?
Prevention and
Detection of Crime,
Collection of Intelligence,
and maintenance of Law & Order.
It's easy get hold
of the criminals.
But getting them
convicted is tough.
That's why, when you're at the
Crime Scene for the first time,
should observe keenly.
'Cause you won't get
that opportunity again.
Observation, Detection and Analysis
skills are very important to us.
Use your eyes the most,
hands the least,
especially your
mouth the least-est.
"When it's beyond you, the
heart might get poisoned"
"Police Department would
end up healing that wound"
"The blood lost on this soil..."
Knife is of the accused
from the Crime Scene.
How will you take it?
Where did you learn that?
Cinema I believe?
Yes Sir!
Why did you do that?
Fingerprints are something which
gets imprinted due to sweat.
It'll get wiped off, even if we
pick them up with a handkerchief.
Visualize how the Criminal
would've handled it,
and pick it up on the opposite
side with minimum handling.
Clap for him.
"Turn to the left...Turn left!"
"Turn to the
right...Turn right!"
"Turn to the left...Turn left!"
"Turn to the
right...Turn right!"
Hey buddy! you've
topped the list.
-Be careful guys.
After 1 year of training,
went home for Diwali.
Knock harder...
...must've sunk in
to the serials.
Twenty Seconds, you've
been staring at my face.
Meanwhile I would've
read two questions.
Waste of time.
Did you just get here?
Come in, Mahesh.
She's our neighbor
Teacher's daughter.
-Moved in recently.
-Nothing in there.
Hey, did you get my make-up kit?
How disrespectful you're.
He'll definitely get it for you,
let him join the duty.
Freshen up, I'll
serve you guys food.
I thought you were
fit for nothing.
Not bad, the room looks great.
It isn't me, It was
Priya who you just saw.
No wonder.
She seems like a studious one.
She regretted
wasting 20 seconds.
Is she pursuing IAS?
She's studious.
But her parents are not
letting her study though.
Heard that your daughter
is studying at the moment.
She can continue her studies
even after the marriage.
I want to study.
Please make my
mother understand.
Ok, Ok don't cry...don't cry.
I don't want to get married.
Please make mother understand.
-Ok, don't cry.
-I want to study...
If you repeat that once
again, I'll thrash you.
Hold on.
It's the women, who are
bread winners these days
Let her continue studies.
You don't get it,
It's been ages since she
failed Higher Secondary.
If given any work to do,
she pretends to study.
But she reads comics
hiding behind the books.
does it look like I'm
narrating a story.
trying to be sarcastic
with a Policeman?
Oh God!
-Bloody pig!
Hey...hey be careful kids.
Heard that your Son is here.
the food is delicious.
Did you eat the sweets?
Where are you going?
What's it?
felt that you might
want to talk.
So just came over to...
Shall I call my Dad?
Our Neighbor Priya,
yeah, what about her?
...seems to have fallen
in love with me.
Why are you telling me this?
You're not in love
with her right?
Ignore then.
I too am in love with her.
You got to help me
with this dear.
I'm your sister,
not a pimp.
You're crazy to ask
your sister that,
there's a society called
friends for this kind of work.
Just shut up,
don't irritate me.
Look here,
A Friend is,
equal to two elder brothers.
equal to four younger brothers.
When it comes to love,
they're equal to 100 brokers.
She's definitely
in love with me.
But she's confusing me,
by not expressing it.
It's possible only in Rajinikanth's
movies for the women to confess love.
That won't happen in reality.
Just follow as I say,
tell me.
Follow her.
you're going to be a DSP,
do you have any regrets
following a girl?
-Good boy.
Even if you happen to
be the Chief Minister,
you got to lurk with
no conscience of time,
only then you can impress them.
Ok then, run.
If you keep stalking, I'll
let my Dad know about it.
-What did she say?
-She'll complaint to her Dad it seems...
Periyar was spot on,
he was right about it.
-How do you say so?
-Of course...
Ma'am has been praying for ages and
still haven't cleared her exams,
that explains, there's no God.
no use in just praying hard,
got to study hard too.
If I had to get through
only by studying hard...
...then why there's a God?
"You've been studying
hard on the terrace,"
"that's History..."'s not History
but Mathematics.
She's been trying to get
through that for years.
So then,
looks like you're all
cozy gawking at her.
I recited a beautiful poetry,
she doesn't seem to care.
She's playing hard to get.
I'm gonna....
-Hope you're doing good, Son?
-I'm good Aunty.
When are you joining the duty?
Once the field training is done.
You took up Group One
and became a Police.
But the one here,
-buffalo! buffalo!
-It hurts!
It'll be embarrassing if a teacher's
daughter flunks the exam.
If she doesn't get
through this year,
I'll get her married to
some uneducated politician.
Uncle don't act in haste,
give me a chance.
I meant, when I'll be
coaching my sister...
...thought will coach Priya too,
and help her get
through the exams.
I'm wondering, 'cause
she's quite grown up.
Dad, please not him.
I'll definitely get through.
She got really scared,
'cause you're a Policemen.
You're the right person for her.
Dad, please don't.
Dad, please don't.
I was smart to trick
your Dad in to it.
Are these your sketches?
You're very creative.
Go on...
Get coached by Uncle,
and try to be like him.
On this page number...
Priya get ready.
Shall we test how much
you've learn till now?
That's the question paper,
you've ten minutes.
"He's been taken to the operation theater"
(Serial on TV)
"Operation is going on mother"
(Serial on TV)
Uncle, you're the reason
Priya is flunking.
How will she concentrate on
studies with a loud TV running.
I'm really sorry.
Sister Chitra!
are you home?
It's time already...
Mangai has already left,
and Malar is about to return.
I can't barge in to
neighbors like my wife did.
Lock the door,
and watch with a low volume.
Thank you Son.
Damn, what's it?
I'll get you a make-up kit.
Can you get me a cup of tea.
Keep reading with heads down.
Ok uncle!
Problem is fixed.
Now we can happily romance.
Hopes you got!
Then why did you click
a picture of me?
and why did you wink at me?
Shall I call my Dad?...Shall I!?
You'll never get through
the exams in this life.
Instead confess your love
to me and settle down.
-What happened dear?
This crack head is hitting me.
What's it?
Do you know what she wrote
for an essay on Meera Bai?
"Meera Bai is a Big Mattress"
"On which 3-4 people can sleep on"
"Meera Bai at our
house has worn off"
"We need to get a new one"
I wrote the same thing
during the last exam.
My Dad had evaluated it and
gave two marks for it.
Didn't you Dad?
Spare the eyes Son.
But skin her thoroughly.
Do as he says.
Wake up!
Let me go.
In order to evade
the daily chores,
I was pretending to study.
You've been torturing me a lot.
Don't you pity this cutie?
Am I not a cute one?
I never did ask you to study.
I asked you to love me.
"They're in love it seems."
Just say "Dear I Love You",
I'll let you go.
Not a chance, get lost.
Get lost!?
Damn it!
I get really angry if you
knock me on the head.
You don't have to
say "I Love you".
Give me a kiss, I'll let you go.
First apologize for hitting me.
Close your eyes, I'll apologize.
Is this the way to apologize?
I'll let Dad know about this.
-Shahrukh Khan built the Taj Mahal.
-Yes, Yes.
Mom had asked to pack
your things for training.
Don't get too happy.
It's not that far,
I'll be back soon.
Are you aware of Field
Training Model?
Have to work as a Para
Constable for a week.
Have to gather records on crooks and
in postal department for a week.
Got to work as a Writer and
learn record complaints.
Work as an SI for a month and
learn Station maintenance.
Work as an Inspector and learn
their duties and investigation.
And lastly get associated with all
the offices from Traffic to DSP.
Don't you guys understand,
College students.
-Both died on the spot.
-Give me that torch.
"Sir is here."
"please be quiet."
"Don't you get it
that Sir is here?"
"Please listen to
what I have to say."
"Who the hell is he?
get lost from here."
"Did both die on the spot?"
These guys didn't switch
on their headlight,
don't lie to me.
They came with
headlight on for sure,
If they'd rammed in when it was on,
the tungsten would've got burnt.
If not would've been intact.
Muthu note this
down on the report.
It's an NRI murder case,
the sniffer dog did
go around the house.
But couldn't find the dead body.
Sir! ask them to dig here.
Take a class for our
Range this Sunday.
"Locard's Principle of Exchange"
When two particles
collide with each other,
Components of one particle
will transfer in to...
Asking for paper to lodge a complaint
and taking bribe at the beat duty,
is bringing down the respect
our Police Department.
Sir, food for the accused,
station maintenance,
biriyani for the
protestors who we arrest.
These expenses amount to
two to three lacs a year.
If you can find a
solution to that,
we will never take bribe.
Take from the ones who have,
let go of the ones who don't.
Amongst all this you'll have
to keep the Law in Order.
Is it for me?
You must be craving
for Tea, aren't you?
Craving is getting
a bit too much,
you guys are going
to get caught.
Sister will find it difficult,
please go and help her.
-It's going to be fun.
-Get in the front.
Enough of pretending to study.
Give a massage, my
body is aching.
I won't.
Shall I tell your Dad about
your love escapades.
I'll do it damn it.
Just like that on the back too.
It'll be great if
you can sing too.
Hey...hey, don't touch that.
Hey, if you get down,
I'll thrash you.
You're sketching
in a reading book.
Isn't that wrong?
Oh, Oh.
Oh, so my pictures I've
been looking for are here.
Police dear is a fool,
I Love You!
Damn you crook!
Hey you,
I thought you were going
to complaint to your Dad.
But you seemed to have
written "I Love You".
I did say will complain to Dad,
did I ever say I
didn't love you.
That's you.
You got swept away
by my good looks.
I did when I saw your
picture for the first time.
If so, then why did
you make me suffer.
Just like that.
Good looks were fine,
but was not sure
about the character.
Apologize, for making me suffer.
Is this how even you
guys apologize?
It was you Dad,
who had asked to do,
whatever he asks for.
Parents are the last one to know
about their children's relationship.
Talk something dear.
I had asked you to talk.
Enough of talking dear.
Kiss me dear.
-I won't.
-Won't you?
Look what I'm going to do...
God save me from him,
God save me from him!
We should stay the same forever.
You shouldn't scold your Dear.
Shouldn't fight.
Do you like me or
your mother the most?
Can't you women stop
asking this question!?
Hug me.
A bit more,
hug me until I'm a part of you.
In Tamilnadu Police Department,
Thirty new DSP's
have taken charge.
Theeran Thirumaaran, has taken
the charge as Tuticorin's DSP.
They've kidnapped my child.
and demanding a sum of
one million as ransom.
Sir, somehow please save him.
Where the hell is that DSP?
in spite of repeated warnings
he laid hands on my men.
Won't you listen to what
the MLA has to say?
Don't you know how to respect?
Don't you get it?
Don't you know how to respect?
Is this respect enough?
Can't you favour bribery
and stay in one place?
How many more transfers...Huh!?
You were the one who
wished to see places,
Don't try heroism, to get your
pictures in the newspapers.
He overpowers
everywhere he goes.
You find excuses
to do encounters.
A girl who got in to an auto
last week during the night,
the driver and his
two friends...
closed her mouth, and broke her
hand on the vehicle's railing.
Threatened her and took her
into the bushes and raped her.
Took that injured girl in
the auto for about 10 kms,
and again raped her.
They did the same thing thrice.
And when they were about to
slit her throat with a bottle,
said that, she's the sole
bread winner of her family.
You've already broke my arm,
you got everything
you wished for.
For god sake, let me live.
She pleaded with
that broken arm.
Still they slit her throat.
Those three !
I managed to nab those accused.
What should I do now?
What are you going to do?
Open the door sir.
Our vehicle met with an
accident on the highway.
A child is injured
and is bleeding.
We need to call an ambulance,
please open the door.
Wait I'm coming.
Cholavaram of
Thiruvallur District,
late last night.
Close to the National Highway,
A burgle which took place
at lonely house there...
Five victims with jaw broken,
and heads smashed.
Also few were shot in the heart,
and killed in a
very gore manner.
An exact same incident occurred
last year at Gummidipoondi.
Police couldn't catch them.
Public are scared
to sleep at nights.
Police has to catch
them immediately.
neighbors, we tend to
suspect each and everyone.
On behalf of
Bharithiyaar Committee,
ten members are patrolling
every night on the roads.
We're not able to go for jobs.
Police don't seem to care.
The officer who investigated
at the crime scene,
Sathya of Cholavaram
Police Station.
Addressed stating that they'll
catch hold of the burglars soon.
Inspector Sathya.
-Hello Ma'am.
-Keys to the house.
-Thank you.
All these are Inspector's
ancestor's wealth.
That yellow building
there is their house.
This village looks
exactly like ours.
This house is awesome.
-More than me?
You're too much.
A little higher.
A bit more.
This is you and that's me.
Hope you guys are doing good?
My parents.
Dad...take this.
-Greetings, Sir.
The house is awesome, thanks.
The house on top of DSP office
is occupied by other officers.
That's why I opted
for a private house.
That's why I'm thanking you.
House on top of the
office is boring.
why do you have a long face?
She's pissed 'cause, we
didn't get her a doll.
Is that so, wait.
The small lion is you,
and the big lion is me.
Shall we play?
We're leaving.
We stay close to you,
give me call if you
need anything at all.
I'm leaving Ma'am.
I'm leaving too.
Sathya arrange for the
Calling on tomorrow.
-Heard that new DSP is here.
-That's right.
We heard a lot about you.
We're glad to be
working with you.
-Thank you.
I would like to meet the local
big shots and Thasildar.
Make arrangements.
Keep all the pending
case files on my table.
Amongst the 100's
of pending case,
as an ordinary case,
that case came to my table.
Was unaware of the
danger hidden in it.
How come such a gore
dacait case is pending?
Didn't you guys do anything?
We did investigate.
Except for the fingerprints,
we don't have any other clue.
Is it a new or an old team?
Was it just one or
were there others too?
we're not able to figure it out.
We couldn't follow up on this
case amongst many cases.
Send me off to my parents, then
sit and read the file in peace.
I'm fed up.
Come here.
Come closer dear.
How do you manage to
be so beautiful dear?
Chubby Cheeks,
luscious lips,
big beautiful eyes,
sharp nose like a parrot.
Hey dear!?
You promised me a new nose ring,
where's it? uh?
I'm extremely romantic here,
and you're all about nose ring.
-nose ring right?
-I won't ask, I won't!
Open the door, Sir.
Our vehicle met with an
accident on the highway.
There are two more bodies inside.
They've killed
them like animals.
Motive is same as
before, Sathya.
Why isn't the forensic
team here yet?
Ask them come immediately and take
the blood samples and fingerprints.
Yes sir.
Shouldn't miss out
on any evidence,
ask them search every
bit of the place.
Make arrangements for
Line Method Search.
In Thiruvallur District,
this is the third time.
A gore theft has taken place.
Serial Killing,
Gory deaths,
Masked Burglars,
what is the Police doing?
"What was the Crime Committed"
How's it possible to safeguard such a
huge highway with just 10 Policemen?
Adding to that Vajpayee's
highway work is on.
Don't know who's coming in
and going out of the town.
Earlier I use to keep the shop
open till 11 in the night.
But now I get home
the minute sun sets.
It's really scary to go
on cycle at late nights.
Since I saw the gory incident
at Sharadha's house,
not able to go to work.
Not able to attend weddings,
we're scared even to sleep along
with children during the night.
Before the public loses hope
on the Police Department,
will the Police department take steps
to drive away the public's fear.
Send a fax to all the Police
Stations in Tamilnadu.
I need observation report
of similar cases,
photos, videos, dog squad details,
fingerprints, footmarks, tire-marks.
Material objects,
physical evidence.
In quest report, postmortem report, and
all such reports related to this case.
there were many cases
surfacing similar to it.
One gang,
at many places.
have burgled and
murdered people.
In desperation to get a clue,
we started investigating
thieves from the accused list.
Stealing is an art.
Just by looking at the house.
You should be able to judge if there's
money and jewels in that house.
Looking at clothes drying,
men and women,
number of servants
should be understood.
Is there a dog?
Is it a local breed or
an international one,
what does it like to eat?
If we take the tools,
you Policemen nab us suspecting.
So, we got to arrange the tools
from the house we steal.
We should get in without
making a sound.
Just with the smell,
we need to figure out which
is the bedroom and kitchen.
By touching,
need to figure out which is
a drawer and the cupboard.
Then finally take out
the keys quietly.
Should sweep everything soon,
and if possible grab
a good meal there.
And leave from there quickly.
We're artist sir.
And you're insulting
us of being murderers.
Go and mind your business...
Stand straight!
He's testing my patience.
Give me that Sathya.
Now that's how you whack.
I'm only in to cupboard pulling.
200ml of Oil.
And ash to get a
grip while climbing.
We pick houses with cupboards
kept near the windows.
Climb on to those,
and pour oil under the
cupboard and move them.
Then the cupboard will
dance to your tune.
Job done.
God is our partner,
so whenever I steal
I share with him.
If I don't then God
won't spare me.
It will gouch my eyes out.
I don't know who was it.
I didn't do it.
Sir, it wasn't me.
Sir, don't hit me please.
We don't buy stolen jewels.
Buddy, Police is here, run.
Sir, don't hit us.
Sir, we have no idea who's
it, please let us go.
There was a Keravas
caste gang in Trichy,
there was Maariappan gang
while I was in department.
They will lie about their caste.
I've been an Informer
for Twenty Five years,
never have I seen such a case.
The technique seems to be new,
no idea who it must be.
In Tamilnadu,
using a gun,
to steal,
no one does that.
Take out the license.
Put up a notice warning
all the lonely houses.
There have been many cases across
Tamilnadu similar to this.
This one is from Wallajah.
They've knocked hard
on this kid's head.
due to which she
lost her memory.
This is from Cholavaram.
They broke his jaw.
We've done a jaw replacement
surgery for him.
This is from Gummidipoondi.
How many times will
you investigate?
They will have to be hacked.
You can't harm them in any way.
Please leave Sir.
Sit down.
This is from Dakut,
it's our new DSP.
It was my dream sir.
To build a house of my own,
and to live happily
with my children.
I didn't want my children
to go through what I did.
I sacrificed a lot,
managed to save up
and bought a house.
We were happy with our lives.
One unfortunate night,
they destroyed everything.
This situation of this family,
shouldn't be endured
by any other family.
Don't let them go, Sir.
Don't let them go.
Don't let them go, Sir.
Don't let them go.
I started investigation, thinking
this will be a simple one too,
but it wasn't simple.
It's a very rare and
a serious case.
Who are these Dacoits?
No idea.
How do they travel?
How do they manage
to steal and evade?
No idea.
How are they able to kill
someone with just one blow?
No idea.
Why isn't there even
one eye witness?
No idea.
This gang is very smart, which
leaves us with just questions.
But they are quite a fools
to leave their fingerprints.
This kind of motive is something
new to our department.
When we compared the
fingerprints across Tamilnadu,
it didn't match with
any of the criminals.
But... did match
Since 1995 till last week,
it matched with 22 of such similar
cases of thefts and murders.
It's not an old gang.
They're a new gang.
It's just one gang,
who have been evading without
getting caught for 9 years.
If we don't catch them.
They'll continue to do so.
Till date, 'cause of them
there have been 18 deaths,
Sixty have lost their
eyes and ears,
with broken jaws
and are in coma,
losing their day to day life.
I'm wondering how come our
department was negligent about this,
I'm not able to sleep.
The cries of kids
and old people... reverberating in my mind.
Lives of public is lost eventually
in one crime or another.
Why are you taking
this to your heart?
Even a passer by takes a moment
to stand up against crime.
We're are paid to do the same,
and we live on that money.
I feel ashamed to
lead such a life.
I'm not sure how's it with you.
What shall we do Theeran?
All victims have been killed
with a blow on side of the head.
It's a technique used
to kill animals.
Only the people who hunt,
can do such treacherous murders.
They've used country guns,
we don't have such
guns in Tamilnadu.
The slipper from the
last place of the crime,
gutkha cover and empty shell,
none of the items
are from Tamilnadu.
So, with the permission of DGP,
along with a big team,
we need to search across India.
So you want to do a
pan India search?
Are you kidding?
Just to catch a
bunch of thieves,
you're asking for troops.
It's a heavily
populated country.
Any idea how many Prisons,
Police Stations, Courts...
...and record rooms are there?
With just fingerprints, do
you think can find them!?
What have you done so far,
except for warming benches?
Leave, wait outside.
Can't take a hasty
decision on this,
let's escalate this
and see what happens.
Didn't agree.
The Public is not safe.
We've to do something.
Form a special crime party
within our limitations.
I'll give you a van, you can
use that for investigation.
If it's far, then take a train.
I left Priya with
a lady constable.
One slipper,
empty shell,
with fingerprints,
went on in search of the
criminals across India.
Across Andhra, all the drivers
wear this kind of slippers.
We can't find anything
with this as evidence.
Just like you've mentioned,
there are three similar
cases with us too.
We've been in search of
them for past 10 years.
Brother, who was that?
It's the SP.
Is this the respect
they give to their SP?
Sathya, there's a union
present here for the Police.
Can't do anything about it.
Ask him, if we can get in?
These guns are available
here in abundance.
This can't be considered
as a vital evidence.
We have 4 cases pending
similar to these.
We suspect it must the be
the Poorthi Criminal Tribe.
Keravas gang are
known for this style,
check in Chandrapur District.
No, no, no, it's not Keravas,
they always enter
from the backdoor.
But in your case,
it's the front door.
I think it must be Sanjar Bhats.
During these two years
of our marriage,
I've never left Priya
alone for this long.
With the little funds we had,
we slept at schools and Dhabas.
Ate what we could find,
and went on from state to state.
People started to get sick.
It's the Hawarias,
they're a dreadful gang.
It's really hard to catch them.
They're a heredity
of Criminal Tribes,
Criminal Tribes is a word which was found
by Westerners to burrow their lands.
Read this you'll understand.
"The Hide 'n' Attack
technique of Wolves"
"Where one chases, and
the others hunt..."
This search of mine
for criminals,
lead to history of many strange
crimes happening across India.
Every place we went,
just like Tamilnadu...
...there were pending
cases gorier than ours.
We collected the fingerprints
from those cases,
and compared it with the
chance fingerprints,
and it was just one gang
who were behind all this.
Which gang is it?
Is it Poorthis?
Sanjar Bhats?
or it's the Soonsis?
or Binglus?
Who must be it?
After going through the statements and
evidences pertaining to that gang,
something struck me.
I categorized their thefts,
according to the dates it occurred.
I got a small clue.
After 1995-96,
not only in Tamilnadu,
but across India,
they were missing in
action for 4 years.
Chances of them getting
arrested was high.
Where could it be?
It's a statement given by an accused
in Tirupathi 10 years back.
I'm small time,
from a small gang.
The lorry gangs do
it 4 times a week.
Let me go.
I'll help you in all the cases.
Just looking at the crime scene,
I can tell which gang
would've done it.
even I feel, it must
be the lorry gang.
Second month of 2002,
on the 14th at Gummidipoondi,
16th at Aathur,
and on 18th Kaarimanglam
finally on 19th in the
outer region of Bangalore.
They must be doing it when they
go to and fro carrying goods.
That accused is still
at Tirupathi prison.
Bail him out,
and take him to the crime scene.
-Ok Sir.
-Ask him if it's the Lorry gang.
This is definitely is
the work of Lorry Gang.
How can you be so sure
it's the Lorry Gang?
With the forensic
report of the victims.
They were attacked
with a strange weapon,
It's nothing but the flag rod
attached in trucks up north.
They use these
rods to kill them,
and then fix those rods
back on to the trucks.
No Police can track them.
Why don't to ransack all the
trucks and take the fingerprints?
No Sir.
It'll become the headlines.
It might alert the accused.
Let's form a special team,
and find the place where
they got arrested.
But the only evidence we
have is their fingerprints.
Up North, fingerprints are taken
only after they're convicted.
That becomes an issue.
Just like Sherlock Holmes,
you traveled in and out of 2003-05', and
spinning stories of rods and trucks.
Why don't you admit,
that can't catch them.
No Sir.
We can find them for sure.
If at all this gang kills a big
officer like you or a Politician,
which will eventually
happen for sure.
Then this Govt. and the department
will take this case seriously.
Then we can find them for sure.
'Cause you don't care the
lives of the public.
-Sorry Sir.
We're traveling in
between other cases.
That too we spend our money.
Since the investigation had started they've
done it five times at different places.
They've killed many in the
most dreadful manner.
At least now the Department
has to take this seriously.
We neglect being a Police to
save the Good from the Evil,
Instead we stay loyal henchmen in
saving the Evil from the Good.
I'm leaving Sir.
Sathya, they didn't agree to the
special team we had asked for.
Let's wait and
watch, what happens.
I saw you hiding.
Get up!
I called you 8 times to tell
you something important.
Sir is busy, he's
in a meeting...
I got these two for Rs.500/-
Now you can talk to me
anytime with no disturbance.
-Do you see this green button?
-I know...
-I've seen it,
It's a very important case,
public is quite helpless.
What about me then?
You're my sweetheart,
-Don't be kidding.
Get serious.
I'm serious.
Tell me.
Why are showing me this stone?
What a fool!
Tell me.
Bloody Crook!
Would love to be the slave
of your beautiful eyes
Wanna take your breath
away with my sweet kisses
"Oh dear, I'll be your cradle"
"My life is ploddingly
rubbing on to yours."
"As and when it gets excited my
heart goes out in beating as one"
"Oh my dear, you'll
be my cradle"
Shall I take you in to
my arms and travel a Eon
Or shall I pamper you
from head till toe
"Oh dear, I'll be your cradle"
"Oh my dear, you'll
be my cradle"
What gift shall we get for
your friend's wedding?
Your wish.
Your wish.
Your wish dear.
If it's all my wish, then
what are you there for?
To... everything you wish for.
"The pleasant hug in the morning,
and the whisper in the ears"
"Wouldn't end even
when I'm gone..."
"...come oh my dear!"
"The mellow kicks on the ear,
while you're resting
on my chest"
"Won't be able to
live without it..."
"...come oh my dear!"
"I'll be like a mother to
you when you're pregnant,
just like the moisture
turning to rains"
"Then your tears
will fade away..."
"...and the time will
be in your favour"
It's done, take it.
Why don't you clean
them as well dear.
That's why...
...avoid chores when
your wife asks for.
Oh God!
That's why... shouldn't argue
with your wife.
Be blessed!
Big Lion...
...shall we go to that forest?
Sure we can, but only after
you finish your meal.
Ruby shut up.
Shut up!
Shut up I say.
What's wrong with her today?
Take out the gun sooner.
Let's go.
Ruling party MLA Sugavanam,
late last night,
was shot dead by the
masked burglars.
Exactly,three other murders
of the same nature,
where many have been killed,
but when a Government leader
itself has been killed.
It stirred a fear and
panic among the public.
They couldn't protect an MLA,
then who will protect
the people here?
Police just throws a
glance and then leaves,
they're busy begging at the signals, how
can we expect them to nab criminals.
The time isn't in our favour.
It's not even a month, since the
death of people due to Tsunami.
And here we have a
murder of an MLA.
What have you guys been up-to?
It's all in the file.
If I had the knowledge
to understand this,
I wouldn't have been
struggling as a politician.
Won't I prefer getting paid
monthly like you guys do?
Police are worse
than Politicians.
Better be good, if not they'll
send the burglars to your house.
The deaths till date
were of public,
not an issue.
But this,
MLA from the ruling party.
By-Election is
around the corner.
The expenses will go
through the roof.
Who the hell are those guys?
During the 19th century...
...several common people and traders
traveling towards Northern India.
Were missing in most
mysterious circumstances.
During 1830,
Governor William Benedict
issued an order,
to William Henry Cillaman;
in forming a troop
for investigation.
A burglar group name Thuggee,
were disguising like
traders and soldiers,
and killing the
travelers looting them.
During the Investigation,
they dug out thousands of
dead bodies buried by them.
For about 450 years,
with the help of of few rulers.
They came to know the death
toll was more than 2 million.
Shocked from this knowledge,
sent their troops,
and took extreme measures.
Hung 100's of Thuggee's to death.
And put 1000's of
them in the prison.
Gave them strenuous sentences.
Also burnt the jungles
they were hiding in.
And demolished the
clan of Thuggees.
British Govt., listed these
incidents as an excuse,
stated Indians are cannibals.
They can't rule.
We're the right people
to rule over you guys.
Across India,
sorted 230 caste as criminals,
and branded them as
Hereditary Criminals.
In this thousands
of innocent lives,
were affected by British officials.
After Independence,
during Pandit Nehru's Govt.,
revoked the rule of
Hereditary Criminals.
And helped the families
of the affected.
Grateful people,
lead calm and peaceful
life making their living.
Except for the few.
Few among them,
don't even realize what
they're doing is a crime.
Poorthis, had migrated
from Maharashtra,
and are living in many
parts across India.
migrated from Tiruvanamalai,
and are in Chandrapur(Maharashtra), also
they're in Urapakkam and Guduvanchery.
they enter through Bangladesh,
and commit crimes
in outer Delhi.
they're in UP and Noida.
It should be one of them,
who would have done this.
Hunting being their profession.
the technique used
in killing animals,
is used for killing humans too.
Do something and catch them.
Stations, Courts and
Prisons across India,
we'll have to look there
for their fingerprints.
Do that right away.
IGP North Zone,
under Vijay Rathore's order a
special team has been formed.
Why was that not in
place, all these years!?
The burglars will
be caught soon.
Sir one more question, sir.
...sir, sir!
Long live Democracy!
-Sir, Sir.
-Last question sir.
-Nothing seems to be in order
-Can't understand the writing...
-Not Identical.
-Not Identical.
We've searched the
entire Andhra Pradesh,
no match.
Not Identical.
Not Identical.
Not Identical.
Not Identical.
Couldn't find anything
in Karnataka too.
That's it, no more files.
-no match.
-Not identical.
The documents up North
are not in order,
we're not leaving
anything to chance.
Those are the only files,
please get out from here.
No match found Sir.
Nothing in Orissa too.
Next we're heading
to Madhya Pradesh.
Couldn't find anything
in Madhya Pradesh too.
These are all the files,
nothing more to it.
We've searched completely.
No match found.
I'm losing hope on getting
the fingerprints.
Jai Hind Sir! please come.
West Bengal was a no go too.
No match found.
No match found.
No match found.
No match found.
No match found.
-Hello Sir.
-Jai Hind Sir.
From Tamilnadu Police,
are the files ready?
No match found.
Could've let me know we
were coming this far,
you asked me to pack light,
and got me here in a van.
I'm dying of cold.
Sir, please adjust and keep
looking, I'll be back.
They're gone...
They'll only return
in the evening.
Sit down, please sit
down photographer.
They're not even letting me
celebrate Pongal Festival.
What's it Sir?
You've been ranting, Snake?
every strand of fingerprint,
has been imprinted on to mind
like a parrot and a scorpion.
The one we're looking
for now is a Snake.
A Black Cobra.
Now in UP,
Meerut and Agra.
Only those two prisons
are left to check.
I'm going there tomorrow, if nothing
is there too wondering what to do?
Not possible, can't
let you guys in.
It's 5:30pm and we're in the process
of releasing prisoners on bail.
We'll bring down the flag at
6pm and closed the gates.
-We're coming from Chennai
-Come again tomorrow
-We've been searching them for 10 years
-Please understand come tomorrow.
-Please help us sir.
Jai Hind Sir!
Good evening sir.
What is the issue here?
They've come in search
of fingerprints.
What are you going to do
with the fingerprints?
It's surprising!
You've come all the way
with the fingerprints.
It's 5:45pm...
I just need the exit gate ledger.
Please sir.
Sir, please.
Please Sir, Please Sir.
-Please Sir.
-Let them in.
-Ok Sir!
-Thank you Sir.
Come along Sir, come along.
That's great brother, you rock.
You're awesome.
-Hello Sathya.
-Sir, Sir!
We got one match, Sir.
That's great Sathya.
It's a perfect 8 point match.
Yes, Yes, Yes!
His name is Banne Singh,
we were lucky as he was
convicted for a petty case.
He's from Rajasthan's
Hawaria Gang.
Secure the fingerprint
He shouldn't speak to anyone.
Until the news reaches CM's
office and is re-confirmed,
this news shouldn't
get out to the press.
You leave to Rajasthan
-I'll tomorrow...
-Sir, a small request.
It's been long since I went
home, had food or slept.
I feel like seeing my kid.
Only if we lose our
sleep and happiness,
public can sleep peacefully.
Sorry Sir.
It's ok Sathya, good job.
Thanks Sir.
Once I get to Rajasthan,
will relieve you.
Until then, I'll send a lady
constable as security to your house.
-Thanks Sir
-Good job, Good job.
Ok Sir.
What happened, why
are you so excited?
Tell me why?
Rathore here,
Congrats Theeran.
-Thank you Sir.
-What next?
We have to fax an official letter
to Rajasthan to support our team.
-He will help you.
-Thanks Sir.
Actually the case was is...
Are you a Tamizhan?
How did you figure that out?
It reflects from the
way your English is.
Stay here, I'll
inquire and get back.
Sir has asked to
keep you isolated.
You shouldn't speak
to anyone it seems.
-It's an order from high up.
-Ok Sir.
-Yes Dear!
I won't come home tonight.
I'm heading to Rajasthan.
Pass on my bag through Porkodi.
If you leave to Rajasthan,
then who will I hug and sleep.
-Hang up, damn it.
-You hang up!
I forgot to mention
something important.
What's it?
I Love You.
Don't sass me with your antics.
I got the picture of the
accused from the record room.
Fax from Rajasthan.
Greetings Sir.
Greetings Sarpanch!
(Head of the Village)
When did he leave?
Sathya here Sir,
Tell me Sathya.
Sir, Sir!
Banne Singh left 5 days back with a
load for Maambakkam Glass Company.
He might be in Chennai now.
I'll nab him right here.
Get me the number Maambakkam
Glass Company unloading section.
Ok Sir!
Ask the local Police to
get there right away.
Control Room; from
Ponneri DSP office.
Accused from MLA's case is
in Maambakkam Glass Company.
Ask the local Police to
get there right away.
Sir, we got the number
for the Glass Company
Hello! give the
Police to the phone.
Give it to the Police.
Sir it's for you.
It's SI Durai here.
Durai, Im sending you
a fax right away...
...check for him in
all Rajasthan trucks.
If possible arrest
everyone with him.
Be careful, he's very dangerous.
-Get a hold of him, don't let go off him,
Come on soon.
Point the torch at
the number plate.
It's from Maharashtra
next one...
It's from Kerala.
Come point here, it's Karnataka.
-Is everyone here?
-Yes everyone's here.
Check if the guy in the
picture is among them.
Not him.
Not him.
Not him.
Not him.
Not him.
Not him.
Huh...the next one.
Go...not him.
Get a hold of him,
don't let go off him,
Looks like the time is good.
Hoping for a great hunt today.
Are there any more trucks?
Many trucks parked outside too,
you can check there as well.
Hey come here.
Tell me Sir.
Have you seen him?
I've seen him.
The truck he came in
is parked out there.
-Is that so?
-Yes I'll take you there.
Show me where's it.
-Where's the truck?
-It was right here.
Where exactly did you see it?
Brother, the truck parked
here, where did it go?
It left an hour back,
wouldve crossed Red Hills.
Sir, It's Durai here.
It's been an hour
since the truck left.
They're saying might've
crossed Red Hills by now.
There were 5-6 of
them in the truck.
Control Room;
DSP Theeran here.
MLA case accused truck is
heading towards Red Hills.
Get the picture from DSP's office, share it
with all the stations across the highway.
Barricade the roads, and check
every truck thoroughly.
Has the picture
reached Control room?
Ask all the stations
on high alert.
The truck shouldn't go
beyond Tamilnadu border.
Don't spare any truck,
Check if it has
Rajasthan's license plate.
-Come sooner.
-Check them properly.
Check if it's the guy in the Fax.
Don't spare anyone,
I've been checking
them for an hour,
no truck with Rajasthan
license plate came through.
Hey leave, leave from here.
Let the cars go, check all the
truck and their license plates.
Keep coming, move quickly.
-Check the cars too,
-Let the cars go...
Sir, let the cars go.
Did the Rajasthan truck pass by?
No Sir.
Leave, you can leave.
Ask that vehicle
to move forward.
I'm heading towards Red Hills,
update me if you get anything.
We've been checking every truck, once
we have something will inform you.
Get down, quick.
Sir, open the door.
Our vehicle met with an
accident due to rain.
We need to call an ambulance.
-Who's that?
-Please open the door.
Job should be completed
in five minutes.
Oh no, it's those Dacoits.
Who's been knocking
so hard on the door.
What's the noise there?
Who's that?
What happened Selvi?
Leave from here,
it's those Dacoits.
Oh god, how are we going
to handle without Sathya.
Priya give the phone to brother.
He left for Rajasthan.
Oh God!
-Don't know what to do.
-Come on quick,
-Where are we going at this hour?
No idea what happened,
Sister called...
...she was crying on the phone
and it got disconnected.
Moreover brother Sathya isn't
here, let's go and check.
...take your daughter and
leave through the back exit.
-Mother come soon.
-You manage to escape.
You runaway to Priya's house.
Runaway dear.
Big Lion!
Big Lion.
Big Lion!
They've broke down the door.
You leave too sir.
Oh no, sir you please leave.
If you don't, I'll get a
earful from the department.
You please leave.
We heard a gun shot near
Kommakkambedu forest,
go there immediately.
I'll be there in 10
minutes, I'm 5 kms away.
Ok Sir, we're heading there.
They're running away
with the Jewels.
I'll take care of her.
Take the child and runaway.
Somehow manage to escape.
Ma'am please don't get
in to the forest alone.
Please listen to me Ma'am.
-You check on the house.
-Let's call the police station.
Just do as I say.
I can hear the child crying.
Big Lion.
Small Lion!?
Sir, there's a
truck parked here.
Check the license plate.
Is it Rajasthan registration?
Sir, it is Rajasthan
license plate.
Who's inside the truck?
Check on the other side.
They're shooting at us.
Get in to the car,
come on drive.
Don't let them escape, chase.
Police have captured the truck,
-Let's leave...
-Bloody Police!
Run quick, come on quicker.
Stop the vehicle.
They went in to Inspector Sathya's
house, don't let them evade.
Chase and catch them,
come on quick.
Hello Control Room.
Accused have entered
Inspector Sathya's house.
Inform DSP about it.
Sathya is not in town, nothing
should happen to his family.
I'm on my way there, call
for back-up immediately.
They ran in to the forest behind.
Chase them!
Split up and look for them.
-Ok Sir.
-Ok Sir!
Sir there's a guy here.
Hello control Room.
DSP's wife Priya ran in to the
forest in spite of me stopping her.
Big Lion!
Big Lion.
Where's Mom? where's she?
What happened?
They've escaped in to the forest.
Our men have gone too
looking for them.
Send a Patrol immediately to
other side of the forest.
Call for an ambulance
right away.
Get behind me.
Looking at this I'm scared what
would've happened to Ma'am.
-Give me the gun.
-Here it is, Sir.
-Which way did they go?
-That way.
Ruby attack!
Small Lion.
Poor thing, he's drenched
in rain, stop the vehicle.
Come on, let's go quick.
-Faster, Faster.
Police is right behind us.
Drive faster.
Ambulance will be here
anytime, shift everyone there.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
Don't get scared.
I'm calling the Police now.
Give me the Jewels, if not...
Get up, big lion.
Late last night,
in order to catch the burglars involved
in MLA Sugavanam's murder case,
the operation led by
DSP Theeran failed.
In spite informing Andhra
Police, they escaped.
Inspector Sathya's
wife and family,
were killed by that
gang of burglars.
I feel like harming myself.
All thoughts at this
moment will be dangerous.
You have a child
to take care of,
Doctor is calling for you.
Priya is in coma.
Surgery is done for the
wound on the head.
-Will she get better, Doctor?
Let's believe that.
Should regain consciousness.
It might happen tomorrow.
Might even take 4 years.
-Might not even...
I'm not trying to scare you,
It's a fact.
She's under observation.
And, she also got aborted.
In eight months,
there will be a baby
just like me at home.
Then for 3 months,
she will be blinking,
sleeping and watching us.
During the 4th month,
she will roll over.
After which she'll stand,
walk and will start to play,
will call me "Mom"
for the first time.
Her first words will be "Dad".
-It'll be Mom.
-It'll be Dad.
-It'll be Mom.
-It'll be Dad.
-It'll be Mom, Mom, Mom...
-Ok, Ok.
I'm relieving you both
from the operation.
It's vital for us to
be in this operation.
Don't take hasty
decisions in anger.
I'm saying this 'cause there's
too much personal loss involved.
No Sir.
When I was 5,
my Dad who went out to get
chocolate wearing his uniform,
never returned.
My mother never let me realize
that as a personal loss.
Not everyone is lucky to lose
life in the line of duty.
She raised me keeping
my Dad as an example.
Till date,
I can proudly say,
that I'm his son.
It should be the case
with my children too.
It's not anger nor a revenge.
If we get off this case,
we both...
...will regret entire life that we
didn't perform our duties well.
If there are more than
three in the cabin,
Police might check... they set up a secret room behind
truck in pretense to an actual one.
As they park the truck a
kilometer away from the spot,
we never got the
tire-marks of the truck.
They fixed a dummy diesel tank,
in which they hid weapons.
It was all meticulously planned.
Pick young and righteous
team to go up North.
Seniors will laze around
without investigating,
and will lie stating, they
did go but no one was there.
Nazeer Sir!
Pick him, he can
speak Hindi well.
We've divided you guys
in to 8 Crime parties.
Every Crime Party will have
a fingerprint specialist,
and one who can speak
Hindi will be present.
Will we get good food up north?
will we get sleep?
we don't know if we can speak
to our family wives or kids.
But make sure not to spare
no one from that gang.
There shouldn't
be another theft,
or loss of an innocent
life due to this gang.
No criminal should even think
of coming to Tamilnadu anymore.
Can we do it!?
Yes Sir!
We've allotted Rs.20,000/- per
team for petrol, food and stay.
Spend wisely, and make
sure to account them.
We made Tamilnadu Regiment quarters
of Tihar Jail as our main office.
Each team stayed in
different States.
I camped in Rajasthan
and started the work.
First find out from which gang
he's from and who's their leader.
'Cause there 8-10 Hawaria
gangs active at the moment.
Ruthless killers.
They still live like nomads.
He'll help you.
I'm Madhu Sir, and
I'm from Tirupathi.
The village you mentioned
of Banne Singh,
is a settlement village
outside Bharatpur.
Inquire and let me know, if
Banne Singh is in the village.
If we walk in with uniform to
that village won't return.
They'll kill us.
We'll compromise with him not
to come to Tamilnadu anymore.
We can't arrest them.
Why are you beating
around the bush?
We're not here to compromise.
Dad will be back soon, ok?
You got to eat well.
-Greetings Sir.
Banne Singh is in the village.
-Sathya get ready.
-Yes Sir!
Boys, everyone get
in to the vehicles.
Don't do anything in haste.
I'll take care of everything.
Get in the vehicle.
Should I come too?
You guys don't listen,
no matter what I say.
Oh My God!
Just the you come with me.
You carry on Sir, I'll
be in the vehicle.
Come on Madhu.
-Follow Sir.
-Get in.
No matter what happens don't
get out of the vehicle.
Use the force and
cover the other side.
Ok Sir.
Take the vehicle.
Brother get around the
backside of the village.
Hey, hold on.
Uncle Banne Singh,
Police is here.
Brother, Police has
come in to the village.
Don't you know, that Police
can't come in to the village.
Get out.
Madhu, asked them to
send Banne Singh.
Then we'll leave.
I have nothing to do with it,
he tricked me in to it, saying
wanted to see around the place.
You'll be tarnished,
stop there damn it!
I'm getting the entire village.
Wait, I'll handle it.
Let's leave!
The entire village
is chasing us.
Oh God!
Take that bamboo and
fix it in the vehicle.
Madhu get inside the vehicle.
Keep Driving!
They've surrounded us Sir.
What do we now Sir?
Sir, they're inside
the Jeep, Sir.
They're coming to hack us.
Bash Them!
Hit them hard.
Bash them!
Now it's impossible
to catch Banne Singh
He would've escaped to nowhere.
Didn't I warn, not to
go inside that village.
We should get a force of 500
and destroy that village.
Kill them in an encounter,
only then they'll fear.
Shall we put him down in
encounter and return, Nazeer?
I was hasty.
I need to meet the informers who
were dealing with Hawarias.
No one will rat them out.
These people didn't learn
even after such bashing.
You haven't left for home yet?
Everyone return
to your hometown,
if not will get killed.
It's really impossible
to catch them.
Because they,
will hide in to the Aravalli
river which connects 5 states.
No point in searching, 'cause we won't
know even if they're close to us.
They'll be moving from
one place to another.
Catching them is impossible.
I'll arrange a meeting to
compromise personally.
If they promise, will never
come towards Madras.
They'll never commit a
crime in their home state.
As they go to every State, they're
well versed with all languages.
If they're looking at a child,
they wouldn't see
them like a child.
Only their jewels will
be visible to them.
If we rat them out,
they'll kill the entire family.
Lawyer Sir.
Police has never
come looking for us.
Then how come, these
Madrasi Police is here?
You had killed an MLA
in Gummidipoondi.
Really!? I killed an MLA?
Damn it, he was
pointing a knife at me.
I shot him with my gun.
The bullet went in,
and the heart popped out.
But how did they figure
out, that it was us?
With fingerprints.
We got to be careful
with these Madrasis.
They're here with just
this information.
Banne Singh.
You made a mistake by attacking
them at your village.
That Madrasi is not alone,
he is Government.
They'll return, after
searching for few days.
Till then make sure
not to get caught,
and lay low working
under someone.
If there's anything,
I'll send a word
through the lawyer.
I will be in Aravalli mountains,
safe and sound with the
blessings of Grey Wolves.
Jai Baouli!
There's an informer named Pandit
who is the Village president,
He supplies betel nuts to
the shops in this district.
He's well connected
with Hawaria Gang.
He's the only one,
who can help you.
Where's he?
That's Pandit.
Let me go Sir.
I don't mind even
going to the prison.
I will never rat
out the Hawarians.
I'll rather be in prison, than
getting tortured to death by them.
I'll give you protection.
Do you even realize how
dangerous they're?
They'll leave poisonous snake
in to the house and runaway.
They'll burn down the house, while
you're sleeping in the night.
Then, how will your
protection help me.
They're not scared of Police,
like they do in your city.
They'll shoot you down.
Who are Hawarias?
Where did they come from? And
how they became Dacoits?
It's easy to talk without
knowing their history.
I know.
What do you know, Sir?
What do you know? Tell
me something then.
They're descendants of Hajputs.
They were highly skilled Guerrilla
warriors in Hajput's army.
In 1600 AD.
Hajputs and Mughlai's
had a huge war.
Hajputs who came
with a huge army,
Mughlai who was with a
much smaller army...
...stood strong against Mughlais
with their unique strategy.
Hajput warriors,
always pray to Baouli
before going to war...
...with a belief to return
victorious and without loss of life.
For which there was
a ritual performed.
But in the war Hajputs
were defeated,
and many warriors
died during the war.
The Empire of Hajputs
was destroyed.
The ritual which was
performed before the war,
Hawarians had, War-God Baouli...
...stained it with cow's blood.
It's their sin which
led to defeat,
and were chased out
in to the forest.
After Hajput Empire
got defeated,
Hawarians were left with no job.
And were in fear of getting
killed by Mughlais.
They remained hiding
inside the forest,
hunting and thieving making their
living, is what the stories state.
lived as hunters
for generations.
In the 80's Government
issued a ban on hunting.
They returned to the
village for survival.
There they neither
got job nor respect,
and their life
became a tough one.
Due to which, a few of them,
turned to hunting again.
But this time,
they were hunting humans.
Not bad, even our Police is
not aware of such things.
But Sir...
They never stay in one place,
they keep changing cities.
If you have to get
a hold on them...
...then it'll cost you a lot.
One information,
will fetch you 50,000/-.
...Thousand uh?
For just one information!?
Are you serious?
You're not kidding right?
Ok Sir.
Here on...
...don't come to
see me in person.
If someone in the
village comes to know,
they'll come to know about it.
...inquire through
the betel sellers.
If there's an information.
My guy's shop at the
foot of the fort,
will wear a green turban.
We then started to wait
for that green Turban.
Pandit's men were on
lookout on one side,
and on the other side us...
...road side tents, railway platforms, we
didn't spare any place in search of them.
It was months since
any of us went home,
we were longing for a
information on Banne Singh.
In the process we
went State to State.
started searching
across North India.
We kept going nudging
cold, hot sun and dust.
We slept where ever
we got a place.
There shouldn't be another
life lost due to this gang.
We we're extremely
outraged in catching them.
All this gave the strength
to endure everything.
The food in North
didn't favour us.
With very less funds.
We took utensils
in our vehicles,
and made food at places
where we rested.
It tastes good, Sir.
You wife is very lucky.
How's it?
"It's Bad!?"
This is awesome!
Brother, stop right there.
He's wearing a green turban.
Is the Special Betel here?
"Get me one Betel!"
Sir, we got an
information from Pandit.
Very good.
-Sethu, assemble everyone.
-Yes Sir.
Sathya you stand down for this operation,
I have something else for you.
Remove me from this team.
It's hurting to see
your concern about me.
You don't have to feel
bad, whenever you see me.
Please send me away.
Everyone has assembled, Sir?
Yes Sir!
Follow the guy in this paper.
Thanks Sir.
Haram Singh.
Age 55.
Banne Singh's Uncle.
Organizer of this gang.
Works as a VAO(Village
Administrative Officer).
They call him "Patwaari" here.
The only educated person
from their caste.
He secretly collects
information about the gang.
And resolve issues
if any among them.
Handles all legal problems
pertaining to them.
Converting the looted
Jewels in to money.
All of this is done by him.
If we nab him.
Banne Singh who escaped,
that gang,
also we can gather information
about the gang leader.
As he's got a good support
with local Police,
he's happily moving
around the village.
He comes down to Bharatpur market
everyday to collect interest.
That's where we'll pick him up,
without anyone's knowledge.
For this Banne Singh's
village was a better option.
All the rowdies will be
present at the market.
You'll get caught.
First change our license
plates to a local one,
market will be crowded
in the morning.
If the crowd gathers while
we're arresting him,
or if the accused is alert,
the operation will be a failure.
Arrest is going to happen,
or it happened, no one
should come to know it.
I'll let you know the plan,
there's shouldn't
be another failure.
Haram Singh is here.
Two minutes.
Before the people get a whiff of it,
we'll nab Haram Singh and leave.
Ok Sir!
Two minutes!?
Even if it's two hours,
you can't nab him.
It won't take that long... run to that
gate and get back.
-By then we'll nab him.
-What if you don't?
We'll leave this city.
If you're going to leave the
city, then why just once...
...I'll do it four times.
Shall I go?
Hey, look here I come!
-Madhu is running,
scream out thief and
run behind him.
-He's our guy.
-Do it.
Thief, catch him,
catch him, thief.
Thief! Thief!
-Thief! Thief!
-Oh no, he's planned something.
-Hey, I'm not a thief.
-Stop him, he's a thief.
Sathya ready?
He's a thief, catch him.
Hey, please listen to
what I have to say.
Hey, Hey, please...please
let me go.
Vicky move.
Sethu cover.
Nab him.
Now stuff bananas
in to his mouth.
I'll listen to anything
you asked me of.
But please don't ask me to run.
Arrange for transit warrant to
take Haram Singh to Chennai.
The 10 years search of the burglars came
to an end with Haram Singh's arrest.
In regards to that, many
officers from other states,
congratulated DSP Theeran
on this achievement.
Also DSP Theeran assured that the
leader of the gang will caught soon.
Seems like the investigation
will reveal more information.
Constable ask the biker
not to come this side.
don't come this way.
Hey who's in there?
Who's that? come outside.
Sorry Sir, we're lovers.
Family problems, so
were talking about it.
What kind of discussion
happens inside the bushes?
I'm Innocent.
I'm Innocent.
"Begunah" means Innocent, Sir.
I'm Innocent.
Speak up.
Speak up.
I'm Innocent.
I'm Innocent.
I'm...I'm Innocent.
-Speak up.
-I'm Innocent.
He's saying that...
...I get it, he's been ranting
the same for days now.
"I'm Innocent"
He doesn't seem to budge for
beatings, make him talk.
Strip him naked.
He'll open his mouth at the 30th
second of bed bugs treatment.
Why the bed bugs?
Once the heat is felt by the bed bugs,
they'll pierce through the navel.
Then he'll talk due
to unbearable pain.
I'm Innocent, Sir.
How do we break him?
He doesn't seem to budge,
keeps ranting that
he's Innocent.
If you don't tell us where's
Banne Singh and the gang leader,
I'll make the same hole
on his head this time.
If you don't tell us
where's Banne Singh,
next time the bullet
will be in your head.
I'm Innocent, Sir.
Damn it!
He keeps repeating it.
I'm Innocent, Sir.
For 15 days,
we tortured an old man,
but the fact he didn't budge...
...was really surprising to us.
Their threshold for pain,
and loyalty to their clan.
We were not able to break that.
We tried extending
the remand time.
Aren't you ashamed?
You brought an old man,
and accusing him of all
the theft's and murders.
If you don't manage to get the
right evidence next time,
I won't extend the remand.
First pay him.
Thank you sir, next time
please get us a bail.
Is everything fine,
well and good?
So Banne Singh escaped,
and he cannot be caught.
No idea who's the gang leader.
So can't catch him either.
Wonder which corner of
India is that gang hiding.
Due to which no
Police can catch him.
No witnesses.
Even we arrest them, can't
do anything about it.
Haram Singh will get a bail,
and the case will be
closed, that's great!
-One week.
-It's a summon from Human Rights.
They've complained about you
torturing the innocent.
You're all words,
go and withdraw the operation...
...compromise with
them not to come here.
Then get hold of two,
and issue a press release stating
they're the accused from MLA's case.
And find a way to
close the case.
Ok Sir.
I'll take care of it.
-Hold this.
Just a little more time...
What's it Theeran?...
...heard you're going
to compromise.
-Are we going to stop the operation?
"We didn't hit Haram Singh", get a
signature from him confirming that.
-We're going to compromise.
Have fun!
"Bangles are rattling"
"Just for you my dear"
"Be aggressive with your touch"
"Every time we come
across each other"
"Oh my god of thunder,
I'm yours forever"
"My body is quivering, you
take me along with you"
"Oh my god of thunder,
I'm yours forever"
"It's my heart 'n' body
and your opulence"
"Bangles are rattling"
"Just for you my dear"
Sir, It's Pandit.
Heard that you're
going to compromise.
Where are you right now?
I'm on my way to Delhi
Pandit, tell me.
Listen then.
I have a vital
information with me.
Where should I come?
I'll call tomorrow with it.
"Ravish me with
colors, oh my dear"
"My booty too..."
"Oh My Dear"
"You don't have worry
about anything"
"You're there wherever honey is"
"Come on"
"You're the sanity to
my wild temptations"
"You're the apex to my climax"
"Oh my body is swaying away"
"Oh my body is swaying away"
"Come on let's play
Holi, oh dear"
"Bangles are rattling"
"Just for you my dear"
"Be aggressive with your touch"
"Every time we come
across each other"
"Oh my god of thunder,
I'm yours forever"
"My body is quivering, you
take me along with you"
"Oh my god of thunder,
I'm yours forever"
"It's my heart 'n' body
and your opulence"
How can you arrest a Govt. Officer
without following any rules?
Won't you respect the Law?
You've nabbed him like a rowdy.
It's become a routine for the
Police to frame the innocent.
Read this file.
And then you can take a call.
Leave that here.
Once you've compromised
with Hawarians.
Ask them to take back the
complaint from Human Rights.
Ok Sir.
Sir, get to Rupwas check
post's betel shop.
Rupwas Check Post, that's great.
I'll be there right away.
Nazeer, ask our team to
be at Rupwas check post.
Ok Sir!
Let's finish that compromise.
Get 5-6 of them from our team,
and get to Rupwas check post.
Tomorrow when we'll take
Haram Singh to the court,
Sir, what if it goes wrong.
No matter what happens,
be brave about it.
I'll take care of it.
Madras Police is coming
down to compromise.
If two gets surrendered,
the case can be closed.
Hey, Muthupandi.
That Hindi guy will
get released on bail.
On the way back get the
other accused under remand.
-Ok Sir, Over!
Didn't expect the case to
end with a compromise.
Let it go!
There's a Special Betel
famous in this place,
It's said to be good when
taken with empty stomach.
-Sir how come you...
-Let's have that.
-Come on.
-How come Sir?
Is the special Beeda here?
It doesn't look like we're
here for compromise.
It's Banne Singh, Sir.
Move, who the hell are you?
-Who are you?
This Madrasi is beating
up one of the local,
how can you guys stand still
without doing anything?
Please do something!
Sir, Sir.
Sir, Sir, Sir...he's
getting out.
He's beating me again.
Hey Guddu, the bus
shouldn't stop.
Get to the driver.
I'll shoot, if you stop the bus.
Sir, Sir, Sir...he's
getting out.
Hey Madrasi, I'll shoot
if you come closer.
Let it go, let it go.
Get off us, get off us.
He's Tamilnadu Police.
We're Tamilnadu Police.
We're Police damn it, let go.
Sir climb up, I got him.
If you come closer...
-We won't do anything.
Stop the bus Nazeer.
Banne Singh's guy has the
driver at gun point.
Not letting him stop the bus.
If he shoots the driver,
the bus will topple.
Did you hear that? if the bus
topples everyone will be dead.
You'll be responsible for that.
Be careful Sir, he
might push you down.
Sir, the balance is going off.
Surrender yourself.
Nazeer stop the bus.
We're Policemen.
Sit down, Sit down, Sit down.
Don't come closer.
If you don't surrender
He's jumping Sir...
...Sethu catch him.
I caught hold of his leg.
Sir, that bus going
ahead of this one,
not able to hold on.
Nazeer ask both the buses to
maintain the same speed and level.
Driver, go with that bus.
Maintain the distance
on the right hand side.
Sethu, don't let go of him, if not
he will die caught under the tire.
If he dies, then we can't
get hold of the gang.
That bus is getting closer.
Ask him to go around.
Ask that bus to right
and maintain the gap.
There's a vehicle coming towards
us, maintain the distance.
Please maintain the distance.
Sir, the rope is slipping away.
Sir! don't let go!
Sir! don't let go!
Sir! don't let go!
Sir! don't let go!
Sir! don't let go!
Sir, I'm coming, I'm coming.
Go closer.
Come on top,
Sir, Vicky is climbing up.
Now let go of him.
Sir, Sir!
Sir, please forgive me.
Sir I'll surrender myself,
please forgive me.
Sir I'll surrender myself.
I'll surrender myself,
forgive me.
Drive carefully,
don't ram in to Sir.
Sir, be careful.
Sir, he's getting away.
Why aren't you guys
here yet to compromise?
Sir, they're asking if we're
coming to compromise.
I'll inform that we have
already compromised.
Madrasis have
nabbed Banne Singh.
Oh God no!
Arul, turn around the vehicle.
Get down,
Get down damn it.
Let's see how you'll
get your bail.
Take that stone.
Die, damn it.
How dare you hit me!?
He attacked every one of you?
-Am I right?
-Yes Sir.
It has become a routine.
I'm Inoocent, Sir.
I'm Innocent, Sir.
Banne Singh will not
open his mouth,
I'll bail him out soon.
You don't worry about it.
That Madrasi is a dangerous guy.
Also very smart.
How's he managing to
nab them spot on.
There's something happening
which is not right.
Find out what is it?
Sure brother.
Once you're done,
I'll be inside, Guru
Shikar mountains.
You can meet me there.
When will you be back Daddy?
Daddy is here with some work.
You be...I'll talk to you later.
Sir, torture room for
Banne Singh is ready.
Let us not torture him Sathya.
Why Sir?
Even If we hit him,
he'll plead innocent,
and will say he doesn't
know anything.
Let's play Prisoner's Dilemma,
Ok let that go.
Are you a good cop or a
bad cop in the game?
Definitely a bad cop.
What's up, Haram Singh?
Did you eat?
I had sir.
Your group has got
educated people too?
I've studied till 10th grade.
-I'm working as VAO.
-What's the news?
And then,
Gulmaan-Zinta Scandal!
-Look at him laugh,
-What kinda girl is she?
may be he's worried about the
girls of this generation.
Do you only know to
read or can write too?
Give it to me, I'll write
and show it to you.
Come on write.
Let's see.
-What shall I write?
-News, News.
-Gossip! Gossip!
Yes write down, we'll see.
Haram Singh, turned as an approver,
confessing your murders and thefts.
Only based on that
we arrested you.
If you don't believe us.
These are the jewels,
you gave to Haram Singh.
Check them.
I'm innocent Sir.
-If you repeat that again...
-Sathya calm down.
Just answer this one question.
After 1996,
why didn't you guys come in
to Tamilnadu for 4 years?
Ill give you money.
Also these jewels too.
If not,
Why didn't you guys come
to Tamilnadu for 4 years?
Let us know.
If not we'll put you
down in encounter.
No Sir.
From Agra,
while evading after a loot.
At the Sikandera check post,
shots were fired by the
Police present there.
We managed to escape from there,
but we were caught
again by the Police.
While they were
evading after a loot,
they were nabbed at UP's Sikandra
Police and were convicted for 3 years.
They escaped after the bail,
while the case was still on.
And were back in business.
Hey, who's your gang leader.
Tell me.
Speak up!
He already confessed Sathya.
Send our team to Sikandra,
and asked to check
their file of arrest.
That'll have everything we need.
Get in damn it.
When did you get arrested?
You explicitly gave up
everything in writing.
When did I do that?
Hey, I only wrote gossip.
-Gossip uh!?
This is why I kept asking
you guys to study.
You foolish bunch.
Idiotic Fools!
Then Jewels!?
What's this Sir!?
I'm innocent Sir.
We got the entire list of the gang
who got arrested in Sikandra.
ACCUSED 1: Omveer Singh (a)
OMA, Gang Leader Haryana.
He's running a travel
agency with 13 trucks.
He does all the crimes while
delivering goods across India.
A2: Khaali, Door
Breaker, Haryana.
A3: Bhora, Route Expert, UP.
A4: Banne Singh, Lock
Opener, Rajasthan.
A5: Haram Singh,
Organizer, Rajasthan.
A6: Thara Chandh,
Weapon Handling, UP.
A7: Mubeen, Weapon Handling, MP.
A8: Gulaam, Driver Maharashtra.
A9: Rukesh Singh, Driver, Punjab.
A10: Jhankuri, OMA's
Sister/Spy, Rajasthan.
A11: Antho, Spy, Rajasthan.
A12: Mangey Lal, Spy, Haryana.
A13: Guddu Mal Singh,
Snatcher, Haryana.
A14: Heena, OMA's Third Wife,
Booty Disposal, Haryana.
A15: Khorag Singh,
Snatcher, Haryana.
A16: Rajee Singh,
OMA's Son-in-Law,
Works as a school teacher and
does booty disposal, Punjab.
A17: Tola, Snatcher, MP.
List of matching fingerprints of
all their cases across India.
That's great, awesome.
You nailed it, get
every one of them.
Be alert, Sir.
They'll escape, if
they see any movement.
They're close.
Pandit's information Sir.
Rukesh is evading en
route Chatrala road.
Ok, Ok!
Go faster, Madrasi
Police is following.
Go faster.
Come on, go faster.
What are you doing?
drive faster, faster.
They're close, go
faster, go faster.
Go damn it, go.
Go this way,
get to the other side.
Oh no!!!
Why did you guys come all the
way from North India to steal?
Speak up!
Hit him Sir, hit him.
Our guys were getting
encountered in UP.
That's why our leader changed
the location to Madras.
Tell damn it.
Whenever we're blocked at
check post after a loot,
Twenty Rupees was enough to seal
the deal with Madras Police.
Keep talking!
If caught in UP,
Police shoots us down.
Your Police doesn't
even have a gun.
But we'll have one.
Don't stop.
The women here wore
a lot of jewels.
That made us wonder, if they wear so
much, Imagine how much will be at home.
I asked my wife not to
wear a lot of jewels,
as it's dangerous.
one day we have to die,
if it's for gold,
there's no harm in it.
With the continuous
arrests made by our team,
Oma did something which
we never had expected.
He started killing everyone he
suspected of being informers.
Our main informer Pandit,
evaded the city, due
to the fear of death.
To other North Indian
Gangs like Oma's,
In order to fear the
Tamilnadu Police,
we took an aggressive decision.
After our streak of encounters,
Oma kept moving to new places.
Take this.
File a case stating, he's
torturing the tribes,
or complaint to Human Rights.
I want that Madrasi out of here.
Mangey Lal.
Come on dear, where are
you trying to escape?
Come on, come on, let's
take a tour of Chennai.
Sathya, drive.
Police from all the states,
started to help us.
With their help.
We confiscated the booty
looted by Oma's gang.
-Where's Oma?
-Where's Oma?
I'm innocent Sir.
-I'm innocent Sir.
-Speak up!
Tell us, where's Oma?
Speak up?
Where's Oma, say.
Where's Oma?
Speak up.
Once we came know that
Oma is the gang leader,
that search went
on for 15 months.
It was 15 months, since
I saw Priya too.
Whenever I felt the guilt of not
being with Priya who's in coma.
I felt like quitting this job.
Whenever I get that feeling,
The ones I lost in my life,
flashes of those pleasant moments
with Priya will come to me.
Just like this,many families
dreams and happiness,
would've got tarnished
because of Oma.
No matter where you're,
I'll come looking for you.
Madras Police have arrested 6
and encountered 2 of them.
Eight trucks have been ceased.
In spite of our
Police investigating,
we're not able to find out who's
passing him the information,
and how he's able
to make arrests.
We've been running.
But that Madrasi,
is calm and hunting us down.
We should stop running.
Are we going to be
the scapegoats,
or those Wolves which
demands sacrifices,
the time is here to
make that decision.
If we keep running,
then we can't call
ourselves hunters.
We'll turn in to
the hunted ones.
Pass on a information stating, that I'm
escaping through Thalyat Hamira station.
No one should be able to find
that Madrasi's dead body.
I will chop him in to pieces and
feed to the Aravalli eagles.
Here on, no state Police should,
have the intention to
come looking for us.
Sure brother.
Inform the Madras Police that Oma
is escaping through Hamira Station.
-Tell me Uncle.
They're saying she's critical.
Surgery has to be done.
I'm really scared Son.
Can you please come down?
That moment when I had to decide,
Should I go to see Priya?
Or I should go on
and catch Oma...
I left looking for Oma.
My Priya,
will be waiting for me.
Take positions.
Taken Sir.
Taken Sir.
In Position Sir.
Oma's gang is not here yet.
Boys, Alert...Alert!
Train is here.
Check both passengers,
getting in and out.
Ok Sir.
Oma isn't here.
He is not here.
There are chances of
him on train already.
Everyone get inside each
compartment and check.
Fast, Fast!
We're checking in
the Non-AC coaches.
Where do you think you're going?
What's the emergency?
He is not there in
any of the coaches.
Excuse me!
He isn't here too.
Ok, Ok.
Nazeer, did you
check thoroughly?
We did Sir, he's not in
the last compartment too.
It's a wrong information then.
We'll get down at next station.
It's become a routine now,
They always pull the chain
and with the train.
Why did the train stop halfway?
There's someone climbing in
to the last compartment.
I'm on it Sir, come on go.
Nazeer, check immediately who
was it, I'm coming there.
Ok Sir, we're headed there.
Sir, the train is
leaving, get on it.
Get on the train.
The train is leaving Sir.
Nazeer the train is moving, I'm
climbing on a different compartment.
Did you check?
Sir, It's Oma's gang, please come soon.
I'm 2 compartments away, hold
him, will be there soon.
Side...side, side, side, side!
Sir that side, gun
shots are fired.
Public is running in panic.
Senthil is stuck inside.
Due to the crowd can't get in.
Make way.
Get to the horses.
There's a village on this
side, where shepherds live.
Beyond that is dry
land and mountains.
How many kilometers brother?
Two Kilometers.
Boys let's leave.
Oma wouldn't have gone too far.
If we follow can catch him.
He'll definitely kill me.
Everyone be alert.
Keep searching.
Wonder how far we'll
have to walk.
How many more
kilometers brother?
Two Kilometers.
Hey brother!
You said Two Kilometers,
it doesn't seem to end.
How many more kilometers?
Two Kilometers.
"Doh" means "2" right?
Not sure if it's him
or I don't understand.
How far do we have to go more?
Ask him.
You don't have to ask
him, I'll tell you,
It's Two Kilometers.
Come on.
Oh God, two more!
Not able to take it.
The village is here.
Come on, Come on!
Come on, quick.
I'm sure there will
be water there.
Why do you look troubled Sir?
Not sure with what courage,
I got the team here.
The fear of something
might happen to them,
has been troubling me.
Let's do a recce.
Make note of the entry and
the exit of the village.
Yes Sir.
They're calling this
a Ghost Village.
Only 4 families of the
Shepards are residing here.
I've made arrangements for
our dinner with them.
We'll stay the night, and resume
our search in the morning.
They're in the village
as per our plan.
Let's attack now
and finish them.
Let's wait.
Patience is really
important to a hunter.
"She's critical it seems..."
"I'm really scared, Son."
Grey Wolves!
Have taught us how
and when to hunt.
We'll go on horses and scatter
them with powder bombs.
You guys hide there,
and kill those who
are running in fear.
If you ask how?
just like how the Wolves hunt.
Jai Baouli!
Jai Baouli!
Jai Baouli!
Are you worried about me?
I'll be fine!
Sleep well on my lap.
Cover, Cover, ask
everyone to get in.
Run, Run, Run!
Hide, Hide! Hide, Hide!
Sethu, Nazeer come here.
Murugan! Murugan!
Lift him, lift him.
Ask the villagers to get in.
Don't be scared, it's
just a country gun.
It'll shoot only 20 feet.
And 10 feet is the killing
point, maintain the distance.
Everyone get to a vantage point.
There are two more
in front of me, Sir.
Oh God!
"The Hide 'n' Attack
technique of the Wolves."
"One chases, and
another hunts..."
Sathya come in.
They've killed Madhan.
Relax Sathya.
They're using the Wolves
trap techniques to attack.
We should take that
to our advantage.
What Should I do?
Can you see a tower from you're?
I can see it Sir.
Run towards it.
He's close Sir.
There are two more
running towards me.
-Yes Sir!
Turn to your right.
One of them is chasing me,
run straight towards me.
Two more in the front.
What happened!?
What happened to our plan?
Where are our men?
Boys, I've spotted Oma.
He's in the North East Corner.
Everyone round him up.
Careful, Careful!
Sir, Oma burnt the Sheep farm.
The smoke has covered it
all, nothing is visible.
Sathya don't lose him, don't
lose him, try to cover him.
Don't let him move from
here, I'm coming there.
Quickly get the horses.
I'm coming.
Let's Go!
Sathya, I've shot Khali dead.
But Oma, escaped.
Get me a horse.
Sorry to disturb you Sir.
I would like to meet you Sir.
Please Sir.
Come on Sunday.
Thank you Sir.
Since two months, I've been
asking to change this chair.
I've applied for it, Sir.
Why someone, who has dealt
with such a huge case,
is been given a dummy position.
If you're honest to
your Department.
You'll be rewarded
with such things.
But he gets them very often.
The highways are different now.
There's been development in
technology to catch the criminals.
But as far as that
case is concern,
the respect which was given
to the lives of authority,
if had given to the
common man too.
Many lives would've been spared.
Is it department's fault?
Or is it the authority who
governs the department?
Or is it the public, who elected the
Authority? It's an never ending topic.
Until we get an answer to this.
Death of innocent people,
will continue it's streak.
The innocent people will die.
and Again,
and Again,
Hey small lion.
Hi uncle.
How are you guys?
Come in brother.
It's fine sir.
I wanted to meet you in person.
And Salute to you.
You're really great Sir.
"This film dedicated to all those
Honest officers, and we salute them"
"They were convicted across
India, but only Tamilnadu Police,
arrested Thirteen and put
Two down in encounter.
Since 1995-2005, there
were 45 such Dacoity cases,
in which 18 were dead and 63 were injured
and lost their day to day lives.
Considering this a rare case, the Judge
gave death sentence to 4, and the
rest were convicted to life
imprisonment and severe punishment.
After they made an appeal,
the verdict was changed
to life imprisonment
from death sentence.
The main suspect OMA a.k.a Om Prakash, died
in prison, and that case is still open.
After the strenuous action
by our Police Department,
burglary of this nature never
took place in Tamilnadu.
The officers pertaining to this case, were
never rewarded nor were given promotion.