Then Came You (2018) Movie Script

[electricity buzzing]
[birds chirping]
[rooster crowing]
[woman] I'm so sorry, Skye.
The tumor just hasn't
responded to the treatment.
Pretty soon you'll feel your
energy levels drop dramatically,
and your mobility will become
increasingly restricted.
I'm afraid it's about
quality of time now.
Win some, you lose some.
[up-tempo pop song plays]
[plane engine rumbling]
You, you feel
Thirsty like a stone
What the hell
Yeah, what the hell
Did we do that for?
I need some
Water in my veins
I need some
Water in my brain
All the experts in my life
Didn't tell me so
Hold my head
Yeah, you know
That I'm gonna cry
And you know that
We all gonna take that ride
But that noise all outside
Don't leave money
For tonight
All the experts in my life
Didn't know that, right?
But if you try
Be sure you do it right
And then you won't
We're all gonna come
We'll be there
Till you're gone
If you find water
Just take a look around
You'll see your friends
Waiting to come
Waiting to come
If you found water
We'll be standing by
If you find water
Then take a bath all night
What's eating Calvin?
He gets his test
results tomorrow.
[engine starts]
Saw you checking out
those Ray-Bans.
Why do all pilots think
that they're rock stars?
I heard he wears 'em to bed.
You should find out.
He's not my type.
Girl, I'm starting to believe
you don't have a type.
[horn honking]
- [man] Lady, need a ride?
- No, thanks.
Sorry about my son, his wife's
still breaking him in.
[man laughs]
Hey, the other boy,
he's a sweetheart.
All right.
[both laughing,
chattering indistinctly]
[watch beeping]
[people applaud]
Thank you for sharing, Ann.
So, listen, guys,
why don't we try an exercise?
- [man groans]
- OK, relax. It's not a test.
[laughs] Here you go.
Now, make a list, all right?
Make a list of all the things
that you wanna do.
All right, let your
imaginations run wild.
If you want to scale Everest,
then go ahead
and write that down.
What if I want
to rob a bank?
[laughs] I can't say
that I approve,
but go ahead and write it down.
I know a good lawyer.
Feel free to inspire
each other, OK?
Use each other for support.
[chair scraping]
[man] Nice of you
to join us, Skye.
Well, you know me, Dan.
I'll be late for my own funeral.
[Dan] Yeah, well, you're more
than welcome to stay
but any repeat of
last week's behavior,
I'm gonna have to
ask you to leave.
I'll be good as gold.
All right.
You're new.
I'm Skye.
So, what are you
doing here, Calvin?
Some terrible exercise about
climbing mountains and shit?
Yeah, actually.
[whispers] Want to copy mine?
I'm a little promiscuous when
it comes to support groups.
What's with you?
Sorry, your... face.
That was a wink, dummy.
Playtime's over,
get back to work.
[indistinct chattering]
What now?
I don't know what to write.
Write anything.
No one cares.
You're dying, remember?
Just don't write something
cliche, like
"swimming with dolphins".
And don't write
I've been
to Disneyland, it's shit.
Plus, there's, like,
1,000 dying kids there,
so no one treats you
special or anything.
Not even Mickey Mouse, that's,
like, passe to him, you know?
You got a girlfriend?
- Hm?
- Boyfriend?
But there's someone
you like, hm?
Maybe you think about them
- when you're...
- Jesus!
- [Skye] Well?
- Can you leave me alone, please?
- Just tell me her name, dummy.
- Don't call me that.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean
to hurt your feelings.
I just get so angry sometimes,
you know, I lash out.
It's so unfair, I should have
my whole life ahead of me.
I'm screwing with you.
Give me that.
That'll do for starters.
- [Dan] Great job today, guys.
- See you, Calvin.
- [man] Thank you, Dan.
- [Dan] Thanks again.
Great job.
- Hey, Dad. How'd it go?
- Well, still got cancer.
Yeah, I'm aware.
It's a support group.
I know, it's not voodoo.
- [loud thud]
- Oh, come on.
You're killing me!
Hey, Calvin.
Help a girl out?
I'm gonna be late for work.
Oh, come on, it will
just take a second.
Just, you know,
push it or something.
Not like that.
Come on, put some hurt on it!
- Ow!
- Yay! Go, Calvin!
Want one?
Sucks, huh?
The big "C".
They've run out of stages
for me now, what about you?
I gotta go.
- Hey, you dropped this.
- [door closes]
I thought I felt something.
[girl giggles]
There's nothing wrong
with you, Calvin.
I just don't know how
many more ways to say it.
Well, what about my symptoms?
You say that you experience
pain, discomfort,
and I believe you,
but that's not
indicative of cancer.
OK, and what about my mole?
It's the same size
that it was last week.
Then maybe we should do
more tests, just to be sure.
There aren't any more tests.
Your health issues
aren't physical.
I thought sending you
to that support group
would give you
a bit of perspective.
I'm not making this up.
All right?
- Calvin...
- I'm not a hypochondriac.
[doctor] Your symptoms journal?
[low-tempo pop song]
Take all the time
That you need
I think you'll find
This is only make-believe
It is only make-believe
Trapped by this time
Getting lost
In your own mind
This is only make believe
- It is only make believe
- [Calvin's watch beeps]
Worn out and low
Worn out, low
[camera clicking]
- Hey.
- Oh.
That was you, right?
With your dad and your brother?
Sorry about that.
I know all about it.
I have four... brothers.
- Back in Ohio.
- Cool.
You've obviously
never been to Ohio.
I don't travel much.
You work at an airport.
- I've never flown.
- What? Really?
How is that even possible?
You, my friend, are a disgrace
to the aviation industry.
So, what do you
write in there?
Oh, um, stuff, you know.
Sounds like a bestseller.
[woman on PA] Calvin Lewis
to the information desk.
Calvin Lewis to
the information desk.
- That's me.
- Guess you should go then.
I'm Izzy.
- Um...
- Um...
See ya.
Hi, I'm Calvin Lewis.
- Hi, Calvin!
- [Calvin] Hi.
- [Skye] Hi.
- What are you doing here?
Oh, you dropped this
at the meeting.
Oh, you have another one.
[Calvin] Do you not have,
like, school?
Is this your ride?
- Wow.
- Yes.
- Can I take it for a spin?
- No.
- Please?
- No.
But I'm dying.
OK, it's not insured
for civilians, so...
Civilians? Oh, come on,
I'm not gonna sue.
- Cross my heart and hope to...
- Skye.
So, are you one of these guys
that's always going on strike
and breaking people's stuff?
[groans] No.
Have you ever gone through
someone's luggage?
What's the weirdest thing
you've ever found?
I bet you've found some
filthy things, haven't you?
Go on, you can tell me, I'm
really good at keeping secrets.
- I'm about to go on shift, so...
- Oh, amazing, I will come with.
No, I'm...
Is that a goldfish?
Yeah, he's for you.
This is Boris.
But you can call him
whatever you want
because, you know, the whole
three second memory thing.
Oh, my God.
Why are you here?
You are just as bad as Boris.
I'm here to return your ID.
Thank you.
Um... now,
could you please go?
I mean, I could.
Look, I'm sorry
to be blunt, OK?
It's just the way I am.
But if you're gonna beat
this thing, you're gonna
have to grow a pair.
You don't have cancer of
the balls, do you? Because that
would make me kind of a dick.
- No, I do not have...
- Oh, thank God.
OK, so we start tomorrow.
- Start what?
- My to-die list.
It's like a bucket list
but not as lame.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna
drag you to Amsterdam.
- I've got work tomorrow, so...
- Play the cancer card.
Cancer card?
I have cancer.
Sometimes they give you money.
- So what do you say?
- Um...
Are you down or are you down?
Mm! Let's do this.
I'll meet you
at the fountain at four.
Take good care of Boris!
So, Lucy, seriously,
what do you think?
On time, week early, week late?
No, no, no, no, just pick a day.
Pick a day.
- Wait, what are you guys doing?
- It's a gentleman's bet.
Just trying to get a gauge.
OK. The baby's gonna come
when it's gonna come, Bob.
OK, well, just so you know,
these Lewis boys all came late.
Isn't that right, Ellen?
So, you gonna head back
to college next year?
I don't know.
Haven't really thought about it.
Figured after six months at the
airport, you'd be running back.
You know, I don't mind
working there.
Twelve hour shifts,
back-breaking labor?
Yeah, what's not to like?
All right, take it easy.
[scoffs] How's that
working out for ya?
You can stay here
as long as you like.
- His tests came back clean.
- Leave him alone.
No, no, no, you just spent money
that you don't have,
testing for something
that he never had.
Thanks for dinner.
Ashley, please tell me
Will is coming to your party.
Did someone say "party"?
You look like you seen a ghost.
Just haven't seen
you around lately.
Been busy.
Who knew dying could be
so time-consuming?
So... we've gotta go.
You coming, Ashley?
[Ashley] I'll catch up
with you guys.
OK. See you, Skye.
So, I'm having a party
this weekend.
You should come.
If I have the time, sure.
I should catch up with them.
- Right.
- Bye.
I thought we were
meeting by the fountain.
You came.
- You OK?
- I have cancer.
Right... about that...
- Less talk, more shopping.
- [Calvin] OK.
[Skye] You know, it's kinda
creepy that you're hanging out
outside the ladies'
changing room.
I'm fine.
So, how long you
been in the States?
Dad moved us here
when I was ten.
You at Kingston High?
East Kingston.
Go Bluebirds, whoo.
Skye, you know,
- something I should tell you...
- Let's go.
The kind of support group thing
we were at?
- Can you run in those shoes?
- I don't... What?
Never mind.
Hold this.
What's in it?
[Skye] Run!
[taser buzzing]
Doesn't even match.
[woman] That is some stone cold
pervert 101 shit right there.
Wait a minute.
I knew I recognized you,
I never forget a face.
This guy goes to my old man's
cancer support group.
No shit.
Oh, new meds, right?
When my old man's
medications change,
he goes batshit crazy too.
[woman] Come on, you
should have said something.
All right, get up,
boy, you're OK.
All right, not your fault.
Not your fault.
OK, case closed.
You fight this shit,
you hear me?
- Yeah!
- [Calvin grunts]
That was so balls-out amazing!
- You get off me!
- They full on tasered you!
I can't believe that
wasn't on my list!
You set me up!
I told you to run.
I could have been arrested!
And I could have lived to 102.
You stole some shit,
you got away with it.
Just enjoy the moment.
OK, so you got tasered.
And pissed yourself? Eww.
But you did something
you've never done before.
Doesn't that feel good?
Admit it, it's a rush.
Give me your hand.
Feel that?
Do you feel that?
- Yes.
- [Skye] What does that mean?
It means I'm alive.
No, Calvin, it means
you're a pussy.
How do you expect
to beat a lie detector test
if you can't regulate
your heartbeat?
Why would I need
to beat a lie detector?
Because it's on the list, dummy.
[sighs] I give up.
I used to think you were cool,
Calvin, but you're not.
Don't ever call me again.
I don't even have your number.
Come on, come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on, come on.
Skye, wait!
What else is on your list?
[upbeat music]
[woman sings
in foreign language]
[song ends]
[Skye] So did you ask
what's-her-name out
on a date yet?
Does what's-her-name
have a name?
Izzy, Izzy, Izzy,
Calvin's getting busy.
[gasps] Is she here,
can I meet her?
Skye, I need to
tell you something.
You're a virgin, I know.
I'm not a virgin.
- Really?
- Why?
I... I'm just surprised.
You kinda have that aura.
Now can you be serious
about something?
I can be serious
about finding Izzy.
Get off the road!
Girl, you didn't even
take any selfies.
And where are the hot boys?
Unlike you, I actually care
what's on the inside.
Do you think
she's too cool for me?
She's too everything for you.
- [phone ringing]
- [Julian] Hi.
[Skye] Ooh! Now's your chance!
Drive up there
and whisk her away.
Do I have to do everything?
No, Skye.
I don't know if I should
give this to you.
She's so out of your league.
Fine. I can just ask her out
whenever I want,
I see her all the time.
What if she says no?
When you call her,
ask her what she's wearing.
Girls like that.
[Calvin] Hey... Hey, Izzy.
[clears throat] It's Calvin.
Hey. Hey, Izzy.
Hey, Izzy, what are you wearing?
Hello, Izzy.
I'm Calvin.
Sup, Izzy? It's Cal.
It's Cal.
What's up, Iz?
It's Calvin.
[phone ringing]
- Hey, Izzy. It's Cal...
- [woman] Hello.
Thank you for calling
Albany Flight School.
For information on becoming
a flight attendant,
please leave your name,
number and a detailed message.
Thank you and have a nice day.
[message beeps]
[doorbell rings]
Sorry, I'm...
I'm Calvin, Skye's friend.
Why was he dressed as a ghost?
- What are we doing?
- Oh, my God.
You look grown up.
- Thanks.
- Skye, who's Calvin?
Calvin's here.
Why didn't you say?
Wait, why do you look grown-up?
Ashley's having a party,
old friends are gonna be there.
Um, but so are parents,
so, you know, lame.
You're going to a party.
Yeah, Calvin's bringing me.
And who's Calvin?
Don't worry, we won't be late.
Skye. Your mum
asked you a question.
- Who's Calvin?
- Who's Calvin?
From my support group.
I can't believe
this wasn't on my list.
Did you steal it?
Let's just say
I know a guy.
I know people.
And, hey, I thought you said
this was a costume party.
Oh, it is. I just,
I didn't think my parents
would approve of mine.
- Should I be worried?
- When are you not?
Watch it, you're swerving
all over the place.
OK, I'm not swerving.
This is swerving.
[sirens wailing]
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Ruh-ro, maybe not the best time
to come out of your shell,
Think we can outrun them?
Stop, just stop, just stop.
- License and registration, sir?
- Yeah.
[laughs] It's you.
Man, this is a nice rig.
What is this, custom?
Jesus H. Christ, it is you.
How you been, man?
- Are you still fighting back?
- Mm-hm.
[laughs] Hang on, you were
at the support group too.
No, for real?
Straight up and down.
No, I'm good,
I'm good, I'm gonna...
- Um... Whoa!
- [officer] Fuck cancer!
I'm gonna walk this off,
you guys have a good night.
All right. Hey, bro,
you need anything,
anything, you give your boy
a holler, all right?
We confiscated some
high-grade icky,
would you like some, sweetie?
You know, he's...
We're driving.
No. I'm driving.
Oh, right. Sorry.
I'm here for you, bro.
Just a call away.
Holy shit, Calvin, you've
got the cops on speed dial.
[Calvin] So, I called Izzy.
[Skye] Oh, yeah?
How did that go?
- [loud music blaring]
- [Skye] Look alive!
[Calvin] Skye, you said people
were getting dressed up.
[Skye] Oh, dear Calvin,
always with the negativity.
Come on.
[Calvin] Skye, hold up.
What up, bitches?
Death's in the house!
Skye, hey.
How'd you know it was me?
[laughs] So are you
drinking tonight?
Or are you all, like,
super medicated and shit?
Yeah, I'm drinking.
[girl] Yeah! Chug, chug, chug!
[dance music]
[Will rapping] Every time
You leave you got me
Feeling like a fiend
Leave the nicotine
I don't get it, I'm mean
Need to feel the buzz
Do you know what I mean?
I gotta get away
I call my Spanish mami
[all cheering]
[upbeat music]
[girl] This song, come on!
You look so bewitching
You give me this feeling
Strange feeling
You'll be coming back around
You'll be coming
Back around
You're coming back around
You got me spellbound
Hey, hey, hey, hey
You got me spellbound
You want another round
You got me spellbound
Hey, hey, hey, hey
[music fades]
[music and chatter
in background]
[Skye laughs] I'm fine.
Oh, my God. I so thought
you didn't want to talk to me.
No, I thought that
you were avoiding me.
- No.
- [both laugh]
- I missed you so much.
- I missed you, too.
Oh, oh! [laughs]
- [Skye] Oh, man down.
- Are you OK?
I'm-I'm fine.
I think I need off my feet
for a second.
OK, yeah.
Skye, Skye, we gotta go.
Oh, but I'm having so much fun.
- Please, please.
- Boop.
Come on. Skye.
- [crying]
- [vehicle approaching]
Skye, get in the car.
Stranger danger!
- Stranger danger!
- Can you keep your voice down?
[whispers] Stranger danger.
Ashley knows how much
I like him.
Skye, please.
Your parents are gonna kill me.
I don't feel so good.
- Are you...? No, don't, don't!
- [vomiting]
- [woman] Hey, Bob.
- Hi, girl. How you feeling?
You wanna hop up front?
I'm good.
[Skye] Hey, Calvin.
- [Calvin] Skye.
- Back from the dead.
- Are you OK?
- No thanks to you.
"Come to the party", you said.
"It'll be fun."
- No, you invited me.
- [Skye] Tomato, tomahto.
Are your parents mad at me?
You left me on the porch
and ran away.
You completely
bailed on me, man.
Well, you shouldn't have
put me in that position, Skye.
Do you know how worried I was?
No, Calvin, I must
have missed your calls.
Is this a game to you?
I'm dying.
You can't keep
pulling that on me.
No, Calvin, I mean I'm dying.
What am I supposed to do,
curl up in a ball and cry?
I've done that,
all right? I just...
I wanted to have some fun.
I'm sorry I ruined your life.
I mean, you were doing great
before I came along.
[Izzy] Hey, guys.
- Izzy.
- Hey, girlfriend.
- What's up?
- Did you call that number?
They're sending out
the information.
I think you'll be a great
flight attendant someday.
Maybe you can even get
your brother to fly with you.
- [softly] Brother?
- [Skye] That's the dream.
- Join us, sit down.
- [Calvin] Skye.
I really should get going.
Boyfriend waiting for you?
No, no, no boyfriend.
[clears throat]
Well, what are you waiting for?
Pull up a pew.
Just for a second maybe.
Have you tried these muffins?
They are to die for.
- Um... OK.
- [Skye] So, Izzy.
I've got this dilemma.
There's, like, this boy
that I really like
and I want to go on a date
with him, like, so bad,
but our parents are being all
psychotically parental about it.
Anyway, long story short,
I can't go without a chaperone.
So I came here to beg my big
brother to help his sister out.
Calvin here thinks
it's way too late
to ask someone and...
[gasps] Oh, my God.
- You guys should go together.
- [Calvin] Skye.
Not like a "date" date,
that would be weird,
you guys just met,
but, FYI, if you wanted to,
you could totally
pull that off.
[Calvin clears throat]
Just go, you know,
as colleagues.
We're not exactly "colleagues".
Aren't we all colleagues,
You know, like when you
really think about it?
- [Calvin clears throat]
- Huh.
- Please? Please?
- Well...
Please, please, please,
please, please, please?
Oh, I would love to help,
but I've had a crazy week
and I just...
- [gasping]
- What did I say?
There's no way
she could have known.
Known what?
You tell her.
Tell me what?
I have cancer.
It's a rare strand,
I don't have much time left.
I don't know what to say.
[Skye] You don't
have to say anything.
Just come to the movies with us.
[Izzy] What just happened?
[clears throat] You look
nice out of uniform.
I don't look nice in uniform?
Well, no.
I mean, I didn't, I...
Maybe you should
try Skye again.
She does stuff like this
all the time.
Like pretend
she's your sister?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'm sure she's fine.
But she really
is sick, right?
Yeah, um, we met at some
cancer support group.
Oh, my God.
- I had no idea.
- No, I...
Yo, yo, yo, make some room
for your girl Skye.
What up, peeps? Miss me?
- Jig is up, Skye.
- Bollocks.
- You're late.
- [Skye] Shh, it's starting.
A little thank you
would be nice.
What, for ruining
my chances with Izzy?
Oh, come on, I set you guys up.
I'm like a postmodern Cupid.
She thinks I have cancer!
- So?
- Well, Skye, I don't.
I know.
I overheard you
talking with Dan.
And you didn't say anything?
You're the one pretending
to have cancer.
- Oh, no, no, I never said...
- Anything?
- I tried to tell you.
- Right.
Congrats, it must be real nice
having a clean bill of health.
Where are you going?
- Home.
- No.
No, Skye, you're the one
who came to me.
- My bad.
- No, I wanna know why.
- Just leave me alone.
- Tell me why.
Because it's on the list, OK?
"Punch someone
in the face"?
No, help a sad case.
Wow. Thanks.
Before I got sick, I was just
waiting for my life to start.
Turns out,
life doesn't work that way.
I thought maybe I could
help you see that.
I didn't ask
for your help.
Friends don't wait
to be asked.
You know,
I actually liked you.
I mean, sure,
you're hung up and weird,
and if I had a single other
friend in the entire world,
I'd probably have
nothing to do with you.
But as messed up as that is,
I liked you.
I thought
you liked me too.
Skye, I d... I do!
- I want to be your friend.
- Why?
you terrify me
and... you excite me
and when you're not around...
I miss you.
You really miss me?
Yes, I do.
Like, how much?
Like, on a scale of one to 10?
Oh, my God, Skye. Stop.
You're not gonna try
and kiss me now, are you?
Are you really gonna
punch someone in the face?
[Calvin] Are you sure
we're allowed to be
in here this late?
Before state,
coach gave us key cards
so as we could train here
whenever we liked.
You can change in...
It's fine,
don't worry about it.
Then why
are we whispering?
I don't make the rules.
You make all the rules.
[Skye whispers] I heard that.
[Skye retching]
[toilet flushing]
[breathing heavily]
You jumped off of that?
I didn't jump, Calvin.
It's not called
"state jumping championship".
Well, you go first.
[low-tempo song]
I'm a shadow
In the great abyss
I'm a ghost beneath
I don't need anything
I've had long enough
To run away
I won't fear anything
I will wash away
Tears of defeat
I will dive
Into the deepest part of me
Ooh! Wow!
Oh, my God, that was amazing!
How did you do that?
Your turn.
[Calvin] How did you do this?
[Skye] No, you're doing fine.
You're doing so good.
it's scary the first time.
Oh, come on, it's just,
it's the little one,
you'll be fine.
- I'm just gonna...
- You can do this.
OK, yeah, just stand, that's it.
Just stand and
just look forwards.
Look forwards, don't look down.
Oh, my God, you're erect!
- [board creaking]
- Oh.
[Skye] What is this?
- Where are you going?
- One second.
No, no, Calvin.
OK, we'll take
a different approach.
Just look out,
chin up, run and jump.
Yeah, just gonna run, jump.
[Skye] State jumping
championship, let's go!
- Just jump. Yes!
- [Skye] oh!
You did it, you did it!
Yeah, I did.
- [gasping]
- [laughing]
I can't believe I dived.
I dived. You fell.
Plus, you got to see me
in a bathing suit,
so tonight's just one, big,
wet dream come true for you.
[laughs] Oh, my God.
Hey, you should really
get this mole checked.
Looks pretty serious.
Screwing with you!
[door opens]
[door closes]
[pop song plays on phone]
In the dark of the night
You put your hands together
And you pray
For the sweetest of souls
- Who will listen
- [turns volume up]
To everything you say
'Cause we're both
Bleeding hearts
What a shame
We found each other too late
Well you're timeless
Like the sun
You're timeless
Like the moon, baby
Let's drink some moonshine
[turns volume up]
May the red wine
Keep us alive forever
I remember when you were
Drunk dancing under stars
And you told me
Who you loved
Oh, no, no
It broke my heart
Well you're timeless
Like the sun
You're timeless
Like the moon, baby
Well, maybe in the next life
Maybe in the next, baby
Let's drink some moonshine
May the red wine
Keep us alive forever
[song volume fades]
- Hey.
- Hi.
No Skye here today?
No, she, uh,
has a doctor's appointment.
I am so sorry about Saturday.
I swear I didn't
put her up to it.
I-I've had worse dates.
[chuckles] This guy took me
to the movies once.
Halfway through,
he goes to the bathroom
and when he comes back,
he sits three rows
in front of me
and puts his arm around
some random girl.
He thought she was you?
I didn't stick around
to find out.
[phone chiming]
You gotta go?
I have some time.
Izzy, these are incredible.
You really like them?
Are you kidding?
They're amazing.
- [phone chiming]
- [Izzy] Oh, my God.
I'm gonna miss my flight.
I can give you a ride,
if you want.
- Really?
- Yeah, I got a tug.
Mom looks mad.
OK, well...
I'd better go.
Izzy, do you want to, like,
do you want to hang out
sometime, just the two of us?
Without Skye?
I'd like that.
Let's go! Girl, you better get
your scrawny ass on this plane.
That's the guy you're dating?
He's two years younger than me.
All right, fine, three.
Look, I know it's weird,
but there's something about him.
Something... rich?
He's sweet.
- And he's thoughtful.
- Girl...
Just make the announcement.
have you ever killed anyone?
[woman] That's true.
Skye, have you
ever killed anyone?
- [officer] That's a lie.
- [sighs]
This is harder than I thought.
Calvin, is Skye
your best friend?
- That is a lie.
- [Calvin] What?
- [laughs]
- Well, am I your best friend?
- No.
- Definitely a lie.
Calvin, real life situation.
Do you smell your own farts?
- [laughs]
- No.
[all giggling]
It's inconclusive.
Calvin Lewis, would you switch
places with me if you could?
[floorboards creaking]
Hi, love.
Dad in?
No, should be back soon.
Wanna watch a film tonight?
Something funny.
That's a good idea.
- Cup of tea?
- Yeah.
[TV on faintly]
You think we made
the right choice,
not going back
to England?
It's not what she wants.
All her friends are here.
Not like she sees them.
Spends all her time with Calvin.
Well, he...
he seems to be helping.
Do you think we can trust him?
It's not him
that I'm worried about.
- [officer] All right, let's go.
- Skye, how was this on the list?
It says it right here.
"Get arrested with Calvin."
You just added that in.
My list, my rules.
Lock him up.
- Skye, this isn't funny.
- [Skye laughs]
Yay, Calvin!
You know how fast
you were walking?
On an incline.
Is that a thing?
Is that even...
- It's absolutely a thing.
- [mocking] "Is that a thing?"
Kids these days, I tell ya.
What do you even see
in this guy?
Are you jealous?
Oh, my God,
you're totally jealous.
I'm not jealous.
- Come here, just a little bit.
- Yeah.
Skye Aitken, you know her?
Skye Aitken, like,
look at like eight o'clock.
- Eight o'clock.
- Over there.
- Da-da-da-da-da!
- Just the eyes, keep the face.
There you go.
Listen, she's...
I mean, you know
her situation, right?
It would be amazing
if you could
give us your phone number.
Is this for you
or is this for her?
It's for her,
just write it down.
You know, sir, stop resisting.
- Come on.
- Thank you so much.
I really, really
appreciate this.
Seriously, I will have you
and your whole family arrested.
All right.
You absolutely suck!
- Thank you very much.
- Are you serious?
Hey, do you want us to run
a background check on him,
No, I'm sure his number
will be just fine.
- [Skye laughs]
- [Calvin] What?
- What's so funny?
- [Skye] Nothing.
Skye, what's so funny?
[Izzy] She packs a mean punch.
Does it hurt?
Uh, kinda, yeah.
Is that better?
No, it hurts like hell.
[both laugh]
I still can't get over the fact
that you work at an airport
but you're afraid of flying.
Well, we have some
very important work
down on the ground.
Bet you've never
unloaded the cargo hold.
Only because the unions
won't allow it.
Otherwise, I'd be
all up on those bags.
I was sick of him lying to me,
so I dumped him.
And then this job came up,
and thought "What the hell?"
Change of scenery
can't be all that bad.
Get away from the ex,
get to see the world.
Sounds like a win-win for me.
What about you?
Do you think
you'll ever go back to school?
I don't know.
Did you drop out because of...
Sorry, I shouldn't have asked.
No, no, look.
I made you something.
Oh, wow.
Thank you.
What is it?
It's the sacred ibis bird.
The sacred what now?
Sacred ibis bird.
In ancient Egypt,
it represented the god Thoth.
When you die, Thoth would
question you on your life
and, if the scales
were balanced,
he'd say your heart
was just and true.
I love it.
No one's ever made
anything for me before.
Thank you.
I think Thoth would say a lot
of good things about you.
Is that all you got?
[low-tempo song]
Only ride
With your wings wide open
You are airborne again
Revealing thoughts
Lay beyond the doorway
Don't you
Lock yourself within
Only ride
With your wings wide open
You are airborne again
And when you roll
Into the rain and thunder
You will smile
Like old friends
How do I look?
You didn't tell your parents
I punched you, did you?
Did you?
Did you?!
[indistinct chatter]
[Lucy] I can't get over
the change in Calvin.
What's your secret?
Maybe I can try it on Frank.
[both laugh]
[Skye] Calvin's mom OK?
He didn't tell you?
Of course not.
He had a sister who died.
After that, she just shut down.
That's so sad.
I hope my parents
will be able to cope.
The way I see it,
you have two options.
You either get cancer
or you never, ever
tell her the truth.
I can't keep lying to her.
I don't know, Calvin. I mean,
I like you for who you are,
but what if Izzy only really
likes you for your cancer?
[laughs] OK.
People really get off
on that shit.
OK, moving on.
What's next on your list,
What adventure
you gonna take me on?
So there's this one thing,
but it's kind of embarrassing.
I don't think you could say
anything to surprise me anymore,
I've never made love.
- [laughs] Your face!
- Funny.
So what do you say?
Your place or mine?
I hate to break it to you...
but you can't wink.
- Yes, I can.
- You cannot wink.
This wink you're doing with
your tongue and your eyes,
it's not a wink.
Like, your tongue comes out,
your eyes droop.
It's unnecessary.
It's like... [babbling]
You OK?
[Calvin] You don't need
to involve the...
This better not be
a sex dungeon.
That is in the basement.
Calvin Lewis,
as I live and breathe,
I think you just made a joke.
What do you think?
It's a nice crib.
It's for Frank and Lucy's baby.
I'm almost finished.
You made this?
Calvin, it's beautiful.
Wait, you made this?
Well, my dad kinda got me
into this when I was a kid.
Helps me take my mind
off things, you know?
I love it.
How about that sex dungeon?
Are you sure it's OK
for me to sleep here?
[Calvin] As long as
you're not afraid of heights.
[whispers] Calvin,
are you awake?
- This way, this way.
- Over here?
- Yes, right.
- God, where are you taking me?
You'll see.
It's just a bit further.
Yeah, we've got this.
[Calvin] Ooh,
there's a weird echo.
- Wait, where are we?
- [Izzy] You'll see. Be patient.
All will be revealed.
- Oh, no peeking!
- OK, OK.
Watch your step.
OK. You can open your eyes now.
May I have your boarding pass?
Straight ahead on your right.
Flight attendant
will be with you shortly.
You know, there's no bathroom
in this plane,
in case you want to join
the Mile High club.
[Izzy] OK.
[sensual moaning]
Welcome aboard this flight
from nowhere to nowhere.
It's a pleasure
to have you with us.
Your comfort and safety
are our primary concerns,
so please pay close attention
to the following
useless information.
Sir, if you could please
return your seat
to its upright position.
To fasten your seatbelt,
place that metal tip
into the buckle
and tighten the strap.
If the cabin
pressure should fall,
panels above your seat will
open, revealing oxygen masks.
Reach up,
pull that mask in close.
Place it
over your nose and mouth,
and then secure it
with the elastic band.
Place the vest over your
head and fasten the straps
to the front of the vest.
[sensual gasp]
Thank you for
not flying with us.
We hope you enjoy your date.
[whispers] Julian.
- Oh, oh, yeah.
- Yeah, you need, there you go.
That was awesome.
Thank you.
That was... terrifying.
[Izzy laughs]
[low-tempo pop song
plays on phone]
I'm sorry that the dining
experience isn't 100% authentic.
It was hard enough bribing
Julian without getting
the caterers involved.
OK, I'm just amazed that you
went through so much trouble.
I wanted you to see what I do.
You know, you guys can apply
for last minute cancellation
and you should really
take advantage of that.
I think you're forgetting
about my whole heights issue.
I would make sure
you had a good flight.
Do you think you're gonna stay
in New York?
For a while, sure.
I mean, where I'm from, can't go
two steps without everybody
being in your business.
- That sounds familiar.
- Mm.
Yeah, I can't imagine.
Moving back in with my parents,
we'd probably kill each other.
Don't get me wrong,
I love them, but...
Oh, it's not that bad.
I mean, with work and Skye,
I'm hardly there, so...
She means a lot to you.
I think I would fall apart
if I was in her shoes.
Didn't think you'd show.
I don't know where
she gets the strength.
Well, she's not as strong
as she looks.
Well, it's a good thing
she has you then.
[low-tempo song]
These eyes can't lie
You don't need to hide
Your wounds anymore
You've seen too much
Now let me bring you home
Rest in my arms
You don't need
To fight alone anymore
Time gave me faith
Nothing can slow us down
Oh, there's no shame
In this weakness
Look, Izzy...
there's something
I gotta tell you.
I'm glad that you brought it up
because, honestly...
When I moved here, the last
thing I was thinking about
was meeting somebody
and I know that we've
never talked about it.
I didn't want to pry, but...
I like you, Calvin.
And before this goes
any further...
I need to know.
I don't have cancer.
I never did.
[water drips]
[Izzy] Why would
you lie about that?
I can explain.
You weren't supposed
to be that guy.
[door opens]
Son. Are you up?
- It's been days.
- I'm sick.
No, you're not.
Well, I can't keep
covering for you at work.
[Calvin] Then I'll quit.
[sighs] Not this time.
I've already watched somebody
I love give up on life
and I'm not gonna do it again.
You wanna throw it all away,
You do it somewhere else.
- I'll help you pack.
- Dad.
Dad, look, I'm getting up.
I'm sorry.
[Bob sighs]
Listen, son...
no one deserves to start
their life the way you did.
But at least you got a start.
Do something with it.
I gotta get your mother's
prescription filled..
Sorry I didn't call sooner.
So Izzy has a cancer fetish
after all.
I missed you.
- Yeah, yeah.
- [Calvin] I did.
Like on a scale of one to ten?
Your mom says
you've been in here for days.
I think I'm just gonna lay here
and lick my wounds
until the end of time.
I see that kid again,
I swear to God...
No, it wasn't his fault.
I wanted it.
I just...
didn't think it
would be so quick.
I mean, he looks like he knows
what he's doing but...
OK, yeah.
No, I don't need the details.
Come on.
Let's get you out of here,
I want to show you something.
Keep it in your pants, Calvin.
[clears throat] It's important.
Come on.
[Skye] You didn't dig me
a grave, did you?
I mean, I know I went AWOL
for a few days but still.
[Calvin] It's my twin sister.
We were in a car accident
when I was eight years old.
It was my mom driving.
It wasn't her fault but...
Why didn't you tell me?
It's not something
we really talk about.
You know, I think it would
have been easier on my mom
if we both died.
Don't say that.
I'm like a constant reminder.
Birthdays must have sucked.
I haven't had one since then.
Would have been
too hard on my mom.
Everyone deserves a birthday.
Close your eyes.
Just close 'em.
OK, now open them.
Happy birthday, Calvin.
[laughs] Come on, let's go.
She looks like you.
I mean, a better-looking
version, like, way...
OK, yeah, yeah.
What was college like?
Well, I dropped out
after one semester, so...
Why do you ask?
Just been thinking about
all the stuff I won't get to do.
Was it fun?
I didn't really... fit in.
Ooh, shocker.
I mean, I didn't intend
on staying home this long.
But you just kinda
get sucked in, you know?
Everything's so... familiar.
[clears throat]
What's this?
This is... was
my symptoms journal.
I've been keeping one
since I was a kid.
- Why?
- I don't know.
I guess I always kinda had
this feeling I was gonna die.
Hate to break it to ya.
At college, I kept having
these panic attacks,
like, all the time.
I... I didn't drop out.
I flunked, couldn't handle it.
Anyway, reason I'm showing you
the journal is that
I have stopped.
Thanks to you.
I made a new one.
When I started going
to support groups,
everyone had the same list.
I wanted to be different,
so I did a bunch of stuff
that no one's ever
gonna remember.
But I don't have
much time left,
so... I don't want to waste
any more of it doing dumb shit.
Don't talk like that.
- [Skye] Like what?
- Like you're not gonna make it.
I'm going to the powder room,
give me 50 bucks.
Breakfast at Tiffany's.
Oh, don't tell me.
Calvin Lewis, you have
a lot of living to do.
[phone buzzing]
Hey, Frank. What's up?
OK. Oh, my God.
Hey, Lucy.
OK, yeah, I'll see you in a bit.
OK. OK. Bye-bye.
- [woman] Oh, my God! Are you OK?
- Skye, Skye!
[no audio]
Any change?
I'm sorry about this morning.
I needed to hear it.
I think I'm gonna try
and find my own place.
You don't have to move out.
I know.
It's a girl.
Did she wake up?
Just for a few minutes.
He's her favorite.
Will you sit with her
for a minute?
- I could use some air.
- Of course.
[weakly] Calvin.
No, no, no, don't do that.
Cute wink.
I've been practicing.
[cat meows on TV]
It's that damn cat scene.
Can we come in?
Oh, my God, you have a baby.
Yes, we do. [laughs]
Do you wanna hold her?
Does she have a name?
This is Amber.
Least you could do
was name the kid after me.
Well, um, Lucy
and I were talking
and it would
mean a lot to us
if you would both
do us the honor of
being Amber's godparents.
You do know I'm not long
for this world, right?
We couldn't think of a better
role model for our daughter.
[Frank] She's gonna hear all
about you, I promise you that.
[Skye] Maybe just
the good stuff.
[Frank] What do you say, Cal?
[Calvin gasps]
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
It's OK, it's OK,
it's OK, it's OK.
It's OK, I got you,
I got you, I got you.
It's OK, it's OK.
I got you.
Hey, hey, hey.
You good? You good?
- [breathing heavily]
- Take a breath, come on.
Let's go back inside.
Don't do that.
I can't watch her die.
This isn't about you, OK?
And what you think you can
or can't do.
This is about her.
And she needs you
in her corner right now.
All right?
[low-tempo song]
Take my hand
And comfort me
Let your voice ring out
You know
It's the start of the end
Lay me down
Lay me down
And though
You still pretend
You know the time is now
For letting go
So let me go
One last time
Put your hand in mine
Let us make
This moment last
A lifetime
'Cause we know
It's the start of the end
Lay me down
Lay me down
And though we still pretend
We know the time is now
For letting go
[all laughing]
So let me go
In the darkness
The fading light
"And had you not
lost all your sheep
brought through the country
of El Dorado,
then you wouldn't be here
eating preserved citrons
and pistachio nuts."
"Excellently observed,"
answered Candide,
"but we must
cultivate our garden."
But we know
That it's time for
Letting go
Just let me go
[song ends]
You made me a coffin.
[Calvin] Is that weird?
We're way past weird.
Please tell me you're joking.
What, you don't like it?
Calvin, it's a bloody
death trap.
I know.
This was just the prototype.
For real this time.
It's perfect.
Do you wanna try it out?
Not just yet.
So what are you
gonna do about Izzy?
- Skye...
- Don't "Skye" me.
Being a wuss
got you into this mess.
Well, being a wuss
and meeting me.
But if you're gonna
dig yourself out of it,
you're gonna have
to do it alone.
I'm not sure what's
on the other side of this,
but... wouldn't bank on
having me around to help.
[Mrs. Aitken] Stay. Join us.
So, guess now we just wait.
I have to say,
thought once I'd made up
with Ashley and the girls...
and once I put in a good word
for Calvin with Izzy...
once I told you guys
how much I love you...
I really thought
they'd come for me.
Well, maybe they're
still waiting.
Maybe they're having
second thoughts.
What do you think, Calvin?
Think they're having
second thoughts?
[low-tempo song]
I tried to forget you
Far away from your bed
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
It's been so long
Since I saw your face
Now time has run away
So I'm coming home
[no audio]
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
How many times
Did I fall for you?
And how many times
Didn't I know what to do?
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I've been moving
All around the world
Looking for something
That's behind your door
You were lying
On your bedroom floor
I was on my way
I was coming home
In my mind
I only see one way
And I can wait
To sing my song everyday
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
Well, I'm coming home
[no audio]
Baby, where you going?
Why don't you
Stand by me now?
Wait, wait, wait a moment
While I clean my hands
Baby, where you going?
Why don't you
Stand by me now?
Wait, wait, wait a moment
While I clean my hands
I've been moving
All around the world
Looking for something
That's behind your door
You were lying
On your bedroom floor
I was on my way
I was coming home
I've been moving
All around the world
Looking for something
That's behind your door
You were lying
On your bedroom floor
I was on my way
I was on my way
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
I'm coming home
[song ends]
Bye, oh, Baby Bunting
Daddy's gone a-hunting
He scoops you up
Into his arms
Have your own dreams, baby
Find your own way, baby
I'll be there
When you need a hand
I will wait up
Till the sunlight comes
In your window, babe
Nothing on earth
Can keep my heart
From your aches and pains
I'm here now
I'm here now
I'm here now
I'm here now
We grow up slow waiting
Wasting our days away
Time goes by faster
As we age
I left my home aching
Laid in my bed awake
Missing the faces
In this frame
I will wait up
Till the sunlight comes
In your window, babe
Nothing on earth
Can keep my heart
From your aches and pains
I'm here now
I'm here now
I'm here now
I'm here now
I will wait up
Till the sunlight
Comes in your window, babe
Nothing on earth
Can keep my heart
From your aches and pains
I'm never far from you
You make up my life story
Not even death can keep me
From the many lonely ones
When your world gets hard
When your heart gets worn
I'm here now
When your world gets hard
When your heart gets worn
I'm here now
When your world gets hard
When your heart gets worn
I'm here now
I'm here now
I'm here now
I'm here now
[song ends]